Steal My Heart (2013) - full transcript

Hot-shot police detective Lee is out to get a hit-and-run driver. He discovers the driver is his long lost girlfriend from ten years ago. As her crime-record accumulates he tries to protect her. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
What's the most important thing

when catching a suspect?

It's your brain.

You have to use reason.

Don't be emotional but rational
and cold-blooded.

When you get wrapped up
in their scheme

you become emotional and
the criminal wins the game.

Criminals are heartless monsters.


We're trying our best, sir.

Don't worry.

By this week?

I got it, sir.

Wake up!


6 are missing
and 5 are dead in 3 months.

We're not even
close to finding the suspect.

It's hard to tell if it's the same killer
cuz the crime site is unclear.

What are you talking about?

Then it's not serial murder!

Yes it is!

The key point of this case is that
we can't locate the site.

Thus we can't read the crime pattern

and offender profiling is impossible.

According to their acquaintances,
the women were last contacted

in public places like cafes and gyms.

In other words, they weren't abducted
but killed by someone they know.

And I have the feeling
we'll catch him tonight.

He'll likely show up
at his golf club tonight.

Got him.

The suspect is single and well-educated.

He's 5'10", scrawny,
and has a receding hairline.

He'll be wearing a big hat
to hide his baldness.

Looking at his writing,

he's probably left-handed.

The prime suspect of this case is
a plastic surgeon named Dr. LEE.

He's getting something out of his trunk.

Notify the stakeout team.

All standby til we have evidence.

We got him!

Who did?

I'll give him an award!

The hit-and-run driver!



Stop that car!

You asshole!

Get him!

Where are they buried?

Say it, asshole!

The patient's critical!

I'm a cop!
I don't care!

To me, he's just a criminal!

People like him live too long.


Aren't you abusing human rights?

No evidence has been secured yet

so he's a suspect, not a criminal.

Don't make us look bad, LEE.

I'm sure about my investigation.

Don't you think your speculation
can be wrong?

A professional profiler doesn't make
guesses but accurate inferences.

If my inference is wrong,
he's responsible.


Don't look at me.

Hold on.

Nice one, LEE!

We just found a buried corpse.


A corpse has been found
on site at 12:23am.


Say cheese!

Good to see you, Inspector LEE.

You know there will be promotions
next quarter?


Heard Forensic Science Dept.
needs a new director.

Anyway, do I give the award
to the hit-and-run driver?

Do you have the ID and address
of the hit-and-run driver?

Yes, here.

We'll take care of it.

Don't worry about it.

I'm gonna do it before this driver
takes my promotion.

I did all the hard work and
he gets the praise?

No way!

Hit-and-run driver's psychology

Extreme anxiety caused by passive
psychological disorder.

They calmly conceal their crime cuz
they have no sense of reality.

They would never park
their cars in their lots.

Excuse me.

Have you seen this Mercedes?

They would fix the car
Have you seen this Mercedes?

quickly and with cash.
Have you seen this Mercedes?


They would never park it at home
unless they were stupid.


The driver's a monster.

Or just an idiot!

Damn it.


Excuse me.

Are you okay?

The white Mercedes out front
is yours, right?

You have the right to remain silence.

Now you're too silent.

Look, YOON Jin-sook!

Remain silence in court.
We're talking here.

You scared me!

That was fast!

How much?

I said to make it super spicy
cuz I got a cold.

Did you?

Were you driving at around midnight
on April 17th?

And you hit someone.

You probably
didn't know that you ran over

the serial killer that's made headlines
the last 3 months.

Even if you knew,
you wouldn't have saved him.

Are you investigating me?

I correct.

Let's talk about it at the police station.

What the heck?

I'm busy!

Hurry up. YOON!

YOON Jin-sook!

Let's go.


Take that mask off.

Don't you get it?

You're going to the police station.

So take that mask off and
wear a hat if you want.

Are you insane?

Can you handle it?

Your naked face?

Are you on a blind date?

Long time.

LEE Sook-ja?

It's been 10 years.

Has it?

So your real name was
YOON Jin-sook.

Actually, umm...

Have some pickled radish.

Do you want some?

No thanks.
Enjoy it while it's hot.

