Stargames (1998) - full transcript

Hunted by an alien tyrant intent on inter-planetary domination, the young prince of a far away space kingdom seeks refuge on Earth. There, he meets Brian, a troubled boy who is more in touch with science fiction than reality. The two of them form a fast friendship and fight for the freedom of the galaxy -- together. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Hi, I live on
a planet called Arusghan.

We have a space-starshield
that protects our planet.

We are led by our king,
he's a great leader

and a nice guy.

The king is also my grandfather,
that makes me a prince,

my name is Verook.

Enemy warship
approaching outer perimeter.

- Your majesty--

- I will speak with the
Ancients, they have trusted

me with great power.

I shall never abuse it.

Enemy warship
approaching outer perimeter.

Who wishes
an audience with the Court

of the Eternal Laws of the Universe?

- I am King Fendel of Arusghan.

All who
speak before the Court of

the Ancients must have
the Gift in their heart.

- May success be ours your majesty.

The wisdom
of the eternal laws

is available to all who
seek peace throughout

their galaxy.

In the Eternal Court
the truth must be spoken

the Ancients shall look
into the hearts of those

who speak and the truth will be known.

The Ancients offer the
Gift to all creatures

of the universe, approach and be heard.

- Hear me, for I am King Fendel,

and I come to you in
the name of the citizens

or Arusghan.

Our people are once more
assaulted by Lugos of Tumbor.

He reaches across the
stars to our very homeland.

- Nothing can stop me now.

- Lugos has conquered dozens of worlds,

he's enslaved their children
and absorbed their technology.

- Arusghan shall be mine.

- I will not allow him
to enslave my people.

It is the Gift that makes us human.

Let me end the threat, here and now.

- You will kneel before me King Fendel.

You think you are victorious?

- Every intelligent
creature deserves a chance

to surrender, even a beast like Lugos.

Open communication with the Tumbor leader.

You can never penetrate the
starshield around our planet.

I beg you, surrender peacefully.

- And now for my little surprise.

- I offered him mercy, and
he responds with trickery,

now matter how deep
into the galaxy he goes

I will find him and destroy him.

I was sent to
a fort on a nearby planet.

- Nowhere in the galaxy is
the young prince safe from me.

Your meager weapons do not threaten me.

Now see the power I have.

You must capture the prince alive.

Activate teleport.

So it
looked like Lugos had me,

but I had a trick ready for him.

- So Prince Verook.

We meet at last.

It's a hologram!

He's getting away in the pod.

- No, go up, look out for that fort.

Ah, go left, no right, no up.

Left, no right!

Go up!

Go left, no right, no up.

Go up, go down, go up!

You will never get away from me.

- No, watch out for
that spaceship, go left,

no right, no up!

I got an idea, set course to planet Earth.

- Sure.

- Go, planet Earth!

- Brian put the video game
down and get ready now okay?

You wanna do it?

- I'll do it just leave me alone.

- Don't forget all the rest of your stuff,

be sure to bring your
medical kit with you.

Don't worry
Brian, you'll be home in time

for your favorite programs.

- Ah it'll be good for all us.

Get away from the city for a while,

get some fresh air in our lungs.

I always liked Smith Lake.

- It's so clear and beautiful.

- Come on Brian you can
play video games any time.

You're missing all the great scenery.

- There's only trees,
trees, and more trees, Dad.

- Brian get over here, you
can't just keep your eyes

on that video screen all day long.

Here we are out on great
Smith Lake, looking at all

this beautiful scenery.

And all you care about
is fantasy characters

on some video screen.

Maybe you need a dose of reality huh?

- You try sticking a needle
full of poison in yourself.

I get all the reality I need, Dad.

- It's not poison to you, son.

- Well it is to everybody else.

Might as well get used to it, son,

it's not gonna change.

- Take it easy on him Adam.

- You can't baby him, Laura.

- He's just a little boy, and he's sick.

- He's doing just fine.

As soon as he gets used
to taking his injections

every day.

- Brian, when's your next injection due?


Don't worry, Mom.

- Not for four hours.


- Now Brian easy don't run,
don't make any sudden moves.

Easy Brian.


Brian take it easy.

No, no, no, don't move, don't move.

All right go back to
the van, slowly, slowly,

go on, it's all right,
slowly, just back away slowly.

Easy Brian.

There's a Ranger Station
about a mile down the road,

just take the van, go.

Brian, run, go, go son, go.


Run son, run Brian.

- Where is it?

Help, help, is anybody here?

- What's the problem?

- Hey, hey, watch out
there's a bear up there.

Hey, look out there's a
bear about to come over

the hill, come on, come here.

Come here, come on,
there's a bear, run, run.

Come on, there's a bear, run, run.

Come on, get back
there's a bear, get back!

