Stealing Cars (2015) - full transcript

A rebellious teenager navigates his way through the juvenile court system. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
♪ We crossfaded ♪

♪ I don't think
I'm gonna make it ♪

♪ I don't think I'm gonna
Make it ♪

♪ I don't think
I'm gonna make it ♪

We got a stolen vehicle...

♪ I don't think
I'm gonna make it ♪

♪ I don't think
I'm gonna make it ♪

♪ Crossfaded
Getting higher and higher ♪

♪ Getting higher and higher
Getting higher and higher ♪

♪ Getting higher and higher
Getting higher and higher ♪

♪ Getting higher and higher
Getting higher and higher ♪

♪ We crossfaded ♪

♪ I don't think
I'm gonna make it ♪

♪ I don't think I'm gonna
Make it ♪

♪ I don't think
I'm gonna make it ♪

♪ I don't think
I'm gonna make it ♪

♪ I don't think
I'm gonna make it ♪




How are you? Fine. You?

Fine. Good!

Where's the gate?



You know, when Sonny

gets an idea in his head
he's just a mad man.

I thought he was gonna
kill me.



You're Billy's sister, right?

- You seen him around?

Oh, Ollie.
Speak of the devil.

Yeah. Come on, man.
I told you, not here.

I'm sorry, man.
I forgot what you said.

All right.

Hey, go see Dad, yeah?

William Wyatt.

My name is Conrad Sean Lewis.
You will call me Mr. Lewis.

And the uncles,
the aunts, the cousins,

the nieces, the nephews
that lived in those walls.

A gibbering pack
of tree apes

that said nothing,
nothing, nothing,

and said it loud,
loud, loud.

Let me be the first
to welcome you to the BCFB.

After you.

There's a new guy.

You're in luck.
Just in time for dinner.

Table 4, Elvis.

Stand up, new boy.

Stand up.


Were you eyeballing me,
new boy?

I don't know what that means,
but I don't think I was, sir.

Did I say
you could talk?

you kind of implied permission, sir.


The implication was that
you wanted an answer.

When I want an answer,
I will tell you, understood?

I just asked you a question,
new boy!

Certainly even you, sir, can see
how confusing this is becoming.

Chill, chill, chill.


You've been here exactly five minutes,
Mr. Wyatt.

That's an impressive

and an ominous portent
of things to come.

My name is
Montgomery De La Cruz.

I'm the director here
at the Bernville Camp for Boys.

I wanna welcome you.
I know it might seem hollow,

because there's got to be some
other place you'd rather be.

Isn't there?

I'm waiting.

Some other place
I'd rather be...

Uh, some places, sure.

A simple yes or no
will suffice.

Thank you.

But you didn't do very well

in those other places
you'd rather be, now, did you?

That's hard to say, sir.

I haven't actually been to some
of the places I'd rather be.

Tough guy over here.

Come with me.

What made him think he can get away with this?

Get out of here, man.

Eat in silence.

Now, Mr. Wyatt, you and I are
gonna engage in witty byplay,

but perhaps when you have
a tad less energy,

and certainly not in front
of the general population.

Do we understand
each other?

I doubt it, sir.

You're a very
clever boy, Billy.

We don't get a lot
of clever boys here.

I imagine you're gonna be
a very refreshing challenge.

But be careful. I think it was
Albert Camus who said

that a man can hang himself
with too much cleverness.

Yes, sir.

We'll see you

Ooh. Actually,
it wasn't Camus who said that.

It was Billy the Kid.

Good night, sir.

Hey, that took some balls, man.

I'm Nathan Stein.


So, what did you do?

I burnt my parents'
house down.

Oh, okay.

What about you?

Dope, cars,
rock 'n' roll.

Yeah. Dope.

You all right?
- Oh, shut your mouth.


I'm the sickly one.

Every institution
needs one, right?

Yeah. Yeah, I think I read that
in the brochure.

Why don't you faggots kiss

so we can get some sleep?
Good night, Billy.

I'm sorry, man.

I forgot what you said.

Hey, go see Dad, yeah?

Hey, it's cool, man.

But I'm gonna push you
a little bit

for talking
to my little sister.

My dad's in the car
over there.

You got them all fooled,
don't you, man?


Bet your dad's
real proud of you.

Hello, Sweets.
- Hello.

How are you?
How was school?

It was all right.

- Hey.

Everyone turn to Page 55 where we left off.

Oh, wow.

Page 55. You guys must have been
at this for months.

Shut up.

"With school turning out

"more runners, jumpers, racers,

"tinkerers, grabbers,


Mr. Wyatt?
Your first day, right?

I can get you caught up if you
haven't read this material.

Oh, I read it.

Okay. Well,
then it shouldn't be a problem

for you to come up and continue
with today's reading.


Bring your book
and come up front.

Gay James Dean.

"Grabbers, snatchers, fliers
and swimmers

instead of examiners."


knowers and imaginative

The word "intellectual,"
of course,

became the swear word
it deserved to be.

Class, you may write
"shit, yeah" in the margins.

editorializing, Mr. Wyatt.

You always dread
the unfamiliar.

We must all be alike.

Not everyone born
free and equal.

Yeah, because freedom
can suck my--

Mr. Wyatt.

Your knowledge of the book is
impressive, but I'm warning you.


Mr. Wyatt, when you're ready
to take this seriously,

I will welcome you back.
But for now, get out.

- Get out, boy! Get out!
- Yeah!

Get out!

- Oh, no, come back.
- Yeah!

If you all find Mr. Wyatt
so amusing,

all of you, get the hell out
of my classroom.

Come on, man.
We didn't do nothing.

I'm not cleaning up
no rocks, yo.

I understand this gathering.

