Stealing Sinatra (2003) - full transcript

In need of a grubstake, a young man convinces a couple of friends to help him kidnap Frank Sinatra Jr. It's a true story. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Ladies and gentlemen, 20-odd

years ago a singer joined

this orchestra.

He was a skinny kid in a bow tie

who drove the girlies wild.

I'm not saying history repeats

itself, but I'm sure not saying

it won't.

Would you please welcome

Mr. Frank Sinatra, Jr.!

[ Scattered applause ]

♪ You're walking along ♪

♪ the street ♪

♪ or you're at a party ♪

♪ or else you're alone ♪

♪ and then you suddenly dig ♪

♪ you're looking ♪

♪ in someone's eyes ♪

♪ you suddenly realize ♪

♪ that this could be the start ♪

♪ of something big ♪

♪ you're dining at 21 ♪

♪ and watchin' your diet ♪

♪ declining a Charlotte ruse ♪

♪ accepting a fig ♪

♪ when out of a clear blue sky ♪

♪ it's suddenly gal and guy ♪

♪ this could be the start ♪

♪ of something ♪

♪ could be ♪

♪ the heart of something ♪

♪ this could be the start ♪

♪ of something big ♪

[ Applause ]

♪ When I walk through a jam ♪

♪ no one knows who I am ♪

♪ put your head on my chest ♪

♪ and I'm Mr. Success ♪

♪ never closed me a deal ♪

♪ all at once I'm a wheel ♪

♪ just your head on my chest ♪

♪ and I'm Mr. Success ♪

♪ well, I once knew ♪

♪ a worrying man ♪

♪ he was a hurrying man ♪

♪ with never a second to play ♪

♪ he had appointments to keep ♪

♪ people to meet ♪

♪ and it took 30 hours ♪

♪ to make him a day ♪

♪ not for me ♪

♪ not what I want to be ♪

♪ just your head on my chest ♪

♪ and I'm Mr. Success ♪

♪ Just your head on my chest ♪

♪ and I'm Mr. Success ♪

[ Music stops ]

♪ Two girls for every boy ♪

♪ I bought a '30 Ford wagon ♪

♪ and they call it a Woody ♪

♪ surf city, here we come ♪

♪ now, it's not very cherry... ♪

My name's Linda, too.

Well, that's a coincidence.

So's mine.

Ready, guys?

Gosh, I don't know.

What are we supposed to do?

Well, you stand in front

of the car with the girls.

I can't do that.

You can't?

No. It's a violation

of my religious beliefs.

Oh. [ Laughs ]

Okay. Stand next to the girls.

Everyone, let's get together.

Big smiles.

Sweet gig, Dean.


Don't screw it up.

♪ You know, they never roll ♪

♪ the streets up ♪

♪ 'cause there's always ♪

♪ something going ♪

♪ surf city, here we come ♪

♪ you know they're either... ♪

How's the impala?

The impala is amazing.


but I was wondering...

Hey, pay me back any time.

Well, I will, but...

Hey, that was the deal.

Forget about it.

No. I really wanna discuss

something else.

Okay, discuss.


University high?

I always thought we were

fortunate to associate with

the children of so many of our

nation's greatest entertainers.

News flash, Barry.

They didn't give a shit.

Nancy always had a smile

for me.

Nancy Sinatra? [ Laughs ]

She didn't know you

from the hind leg of a dog.

That's not my perception.

Okay, fine.

She was in love with you.

So what?

She wasn't in love with me,


That's a tad ridiculous.

We were friendly.

She's a charming girl.

That's all I'm saying.

She wouldn't be right.

For what?

Well, she'd know me,

obviously, and that would

make it more complicated.

So I thought junior.


Frank, junior.

He wouldn't know who I am.

Am I missing something here?

I estimate a net of $100,000.

I invest it.

Barring unforeseen

circumstances, I have a million

in 10 to 15 years.

I'd like to go into politics

and become a senator.

Where are you gonna get...

From Mr. Sinatra.

And why is he

gonna give you...

Excuse me, Dean.

You're not listening.

No, I heard what you said.

I just don't get...

For his son.

To get his son back from me.

You wanna kidnap...

Frank, junior.

[ Laughs ]

Aw, you pisser!

You don't think

it's a good idea?

You need another loan?

Is that what this is about?

No, it's an investment.

Don't we get paid?

No fish, no money.

You come to see

how I'm doing?

I'm doing just great.

Now fuck off.

No shame in physical labor,


You couldn't take

five minutes of this.

You're in L.A. making deals,

hanging around with

Dean torrance, driving a...

What is that?



They don't come any newer.

Well, you win.

You win. The twerp wins.

Is that what you wanted

to show me?

We weren't always the best

of friends back at uni, Joe.

That doesn't mean I wouldn't

do you a favor if I could.

I mean, hi-y club, huh?

Thick or thin?

Can the high school shit,

Keenan, this is life now.

Well, there's different

kinds of life, isn't there?

What do you know about it?

Well, I know about

opportunity, Joe.

I know that it doesn't

come around every day.

Either you make your own or be

ready when someone offers

you one.

