Stargate Origins: Catherine (2018) - full transcript

In 1939, Professor Paul Langford and his daughter Catherine are still grappling with the mysteries of the ancient relic they discovered in the Egyptian desert more than ten years ago. With ... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
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PAUL: Catherine, come.




JAMES: What is it, Cat?

We still don't know.


Most archaeological finds
from this period are stone,

but not this one.

My father believes
it's melted meteorite.

Ten years of research and
you're still not sure.

These things take time.

And no more money
means no more research.

Not here, at least.

Well, I'm grateful for the mystery.

Otherwise, our chance
encounter at the market

may have never come to pass.

That would have been tragic.


I'm awfully excited
to meet your father.

He's a fine and fascinating fellow.

You're cute when you're nervous.

PAUL: It's true, young man.
I am fascinating.

Father, there you are.

You said that a Captain James Beal

would be stopping by
to say hello, and...

see our little sphinx here. Yes, sir.

Pleased to meet you, sir.
Pleasure is mine.

Have you any money on you?

To help with the cause.


Well, I didn't... I'm pulling your leg.


Will you be joining us for supper?

I'll teach you how to write your
name in ancient hieroglyphs.

Sounds delightful. Excellent.

My apologies for arriving
so late, I was...

Well, I was waylaid

by a telegram. It seems our
old friend Deitrich, my...

partner in all this madness,
won't be returning.


He was in Berlin dredging
up backers for our work.

CATHERINE: What was his message?

PAUL: It is so odd.

Just a curt goodbye and nothing more.

It's not how I imagined
he would leave us.

PAUL: Maybe this really Is over.

Well, I do hope you're hungry.

CATHERINE: He's actually a
terrible cook, so beware.

All right. Thank you.

You think so? CATHERINE: Yeah.

He's very nice.

Stop it.

Yes, he is.

Though, it's still all very new.

And your eyes are still all lit up.

Catherine, I hope you realize
you don't have to leave Egypt

on my account.

I'm not.

Owens, at the museum was so impressed

with my cataloging
of our Giza artifacts

that he offered me a position.


I thought you'd be proud of me.

No, Catherine.

I am, but... our work,

this is your legacy as well.

You just said it was over.

Where is the money
coming from this time?

Now, that's none of
your concern, is it?

It's none of my concern?
I spent my entire childhood

living your work.

And now you're being stubborn.

You're being ridiculous
and condescending!

You never take even a moment

to slow down and think before you act.

You are just like your mother.



What're you doing, Catherine?





WILHELM: It is here.

I don't believe this.

It's really here.

It's really, truly here.

Look, exactly like the hieroglyph.

I'm so proud of you.



Behold, the gateway to history...

PAUL: Hello? Excuse me? finally...

Please, stop. Stop. Please, stop.

PAUL: May I help you?

My most sincere apologies.

You must be Professor Paul Langford.

I am, and...

My name is Dr. Wilhelm Brucke.

Chief occultist to the Fuhrer.

I feared we might never find you.

Although, it is to be expected,

since the world has
forgotten you exist.

I beg your pardon?

Do you have any idea what
you have uncovered here?

We have some theories, yes.

I come with more than theory.

Looking through the prism of
several dead languages...

Have you ever seen this before?

Where did you find this?
I procured it from

a felonious little spice dealer
in Thailand two years ago.

I don't understand.

Surely, you are familiar
with the recent theory

of Einstein-Rosen bridges.

PAUL: I still don't understand.

WILHELM: Too busy studying
the ancient Egyptians?

PAUL: Yes. WILHELM: Forest
for the trees, Professor.

WILHELM: When I laid eyes
upon this parchment,

I knew I had found
something truly special,

which holds meaning beyond our world,

of what we can only imagine, for now.

Have you never wanted to take a
step back, so you could look at it?

Never imagined that this
might be, say, a doorway?

A doorway?


Evening, Fraulein.

Why ever are you sneaking
around so late at night?

I was hoping to brush up on my German.

WILHELM: You must be Catherine.

PAUL: Wait, no. Wait, wait, wait. Stop.

Hands, hands! CATHERINE: I'm okay.

Wonderful of you to join us.

What is this?

Where is Deitrich? Poor Deitrich.

Upon alerting me to your whereabouts,

I'm afraid he was met with

a disastrous difference
of opinion in Berlin.

Let go of me.

Heinrich, there's no need
for this weapon.

