Starforce (2000) - full transcript

A warrior and a beautiful ex-convict are left to fight the galaxy's most fearsome commandos in an alien wasteland. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(dramatic music)

(laser zapping)

(dramatic music)

- [Woman] Repeat, Sygnus
Colony is under attack!

Is anybody out there?

- [Man] We copy, Sygnus
colony, this is Rescue One.

We are locked onto
your position.

- [Woman] Thank god,
please hurry up.

They're everywhere.

- [Man] Red Delta
Two, Red Delta Three,

fall back to cover formation.

- [Man] Roger that.

(tense music)


(men screaming)

- [Man] Two men
on the perimeter!


Single file right now!

Look out, incoming!



- Come on, (mumbling)

- [Man] You've got to help me!


- [Man] We're getting
slaughtered down here!





(radio chatter)




- [Woman] This is my home!

(kid babbling)

- [Man] This is my home!

(tense music)





- [Man] Come on man,
let's get out of here!

Clear that hatch!




(calm music)

(baby babbling)

(birds chirping)

- Yeah, yeah!

(inspiring music)

- Okay, now don't forget.

Arm over your eyes.

Ready, like this.

Good, all right, one
more time, ready?

Here it comes.

Good, kid, all right.

One more time.

Good one more time, real
strong this time, real strong.

Very good, kid.

Very good.



The boy's parents were killed.

I am the only father
the child has known.

- The boy is a savage.

How can you expect him to
live among civilized people?

- I raised him as I was
raised, as a warrior.

- The boy would be better
off with his own kind.

- He is like my own
flesh and blood.

- You were bred to be a warrior.

The boy will be an
outcast, inferior.

- The boy will fit in.

I give my word.

- Very well, Temetrian.

He will be your responsibility.

What do we call him?

- His name is Zed Lucene.

- At ease, men.

Today's flight will
be a training mission

to the outer ring and back.

As that sector has been quiet,

apart from a few
simulations you will have

a relatively boring flight.

- Sir, when are we gonna
see some real fighting?

- Are you too good to
be trained, soldier?!

Did you recombinase
in the last 24 hours?

- No sir!

- Is anyone else too
good to be trained?

No one!


Rommany, front and center.

As am you as the ace,
you will fly point.

As the leader of this flight,

if anyone makes a mistake,
you will lose a strike!

Am I understood?

- Yes sir!

- Back in line, soldier.

Move out!

(tense music)

- Fighter three, tighten
up the formation.

- Yes sir.

I have adjusted the fuel mix.

Won't fall behind again.

- See that you don't.

Don't redline those engines.

If you run the mix too
rich, it'll overheat.

- I know, mother.

- I didn't catch that.

- I said thank you
for reminding me.

- That's what I
thought you said.

Another hour before
we make the rim.


I've got four unknowns
in extreme sensor range.

- I got them too.

Any chance they're raiders?

- Said the sector's been quiet.

Maybe we got lucky.

- Shouldn't we call it in?

- Call in what, unknowns?

Could be nothing.

There's not much of a
deviation from our course.

Besides, it's my call
as point commander.


I guess we got
probable cause now.

- I still say we should
report to contact.

- You're really starting to
get on my last nerve, runt.

Temetrian's not here
to hold your hand.

Out here we have to
depend on each other.

You keep pissing me off,
you might find yourself

all alone at the
worst possible time.


- They've broken
off their attack.

- Where are they headed?

- Straight at us.

Looks like they're
in rather a hurry.


No chance of
outrunning them now.

- Who has to outrun them?

Charge up your cannons, boys.

Time for a little R&R.

- Shields at maximum.

B Cannon will be charged in
approximately 20 seconds.

- Pick your shots.

Don't drain your weapons
on the first pass.

Fast as they're going,
they're gonna be hard to hit.


- Damn.

- Fighter three,
why didn't you fire?

- I couldn't get a lock.

They're moving too fast.

- If your slacking
off cost me a strike,

I'm gonna have to hurt you.

Go to manual.

We're even up so
it's man to man.

- Are you sure
that's a good idea?

- Just cover your man
and we'll be fine.

Break formation, now.



There he goes.

- Watch your back!

- [Zed] Piper, look out!


- [Rommany] You okay, Piper?

- Shields are holding.

- [Rommany] Break
left, break left!



- Nice, gotcha!

- Okay, this one is mine.




(dramatic music)


- Hey, watch your back.


He's on your tail, Rommany.


Watch your back, Rommany!

Here I come.




- Fighter three,
what are you doing?

- Covering my man, sir.

- Covering your man,
you almost blew me away.

- [Zed] Missed you
by at least a foot.


- Return to base, I
got a report to file.

What do you think
you're doing, freak?

- Saving you.

- I don't need you to save me.

