Starman (1984) - full transcript

Jenny Hayden never did get over the death of her husband. So when an alien life form decides to model "himself" on the husband, Jenny is understandably confused if not terrified. The alien, or Starman, as he is called, has a deadline to meet, and kidnaps Jenny in order to meet it. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Minus ten, nine, eight, seven--

- Ignition.
- Main stage.

Four, three...

two, one, zero.

And so Voyager II
is now a part of history...

rocketing into space from its launch pad
here at Cape Kennedy...

on this historic date,
August 20, 1977.

On board the space probe
are photographic images of Earth...

verbal greetings
and a medley of musical compositions.

Voyager II is our invitation...

to other intelligent species
in the universe:

Please come and visit
our planet Earth.

As the Secretary General
of the United Nations...

an organization
of 147 member states...

who represent almost all of the human
inhabitants of the planet Earth...

I send greetings on behalf
of the people of our planet.

Hello from the children
of planet Earth.

When I want you
to hold me tight

Whenever I want you

All I have to do

Is dream

I can make you mine

Taste your lips of wine

Any time
Night or day

Only trouble is

I'm dreaming my life away

I want you so

That I could die

I love you so
And that is why

Whenever I want you

All I have to do

Is dream

Dream, dream, dream

Big ending.

How are you doing, sweetie?

Don't do this to yourself, Jenny.
Go to sleep.

- That's very good, General.
- Mr.Director.

Would you excuse me, please?

- Sounds like Soviet space garbage.
- The Molink people say no.

- What does the Kremlin say?
- They don't know from nothing.

This is Delta Yankee, two miles
and closing, locked on target.

- Permission to launch.
- Permission granted.

Delta Yankee executing launch.
Missiles away.

Delta Yankee reports a hit, sir.

No change in speed, but we've got
another alteration of course.

New estimated point of impact:
Wisconsin, up by Chequamegon Bay.

Get Mark Shermin.

Tony takes a pass, Murray
drives to the left and blows it!

He's down.
No harm, no foul.

Call me back in 20 minutes,
will ya? I'm--

Yes, sir. Sorry about that.


Chequamegon Bay.
Yes, sir.

No problem.



You're not Scott.


Our Father who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.

As the Secretary General
of the United Nations...

an organization
of 14 7 member states...

who represent almost all of the human
inhabitants of the planet Earth...

I send greetings.

Who is that handsome guy?

God, what a day.


Here she comes, ladies and gentlemen.
Look at this gorgeous car.

And off we go.

Don't worry. It's not gonna go off
till the hammer's back.

What we want to do
is we want to squeeze...

and squeeze.

One more time.

Not bad.

Actually, you should probably
steady with your other hand here.

More accuracy probably this way.

Yeah, come here.

Don't be afraid.

I mean you no harm.

This is great.


Oh, boy,
what a weird dream.

Who are you?

What do you want?

We go.

I can't get the engine started.


Which way? Left? Right?


You know where that place is?

If this is California...

and down here's Texas...

that must be, like...

Arizona, maybe?

Want to be driven.
Arizona, maybe.

Ten minutes.

- About that time, Mr.Shermin.
- Oh, okay.

- Coffee?
- Yeah.

Sergeant, can you get
police bands on that thing?

No problem. Why?

I'm interested
in anything weird.

You know, freaky, bizarre.

Hi there. I'm Major Bell.

Hi. Mark Shermin.

- Is it clean?
- No radioactivity.

No readings on bacteria.

Are you attached
to National Security?

Not very.
I just work for them.

On loan,
sort of like a library book.

Actually, I'm with SETI, Search
for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

So they're sending you guys out
on meteorites now, huh?

- Only when they change course.
- Change course? Can they do that?

This one did, so they tell me.

Either that
or some airhead over at NORAD...

misread a glitch on his monitor.

It also came down slower
than suborbital speed...

so naturally they decided
to fire some missiles at it.

What are they doing?

- Trying to take a core sample.
- Nobody authorized that.

- It sounded hollow to me.
- There's no such thing as a hollow--

- Jesus Christ!
- You were about to say?

Up and at 'em.