Let's be civilized here.

Stefan, Gunter, rope.

Let go of me! Catherine,
do as they say, please.

Go finish preparations.


Poor fool...

All this time, completely
oblivious to its true purpose,

its true power. One only I comprehend.

These symbols, in this order.

Who are you?

I'm the answer you
have been looking for.

And what do you plan to do with us?

Patience, Professor.
You will soon know.

First, I will open our
little doorway here.


Soon, all shall bear witness...

Wait. No, wait.

The angle is better from over here.

Okay, it's your best side.

This side?

Are you sure?

And everyone has one side
better than the other. Yup.

You too? Wait, wait, turn.

It's the other side. Both
sides are perfectly the same.

Okay, come. Come, come.

Commence with the final sequencing.


Please. Please, be careful.

Quiet. No interrupting.

WILHELM: Soon, all shall bear
witness to the great power,

like no one has ever seen before.

Waiting for someone like me

to awaken it from its eons of slumber.


Oh, my God.

Yes. Quite right, Fraulein.
Gods, I suspect.

With such technology, just think
of the power they must wield.

Imagine what they could
have accomplished by now.

Imagine what I will be
able to bring back.

For Hitler and for Germany.

Heil Hitler!

This is madness. No, this is genius.

This is the future.

This is a gateway to another world.

Well, on the other side...
The other side?

You can't be serious.

There's no telling where
this thing might take you.

Did Columbus know? Magellan?

This energy could kill us all.

WILHELM: Perhaps, yes.

We should test it.


Are you ready to be a good
servant to your Fuhrer?

You see? Perfectly safe.

Go get me the professor.


No. No, no. No, no, no.

No, stop.

Let go of me! Quiet!

Catherine, stop. Stop. Please.

Wait! Wait.

I'll do what you ask. If you
give me your word as a man...

that you will not harm her.

I give you my word for that.

Your word means nothing to me!


WILHELM: Fear not. He's perfectly safe.
I will be right behind him.

Look at you. Coming so undone.

I feel for you.

Such energy, such potential.

And there you are, watching
me unlock the great mystery

you and your father couldn't. [SPITS]


So sad. So pathetic.

There, now.

You want to look nice on
your father's big day.

Auf wiedersehen.

Next time, I'll make you really bleed.

There's nowhere on this
Earth you can hide from me.

Broaden your horizons, my dear.
Earth is no place to find a God.

My notes. If we fail to
come back on schedule.

WILHELM: Don't lose it. This book
holds the key to open the gate.

Dr. Brucke, what should I do with her?

Make sure she is safe at the embassy.

You should smile, Catherine Langford.
After all,

you're finally in the
presence of true discovery.

Must be a good change.
You're a dead man.

I would watch what you say,
lest you find yourself

standing behind your father's grave.

Remember, he's the only thing
you have left.

If he's all I have left, then
I'll stop at nothing to find him.


I don't suppose there's any way
I can convince you to untie me?







Got it.


Can I tell you
something personal, Wasif?

I never thought waiting
would be a problem.

Only now, she doesn't want to wait.

I do not know, my friend.

Love is not for me.

You just haven't met the
right girl yet, Wasif.

If only others tired of saying that

as fast as one tires of hearing it.

Check or fold?

Not so fast.

All I'm saying is, love can
happen when you least expect it.

Top notch security, fellas.
Relax, I'm American.

Hello, James. Got a knife?



I pray that wasall captured.

Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
The camera, please wait.

EVA: Good. Look around.
So beautiful. Yes.

Put your other hand. Yeah!

EVA: And walk that way. Stefan.


A message for our Fuhrer.

Only that I was right.


Exactly like the one we have in Berlin.

This must be how they open it

without all that electrical nonsense.

The completed puzzle.


All this time, I was so
convinced this was...

just another Rosetta Stone.
I can't believe it.

Well, let's see who's home.

Who's home?

Professor! Open your eyes, Professor.

Does this temple look abandoned?

These curtains, do you suppose
they are naturally occurring?

Unlike you, I am not afraid.

Whatever God rules this place,

I intend to meet him.

Let's go.

JAMES: Cut the engine, Cat.
They'll hear us.

CATHERINE: You can hear this
thing from a mile away.

Let it get a little closer.

JAMES: Stay sharp, Wasif. Yes. Sharp.

I thought there were going to be Nazis.


Get on the ground.

