Steel (1997) - full transcript

John Henry Irons designs weapons for the military. When his project to create weapons that harmlessly neutralize soldiers is sabotaged, he leaves in disgust. When he sees gangs are using his weapons on the street, he uses his brains and his Uncle Joe's junkyard know-how to fight back, becoming a real man of "steel." - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
That's enough! That's enough!

My ass is on fire!

I thought I smelled

some nuts roasting.

Call it, Sparks.

- This is Little John
- who shot the sheriff.

First weapons test terminated.

Back up all telemetry

and crash reference data.

Nice shootin', Johnny.

- Thanks, Sparky.

- 'It feels good, though.'

- Moving the capacitor
- to the start

- Really helped fix
- the balance.

- Always glad to help.

- And whose idea was that?

Let's, uh, take

a closer look, senator.

- Bring that video over here,
- Burke.

- On it, sir.

- 'Oh, alright.'

How's the voltage holding?


Still got 57.2 megavolts.

Check the amp-curve.

It's perfect.

You knew alloy

really kept the barrel cool.

Cool, just like you.

'Okay, I'll back up.'

displays? Everything okay?

Now, what about the data

'Yeah, it's great.'

Impressive, isn't it?

It's amazing weaponry.

This was maximum power?

Is that what you were told?

Forgive my asking, ma'am.

Uh, what's your

security clearance?

Level four.

- Well, then I guess it's alright
- for me to tell you

- That I've personally made
- some adjustments

That increase

the intensity considerably.

- That would be
- something to see.

Always doing my best in the


service of my country,


- Keep it up,
- lieutenant..

Nathaniel Burke, ma'am.

- Keep this up,
- Lieutenant Nathaniel Burke

And you'll be a captain

in no time.

Yes, ma'am.

'Senator Nolan, we're ready'

'for the next demonstration.'

This village

has been set aside for us

as a training area.

'Ammo! Ammo!'

This isn't, uh,

people's rifle.

- No, ma'am,
- it's a sonic cannon.

- It pumps out
- an ultra-low-frequency

Burst of sound energy.

- Can take out
- a whole line of troops.

Without killing them.

Just leaves them stunned.

And you like that idea?

Not killing 'em?

Yes, ma'am, I do.

- Set to a higher gain,
- it can bring down

An entire wall like that one.

Why not the whole building?

We haven't tested

those parameters.

- Everything's set on the street.
- Let's do it.

'Go, go, go, go.'

This is Little John.

Get ready to storm the castle.

'Copy that, Little John.'

May I do the honors, colonel?

- 'Evacuate the area! Let's

- Alright. Irons, stand down.


'Target in sight..'

- Go for it, lieutenant.

- Yes, sir.

Nathaniel, no!


'Let's get the medic!'


When you managed

to remove the concrete

what did you find?

The senator

had been killed, sir.

And Lieutenant Sparks?

She had a severe spinal injury.

And her legs had been crushed.

She may never walk again.

I can imagine how difficult

it must have been for you.

- Now, we've heard the testimony
- that you shouted out

To Lieutenant Burke

just before he fired.

Did you see how the weapon

was calibrated?

Yes, sir.

What intensity level was set?

The maximum, sir.

- A parameter that had
- never been tested

Or even approved for testing,

is that correct?

Yes, sir.

Burke knew what he was doing.

Oh, is it?

Who recalibrated the weapon?

Lieutenant, who did it?

Burke did it, sir.

That's all.'

'Thank you, lieutenant.

- Thanks for selling me out,
- brother soldier.

Out of my face with that.

What you did was foul.

I should bust your ass

for what you did to Sparky.

Bust my ass?

Do you know where I was headed?

You know what I could've done


with those military

You stupid..

- Ugh! Ah.

- Huh. Hey, man.

- - He's lucky
- He just got dismissed

Instead of being sent

to Leavenworth.

- It's been a rotten damn deal
- all the way around

- But you're gonna feel
- a whole lot better about this

When we go back to work.

- Now, we've got to create
- a new unit here and press on.

We got a golden

opportunity here.


These weapons

are far more powerful

than I'd ever hoped.

Come on, you still have those

buildings folded up.

We've created a whole

new generation of weaponry here.

We can't turn our backs on this

kind of potential firepower.

Maybe you can't. But after

what happened Sparks, I can.


'Dr. Rollinson to ER, please.'

'Dr. Rollinson to ER..'

My hero.

I brought you some flowers.

Sweet peas.

My favorite.

No kidding?



So you really did bail, huh?

My tour was over.

After what happened to you

I ain't trying to go back.

Well, I'll come see ya

as soon as I'm back on my feet.

I'm counting on it.

- I'll be checkin' up on you
- every week.

Here. My phone number

and address. Use it.

Where you headin'?


♪ If you want it ♪

♪ Ah ♪

- ♪ You got it ♪
- ♪ Ah ♪

♪ If you want it baby

you got it ♪

♪ If you want it ♪

♪ Ah ♪

♪ You got it honey

you want it baby.. ♪

- - 'Captain has turned on
- The seat-belt sign'

'indicating our final approach

into Los Angeles.'

'The weather is 72 degrees

and beautiful.'

♪ Oh oh yeah oh ♪

♪ Oh oh.. ♪

- What's up, John?
- Welcome back.

Stayin' out of trouble?

- Of course.
- Alright.

- 'Shoot one!'
- Come on!

- Let's go, John.

- Come on.

I could've did that.


♪ Yeah oh oh ♪

♪ If you want it baby

you got it oh ♪

♪ If you want it baby

you got it oh ♪

♪ If you want it baby

you got it ♪

♪ Ah-ah ah-ah ah-ah ♪

'Dantastic. Good afternoon.'

♪ Oh yeah oh ha-ah ♪

Uh, Mr. Daniels, Mr. Burke

insisted on seeing you.

How are you... Big Willy?

This is a nice setup.

You have come a long way

since the old neighborhood.

But I understand you're still

selling hot weapons.

I distribute arcade games,


I give jobs

to at-risk kids.

I'm a legitimate businessman.

- How would you like
- to help me deal

The next generation

of super weapons?

'Not to the crooks and punks

on the street'

but to the world.

If you give me a little

seed money for the prototypes..

I'll do a little advertising

and we'll be partners.

What exactly are you selling?

Ah. Mm-mm.

A little gift from my Uncle Sam.

♪ Ken and Susie sittin'

in a tree K-I-S-S-I.. ♪

- What's up, John?
- What's up, babe? You alright?

- Yeah.
- Alright.

- 'Hey, Johnny!'

- It's my turn. I wanna..

- Hey, watch it.

- Incoming!

