Steel (2015) - full transcript

Daniel, a successful TV journalist living life in the fast lane, has fallen into a deep depression. His seemingly perfect life suddenly collapses under him when panic attacks force him to deal with himself and his past. Fear, paranoia and desperation appear to get the better of him, people around him are helpless. Daniel, however, won't give up: he tries to recapture what was once his by creating a second identity for himself, young Alexander, with whom he embarks on an extraordinary journey into a painful past. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Stay awake!

Okay Daniel,
you just stay awake.

If I can touch yours.

You first.

Listen to me!

Daniel Kreuger Show.

Stay awake!

Thank you, Mom.

How you doin'?

- I'm good.
- Good.

Trust me, don't worry,
you're gonna be great.


Welcome back to the
Daniel Kreuger Show.

You're gonna meet today's
actor, Ryan Peters,

star of the hot
new series, Dawn.

Ryan, the series centers around

the first human genius,

like some sort of
prehistoric DaVinci.

He's good.

He's amazing.

Yeah, that's exactly it.

My character's the
first to introduce

intelligence to the human race.

So talk to me about Kayley Pope.

Kayley is the female
lead in the series,

they've written her
in to be just as

intelligent as my
character, so of course,

we're very attracted
to each other.

I think the question
on everyone's mind,

is that chemistry
as hot off screen

as it is on?

All rumors.

Not according
to the fan pages.

Can I give you some advice?

They'll stop hounding you
if you just admit to it.

Wouldn't you rather spend
an interview like this

promoting your show instead
of trying to stop some rumors?

Trust me.

Admit it and we'll move on.


It's true.

We've been dating
for over a month.

Just imagine those ratings.


Can't believe he got him.


There was never
really any doubt.


We're gonna kill the time slot.

Ratings are gonna
go through the roof.


Was it love at first sight?

That's our Daniel.

Your show just received
the highest ratings

the network has ever seen.

And you've only been on
the air for a few months.

The audience just adores you.

You're not just gonna
sit there and smile,

you're phenomenal.

You should be through the roof.

Say something.

Oh, uh...

I got him.



You're shitting me.

This is huge, do you
know what this means?

You're givin' me a raise.

I just gave you a raise.

That was three weeks ago.

Daniel, this
is gonna define you,

hell it's gonna define
the whole network.

He hasn't spoken to
anyone, not a single soul

since he was charged.

How did you do it?

I have my ways.

Will you ever let me in
on your little secrets?

There's a catch.

A catch, of course.

There's always a fucking catch.

He wants to do it live.



That's impossible.



Okay, that's beyond impossible.

That's going to take
a fucking miracle.

Not just any kind of miracle,

a raise him from the fucking
dead kind of miracle.

Praise be to Barb almighty.

Give me back my cigarettes.

No, would you try these instead.



I'll see you later then.

It'll be hot, I got
a boner already.


You were right.

I am almighty.



Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm
fine, I'm just, uh...

Back from a jog.

You're on Thursday.

I know.

How do you know, I just got
the call fifteen seconds ago.

Because I have more faith in you

than you have in yourself, Barb.

I knew you could do it.

Let's celebrate tonight.

Champagne on the
network's account?

I'll invite Ralph.


I'll-I'll see you later.


Take your clothes off.

You're free to go.

Your feet are cold?

No, I said,
"You're free to go."

Hey, congratulations,
rock star.

Hah, yeah.

Excuse me, could
we get a bottle of...

I got it.

Okay, put it on my tab.

Can I get a bottle of champagne?

Three glasses?

Hey kid, what are you having?

A- a beer, I guess.

What kind?

Surprise me.

Could I get a draught?

Put it on Barb's tab.


Hey what's your name?


To Daniel.

He's a killer!

Our Daniel!

Oh no, I couldn't have
done it without both of you.

Well it's all of us then.


I'm just going for a quick
smoke, I'll be right back.

Hey, hey, what about the gum?

Hey buddy, I know I said
I'd pay you back today

but, do you think it could
wait until next payday?

I'm a little behind this month.

I know I said the same thing
last month, you've been great,

but just, I really am just
catching up right now,

I just, I need a
little more time.

Ralph, don't worry about it.

It's all good.


Hey, I owe you.

So, I looked at the
interview questions

and they're pretty soft.

I mean the guy just got charged

for selling arms to terrorists.

Look, he's adamant about
approving the questions,

he doesn't want this to turn
into a public execution.