She's not quite what I expected.

Yeah, she's great.

Are those mine?

PAUL: Might I possibly be untied now?



This is my discovery.

WILHELM: Say something.

[STAMMERING] I beg your pardon?

Introduce us in ancient Egyptian.


I don't have time for this.

Gunter, seize her. Seize her, now.

Catch her.

The language of the pharaohs hasn't
been spoken for 3,000 years.

I was right.

We have traveled into the past.

No. I was right.

Beings like her, they created the past.

Thanks for the help, boys.

JAMES: Care to explain what's going on?

You said there was a
whole group of Nazis.

There were, and they left.

With your father. Exactly.

I don't get it. They went through that.

Through that?

Then, where did they go?

Can you help me, please?

JAMES: Catherine! Are
you feeling all right?

I feel fine.

I know this sounds crazy,

and if this doesn't work,

then I will freely
admit that I'm crazy.

But it will work. So, please, help me.

What can I do?

Okay, hook those cables up.

There are seven symbols.
We need to arrange them

in correct sequence by
sliding that inner ring.

That'll open this thing.

It looks open to me.


You said you would help me.

Make him help me.

Wasif, please!

Humor her.

Don't you dare humor me, okay?
Please, help me.

All right.

Okay, James, the one by your left foot,

that one there.

You need to move that one
that looks kinda like a "Y,"


CATHERINE: Okay, good.

Now what?

We need more power.

Where do we get that?

The car engine. They
were revving it before.

JAMES: Oh, my God, it's moving.

It's supposed to do that.

Think I get it.

We're looking for... I don't
know how to describe it.

Just keep moving it around.

James, nine o'clock.

Wasif, the one by your right foot.

CATHERINE: Move that clockwise.

At seven o'clock. You need to
turn that counterclockwise.

This one, it needs to go all around.
James, just...

Just keep spinning.

Wasif, the one with the hourglass.

This is actually a bit fun. Yes.

CATHERINE: There's one more.

A pyramid with a circle on top.

Hear that? What is going on?

Okay, move out of the way.

That's it.

What the bloody hell is that?

Come on. Let's go.

No. Thank you.

CATHERINE: You said you would help me.

Yes, but...

Just look at it.

I am looking at it.


I'm sorry. This is insanity.

My father is on the other side.

The Nazis really took
your father through that?


Why? I don't know.

A weapon, some technology, and maybe...

That Brucke? He was so smug.

He gloated about bringing something
back for Hitler and for Germany.

What say you, Wasif?

Goddamn power-hungry Nazis!

There's your answer.

Once more onto the breach. Yeah.

Oh, come on!

That was completely unnecessary.

He wanted to go. Whatever
happened to "ladies first"?

Oh, please. And have you chickened out?

I'm insulted.

You have no idea

what's waiting for us on the
other side of this thing.

My father is there!

I know. So is Wasif.


I'm here.

That was unexpected.

You never know. Might
not get another chance.

Why would we never get...



Very unexpected. Tingly.



Did you guys see those?

What the bloody hell was that?

I think they were stars.

Do you know where we are?

No idea.

Look, this room is Egyptian.

We just need to find our bearings.

JAMES: Make a...

What the...

Why didn't it stay open?

There is no connection. Nothing.

This seems promising.

Turn it back on, Cat.

I'd rather not stay here too long.


All right.

CATHERINE: Okay, one.

At least getting back will
be a little less exhausting.




Six. Seven, seven...


There's no seventh symbol.

What does that mean?

The triangle with a dot over it.

Yeah, it's... It's not here.

Maybe this site has a
different seventh symbol.

So... So, all of them were
in that Nazi journal, right?

So, maybe, what we need now
will also be in there.

Yes. Maybe.

The floor is wet. The floor is wet.

Okay. Thank you. It's good to know.

You're both being very helpful.

CATHERINE: James, please, calm down.

JAMES: Calm down?

You could have landed us all on Mars.

WASIF: Excuse me.

I do not believe this is Mars.

What do I know? I've never been.

Wherever we are, let's treat
it like hostile territory.

Wasif. Join me on a sweep.

Cat, stay put.

You wish.


No. Nothing yet.


Do you have any idea what kind
of danger you've put us in?

How was I supposed to know the
sequence here would be different?

It's not my journal.

You didn't think to check
before dragging us along...


Any clue?

Footprints and a dead Nazi. You?

I found another bucket.