Do you want an opportunity?

There's a number of people

involved, top class people.


Well, I can't...

Oh, okay.

One name: Johnny weissmuller.


Junior. Johnny, junior.

From uni, remember?

100 a week, huh?

Plus profit sharing,

if you're interested.

Huh. What is it?

What I'm gonna do now

is use some words.

Now, these are business terms,

and although you may be

familiar with them in the

non-business world, we use them

a little differently.

What words?

Well, for instance, kidnap.


We choose to go to the moon

in this decade and do the other

things not because they are

easy, but because they are hard.





How are things, son?

Selling those whirlpool tubs?

I've moved on to something

else now, sir.

No keeping up with you,

is there?

I try to stay ahead

of the game.

What you got cooking?

Well, it's...


Just a little.

Well, don't let 'em get you

down, because what's important,

what's important

is how a man feels about

himself when he looks

in the mirror.

You understand?

Yes, sir.

Otherwise, you're jumping

like a circus geek for every

son of a bitch too lazy

to paint his own goddamn house.

Don't let that happen to you.

I won't.

Anything you can throw

my way?


I haven't forgotten about

that stock tip.

That made an impression.

You didn't buy it.

And don't I kick myself.

I would have tripled my money,

wouldn't I have?

He who hesitates.

Story of my life.

That stock worked out

extremely well for a number

of top class people.

What I'm saying is

remember your uncle John.

I'd hate to miss out twice.

Why you all here?

Just came by to say hi, Mary.

You were sleeping, so Barry

and I have been discussing his

future, how I might help him.

Aw, Johnny.

Oh, don't say it.

You're more like a father

than his own father.

He's more like a son

than my father.

Why didn't I marry you?

Not like I didn't ask.

I loved you.

Well, you just didn't

wanna give up the alimony.

Who's up for a little


Mr. Sinatra?

We can't get past your car here.

Here, I'll move it.

I gotta go anyway.

Lock the door

when you're finished.

Yes, sir.


Come on.

But 100 a week, right?

And I got a kid on the way.

That's a big responsibility.

Tell me about it.

Mr. Irwin, hi.

How are you, son?

Joe, didn't I ask you to

stay here and not let anyone in?

He said that you needed

his help.

Isn't that so?

Isn't that the 100% truth?

Mr. Irwin, don't you work?

That's not important now.

What's important is that

someone I feel a responsibility

for is about to get involved in

something way in over his head.

You told him?

No, we were just...

You did. You told him.

Let's not get into

who told him.

There's a plan, Joe,

that I developed

and you are working for me.

You take orders from me.

I'm the brains.

You are not the brains, Joe.

That's... what are you doing?

Fuck this.

No. You're not allowed

to leave.

You're already a part of this.

Part of what?

I haven't done anything.

I'm not gonna do anything.

You're not gonna do anything

'cause you're still full of

shit just like in high school.

Aw, shit.

What's that?

A gun.

Oh, the twerp has a gun.

All right, now you watch

where you point that, Barry.

I'm not pointing it.

I'm merely showing you that

I have it as a tool, all right?

I'm reminded at this moment

of a trip we all took down to

Baja, Barry's mother and me...

Joe is not interested.

Had to catch himself

a marlin, had to.

You dated my mother.

You did not date me.

We're out in the boat.

This is several years ago,

and he hooked himself one.

Oh, boy.

And damn if he didn't tough it

out for over five hours there.

Didn't catch it.

End of story.

Turns to me... wee fella...

Says, I won't forget this.

Mr. Irwin, I need your help.

I need your help.

Oh, boy, that got to me, Barry.

To be asked that

got me right here.

Now let's drop the temperature

a bit, please?

This kidnapping business,

this is a serious crime.

We're not seeing it that way.

See it how you want.

They still strapped Bruno

hauptmann to the chair and

broiled him like a rump roast.

Why'd they do that?

He kidnapped the son of one

Charles a. Lindbergh, my friend.

That baby never saw the light

of day again and the world wept.

All right, tell him, Joe.


Tell him what I told you.

You mean about

Johnny weissmuller?

No names. Just tell him.


There's a bunch of people

and it's all arranged.


Well, whoever these people

are you're in business with,

obviously, I did hear the name

Johnny weissmuller mentioned,

I want to tell you...

This applies to you, too, Joe.

You are throwing away any

chance for a respectable life.

Do I make myself clear?

Yes, sir.


I understand you're

paying him $100 a week.


We won't count today.

Tomorrow's no good.

A bastard in glendale

impounded my ladders until I put

a second coat on his dormers.

I start Saturday.

What you're doing is wrong,

just plain wrong,

and I'm very concerned

about you both.

Is that the only liquor

you got in the house?

Welcome to the ambassador,


Hopping tonight.

Yeah. New show

in the clubroom.


Tommy dorsey band

and frank Sinatra, Jr.

Really? I hear

he's very talented.

Here you go.

Miss, I asked for this neat.

That means no ice.

Well, I suppose the $8.00 cover

doesn't include I'm sorry.

We're not here to enjoy

ourselves, Mr. Irwin.