But that's exactly
what I want it to be.

If he thinks he can't
trust us, he won't show.

So you're going
to let him fucking control

the whole interview?

We'll be live, Barb.

Trust me, I will be
asking the questions

everyone wants answered.

But Barb, it's a celebration,
would you stop working?

You realize you're going
to have to nail this.

But you will, I know you will.

So why don't you
ask her to dance?


Uh, look, thank you so
much for the champagne,

I gotta head out.


But you just got here.

Yeah, what can I say?

Hello, Daniel.

It's really good
to see you again.

Don't tell me you don't
remember who I am.

No of course I
do, it's, uh, Laura.

Yeah, uh, listen, uh,

I'll call you some
other time, okay?

Daniel, where the fuck are you?

Where the fuck is he?

I tried calling him 20 times,

he's not answering.

Okay, well try him again.

Mr. Watson, I'm Barb
O'Neil, producer

of the Daniel Kreuger show.

Thank you for
dropping your silence

and giving the public a
glimpse of the arms industry,

and its dealers.

Where's Kreuger?

He's on his way, should
be here in a second.

We'll just get you
started in makeup, okay?

Come on.

Ned, thank you for coming.

Yeah, you're welcome.

Look if you're
feeling nervous at all,

I got a 20-year-old bottle
of Scotch around here

that works wonders.

Yeah, you stick to the
agenda, I got nothing

to be nervous about.

Now let's just get
this over with.

It'll be over
before you know it.

What's he doing?

He's moving his chair.

Yeah, I can see that, but why?

I don't know, maybe
Ned has bad breath?

Welcome to the
Daniel Kreuger Show.

Joining me live today is

arms dealer, Ned Watson.

I prefer defense contractor.

Well you knowingly
sold arms to terrorists.

A government coverup.

They made the mistake,
I'm the scapegoat.

Children are dead as a result,
how do you sleep at night?

I am not here to
answer those kind of questions

that you or the rest
of the goddamned world

might have for me.

I am here to publicly
request asylum

in your country.


Are you on something, Kreuger?

Excuse me.

Ralph, get the fuck up there

and finish the interview.

But no...

Just go.

Daniel, what the fuck?


You really expect
our government...

You have one new message.

First message.

Hi Daniel, it's me,

your Aunt Margret.

I was just calling to
see how you're doing.

I- I saw your show and,

well I just thought you might...

It-it would be nice to see you.

Please call.

My number is...

Why are you looking
at me like that?

You think you got
some kind of plan?


Alright, let's hear it.

Just what I thought, nothing.

What if I go out there again

and suffocate or pass out?

I don't wanna go to a doctor.

I mean what's he
gonna find, anyway?


I'm fine, I'm imagining
all of this shit.

I'm scared.

Scared of what?

Why, why?

Oh fuck this shit.

Fuck this shit.

Remember me?

You have a TV show, don't you?

You're not our
usual demographic.

I don't really
pay much attention,

it's kind of boring, I just...

like looking at you.

You know the way
you bite your lip

before you say
something important?

That's hot.

Excuse me.

I like you.

You smell like me.

It's good.

Are you even allowed in here?

How old are you?

I'm 18.

And you're 29.

What's wrong with that?

And how do you
know how old I am?

I looked you up on the internet.

There are lots of
pages about you.

Alright, it's time to go home.

I'm sure your parents
are waiting up.

What are you doing?

Are you an escort or something?

Get out of here.

I like you.

You don't even know me.


Alright, go home kid,
it's past your bedtime.

I love you.



It's me, Barb.

I know you're in there.

The caretaker just told me
you haven't left in days.

I'm not leaving
until you open up.

Look, if you don't
open the door,

I'm going to call for help.

I'm worried about you.

Just go away.

No, open the door!

Come on, Daniel.
Open up.

We need to talk to you.

We just wanna help you.

I'm gonna call an ambulance.

I don't need a
god damned ambulance,

I'm fine.

Just open the door
so that we can talk to you.


You need to make some decisions.

I quit.


I quit, okay?

Now go away, please.


Open the door.


If you fucking
break my door down

I will call the police.

Do you wanna deal
with that shit?

Do you wanna deal with that?

We're here for
you if you need us, okay?

Call any time.

Yeah, I mean,

you've always been
there for me, Daniel,


Look, I brought the money
that I owe you, okay?