Have some more.

I'm done.

I'll get ready.

I have a cold.

You shouldn't eat that.

Just wanted to taste it.

Is he okay?


In a way, you did something good.

You hit a serial killer.

How freaky!

So I caught him!

Not exactly.

I did all the work and you stepped in.

Did you bring your ID and driver's license?

I don't have a license.


I don't have a license.

Why do you drive without a license?

I bought the car first to practice.

Take this and rest up.

I'll get it.

- No, I'll pay for it.
- That's okay.

I'll get it.

It's okay.

- Do you take card?
- Or check?

I used all my cash for your noodles.

It's okay.

Don't use your card.
Take this check.

Gimme the card.


Hit-and-run without a driver's license
is a serious offense, you know.

You'll be confined for investigation.



What the?

The water was spilling out.

I wonder if any sockets are wet.

Hope we don't get electrocuted.

It's okay.

What are you doing?

Watch out.

- He's electrocuted!
- Are you okay?

I'm okay.

I'll call 911.


I mean, Jin-sook.

I'm sorry, but we should go before
my colleagues get off work.


- Let's get dressed.
- Okay.

Are you okay?

- Careful.
- I'm okay.

Oh, yeah!
You're sick!

Take this wet jacket off!

No, put it back on.
We gotta go.

No, you're sick.
Take it off.

No put it on.

Forget it.
Let's not go.

We can go.
I'll be fine


Would you like some tea?
Are you hungry?

I'm sure I'll get tea in jail.

They don't serve tea!

Stay here.
I'll get some food.

Hello, PARK?

She wasn't home.

I rushed home cuz my water pipe broke.

Don't worry.
I'll take care of it.

You up already?
Sleep some more.

We should go.

Stay til you get better.

I think I made it worse.

Then can I rest at my house?

Are you nuts?

This is serious.

I saw 8 CCTVs from the parking lot
to your door.

We've probably been recorded together.

Aren't you gonna get in trouble?
You guys investigate everything.

It's okay.

It's not like we planned this.

Look at all your cute toys.

It's my only hobby.

This looks like a robot I saw in cartoon
when I was young.

It's a 1979 GUNDAM.

There are only 100 of them in the world.

A collector called one day and said

he'd buy it for 10 grand.

So I told him no, and he called back
in a few months

- The arm is...
- What?


I just twisted it a little.

It's okay.

Let me fix it.

I don't feel so well.
I should rest now.

Damn it!

I'm sorry, but can you get off

the bus with me?

There are two guys after me.

Let's get off at the next stop.

I can go home alone from here.

Thank you.

That's okay.

I'll make sure you're home safe.

- Are you a student?
- No.

I'm studying to enter an arts university.

I like art too.

What kind of art?

Expensive kind.

We're here.

Where's your house?


Good-bye, Sook-ja.


Get going.

You go first.

- Bye then.
- Good night.

You can go that way.

Thank you.

Stay away!

You bitch!



Her phone number!

We should open search for YOON.

Come on.

Why are you rushing like an amateur?

Give her two days.

She'll turn herself in.

No way.

Don't trust me?

Wanna bet drinks on it?



I understand.

If you can't pay the rent at once,

pay in installments.


- You home?
- Yeah.

I have a house in Sungbuk-dong but
the tenant's not paying rent.

You made a lot of money!


I thought you took off.

I was worried
that you'd gone somewhere.

I felt uncomfortable staying
in an empty house.

I had to get changed
and prepare for my lecture.

Cool! What field do you teach?

Never mind.

You're making me curious.

It's a very specialized field.

I can't explain it.

You must be hungry.

I'll make you something good.

What are you making?


Oil pasta.


It's supposed to stick.


What do we do?

It's hot!

How is it down there?

It's fine.

I mean, Jin-sook.

Why did you back up?

I thought I'd put the shift on parking.

That's understandable.
You probably panicked.

Should we go tomorrow?

We should.

You can turn yourself in

at a local police station.

You'll come to me anyway.

How long will I be in jail?

Not long if I write a good report and
they empathize.

I see.

Do you remember
our 100th day anniversary?

Do you?

I didn't go either.

I felt so bad cuz I thought that
you showed up.

