Stealing Candy (2003) - full transcript

Fred Dowd, Brad Vorman, and Walt Gearson are ex-convicts who devise a plan that will potentially make them millionaires. After stalking famous movie star Candy Tyler, they break into her house, knock her unconscious with chloroform, and take her to a secluded cabin. There, they force Candy to shoot a pornography video that is broadcast live on the Internet to people who pay a fee to watch. The video is a success, but tensions between the three criminals soon come to a head. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
( hip-hop music playing )

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You're staring again, Eddie.

Your husband is paying me
to watch you, Mrs. Spinelli.

l'm just doing my job.

Why don't you make yourself useful,
and do my back?

( moans)
Oh, that's so nice!

Don't worry, Eddie, my husband
won't be home until tonight.

And please, call me Tia.

- Undo my top.
- Sure.

l don't like tan lines.

( moans )

You have such strong hands.

l need strength like yours.

- Hey! Hey!
- What're you doing, get off me!

Hey, what are you doing?

lt's not what it looks like,
Mr. Spinelli.

Look, l swear,
this was not my idea!

- ( clicks)
- Safety's on, asshole.

Disloyal pig!

- Why?
- l'm sick of your handouts.

With you gone,
l get everything.

The police will find
two dead men and two guns,

l will tearfully tell them

that the two of you
fought over me and both lost.

l'm sorry, babe.

Sometimes love hurts.

_nd... cut!

- Ouch!
- Director: Okay, print that one.

Great. Thank you guys,
that was terrific.

Mam, nice job.
Dry him off, please.

Ms. Tyler, can l
speak to you for a moment?

- Sure.
- Ahem...

l would-- l'd like to do
one more take.

Why, is it something
l'm doing?

Actually, it's something
you're not doing.

You're supposed to be setting Eddie up
by wantonly seducing him.

He's got to really believe
you're on the level here.

All right, l agree.

Candy, you're protecting
your breasts too much.

Ross, we've gone over this, okay?
It's in my contract. No nudity.

Your top is practically glued on.

lt's not going anywhere.

You'd be more convincing
if you stopped acting as if it was.


All right.
One more.

- You can do this.
- l know. All right. Let's go.

Ross: All right,
first position, everybody.

- Marker.
- Six, three pick-up.

Candy: Yeah, l thought that was great.
- Where's your driver?

All the fuss?
l'll just drive myself.

Last week you fired
your personal assistant.

Are you going native?

l guess l'm a little tired
of having strangers in my life.

Why don't we fix that? Why don't we
get to know each other over dinner?

l'm sorry, Ross, l can't.

l got a script to read
and l'm exhausted.

l just want
to go to bed early.

Okay, tomorrow l'll pick you up at 8:OO.
Let me buy you a thank-you dinner.

You fought for me on this film
when l really needed it.

That's sweet.
Maybe next week.

Okay? l'll call you.
We'll set something up. l promise.

( man knocking
on door )

Nobody does seduction and deceit
like Candice Tyler.

Don't do that historical thing
with Levinson,

just keep giving them
what they want.

All right, all right.

But then l need to get paid more
for doing it.

One of your movies opens bigger,
l'll get you a bigger up front.

Then l need more work, Frank.
Book me back to back if you have to.

What's with you,

That IRS thing.

l thought you were appealing
that IRS thing.

My lawyer quit.
They really got it rigged real good.

You spend what little you have left
to defend what little you have left.

- l'm completely broke.
- What are you talking about?

They are gonna repossess
everything l own,

and my future earnings, unless
l come up with a huge settlement now!

- What about your investments?
- The market's how l got into this mess.

We're gonna have to keep
this under wraps as long as we can.

What are you talking about?

lf this gets out, the studio execs,
they'll know you're desperate.

So, where does this lead me?

l can't guarantee
anything right away.

( gunman yells)

Son of a bitch!

( both chuckle )

How did you get in here?
l told you l'd meet you outside.

There's no lock made that could
keep me out, Fred, you know that.

- Why did you call?
- Why do you think l called?

l wanted to see
my old jailhouse pal.


Hey, l've got a job
for you.

l'm required by my parole officer
to inform all future employers

that l have been
convicted of a felony

and l've done time
in a Federal institution.

But l'm totally
rehabilitated now.

Well, it does my heart good to know
that our jail system worked so good.

You're hired. l want to
show you something. Sit down.

fred:This is Candice Tyler,
the movie actress.

l've been tracking her
for a couple of days.

l've been in her house and l know
the code to the alarm system.