I'll just, I'll slip
it under the door.

Thanks again.

We miss you, Daniel.


Are you okay?

Should I call for help?

No, no, no.

I'm fine.

I was just wondering
where the uh,

where the milk is.

It's just down at
the end of this aisle.

You know what, I just
realized I don't need milk.


Is there anything else
I can help you with?

No, I'm good, thanks.

Can't fucking live like this.

Live like what?

What are you doing here?

Just stopping by for a visit.

Can I come up?



How did you get in the building?

I have my ways.

How do you know where I live?

Don't hate me but

I followed you home
the other night.

I should call the police.

I know you like me too.

Hey, you can't stay.

School totally sucked today.

We had P.E.,
it was endurance training,

it was so awful.

Then we're off to the showers,
and I'm,

well, completely shaved,
so obviously

I get my ass kicked.

They don't like
my pierced nipple.


I used to be just like
that when I was a kid.

What was it like when
you were in high school?

It's been a long time.

What was your GPA?

Three point one.

Huh, same as mine.


Hey did you have
a boyfriend then?

Or like, a crush on someone?


What, were you scared?

What are you doing here?

I though we could make dinner

'cause I wanted to
celebrate that I love you.

I like to be left alone.

Nobody likes to be left alone.

Not even the people
that say that,

they don't mean it.

Well, I mean it.

Hey, what should
we make for dinner?

I don't have anything to eat.


These are past their date.

This'll do.

I don't have any milk or butter.

But you have salsa.

We'll make the noodles
and we'll add the salsa,

it'll be awesome.

Where are your pots?

You don't talk that much.

People in my family don't
really talk that much either,


why I talk so much.

I can't stand silence.

I mean, somebody's always
gotta be saying something.

God gave us language so
we could talk, right?

You don't believe in God?

Me neither.

I just, I sort of said it.

It's like a figure of speech.

Do you ever think
about the past?

Like why things are
the way they are?

I don't waste my
time on idle thoughts.

It's good to
question things sometimes.

I mean, you're not
a child anymore.


Is this your first time?

So what was it like
when you told your parents

you were gay?

Have you told your parents?

Well, I will now.

How come you're
not on TV anymore?

I don't like that Ralph guy.

He's not hot like you.

When you gonna go back on?

You sh-you should
probably go now.


If that's how you feel.

Don't be such a...

Such a what?

I was gonna say child.

You're an asshole.

I don't need this shit.


Welcome back everybody,
thank you for joining us.

Now let's get into
the good stuff.

So everybody's talking
about this accident

with a llama, now what
was that all about?

We were shooting a scene

for my music video
where I come up behind

this hot farm girl
who's feeding a llama.

So when I take her in my arms...

this llama gets pissed.

Can I say "pissed" on TV?


But go on, go on.

So this llama gets pissed,

'cause I come along and
interrupt its supper.

So it bites me.

Takes a chunk right
out of my chest.

23 stitches.

Well can we see?

Do you guy wanna see this?

Come on, you gotta give
them what they want.

Come on, everybody,
make some noise.

Ah, hell yeah.

Oh, oh my goodness!

Can we get a...



Your Chinese food is here.

Call it up.

Thank you Mr. Kreuger.

Yeah, thank you.

Oh, I love Chinese food.

Smells really good.

You order chicken balls?

I love chicken balls.

Did you miss me?

I was thinking we could go
for a walk after dinner.

Oh, no thanks.

Why not?

Could you pass the rice?

Hey, please stop
shaking your knee?

You're banging the table.

I just had a song in my head
and my foot was moving to it.

I always have a song in my head.

My art teacher was
saying that Mozart

always had a song
in his head too.

So why don't you wanna go out?

You ask too many questions.

Why don't you keep in touch

with your family?

You don't know them.

Did you tell them?

What, that I screw men?

I never really could decide.


Why limit yourself?

So you don't
lose track of who you are.

Were you happy at 18?

I would have liked
to have been more like you.

Aren't you
gonna see who that is?


It says it's from
someone named Michael.

Who the fuck is Michael?


No, who is he?

I deserve to know.

He's just some guy.

You never said that
you had a boyfriend.

I've never
had a boyfriend.

You're such a prick.

I hate you.


I fucking hate you.

Inhale and exhale.

Push back to the child's pose.

Breathe into your back,

Last downward-facing dog,

let's come up, inhale.

Lift the hips high.