This is station WDLU
in Madison, Wisconsin...

bringing you the 6:00 a.m. news.

No, folks, all of you that saw
that flash in the sky last night...

it wasn't the end of the world
and it wasn't a burning airliner.

No, sir. According
to the A.P. wire...

one of the biggest meteorites to strike
the planet Earth in 80 years...

hit last night near Ashland,
not far from Chequamegon Bay.

So you folks who called in to say
you saw a flying saucer land--

That's about you?

You really are some kind
of Martian or something, aren't you?

What do you want here?

What are you doing?

What do you want with me?

Where are you taking me?

Why do you look
so much like Scott?

I can't get no


That does it.


Crazy sons of bitches!
What's the matter with you?

Help me, please!

- I'm being kidnapped!
- I send greetings.

What's going on here?

I'm being kidnapped!


You better let her go, pal.
I'll give you some greetings.

How'd you do that?

Those little gray jobs?

Communications Central, this is
Project Visitor, Chequamegon sighting.

I have Mr.Shermin for you.

The director's on the line.

Shermin, what is it?

I'll know more in a few hours.

We're taking it out of here now,
and I'm setting up a lab in Madison.

This meteor, the Chequamegon sighting,
appears to be hollow?

No, not appears to be.
It is hollow.

I think the balloon
has just gone up, sir.

Do you have to keep that thing
on your lap like that?

Those things-- guns--
make me a little bit jumpy.

Define "little bit jumpy."

That's a little bit.

Jumpy's like nervous, afraid.

You know that word, "afraid"?

Afraid. Yes.

How much English
do you understand?

I understand greetings
in 54 planet Earth languages.

I understand...

English language little bit.

Nothing much in there.
It's just a lot of junk.

That's my wallet.

That's my driver's license.

That's me.
My name, Jenny Hayden.

Jenny Hayden.

What do you want, anyway?
Why did you come here?

Oh, my God.

I look like Scott.

Yeah, you do.

I look like Scott...

so you do not be
little bit jumpy.

Listen, about those police calls,
you did say "anything weird," right?

You got something?

Just picked up one from Ashland,
happened sometime this morning.

A guy named Heinmuller had a collision
with an orange and black '77 Mustang.

The gal who was driving
claimed she was being kidnapped...

but when Heinmuller went to help her,
the guy she was with, the kidnapper...

yelled "Greetings"
and melted his lug wrench.

Yelled "Greetings"
and melted his lug wrench?

Weird you want, weird you get.

How do you melt a lug wrench?

I just copy them down.
I don't explain them.

- Did anybody get a license number?
- Yeah, Wisconsin plates.


We're checking the owner
through D.M.V. now.

What the hell is that thing?

A sort of an invitation, Major.

You remember that package we sent up
with the Voyager probe?

There was a gold, anodized disk...

with greetings from Earth
in 54 different languages...

complete with a nice, little speech
from Kurt Waldheim:

"To whom it may concern.

Come and see us sometime."

We're coming to a gas station.

We're gonna need some gas, okay?


Gas for the car.

Fuel. Energy.

I step on the gas, the car goes.
I take my foot off, the car stops.

- Understand?
- No.

I do not understand.

How can car need energy so soon?

I don't know. I'm just telling you
this is the gas gauge.

When that needle gets to "E,"
that's empty. No gas.

- The car stops, period.
- Okay.

Get gas.

- Here you go.
- Take it easy.

Take it easy.

- Fill her up, unleaded.
- Gas.


Yeah, I know.

I have to go to the bathroom.

The ladies' room.
The rest room.

It's when a person has to--

The hell with it.
Figure it out yourself. I'm going.

"Women." Me.

"Men." You.


You can't get her out, huh?


Well, I know just how she feels.

Every goddamn place you go.

Take it easy.

Up yours.

Let's go.

Nothing of interest in here.

You want to sign that for me,
Miss Hayden?



What is...


You want to know
what kidnapped is?

It's being dragged out of your house
in the middle of the night...

by some-- whatever you are...

being forced to drive all night
with a gun pointed in your side...

not knowing where you're going or what's
gonna happen to you when you get there.