I swear there was a bear
up there he was chasing me.

I swear he...

What's the matter, don't you understand,

there was a bear, didn't you see it?

Hey, wait a minute, who are you?

- Brian!

- So what are you doing out here?

How come you're dressed like that?

I sure wish you'd say
something, you can talk, right?

- Brian, Adam!

Oh my God, I've lost them both.

- Mr. Barrington, Brian!

This is Alan Samson, United
States Forest Ranger,

can you hear me?

- It's all right, it's
okay, I saw the bear,

the bear is not after him, it's all right,

but I couldn't find him,
I don't know where he is.

I looked everywhere,
but I couldn't find him.

Now look, the bear probably

just wandered into your camp

because he smelled your food
and your boy is just lost,

don't worry, we'll find him.

- Hello, do you speak
English, do you understand me,

can you talk?

I got separated from my
parents, so can you help me

find the road?

What's up with that watch?

Do you speak English, can
you understand me at all?

Do you talk?

Don't worry, don't be
nervous, the bear is way back

there, he can't get us.

Hey wait, are you off too, is that it?


- We know Brian's on this
side of the creek right?

- That's something isn't it?

- Very encouraging,
unfortunately he could still be

anywhere, this is Alan I'm still with with

the Barringtons.

We found a footprint on
the west side of the creek.

You better notify the volunteers.

No worry, we'll find him.

- You did good, it's all
right, it's all right,

we'll find him, Brian!

Now I called
for a team of volunteers

because it's gonna be getting dark soon.

- Hey are we going in the right direction?

Listen man, I might as
well be talking to myself.

Hello, I'm outside the
house, anybody in here?

Hey do you live here?

Is it safe?

Have you been inside before?

It's an old abandoned house.

You've been in here right, I mean, it's an

old abandoned house but
nothing lives in there.

Is it safe in there?

Hey, it looks like some homeless
guy might be living here.

Do you think it's safe?

The fire's nice.

Are you sure you can spare it?

I don't know, it probably
has too much sugar in it.

Ah I'm so thirsty, ah well.

Hey this is pretty good
what kind of juice is this?


Okay, here you go.


It'll be all right Laura.

- You said he has enough
insulin for at least two

more injections?

- Yeah, yeah maybe more.

- We can't be certain of that.

- Now relax Laura, it's all right, we've

checked the van thoroughly
and his medical kit isn't it.

It must be in his backpack.

- Why aren't you out there
looking for him right now?

- Oh it's okay really,
it's something I have to do

or I get really sick.

- Yeah.

- Oh look at how bright they all are.

There's the Big Dipper.

- The Big Dipper?

- You can talk?

- Of course I can talk.

- But then why didn't you talk before?

- I didn't want to, what's a Dipper?

That constellation is called Zandes.

- Zandes?

You're crazy, everybody knows that that's

the Big Dipper, Zandes.

And there's Mars.

- Mars, you don't know
anything do you, that's Funich.

- Funich, are you nuts?

You must've read some nursery book

with funny names for the stars right?

- And that's Nurwan, and that's Scootnish.

- All right, the boy's been
gone for about four hours,

he's a diabetic, I'm not
sure how much insulin he has.

His name's Brian, he's a
smart kid, so let's check

any trees, bushes, shrubs,
anything you might use

for shelter, let's do
it, let's find this kid.

- We're going with you.

- Having more inexperienced
people in the woods

at night, it could do more harm than good.

- Maybe we should take
the uh, the van back to

the campsite.

- Do you know how to use this?

- Yeah uh--

- Try not to worry, we'll find your son.

I'll check with you every half hour.

- They'll find him,
it's all right, come on.

Thanks everybody.

We'll find him.

- They will, don't worry.

- So you're lost too?

- Yeah.

- Oh what's your name?

- Uh Kirk.

- I'm Brian, how long
have you been out here?

- Three days, my grandfather's
searching for me.

- They must have a search
party looking for the both

of us right now.

- I've been eating nothing but these.

Go ahead, I've got lots.

- What is it?

- You wouldn't understand,
it's kind of like a cookie.

- What do you mean I wouldn't understand,

I know what a cookie is.

Does it have sugar in
it, I can't eat any sugar

I have to be careful.

- No sugar, all natural.

- Okay.

Pretty good, did your mom make it?

- She bought it.

- Cool.

Cool, when you're
suffering from.

- You're a strange dude aren't you.

- And you're just a
city-slicker on a cowboy ranch.

- Right, so where did you come from, Mars?

Or what did you call it out there?

Funich, that's
funny, nobody lives on Funich,

the astrophere is only 52 microgilps.

- Okay, whatever.

Oh, we better get some sleep.

I'll get us both outta here tomorrow,

find the creek or something.

- Brian?



Let's check the old Wheeler house.

