Stealth Fighter (1999) - full transcript

Ice-T stars as a naval pilot that fakes his own death, and later ends up employed by a Latin American arms dealer. He steals a stealth fighter from a U.S.A.F. base in the Phillippines, and uses the stealth fighter to target certain military installations around the world. A naval reserve officer is recruited to infiltrate his plans, and succeeds. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Come on, take him down!

Take him down!

You got him.
Come on. Let's go.

I got five bucks on this.

Go, go, go, go.

You're mine, Mitchell.

I'm going to break your arm
like a twig.

Careful you don't get blood
all over your new shiny shoes.

The word is you made it
into deep sleep.

The word is you didn't.

I saw the scores...
You know, the stats.

I deserve that assignment.

There's an opening
at Thackett transport.

You ain't worth
my backwash, Mitchell.

We both know
who's the better pilot.

Do me a favor, Turner, will you?

Learn to accept
defeat gracefully.

Come on, Mitchell,
this guy ain't shit.

Bring him on down.

Men on board, this is command.

All men on flight deck.
On-time is 0100.

You're a real piece of work,
you know that, Turner?

No, I'm just a closer.

That's your problem...

You can't finish a man's job.

Port evac,
this is Phantom Leader...

Flight's up.

Have a good flight,
Phantom Leader.

Phantom Leader,
continue vector 0-7-niner.

Roger. Holding
7-0-niner, 700 knots.

I don't know, Lieutenant.

Seems like a waste to me.

I mean, bombing
cocaine fields, for what?

Save a couple of addicts
from killing themselves?

Haven't you heard
about the war on drugs?

The fields are a decoy.

We stray a little
off course. Whoops.

We lose a few bombs
over his head,

then it's the power plant
and ammunitions depot.

You're kidding, right?

You're not.

Don't worry about it, kid.

We're just carrying
out some orders

that no one's ever going
to admit were sanctioned.

Hey, Mitchell, how's your arm?

Hope it's not the one
you jack off with.

What do I need to jerk off for
when I got you around?

In your dreams.

How's your girl by the way?
That sexy thing.

She still yelling out
my name when you do it?

Only when I'm doing it wrong.

All right,
ladies, the pajama party's over.

You got a job to do.

Do it.

Roger, Quarterback.

We're coasting.
Jungle in sight.

Okay, we're taking ground fire.

Going into the weeds.

Active on ECM.

Roger. Jamming
radar frequencies.

this is Phantom Leader.

I got target in sight.

I'm in hot.

The neighbors are
knocking on the door.

Drop 2-0 degrees.

There you go. Easy.



New vector heading 1-4-7.

Secondary target ahead.

Copy that, Phantom One.

I'm right with you.

Okay, I'm taking heavy flak.

Phantom 2,
we got two SAMs incoming.

1:00 low, 200 feet.
I see them.

Closing fast!
0-9-0, 20 miles.

Hell, there's more.

We got two coming on
our 4:00 load!

Break right. Hard right!

They're closing in, 12:00.

Shit, that was close.

Four more coming! We're locked!

I don't see them.
I don't see them!


Two, we coming up to six,
Phantom Two.

On my count, drop your flares.

Hit jab and break right.

Three, two, one, break!

Good job, Turner.
Maintain heading, I'll switch.

One more has still got it.

Contact, 20 left.
Bug out! Bug out!

Go high!

What in the hell?

No offense.

Shit, man, I'm hit.

I'm hit!

Mason bought it.

My instruments are fried.

I'm dead in the air.

Get the hell
out of there, Turner.

Eject. Eject.

I can't, it's stuck.

It won't open, man.
I'm going in.

What the hell are you doing, Johnny?
You've dropped ordnance.

Get back in formation now.

Son of a bitch.

Man, we've been hit.
We've been hit.

We're losing power, Quarterback.
We're losing power!

Accelerating 1,000 feet,
100 knots.

Phantom One, come in.
Phantom One.

I repeat, Phantom One,
come in, please.

Come in!

Come on, baby, fire up.
Fire up! Come on, baby.

We got restart.
We got restart!

Hudson, check ordnance,
and Mike...


Mike? Goddamn it.

This is Phantom Leader.

Phantom Two is splashed.

Hudson's dead.

Kelly, this is Peterson.

Get those men out of there now.

Aye, skipper.

Abort the mission, Phantom One.

I repeat, abort the mission.

Say again, Quarterback.

You're breaking up.
Can't make out.

I said, abort, Phantom Leader.

Abort. Abort mission...


Quarterback, this is
Phantom Leader reporting in.

Mission completed.

Dirty up, Phantom One.

Gear is down.

Line up. Fly the needles.

Roger that.

Call the blow.

Phantom Leader,
debriefing in ten minutes.

Commander Peterson's office.

Good luck.


