Starring Maja (2009) - full transcript

Princess is a heart-warming drama-comedy about overweight 18 year old Maja, whose size makes it difficult for her to be socially accepted and to make her dreams come true. It is an intimate story about people and their dreams - unfulfilled, suppressed and lost. About waiting for the world around you to fulfill your dreams vs. finding happiness in who you are, no matter what reality you live in. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
I've always loved being on stage.

It might sound strange, but...

somehow it's only then
that I feel like myself.

It's like that's where I belong.

In the spotlight.

That's me.



I was playing a tree stump.

It was a speaking part -
a magic stump.

I've played other roles too.

But there are no photos of those
as Mom didn't have a camera...

and Dad didn't come to watch that often.

But there's more to come.

This is just the beginning.

Turn it off!

Sorry, I blanked out.
I didn't know what to say.

Maja, it all depends on you now.
You've got the lead role. OK?


I'm throwing the bouquet now!

Hey... Annika?


-There's food left if you're hungry.
-Thanks, I'd love some.

Then maybe we can deduct
a little from your bill.

It must be a cool job
filming weddings all the time.

Yeah, it's great.

But it's temporary.
I'm a documentary filmmaker really.

Oh, really?

For TV?

I'm trying to learn how to mingle,
but I'm not so good at it.

I hate weddings.

-Are you married?
-Me? No.

I've got so many projects going on,
so I'm focusing on my creative side.

Oh, me too.

It's better to be single.
You can like... focus on your art.

Hi. I didn't dare say this before.

But my name's Maja Ingmarsson

and I was wondering if you needed
someone for your next film...

then I can do it. I'm an actress,
though I've never done a documentary.

But I reckon I can do it
as I'm quite versatile.

Not for money, though,
it'll just be fun to be involved.

Here's my phone number in Alingsås.

It looks like a 7
there at the end but it's a 1.

So it ends with 1-5, not 7. wishes. And, as I said...

I had prepared well, but now I'll have
to keep it short, you'll be glad to hear.

And so I'd like
to welcome Malin into the family.

-Let's raise our glasses. Cheers!

I've heard that
you have plans to move abroad...


Hi. I'm Erika Sohlman.
We met at a wedding...

-Were you the one filming?
-Yes, that's right.

You must've thought I was a real weirdo.

No, that's what I found interesting.

No, there is no way of knowing
if it'll be on TV... I start filming you
and we'll see where that leads.

And you must be honest
and let me in to your work...

-School? How old are you?
-I'm nine... twen... eighteen.

OK. You're not a minor anyway.
I've got no funding sorted, nothing.

I don't even know
where I would stay in Alingsås.

You can stay here!
We've got a lovely little guest room.

It's a bit wardrobe-like, though.
Mom, I'm going to be on TV!

Shall we start?

-So how was school today?
-Be natural.

I am being natural.

This isn't my first film, you know.

I was in The White Lionness too.

-When was that? Five years back?

I played opposite Rolf Lassgård.
We shot this scene...

We all got into an elevator, and then...

then we got out again.

But it was cut from the film.

But then I snuck round the back
to look at the TV screen

where they'd recorded everything.

And there I see, on the screen...

that for a short while there,
I actually blocked out Rolf Lassgård!

Well, Erika,
that was something, let me tell you.

Not bad, huh? Blocking out Rolf


Is that for TV? Are you a movie star?

Welcome to Alingsås.

An apple.

Hot coal!

I like drama class. But I'm the only one
who takes it seriously.

Who really puts my heart into it.

-A soap. Oh, I dropped it.
-What the...?


Are you OK?

It's just that I'm scared of spiders.

Maja is rather special.

She gets completely...
involved in whatever she's doing.

And... she wants to be an actress.

But this is a hobby group
where the main object is to have fun.

We don't really have the capacity
for her here.

She takes up a lot of space.

I mean, not physically, but...

I just mean the group
maybe thinks she's a bit too much.

What are you doing?

-Sorry, is it yours?

It's pretty.


Where did you buy it?

I got it as a present,
from my brother in Stockholm.


See you.


-What did she say?
-She just asked about my jacket.

-She thought it was pretty.

“How will this suit?”

“How will this suit?”
“How will this suit?”

“He loves her dearly. And I,
poor monster, fond as much on him.”

“He loves her dearly.”

“He loves her dearly.”