So, what do you think?

ls it safe on the premises?

lt's not a robbery.

We're stealing
something else.

You mean her?

- Yeah.
- A kidnapping?

You'll get the FBl
up your ass in five minutes.

So, how much ransom
you going for?


We get more another way.

A lot more.

When it sounds too good to be true,
it usually is. l learned that in jail.

Oh, Brad! You're getting cynical
in your old age, my friend.

Yeah, whatever.

Charming rich ladies out of credit cards
and savings accounts?

- That's what you did time for.
- Yeah.

lt's a big jump from lounge lizard shit
to snatching movie stars, Fred.


if l wasn't sure about this,
l never would've called you.

l want you to meet
my partner.

l steer,
but he makes it go.

Put that gun away.

Okay. l'll let him convince me.
You're doing a shim job of it.

Oh, don't be so cynical.

So l take it you like
Iost causes?

Walt, this is the guy
l told you about.

He can get into any place,
any time.

Brad Vorman, Walt Gearson.
The only real genius l ever met.

Hey, sorry.
My hands are kind of wet.


l see it's not going to be
Iove at first sight.

Let me know when he does
something smart.

Come on!
Let him show you.

What, like a dog
and pony show?

Oh, come on!
He needs to find faith.

All right, prepare for a new skill
technology, my friend.

Step this way.

Wipe your feet, will you?
l just vacuumed.

- Nice place.
- l call it home.

New skill, huh?

l spent the last
three years in prison.

You learn to live
with the essentials.

So you did time?
What for?

- Electronic embezzlement.
- Walt here,

he stole a million dollars
from the U.S. Treasury Department.

With what?
A bazooka?

l don't need
a bazooka, pal.


A complete chassis l redesigned--
my design.

Yeah, l'm very impressed.

But what's this got to do
with the movie star?

( Fred chuckles )

For one night,
and one night only,

Candice Tyler,
''movie goddess,''

is going to be having sex,

live, on the Internet.

- On our web site.
- No shit?

- How do we set this up?
- l infiltrate a dozen servers.

Net se_ers all over the world
will see our free two-minute pop-up ad.

rhey'll show a live image

of one of the world's
the most beautiful stars, totally nude.

That'll get their attention.
Then what?

Word of mouth will spread
instantly across the Net.

Hits on the site should triple
about every 18 seconds.

An hour later, we netcast
20 minutes more.

That's how you came up
with the figure

of a minimum
of one million per man?

One million?
No, no, no.

Worst case projection
is that 20S/o of the people

seeing the pop-up will pay
10 bucks to see the rest.

That would make it--

( keys clicking )

2.7 million per man,
give or take 100,OOO or so.

All undeclared and tax-free,
of course.

That is a hell of a lot more
than we'd ever get from any ransom.

Okay, so, how do we
get the money,

without getting caught?

Encrypted codes.
All offshore bank accounts.

How do you stop anyone
from tracing all this back to you?

That's easy. l've developed
new free-floating trading systems,

on a perpetually shifting network
of encrypted files.

- Say what?
- He means the source code

is everywhere and nowhere
at the same time.

They can't trace it fast enough.
By the time they do,

we are long gone ghosts.

lt's prem damn good,
don't you think?

As long as the money
is not free-floating

and ever-changing,
l'm cool.

Oh, no! The money is going to be
waiting for us in the Bahamas.

Fun in the sun.
You guys want a beer?


- What's this guy's story?
- His wife divorced him

and took the kid
while he was inside.

He's trying to get him back.


lf you embezzled a million dollars,
why not buy a mansion?

Walt: The feds found out
where l hid it.

l was prem inexperienced
back then,

but l've learned
a few tricks since.

Well, how did you get out
so soon? Snitching?

No. l hacked
into the state computer...

issued myself a parole.


Hats off to you then, bro'.
That's prem damn good.



( phone ringing )

Hi, Dad. How are you?

Me? Oh...

l've just finished
another masterpiece.

Shakespeare probably
wouldn't be jealous, but it'll do.

The funny thing is--

if only my fans knew

that their sex goddess
is really a prude...

Was Mom hard to jump-start
when she was my age?

You know what l mean.


Oh, no, l'm fine,
l'm fine, l just--

l wanted to hear
your voice.

So, is the staff
treating you okay? Yeah?

Dad, if you need more medicine
you just ask for it, okay?

No more of that macho stuff.

You promise?


Well, listen,
l'll see you Tuesday.

All right.
l love you too.