Comes courtesy of everyone's
favorite funny man.

Billy Wyatt.
- What's up with this guy?


here's what you sweethearts
are gonna do.

You're gonna move all these
rocks at the bottom...

up there.

They're in my way
down here.

Now, I don't know how many rocks
exactly will fit up there,

so it's possible a few
might have to come back down.

But we'll see.

Maybe by then...

Billy won't seem
so funny anymore.

Oh, how's this for funny?

A rabbi, a priest
and a hooker--

Hooker-- walk into a bar.

Now, the bartender, he's like,
"This is a joke, right?"

Oh, no, no. No.

I know you're out there,

I can smell you

Word of advice.

Shut the hell up.

That is four words, technically.



Anybody else?
- Damn.

Hey, let me ask you

Ask away.

How'd you do that thing
in class?

When you looked up from
your book and you kept reading

like you had it

I did, you know.
I mean, I do. I...

I have this memory thing.
Eidetic memory.

I'm supposed to know
what that means?

If I read something

or see a picture
of something just once,

it sticks with me forever
with perfect clarity.

That's awesome.
Oh, you think so?

How'd you like to have the menu
of IHOP on 23rd and Broadway

dancing around
in your head 24/7?

Got it from my father.
He has it.

Bet your dad's pretty pissed
at you now, huh?


Let me ask you something else,
Mr. Memory.

What's that Greek myth

with the guy in--
that carries--


He pushed the rock up that hill.
Great story.

He carries rocks up the hill
for 20 years.

He got, as you can imagine,
completely buff.

A Greek princess falls in love
with him. They get married.

He mounts her atop Olympus
on the hourly basis

until he dies at 200,

after which,
they made him a god.




Billy, you're bleeding.

On your back.


You fell,
funny man.

Go to the infirmary.

I tell you what, Dwayne.

I have a job. So you don't need
to send me those checks

that you weren't
even sending me anyway.

How long you been
sitting there?

I don't know.

What's wrong with you?

I got a kind of cut
on my back.

Take off your shirt.

Just like that? Not gonna
ask me out to dinner first?

At least tell me
I'm pretty.

What's your name?

Nurse Simms.

Now, off with that shirt,
bright eyes.

Oh, man.

That bad?

What happened?

I fell.


We have a falling
epidemic here.

Just gonna clean it.

Do I need stitches?

I don't know.
I don't think so.

That's good,
because I hate needles.

Me too.

Turn around.

Can you breathe okay?

I don't know.
Feels like I broke something.


All right, so the black guys
don't talk to the Latino guys.

And the skinheads don't talk
to the black guys

or the Latino guys.

And nobody talks
to the crackers.

I love clichés.

And nobody, but nobody,
talks to me.

I'll talk to you, Nathan.
I'll talk your goddamn ear off.

You're crazier
than I thought, man.

See that guy?
It's Carlos Fuentes.

He's the alpha dog, El Gato.

How can he be the alpha dog
and called The Cat?

His moniker contradicts
his position.

Because he shot a guy
in the eye.

Behind a Five Guys.

He shot him with a cheeseburger
still in his mouth.


And they put him in here?

Yeah. Mexican Mafia.

He's totally connected.
That shit is far-reaching.

Some kind of family thing,
I think.

You got your pads on
all backwards, bro.


Thanks. Am I good?

All right.

Yo, Nathan got
J.T.'s old helmet.

Make him the water boy.

All right.

For those of you who just
recently joined the team,

my name is Coach Carmichael.

You might remember me
from my days

playing linebacker
for the Eagles.

All right. Football...

If he says football
is a lot like life,

I'll barf blood on his cleats.
Football is a lot like...

...a lot like life.

You find something
funny, Stein? Hm?

No, sir. No.

Since you like to laugh so much,

maybe we crack you up
officially. Dye.

Yeah, J.T. Show him what's up!

Here's your tough guy.

You ball?
I was defensive end

back at Erasmus Hall.

I broke a dude's collarbone
so I got kicked off the team.

Part of the game.

He was our quarterback, so...

Son, you got Eagle

A little one-on-one.

See if you can blow past
Mr. Dye.

Run to daylight,

Sir, Nathan is a pussy.
He's a international pussy.

He's a real-deal pussy.

I, on the other hand--



Yo, that's my boy right there.

Get up. Get up, son.

What'd you say?
- Nothing.

- Like a rag doll.
- You want another one?

He just said something nasty
about your mama.

Oh, is that right?

Do it again.


- Yeah, J.T.

What'd you say about my mama?

But you hit me like that again,
I might.

I think I busted something.


Son of a--

Peas from last weekend.

I bet you won't be
verbing me no more.

Verbing? Would that be
in the eyeballing family, sir?

Do it again.
- Come on, man.

Do it, J.T., do it.


Nah, I guess I wouldn't.


Stay down.


Do it again.




Do it again. Again.


Straight embarrassing.

This is getting
ridiculous now, man.

Do it again.

Oh, man.

What are you doing?

He's done, man.


Get back here!

Nice hit, Mr. Dye.

"Why is it," he said,

one time
at the subway entrance,

"I feel I've known you
so many years?"

"Because I like you,"
she said.

"And I don't want
anything from you."

You smell nice.

Like morning.



Whatever you did...

you're too smart
to be in here.

You wanna talk
about it?

You have a first name?

I sure do.

You let me know
if you change your mind.

Come on.

♪ Coyotes singing ♪

♪ A song to me ♪

This one's
on the nurse.


You got me the job.
Lord knows I need it.

And I will do it.
But I will not do you.

Not again. We've been down
that road before, Connie.

And it was a really short,
boring trip.

