Starry Night (1999) - full transcript

A magic potion returns artist Vincent Van Gogh back to life and lands him in the center of the Rose Bowl Parade in this oddball comedy. Of course, no one believes who he is and he is startled to discover his popularity after the passage of time. This sets him off on a crusade to steal his paintings back from collectors and sets a detective on his trail. Along the way, he makes friends with an ambulance chasing attorney and a young artist, who gradually begin to believe his claims of identity. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
A little voice inside
told me you were hungry.

My soul is starved
for perfection,
margot, not food.

Starved for a kind word
or two...

From a world
that hates me,

a world that would love
to see my work burned
if it could.

It's not your time,

The world hasn't
woken up to you.

My time...
Will never come.

Perhaps it will.

Listen to this,
and look at that.

Critics-- the way
they attack me
and lash out at me,

like a coiled snake
with poison venom!

I'll listen later.

I've prepared something
special to warm the cockles
of your heart.

What is it?

Eat. I'll answer
your questions later.

Better I should starve
and end my torment.

But it does smell good.
Just a little.

It is good!
What is it?

It's a special brew
for you, my friend.

Potato potion.
A potion?

A brew? Some
sort of witchcraft?

A family secret.
Gaze into the bowl.
What do you see?

I see... Flowers.

Many kinds of flowers.

[ Margot ] you will become
the greatest painter of
flowers who ever lived,

and one day, the flowers
will return your love.

How will the flowers
do that?

After your body
lies dead and still
in the cold ground...

For more than a century,

the flowers will summon you
back among the living.

- but only for 100 days.
- why only 100 days?

That will be time enough
for you to set right...

All the things that have
gone wrong in your life...

This time.

And then, vincent, you will
be able to rest in peace.

*Starry, Starry Night

*Paint Your Palette
Blue and gray *

*Look Out On A Summer's Day

*With Eyes That Know
The darkness in my soul *

*Shadows On The Hills

*Sketch The Trees
And the daffodils *

*Catch The Breeze
And the winter chills *

*In Colors
On the snowy, linen land *

*Now I Understand

*What You Tried To Say To Me

*And How You Suffered
For your sanity *

*And How You Tried
To set them free *

*They Would Not Listen
They did not know how *

*Perhaps They'll Listen Now

*Starry, Starry Night

*Flaming Flowers
That brightly blaze *

*Swirling Clouds
In violet haze *

*Reflect In Vincent's Eyes
Of china blue *

*Colors Changing Hue

*Morning Fields
Of amber grain *

*Weathered Faces
Lined in pain *

*Are Soothed Beneath
The artist's loving hand *

*Now I Understand

*What You Tried
To say to me *

*And How You Suffered
For your sanity *

*And How You Tried
To set them free *

*They Would Not Listen
They did not know how *

*Perhaps They'll Listen Now

*For They Could Not Love You

*But Still Your Love
Was true *

*And When No Hope
Was left inside *

*On That Starry,
Starry Night *

*You Took Your Life
As lovers often do *

*But I Could Have
Told you, vincent *

*This World Was Never Meant
For one as *

*Beautiful As You

[ Children chattering ]

[ Church bell tolling ]

[ Bell continues tolling ]

[ Man ]
What a day, and what a way
to bring in the new year.

This is the biggest
tournament of roses
parade yet.

Each of the 102 floats
is a complex work...

Of mechanical wizardry
and computer control.

* [ Marching Band Continues ]

Today, as millions of people
watch and tens of thousands
are here in pasadena,

the tournament is
celebrating the theme
of vincent van gogh...

And his great paintings
of flowers.

Van gogh painted
all types of flowers,
but his sunflowers, perhaps,

are among the most popular
in the world.

Although he died penniless,
today his paintings are worth
hundreds millions of dollars,

and he's honored
as an artistic genius.

Like so many great artists,
in his own time van gogh
was completely rejected.

People simply didn't
understand his paintings.

- [ Man shouting ]
- [ Woman ]
Oh, my god. [ Screams ]

[ Announcer ]
Just a moment.

There's some sort of emergency
down on the parade route.

Oh, the parade has stopped.
Apparently, someone has been
struck by one of the floats.

It's a man.
We don't know the extent
of his injuries.

We're being told
he was dressed as--

[ Chuckles ]
As vincent van gogh.

There's some confusion
as to whether or not he was
part of that float.

We'll keep you up to date
on that story as it develops.

Have you had an accident
and it wasn't your fault?

Maybe you've been getting
hit from all sides...

And think there's nowhere
to turn to for help.

Well, relief is here.

Call me, gabe burton,
attorney at law,

because I want to give you
what's coming to you,

and I'll give them back
what's coming to them.

So, call ME:

Hey, honey.
Honey, honey, honey!

My ad's on tv!
Ah! This is gonna
change everything!

I'm back in business again!

Honey, I'm trying to video
our new year's day party,

and you're blocking
the view!

[ Wife ] oh, I'm blocking
the view? Get down from there
before you break your leg!

Come on, honey.
Don't you think that
I've learned my lesson?

- move out of the way.
- move out of the way?
Get off the ladder!

Get off the ladder, gabe.
Get off the ladder!
No, no, no, no--

- don't shake the ladder!
- oh, gabe, not again!

Call 9-1-1.

Hey, buddy,
I've been thinking.

Maybe you should sue
those rose parade people.

I-i-i'm used to handling
personal injury cases.
I could be your attorney.

The brakes didn't work
on that float that hit you,

and so you became
the only person
in history...

To be run over
at the rose parade
on live national television.

You suffered physical injury
and emotional distress.

[ Chuckles ]
Oh, ho, ho, boy!

That's a two-million-dollar
out-of-court settlement
if I ever heard one!

So, what do you think,

What are you
looking at?

This painting!
It's starry night!

- but there's no paint.
- well, of course not.
That's a color print.

- color engraving?
- no, no. You know,
a-a-a-- a print!

They take these famous
pictures and reproduce
zillions of 'em.

But the entire effect
has been destroyed.

I intended this to have
thick colors and textures.

What do you mean,
yo intended?

Vincent van gogh
painted starry night.

Yes. Of course.

Let me see how you're coming
with my, uh, face.

Oh, that's not bad.

Not bad! Y-y-you got
some great talent there.

You think?
How much you want
for this?

[ Chuckles ]
I don't know.
A hundred bucks?

- a hundred bucks?
- you drive a hard bargain.

Two hundred bucks,
take it or leave it.

I'll take it.
Thank you.

Two hundred bucks.
You must have told me
before, but I, uh--

what is your name?
Gabe burton.

I am vincent.
And yours?

Nice to meet you,
Nice to meet you, gabe.

How much is this worth
in guilders?

I don't know.
[ Chuckles ]

- francs?
- about 1,100 francs,
give or take.

No! 1,100?
You are too generous, gabe.

I should paint your portrait
for this much money.

- in oils?
- in oils, yes.

You'd have to pose
for me, of course.
All right!

You're not bad, vincent.

Give me a buzz
when we get out of here,
and we'll touch base.

I will give you buzz...

And will touch the base.

"Gabe burton,
attorney at law."

To think I only got 400 francs
when I sold my first painting
to anna boch.

Hundreds of beautiful
paintings I made in a
five-year period,

and nobody was interested
in one of them, not one.

And now, look.
I seem to be famous and
hanging on people's walls.

And they make prints
of my work!

Hey, wait a minute there.
Where are you going?

You need to sign
this book out.
Oh, I beg your pardon.

- right there.
- right there.
And there you go.

Thank you.
Vincent van gogh?
Thank you.

- that's right.
- I am not in the mood
for jokes.

Oh, it's no joke.
Now, may I go?

sign your real name!

