Stardust (2020) - full transcript

Stardust will chronicle the young David Bowie's first visit to the US in 1971 - a trip that inspired the invention of his iconic alter ego Ziggy Stardust. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Commencing countdown.






Circuit malfunction.

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me? Sir?

You need to buckle
up. We're landing now.

If Washington
is your final destination,

then from me and your
DC Dulles flight crew,

a warm welcome.




David Bowie.

This says David Jones.


It is a felony to travel on
someone else's documentation.

Oh, uh, Bowie is a
stage name, you see?

I, I haven't used David
Jones for a long time.

I'm here to play some concerts.

So where's your visa?


This is a tourist visa.

Oh, I'm sorry, officer.
There must be a mistake.

You see, well my wife's
an American citizen.

But where's your green card?


Um, I'm getting one.

Please, there's a
whole tour planned.

It's extremely important.

You see, I've got, I've
got an album coming out-

- Sir.

Stop talking.

Sir, does this
garment belong to you?

Uh, ye, yeah.

You dress in women's clothes?

It's a man's dress, actually.

It's by Michael Fish, he's,

he invented the kipper tie.

♪ Early in the morning,
'bout the break of day ♪

♪ That's when my
baby went away ♪

♪ Came back baby,
I wish you would ♪

♪ Try and love me,
you won't do no good ♪

That fuckin' dress.

Hi, David.


- There he is.
- Hello boys.

♪ You know I still love you ♪

♪ Wanna give you romance ♪


Come on, Marc Bolan's here.


Our bed of love is like
a glove, tender and warm,

that we creep into
when the eye of north

whines like birds of prey.

Our goblet sails smoothly
on ethereal dreams

like a mountain, solid.

It begotten of the earth and
at the old mother's mercy.

Brown is the bread
of the wilderness,

but tender and with
limbs light and subtle.


To the eternal washing

in the spring of wisdom.

Winged, but not burned.

Do you know him?


I married him.

I'm sorry.

Oh, its not that kind
of marriage, darling.

We don't keep secrets.

We screw whomever we adore.

No bourgeois morality.

If you want him, you
have to come through me.

Frail and frank,
pillowing our sleepy bodies.

Silent in the
noise of the night.

Meet us upstairs later, babe.

We snuggle and vibrate,

entwined like
saplings of the vine.

Oh, that's marvelous
Marc, really beautiful.


It's about scaling to a
higher realm of consciousness

where God can dictate to you.

Congratulations, mate.

Ride a White Swan.

It's at number two.

Yes. I wrote it on this batch.

David, why don't you join us?

Might help unblock you.

Go on, have one you big blass.

David doesn't need
acid to be a poet.

If you ask me, if you want
to make anything important,

you've got to be willing
to go to the very edge.

Push yourself.

Blow your mind into a
million little pieces.

How are you man?

How's the new record doing?

It's just been released
in America, actually.

It's doing really well.

Oh, I'm so happy for you.

You just don't quit, even
when it all seems so hopeless.

you a homosexual?


Have you engaged
in homosexual acts

or other forms of
sexual deviation?

Oh gosh.

That's a bit personal.

Sir, if I judge you
to be a sexual pervert,

I have the authority to bar you

from the entry to
the United States.

Now, are you a homosexual?

No. No, absolutely not.

Have you ever been
judged to be afflicted

with a psychopathic personality,

other mental
illness, or defects?


No, no.

Is this the fag singer?

His manager
said he did the paperwork.

Where in the name of all
that is fucking holy is he?

- Tony will be here shortly.
- You said that two hours ago.

- He'll be here.
- He's insulting you.

Angie, David, Mick,
Tony, wonderful to see you.

Tony, good of you
to make the time.

Hope I didn't
keep you waiting.

Oh, no, not at all.

Thanks for putting up
with us, by the way.

That's a beautiful scarf.

The Man Who Sold the
World is out there.

You know, guys, one
thing that I can say

with complete certainty and
strike me dead if I'm wrong,

this David Bowie
album is the one

that will be judged
a masterpiece.

A fucking masterpiece.

- Thank you.
- By posterity.

And what exactly
does that mean, Tony?

Oh, he means that
future generations

are going to look back on it
as a piece of seminal work.

Yeah, I know.

But what about the present?

Oh, we need to talk
the album, right?

we've gotta break America.

As your manager, I
could not agree more.

So I've been talking
to Mercury stateside.


They find the album,
how can I say this?

They find it challenging.

Well challenging is good.

Often it is, but
also often, it isn't.

Well they released All
the Madmen as a single.

Mhm, to test the waters.


Well, how's it doing?

Fuckin' hell.

You wind up merchant,
you absolute bastard.

It's fucking charted, hasn't it?

It sank.


They tested the waters
and it sunk, it's nowhere.

At all?

Too dark, too
weird for the Yanks.

Didn't chart.

Well, I mean,
that's only one song.

Yeah, and it's the wrong song.

We chose the wrong single.


They should be promoting
it and spending money.

I talked to Lou
Reisner at Mercury.

He said it's miserable,
depressing, obscure.

His opinion, not mine.

They want you to
be more like Bolan.

Oh, for fuck's sake.

David is David.

Yeah, sure. But who is David?

What does he stand for?

People know what
Bolan stands for.

Yeah, being a twat.

Who are you, David?

As an artist?

A spaceman? A madman?

A laughing dwarf?

Gnome, it was
a laughing gnome.

I don't know.

The record company,
they don't know.

Do you know?

You said that posterity...

Posterity, maybe one
day we'll figure you out.

But in meantime, no one
else has the patience.

Space Oddity was two years ago.


I'm doing everything that I can

to stop Mercury
from dropping you.

David, we're
going to wait outside.

No, no, no!

Now you listen to me
you fucking divot-

- No, you listen.

Memory of a Free
Festival, Prettiest Star,

Love You Till
Tuesday, Rubber Band.

Do I need to go on?

12 singles, every
one a total failure

except Space Oddity
and the Laughing Gnome.

Now I believe in
David, I always have.

You know that.

But you have to face reality.

There's only one guy at Mercury

who doesn't hate your new record

with every bone in his body.

Well there
must be...

People don't want records
that make them think.

Not about psychos
and mad houses.

That's fucking bullshit.

David is an artist.

I need you to give me
something that I can sell,

a Ride a White Swan.

If you can't do that,

I need to have a
person that I can sell.

Who likes it?

- What?
- In America.

At the label, you
said there's on guy.

I can work with him.

No, David, it's
not going to work.