♪ I'm not gonna listen ♪

Hey, Emmit.
Dance with Conrad, will you?

I don't dance.

The last time I danced
was with my wife,

and she danced
right out the door,

which is where
I'm headed.

Y'all have a good night.

♪ Big trucks are whining ♪

♪ On the pavement floor ♪


Take it easy.

Y'all need...


an IHOP.

No, y'all need
to find another place to sit.

That's what I'm saying.

Y'all had an IHOP,
I'd be in there having

the Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity.
Instead, I got this.

Bernville, in all its downtown
downtrodden splendor.

Where you need
to be at, son?

Don't get all existential
on me, Officer.

I'm gonna ask you
one more time.

Where you need to be?

The Bernville Camp for Boys.

Get in the car!

In the back, boy.

So let me see
if I got this straight.

You broke out
of camp tonight

so that I could
take you back tonight?

And why, you ask?

Well, why did Sir Edmund Hillary
climb Mount Everest? Uh...

Why do dogs
lick their balls?

Why did Sir Edmund
lick his balls at the summit?

So, what did you do
to land yourself in there?

Shot a man in Reno.

You're a little too young
to know about Johnny Cash.

My dad taught me.

And what does he do?

Next caller, please.

You may wanna die, but I don't.
Put that smoke out.

I suspect respect
is your biggest problem, son.

And if you lucky,

somebody won't have
to beat it into you.

Now, that ain't my style.

But I ain't too old
to change.

Get this cleaned up,

and me and you
gonna be okay.

Yes, sir.

♪ Blow out your candle
It will not-- ♪

Let's go, sweetheart.

Compliments of Mr.
Wyatt's late-night outing,

he will be wearing the Bernville
Camp for Boys tuxedo.

He will wear it today,

tomorrow and for as long
as I say!

This is not the only tuxedo
I have in stock, Mr. Dye.

Any one of you even think
about going AWOL, Mr. Stein,

I will outfit all you fish
in a flash.

Now, back to your spades.


- Look at his eye.
- Hey, yo, chill out.

- Hey, Bill.
- This good? Like this?


Uh, I stole it
from breakfast.

What is all this?

It's the community
construction program.

I've been here
for like two months,

and nobody seems to know
what the hell we're building.

Coming through, coming through.

Whose sweet ride?

It's Montgomery's.

It's his pride and joy.

He'd have sex with it
if he could.

Maybe I'm giving him
too much credit.

Maybe he has.

You better hide that shit.

Hey, if you could have sex
with any car,

what kind of car
would it be?


But, you know, I'd be thinking
about a Jag so, you know...

Yeah, I know.

Ah. The fruit juice
of human kindness.

I want you boys to drop down
and give me 50.

Please and thank you
very much.

I'm waiting.

I believe you boys
were admiring my automobile?

In the parlance of the street,
she's cherry.

Now, you guys are light years
from this,

but we do have
a trustee program in place

that allows those
who get in the program

and stay in the program

the privilege
of working on my car

and drinking lemonade
as the sun sets.

It's an incentive program,
if you will.

Mr. Wyatt,
how many is that?

Eight percent.

I want another 50.

Come on, Stein.

I haven't seen you
do one good one yet.

Don't make me help you!

Push with your arms!

I can't.

Give me one fucking good one!


Come on, you weakling.

One fucking push-up.

Two, three, four.

You waste of space.

Push! All day!
We'll do this all day!

"'Everyone must leave something behind when he dies'

"my grandfather said.

"A child, or a book,
or a painting,

"or a house,
or a wall built,

"or a pair of shoes made,

or a garden planted."


Unless you wanna join him....

"Something your hand
touched some way,

"so your soul has somewhere
to go when you die.

"And when people
look at that tree

"or that flower
you planted...

you're there."

Oh, wow, if it's Bernville,

and it's autumn
and it's after six, ooh,

don't be caught dead without

the Bernville Camp
for Boys tuxedo.

Made from the finest Dacron
in Akron,

rubber capital
of the world.

It is smart,
dashing and now,

the Bernville
Camp for Boys tuxedo.

If you gotta be bad,
but you wanna look good,

this is the tux for you...

...and you,
and you and you.

It comes in a rainbow of colors,
red, yellow, tan and brown.

The Bernville Camp for Boys

It is a veritable clusterfuck
of a tux.

Any takers?
Five ninety-nine.

It's 7.99 at Walmart.
What about you fellas over here?

No? No takers?
You guys over here?

Rainbow of colors. Rainbow.

Oh. Jeez.

You can't sit here, man.

I can't and...

And yet I am.

I just wanna say thanks, man.

For what, carrying your weak ass
to the Infirmary?

No, no, no.
This morning at the site,

you came to check on me.

You were checking
on my well-being

after my night out.
It was very Oprah of you.

just spew this shit out.

Oh, oh. I'm a vessel, bro.

This shit just comes to me
from the universe.

I put it back out there.
I'm a channeler. I see things.

It's what I do. Hold on.

- You believe this shit?
- I'm pretending I'm Christ

trying to get the waiter
back at my table

at the Last Supper.
I just found a fly in my fish.

CVS what?

"CVS what?" "CVS wh--"
CVS, man, the drugstore chain.

You're a regional manager
by 40.

Yeah, you'll train somewhere
in northern Virginia,

but you end up
back in Pennsylvania.

Three perfect kids,
a beautiful wife.

You'll be living
on Philly Main Line

adjacent and driving a Jag.

Doing your best
not to bang it.

Oh, you're just begging
to get beat, you know that?

That's bullshit, man.

Uh-oh. Six Flags! Six Flags!

We need not to be let alone.

We need to be really bothered
once in a while.

How long is it since you were
really bothered

about something important?