What the goddamn hell

were you thinking out
there today, Mitchell?

You disobeyed my direct order.

Now, do you have anything
to say for yourself?

Sir, the message was garbled.

Don't bullshit me, Lieutenant!

You're a wild card,

and I'm tired of covering
for your heroic antics.

Those planes belong
to the taxpayers

and not Ryan
"Iron Man" Mitchell.

Sir, I had a situation
out there.

I did it for...

I know why you did it.

I have to give
this bullshit speech.

It's required by law.

Off the record,
I'd just like to say

I think you did a hell of a job
out there today.

I lost my team, sir.

Well, casualties
are the price of war.

With all due respect, sir,

we're not at war, are we?

There something on your mind?

Are we still off the record?

If that's how you want it.

I was just wondering if the cost
outweighed the results.

We lost three really good men
out there today.

They were friends of mine.

You also eliminated an enemy
power plant munitions dump,

To say nothing of
the cocaine plantation.

Ron and Nancy are going to be
very proud of you.

Yes, sir.

You're not having a crisis
of conscience, are you, son?

No, sir.

That's good,

because there's no room for that
in one of Uncle Sam's aircraft.

They're not designed for them.

You fly where you're told to fly

and drop what
you're told to drop

and leave the politicking
to the wizards in Washington.

Yes, sir.


Because I've got enough
to deal with right here.

Turner dropped his ordnance

and played havoc with
some friendly territory

and I've got to explain that

to the commander-in-chief,

and he is not
going to be pleased.


Why don't you move on
to your official debriefing?

I've got some tap dancing to do.

Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.


Crypt Keeper,
this is Phantom Pharaoh.

I have the bird.

Repeat, I have the bird.

Roger that. Good job.

And what about the men?

That's a negative.

They didn't make it.

It doesn't sound right, boss.

These guys were pros, man.

I trained with them in Colombia.

That's not important.

We have the airplane.
That's what matters.

Reprogram Thanatos.

Acquire and activate
secondary target.

Let me know when it's done.

Yes, sir.

Slow ten knots.
Left full rudder.

Reduce speed ten knots.
Aye, aye, sir.

Left full rudder.

Steady as she goes.

Lieutenant Elias,
let's hold to our original course,

heading 2-8-0.

Aye, aye, skipper.
Holding 2-8-0.

She's running quiet, sir.

What the hell is that?

Sounds like it's coming
from the engine room, skipper.

I'll go check it out.

Captain, we're sinking fast!

Dropping 5-3-5 meters, sir.

Secure the ordnance.

Get that man to sickbay.

Passing 400 meters, sir.

Engine room,
damage control report.

Don't have one yet, sir.
Reactor damage.

I'm still working on it.
Everything's down.

Take a coolant sample. Status!

Estimate bottoming out
in 2-5 meters.

Captain, brace for impact!

Pump all auxiliaries to sea.

Contact fleet control!

Issue mayday alert!

You heard him, sailor!

Do it!
Damn it.

Forward to starboard!
Helm to starboard!

You mean to tell me

someone just walked in,
took a $2.2 billion stealth

right out from under our noses?

Apparently so,
Mr. President.

The dead commandos
were mercenaries,

but we don't know who sent them.

Authorities at the base

claim their radar and
surveillance systems

just shut down...
Everything went dark.

It gets worse.

We've lost track
of the U.S.S. Normandy

somewhere off the coast
of south Africa.

Lost track?

It's one of our newest
Los Angeles-class

nuclear attack submarines, sir.

There's a crew of 141 men
aboard that ship.

How do you lose a goddamn
nuclear submarine?

I have an idea, Mr. President.
Let's just pray I'm wrong.

Come on.

He will see you now.

Tell him I'll be
there in a minute.


So aggressive.

Let me ask you something, honey.

You ever thought about
trying a real man?

I have a real man... My husband.

Your boss.

I got news for you, lady.

Nobody owns me.

I'm strictly freelance.

If you say so.

If Roberto saw you do that,
you would be dead.

Yeah, that may be true, but tell me
you didn't like that just a little.

I didn't.

Control, I'm on approach.

Roger that, Eagle one.
Vector off of 1-8-0

and switch over
to tower frequency.

Roger. Switching
to ground control.

What do you say
we hit the club afterwards?

Celebrate that transfer of yours
with a couple of brewskies?

That's a big negative, tower.
I'm out of here, good buddy.

I've got my kid today.

Roger that.

Continue your descent. 3-5-0.

Clear to land on runway 2-5.

Roger, control.

All right, gentlemen, enough.

Needless to say, this meeting
is not being recorded.

Talk to me, Harry.

And keep it simple.

Satcom reports a few reconnaissance
satellites went dark during the night.

A few?

How many?

Can anyone explain this
to me, gentlemen?