Exhale, sink the hips low.

Draw that spine long,

lift the sitbones high.

Open the fingers wide.

We're gonna walk it
forward, and you're gonna

come down onto your
knees for the first one.

We do opposite
arm, opposite leg.

So I'd like you to take one
arm and the opposite leg out,

hold that, and keep your
spine nice and long.

Take it down, let's
do the other side.

Opposite arm, opposite leg.

Pull back strong, good job.

And stay with that or come
into a wide-footed plank

where you draw the hips down
in line with the shoulders.




Mr. Kreuger,
I have your groceries.

Come on up.

It's a beautiful day outside.

I wouldn't know.

Morning, sweetheart.


You miss me?

I have the day off,
it's in inservice day.

So I can spend the
whole day with you.

Wanna start with breakfast?

How about a cappuccino?

Look, I'm really busy today.

Ta-da. You impressed?

How are you?

I'm pretty busy, actually.

Doing what?


What things?

Boring things.

Let's talk about
you for a change.

What do you wanna be
when you're older.


I don't know, maybe an artist.

What kind of artist?

Well, my mom, she thinks
I should be a writer.

What about your dad?

I don't know,
I don't think he cares.

As long as I make
a decent living.

Are you parents proud of you?

What are you doing here?

What do you think?


How come you
never talk about your parents?

Did they...

disown you when you told
them that you're gay?

There's a lot of things
I don't like to talk about.


I don't like to talk about it.


I won't talk about your parents.

Can you tell me
where you grew up?

If I tell you where you grew up,

will you stop asking
personal questions?


On a farm.


What, you find
that hard to believe?

With cows and
chickens and stuff?

I just don't see you in
suspenders and gingham.

Well, it was a long time ago.

You ever miss it?



Where is it?

Look, I'm really tired,
do you mind if we just sleep?


- Can you please sit still?
- I'm bored.

Why don't you go home?

I'm spending the entire
day with you.


Let's go for ice cream.

No, thanks.

But, I'm craving a
butterscotch ice cream cone.

Butterscotch used to be
my favorite.

So, what is it now?

I guess still butterscotch.

So, let's go!

Come on! How can you resist a double scoop,
butterscotch ice cream cone?

There's an ice cream stand
just two blocks away, in the park.

It's the best ice cream ever.
We'll come right back here.

Come on!

Come on!

Let's go.

Hey, uh, can I get two,
double scoop butterscotch cones, please?

I would try on
The Queen's tiara.

And I'd help Princess Katherine
pick out all her outfits.

You would get fired.

Sorry, when he gets going,
it's impossible to shut him up.

Thank you.


butterscotch is definitely
still my favorite.

Thank you.

Oh, my God,
I love this book.

Did you ever read it?

Uh, yeah, I read it
in high school.

Well, did you love it?

It was okay.

It was okay?

It's amazing.

I mean,
sometimes I feel like Tess.


I dunno.

She tries so hard and...

somehow things always
go wrong for her.

Do things go wrong for you?

It's ten after four?

Oh, my God,
I'm gonna be late.

My mom thinks I'm at school
and school ended at three.

I gotta go.

You have one new message,

and one saved message.

First new message.

Hi, Daniel.
Why aren't you answering?

I really need to talk to you.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

I'm sorry.

Look, just call me.

These pickles are crap.

I asked the guy
for the deli pickles,

and he never gets it right.

He's an idiot.

I thought maybe
we could go for a walk after dinner.

It's one of those days
that just...

makes you feel like smiling.

Come on.

Just for a short while.

You need to keep going.

I've always been afraid
of other people.


I don't know, it's...

They suffocate me.
Scare me.

But your job...

Yeah, that's different.
I know what I'm doing there.

Well... knew what I was doing.

Why are things the way they are?

I don't know.

Does your mother always
feel afraid of other people?

Yes, she always felt afraid...

Always felt... inferior...


And did she suffocate you,
as well?

I just never dared to be happy
when she was sad, and...

she was sad most of the time.

And you listened to her,
didn't you?

Just admit it.

You can practically sense
what somebody says

before they even say it.

That's why you're so good
at your job.

Tell me about your father.

Didn't really
have much to say to each other.

He beat you?

I don't know.
I think he meant well.


He wanted
to show me what life was like.

They way he might?


I gotta go.


What do you mean, you gotta go?

I'm gonna be late for supper.