About something real?

Ray, you are the shit.

Get up and get out of that.

Where am I going?
You got a visitor.

Forget it.
I can't. You ought to see her.

True piece.

I don't have all day, Wyatt.

Mrs. Wyatt.


Permission to return
to population, sir?

Sit down, son.
Go to hell.

Okay, I'm gonna sit.

Will you get your hands off me?
Okay, okay!

There. Yeah, thank you!

Billy, I just-- I've--

I've been thinking
about you.

I just wanted to know

if you were okay,
and I drove--

Nobody asked you to.

Is everything all right?

I just wanted
to see my son.

Permission to return to population, sir.

Jesus Christ, Billy,
please stop staying that.

I know, I know
I've made mistakes, but--

Permission to return
to population!

all right, Billy. Come with me.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Wyatt.
Just give me a minute.

Hey, hey, hey.
- What?

So, what's the story?
There's no story.

Yeah, but she's your mother.
That's not my fault.

So you won't talk to her?

- No, I'm not gonna talk.
- Here you go, ma'am.

You can throw me back in there,

but you cannot
open my eyes.

Maybe not this time.

What do you want me to do,
you want me to handle it?

Yeah. Please.

All right.
All right, man.

Mrs. Wyatt. Uh...

I'm sorry, he just...

He just doesn't
wanna talk to you.

No, no, I'm sorry.

Sometimes these boys
need extra time to adjust.

You know, you can't--
Can't blame yourself for it.

I know.

Uh-huh. Okay,
I should go.


I'll walk you to the car.

Here you go.
Thank you.

Let's go, Mr. Wyatt.

♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey ♪


Does Conrad
know about this place?


And he's cool with it?

Yeah. Conrad's an idiot,
but he ain't stupid.

He knows outside this place
there's more of me than him.

So Conrad makes allowances.

Conrad, Carnalito,
is a pussy.

He's a pussy
for you, El Gato.

For Guillermo,
he's a pussy with a whip.

That douche bag's
liable to bury me.

Isn't that what you want,

What are you, high?


But I'm right.

Why you wanna die so bad?


What did you do?


Man, you come in here
taunting the bull, man,

in the center of the ring,
calling Conrad out on his shit.


Going head to head with J.T.

- Jesus, man.
- Messing with De La Cruz.

What is this shit?
- De La Cruz, man.

El Diablo.

I don't know
about Montgomery anymore.

That's the devil's
greatest trick.

What you doing in here, Billy?

You best let that shit out
before it eats you alive.

What did you do, Billy?

I gotta know.

My mother was here today.

I can't even look at her.

How do you ever go home?


Hey, hey. Don't.

Oh, man.

What the hell, Billy?

Good evening,
Sheriff Till.

Get in the car, Billy.

Yeah, see you around,

Sheriff Till?

When you're done there,
we need you back at the station.

You know what I think, Billy?

Any father who teaches his kid
about Johnny Cash,

things ain't so bad.
You know what?

You do not talk to me
about my father, okay?

And you don't talk about me.
You don't know me.

Well, you talk to me
like a gentleman, Billy,

or you shut the hell up.

Come on, Billy.

I don't belong
in there, man.

Things happened that shouldn't
have happened.

They just...
kept happening.

What things, Billy?
Oh, come on.

Why does everybody
wanna know all of a sudden?

Because they figure
it's written all over your face.

I can't say it. I don't--
What do you want me to say?

I don't know what to say.

Fair enough.

Yeah, I'm messed up here,

Come on,
Billy, stop.

Billy-- Shit!

No, no, no.
Come on, come on.

Just let me go.
Come on.

Look, what are you doing?
No. What--?

Come on, Billy. Come on,
calm down. Come on.

Come on, man.

No one's gonna care.

Come on, Billy.

Let me go!

I still
gotta take you back, Billy.

You don't know
what goes on in that place.

Sure I do.

You think you know
the Bernville Camp for Boys,

but you don't, man.

Life is the Bernville Camp
for Boys.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

If you're winding up for
the heavy meaning-of-life pitch,

you're gonna have to do
better than that.

You know what?
Shut up and listen to me.

Yes, sir.

All right?
Yes, sir.

I'll shut up
and listen to you.

High school is
the Bernville Camp for Boys.

The desert version.

The police academy
was the Bernville Camp for Boys.

Hell, my marriage
was a lot like that.

The whole world is a
Bernville Camp for Boys, Billy.

And the only way out
is through.

That's bullshit.

The only way out
is to not get in.

Well, you've managed
to get yourself in,

and I've gotta take you back.

I know.

Can I ask you something?


You gonna finish that?

Stay down, Billy.
Stay down.

This is it.
- Mm-hm.

Home sweet home.

Take care of yourself, kid.
Yeah. See you soon.

I'm pretty sure
you will.

I feel like I'm shitting a river of fire.

Nathan, man, why don't you let
me take you to the infirmary?

I got juice. I could hook you up
with a bed with a view.

Because the first time
I complained,

Conrad said that I was faking
and that if I bitched again,

I wouldn't be faking anymore.

Yeah, but I could talk
to Nurse Simms.

She'll listen to me.
I'll bring you in--

Nurse Simms? You mean
Mother Teresa on animal tranqs?

Oh, yeah, I know--

I told you, Stein.

You shit twice a day,
morning and night.

Sometimes these things
are beyond our control, Conrad.

Out! You pull up those pants
and get out of here right now!

I can't. It won't--
It won't stop.

You slam that sphincter shut
and get on your feet,

or I will kick you so hard,
you'll shit from your eyes!

That's an image you could've
kept to yourself, Conrad.

Get that goddamn bucket!

Give me that bucket, Wyatt!

