Stealing Heaven (1988) - full transcript

Abelard, a respected philosopher and teacher in 12th-century Paris, is hired to tutor the intelligent and beautiful Heloise. They soon fall in love, but must hide their affection because Abelard is sworn to celibacy. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
My Lady?

She's asking for the crucifix.

I understand.

No. I don't understand.

Sister Cecilia,
you say all knowledge comes from God.

All true knowledge.

False knowledge
is not knowledge.

The devil

can twist the truth.

No, he can perhaps
create falsehood.

But I asked a perfectly
reasonable question.

I will not discuss it.

Mankind presumably reproduces itself
in the same way as the animal kingdom.


God created man in his own
image, that is true?

Yes, that is in Holy Writ.

Then, if man has
organs of reproduction,

it is logical to suppose
that God also has...


Your argument is that,
if God Almighty created man in his image,

then God also must have
certain parts of...

It is an interesting
theological point

to which Holy Writ,
to my knowledge, finds no answer.

That is why I asked
Sister Cecilia.

She's my teacher,
she should know.

I would not have
this child blaspheme.

And Sister Cecilia told you,
quite correctly in my opinion,

that the private parts of
God Almighty form no part

of a lesson on the Holy Gospel
according to Saint Mark.

I shall speak to
her most severely.

Now, I must not keep you
from your other pupils.

Reverend Mother.

Oh, child. My child.

It is an enchanting question.

I'm sure you think them
up purely to annoy.

Why do you have to make Sister
Cecilia's life such purgatory?

But she's such a...

A fool. I know.

But charity, child.

Oh, well, she will only have
to suffer for a few more days.

Your uncle wants
you back in Paris.

Oh, Paris? Paris.

When do I go?

Reverend Mother,
I shall miss you so much.

I'm not long for this world
and you have but two choices.

To be the bride of man
or the bride of Christ.

And you have no
calling for the church.

Help me up.

The Bishop of Paris will
be returning from Rouen.

He will pass this way in a few
days and you can join his party.

But if he speaks to
you, please remember

that education in
women is frowned upon.

And for you it could
be very dangerous.

So, my child,

no discussions about the
loins of the Creator!

Marie, Marie, I'm leaving!
I'm leaving!

Oh, yes, my dear.

I have something for you.

Oh, what is it?

Ah, my old mother
made one for me.

I made one for you.

Burn it. If the smoke is
sweet, he'll be true to you.

But if it is bitter...

No, it won't be, my dear.

My dear.

Reverend Mother. No.



Your Grace.

Charming. Charming.

I know her uncle. Fulbert. He's a canon
of my cathedral. He has many qualities.

I'm so glad.

Mostly those of an
Andalusian horse dealer.

Oh, I see.

I understand he
wishes her married.

Knowing the dear
canon, well married.

She better ride with me.

Goodbye, Reverend Mother.
I'll remember you always.

God bless you and keep you.

The Gadarene swine,
for instance.

The Gadarene swine?
But what's your difficulty my dear?

It's all perfectly simple.

Our Lord banished the evil spirit into
the swine who then destroyed themselves.

But what were the swine doing
there in the first place?

A pig was an unclean
animal to the Jews.

Who would they belong to?


Do you know,
I haven't the slightest idea!

Vice Chancellor, it was most considerate
of the bishop to escort my niece.

Remarkable work on the
cathedral building fund.

I congratulate you.
His Grace is in your debt.

I was owed favors,
Vice Chancellor.

Master Abelard is turning
this place into a madhouse.

He's too popular
with this rabble.

Indeed! He's turning
the cathedral schools

into a place of entertainment.

Brilliant he may be...

Brilliance has its
place, but not adulation.

Suger, why is there no
work on the north tower?

The masons, Your Grace,
they are Flemish.


Canon Fulbert,
a most delightful child.

Latin, Greek.

She has the accomplishments
of a man twice her age.

Quite delightful.

I shall come to dinner.

It would be an honor, Your Grace.
I trust...

Greetings, Uncle.

Well done. Well done, my child.
Well done!

Well done.

The bishop is coming to dinner.

Patience, my child. Patience.

Agnes. Petronilla.

Oh, Uncle.

It's the most beautiful
place I've ever seen.

All my friends tell
me I have a flair.