I can take care of myself.

- Well that's not
how it looked to me.



- Attention!

- It's the freak's fault.

He almost shot me.

- Did I ask for an explanation?

If I report this, I
lose my two best pilots

to a month in the stockade.

This happens one more time,
I will bust you myself.


- [Councilman] Is
there a problem?

- My men were attacked
while on a training mission.

The raiders have
become bold enough

to attack Starforce itself.

I say we strike now
and end the problem.

- These attacks have so
far been nothing more

than an annoyance.

Were there any casualties?

- No, we were lucky.

- You see, an annoyance.

We cannot afford
an expensive war

for the sake of a few colonists.

Increase the patrols but do
not engage unless attacked.

Do you understand, Commander?

- Yes.

I believe I do.

- Sir, can we talk for a moment?

- I have an inspection
at 1300 hours.

We can talk on the way.

- I'm not fitting in, sir.

- It's normal,
you're the new man.

- It's not just that I'm new.

Don't you understand?

They know that I'm different,

that I'm not bred for Starforce.

- Having parents does
not make you inferior.

Just give them some time.

When they get to
know you like I do

they'll come around.

- Thank you, sir.

- You'll be fine, Zed.

I have faith in you.

I know you'll make me proud.

- I'll do my best.

(airy music)

(militaristic music)

- Zed Lucene?

- Here you go.

- Your orders.

- Thank you.

- [Woman] Mission orders,
classified priority one.

Proceed to Med Supply.

Requisition bio agent
for critical mission.

Asmar colony, sector 17 delta.

Immediate departure.

Confirm delivery
upon completion.

Authorized A7 Gold.


(heroic music)


Asmar Comcon, this
is Blue Alpha Seven.

How do you read, over?

- Blue Alpha Seven,
this is Asmar Comcon.

You know what time it is?

- Objective or local?

- Never mind, Blue Alpha Seven.

And good morning.

What are you doing way out here?

- Blue Alpha Seven with
your medical supplies.

Weren't you advised?

- Uh well we're pretty
disorganized down here

specially this time of day.

Medical supplies, huh?

Someone sick?

- Request clearance for
ALS approaching landing.

- Ah sure, Blue Alpha Seven.

Come on down.

ALS beam engaged.

- Roger that, Asmar.

Suborbital insertion
in five, four,

three, two, one.


Auto descent engaged.

See you in 40 minutes.

- Roger that, Blue Alpha Seven.

Hey, how long are you staying?

- Mission profile indicates
a 24 hour turnaround.

- Ah, that's a short stay
for such a long trip.

Sure you can't hang
around for a while?

- Sorry Asmar, it's
not in the profile.

- Ah, you can't blame a
guy for trying, I tell you.

(radio crackling)

- Ah, say again, Asmar.

Asmar Comcon,
you're breaking up.

- Mayday, mayday.

Asmar Comcon, fire
in the comms center.

I repeat, fire in the
comms center, mayday.



(alarm sounding)

- [Computer]
Guidance malfunction.

Guidance malfunction.

Guidance malfunction,
guidance malfunction.

- Abort, abort!

- [Computer] Manual
override engaged.

- [Man] Hey, it's
the comms center.

- [Woman] Oh my god.

- [Man] What happened?

Anybody hurt?

Where's Maize?

- [Man] Anybody up?


(tense music)

- Come on!

- [Computer] Vision
alert, vision alert.

Vision alert, vision alert.



(somber music)


- [Man] Over here!

- Tybek, where's Tybek?

- Where's Tybek?

- [Man] I don't
know, I think he went

inside to monitor a call.

- Tybek's in there?!

- Dahlia!

- Did he get a
distress call off?

- I don't know.

- Our only connection to
the outside world blows up

and nobody knows?

- I want to know what happened.

How could you let
someone just walk in

and steal a government fighter?

- He was given orders
from Commander Temetrian.

I saw them.

- Where is Temetrian?

- Just arrived, minister.

- My apologies to the council.

I was delayed.

- Commander Temetrion,
as you may know

a fighter was stolen
by one of your men

who claimed to be acting
on your authority.

- Yes, minister, I heard.

- Well?

- I gave no such order.

And I find it
difficult to believe

that specialist
Lucene would knowingly

steal government property.

- Commander, we tracked the
stolen vessel to planet Asmar.

Two hours ago, we lost all
contact with the colony

at about the same
time the ship arrived.

It seemed suspicious
to say the least.

- Isn't Lucene the orphan you
sponsored for the academy?

- Yes, sir.

But with due respect
for the council,

I believe that some
mistake has been made.

- And you made it.

Using your influence to
get him a commission.

- Specialist Lucene is
a fully qualified member

of Special Operations.

- Fully qualified thief and
you are covering for him.