- What are you? - Some kinda skud or
- Something?

Nah. You mean, stud.

Hey, why you player hatin'?

Man, I got all kind

of crazy honey sweatin' me.

- Heh, yeah, right.

- Hey, what's up, Martin?

- What's up, Lamont?
- Yeah.

- Alright.
- His brother still locked up?

- - Man, his brother got more time
- Than a clock.

- What about you?

- I ain't livin' like him.

I just be chillin', man.

Why? What did you think?

- I think it's good to be
- home.

Grandma! Grandma, guess what?

Ai-sho! Now, Martin,

don't you spoil everything.

My bad, but somebody's here

to see you..

- Hey, grandma!

- Shh..


I'm so glad to see you.

I'm glad to see you, too.

Look like you grew

a little taller.

Oh. Oh, my goodness. Oh.

- Come on.
- 'Shh.'

sass twiny toes.

Tip-toe on them

Oh, shoot!

- Somebody wanna tell me
- what's going on?

Oh, gone in. It was supposed

to be a souffle.

A souffle?

- It was supposed to be
- all light

And fluffy and full of air.

And it was till

you come stormin' in.

to master the art

Martin, how am I ever supposed

of French cooking when you keep

crashin' in here

like James Brown?

♪ I feel good

na-na-na na-na-na ♪

"Master the art

of French cooking?"

I'm marrying up

all my down-home recipes

with haute cuisine.

Ain't that something?

Now, this here was supposed

to be harmony souffle.

Yo, she wants to open

a restaurant and call it

Black And Bleu.

That's, uh,

that's a cool name.

Don't you patronize me,

young man.

- You just give me
- some more sugar.

Mwah, mwah, mwah.

Martin, you go finish

your studies.


- I don't want
- no more of them notes

From your teacher.

Yes, ma'am.

- The gang still - messin'
- With him?

Worse than ever.

It's hard to keep him straight.

I'm glad you're home.

Now, you go unpack,

give me your wash.

Check out them messages I've put

on your bed. Who are they?

Probably job offers

from weapons builders.

They are really hot after you.

You write your own ticket.

Is that why you left

the service? Make more money?

No, ma'am.

No more weapons for me.

Lot better for my soul.

- I love you, Johnny.

- I love you, too, grandma.

Where are you gonna work?

I've got a job lined up

Over at Bill Crawley's.

♪ Oh yeah ♪

♪ Superman Superman ♪


♪ Superman Superman ♪

Mm-mm. Whoo-hoo.

- Okay.

- Load it in.

And then make sure

it's very, very safe, you know?

- Got it?
- Ah.

- Alright, now..
- Yeah.

Alright, Big Willy,

as promised

the first prototype.

The front office said you

a kid you wanted to hire.


- Yeah, just a little
- personal score I have to settle.

Giving back to the community.

Surely you understand

something like that.

Oh, no.

Alright, get him upstairs.

Call 9-1-1, tell them

it was an electrical fire.

'And get some ice on him.'

- What are you gonna do
- about this, Burke?

- Adjust the surge protector.
- 'Here we go.'

I'm talking about him, asshole.

You could've killed him.

- You gotta push the envelope.
- Accidents happen.

I don't believe it. Mr. Daniels,

this guy is out of control.

Duvray, look at the target.

Keep up the R&D, Burke.

Accidents can happen

to you, too, pal.

Great day.

Oh, I forgot something.

Basinger, will you

give me a hand?


I'm looking for someone

I can trust. Is that you?

- 'Yeah. I know, I know.'

- Yeah.

- Your new recruits together?
- Not yet.

- We're still missing
- a couple of heads.

'But we're ready to start

showing off your weapons.'

Remember the last time

we were in a car together?

Shh, shh.

Hey, yo, what's up with this

town meetin', man? Sounds whack.

It's gonna help to get the

anti-gang program started.


I thought you two

might share some insights

maybe even learn something.

Why learn when I can earn?

- Look, one of my homies
- snagged me down

- To work at a place
- called Dantastic.

They sell

these bomb arcade games, man.

That's great, stayin' away

from those knuckleheads

and doin' somethin' legit.

So that means I don't have

to go to this meeting, right?



- - 'Hey, little kitty.
- Tsk, tsk, tsk.'

'How you doin'?'

Alright, get ready.

'Do it.'

Oh, man! Oh, Lord!

Yeah, fire power, kid!

'That's what we talking about!'

- 'Marks, baby.'
- Yeah!

Marks! Yeah, boy!

- Whoo!
- Come on.

- Come on.

- Let's go! Let's go!

that's enough. Come on.

Alright, that's enough,

- Out, out.
- Come on, come on.

Marks, baby. Yeah!

Show me the money, baby. Yeah!

Show Slats the money!

- Come on! Come on, let's go!

- Watch your cover.

- Push! Push!

- Get up. Push! Push!

- Whoo-whee!

- Ah-ha!

- All this money, man!

- Yes.

Yes. Get all the money.

Get the money!

'All units in the vicinity'

'possible 2-11 in progress.


- 3-Adams-6, I'm three blocks away
- and on it.

- Request backup.
- 'Yeah!'

Let's get ready to rumble!


- Hey, we got company.
- We got company.

- Come on, take 'em out.
- Take 'em out.

Police, hold!

- There you go.
- Oh!

- 'Out of the way!'

- 'Come on!'

- What is that?

- I don't know what it is.

Hold it!

- Ah!
- Martin, stay down.

- 'Last one. Come on.'

- 'Yeah, yeah.'


Officers down

at 2218, 6th Street.

- 'We got a big problem here.'

- Come on, get in, move, move!

- Stay down, stay down.

- Let's go, let's go.

Not a good move, sugar.


But, Johnny, there's fire!

Purple power, baby! Yay! Yay!

- Hey, man, Cutter ain't here!
- What?

Where the hell is he?



Johnny? Oh.

We gotta get her to a hospital.

It's on now.

- Ugh!

- Come here!


- Hey!
- Ugh!

We're switching!

You'll get killed out here!

- 'Hey!'
- Ugh.

- Hey!
- 'Ugh.'



Damn it.

Ah! Ah!


Oh! You better back up


off me before you get

- Where'd you get this?

- I found it. Raise up.

- Tell me where you found it
- or you gonna find

My fist in your mouth.

- Come on, man.
- We gotta get up outta here.

- So what did you say
- to the police?

What could I say? I know

those weapons are top secret.

- I just wanna know
- how they got on the streets.

Well, the NSA tells me

that every weapon created by us

and our civilian suppliers

is accounted for.

I had it in my hand, sir.

What do you think blew over

their squad car anyway?

A twister?