- I'm sorry-
- I have to go to America.

I need, look, I need,

I need!

- What?
- I need to be known.

I need them to know me.

I'll make some calls.

- A total vote for us.
- Really?

I have incredible
powers of persuasion.

- What, America?
- Uh huh.

A solo tour.

I've just performed
a miracle, okay?

They're gonna put their
best publicist on it.

Don't look at me like that.

I'm telling you,
they're gonna roll out

that fucking red
carpet, American star.

to Washington Dulles

International Airport.




Mr. Bowie, I presume.

Hey, man. How are you?

Ron Oberman, Mercury Records.

Oh, pleasure to meet you.


What was the hold up in there?

Immigration, or what happened?

Oh, they didn't like
the look of my paperwork.

Yeah. I bet they didn't.

They said I
needed a work visa.

Eh, paperwork, smaper-work.

- Really?
- Yeah, sure.

Oh, thank god.

You want me to
get this for ya?

Oh, god, holy crap.

What's in here?

It's just some of my things.

I'm glad you're here, man.

Hope that trip wasn't too bad.

Oh, god.

- What?
- I told you we should wait.

All right, ma, you were
right, you were right.

David Bowie, this is my mother.

Mother, David Bowie.

So nice to me.

Real pleasure Mrs. Oberman.

Give me your guitar.

I hope
you're hungry, David.

Oh, uh, thank
you Mrs. Oberman,

but I'll eat something
when I get to the hotel.

Oh man.

Mom's been cooking up a
storm all day, in your honor.

I made Ron's favorite,
kasha varnishkes.

That's very kind of you, but-

It's no trouble.

It's not every day I get
to cook for a real star.

I'm not quite a star
yet, Mrs. Oberman.

Sure you are, man.

But I wouldn't mind
Ron making me one.

Ronnie played me your
song about the astronaut.

Very nice melody.

Thank you.

So, are you a novelty artist?

Space man and gnomes?

Shut the fuck up.

I hope that what
I do is novel.

Is that you in the film clip?

Spinning around in a space suit?

Yes. Yes it was, actually.

Well, I'm dying to know, what's
the first proper tour date?

- Well, we've uh-
- Tell him.

We got a packed couple
weeks coming up, man.

We're going to go to Chicago,
Philadelphia, New York,

and then out to LA.

What size is the venue?

- Well, it's-
- Tell him.

All right.

You can't play any concerts.


You don't have a
work visa, green card,

and there's no musician's
union, the paperwork.

Look, it's your people in
London's fault, not Mercury's.

- But can't I just play-
- No you can't.

You can't, you can't.

It's just, you
can't play concerts,

you can't perform on
radio or television.

I mean that's why I'm here.

I'm playing a promotional
tour of America.

I know, I know.

But it's just with the
paperwork you have,

all you can do is talk.


Yeah. Yeah, man.

You're going to
have to talk America

into believing
you're a big star.

Yeah. I mean,
Oscar Wilde did it.

Dickins did it.

But I'm a musician.

I know, man.

It's not as bad as
it sounds. I promise.

Will you have some
more varnishkes, David?

Mrs. Oberman, Mr. Oberman.


I should call my manager now.

From my hotel.

Yeah, uh, about the hotel.


Maybe things'll look
better in the morning.

Probably not.

Come on, man.

Things never look
better in the morning.

Tony said Mercury had
doubts about the record.

Yeah, well.

But that he
persuaded them to throw

a lot of resources
behind the tour.

Uh huh, well, managers say
a lot of things, don't they?

Look, the label gave
me very little money.

But I think we can make it work.

Okay, I don't want
to appear ungrateful.

Label's got doubts, you know?

- That's all.
- Clearly.

But I don't.

You don't?


I think you're going to be

the biggest goddamn
star in America.

Seriously, man.

This is a great record.

It's a great record.

It's just, no one knows how

to sell you in
America, all right?

They just don't care
enough, you know?

And you do?

Hell yeah, I do.

I mean, don't get me wrong,

I'm a fucking minority of one

but all it takes is one believer
to change the world, right?

And we got two.


You believe in
yourself, don't you?

Because if you don't,
we're really fucked.

♪ Live my life ♪

♪ Why can't I fall in love ♪

♪ 'Til I don't give a damn ♪

♪ And maybe then I'll know ♪

♪ What kind of fool I am ♪

Isn't that lovely?

kind of fool am I?

Anthony Newley

with What Kind of Fool Am I?

That's how to write a song.


We wore that out in
two weeks, remember?

Had to buy another copy.


I'm doing all right.

I live in a fucking
mansion, mate.

Beat you to it.

Come in for a cuppa.

No, I can't.

Come on, five minutes.

I can't, Ter,
I've got to work.

How is it? The work?

Yeah, it's fine.

I know when something's
troubling my little brother.

Well the uh, the new album.

- The Man Who Sold the World.
- Yeah.

It's uh, not
everyone's cup of tea.

It's art.

You don't want
everyone to like it.

People hated the White Album.

I'm going to tour America.

This trip's going to
change everything.

That's what people say.

Yeah? Which people?

I'm here for you, you know that?

Thanks, Terry.

- All set?
- Yes, thank you.

Bye, mom, take it easy.

Yeah, you know, all the good
ones are up front here, man.

Oh, right.

So I made some calls today.

Worked the goddamn
phones a bit and uh,

I think I got you some gigs.

Oh, I thought the um,
the paperwork was...

Yeah, well, I mean, these are
private parties mostly, but,

you know, they'll be in front
of the right people, you know?

It's not my fuck up, you know?

I know.

- You sure?
- Yep.


'Cause I'm going to get you

the cover of Rolling Stone, man.

The cover of Rolling Stone?


It'll be tough to land, but
if you do a good interview,

get the cover, your
career is made.

I mean, it's made.


Here hey are.

Hi, thanks for having us.

- Hi.
- Hi.


It's so nice to meet you.

Ladies and gentlemen,

all the way from London,
England to entertain you,

David Bowie.

- Oh don't tell he's singing.
- Is that a guy or a chick?

Guy's got
a fucking dress on.

Check him out.

Oh, fuck.

He's wearing a dress.

Uh, well hello everyone.

It's great to be here.

This is a song by a
group I really admire.

♪ You got sad eyes ♪

♪ Lonely mad eyes ♪

♪ Working for a dollar
a day and night ♪

♪ White light ♪

♪ In the neon, in the
flashing beams and moonlight ♪

♪ You got me working
'round and 'round ♪

- ♪ I can't find you ♪
- Who is this?