- Are you questioning
my loyalty?

- Silence!

This is accomplishing nothing.

Surely you must
see how it looks.

Your handpicked recruit
talks his way into a fighter

by dropping your name?

- I refuse to believe
that Specialist Lucene

would knowingly commit a crime.

- Perhaps your
personal involvement

has affected your objectivity.

- I can personally vouch
for every man in my command.

- The days when you
can run Starforce

as your own private
army are long gone.

- Specialist Lucene would
never betray his oath.

- I hope you are
right, Commander,

for his sake and yours.

- I will find out what happened.

And I will take appropriate
action, personally.

- Asmar Comcon, this is Blue
Alpha Seven, do you read?

This is Blue Alpha
Seven, do you read me?

- Shh, hold it, I think
I heard something.


- How's it coming
there, Lerieux?

- Look, this thing is
made out of spare parts.

I'm a computer jockey,
not a magician.

- If you can read,
I've crash landed

approximately 30 kilometers
west of your position.

I'm attempting to
reach you on foot.

I'll try to establish contact
at one hour intervals.

- I thought I heard
something a minute ago.

Now it's gone.

It was faint but
I swear it sounded

like they said they crashed.

- Try it now.

- This is Asmar Comcon,
say again, over.

Are we transmitting or not?

- McDuffy, do you think
you could lend a hand?


- [McDuffy] You jackass.

- You are a real spacecase.

- [Man] Hey, hey, hey.

- Hey!

- We got enough
things to worry about.

- What's the word on our water?

- Not good.

Water reprocessors are dead.

We got eight, maybe
nine days water tops.

- What then?

- Pray for rain.

- This is Asmar Comcon,
say again, over.


- Great, the next supply
ship isn't due here

for what, five weeks?

- Lerieux says he heard
Tybek monitor a call.

- Well I'm not sure,
I was half asleep.

- So we don't even know
if there is a supply ship?

- Oh yes there is.

- Hey, give me that!

Background radiation.

If it was a signal, it
would be a strong pulse.

- Not if they crashed.

We gotta go look.

- As short of water as we are?

- Well they could be hurt.

- Or dead.

- Well there's no time to panic.

We just sit tight and
wait for somebody to come.

- We got maybe a
week's worth of water.

I mean how long can we hold out?

- We can't spare any
water for a search party.

- This is crazy.

We got one chance at survival,

we're just gonna sit
around and do nothing?

What if there are
people out there?

- They're on their own.

(somber music)

- Asmar Comcon, this
is Blue Alpha Seven.

Asmar from Blue Alpha
Seven, can you read me?

Asmar, if you can read me,

I have crash landed
approximately 30 kilometers

west of your position.

Attempting to reach you on foot.

I will establish contact
at one hour intervals.

Blue Alpha Seven out.

(urgent music)

- [Temetrian] Everything
ready, Jenquo?

- Yes, Commander.

We can shove off as soon
as your men are aboard.

Fall in!

Ten hut!

- At ease.

Men, this is a simple
rescue operation.

And we're not
expecting any trouble.

Jenquo, I want the men
loaded and ready to depart

in five minutes.

- Yes Commander.

You heard him, move out!

(urgent music)

Any new information
on Lucene, sir?

- No, no news.

I'm sure he's all right.

(tense music)


(somber music)

(tense music)


- His last known
position was here.

- Excuse me, Commander.

- Something wrong, Jenquo?

- Permission to speak freely?

We understand what
you're going through.

I know this must be
an embarrassment.

- What do you mean?

- Lucene.

The way you stuck your neck
out to get him his commission

when everybody knows
that the council

is trying to
disband Special Ops.

We just want you to know sir,
that you can count on us.

- Jenquo, I realize
you don't like Lucene.

He wasn't born to it
like the rest of us.

He's a good soldier.

- Yes, sir.

If you say so.

(slightly tense music)

(tapping in distance)

- Hello?



- [Man] Halt, who goes there?

- Lucene, Special Ops.

- [Man] Trespassers
will be shot.

- I have the medical supplies.

- [Man] Three, two, one.


- Hold your fire!




- [Robot] Three, two, one,
one, one, one, one, one

- Electronic sentry.

Is anybody here?




(gun firing)

Get off me!

- Army beetles.

Chew the meat from your bones
like a six legged piranha.

They get you bad?

Hey, save some for later.

- Who are you?

- Dahlia Rojik, Asmar colony.

- Specialist Lucene.

Zed Lucene.

Interplant sent me.

- Is there anyone else?

- No.

- There should be a
medical kit inside.

- How about those giant bugs?

- They're afraid of the light.

- Where's the colony?

- Couple hours away.

It's like you tangled with one
of Lerieux's burglar alarms.

- Yeah I guess.

You came by yourself?