I saw a street-gang kid holding

a USR model 3.5

sonic eliminator!

Hey, hold it, hold it.

Are you on a secure phone?

What difference does that make?

- What are we gonna do
- about those weapons?

You just calm down, lieutenant.

The NSA is on it.

Now, there is no way

that highly-classified weapons

- could've ended up in the hands
- of some street gang.

- 'I just don't see
- how that's possible.'

- I don't know
- how you could see anything, sir

With your head

so far up your ass!

He was sportin' purple?

- Martin, I ain't playin'.
- Who you protectin'?

You, damn it.

Purple is the Marks.

- Them kids is buck wild.

- Where can I find 'em?

- Where the hell are they?

- Back home at Benny's.

- It's where they usually hang.

- They're gonna hang, alright.

buzzing about the incredibe..'

'Everyone in the city is

- Hey, hey, hey.
- Shut up, shut up, shut up.

no clues as to the

'...yet the police have


- 'of this amazing heist
- and robbery..'

Yeah. Oh, shit.

That's your laser, kid.

That's it, right there.

- - '...over
- A half billion dollar..'

- Ah, what a...
- Yeah!

- That's what I'm talking about.
- Whoo!

That's what I'm talking about.

♪ Alright keep it rockin'

alright ♪

That's what I'm talking about.

Hey, yo, dawg.

Check out

the jolly black giant.

The weapon your boy had,

where did he get it from?

- I don't know what you're
- talking about, man.

You know what the hell

I'm talking about.

- I just wanna know where your boy
- got that weapon from.

Oh, yeah, well, you know

I'd like to know that, too


because that hater

was, mwah, fat.

- I'd like to get me
- one of them.

- I hear that, man.
- Alright.

I thought you was

the man, Slats.

But I see you're just fronting

it in front of your homeboys.

Oh, big boy,

you see a fancy gun? Huh?

- I ain't got nothing.
- Huh?

- Huh?
- Ha-ha-ha.

That's what I thought.

- Now, you best
- raise up, fool

- 'cause the next time
- you go down

You might not get back up!

- 'Yeah.'
- 'Word.'

- Where'd you get
- the weapon from?

Oh, heh, look at me, man,

I'm shaking like a leaf.

- Ha-ha-ha!

- Tell me what I wanna know!

No, no, no, no, no..

See, we don't play that.

Now, we know you, man.

So don't come around here

no more.

You gonna be knowin' me

a whole lot better.

Chill. Chill.



- It's Slats.

- 'So?'

- Yeah, he come in here,
- lieutenant

Like you figured he would.

Alright, nothing changes.

Just keep your idiot friend,

Cutter, out of sight.

That's peace.

Get rid of Cutter.

Set an example for the others.

Got that new webpage ready?

Be online in a week.

We'll be wired for the world.

- 'Terrific.'

- What about Irons?

There is nothing he can do.

- Let's let it roll!

- Thanks.

This has to be a hospital

at Oklahoma City, right?

- But I know that
- Lieutenant Susan Sparks

Is in rehab there.

I've talked to her.

Transferred to St. Louis?


♪ There's a mountain

in the way we were climbing ♪

♪ We've been living living ♪

are greatly concerned'

'Authorities in Los Angeles

'about the appearance

of these powerful new weapons'

'on the street.'

'State and federal agencies'

'have so far

been unable to discover'

- 'who is responsible
- for this dangerous'

'escalation of street violence'

- 'and are very fearful
- that it could'

'spread to other cities.'

Man, oh, man.

- And I thought
- my tax dollars went

To keeping these windows clean.

How you doing, Sparky?


Is that why you stopped

writing to me?

Didn't you get my letters?

I got 'em. And the wheelchair

you sent. Thanks.

It must be awful for you.

I can imagine how you feel.

No. No, you can't.

You're right. I can't.

I wish I could turn

the clock back.

Sometimes you don't get a choice

about things.

Shit happens.

Tell me about it.

A good cop friend of mine

she's badly hurt

with one of our weapons.

'They're on the streets.'

How is that possible?

- That's what I'm trying
- to figure out.

And I could sure use your help.

Yeah, I'd be a big help

on the streets.

I don't think so.

- What are you going to do,
- just sit here and look out

The filthy windows?

What's going on?

Oh, good breeze.

I can't.

Girl, you are out of here.

What are you doing? No!

Stop it, Irons.

I don't wanna go!

Listen, Sparks

- sometimes you don't get a choice
- about things.

This here's a prime example

of shit happening.

No. Put me down!

the hospital was funky.

And I thought

Who lived here before you?

The Sanfords?

Oh, that's Lilly.

She doesn't bite.

- Not your average junkyard
- dog.

This isn't

your average junkyard.

Just wait till you meet

Uncle Joe.

That's a little

work in progress.

And check this out.


Very thoughtful.

- We fixed up another one for you
- at Uncle Joe's place.

He's got a spare room

all ready for you.

Johnny, what exactly

am I supposed to be doing here?

The same thing you did at army.

We make our own kind of weapons

to take out the ones

in the streets.

You're crazy. We don't have

the army's resources.

Yeah, I know, but we have

something that they don't have.

a lot more than that.

It's gonna take

Just make me a list, darlin'.

- Now, don't just
- stand there, beefcake.

Clean off the table.

Thank you. Thank you.

Hi, I'm Uncle Joe.


just calls me Uncle Joe.

about running a junkyard.

I'll tell you one thing

People will bring you

the damndest things.

That's a mainframe 7200 IBM.

Five-hundred mega-hurtin'

slam-bam, thank you, ma'am

something or other.

Where could you possibly have...

Fella told me it fell off

the back of a truck.

Don't look too dented,


You would be absolutely

moon-eyed to know

just how many thangs will


fall off the back of a

I'll make a list.

Boy, heh,

she's something else.

what's her story?

What's, what's her,

Her father's dead.

Her mother drinks herself

in and out of rehab.

She's on her own.

Is she really?

is on the hit, man.'

'Yo, this place

- I'mma own a spot like this
- one day.

That's what I'm trying

to get you put on, man.

- So what's up with this job, man?
- I'm tryin' to get paid.

Man, the dude

that run this stuff is large!

- I want you to meet him.

- And I want to meet you.

- You must be Martin.

- Yeah.

I have heard a lot about you.

I'll take it from here.


You can call me The Man.

Oh, God.

Yes. I told you.


You work out here

half the night.

Don't you ever get tired?


- Then I think about
- who might get blasted

By one of our weapons.

What cop, what kid..

How you doing?

You got everything you need?


Johnny, thanks for


And for not helping me

with everything.

You understand?