I finally got that weight off
my chest in 10 years.

One day left before YOON shows up.

Get ready to buy drinks.

Driving a Mercedes at that age,
she must be a pro.

I don't think she'd run away.

I have a feeling she teaches.

How much are rents in Sungbuk-dong?

That's an expensive area.

You moving?


Long time, LEE.

Heard your case was solved

by a Hit-an-run driver.

Thanks for the coffee.

This is the CCTV of the sneak thief robbing
CHUN's house 3 months ago.

Zoom in.

What's in his hand?

A painting.

It was a work by Wilhelm Fruits Tart.

You mean
Wilhelm Furtaks Norvanoff Hammerschafe.

Pop artist from 1960s.

Whoever he says.

Anyway, this painting is currently in
Sonnet Art Museum.

Wilhm Fruits Cocktail.

Wilhelm Furtaks Norvanoff Hammerschafe.

The painting owned by CHUN
is the genuine one.

How do you know?

Why would the thief steal it from CHUN,
and not from the museum?

Anyway, take a look.

It's that rain coat.
Is it the same day?

Yes. It was taken at a nearby store,
10 minutes before the robbing.

He's stealing a chocolate bar.

It's a woman.

Have you investigated and

sorted out the suspects?

Of course we searched.

But it's not easy finding her

Cuz she's new.

But we got her in the CCTV from
across the street.

The suspect is YOON Jin-sook.

She escaped the police dragnet
as if to mock us.

She's definitely a matchless sneak thief
in the country.

Taxi !

She's a whole new class.

She recently bought a house in
Sungbuk-dong and is renting it.

Expensive area.
How much was the house?


She must've sold
the painting for $500,000.


YOON was the hit-and-run driver!


Where's LEE?

Where the hell is she?

Detective LEE!

Can you trace this number?



Be suspicious if white porcelain is light.

Blue porcelain is fake if it's heavy.
White porcelain is fake if it's light.

- Feel it.
- Yes.

Heavy blue is fake.
Light white is fake.

The wealthiest and the most powerful
reside in this apartment.

The security here is
the best in the country.

I'm unable to teach next semester
for personal reasons.

Are you going abroad?

I'm going to jail.

You finally did it!

It's nothing to worry about.

I'm doing it for my cop friend.

Lastly, do you have any questions?


How did she get in the 24th floor
of an impenetrable fortress?

How did you get in?

This is my supposition.

YOON kept an eye on CHUN's window
from the rooftop of a tall building.

She crossed the sky on custom-made wire

and landed on the balcony.

There is no balcony there.

So you're wrong!

I knocked.

Can you open the door, sir?

See you.


The key here?
Never look hesitant.

Let's read out my important rule 3.

Never stick out.
That's how you get caught.

We should have lunch sometime.

I agree.

Once I'm done with my business.


Thank you, teacher.


What happened to your eye?

I was practicing.

Take it slow!

Do field work after
you're done your course!


My dad's safe.

She's nuts!

Don't relax just cuz it's family.


All safes are the same.

YOON Jin-sook!

- That's my cop friend.
- Yikes.

Hello, sir?

Where did you sell CHUN's painting?

I know you stole it, so just tell me.

I'm sorry I lied to you.

So that's how you bought a house
in Sungbuk-dong.

I should've bought something else.

Are you teaching people how to steal?

- Did you peep?
- Enough.

What else are you hiding?

Are you really a woman?
Maybe you're a man underneath.

I'm a thief and a liar!

I'm uneducated and poor,
so I started stealing.

- What's so wrong with that?
- You kidding?

What's the problem?

Why don't you just arrest me then?

You're so proud you
should tell the cops that.


Let's go!

Get in!

This road is busy.

- Dying to go to jail, huh?
- Yes I am!

- Take a right there.
- I don't trust you.

It's faster that way!
This is my area!

I don't care!

I don't trust anything you say!

- Left!
- That means right!


We know where YOON's been.

She was at a pharmacy a few days ago.

The pharmacist said
she was with some guy.

We got the CCTV record,
so we'll check into that.


Damn it!

- Gimme your phone.
- Why?

Cuz we might be tracked.


- Hold onto this.
- What's this?