Wasif, I swear...

Come on, let's go. Cat, wait.

Cat, wait. We've not secured this...

Do you even know how to use that thing,

other than clobbering people
over the head with it?

CATHERINE: I learned to shoot
when I was 15 years old.

Wow. Thank you.

CATHERINE: When was the
last time you fired it?

Just don't be a hero.

Only if I have to save you.

Here we go.

Wasif, you about, mate?

Can't seem to find you.

Just follow the sound of my voice.


Over here.




I'm sorry. I'm sorry.








Thank you, Wasif. Great shot.

I got her. How?

Hit her with this.

Hold on to it.

What was that?

No women back home can fight like that.

No man, either.

JAMES: You...

You had to be a hero.

You needed saving. Okay, what was that?

"Over here. Listen to
the sound of my voice."

It's called strategy.

Strategy, is it? Is that,
is that what you call it?

Because, from what I
saw, it was, like...

He looks so human.

Well, he's no threat at least.

Figure out what he's on about, Cat.

Hi. Hello.

Just what are you trying to tell us?


Do you have any idea
what he's yammering about?

I think he wants us to follow him.

It almost sounds like the old... Wasif!

Just give me a second.

CATHERINE: What are you trying to say?


Maybe the kid knows something.

About the dead Nazi. About
the woman we just fought.

About what happened to your father.

What about my father? Cat,

your father's an old man.

We really ought to
consider the possi...


Here we go again.

We need to go. Now.

What the bloody hell is wrong with you?
Wasif, help me.

Thank us later.

JAMES: So much like Egypt.

Yes, very sandy.

Hold on, hold on. Slow down, slow down.

Let's start with the basics.

I am Catherine.


Catherine. Catherine.

Catherine. Catherine?

Yeah. Catherine.

Catherine. Catherine.

Okay, who are you?

Catherine. Catherine... No, no, no.

I am Catherine.


He is Beal. Beal.

Who are you?

Is Beal? Is Beal.

No. No, no. Catherine, Beal...


Kasoof. Kasuf.

Hasuf? Kasuf.


It's like... Kasuf.

Kasuf. Kasuf.

Catherine, Beal.

Wasif. Wasif.

Wait! Kasuf! Kasuf!

You're doing wonderfully.

I do hope he takes us somewhere safe.
We need to lay low.

Lay low? Yes.

What about my father? One
thing at a time, Cat.

Well, those footprints at the
temple could be my father's.

Those could've just as easily
been left by that warrior.

And I don't know how much
your magic stick can do

against an army of women like that.

Well, maybe if we...

Come on, come on.

Catherine, Beal.


JAMES: Tents, how quaint.



WASIF: Where is everyone?

a Professor Langford here?

We've lost our guide.

I don't like this.

Stay calm.

CATHERINE: Okay, okay.

Dear God, we are...

Doomed. WILHELM: Nonsense.

I brought us here safely, I
shall return us home safely.

Nobody even knows we are here.

Stefan, calm.

Heinrich knows! Yeah.

Come, come.

Eva, please, turn that camera off.

But you have a good presence.

Do I?

Honestly, Eva, sometimes I question
the Fuhrer's election of you.

She's seized our weapons but
left the rest of our equipment.

And all that remains is useless.

This is not useless.

The thousand words
contained within one image,

can charm the hearts of empires.

What does that even mean?

You brought that for a reason. Yes.

The long histories of my work.

Time for a little demonstration.

Stefan, come help me.

WILHELM: Why so quiet, Professor?

I was thinking about

how I should thank you.

For bringing you on the greatest
adventure of your life?

For keeping Catherine out
of this Goddamn mess.

From now on, I'm in charge.

And here I thought you've been
in charge this whole time.

The kid was your idea.

That is my finger you're bending.

Sorry, thought it was Beal's.

Is anybody here not hostile?

Even we are fighting, I say no.

You don't think I can get
us out of this mess.

Did I say that?

Wasif, did I say... I have no opinion.

I suggest we all remain calm,

and let the solution present itself.

Sit tight and wait?

God, he's worse than you!

Worse than me?

You have no plan, nothing.

So we escape, then what?

They still have our guns.

We take them back, obviously.

Look! Look! I'm next, I'm next!

Not so loud!


Don't tell me what to do.

Lower your voice.

We just have to keep calm, and...




Help! Help!

I told you to be quiet.


