Stealing Las Vegas (2012) - full transcript

There's a dark side behind the bright lights of Las Vegas, where desperate lives and busted dreams struggle in the shadows to survive. And when a sleazy casino owner swipes $20 million from his employees' health insurance and pension funds, ex-pro-baseball-player-turned-casino-electrician Nick and his co-workers put together a daring plan to steal the money back. But in a lowdown town of underground cage fights, smoky strip clubs and deadly double-crosses, can the perfect heist ever go as planned? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[ gunshot ]

[ loud thud ]

[ groans, coughs ]

[ heavy breathing ]

Nick, Nick, Nick.

Rule number one.

Never try
to rob a casino.

Rule number two.

Always do what
I ask you

as quickly as possible.

Now tell me.

What did you do with
my money?

[ crowd cheering ]

[ heavy breathing ]

In the game
I love,

you have to steal
to win.

[ heart beating ]

[ loud snap ]

[ crowd booing ]

How much to get
my life back?

$20 million.

I know what
you're thinking.

Stealing is wrong.

Hey, I'm no Robin Hood.

I'm doing this for me.

[ water running ]

But I'm no thief.

The trouble started when I took
some money

from a jar labeled
"Tits ."



[ rattling ]

[ grunts ]

All right,

I need my rent
now, slugger.

Uh, I'm a little

Oh, come on, we don't get paid
until Friday.

Maria, come on.

We're like family.

I need it for Carlitos' speech therapist.

Hey, bud.

You know, like family
is not family.

Remember that.

[ chattering ]

[ cheering ]

[ sighs ]

Show me the money, ese.

You sure you can get this back
to me by tomorrow?

You'll get your
five grand back.

Plus ten more.



[ sighs ]

Oh, yeah.

[ sighs ]

[ light buzzing ]

What is the deal
with this wiring?

[ buzzing continues ]

[ hissing ]

[ knocking ]


I think I may have solved
our electrical problem.

Does any of this work
require an asbestos abatement?

Yeah, can you put
in an abatement request?

This casino doesn't
have the money.

Mo, we're going
through light bulbs

faster than we can
even stock them.

Are we in any danger?

Is this gonna
cause a fire?

Do I have
to call the cops?


Then just change
the bulb, slugger.


how about you get me a cup
of coffee, huh, cupcake?

Mr. Rockett, you know
that I'm in floral.

Mm-hmm.We go through this every day.

That's right.

Or maybe you'd like
to find yourself

out on the street
selling flowers.

Got me a date!

Not with--
♪ Maria

listen to me.

She's renting
me a room, okay?

And it's cheap.

I cannot have you fuck this up for me.

All right,

Okay, so where are you taking her?

[ clicking ]

Some call it
squirrel diving.

Wing suit jumping,
if you're fancy about it.

Doing about
120 miles per hour.

Are you kidding me?

She's got a little kid, dummy.

She's not jumping off a cliff with you.

Check this out.

Got a doctor in Tijuana,

says he can make
it happen for 10 grand.

You have that
kind of money?

Well, thanks to your tip
about Jorge's talent,

says he can triple
five grand by tomorrow.

[ mimics buzzer ]

Tell me you didn't
give any money to Jorge.

You said it was
a sure thing.

That was last

Dude fell off the wagon.

He's back to hard-core
gambling, man.


Hey, man, relax.

Don't worry
about it.

You'll get
your operation.

I really need
that money, Jorge.


Man, another business
opportunity is emerging.

I might need
a business partner.

Mucho dinero,

More money than you've ever
seen in your life.

You've just
gotta trust me.

Oh, come on, man,
don't you want to make money?

I'll get it back to you,
don't worry about it.

Oh, you're gonna
get me my money back.


All right, well,
in that case,

when you get me
my money back,

then we'll talk
about being partners.


And tonight we'll go
to the Hellhole.

Could you move
the ladder, please?

Hi, Nick.
Hey, Stace.

Did you have
to get a job here?

Just take it easy,

Or you're never gonna let me
get to the "I'm sorry" part.

So what the hell
are you doing here now?

I was hoping
to start over.


What makes you think
I want you in my life?

No, that's not
what I meant.

I'm trying to put
all of it back together.

Uh, I think I might have
money for the knee operation.

Well, I hope you're not
depending on this job

because we're all
getting the boot.

What is that?This is none of your business.


When exactly
are we getting canned?

Sooner rather
than later.

Whole town's going
down the tubes.

Nobody is safe.

Good luck with
your knee operation, Nick.

Please stay
out of my life.

"In order to stabilize
and make solvent our company,

the Olympus Hotel and Casino
will be dissolving

nonessential positions
throughout all departments.

All pensions and health
care will be terminated

upon the end of the month."

Health care?

You--mean Carlitos
has no more insurance?