Gabe, let me show you
something I found in
this good book.

Here. Here there's
a picture of me.

An excellent likeness,
don't you think?

Spittin' image.
Except that's a picture
of vincent van gogh.

Yes, it is.
That's what I'm saying.

I am vincent van gogh.

- oh, boy.
- my dear friend paul gauguin
painted this of me.

- nurse!
- [ Telephone ringing ]

Well, well.

I hear you two youngsters
were up early this morning
terrorizing the nursing staff.

Glad you're feelin' better.
Got to look at your, uh,
bandage here first.

I don't see why I need it.
Well, you have
a very serious injury.

How serious?
The lobe of your left ear
was completely severed.

Yes, it was.

No, it wasn't.
No, it wasn't.
Yes, it was.

I cut if off myself
a long time ago.

[ Snoring ]

[ Sighing ]

[ Sneezes ]

[ Wind gusting ]

[ Traffic passing,
horn blowing ]

[ Woman ]
Let's just forget about it,
all right?

Oh, come on, kathy.
Will you grow up?
[ Sighs ]

Now, why can't
you just get over
your crazy obsession?

Is that what
you think this is?

Yeah. And have
a real life here
with me.

I have a life, chuck.

Oh, you wanna waste your
life living for your art.

You can be so insensitive!

That's the reason
we're breaking up, chuck.
No, I am not insensitive.

I am just practical
in my approach to life.

I wanna make a wish.

[ Thinking ]
I want to be appreciated
as an artist and a woman...

And I want to know love.

What was your wish?

- what was your wish?
- you wouldn't understand.

[ Laughing ] so, chuck
wants me to go to the park
city film festival with him.

God, I thought
you two broke up.
Oh, we did.

But, you know, we're still
just friends. You know,
I can see it NOW:

He'll say okay,
we show up at the hotel,
and suddenly...

There's one room left,
with a double bed.
[ Laughs ] yup.

So, sha--
ow, my foot!
Oh, stop!

- somebody help. My foot!
- give it back. Ow, stop!

[ All clamoring,
robber growling ]

Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine. I'll probably
have some bruises to remind me

are you all right?
Yes, yes.

That was a mean and
destructive human soul.
Thank you.

You're welcome.
Hardly fit for
human society.

[ Panting ]
May I escort you home?
Oh, no, thanks.

We just live right over there.
The building with
the billboard.

But we're not going home
right now.
[ Vincent ] right there?

Yes. You know, I don't
have much money, but please,
let me give you a reward.

No, no.
I won't hear of it.

It's enough to know
that I've helped you.

That's reward enough for me.
Well, thank you.

Thank you very much.

Are you okay?
I am. Thanks.

God, I can't believe it.
Did you see that guy?
He had tattoos all the way--

he did.
Oh, god.

I would still like
to help you sue
the rose parade.

In fact, I'll even
waive my retainer,

since you're
so flat broke.

Unless, of course,
you're still cashing in
from some of these, uh,

van gogh paintings,

Boy, you know,
it's too bad that, uh--

that some of this money
isn't going into your pocket.

What are my paintings
selling for these days, gabe?

Uh, van gogh's sunflowers
sold to a japanese insurance
company for 33.

Thirty-three dollars?
Not bad.

millio dollars.

- that's impossible!
- oh, you wanna bet?

And that was just
a low-ball price.

Irises went to alan bond
of australia...

In 1987, for 54!

- fifty-four... Million?
- well, of course, million.

And, uh,
portrait of uh,
doctor "gachette"--

Doctor gachet.

Portrait of Dr. "Gash-ay"
Sold for 78...

To some japanese collector.

Oh, and look at THIS:
Alex manners just paid
65 million bucks...

For self-portrait
at "auvairs."

Self-portrait at auvers.

I don't understand.

If my paintings
are worth so much,
why am I so broke?

- it's not fair.
- ahh! Who said
life was fair?

That's so much
money I could do
good things with, gabe.

There's many worthy causes
out there.

Yeah, well,
keep dreaming, kid.

I'm sure the, uh,
"check is in the mail."

Where does that collector live
That one that just bought
my self-portrait?

Crescent drive,
in beverly hills.

[ Chattering,
women laughing ]

[ Electronic alarm
chirping ]

Alex. Alex!

Don't shoot!
You might put a hole
in the painting.

That's not bad.

I mean,
it's fantastic, actually.

- thank you for saying so.
- I really like your style.

You seem to really know
how to let yourself go.

How are you doing
after that terrible attack?

I'm fine. Thanks.
I'm sorry.

- I forgot to ask your name.
- kathy. And you're--

I'm vincent.
Vincent. Hi.

Well, you're quite
an artist, vincent.

Thanks again for saying so.

Uh, do you think that
we could be friends?

What do you mean,

Friends that talk to each
other and say what they think.

[ Sighs ]
Think about what?

Life, creation,

destiny, fate, wisdom--
[ Chuckling ]

- that's a start, isn't it?
- [ Sighs ]
Are you always so serious?

- it's one of my faults.
- hmm.

Wh-- yes.
Yes, we can be friends.

So, uh--
did you move
into the building?

Uh, I live up on the roof.

- how can you live
on the roof?
- it's not that bad,

and it has a great view.

- well, see you.
- see you.

How do you do, Mr. Manners?
At the moment,
not too well, thank you.

This is where my van gogh
was stolen from.

Well, I'm
detective brook murphy,
art theft detail.

I was up all night
with the police,
dusting for fingerprints.

Thank you
for following up
so quickly.

It's my job.
What are my chances for
getting it back?

- slim to none?
- I don't have a crystal ball,
Mr. Manners.

- you must know the odds.
- art crimes accounted for two
billion in losses last year,

only a fraction of which
was recovered.

A fraction?
A fraction.

Two billion
in losses?

Two billion.
Right behind
drug trafficking.

I don't suppose you've ever
gone after a van gogh before,
have you?

Is that what you suppose,
Mr. Manners?

I was the one
who nailed losey--

the con man
who stole the renoir from
the LA. County museum of art.

- you're the one
who arrested losey?
- yes.

I have spent ten years
in this business, Mr. Manners.

I have had over 350 cases,
ranging from...

Stolen greek statuary
to solid gold
hara-kiri knives...

With sculpted handles
by yoko ono.

- mind if I look around?
- be my guest.

- times have changed,
aunt gladys.
- yes, they have. [ Sighs ]

People are more
independent these days.

They have to be
in order to survive.

I don't understand
you '90s women.

Why is it so wrong
to fall in love and have
a normal, happy marriage?

[ Sighs deeply ]

Don't get me wrong.
I would love to meet
the right man.

If that happens,
that would be just
fine with me.

It'll happen
if you let it happen.

But it is not at the top
of my agenda right now.

Being established
as an artist is.

Why is it so many people
are worried about
their agenda these days,

instead of having
a happy life?

[ Man on tv ]
...With what's known
as an art terrorist,

possibly even
a renegade KG.B. Agent...

Who's trying
to undermine the economy
of the western world.

[ Male host ]
Once again, for those viewers
just joining us,

detective brook murphy
is on the prowl.

Her number one target,
the thief who stole van gogh's
self-portrait at auvers.

Isn't it true
that most art thieves
turn out to be con men?

[ Murphy ]
Well, that's just
a stereotype.

Your suave con man
who has a french accent,
drives a rolls-royce...

And lives in
a classy penthouse?

- and it's not true.
- sometimes.

More often than not,
it's your frustrated artist,

your talented wanna-be
who couldn't quite make
a name for himself.

So, instead of creating art,
he steals it instead.

[ Women chattering ]

Huh! He's up there
every day now.