- Hey, yo, y'all.
- Grandma Odessa wants you to come

Check out her Cajun catfish

stuffed with crawdaddy mousse

served with alaron

or whatever that is.

Now, that is an amazing concept.

Yo, what y'all making?

- Some gadgets.

- Top-secret stuff, huh?

Actually, it is.

I never could make

the free throws.

- Y'all go ahead,
- I'll be down there in a minute.


- So how's your new job?

- Oh, it's dope.

And boss made me his main man.

Said if I studied up,

I could make mad cream.

- Be mad powerful.

- Cream?


Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

Cream, get the money.

Dollar-dollar bills, y'all.

Some things money can't buy.

Well, what it can get,

I can use.

Yo, you'd blow up at my job.

John Henry says you're a genius.

- John Henry exaggerates.

- Ah.

- Don't believe everything
- he says.

[Marvin Winans singing

- ♪ Stand up ♪
- ♪ Stand up ♪

♪ You're gonna do

what you gotta do ♪

♪ Come on come on stand up ♪

♪ Stand up ♪

♪ It's all ♪

♪ It's all I've got to do ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ♪

♪ Stand up ♪

♪ It's time to take command ♪

♪ Time to take it command ♪

♪ Come on come on stand up ♪

♪ Stand up ♪

♪ Because the future's

in your hands ♪

♪ Oh steel yourself ♪

♪ That's when

you start to feel the power ♪

♪ And you'll know you're growing

stronger by the hour ♪

♪ I said stronger by the hour ♪

♪ Stronger by the hour ♪

- ♪ Yeah ♪
- ♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Stand up ♪

♪ You gotta stand up ♪

♪ Stand up ♪

♪ Come on come on get up yeah ♪

♪ Ooh stand up ♪

♪ You you gotta get up ♪

♪ Stand up ♪

♪ It's what you do hey ♪

- ♪ Hey ♪
- ♪ Stand up ♪

♪ You gotta get up from there ♪

♪ Stand up ♪

♪ Oh yeah yeah ♪

♪ You stand up ♪

♪ You got to stand up ♪

♪ Stand up ♪

♪ I want you to steel yourself ♪

♪ Steel yourself ♪

♪ Steel yourself ♪

♪ Steel yourself ♪

♪ Gotta steel yourself ♪

♪ Steel yourself ♪

♪ Oh you gotta steel yourself ♪

♪ Steel yourself ♪

♪ Steel yourself ♪

♪ Steel yourself ♪

♪ Steel yourself ♪

♪ Steel yourself ♪

♪ Come on now yourself ♪

♪ Steel yourself ♪

- ♪ And just stand up yeah ♪
- ♪ Stand up yeah ♪

♪ Yeah yeah yeah ♪

Hey, big guy.

Tonight's the night.

Stick it in your ear.

How do you read?

Five-by-five. Receiver?

Transceiver. So be careful

what you say about me.

It's good for 20 miles.

And so is this.

'Whoa, you go, girl.'

Wow. Video.

So I can see what you see.

What is this?

A man named John Henry

has just got to have a hammer.

Of course, I designed it

to do more than pound things.

And I did the metal work.

I especially like the shaft.


Look, guys, I appreciate

what you've both done for me.

But it might get

a little dangerous.

I laugh at danger.

I boogie around danger

like a "Soul Train" dancer.

No, no, no, no. You just do

what you started to do, yeah?

Once I explain this to you, I'm

ready for a little field test.

It is time

to make the final piece.

I know you want to stay away

from weapons work, son, but..

Sometimes you gotta fight

fire with fire.

Well, I'll be damned.

John Henry Irons

has turned himself..

Into the Man of Steel.

- such a good actor.

- You think so?

You think he was funny, though?

- Hey. Yo, give me the wallet.
- Oh!

- Let me see some cash.
- Alright.

- Here.
- Break yourself now!

Please don't hurt us.

You alright?

Can you believe that?

somebody's family pictures.'

'Not a nice way to treat

Who's that?

I'll shank you, man.

Just give them their stuff back

and we won't have a problem.

I got no problem.

Oh, yes, you do.



Whoa! Come on, man,

what you doing?

I didn't do nothin', man!

My God, come on, man.

- Hang around a minute.

- Oh, oh, oh..

I believe this bud

just been born again.

Please don't kill me.

I got a wife and kids.

- Remember how it feels.

- Okay.

Do it again,

and that's your ass.

Okay, man.

I'm cool. I'm cool.

Come on, man!

Look at that.

9-1-1 is a recording.

Can you believe it?

No, I... can't.

I think this belongs to you.

Uh, thank you.

- Tell the cops
- he's hanging around the corner.

And on behalf of the

of Los Angeles


I would like to apologize.

Y'all be cool now.

Did you see everything?

- And taped it,
- so you can watch the reruns.

are coming in loud and clear.'

'The audio and video

Your body temp's up a little.

We gotta think about

more ventilation.

I'm fine. I'm fine.

- Hey, bro.

- Hey.

- You told him
- about the gang fight

- Heating up
- down on Hill Street?

Let's not bite off more than

we can chew the first time out.

Get me across street.

Come on, y'all!

Faster, faster.

- Come on. Come on.

- Move. Move. Move.

Come on. Come on.

Behind this car.

- Whoa, whoa, who's this guy?
- Hey, look at this guy.

Let's break up, man.

Damn, hommie,

what the hell is that?

Hey, move out the way, fool,

this is our hood!

Now put the gun down

and there won't be any trouble.

Oh, man, please, I'm about

to smoke you like a blunt.

Oh, do I wanna look?

One of us has to.

Well, I'll be damned.

Enough with this stuff.

Let's get a body.

Uh, Johnny..

What's he gonna do?

Hit us with his little hammer?

Run him over, I say.

Get that fool!

- Sonic is forward?

- Yeah, forward.

- Johnny!

- It's hammer time.

Well, I'll be dipped in shit

and rolled in bread crumbs.

One of Odessa's recipes?

- Oh, man.

- You should always buckle up.

- Let's smoke his ass.

- Nah, man, he saved us, man.

- No, we don't need no help
- from no cop!

'Man, he ain't no cop, man.'


- 'No way, man.'

- 'What?'

- Go!
- What is this?

- I'm outta here, man.

- I'm outta here!

- Go! Go! Go!

- Yeah, go, man!

'Shots fired..'

You're about to have

official company.

- Let's get out of here.

- Yeah, come on.

Watch your back, baby.

Yo, son, this guy has got eyes

in the back of his head.

You got it, and I'll be

watching you. Get out of here!

- Run!
- Yeah.

Good looking out, Sparky.

You be my leg, man

I'll have eyes for you.

