Starless Dreams (2016) - full transcript

Murder and theft, drug dealing and addiction: young lives marked by traumatic stories lead to this Iranian "Correctional and Rehabilitation Centre" for girls. Some of the girls feel more at home in prison than they did with their families. A rare documentary glimpse inside a locked-up world and a respectful portrait of young women struggling to recapture some sense of personal dignity. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Look at me!

Its nose is freezing.

I am an unlucky one,
don't laugh at me you lucky ones,

Once I used to be someone,
I was young and in love,

Times have made me grow old
And tired of living...

Who do you live with?


No parents?


How long?

One month.

Were you alone when they arrested you?


Are there addicts in your family?

My dad.

To what?


-What does he use?

Is anyone in your family depressed?

My mom.

Does she take anything for it?

Yes, anti-depressants.

Does anyone have special needs?


Do you have any illness?

I do...

I'm depressed.

Do you take medications?

When I was in welfare.

Has anyone in your family 'bothered' you?

My mom.

Lock you up? Burn you?

My mom.

She burned you?


With what?

The gas stove.

Why did you quit school?

My mom wouldn't let me go.

Could you explain?

Because of what my aunt's husband said.

He said something?


Does it make you
uncomfortable to talk about it?

Yes, it does.


How was your relationship with your father?

Mostly just a 'Hello' now and then.

Didn't you see him when he came home?


But you didn't sit and speak?


Doesn't your family know that you are here?


Do you want us to tell them?


Your mother? Your father?


Don't you miss them?


Do you want to go back to them?


You only miss your little brother?

Yes, I do.

He can visit with your mom.

Please, no!

-Truth or dare?

Have you ever cheated

-on 'Hassan-the-Lamb?

-Have you ever been in love?

-Truth or dare?


My finger!

You missed!

'Burning moustaches' for everyone!

Thank you.

Wait, let me check.

-Is it too tight?
-It's fine.

Ghazal, why are you here?

For drugs.

What happened?

I had some in my purse.


To use.

Are you a user?


How old are you?

I'll be 18 soon.

You're still 17?


Why did you start using?

My mother was an addict, so I was curious.

And your father?

He died, but I have a step-father.

Did he 'bother' you?

Very much.


I don't know. I was like his servant.

What was his job?

A criminal.

Are you married?


At what age?

I was 14.

I became pregnant right away
and had a child.

You have a child!


My kid is 2 years old now.

You mean you had a child at 15?

-What's its name?


Your fingers seem to have metal implants.

-Why is that?

I self-immolated.

My life was difficult,
from the moment I stepped into his house,

he gave me drugs
and forced me to sell them.

How long since you've seen your daughter?

7 months.

Somayeh, pour me some oil, please.

Hello! My dear!

What did they say?

-What were you charged with?
-Adultery, armed robbery, brothel.

That's enough. Don't go on.

I was just in court.

Let me stay at the front of the line for now.

So what? We've all been to court.

Somayeh, can you give me some extra meat?

He said you should ask
your accuser to not press charges

or it will be bad for you.

I told them I was sorry and remorseful,
that I'll never do it again.

He asked how long I've used 'crystal meth'?
I said 5 years.

He yelled, "You've used meth for 5 years!"

I said, "God forgive me, I screwed up!"

Then he asked me
who the gun belonged to.

I swore to God it wasn't mine.

Then he said that...

-You didn't confess to anything?
-Not at all...

What's your name?


What are you in for?


When was the first time
you stole something?

I don't remember. I've stolen a lot of things.

Mostly what things?


Did you have the gun?


Weren't you afraid to carry a gun?

No, it wasn't the first time.

How many times have you used a gun?

A lot.

Since two years ago.

-You held the gun?

To shoot someone if necessary?

At first I would threaten,
but I've never shot anyone...

I've stabbed people,
but never shot anyone.

I would have to
really hate someone to shoot them...

I wouldn't kill just anyone,
except maybe my uncle.

What made you leave your home?

My uncle was a molester.

How old were you?


Do you think you're a good girl?

I used to be.

I'm not as tough as I sound, it's just an act.

I could be the old 'Shaghayegh'
and I would seem very different.

Everyone would think I was led astray.

All this being a street kid is just a show.

I was with a crowd
that forced me to be like them.

I had to show them that
I was from the same streets they were.

When I first said that
I had a 16 year old daughter,

why did it make you so sad?