- Daddy, this is fun.
- It's fun for me too, bud.

You're so good
at doing the puzzle.

- Look at our guy, he's so happy.
- Yeah.

Honey, give Daddy a kiss good night.
It's time to go to bed.

- Walt: l love you. Good night.
- l love you.

l don't know
where he finds the courage.

He's positive that Mommy and Daddy
will make everything all right.

l'm working on something
right now.


Does that mean l can expect
some child support prem soon?

l'm gonna get caught up on that.

We're gonna get caught up
on everything.

lt better be something good,
because they give him

two to three months unless
we hospitalize him right now.

- There's other places he can go.
- No.

l'm not talking
about a free clinic, Walt.

This is major surgery.

- Don't you think he deserves that?
- Of course l do.

Well, unless you can pull
a medical plan out of the sky--

That's what l'm trying to tell you.
This investment, l'm working on--

l don't want to hear
about your schemes and your scams.

- That's what ruined our lives.
- Barbara...

this is a sure bet.

There's no such thing, Walt.

l could never get you
to understand that.

Good night.

This here's my baby.

And just like all my bitches,

she's completely

Fred: Now just listen up,
all right?

Your job is to get us in,
and then watch our back,

but-- and l mean this--

no ''Fourth of July''
unless it's absolutely necessary.

Look here, man.
l'm a pro, all right?

l know how to handle

But if anybody gets
in between me and the score,

- l'm taking their ass down!
- That's not gonna happen.

This is an easy score.
There's no sweat, no strain.


Fake ID?

Not only do we have cover stories,
we have false identities.

You like this shit,
don't you?

l didn't get to play enough
cops and robbers when l was a kid.

- l did.
- ( _ips bag )

Walt. Walt!

- You having second thoughts?
- No. No!

l just want to make sure
everything goes well, Fred.

We'll stick to the plan
and it will.

- Questions?
- l'm cool.

Let's go.

''Bone Crusher.''

Who thinks up
these titles?

Hey, l ran into Jimmy C.

He told me you gave him

an emerald necklace to fence
that turned out to be glass.

Talking out both sides
of his big-ass mouth, all right?

- That was prime merchandise.
- fred: It's tough being the thief.

You're damn skippy.

That's what's so sweet
about this job.

All we have to do is get in.

Just grab and snatch
the snatch.

( all chuckle )

( Ioud heavy rock pIays )

Can you turn
that bullshit off, please?

- Yeah, man, no problem.
- ( music stops )


What's the matter,
are you nervous?

Just anxious.
You'll know when l'm nervous.

( groans )

- Ready?
- Let's go, ready.

- ( door bangs)
- ( gasps )

( Ioud rock resumes )

( metal scraping )

You're making
too much noise.

( spray hisses )


( faint squeak )

( door bolt clicks )

Come on, come on,
cOMe On.

- She's gone.
- l thought you said she'd be asleep.

l said she'd be in the house.
We'll give her a few minutes to settle.

All according to plan, huh?


( keypad beeping )

( screams )

( screaming stops )

She's out.

You didn't tell me she kicks.
Does she know karate or some shit?

Well, you know actors--

always at the gym.

She went out prem fast, man.
She still breathing?

Yeah, she's fine.
The chloroform works quick.

She's fine.

You just admire her later.

Go into her closet.
Get some other clothes.

Something we could change her into
on the way there.

- Yeah?
- Fred:Get that van up here, now.

( engine starts )

( tires screeching )

Man, that is more exercise
than l've gotten in a long time.

l'm planning to get
a whole lot more this weekend.

Damn, her legs
are firm as shit.

Leave her alone.

l've been wanting to do this
ever since l saw her in ''Decei_ul.''

Get off her.

Get off her!

Who elected you to have
all the fun, homeboy?

lf you came on this trip
for some celebrity sex

you can take a walk right now!
Walt and l are in it for the money.

And to get the money,
we follow a plan.

- Get off her!
- Hey, man.

We're on the same team here,

The time we get paid for this gig,
you'll have enough money

you can buy any chick you want.
Think about it.

Who you think y'all is, man,
the pussy patrol?

You got anything else to say?


- ( low moan)
- She's waking up.

- ( gasping)
- Help me out.

Candy, calm down,
we're not going to hurt you.

- Brad: Relax!
- Who are you?

- Just a few of your fans.
- What do you want?

We wanna do business
with you.

l know you're not going to believe me,
but l don't have a dime to my name.

l don't have anything.
l'm completely broke.

You're right, l don't believe you.
But it's not your money that l need.