If you're gonna shoot me,
go ahead...

'cause I'd rather be shot
than go on being scared to death.

Go ahead.

I mean you no harm,
Jenny Hayden.

New music plays.
Here's Ole Blue Eyes, Francis Albert.

Start spreadin' the news

I'm leavin' today

I want to be a part of it

New York, New York

I'm sorry.

I did awaken you.

Do they sing a lot
where you live?

Yes, we sing.

Do you ever get hungry?

Empty here.

Like a car needs gas.


This body
has a terrible emptiness.

This is called hungry?

Yeah, and when people get hungry,
they have to eat food.

Eat. Yes, we must do that.

We will stop at food station.

You have hungry too?

I'm starving.

I haven't eaten since--

Oh, my God!

Look out!
What are you doing?


Okay? Are you crazy?
You almost got us killed.

You said you watched me.
You said you knew the rules.

I do know the rules.

For your information, pal,
that was a yellow light back there.

I watched you very carefully.

Red light stop,
green light go...

yellow light go very fast.

- You better let me drive.
- I will drive.

Do you seriously expect me
to tell the president...

that an alien has landed...

assumed the identity
of a dead house painter...

from Madison, Wisconsin...

and is presently out
tooling around the countryside...

in a hopped-up,
orange and black...

1977 Mustang?

We have the following givens.

That man, Scott Hayden,
died last April.

He's dead and buried.
That's verified.

He has no brothers,
no look-alike cousins.

But still this morning
at approximately 6:00--

All right, we have
been through all of that.

I'm gonna ask you now,
how could it happen?

We think it might be
some kind of a cloning deal...

replication of an entire organism
from a single cell.

- We found some of Scott Hayden's hair.
- Is that possible?

Can you clone a living organism
from the hair of a dead man?

Well, human hair consists
of keratinized cells...

although in order to determine
whether replication is possible--

I asked you a question.

You mean us, in our
present state of technology?

- Yes.
- No.

What the hell
are we talking about?

We're hypothesizing a technology
that's 100,000 years ahead of us.

We're the ancients, Mr.Fox.


Technologically, yes.
We've just started.

But even if you're right,
I still have problems.

His knowledge of English.

Listen to this.

I helped put this package
together, you know.

This was designed so that
an intelligent species...

could get a working knowledge
of English...

enough to get by, anyhow.

A couple hundred word vocabulary,
a rough idea of syntax.

Think of what it would mean to talk to
a being from a civilization like that.

Think of what we could learn.

Who represent almost all
of the human inhabitants...

of the planet Earth,
I send greetings.

Greetings! There. That's what
he said to Heinmuller on the road.

It is also what the cannibal
said to the missionary...

just before he ate him.

The question in this case is...

who is the missionary
and who are the cannibals?

When do you have to be there?


In Arizona.
When do you have to be there?

Do you see this little star?

Star? What star? Where?


We call that the sun.

When this little--

When the sun...

appears mid-sky three more times...

I must be at Arizona.

You mean 12:00 noon
three days from now?


And what happens if you
don't get there in time?

Then they will go.

- Without you?
- Yes.

What will you do then?

Then I will die.



You look for food station.


A deer.

A dead deer.

Dead deer. Why?

People hunt them
to eat for food.

Do deer eat people?

Do people eat people?

No, of course not.
What do you think we are?

I think you are
a very primitive species.

What are you, softhearted?

You cry when you saw Bambi?

- Define Bambi.
- Huh?

He doesn't understand.
He's not from around here.

You don't speak any English, huh?

Steer clear of that bozo.

- Define bozo.
- Jerk.

From Denver here...

it's south on Interstate 25.

Then you pick up I-40
westbound at Albuquerque.

Forget that deer for a second.
I'm trying to show you something.

Now, where exactly in Arizona...

are you supposed to
meet your friends?


West of Winslow.

I see a little speck
on the map, but there's...

a crater?

You're supposed to meet them
where that meteor hit?

Why do you do this?

Better safe than sorry.
In case something happens to me.

There's one more thing.

The credit card for the gas.

- You know how that worked.
- Why should something happen to you?