Sir, I just got off the phone
with Air Force control.

My hunch was right.

We have an activated
war satellite,

and we didn't activate it.


Yesterday at
approximately 2200 hours,

the national
reconnaissance office

reported activity from a
satellite known as "Thanatos,"

here, over the Philippines.

That's the same time
the stealth was stolen.

Precisely. Now, NORAD
couldn't confirm this.

They had their trackers working around
the clock. You see, Mr. President,

Thanatos has been
non-operational since 1984.

Wait, wait.

Are you trying to tell me

that this satellite is a relic
of the Star Wars project?

Sir, Thanatos is
the Star Wars project.

It was supposed to be
the ultimate weapon,

our last line of defense.

It fires
an electromagnetic pulse

which debilitates any
electrical systems

that the beam strikes.

It was designed to knock out
guidance systems on enemy ICBMs

And now it's in enemy hands?

It appears so, sir.

She came online again
at 0700 over the Atlantic.

Don't tell me.
At the same time the Normandy was lost.

You got it, sir.

All right,
what we do about the sub?

The Normandy's
last known position

was off the coast of Cape Town.

We've had nothing since.
Was it sunk?

Well, we don't know that
yet, Mr. President.

There's another satellite entering
orbital visual range in three hours.

Okay. Suppose
they're still alive.

How much time do they have
without power?

If they're on rock bottom,
assuming the bulkhead holds?

Four days, sir.

Maybe more, maybe less.

Okay. Send out
search and rescue.

They're prepping
for the mission now.


Now, what about the stealth?

Mr. President, I believe if we I.D.
whoever activated Thanatos,

we'll find the stealth.

We'll find her.

Good God.

I trust your bank in Paraguay
received my wire.

Everything was in order.

I have another job for you.


Wire my account in Geneva.

As you wish.

Your next
assignment, Mr. Turner.

Those are the coordinates.

You will do me a great
service by eliminating

that, inconvenience.

Another arms dealer?

Let's just say,

to plant a fruitful garden,

one must pick the weeds
along the way.

What about that submarine?



No, sir. Engineer said
everything just shut down.

The power's been spiked.

How are we doing on oxygen?

Well, we've got 39 hours
of pure in storage.

All right, wait as long as possible
before you start the scrubbers.

Aye, aye, skipper.

The reactor?

It's scrap, skipper.

Carry on, Lieutenant.

Aye, aye, sir.

In the past,
you've dealt with my competition,

and they offer
an inferior product.

But with me, Andres
Solymosi, you only get the best.

I will not be undersold.

Come, come, come, come.

I assure you, gentlemen,
you'll not be disappointed.

When you do business
with Andres Solymosi,

you receive nothing
less than perfection.

VoilĂ .

The avant-garde in modern
state-of-the-art weaponry.

This is the very best
the market has to offer.

And here.

American satellite
I.C. board.

With encryption equipment, yes?


Hello. Where's my little girl?

Hiya, Daddy.

Hiya, squirt. You ready?

Almost? I'm on the phone with
Kenny; I'll be through in a minute.

Hang on, Kenny.

Who's Kenny?

My boyfriend, Dad.

I'll be right back.

Your boyfriend?

Maybe if you came by more often,

you'd know what's going on
around here.


You said you were going
to call before you came over.

I forgot. Things have been
kind of crazy over at the base.

I'm sorry.

Erin, can we talk?

No, I don't think so.

That's really not a good idea.

J.P. Will be down
in a minute.

Five minutes?


All right. Three.

So how's the hospital?

Exhausting, long hours.
How's your apartment?

Small, empty.

The lease is up next week.

Do you want some ice tea
or something?

Ryan, please don't.

I miss you. I miss my family.
I want to come home.

Do you ever stop to think
about what I want?

You're right. I'm sorry.

What do you want?
I'll do whatever it takes.

What do I want?
I want to feel safe.

I don't want to have
to wonder every day

whether you're going
to come home alive or not.

I put in for a transfer.

Do you know that I had a meeting

with J.P.'s
principal last week?

Your daughter is telling
fairy tales about her father,

that he's some big hero.
And get this...

Personal friends
with the president.

How about that?

You applied for a transfer?

It's already been approved.

I've flown my last mission.

I'll be piloting a nice,
quiet desk for the next few years.

Erin, I love you and J.P.

more than anything else
in this world.

Give me another shot, please.

God, I don't know.

Will you at least
think about it?

This Thursday is Parents' Day
at J.P.'s school.

I'll be there.

I'm ready, Dad!

Okay, let's go.

So where are you guys
off to today?

Dad's taking me flying.

No, no, no.

No, you're not going flying.

Come on, Ma.
It'll be safe.

You are absolutely not getting
on a plane, young lady.

Do you understand me?

My God!

That was good, Dad.