- I was gonna ask
you the same thing.

What's the matter?

You didn't expect
some helpless female?

- I didn't expect anyone.

- So what happened?

- Autopilot malfunction.

Almost didn't pull out.

- How's your ship?

- Total wreck.

- Any water?

- [Zed] None.

- Communications?

Your communications
gear, can we fix it?

- Smashed.

Everything smashed.

- There's nothing
we can salvage?

- Some Tridium in the
reactor core, I guess.

I may have just saved the
medical supplies as requested.

- Who requested them?

- Your biosciences
officer requested them.

- I'm the biosciences officer.

I don't know anything
about needing

any medical supplies.

We need water.

- The mission profile said,

- I don't care what the
mission profile says.

We just lost our headquarters.

We got no water and
no way to communicate

to the outside world.

You are our last hope.

All this way for nothing.

Lose the gear.

- Not until we reach the colony.

- I told you, we don't
need any medical supplies.

- I have my orders.

- Look, robot man,
we got other things

to worry about like survival.

- No, you look.

I can't deviate from the mission

profile without authorization.

- Well I'm authorizing you
to either lose the luggage

or find your own way
home, you get it?


Are you always such
a pain in the ass?

- You mean, do I always
follow orders, yes.

- You sound like one
of those Starforce

stormtroopers or something.

- We're officially designated
Special Operations Force.

- You?

One of those take no prisoners,

ours is not to be
questioned space command.

- That's right.

- You don't look so tough.

- You don't look so helpless.

- You must be one lousy
stormtrooper to get shipped off

to a hellhole like this.

- Orders are orders.

- I bet.

Come on, force of one.

Wait till they see what I found.


(tense music)

- How did you find me?

- With this little beauty.

Lerieux, our resident
geek made it out

of busted radiation detectors.

- By any chance, is that the
guy with the burglar alarm?

- He's gonna be pissed when
he finds out I swiped it.

I got a fix on your
emergency beacon,

and a couple hours ago
I picked up your signal

from your wrist com.

- Let me see that.

- Hey, give that back!



(ominous music)


- Dahlia!

- Hang on!

Drop the medicine!

- No!

- Are you crazy?

Come on, drop the medicine.

(intense music)

Are you insane?

I told you to drop
the damn pack.

- I have my orders.

- Yeah, there's more to
life than following orders.

- Not on Starforce!

- That's not something
I'd brag about.

- Can we make it on foot?

- I thought all you
Starforce stormtroopers

were supposed to be gigantic.

You know, genetically
engineered mutants.

What happened to you?

- We're not all infantry.

Some of us are specialists.

- So you were engineered
to be a specialist?

- Not all of us come
from a test tube either.

I was born to normal parents
in one of the colonies.


- Sygnus?

As in the Sygnus massacre?

- Yes.

- And that's why you got
into this stormtrooper thing.

- Something like that.

- So what is it, revenge?

You wanna grow up to be
like one of those chumps

that died on Sygnus?

- You got something
against duty?

- Yeah, murderers and
dogooders give me the creeps.

- Yeah well we have a
code that we live by.

Duty until death.

- Yeah?

We got our own saying here.

Every man for himself.

- Yeah I'll try
to remember that.

(dramatic music)

- Home sweet home.


Where is everybody?

- I don't know.

There's only one
way to find out.

The colony's all underground?

- Part of it.

Protects against sandstorms.

This is too weird,
where is everybody?

- I don't know.

(machine beeping)

What is all this?

- Don't look at me.

Technology's not my department.

- Wherever they went,
they left in a hurry.

- I'll check out back.

Nothing, you got anything?

- Nothing.

Everyone's gone.

- Here, come this way.

My god, look at this place.

- Somebody was
looking for something.

Must be one hell of a shovel.

- Let's just go find the others.

- What is that?

- Waterworks.

(ominous music)

Oh my god.

- Wait here, wait.

- Wong, Ferkin.

Conniger, what happened?

- Poison.

- Poison?

- Yeah, somebody
poisoned the water tank.

- You've got to be kidding.

Without that water, we're dead.

- Apparently that's the idea.

- That's crazy.

Who's gonna poison
the only water we got?

- Is this everyone?

- No.

- Where's the rest of them?

(tense music)

- Corley, Tompkins,

Wong and Ferkins are dead.

Everybody's dead!

- Who's this?

- Lucene, Special Operations.

- What's going on?

- That's what we
would like to know.

- Yeah.


- Where were you Dahlia
when all this happened?

- I went to go find
him, his ship crashed!

- I bet.

(tense music)

- Guys, put down your weapons.

- We don't take orders from
any Interplan hatchet man.

- You got that right.

- Hold it, this is crazy.

Wait a minute!





Guess you're tougher
than you look.