Damn it, Conrad!


You shit off my schedule,

you will shit
in my bucket!


Not to pull focus
from Nathan here,

but let me ask you something.

In your trailer,
how do you live with yourself?

You shut your mouth.
For example,

at night, after you've tried
to throw a jack,

but you can't get it up,
and the loneliness settles in.

Shut up.
You realize you're nothing

but a Cro-Magnon fleck
of worthlessness

who can only
get his nut off

by watching a sick kid
shit in a bucket.

How do you live with yourself,

You shit in that bucket!

This bucket is your friend,

You will take this bucket
with you wherever you go!

Permission to use
the laundry room, sir?

Thank you.

Stop! Stop!

Get off of me. Stop!

You and me, Jew lover.

Kick off, man.

Relax. Boys will be boys.

thanks for having my back last night.

What are you gonna do
when you get out of here?

Get thrown back in.

But not here,

In with the big boys.

It's cool though.

Top of the heap,
you know?

Okay. Um....

Let's say fate was kind.

Okay. Fate's a fucking magician.

I'm gonna feel the wind
in my face...

and the silk of thighs
wrapped around my neck

like the wings of angels.


are no longer El Gato.

You are now El Poeta.

I see you, El Poeta,

in San Francisco
in a Kinko's.

Yeah. That's your day job.

But at night,
en la noche,

you're reading your poetry
at Papalote's

while the chicks
from Marin...


They're swallowing your yarn.

You're getting more kitty
than a vet.


Aw... El Poeta.

Take me with you.

We cannot tell

the precise moment
when friendship is formed.

As in filling a vessel
drop by drop,

there's at last a drop
which makes it run over.

So in a series
of kindnesses,

there is at last one,
which makes the heart run over.

Nathan, what are you doing?


I'm having
the perfect dream.

I'm seven, in Michigan.

Genesee County.

And I'm with my parents
at this place.

I think it's called
something like, um...

the Miracle Twin Drive-In
or something.

And I'm in my pajamas
in the backseat of the car.

And I'm in that state
where I'm not really asleep.

I'm not fully awake.

And... thing I know,
I wake up and it's morning,

and I'm in my bed.

I have no idea
how I got there.

And next door, I can hear
our neighbor cutting the grass.


why'd you burn
your parents' house down?

There was some bad shit
happening with my sister.

My father would....

He'd do stuff to her.

And my mom wouldn't
believe her.

So I stole all my mom's jewelry
and sold it,

and gave the money
to my sister.

And she took off.

And I couldn't go back.

So I burned
their house down.

Figured it would be
a nice goodbye present.

I'm sorry.

You got a sister, Billy?


Hey, I didn't--

I didn't burn it down
all the way.

I just kind of...

This would be a weird place
to die.

Don't you think?

what are your five favorite movies, right?

And do not say Twilight
in this car.


Remember Me.

The Runaways.

Uh, Water for Elephants.

Valentine's Day.

And the fifth would have been
Snow White and the Huntsman.

But we all know
what happened--

Touché. Touché.

Ask me what my five
favorite films are.

Where's this coming from?

It's what
I was thinking about in Trig.

All right,
number one, Scarface.

Two, Godfather I and II,
which I count as one.

Three, Bronx Tale.
Four, 8 Mile.

Five, Boyz n the Hood.

You know you're white, right?

Oh, don't, no.

Oh, I love, yes.

Oh, come on.

♪ Or hang around for you ♪

♪ Well, I make it
Pretty good ♪

♪ Until that moon
Comes shining through ♪

♪ And then I get
So doggone lonesome ♪

I'm sure you know
what you're talking about.

You know, Nathan,
you really look like shit.

Gentlemen, please. Gentlemen.

It has come to my attention

that this year's
community construction project

has, shall we say,

What the hell was it
supposed to be anyway?

I have no idea.
- This was supposed

to be something created by you
as a group.

Something of lasting value.

He's gonna say
"future generations."

Something for posterity.

I'm slipping.

Groups of the past
have chosen to construct

a large double-truck
recycling bin

for the St. Thomas
Fundamentalist Church.

We've had a backstop

for the Will Stevens
Memorial softball field

over at Redding.

And my favorite, from the fall
of '09 population:

a pair of oak picnic tables
with matching benches

for the Pennsylvania Lenape.

Now, I don't know.

Maybe this year's project
of the outdoor chapel...

"Outdoor chapel"?
...has just not been

As inspiring as I'd hoped
it would be.

But never in the history
of the Bernville Camp for Boys

have we not
completed a project.

Now, I am more than open
to hearing suggestions

as to how we might
gain some inspiration

in moving this forward.

And you may discuss this
amongst yourselves.

But make no mistake,

this project will be completed
by you one way or another.

So get on it, gentlemen.

You have two weeks.

Sir. Sir.


We know right now.

We know exactly
what we wanna build.

We do?
We do.

Sir, in the spirit

of the Bernville Camp
for Boys' outdoor chapel,

I'm picking up a transcendental
vibe from the entire group.

And I feel more
than confident

in saying we'd like to jump
the tracks, if you will,

and build right here
on the premises,

for posterity and future

our very own
drive-in movie theater.

Yes, but, Mr. Wyatt--

That's very interesting.

But we don't have cars here.
So, what would be the point?

Okay, no cars, right.
Literal crowd.

But, come on. I mean--

Well, can we give it up
and let go

for the Bernville Camp
for Boys movie theater?

Come on now!


Come on, who's got
the spirit today, boys?

I got the spirit today!
Can I get an "Amen"?

Can I get a "hallelujah"?

That's right, boys!

Give it up!

I'm talking about
our very own

nostalgia-laden, kickass,
blast from the past, customized,

glamorized, actual-sized!