Who knows?

The way you drive, traveling with you
could be detrimental to the health.


me and Scott on our honeymoon.

A honeymoon is...

what you call it when...

two people first get married,
and they...

go off together
after they've fallen in love.

Define love.

Love is--

It's when you care...

more for someone else
than you do for yourself.

But it's not just that.

It's when someone is...

a part of you.

And when they--


Scott is dead.

He was killed in an accident.

When someone you love...


Oh, shit.

Define shit.

Don't say that.
That's not a nice word.

Don't mind him.
He's just learning to speak English.

He's got a hell of a start on it.

Who's the deviled egg
on white toast?

- He is.
- Right.

And a Super Burger...

two orders of fries...

two choc malts...

and two Dutch apple pie
with whipped cream.

Had a wedge of it myself.

It's terrific. Enjoy.

Well, dig in.

Wait, no.

That's your dessert.

Eat that with a fork.

This thing.

Here, like this.

But you eat that last.

Sandwich first, dessert last.


I don't know.
That's just how it's done.

What's the matter?

Dutch apple pie.


It's terrific.

For a primitive species,
we have our points.

Anybody for Lincoln,
Omaha or Chicago...

the bus leaves in five minutes.


I got to go to the--

I'll be right back.

Excuse me.

- Is there a back way out of here?
- Sure. Through the kitchen.


- That fellow I came in with?
- Yeah?

Could you give these things
to him after the bus leaves?

It's just a map,
car keys and a credit card.

- You sure, honey?
- Yeah, I'm positive.


Hey, honey.

I wouldn't go out
through the back door right now.

That friend of yours
is out there in the parking lot.


Excuse me, miss.
You strike me as a meat eater.

I can fix you up
with a nice haunch of venison...

maybe even a shot of pork
if you could--

That son of a bitch.

Hey, what happened
to the goddamn deer?

She went there, to the woods.

Okay, comedian.


You leave him alone.

- Butt out, girlie.
- He doesn't understand.

He doesn't speak English.

- So what?
- Hey.


I'm gonna tear you loose
from your hinges, boy.

Pick up your garbage
and get going.

Oh, Jesus. Are you okay?

I thought...

guns make you little bit jumpy,
Jenny Hayden.

You make me a little bit jumpy.

I thought I told you
to stay away from those bozos.

It's okay.
I think I understand.

It looks better that way.

Thank you, Jenny Hayden.

All part of our friendly service.

- Are you okay, honey?
- Yeah, I'm all right.

I wanted to tell you
that eastbound bus is about to go.

Want me to hold it?

No, thank you. Never mind.

Thanks, but never mind.

Good luck.

I'm gonna get that bastard,
Donnie Bob, right now.

Look out!

Take it easy!

I'm gonna get
that son of a bitch.

It's their fault,
the Mustang.

- Son of a bitch hit me and took off.
- Anybody get his number?

No, but it shouldn't be hard to pick up.
'77 Mustang with Wisconsin plates on it.

That Mustang them state boys wanted?

That was orange and black '77
with Wisconsin plates?

Kick her in the ass.
I think we got the bastard.

Damn it, Sergeant. We've been here since
6:30 this afternoon. When can we leave?

As soon as the federals say so
and not one damn minute before.

Everybody tells it
pretty much the same way.

She had every chance in the world
to get away from him...

but they left together
with her driving.

Does that sound like any kind of
kidnapping you ever heard of?

They spotted an orange and black
Mustang, Wisconsin plates.

- Going west near Big Springs.
- Right.

Scott and I met two winters ago
up at Iron Mountain ice-skating.

I had on this little
tight skating outfit.

I was showing off.
He kept staring at me.

One thing led to another. A few months
later we were on our honeymoon.

Honeymoon is nice?

Oh, yeah, ours was beautiful.

Define beautiful.

Beautiful is...

better than terrific...

better than Dutch apple pie.

The best.

Gotta get a couple of hours sleep.
Just a couple, okay?

You're not to approach them. Keep them
under surveillance till the feds arrive.

What if they approach us?

If you're in a life-threatening
situation, defend yourselves.