All right, we're just
gonna have

to go get new jobs, that's all.[ grunts ]

Hey, pendejo.

You wanna join me in the line
outside of Home Depot?


[ bangs ]

Jesus, woman.Take it easy, all right?

Yeah, let me fix that up.Here, here, here.

Use Mo's office.

Come here,
come on.

Face it, chico.

I'd be better off
moving back to Chihuahua.

Look at me, bro.

I love it where
I'm from, but please...

don't make
me live there.

Turn it up,
turn it up.

...believed that Las Vegas

was the only place
in the world

where any working
man without an education

could achieve
the American dream.

Today the desert
is taking us back.

Home by home,
business by business,

family by family.

It seems our luck
has run out.

So, in this moment,

I must do what has made
Las Vegas great.

I must gamble...

[ gasping ]

$20 million, guaranteed
to be won by one lucky player.

Okay, so how would
you fix this?


I have
no clue.

But if I was you,
I would rob this place.

It's a casino.

You have any idea how difficult it is to move around unnoticed?

Maybe I misjudged
your initiative, chico.

You guys better
come look at this.

This is our insurance benefits.

It's the pensions, too.

[ cheering ]

That's my whole family, man.

Today casinos
are hard-pressed

to get customers
through the door.

The man's swinging
for the fences.

He's rallying back.

He's trying
to win.

"Trying to win"?

I got you this job so you can
afford to pay me rent.

One successful slot pull

could change your life,

your life...forever.

Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.

Live from the Olympus Casino,

this is Sasha LaSky reporting.

Get 'em back, get 'em back,
get 'em back.

Come on, come on,
come on,

step back, step back,
step back.

Let's go, to the side,
to the side.

Step back, sister.

Hey, hey.

You want some
of this, hero?

Very wise decision.

[ rumbling ]

Shouldn't that thing have
come out of the casino cage?

You better
beat it, Nick.

The brass
is coming.


Mr. Stratholme, sir.

Just a minute
of your time?

I know how I can save
you some money.

Alex Stratholme.

And you are?

I'm the guy that knows you're
sending out termination letters

at the end of the month.Nick--

It's all right,

Your boyfriend's
just a little bit impulsive.

He is not my boyfriend.

How did you acquire
this letter?

Doesn't matter.

Nick, Nick, Nick.

I think maybe we should finish
this conversation in my office.

Say, 30 minutes?

Mr. Stratholme would like for
you to come up to the residence

and restock
the bar.

But I'm--needed
on the casino floor.

Your supervisor
will be informed.

Sit down.

What makes
you think

you can talk to Alex Stratholme?

You refuse to respect
the chain of command.

You may have been a big shot on the baseball diamond,

but down here
your ass belongs to me.

I'm a team player.

Going for that
suicide squeeze

was the stupidest
thing I ever saw.

Now get the fuck
out of here.

[ whispering ] All right sir,
I'll take care of it.

Hey, son,
right here, kid.

Uh, wrench jockey
on his way up.

[ elevator bell dings ]

You said you could
save me some money.

In exchange for jobs?I'm listening.

90% of what I do
is replacing light bulbs.

I do at least 30 a day,
every day.

just me.

The original wiring
throughout the old casino,

not up to code.

If you were to do--You don't mind

if I take your
picture, do you?

If you were to do
a million-dollar rewire,

it could save you two and a half
million over the next 10 years.

[ camera flashing ]

All I need is job security
for me and my friends.

When I was your age,

my father gave me the rewire
of the old casino

because we were building
this new Olympus tower.

He gave me
one simple directive:

Run a tight

Well, then
you were robbed, sir.

Oh, I'd like to see
someone try robbing me.

Have a seat, young man. [ clears throat ]

I know full well we never
rewired the old casino.

I took care of that
inspector myself, still do.

But this high-rise
opened on time.

Big picture,
tight ship.

Ah, the good old
glory days, yeah.

[ tapping keyboard ]

Your friend Stacy
was telling me all about them

while she filled
up my liquor cabinet.

Excuse me?

you fix that?

Although sometimes it's best
to throw away what's broken.

The question you have
to ask yourself, Nick,

is just how broken
are you?

[ beeping ]

I mean, you were
an absolute star.

Hey, look what
I found, Nick.

"Nick Davis,

Las Vegas's own
Cinderella story.

A walk-on with
a 90-foot run no one,

no one could

They loved you,

Didn't insurance
take care of your knee?

I wanted
back in,

so I started pushing
too hard in rehab

shot cortisone,

anything to deal
with the pain.

Insurance wouldn't
touch me after that.


How long after you blew out your
knee before she dumped you?

Oh, no, you dumped
her, right?

You wanted
to protect her...

so you dissolved
her position, right?

You know, when the banks
started failing,

I took out $20 million
to stay liquid.