“And I, poor monster,
fond as much on him.”

“And she seems to dote on me.
What will become of this?”

“As I am man, my state
is desperate for Orsino's love.”

“As I am woman, what thriftless
sighs shall poor Olivia breathe!”

“As I am woman, what thriftless
sighs shall poor Olivia breathe!”

“O time! Thou must untangle this, not I.”

“It is too hard a knot for me to untie.”

I think Maja has a lot to offer.

It'll be thought-provoking,
moving and funny.

-You mean we should laugh at her?
-No, no...

I think people will relate to her.

I mean, I was a bit of a weirdo myself
when I was growing up.

Though that might be hard to believe

It's about taking on obstacles,
appearance, prejudice...

I see no entertainment value in it.

-I don't get why you don't get it.
-I still don't get the message.

You've also got dreams, haven't you?


This sounds really interesting.
Really. It's perfect timing.

-Yeah, sure.

That's great! I knew it was!

So what do you want to be?


-Anyone else wants to be Orsino?


There. Let's see...

I'd like to play Viola.

OK. Does anyone else want to play

Yes, I do. This is how I see it:

Viola has a twin brother,
so we need two people who look alike.

That's what would be most believable.

-Do you have a second choice?

The first year, I only had two lines.

Last year I had to play a guy.
So it's my turn to get a good part.

Look, we're doing this as a group.
What does it matter who plays what?

So why don't you take another part?

Well, there are many
good parts in this play.

Why is it so important
for you to play Viola?


-Because... I can relate to her.
-So you like to dress up as a guy?


But I know what it's like to be
someone other than who you look like.

We'll just have to vote on it.

Well, I've got two votes for Maja, and...

eight votes for Nathalie.

I'm really sorry...
but that's democracy for you.

Malvolio is a great role, really.

He's funny, he's got tons of lines.

He's hilarious.
You'll be brilliant as Malvolio.


I'm not disappointed.

It might have seemed
so before, but I'm not.


There are no bad roles, only bad actors.

-No, I don't want any.

Is it a big part you've got?


I'm playing a really funny role.
Malvolio - one of the main characters--

-Will you have time left for studying?

Because you have to think
of your future as well.

That's what I'm doing.

I've seen a bit.
And Maja is actually very gifted.

Really? What's so remarkable about

-I mean...

She's remarkable to me,
of course, as she's my daughter.

I mean, objectively.


It's almost disability humor!
Hilarious stuff. More of that.

I totally dig it. Really, I do.

Hey. I've just thought of a title.


Great, huh? It's got a double meaning.
Phat as in “cool”, and Phat as in...

Well, fat.


This is costing me a lot of money,
and there's a lot of interest in this.

-So I thought we could sign a contract.
-Listen, we're not quite there yet.

She's a freak, and that's funny,
people like that. But...

To compete with all the other nutters
on TV,

in Big Brother and so on...

it needs a bit of a twist. You feel me?

But I understand
if this wasn't exactly your vision.

Perhaps it'd be better for you
to go to someone else.

Think about it. OK?

-Well, hello!

Long time no see!

-Do you know each other?
-Yes, we...

We did a film course together before
I got into the Dramatic Institute.

-Or rather we...
-Well, that's water under the bridge.

It was a long time ago.

Martin will be directing
our new comedy series.

Oh, really?

Oh, you've got a sense of humor?

What are you doing here? Looking for

No, no. I'm making a documentary.

That's great. For Millimeter?

-I thought you were into fiction.

No, you can't compete with reality.
Feature films just seem so fake.

How'd it go?


How'd it go?

Yes, the meeting.

Oh, that... It went well.


Hi. My n-name's Maja Ingmarsson.
I found you on the internet.

I was wondering that if I wanted
to be in-- It said that you--

It said that you make-- Excuse me.

That you work with TV and film
and I was wondering if I-- if I wanted--

If I wanted to be in--
If I wanted to-- I mean, what should...

It's the switchboard.

A CV? Is that some kind of letter?

Yes, I've made a lot of films.
But not in a professional context.

But I have a friend
who's been helping me out.

I'm in a drama group,
you see, and we perform loads.

Is that-- Does that count?
Or shall I write...

Should I-- “Casting”?
Is that spelled like it sounds?

Thank you, yes, goodbye.

Oh my God!


I recommend that the day after
graduation you register at the job center.