Otherwise, wait for the feds.

They get the 6:00 news,
and we get the shit end of the stick.

- That's the way it is.
- It doesn't have to be that way.

I got a hunch this might develop
into a life-threatening situation.

We'd like a room for the night
as far away from this as possible.

Oh, boy, am I whipped.

My mom always said there wasn't
a thing wrong with the world...

that a hot bath and
a good night's sleep couldn't fix.

What am I doing?
I must be getting punchy.

It's just that in that light you look
so much like Scott. I wasn't thinking.

- You said, "Your nose is different."
- What?

You said, "Your nose is different.

He broke his twice,
and there's something else.

I don't know.
Something spooky about your eyes."

That's word for word.

You remember everything you hear
word for word?

Everything I hear, everything I see.
Everything I--

Everything this body feels.

The tub.

Thirty points apiece is what the
questions are worth. Tell us about it.

Final category is songwriters.

Believe me, General. I know what
went wrong. The x factor wasn't red.

I never knew
it could be like this.

Nobody ever kissed me
the way you do.

- Nobody?
- No. Nobody.

Not even one? Out of all the men
you've been kissed by?

Well, that'll take some figuring.
How many men do you think there've been?

I wouldn't know.
Can't you give me a rough estimate?

Not without an adding machine. Do you
have your adding machine with you?

I forgot to bring it.

Then I guess you won't
find out, will you?

Hey, there, buddy!
Are you in there?

It's none of my business,
but if that's your orange Mustang...

there's a couple of cops
trying to jiggle the lock.

The bastards ran one on us!


Suspects in orange Mustang
are headed south on Big Spring bypass.

We are in pursuit!

He's got a gun.

Suspects on I-80 proceeding northbound.

Still in pursuit.

I know it sounds impossible, but
I have a couple of people that say...

they saw him carrying her
out of the burning wreckage.

Then they just disappeared
in the smoke.

I've had the police check the
entire area, and there are no bodies.


Anyway, I can only assume they're still
alive, and they're probably headed west.

I'm going down to
Grand Junction, Colorado.

The army is setting up some kind
of a roadblock on I-70. I'm goin'.

Move it out.

You're wanted on the horn.

Hello? Oh,
I've probably been cut off.

Hello? Yeah,
I was talking to the police.

I'm not the police, Mrs.Hayden.

My name is Mark Shermin.
I'm with National Security.

I understand you wanted to talk
to somebody about kidnapping.

That's why I'm calling.

There's been a mistake.
There hasn't been a kidnapping.

We're worried about you,

I'm fine. Really, I'm fine.

I just wanted to clear it up.
There hasn't been a kidnapping.

Where are you talking from?

I don't know.
A truck stop somewhere.

- Can I pick you up? I have questions.
- Miss?

Hold on a second.

You lookin' for a fellow? About yea
tall? Red, plaid shirt? Nice-looking?

Have you seen him?

He hitched a ride west with
our night cook about half an hour ago.

Thank you very much.

I'm hanging up now.
I've got to go.

If you want to talk to me,
call me in Madison in a few days.

- I'm in the phone book.
- Wait, Mrs.Hayden!

Do you know who or what
you were kidnapped by?

He doesn't want to hurt anybody.

Really, can't you
just leave him alone?

Hello? Damn it!

I need a ride west fast!

Hey, I'll take ya.
Come on. Let's go.

What's your line?

- Line?
- Work?

What do you do when
you're not hitchin' rides?

Oh, I make maps.

Make any money?

I make maps.

You don't get rich cookin' either.
Believe me.

I got a girl. She's gettin' ready
to go to college this fall.

Wife had to go back to nursing
just to help me pay for it.

Here. You want a smoke?

Yep, my little baby.
Says she wants to be a doctor.

I don't know.

Costs an arm and a leg
to raise up kids these days.

An arm and a leg?

Bread, geetus, money
and lots of it.

You all right?

You're not from
around here, are ya?

What the john?
Some kind of roadblock, I guess.

Roadblock, I guess.

Better keep these people in line.
They're starting to slip around the end.