- Then what do you want?
- A command performance.

- What?!
- You do exactly what we say,

don't fight us, in 48 hours you are
going to be home, safe and sound.

( poIice radio chatter )

( siren blares )

- l've got to pull us over.
- ( gasps )

Make one sound, l'll blow
that prem-ass little head right off.

- Do you understand?
- What do you want me to do?

Act like the professionals we are.
Go to the front seat.

( siren bIurts )

Ms. Tyler?
Do exactly what l say

if you ever want to see
your home again. Do you hear me?

We're gonna move to the front seat.
Do not take your blindfold off.

- Okay.
- Let's go. Now. Move.

( Candy gasps )

( siren wails )

- Take a nice deep breath.
- ( muffled groan )

Cops make me nervous.


That's exactly what
you don't want to be right now.

lf he makes one false move,
l'm blowing his face off.

No, you won't.

Just stay cool.
Shoot, he's coming.

How are you doing, Officer?
We're looking for Olsen Springs.

Yeah, and l take it
you're in a hurry to get there?

License, registration
and insurance, please.

lt's a rental. l've got it in the visor.
Do you mind if l grab it?

Go right ahead.

What's with the girl?

She's my girlfriend.
She's tired.

So, you're all going
to Olsen Springs to fish?

Yeah, we hear the trout's fatter
than a pig's ass this time of the year.

ls that right?
What you got in the cooler?

Show him
what's in the cooler, ''Ed.''

All right, you got a long way to go,
Mr. Davalos.

Stay on this road,
till you come to Highway 13.

Go south for a mile, till you see
the sign for Olsen Springs.

Heep it slow in my county,
you hear?

Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.

See? What did l tell you?
Smooth as silk.

Yeah, except the cop's
got a record of this vehicle now.

Which is rented to Arthur Davalos,
who doesn't exist.

( starts engine)
Let's go.

( patrol car starts )

- Take her into the back room.
- l'm not going to try to get away.

- Take it easy.
- Do yourself a favor, shut up!

- ( Candy sobs)
- Brad: Shut up!

( groans )

This will be over
before you know it.

( gasping)
My throat...

Can l get some water, please?

Tell Walt to move the van
where it can't be seen from the road.

- Good thinking.
- ( _ipper runs )

( coughs )

l'm gonna lift your head
so you can drink.

Hey, hey, hey!
Don't touch that stuff.

l was just trying
to help you, punk.

You got the video stuff
to worry about,

this is my equipment.
Leave it alone.

Freddy wants you to take
the van around back

and put it under cover.
Think you can handle that?

( groans )

What's your problem?

l thought l heard
something out there.

( pistol clicks )

- What's going on?
- He thought he heard something.

- fred: There's nobody around for miles.
- What if the owners come back?

The owners are dead!
This place is in probate.

l'm telling you that nobody
is going to come here.

What about that redneck sheriff
that pulled us over?

All right, yeah,
go check it out.

Hey-- keep it quiet.

lf it is the law, don't do anything
until you talk to me.

l know the drill... boss.

Walt, go with him.

- Me?
- Yeah.

Brad: How long
have you known Fred?

- Since l got out, about three months.
- Brad: You trust him?

You spent a year in a cell with him.
Don't you?

l used to,
now l'm reconsidering.

What's that supposed to mean?

l think he's way
too possessive of the girl.

He's just protecting
our investment.

lt's more than that. He's in love
with Miss Movie Star Bitch.

He doesn't even
know her, man.

Nice piece of ass
changes the best of men.

Fred could have a shift of loyalty
at a crucial time,

and that could cause
some serious problems.

- Somebody could get hurt.
- This was supposed to be easy.

l'm not really worried,

'cause there's not a problem
in the world that can't be fixed.

Just got to be man enough to do it.
You know what l'm saying?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Let's go.

( rock music plays
on radio )

Mystery solved,
my dear Watson.

He's just passing through.
He's not going to bother us.

let's get the hell out of here.

How do you know he hasn't seen
something he shouldn't?

He wouldn't still be down there,
he would've called the cops.

- l don't think we can take that chance.
- So, what are you going to do?

Take care of things
real quiet.

Hey, hey--!

- Jesus Christ!
- ( rock music continues )

: Well, the things you've been missing,
the lips you've been kissing :

: Were my own... :

( grunts )

( mutters)

Problem solved!

Now get your scary ass over here
and help me with this body.

Shit, blood all over my fucking hand.

You were gone a long time.
What's up?