Not exactly Magic Mountain,
but good.

Yeah? Well, hold on.

No, no.

No, Dad.
Don't do it!

Don't do it!

So, tell me about this Kenny.

He's a real babe, Dad.

A real babe?

You going to marry the guy?

Get real, Dad, please.

What about your mom?
She seeing anybody?

Dad, you don't want
to go there, really.

No, seriously, is she?

Okay, let's see.
First, there's the mailman.

The mailman, is it?

And lately,
she's been eyeing the pool guy.

The pool guy. Really.

Yep. And let's see.

There's more?
Yeah, lots.


Dad, I was only kidding!
I swear!

Don't do it!

I told you not to do it!

Dad? God, God.

My God!

Dad, I'm going to ralph!

Dad! Dad! Dad!
You're not going to do it!

I'm going to lose my pizza!


Dad, I swear, I'm going
to get you for that one!

Okay, okay,
that was better than Magic Mountain.

Matter of fact,
that was so good,

I don't even want
to do it again.

Yeah, I couldn't think
of a better compliment.

Dad, can I ask you a question?


You going to work it out
with Mom?

I'm trying to,
but I kind of blew it.

I took you guys for granted,

and your mom doesn't
trust me anymore.

I kept thinking there was always
tomorrow to spend with you guys,

but she got tired of
waiting for tomorrow.

I believe you can
be rehabilitated,

and I want you to come home.

Believe me, sweetheart,
I want to come home, too.

There's a precise
pattern at work here.

Satellites that went dark
over vital orbiting positions

over China, Russia
North Korea, the Middle East.

Whoever spiked it
is one clever son of a bitch.

That would leave us openly susceptible
to an attack. That's correct.

How soon can
we send up replacements?

Within a week.

The problem is placing the birds

without attracting
worldwide attention.

We're going to mask them

with two shuttle missions.

Well, what can you
tell us, General?

Mr. President,
Thanatos presents us

with an interesting predicament.

When activated,

the beam shuts down anything
electronic in its path,

including radio communications,
positioning systems, et cetera.

Can we launch an ICBM
and destroy the damn thing?

Thanatos orbits
23,000 miles above the earth.

She's capable of detecting and
tracking thousands of missiles

while simultaneously
reprogramming to attack mode.

Besides, you can't hit
what you can't see.

What do you mean
by that, General?

Well, sir, Thanatos was designed

to be invisible to enemy radar.

Her outer surfaces are smooth

with curved contours,
not unlike the stealth.

These design strategies

allow her to orbit
without being detected.

So what do you recommend
we do, general?

Well, I've got my men trying
to track down the source

of the computer transmission.

If we can trace it

we can try to download a virus
into the signal,

and disorient the bird.

Mr. President?


Communications just picked up a
live transmission from Angola, sir.

Transferring direct.

Relay hook-up
in about ten seconds.

Good afternoon, Mr. President.
I trust you are well.

Roberto Menendez.

Get to the point.

I have Thanatos,
and I have the stealth.

I also have a list
of 1,400 political prisoners

being held captive
around the world.

Friends of mine.

I want you to release the ones
being held on American soil,

and I want you to prevail
on the various other

governments of the world
to do the same.

A list is being faxed
to you as we speak.

You have 48 hours.

No intrigues, no delays,
no negotiations.

If Thanatos receives any commands
without my frequency codes,

she will automatically go
into attack mode

and fire
at preprogrammed targets.

So hack away, gentlemen,
at your own risk.

We don't negotiate
with terrorists.

Yes, of course.

I forgot who I was talking to.

Well, then, I guess I'll just have to
erase civilization as you know it...

Bank records, lines of
communication, missile codes.

You name it,
Thanatos will obliterate it.

Yes, one more thing,
Mr. President...

You still have time to save
that submarine of yours.


Anybody want to tell me
about this lunatic?

He's Roberto Menendez, sir.

Nicaraguan, arms dealer,
currently resides in Angola.

We cut him off, sir.

In 1984, the congressional
ban on funding

prohibited all military
support of the contras.

So we let him out to dry,
and now he's got a vendetta.

We know where he is.
Why don't we go in and flatten his base?

It's not going
to be that easy, sir.

If you do a bombing run

and you fail
to take out the computer,

there's going to be hell to pay.

We don't even have current
recon shots of the area.

We do have a satellite
over Angola,

but it's been disabled.

Why don't we go in using
our latest recon photos?

Sir, this could prove

to be a political embarrassment.

Menendez has funneled
millions of dollars

into your campaign
coffers over the years.

This is great.

Maybe we should consider
giving him what he wants.

What the hell
are you talking about?

We can't do that
and disregard our policy

about negotiating
with terrorists.

Come on, it won't stop there.

It's just the beginning.

Anybody else got any ideas?