Even if you're not intending to get a job

your benefits count
from the day you register.

So start accumulating
qualifying days right away.

And when you get there,
you'll speak to a--

I don't know how many times
I've said this. No cell phones in class!

Oh my God, it's mine!

-I've got to take this.

Maja speaking...

Yes? Hang on, I'll just get some paper...


Nine o'clock Thursday.
No problem, I can remember that.

OK. Yes, it's... Of course, definitely!

Shall I wear something special?

No, of course. It's no problem at all.

Thank you very much. Thanks. Bye,



A TV company called me from

They're making a new TV series.

One of the actors had to drop out.

So... they asked me
if I wanted to cover for them.

-You're kidding!

So anyway, my question is... I know
it's short notice, it's next Thursday.

So the thing is I'll miss a rehearsal.

So would it be OK if I missed it?

-Of course!
-I don't want to let the group down.

-What's the series?
-It's a new comedy series.

It's called “Chit-Chat.”

But I can't say more, it's secret.

-Is it a big role?
-No, it's just one episode.

-But anyway, that's so cool!
-How did you get it?

I sent in an application.

-You think they need more people?
-I can ask.

-What should we write?
-What did you say?

I mean...

Pinch me!

This is just--

too good to be true.

Offering you a part just like that...

They haven't seen you,
haven't seen you act.

They needed someone quickly.

Are you sure it's a speaking part?
Maybe it's just as an extra.

-It's not as an extra.
-Erika, is this really how things work?

Yes. If it's short notice, I guess...

Don't forget that Stockholm's a big city.

There are junkies there who could stick
a needle in you when you go past.

And don't walk through unlit parks, OK?

And don't travel on those tram things
that go underground when it's dark, OK?

-Are you filming?
-No, I'm just checking the settings.

-Here's some emergency money.

Darling, I know you're all grown up,
but you're still my little honeybun.

Mom, we're going away for one day.





I was thinking...
You're off to Stockholm, and...

My brother lives there.
I haven't seen him for ages.

So I was wondering if I could tag along.

If you're driving there,
one extra person won't cost any more.

What do you say?

I had, like, four hours of sleep.


-Are you nervous?

What time is it?

-Twenty-five minutes to.
-He's forgotten.

-Can't you honk the horn?
-We'll wake the whole street.

So what? What does it matter?

Boring little people.

We'll be doing them a favor!
They'll have something to talk about!

Yeah, they'd talk about that for a week!


Drive! Drive!

What happened? Why were you hiding?

I didn't tell anyone I was going.

Why not?

It's my half-brother,
so it's a bit sensitive.

I've got a half-brother too.


There's not much to say about it.
He's completely uninteresting.

-Isn't it annoying being filmed?
-No, why?

To never be left alone.
Everyone can see what you're doing.

Isn't that why we do things - to be

-But some things must be private.
-Like what?

I don't know... Your bad sides, I guess.

There's a problem with my card.
The magnetic strip, or something.

-Do either of you have some cash?
-Yes, sure. Here.

Thanks, Maja. I'll pay you back.

-Don't worry about it.
-Thanks. the tryouts for acting school,
I thought I'd play Miss Julie.

It's a strong part...

and very emotional.

I've a deal with my Dad, he's like:
“You get good grade, you get car.”


-Where do you want to go?

Downtown? You mean like Sergels torg?

-No. Östermalm.

-Is this good for you?
-Yeah, sure.

-Östermalm's over there.
-I know.

-You got my address, right?

-Good luck today.
-Thanks. You too.

-I mean it was nice riding with you.
-You too.

Hi, you must be Maja.
I'm Pauline, we spoke on the phone.


This is Martin, our director.

-Hi. Martin.


Come with me, and I'll set you up
in the dressing room.

-Thanks for the help. She's perfect.
-Good. Thank you.

We were in deep shit. The other girl
dropped out once she saw the script.

Excuse me. Can I ask you something?

Here. What...?


Oh, God, sorry.
I really should have explained.

-You'll have tons of makeup.

You'll be unrecognizable. People will
see it's you, but you'll look different.

Oh. Well...

-I've done this kind of thing before.
-So it's OK?

Yeah, sure.

-It's fun to play around a bit.

It's true, I read it in the papers.
The internet is dangerous!

There's gangs, and the Mafia and

-You'll be chewed up!
-Come on, Mom.

I'll show you.