It's a duplicate phone for informants
for undercover investigation.

- It's a couple phone!
- Stop!

Hands off my stuff!

It was just on the ground.

That's a crappy design.

Simple white gold is hot these days.

- Like you know anything!
- Why are you so upset?


- I forgot to give you the key.
- It's okay.

It's not okay!

What if you get caught?
I'd be in so much trouble.

I'm home.

Did you call a locksmith?

Why waste money?
I opened it.

Did you pick the lock?

I said you don't have to come.

Hi Ho-tae!

- Who are you?
- Sorry.

Wait, this is Ho-tae's house.

- Are you here to see Ho-tae?
- Yes.

Ho-tae's not home right now.

- Who are you?
- Ho-tae's friend.

Me too.

You smell of alcohol.
Were you drinking?


Hello, LEE.

- I was calling you.
- I got the hard drive.

- What's wrong with your neck?
- It's nothing.

- Is this the evidence?
- Yes. I have to copy and return it.

Lemme check it.

- You saved it!
- You're good at things like this.

- Cuz I work out.
- Right.


That was close.
We nearly lost it.

- Yeah.
- What brand is this?

Red Bull for you, sir!

I'm positive that guy helped YOON escape!

Or he might be her partner.

Look at him.

That's a criminal body type.

He's dead meat when we get his face.

We can't see his face.

What the?

I got the Red Bull from there.

Is that a Red Bull ad?

He's opening the cap!

Nice work, idiot!

Go arrest that Red Bull!

And take those gloves off!


You have no idea.

Ho-tae was ready to kill himself when
you broke up with him.

You drove an innocent art student
into the cesspit of crime.

You know he became a cop cuz of you?

Cuz you told him you liked cops?

The poor bastard went to all of his

cop friends' weddings just
in case you married anyone of them.

All the wedding cakes
made him wanna puke.

Can you sing me a song?

- Here?
- Yeah, here.

No way!
There're too many people!

As if we'd just met yesterday

Saying hello would be meaningless


You said we were too young then

And laughed about days past

My heart aches hearing that

you're still alone

Should I tell you I love you again

That loving you is

the reason for my life

How embarrassing.



Come here.

You think you can order me around?

Have you ever kissed anyone?

Why do you ask?

Kiss me.


How can she be sleepy?

- Hello?
- Yes?

Is Inspector LEE there?

Hold on.

- Hello?
- It's for you, Ho-tae

Hello? Hello?


Why did you pick up my phone?

I thought it was mine.

- Don't you know your own ring?
- It's the same as yours.

- Why are you copying my ring?
- It's a couple phone.

Why am I on your bed?


Did you undress me
and dress me back up?


Why would I do that?

- Get off the bed
- Ouch

Get off!

It's not what you think.

Take off your shoes!

You can't mess up the scene!


Why are you here?

YOON's my suspect too.

Take off your shoes.

Take them off guys!

Did you spend the night with her?


The girl that picked up your phone.

You moving in with her?

Gosh, no.

Why are you flushed?

Don't be slack just cuz you slept together.

Guys think that sleeping with her
makes her yours

It's not like that

Your touch feels different

This is YOON's credit card statement.

September 7th, Chinese restaurant

Chinese restaurant,

supermarket, garlic...

Leek, tuna can, spaghetti

What do you think, Mr. Profiler?

Show off your professionalism!

They're ingredients for tomato pasta.
PARK'S favorite dish!

I like carbonara, not tomato pasta.

I wonder if that bitch moved
in with a man.

How dare you call her bitch!

I mean criminals have human rights too.

You called them monster.

Sneak thief is not a murderer.

Have we got anything on YOON's pimp?

We're sure that he lives in Bangbae-dong

Call the area to enforce security in the area.

Should we just block all of YOON's cards?

- Shall we?
- Yeah.

Use your brain!

Then how would we find her?

Keep the cards activated.

Don't go out.
They enforced security there.

Where are you, honey?

Your house.


Can you bring the roll of
newspaper by the couch?

Who's that?


I ordered noodles.

Did you bring the card reader?

No! Are you crazy?

I have no cash.

Tell him you'll pay later.

- Can I pay later?
- No.