[ Other woman ]
You told him you live here,
and now he's stalking you.

Wanna bet?
Then you're naive.
He is not.

Wonder what he's painting.

The hat makes the man.

[ Siren wailing ]

* [ Blues ]

[ No audible dialogue ]

Yeah, we found
the van gogh this morning
in the guardhouse.

- guardhouse?
- yes.

In a plain box, wrapped up
in brown wrapping paper.

That's the most bizarre thing
I've heard since...

That 61-year-old truck driver
stole a goya from the
national gallery in london...

And then got scared and left
it in brown wrapping paper
at the railroad station.

There's something even
stranger about this case.

Oh, my god!

It's one of the worst cases
of vandalism I've ever seen.

It's a tragedy!
This is the note
the thief left.

"Dear sirs,
I never sold
this self-portrait...

"During my natural lifetime,
therefore, as the artist,
it belongs to me.

"I've corrected
a serious flaw.

"It needed a yellow hat
to make it cheerful.

"I don't approve of my art
being hoarded by
private collectors.

"I painted not just
for the rich but for
everyone who loves beauty.

"Therefore I am proud
to donate this work
to your museum.

- sincerely, vincent
van gogh."
- sheer lunacy.

Maybe not.

[ Scoffs ]
How could it be
anything else? Tell me.

Might be
a political statement.

I fail to see
the politics in it,

There are organized groups
in the third world.

We call them
"art terrorists."

They're determined to
undermine the stability of the
international art market.

They thrive on creating
economic chaos.

I think maybe
he's one of them.

[ Knocking on door ]

[ Kathy ]
Who is it?

[ Knocking continues ]

[ Vincent ]
It's me.

You said
we could be friends.

Hello. Could we have
that talk now?

Are you busy?
Oh! Uh, no.
I-i-it's okay. Come in.

What's that?

Uh, no.
It's the wormwood.


Oh. Doesn't that taste
sort of medicinal?

[ Gags ]
It's good medicine
for the soul.

Try some?
Oh! Uh, no.

Thank you, though.

I'm very embarrassed
to tell you this, but I've
forgotten your name,

which is just so stupid,
because you practically
saved my life the other day.

That's all right.
I'm vincent.
Vincent! Right!


[ Chuckles ]
Thank you again.

Please. Please.

Thank you.

[ Sighs ]

It's nice to have
somebody to talk to.

I've been lonely before.

I used to have many friends
I could talk to.

Wonderful friends.

But they're all
dead and gone.

Tell me about you.
You live here all alone?

Uh, well, yes.
Actually, my parents
died a few years ago,

and I've been here
on my own ever since
I started taking art class.

So, you're
an art student, then?

Uh, but to tell you the truth,
I don't know how much longer
I'll be able to keep going.

My paintings
aren't selling,

and I really thought
they would have by now.

But I guess that's
the case with my other
friends at school.

I'd like to meet
your other friends.

Well, okay. Maybe
you could come to, uh,
class, you know, sometime.

I'd love to do that.

The thighs are too small.

The thighs.

They surround
the female nectar.
They need more flesh.

And why don't you show
the fullness of her breasts?

Because. This is how
I see her, vincent.

But you hide her flaws.

You should make
every line count.

- I don't want
to make her look ugly.
- the truth is never ugly.

God made the truth.
What's ugly are lies.

Lies were invented
by man.

[ Biting apple ]

Prepare yourself
for a shock.

- oh, my god!
- sorry to be
the bearer of bad news.

What kind of a sick mind
would do something like this?
This is unspeakable!

We see it all the time,
Mr. Manners.
Movies sensationalize it.

Jack nicholson as the joker
in batm defaces art,

spraying graffiti
all over masterpieces
in a museum;

the maniac who threw paint
at th mona lisa in 1957.

We see it all the time,
Mr. Manners.

Excuse me, Detective murphy.
You have an urgent phone call.

Excuse me.

[ Perplexed sighing ]

This is doctor moreau.

I've made a very
startling discovery.

The thief's note
that I have a copy of,

I compared that with
the handwriting of van gogh
to his brother theo.

Now, the note was forged
to look exactly...

Like the handwriting
of van gogh.

I mean, I have not seen
a forgery this good...

Since the hitler diaries.

How does it feel
to be homeless?

I don't consider myself
to be homeless.

The entire world
is my home,

and my ceiling is
god's beautiful sky!
[ Chuckling ]

- that's very poetic.
- mm. One of yours?

Don't give up
painting, kathy.

You have a lot of talent,

but you've got to learn
to stop being so stingy
with your paints.

Paint is like food,
a nourishment for the canvas.

When a baby cries,
the mother offers her breast.

It's the same with painting.

Listen to your canvas crying.
Then feed it with the paints,
and don't hold back!

[ Chuckles ]

Seeing as you're my lawyer,
I'd like to ask you
for a little favor.

And what's that?
I'd like you to set up
a trust fund in my name.

A charity fund.

- what kind of charity?
- to help all the starving
artists in the world.

We'll call it "the van gogh
charity fund for
needy artists."

[ Chuckling ]
Oh, boy! That's a new one.
No, it's not new at all.

Why should starving artists
out there...

Be mocked at when everybody
else in a regular
profession isn't?

I'd like to do something
to change that.

You gotta have the money
in the bank before
you start giving it out!

I'm going to have
money in the bank, gabe.
A lot of it.

It won't be
like last time.

- [ Alarm whooping ]
- [ Reporter ] the van gogh
bandit has struck again.

Starry night was stolen
from lionel caldwell's estate
in beverly hills.

We've been told
by detective brook murphy
that a $1 million reward...

Is being offered for
information that leads to the
arrest conviction of the thief

And, uh, why have
you come to see me
today, Miss young?

Well, when I heard about
the million-dollar reward,

I thought to myself,
"just maybe I have some
information that might help."

You see, I work
at the hospital.
[ Sighs ]

I've seen my share
of lost souls,

but none of them have affected
me as deeply as that poor man
that was run over by the float

You know, at the rose parade,
on new year's day?

And why did that
touch you so deeply?

Well, when I asked him
to sign out the book
that he wanted,

he signed his name,
"vincent van gogh."

Here, I've got the sheet from
the hospital where he signed
his name vincent van gogh.

Miss young,
I think perhaps...

Your patient
may be our missing
van gogh bandit.

[ Gasping ]

And so, the impressionists
were not really a group,

but, um, a collection
of stubborn individualists...

Who worked in obscurity...

In the last half
of the 19th century.

People like
degas, seurat, monet.

Then along came
the postimpressionists, uh,

who leaned more
toward expressionism.

Renegades such as paul gauguin
and vincent van gogh.

Rejected by society,
they attacked each other.

For instance,
paul gauguin...

Eventually criticized
and savagely attacked
the work of vincent van gogh,

to the extent that van gogh
was never able to forgive him.

Excuse me for my intrusion,
professor, but that's
absolutely false.

I don't recognize you.
Are you part of this class?

I may not be a member
of your class, but I have
the right to defend myself...

Against false accusations.

[ Professor ]
No one here is
accusing you of anything.

You just said that
I never forgave paul gauguin!

That's not true!
I did forgive him.

[ Stuttering ]
Is this s-some sort of
a f-fraternity prank?

- it's no prank.
- would you please sit down?

I'm not finished.

I want to say something.
Paul gauguin stayed
with me at arles.

We were great friends.

He came back from the south
seas and painted many
beautiful and voluptuous women

and I loved him
like I loved a brother.

I-i-i'm sorry.

I apologize, I--
[ Muttering,
stammering ]

I'm sorry.

Let's continue.
I'm sorry for this

God! The way you embarrassed
me in front of professor
beckmore and my friends!