“The chance of being hacked or getting
a virus increases without a firewall.”

-That doesn't mean--

And I've just had the flu!

Did anyone mention porn?

No. Go to bed, Grandpa.

There's an ugly old hag in my bed!

That's Grandma.


Oh. I guess she'll have to do then.

I'm going to call a construction company,
they'll come and build some firewalls.

Until then, the computer's going
into the garage, that's final!

But mom!

There will be no more clicking the


-Good enough?

OK, so that's it for scene three.
We're moving on to scene four.

-Wow! What a difference! Ready?
-I think so.

Good. Let's go.

When you hear the doorbell, that's you.

And you'll hear Micke's line before,
so just be ready.

-Am I happy?
-Er, yes. You're really happy.

-You can drag him out at the end.
-Drag? I should drag him?

Yes, drag.

-Take his hand and drag him with you.

-The whole way?
-The whole way. Exactly.

Episode two, scene four, take one!

And action!

OK, we're alone. Tell me about your

There's not much to tell.
Although she seems pretty damn hot!

She likes sushi!

-Do you have a photo?
-No, but she described herself.

Five foot five,
long brown hair and blue eyes.

So I had the computer generate
a composite sketch.

-Is that possible?

It's the same technique the police use.
Completely foolproof.

-This is what she looks like.
-Wow! Shit!

-Good job!

She's here.

Hey. Don't wait up.

W-w-what was that?

Open it again.

-Are you Micke Fredriksson?
-No, you've got the wrong house.

It says Fredriksson on the mailbox.

It does, doesn't it...

Sorry, of course you've got
the right place! This is Micke!

Micke... He's a bit shy
and nervous about meeting you.

Hi, Micke. Fancy a bit of sushi?

Come on, then.

This explains why
so many crimes go unsolved!


Come on, let's go.

I'd almost forgotten.



Maja, there's nothing wrong with you.

“Micke opens the door,
and sees a fat, grotesque, ugly girl.”

That's not you, Maja, that's a role.

I didn't even have to change clothes.

I just want to get out of here.

Look, Maja, come sit down.

I won't let them see you like this.

Listen, you're great. And cute
and talented. Can't you see that?


Listen. Maja, listen.
I'm done filming for today.

Screw that. Let's do something together.
Just you and me.

Maybe we can go to the amusement

Have you ever been there?

Would you like to?

We have to talk, it's important.

I don't want to do this.
Call or text me as soon as you get this.

This is Erika Sohlman.

Well, take care. And tell Emily I said hi.

-Oh, that's right, we're getting married.
-Really. Congratulations.

It's this May,
and it's going to be a film theme.

Emily saw your ad in the Wedding Guide

and I was wondering
if you'd be able to film us.

-Why did you say yes?
-Otherwise, he'd think I'm not over him.

-Are you?
-Of course!

If I'd said no, he'd have thought
I wouldn't be able to cope with it.

I didn't want to give him the pleasure.
His ego's big enough as it is.

I'll be super professional, and he'll
realize I don't give a shit about him.

-I need the money too.
-I've got money. You can have that.

-Seriously, take it.
-Stop it.

You know how it is.

No... Well, I suppose I do.

Come on. Tell me!

When I was fourteen...

I made out with this guy.

So how was that?

I mean, it was OK, but...

then his friend came in
and went: “What are you doing?”

And he was like: “Well, I needed
someone to practice on!”

Shit, what an asshole!

What did you do? Tell him to piss off?

No. Or rather... No.

I mean, I also needed
someone to practice on!

You can't be that tragic! I can't take it!

...and fighting
but I have to cut all that stuff out.

'Cause they don't want the truth,

they want an illusion that
it was the happiest day of their lives.

I have a theory about this.

Every little girl dreams
of being a princess, right?

Then they grow up
and realize it'll never happen.

So they get married instead,
since that's the closest they'll ever get

-What's wrong?

-Afraid the junkies will get you?

Out of order. As usual.

It's OK, it's me. It's me.
You scared me half to death!

I was supposed to meet my brother...

but there was a misunderstanding,
as there usually is with him.

He thought we were meeting up next

We'll have to do it some other time.
He's out of town now, anyway.

You can sleep here. There's only one bed
but there are these.

-That's fine, we can huddle up!
-Yeah, we can do that.

How was your TV thing today?
Did it go well?

Yeah, it went well.