What are we here for?

I've rented a house

in canoga park, close

but out of the way.

We'll keep him there.

We place a call to Mr. Sinatra,

explain the terms.

We just pick up the phone?


And call him?

Excuse me, have you

researched this?


Do you have a Thomas guide

to Los Angeles county

with suitable drop off

and escape routes

marked in colored pen?

Have you been to the library?

Have you read the 1954 article

in "Liberty" magazine

by j. Edgar hoover?

"10 mistakes every criminal


Not yet.

Well, I have, and that's why

you listen to me.

How much are we

talking about, son?

I'm going to write down

a number.

You are going to look at it,

then I'm gonna destroy it.

Is that a 7?

No, it's a 2.

A 2?


What do we get?



Where are you heading, Barry?

What are you doing

with your life?

I'm doing this, sir.

Are you?


When does it happen?


This? Now? Tonight?

We drive to his house

after the show.

[ Commotion ]

What's going on?

Francis Albert Sinatra.

Good evening, sir.

What's all the hubbub, Clyde?

Well, we have a young man


Oh, yeah? Is he any good?

I think you might like him.

Well, let's check him out.

What do you say, chicken?

Whatever you want, daddy.


I can't do this, Keenan.

He fucked Jill St. John.

Nancy, hi.

Nice to see you.

It's me, Barry. Barry Keenan.

Son, sit on down.

She looks older.

Don't sweat it, kid.

It's close enough for jazz.

Will you please welcome

Mr. Frank Sinatra, Jr.

♪ Let's take a boat ♪

♪ to Bermuda ♪

♪ let's take a plane ♪

♪ to St. Paul ♪

♪ let's take a kayak ♪

♪ to Quincy or nyack ♪

♪ let's get away from it all ♪

♪ let's take a trip ♪

♪ in a trailer ♪

♪ no need to come back at all ♪

♪ let's take a powder ♪

♪ to Boston for chowder ♪

♪ let's get away from it all ♪

You sure he lives here?

No, Joe.

I just randomly picked an

address in greater Los Angeles,

hoping someone famous

would be inside.

His father was at the show.

We're all aware of that.

Maybe they went out


They still have to come home.

Maybe he flew him off

to Paris or something.

Isn't that what he does?

[ Laughs ]

He's always singing about it.

Well, he also sang "fly me

to the moon", but I don't think

they went there either.

Get out of the car, Keenan.

What for?

So I can kick your ass.

Well, I'm certainly not

getting out for that.

Let's go have a little talk.

You ever been in the hoosegow,


You mean jail? No.

Well, I have.

Well, what did you do?

Call it drunk and disorderly,

call it assault,

call it desertion

and nonsupport.

But that's beside the point.

You assaulted someone?

What I'm getting at, it

doesn't take a lot in this life

for things to get well

and truly fubarred.


Oh, you've got your reasons,

and, trust me,

they're good ones.

Let me tell you,

when that man with the badge

comes knocking, he just doesn't

wanna hear it.

Okay, Mr. Irwin.

Thanks for filling me in.

Now, the more I see of this,

the less I like it.

But whatever you do, if you're

gonna be the leader,

be the leader.


Um... sorry.

What time is it?


My wife is gonna kill me.

Can we do this, like,

later in the week?

Room 25.

And there's three beds?

Two beds and a cot.

Fine. Can we get a 6 A.M.

Wakeup call?


Isn't there a latch

or something?

If there was a latch,

I would have unlatched it.

That's not important now,

Mr. Irwin.

What do we have to sleep here


Because we are not going to

screw up a second time.

We will start early tomorrow,

we will start fresh, and we'll

be operating strictly

according to plan.

I'm getting a lot of pressure

from the people upstairs.

They are not interested

in any more excuses.

What are you looking at me


What's our timetable, son?

0600 tomorrow, wakeup call.

0645, get in car.

0730, arrive

1460 Beverly Glen.

0735 to 0745,

kidnap Francis Wayne Sinatra.

0830, assuming traffic,

arrive 8903 Mason Avenue,

canoga park.

0900 to 1500, allow uncertainty

to build into concern and panic.

1515, initiate contact

with Francis Albert Sinatra,

the first call.

[ Groan ]

Is there a problem,

Mr. Irwin?

I'd rather not be the one

on the phone.

You have a very

commanding voice.

Well, thank you, but...

Try saying this:

We have your son.

I'd like you to consider...

We have your son.

We have your son.

You wanted in on this,

Mr. Irwin.

You can't be in

and not do something.

That's not being in.

We have your son.

Work on it.

[ Bed vibrates ]

[ Laughs ]

Oh, sugar!

I asked for a 6 A.M. wakeup,



♪ Let's go surfing now ♪

♪ everybody's learning how ♪

♪ come on a safari with me ♪

I'm never staying there


Son, that's a Wally's burger

up ahead.

Perhaps it is, Mr. Irwin.

This sailor doesn't start

the day without coffee.

Yeah, it sounds good to me.

[ Crying ]

Can I do anything for you?

You sure?

Here. You want another tissue?