Give it up, hermanos,
and brothers

and Fourth Reichians!

Give it up!

Give it up!

- Amen!

- Hallelujah!

- Amen!

- Hallelujah!

That was
a terrific speech, Billy.


Tell you what
I'm gonna do.

You boys build it,

and I'm gonna find us
a projection system.

How about that, huh?

- Yeah.
- Yeah!

That was...

That was really wonderful,

That was really,
really inspiring.

Can I get an "Amen"
one more time, brothers?


So now what, valiente?

What you mean, "what?"

This is your
damn idea, fool.

Yeah, exactly.
I-- I brought the idea.

I'm the genesis. I'm...

I'm the well from which
the idea for the theater sprung.

Beyond that, I have nothing.
I have no actual skills.

Wait, we know how.

Earl knows.

Go ahead, man. Tell him.

Don't be putting
your hands on me, motherfucker!

Yeah, well,
then come on, bitch!

Whoa, whoa! Jesus Christ!

What's up, man?

It's for the movie theater,
damn it.

J.T., chill.

Just bend over.

Or tilt.
At least tilt.

Can I just--?
Just a tilt.

Thank you.

Holy shit.

It's a pretty simple design.

My grandfather designed
a bunch of drive-ins

before they shot
his ass.

The Circle Drive-In
in Scranton?

That's his.

I got blown there once.

Or twice.

Yeah, right.

That's a lovely visual.
Earl, just continue.

Need about 12 sheets

of one-inch thick
marine-grade plywood.

We have that already.

About four times as many
truss clamps.

About 242-by-6s.
That'd give us our base.

And about nine 2-by-4s
to shore it up.

We're gonna need some laminated
acetate for the screen.

Acetate? Where the hell
are we gonna get that?

Sheets. We could use sheets?

Yup. Sheets will work.

Let's go, huh?
Sheets will work.

Sheets will work.

Yo, hold
the board straight, bro.

Pass me that hammer.

Docent, Museum of Tolerance.

Let me help you with that.


You're not holding it right.

Head of advertising,
foreign air.

That's looking good, homes.

- The top.
- There we go.

America's Next Top Model

Yeah, man.
Those 2-by-4s are right there to the left.


- Bring that over here.

Prison guard.

Let's get it up, guys.
Come on. Lift it up.

Lift it up.

Nice and easy.

Come on, give it a little--
A little push.

Come on. You got this.
- There you go.

Go ahead. Lift.
Get it up. Get it up.

You got this. You got this.

- Easy, easy.

A little more.

- Yeah. We got it.

Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah, man.

Good job, guys. You got it up.
- That looks sexy, baby.

What do you think, man?
It's beautiful.

Told you. Told you.
I know. I didn't doubt you.

Look at this.
Look at this.

Look at this. Ha-ha-ha.
Good job, guys.

Fucking guy's been ducking me for two weeks.

When I see him, I'm gonna
fucking break his face.

Do you like him?
He's a fucking jerkoff.

Ten dollars. You got off cheap.
He's out of your life.

Eh.... I'm still gonna
fucking break his face.

It ain't Michigan
and you're not seven,

but it is pretty cool,
ain't it, Nate?


You knocked it
out of the park, Billy.

♪ I only have eyes ♪

♪ For you ♪

♪ Dear ♪

♪ My love must be a kind ♪

♪ Of blind love ♪

♪ I can't see anyone
But you ♪

This movie thing
was your idea?

Would that I could take
sole credit.

I'm simply the humble

Shut up.
...from which the idea sprung.

Shut up.

Genesis of the idea.

It's Tina.

My name.

It's very nice to meet you,

This is amazing.

Mr. Miracle Boy.

♪ I don't know if it's cloudy
Or bright ♪

♪ I only have eyes ♪

♪ For you ♪

I work here, Billy.

But I bet neither of us
are gonna be here forever...

odds are.

- You go to this school?
- I'm Jane.

Permission to rejoin
the population.


I just moved here.

because I seen you on the bus the other day.

And you're...?

Me, I'm Calogero.



What kind of name is that?

It's Italian.
But actually, it's Sicilian.

My family's from Sicily.


Yeah, you know where Italy is?

- I've gotta see her.
- Who?


Who the hell's Tina?
Nurse Simms is Tina.

Her name is Tina?
Yeah. Her name--

That's kind of dirty
and awesome.

Oh, stop.

I gotta see her, man.

Dude, you're dreaming.
Yeah. I know.

You okay?

No. No.

Should I get the bucket?
No. Screw the bucket.

it's time for Screw the Bucket.

I'm your host RuPaul.
On this week's edition--

Shut up, Billy.
Not now, man.



You know, actually, I think
I'm feeling a little better.

Well, I think you look
a little better.

And that is my informed
medical opinion.

I'm just a little tired,

Then I prescribe...


He came in with bronchitis
and an intestinal infection.

It's just getting worse.

He's a pretty sick kid,

Then why isn't
he in a hospital?

Um, I've got orders.

You're a nurse.

And I'm just learning
to live by the rules.

Until my shit is straight,
I've gotta do what I'm told.


How long have you been clean
or straight, or you know...?

Seven months
and 18 days.

I keep waiting...

for the hunger to stop.

I keep waiting...

to be still.

I keep waiting
like a good girl.

I keep waiting...

for you to say

Maybe you can't
get really found

until you get really lost.



I'm sorry.

That's just too weird.

I mean, I'm supposed
to be a nurse.

You're supposed to be a kid.

And that's just--
That's too weird, even for me.

Weird isn't wrong.

I know. I know.

Sometimes it's amazing.

And sometimes
it is wrong.

And sometimes
it's both.