Genius thought he heard
something outside,

but there was nothing

Well, let's finish setting up.
Walt, the dish.

You need help with that?

- Uh-- yeah, l could use your help--
- l'll do it!

Hey, computer boy?


Got something
on your mind, pussy?

No. Just taking care
of business.

Got a lock on the uplink.

l'm really scared.

Just try to be brave
a little while longer.

Your friend scares me.


just do everything we say.

- Okay. Okay.
- To the letter.

Let's go.

We got an image.
Zoom in a little bit.

Good, good, good.

- What do you want?
- Walt: Stop. Lock it in.

- ( Brad clapping)
- Listen, please. l swear to you guys,

l don't have any money.
l don't have a dime to my name.

( Brad laughs )


You kidnapped me because
you want to make a movie?

- It's a certain kind of movie.
- Oh, you got to be kidding me.

Ain't no kidding. You about to be
a triple X-rated movie star now.

- Oh, God, no!
- Here's your action and dialogue.

You have a few minutes
to learn it.

Oh, God, you guys are all nuts!
You guys are all fucking crazy!

We can do this
simply and quickly

and then get you home
safe and sound,

or we can take a long time
under very difficult conditions.

- We just want the money, honey.
- No, you don't understand.

l've never done this.
l'm not good at this sort of thing--

Bullshit! You're a freak
in every movie you make.

All the men want you,

you want them to want you,
and you like it!

Come on!
l'm just a fucking actress--

Then act like you love
what l'm gonna do to you!

Fuck you! l'm not doing this!
Fuck you!

- No! Don't!
- Sit down!

Oh, God!
Okay, okay, okay!

- Please! Please!
- Okay.

- Okay.
- ( sighs )

l don't got time for this shit.

Me and you need to talk!

Watch her.

Look here, Fred. You said
she was down with the program.

What the hell did you think
she was going to say?

''Hey, fellows, great!
l always wanted to make a fuck film''?

Use your head. You think l would
start an operation like this

without having
motivation insurance?

l'm risking my parole,
and everything else,

so if this is bullshit,
you better have some life insurance!

'Cause you're gonna need it.

You can believe
that shit, Fred.

Ms. Tyler, l understand
how you must feel. Really, l do.

We could hardly expect you
to eagerly participate,

especially when you are
in fear for your life.

So to help motivate you,

l arranged for a good friend
of mine named Jimmy,

to get a job at the Green Meadows
Rest Home.

Why would you do that?

Because your father
lives there, naturally.

And he is suffering
from severe diabetes.

lf his insulin dosage is microscopically
adjusted one way or the other,

he will go into insulin shock
and die.

What are you saying?

Let's just get him
on the line.

You can ask him how he's...


Daddy, hi!

lt's me.
How are you?

Daddy, do you have a new nurse?
What's his name?

Daddy, you do everything
that Jimmy says, okay?

And l'll see you, really--
Daddy, l love you!

You fucking bastards!

You just do what we ask you to do,
and no harm will come to him.

l really don't have
any choice, do l?

No, you never did.

l love it.

This wasn't the agreement.

Better go have a talk
with your genius.

What's wrong?

What the hell is wrong
with you now?

- Are you going to walk?
- l don't want to.

You know how bad l need this money,
but l didn't sign off for this shit.

- What shit?
- No one said anything about murder!

What murder?!

Hidnapping is bad enough,
but killing her old man?

Her father is not
in any danger.

- What about your boy at the rest home?
- It's a bluff, Walt.

Didn't you hear
what he said?

Either get with the program,
or Daddy go ''bye-bye.''

l have been known to lie to women
from time to time, haven't you?

ls there anything else
on your mind?

No, let's get this done, okay?

Consider this
a-- undress rehearsal.

Don't touch me.
No! No-oo!

- Stop! Get off--
- Fred: Hey!

- ( Candy screams)
- Get the fuck off her!

- ( Candy cries)
- l was just warming her up.

lf you got a complaint,
file it with the FCC, punk.

We are doing this
according to a script

and you are gonna stick
to the plan! You got it?

What are you gonna do?
Shoot me?

Are you two going to tango,

or do you want to make
some money here?

l guess that's up to Ms. Tyler.

l'll do what you want me to do.

- But l get to choose with who.
- You're not in control here.

l know you have my dad,
but l don't know if l can do this

unless l choose the man!




You could be on the camera.

lf you try to get away
l might not be able to stop him.

l won't try to get away.

This has to be convincing.
You know what's at stake, right?