You shouldn't have told us!

She is being raised with love and comfort,
while we were raised in rot and filth.

I spoke to your grandmother and she says

there are some problems
with you going back.

I know she won't accept me.

Are you sure?

She says she might so I won't cry,
but she's lying.

Hey, 'Good-Father's.'

We got pizza from 'Good-Father's.'

Here's to good father's!

Hey, stop acting like villagers!

Don't eat like that it makes me sick!

What's wrong with you?

I don't feel too good.

At least have a bite, come on...

Khatereh, the mike
always make me want to sing!

Oh my love

Help my prayers be answered

Let my pain be over
oh, my lonely heart

Let my pain be over
oh, my lonely heart

No one cares how sweet I am

You see how I sit alone
and sad in some corner

Come and sit by me and share my pain


Look at me, I am an unlucky one

Don't laugh at me, you lucky ones

Once I used to be someone

I was young and in love

Unfair times have made me grow old

And tired of this worthless life...

Why are they taking you to the infirmary?

I forgot to tell Miss Bahar,
because I'm crazy.

Did you act like this for Hassan the Lamb?

No, I swear I never did.

I act like this here to make the girls laugh.

I swear there's nothing wrong with me.

Why has your mother never come to visit?

My mother likes my older brother...

He is a criminal, a thief, he's an addict...

He is in prison now
and my mom loves him...

Out of eleven kids she loves him the most.

-Doesn't she love you?
-No, no one loves me.

Nobody loves me


How many times have you stolen things?

As many as the hairs on your head.

Masoumeh, what did you steal?

At first purses with my sister, then...

I grabbed them
from a motorcycle with my brother...

Then we did houses, then pigeons...


Oh crowned pigeon, oh my...

How did your brother treat you?

He was mean, he beat me for drug money...

And made me leave the house.

Then I got mixed up with Hassan-the-Jerk!

-Don't you want to have his children?

A mother thief has thieves for children.

Poor thing.

A mother that eats stolen bread
will feed her children stolen bread.

If you have a daughter,
what would you name her?

A daughter? I would kill her.

Would you also kill a son?

A son is a crown on his mother's head.

-Does Hassan-the-Lamb love you?
-Yes, why wouldn't he?

Has he ever 'bothered' you?

-Forced you to go with his friends?
-No, not that.

Hasrat, why do you say
you had a bad mother?

What did she ever do to you?

How can a daughter not love her mother?

Has she ever hugged you?

Nope, she never showed me kindness,
but I love her.

-When you get out, will you do drugs?
-It depends.

Damn you!
Say after you leave you will be good!

I can't lie.
If my grandma takes me in, I will stop,

but if she won't as I know she won't
I will start using again.

-Where is your father now?
-In prison.

-Would you like to see him?

-Why not?
-Because he doesn't want to see me.

Why is uncle Mehrdad
making this film about us?

To show at university.

Oh, gosh!

We should have been making this film,
not them.

If it were up to me
I would make a film about our families.

-Are they that bad?
-Their situation is something to watch.

-Is uncle Mehrdad a university student?
-He is a professor.

I thought the film was for the government.
I was worried.

-What government?
-The government.

-What does that mean?
-I mean Ahmadinezhad.

Don't make this political.

Whose side were you on,
Ahmadinezhad or Mousavi?

When I went to vote,
I kept yelling Ahmadinezhad... Mousavi...

This is me and Hassan-the-Lamb,
we got married here.

Hassan is good-looking.
My wedding dress is awful.

Here we are holding hands on a love boat.

This is my knife.

I've stabbed enemies
and been stabbed by friends.

I put this sticker here,
"Hasan say you love me!"

This is Hassan saying, "Baa-Baa."

This is our heart holding our hands.

This is Hassan's name.
His name is all over this book.

-Isn't Hassan-the-Lamb handsome?

This is the rope I hung myself with;
punishment for love!

the unrequited love of Masoumeh."

God, no!

Are you pregnant?

-How old are you?


Is it true you will be set free today?

Yes, if God wishes.

It seems a lot of
your family members are in prison.

-What for?

My brother is in for armed robbery,
mugging and kidnapping.

He was caught with 30 grams of meth

and two cell phones in prison...

So they gave him the death penalty.

Ava, why do you seem so down these days?

I'm far from my mother.

I haven't been a good daughter.

I made her suffer. I beat her. I hurt her.