♪ Tearing the streets and
she's lying at your feet ♪

♪ And she's bleeding
on the floor ♪

♪ And she's knocking
at your door ♪

♪ Oh, I want her ♪

♪ Oh I want her ♪

- ♪ Oh, I need her ♪
- This is awful.

♪ We got a place to be ♪

♪ Good 'ol Jane and me ♪

♪ Living for the wasted time ♪

♪ Hanging it on the line ♪

♪ She has me cleaning up
her dirty pots and pans ♪

♪ She got me pacing
around and around ♪

♪ Good job, I find her when
I looked her up and down ♪

♪ Tearing the streets and
she's lying at your feet ♪

♪ And she's bleeding
on the floor ♪

♪ And she's knocking
at your door ♪

♪ Oh I want her ♪

♪ Oh I want her ♪

♪ Oh, I need her ♪

Look, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, man.

That wasn't how they
sold it to me, all right?

And that PA was a fucking
travesty, you know?

It was a room full of
vacuum cleaner salesmen.

Yeah, and it really sucked.

Good night, Ron.

Oh, that wasn't a joke, man.



Hi, it's me.


Is it going better?

Well I'm performing illegally
for traveling salesmen

who are um, well, they're
not my natural audience.


Now you listen to me,
don't fuck this up.

You can't come home
until you make it.

And this publicist,
Ron, I think he's,

I think he's a total fantasist.

We can fire him.

- I can't fire him.
- David.

This is not just your
career on the line,

it's my career as well.

I'll go see your
so-called manager,

and we will, yeah,
get rid of that clown.

You don't need him.

No, Ang, don't do that.

Why? You just said
that he was useless.

Well let's just give him
another chance, all right?

But you need the best.

Angie, please.





Oh, for fuck's sake.


hostage until it ratified

a People's Peace Treaty
with the North Vietnamese.

By now, 3000 hardcore
radicals were all

that was left of a
mayday tribe that had

numbered nearly 45,000
five days before.

I tried telling her.


She threw me out.


Said I was drunk.

No, I wasn't.

Tell David what happened.

What's going on Angie?

I swear it was fucking real,

what I saw.

Terry, darling.

You're safe here and
we really love you-

It was real!

It was real.

♪ Just ♪

♪ Leave it to me ♪

♪ Don't ever ♪

Can you turn this up?

Yeah, got a Little
Richard fan back there, huh?


My brother got me into
this, and Chuck Berry.

Oh yeah? What's his name?


He was my educator
in matters of taste.


Oh yeah, you
know, I don't really

see him much anymore.

How come?

He's in the merchant navy.

Hm, wow.

A sailor?


Postcards arrive every now
and then from Madagascar

or Shanghai or old Bombay.

It's terribly exotic.

Terry's drawn to
dives and fleshpots,

the world's dark places.

Sounds like quite a character.

Oh yeah, I think I'm
just his shadow, really.

♪ Shake a hand, shake a hand ♪
♪ Shake a hand, shake a hand ♪

Yeah, look, I get it Jimmy.

Okay, my hand's up, all right?

Hands up.

Maybe I've oversold some
artists in the past,

but that is not the case
on this occasion, man.

I'm serious.

And this guy-



Don't hang up on me, Ji-

Oh, you fuck.

Hey, hey Richie.

It's Ron.

No, different Ron. Oberman.

Mercury Records?

What's happening, man?

Did you get a chance
to peep that LP

I sent you to spin over there?

Yeah, okay.

Well just give it
a spin, okay, man.

Bowie, like the knife.

Okay, all right. Thanks, man.

Any news on Rolling Stone?

I'm working on it.

That John Mickelson, he's
like a slippery fucker.

He it's hard to pin down, man.


I mean, you know, you
know best of course, but,

perhaps there's a different way

to talk about me when
you're on the phone.


I mean maybe, maybe
more people would

want to meet me if you
told them that I was

a unique artist, say,
who could fill the gap

between Elvis and Dylan.


Elvis and Dylan?

Gap. So, who do we got in there?

Neil Young, James Taylor,
Marvin Gaye, Leonard Cohen,

the Ohio Players, the Doors,
the Velvets, Credence,

Johnny Cash, uh, Janis
Joplin, Joni Mitchell,

every artist on
the Motown label.

I mean a unique
British artist.

Right, unique British artists.

There aren't too many
of those other than

Led Zep, Pink Floyd,
Deep Purple, Yes.


Pretty Things.


Rolling Stones.

Rolling Stones.

And then you got bands
like the Animals, Cream,

the Pretty Things, Faces.

Did I say Stones?

Ron, you did, yeah.

Um, the Who.

Uh, Mark Bolan, T. Rex.

Those guys are your
buddies, right?


Hi sir,
how can I help you?

Hey, uh, I'm looking
for a Tom Classon?


Just wait one minute.

How can I help you?

Jesus Christ, Tom.

I've been calling for weeks,
looking all over for you.

Did you get that album?

The David Bowie album?
Did you listen to it?

- Yeah, yeah.
- Great.

I listened to it, Ron.


When can I get you
two to sit down

for an interview together?

Look I'm, listen, I'm
really busy, right now so-

- No, no, no, you listen,
okay, and listen good, okay?

You don't want to
miss out on this, man.

I mean, this guy's
going to be big.

Oh yeah. How big is big?


What? Like Jerry Reed
big or Todd Rundgren big?

- Or what are we?
- No.

- I'm talking like Dylan big.
- Fuck you, Ron.

I'm serious.

This guy is like the
English Bob Dylan

with avant garde outrage
all wrapped together.

What, are you reading this
off the fucking press release?

All right.

All right Tom,
come on, hey, hey.

Don't insult my intelligence.

I know a boring British
import when I see one.

Oh, he is not boring.

Oh, why, 'cause
he's wearing a dress?

I've had it with these face,
self-indulgent dandies.

I mean, why are you wasting
my time with this guy?

Space Oddity, fine, but the
stuff you're sending me now?

Totally off to boil.

Seriously, as a
friend, you know,

why are you still
doing this job?

Who the fuck knows Tom?

All right, they got
him a plane ticket,

and they gave him
my phone number.

What, am I gonna leave him
at the fucking airport?

Okay fine. I'll meet the guy.


So, you know, a nice
one to watch piece

would be good,
something like that.

Why don't you let
me decide that, okay?

You just make sure
the coffee's fresh.

Right. Fresh coffee.

Good. Yes.

- Hey, Ron?
- What?

You better be
right about this guy.