You don't think
was embarrassed,
the way they spoke about me?

They weren't talking
about you, vincent.

They were talking about
a man who's been dead
for over 100 years.

Wa dead, kathy.
Wa dead.

Don't you know?
Can't you see the truth?

What truth?
[ Breathing deeply ]

I'm vincent van gogh!

[ Gasps ]
You can't be.
I am.

I was given another chance
to come back to this world...

To straighten up
my affairs, kathy!

- kathy--
- you expect me to believe
this about you?

You can't turn your back
on a man who saved your life!

Give me a chance
to show you who I really am.

[ Sighs ]

come along, kathy,
I want to show you
all my paintings!

the café terrace at arles,
one of my old ones.

And this,
one of my old ones.

This is one
of the new ones
I want to show you.

Since I've come back,
I've tried to create
the impressions...

Of the world around me,
like I did the first time.

Here we have
hell's angels.

[ Laughing ]

I have more, kathy.
Over this way.

This is part of
my Hollywood collection.

It's simply titled

Palm trees...

The beautiful people.

You can tell
it's my style,
can't you, kathy?

Yes, it's--
it's thrilling.

A-and your signature,
it looks just like
vincent van gogh.

- I-it just says vincent.
- sure. Yes. Of course.

Come in.

[ Sighs, laughs ]

[ Sighs ]
I'm sorry I committed suicide
100 years ago, kathy.

Something in my soul
longed to come back
to finish what I started.

It was the flowers
that took pity on me...

And gave me back life.

The flowers.

The flowers
felt my love,

and gave me the chance
to blossom again,

to straighten out
my life.

And how I messed it up
last time!

Kathy, wait!
I want to show you. Wait.

Kathy, when I was
in the hospital,

I had no money
to pay the kind people
who took care of me.

So I decided
to donate one of
my more valuable paintings,

and they can
do with the money
what they will.

I'm hoping it will go
to the poor.

That' starry night!

You stole it.
[ Gasps ]

How can I steal
what's already mine, kathy?

I never sold it to anyone.
I never gave it away.

The nights in france were
so beautiful-- like this
every summer night.

Have you ever been?

there's a million-dollar
reward on your head.

They'll never let you
get away with this.
They will lock you up!

[ Scoffs ]
They won't get away
with persecuting me, kathy.

Are you a real person,

Because sometimes I could
almost believe that you're
some sort of... Ghost.

[ Gasps ]

Is that the kiss
of a ghost?

Are you going to
turn me in to the police?

Will you?
I don't know!
Maybe I should!

Everyone is
looking for you.

Don't be tempted,
kathy, please?

My mission is for you !

You and all of your
wonderful artist friends.

Won't you trust me?

Won't you believe me?

I have told you the truth.

you're asking me
to believe in miracles.

Touch my face.


I believe you.

I believ you.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Good afternoon.
Good afternoon, everyone.

As you can all see,
starry night has been found.

- [ Reporters clamoring ]
- john?

- why do you think the
painting was at the hospital?
- no comment.

Except to say--
except to say...

That we have
several theories on that.

Are there any clues?
Are there any theories who
the van gogh bandit might be?

As a matter of fact,
there is evidence...

In the form of this
handwritten letter from the
bandit to the hospital.

This letter is obviously
part of a hoax or scam.

Here's what he SAYS:
"I'm ashamed to say that
I left the hospital...

"Without ever
paying my bill.

"So, I would like to donate
my painting, starry night,
in appreciation.

you will sell it...

"And use the proceeds
to pay for medical care
for the homeless.

Yours sincerely,
vincent van gogh."

[ Clamoring ]
Please, please.
Detective murphy?

Ladies and gentlemen
of the press, please.

My name is brook murphy.

I am the head detective
on this case,

and I feel it necessary
to warn you this is
all very sensitive,

and we're not releasing
any more information
at this time...

Except to say that
we are very relieved
that starry night...

Has been returned unharmed,

unlike the case of
self-portrait at auvers,

where there was
sic and perverted
vandalism by a thief...

Who felt it necessary to add a
yellow hat in the masterpiece
of vincent van gogh.

- thank you very much.
- [ Shouting questions ]

*Now I Understand

[ Chattering ]

*What You Tried
To say to me *

*And How You Suffered
For your sanity *

*And How You Tried
To set them free *

*They Would Not Listen
They did not know how *

*Perhaps They'll Listen Now


I'm going to see to it
that you never have to worry
about having enough money...

For art school
ever again.

I'm going to set up
scholarships for you
and all of your friends.

And how
will you do that?

We'll have an exhibition,
sell my new paintings.

[ Scoffs ]

Who's gonna believe
that the new paintings are
really by vincent van gogh?

What if
nobody wants them?

And you...
Never found out
his real name?

- I don't have a clue.
- I see.

You do know that
he has named you as
the attorney in his...

"Vincent van gogh
charity fund for
needy artists"?

Oh, well, you see,
that charity doesn't exist.

It's just in his fantasy.

So, why did he come over
to see you after you
both left the hospital?

Well, y-- uh--
he, uh--

oh! He-- he--
he said that he wanted
to paint my portrait.

So I figured,
"why not?"
[ Chuckles uneasily ]

- I-it was free!
- and you don't know
where he lives?

Believe me, if I thought
that I could find him,

I'd be on the phone to you
to try to collect that reward!

A million dollars!

He never dropped any hints?
No favorite bar? No place
he likes to hang out?

He's homeless.

Oh! If you want to find him,
search the streets.

Well, that narrows it down
a bit, doesn't it?

Vincent, look!

"Van gogh's a portrait
of doctor gachet will be
sold again at auction...

"This afternoon
in beverly hills.

"Originally selling
for $78 million,

"art appraisers feel
the price may go as high as...
[ Gasps ]

A hundred and
twenty-five million."

One hundred and twenty-five
million dollars, kathy!

Let me see that!

This is my doctor gachet,
who has come back
to bless us, kathy!

Kathy, I don't need
a dollar for myself.

I just need
to be close to you.

Oh, vincent!

85, 85.
Who will give me 85?

I have $85 million--
85 million, million, million,
who will give me 86?

- eighty-six million.
Who will give me 86?
- we bid $110 million.

One hundred and ten
million dollars.

Ladies and gentlemen,
this is a new world's record.

Mr. Takimoto, takimoto
insurance company of japan.
Thank you, sir.

[ Auctioneer ]
A hundred and twenty million.
Do I hear 125?

- a hundred and
twenty-five million.
- one twenty-five.

One twenty-five once,
one twenty-five twice--

one hundred thirty
million dollars.

[ Auctioneer ]
One hundred and thirty
million dollars.

I am vincent van gogh.

I've come to be paid
for my painting.
Do you have an invitation?

One hundred and fifty
million dollars.

One hundred and fifty
million dollars.
A new world's record.

One hundred and fifty
million dollars.
A new world's record.

Did you say
$150 million?

[ Laughs ]
Ladies and gentlemen,
this portrait of Dr. Gachet,

which I painted
over 100 years ago,
is now worth $150 million!

I'm ready for my payment!
I'm ready for my payment!

Let go!
Please let go
of my painting!

I am ready
for my payment now!

Freeze, or I'll shoot!
Put your hands up,
or I'll shoot.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say
can and will be
used against you.

You have the right
to an attorney.

If you cannot afford one,
an attorney will be appointed.
Do you understand?

Don't see the need
for an attorney.
I've done nothing wrong.

All I've done was
to take my paintings back.

I'm certain we can
straighten this out
as gentlemen.

Do you confess to stealing
paintings by vincent van gogh?

As I've tried to explain
to you, I can't steal
what's already mine.