- And you've got
- more blue coming.

From the south and west.

Got 'em.

He knows a way out of this?

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

I'm-I'm sure he does.


Alright, Sir Lancelot,

move away from those weapons.

Get your hands up. Way up!

Well, that is way up.


- 'I can do this.'

- No.

Don't even think about it,


Piece of cake, Sparky.

No, the rangefinder says

it's too far.

'Are you listening to me,

John Henry?'

In high school, I finished

second in a long jump.

You weren't wearing 75 pounds..




Damn fool.

That's one for the computer.

Thank you very much.

Yeah. This way. This way.


No time to breathe.

Keep going.

- Come on!

- 'Where is he?'

What? Geez.

Ah, we got, we got him.


- Hey, he jumped.

- Shoot!

A hundred-and-thirty feet to go.

'Hundred. Eighty.'


- Johnny?

- No!


Johnny? Johnny, are you okay?


- 'Johnny, a-are you..'

- Just a little trashed.

- I guess I better do
- some more work

On the tensile strength.

That's a good idea.

Hey, it's a work in progress.

The cops are right behind you.

Whoa, cool.

They're about a block and a half

and gaining, Johnny.

- Sparky!

- Got a red light, I see it.

I see it. Hang on.

I'm working on it.

Gotta work faster.

I still got reds.

- Uh-oh!

- "Uh-oh?"

I don't wanna hear "Uh-oh!"

'Sparky, come on.

I need help here.'

- 'Sparky!'

- Just kidding. We're cool.

We're not cool. Sparky!

It ain't easy being green.


Oh, Lord,

I'm getting too old for this.

This should close the door.



Move that car. Move it!

- Should be able to give you green
- all the way home.

My boss down at Dantastic

is gonna love me, I can tell.

- Oh, really?
- Yeah.

- Lord, have mercy.

- Wow! Ooh!

- Geez, who was that guy?

- Ooh, my..

Welcome home.


Airtech, where the hell

are you?

- - Right behind you.
- We'll spot him.

Sparky, what's up?

Don't you trust me?

You done good, boy.

What, what, what?

- All they gonna see
- is a pile of junk!

but a pile of junk.'

'Nothing down here

'I'm heading north.'

Where'd that son of a butt


The Bat Cave?

since the Mets won the series

I ain't felt this good

back in 1968. Ha-ha!

- '69, Uncle Joe, '69.

- '68, '69, uh, all the same..

- Man..
- That was a long time ago.

- When that wire pulled me up,
- my heart dropped.

Yeah, and when it broke,

my heart stopped.

Work in progress. Did you see

the look on those kids' faces?

- - Looked like they found
- Their Jesus.

- Excuse me,
- but next time will you please

- Trust my rangefinder
- before you jump?

- Boy, you sure are lucky
- this is stainless

Otherwise your butt

would be rusted.

- I've got a printout coming
- so that we can evaluate

All this data.


I don't know what I'd do

without you.

I'm on fire tonight, Uncle Joe.

- Well, at least your record's
- intact, boy.

Then he came jetting past us

doing, like, 80.

Morning, Martin.

I hear you've become

quite interested

- in our new microchip
- game technology.

Yeah, that new interactive unit.

- It sounds, um, fly. Yeah.

- Fly.

- Why don't you and I
- go take a look at it?

Alright, cool.

- So you really saw
- that man of..

Yeah, steel. Heh.

Last night.

He got some skills.

- And he's a brother.

- Really?

- You think
- he's from your neighborhood?

- Well, he damn sure
- ain't from Beverly Hills.

Mm. Where exactly

is your neighborhood?

He, he's an

about seven-foot-six.


- Yes. Very big.

- As big as a mountain.

- 'And he was covered in

- Yes.


And he returned

all of our belongings. See?

And he was,

he was extremely polite.

'Yeah, he was amazing.'

- Wait up for me.
- Why are you going so fast?

- Alright, alright.

- Yo.

What up, lieutenant?

Nice chain. Subtle.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,

we getting paid.

- Now, what's wrong
- with a little flossing, man?

You floss too much, man,

and your gums are bleeding.

Maybe you'll end up

just like Cutter.

Hot dog?

I don't eat no pork mess.

- That's turkey mess.

- Word?

- Singer will pick
- you guys upstate

Precisely on the schedule.

- How much we give him
- broke off?

A lot. Now, what do you know

about this Steel guy?

Come on, some crazy-ass fool

runnin' around

in aluminum foil.

Sound like a tin man

on steroid.

Never underestimate

your enemy.

- And keep your gold
- out of sight.

Eat the hot dog,

don't be one.

Yes, sir.

no sign of those weapons.

Five nights, and still

I mean, don't get me wrong,

I like having the time

- to make improvements
- on my chair, but..

Stay on point, Sparky.

Something's gonna pop.



Heads up. Something's cooking.

The emergency services

interlink shows, uh

major telephone and power

failure near Hope And Wilshire.

We'll check it out.

I'm zeroing in the land sat.

See if our eye in the sky

spots anything.

Time to make

our major infomercial.

- - 'I can't wait to give the
- World'

'a better look

at our new weapons.'

in Union Station.'

'Two Adam seven. Possible 4-5-9

'Be advised.'


Do you read? Hello?

Switching to FM.

Shielded sideband,

do you read now?

I read you, five by five.

What happened?

Jamming. Police frequencies

are out, too.

Something is going down.

We're on it.

Target in sight.


This is papa bear.

Go. Go.

Big disturbance

on Sixth and Hope.

Oh, my God.

'What is it? What's there?'

Only the city's biggest ATM.

- 'What?'

- The Federal Reserve.

- 'Hoo-hoo!'
- 'Yes!'

Open up the bank, baby.'

'Come on, man.

- Ha-ha! Yes! Ha-ha.

- 'Whoo!'

- Whoa, open it.

- 'Throw it open.'

- Come on. Come on.

- Move it. Yeah.

Two cover the rear. Come on,

move. Let's go. Let's go.

- Outside lines are dead.
- Alarms, too!

I'm heading south!

- Shh, shh, shh.
- Alright. Getting in.

We're getting in right here.

Move, move, move..

- Let's go, let's go, let's go!

- Go, go, go..

Go, go..

Shut up, shut up, shut up..

- Stock up all you can.
- Ninety seconds we out.

Keep pushing. Keep piling, baby.

Keep piling. Keep piling.

Let's go. Let's go.

Yeah, baby. More money, baby!

- 'Who's shooting at us?'

- Oh, no..

- Is he okay?

- Oh, come on!

We've got company.


Now I wonder

who that could be.

- Give it up!

- Ice his metal ass!