Just talk about the music, okay?

Just talk about the
songs, all right?

The inspiration, where
they come from, okay?

They're great songs and
they have powerful lyrics

and that's what we
want 'em to take away.

Is it?

Damn right is it.

Tom Classon.



So , when I
first heard Space Oddity,

it just blew me away.

The atmosphere you created
was just mind boggling.

Oh, thank you.


That's why I was shocked
to see on the new album that,

I mean, Space Oddity,
it's so literal

and this one is way darker.

So tell me, what is that about?

Oh, drugs really.


I mean, I think um, this
is probably the most

drug oriented album I've
ever made, actually.

I mean the lyrics, they
don't reference drugs at all.

See, my take was that
it's about insanity.

Well, you know,
strong hash can really

mess with your gourd.

The first time I got high, I
just got intensely fascinated

by the cracks in the pavement.

Talk to
me about the mask.

I mean is this, is
this part of your show?


It's just the way of concentrating
an audience's attention,

like um, a Japanese form of
movement, like kabuki theater.

I think he wants
to talk about the record.



Uh, the lyrics on
the title track

The Man Who Sold the World
really stood out for me.

"Yesterday upon the stair,

"I met a man who wasn't there.

"He wasn't there again today.

"How I wish he'd go away."

Sounds a little bit nutty.

Oh, it's all just
theater really, isn't it?

It's um, you know, I originally
trained as a mime artist.


And what do the audiences
in England think of that?

Well I, uh,

I like to surprise,
create a different

dimension to a performance.

Oh, we just love
mime here in America.

- Oh really?
- Yeah, it's, it is huge.


Would you mind?


Yeah, of course.

Uh. No, no.


Well, David, this has
this, this,

this really has been,
this has been a pleasure.

It sure has.


I'll tell you what, you sure
do know how to pick 'em.

You ready?

You feel good?

All right, so look,
it's not packed,

but that's because we didn't
make it official, you know.

I gotta be honest, though,

it's always a pretty
cool crowd at this place.


♪ In the port of Amsterdam ♪

♪ There's a sailor who sings ♪

♪ Of the dreams that he brings ♪

♪ From the wide open sea ♪

♪ In the port of Amsterdam ♪

♪ There's a sailor who sleeps ♪

♪ While the river bank weeps ♪

♪ To the old willow tree ♪

♪ In the port of Amsterdam ♪

♪ There's a sailor who dies ♪

♪ Full of beer, full of cries ♪

You know, it's totally
breaking my heart.

Yeah? You and me both.

Jeanie Richardson, I
cover music for Skyline.

No shit?

Ron Oberman, Mercury Records.

Nice to meet you.

What's your poison?

♪ In the port of Amsterdam ♪

♪ Where the sailors all meet ♪

♪ There's a sailor who eats ♪

♪ Only fish heads and tails ♪

♪ And he'll show you his teeth ♪

♪ That have rotted too soon ♪

♪ That can haul up the sail ♪

♪ That can swallow the moon ♪

♪ And he yells to the cook ♪

♪ With his arms open wide ♪

♪ Hey, bring me more fish ♪

♪ Throw it down by my side ♪

♪ And he wants so to belch ♪

♪ But he's too full to try ♪

♪ So he stands up and laughs ♪

♪ And he zips up his fly ♪

Come on.

There's a music journalist
I want you to talk to.

David, this is Jeanie.

She writes for Skyline Magazine.

- Enchanted.
- Oh, I loved your set.

And uh, Ron here was telling
me about your single.

- All the-
- Madmen.


So, are you one of the madmen?

writing a little piece

for tomorrow's Skyline.

Maybe you guys can
sit down and talk

for a few minutes if
that's possible...

Wanna come do
some coke with me?

Do I ever.


Can we?

Please excuse me, Jeanie, Ron.

Be back in a jiffy.


Hey, man, where are ya?


Where the fuck are you, man?



David, where the-



All right.

Keep it.

Okay, this is KKBH.

Goes out to about
eight million listeners

across the Midwest.

It's a clean, wholesome,
family rock station, all right?

So keep it safe.


All right then.

Have we got a
treat for you today.

A very charming young man, all
the way from London, England,

here with his new
album, David Bowie.

Welcome, sir.

Now, uh, we're going
to hear a cut from

your new album in just a minute,

but I wanted to ask you
about your influences.

What music really excites
you back in London?

Oh, well my uh, my tastes
are pretty eclectic, really.

Biff Rose, Ron Davies, um,

I've had the new
Velvet's LP on nonstop.

Yeah, that's
wonderful, wonderful.

So would you say you're a
rock and roll guy at heart?

Oh, no.

I'm not into rock at all
really, I just use it.

Honestly, I, I think that
rock is the devil's music.

Let's in all kinds of lower
elements and shadows, you know?

Well uh, tell me, tell me
about the uh, the new album.

What's it all about?

Oh, the new album.

It's about a particular
chapter in my life.

It's about the years I spent
dressing in women's clothes

and getting laid good
and hard.

Uh well, apologies
to listeners

of a sensitive disposition.

Um, here is uh...

Here's another
Brit making waves.


It's T.
Rex with Ride A White Swan.

Clean? Wholesome?

Shark tactics, Ron.

You've got to stretch
people, get a reaction.

Oh, you got a reaction.

You got a reaction.

That guy's never going
to have another one

of my artists on, ever.

I mean, they may dig
that shit in London,

but it's different here, man.

This is America.

You can't just talk dirty
on American airwaves.

Yeah, right, well, I'm sorry.


I bet.

Where are we?

I don't know, man.

Rise and shine, I guess.
We're somewhere in Ohio.

Could have used a navigator.

You know how to read
a map, don't ya?

Hey, what the fuck is hap-

Hey, that's my shit.



Fuck, man.

Oh, gosh.

Oh, dear.

Oh, I am sorry.


Oh, I'm, I do hope that
wasn't anything important.


It's my divorce papers,
the deed to my house.

My whole fucking
life, that's all.

Oh dear, I am sorry.

Oh yeah, I can see that.

You know this whole
English nice thing

doesn't work on me, all right?

The whole fluttering lashes
ingenue routine, all right,

and the little accent.

You think this is funny?

You think I want
to be driving you

across this fucking
country, working my ass off,

getting you on radio, getting
you to meet the right people,

just so you can fuck it all up?

Oh, that's really
not fair, you know?

Sure it is.

It is.

Hey, I came here
to be a fucking star

and now I'm playing
little parties

and, you know,
worthless radio stations

talking to absolutely
pointless journalists.