He says no.

Put him on.
I always order from him.


YOON ate noodles in Bangbae-dong.

LEE, I have something related to YOON.

Don't come to me.
Just catch her.

She was arrested for robbing 10 years ago.

Interestingly, I was in charge of that case.

I remember her cuz her motive
was so absurd.

Isn't that YOON?

She can't pay us back but
she can buy shoes?

- Wait!
- Hey!

Stop that thief!




It's so nice out.
Can we take the park route?

You think this is a cab?

You listening to her?

Snap out of it!

Open the window too, please.

Yes, ma'am!

Make sure she pays you cab fee.

Hey. YOON!

That asshole's putting those shoes on!

She asked to go for a nice drive
when she's being arrested.

Then she threw shoes out the window.

The shoes were...

Exactly like yours, LEE!

Even the colors are the same!
That asshole!

I wonder where that bastard is.

Those shoes are still around!

That asshole never looked back.

Aren't you going home?

I will soon.
What are you doing?

Lieutenant OH asked me to circulate
these wanted posters of YOON.

- Wanted poster?
- Yes.

Let me see.


I'll do it.
You go home.

YOON Jin-sook!

Where is she?

Where were you?

You scared me!

I told you it's dangerous.

What is?

What's this?

What the?
Hold still.

Why isn't this rubbing off?

- Oh, no!
- What?


When can we see her?

I don't wanna show her.

It's okay to feel distant when
you're in a relationship.

What you need in times like this

is a couple shirt
or a couple ring, or spa package.

Something that can tie you together.

Start with the couple shirt.

- Couple shirt?
- Couple shirt.

Take it easy, man.

It looks good.

What were you doing in there?

I felt bad about
breaking off your robot's arm.

Thought you'd like it.

Now go put it back.

Don't do it!



What happened, Tom?

Stay away!

What's she doing in there?

What do you think?

You wanted to wear couple shirt with me?

It was buy one get one free.

But that one's mine.

Is that girl's then?
Let's do this.

You wear this.

Try it on.

But it's pink.

We have nothing in common.

Even taste in clothes.

Thank you.

It's my first time getting a couple shirt.

It's my first time wearing girl shirt.

I guess I was a bit harsh, huh?

I feel bad for the guy next door.

How much it must've hurt.

How could this happen?

Let's take a picture.

No way.

We can't take pictures together.

You don't trust me?

It's not that.

Take it.

One, two!

Not bad.

By the way

Why aren't you turning me in?


I can just turn myself in.

So don't feel pressured.

Don't pressure yourself.

It's easy catching a petty thief like you.

That's not nice.

I'm not a petty thief.

The CHUN case is
just the tip of an iceberg.

In my field of work,
reputation means trouble.

- You've robbed more?
- Come here.

I took Yi Dynasty Porcelain, and...

YOON left her footprints when she stole

Yi Dynasty Porcelain
and Sungbuk-dong diamond.

She's not a rookie, she's a pro!

She also stole a dog,

which cost 40 grand.

It's 3 years old, and the name is Nero.

But she forgot the pedigree certificate.

Without this, it's a mutt no matte
how expensive it is.

She probably ate it then.

Destruction of evidence?

That's a total crime.

She got it!


- That was great!
- Only 20 seconds!

No one's here, right?

Where's the booze?

Cheers, everyone!

Nice work!

I'm so glad I can teach the 3rd semester.

Hope you don't mind me asking,
but are you staying with that friend?


Aren't you uncomfortable?
Why don't you just go to the sanctuary?

I was uncomfortable at first,
but it got better.

I would even look forward to
him coming home from work.

I'm sorry I'm late.

How did you get in?

Get him!


Get him! Quick!

What's very interesting
is all of YOON's assets.

She has more besides
the house in Sungbuk-dong?

Look here.

She has about 5 million dollars
just in hidden assets.

So she made all that from robbery?

It's funny.

In my 10 years of cop career,

I've never seen a thief invest so well.

She bought some apartments 3 years ago,
and they doubled in price.

Clueless but on a roll,

YOON got into stocks.

Her capital quadrupled when stock
prices ridiculously skyrocketed.