My father's advisors
questioned my actions,

so I fired them.
[ slaps ]

Well done,
thank you.

I could fix
that knee for you.

I know a doctor in town
who would do a bang-up job.

Then you could
go back on the circuit.

Would you like



But you see, Nick,

your actions deserve
no such reward.

My actions are made
of necessity.

Yours come
from choice.

[ clicking ]

I don't steal,

do I, sir.

The information in that letter
does not belong to you.

You see?

You're a thief
and you don't even know it.

Sir, there has been a serious
misunderstanding here--

Yes, there has.

My father would have
had Berk Rockett

tase you once
or twice

and throw you off
the property.


I think going down those stairs all day on a bum knee

has made
you a little crazy.

I'll inform
your supervisor

that you'd rather
clean toilets.

Oh, if you see Stacy
before I do,

her my best.

You can go.

[ dance music playing ]

[ crowd cheering ]

So this is what
you did with the money.

Who wants
to make some money?

Step right up.

You know if it's Mo's operation,
it's gotta be rigged.

Of course it's rigged,

Did you bring
plenty of money?

Ready now?!

Get it on!

I bet $5,000
on the redhead.

The Blondie's
going down.

Can I make $5,000,
we're making it happen.

[ grunts ]

[ grunting ]

Whoo, come on Big Red,
get him!

[ crowd booing ]Ooh.


[ groans ]Oh, yes.

[ fighters grunting ]

I think Mo just screwed
you over, man.

Come on, you're getting
me that money back.

Hey, come on.

Hey, Mo, I need
that money back.

Hey, Nick.

That's too bad.

Taco here said
he wanted a sure thing.

Welcome to America,

Dude, you don't understand,
that's not my money.


Look, I borrowed some
money from your Tits jar.

"Tits jar"?

You know, for your
breast enlargement?

It's tips.

Tips jar,
you asshole.

That money was to send Carlitos to an autism research center.

Hey, you can win
the five grand back.

What, you want me to fight? Yeah.

Win the money
for her retard's school.

I got a big heart.

Yeah, well,
I got a bum knee.

Keep everything
above the waist.


[ crowd cheering ]

[ grunting ]

come on.

[ heavy breathing ]

[ groaning ]

Come on, Nick!

[ bones crack ][ yelling ]

[ crowd booing ]

[ crowd yelling ]

Who wants to make
some money?

Blondie here
is getting tired.

Step right up.

[ rattles fence ]Hey.

Hey, you wanna
be in the ring girl,

you're gonna have
to take off that dress

and pull the panties
up the crack of your ass.

[ cheering ]

This is not ladies'

I wanna fight
you, asshole.

[ yelling ]


Crazy bitch wants
to fight yours truly!

[ cheering ]

are the rules?

This is no rules,
darling honey.

Get it?

[ grunting ][ cheering ]

My son is not retarded!

[ yells ]
[ groans ]

[ rattling ]

Get it?

[ cheering ]
[ groaning ]

All bets off,

All bets off.

This how you saw
our lives turning out?


You wanna
be my friend?

Hurt Alex Stratholme.

Hurt him bad.

Stacy, what
did he do?

What did he do?

You know I will
do anything

that it takes to get
you that money back.

I'll even consider
listening to Jorge's plan.

Well, the casino
pulls in a lot of cash.

Just like
a bank,

they gotta remove the old stuff from circulation.

You know,
unusable bills.

Too wrinkled,
too weathered--

Yeah, well, it can't be more
than a couple thousand dollars.

$5,000 and Maria
gets her money back.

Yeah, or five-to-twenty
in the pen.

Jorge's on to
something, though.

Stratholme told me that when
the banks started failing,

he took out $20 million
and keeps it on-site.

What makes you think that
it's in the unusable bill vault?

Nevada state law.

Casino owners aren't
allowed unaccompanied

into the count room.

Not even in their own casinos.

This is our bathroom
in the B wing.


is the shortcut

between the old casino
and the new tower.

the adjoining wall

between the old
and new buildings.

Yeah, except there's
a 12-foot gap

in between
these walls.

That 12-foot gap is not on any plan I ever seen.


this is much too long
to be a vault.

It's got to be a corridor.

That's gonna have security
cameras, motion sensors.

Ay, hunda
la muerte.

What'd you say?Dead Man's Alley.

The vault door
must be closed

before the guard door is open, or else.

Or else what?

Or else you're
a dead man.

[ sighs ]

[ chewing ]

So you need me to burn
out that vault light.

It's a simple

[ sizzling ]

We do it.

I mean, Stratholme
has this coming to him.

I mean, he--thinks
that he can

play with people's

It's about time that somebody
wanted to teach him a lesson.

If you say so, chico.

Well, in that

we got about 10 days before
we lose access to the casino.

Drawing the walls
of the floor plan was easy.