She would curse me with her tears.

She wanted me to change.

She said she would give her life for me.

I could never be the good girl
my mother wanted me to be.

'651' in the upper bunk
is holding back her tears.

Is it because of what you said?

I don't know.


Why are you crying?

For no reason.

What happened? You're always so happy.

Her story is the same as my story.

Especially about hitting her mother.

Did you also beat your mother?


Do you remember the first time?

She didn't have money for me to buy drugs.

I told her how much I needed.
She said she didn't have it.

I said she had to give it to me.

She said, "My good daughter,
I don't have it."

I told her she had to give it.

I beat her because she didn't have money.

Why did you choose the name '651'?

651 is how many grams they found on me.

They caught you with 651 grams?

Is that how bad off I am?

I have nothing to wear in here!

No one from my family
can bring me something to wear?

Is that how worthless I am?

Mommy, you don't have to come yourself.

A taxi can bring it. Just leave it at the gate.

I don't even have a pair of slippers!

All my clothes are at home

and no one can bring me anything?

Fine, then don't!

I thought they would execute us right away.

I would have never
done those things if I knew.

Did you really think that?

I thought my brothers
wouldn't press charges.

You were really crazy!

My mother asked if I was sure about them.

I told her they would
never let us stay in here.

Between all these good books...

What are you in for, Somayeh?

Killing my father.

How did that happen?

One night we decided to kill my father.

Whose idea was it?
Your sister's, your mother's or yours?

It was my sister's idea
and my mother and I agreed.

What made you decide to do this?

When you tell people, they don't get it.

They say he was your father
and you shouldn't do such a thing.

But there comes a time
when you can't take it anymore.

I used to wake up to

the sounds of my parents fighting.

I'd jump out of bed and run to see

my dad beating my mother with a chair.

I watched and hoped it didn't hit her head,

and thought what would
I do without a mother.

And all kids think that candy is candy.

When adults want to smoke opium,
they say it's brown candy.

And the kids believe them.

But my kid brother sees brown candy
and thinks it's opium.

He's been smoking cigarette butts
from the street since he was 6.


He saw his father do it
and thought it was okay.

Tell me more about your life.


I used to love him.

My father was different before.

He used to come home late from work.

I wouldn't have dinner until he came home.

I didn't want him to eat alone,
that's how much I loved him.

But little by little the kindness disappeared.

I feel a lot of pain here.

The pain drips from the walls.

If we all have two things to suffer about,

then this place is full of pain.

We are all the same.
We understand each other.

We can put up with each other.

For example, when I talk about
how my father beat me, it's fine.

When I talk about killing him,
that might be too much for them.

When I say he beat me,
or that he was an addict,

their eyes fill with tears.

Because each one of them
has experienced the same thing;

an addicted father who
pimps his daughter out for drugs.

They know this too well.

They understand my pain
and I understand theirs.

I might be here now for murder,
but what if I wasn't?

What if I had put up with him or run away?

Then I would have become an addict.

That's why I understand them.

I divorced my husband,
so I know they couldn't call me.

I just wanted to find out
if my children were okay. It is not my fault.

I feel so desperate...

Five, seven.

Why did you run away from home?

I had problems.

Was anyone 'bothering' you?


My aunt's husband.

Would he hurt you?


Only you?

No, my sister, too.

Why didn't you tell your parents?

I did.

Did you tell them what he did?

What did they say?

They didn't believe me, I only told my mom.

She didn't believe you?


What did she say?

She hit me.

Why did she hit you?

She said I was lying.

Did you enjoy studying?


What did you want to be?

A lawyer or a cop.

Why become a lawyer or a cop?

So other girls don't end up

like me and my sister.

What's your dream?

To die.

Why do you want to die so young?

I'm tired.

Of what?

Of living.

Don't you think
things at home will be better now?

Nope, they'll be worse.

Don't you want to have visitors here?

No, no one.

What is it that your heart desires?

Peace and quiet.

How can you get those?

It's impossible.

Do you like music?

-What kind?

Sad music.

Do you believe in fate?

I believe in everything.

In God?

I'm not speaking to him.

-Don't move your arm.
-I didn't move it.

It's done.

Has anyone here informed you about AIDS?

You can get AIDS from sharing

tattoo needles.

Right, this is one way.

From the moment
the HIV virus enters the body

for it to become AIDS.

It takes about 10 years.