YOON didn't stop there.
She bought land for dirt cheap.

She started growing pine trees,
an architecture material.

Strangely, the pine price suddenly
soared that year.

She hit the jackpot every time,
in everything she did.

I should've met a woman like that.

Just before she escaped,
she was buying Russian Chaga mushrooms.

- Bring YOON's card statement.
- Yes, sir.


Someone just spotted YOON in Sillim-dong.


It's probably a prank call.

Get off your asses!

Get the car ready!

Honey, do we have any money?

Buy Russian Chaga mushrooms,

right now!

- Hello?
- Run!


You're about to experience something real.

What's that?

Calm down.

Do as you're taught, slowly.
Follow me.

Open the door!

She's there!

Thank you, teacher!

Get her!

YOON Jin-sook!

Look what we have here!
The pimp showed up!

Get him!

Get his arm!

- Take the mask off!
- Get his arms!

YOON Jin-sook!

Come here.

YOON Jin-sook!

Come here.

Get them!

Shoot them!

It's a tear gas gun!

Your timing is impeccable!

What is this strange thing?

Isn't he that Red Bull?

Yes. He's a whiz at disguising.

He's about 5'9".

About his size.

Look at his watch..
It's a $4000 Rolex.

It could be fake, of course.

The pimp's footprint measures size 10.

This is the suspect, according to
the witnesses' description.

He's face is slim, and has a side part.

In conclusion...

You look like him.

He does.

Print and distribute it!


You happy now?

Everything's ruined because of you!

Why the hell did you
break my $5,000 robot?

And you turned my new car into a tin can!

I was the greatest cop
in Korea before you showed up!

And now I'm on the run
with a sneak thief!

Why didn't you tell me about the dog?

It walked out on its own!

I never stole it.


- Where's my calculator?
- In the top drawer.

Is this your house?


2 years for the painting,
1 for the porcelain

1 for the diamond and 1 for the dog.

I didn't steal the dog!

I'm not finished.

The hit-and-run

without a driver's license.

You get double time for the thefts.

Obstructing officer at the bar today.

You'll get at least 12 years.

12 years?

You'll be cheering for Korea in jail
for the next three World Cups.

- I didn't take the dog.
- You ate it!

No! I'm an animal lover.

- Then where is it?
- It ran away.

- Porcelain?
- Sold it.


CHUN's painting?

Why the hell is that here?

You brought it from my house.

I've been thinking.

What if I returned them?

I'll return them the same way
I stole them.

I think I can do it with your help.


You want me to break in?

I'm a cop!

You want me to be your partner?

Well, you already are.

Damn it!


I guess we have no choice.

Make one thing clear, though.

I'm helping you to get out of this.

So that you don't steal anymore.

If that makes you feel better.

What do I need to do?

Practice one by one.

Let's see.


Open the door!



How is it?

It's good.

It's a bit bland.

We're out of salt.

Should I go buy some?

I'll go.

Wear a hat or something.

- Where was that?
- I thought I saw it next door.


Let's go.

I'm finally entering the cesspit of crime.

He's the information source of this field.

- Mister!
- Jin-sook!

Thank you for last time.

Still carrying this dumb-ass around?

What have you brought today?

I'm here to get the porcelain

I dropped off last time.

You came empty-handed?

Nothing's for free.

That watch looks good.

Hand it over.

It's from my ex-girlfriend.

It's an expensive one.

- It's fake.
- What?

- It's an A-class imitation.
- Damn it!

- $30.
- No way.

- $40
- No!


- What?
- $50. Final.

I'm doing you a favor cuz
you're her friend.


Now, it's my turn.

Go to the auction.

Thank you!

- It won't be cheap.
- No problem!


I'm so glad I have you again.

You a dummy.

This is the highlight of the day.

Yi Dynasty Porcelain.
Starting at $35,000.

You sure it's that one?


We have $40,000.

We have $45,000.

We have $50,000.

We have $55,000.

We have $60,000.

It's really heating up in here.

We have $70,000.

- Anyone else?
- Too expensive.

It will be sold to the lady
in leopard for $70,000.


What are you doing?

The cop called $75,000.

Sit down, sir.

Any judges or prosecutors in here?