The way
we figured it,

we knew where
Dead Man's Alley was.

Getting to it
was another story.

[ rattling ]

Can I help you?

Yeah, I was...sent
to clean up a mess.

But I don't have
a, uh...

It's an access

No, Nick,
you wouldn't have one.

[ electronic beep ]Go.

Go on.

If we were

somewhere in the bowels
of the original wing,

hid his $20 million.

[ locking ]

[ alarm blaring ]

So, where was this mess
supposed to be, Nick?

I don't know.
I couldn't find it.

I just saw a door and I walked through it.

Um, that's all.

Uh, what--did you think
I was gonna rob the place?

Uh, with a bucket
and a mop?

[ electronic beep ]

Let him go.


[ beeping ]

Why is my car booted?

My job to boot.

Two hundred
to get the boot off.

I watch you, you know?

What are you talking about?I love the American baseball.

[ tires screeching ]

Stay out of my way,

You fuckers! An asshole.

[ beeping ]

So what about
the boot?

[ sighing ]

Back, look, I make it go away.Well, that was handy.

Emil, um...

is a man of many

I am skilled at many things.

Hardware, software,

Tell a secret.

My father was in

a Soviet E.M.P. program.


That's a good reason
for you to let me on the team.

Thanks, Emil.

[ car door shuts ]

[ hitting ]

Run for it, Carlitos.



Hey, what
you got there?

The guy said
to give this to you.

What guy?The guy behind the tree.

Come on, it's time to eat. Carlitos?

Go on. Come on, Carlitos.

All right,

you can quit now or choose
to deal with the consequences.

Anybody wanna walk?

Nothing's changed.

All right,
we're running the first.

Let's do it.

Look, this is what
we use to get the money.

My own chupacabra.
I made it.

Watch this.

[ machine whirring ]

[ whistling ]

Hey, how's it going? Good, how are you doing?

Doing great.

It's about
fucking time.

[ electronic beep ]

[ rumbling ]

Nice, there
you go.

[ sizzling ]

[ alarm blaring ] Get out, move.

[ grunts ]

Code blue, lockdown
on station four, let's go!

General lockdown,
this fucks up my lunch.

Move, gentlemen!

Go, go, go, go!

Get off your

Camera's down on grid one,
check the vaults.

[ blaring continues ][ heavy breathing ]

[ typing ]

I need to know A-1 and 2
and 4 are locked down

as soon
as possible.

[ unlocking ]

Uh, yeah, this
is Rockett.

The room
is clear.

And...tell my little beaner
buddy I got his cart.

[ footsteps ]

Ah, here you go.

Ah, Jorgito.
What's up?

You guys are gonna
love this.

[ typing ]

We got them checking
the count room,

back of the house,


Looks like our target is almost last on their list.

That's a good
thing, right?

Did you see that,
during lockdown?

None of the guard
key cards work.

The card, chico.

Stratholme keeps one
of those cards on his desk.

Let's get it.

[ sighs ]

How many times have you been
in Stratholme's penthouse?

I don't know.

Have you ever seen,
like, this red card

in a candy dish
on his desk?


Why do you want
to hurt him?

He invited me up
to his penthouse...

I accepted
the invitation.

I woke up the next
morning in my car...

with no recollection
of what had happened.

I just remember him standing
over me taking pictures.

I have to get in there
and get on his computer.

They're not
on his computer.

How do you know that?All the memory cards,

he--keeps them in this
safe behind his desk.

Whatever your scheme
is with that little red card,

count me in.

I don't remember
what happened to me, but...

I can't shake it.

[ air blowing ]

When you get
to second base,

you put yourself
in scoring position.

Your team needs an extra
base hit to get you home.

How'd you get in here?

let me up.

[ clicking ]

I thought you were
mad at me.

[ inhales ]

Oh, I like you.

There's business
to attend to.


Job security,
I've heard.

[ camera flashes ]

From your boyfriend
Nick, no doubt.

all over with.

[ buzzing ]

The card's
not on his desk.

Don't worry
about it.

We'll get it
at the restaurant.

How do you know that's
where he's taking her?

'Cause that's where
he takes all his girls.

[ silence ]

[ motor accelerating ]

Wait, there they go.[ starts engine ]

[ music playing ]

Keep her close.

[ car doors shutting]

They serve dinner here?Oh, yeah.

[ music playing ]

Move down with them,
would you?

[ camera flashing ]

We're pulling the plug
on this now.

Hey, we need
the card, chico.

Very nice.

Rosedower, outside.

What'd I do?

[ chattering ]

[ sighs ]


Hey, are you lost?Uh, excuse me?

[ dancers chatter ]

[ sighs ]

if I join you?

[ chuckles ] Let's take this off.


[ giggling ]


[ chuckling ]


Oh, yeah.