- Yeah.

- I'll check the
basement, you go upstairs.

- Okay.

- Brian?


Where is this kid?


Mr. Barrington, come in
please, Mr. Barrington.

- Yes?

The fog's
getting too thick for our

search party, I'm gonna
have to call it off tonight.

- Can't you keep looking?

No I'm sorry Ms. Barrington.

It's just not safe.

Now you and your husband can
come into the Ranger Cabin

for the night.

- No, we're gonna stay
out here, Brian might see

the van tonight.

That's a good idea.

- We'll spend the night out here.

I'll contact you at sun up.

- Try and get some rest.

- I can't.

- I thought you'd never be ready.

- Hey what time is it?

- It's in the morning.

- Duh.

- You're not actually gonna
do that thing again are you?

- I have to test my blood first,

sometimes I don't need an injection.

Man I bet my parents are
really worried by now.

- He'll be all right Laura,
he's got a good head on his

shoulders, you be brave, he'll be okay.

But he's been
out there all night.

- Can you help me find the way back

to the main road?

- I haven't seen a road
yet, but you said something

about a creek, follow me.

- Hey wait a minute, I'm older, I'll lead,

you just show me the
way, so how old are you?

- 10, on the next day of my birth.

- Day of your birth, you
have a funny way of talking,

you're not from around here are you?

- No, I'm from away.

- Oh from where?

- Uh, how old are you?

Oh, 13.

- All right now you all your new sectors.

We think this boy has enough
medication to last until

at least midday, so let's find this kid.

Ms. Barrington.

Do you have some of Brian's clothing?

- This is his jacket.

- Here.

Thank you.

All right spread out, let's go!

- I can't just stand around and wait,

I wanna help you look for Brian.

- Now look that's not a good idea.

- Look officer he's our
kid and we're gonna help

look for him.

- All right, stay close to
me, we'll follow the creek.

- Brian?

Which way to the creek?

- This way, I guess.

You guess, you
told me that you could

lead me to the creek.

- Brian!

- Brian!

- So there's your creek.

- Yeah you did good Kirk.

- Are you okay?

- My hand, oh my hand!

No, don't touch it.

- I'll make it all better.

Are you okay?

- I guess.

How did you, who are you?

- I'm not supposed to tell.

- How did you?

- I can trust you right,
you're my friend right?

- Of course.

- I'm from...

- What do you mean?

- Just watch.

- If you are viewing this hologram

you are in the presence of my grandson,

Prince Verook.

And that means that my
grandson is in eminent danger.

Any assistance that you may provide him

will be greatly appreciated
by all the citizens

of Arusghan.

Lugos is evil and wicked, and is intent

on universal domination.

If our world is conquered,
no planet in the galaxy

is safe, I implore you,
please assist my grandson,

in any you can, in the name of the Gift.

Peace throughout the galaxy.

- Pretty neat huh?

- What should I call you,
Prince, what's this name?

- Verook, no you can call me Kirk.

I got my name from my favorite TV show.

Star Trek, you know, Captain Kirk.

- You watch Star Trek?

- Doesn't everybody.

I've been watching Earth's
TV signal for years.

So that's how you speak English?

- No I don't really speak English,

that's my watch, it's doing
automatic translation.

- Automatic translation, cool.

- But sometimes it doesn't
get everything right,

like that cool stuff.



- Brian!

- That is one cool watch.

- Yeah you haven't seen the best part yet.

- This is just a game right?

How do you play?

- You should pick a character,
and they do what you do.

- I pick him.

Hey, I was about to win!

- I know, home court advantage.

- Ah, that's all right,
that was really cool anyway.

- I have one question for you okay?

- Sure.

- Why didn't you respond to our message?

- What message?

- We put pyramids all over
Earth with a message for peace.

- Oh, we thought the
ancient Egyptians did that,

we couldn't figure out the writing.

Ancient Egyptians?

We were here long before them.

How did you get to Earth anyway?

- I got away in my
mother's pod, I escaped.

- What's a pod?

- It's a small spaceship, I'm
not that good a driver yet,

I crashed it here on Earth.

- Do you have a spaceship?

- Well yeah, kinda.

- My dad let's me drive sometimes,

but only in the driveway.

- It's not a real spaceship, not anything

like the real Captain Kirk has, you know,

the Starship Enterprise.

This is just a little pod
that my mom uses for errands.

- You crashed your mom's spaceship?

You're busted.

- It was my first time driving, I had to

get away from Lugos.

Take a look at this.

Yeah what am I supposed to see?

- Oh, right, you can't see it.

- Wow cool, way cool.

- Hey my translator just got it,

yeah cool, way cool.

My grandfather's searching for me

in the galaxy right now.

- My dad's looking in the woods.

Can you fly faster than light?