We'll start the countdown for
$75,000 for the cop.


Five, four, three, two, one!

Sold to the cop for $75,000.

Our wanted posters match!

You can do this, Ho-tae!

You happy we're a notorious couple?

What the hell am I doing?

- Are you nervous?
- Wouldn't you be?

Do just as we practiced.

- Wanna kiss?
- What?

In this dark obscure back alley

without a single person?

Can I help you?

You reported missing
Yi Dynasty Porcelain, right?


You said you came home,
and the porcelain was missing.

Where was it missing from?

That corner.

What the?

Why is this here?

Did you make a false report
to claim insurance?

I can read body language.

Liars tend to look to their left.

That's cuz you're standing to my left.

I swear this was missing!

- The porcelain report is dropped.
- What?

The son called saying
his father has Alzheimer's.

The asshole says he left the porcelain
in the wardrobe, damn it!

Mission complete!

One solved!

The face is wrong.

- Was it like this?
- Something like that.

Let's put the leash.



Two solved.

Next is the diamond, right?

We need tricks for this one.


Hand trick.




This time, I'll return them to you.


Team work is vital for this mission.

Mrs. KIM goes for brunch
at 10 am every morning.

She has a peculiar trait.

She looks at men, especially sexy ones.

The first rule of hand trick.

- Attract your target.
- Wow!

Rule number 2.

Anticipate your target's range of action.


Rule number 3!


How is it, living with Sook-ja?

It's more like living with a suspect.

Don't get hurt later.

Don't cry your eyes out like 10 years ago.

Drink up.

She said she missed you too.

- Where are you, LEE?
- Having a drink out.

I'm in front of your door.

I'm out right now.

Let's have a drink, man!

You're inside, right?

Lemme in!

It's open.


I knew he was gonna
get the couple shirt.

Nice to meet you.

I heard a lot about you.



YOON Jin-sook!

Hold right there!


YOON Jin-sook!

You little!

What are you doing here?

LEE's about to get promoted.

He's a great guy.

Who are you to ruin his life?

LEE, you traitor!

Excuse me.

What happened?

I don't remember.

I think I had a drink with LEE last night.

Why did you drink so much?

Take some time off to recover.

Take care.

Sorry to cause trouble.

- Rest well.
- Okay.

You really don't remember last night?

I'm the one

who wore those shoes...

10 years ago.

I'm sorry I lied to you.

Things just happened.

Finish things with her.

Don't get involved.

Your life depends on this.

You're about to get the promotion
of a life time.

If you don't finish it,
I'll take action.

Who would've thought it was her?

She must've been 8.

She lost her dad, and kept on
asking me to find him.

I was annoyed, so I said I'd help
if she brought me something.

Then she kept on bringing me things.

She was a pro.

She stole to pay back her dad's debt.

Jin-sook's in hiding right now.

It's room no. 3.

Is this your sanctuary?

It looks so unsafe.

How did you know I was here?

Come out and get changed.

Where are we?

It's so nice being with you.

Thank you.


What would've happened
if we didn't break up 10 years ago?

If I wasn't a thief,
but the supermarket girl as you remember?

You're better.

Great hit!

Nice breaking ball!


Where's LEE?

It's my first time selling a false
passport to a cop.

It's failproof, right?

We're a team.

He's not showing up now
that he's promoted?

It's been two days.

- Call him.
- I'll call.

He's not picking up.

Maybe something happened to him.

Know anything, PARK?

He's up.

It's the power hitter!


I've seen her somewhere.

She looks familiar.

That's YOON Jin-sook!

Isn't that LEE?

He just resembles LEE.

No, he looks way too much like LEE.


It's him!

I'm sure LEE was her pimp!

- Let's admit it.
- You knew that too?

You're jealous of LEE.
Are you angry he's promoted?

- No, sir.
- I was suspicious too.

- Hey!
- He's right!

No way.

Trust me, sir.

Get the troop out.
Secure LEE's location.

Yes, sir!

I have a wish.

This is it.

- Can you trust me?
- Your wish is lame.

If I leave, what about you?

I wouldn't have to worry about you.

I'll go see you.

- Call me when you get there.
- Okay.

This ring wasn't bad 10 years ago.