Well, I hope it will suit until
we have decided upon your future.

My Lord sent me out to
buy you some pretties.

as a canon of the church,

I know little of such things.

Notre Dame will be the
finest cathedral ever.


But finding the money to match the city's
aspirations will need some business tact.

Aren't the merchants' intentions
to show their aspirations

to the glory of God? Oh, yes.

And to the glory
of the merchants.

Master Poussin has
arrived, my Lord.

Excellent, I'll come at once.
Perhaps you'll join me later on.

Of course, Uncle.

For a toe of the blessed St.

I couldn't let it
go for under 200.

No, no, of course you couldn't.

Perhaps this would interest you.

Some of the very straw upon which
the Christ child lay in the manger.

Would it be more or less?

Surely, it would be hay.

What? Hay. No animal would eat
straw, it was a manger.

Hay, yes, possibly hay.

Oh, you know my niece and the bishop
who greatly admires her intelligence

were in deep
discussion only today.

Could you give me until
today a week to decide?

Of course, no trouble.

On another matter,
it's time my son was married.

Perhaps you would
consider an alliance.

we must certainly discuss it.

You know, he is already
squire to the Baron Rochais.

Well, until next week
then, Master Poussin.

Man's practically a tradesman.

If it takes him a week to
think about buying a relic,

then he certainly isn't
in the market for you!

I would have offered him
the foreskin of our Lord,

but he couldn't
come near the price.

I thought that was at St.
Mark's in Venice.

Yes, it is, that's true,
yes, there is one there.

Then how can it possibly...

Oh, my dear child,
these sacred relics

can reproduce themselves,
it's part of their miraculous nature.

And if some of
them are perhaps...


Uh, replicas. Who am I to judge?

Now, a peasant kneels
down before one and prays.

God hears his prayer and
he gets up a better man.

I don't... Thus we've
done some good.

Both for God and for man.

Have we not?

"Thou shalt not kill."

And yet, in the book of Samuel,

praise is heaped on two of
Israel's greatest kings.

For being men of peace?


Saul has slain thousands
and David ten thousands.

But Israel was under attack.
It was kill or be killed.

I enter self defense!

Not so!
The commandment does not say,

"Thou shalt not kill,
except in self defense!"

Yes! Yes! But the commandments are
for the guidance of ordinary men.

Kings are ordained
by God himself.

Therefore, they speak in God's
name when a man is hanged

or an enemy put to the sword.
God speaks through them.

And his bishops.

Then when two Christian kings are at
war, does God speak through both?

One must be false.

Are we to question
the ways of God?

Perhaps he wishes to
punish both nations.

Then why give the commandment
in the first place?

And now, consider this.

He's a dangerous revolutionary.

Arguments, disputations, is that any way
to teach the established word of God?

Meanwhile your lectures
are half empty? Hmm?

Senior members of the
Convocation are ignored.

I tell you,
he's nothing more than a demagogue.

He lives with his students,
eats with them, drinks with them.

If he wasn't a teacher,
and therefore by custom chaste,

I swear by heaven he
would sleep with them.

You are right, there are certain
proprieties to be observed.

There is much to lead
one astray in this world.

And towards hell in the next.

Is it nobler to resist
temptation or to avoid it?

What is temptation?

Temptation is finding the
best looking whore in Paris,

bending down to
smell her flower.

No, that's lust!

Temptation would be if you
had found a piece of silver

in the gutter 30 seconds before.

What is noble?

To see who dropped the piece
of silver and give it back.

Is that avoiding
temptation or resisting it?

I'd call it stupidity.

You, my dear Francois,
would probably pocket the silver

and jump on the whore anyway.
That would be greed.

Curfew! Curfew!
By order of Vice Chancellor Suger!


You beast! You beast! Lady.
Lady, be calm.

You just dump that poor little
boy and then you steal the money!

I was collecting it.

It would have been
stolen in seconds.

What are you going
to do with it?

Give it to his
parents, of course.

And where are they?

They must be here somewhere.

We can't just leave the body
by the side of the road.

But perhaps we can help.

Thomas, tell them,
I will not be teaching until noon.

Go to each street and
search for the parents.

To touch these
would be sacrilege.

They will be quite safe.


I know who he is. I'll take him.

One of Suger's men, wasn't it?
They're like animals.