- Impossible.

- Well then how did you
get here from so far away?

- I don't know, I just
drove it, I'm only a kid.

I'm only in Calculus Two, our technology

is different than yours.

- I guess so.

Can we go inside, can I take a look?

- Come on.

This is Prince Verook I wanna come inside.

Come on inside, don't be a chicken.

I won't take off, I promise.

Happy, come in.

This is Brian, he's my friend.

- Hello, Happy.

- Oh, hello B-b-b-b-b-brian!

- Can he see me?

- Well, sure, no, well I guess.

Not the way that you think of
seeing him, he's a computer.

- Oh right, you have a stupid
clown as your computer?

- He's not stupid, when my mom needs him,

he'll turn into a lawyer.

Show him Happy.

- Sure.

- At the standard 750 Comax per hour.

Ah, good day your majesty.

- This guy gives me the
creeps, Happy come back.

This is just the way I
like him, he's not stupid,

he's a clown, I guess you
don't get some of his jokes,

after all, you do live on
a backwards little planet

don't you?

- Say Brian, do you know
what you get when you cross

a ferret when a damn tiger?

- No, what?

- No, no guesses? Well neither do I!

But if it says: "Polly want a cracker!",

man you better get one right now baby.

- Oh that's lame.

- Lame, you think that's
lame, well try this one

on for size, hey Brian, how
many lawyers does it take

to fill a Nirnapod?

Hey what's that?

- Are you talking to me?

You talking to me?

- Yeah I guess I am, what is that?

- I don't see nobody else here,
you must be talking to me.

- Yes that, that, well
that's uh, yes, that's well,

well that's the we're in big
trouble come and get us button.

- We're trying to send the
signal to my grandfather

to let him know that we're here on Earth.

Happy date of your birth,
Grandpa, I love you.

- And I love you my grandson.

If it wasn't for my
hesitation, you would be home.

You would be safe.

Excuse me your
majesty, Sev wishes to see you.

- I gotta go, I'll talk to you later.

Send him in.

- Wonderful news, Majesty, we
picked up a distress signal

from the young prince.

- Oh, where?

- From System 61-22B.

About 15 light years.

It comes from an insignificant world--

- Yes, yes, the blue planet.

The inhabitants call it Earth.

It was always my grandson's favorite.

I should've realized,
prepare our fastest shuttle.

Is my order unclear Sev?

Or are you hard of hearing?

- No your majesty, I only thought...

- That I would need to
obtain permission from

the Ancient one.

- Yes your majesty, interplanetary
travel is forbidden.

- Are you afraid?

- Of course not your majesty.

It's only that, the planet Earth,

is such a violent little place.

One war after another.

- All the more reason that we must go,

my grandson is there.

And he's alone.

- Wow, all this stuff is so cool.

- Yeah, it's so cool, hey
Happy, I bet you don't know

what that means, do you.

Right, let me check my
memory bank,

well the deck's coming in,
yes I got it, I got it,

I got it, I don't got it, I got it,

I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it!

Yes, yes, cool, cool is agreeable.

Something enjoyable, yes
cool can also be hot,

opposite of cold, cold,
cold is cool, cool is cool,

cool is hot, hot, hot, cool is cool.

Neat, cool.

- Hey what's that?

- I don't know.

- Now I found you my young prince.

- Ah that's signalling that
our locator beam has been

locked on.

- Great, my grandfather's coming.

- Cool hah, way cool!

- Yeah cool, cool, cool, oh,
but oh, maybe not so cool.

Oh yes I do believe
that's a ship from Tumbor

that has received our signal.

- 10 seconds, nine, eight.

- Lugos?

- Yeah come on!

- Good night, sweet prince!

Four, three.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

- It's Lugos!

Come on, we gotta get outta here Brian.

- Laser Defense system activated.

This is gonna be fun, boys.

All of us soldiers love a good fight.




- I have our defense lasers working.

I'm doing an excellent job.

Yeah excellent, yeah
definitely excellent job.

I'm a professional.

Grab me Brian.

- I'll get you!

It's okay I've got you, I won't let go.

Hang on Brian!

- You're slipping away.

- I never got the credit I
deserve till the big one.

Happy, let the shield down.

- I'm sorry Briggs, I
can't quite hear you,

what was it you wanted?

- Shield down, defense down.

- Ay, you're going to have
to speak louder than that,

your old Happy can't quite
make out what you're saying.

- He can't hear me.

Let's try it together.

- Oh, I'm terribly sorry, what was that?

One, two, three!

Shield down!

- Oh are you playing a game with me?

You know I love games,
but are you really sure

that this is the time?

- Let's try again, ready?

- Okay!

One, two, three!

Let it go, shield down!

- Okay, okay, okay,
once more, with feeling!