Like now?


Neither of us needs
any more weirdness, Billy.

I'm sorry.

It's not like I've never
heard "no" before.

It's not "no." It's--
It's "wait."

Good night, Billy.
Go to bed.

♪ Running them city lights ♪

♪ Running to get there on time
But I'm just too late ♪

God bless you
for letting me say "no."

♪ Trying to make
A mental note ♪

♪ Trying to think about
What I used to hear ♪

That's a first for me.

♪ Ride away tonight ♪

♪ Wanna press rewind ♪

♪ Try to make sense ♪

♪ The sound of your voice
On the call ♪

♪ It's always been there ♪

♪ But this time it's me
Left alone ♪

♪ Guess it can hit this close
To home ♪

I got you, I got you.

What would that mean?
- Billy.

A word, please.

That's very funny,
Mr. Wyatt.


I'd like to talk to you,

What's up, Montay?

Montel Williams.
The Full Monty.

You know, your work
with the outdoor theater

was really,
really impressive.

Yeah, I really,
really didn't do that much.

Oh, no. I think you've done
a lot more than you realize.

Oh. Okay.

Is there a tux
on my golden horizon?

No. No.
But I'm impressed.

I'm so impressed that I'm gonna
assign you trustee status.

Does that mean that I get to get
out of this hellhole early?

No offense.
None taken.

And not exactly.
Come here.

I wanna show you something.

I want you to meet...

The White Goddess.

Monty, we have to get you
a woman.

I want you to care for her

like she's truth and beauty
on wheels.

I can do that.

You know, I employ
three different types

of polishes on her
throughout the year.

In the fall, a medium carnauba,
and it's always--

You always polish in straight
lines, never in circles.

Straight lines.

Well, ain't this
some shit?

Goddamn movie theater.

I was the brains.
We did all the work.

And he takes all the glory.

What a setup.

Come on, man.

We're back
in the cotton field.

Yo, Nathan,
you see your boy?

Who gonna help you now?

You seem to be
a bit all over the place here,

aesthetically speaking.

So, Billy,

what do you
really think of me?

Oh. That's like a wife

asking her husband
if she looks fat.

I'm not going there.
Oh, come on, please tell me.

Okay, you look fat.

You seem to be
on some kind of mission, huh?

Boy, I'd love to know
what that is.

Hell-bent on saving every boy
here at the camp.

What with all your speeches
and your prognostications.

Is that a word?
I don't think that's a word.

But, you know, you're on a roll.
So carry on, please.

Open it.

Why open it? I lived it.

All right, then.

Shouldn't be that difficult
refreshing your memory, huh?

Grand theft auto.

Dealing mushrooms
and sampling your own wares.

And you got busted
by the police

at 4 a.m.,

naked on a corner
in Riverdale, wow.

I don't mean to get technical,
sir, but I was wearing socks.

You think I don't know anything,
do you?

Just like anybody who's ever
tried to tell you anything.

But I'll tell you,
I do know one thing.

I know what it's like
to lose a father.

When I was 13 years old,

I found out
my father had cancer.

And the next two years,
I just watched him wither away.

We brought him home
from the hospital

so he could spend
the last few days with us.

I remember one morning
I was going to school,

and I heard the TV on
in the living room.

And I thought my father was just
watching The Today Show.

But he wasn't.

He wasn't watching

He was-- He had a plastic bag
around his head.

He decided to beat God
to the punch.

So, you see, I do know
what it's like to lose a father.

And everything around you
just becomes so stupid.

Your friends,
your teachers.

And you know
what really pisses you off?

Is everybody's cockiness.

Thinking that everything
is so important, so dramatic.

Like everything's
gonna last forever.

The day we buried them,

I looked across the street
from the cemetery,

and there was this guy
mowing his lawn

like nothing had happened.

And it made me insane.

Billy, do you know
why you're here?

Not because you dealt drugs
or you-- Or you stole a car.

Please don't.

Because you need
to learn a lesson, Billy.

You need to learn that
no one gets away with anything.

Not with all your jokes,

and all your charm
and all your talk.

You know,
that's just bullshit.



You're Billy's sister, yeah?

Have you seen him around?


Speak of the devil.

Come on, man.
I told you, not here.

I'm sorry, man.

I forgot what you said.
That's cool, man.

Why don't you go
see Dad, yeah?

Ever since you came
you've been begging us to beat you for it.

But I'm not gonna do that,

I'm not. I'm gonna teach you
how to live with it.

By admitting it.

You were at the wheel.

And if you hadn't been wasting
time with your dealer...

y'all would've made it.

Oh, don't, no.
Oh, I love, yes.

Oh, come on.

♪ Or hang around for you ♪

Let me give you
a little father-son, Billy.

You're driving in your car,
you turn on the radio.

Your girl's riding shotgun.
She's got her hand on your knee.

Dad, we got a little girl
in the backseat here.

And a song
comes on the radio.

The kind of song makes you drive
until it's over,

so you crank it up.

If she says
"turn it down",

dump her at the next corner.

Does Mom ever turn it down?

Not once.

What was that thing
with the kid back there?

Dad, it was nothing.

♪ Sometimes I think ♪

Doing the right thing
is never nothing, Billy.

♪ One lonely hour
Seems forever ♪

You can't go back there.

You know what
they'll do to you?

All that's over.

From now on, you just stay
at the trustee dorm.

And the rest of your time here
will be just penance.

Not punishment.

You're too smart
for punishment.

But just ripe enough
for penance.

That's why I like you.

That's why I think
you're special.

Hey, Nathan.

You know what I think?

I think your boy Billy
is cruising the Cruz.

Always thought
he was a slammer.

Him with all his flowery talk
and his reading and shit.