I'll take you home. Thank you.

But I live just there.

Then you are Heloise.

The Gadarene swine would
have belonged to the Romans.

The bishop spoke of you.

Who is he?

Lady, you cannot have
been in Paris long.

That is the great
teacher, Peter Abelard.

Jourdain de Planissole,
if I can ever be of service,

ask any of the scholars.

Thomas, you were born backwards.

My Lord,

you've never been with
a woman in your life?

You're a man like other men.

When I was young, like you,
I had girls by the dozen.

Every experience in life was
there to be savored to the full.

Then I found my vocation
as a philosopher.

But, like other men,
you accept tradition without logic.

The unwritten law that teachers
in the school remain celibate.

For me it's much more personal.

God, has entrusted
me with a great gift.

He has ordained that
teaching is my life.

For my part,
I must carry my side of the bargain.

If I were to take a woman,
I would be flying in the face of my maker.

Spitting in the face of God.

Don't you understand?
He would take away his gift.

Damn me for all eternity.

And he would be right.

This is a terrible price.

Too high for me.

There's a girl down the street who
can get me standing like a crocus.

Crocus? That's a brute.

♪ Once I had glimpsed those
twin peaks of her breasts

♪ Then could my passion-crazed
soul find no rest

♪ Oft in my dreams I
would fuel her desire

♪ Kissing,
caressing to set her on fire

♪ At last releasing
from sorrow increasing

♪ And travail unceasing
I'll consummate bliss

♪ Sealed with a kiss,
sealed with a kiss

♪ Sealed with a kiss

♪ Oh, that the end of
my dreams could be this

♪ Sealed with a kiss,
sealed with a kiss

♪ Sealed with a kiss

♪ Oh, that the end of my dream

♪ Could be this

Stop this!

As long as you have lodgings in this
house, there'll be none of that.


And you think I want a woman?

Yes, indeed, Madam,
she's well educated.

She speaks the Latin and,
of course, has the Greek.

Which she learned
at the convent.

The bishop, indeed,
was most impressed with her.

Now what about the settlement on her
son, my great nephew?

In any event,
not until maturity.

Or upon pledge of marriage?

Very well.
Two hundred cattle and pasture.

With a dowry chest.

Not less than 50 ells of linen.

That's satisfactory.

Oh, I'm sure we
can come to terms.

Here's Gaston.

For you, Heloise!
I'll teach you to hunt if you like.

Please, Uncle, I beg you!
Gaston, can't even read!

And they all smell like sties!

My dear, young Lamarck
will inherit the title.

Thirty two manors and
an income of thousands.

I beg, Uncle.

In time your son, my great
nephew, will be the baron.


They're almost as greedy
as that damned convent.

Oh, very well, little one.

The thought of that lout
bedding you is really too much.

Shh! Shh!

Where's the bed?


I don't think this
is very funny.

Oh, don't be so pompous.
It's just a joke.

Master Abelard,
your rent is due tomorrow.

Then tomorrow you
shall have your rent.

If I pay you now,
you would be in my debt,

and I'm sure you
would not want that.

Shh! He's arrived.

Is it more noble to resist
temptation or to avoid it, my Lord?

You must have cost those
devils a pretty penny.

Get dressed.

No, not yet, my Lord.

Come over here.

How long did they pay you for?

All night, my Lord. All night.

Then I suggest we lie down.

I bet he doesn't do
it. I bet he does.

A philosopher? Never.
He said he wouldn't.

He's made a contract with God.

God doesn't have legs like that.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Pay up.

this is going to cost me a fortune!

Right. Then let's go.

No, she might make it yet.

They told me I'd get another 20
pieces of silver if you mounted me.

You shall have
your money anyway.

God, it's the watch!

Out! Out! Out!

Get out! Get out!

You stink, Suger!

Your Grace!
This time he has gone too far.

Lying with a common courtesan!

Without, however,
the expected result.

Whose word have we for that?

A woman of the streets.
The wretches who hired her.

He brings the schools, the
city, Your Grace's person,

all of us into disrepute!

He challenges
established knowledge!

God's word from the
mouth of a fornicator!

I agree.

His behavior ill becomes a
teacher of these schools.

But his success and his
reputation brings acclaim

to our cathedral.