Mr. President.

I recommend a covert insurgency.

We send in a team of rangers

with a stealth pilot in tow.

We either steal that plane back,

or we blow it up where it sits.

And disable the computer
that controls the satellite,

but we got to do it fast
before Menendez can retaliate.

No. Menendez said he'd use Thanatos
if we try anything like that.

With all due respect, sir,
he's going to use Thanatos

whether we try
to do something or not.

If we strike quickly enough,

our teams can get in there
and deactivate the satellite

before he does any more damage.

And I've got
just the man for the job.

Man. Suddenly,
I don't feel so good.

When can we go again, Daddy?

We'll see, baby.

Just let me tie her down
and we'll get some chow, okay?

Right on.

Look, Daddy.
It's the men in black.

Colonel Mitchell?

We need to speak with you, sir.

Bye, Daddy. I love you.

I love you too, sugar pie.

Take care, okay?

I have to go to Washington.

It's important. Honest.

I'll be back on
Parents' Day, Thursday.

I hope you're not expecting us
to bake a cake in your honor.

I'll be here for sure, okay?

I'll light a candle
in the window.

Hey, Dad!

Remember, Thursday's
pool cleaning day, too.

I'll be there.
That's a promise.

You want to see me?

Yes, Mr. Turner.


I have a job for you.

It's very important to me.

Two million.

You're getting ideas,
Mr. Turner.

Let's just say
I've been thinking.

You want me to fly,
I need a raise.

Be careful, my friend.

Men who think too much
have a tendency to disappear.

Look at me, Roberto.
I'm shaking in my boots.

Now, do you want me to fly

or should I start looking
for another employer?

If you can find another employer

with a stolen stealth fighter
in his garage, be my guest.

That's not the only plane I fly.

Plus, you got to find
yourself another jockey.

Your boy Burke couldn't find his
ass with two hands and a flashlight.

Yo, dog.

I'll take that flashlight
and shove it down your throat.

Very well, Mr. Turner.

$2 million.
But don't get too greedy.

I've grown fond
of our acquaintance.

I'll try to keep that in mind.

Who's the mark?

An associate of mine...

Mr. Piatigorski.

I heard he's about to do
business with Pakistan.

Just wire the money
to my account in Argentina.

Just how many accounts
do you have?

Not enough.

Here are the coordinates.
Tomorrow morning, Thailand.

The missile convoy and
the village by the river.

I want you to take them
both out.

It's a done deal.

Make sure you take
care of business,

because if you don't, I swear to
God, it'll be your last job.

A toast, then.

Annapolis, top of his class.

Seal team six, flight school.

This man's a one of a
kind, Mr. President.

He's a bit of a renegade,

but he always
completes his mission.

What's "Deep Sleep"?

That's a code name for top
secret training at Nellis.

Select intrepid stealth pilots.

Best sticks we've got.

Come in.

Mr. President.

Stand down, colonel.

Have you been briefed on the situation?
Yes, sir.

I understand you recently
requested reassignment.

Yes, sir. I put in
for a desk job.

Colonel, if you
feel hesitant in any way

about accepting this mission,

feel free to discuss it with us.

Mr. President, I'm here to do
my duty to God and country.

Good man.

Admiral Peterson hand-picked
you for this mission.

You have a remarkable history.

He says you're a remarkable man.

Thank you, sir.

We need someone who can
not only fly the stealth,

but who can handle himself

in case things
get rough on the ground.

We've put together a squad

of the very best operatives
special forces has to offer.

They're committed to getting you
in, no matter what.

Any questions?

When do we leave?

Good man.

Black Raven, this is tower.

Signal is go.

Repeat, the signal is go.

Roger that, tower.

See you on the other side.

All right, listen up.

The second we hit the beach
we go into diversion op.

Just snake the compound.

Hit them with the store.

I'll drop a poison pill
in the computer.

You, make like hell for the
hanger, you got that?


Callenger and Stevens,
they got your back.

Take this.

If you can't get that
sucker off the ground,

leave it there.


GPS homing device,
just in case you get lost.

You sure you can pull this off?

You just get me in.

I'll either fly
that baby out of there

or make sure
she never flies again.

Game time, colonel.

Let's go.

Status report.

The scrubbers are
beginning to fail.

We're starting to breathe
carbon monoxide.

Where's my first?

Trying communications.

Carry on.

Not a word, skipper.

Keep trying.

Elias, report.

Skipper, the engine room's
got pressure leakage

and the valves are cracking.

Get the hell out of there,
Elias, right now!

Aye, aye, skipper.
Let's go. Evacuate.

Evacuate. Get the hell
out of here.

This room is finished.
Let's go.

Sylvia, eres mas
bella que la luna.

Flattery will get you
everywhere, Roberto.

Tell me, what do you think
of this Owen Turner?