- Okay.
- Brad: Yeah, don't get cute.

Say exactly what's written down
and nothing else.

Believe me, l have
all the motivation that l need.

Look, the camera is rolling.
l'll give you what you want, okay?


Put this on.

( laughs )

Walt: The biggest potential audience
in Net history.


l'm Candice Tyler.

For years,
all you loyal fans out there

have enthusiastically
supported me.

Now it's time that I return
the favor

by giving you what you've always

More of me.

I want to return the affection
to all of you at the same time.

l want you to meet
my surrogate lover.

See, his face is covered,

it's not really him who will
be making love to me.

But all of you,
through him.

No trick photography,

no editing--
the real thing.

Live, on the Net,
one hour from now.

- Make sure you tell all your friends.
- Yeah!

lt's a date
l don't want anyone to miss.

l promise
l will hold nothing back.

And l promise to each
and every one of you,

l will bare all.

- ( gasps)
- Yeah! Wow!

- Yeah!
- Oh-hh!

( laughs )


go to this site
one hour from now...

have your credit card ready

for the nominal se_ice charge
ofjust 10 dollars,

To get your own
private access code

to a loving session of lust...

with me.

- ( laughs)
- Wow.

That was great!
You were great!

That was hot.
That was blazing.

Don't be ashamed.
You're just doing what you have to do.

Come on.

l'm gonna have her
one way or another.

You can put money on that.

You have...

blood on your shirt.

We've got about an hour
before the netcast.

- Would you mind not tying me up?
- No.

lf Walt or Brad come in,
you need to be secured.

Come on.
Get on the bed.

Hey, hang in there.

Are you sure your friends are going
to go along with this, honey?

Baby, if l dangle the chance
of a million dollars

in front of these guys,
they're gonna do anything l want.

As long as they think
that they're in control, right?

lf you act it,
they will come.

Don't buckle on me,
we can do this, okay?

l love you.

How is it going?

Your buddy snapped, man,
you never should've brought him.

Sometimes you need a bad son of a bitch
along to make a plan go smooth.

- He's doing okay.
- No, he's not. He's dangerous.

And he's gonna bring a lot of shit
down on us, l'm telling you.

You're wrong, Walt. He's a thief.
He's a high-line pro.

He might be a little too machoed up,
but l've never seen him snap.

Look, l don't want to argue
about it, okay?

He's your friend.
Heep him on a short leash,

and way far away from me,
okay? Please?

You just do your job.
l'll watch Brad.

- Watch me do what?
- Watch you light the candles.

What do l look like,
an altar boy? You light them.

( laughs )

l've been a real prick, haven't l,
the way l'm bossing you around.

l'm sorry, Brad.

l will consider it a major favor if you
just chalked it up to nervousness.

- It's all right.
- l'm glad to hear you say that.

l'm just trying to be efficient
at getting you one million dollars.

And l'll tell you what...

from now on, if you don't like
doing what l ask,

no hard feelings.

l would just tell Walt
to shut down that uplink,

and we will all
just go the fuck home.

Nobody ain't going nowhere
until my money is in the bank.

l'm glad to hear you say that,

because we've come
a long way together.

l appreciate your cooperation.

- Who's there?
- Don't worry, l won't hurt you.

- Please, don't.
- l'm not going to.

- No.
- l promise.

- l'm not like the others.
- Yeah, right.

l'm not doing this for myself.
l have a son--

he has a tumor
and he needs an operation.

l just wanted you to know that.

l know what we're doing
to you is wrong,

but l--

l had no choice.

My hand is so numb...

my left hand--
l can't feel it.


- Is that better?
- Yeah.

All right, l just--

l can't believe like l am actually
sitting here near--

l've seen all your movies.

Congratulations, now you get
to make one of your own.

- That's not--
- It's great.

( crying)
l'm so sorry!

l hope one day
you can forgive me.

( sobs)


Yeah, that's it.
Turn it up.

Female reporter:
Famous movie star Candice ryler

appeared live on the Internet
promising to perform

explicit sex acts
for her loyal fans.

Oh, spin city!
Ha, ha!

Ms. Tyler's agent reached
by phone moments ago

said, ''This is someone's idea
of a very sick joke.''

His client is being

But a member of our news staff that
inte_iewed Ms. Tyler last month

says it actually appears
to be the actress,

known for her sexually taunting roles
in several recent thrillers.

from around the gIobe

are actively trying to track down
the source of this mysterious netcast.

And the key word
in that sentence is ''trying.''

...story become available to us.
Live from HSHT News.