Okay, I will take down
your names as I test you.

-Can you test me, too?

You didn't want me
to test you the last time.

I think I should get tested now.

Have you done any dangerous activities?

-If you haven't, then you don't need to.
-I did.

-You did? What was your name?

If you are pregnant and have AIDS,
what happens to your baby?

The fetus gets its nourishment
through the umbilical cord.

Release from Prison

Hey, girls!
Fereshte and Sahar have release papers.

May God watch over you.

Go and do the right thing!

No more robbing people and stuff.

Fereshteh! Fereshteh!

Congratulations on your freedom!

You should say condolences!


My family is no good.

How do you think
they'll welcome you when you go home?

Welcome me?

They'll welcome me
with chains and a beating.

I think it will be nice and sweet.

God willing! You will all get out soon.

-Miss Rahimi! Can I make a call?
-What for?

When I was coming back from exercises,
I saw my father alone by the gate.

I wanted to ask if my mom was there.

Is that a problem?

What if my father does something
and I run away?

Will you take responsibility?
I'm stressed out! I'm going crazy!

Once you sign out and leave the cell block,

we release you from this place.

You are no longer our problem.

You have to deal with your family.

Walk out that door
and you are no longer our responsibility.

Even if you kill yourself.

Put a clip here.


How long do you think they'll keep me here?

-Were you arrested for vagrancy?

Your crime is vagrancy.
They'll let you go when they call roll.

-Go find your family.
-I can go home if I want to.

-So why don't you?
-I don't like it there.

Damn mothers and fathers!

All they can do is make babies,
but when it comes to raising them...

Do you want to have kids?

Anyone can have a baby,
but I want my child to have a family.

-That's what I meant.
-Sure, why not?

There were a bunch of us
sleeping in a row at my place.

Suddenly at around 3:00 am,
I heard some loud banging.

My dad had an axe
and he was smashing up the floor.

The neighbors all came
to see what was going on.

My dad wanted to plant a tree.

That's how paranoid he was.

My mom was more paranoid than I was.

Once when I was a junkie,

I needed 2 Euros for a fix.

I stole money out of a charity box,
swear to God.

I bought a 2 Euro packet
and went to the park.

Someone grabbed it out of my hand
and ran away.

I just sat down and started crying.

Then I went home.

I was so filthy,
my grandma gave me 2 Euros and said,

"Here, take this and go!
We have guests, go!"

After I bought my dope,
I stole a canvas car cover...

And I went way out into the hills.

It was freezing but
I wrapped myself up and slept.

When I woke up,
I couldn't move the canvas off me...

When I managed to get it off me,
I saw I was buried in snow

and didn't even know it.

Does it feel good to have a visitor?

Great! If I hear my name on the speakers,
I shout and run.

Grandma, I'm afraid they won't free me.
I can't take it any longer.

Stop crying and be a good girl.


Don't cry.

-Will you come next week?

Won't you come next week?

If I were home with my kids,
they'd be healthier.

I've only been gone a month
and look how thin they are.

What's your job?

Motorcycle messenger.

And before that?

Motorcycle mechanic.

Why did you stop doing that?

I was in a coma.

A coma? How did that happen?

I punched a window.


I was drunk... Drunk.

So you got fired?

-Your boss fired you?


How long were you in a coma?

2 months.

How did your family
manage during this time?

I don't know.

Was it your wife?

When we spoke,
you said that you stole out of necessity.

What was it you needed, Miss Ziba?


Didn't you need money?

Yes, I did.

What for?

To get him discharged from the hospital.

How much did you need?

1000 euros.

Nobody helped you out?


Isn't there anyone to help you out?


How did you raise the money?

I stole.

Let's go inside before we get in trouble.

Her hair is tangled.

Can I hold her for a bit?

She says no.


My dear!

I pee when I want
I don't listen to her.

I am impolite.

I like to pick my nose

Look at me take out my boogers

And flick them at her...

I think she wet herself.

I said check and see if she's wet.

As if peeing is an art!

-Don't you use shampoo?
-I don't have any.

The girls should have some.

Dry her ears.

Washing babies is fun.

What would you like to name your baby?

Elena, if it's a girl.

What if it's a boy?

I'd kill him.

The judge needs your family's address.

Don't give it to him!

We can't set you free if we don't.

Fine, I'll just stay here.

You'll be here 2 or 3 years!