He's a lonely, pathetic fish who
waits only for you to feed him.

He cares about nothing
but money, my love.

I know.
I like that about him.

His mind isn't cluttered
with politics.

I know exactly what he wants.

I don't trust him.

How dare you.

Thought you'd want to know.

Getting a call on
the scrambler. 777.

They're calling your bluff.


A counteroffensive
has been launched.


Commandos should be
hitting your beach

in approximately ten minutes.
Ten minutes?

Alert the men.

We have some unexpected guests.

I want you to make them
feel unwelcome.



What took your man
so long to call us?

Maybe he's just developing
a sense of humor.

Mr. President, choppers
are in the vicinity

of the last contact
with the U.S.S. Normandy,

and magnetic anomaly detectors
are in the water, sir.

We're going to find her.

What's the status
of Black Raven?

Incursion underway.

They should be hitting
the beach...

Right about now.

All right, everyone move out.

All right, Mitchell,
you know what to do.

And if you got to blow it up,
be out of there by 0700.

Otherwise, you become a native.

If anything screws up,
you know where to meet us.

I know.
By the old mill stream.

All right, let's move out.

I can't make
anything out down there,

but your boys are going to
need all the luck they can get.


Alpha One, this is Iron Man.
Do you copy?

This is Alpha One.
Go ahead, Iron Man.

I've got the birdcage in sight.
It's a piece of cake.

All right, give me a minute.
I'll light the candles.

Alpha seven,
this is alpha one. C.Q.

Yeah. Roger, Alpha One.
This is Alpha Seven. C.Q.

We're holding position.

Alpha One, this is Iron Man.
Do you copy?

Roger that. Go ahead.

We're ready to rumble.

All right.

All Alphas go on my signal.

Alpha team, move out.

You take the head.
You take the tail.

I'm going straight down
the middle. Go.

Come on!

Son of a bitch.

It's Mitchell.

What is it?

They sent an old buddy of mine
up here to kill me.

That's going to make this
all the more interesting.

I've been waiting a long time

to deal that hot shot
some payback.

Secure the perimeter.
Let's find that computer.

It's too quiet.

I've got a bad feeling
about this.

Stay down.


You all right?

That ain't too bad.


Look at you,
you fucking amateur.

What happened out here?
Where's the rest?

They're dead.
They knew we were coming.

It was a setup.

We didn't have a chance.

Same on my end.

So much for diversion ops.

Well, listen, friend,
these were my men.

Somebody's going to pay.

You can count on it.
The question is who?

I don't know.

But I'm going to find out.

They're getting closer.
Can you make it to the beach?

You want to race?

I'm not going.

What do you mean
you're not going?

I've got a plane to catch.

See you.
Good luck.

Come on.

No Mitchell.

He's probably dead.

No. He's out there.

He's dangerous,
and he knows his shit.

I don't trust this guy.

If Mitchell isn't a
corpse, he's long gone.

Well, then find him
and kill him.

Yes, sir.

I was just starting
to like that guy.


Gentlemen, Black Raven
was a disaster.

Prepare the bombing run.

Here are the coordinates
for the sub.


It's time to show the president

he can no longer betray us.

Did you find Mitchell?

Obviously not.

He's still alive.

You overestimate him,

and you underestimate me.

Son, I deal with death
every day,

and I never underestimate
my opponent.

Keep looking, Burke.

Mr. Turner, I trust
you'll be on your way soon.

Hey, baby, you keep it warm
for me till I get back.

You know how I get
after these missions.

You are a pig.

Torpedo ready?


Intercept, this is
Iron Man. Do you copy?

Iron Man, this is Kelly
at intercept. We copy.

Well, the stealth just took off.
I couldn't stop her.

Should I scrub
the mission? Copy.

That's a negative.

Hold your position
until further ordered.

I have a positive ID
on the stealth pilot.

His name is Owen Turner.

I repeat, Owen Turner. Copy.

I thought he was dead, Iron Man.

Beats the hell out of me.

But he's alive and well
and working for the bad guys.

You better let the admiral know.

Copy that.

I'm out.

I canceled your
morning press conference

and cleared your schedule,
Mr. President.

Tell me about Owen Turner.

He was an ace pilot,
perfect scores.

Passed over for Deep Sleep

because he failed
the psych evaluations.


The navy listed him as a risk.

His plane went down
not soon afterwards

during operations in Nicaragua

that he was flying
with Mitchell.

Mitchell and Turner
know each other?

Yes, sir. They flew together
for six years.

Seems they were big rivals.

Turner was listed
as a killed-in-action.

No body was ever found.

The plane practically
disintegrated in mid-air.


Mr. President,
we've located the Normandy.

The deep submersibles
are on the way.

Good, good.
Keep me posted.