Blow me, Earl.

You didn't just say that,
Med Baby.

What did he say?

Maybe you didn't
hear me.

Blow me.

Nathan, my man.

That was a mistake.

- Earl, leave him alone.
- Yo, chill.

- Yo, Nathan.
- Nathan.

- He's gonna kill him, yo.
- Yeah.

All right, ease up.

All right, that's enough.

Get him up.

Things don't work out so good
when there's no Billy around.

I do believe it's time
for your fitting.

Get your bucket.
Pick it up.

Don't you spill that shit on me.

Let's go.

Hey, Billy.

Some lemonade would be nice,

Forget it, there's nothing
you can do for him.

And don't waste your time

with some heroic fantasies
either, all right?

Focus on your own

Hey, Billy,
can you get that?



Who's calling, please?


These plugs are in incredible mint condition.

Who-- Who was that?

Your father.

He wanted to know if you were
still playing golf on Sunday.

I was doing this
to help you out.

I made a little
mistake, but--

I know these kinds
of things?

My prog-no-sti-cations!

- Yo, Billy!
- Yo, son!

Yo, Billy! Yeah!

Are you kidding me?
- Yo, my man, back?

You know, this--
This dying thing sucks--

I don't wanna hear that shit.
You are not dying, okay?

Nobody is dying.

- Stay up. Stay up, B.
- Yeah.

- What the hell is going on?
- Tina.

Help me. Get his head.

You got him?

Yeah, we have an emergency.

Please hurry.

Wyatt, come out of the car immediately.


Mr. Wyatt. Mr. Wyatt,
get out of the car.

Now, if you come out right now,
no one's gonna get hurt.

Mr. Stein's gonna be
taken care of. You understand?

Ain't that some shit?

Come on, Mr. Fuentes.
I want you to back up right now.

I see you,

Take everybody with you.

You got this place high up in the Sangre de Cristo mountains.

You can't think of the last line
of your fifth novel.

You got one baby
bouncing on your knee

and another on the way.

Your neighbor's playing
his horn, and it's sunset.

All around you, your world
is painted red and gold.

Then it comes to you,
the last line of your novel.

Tomorrow doesn't have
to be yesterday.

What the hell's going on?
Go ahead. Go ahead, handle it.

Just do whatever you have to do,
I don't care.

Just handle it.

Do it.

Go ahead, do it.

Come on, Conrad.
What the hell you doing?

I'm not shooting a kid.
Where are you going?

Come back here,
you coward!

Time to go home, Billy.

All right, if you go back
to your dorms right now,

nothing's gonna happen to you,

Go, go, go for it. Go.

Come on, Momena.
Come on.

The only way out is through.

Do it, you crazy

Wyatt, this is your last chance.

Go, Billy!
- Come on.

You guys have to get going now.
Come on, get to it.

Get them!

What are you doing? Go get him!
The kid just stole my car!

Don't ask for guarantees.

And don't look to be saved

in any one thing, person,
machine or library.

Do your own bit of saving.

And if you drown,

at least die knowing
you were heading for shore.

I got him. I got it, I got it.
You got it?


Hey. Nathan.

Hey. Don't you die, man, okay?

You're the first dude who could
stand me in a long time.

You too, Billy.

Thank you.



Sir, can you step out, please?

Thank you.

Can you hear me?
No, I think he's unconscious.

He's breathing.
Can you pull him out?

I got him.

Just grab his legs.
- His sister.

Just please try
to find his sister.

Yeah, okay. I'll try.

People like us...

we find each other
all the time.

But that's
the wonderful thing about man.

He never gets so discouraged
or disgusted

that he gives up
doing it all over again....

because he knows very well
it is important

and worth the doing.


What are you doing?

It's okay, Mom.
Why are you here?

Why are you here?
- Billy Wyatt?

Turn around slowly and put
your hands behind your head.

It's okay, Mom.

I just came home
to say I'm sorry.

It's gonna be okay.

I am sorry too. I love you.

I love you too.

- I've waited so long to hear you say that.

You love me?
Yeah, I love you.

You love me.

♪ High up above
Those days of glory ♪

♪ But that's just living
In a memory ♪

♪ I'm so far down ♪

♪ There's nowhere left
To fall ♪

♪ We've all been winners ♪

♪ We've all been losers ♪

♪ The world was watching
When I struck out ♪

♪ It hits you hardest
When you let your guard down ♪

♪ They say losing
Makes you strong ♪

♪ But it hurts ♪

♪ But it's all right
'Cause I know I tried ♪

♪ We've all been winners ♪

♪ We've all been losers ♪

♪ Don't need a prize
To hold my head up high ♪

♪ No matter winner ♪

♪ Or loser ♪

♪ Winner ♪

♪ Or loser ♪

♪ Life's just a balance
Of the rise and fall ♪

♪ If we always won
It would mean nothing at all ♪

♪ You showed me beauty
In the simple things ♪

♪ Yet where'd it go? ♪

♪ Welcome the spring ♪

♪ But it's all right
'Cause I know I tried ♪

♪ We've all been winners ♪

♪ We've all been losers ♪

♪ Don't need a prize
To hold my head up high ♪

♪ No matter winner ♪

♪ Or loser ♪

♪ Winner ♪

♪ Or loser ♪

♪ We're better
Than we were before ♪

♪ It makes
For humble hearts ♪

♪ Mine and yours ♪

♪ But it's all right
'Cause I know I tried ♪

♪ We've all been winners ♪

♪ We've all been losers ♪

♪ Don't need a prize
To hold my head up high ♪

♪ No matter winner ♪

♪ Or loser ♪

♪ Winner ♪

♪ Or loser ♪♪