- 'Go, man, hit him.'
- Go outside.

Yeah, read on him. Get a read..

- You're too far away
- to use the magnet.

The alloy of those guns

is not magnetic.

Who's he talking to?

I'm scanning for it, sir.

- Ah!
- Hey, man.

Hey, get down. Everybody down!

It's got armor

just like yours, Johnny.

- 'What's that?'

- Yo, it's tear gas, man.

Yeah. Come on. Let's-let's go.

- Let's get out.

- Come on, let's go!

You're about to get the blues.

I hear 'em.

Get the sonic gun.

Come on, get some of this.

Take this guy out, man.

Come on.



- This is Airtech, we're 500 feet
- westbound Flower

Towards the Federal Reserve.

- You're outgunned, Johnny.
- Bail.

It's him again.

Try to call it in.

Alright, let's get your hands

down, down.


Baby Bear, do the chopper.

Slats got something

for your ass.

They're right on top of you.

Turn left on Flower.

'Better use your deterrent.'

Damn it!

Uh, Johnny, he's closing on you.

- Hang in there, Johnny.
- Okay, keep going straight.

You'll see the rabbit hole.

'I know you're hurting.

You can make it.'

He stopped transmitting

before I could triangulate.

'But I got some parameters.'

Good. Find his home base.

And transmit those video

to the TV stations.



- - 'This was the scene
- Moments ago'

'from the LA Federal Reserve.'

'And it's the second time..'

I want some of them weapons.

- Yeah.
- Alright.

from an anonymous source.'

'This video is transmitted

- 'Ballistics experts are
- stunned'

- 'and they've never seen anything
- like this before.'


Oh, my God.

- You may be steel
- on the outside

- But you're flesh and blood
- on the inside.

- Oh, the boy gonna be
- just fine.

- It's just a scratch.
- I'm alright.

Will you cut the macho bull?

You know your rib is broken.

Well, that's tough going,

no question.

- But it's just like what the old
- John Henry had to go through.

- Yeah, and we all know
- what happened to him.

- He died pounding steel,
- but at least

- He beat that old steam
- drill.

But he died doing it.

Well, I guess I can't argue

with you on that.

- Of course, now,
- he didn't have you to help him.

- That's got nothing
- to do with it.

- Of course, it does.
- Looky here...

- Can I have some water,
- please?


You don't have to do this.

- They got a warrant out for me?

- For the man in steel.

Some of the cops think that

you're all part of the same gang

because you all use

the same weapons.

Somehow they got videotapes

of the robbery.

I think


Nathaniel's mixed up in

I gotta get those weapons

off the streets.

What you've gotta do

is get some sleep.

Rampard Division.

Officer Craft.

Good evening, officer.

- Would you like to know
- where to find

The fancy weapon that shot down

your helicopter?

You are really leaning on him.

I noticed at the mill that

the iron that goes through

the hottest fire

makes the best quality steel

on the other end.

Well, if it ever gets that far.

Why are you pressing him

so hard?

'Cause I love him..

And what he's trying to do.

Same reason I love you, Sparky.



I'mma get it right

if it kills me.

What did you do

to your chin, son?

Oh, I, uh,

bumped into something.

So you did.

You see any of that

big old robbery stuff on TV?

On TV?

No, ma'am.

Times is hard on the street.

Everybody feel like they got

this big old black cloud

hanging over 'em.

Only hope seems to be

that Steel boy.

Here's a long drink of water.

Big, tall. Like you.

Kinda tired. I think

I'm gonna get some sleep.

What's that in your ear,


It's a, it's a hearing aid.

You never had

no hearing problem.

- Huh?

- I said you never had..

Don't you play with me, boy.

Now, I want to know

the truth.

Are you..

Doggone it!



- Get on the ground,
- get on the ground

- And put your hands
- on your head.

- Now!
- Grandma, what's going on?

I'm down, I'm down!

This is a search warrant.

- John Henry Irons,
- you're under arrest

- 'for suspicion
- of armed robbery, assault'

- 'and possession
- of illegal weapons.'

What's he talking about, Johnny?

- Sir, this was in the basement.

- 'Yeah.'

- Yeah, he definitely fits
- the description.

For what?

To be the man they call Steel.

- You have the right
- to remain silent.

- Anything you say
- can and will be used against you

'in the court of law.'

Number one, step forward.

- Not tall enough.

- No.

- Number two,
- front and center.

Got it, man. I always wanted

to be course line.

Put a sock in it, number


You know, detective,

he was very kind to us.

We wouldn't wanna do anything...

I know, ma'am.

But serious crimes

were committed.

- 'Well, two's not big enough.'

- No.

Officer, the man who helped us

- was on the right side
- of the law.


'And, uh..'

- He's not up there.

- No.


Alright, thanks for

coming in.

- Marcus, come here.

- Yeah.

You got a good look at him,


- Well, look,
- it was kind of dark.

- I mean...
- Hey!

Get in there and ID him.

'Just relax, buddy.'

Okay, Sparky, I'm back.

- Why won't they let you
- come home?

- - 'They're holding me
- For questioning.'

- NSA is flying Colonel David
- in tomorrow.

Well, maybe he can help.

Don't count on it.

Did you check on what I said?

'Find out anything?'

- The TV station said
- the videotapes of the robbery

Were sent anonymously.

Big-time infomercial.

- High-tech weapons
- not available in any store.

- And if you act now...

- How does a buyer make contact?

there's only one way.

In this day and age

- The Internet?

- Damn right.

We can pick up all kinds

of good crap, not just porno.

Have you found it?

Of course.

But now the bad news.

- The big auction is going down
- in 11 hours.

- They give a location?

- Not till the last minute.

Hey, call that detective for me!

Or what? Did you get tired

of talking to the trees?

He's gone to lunch.

Save it for the army, fruitcake.

- He's not gonna be
- that much help.

- Sparky,
- I need to get out of here.

We got you covered.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Publish is clearing house.

I may be the next


Yeah, yeah,

you get the signature?

And that's a big 10-4.

Coming in clear.

Alright, alright.

the mayor's office on one.'

'Excuse me, sir,

- Yes?

- May I ask who's speaking?

This is District Attorney

Charles Silverberg.

Hello, sir, I'm Connie Levine

with the mayor's office.

- I know it's short notice,
- but he wondered

If you had any free time

this afternoon.

Oh, it is pretty short notice.

'I'll move some things around.


I could be free by one

Well, don't do anything yet.

I'll call back. Thanks. Bye.

- Holding back division.
- Tillman.

Charles Silverberg.'

'This is District Attorney

You're holding a prisoner there,

John Henry Irons.