His fame brings visitors
who bring trade,

and he brings money to Paris.

We will speak with him.

You doubt my chastity?

No, no, no.

But I'm probably the only member
of Convocation who doesn't.

I know,
they object to the way I teach.

Certainly they
do. They're jealous.

Of course. And lack the
sprit of the times.

All this debating,
why need your students speak at all?

It's better for them to learn to cut
their own meat than to be fed pap.

Why should we...

Enough! I won't have
you disputing with me.

I'm merely instructing
you to mend your ways.

And to begin with I intend to find
you respectable lodgings, you agree?

It's time you were
bored a little.

May I choose my own executioner?

Welcome, Master Abelard.


The prioress wrote to me.

She said there was nothing
more she could teach the child.

Never spent a more
enjoyable journey.

One didn't expect to discuss the
Gadarene swine with your niece.

I had an aunt once,
ended up as an abbess at Caen.

Brilliant woman.
Looked like the back of a flat iron.

Must have been 40 when I knew her.
Dead now, of course. Must be.

I hear you took her out
to meet Lamarck's boy.

Fine estates, rich, too!

Oh, really?
I thought we were to discuss my son.

Preliminary discussion.

With a mind like hers,
I must consider these things.

My son has Latin and Greek.

And, of course,
Lamarck only inherits a barony.

There's plenty of time to think
of marriage, isn't there, my dear?

Well, of course, my child.
Of course.

The younger son of a duke,
nothing less, I'd say.

You're trespassing.

On my thoughts.

Why did you leave? I
have a headache.

That's the reason you
gave, I asked the reason.

I couldn't bear being
talked of as a thing.

Tell me what you like to read.

Philosophy. Science.

Mathematics. Astronomy.

Theology? Some.

Romances? No.

Did you read this?

It's probably as well.
I was translating from Catullus,

one of his more
bawdy love poems.

He would never talk
of a woman as a thing.

Good night, my Lord.

Good night, Heloise.

Well, I'm delighted you feel you can
come and go as you please in my house.

Good morning.

Your niece has asked to borrow some
of my books. Naturally, I agreed.

Well, you're most
kind, most generous.

I wondered if you would like
me to guide her studies.

Oh, don't concern yourself with
her accomplishments. Some wine?

I mentioned the
idea to the bishop.


And what was his opinion?

He said it could only
bring luster to your name.

Oh, well,
I certainly see no objection.

None whatever. Please.

Surely a law is a law! Who are we to
pick and choose which we will obey?

Because Holy Mother Church
differentiates between...

On whose authority?

Where is such authority to be
found in the New Testament?

Our Lord said,
"I come not to destroy but to fulfill."

On the authority of the saints.

How many saints did
our Lord create?

Our Lord picked apostles who...

Have later have been made
saints, except one.

How do we know that Judas
was not doing God's will?

The God of the Old Testament
is so different from our Lord.

The old's a God of vengeance,
the new, a God of love.

How can one believe in
both? Enough, enough, enough.

Whatever God it is, I thank him that
you're not in my public classes.

I would rather argue with the
Sacred College of Cardinals.

No, I would rather argue with you
than with anyone in the world.

The College of Cardinals
would be much easier.

Have you read any of
the classic poets?

Have you?

How do you define poetry?

Surely it defines itself!


Then it is memorable prose.

A mirror held to truth,
then written down.


Very good. I'll remember that.

I've read your poems,
too. Mirrors held to truth?

No, memorable prose.

Father, I've sinned.

My mind has been filled
with carnal lust.

I'm not surprised, my son.

You're not?

She's one of the most
beautiful creatures in Paris.

To find her naked in your
bed and sin only in the mind,

I think you ought to be
congratulated, not pardoned.

But that's all behind you now.

How's my friend the canon?

You're not dead of boredom yet?

No, my Lord, but badly wounded.

He tells me you're a
model of good behavior.

Not before time.

My penance, Father?


Oh, yes.

Four Paternosters, quite enough.

It doesn't matter. Yes, it does.

It does matter.

Leave me, for God's sake, leave.

You're hurting me!

Does temptation come from God?
Or the devil?

When did our Lord
Christ tempt anyone?

But God tempted Abraham.

He put Job to the test.
Again and again.

How can anything evil come from God?
It is impossible. It's a contradiction.