I had on tons of makeup,
so you won't be able to tell it's me.

-But I don't mind.

What part did you get to play?

It was a tiny role. I just said, like:
“Hi, come on, let's go.”

I've just realized
I've got no breakfast in the house.

-I'll just pop down to get some milk.
-What, now?

You can drink some wine...
Change the music if you want to.

-I'll be right back.

Hi. I don't want to do this. Not this way.

-Why not?
-Why not? You know why.

-You read the script--
-I can't do this to her.

Can I ask you something?
Do you think she's stupid?

-No, I don't.
-Me neither.

She has to know why we chose her.

You think she's some kind of freak.

She's got so much more.
That's what I want to film.

I'm giving you a chance here.

A chance to get into the media business.

Next time, you can call the shots.
Right now, no one knows who you are.

-You haven't even gone to film school.
-I'm not going to change my mind.

What if I send you
a big fat advance. 50,000?

OK, this is what I'll do.

I'll send you an offer anyway.
You can think it over.

No beer then?

What's the matter?

-See you tomorrow, then.

I was thinking...

I'd rather no one found out
that I went with you to Stockholm.

-So please don't tell anyone.
-No, of course.

-It's not--
-I understand.

There's no need for you to be

Maja, I didn't mean it like that.


Maja, darling, welcome home!

Oh, how I've been waiting for you.
How are you, sweetheart?

Now you have to tell me everything!
I'm so curious!

This is so exciting!
TV has such a huge impact!

Everyone will get to see it.
Everyone will get to see you!

This is great! “Eva's daughter was on TV
yesterday, and the rerun is on Saturday."

Isn't that great!
I read about it in the papers you know.

-Which episode are you in?
-I don't know.

-I'll need to check for my colleagues.
-Have you told them?

Of course I have.
What do you think? Everyone knows.

Maja... Let's go in here.


No way. I'd rather go
to the graduation naked!

-Stop it.
-I'm not going in there.

Maja, cut it out. Gunilla's right there.

I don't want to go in there.

I feel so embarrassed now,
with Gunilla there--


You have to register
with the normal job center.

But then I'd have to look for normal jobs!

To be registered here
you have to work with culture.

But I am! I make documentaries!

-And how many have you made?
-Well, the last one--

Paid jobs I mean.
And weddings don't count.

This is ridiculous.
You're meant to help people.

I pay your salary, for fuck's sake!

-Hi. Good of you to be on time!

-I wouldn't want to miss this.

-I'm going to get ready. Coming?
-Soon. Just a little briefing first.


OK, so I've drawn up
a storyboard here for you.

You don't have to follow it
to the letter, but it's logical.

Start with full length shots, then medium
shots, close-up of the kiss, obviously.

-There you are. Any questions?


Oh, and one more thing - because we
have a theme, I want the complete look.

Everyone must be in costume.
So I've got you this.


No way, Martin. I can't work in that.

OK, look. I'll give you 1,000 kronor.
One thousand.



I'm sorry.

Here she comes! Sweetheart!

-What's all this?
-A premiere party.

You haven't forgotten, have you?

Everyone's here.
There's Bittan and Anki, from work.

And Jerker, my chiropractor,

And today even Dad
managed to drag himself over here.

And then there's Lena and Oscar.

You've complained that I show no interest,
but I'm here now!

-I'm so thrilled!
-Maja, I was going to make a cake,

but then I thought that wasn't
very healthy. So I made a fruit salad.

But not any old fruit salad -
It's a fruit salad with star fruit!

Because you're our movie star!

Please, help yourselves!


Maja, wait. What is it?
You can't leave now.

-But I don't want to.
-Don't want to?

You can't just say that. You have
no idea how hard it was to invite--

-I don't want them here!
-Not so loud!

This is Micke!

Micke... He's a bit shy
and nervous about meeting you.

Hi, Micke. Fancy some sushi?

Come on, then.

How embarrassing.

How was the sushi?

The sushi?

It was more like whale meat!

-It was nice anyway.
-Thank you.

-Yes, very nice. Good salad.
-Yeah, it was very good.

I think this has been a good evening.

Maja has very high expectations.

And that's not so good.

She gets disappointed easily.

I mean... I think that

she's been on TV.

And that is good.

It's good to have on your CV...

when applying for other jobs, and stuff.

I mean, you have to be realistic.