'It is pretty short notice, but


I want him free by one

- Uh, uh, of course, sir,
- but I'll need to get a...

A written authorization. It's

coming over your fax right now.

'My signature is on it.'

at Alameda Passing.'

'We're cruising

Passing Union Station.

I got you.

- Did you contact Colonel David
- like I asked you to?

- Anonymously,
- through a satellite link

So they can't trace it here.

- Now, they're holding
- at the police helipad

- Until you're sure
- this is going down

And we can give them

a hard target.

Your respiration is still funky.

Those broken ribs are really

bothering you, aren't they?

- Nah.
- I'm worried about you, Johnny.

Going into this with half..

I've got something.

Off Glendale Boulevard.

Just north of the river.

I'm zooming in the land sat.

Looks like

some kind of old factory.

Okay, Sparky,

we're northbound on..

On the Hollywood

to the Pasadena.

I'm calling the cavalry.

Strike Force David.

Sparky? Sparky?

- We out of range?

- We shouldn't be.

Better keep driving.

out of place, don't they?'

'Those limos look a tad

Come on, get up here.

You got that right.

- Hey, hey,
- w-what's the matter with you?

- Hey, what's wrong?
- What's wrong?

Hey, come back here.

What the hell is going in?

'Hey, come here.'

Hey, listen,

if you can't reach Sparky

- contact David
- through the satellite link.

Look here, boy,

you be careful, you hear?

- 'Cause you ain't Superman
- and you damn sure

'ain't getting paid.'

advanced weapon..'

'...US Army material command

'I know it's been a very long

journey for some of you.'

I would like to thank you all

for making the trip here.

I do believe

it will be worth your while.

With the help of my good friend,

Big Willy, here

I've already made quite a few

of these dandy little toys.

'You've all seen them

at work on TV.'

But tonight I'm going to give

you a live demonstration.

'And once you've seen it,

I'm sure you'll agree'

- 'that what we have to offer
- is the next..'

Excuse me.

Oh, so please welcome

Mr. Warm And Fuzzy himself.

Took you long enough.


You might wanna

think about that.

You see, that's the difference

between us.

I'd kiss her sorry

crippled ass goodbye

and worry about myself.

Now, gentleman,

here's the deal.

I can supply you

with weapons like these

on a sort of permanent lease.


I buy, mate. And that's flat.

- And you're welcome to do that,
- Mr. Weston.

But unfortunately, these weapons

are highly-sophisticated

electronic devices

'which require

specialized maintenance'

and recharging.

And only I can do that for you.

Only we.

Only I.

That's blackmail.

That's business.

- How much?

- Millions.

You don't need our money.

You can steal all you want.

Uh, this isn't really

about money.

arm supplier to the world.

You'll be the illegal

You want power.

Now, there's an idea.

You gentleman think about this.

- Do you really wanna be
- the only ones

Without my kind of fire power

'when the rest of these


nice folks start World War

But before you answer that..

Get him out of here.

Let me give you that

little demonstration I promised.

You remember that bank mobile..

- '...and the boys in the
- 'hood..'

who have served their purpose


Ay, what's up with this,


I always use rats

for the preliminary testing.

Oh, and, uh, Slats,

the hot dog..

- It was pork.

- Kick your ass..

- Oh!
- Whoa!

- 'Watch it.'

- 'Hey, mate.'

Sparky, you read me?

Damn, we in deep stink here!

Got that right. Step away

from the truck, old man.

Damn. Damn! Damn! Damn!

You don't know


who you messing with, do

- Come here, Lilly.
- Yes.

Yes. I owe you a big stake,


'Keep him quiet over there.'

'Okay, you've seen how


these weapons are.

But, gentleman, now I have

developed a new weapon

- that is five times
- more powerful.

'Only five times?'

- What do you got?
- A water pistol.

My hammer's got

more juice than that.

I find that hard to believe.

See for yourselves. I'll let

my hammer speak for itself.

Just hit it right there

on the bottom.

Don't turn the red switch.

She'll get too hot for you.

Really? We'll see about that.

I was planning to use you

as a demonstration, anyway.

Killing two birds

with one stone, as they say.

- Move it, y'all!

- Come on, come on! Go, go!

We're airborne.

Be there in 15!

Yeah, well, I hope

you make it in time.

They'll never make it.

- If he kills me,
- you'll all lose out.

We don't need your help anymore,

except as a target.

The red switch.

Well, you know

I've got to push the envelope.

Yeah, I know you do.

- Kill him!

- Maybe not.

- 'This way, this way!'

- Johnny.

- Why should you have
- all the fun?

Just get out of here quick.

This quick enough?


'Come on..'


Get out! Get out!

'Go on! Get out of here!'

- Come on, let's go!

- Yeah!

Nathaniel, give it up!

First let's see

what's behind door number two!

- My new best friend!

- Let me go!

You understand, Johnny?

- Success has never
- been enough for me.

'I need to see my enemy

panic, cower and fail.'

- So why don't you just
- back off?

- Martin and I are gonna take
- a little ride.

Guess again.


Pick it up!

There's no way out!

There's no way out!

Up there! Throw it! Quick!

- 'Throw it!'

- I never made these.

Oh, hey, bend your knees

and follow through.

Come on!




Damn! Ugh!

Never saw my new toy, did you?

Mr. Steel, let's see how

your armor stands up to this.

- 'You're going
- to the scrap heap.'

Oh, no!

Oh, no!

How do we get out of here?

Uncle Joe, here, here I am.

- Uncle Joe, are you alright?

- Ah..

Go! Come on.

Ah! Ah!

- Johnny?
- You Johnny, ain't you?

- Get in the van, quick.

- My own brother is Steel, yo!

- Yo, I wanna help.

- Shut up and get in the van.

Man, I could be Robin.

Yo, I could get a cape.

I could be like Dre.

You could be like Snoop.

- You wanna know
- what you can do to help?

What? Anything.

Don't tell grandma.

Get in the van, let's go.

We were lucky to get out.

Uh, ma'am..

- Alright, move, move, move!
- Move!

- Stop the engine.
- Stop the engine.

Out of the car, lady,

and get your hands on your head.

- 'Now!'
- Let's go!

Break it up, break it up.

Colonel, this one's

willing to talk, sir.

Good work, soldier.

I'm glad you called.

The SEAL squealed

and fingered Nathaniel.

- The coroner is still
- raking through the rubble

For his teeth.

The SEAL also gave us

another tape of the bank jobs

showing the gang kid

shooting down the helicopter.

You're in the clear, so, uh..

Keep him talking,

we don't have him yet.

So, uh, why don't you tell me

who you are behind the mask?

does it?'