- We gotta yell the same thing!

Shield down okay?

On three.

One, two, three!

Shield down!

- Ah, I get it, I get it, shield down,

oh man why didn't you say
so in the first place,

shield down, oh stupid
me, oh sorry about that.

Shield down,
as you wish my young price.

What was that thing in the sky?

- Lugos sent it to get me.

Happy, oh he'll be okay.

- He's just a computer right?

- Well yeah, I guess.

But you don't understand.

I guess Tumbor must've read the signal.

I hope my grandfather did.

I guess this means that Lugos'
soldiers will be after us.

- Soldiers?




- Oh my God, oh my God what is it,

is it Brian, is it a forest fire?

- It's all right.

- George come in over.

Yes Bob, come in.

- Yeah George what do
you make of that smoke

over in sector D?

- Yeah, I see smoke,
about 10 minutes away.

- All right roger that,
look it doesn't look

like a forest fire, but I do
think we should check it out.

- All right, it's all right.

- If we can just hide out
until my grandfather arrives.

- He might not know where you are,

what if he's not coming?

- My grandfather would
never stop looking for me,

I'm the prince remember?

- Your majesty, the
Ancients will be displeased,

they'll ask questions.

- And I'll answer them.

With my grandson standing at my side.

- Activate teleport.

Brian, Brian!

- Come on, come on,
come on come on come on!

- No no no stay back.

- Look at that, it's
almost like a triangle.

What could've caused that?

- I have no idea.

- This has nothing to do with Brian right?

- Hey look, is this your son's?

- Oh my God, Brian's backpack!

- You know, I always
wondered why that Star Trek

never did a show about the Gift.

- The Gift, what gift?

- You must know about
the Gift on planet Earth.

- You mean like a present.

- Not just a present, it's the Gift,

that makes humans different
from everybody else

in the galaxy.

Humans can use their
brains not only to think

of themselves, but to care for others.

Don't they teach you
about the Gift in school,

about caring for others?

- Let's go!

Come on, right over here,
keep quiet, come on!

Let me guess, Lugos' men.

- Yeah I thought I saw
them last night while you

were sleeping, but I tricked them.

I used my watch so they couldn't see us.

- We gotta find my dad come on.

- You think your dad's gonna help us

against these guys?

- He'll think of something, come on.

Bob, make
sure you check that ravine

down there.



- So there's only seven
of these guys right,

it's a big forest, they
couldn't find us right?

- I don't know.

- Well they couldn't take
over the world could they?

- I don't know.

- Well, did they come
in a ship like yours?

- I don't know.


- Prince Verook, hold your position.

- Don't worry, it would never fire at me.

- So you found an Earth
creature for a friend?

Enhance image of alien life force.

- I'm the prince, they need me alive.

Well what about me?

- Good point.

- Target confirmed, destroy
the alien life force.

- What was that thing?

What did he fire, how did he do it?

- Raytheon Ray Exterminator.

- Oh great, exterminator,
is he coming after us?

- Not us, me, they'll never stop.

- Well anything we can do against it?

How about your watch?

- Maybe.

- Computer enhanced image ignored.

Find Prince Verook.

- Oh oh.

Hey wait Kirk, stop, we
just can't keep running

from these guys.

What are we gonna do?

- I don't know.

We could try this.

- It's a box.

Now what's this?

How is this gonna help?

how may I help you?

- We might as well just try this I guess.

What is your wish?

- 20 Crovons.

As you command.

I don't get it.

It's a mirror.

- It's not mine, that's
my mom's, I would never

use something like that,
that stuff's for girls.

- Can you make it bigger,
we need it bigger.

Hey, hey soldier, over here.

Hey, hey soldier, your mom was.


He's coming, he's coming,
is this gonna work.

- I don't know, it was your idea.

- Oh it's not gonna work,
it's not gonna work.

It's not gonna work.

Oh it's not gonna work,
it's not gonna work.

It's not gonna work.

- Prince Verook, hold your position.

Ah, ah, ah...

- Hah, it worked, yes, I
told you it would work.

- Yeah cool, way cool.

- Tell your mom I'm sorry.

- She won't mind.

- What about him?

- Be careful, stay back from the light.

Don't let it touch you.

- I bet I wouldn't understand right?

Can you get that box to do anything else?

- Well I got three more after this one,

but they're my mom's.

So I don't know what they're gonna become.

- There's only one way to find out.

how may I help you?

What is your wish.

- Better keep it small
so we know what it is.

20 Crovons.

As you command.

- My mom's got the Rope, I didn't know

she had the Rope.

- Well I don't get it.

Why would she want a tiny piece of rope.

- Not just any rope, it's the Rope.

Oh, that's right, you
don't get our TV do you?

How would you like it,
it'll do anything I say.

Its name is Kunza.