They found the submarine, Harry.

the engine room is flooded.

The coolant samples and radiation
measures still come up negative.

Good. Thank you, Phillips.

Captain, we've got contact.

I'll be damned.

They're coming
to tow us out of here.

Prepare the crew, lieutenant.

Let's go.

Attention, all hands.

This is Captain Thompson.

Pack your toothbrushes,
gentlemen. We are going home.

Sir, at 350 feet. 340.

Sir, something strange
on sonar. Incoming.


It's the Normandy, sir.
She's been torpedoed.

No survivors.

The rescue divers
went down with her.

Any word from Mitchell?

Not after his message
about Turner.

He'll break radio silence
when he needs to.

We've got a carrier within range
to intercept, advise, and instruct.

In 30 minutes, Thanatos will be
over American airspace again, sir.

With Ramsey and
his team eliminated,

Mitchell's going to have to
disarm Thanatos himself.

Listen, if Mitchell hasn't
taken out that computer

in 25 minutes, I want
that compound vaporized.

What about Menendez?

I want him dead.

I want the whole damn
operation annihilated.

Send in a complete strike force.

Hit that son of a bitch
with everything we got.

Are you sure you want
to do this, Mr. President?

You damn right, I do.

What about Congress?

What if the press get wind
that he was one of our...

God damn them all, Harry!

Just do it anyway.

What about Mitchell?

When he checks in,
brief him on the plan.

He's got 25 minutes

before we flatten
everything around him.

It's the best I can do.

Yes, sir.

Have her refueled
and ready to go.

The satellite feed's ready, sir.

Start programming the light
transmission sequences.

Yes, sir.

Mr. Turner, welcome back.

Well done.

He's calling on the uplink, sir.

Good. I want to talk to
that son of a bitch myself.

He'll be coming up momentarily.

Good morning, Mr. President.

I'm in no mood
for pleasantries, Menendez.

Your voice is filled
with urgency.

That's ironic.
You were not in any rush

to get me those F-16s
I purchased ten years ago.

In fact, the last time your
country was in such a rush,

you left me and my men
stranded in Nicaragua.

You son of a bitch.

You killed 141 of my men.

You're going to pay.

I told you not to try anything.

You invaded my compound.

You caused their deaths.

Menendez, you are
a dead man. You got that?

News flash, Mr. President.
In exactly one hour,

Thanatos will be over Atlanta's
Hartfield International Airport.

One of the busiest, as you know.

Think of all those airplanes
dropping like flies out of the sky.

New deal. You in?


Damn! Such a waste!

Okay, Mr. President,
we got a new deal on the table.

You will wire $10 billion
to my account in the Bahamas.

That's billion with a B.

I'll fax you the information.

You can burn that
little list of psychopaths

that Menendez told you
to set free.

Fuck them. Fuck politics.
Fuck you.

Just don't fuck with me.
You fuck with me,

I'm going to climb in that stealth
bomber and start dropping bombs

all over cities
in the United States.

Those nukes we got
earmarked for Moscow

will look just as pretty dropping
on Los Angeles and New York.

And if you get me really cranky,

I just might fly over
the White House

and do a little fucking
redecorating on that piece of shit.

You're insane.

Insane? No, I'm crazy.

I mean, at least
that's what the doctors say,

and this is
what crazy people do.

And right now I got the power,

I got the satellites,
I got the stealth,

I got the bombs,
and please, Mr. President,

don't think I won't use them.

I almost forgot.

Admiral Peterson.

I don't need your fucking
punk ass anymore.

What the hell
are you talking about?

Go on, Admiral.

Tell them how we got
the access codes.

Okay, fellows. You got
a lot of work to do.

Me? I got to go arm some nukes
and program a few satellites,

so you guys got about an hour
to give me my goddamn money,

or planes are going to start dropping
on peach trees, you understand me?


Elliot, he's lying.

He's crazy.

Frank, when did you
give him the codes?

Elliot, come on.

For Christ's sake.


Get back!

Get back!

Don't shoot him.


God, this isn't happening.

Come on, now, Frank. Easy.

Put down the gun.

I can't. God!

What have I done?

I'm sorry, Harry.

You ought to be.
It hurts like hell.

Listen, Frank. Listen to me.

Put the gun down.
We'll talk about it, okay?

They were watching my family.

They had pictures
of my granddaughter's baptism.

The sons of bitches
said if I didn't cooperate,

they would kill my family,
one by one!

There wasn't anything
I could do!


I had no choice!

I had no choice!

You think Mitchell can do this?

I'll walk him through it.


Let's get this damn thing
over with.

Intercept, this is Iron Man.

I have the bird.
I'm taking her home.

That's a negative, Iron Man.

There's been a change in plans.

Hold your position.

I have clearance, intercept.

That's a big negative, Iron Man.