- What was that all about?

- Traitor.

- Concussion.

Skull fracture maybe.

- He just tried to
take your head off.

- He needs medical attention.

- Come on, over here, this way.

- What happened to you guys?

- Don't ask.

- [McDuffy] Hold it right
there, that's far enough.

- McDuffy, what's going on?

- I'm not supposed
to let anyone in.

- This man needs help, McDuffy.

- You a doctor?

- Lucene, Special Operations
acting under authority...

- Will you shut up?

Look, McDuffy, the
water's been poisoned.

Wong, Conniger, Ferkins,
they're all dead.

- Tell me about it.

- Where's everybody else?

- They're inside.

- Then let us in.

- What's in it for me?

- How about I don't beat
you to a pulp, okay?

- Okay.

- That's what I thought.

- Hold it right there.

- What's wrong
with you, Tompkins?

Has everybody gone nuts?

- State your
business and get out.

- Who's in charge here?

- Where's Spree?

- [Woman] Nobody knows.

- Why don't you get out of
here while you still can?

- What is going on?

- You don't know what
it's been like round here.

First you disappear

then Spree and Lerieux.

- They're trying
to kill us, Dahlia.

- Who?

- Council, Interplan.

- Says who?

- Lerieux said if
Interplan ever found out,

they'll try and kill us.

- Find out what?

- Why don't you and your
Interplan spy get out of here?

Last thing we need is
two more mouths to feed.

- All right, that's it.

I have no choice.

Under Interplan authority,

I'm declaring a
state of emergency

and hereby assume command.

Persons of violation of the
lawful Interplan authority

are subject to
imprisonment and or a fine.


You got that?


What's so funny?

- Hard to threaten somebody
who's already in jail.


Curly did seven
for Grand Larceny.

- What is this, a penal colony?

- Exactly.

- Why don't you guys
get out of here?

- Okay.



Whoops, no bullets.

Have a good day.

I don't get it.

Everybody's a convict here?

- When the Interplanetary
Council decided

to colonize this planet,

they took some of the
nonviolent offenders

and they made a deal.

Live on Asmar and we'll forgive
the rest of your sentence.

- And what's your story?

- Nah, you know the usual.

New girl in town finds
love in the big city.

- No, I mean how
did you end up here?

- I helped a boyfriend
hijack a little nutridium.

He got burned, I got four years.

They said they'd commute
my sentence if I lived here

and I don't mind it really.

I got lots of stuff to see.

Bugs and plants and stuff.

- And that's how you became
a biosciences officer.

- It was either that
or mess hall technician

and I don't cook.

- What is it you don't
want me to find out?

I mean 400 dollar shovels,
paranoia, poisoning.

If I didn't know better,
I'd say we struck gold.

- You got some
imagination, tough guy.

- Do I?

Come on, let's get
to the comms center.

- It's definitely
an emergency beacon.

- It's an automated
crash beacon.

I'm sorry, Commander.

- Take us down as close
to the wreck as you can.

What's that?

- A wristcom signal.

- Where?

At the crash site?

- No, sir.

Near the colony.

- That's his ID number.

He's alive, thank god.

Let's raise him on
the comm channel.

- Coming in range
in two minutes, sir.

(dramatic music)

- [Dahlia] What are
you looking for?

- Power supply for
the ALS beacon.

There's a cord right here.

See where it leads to.

- Over here.


- Figured as much.

Somebody wanted me dead.

They took out the ALS beacon.

- Why?

- You tell me.

- Oh god.


- List of suspects
keep shrinking.

- He's our only square.

A civilian.

There's convicts and
there's civilians.

He was a civilian.

- Well if he's not a convict,
how'd he wind up here?

- He thought he was gonna
make his fortune here.

I used to always laugh at him.

Turned out he was
right, sort of.

- Sort of right about what?

Maybe you better tell
me what's going on.

- I don't know what
you're talking about.

- We've got a day's water.

No, they've got a day's water.

We've got nothing.

Tell me, what does everyone
think I'm here to steal?

- The pot of gold, Tridium.

- Tridium?

- Enough to power every
ship in Interplan.

High grade, fissionable Tridium.

Everywhere you
look, another vein.

At first we thought
it was a miracle.

I mean McDuffy found a
piece worth millions.

Then Spree found a chunk
and next thing you know

people started staking
claims all over the place

digging under every rock.

- That explains the
shack I stumbled into.

- Planet's practically
made of Tridium.

- Then you're rich.

- Well not exactly.

I mean the really big
deposits are pretty deep.

You need to get some heavy
equipment to get them.

- You can buy all the
equipment you need.

- One other problem.

Suddenly we realize we got
too much of a good thing.

The word gets out,
the big boys move in.

We'd be run out.

Then the entire
market would collapse.