I know she'll never be a big star.

But how do you say
something like that to your child?

I think we should stop filming.

Can you stop filming?!


Do you agree with her? About me?


That's the important thing.

It doesn't matter
what other people think. They...

They see me as some kind of joke.

But it doesn't matter.

Because when your film's finished,
everyone will understand the real me.

What is the matter, Malvolio?

Not black in my mind,
though yellow in my legs.

The letter did come to his hands
and commands shall be executed.

Wilt thou go to bed, Malvolio?

To bed!
Ay, sweetheart, and I'll come to thee.

God comfort thee. Why dost thou
smile so and kiss thy hand so oft?

How do you do, Malvolio?

Continue. You're doing great.

How do you do, Malvolio?

I mean... What's the point?
Can someone explain it to me?

-It's the funniest scene in the play!

He thinks she loves him.

But they've just been fooling him.
Ha ha, how hilarious.

It's obvious that no one
can love a person like that.



Maja! What's the matter?

Careful, someone might see you.
That would be embarrassing.

-It's not like that.
-You're such a liar!

You're ashamed of me. You can't even
say you were with me in Stockholm.

I mean, not “with me” in that way.

-What is all this?
-He went to see his brother.

-He doesn't have a brother.
-Sure he has.


-I promise. Nothing happened.

That's obvious!


-Can we talk?
-Yes, sure.

Just you and me. No camera.

Yes, yes of course...

-Come in.

I've got some errands anyway.

But... I don't get it.
You don't have a brother?


But... why did you
want to go with us to Stockholm?

I don't get it.

Didn't he give you the jacket?

I sewed it myself.

Sewed it?

-But... it's really pretty. Why--
-Don't you get it, Maja?

You can't be sewing clothes if you're
a guy in a small town like Alingsås.

-It means you're gay.
-You don't have to be gay to sew.

I went to Stockholm to meet someone.

I went to meet a guy.

We'd been chatting online,
but it went to shit...

He wrote that he was 21,
but he was, like, 35 and had...

a beard and... bad breath.

So what happened?

You didn't do anything, did you?

I'm sorry. I didn't know.
I thought you were ashamed of me.

No... Not everything's about you, Maja.

-Does Nathalie know anything?

You're the only one who knows.
And I don't want anyone else to know.

What the fuck...?

I'm sorry. I didn't know.
I thought you were ashamed of me.

No... Not everything's about you, Maja.

-Does Nathalie know anything?

You're the only one who knows.
And I don't want anyone else to know.





Maja, wait!

-Wait, at least you can hear me out!
-I thought you were my friend!

Go to hell!

-I just wanted to help you.

-Stop. Please.
-Do you think I'm stupid or something?

No, I don't think that.

No, I don't! Please, Maja! I'm sorry.

I want out.

Get it? You'll have to find
someone else to take advantage of.



I get why you're angry.

But we're two adults who work together.

And even if you feel betrayed
and angry, you can't just go.

You can't do that.
You can't just abandon a project.


We've talked, and I've told you things

I've never told anyone else.

Everything we've done,
it's all fake. I'm just...

I'm just a “project.”


Do you know why I started on this film?

Because I see myself in you.

I also feel
like an outsider, misunderstood.

I also have things inside me
that no one understands.

We're the same.

No... we're not.

At least I've learned that
you can trust no one but yourself.

That's true. But I've struggled.
Do you know what my life's like?

I'm in so much debt, I go around filming
weddings, and get treated like shit.

Filming weddings?

Oh, the suffering!
It's like the children in Africa.

Maja, people like you and I
get nothing for free.

We have to struggle to get somewhere,
and now we have this one chance!

Maybe it's not exactly
what we wanted it to be...

but we need this.

I don't.

My name's Maja Ingmarsson...
I don't want to seem stupid...

They see me as some kind of joke.

But it doesn't matter.

Because when your film's finished,
everyone will understand the real me.

-But there's only a week to go!
-You can't drop out now.

That's so shitty of you!

So, we should cancel the whole thing?

I don't know. I'm really sorry.

But I can't. Sorry, I just can't.

Oh, that's lovely. It looks great on you.

It's... I think it's...

It's nice, isn't it.

It's good that it's not too tight.

It is rather unique.

Yes, it's definitely one-of-a-kind.

It's the last one in the shop.

So what will happen with the play?

Åsa will cover for me. They'll manage.