Yes, sir. Sergeant,
you heard the man.

Right away, sir.

Get in line! Line up!

Move to the right.
Stay in line!

All you pedestrians, line up!

Move to the right
and stay in line!

Sir, would you put that dog
on a leash, please?

You gotta help me, okay?

- Stop him!
- After that car!

Thank God.
How did you get here?

I hitched a ride with a cook.

It is good to see you,
Jenny Hayden.

We got to get out of here.
Come on.


I have done something wrong?

I wake up alone. You're gone.
Not a word. Nothing.

You were right. To be with me
is not good for your health.

You could have at least told me
where you were going, said good-bye.



You don't know what--

Teach me this.

I don't know. It's a custom.


how you tell somebody that
you miss them...

that you wish them well...

that you hope--

Her tooth's coming in.

Can anyone have babies?

Just women.

I understand the reproductive process
as you know it.

As we know it?

You have a baby?

No babies.

Why not?

Scott and I wanted
to have a baby.

It just turned out I couldn't.

I'm one of
those lucky ladies that...

just can't have one.

Here's a blanket. It's dry.

Better get out
of those wet clothes.

Better get warm.

You know what pneumonia is?

Well, you're gonna find out
unless we get you dry in a hurry.

Here. Put this on.

Mr.Fox said he's been delayed getting
out of Madison. He's gonna be late.

What's going on?

According to our best estimates,
speed, course and trajectory...

that object was headed
for someplace in Arizona.

Now Intelligence thinks the visitor
is on his way here to make a rendezvous.

Go on inside.
Make yourself at home.

Welcome to planet Earth.

Where are we?

I think we are coming
to Winslow soon.

Why didn't you wake me?

I like to watch you sleep.

I don't know why.

It's strange.

I think I am becoming
a planet Earth person.

You have to go back?

Isn't there someway you could stay?

I must go back.

But there is something
I must tell you.

I gave you a baby tonight.

That's impossible.
I can't have a child.

I've been to a doctor,
a couple of them.

Believe what I tell you.

A boy baby.

He will be human.
A baby of your husband, but...

also he will be my baby.

He will know everything I know...

and when he grows to manhood,
he will be a teacher.

If you do not want this baby,
tell me now.

I will stop it.

Which is your star?
Can you see it from here?


I want to show him
where his father came from.




Low in the sky.

I see it.

You'd better get dressed.
We are coming to Winslow.

I hope to God
we're on the right train.

I don't know. That looks
awful big for Winslow, Arizona.

Las Vegas.


I think we've gone about
300 miles past Winslow.

We're still gonna be okay.
All we got to do is rent a car.

With a little luck, we'll be
back there before noon tomorrow.

Just try not to be
too conspicuous, okay?

Come on.

Half a million dollars, folks!
Who's gonna take it home?

Hit the giant jackpot and your troubles
are over. Half a million dollars!

Define giant jackpot.

A giant jackpot
is a lot of money.

Money? Geetus? Bread?
An arm and a leg?

Where did you get that?

We don't have time to fool around
with the slot machines.

We got to find a rent-a-car place--

Where's my wallet?

- My wallet?
- What is wrong?

Where the hell is my wallet?

- What are we gonna do now?
- Is all right.

You don't understand.
No credit card, no money, no car.

No car, we're never
gonna get there on time.

Is all right.



That's a handy little talent you got
there, but you better spread it around.

These guys get curious
if you hit too many jackpots at once.

Choppers from Air Cav will
search the area on a quarter-mile grid.

- Good. I'm glad you're here.
- What the hell is this about?

You're a man of
some scientific attainment.

You don't recognize an emergency
autopsy room when you see one?

- With leather tie straps?
- You behave yourself, Mark.

This your latest update?

According to NORAD, his original course
and rate of descent...

would have taken him here,
south of Winslow.

- I see. Anything else?
- The Cobra guys asked about ammunition.

Helicopter attack units
will carry live ammo at all times.

- This is a combat mission.
- Right.

Listen, Mr.Fox,
I'd like to be a team player...

but there's something
I want to call to your attention.

One thing I don't need from you
is a lecture on morality.