Yes. [ Crying ]

Do you wanna go home?

I don't know.

It's okay. It's all right.

No, it isn't.

I know. I know.

Can we get some service,


I'm sorry, gentlemen.

Is she all right?

Guess the news

hit her really hard.

What news?

The president.

What about him?

You don't know?

He... someone shot him

in Dallas this morning.

They shot president Kennedy.

Oh, boy.

It doesn't make any sense.

It doesn't make sense.

Three coffees. Make it quick.

We're in a rush.

You don't shoot

the president.

I don't care what your beef is,

you don't do that.

Poor little John-John.

He's just a kid.

Something's gone wrong

with the country.

I don't know what,

but something's way off base.

Put these on.


So no one can see our faces.

Let's go. We're behind schedule.

Leave it be, son.


A little respect.

Whatever happened

to the president...

Barry, I say this

with affection.

Look at yourself.

Affection and concern.

What are you doing?

Mr. Irwin?

Mr. Irwin!

I could have caught that marlin

without you, but you butted in,

just like you did here.

And your advice is so...

So stupid!

All right, change of plans.

It's just the two of US,

but that's fine.

That works.

Come on, let's go.

Let's go.

Put on your mask.

I'll catch a bus

on Santa Monica or something.

You are walking away

from opportunity.

There it goes.

Goodbye, opportunity.

Oh, look who's here.

It's failure.

How do you do, Mr. Amsler?

Nice to meet you.

We're not in Dallas, you know!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Is today Thanksgiving?

A gentle reminder from his

mother as John-John celebrates

his third birthday,

the soldier's farewell

to his father.

No finer epitaph can be...

Thank you, lord,

for this food. Amen.

I'm gonna get you a color set.

Mom? What happens when

your life doesn't turn out

the way you thought?

Oh, honey...

You get over it.

What am I supposed to do?

Go back on the boat.

No, no.

Well, then I'll look

for work.

You're not working.

You're pregnant

and I'm the man here.

Me, the man.

Well, then I suppose we'll

just sit here and we'll wait

for a million dollars to just

drop out of the sky.

Shall we just do that?

I need some... Thing!

Hi. How's it going?


Wanna drive to Tahoe?

[ Laughing ] Wipeout.

She's gonna kill me.

Everybody needs a break.

When you gonna make

some money?

How you gonna support a family?

Like I haven't been trying.

Like, our thing,

that thing we were doing.

Oh, forget about that.

It's all over with.

Tell me something.

Was that for real?

I mean, really?

Come on, tell me.

[ Chuckles ]

Fucking Keenan.




Lots of casinos

hiring up here.

Yeah. Could land something


Yeah, work, ski, why not?

Fresh powder.

Where we staying?

I don't know.

What about harrahs?

Is it cheap?

What are those?


There she blows!

Well, look at that.

What a coincidence.

Oh, you fuck.

Excuse me?

Fuck you!

Oh, goddamn it! Jesus Christ!

You can't ignore a plan, Joe.

Why not? Why can't I?

Because it's a plan,

and without it, where are you?

No place. Out in the cold.

You're a psycho.

Did I stab a woman to death

in the shower dressed in

my mother's clothing?

Jesus, did you?

No. I simply made a business

arrangement with a group of

very well-connected individuals

acting out of mutual


There's nothing wrong with that.

This one's not loaded.

Well, we're not getting

any skiing in, are we?

Are we just gonna stand here?

What are those?

They may be painkillers.

You're in pain?



Come on, man.

I'm freezing my ass off

out here.


Would you say

some fucking thing?

What do you want me

to tell you, kid? Huh?

Nobody forced you into this.

You don't understand.

What? What, your pop?

[ Laughs ] He made you?

Come on, get off it already.

My father didn't even...

Look at the charts, kiddo.

There's three chords.

Girls, true love, two and a

half minutes you're outta there.

You wanna be a star, right?

I want to carry on

a tradition. I want...

Blah, blah, blah.

You wanna be a star.


Lay down some shit

about surfing.

Drums, guitar.

You'll be coming out of every

radio from L.A. to bumfuck.

[ Telephone rings ]


Rex Harrison, dear boy.

Looking for Helen forrest.

Marvelous singer.

Can't get enough of her.

She there?

No, wrong number.

No? Isn't this room 117?

No, 217.

Ah. [ Laughs ]

Well. Well, well, well.


It's him.

Who was that?

Rex Harrison.

Whatever happens,

just watch me.

Whatever happens?

Play along like it's real.


Room service.

Did you order a case

of manischewitz?

It's a gift

from a Jewish person.

Just bring it in.

Come on in. Come on in.

Put it anywhere.


Whoa, whoa, whoa!


Is this a robbery?

That's right.

Get on the floor.

Both of you! Come on!

Easy! Easy!

Tape him up.

Cover his eyes.

Should I hit him?

Nobody asked you to hit him,


What are you looking at?

The money's in my pants.

All right, come on.

You're coming with US. Come on.

Out there?

Did I say you could ask

a question?

Someone will be outside.

Get up before 10 minutes,

you're a dead man.