I mean, you haven't gotten
me a single interview

with anyone who matters.

You can't get me
into Rolling Stone.

It's delusional.

This, this whole tour
is a total failure.

I feel like I'm a
carnival sideshow

without the actual carnival.

Oh yeah?

Well maybe you should
rethink the fucking

dresses you wear all
the time, you know?

You want to know what's
wrong with this world tour?

You wanna know why
it's not working?

I'll show you. I'll show
you why it's not working.

Look, you're in
America to promote

a single called All the Madmen,

and it's on an album where
every track is about madness.

There's an asylum on
the fucking sleeve,

but do you want to talk
about interesting shit?


And if anyone dares to ask
you about your actual work,

you just, you know, turn
into Coco the fucking clown

and do the mystical mime act.

And you know what's
fucked up, man?

You know what's fucked up?

Is I liked you, all right?

I liked you, but you,
you turn out to be

just like all the others, man.

What other ones?

You're all pussies, you
fucking artists, you know?

You're like, oh Ron,
we love you, Ron,

thanks Ron, great job, Ron.

You know, meanwhile
you're on the phone

crying like a baby
the fucking label.

It's Ron's fuck up.
Ron fucked it all up.

I didn't, I didn't do that.

You sent your wife
to fire me, David.

A week ago.

I mean just say it
to my face, man.

You don't want to work with me.

I do.

Hey, I do.

I do want to work with you.

You know what?

We have something
else in common.

I forgot to tell
you this, but we do.

I also studied mime.

Watch, you ready? You watching?

Ma'am, I have a collect
call from Randolph, Ohio.

Will you accept the charges?

Of course I'll
accept the charges.

- David?
- Hi.

Oh good, you're not dead.

Are you calling for a
bit of a pep talk then?

Yeah, listen, Angie,

I did ask you not to say
anything about Ron, you know?

He's um, he's a bit upset.

You know, he thinks I tried
to fire him.

I've done something
wrong, have I?

- Uh well-
- Well that's fucking great.

You navel gazing
fucking selfish bastard.

Wait, no, no, no, listen-

- Yeah, listen.

You know what I would
like to listen to?

I'd like for you to ask
me one fucking question,

just one, about how your
fucking wife is doing.

Oh, Ang, how are you doing?

And I'd say, oh you know,

I'm actually not
doing so fucking well.

Ang, I've been thinking
about you all the time.

- It's-
- Don't even fucking bother.

And for as
long as the McCormick's

have been breaking horses,
Pabst has been making beer,

slowly and carefully.

Numbered nearly
45,000 five days before.

Like this, and because
you're more than a little mad,

that makes you my...

Carrie, you've been chosen.

or be arrested.

Some 1200 reacted as the...

To the fleet, and as such,

you see around you the
activity right now of...

♪ Just wanna roam ♪

♪ I tell you, man ♪

♪ Don't want a home ♪

♪ I wanna roam ♪

♪ Feet off the ground ♪

♪ I even go from town to town ♪

♪ I said I think
this life is grand ♪

♪ Say I'll be your man ♪

♪ Don't bring me down, man ♪

♪ Don't bring me down ♪

♪ I met this chick ♪

♪ She said she'll stay ♪

♪ I got this pad,
just like a cave ♪

- Really?
- I knew you'd love them.

Terry, Terry.


Fucking watch it!

That really hurt.

Bring all the gas in, mate?

Terry, what's going on mate?

What's happened?



- Terry?
- He's off his head, mate.

Look at me.

Terry, Terry, look
at me, look at me.

Look at me. Look at me.


This could
just be a bad patch.

It's the
curse, like mum said.

We're cursed.

Oh come on,
don't tow doubt, Peg.

Three of our sisters.

Una, Nora, Vivian,
and now Terry.

It's the bad seed.
It's in all of us.

Well there's nothing
wrong with David, thank God.

There wasn't
with Terry, either,

when he was that age, was there?

- Morning.
- Hello.


So who are the
Stooges, anyway?

Are you fucking kidding me?

I mean, I thought
the show was over.

I mean, I think everyone
thought the show was over

and then Iggy just appeared,
like, out of nowhere

wearing these silver
lamé evening gloves,

like he's some kind
of fucking prom queen.

And then he just dives like
a, like a fucking kamikaze

right into the audience, man.

It was crazy.

I mean, apparently
before he went on,

he had cut himself
down his chest

with like a piece of glass,

but he didn't care,
he was just bouncing

on top of the crowd,
screaming into the mic,

just, you know, raw rock and
roll, just bleeding everywhere.

- Was he really hurt?
- Who gives a shit, man?

I mean, he didn't care.

The crowd was
going berserk, man.

I mean, he's a freak, but
he's just like them, you know?

He doesn't care.

He doesn't have to hide it.

He's just a 100%
committed to whatever

the fuck he wants to do.

What you see is what you
get, you know what I mean?

I mean just no pretense,
no affectation,

just pure rock and roll, man.

I mean, okay, you know,
he was out of his mind

on fucking heroin but my
point still stands, all right?

I mean if you're
a 16-year-old kid

and you're watching
that, he is God,

because he is
everything you can't be.

You know what I'm saying?

Definitely the most insane
front man on the planet Earth.

- Was he really?
- Yeah.

Have you heard
of Vince Taylor?

Uh, why do I know that name?

He sang that song
Brand New Cadillac.

Oh, right, yeah,
from Louisiana?

From West London.

And his nickname was
the French Elvis,

but he, this electric front man.

He'd be on the stage, right?

Thrashing around, his eyes
wild, just incredible.

And then one day I saw him
outside a station in London

and he was crouched on the
floor looking over a map

and I asked him
what he was doing

and do you know what he said?

He said

he said this is where the aliens

are going to land
to take me away.

Finally, I put two
and two together

and I realized, he's
totally off his rocker.


So, what was wrong with the guy?

Who knew.

Was it too much
acid, not enough?

Anyway, two weeks later,
he appeared on stage

in a white robe
and refused to sing

and he told the audience
that rock music was a lie

and that he was an alien god.

Oh man.

What happened?

The crowd nearly lynched him.

They just wanted to
hear Brand New Cadillac.

Of course they did.

I am an alien god,
my people need me.


Yeah, okay.

We gotta go.

Come on.

Mickelson's in New York.


John Mickelson, man.

Rolling Stone Magazine, in
New York City right now.

Do you think I was
making that up?

You're doing Rolling
Stone tonight.

Tonight, man.