No problem!

Will I be here for New Year's?

Of course you will,
it's only 20 days from now.

First name: Homeless. Last name: Nobody.

Mother's name: Keep an eye out.
Father's name: Agony hill.

Sentenced: To live life.
Accused of: Being born.

Address: Vagrant Avenue, Poverty Alley.
Number: Unknown.

Please do not
touch this diary without permission!

I'm talking to you, miss nosey!

This is the diary of my screwed up life.

Please turn the pages with care
for they contain my prison memories.

This is my imagination, okay?

I am stealing something
and my mom looks on shocked.

This is me complaining to
Mr. Rostami about the terrible food.

He did nothing
so the food is still disgusting.

Here I am after a robbery.

I'm wearing new clothes, I'm acting all cool.

And this is rope. I'm hanging myself.

Hold on to its dress so it stays straight.

The face is very important!

If you believe it's real,
then everyone will believe it.

Whatever happens

that's fine with me
my days are over...

"Why aren't you laughing with us boss?"

"Howdy-Doody my dear bossman
billy goat and sugar..."

Why are you eating me?

It's New Year's eve.

We steal some Adidas brand clothes
and go find a wife.

I'm going to go as I am
and say, "This is who I am!

"Will you give me your daughter or not?"

Who is asking about my daughter?


I love you. I'll rob and steal for you.

-Yes, my dear?

I don't want to get married.

I'm so in love with Leyla.

I will not give my daughter away.

When I see you, my heart beats faster,

I'd kill myself for you.

That's so stupid!

Mom, you been telling me this
for 7 months.

I'm not made of stone. I miss my kid!

-I want to confess.
-To what?

Should I explain?

From the start?


My sister was engaged...

My sister was engaged...

To a man 2 years ago.


Then my aunt's husband raped her.


This went on for 2 years...

And it ended her engagement.

Then my mom started beating me

after she had a nervous breakdown.

So I ran away from home...

But I went back on my own
and took my beating.


My aunt's husband
writes prayers for people...

And he told my mom
his prayer had made me come back.

I insisted I had come back on my own...

But he told everyone
his prayer brought me back.

Finally, I agreed.

So he said we had to go
into a closed room and pray.

I said okay.

We went into the room, and etc. etc.

Didn't your mother
and father believe you about this?

They didn't.

I only told my mom.

What would have happened
if you had told your father?

My dad? Forget about him.


He's a bum, what could he do?

-A what?
-A bum.

-Does he use drugs?

He doesn't care about what goes on?

Please don't give me back to my family.

Why does that worry you?

If you give me back to them
they are going to chain me up.

Why would they chain you?

To keep me from running away.

You need to go back to your family
and not run away again.

They have to be nice to you.
I'll talk to them when they come here.


-How are you?


I'm calling from the center for rehabilitation.

Yes, is my daughter there?

Has she run away?

Hello, how are you?

Fine, thank you.

Where is my daughter?

Are you her mother?

Please give me some news.

Don't you have any news of your daughter?

Have you found her?

Yes, come here.


Come here and we can talk.
I would like to see you.

Give me your address
and we'll be right there.

They are worried and are coming right away.

-Tell them next week.
-They won't see you.

Tell them next week.

Are they coming now?

There won't be a problem.

-They won't see you.
-They don't have to talk to you.

-We won't force you to see them.
-Tell them next week...

Next week.

They are very worried.

Next week!

Don't worry, young lady.

They aren't coming to see you.

When do you think you'll get here?

In an hour or so. Don't let her go.

She's a liar.
Don't believe anything she says.

Ms. Assadi, hang up and try again.

Tell them to bring their other daughter.

Did you hear what she said?
She called me a liar.

That's okay, they're just worried.

They know I've told you everything.

They are ashamed of
what my aunt's husband did.

See how they insist on talking to you.

-Damn them.
-Your family loves you.

Let them come here and talk.
I will ask them about it.

Khatereh, we just spoke
with your father and mother and sister...

and they all believed what you said.

Everything you had told us
they said was true.

They found out about this two weeks ago
and they really want to see you now.

Especially your sister
who you were so worried about.

Ma'am, I've been suffering for 3 years!

They just found out 2 weeks ago!

Yes, they were wrong, but they are
your father and mother and sister.

The sister you said
had believed you from the beginning.

If you say no,
we won't insist, it's up to you.