Tear out the phone.

Let's go. Let's go.

I need my socks.

He probably thinks it's a joke.


John upstairs.

Yeah, well, we know

what it is, don't we?


Where are we going?

Look, I don't want any trouble,

so you just tell me what

you want me to do, okay?

Give him these.

What are they?


Not those.

They're knockout drops.

And Mr. Sinatra went

with these two individuals.

No, man, he didn't go

with anybody.

They took him.

By force?

Yes. I told you.

The cat had a gun.

The cat?

The guy.

Let's put it out there.

You're not sleepy at all?

I'm sorry.

Maybe he's just not tired.

You think we're fooling

around here?

You think we don't mean


I think you guys

got a lot of guts.

We do have guts.

We'll do anything. Radio.

But keep it here

for the latest.

Hey, this just in.

It looks like Sinatra fans

won't be having themselves

a merry little Christmas

this year.

What's happened?

The chairman of the board

has just canceled his upcoming...

What is it?

I don't know.

Well, don't you think

it's just a little bit

of a coincidence?


Am I talking to you?

Did I ask you to chime in?

Barry, look.

In other news, the world's

biggest strawberry...

Oh, heck!

Is there something wrong?

Yeah. Your friend talked.

You know what that makes him?


Dead. A dead friend.

What do you think about that?

Can I just sit up

for a second?

You wanna join him?

You wanna join your dead friend?

[ Coughing ] No!

Then just stay down and shut

the effing heck up.

Okay. Okay, we, uh...


I had too much to drink.

We were coming home

from a party.

I had too much to drink

and you guys...

What's your problem?

I just don't want anyone...

Did we ask for your thoughts?

Did we?

Did we?


That's right.

So just pipe down.

If someone gets hurt,

it's on your head.

Do I make myself clear?

We were at a party

and he had too much to drink.

That's it.

Now take off the blindfold.

Now get out of the car.

What for?

Because they're gonna be

looking for three of US.

Then why do I have to go?

Because he can't

and it's my plan.

Well, I can make a plan, too,

you know.

I'm sure you could.

It wouldn't be have Joe

eat shit.

Be right back.

Meet US on the other side

of the roadblock.

Something wrong here, sir?

Just checking my chains,


Yeah, they're fine.

Quite a storm we got here, huh?

Is there an accident

or something?

Where you headed, sir?


You drive careful now.

Will do.

Slow it down. Slow it down.

Slow it right here.

All right.

You know, this could work out

very well for you.

How would that happen?

Well, I'm not just thinking

about myself, that's all.

I mean, I'm not that kind

of person.


Stop right there.

Stop. This is a roadblock.

You know what that means?

You stop!

Roll your window down.

That gets someone killed.


Roll it.

Outta the car.

Get your hands up.

Put your hands up!

Put your hands up!

He's checked!


He's already checked.

I was already checked.

Move it out.

He's lucky.

Where the heck is he?

Maybe he just got lost.

You know, if you didn't need

other people, everything

would work out fine.


I bet your father's

like that, huh?

What do you mean?

You know, a lone wolf.

That's the way to be.


What happened?

I don't wanna talk about it.


Mr. Irwin? It's Barry.

Did I wake you?

I know it's late.

What do you want?

I'm in Sacramento with Joe

and we did it.

Did what?

We went ahead with the plan.

Are you still there?

Roger that.

Sir, I know I was a little

brusque the last time we...

It's not like I've learned

nothing in my 42 years.

The older you get, the more you

know, the less anyone cares.

Just wait. You'll see.

Could you please make

the ransom calls?

Mr. Irwin?

I can't tell you

how wrong this all is.

How are you feeling, son?

What happens now?

I'm sure you know you're

involved in a major kidnapping.

Of me?

The only thing you need

to do is tell US your parents'

phone number.

We could make our arrangements,

get this done and move on

with our lives.

My father doesn't live

with my mother.

They're divorced.

We're well aware of that.

You said my parents' number.

Your mother.

Your mother's number.

You gonna Rob her?

Is that the idea?

Nobody's robbing anyone.

You said you were robbing me.

All right, that was a lie.

Then how can I trust you?

You don't have a choice.

You're talking about

my mother.

He has a point.

Oh, that's right.

Take his side.

I'm just saying.

I thought we'd try

the mother first.

Soften things up a little.

But... fine.

Let's go straight to the source.


Ready, Mr. Irwin?

I'd like a little more time

with this.

All you have to do

is read it.

Am I calling information?

I thought you wanted to help?

I'm trying to.

Well, this isn't helpful.

I mean, we're all in this

together, aren't we?

I wouldn't put it that way.

Could you just give US

a minute?

Poor kid.

Doesn't even know

where his dad is.

I'm not unfamiliar

with the music business.

I'm not gonna say

any more than that.

You have to trust me.

All right.

Now, I know I've been

a little harsh to you

during our situation.

That's just how things

have to be.

What we're doing here

could really be a boost for you.

Have you considered that?

Being a kidnap victim

is not good publicity.

No one's calling you

a victim.

What am I then?

What do you want to be?

A failure?

A success.