♪ I was about 1000 miles from
the nearest friendliest smile ♪

♪ I had a pocket full of faces ♪

♪ Expressions of
the latest style ♪

♪ When a messenger
from the crowd asks ♪

♪ How do you do ♪

♪ Said I very well ♪

♪ Since the both of us are low ♪

♪ Looking for a face
that hasn't sold out ♪

♪ Looking for a soul
that hasn't sold out ♪

All right.

This is it, kiddo.
Rolling Stone.

This is the one
that'll make you.

You ready?

Come on.

Yeah, you go on ahead Ron.

I just wanna, I wanna
make an entrance.

All right, yeah, okay
sure. Get your game face

I'll settle them
in with a drink,

and I'll find us a place.

We missed him, by an hour.

We missed him?

It's a total fucker, man.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Excuse me? Are
you Mr. Oberman?


Uh, Mr. Mickelson
left this for you.

Yeah, we'll get him in LA.

- Really?
- I promise.

Is this nearby?

He wants to meet me, Ron.

He knows who I am.

I need to see Mr. Warhol.

I've been invited.

Uh, not you.

It's okay, man.

Go ahead, I'll be out here.

♪ There a place in our minds ♪

♪ Where the sun
ceases to shine ♪

♪ And the mountains
of our spines ♪

♪ Are casting shadows ♪

There he is.

Are you part of the
charm circle now?

He didn't even look at me.

What'd he say?

He said I had nice shoes.

What? What'd you do?

Did you sing?

Oh no, you didn't...

I thought I ought
to perform, you know?

He got someone to
film it and then-

- Andy Warhol's an asshole.

I've been following
his work for so long.

And I thought if anybody
would get me, then Andy would.

Fuck that guy.

You think he's going
to make you a star?

You think you need his blessing?

I mean, he's a phony scam
artist, a fucking vampire.

All he does is steal.

He's one of the
greatest artists.

No, he's not.

No, he's not.

There's better
ways to, you know,

have a night New York city, man.

You know, Lou,
everyone says that

you guys are a guitar
band, but for me,

it's the piano that's the
real star of the records.

I've had your
first LP on nonstop

since my manager gave
me a test pressing.

Amazing, blew me away.

That wasn't him.


I'm telling you,
that wasn't Lou Reed.

He left the Velvets
three months ago.

Then who the hell
was I talking to?

Doug Yule.

He's been playing
the part for months,

just holding the band together.

But he told me all
about how he wrote

Waiting for the Man.


You didn't even
think to tell me?

I'm sorry, man. You
were just so excited.

And to be fair, Doug does a
pretty good Lou impersonation.

You know what?

I don't even care
that he was fake.


Well, you know, a rock star

or somebody impersonating
a rock star,

what's the difference?

There's a huge difference.

Welcome to Los Angeles

where the time is
4:43 in the afternoon.

Okay, the thing
to remember about LA

is that they love an exotic
Englishman out here, all right?

They're going to be
endless kissing your ass

and promising you the world.

Yeah, sounds awful.

Just remember, it's
not reality, all right?

This is an insane,
fucked up city of lies.

It's like rock candy mountain
or the fun fair in Pinocchio.

Yeah, man.

They're going to turn
you into a donkey, man.

All right, just be careful.

Keep your head on.

All right. Thanks, dad.

So, got a message
from Mickelson.

Uh huh?

He's going to meet
us at that RCA guys

party tomorrow night.

- All right.
- It's happening, David.

Rolling Stone, man.

- It's real.
- Oh.

- It's happening.
- Right.


Also I uh, I
got you a present.

Oh. Thank you.

What is it?

It's a guy we signed in '68,

the legendary Stardust Cowboy.

Oh, cool.

Yeah, I try to help him
out every now and then.

None of the other press guys

at Mercury will
touch him, really.

Why not?

Well, you know
about a minute in

he starts wailing
like fucking lunatic,

this complete nut job.

Is it meant to be funny?

Oh no, no. He's
deadly serious.

Thinks he's got a genuine shot
at the big time, that guy.


Anyway, always
room in rock and roll

- for a bit more crazy, right?
- Right.

All right. I'll see
you in the morning.

Okay. Thanks, Ron.

♪ I'm a sleepwalker, baby ♪

Hey man.

- Hey, Ron.
- How's it goin'?

- Welcome.
- Thanks, pal.

David Bowie, Brandon
from RCA Records.

This is a great honor.

Hey, come on, let's start.
Let me show you around.

Yeah, there's this one
thing that I don't get.

How come you're not a huge star?

Oh wow.

Maybe it's your label.

Well, Mercury
haven't been the best.

What's your P and
A spending like?

The what?

- Press and advertising.
- Oh, not much, I'd say.

Hey listen, you should
really think about RCA.

I'm serious.

The only big thing they
got right now is Elvis,

and he's not going
to be around forever,

you know what I mean?

- Do you think they'd have me?
- In a heartbeat.

They should be so lucky.

They'd be lucky to have me.

I could be the next King.

- Oberman.
- Hey, John.

- Been too long.
- Hey, man.

I appreciate you coming out.

I owe you one, man.

You do if he's the reason I
sat in a cab for 45 minutes.

Now wait a second.

- I, I think you're gonna-
- No, no.

How many times have I
fucking told you people

we won't cover another
flower power limey

crossing the pond
five years too late?

Can you just give
me, like, five-

- Man, you've been shoveling
this shit for too long.

Maybe it's time you got out.

Found something real yourself.

Well maybe I have.

Come on, he looks like
Lauren fucking Bacall.

Actually he prefers
a latter day Garbo,

- but I get your point, John.
- Do you, though?

I mean all this counterculture
shit leaves you cold.

Actually no, that's
not true, all right.

Listen to me.

There's, there's something
different about him.

Is it the
periwinkle eyeshadow?

No man.

And you know what your
fuckin' problem is?

You're jaded and you
might not be able to see

when a kid's got something,
might really do something, John.

Okay. Okay, jeez.

I'm just saying he
better do it soon.

I'm catching the next
red eye to New York

in a couple of hours.

Hey, come on,
you're a music hack.

Isn't every flight a red eye?

Look, just talk to him.
That's all I'm asking.

Okay, so, where do I find him?

Okay. I'll, uh, hold on.

You need to get
me out of here.

Oh, thank fucking god.


You all right?

Have you got any smokes?


I thought you'd
forgotten about me.

As if.


You need to get me out of here.

Seriously, David,

- Well-
- I'm begging ya.

Look at these people.

I'm not like them.