My mom is gonna kill me
if I'm late.

All right, I mean, I...

I did have plans, but if...

If you're so busy...

What plans?


I wanted to go get groceries.

I can't rely on that
delivery service anymore.

I figure...

since you're always over...

and eating all of my food...

thought you might
wanna come along...

pick out something you want.


All right...

but... only because I love you.

You're awfully quiet.

I'm just a little down.


Well, you still haven't said
that you love me.

I love being with you.

That's not the same.

All right, so I think I have
all the groceries I need.

We're not done yet. We haven't
even been down any of the aisles.

I don't bother with the aisles.

Why not?

Everything I need
is on the periphery.

But then you're missing out
on all the cookies.

These are so good.

And these!

Come in!

Daniel... finally.

Come in.

Shut the door.

Hey, Barb.

How are you feeling?

Fine... Yeah.


I took your advice.

I'm glad to see that.

I want my show back.

Ralph is doing really well,

To be honest,

the ratings haven't dropped
since he's taken the show over.

What a...

What-what are you saying?

It's not yours to take back.

You know I'm better than him.
You're making a huge mistake.

You can't just walk...

You are a goddamn executive
because of me.

This whole fucking office
is because of me.

That is bullshit, Daniel,
and you know it...

No, no, no.
Don't you dare deny it.

You know it's true.

You would be nothing without me.


Why are yo being such a prick?

Do you know what your escapade
cost me?

I almost lost my job,
god damn it.

Kiss my ass.

Do you really think that you
can just waltz right in here

after what happened
and demand your show back?

Just like that?

We don't even know
what's wrong with you.

You won't even talk to me.

Are you okay?

Let me call for help.

Let me call someone.

You just stay awake.

Okay, Daniel?

If I can touch yours.

You first.

Daniel, open up.
It's me!




Come on.

I got grounded because of you.

I'm-I'm sorry.

You made me
go shopping with you,

so I was late for supper,
and now I'm grounded.

I, um...

I don't know what to say here.

You are such a...

great kid, but, um,
this isn't working out.

Look, I think you should go.

I can't.

Look, I've ran away from home.
I hate my mom.

She is such a bitch.

I'm quitting school
and I'm gonna move in with you.

You can't quit school,

and you mother just
cares about you.

I think you're overreacting.

What the fuck, Daniel?

I can't believe you'd pick sides
with someone who you've-

you've never even met,
over me.

Look, I put up
with all of your shit

and this is the thanks I get?
Fuck you!

Okay, calm down.

Calm down?
Me, calm down?

You're one to talk. You
don't even know what calm is.

You are fucking crazy.
You know that.

- Mind your own shit.
- No!

You had everything going for
you! You had this perfect life.

Your own TV show,
this beautiful apartment,

you had everything
and you fucked it all up!

You don't think I know that?
I already know that.

I don't need some fucking puppy
reminding me what I already know!

I'm not a fucking puppy!

I know way more about life
than you do.

And I know that you...

You need to get
your shit together

and keep going.

You are a tragic hero, Daniel,

and you know what happens
to tragic heroes?

They die.

That is so fucking cute.

You study 12th grade English
and character flaws,

and now you're
some kind of expert.

You don't know shit.

I know way more than you think.

Where the fuck would you be
without me?

You can't do anything
without me.

Don't flatter yourself.
I'll figure it out.


You don't even try
to do anything on your own.

"Alexander, will you
hold my hand?"

"Alexander, will you
go shopping with me?"

You're the puppy.
Not me.

Get the fuck out
of my house now.

It's all in your head.

You need to try to do things
on your own.

You need to keep...

I don't want to, okay?!

I don't fucking want to!

Do you understand me?

- Do you wanna fuck me?
- What?!

- Do you want to fuck me?
- Are you insane?

No, that would be you.

Fuck me now! Come on!
Come on!

Jesus Christ!

You can do it, Daniel.

You need to try harder.

You need to know why.

All right, I feel scared.
I don't know why, but...

Your mother only grounded you
because she loves you.

She just wants
what's best for you.

Just go home
and tell her you're sorry.

I'll do that on one condition...


You take me to the farmhouse...

where you grew up.

I wanna see it.


That's where you grew up, huh?

Oh, I love these swings.


Did you love this swing?

I'm leaving.

I love you.

Come on.

It's awesome in here!
Come on!

Hey, was this your room?

Come on.

Don't take all day.