Me, too.

Now, how do I do that?

Do I call myself a victim?

No, I call myself a success.

I'm halfway home.

You see the difference?

So, Frankie, how do we reach

your father?

Now, I don't want to make a big

deal of this, but here's a gun.

I have one, you don't, okay?

When I tell you don't come in...



The elder Sinatra has set up

headquarters in the mapes hotel

in Reno.

You can't call this

bad publicity.

The story at the top of the

krdy newshour, roadblocks are

still up in the lake Tahoe area

as police search for the

kidnappers of frank Sinatra, Jr.

Two armed men grabbed the

budding singer for his harrah's

motel room late last night

as heavy snow blanketed

the resort...


Trumpeter John foss of the

Tommy dorsey band was in the

room as well and was bound

and gagged by the criminals,

who he later described as...

We believe the kidnappers

are still in the Tahoe area.

We're checking motels,

apartments, summer houses.

Roadblocks are up

and they're staying up.

[ Shouting questions ]

Can you tell US what

Mr. Sinatra is doing right now?

Waiting by the phone,

hoping for good news.

How would you describe

his mood?

Very distraught.

It's all set, frank.

Pick up the phone, you talk,

they're on it.

What kind of person, Billy?

These g-men,

they know what they're doing.

What kind of fucking animal?

I mean, they can take a hair.

They murdered Jack in broad

daylight like some garbage punk.

Now they take my kid.

Jesus Christ, what the fuck

is happening to this country?

Need anything?

Yeah. Get me a bromo.

[ Ring ]

Okay, here we go.

Get the tape rolling.

Okay, on my cue.

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

We have a go, Mr. Sinatra.



Nancy, I can't tie up

this phone right now.

Is there some news?

No, there's nothing.

I can't stop crying.

I have to get off.

Everyone is on it.

I spoke to j. Edgar and Bobby

Kennedy called me this morning.

Don't be a tough guy.

For once in your life,

give them whatever they want.

You're tying up the phone,


He's not like you.

He's just a baby.

He tries so hard to be like you

and see what happens?

Nancy, look. I gotta pick

this up.


I'll call you as soon

as I hear something.

[ Telephone rings ]


Frank Sinatra?



Who is this?

Who is this?

Never mind who this is.

Just listen.

We have your son. If you want...

Cocksucking son of a bitch!

If you want to see him alive

again, you need to cooperate.

You prick fuck!

He's really mad.

Piece of shit!

You there?


Is he all right?

He's fine.

Put him on the phone.

No. No.

Next time.

Listen to me.

Just tell me what you want

and we'll cut a deal here.

I don't care what it costs.

Just don't hurt my son.

That's all I ask.

Don't hurt my son.

These are your instructions.

Go to paradise garage, 722

west second street, Carson city.

Be there in 20 minutes.

We're gonna need more time

than that.

That's too far away.

Hello? Hello?

This guy is fucking with me.

Sure you don't want anything?

What is it?

Blt with mustard and no Mayo.


I can't with the blindfold.



They're talking to your pa.



It's all gonna work out.

[ Telephone rings ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]


Is frank around, please?

Frank who?

Frank Sinatra.

Get fucked.

There's a lot of bad language


What happened?

Not there.

We gave him 20 minutes.

[ Telephone rings ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]


Frank Sinatra, please.

What the heck

is he trying to pull?

[ Ring ]

Paradise garage?


Is frank Sinatra...

You just missed him.

You're kidding.

Nah, he was here with Lassie

and premier kruschev and they

all climbed into a Mercury

capsule and took off for Mars!

Excuse me, I'm frank Sinatra.

Any calls for me?

[ Telephone rings ]

Someone wants to talk to you.


Frankie? How are you, kid?

Are you warm enough?

Yeah. I'm...

Ready to resolve this thing?

Look, just tell me

what the hell you want here.

What do you want? A million?

A million won't do it.

You sick fuck scumbag.

How much?

240,000, small bills,

nothing bigger than a hundred.

We'll call you tonight.

Be at your wife's house...


In bel air?

8:30. Be...

Could you hold on

just one second?

The number. Number.

Could you just give me

the number there?

♪ There's a crazy little ♪

♪ shack beyond the track ♪

Mr. Irwin? Mr. Irwin?

What are you doing?

Don't stand out in the yard.

♪ Coffee tastes mighty good ♪

♪ that's not the reason why ♪

♪ I've gotta get back ♪

♪ to that sugar shack... ♪

It's important that we...

♪ To that sugar shack ♪

♪ there's a cute little girly ♪

♪ she's a-working there ♪

All I can tell you at

the moment is that there's

some cause for optimism.

Does that mean there's

a break in the case?

The FBI is handling this

and I'm not really

at Liberty to say.

Where is Mr. Sinatra now?

He is attending to personal


I'm sure you can understand

the need for privacy here.

What about a ransom, Jim?

What do you know about that?

Everything's being done

that can be done.

That's all I can say right now,

fellas. Thanks very much.

Please be careful with those.

Don't worry, ma'am.

You'll see, mom.

Daddy'll take care

of everything.