- Kunza, your rope has a name?

- Doesn't yours?

- Ready?

- Yeah!

Quiet, here they come.

- Kunza, make like a snake in the grass.

Hide yourself.

All right Kunza that's
good, now keep one end here

and have the other go across the path,

and do it like a snake
so you can't be seen.

Get tight and and strong Kunza.

Good, that's good.

You can't catch us, you're too slow!

- Come on let's go Kirk, let's
go, run, come on, let's go.

- Stop, wait!

Prince Verook!

- Kunza, get sharp and right like a wire.

- Stop, wait!

- Three microfits high, now!

- It's okay?

- Yeah they're down.

- Wow we decapitated 'em, cool.

- You don't understand, these are robots.

They can be fixed up like that.

Stay away from the light.

- You're right, I guess this is a backward

little planet that I live on.

- Yeah, but it has good
people living on it.

Now it's my turn to have an idea.

You have to do exactly what I say okay?

- But I thought you didn't know
what these pyramids will do.

- I don't, but, you can do
this with every golden pyramid.

You're not supposed to,
but, every kid home knows

how to do it.

Go ahead, chew, but don't swallow.

Don't swallow, just chew.

Go ahead, chew.

- I haven't swallowed my gum in years.

- No, don't even swallow
your, what's it called,

you know--

- Spit.

- Yeah, spit, don't
even swallow your spit.

Whatever you do, don't swallow your spit.

- What happens if I do?

- Ssshht!


Do what I do.

- He can't get away, he's only a kid.

What can he do?

- What was that stuff,
what would've happened

if I would've swallowed it?

Well, that I just said.

- Kinda?

- You get real sick and
you have, watcha-ma-callit,

where you have to go to
the bathroom all the time?

- Diarrhea?

Yeah, the squirts.

- You may find me not as easy to trick,

my young prince.

- What do you think they'll do?

- I told you I don't
know, they're my mother's.

I know that this one makes the juice

that we've been drinking,

and this one...

Makes the cookies that we've been eating.

And I don't know what this last one does,

should I try it?

- Go for it.

how may I help you,

what is your wish?

20 Crovons.

As you command.

Well what is it?

- You wouldn't have anything
like that on your planet.

You would call it a weapon.

- Like a gun?

- You could call it a gun,

but it won't do us any good.

- Why not, how does it work?

Every weapon has a password.

- Well do you know your mom's password?


- Well that sucks.

- Prince Verook, stop!

Do not attempt to get away!

- Come on let's run!

- Prince Verook, stop!

- Try any password you can think of,

I need to use this weapon!

- I told you, I don't know it,

I can't think of anything!

- My mom always uses my
name for stuff like this.

Try your name!

- You mean just my name?

- Yeah hurry they're getting closer.

- Really just my name?

Okay, Kirk.

- Ah, it didn't work,
not right Captain Kirk,

your real name, what your mom calls you.

- All right, she calls me,

Verook the Magnificent!

We must destroy the alien!

One, two--

- Ha ha!

Pretty good shootin' don't you think?

- Yeah great but it's a smart gun,

it always hits its target.

- Oh.

- You did real good
thinking of the password,

you used the Gift.


- You stay with the main group,
I'm gonna check over here.



- Brian!








- Are you sure we should be doing this.

- Yeah we got a weapon, come on.

- Yeah but you don't understand.

- Ssshht, quiet!


Say the password, now, say it!

- It won't make any difference, but,

Verook the Magnificent!

Once the gun's been used
it needs to be re-licensed.

- But it fired twice.

- That's only for one thing.

- What a crazy planet you must live on.

- Yeah well there's something
from your crazy planet.

There's the bear, let's get outta here!

- No wait, wait, let's
use our brains, the Gift.

- Yeah the Gift, I knew you had it.

- Hey we can get a lot of
cookies from those pyramids


- Yeah all you want.

Okay great come on.

Is this gonna work?

- I hope so.

All right?

- Okay go for it.

- Okay.

Come on.

- Prince Verook.

Please step away from
the alien life force.

- I command you to follow my orders,

desist from your threats.

- Yeah listen to Verook
the Magnificent, desist!

- Lugos shall rule the galaxy.

- Am I not your future king?

- I must destroy the alien life force.

- Hey dude who are you
calling alien life force,

besides you're not listening
to Verook the Magnificent.

Didn't he just tell you that
he was your future king?

I must destroy
the alien life force.

- My backpack, my medical kit.

- Is that all you can think about now?

That doesn't make a difference,

this soldier is about
to de-materialize you

in less than a minute, we got
to think of something quick.

- It doesn't mean anything.

- It doesn't mean anything?

Our little boy is lost in the
woods without his medication

and it doesn't mean anything?

What can be worse?