Then who created the devil?

Not our savior, whose
birthday, if you had forgotten,

is tomorrow.

You owe me a kiss, my Lady.

Christmas, it is the custom.

Is it?

Is it the custom, my Lord?

It's practically the law.

Master Abelard, good night.

Heloise, I'm going to bed.

Do you not owe me
something, my Lord?

It is the custom.

It is practically the law.

Our Lord was betrayed by a kiss.

That was preordained.

Is this?

From the beginning of time.

You smell of incense,
like a church.

It was a charm.

All's well! Christ is born!

All's well!

Where have you been?

Trying to make
peace with my God.

I've tried very hard
to feel I've sinned.

All through mass.

All I can feel is happy.

Yes. Yes.

Then you feel it, too?

It must never happen again.

I was cold.

So was I.

Why? Why does it happen?

I hear your voice every
minute of the day.

I see your face in the firelight.

My love, I'm breaking
every canon of the law.

And every law of hospitality.

So am I!

I know,
but it can't go on forever.


Play on, Master Abelard,

I expect no mercy and I give none.
You're on check.

I would have thought
as a logician...

No mercy. Huh? Done.


He likes to win, remember.

Double check.


Check mate. Hmm?


Hmm, you are a man to be
watched, my friend!

Not now.


Who said so?

St. John, in his first epistle,
states that God is love.

One century before,

Publilius Syrus claimed
that a God could hardly love

and be wise at the same time!

Master Abelard?

Your Grace.

For weeks now,
I have waited at the usual time

for your confession,
but in vain.

How long must I wait?
How long must He wait?

I've been remiss, my Lord.

It's been the busiest time
of the year for school.

Yes. Yes. Of course.

Almighty God,
my friend, see's all.

He knows all.

But now and again he likes
to hear it from our own lips.

Remember that.

I will.

God save Your Grace.

A God can hardly love and
be wise at the same time.

A philosopher can hardly love

and keep his vows
at the same time!

I have sinned, Father,
I need absolution.

Hmm, you wish for absolution?

But are you prepared
to repent of your sin?

I'm a teacher, Father.

What is your sin?


You find it difficult
to repent of this sin?

Yes, Father.


I love her, Father,

with my mind, with my body,
I have no sense of sin.

You have allowed your emotions

to corrupt the beliefs
of your religion.

But you know as well as I,

that to absolve you is
impossible unless you repent.

Go, and peace be with you.

Then in our eyes,
yours and mine.

I will never belong to another.

How can a God of
love not forgive?

How can he not
look kindly on us?

I've gone against His will

and I've done it willingly
and of my own choice.

How can I fight your
God when he is not mine?

We are one always.

Watch me catch a feather!

You'll never catch one. Never!

I will! I will! There!

A dove's feather, it means love!

This will be my own holy relic.

And I proclaim this
to be a holy day.

Because I can never be happier than I am.
Never. Ever.

I thought you were in Rouen.

I changed my plans.

Even for a piece
of the True Cross,

the asking price was a scandal.

Where have you...

The sun was so warm...

We were studying St.
Augustine, his confessions.

Oh, I know them well. What part?

His discourse on theft.

You will remember
he stole some pears.

So we were walking
in an orchard.

So, my dear,

what point did the good
saint wish to make?

He said, what he enjoyed
was the sin of theft

much more than the
theft of the pears.

Did I get that right, my Lord?

Right, quite right! Very good.

She's making
remarkable progress.

What are you doing?

This one's getting worn.

I thought you might
give it to me.

Why should I do that?

We want to stay
friends, don't we?

Nonsense, Jourdain,
this is part of your education.

These plays are a
Christian tradition.

Daniel to the lion's
den was thrown!

To please the devil
and the ravenous beast.

Who'd tear his soul
and body for a feast.

But Daniel kept his
soul for God alone!

And so, sinless he
holds the beast at bay.

Yet should some sinful
thoughts cross his soul,

then I shall exact

my just and rightful toll.
Ha ha!

And he is mine
forever and a day.