Wasif, Wasif. Look at me.

You're all right.

What is happening?




What I have to show you.

There are those like me who'd make
for a strong friend and ally.





This man, do they love and worship him?

They do, as they will worship you.

I sense she is pleased, tell her
there is more So much more to see.

I'm sorry about Wasif.

I was only trying to...

Trying to do what?

Get us all killed?

My father's out there,
I need to do something.

Nothing's stopping you,

other than selfishness,

armed guards, and having nothing
that even resembles a plan.

I need to save him, he's all I have.

Is that what you think?

Because that's simply not true.

There are other people
here for you, Cat.

Do you understand?

Dear God, just kiss already!

How do you feel?


Where are my clothes?

Covered in blood.

You were stabbed.

I was stabbed?

Why? We were trying to escape.

It went badly. How do I not remember?


You were in a rough state,

a magic stick saved your life.

Another magic stick?

Yes, it would seem...

Catherine's father unearthed a doorway

to a land full of magic sticks.


I know.

Kasuf, you need to let us leave.

He doesn't speak English. Okay.

Well, at least
I'm trying to communicate.

Whatever this place is,
he is saying it is his.

You understand him?

Yes, some of it.

Sadly, I believe he just
called us prisoners.

Of course he understands,
he's Egyptian!

Yes, I am Egyptian.

Why didn't you say so earlier?

I thought it was fairly obvious.

Not that you'renEgyptian,
that you understand him!

I only understand very little. A
word here and there from Coptic.

My grandmother spoke it.

Also, you are difficult to interrupt.

He was saying before out there,
"Qeesa?" What does qeesa mean?


Qeesa, it means danger.

Kasuf. Qeesa.

No, wait, we were just...

Be quiet. Don't tell me to be quiet.

No, he is saying be quiet.

Something about tonight.

Again, that means silent. Let me try.

We are...

Damn it! Why would you do that?

No, enough. You, be...

You think, we are qeesa?
But you are wrong.

If you do not let us leave, qeesa.

How do we say father? Let me try.

A bad, bad man.

Bad man?

Yes, yes.

Took my...

No, no. No.

What exactly did you say?

I believe they're apologizing.

She said she likes your pin.

What is she saying?

I refuse to negotiate or translate

for the rise of tyrants or Gods!

Don't grasp at bravery now, Professor.
It does not suit you.


She needs more slaves.


This? This is all she offers?

Well, you sound disappointed.

I feel unappreciated, yes!

I offer thousands!

WILHELM: No, tens of thousands!

Hundreds of thousands of
able-bodied men and women!

And she thinks I will march back home

and flaunt for the adoring masters,

her precious gift of a rock?


What was that?


WILHELM: Yes, I heard.
What does it mean?

Well, Nagada was a city in ancient
Egypt, also known as Nbwt.

It was the center
of their civilization.



PAUL: Naquadah is life, death,

everything in-between.

No Naquadah.

Yes, yes, this is very nice.
Do I get this as well?

A rock and my very own knife back.

This staff has Naquadah.

Naquadah guarantees swift
death to every enemy.

PAUL: Naquadah gives...

...eternal youth and beauty.

Youth and beauty,


Imagine the power
to grant eternal youth...

or life.

An everlasting Reich of my own!

Don't look so worried, Professor.

Perhaps I will grant you
the gift of immortality,

to serve me by my side, and
watch how my empire grows.


What I wouldn't
give for a shepherd's pie.

Any of this look familiar to you?

You must be joking.


It does look a lot like Egypt.

Not the food.

How are you doing this?

It's remarkably similar
to ancient Egyptian.

Once Wasif told me the Coptic
vowel placement to listen for.

Try this.

No, it's good.

My father, he's the real expert.

Imagining what the language of the
pharaohs would've sounded like

has long been a passion of his.

Looks like it paid off.


I always thought it was a
complete waste of time.

That's why Brucke took him.

What do you mean?

He must've known my father would
understand the language here.

How could he have known that?

Thank you.


Wasif. Wasif?


CATHERINE: He knew enough to open
the gate in the first place.

It's not crazy to think he knew
what he may have found here.

There are glyphs in here
that I've never seen before,

which believe me, is rare.

CATHERINE: What if I've
never seen these before

because they depict what happened here,

on this world, not ours?

CATHERINE: This is about
more than saving my father.

The power to heal, the weapon
we were attacked with.