I am vincent van gogh,
and my paintings
belong to me,

except for the ones
that I gave away
during my lifetime...

And the one painting
which I did sell.

Which one
van gogh painting
did you sell?

Yes, it was called
vineyard at arles.

[ Murphy ]
Van gogh did sell
vineyard at arles.

Quite right. So far, so good.
Don't disappoint me,
Mr. Van gogh.

When exactly
did you sell it?

It was at an exhibition
in brussels in 1890,
to a lady named anna boch...

For 400 francs.

Until I died, that was
the only one of my paintings
which I did sell.

How do you explain,
Mr. Van gogh, your...


Knowledge of
the english language?

Now, I understood
that van gogh lived
in holland, didn't he?

Yes, in holland.

And in france.
And in london.

That's where
I learned my english.

You're an excellent forger.
One of the best I've ever seen

- I've seen dozens.
- I've never forged
anything in my life.

Do you confess
to vandalizing van gogh's
self-portrait at auvers ?

Do you confess
that you destroyed...

A great work of art...

By painting
a yellow hat
on it?

I didn't destroy it.
I finished it.

I should have done it
a long time ago.

I think that you are one
of the most cold-blooded,

brazen art thieves...

That the world has ever
seen since val fierno...

Stole the mona lisa
in 1911.

That's what I think.

[ Cell door slamming ]
[ Man ]
Folks, it now appears...

That the man claiming
to be vincent van gogh
is actually...

Just another
poor, starving artist.

But isn't it intriguing to
note that, if vincent van gogh
actually did come back,

he would quickly discover
that his work had become
a major cornerstone...

Of the world,
like gold, diamonds or...
Blue chip stocks.

What have we got on
this vincent character?

Well, the suspect was
never arrested before.

So, what is he, murphy?
A first-time offender?

Scan the hospital
birth records nationwide.
What period of time?

Go back 50 years.

No match.
He's definitely not
an american citizen.

You have
a visitor, vincent.


Oh, vincent.
Look at you.

Don't worry about me, kathy.
The coal mines in belgium were
much worse than this place.

They've assigned your case
to judge jesse marcel.

Uh-huh. And is that
good news, or bad?

Well, it's not good news.
He's known for
his stiff sentences.

You're going to need $100,000
just to get out of here
on bail until your trial.

I wish you knew
a good lawyer.

[ Chortles ]

Kathy, I do know
a good lawyer.

The truth is, I should
sue this vincent guy,
not defend him.

Because of him,
I'm being harassed
by the cops,

and if I don't watch my step,
I'm going to end up
the laughingstock...

Of all the yo-yos who read
the national enquirer.

Mr. Burton--
gabe, honey.

Call me gabe.
[ Chuckling ]

And it's kathy,
not honey.


You know, there's
something very mysterious
about vincent.

[ Chuckles ]
I'm almost starting
to believe in him.

Well, all I know is that
dead men don't retain lawyers.

Undertakers, yes.
Lawyers, no.

Vincent thinks
you're his only hope.

Won't you please
consider defending him?

He doesn't have any money.
How's he gonna pay me?

I know he doesn't
have any money,

but I was hoping
that you would just
think about it.

Maybe the rights to his story
are worth something.

You know, the van gogh bandit.
I mean, he's national news
right now.

The only guy in history
to be run over
at the rose parade.

It's time to put away your
toys, vincent. Your attorney's
here to see you.

Please, can you help me?
Are you gonna
tell me the truth?

I always tell
the truth.
All right.

Let's start
with your real name.

Now, do you
even know it?
I'm vincent.

Vincent van gogh.

So, where you been
for the past century, vince?

- I've been dead.
- oh, that's great!

That's great.

And is that what you want me
to explain to your judge,
that you've been dead?

Yes! It's the truth.

All right.

Let me see if I
got this straight.

There you were,

And then one bright
and cheery day,
you decided...

That you had enough of this
lying around in a coffin
for more than a century.

So you pop up the lid
and peek out.

Now, your clothes
are all wormy,
but no sweat.

You just dust 'em off,
take a taxi to orly airport
in paris,

hop a 747
and head towards...

Is that
what happened?
No, gabe, no.

In a fit of anguish and pain,

I gave up on life
and shot myself
in the chest...

On july 27, 1890.

And then...

On the 29th...

At about 1:00
in the morning,

I died.

[ Vincent ]
It was a blessing
to be out of my misery.

And then,
about a century later, I--

I suddenly appeared
in a strange place called...


at a parade,
of all things.

It was a parade of flowers--
of roses.

And you know
the rest.

Vincent van gogh
was buried at "auvairs"
In france.

Auvers, "auvairs,"
Who cares?

And his brother theo was
buried right next to him.

How's your story gonna hold up
if they decide to ex--
[ Stammering ]

Dig them up?
That's it!

I don't know.

All I know is what
I'm telling you, and I've
never lied to you.

You must believe me.
I've never lied.

All right.
All right, vince.
All right. All right!

Okay. Okay, vince.


I'm not saying
I believe you.

But we'll play it
your way.

For now.


Three weeks ago,
a man calling himself
vincent van gogh...

Was arrested and jailed
in Los Angeles.

He was charged
with stealing
van gogh paintings...

And then vandalizing them
by changing them.

Now, he claims
he's just finishing
his work on the paintings...

That he began
more than a century ago.

The odds against
this claim being true,
of course, are astronomical.

In any event,
there's no way that he
could prove such a claim,

which leads authorities
to the question,

"why should anybody
believe this man?"

He's broke, homeless
and gives every indication
of being a fake...

With absolutely
no talent.

To top it off,
he's claiming to
have created...

Every van gogh painting
in the world,

and since he was
never paid for them,
he wants them back.

All of them.

That even includes
the van gogh painting
which is owned by...

Judge jesse marcel,

who is expected
to give this man
a very long prison term,

assuming he's convicted.

We are not claiming that my
client didn't take the
paintings, your honor.

We are claiming that he acted
within his legal rights.

Exactly what rights are those?

An artist's rights
to his own work.

Mr. Van gogh never sold
the paintings that he took.

Let me ask you this,

Is your client prepared
to reveal his actual name
to the court,

or is he gonna persist
in using an alias?

My client maintains
that he's never used
an alias, your honor.

He insists that he's
the dutch painter
of international reputation...

Vincent van gogh.

- [ Snickers ]
- my ears are hearing it,

but my brain is having trouble
integrating it.

Explain yourself, please.

Vincent van gogh
has come back, your honor.

He was never paid
for his paintings, and he
intends to settle accounts.

[ Judge marcel ]
Vincent van gogh
has returned from the dead.

- that's your case, counselor?
- [ Mouthing words ]

Um, essentially yes,
your honor.

I see.

Join me for lunch,
will you?

I think we should
talk this over.

Just the two
of us.

I thought you meant
you were gonna take me
to le dome or the polo lounge.

I'm just a poor
public servant, gabe.

I'm not big-time
like you fat cats
in the private sector.

That's a laugh.
[ Pager beeping ]

So what's the skinny?

I'd like to see
if we can uncover
who your client really is.

Wouldn't you?

Yeah. So, what do
you have in mind?

You wanna
hypnotize him?

Not me, personally.
Dr. Ruby.

Greatest hypnotist
in the world.

He studied
with anna freud,
sigmund's daughter.

Dr. Ruby will be able
to uncover whatever is buried
in your client's unconscious.

We'll both find out
the truth.

Sounds good to me.
What if vincent says no?

Then tell him
we'll prove he's a fraud...

And put him away
for a long, long time.

If I have to, gabe,
I'll petition
the french government...

To dig up van gogh's bones,
and I will plunk them down
right on the judge's bench.