We need you to find
that computer and disable it.

Come again?

The stealth is expendable.

We have satellite complications.

Find the computer,
and we'll guide you through the procedure.

Do you copy, sir?

Roger. Out.


They've gotten word to Mitchell.

They're setting up
a satellite relay

via the carrier Coral Sea.

As soon as he checks in,
they'll hook us up.

We've only got ten minutes.

Let's hope we hear
from him soon.

Load her up with ABM-65s.

Give me two B-83 nukes.

Someone tripped the
silent alarm downstairs.

You want to play?

Everybody wants to be like Mike.

Intercept, this is Iron Man.
Do you read me? Over.

Roger, Iron Man.
Are you in position?

Affirmative, and I'm in
a really big hurry.

Roger that.

We have your tour guide

that's going to piggyback
you to the trees.

Open the relay to Washington.

Iron Man,
is the computer booted up?


Good. Read to me
what's on the menu.

What are the modes?

Search mode, targeting,

hardware detect,
reconnaissance, maintenance.

Pull up maintenance.

Now what?

Now we're going to spoof
the satellite and jam her up.

I want you to type in
"Perform self-test 0-0-4-7,"

then hit "enter."

It says "If okay,

perform self-check 0047."

Are you sure this is right?

Yes. You can initiate

with a string of three commands.

I've got a flashing
warning sign.

It says "Exiting technical.
Entering maintenance. Yes/No."

Good. That's what we want.
Hit yes.

It doesn't seem
to be responding.

All right, Iron Man, steady.

We need you to hold in there
until the data stops processing.

Otherwise, you'll go back to
the old automated program.

Come on. Come on.

Damn right I don't.

It's a done deal, sir.

He did it!


You weren't going to leave
without saying goodbye, were you?

You know I've never been big
on long goodbyes.

So I noticed when you
ditched out in Nicaragua.

Pretty nice?

Take out a contra link.

Fake my own death.

Went down smooth as silk.

Nobody figured it out.

It was my first job
as an independent contractor.

What do they
pay traitors nowadays?

Pay's good.

So are the benefits.

Best thing is,
I get to pick my own hours.

I'm not connected to that
bureaucratic bullshit you are.

You should try it.

Not interested.

I don't like your retirement plan.
It's too shortsighted.

Yeah, well, you know,
it beats social security.

Don't even think about it.

What's the matter, Mitchell?

Want to do a little cowboy shit?

No way.

Just pull out the gun
slowly and drop it.

That's not a problem.

So what are your orders now? Take me
back to the States? Put me in jail?

No, motherfucker. We're going
to do it right here, right now.

All right, Mitchell.
Let's party.

How'd that feel?

That's all you've got?

Is that all you've got?

Fuck you.

Come on.

Get up!

I ought to kill you,
but I got something better for you.

I'm going to let you
live through it.

I'm in pursuit of the stealth.

Check for GPS reading.

Iron Man, radar's
picked up a blip.

Coordinates vector 3-0-0,
heading north by northeast.

Roger, intercept.
3-0-0. I'm on it.

You think Mitchell
can catch this guy?

An F-16's a hell
of a lot faster.

Let's say Mitchell does
catch up with the stealth

and blows it out of the sky.
What happens to the nukes?

They're not dangerous
unless armed and fired.

Where are you, you bastard?

Iron Man, maintain course 3-0-0.

Roger, intercept.

This guy's good.

He's heading straight for Cuba.

Ten bucks says this is Mitchell.

I don't take sucker bets,

How does it feel to be back
in the heat of battle?

Pretty exciting?

How does it feel to know
you're about to die?

We both know you're no closer.

We'll see about that.


Hard to lock tone on something
that ain't there, good buddy?

Hey, Turner, have you seen my
watch lying around anywhere?

What the hell
are you talking about?

You know,
my global position watch.

The one Uncle Sam gives you on
bullshit missions like this.

You might just check
under your seat.

You son of a bitch!

Intercept, this is Iron Man.

Mission completed.



Roger that, Iron Man.
Good job.

One question, intercept.

Did Alpha One make
the ride back?

That's a big affirmative,
Iron Man.

All the chickens
are back in the roost.

Now that you've
given us the all-clear,

Operation Clean Sweep
can commence.

This is Operation Clean Sweep.
We have the compound in sight.

Commencing execution now.

Iron Man.

This is the president.

Job well done.

Thank you, sir.

Colonel, if there's anything
I can ever do for you...

Well, sir, there is one thing.

Here we go.


Hi, squirt.

Come here, you.

I want you to meet
a very good friend of mine.

President Westwood, J.P.

Hi, J.P.

Hello, Mr. President.

Excuse me.


How did you...

You can blow out
that candle now.

Closed-Captioned By J.R.
Media Services, Inc. Burbank, CA