If the Nazis got a
hold of any of this...

We need to stop Brucke.


We need to go. Kasuf! Kasuf!


Damn it, that's not what I meant.
Okay, we need to go.

Wait, no. Tomorrow. Tomorrow!

We need to go now, we need to leave now.
Cat. Cat.

Play this smart,

it's pitch black out there.

All right.

Let's settle.

Tonight, we make friends
and allies with these...

fine people.

ALL: Fine people!

And tomorrow we beg them to join
our cause and save our planet

from unimaginable darkness
and destruction.


Touch dramatic.

Or we at least get our guns back.


EVA: And, action!

Dearest members of the Vril
Society, I bring good news.

Proof that our theories were correct.

Come, meet Aset, the God
who rules this world.

She has given me the power that we
have been tirelessly looking for.

The elusive Vril.

In return, I will deliver
multitudes of our undesirables...

to toil at her command.

A bold and prosperous partnership.

And a triumph for the Fuhrer.

Sieg Heil! Yes, yes, that as well.

Perhaps now he will fullyappreciate.

As will the rest of the world.

Soon, every mortal shall bend the knee,

and worship at the feet
of the almighty...


Beware, that is the man
who likes to stab you.

I found this.


dark and beautiful.

Like you.

It's a rock.

Yeah, sure.

Just... keep it?

To replace your magic stick.




What are you two on about?

I think he just offered us
his tent for the evening.

Are you nervous? What?


Mm. Mm.

Must mean dessert or cream.

It means sweet. Very, very sweet.



It's okay.




This tiny outpost could
use a bit more manpower.

Hold on.

Catherine, you...

Damn it! Cat!

Your father.


No, no, no, not now. Not here.
Let go of me.

We still don't have our guns,
there's nothing we can do.

There's nothing we can do.


Piss off.



Away with you.

Impressive display of subservience.

Enough to rival my own loyal
and obedient dog, Langford.

But are they really willing to serve?

Do they revere you
enough to fight for you?

To die for you?

Her people are strong and well-trained,

not like your stupid dead soldier.

A test then, say it.

A test, a friendly game,

to highlight obedience and
willingness to serve the cause.


Not this time.

For Hitler.




I'm all right.

She has allowed this outrage...

because she earlier killed Gunter.

Stefan! Stefan! Stefan!

He was German. He was German!

In service to the Fuhrer!

He would've slowed us down!

Go, go film!

Eva, go film!

We must assert our
power, lest we lose it.

Flex our might or be seen as weak!

Did you get that last bit?

Was it my good side?

You have no good side.

You're a monster.

No, my friend,

I am a God.

Fear not, everyone, for I
shall replace this loss

with thousands upon
thousands of slaves!

The desert shall be filled forever!

I can't remember the word for thousand.

As long as Aset will have it.


WILHELM: Eva. Come.

CATHERINE: That son of a bitch.

Wasif, get our guns now.

Beal, we need to go. Hold on, hold on.

No. That man, he deserves to die.

Did you see what he just did?

What do you think he'll
do to my father?

I understand, but we had
better think this through.


What did he say?

I think they're asking us to
help them destroy Brucke.

Well, tell them... yes!

They've returned to Aset's temple.

So, we'll go in, in two teams.

One creates a diversion,

while the other rescues the professor.

Then we stay here for
the rest of our lives.


It's just us.

You will be filming this way?

The scenery must not outshine me.

How could it?

What is she saying?

I believe that she is
excited to be in your film.

As well as she should be.

Don't tell her that.
Tell her anything else.

WILHELM: Ready? EVA: Yeah.



Wasif and I will return to camp,

enlist more villagers
to scout the temple

and see if we can find
a better point of entry.

We could go with you.

I've been in caves before,
James, crossed deserts too.

Just make it back safely.

And I promise to stop being so nervous.

If you say so.

Hey... Yes, yes, yes.

She knows.

Do not be a hero, Catherine.

Come on. Let's go.

Let's go.



Catherine. Where are you?

WILHELM: Langford. Come.

Nagada? Nagada.


Never mind, Kasuf.

We have to keep going.

These stones they mine,

allow Ra absolute power in the stars.

And all who stand against him,

are punished in white fire.

What will happen when we get home?

With me and Cat, I... No, the portal.

It's far too dangerous
for our uncertain world.

If it were up to me,

nobody would ever go through
the blasted thing again.

But it won't be up to you.