[ Man ]
You're floating through
a thick, white cloud...

That's taking you back--
back in time.

Back to a day...

Of deep trauma
and shock.

- what year is it?
- 1888.

You're sure
it's 1888?
Ja, ja, ja.

The trauma you experience
on that day, tell me about it.

I've just cut off the lobe
of my left ear.

I'm bleeding to death.

[ Ruby ]
Why have you cut off
the lobe of your left ear?

[ Vincent ]
I offended paul gauguin.

I've pushed him
out of my life.

This is my penance.


Now, it's
another day.

It's a bright,
sunny summer day.

I'm painting.
Finishing my painting.

Wheat field with crows.


I'm going to kill myself.

I'm going to shoot myself.

[ Trigger cocking,
gunshot ]

[ Crows cawing ]

[ Groaning ]

You say
you committed suicide
in 1890,

and yet you're alive today...

Over 100 years later.

How do you explain that?

The beauty of the flowers
is calling me back to life.

- it's part of the spell.
- tell me about the spell.

I swallowed a potato potion...

In 1885,

given to me
by a kindly peasant woman,

She posed for me
for my painting,

the potato eaters.

[ Margot's voice ]
After your body lies dead and
still in the cold ground...

For more than a century,

the flowers will summon you
back among the living,

but only for 100 days.

[ Vincent ]
The flowers
returned my love...

And brought me
back to life here.

Margot said
on the hundredth day...

The waves and the sea
would take me away.

So, he's a flaming lunatic.
Totally nuts
from top to bottom?

Okay, if that's
the way you think,
then stop this crusade...

And let him cop
to an insanity plea.

That would be
the biggest mistake the state
of California ever made.

How so?
Because he's not insane.

Oh! So now you admit
he's not insane! Fine.

What are you saying,
that you disagree
with Dr. Ruby's diagnosis?

I'm saying I know a lot more
about this case than Dr. Ruby.

And there it is.

Not quite as nice
as my portrait of Dr. Gachet,
but you'll do,

and I call you
portrait of officer goodman.

No one's ever captured me
like this before.

It almost looks
like a van gogh.

You're not trying
to get me to believe...

That this man is actually
the real vincent van gogh.

I believe him.

Well, then you've
lost your mind.

And you have lost
your heart.
[ Scoffs ]

Aunt gladys,
he really is who he says he
is, and we have to trust him.

You're asking me
to believe in miracles.

Of course. Don't you?

- I've never seen one.
- yes, you have.

When the doctors told mom
she couldn't have a baby,
and then I came along.

Wasn't that a miracle?
Maybe there's room for two.

Oh, kathy, I--

all right.
All right.

he can have a show here
in the gallery.

But if the critics hate it,
it comes down the next day.

Oh, I love you!
[ Laughing ]

Do me a favor,
will you?

Next time you pick up
a bum on the street,

don't make your aim so high.

Find some lunatic
who thinks he's liberace.


[ Male newscaster ]
Almost six weeks ago...

That man who calls himself
vincent van gogh...

Walked into an auction
and created
an unbelievable spectacle...

That ended up with him in
jail, where he is
now awaiting trial.

The question is,
is this strange prisoner
a con man...

An impostor,
or much worse?

Well, not everyone
is betting on worse.

In fact,
tonight from New York,
we have a report...

That the controversial
publisher may be ready to come
up with a six-figure advance

For the autobiography of the
man who claims to be vincent.

That could mean the man
would be out on bail.

Gabe insisted
on picking you up.

We have some
celebrating to do.

[ Laughing ]

Oh. Thank you
for getting me out of there.

How can I ever repay you?
I've got some ideas
on that, vince baby.

Now, remember, you're just
out on bail until trial,

so don't let it
go to your head.

You are hot as a pistol.

I just landed a deal
for your autobiography.

We, uh-- we spent
the six-figure advance
to get you out on bail.

So now you're gonna
have to become a writer.

A writer, gabe?
I don't know about that.

I wrote to my brother theo
many letters, yes,
but a book?

Chill out.
We'll get a ghostwriter
from New York.

They're a dime a dozen.
Come on. Get in.

Oh, and, vincent,
I talked my aunt...

Into holding an exhibition
of your new paintings.

She's even inviting
some well-known
west coast critics.


[ Gabe ] hold on
to your hat, vince!

Now, see? This.
It has your personality
written all over it.

It does.
And see how nicely
it goes with this jacket?

Mm. Okay.

Before I'm finished with you,
you're going to be
a fashion trendsetter.

Kathy, I've decided
how to thank aunt gladys
for giving me my show.

I'm going
to make her a gift of one
of my Hollywood paintings.

She'll love that.
Okay. Come on.
Into the dressing room.

In you go.
In we go.

I think I'll give her
one of my harley-davidson
hell angels paintings.

I hope she likes
the large ones.

She can do anything
with it she likes,

as long as
it doesn't end up
in a chicken coop.

Why would anybody
put a painting
in a chicken coop?

Well, when I painted
a portrait of one
of my doctors--

I'm talking about
Dr. Felix rey, a swine
if ever I did know one--

anyway, he hated it
so much, he hung it up
in his chicken coop...

To hide a hole
in the wall!

I have with me
lester finley,

art critic
for the Los Angeles times.

How are you
this evening, lester?
I'm fine, maria, just fine.

Well, lester,
what's your verdict?
I wish I could be kind, maria,

but critics have
a responsibility
to the public.

I describe this exhibit
in one WORD:
Very disappointing.

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
And, lester, why
do you say that?

After all the controversy
over who this artist is,

one thing for sure,
he's not vincent van gogh.

This is nothing
but an amateurish attempt...

To imitate post-impressionism
and apply it to our modern age

where it has
absolutely no place.

Thank you, lester.
Thank you.

[ Maria ] We have with us
sarah centurion, critic for
art world magazine.

-What do you say about vincent
-Juvenile in his
message, maria.

No interest in it
in our contemporary
art scene,

and that is
the nicest way
I can say it.

Well, sarah, thank you
for your honesty.

[ Man ] this is a charade.
It's a mockery of everything
tat vincent van gogh held dear

So, ted,
in a nutshell?

This is all
worthless trash.

Taking a few
tough punches tonight,
huh, vincent?

I'm used to not being liked
by the critics.

Maybe the jig is up;
maybe youre gona find out that
you can't bamboozle everybody-

that there's a lot
of us here who love art...

And love van gogh enough
to put you in your place.

If that were true--
about the love-- I think you'd
show me a little more respect.

You don't deserve respect.
You deserve to be put into
prison for 30 years to life.

I understand how hard it is
for you to accept the fact...

That I've been telling you
the truth all along.

You know, I don't know
what it is that you want,

but whatever it is--
money or fame--
you're not gonna get it.

I have known
a lot of painters who've
turned into con men.

Hell, I knew robert trotter,

and I was there when we
caught him red-handed
and he confessed,

and I saw him sweat
and fall apart the same way
I'm gonna see you...

Get down on your knees
and sweat blood.

I've sweated enough,
detective murphy.

My work,
my art is my sweat.

That's the price I've paid
for being who I am.
That's my pain.

And your pain is that you dont
dare to allow yourself
to believe in miracles,

because if you did,
that skeptical little world
you live in would be destroyed

Excuse me. What was
your reaction to the savaging
you received from the critics?

Yes, well, they have
their opinion,
and I have mine.

Do you still claim
that you're the one
and only vincent van gogh?

Yes, of course.

Believe it or not,
for better or worse,
I am who I am,

and as an artist,
I'm also my own critic.

Sometimes I hate
what I've done,
and I paint over it.

Oh. Any of these
painted over?

These here?
No, no.