-Why did you drop out, Maja?
-I don't want to be an actress anymore.

I dreamt about acting
so I could be someone else.

But the only parts I get are ugly,
unloved failures.

And the thing is,
I don't need to act to experience that.

That's my life.

That's bullshit.

You know that?

Being an actor
is not about being someone else.

It's about being yourself.

Maybe that's why I've never made it.

I've never really dared to be myself.

But you do.

You complain because the character
resembles you. Of course it does!

That's what it's all about! Use it!


I'm sorry.

If you still need me, or want me
to play a part, I'd be happy to do it.

Excuse me, but I don't think
you can come back just like that.

-Come on, it's OK...
-It's the principle.

That's what's wrong with society.
Some people don't take responsibility.

Oh, please, just shut up!

“Visited by the priest.”

“Why have you suffer'd me
to be imprison'd in a dark house”

Where is Malvolio?

He's coming, madam.
But in very strange manner.

He is sure possessed, madam.

What is the matter? Wilt thou go to bed?

To bed!

Ay, sweetheart, I'll come!

One face, one voice, two persons.

How have you made division of

An apple cleft in two's not more twin
than these two. Which is Sebastian?


Give me thy hand. And let me
see thee in thy woman's cloth.

-Is this the madman?
-How now, Malvolio.

-You have done me wrong.
-Have I?

Peruse this letter. You must not now
deny it is your hand. 'Tis your seal.

Tell me. Why have you given me
such clear lights of favor?

Bade me smile and put on yellow
stockings and frown on lighter people.

And acting this in an obedient hope...

why have you suffer'd me
to be imprison'd in a dark house...

and made the most...
the most notorious clown?

Tell me why.

You were great today.

Thanks. You too.

-It's like everything's over now.
-There's still the graduation.

I've got family coming from Serbia.
Why do they have to make such a fuss?

By the way, I saw your dress.

Well, I thought, everyone else will
get theirs from places like H&M.

It'll be fun to have something different.
Something special.

It is... very pretty.
But I think it could be...

even prettier with just a tiny change.

Well, it's not like a bunch of mice
are going to come and alter it for me.

Maybe I could be your little mouse.

-Keep still!
-But it tickles!

I know but... There.

Raise your arms.


What is it now?

-Do you know what you're doing?
-Yes, of course.

-Shit! Sorry. Sorry. Wait...

Fuck... We can fix it, it'll be fine.

We can sew this up
and put a flower over it.

-A flower?
-Or something. Wait, turn round...



They say a wedding
is all about love and romance.

But is it? Or is it pure narcissism?

This is my big day.

Little girls, and some boys too,
grow up wanting to be princesses.

What becomes of
all the broken princess dreams?

The answer: a wedding.

This film is about what happens when
your ego grows bigger than your love.

-What's the problem?
-This is the problem!

You wanted a Lord of the Rings theme!
I wanted A Clockwork Orange!

I wanted a Lord of the Rings theme
but not these fucking ears! I look stupid!

You'll spoil it if you don't have them.

Either you have a theme or you don't!

-I don't want the fucking ears!
-I look like a fucking hobo here...

OK, let's forget it,
we'll just cancel the whole thing!

“The brightening future is ours,”
as the song goes.

I hope everyone here feels that
this is a day of hope and optimism.

-I can't see her.
-She's not here.

But I also want us to remember
that this is the beginning--

that this is the beginning
of your adult lives.

Sure, you will have
a great deal of freedom from today on.

But also a great deal of responsibility.

Many of you will leave home,
and discover what it's like...

The two best students always come in

and wear special clothes.

You look lovely! Where did you get it?

Alex made it.

Alex made it?


-Maja said you made the clothes.
-Yes, that's right.

They're great.


-Oscar, over here. Time for a photo.

-I have to--

-Cheers, Maja!

Wow, Maja... you look like a princess!

You too!

Oh, yes, I remember Maja Ingmarsson!

I was on the panel of the Drama College
the year she applied...

I'd been sitting there for a few days
and seen hundreds of applicants.

And so we ask her to begin.

But instead, the first thing she does
is to point at me and say:

“Hey, Rolf Lassgård!
My Mom's worked with you!”

But when she started to act, it was...

It was 100%, a complete presence.

She was a diamond in the rough.

I'm really glad she got in.

Subtitle translation by Neil Betteridge