But I saw your sister's tears.
She is as kind and gentle as you are.

I thought that
you could see her for a few minutes.

You've been gone a month.

Think of how they've worried
about you and searched for you.

They put out a missing person's report.

At least let them
get a goodnight's sleep tonight.



So, I will tell your sister.
You will talk to your sister, right?

Only my sister.

Only your sister, whatever you want.

You can still change your mind.

-Only my sister can come.
-Only your sister.

Is my brother here?

They didn't bring him.

My dear!

Where have you been?

How did you find me?

I'm tired.

You don't know how we have all cried.

Don't cry for stupid me.

Let's go to mom.

Where have you been, my daughter?


I told you that night not to run away.

Why did you do this?
At least you are healthy.

Look at how beautiful you are.

Say your prayers, be a good girl!

My mother is my life!

I love you Hassan-the-Lamb...
You know what?

Love you so much, Hassan!

Oh, God!

This looks like a corpse!

Which way does the weave go?

-The what?
-The weave.

It's weave or it's sleave?

Do you feed it your milk or formula?

Government milk.

Why are you so happy today?

I've been set free.

I want to cry tears of happiness.

Because your family is back together?


I hear you want to go back to school?

Yes, I'm so very happy.

Do you like to study?

I'm also very happy.

So what's wrong?

I'm just too happy. It feels strange.

What are
your dreams for yourself, Khatereh?

To live.

Go and don't come back!
God willing!

Go and don't come back!
God willing!

Go and don't come back!
God willing!


Don't cry, Masoumeh! Fatemeh?

Go and don't come back!
God willing!

I'm angry with you God.

I'm fed up with life.

I will die and take my life back.

What a bitter confession.

This is the end of the line.

It's time to break all ties
Oh world, I hate you!

Ghazal, please don't cry.

These damn sorrows
take my smiles away.

These aimless breaths bury me alive...

How sweet these last seconds are.

The angels are coming to take me away...

Hello, yes?

Hello, grandma, it's me!

Are you OK?

If they let me out, will you come for me?

Will you come or not?

Grandma, will you take me back or not?

When they call you
and say I'm being set free...

Will you come after me or not?

Or should I go back to the streets?

Someone from her family has to pick her up.

A family member must come.

She'll be free either today or tomorrow.


Sorry I'm late.


Okay, today we will talk
about our human rights, okay?

What do you think about it?

Why is a man's blood worth
more than a woman's, sir?

For example, if a man is killed,
the killer has to pay 150 million...

-But for a woman it's only 100 million.
-That's half.


Sir, everyone thinks...

And when it comes to sentencing,
if two women kill a man,

both of them are sentenced,
but it isn't like this for men.

Sir, when people wonder
if God is a man or a woman...

No one thinks God could be a woman!


Sir, and if a father kills his child,
there is nothing wrong with that.

This is not a crime
since he owns his child's life.

-They even tell him "Way to go!"

But if a child kills his father,
then they are executed...

I told the judge my mother was dead.

Then I told him my dad was in prison.

He asked me if I came from a cabbage.

I said my parents weren't married
when I was born.

He said, "No wonder you grew up like this!"

He called me all kinds of names
because of what my parents did.

Her parents did something wrong
so this poor orphan ends up in prison

and everyone can say whatever.

Sir, the judge told me today I was a bastard.

What was my sin?
Was I there when they made me?

We aren't allowed to do
whatever we want in our society.

As we were saying,
our expectation from society is obvious...

But what does society expect from us?

To keep society calm and peaceful.

Isn't that right?

I feel like singing for you.

I'll miss you.

Okay, call me,
put my number in your blouse.

Call me when you get home.



Why haven't you slept yet? It's morning.

I get out today.

Do you think they'll let you go?

I don't know.

How do you feel?

I don't feel good.

What do you think about your future?

I'll die in the gutter one day.

Don't you want to fight for a better life?

Society is stronger than I am.

If society had given my father a job

he wouldn't have become an addict.

Don't cry.

It makes me crazy when I think
about going back to the streets.

Release from Prison

Let's thank Allah for her freedom.


Because I cursed out someone else...

My dear! Somayeh!


Mosoumeh... No...


Oh, my God...

Does the weave on this old carpet
sleep to one side?

Don't worry, these carpets aren't worth it.

Beginning of New Year.

Hey, hey, hey, stop frowning.

Hey, hey, hey, stop frowning.