♪ Once I kissed those
twin peaks of her breasts

♪ Then could my passion-crazed
soul find no rest

♪ Oft in my dreams,
I would fuel her desire

♪ Kissing,
caressing to set her on fire

♪ At last releasing
from sorrow increasing

♪ And travail unceasing
I'll consummate bliss

♪ Sealed with a kiss

♪ Sealed with a kiss

♪ Sealed with a kiss

♪ Oh, that the end of my
dreams could be this ♪

Who can tell me

the only one who can solve Master
Abelard's stiffest problem?

Only the wisest of the
wise, Master Abelard's...


Even better one. Where does...

My Lord, is it true?

Go home, Jourdain.
I have been no friend to you.

I must say, child,
I thought it a mistake

correcting the Vice
Chancellor's Greek!

My lady.


Jourdain, what has happened?

There's a lot of talk.

What about? Tell me.

You and Master Abelard.

They say he is your lover.

Swear it isn't true.

I can't do that.

Then it is.


You'll destroy each other,
you know that, don't you?

Monstrous, I...

I should have known.

Sharing a roof with
a beautiful girl

would give rise
to such nonsense.

It's entirely my fault.
I should have realized.


Not another word.

My reputation is of
little importance,

but I cannot bring dishonor
on her or your house.

I shall leave in the morning.

Now you can see
yourself, my little poet,

as I see you,

every minute of the day.

Surely this belongs
to the Lady Heloise.

She gave it to me.

Gave it to you?

Why would she do that?

Jourdain! Please talk to him.
Ask him to come here.

Are you mad?

Jourdain, please,
you are my only friend.

In the world,
you are my only friend.

You know it would be best
if you never saw him again.

Best? What is best?

In body and soul,
I ache for him.

If there is a soul.

Every inch of my body
longs for his touch.

Please, Jourdain.

Thank you.

He forced you! No!

Don't try to protect him.

He wormed his way into my
house, then he seduced you!

No! I love him!

Don't use that word about him ever!

My God!
To think that I trusted that man.

You trusted me!

Soiled goods! But not unsalable.

Some kind of marriage,
but not at all what I wanted!

I'm not a chattel!

Oh, yes. By Christ, you are!

In! The gate, you idiot!

All I've worked for, all I've
done, dragged down by...

I don't give a sou.
Your reputation is damned!

I'd rather share his
table as his whore

than be supported by your
ill-gotten pieces of silver!

He's ruined you
and he's ruined me!

By God, this isn't the
only blood that will flow.

You can't keep her locked
up there forever, my Lord.

I don't see why not!
And it's none of your concern!

But she's been
shut up for weeks.

Get about your business, woman!

Oh, poor pet!

It must have been
that fish last night.

It's been the same thing
every morning this week.

When was your last flux?

First week in Lent.

That's 10 weeks.

Let me see your breasts.

By the saints, didn't no one tell
you to use the rennet of a hare?


You put it inside you and it curdles the
man's seed. It might not be too late.

I'm with child. His child.

My dearest,
I am carrying your child.

And I fear my uncle.

I must escape from Paris,

but how can I avoid
Suger and the watch?

I may need your help.

You there, there's a curfew.

Burn Suger!

Give me the effigy!

I must go on with my
teaching in Paris.

The bishop supports me.

I will come as soon as I can.

Kiss my sister for me
and give her these.

Jeanne is not rich,

and Le Pallet is not much of a
place, but...

If you were born there,
I love it already.

My Lord, Lady, the day goes on!

The thing is done.

But my name, my reputation!

Anger can cloud a man's brain.

I advise you to act with
the greatest caution.


I am ruined and you
talk of caution!

I do.

Your name is sullied
by your own act.

And the affair has
been compounded

by you running about
like a demented fowl

squawking at
whoever will listen.

But Your Grace... Moreover,

you may have lost
your reputation.

The schools of
Paris are in danger

of losing the greatest
teacher in France!

I pray

that he will return
to his duties.

And I would look with
the greatest disfavor

on any act by you

which would prevent
that and thwart me!

And if I were in your place I
would not cross his students.

They worship him!

You must have
changed my brother.

It's you he now
loves, not logic.

This is from him.

Claire, come and help.

My lady,

I'll be gone by first light.

How can I thank you?

Remember me.

It's a fine son!

What will you call him?



That's no name for a Christian.

He can be a Christian
if he wishes.

What's it mean?

It's an instrument for measuring
the distance to the stars.

A way of measuring heaven.