It's been nice.

I found something
in the last 42 days with you.


My first love.

Let's go.

You'll miss the boat.

I'll stop them no matter what.
Don't worry.

Let this be our last time saying good-bye.

LEE Ho-tae!

They're there!


You thought I'd be touched?

YOON Jin-sook!

My wish is to be arrested by you.

I don't wanna run anymore.

Believe it or not,
I'm happy to be arrested by you.

You dozing off?

I'm sleepy too.

Let's get this over with.

Who's the guy you're hiding?

It's LEE Ho-tae, right?


What's your relationship with LEE?

Say it!

What happened?

YOON won't mention her partner.

Even if she gets 2 years less in jail.

She must really like him.
Enough to fight back Inspector OH.

Get to work!

Yes, sir.

I don't love him!


Name and ID.

LEE Sook-ja.

ID is 940722-2019723

Sook-ja from the grocery store?


What can I get you?

Please let me meet Sook-ja, ma'am.

Her phone's off.

I know I was a bit harsh
and sent her a bad message.

To our Sook-ja?

I think I rushed things too much.

How do you know Sook-ja?

I'm LEE Ho-tae, her boyfriend.

I'm in love with Sook-ja.


I'm sleepy, mommy.


How's your mom?


I liked you.

I still do.

Inspector LEE!


Inspector LEE!

I mean Chief Inspector LEE.

You were promoted today.

Let OH take care of this.

He'll make her speak no matter what.

Don't you worry.

Say his name!

Don't do it.

Tell me his name!


That hurts.

Ouch! Ouch!

YOON Jin-sook!
Just tell him!

Tell him who hid you, got that porcelain,
and tried to stow you away.

Tell him that it was me!

Why do you think I became a cop?

It's cuz you said cops are cool.

But they're not.

This would've never happened
if I weren't a cop.

Why did you make me into a cop?

You're the most precious thing to me.

Not even knowing that,
I resented you for the last 10 years.

So please bear with this cuz

I'll be waiting for you.


I love you.

I love you.


I'm sorry.

It's not that.


The mike's off.

You were great!

How bloody touching.

You confessed to the wall.

Can you hear me?

- What!
- They can hear.

Say it once more.

They can hear you.

You're nuts, woman!

Turn off the camera.

We met as cop and thief
and became partners.


Hi Ho-tae.

- How is it?
- Not so bad.

How are you?

Not as bad as prison.

It is a bit boring and stuffy in here.

I think a lot about the past these days.

Sing for me.

No way!

I'm still embarrassed thinking about that.

Guard, I'd like to listen to a song.

Are you crazy?

What's wrong with just one song?

Whatever, then.

Do it.

As if we'd just met yesterday

saying hello is meaningless

Maybe it's a useless worry

Did you find me awkward

Should I tell you I love you again

It took time but I've been waiting

Waiting for you

- Just one song, you said.
- Is the easiest thing for me

You're timeless in my mind

Should I tell you I love you again

It took time but I've been waiting

Waiting for you is the easiest thing for me

You're timeless in my mind

Should I tell you I love you again

Will you take me although I lack so much

Loving you is the reason for my life

I can't help it

Okay! Okay!

I won't sing!


I can get you out 3 months earlier.

Three months is nothing in here.

How about five months?

The evidence is in there

but we can't get to it!

We need the evidence for
search warrant, damn it!

Let's get the evidence.

Constable LEE!

As you can see,
that house is impenetrable.

There are 20 cameras in every angle,
dogs in the yard

and heat detector system in the house.

This is the only blind spot.

And the roof here is not strong enough to
hold male weight.

So there's only one person
who can enter this house.

A wire expert and animal lover.


You have 3 minutes left.

2 minutes left.

1 minute.
Wrap up.

Come out, Jin-sook.

House owner coming.

Get her out.

Where's the account?

Check your message, sir.

Evidence clear!

Let's get arrest warrant.

I knew they were a perfect match
from the beginning!

They might shorten your time
cuz they need you.


You'll be out soon.

Are you preparing for your new life?

Prepare what?

I'm an agent now.

You didn't steal anything, right?

Don't you trust me?

Don't you?

I trust you.