Dana Russell. Back to you.

What did l tell you?
All the free publicity we can get!

That's exactly what we need.
We're committing a felony--

Hey! l want every horny son of a bitch
in the world to see this.

Because that--
is our score.

l'll try to make this
as pleasant as possible.

Just go with the flow.

Just try to forget
how you got here.


You might even
find this pleasant.

l'm gonna sit you
on the bed.

Need anything
to eat or drink?

Let's just do this.

We're almost ready.

Walt: Back on the server,
it's encrypted and protected.

Transfer program is... on.

Every time we get a debit
we'll hear a beep.

- Why don't l hear no beeps?
- Just give it a minute.

Give it a minute?

lt's only a minute till we get started.
Shouldn't somebody have logged on?


- Maybe you're being blocked.
- There's no indication.

- Where the hell's the money?!
- l don't know!

Everybody just calm down.

All right, look, my friend,
something's wrong.

l want you to think hard
and go over your procedures again.

l'm telling you--
there's nothing wrong.

l'll go back, but--

This whole operation
is done.

- Well, then we cut our losses.
- And her?

We take her home.

How do you know
they're not on to us?

What if this asshole
doesn't know?

They could be at her house
waiting for us right now.

We'll cross that bridge
when we get to it.

- There's an easier way.
- Don't even fucking think about it,

or it's gonna be your brains
all over the wall. Got that?

You got to learn how to relax,
my friend.

lt's healthier.

Ha! There it is!
It wasn't my mistake.

lt just wasn't registered.
Take a look at-- that!

This is going to work!

Get over there and lock down
the full-shot camera.

This is about worshipping you.
Remember that.

That's bullshit.

lt's about the finest tits and ass
l done seen in a long time.

Go back to your camera.

Or what?

Five seconds!
Four, three...

two, and...


Hi! l'm so glad
you could make it.

l've been fantasi_ing
about this for so long.

What it would feel like...

your hands all over my body.

My tongue all over yours.

Are you ready?
l am.

This is for all of you.
l love you.

( moans )

( hip-hop music playing )

Ooh, damn...

my turn next.

( moaning )

Hee, hee...

( moaning increases )

( sighs )

That was an incredible

l didn't know
you had it in you.

lt was like art.

- My turn.
- Don't touch me!

Hnock it off.

( chuckles)
Oh, what?

l ain't good enough for you?


Am l reading that right?

Does that say
13 million...

396 thousand...


( laughs )

- Can l go home now?
- Not just yet.


After dark.
It'll be safer for us.

l'll just tie her back up,
you know?

Because we don't want her
seeing everything.

l'll tie her back up.

Come on, sweetie.

lt's over four million
dollars apiece.

What are you going to do
with all that money?

Take care of my family.

Hey, hang in there.

ls anyone on our trail?

No way. l pulled this up
before anybody could get a handle.

Well, then, congratulations, gentlemen.
We are rich sons of bitches.

- So, how do we get paid?
- Walt, tell him.

Well, it's all set up
on offshore accounts,

equally divided, of course.

What you need to know now
is the password.

So what's the password?

''Let's fuck Brad
out of his share''?

Where is this coming from?

From the fact that you got
my money locked up somewhere,

and l want so see it
in my hand!

The password is a series of randomly
selected numbers by the computer.

Everything you need to know
about that account is--

right here on this disk.

ls that so?

You should be more trusting,
my friend.

We're partners.

l'm gonna start
hauling shit out of here.

Walt: l can't believe
we pulled this off.

We haven't.

Look, man,

after today we never have
to see each other ever again.

You can live anywhere
in the world you want.

That should make you
feel safe enough.

lt should,
but it doesn't.

Man, would you get on with it?
No one is trying to screw with you.

Especially you, right?

l know what you're all about.
And l don't like you.

Let's clean up this crap
and get the hell out of here, all right?

That's exactly
what l'm trying to do.

The slut?
She got to go.

She doesn't even know
who we are.

We're ex-convicts.

lt's all the police need
to put us away for a long time.

You back my plan,

you live to get to spend
what you made here today.

Get in my way,

or say word one
to Fred about this...

it's all gonna come crashing down
around you, l promise you that!

Get the gun.

Did you know he was going to try
to take us all out?

l've known this son of a bitch
for 15 years!

l know what he's gonna do
before he does.

- He killed a guy in the woods.
- Yeah?

That must've been the blood
that l saw on his shirt.


- What do you want me to do?
- Help me drag him out.

l'm going to check
on the girl.