[ laughter ]

Where you going?

Freshen up.

All is good
tonight, huh?



what are
you doing here?

Gotta have some
kind of hobby.

A hobby?

[ chattering ]

Look, half
is too much.

Uh, we're doing all the work,
we're taking all the risk.

[ laughing ]
Oh, no.

[ pats ]

[ phone vibrates ]

oh my goodness.

[ phone beeps ]

I apologize.

For what?

[ grunts ]

Okay, doll, here.

[ laughs ]

Um, looking
for this?

Yes, thank you, baby.[ giggles ]

[ grunting ]

For you.Oh, thank you.

Smile for the camera.

[ chuckles ]

[ grunting ]

[ whispering ]
We should go.

Can we go?

[ buzzing ]

They're coming out. Come on, let's go.

Come on, let's go,
they're coming.

[ car door shuts ]

So, where's
the valet?

These are me.

What's with
the cold feet?

You can't treat
me like this.

Obviously I can.

I said dinner,
what the hell was this?

I already took you
to dinner once, remember?

I remember.

And I don't remember
anything else.

[ heavy breathing ]

You blow this,
and I swear--

[ siren wailing ]

Stacy, when you get
your shit together, call me.

[ door slams,
engine starts ]

[ tires screeching ]

[ sighs ]

The guy said to give this to you.

What guy?

The guy behind the tree.

I bet on your ass
and you let me down.

[ horn honking ]

Hurry up,
man, come on.

[ tires screeching ]

Then I'll say,
"Raise the winner's hand."

Then I'll say,
"Yo, you fuckers!

Odds are six-to-one

that Blondie here
can beat--"

[ bangs ]

[ clattering ]

[ grunting ]

All right,
yeah, whoo.

Oh-- oh.

I'm supposed
to be scared

'cause you come in here
with your pet retard

and a baseball bat.

[ chuckles ]

Why didn't you bring
that bitch Maria?

Then I'd have something
to be a' scared of.

You better watch yourself,

That's my lady
you talking about.

Oh, love's a bitch,
ain't it?

I know it was
you, Mo.


You think that's
gonna work against us?

Man, you didn't tell me somebody was blackmailing us.

That's right,

All right,
shut the fuck up.

I want
50% of the take.


In your dreams.

How's it look
in my dreams?

Where I'm dreaming
about talking to the police.

I can talk
to the police.

Now you fucking
with a man's livelihood.

Half and all
will be well.

I planned this,
I got the team together,

I have access
to the entire casino.

[ coughing, laughing ]


They know what card
opens what door

and at what

Well, it's Stratholme's card,
so what's it gonna matter?

[ sniffs ]

How long before he finds
out that the card's gone...

and who took it?

You want
a cut?

Help us.

You want
me to help you?

[ chuckling ]

Then you
got problems.

How do we dupe
the card?

I stage
fights here.

I'm not MacGyver.

Can you get me the names
and addresses

of all the Olympus

That I can do.

For a cut, of course.

[ knocking ]


Emil, do you want
to play ball?

[ unlocks door ]

What you need?

I'm sorry, I'll--come
back tomorrow if that's--

No, what
you need?

I--need a card

You want a working card free of charge?

No, I just need
to get in a door.

The best place
to talk is in here.


[ Russian music playing ]

Inside, that's
where we talk.

[ laughing ]

Emil--Shut door.

Emil, I--Inside.

Aw, come on.

Sit down.

Emil, what--We must be careful.

We must be careful.

They're listening.

Who--is listening?They're listening.

[ radio tuning ] Homeland--Security...

KGB, the mob,
casino bosses.

They want
to listen, them.

Okay...High-speed frequency skipper.

No one track,
so what you want?

To get into a door and not leave a trace.

[ sighs ]
Might be a little tough.

[ sighs ]

And when
you say "tough"...

[ laughs ]

I mean expensive.

This card is registered
by owner.

I'm guessing you don't
want to register.


[ machine buzzing ]

Built it myself.

Take the red key and put
in the bottom here, like so.

Yes, the card.


[ machine whirring, beeping ]

[ chuckles ]

Out comes card.

[ laughs ]

Then all the information
from the red one

will be on the card.

It open
all your doors

and register
as any user we wish.


Am I on the team now?

Why don't you show
me what else you got?

What is this thing?It's a Taser.

It's not a Taser.

It's a garage door
opener, so what?

It's called an E.M.P.What's an E.M.P.?

An electromagnetic pulse.

It emits gamma rays which,
when activated,

disables all
electrical equipment.

Phones, cameras...

[ sighs ]

and computers.

This one has a range of about
15', give or take.

Give me a hand,

[ bell ringing ]

Can I help you?

Changing the flowers,

Mr. Stratholme.

The difference between
a regular squeeze

and a suicide squeeze is you're coming home no matter what.