I haven't got any
of this, have I?


Hey, David.


He's ready for you, man.

- And David?
- Yeah?

Please. No fucking miming.

Okay? All right.


I'm sorry, can you
repeat the question?

I was asking a
simple question,

who or what is David Bowie?


uh, Dave Bowie is the image

and David Jones is me, but uh,

David Bowie is not
a false person.

I mean, I am also David Bowie.

Feels a little
schizophrenic to me.

I mean um...

You said he's only had
one major psychotic episode,

but I see from the notes
that your brother's

had quite a few
violent outbursts.

No, Terry wouldn't hurt a fly.

Your mother said he attacked
her husband, John Jones.

My dad, yeah.

I mean, they had a big row once.

Him and Terry didn't
get along so well.

How long do you think he
needs to stay here for?

Depends how he
responds to the drugs.

Could be a few months,
could be much longer.

And from the family history,
I think Terry may be

quite far along the spectrum.

There's a spectrum?

Schizoid spectrum.

Usually we see a progression

- starting with mild psychosis-
- Like what, for example?

Personality disorder.

Feeling disconnected
from your surroundings.

Compulsive sexual behavior,
disordered speech,

those sort of symptoms.

Do you have
trouble separating

fantasy from reality?

Um, well, I
mean, I don't want to um,

I don't want to climb out
of my fantasies to um,

go up on stage.

I want to, I want to take them
out there with me.

Okay, so, if I'm at
one of your concerts,

what am I getting?

A fantasist?

A tart.

- What?
- A harlot.

This is how you see
your role as an artist?


I mean well I, I think that
music should be tarted up.

It should be, should be
made into a prostitute,

a parody of itself.

A parody?

Yes, yes, well I think
music should be the, um,

should be the clown,
should be the Pierrot.

Pierrot? The pantomime fool?

I mean only that um,

well that music is the mask
that the message wears and I,

I, the performer,
yeah, I am the message.

I'm sorry. What
is the message?

What I want to nail here
is what's the one constant?

What's the, the thing you carry

into every song, concert?

It's like, um...

It's like a uh...

A bad seed.

I mean, it's in my
genes, isn't it?

It's passed down
in families, yes.

It doesn't mean it's genetic.

Sorry. I didn't
quite follow, doc.

Terry was raised
by his grandmother

when he was little,
is that right?

Granny Margaret, yeah.

She was a tough,
old boot.

And there was other daughters
who were schizophrenic?

Yeah, three of my aunts.

Auntie Una had a lobotomy.

Drilled right into her brain.

There's a new theory.

Schizophrenia may be triggered
by traumatic rejection,

you know, when parents
reject their children?

Either in childhood
or adolescence.

What about audiences
rejecting performers?

I don't think there's been
a paper written on that.


All right, so uh, did
you get what you need?

Oh yeah.

♪ My death waits like ♪

♪ An old roué ♪

♪ So confident I'll go his way ♪

♪ Whistle to him ♪

♪ And the passing time ♪

♪ My death waits
like a Bible truth ♪

♪ At the funeral of my youth ♪

♪ Oh, we drink for that ♪


Bloody hell.


David, Jesus, don't.

Oh god, thank fucking god.

You're alive.

I don't need to worry?

You know,
my brother, Terry

the one in the merchant navy?

Well he's uh, he's not
in the merchant navy.

He's in an asylum.

- I'm sorry, buddy.
- Yeah.

The dirty secret.

Madness in the family.

Generation after generation,

behind the net curtains and,

well, I'm scheduled to be next.

I don't want to go mad.

I've made other plans.

Well, listen, this
fucking business can make

the most sane people feel
like they're fucking nuts.

It's not the
music business, Ron.

It's, I mean, I can,

I can put it in a song, right?

But you expect me
to go across America

talking about it, saying
oh hello, I'm David Bowie

and I happen to be
going stark raving mad.

That fucking terrifies me.

I never told you
you had to do that.

Yes you did.

You've been telling me to do
that ever since I arrived.

Be authentic.

Tell the truth. Be yourself.

All of these bloody
authentic musicians you like,

there is no authentic me.

It's just...

Fear and voices.

I mean, you know who you are.

Right? That's that's
something to envy.


It's overrated.

Well, look, you know, it's
not that hard, really.

I mean, if you
can't be yourself...

Well, I can't, can I?

Well then be someone else.

Be someone else.

- Who?
- I don't fucking know.

Well, thank you.

That was extremely unhelpful.

I know.

I'm just a publicist.
You're the fucking artist.

Sir? Your drink.

Hi, folks.

We're not expecting much
in the way of turbulence

for your flight to
London, England tonight.

Flight time, 12
hours and 35 minutes.

We should have you on
the ground around 10 AM.


What the fuck did
they do to you?

It's happening.

What's happening?

What happened to Terry.


No, it's not David.


No, no. It's not
happening, all right?

You just need rest.

You just need some
rest, that's all.

Terry darling, it's
really not a good time.

Hello Terry.

Back from your holidays?

You could have
sent me a postcard.

- Terry.
- I was expecting a postcard.

Or did you forget about me?

Did they
discharge you?


Did a runner.

Wanna see if my little
brother got back in one piece.

I wanted to hear
the great tidings.

Did we crack America, Davie?

What do you mean, Terry?

All the Madmen.

That's us.

The madmen.


David's just gotten
home and he's shattered.

I'm shattered!

You're shattered?

The whole fucking
world is shattered.

It's okay.

You're not well.

You need to go back.

- I'll take him.
- No, David.

Come in.

Terry, I can't.

Of course you can.

Nothing to be afraid of.

Oh, the prodigal returns.

Let me call off
the search party.

I'm going to get going.

- Angie, you know.
- Oh, Terry.

Your Jemima's here.

Come and watch, please.

- You'll like it.
- No, I'm gonna-

- Terry, why don't you
just join 'em in the ward.

I'll talk to your brother.

He's right, you know.

You should stay and watch.

Watch what?

Let me show you.

This way.

We've heard so much about you.

Terry says you're back
from a tour of America.


There's some fascinating
work on psychiatry

coming from the east coast.

Well, of course we do
interesting work here as well.

It's probably worth your
while hanging around.

In Cane Hill?

Don't need to look so alarmed.

We have a new therapist,

and Terry is really
taken with her.

Look, I'm certain that
with your background,

you'll find what she does
absolutely fascinating.

Come on.

Your brother really
enjoys her sessions which,

well it's such a
surprise that he eloped.

I don't think I want to go in.