'Doesn't really matter now,

- I've accomplished
- all I wanted to.

You won't be seeing me anymore.

- Wait a minute, wait a minute,
- we might be able to do

- Some good work together
- in the future.

I might even consider

letting you, uh

use that new hot Humvee.

- - 'Colonel, colonel,
- Tracing this call'

- 'is a complete waste
- of your time.'

Your comm-data person

gonna think we're in..

- Cincinnati.

- Cincinnati.

We got him. They're

at a diner in Cincinnati...

- Forget it.
- 'But, sir, I was...'

- 'That will be all, Nancy.'

- 'Yes, sir.'

Listen, Arnold, I know

this isn't your real voice.

'Tell me the truth, damn it.'

Is this you, Irons?

- - 'Ooh, can't talk anymore,
- Colonel.'

'Phone might not be secure.'

I'll be seeing you around.


al fresco guy anyhow, huh?

Hey, Odessa, just who is this

and sit down.

Oh, Joe, you go on over there

- Use your mouth for something
- else besides wise crackin'.

Ooh, a-alright, alright.

today's special, please.

Um, grandma, I'll have

Think you need to find out

what it is first.

Lobster served out of the shell.

With sweet-potato cream sauce

garnished with crisp okra.

Grandma Odessa, you are amazing.

No, I tell you what's amazing.

- All this stuff we hear
- on the news

About that, uh, steel man.

- Well, uh,
- tell me something, Odessa

How do you,

how do you feel about that guy?

I think anybody

would be mighty proud

to have him in their family.

about that, girl.'

'I think you're right

Now, I have a surprise

for everybody. Ha-ha-ha.

My piece de resistance.

Lay it on us, girl.

- 'Yeah!'
- 'It's about time!'


You finally made your

harmony souffle.

Of course, I did.

- Hey!
- Ah, shh..

Not so loud.

They'll cave in.

Well, ain't that somethin'?

What a person can do

if they really

put their mind to it.

Especially, when you got

the right kind of help.

And I do like those

new wheelchair modifications.

You haven't seen

the best part yet.

- 'Ooh, look at that.'
- 'Oh.'

Look what's she doing.

I love it, girl.

So do I.


Yes! Oh..

- ♪ Stand up ♪
- ♪ Stand up ♪

♪ You're gonna do

what you gotta do ♪

♪ Come on come on stand up ♪

♪ Stand up ♪

♪ It's all I've got ♪

♪ It's all I've got to do ♪

♪ Ooh-hoo ♪

♪ Stand up ♪

♪ It's time to take command ♪

♪ Come on come on stand up ♪

♪ Stand up ♪

♪ Because the future

is in your hands ♪

♪ Oh-oh-oh ♪

♪ Oh steel yourself ♪

♪ That's when

you start to feel the power ♪

♪ And you know you're growing

stronger by the hour ♪

♪ I said stronger by the hour ♪

♪ Stronger by the hour ♪

♪ Some people say it's better

not to get involved ♪

♪ It's easier to let the problem

go unsolved yeah ♪

♪ They say when there's trouble

play it safe and walk away ♪

♪ But I know about that ♪

♪ Let me tell you what I'd say ♪

♪ I say stand up ♪

♪ Stand up ♪

♪ You gotta do

what you gotta do ♪

♪ Oh oh oh stand up ♪

♪ Stand up ♪

♪ 'Cause it's all I've got ♪

♪ It's all I've gotta do ♪

♪ Oh oh stand up ♪

♪ Stand up ♪

♪ It's time to take command ♪

♪ Time to take command ♪

♪ I would like you to stand up ♪

♪ Stand up ♪

♪ Because the future

is in your hand ♪

♪ Girl they say you can't win ♪

♪ So tell me what's the use? ♪

♪ The deck is stacked

you got no chance ♪

♪ You got no juice ♪

♪ But when the odds against you

can't get any higher ♪

♪ That's when it's time

to put your iron in the fire ♪

- ♪ Stand up ♪
- ♪ Stand up ♪

♪ You're gonna do

what you gotta do ♪

♪ Come on come on stand up ♪

♪ Stand up ♪

♪ It's all I've got to ♪

♪ It's all I've got to do ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ♪

♪ Stand up ♪

♪ It's time to take ♪

♪ Time to take command ♪

♪ Come on come on stand up ♪

♪ Stand up ♪

♪ Because the future

is in your hand ♪

♪ Oh oh ♪

♪ When you find yourself

with darkness all around you ♪

♪ All around you ♪

♪ Girl remind yourself ♪

♪ Your strength

will astound you ♪

♪ Oh steel yourself ♪

♪ That's when

you start to feel the power ♪

♪ And you know you're growing

stronger by the hour ♪

- ♪ I said stronger by the hour ♪
- ♪ Stronger by the hour ♪

♪ Hey hey yeah ♪

♪ Ooh stand up ♪

♪ You gotta stand up ♪

♪ Stand up ♪

♪ Come on come on get up now ♪

♪ Ooh stand up ♪

- ♪ You're gonna get up ♪
- ♪ Stand up ♪

♪ It's what you do yeah ♪

- ♪ Oh stand up ♪
- ♪ Hey yeah ♪

- ♪ You gotta get up from there ♪
- ♪ Stand up ♪

♪ Oh yeah yeah ♪

♪ Ooh stand up ♪

♪ You've got to stand up ♪

♪ Stand up ♪

♪ I want you to steel ♪

♪ Steel ♪

- ♪ Yourself ♪
- ♪ Yourself ♪

- ♪ Put on the ♪
- ♪ Put on the ♪

- ♪ Whole armor ♪
- ♪ Whole armor ♪

- ♪ Steel ♪
- ♪ Steel ♪

- ♪ Yourself ♪
- ♪ Yourself ♪

- ♪ Put on the ♪
- ♪ Put on the ♪

- ♪ Come on ♪
- ♪ Whole armor ♪

♪ You gotta steel ♪

- ♪ Steel ♪
- ♪ Yourself ♪

- ♪ Yourself ♪
- ♪ Steel ♪

- ♪ Steel yourself ♪
- ♪ Yourself ♪

- ♪ In the midnight ♪
- ♪ Steel ♪

- ♪ Yourself ♪
- ♪ Yourself ♪

♪ Yeah yourself ♪

- ♪ You're gonna steel ♪
- ♪ Steel ♪

- ♪ Yourself ♪
- ♪ Yourself ♪

♪ You got to yourself ♪

♪ Steel ♪

♪ Come on now ♪

♪ Steel yourself ♪

- ♪ And just stand up ♪
- ♪ Stand up ♪

♪ Yay yay yay yay ♪

♪ Yay ♪