Safe or out,
there is no in between.

In a ball game,
you wait for the next inning.

In this game,
you're dead.

[ bell ringing ]

[ sighing ]

Are you still going
to go through with it?

Yes, sir.

This afternoon.

You want your family
to come over, right?


Use this,

And don't fuck
it up.

You can go.

[ sighs ]

If anybody wants out,
now's the time.

[ clicks ]

[ beeps, sizzling ]

[ dialing ]

[ electronic beep ]

[ clicking ]

[ buzzing ]

[ chattering ]

It's much worse
than they thought.

That whole circuit
looks fried.

I'm gonna need
to call in some help.

Hey, like I told you--If we don't call some help,

this whole circuit
is not gonna come back on.

Well how long
is this gonna take?

Uh, hours?

I want you outta here quicker
than shit through a goose.

I got a break
coming up.

I need
my coffee.

If I don't get my coffee,
I get cantankerous.

[ beeping ]

[ beeps ]

Hold on, hold on. What's going on?

Why are the lights out,

why are the lights
out right now?

[ chattering ]

Hey, hey, hey, everybody.

Settle down
and get focused.

Get some headsets
and start making your rounds.

Follow protocol.

This way, this way.All clear.

Can't see anything.

[ shouting ]

Get me a new cell phone. Yes, sir.

Let's go, move.

[ chattering ]

[ grunts ]

[ alarm sounding ][ clamoring ]

[ music playing ][ chattering ]

baby cakes.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hey, what are
you doing here?

Jorge's saying
he needed the help.

Jorge, what about
Nick's orders?

not here, is he?

If I go to prison,
would you visit me?

You're not going
to prison.

Maria, if I go
to prison,

you visit me?

Okay, sure.

If you go to prison,

I will come
and see you...

once a week.

No, I can't hold.

My internal
system has failed.

Put me through to
your operations manager, now.

Can you run
a lockdown system check for me?

[ scraping ]

[ banging ]

Listen to me,

You have Carlitos
to think of.

[ smashing ]

When we're done,
I'll come and get you.

And if we get
out of this,

I will treat
you like my queen.

But, baby, if they catch us,
I need you to tell them

that I locked
you in this closet

and you had nothing
to do with it.


[ sniffling ]

Ah, good luck.

Oh, all right,
baby, are you okay?

You better watch your back
because when you come back

and open
this door,

I'm gonna kick
your ass.

[ buzzing ]

[ switching on ]

What the hell is that?The grid is overcharging.

It is?
Oh, shit.

Let's get out of here,

Are the phones
back up yet?

Two seconds,
there we go.

I need to hear from the vaults
and the counting room.

Go on!

Close that door
and stand behind it.

[ music playing ]

Señor Rockett,
this is our main man.

Why is he wearing
a mask?

[ sneezes violently ]Shit, son.

Come with me.

[ unusual accent ]
Sir, we have an overcharging

We're going to need
to close this door

in order so that we can
complete the circuit,

find out what the source
of the...interrupt is.

What?Yeah--up there.

Uh, half the groundings in
the door--pin connector thing.

When it closes, we can trace
the identification

of where the power
isn't flowing electronically

to the transducer

You can stay inside
with us, if you like.

[ sneezes violently ]

Fuck it.

I need
my coffee.

[ electric screwdriver
whirring ]

Okay, gentlemen.

I want every door checked,
every cabinet.

[ gasping ]

Come on, what
are you doing?

If you find anything suspicious,
you give me a call.

Hey, where's

I told her
to come, too.

Now where does Stratholme
keep his money, man?

This--there ain't shit
in here.

Holy shit.


Cállate, pendejo.

[ spraying ]

[ clanging ]

Where's Nick?

[ grunting ]

Hopefully where
he's supposed to be.

Excuse me?
Dropping off.

What's in it? I don't know.

They just told
me to drop it off.

It's your
problem now.

This going up
to Stratholme's residence?

Like I said,
your problem.

[ air blowing ]

[ bell ringing ]

Come on, asshole.

Put it down.


[ bell ringing ]

Hey, hey, Alex.

Good to see you.Hey, Hal.


[ laughing ]

You like the new girl?Yeah, she's cute.

[ phone rings ]


[ air blowing stops ]

It's jammed.

Shit.Too much fucking money.

[ panting ]

Ah, fuck, man.

There's nothing
we can do, man.

[ gasping ]
Man, look.

We gotta get
out of here.

Come on, let's--

what are you doing?

[ phone beeps ]

[ banging ]

[ crashing ]

[ banging ]

Here, babe.

Take a walk.

[ machine starting ]It's working, come on.

Come on!

[ chattering ]

[ beeping ]

[ bell ringing ]

[ air blowing ]

[ clicking ]

Holy shit, what the fuck
are you two doing?