But a long time ago,
there was one I did
called head of girl.

I hated it.
I painted over it.

It started out
as picture of a young, little
blond girl with curly hair...

In a bright red bonnet
and a violet scarf...

But it--
it looked too, uh, tsk...


So I--

I took out the bonnet
and painted out
the rest of it,

the scarf, and called it
head of boy.

I just saw it.

Here. "Van gogh's
head of boy.

Owned by the morganstern
family in hyannis port,
Massachusetts, since 1915."

Gabe, we have to go there
and convince them to let us
have this painting x-rayed.

Whoa. Wait a minute.
My expenses in this case
are beginning to add up.

Gabe, if the girl's scarf
and bonnet show up...

Under the face of the boy
in an x-ray, the results
could be earth-shattering.

[ Kathy ]
What more proof
would anybody need?

But, Mr. Morganstern, there is
no way that an x-ray could
possibly harm your painting.

They do it all the time.
I give you my word.
He's absolutely right, sir.

Do you know about
the van gogh painting
called winter ?

A beautiful work, winter.
What about it?

When they
x-rayed it,

they found a woman
at a spinning wheel
underneath it.

Surely if he's painted over
winter, there must be others
that he's painted over too.

While you two were en route
to come see me, I got
another request about this.

Do either of you by any chance
know detective murphy of the
LA.P.D. Art theft detail?

- holy cow!
- she seems convinced...

That the x-ray will prove
once and for all...

That your vincent
is a con man and a fraud,

and I would like
the matter settled.

There it is.
It's right below
the surface.

Painting of
a young girl.

It's actually there.

[ Morganstern ]
Quite incredible.

[ Murphy ]
He tricked us.

How can it be a trick? Only
vincent van gogh would know
what he painted under there.

There's got to be some logical
rational explanation.

Suppose van gogh
wrote about this...

In one of his letters
to his brother theo.

And suppose the impostor
read it...

And unfortunately
we walked into his trap.

All I know is
there's her hat
and her scarf.

You can even see
her curly hair.

No. No.

[ Male newscaster ]
Head of boy.
Head of girl.

Scholars say van gogh
never left a clue about this
in any of his letters.

Experts are
more baffled than ever.

The new vincent.
Is he really van gogh?

The investigation continues.

It's time we went
to france together, kathy.
Oh. What for?

To get the paintings
that I hid there
over a hundred years ago.

What? Wha--
what paintings did you hide?

Some of my very best,
and they're well-hidden.

It's highly unlikely that
anyone has ever discovered
them. [ Giggles ]

Exactly where
in france are they?
In a crypt...

Inside a church
at a place called arles.

Would you recognize the church
if you saw it again?

Since when did you
become so inquisitive?
All of these questions.

I'm sorry, but if
leonardo da vinci
were alive...

And he told you he had hidden
some of his best paintings,

you would want to know
where they were too.

Leonardo? I don't think so.
His style is so stiff
and confining.

Take the mona lisa,
for example.

No, don't put down
the mona lisa.

The mona lisa is mysterious.

The mona lisa is alluring.

But she has
none of your mystery.

None of
your beauty.

- really.
- [ Laughing ]

Tim magazine's gone
crazy over this guy.

But what if it turns out
that he's a secret agent
or a spy,

like detective murphy's

Darling, you're still
focusing too much...

On the issue
of whether he's
the original van gogh.

The best minds
in the art world are saying
it doesn't even matter.

That's absolutely right,
Mr. Manners.

Reality has nothing
to do with it.

Making a bid on
his Hollywood collection...

Would be a bold
business decision.

- I agree with 'em, dad.
- hmm.

You know
the son of a bitch was right.
The yellow hat's better.

[ Kathy ]
This is for you.

- what is it? A gift?
- that's your passport.

It cost me plenty,
but if you're
for real...

And we find your
long-lost paintings,
it'll be worth every penny.

[ Vincent ]
Look. I recognize
that face. It's me.

But who is
"vincent van guggenheim"?

[ Gabe ]
That's you, of course.
That's your new identity.

We can't let anybody
know you're violating bail
by leaving the country.

Good afternoon, gladys.

I came by to make
an offer on vincent's
Hollywood collection.

Oh, well,
to be honest,

we just have had an offer
from Mr. Takimoto here.

[ Gladys ]
What was that amount?

It's 400,000
for all 20 paintings.

I'm prepared
to make it a million.

[ Takimoto ]
Two million.

- three.
- five million.

- twelve.
- fifteen.

[ Whispering ]

I bid a million
a picture.

Cold cash.

Twenty million
for the collection.

Excuse me.

[ Vincent ]
It's been so long.

[ Gabe ]
How many churches
can there be in arles?

[ Vincent ]
Did I say I hid
the paintings in arles?

Maybe it was saint-remy.
Yes, I-- no.

I think it was
at auvers.

No, I guess
I remembered it wrong.

Not the right one.

[ Kathy ]
Not this one,
huh, vince?

Okay. Next one.

[ Gabe ] how many churches
you gonna take me to
before you remember?

I'm sorry, gabe.
Not the right church.

[ Vincent ]
Not the right church.

I don't know what's wrong.
My mind is cloudy.

Oh, come on, vince.
Come on!

Not this one either, vince?

No. No.

I've seen more churches
on this trip...

Than michelangelo saw
in his whole lifetime.

I'm beginning to think
that your time would be
better spent in New York...

Just cranking out
your autobiography.

That way at least
we'd get a best seller
for all our aggravation.

Gabe, everything you say,
everything you think...

Is tied
to the almighty dollar.

- youre always trying figure
out a way to make a deal.
- yes, that's true.

That's why my mind
isn't working.

I can't
stand greed.

Well, I like that. You're
accusing me of being greedy?

Who went to bat for you?
Who went to bat for you
with that judge?

I jeopardized
my law profession for you!

And who sold
the rights to your story
to get you out on bail?

And who pushed to get
head of boy x-rayed?

Nobody has given more of
himself for your cause than me

and what I've gotten back
doesn't even pay
my phone bill!

You're right, gabe.
I owe you an apology.

You're darn right you do!

I'm sorry.

Apology accepted.

And I
promise you this.

If we find those paintings,
the biggest piece
of the pie...

Goes to those hungry artists
that you want to help.

All I'm gonna take
is my hourly fee
to manage the trust.

Cross my heart
and hope to die.

I always knew that underneath
that sarcastic and
crass manner of yours...

There was a good man inside.

[ Chuckles ]
And now I'm here
to tell you...

We're very near the church.

The-- the church?
We're near the church?

Right around the next bend.
Follow me.

[ Gabe ]
V-vince, I don't want you
to do the talking.

You let me handle this, okay?
[ Kathy ] gabe, what if
no one speaks english?

Oh, who cares about english?
Parlez-vous français?
Très bien. Merci Come on.

Uh, excuse me.

- do you speak english?
- yes.

Oh, good.
Good, good.

Um, we're looking
for some paintings that
my friend stored here...

In a crypt
years and years ago.

To disturb a soul's eternal
rest is a great sin.

No, no, no, no.
It's not bodies
we're looking for.

It's paintings.
Great treasures.

- it's out of the question.
- why don't you just let him
look at the crypts?

I mean, what harm
could it do?

There is even
a wonderful painting
of this very church inside.

- I'd like to show you.
- this church here?

Please. Let us show you.

I can only give you
a few minutes.

Thank you.
Thank you.

[ Door opening ]

Stay here.

Most of the crypts
are down this way.

See anything,

Vincent, do you
need some help?



Well, what?
Well, did you
find 'em?

It's no use.
I've looked at all
of the sarcophagus.

I've looked at
all of the crypts.