You can open
your eyes now, Daniel.

Thank you, Mom.

I am here.

Let me see.


I'll let you touch mine
if I can touch yours.

You first.


I'm telling.

I don't wanna go to the doctor!

I don't wanna go!

You're overreacting, John.

I don't wanna go!

We don't wanna go!

Speak up.
I can't hear you.

I don't wanna go!

You're overreacting.

I don't wanna go!

What the hell do you mean,

He doesn't need
to go to the doctor.

Shut the hell up!

I don't wanna go to the doctor!

Tell your son
to shut the hell up.


Stop kicking my god damn...



Holy shit!
Are you all right?

Please. My son.

Don't move.
Just stay put.

I'll call for help.

You just stay awake.
All right?

You'll be okay, baby.

You just stay awake, Daniel.

Daniel, stay awake, okay?

Where were you?

He wasn't wearing a seatbelt.

Dead right away.

Panic moment.

You see what's coming
but there's nothing you can do.

Mom was jammed
in the wreck with me.

Cops said she must've been alive
for maybe another half hour.

She didn't take her eyes
off of me...

for 30 minutes.

30 minutes of panic.

I wonder if she thought
I was dead.

It's actually really easy
to veer into oncoming traffic.

You just take your attention away
from the road for one second...

and it's over.


Please stop.

We don't wanna die.



What a surprise.

Oh, I've missed you.
It's so good to see you.

Are you all right?

Oh, come.
I'll make you some tea.

Still two sugars?

No, no sugar now.


I watch your TV show.

It's not mine anymore.


I'm sorry to hear that.

So, what are you doing now?

Just trying to figure
some stuff out.

I went back the other day...

for the first time.

Is the swing still
in the front yard?

Your mother loved that swing.


It's still there.

Margret, I just wanted
to thank you...

for everything
that you did for me...


I loved having you
and your sister here, Daniel.

How is she?

She's having a baby next month.


She misses you, too.

I don't blame her anymore.

Do you still blame yourself?


You, your sister,
your father, your mother...

each and every one of you...

could carry the blame
for what happened that day...

but it wouldn't change anything.

My sister adored you.

You were just like her,
you know. Her little artist.

She would be devastated
if she knew

that you were suffering
because of what happened.

Daniel, you lived for a reason.

Your mother believed in fate.

You must be strong...

for her...

and me.

It was so good to see you.

Now, don't be a stranger.

Yeah, I'm available.

I think I can make that work,

but I'll have to check first.


I'll get back to you.

All right, I...

All right. You're welcome.

Everything okay?

Everything's fine.


A job offer.

That's great.

It's a possibility.


They offered me the job.


but you know,
you should call Barb.

Ah, Jesus, it's fucking freezing
in here.

So, what are you gonna want.

I don't know.

I wanna be free...


for real.

Not-not just have
to act confident.

To be able to be happy or sad

without everything turning into
some kind of disaster.



I know a place...

that you can go shopping...

where there are...
only periphery aisles...

and lots of exit signs.

Let's go.

It's like it was made for you.

That one?


Oh, this is getting better
by the minute.

Hey, you know what pairs
perfectly with pasta?

- What?
- Chianti.

Grapes Sangiovese,

and its acidity balances out
with the tomato sauce so well.

I love when you talk like that.

You're so smart.

I love it when you get
this close.

Oh, my God.

I love these dolls.

Look, there's one
inside the other

and they're all
exactly the same.

Even the little one.

This one's me.

Oh, I forgot the Russian dolls.

No, Alex!




You're gonna be okay.

You're gonna be okay.

I love you.

You're gonna be okay.


You don't need me.

Yes, I do.


You can do it by yourself.

I love you.
I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

I'll always be with you.

Inside of you.

You're okay, buddy.
You're okay, buddy.

Lover... Lover...

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Someone call 911!

You okay?

Can't you see he needs help?!

Do you need help?

Hey. Hey, you.

I almost ran you over.

Where is he?!
Where is he?!

Where is he?!

Barb, um...

I've got an idea.

I've received an offer,

but I need a producing partner
to pull it off.

It's big.

How big?

Major network. Primetime.

There's an elephant in the room
here, Daniel,

and how do you plan
to deal with that?

Never live, no studio audience,

no pressure.

I can handle it.

Tell me why I should agree
to partner with you.

Because you believe in me

as much as I believe in you.

I'm listening.