Why doesn't he come?

Thank God.

Not a word. Not a word.
Let me look at you.



No. Never.

I'm locked to you
body and soul forever.

But Fulbert can still send
men-at-arms to drag you back.

You are his chattel.

You belong to him.

Marry me willingly in the
eyes of Holy Mother Church,

you'll break that.
Legally he can no longer touch you.

Whatever Fulbert might think,

I've done my best
to make amends.

That's how the
world would see it.

But not Fulbert!
And what about your teaching?

I admit there are
some difficulties.

The idea of a married
philosopher is extraordinary.

Unique, you mean.

Oh, very well, unique.
But what of it?

It's only custom.

A custom society demands!

I have made my choice, Heloise.

Now you must make yours.

In nomine Patris et Filii
et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

In the name of the
Father, the Son,

and the Holy Ghost.

I want the man pilloried.

But the cost!

Damn the cost!

I refer not so much to money

as your own,
personal reputation.

You have been made to
look somewhat foolish.

Your own house, your own
niece, under your own nose.

And now you want
to tell the world?

And remember,

if you had married her off to some
decent young squire like my son...

Damn you, that's past!

I agree.

Why not forget it and
go about your business?

Don't you worry.
I'll look after him.

Goodbye, little Astralabe,
it's not for long!

We'll be back
before you know it.

And then,
what adventures we'll have.

I know you hate Argenteuil,

but I can't risk you in Paris.

Not with your uncle and Suger.

You'll be safe here.
I'll come to see you often.

Reverend Mother!

Reverend Mother? Sister Cecilia?

Yes. The old bat sold
her soul to Suger.

Our late Reverend
Mother was barely cold

before he made her prioress.

I've arranged for your lodgings.

Two months should
be more than enough.

Two months.

My love,

I must go.

I can't very well stay here.

Still less with you.

Oh, I hate this place.
I hate those clothes.

Thank God I'm not a nun.

It's not for long.

They say that to love
is to die a little.

Oh, but not to love,

that is to live in purgatory.

Amo, I love. Amas, thou lovest.

Amat, he loves. Amamus, we love.

Amatis, you love.
Amant, they love.

Very good, once again.

Amo, I love. Amas, thou lovest.

Amat, he loves. Amamus, we love.

Amatis, you love.
Amant, they love.

We want answers!
Tell us the truth!

My Lady! My Lady, there's a man.

He's come to see you,
he's in the refectory.

Dear Christ, he's dead.

No, Lady, no, he is not dead.

And will not die.

Then what?

But he is hurt. Tell me.

Tell me.

They've done him an injury.



They castrated him.



I'm here, my Lady.

It was my uncle, wasn't it?

I don't know.

I know it was.

I understand your
feelings, child,

but we must accept the will
of God and His justice.

The will of God?
There is no God!

Child! I shall pray for you.

Pray until your knees are raw.

No one will hear
but the spiders!

I cannot have a
blasphemer in my house.

Don't worry.
I will be gone by morning.

Marie! Get me my clothes!

It is the time of judgment.

We are as one.

It is the judgment
of this holy council

that Canon Fulbert be
banished from Paris

for the rest of his life!

My Lord.

My love.

Go away. Let me be.


Go home.

I am home.

For the love of
God, leave me alone.

I want to die.

You are not going to die.

You're going to live and
continue with your work.


And I'm going to stay with you.

I am an abomination.

You're a man.

And I love you.

And I can never love you.

It's God's just vengeance,
I knew it would come.

I spit on God and
all his saints.

When I heard of this
thing, God died.

Please leave me.

This is more than I can bear.

I will.
I have something I must do.

Then I will never
leave you again.

Marie. Yes, Lady.

This place is a dung heap.


You must die! You must die!

It's Heloise.

It's Heloise.

Ah, fair niece.

I have come to curse you.


You who brought shame on
my name and ruined me?

You dared?

I have been banished.
Banished from Paris.

Left with nothing. I'm ruined.

You are left with life.

And I pray it may be long

and full of sickness and misery.

I pray your eyes grow dim

and your limb palsied.

And I curse you in
the name of every God

that ever was or ever will be.

And if you believe
in a life hereafter,

then I condemn you to the
hottest fires of hell!

God knows,
I've been punished enough.

All eternity is not long
enough to punish you!