All right. Okay. Screw morality.

What the hell ever happened to
good manners? We invited him here!

- I don't have time for this.
- I'm trying to make a point.

So am I! Damn it!

You make a great show of being a rebel,
but the fact is this:

You are a GS-11 public servant.

Anytime that becomes
too much of a burden...

you can go back to Cornell or wherever
the hell it was that we found you.

Let's see you make it through
on an instructor's salary.

Now shape up or get out.
Is that clear?

There's been a possible sighting
in Las Vegas.

- They're probably headed this direction.
- Establish a command post in Winslow.

You'd better get out there...

providing, of course, you still
want to be a member of the team.

You do, don't you?

- Yes, sir.
- All right then, get going.

Get rid of that damn cigar.

We ought to be coming
to the crater anytime now.

You're gonna make it.
You're gonna go home.

- You want to, don't you?
- Yes, of course.

What's it like up there?

It is beautiful.

Not like this,
but it is beautiful.

There is only one language,
one law, one people.

There is no war, no hunger. The strong
do not victimize the helpless.

We are very civilized,
but we have lost something, I think.

You are all so much alive,
all so different.

I will miss the cooks
and the singing and the dancing...

and the eating...

and the other things.

Mornin', folks.
What'll you have?

- Oh, coffee.
- Dutch apple pie?

- How about some nice cherry cobbler?
- That'll be fine.

- And whipped cream.
- Comin' right up.

How long does it take
to get to the crater from here?

Driving? Not long.
Five, six minutes is all.

I want you to try
this cherry cobbler.

And if you don't like it,
you don't have to pay for it.

- It's delicious.
- My wife made it.

Is very good.

Do you have somebody...

a wife, like...

up there?

I wish--

- I wish--
- What?

Mornin', folks.
Is that your Cadillac outside?

All right, go ahead.

Yeah, hold it. Yeah.

I'd like to talk
to these people alone.

I'll be right outside
if you need me.

George Fox just called in
on the radio.

Said to say
they're on their way over.

I'm Mark Shermin.

SETI? The Search
For Extraterrestrial--

we talked on the phone.

This is just such a--

Mind if I sit down?

There's so many questions
that I'd like to ask you.

I hardly even know where to begin.

Is there anything I can do for you?

You can let him go.

I can't.

Really, I can't.
I'm sorry. Is it--

- Are you supposed to meet someone here?
- Yes.

You don't understand.
There isn't much time. Please.

Why here? Why the crater?

Have people from your world
been here before?

Before, yes.
We are interested in your species.

You mean, you're some kind
of an anthropologist?

Is that what you're doing here?
Just checking us out?

You are a strange species,
not like any other.

And you would be surprised
how many there are.

Intelligent but savage.

Shall I tell you what
I find beautiful about you?

You are at your very best
when things are worst.

Let him go, Mr.Shermin, please.

If he stays here, he'll die.

Can't you see he's dying now?

Thank you.

Thank you.

Wrong ones, huh?
They sure as hell fit the description.

No, the guy we're lookin' for
is a lot older.

Where are they?
What have you done with them?

where are your prisoners?

Wrong ones.
We had to let 'em go.

You what?

Shermin, you are finished.

I will have you
eviscerated for this.

Well, as much as I hate
to stoop to symbolism--

I hear something.

All units, this is Fox.
I want warning fire only.

When ready, roger that.

I copy. Here we go.

Mrs.Hayden, you and your companion
must stop immediately.

Stop where you are
or we will open fire.

I repeat. Stop where you are.

We have orders to open fire.

Last warning, Mrs.Hayden.

You and your companion
must stop immediately.

We have orders to open fire.

Last warning, Mrs.Hayden.

For your own safety,
you must stop where you are.

What the hell is that?

I must go.

- Take me with you.
- I cannot.

- Please.
- You will die there.

- I don't think I care.
- I care.


tell me again
how to say good-bye.

Kiss me...

then tell me you love me.

I love you.

I'm never gonna
see you again, am I?

I love you.

Tell the baby about me.

I will.

What should I do with this?

The baby will know.

Good-bye, Jenny Hayden.