What little we kept
will be worthless.

- Entire governments
would fall too.

- Right.

So we have to make a decision.

Some people want to
claim independence,

start calling the
shots for everyone.

- Hah, the Council's
not gonna like that.

- Right.

We hear it's a pretty good
way to get our butts kicked.

So we take a vote and decide
to keep our mouths shut.

Sneak the Tridium out
a little bit at a time

and split the money.

In a few years, after
we've served our time,

we're all rich.

- Seems like somebody
decided not to share.

This other guy that's missing.

- Lerieux, technology boy.

- Yeah, what did he do
to earn his take in here?

- He tapped into
the banking network

and made himself an
instant billionaire

till he tried to
buy his own planet.

- When you took the vote,
which side was Lerieux on?

- He wanted to
claim independence.

He said we could run
Interplan if we had the guts.

- The guy thinks big.

- [Dahlia] Lerieux's workshop.

- All right.

Stay here.

- [Sentry] Halt, who goes there?

- Lucene, Special Ops.

- [Sentry] Trespassers
will be shot!

- I'd like a word
with you, Lerieux.

- [Sentry] Three, two, one.

- Not again.

(gun zapping)

- Knock it off, Lerieux!


(tense music)

- [Sentry] Halt, who goes there?

Trespassers will be shot!

Three, two, one.

- Where is he?

- Hey soldier boy, did you
bring my medical supplies?

I have this terrible headache.

- It was you.

- A stupid question, Dahl.

Of course it was me.

You think I was gonna let
a bunch of losers like you

walk out with that jackpot?

- You think you can
get away with murdering

over a dozen people?

- Yes.

- Council's not gonna stand by

and let you destroy
the market of Tridium.

- You think I'm stupid?

Of course the Council's
not gonna stand for it.

That's why I have
my own private army.

- What are you talking about?

- You'll see soon enough.

- Lerieux, I'm gonna
have you in front

of that Council itself.

- Sorry officer, I wish I can
tell you how funny that sounds

but I got better things to do.

Like get rich!

See you around, Dahl. (laughing)

- Now what?

- Find Lerieux, make him tell us

where he stashed his water

and find out what he meant
by his own private army.

- Blue Alpha Seven, this
is Blue Alpha Niner,

do you read?

Blue Alpha Seven, this
is Blue Alpha Niner,

how do you read?

- Blue Alpha Seven
here, loud and clear.

It's Temetrian!

- Who?

- It's my father.

Everything is
gonna be all right.

It's good to hear
your voice, sir.

- Get a fix on his
position right now.

- Blue Alpha Seven,
are you all right?

- I'm fine, sir.

But the mission was a setup.

- Mission, what mission?

- The medical supplies.

But sir, there's something more
serious going on down here.

One of the colonists is
trying to kill everyone.

Looks like this planet's
made out of Tridium.

- What?

- They discovered
large Tridium deposits.

- Blue Alpha Seven, I
want you to stand down.

We're coming to get
you, stay right there.

- But sir!

- [Temetrian] That's
an order, specialist.

Do you read me?

- Yes sir, loud and clear.

- Commander, we need to talk.

- What is going on?


Did you know
something about this?

- Yes, I'm a soldier.

You know the council is
trying to disband Starforce.

We cannot allow that to happen.

- We?

- It's about power.

Who calls the shots?

Who makes the decisions?

We can't allow the council to
decide our fate any longer.

With control of the Tridium,

we have the final word.

- A soldier obeys his superiors.

He follows orders.

- Orders.

You are so wrapped
up in your orders.

- What's this got to do
with me, with Lucene?

- He was a bait to draw you out.

We couldn't contact
you in Alexandrius.

You may not have joined us.

But with you, Commander,
we can convince everyone

to come on board.

Starforce, the
military, everyone!

We're all united in this, sir.

Join us.

- And if I don't?

- I would hope it
never comes to that.

- Maybe it's time for
the council to step down.

Return to the old order.

(intense music)

What's Lucene's position?

- Somewhere up there
under those hills.

- Move out.

- Move out.

- [Temetrian] Zed, Zed!

- Wait, are you sure?

- I trust them with my life.

- What about my life?

- There he is!

- An ambush.

Zed, run, it's a trap!

It's a trap!


- No!


(guns zapping)

- Zed, you got to
warn the Council!

- Temetrian!


- Bad choice.

(gun firing)

- No!

(guns firing)

- Take him out!

(tense music)

- He's dead.

I couldn't save him.

- You knock it off.

Lerieux and those other soldiers

are gonna kill every last one
of us if they get the chance.

You, me, McDuffy
and all the rest.

We don't have time for you
to feel sorry for yourself.

Duty until death, that's
the way Temetrian lived,

are you gonna let him down?