And they won't keep quiet.

Why does he keep taking your hand?

Local custom.

I believe? I don't know.

Nobody's ever tried to take my hand.

Right. We best be going.

Come on.

I've seen these before.

Kasuf, I could kiss you.

The completed sequence.

Yeah, this is what I needed.

What do you say, Kasuf?

Will this take us home?

Come on, let's go.

Hold on.

If Brucke didn't have
these in his journal,

then he'll need to come
here before he leaves.

I really hate to do this.





[MOUTHING] Quiet down.



He says that... Yeah, I got it.

I've been thinking about
what you said back in Cairo.

Yes, you should give up
playing dominoes?

That love occurs when
you least expect it.


You want to debate this now?
No, not debate.

Trust me,

love has a way of sneaking up on you.


I got it.

We can go home.

You found it?

The seventh symbol. Incredible.

And I destroyed the only carving.

That son of a bitch is
never getting out of here.

Well done.

Unless Aset opens the gate for him.

Damn it!

We need to act now. Now? The plan.

The diversion? We haven't...


Let's go.

Now, what shall be done with you?

Your translation work
has been excellent.

Better than expected.

Perhaps, therein lies the answer.

Why not remain here,
doing what you love?

A bridge between our two worlds.

Don't thank me. Tell her.

That didn't go over so well.

What did you tell her?

Catherine's hairpin?
Where did you get this?

How is this here?


What are you doing? He's mine!

You should've studied languages.

They certainly do come in handy.

What did you tell her?

Catherine is here, and I
doubt she came alone,

you Nazi son of a bitch.

You turned your back on humanity.

You're no God.

You're not even a man.

Well played, Professor.

You've grown a nice little
spine for yourself.

Unfortunately, it ends now.
You have to die.



We need to get out of here.

Not without my father.

Here, Brucke's journal, just in case.


I tried to tell you.

When you least expect it.


Shoot me now, and you
lose your voice here.

It does not matter now.
The deal is done.

Get away from him. Fraulein!

PAUL: Catherine!

I told you there is nowhere
you could hide from me.

Now let him go. Or what?

Or I pull the trigger.

No, I don't believe you would,
you see, I have the power...

You can't harm a God.

You need to realize
who you are dealing with.

A sad, pathetic, power-hungry Nazi.

Nazis are nothing. Hitler is nothing.

I have no longer any need for
them, not when I have this.

I told you I'd hunt you down.


He's not worth it.

I've been so worried about you.


I'm surrounded by it.

I am strong. I cannot die.


Heil Hitler.

JAMES: Wasif! Motawk!
Go get more help. Go!

Open the gate, James, the new
sequence is in the journal.

We're right behind you.

Please... If not me...









Come on.

JAMES: Don't leave, Catherine!

PAUL: This is your legacy as well.

Catherine, I hope you realize

you don't have to leave
Egypt on my account.


JAMES: Cat! The symbols, they worked!

Oh, my God. You all right?

What happened?

It's open.

We can go home.


We can go home.

She's coming. Get down.


Wasif! Motawk!


We can go home.


Well, I guess they were lucky.

Whatever it was they were working
on ended up killing that Nazi,

and, apparently,

wiped both of their memories.

The doctor did seem convinced
that the memory loss was genuine.

I don't like it.


that cable that we
intercepted from Berlin,

suggests these Germans
are keen to acquire

whatever this thing is.

This thing... is my life's
work, thank you very much.

You're certain you never encountered
our missing British officer,

Captain James Beal? It's possible,

but I don't know.
Don't know what, Father?

They're asking about
Captain Beal again.

I don't remember ever meeting him.

James Beal, has he contacted you?


What about Wasif Alabu Khan.

I don't know anyone by that name,

but I do recall meeting
James at the market.

He was handsome.

We made...

I believe we made plans to meet again.

He isn't the type to simply go AWOL.

If you can remember anything
even if it seems trivial,

please contact the British Embassy
when you arrive in the States.

Of course.

We'll leave you to your packing.


That is a beautiful necklace.

Thank you, I always thought it
might bring me luck one day.

Apparently the Germans have
been funding them for years...

CATHERINE: I do hope they find James.

I found this...

lying next to the ring.

So unique.

It's mine, I believe.

For the life of me, I...

I can't recall where I found it.

Well, I can't believe it's all over.

Something tells me
it's only just beginning.

Ready to go?