Time to get rich.

[ Telephone rings ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]


Do you have the money?

Yeah, I have it right here.

Wrap the bills

in plain brown paper.

Take it to Los Angeles

international airport, a row of

phone booths opposite western

airlines, third booth

from the left.

Use the name Patrick Henry.

Expect a call from John Adams.

Now you listen to me.

If he's harmed in any way,

I swear to Christ...

Hello? Hello?


We'll take it from here, sir.

I want you to back off.


I want you to drop the money

and back off till my son

is safe.

I don't wanna do it.

It's part of the plan, Joe.

One of US watches

the gas station while the other

goes in for the money.

Get Mr. Irwin to do it.

Okay, this is just

between US, okay?

I don't think he's the kind

of person...

I'm making some fresh.

Just keep an eye on him.

Don't do anything

until we get back, all right?

All right, Mr. Irwin?

Roger that.

What should I do with these?

Put 'em in the trunk.

You listen now.

I'm getting out of here,

and either you let me go

or I'll kill you.

Either way, one of US

is gonna die.

How about some java first?

You know what the Navy

taught me?

No excuses.

No "I meant to, but didn't,"

"I did, but I didn't mean it."

That won't cut it, not on ship.

Not during wartime.

Where were you?


It's your actions, see?

It's what you do.

That's the kind of man you are.

I was RotC in college.

You're not in college now?

I dropped out.

Mm-hmm. Was that

the right thing to do?

Everyone thinks it's easy,

you know.

How's that?

Everyone thinks,

oh, he doesn't have to try.

It's all just put in his lap

because of who he is.

I hear you.

It's twice as hard.

Whatever I do,

they're always gonna say...

Your dad.

Am I right?

I've studied him.

He doesn't know it, but

I've followed him around all

my life, the way he moves,

his phrasing.

No one can do what he does.

I just...

I just wish that...


Say what you will

about your old man.

He'd lay down his life for you.

How do you know?

We've been talking.

He loves you. Fact.

You just remember that.


I'll tell you something else.

You're no slouch up there.

What do you mean?

I heard you sing.

I won't lie.

You've got a few things to

learn, but you've got the goods.

Keep at it and don't be afraid

to stand up on your own

two feet.

Anyway, there's my two cents.

I appreciate it.

Nah, you don't have to say


No, really.

Thanks a lot.

Western airlines flight 427

to Phoenix is now boarding

at gate 6-b.

[ Telephone rings ]



Who's this?

Who's this?

You tell me first.

It's Patrick Henry.

You're the wrong

Patrick Henry.

I'm the Patrick Henry

with the money.

Art's gas, oakwood and

pacific, 15 minutes.


[ Telephone rings ]

Patrick Henry.

Do you see the school buses?

Put the package between them.

Don't hang around.

If anyone's within a mile

of this place, the deal's off.

What about the boy?

Four hours after the pickup.


Be home soon, darling.

Okay, hop to it.

Look, very simple.

Get out, walk 100 feet, pick up

the bundle, drive away, be rich.

$50,000, two minutes work.

Open the door, Joe. Come on.

What happened to Sinatra?

I didn't see Sinatra.

Well, that was him, Joe.

That guy?


Oh, boy.

Okay, Joe.

You think I'm an idiot,

don't you?

I do not think that...

You think I'm too stupid

to see what's going on here?

You're not stupid, Joe.

Just get out of the car.

Get Mr. Irwin to make

the phone calls.

Get me to pick up the money.

Guess whose hands are clean?

Me? My hands are clean?

Is that what you're saying?

You're the mastermind.

Figure it out.

Thanks for the gratitude,


Tell me I'm wrong.

I give you the opportunity

of a lifetime.

I offer to make you rich.

I introduce you

to a celebrity, Joe.

And all you can do at this

crucial moment is stab me

in the back?

Honestly, thank you.

Johnny weissmuller

has nothing to do with this,

does he?

Not literally, Joe, no.


That idiot!

There's been a little bit

of a situation.

You didn't get the money.

No, I got the money,

but Joe panicked.

He ran off.

I'm coming over there.

Don't do anything

until I show up.

If you have the money,

we should let...

Joe's out there

running around.

We let the kid go.

That was the deal.

No, Mr. Irwin, no!

That's exactly what I don't

want you to do.

Do nothing. Do nothing.

Mr. Irwin, what did I say?

Do nothing.

Good. Very good.

Is everything all right?

Everything's great, mom.

The hours you keep, Barry.

Well, there's so much to do.

Here. This is for you.

Buy things. I have to go.

Hi, honey.

Where have you been?

I was just, you know,


For three days?


Oh, sugar!

Now, I can't tell you how

to act, son, but there'll be

police, FBI, reporters.

There'll be your father.


You have to decide

how you're gonna handle that.

It's your choice.

Be your own man.

I'll try.

Don't try.

I will.

That's the ticket.

I ask one thing.

Just tell 'em...

Just let 'em know

I did my best here.

Where you want me to drop you?

You sure this is all right?

Yeah, it's just down

the road from here.

I'll call your father.

He'll come pick you up.