Goddamn sons
of bitches.

I'm gonna--

[ grunts ]

[ thuds ]

are you doing?

Berk, Berk, Berk
what's your twenty?

Come on,
answer him.

Rockett, you still
want that coffee?

Uh, no, that's

Rockett?Nope, all good here.

[ bell ringing ]

Let's kick
some ass today.

You're an idiot.

What is your code,

Donkey?[ alarm blaring ]


Stop, down
on your knees!

Come on, Nick.

What are you doing?

[ no audible dialogue ]

[ sizzling ]

He's a bad man,


Compared to who,

Come on, Franklin,
my knee.

May I get up?


[ grunts ]

[ blaring continues ]

up here!

[ heavy breathing ]

this is scout.

Don't move!

You were right,


He was stealing from
the company fridge.

[ heavy breathing ][ wind blowing ]

[ breathing faster ]

[ beeping ]

[ alarm sounding ]

[ gasping ]


Jesus Christ.

Are you okay?

I got your
pictures, Stace.

That's not important
right now.

Nothing happened.

Nothing happened.

saw me jump.

So what
do we do?

Split up, follow
the plan.

[ gasps ]

Come on.

[ chattering ]

So he locked
you in the closet, huh?

Don't push
it, Jorge.

Hey, stop
right there.

God damn it,
take this, Scott.

You, come here.

Come here.

Where do you think
you're going?

It's knock-off

We're in lockdown.

Ain't nobody
knocking off anything.

If I don't dispose
of this waste,

it will be here
until tomorrow, man.

Oh, wait
a minute.

You were with that beaner
kid in the vault.

You tasered me and then
broke my nose.


I was vacuuming toilets
on the second floor, man.

Oh, yeah?

Make a move,

Go ahead, tip that
damn thing over.

Go on!

[ banging ]

[ splashing ]

[ groaning ]

Told you, man, I ain't cleaning
that shit up either.

Good luck
to you.


From the help's

The busser,
where did he go?

Do we involve Metro?

No, this is nothing
I can't handle.

No one talks
to the police

unless I say we talk
to the police, you understand?

Understood, sir.

[ cranking ]


I need this
truck moved.

Truck illegally parked.

My job to boot.

Take the boot
off the truck now.

You want--

okay, okay.

I'll do it.

[ jingling ]


[ clicking ]

Ah, ah, no![ jingling ]

Put your gun away,

That's it, empty
your locker.

You're fired.

Right you are, my friend.

Right you are.

Pack it up.

[ tires screeching ]

[ engine starting ]

[ groans ]

Turn it off.


Okay, Mo.

[ panting ]

[ engine stopping ]

in the bag?


Don't jerk
me around, taco.

If you can help me,

maybe I can help
you, too.

More than you could
ever imagine.

Talk to me.

[ knocking ]

[ phone ringing ]

Jorge? Where have you been?

What's going on,
did--Jorge show up?

No, no.

I can't get Stacy on the phone.

She said she'd call
as soon as she got home

and it's been
an hour.

Nick, I have a really bad feeling about this.

Where's Carlitos?

I--sent him
to his tia's.

Nick, where's
the money?

We got the money,
all right?

Don't worry
about that.

Just lay low
and keep safe.

[ whispers ]

[ beeps ]

[ sighs ]

Nick says they have the money.

All right,
all right.

[ laughter ]

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God.

Nick has control
of the money.

And now we just
sit tight and wait.

[ music playing ] [ chattering ]

[ laughter ]

You never told
the police?

My job is to do
whatever it takes

to protect
Alex Stratholme.

We involve the police,
then we get bad press.

Not in our best

What in the hell
are you doing?

[ beeps ]

are you going?

Get back--

[ explosion ]

[ shattering ]

You got your orders,
I got mine.

What orders?

Stratholme ordered this?

Like you said,

We gotta do what
we gotta do

get the job done.

We'll see about that.[ starts engine ]

[ rings, buzzing ]

[ techno music playing ]

[ chattering ]

[ phone ringing ]

[ buzzing ]

Hello, Nick.

[ thuds ]

Damn it, Mo.

[ laughs ]

[ engine stopping ]

[ keys jingling ]

All right, we got him,
we're coming in.

[ camera clicking ] [ chuckling ]

[ sighs ]

doll face.

Mmm mmm mm.

[ heavy breathing ]

Where is she?


you've only got
about 30 minutes.

Do you really want
to spend that time

discussing the women
in our lives?

What's up, Nick?

You really thought
you hit a home run,

huh, little buddy?

[ chucking ]


We were hemorrhaging
money this year.

Cutting the pensions,
the benefits, the jobs...

wasn't gonna
save me.

[ inhales ]

I wanted you to find
that vault.

I wanted you to steal
my money.

The insurance alone covers
my losses for the year,

plus some.