Look, I'm telling you,
Lerieux set us up.

They're gonna hunt
us down like dogs.

- What can we do?

- We could give ourselves up.

- [Woman] Yeah, no,
I don't think so.

- Guys, listen up.

Take whatever you can carry
and head for the hills.

- What's gonna keep
them from following us?

- Once they get here, I'm
gonna blow the colony up

and all of them in it.

All I need is some
of your Tridium.

- No way.

- You gotta be kidding.

- McDuffy, give me your Tridium.

- Why me?

- Because I said so.

- This is highway robbery.

- So call a cop.

You sure about this?

- You have a better plan?

- Someone's coming
at three o'clock.

- Don't shoot, don't shoot.

- Hold your fire.

Hold your fire.

- What took you so long?

- Where have you been?

- That space cadet was
trying to catch me.

Why didn't you send
someone a little easier

to get rid of?

- You said you could
take care of it.

Crash and burn, no problems,
that's what you said.

- So what, let's
get out of here.

- Not until we get Lucene.

- I'll wait in the ship.

- Nah, nah, nah, nah.

This is your planet.

You're our tour guide.

No one leaves until this
mission is complete.

Do you understand?

(tense music)

All right, men.

Take care of yourselves.

Keep your comm link
open, watch your backs.

Weapons check.

- [Piper] Check.

- Would you please
not point that at me?

- Check.

- Don't I get a gun?

- Zoobley.

See if you can keep this
clown out of trouble.

All right, you know the drill.

Fast and furious.

Move out.

- Are you sure these will work?

- Yeah.

With these transceivers
and Tridium crystals

I should be able to
blow up the colony.

- What else do you need?

- Nothing.

Once I hook up the remote
control, we're in business.

Better get out of here.

- Zed?

- Yeah?

I'll catch up in a few minutes.


(slightly tense music)

- Zed.

(deep tense music)

- Piper here, sir.

This sector's clear.

- Where are you at, runt?

Sir, comm center's clear.

Moving on.

- Piper here, sir.

There's nobody here.

(tense music)

(gun firing)




- Hold it!


I got him.

I got Lucene.

Right behind the comms center.

- Copy that, Jesten.

We're on our way.

- Don't move!

- Too late!


(tense music)


- Zed!

(gun firing)

- What are you doing here?

- You're welcome.

- I got bombs all
over the colony.

- They're duds.

- What are you talking about?

- When I caught up to McDuffy,
he's taking a breather

so I say "Hurry, the
colony's gonna blow!"

He just laughs at me.

- [Zed] McDuffy?

- He pulled a switch,
fake crystals.

- Fake?

- I had to beat the
living crap out of him

until he told me.

- I need Tridium, where
can I get Tridium?

- If we make it back
to the biology hut.

My private stash.

- Have a good sleep.

- Jesten.


Come in!

- Are you nuts?

That's where you
keep your Tridium?

- Nobody's gonna steal it.

Easy boys.

They're attracted to
motion but hate the light.

I gotta go slow.

- Great.

- [Dahlia] Easy boys.

- That's it?

- A girl's gotta eat.

- [Zed] Bring the bomb over.

We'll need a diversion.

- Jesten!

Looks like Lucene got Jesten.

You know this place.

Where would they go to hide?

- It makes sense that they
would go to Dahlia's place.

The biohut, that's it, let's go.

Can we go?

- Zoobley, take him over
and check out the biohut.

And keep your eye on him.

We'll sweep the
rest of the town.

- [Zed] We need to keep
them busy for 90 seconds.

- [Dahlia] What do
you have in mind?

- [Zed] The bugs.

- [Dahlia] Let's finish the
bomb and get out of here.

- They're in here, I know it.

- No, don't touch that.

Don't touch that!

(bugs squeaking)

(gun zapping)

- Stop it!


There's a bomb!




- Zoobley, come in!




- Wasn't big enough.

Only Lerieux.

- Lucky for him I didn't
get my hands on him first.

- Move out.

- Now what are we gonna do?

- The army beetles.

- You mean the cave?

- Exactly, come on.


- Come on, step on it!

- There they are!

Go, go, go!


(tense music)

- They're gaining on us.


Hurry up!




Hey, look out!



- Dahlia.

Come on here, come on.

Come on!

- [Jenquo] Go, go, go!

- The freak is mine.



Sir, they went into the cave.

- Copy that.

Men (chuckling), our rabbits
have gone down a hole.


We're gonna have to
go down after them.

Move out!

(somber music)

- Dahlia.

Dahlia, hey!


I hope this works.

- All right, I'll
take the point.

Rommany, you and Piper cover me.

Zoobley, bring up the rear.

(suspenseful music)

(bugs squeaking)

- Where are you, runt?

- Hey fellas.