- This is your final
warning, Prince Verook,

please step away from
the alien life force.

I will fire on three.

One, two--

- I know I know stay away from the light.


- Mom, it's my mom.

- No Brian, I wasn't
supposed to tell anybody

about me on planet Earth.

- No, no, no it's okay they'll help, Mom!

Ma, Ma!


- Brian, it's Brian!


- Ma!
- Brian, oh my God Brian!

Oh thank God, thank God.

Who are you?

- Oh this is my friend Kirk,

he's from, uh...

From, uh...

I don't know where he's from.

He's lost too.

- Yeah I've been out here for days.

- What's going on here?

- Well we haven't had any
reports of any other lost boys.

Where's your parents son,
and what are you doing

out here by yourself?

- I don't know.

- Oh, these poor kids must be in shock,

can we get 'em something to eat?

- Here, wait, I gotta test
Brian's blood right now.

Come on it's all right, come on.

And you come along with me.

- Okay all right, yeah, yep, okay.

No, wait Laura.

The doctor says we
shouldn't give him a shot

if his blood tests normal.

He agrees it doesn't make any sense,

he wants to see you tomorrow Brian,

how are you feeling son?

- I'm okay Dad, really.

- How are you Kirk?

- These things are great.

- I think we should take
these boys into town

for some real food.

Oh ranger, have you
found Kirk's parents yet?

- I have some good news on that.

The mystery's been solved.

I just talked to the Sheriff in Niles.

Seems like this young boy
has wandered away before

haven't you son?

Now what'd you do, just disappear?

Oh you ought to know better than that.

Oh he's got his mom and dad worried sick.

But don't worry, I'm gonna take him back

to 'em right now.

- Hey wait a minute.

No I don't wanna go.

- Son don't cause any problems.

I'm taking you back to
your mother and father.

- Brian, help!

Help, Brian!

- This doesn't make any sense.

- Brian help me!

Brian, help!

- But, there's something wrong.

- It's all right, it's all right Brian,

the ranger knows what he's doing.

It's all right son.

- No.

- Ah thanks a lot ranger, we
couldn't have done it without

you we appreciate all your help.

- Just doing my job, so long folks.

- Help me Brian.

This isn't right, Dad.

- Why not the ranger spoke to the Sheriff.

- Kirk doesn't have any
parents, at least from

not around here, you don't understand.

- Now wait a minute, wait
a minute, just relax,

come on son, sit down over here, relax,

you've had a big ordeal here now.

Take it easy Brian.

- But Dad you don't understand.

- Understand what Brian?

- Kirk is...

A prince from another solar system.

- Now don't start Brian,
it's those damn video games

you let him play all the time.

He lives in a fantasy world.

- Dad I'm telling the truth,
Kirk is from another planet

his grandfather's the
king, he was invaded by...

He escaped from, oh my God!

The ranger must be one of 'em!

- Now Brian settle down,
before you make yourself sick.

- But Dad I'm telling the truth!

- The truth about what, people from Mars?

- You mean Funich!

- What?



- Brian what do you think?
- Stop, you can't!

Unlock the door, unlock the door!

- What are you doing?

Brian no!

I have to save Kirk.

Unlock the door!

What are you doing?

- Brian no unlock the door!

- Stop it!

- Brian, Brian, no, no, Brian!

Oh my God, come on, come on!

- You've got to listen to me,

you don't know who I am.

- Oh I know exactly who you are!

- Ow!

What'd you do that for?

- Shut up!

Now you just stay right
there, I'll get that.

- Why are you doing this?

- Just a little walk in the woods.

- Here's a car, here's
a car, gotta stop it!

- Stop, please!
- Stop please, stop,

- stop please, please stop!
- We need your help!

Oh good, good, he's stopping.

Listen we've had an
emergency with our son,

can you help us?

Of course, get in!

- Thank you, thank you, yes,
thank you, thank you very much.

Go, go, let's go!



- Kirk!



Kirk, Kirk!

Where are you?

- Stop squirming.

- Why are you doing this, let me go!

- Now why would I do that?

Prince Verook?

- We meet at last your highness.

I have no further need of your Earthling,

you won't slip through my
fingers with a trick this time.

My grandfather
will never give in to you.

Look it's our van!

Stop, pull over!


- Brian, oh God Brian!

He's not there, he's not here, Brian!

- Now what do we do?

- Look there's a path, he went
into the woods, over here.

Come with us please.


- Let me go!

- Be quiet and do as you're told.

- Kirk!

My grandfather's the king.

Your grandfather
will now answer to me,

I told you to shut up.

Now come along quietly.

You'll be sorry.

- Kirk, Kirk!

What have you done with Kirk?

- Who is Kirk?

- My friend Kirk, what
have you done with him?

- Who are you, are you the lost kid?