Especially considering the fact
I'm getting my money back.

Now, where
is it?

[ spits ]


He said he'd only
talk to Nick.

We're all ears.

Have a seat.

No hard feelings,
okay, Nick?

[ heavy breathing ]

Fuck you, chico.

You'd do the same

if you were
in my position, Nick.

Except I wouldn't have
killed my friends.

What makes you think
they were my friends, huh?

A single puta madre
and her wannabe boyfriend?

Come on, Nick.
[ grunting ]

[ chair scrapes ]

[ panting ]

Nick, come on.

[ gunshots ]

[ heavy breathing ]

[ grunts ]
You fucked up now.

Where the hell
is the money?

[ groaning ]

I want my money,

Okay, bury him.

And none of that too-shallow, dug-up-by-the-coyotes crap.

All right...

I'm your head
of security, Alex.

Yes, you are.

I'm supposed to make sure
this place is safe and secure.

But this
is neither.

You robbed yourself?

I don't dispose
of dead bodies, Alex.

And I sure as hell don't
cover up for your crimes.

Now it's one thing

to take care of the business
the police can't or won't,

but this is a line
I won't cross.

So you're telling me no.

Let's just say
you chose to let me go,

along with
everybody else.

All right.

I'm sorry, kid.

Far as I'm concerned,
you all made your own beds.

I'll get it out of him
if he won't.

[ heavy breathing ]

[ door closing ]

Nick, Nick, Nick.

Rule number one.

Never try to rob a casino.

Rule number two.

Always do what
I ask of you

as quickly
as possible.

Now tell me,

what did you do with
my money?

Maybe we should
ask Jorge.

Oh, he's not
saying a word.

Everybody's a comedian.

[ inhales ]

Rule number three.

Never let the man who makes
the rules leave the room.

Remind me, which
one is the bad knee?

Oh, let me guess.

Sorry, Nick,
but I gotta go.

I got a date
with your girlfriend.

[ clicking ]
[ panting ]

Be sure to get me
the after shot, would ya?

Look at me.

look at me.

Ready for some

No, no!

[ laughing ]

[ muffled yelling ]

[ bone crunches ] [ crying ]

Tell us where
the money is.

[ bangs ]

[ siren wailing ]

[ clicking ]

Take a load off,
doll face.

Nick and Maria?

They're all in the past, darling.

[ camera flashing ]

Why do you insist on taking
those pictures, Alex?

Because you are
so beautiful.

What'd you
do to me?

[ laughing ]

Wouldn't you like
to know?

[ thuds ]
[ grunts ]

[ groans ] No!
Stacy, don't!

But I saw you
shoot him.

You had it wrong,

[ gunshot ]

Our kind stick


[ explosion, shattering ]

I have a bad feeling
about this.

Oh, shoot,
turn it off.

[ screaming ]

[ clapping ][ laughter ]

A plastic bag?

What the--

You're lucky I didn't...You fuck, are you kidding me?

[ grunting ]

Thought you could
use me, huh?

That we're all like you,
out for ourselves?

I'll have
you all arrested.

Only if you go
to the police.

We're pretty sure
you won't be doing that.

Done a thorough count
of what's missing?

My pictures?

So what?

It's not just

You have a lot of files
in there, lots of numbers.

Oh, those numbers
are no good.

They're nothing.

The real books?

The real
company finances?

You know, the ones
that show how you stole

from your faithful
employees' pensions

and turned it into
a cash prize for...

[ echoing ]
one lucky player?

My family built
this place from nothing.

I was just doing
what needed to be done.

One more thing.

I wanted you to find
that vault.

I wanted you to steal
my money.

[ snaps ]

the matter, Alex?

You of all people
ought to know

not to drink from
an open container.

[ drips ]

[ heavy breathing ]

[ gulps ]

[ bangs ]
[ gasps ]

Let's go.

[ smashing ]

This is a list of all
the Olympus employees

and their bank
account numbers.

Including the ones that were
fired in the last two years.

How difficult would it be
to distribute that money

into these accounts?

this is hard.

So how much
would it cost?

[ clicks ]

This one--
I will--do for free.

Guess I was wrong
about you.

And you managed to pull off
that suicide squeeze, too.

[ speaking softly ]

Keep a low profile
with your cash.

IRS will steal
you blind.

Come on, poopsie.

Hey, Maria.

Remember sometimes like
family is better than blood.

What's up, chico?What are you gonna do?

You gonna go back
and become the mayor

of Chihuahua
or something?

I don't know.

But you know,

it's probably better
if you never find out.

All right,

take care of yourself, man.You, too.

[ laughing ]


[ door slams ]

[ rock music playing ]

[ phone rings ]

Hey, chico.

I have another business
opportunity for you.

Mucho dinero, man.

Are you in?