Drop the rifles.


- No, no, no.

You, come on, drop the rock.

- What rock?

Oh, this rock?

- Uh huh.

- Okay.

(bugs squeaking)

(guns firing and men screaming)


- Temetrian deserved
a better son than you!

- No, he deserved
a better friend.


(bug squeaking)


- Where are you, runt?


That all you got?

- Why don't you
come and find out?


That's for my father.

- [Dahlia] Zed, look.

- Is that what I think it is?

- This was Lerieux's secret.

- That's why he set the trap.

In case someone stumbled
on his gold mine.

He doesn't even have to dig.

- He couldn't risk
us finding out.

He wanted to keep it all
for himself, greedy bastard.

- Come on, we gotta
get out of here.

Come on.

(dramatic music)

How do you feel?

- Like little soldier
dancing on my head.

- Blue Alpha Niner,
this is Polar One.

Well done, Specialist.

Welcome back.


We're all proud of you.

- Polar One this is
Blue Alpha Niner.

Thank you, Minister.

I signaled before we took off.

How'd they get here so quickly?

- Blue Alpha Niner, why don't
you deactivate your deflector

and we'll take you in tow?

- What exactly
did you tell them?

- I gave them a full
report on Lerieux

and the soldiers.

And the Tridium.

- Blue Alpha Niner,
did you copy?

Deactivate your deflector.

- Negative, Polar One.

Having a little trouble
with my nav com.

I'll bring it home myself.

(ominous music)

Damn, they locked on.

- Get us out of here!

- Hang on.


- Polar One, this
is Blue Alpha Niner.

Cease fire, I
repeat, cease fire.

- Mm-mm, sorry,
Blue Alpha Niner.

Too late for that.

- You okay?

- I think so.

- I can't let you get
back to Alexandrias

and tell everyone
about my Tridium.

- Your Tridium?

You're behind this?

- Jenquo couldn't
overthrow the council

without someone on the inside.

Someone who knew
Temetrian's only weakness.

I never could have done it
without you, Specialist.



Destroy that ship!


- What can I do?

- Pray.



This just keep getting better.

- The lights.

- Switching to auxiliary.

- You got a plan, right?

- The best defense.

Hold on.

Okay, charging weapons.



- We're hit!

- [Woman] All working
deflector capacity.

- Damn!


- Deflector at full strength.

No worries, Minister.

- It's no use.

- Can we outrun them?

- We took some damage.

Engines at 72 percent.

No chance.


- Do something!

- Deploying countermeasures.

- What?

- I'm sending out decoys,
confuse their weapons systems.

- Will it work?

- Not for long.

- [Computer] Multiple
targets identified.

- What's happening?

- He's dropping multi
spectrum countermeasures.

- We can sort it out.

Identify the real target.

Estimated time, two
minutes and 50 seconds.

- Too long.

Destroy them all!

Blast anything that moves!


- How's your head?

Can you go aft?

- I think so.

Get to the cargo bay,
release the Tridium.

- Wait a minute,
that's our proof!

Besides, it's worth a fortune!

- You can't take it with you.

It's our only hope.

- Ooh, I hate logic.

- What's taking so long?

- Patience, Minister.

It's only a matter of time.

- They're getting away!

- Put it full automatic.

- Engaging automatic
fire control.


(alarm beeping)

- Dahlia, we can't
take much more here!


- I'm on it!


- Now, Dahlia, one more
and we're finished!

(dramatic music)

- Close the wing!

- Okay Minister.

You want your Tridium,
come and get it.

- Get them!

- [Computer] Warning,
detonation alert.

Warning, detonation alert.

- Cease fire!



- Did he get our present?

- I would say so.

Didn't even bother
to say thanks.

- Some people have no gratitude.

- And to you
Specialist Zed Lucene,

we the Interplanetary Council
offer our most humble thanks.

In recognition of
your devotion to duty,

we are proud to bestow upon you

the rank of Lieutenant
First Class Starforce.

Congratulations, Lieutenant.

- Thank you very much, sir.

But if it wasn't for my
father, Commander Temetrian,

I wouldn't be here.

- And to you, Dahlia Rojik,

we the council have
granted you a full pardon

for your crimes.

- That's it, a lousy pardon?

- Well you may feel free
to do as you please.

- Gee, thanks.

- Remember what you
said about gratitude.

- If however you would
consider an appointment

as Administrator of
the Asmar colony,

we the Council will
consider conferring upon you

certain mineral
rights of a portion

of the Asmar colony.

- Woohoo, I'm rich!

- And so Lieutenant, I
hope that you will enjoy

your well deserved rest.

- My father lived and
died for the Starforce.

In his honor, I'll rebuild it.

(somber music)


(dramatic orchestral music)

(light music)

(slightly tense music)