Could it be
that I've picked
the wrong place again?

Vince, I didn't
bring you all this way
so you could give up now.

Come on. Just try
one more time.

It's hopeless.
It's hopeless.

Just hopeless!

I feel so cloudy
in my mind. I--

we have to go now.
I have no more time.

Think, vincent, think.

This whole mission
will evaporate like a cloud
if you give up now.

It won't be
the first time I've
tried to do something...

And failed.

- what did you just say?
- it's gonna evaporate
like a cloud.


"Jean paul nuage."

Nuage in french
means "cloud."

This is it,

This is why
I've seen only clouds
inside my mind.

Help me
open it up.
Hold the lantern.

[ Caretaker ]
No, no, you mustn't
open it!

We must open it.

Harder, gabe.
[ Grunting ]

[ Crypt lid creaking ]

[ Gabe ]
Oh, they're here!
My god, look at this!

Show him the portrait
of the church.

Oh, look at this!

[ Gabe ] oh, my god.
Oh, they're beautiful, vince.

- like I said, huh?
- oh, vincent! Look!

[ Chuckling ]

Oh! My god, vincent.
This is beautiful.

Oh, kathy,
look at this.

[ Laughing ]

We found them.

[ Male newscaster ]
And so the entire world
is in awe...

As news of what could be
the most incredible
art discovery of the century..

Has sped at the speed of light
to every continent
on the globe.

The president of france
was so surprised...

At what might prove to be
the discovery of the long-lost
van gogh paintings...

That he like many other
international leaders...

Is not willing
to rule out the possibility...

That vincent may be
who he says he is.

[ Ringing ]
Madison gallery.

Oh, kathy,
I'm so glad you called.
Where are you?

Well, there have been
some offers on vincent's
Los Angeles paintings,

big offers, but of course
I couldn't make any deal
until I heard from you.

Honey, they want
all twenty,

but didn't he give the big
hell's angels one to me?

- "garson."
- it's garçon, gabe.

[ Groaning ]

[ Sighs ]
Let's go over
the final terms again.


Twelve new paintings
to Mr. Takimoto...

For a total
of $600 million,

and he guarantees that
six months each year...

They'll be displayed
in museums throughout
the world.

Oh, that's great.
And alex manners?

He got seven paintings
for 400 million.

That's nineteen
out of twenty paintings.

Number twenty was
the big hell's angels.

Of course. My gift
to your aunt gladys.

We can only get Mr. Manners...

To agree to three-month
public display each year
at the national gallery of art

That's a billion dollars!

A billion dollars.

You've come
a long way, vincent.

It's quite remarkable.

- but did the buyers agree
to the resale clause?
- definitely.

The van gogh charity fund
for needy artists...

Will receive 20%
of all profits...

Each time any of
the paintings are resold.

One thing left
we need to do.

That's to make a list
of where all my old paintings
and drawings are kept.

Already working on it.

Of course. You're on top
of everything, gabe.

[ Kathy ]
What are you looking at?
[ Vincent ] the eiffel tower.

It seems to get taller
every time I see it.

[ Laughing ]
Here, kathy.

Ah, well.

There we go.


The time has come
to appoint a president
for my charity fund.

Will you accept?

Oh, vincent.

If you have confidence
in me, then yes, I accept.

I have all the confidence
in the world in you.


I forgot to tell you.
Gabe called. His plane
landed in the states.

He's already got
the museum experts
examining the paintings.

Pretty soon they'll know
that they're authentic.

Yes, that is good.

Soon the whole world will
know that I've been telling
truth about who I really am.


What about the paintings
he discovered in france?

I predict that vincent's
long-lost paintings...

Were created
as recently as 1992.

- yes.
- but how could vincent
have known...

That the paintings were
hidden in that church?

this is all a setup.

He's not acting alone,
but I can assure you...

He'll find out very soon
the international public...

Is not as gullible
as he thinks we are.

You know,
detective murphy thinks
she's got you beat on this.


She'll be
the doubting thomas
till the very end.

No matter.

It reminds me of the gospel
during my preaching days
in belgium.

Do you remember
what the lord
said to thomas?

He said, "thomas,

"because you have seen me,
you have believed.

"Blessed are those
who have not seen...

And yet have believed."

She wouldn't believe
even if she could see.

Oh, enough about her.

The only thought
I have on my mind
is a toast to you,

my dear
kathy madison,

and with all my love.

[ Clinking ]


I hope that you can find
someone that you can
love and marry...

And have children with.

Well, I've already
fallen in love...

With you.

Kathy, nothing would make me
happier than to marry you.

But it wasn't meant to be.
It wasn't fated.

Well, what does fate
have to do with it?


When the flowers
called me back to this world,
it was only for a short while.

No, the flowers
didn't call you back.

The flowers
can't make decisions.
The flowers don't have souls.

Don't say that.
They do.

They most certainly
do have souls.

I have a confession to make.

I've squandered
a little money today.

What did you buy?

I happen to have it
right here.

It's a new yellow hat.
It's for you.

Oh. For me?

- there you go.
- wait.

- beautiful.
- [ Chuckles ]

[ Laughing ]

[ Sighs ]

I never cared about
growing old before.

But now I think
it would be lovely...

To watch my hair
becoming white,

to walk with a cane,
arm in arm with you.

You have many years
before you become old,

You have many years, kathy.
Not me.

Kathy, darling,

the sea is calling out to me.

It's whispering my name.

I don't hear anything
but you, vincent.

I'll always
be with you, kathy.

When you Miss me,
look into one of my paintings.

I will be right there,
gazing into your eyes.

Margot said that the sea
and the waves would take me
away on the hundredth day.

What are you doing?



Vincent, no!

come back!

I love you!


Vincent, I love you!

Vincent, I love you.

[ Sobbing ]

[ Crying ]



The museums have made
their determination.

It's the conclusion
of five museums.

Our conclusion is...

That they were not painted
in this century.

Most likely they were created
between 1886...

And 1890.

They are genuine works
by vincent van gogh.

Vincent did return.

[ Kathy narrating ]
His yellow hat was all
that was ever found.

They never found his body.

He had disappeared.

I'd never really believed him
when he said he only had
a hundred days.

I thought my love for him
would keep him here...

But it was just like
vincent said.

The flowers had called him
back into this world,

and the sea
and the waves...

Had taken him away.

*Starry, Starry Night

*Flaming Flowers
That brightly blaze *

*Swirling Clouds
In violet haze *

*Reflect In Vincent's Eyes
Of china blue *

*Colors Changing Hue

*Morning Fields
Of amber grain *

*Weathered Faces
Lined in pain *

*Are Soothed Beneath
The artist's loving hand *

*Now I Understand

*What You Tried
To say to me *

*And How You Suffered
For your sanity *

*And How You Tried
To set them free *

*They Would Not Listen
They did not know how *

*Perhaps They'll Listen Now

*For They Could Not Love You

*But Still
Your love was true *

*And When No Hope
Was left inside *

*On That Starry,
Starry Night *

*You Took Your Life
As lovers often do *

*But I Could Have
Told you, vincent *

*This World Was Never Meant
For one as beautiful as you *

*Starry, Starry Night

*Portraits Hung
In empty halls *

*Frameless Heads
On nameless walls *

*With Eyes That Watch The
World And can't forget *

*Like The Strangers
That you've met *

*The Ragged Men
In ragged clothes *

*The Silver Thorn
A bloody rose *

*Lie Crushed And Broken
On the virgin snow *

*Now I Think I Know

*What You Tried To Say To Me

*And How You Suffered
For your sanity *

*And How You Tried
To set them free *

*They Would Not Listen
They're not listening still *

*Perhaps They Never Will