- She's scared shitless.
- She's not the only one.

Well, you got the gun,
you watch him.

- l'll load the van.
- Then what?

We whack him.

lt's him or us, Walt.

- Fred: You are fucking dead!
- ( Candy screams )

( grunting )


l changed my mind.

You ain't even good for that.

( Candy whimpers )

l told you l wasn't
like the others.

Come on. Let's go.

l've been to prison twice.
l'm not going for a third time.

l'm giving you a chance
to get out of here.

But l am gonna get that money
for my kid. The keys are in it-- go!

Just go!

You don't have
to shoot anybody.

( mimics buzzer)

One problem down,

one problem to go.

Let's get this shit settled.

You're the baddest bitch
on the block in the movies,

but l'm the real thing.

Too bad we didn't get to finish
what we started, though.

l'm hurt.

We could finish right now.

You're just trying to save
your famous ass.

Of course l am.
Oh, come on!

You know l'll do anything
you want me to just so l can live.

So can't we just
work something out, hmm?

So that you can have
the money, and me?

lf you try anything--


Bullshit don't work on me.

How fucking stupid
do you think l am?

Prem fucking stupid!

- ( gunshot pops)
- ( Candy gasping )

- ( flies buzzing)
- ( screams )

You're fucking up, Candy.

The longer you put this off,
the worse it's going to be for you.

You wanna
play with me, bitch?!

Well, let's play then!

l know you're in here

Can't hide from me,

( metaI cIangs )

This shit is gonna hurt,

- So is this!
- ( groans )

( van engine starts )

( moaning )

This is Candice Tyler.
l've been kidnapped.

l need help now!
l'm at the Four Star Ranch.

Please hurry, okay?

- l thought you were dead!
- Yeah, l thought l was dead too.

This son of a bitch
really laid my face open.

Baby! Oh!

You-- you said
you could handle everything.

- l didn't want to end up like this.
- Oh, baby, l'm so sorry.

Everything just blew out of control.
But it's all right.

Everything is all right.
We're gonna be fine.

We're gonna be all right.
( laughs )

Fred, you fuck!

You two were on this together
the whole time!

We've known each other
for a year.

She needed money
and a boost to her career.

She came up with this con.
All l did was fill in the blanks.

l'm so damn proud of you!
This is real jailhouse shit.

Where do a piece of shit like you
meet a classy ho like that, anyway?

When l got out of the joint,
l got a 300-dollar-a-day habit.

And we met in rehab.
And by the time we got clean,

we hooked up.

What the hell
did you need me for?

Well, we had to make it
Iook convincing.

You see? She wouldn't have
a career to go back to

if anybody knew
that she did this voluntarily.

And there is not
a doubt in my mind

that you would've blackmailed us
for our part of the take

if you knew she was in it
from the start.

See, we had to make it look
as real as we could.

( laughs )

l needed Walt for all that
techno-computer stuff, but you--

l just needed you
to fill a body bag.

You see, the cops
got to blame somebody.

And you are tailor-made
for the part.

( police siren wails )

What the hell are the cops
doing here?

Everybody, hands in the air!

- You-- drop that gun!
- Candy: Help me!

- You, drop the gun! Drop it!
- Fred: Hey! Candy!

- Drop it!
- ( gunshot )

- ( sobbing)
- Come on, let's go.

Watch your head.

l have the victim in custody,

l need backup
and ambulances immediately.

We're talking with actress
Candice Tyler

about her amazing story
of survival.

As everyone now knows,
she was kidnapped

and forced to have sex
on the Internet.

- Welcome, Candice.
- Thanks, Adrian.

ls it true that you recently refused
to sell the movie rights

- about your remarkable story?
- That's right. l did.

- Why not?
- l feel it's too exploitational.

Well, now that you're
a millionairess

from your multi-picture
Hollywood deal,

l suppose your rumored financial
difficulties are very much over.

Well, those rumors were false.

l am so curious because--

in your police statement,
you spoke glowingly

- about one of the kidnappers.
- Yes.

l believe his name
was Walt Gearson.

Some people
are absolutely puzzled

as to why
you called him a hero.

Walt participated
in the kidnapping because--

of his tremendous love
for his wife and son.

He had a change of heart,

and sacrificed his life
helping me escape.

And l suppose that's why
you paid for an operation for his son?

That takes an inordinate
amount of courage.

And l have to tell you, you are
just truly a remarkable woman.

- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.

( computer beeping )

l am remarkable.

( music pIaying )