Look, it's a new idea.

It's called drama therapy.

Essentially it means you
discharge your psychosis

by pretending to
be someone else.

If you even lay one
fucking finger on him again,

I'll beat you 'til
next Saturday.

Do you understand?

How about you, Terry?

Have you thought about who
you'd like to be today?

Anybody you'd like.

Who would you like to be?

A singer.

Well all right.

Any specific singer?

Frank Sinatra?

Marty Wilde?

There is someone, yeah,
that I should have been.

♪ What kind of fool am I ♪

♪ Who never fell in love ♪

♪ It seems that
I'm the only one ♪

♪ That I have been thinking of ♪

♪ What kind of lips are these ♪

♪ That lied with every kiss ♪

♪ And whispered
empty words of love ♪

♪ That left me alone like this ♪

♪ Why can't I fall in love ♪

♪ Like any other man ♪

♪ And maybe then I'll know ♪

♪ What kind of fool I am ♪

How's it going?

What is all this?

What is all this stuff?

I'm trying, uh, I'm trying
to put something together.

Put what together?

I don't know yet,
it's uh, America.

You're trying to
put America together?

I don't know!

It's just, there's
bits and pieces.

Bits and pieces.

What do you want from me?

What do I want?

What do I want?

What do you think I want David?

We were supposed to be
rewriting the rules together,

destroying marriage
in its old form,

sort of resurrecting
this new equality.

Two equals, two shining stars.

Not ignored, invisible,

a fucking broodmare.

You weren't there for me.

What? In America?


Sometimes I would
call you, right,

- and you weren't-
- I wasn't there?

Oh, I wasn't sitting next
to the phone or submissive.

Docile, just waiting
for you to call.

Fuck you, David.

We were supposed to
be king and queen.

Not master and fucking slave.

That's it.

I'm done.

It's over, David.

That's it, it's fucking
over. That's it!

No it isn't.

Bloody hell.

Listen, I've got all these
American music hacks.

50 of them. I've
brought America to you.

So I want to bring a
few of them backstage.

Quick peek behind the curtain.


David, RCA paid for
them to fly across

the Atlantic to meet you.

- I said no.
- For fuck's sake, why not?

Aliens don't mingle, Tony.

No fucking way.

Mick. You agreed.

It's like, um, like a gang right?
Like the Clockwork Orange.

Just a little
bit less scary, so,

Freddie and I picked these
colors just for you, right,

so, oh, blue for you
and your gorgeous hair.

This is, oh, this
might be my favorite.

You're fucking joking me.

Takes a real man to
wear pink and pull it off.

And Mick gets gold.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

Oh, fuck's sake.

What are you doing, Mick?

Going home.

'Cause this is fucking silly.

You know what, it doesn't
go down well in Hull.

- Hull?
- That's right.

But we've never
played in Hull.

Last time you dressed
as a fairy on TV,

some buster threw a potted
plant in me dad's house.

Okay, all right, but
Mick, but Mick, the music.

The music's fine, David.

I'd go so far as to say the
music's fucking brilliant.

So why do we gotta dress
like some puff's pantomime?

I mean, look at
you, you're gonna

be a fucking laughing stock.

No one'll her the music.

They'll just see
some fucking clown.

You're ruining it.

If this is such a good idea,

why hasn't Robert Plant done
it, or Daltrey, or Jagger?

It's bollocks, mate.

You are not a space alien.

Oh yes I am.

You are not an alien.

You're from Bromley, man.

What's so fucking funny?

What are you fucking
laughing at, David?

Woo hoo.

Aren't we picture perfect?

Are you doing
touches on the others?

Oh, there's so
many kids out there.

There's incidents occurring.

- Is Mick wearing the-
- Yeah, he's wearing it.


Thanks, Angie.

Good luck, darling.

Come on.


Hey, David?

Oh my God.

Fuckin' look at you, man.

You're real.

Yeah, the last time I checked.

I wouldn't miss it
for the world, buddy.

Oh yeah.


I told you, all it
takes is one believer.

And we've got two.

Two? There's like a thousand,
2000 people out there, man.

It's crazy.

Mr. Bowie,
they're ready for you.

All right, man, go out there.

Give it all you got.

Rock and roll.

and gentlemen,

in their first performance
on planet Earth,

Ziggy Stardust and
the Spiders from Mars!

♪ Early in the morning,
'bout the break of day ♪

♪ That's when my
baby went away ♪

♪ Come back baby,
I wish you would ♪

♪ This crying and pleading
won't do you no good ♪

♪ Walking and a-kissing
late at night ♪

♪ You know pretty baby
it feels just right ♪

♪ Come now baby,
whatcha trying to do ♪

♪ Trying to love me and
some other man too ♪

♪ Come now baby, give
me one more chance ♪

♪ You know I still love you,
want to give you romance ♪

♪ Yeah, give you
romance, all night long ♪

♪ In my arms, whoa, yeah ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Early in the morning,
'bout the break of day ♪

♪ That's when my
baby went away ♪

♪ Come back baby,
I wish you would ♪

♪ This crying and pleading
won't do you no good ♪

♪ Hey pretty baby,
I love you so ♪

♪ You know, pretty baby,
it hurts me to see you go ♪

♪ Oh yeah ♪

♪ Oh yeah ♪

♪ Oh yeah ♪

Thank you.

♪ My death waits
like an old roué ♪

♪ So confident I'll go his way ♪

♪ Whistle to him and
the passing time ♪

♪ My death waits
like a Bible truth ♪

♪ At the funeral of my youth ♪

♪ Oh, we drink for that
and the passing time ♪

♪ My death waits like
a witch at night ♪

♪ As surely as our
love is bright ♪

♪ Let's not think about
the passing time ♪

♪ But what ever lies
behind the door ♪

♪ There is nothing much to do ♪

♪ Angel or devil, I don't care ♪

♪ For in front of that
door, there is you ♪

♪ My death waits there
among the leaves ♪

♪ In magicians'
mysterious sleeves ♪

♪ Rabbits and dogs
and the passing time ♪

♪ My death waits there
among the flowers ♪

♪ Where the blackest
shadow cowers ♪

♪ Let's pick lilacs
for the passing time ♪

♪ My death waits there
in a double bed ♪

♪ Sails of oblivion at my head ♪

♪ So pull up the sheets
against the passing time ♪

♪ But what ever lies
behind the door ♪

♪ There is nothing much to do ♪

♪ Angel or devil, I don't care ♪

♪ For in front of that door ♪

♪ There is ♪

Thank you.