Thank you, Marie.Oh.


Whatever you believe,

I believe this
punishment to be just.

This thing may have
shaken your faith in God,

but it has confirmed mine.
He is just.

And I must make amends.

I know what I must do.

I'm going to become a monk.
I'm going into the church.

My love, you're in no fit
state to make a decision.

Maybe in a year, when... No.

It is what I must do.

And it's my wish
you do the same.


I said,
I suggest you do the same.

My sister will take good care
of our child until he is grown.

You selfish,
self-centered swine.

I'm your woman.

We're part of each
other forever.

I have to make peace with my God.

It's no good.

Nothing will shake him.

You should have seen the
size of the petition,

thousands of signatures.

All he says is that he'll think
about joining a teaching order

so that his students
can still be with him.

What will you do?

Will you marry me?


Yours can be annulled.
I won't expect you to love me,

but I can give you a home

and a name for you and your son.

I'm going to inherit the estate
and my father's title very soon.

And I'd happy just to...
Just to...

I love you so very much.


Sweet, dear, Jourdain,

you know I can't.

Bless you.

I don't deserve such friendship.


Where will you go?

I own...
Owned some land near Corbeil,

I will build a community
there and teach.

You wish me to become a nun?

I do.

You are without
family or friends.

You must be somewhere safe

where you can use your learning.

I will do it.

But it is you who
has been crucified.

You are my lord,
I will love no other.

In time... No.

No other.

But at least this way,
I may see you now and then

and touch your hand.

In nomine Patris et
Filii et Spiritus Sancti.

I am unworthy,
therefore I cannot kiss my lord.


My dearest Heloise,

the building goes well,

and more and more
scholars join me here.

They say I am teaching better than
ever, and I believe them.

I hear the word of
God clearly now.

Join me in thanksgiving, you who I made
my partner both in guilt and grace.

To me your praise is more
dangerous because I welcome it.

My dearest,
I have heard from Le Pallet.

Our son grows big and strong.

Perhaps your sister Jeanne is
a more natural mother than I.

And, although I have little faith
in the justice of the world,

I hope and pray I may see
him once more in this life.

Sister! Sister,
will you come to the prioress?

What's the matter? The
bishop's here.


The Abbey St.
Denis wishes to form another house

and these buildings are needed.

What is to become of us?

There are other convents.

I myself am going to St. Denis.

As the abbess, no doubt.

Those who cannot find a place

will be absolved
from their vows.

Each of us must pray
for individual guidance.

But many are old and near death.

We are all in the hands of God.

♪ Travail unceasing

♪ I'll consummate bliss

♪ Sealed with a kiss

♪ Sealed with a kiss

Quickly, all of you.

So, my Lord,
I am in your bed again.

I am glad you are.

I'm sorry.

We tried convent after convent.

One sister died of the cold.

I didn't know where else to go.

You're home. Home.

I am giving this place to you.

Then it will be
our home together.

Now sleep, my love.

My love.

You still make love
to me in my heart.

What is it?

I've been appointed abbot of St.
Gildas in Brittany.

By Bishop Suger? Mmm-hmm.

Will they never let us be?

Not in this life.

I vowed obedience.

Will I ever see you again?

You will do me a great honor

if you allowed me to
consecrate the new chapel.

If I live,
it will take many years.

Perhaps not, the way you work.

It is Christmas eve, my lord.
Do you not owe me something?

It is the custom.

Why yes,
it's practically the law.

Was all this preordained?

Only the love!

My Lord.

My Lady.

Noble indeed.

Worthy even of you.


I couldn't keep him away,
I said there'd be feasting.

Lady, I have taken this
young squire into my service.

I don't know why he has
such an odd first name.

His name is Astralabe.

Bless you!

Bless you!

You are still the girl in the
meadow chasing the feather.

It is strange, isn't it?

The one you love never
seems to grow old.

But we do, of course.

We all have to
return to the earth.

A favor... If I can.

Is it possible that
I be buried here?

Of course.

And in God's time,

perhaps you would share my bed.

You'll never catch one. Never!

I will! I will! There. You see?

This will be my own holy relic.

And I proclaim this
to be a holy day.

Because I can never be happier than I am.
Never. Ever.

My love,

I'm here.

I'm waiting.