Wait, wait, come back!

No, no, wait, wait!

Ow, ow, stop it, let me go!

Where are you taking me?

Ow, you're gonna be sorry, ow!



- Your grandfather
thinks he's so important,

I'll show him who's really
important, I will rule

the galaxy.

- Brian!

Hey, hey!

- What have you done with my son?

- Ms. Barrington I think I just saw him.

- Where's our little kid?

- Atleast it was a kid.
- Where is he?

I don't know, I just saw a kid!

Look I'm sorry, I'm confused, I don't know

what's going on.

- Oh God, let's just go try and find him!

- Come on, I'll help you!

My grandfather
will never listen to you.

If you grandfather
ever wants to see you

alive again, he'll do as I say.

My mother taught
me to be nice to people.

What did your mother teach you.

Where are
you Kirk, let me help you,

where are you Kirk, let me help you!

- Time to leave this little planet.

Activate teleport.

Where are
you, where are you Kirk,

let me help you!

No Brian, stay
away, it's too dangerous,

stay away Brian.

Let me help you
Kirk, let me use the Gift.

Show me the way.

Kirk the Gift, you taught me about it.

No Brian, save yourself.

- Brian?

- Brian!

- Brian!


- Begin teleportation.

Kirk get outta the way!

- No Brian stay back,
stay away from the light,

it's too late.

- No it's not!

- Join us Earthling!

Brian no save yourself!

- Come, nothing to fear!

Join us!

- No Brian save yourself!


- Brian!

Come closer, boy!

- Stay back Brian!

- Kirk's my friend Mom!

He needs help!

I'm outta here!

- Brian?

- Brian!

- No Mr. Barrington, no.

You taught me about
the Gift, remember Kirk?

The Gift.

- Brian no!

- That's a good boy, and
a third will join us!

Now I have you, your highness, come.

Get over there.

- Oh wow, cool.

- Oh wow, not cool.

- I'm so pleased you
could join us, Earthling.


- Brian!


- Now look sir I gotta get
you outta here right now.

- No, no you don't understand,
he was telling the truth!

- No, look, I don't know
what you're talking about

Mr. Barrington, but I gotta go get help,

and I can't leave you here,

now come on, we've gotta get help.

- It's all right.

- Come, now!

- He's right, we'll get
help, come on, let's go!

- The mighty King Fendel
shall kneel before me.

I shall rule the galaxy.

- Maybe not.

Take this lizard-breath!

Is there any way that you
can beam us back to Earth?

- Yeah, well, maybe, come on.

- Well?

- Yeah maybe I can trick 'em.

- Activate teleport.

- They're back, they're back!

- Mom, Dad!

- Brian, Brian, oh God, oh Brian.


Brian, I'm sorry I didn't believe you son.

- Oh, that's okay, Dad,
it is kind of unbelievable

isn't it?

- Sure is.

- Grandpa!

- Verook!


Let me look at you.

Oh, you look wonderful, are you all right?


- I am so happy to see you.

Happy, I'm glad you're okay!

- Yes.

Happy would you do the honors please?

- Your majesty, Master Brian Barrington,

of planet Earth.

- It's all right son, it's okay, go on.

It's all right, it'll be all right.

- Brian Barrington?

- Yeah, gimme five.

- All the citizens of
Arusghan are indebted to you.

Your heroism has saved more
than you can possibly imagine.

- Thanks, hey can you stay
a while, I could teach you

how to play our video
games, they're not as cool

as yours, but, you know, still
we can have a lot of fun.

- No I don't think so, we
must leave immediately.

- You were right about one thing, Grandpa.

- What's that son?

- Some people on planet
Earth have the Gift,

just like us.

- All beings throughout
the galaxy, have the Gift.

We all care for one another,
the trick, my young prince,

is how you use it.

And your new friend Brian,
on Earth has done just that.

- It's okay

- The chemical imbalance
flowing through your body

is gone forever.

- Does that mean I'll never be sick again.

- Never.

- Wow, thanks, this has
been one amazing adventure,

and no one's ever gonna believe me.

- No one on Earth will
remember anything of our visit.

And that includes you
too, I'm sorry Brian.

- You'll mean I'll never remember Kirk?

- No I'm sorry boys.

But maybe you'll dream
about each other hmm?

- I'll never forget you.

- Me neither.

- Goodbye Brian.

- Bye.

- I'm still dreaming.

- No Brian you're not dreaming.

- Hey how did you know my name?

- I know lots about you,
you're my best friend.

Call me prince, make that Kirk.

- Well I'm going back to sleep Kirk.

- The king and I need
you, every second counts.

- The king needs me, what king?

- My grandfather.

- Ah my dad always said
something like this would

happen if I played too many video games.

- I guarantee you, it's
better than games, it's cool.