Well, do what you have to,

but keep that blindfold on

for five minutes, okay?


And remember

what we talked about.

Remember who you are.

Now get lost.


What's this for?

I don't know.

You take care, son.

Stay right where you are.

Put your hands

where I can see 'em.

You got a destination, fella?

My mother's.

Hey, I know who you are.

Come on.

I don't think

you wanna face that.

Can you do me a favor?

Yeah, I got a delivery

for the sinatras.

Yes, sir.

Can I talk to you for a second?

About what?


Oh, my baby!

My baby.

Where's pop?

He's driving around

every street like a crazy man.

He's looking for you.

He is?

I prayed to St. Jude.

I prayed to everybody.

Hi, sis.

I'm okay, mom, I'm okay.

Oh, thank god you're safe.

I don't think I could have

lived through it if you...

Goddamned cocksucking


Motherfucking vultures.

I want them off the property.



I, uh... I'm sorry.


I'm sorry.

For what, kid? For what?

Thank god you're safe.

I'm just glad you're home.

Thank god you're home.

Like a de-humidifier

for their home. Number 4.

[ Applause ]

Number 2!

[ Applause ]




We got away with it,

didn't we?

Got away with it?


Would you say Thomas Edison

got away with the light bulb?

Mr. Irwin,

don't stand on ceremony.

Roger that.

Joe, forward pass.

♪ My friends all tell me ♪

♪ go to him, run to him ♪

♪ say sweet loving things ♪

♪ to him ♪

♪ and tell him he's the one... ♪

Hail Mary.

♪ Deep in my heart ♪

♪ I know it ♪

♪ but it's so hard to show it ♪

We're fucking loaded!

I will hold elected office!

♪ I've got a love so true ♪

♪ and yet I'm sad and blue ♪

♪ 'cause it's easier ♪

♪ easier said than done ♪

♪ easier ♪

♪ said than done ♪

[ Sigh ]

[ Doorbell rings ]



What's going on?

Just driving by.

Thought I'd stop in.

All righty.


Sue. Did I wake the kids?

No, no.

Can I get you a...

No, no, no.

I'll just sit down on the porch.

Roger that.


Thanks. The paper came.


I done something bad.

What's that?

No excuses, are there?

Not that I heard.

Not in these United States.

Well, let's do

what has to be done.





Thanks for the use

of the hall.

Let's weigh anchor.

Great. So what do we do

with your brother's truck?

Hey, Dean.

Barry, what's going on?

Came by to drop

something off.

What is it?

Take a look.


What's this for?

Your share of the profits.

First in, first out.

That's good business principle.

Goddamn it, Barry.

Why didn't you tell me?

You were the first person

I told.

I couldn't have done it

without you.

I don't want this.

I don't wanna see it.

I don't wanna know.

I turn on the radio, Dean.

There's your song

coming out of it.

Girls run up to you

on the beach.

You don't know how it feels

to just be like everyone else.

I'm gonna leave this here.

In case you want it,

there it is.

How do you like the t-bird?

It's fine.

Thinking of trading up.

It's a beautiful day, huh?

No place like californ-i-a.

So what else

should we know, John?

Wanna tell US the names

of the others?

I don't think so.

Why not?

Doesn't seem right.

Well, you already mentioned


I did?

Yeah. You said Joe

watched the kid.

So there's a Joe.

We're pretty sure there's

a Barry and we know

you were in canoga park.

You do?

Might as well

get it off your chest.

I have this.

No point in holding onto it.

Old time movies

and have a lot of fun.

I wanna introduce you to, right

now, my friends, this is white

fang, the meanest dog

in all the United States.

Mrs. Joseph amsler?

Joe, it's for you.

[ Singing in French ]

Gentlemen, it is my

privilege to present to you,

hailing from the golden state,

the youngest senator in our

great nation's history,

accompanied by his lovely wife,

the former miss spirit

of the mayflower.

Would you all please rise and

welcome the right honorable...

Barry Worthington Keenan?


You're under arrest

for the felony kidnapping

of Francis Wayne Sinatra.

Oh, heck.

Put out your hands.

Was it hard to catch me?

Not really.

Hold on one second, please.

I was scared, a little bit

nervous, naturally.

But all I could do

was hope for the best.

Do your feel your close

personal connection

with director hoover...

Look, the story here is this

kid and he's been through a lot

and he's kept his head.


And his mother and I are

just happy he's home and safe.

Excuse me, Mr. Sinatra...

Right there.

We brought that family together.

Doesn't that count

for something?

Like they say, Barry,

no good deed goes unpunished.

Let's just try this.


What would you say if I told

you that this whole thing was

a hoax planned in advance

with the full participation

of Mr. Sinatra and his son

to benefit his career?

And how would it do that?

Well, obviously, you're not

familiar with the music


No, but I'm familiar with

confessions and we got yours

right here.

What are we looking at?

For kidnapping?

For kidnapping, we're looking

at life.

Your whole life?

Every little bit of it.

Last question.


Can criminals be senators?

Maybe, but they have to be

senators first.

Well, I better get cracking.