Starcrash (1978) - full transcript

Outlaw smugglers Stella Star and Akton manage to pick up a castaway while running from the authorities, who turns out to be the only survivor from a secret mission to destroy a mysterious superweapon designed by the evil Count Zarth Arn. The smugglers are soon recruited by the Emperor of the Galaxy to complete the mission, as well as to rescue the Emperor's son, who has gone missing. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(light rumbling)

(spaceship rumbling)

(spaceship rumbling loudly)

- [Woman] Major Bradbury
to communication bridge.

Major Bradbury to communication bridge.

Nuclear com-force to main engine room.

Nuclear com-force to main engine room.

(elevator warbling)

Major Bradbury to communication bridge.

Major Bradbury to communication bridge.

(door humming)

(spaceship rumbling)

- What is it like, the
planet we're approaching?

- Nothing but ice and snow.

A barren desert of whiteness.

- Scan it with our computer waves.

The enemy's weapons may be
hidden beneath its surface.

(ominous synth music)


(radiation clicking)

(spaceships rumbling)

(radiation clicking)

(spaceship rumbling)

(spaceship exploding)

(grand orchestral music)

(spaceship rumbling)

(spaceship rumbling)

(spaceship rumbling)

(spaceship rumbling)

(computer beeping)

- [Akton] Aha!

Looks like the cops.

- As Thor, chief of the imperial police,

I order you to surrender at once

(dramatic orchestral music)

(spaceship rumbling)

- [Elle] Stella, you cheap smuggler,

I am police robot, Elle.

You have the right to remain silent.

(spaceship rumbling)

- Go for hyper space.

(wind whooshing)

Let's hope this star-buggy stays together.

What's our chances?

- 40%, total disintegration,

30% molecular ignition,

20% gamma contamination.

- You are very reassuring

I assume that means we have
a 10% chance of making it.

- Not really.

3% structural collapse.


- [Stella] All right, all right.

Just keep on course and get ready

to reenter normal space.

- [Akton] Ready when you are.

(wind whooshing)

- We've done it, we've done it!

- Not quite.

Look, the Nutrant star!

- If it gets a hold on us, it'll crush us.

(spaceship rumbling)

Prepare to release Ath-Power stage.

- Eject, eject!

(spaceship blasting)


- [Both] Ha ha, we made it.

- Plot us a new course,

so that cop cant find us.

- Even as you speak,
it's been taken care of.

There's the border of the haunted stars.

If we'd traveled one second further,

we would have wound up right beside them.

- What in the universe is that?

(dreamy orchestral music)


It's a spaceship.

- No, its a launch.

- Their power is totally down.

Maybe they're wounded,

to weak to send a signal.

I'm gonna have a look.

- [Akton] What's the radiation level?

- [Stella] Normal.

The hull isn't damaged.

I'm going inside.

(ship warbling)

- Is everything all right?

- Yes.

Wait a minute.

There's someone here.

He looks like he's hurt pretty bad,

but he's alive

I'll try to get him back to the ship.

- I'll help you bring him aboard.


He's dehydrated,

suffering from exhaustion.

- But the launch was full of supplies.

Everything he could have needed.


- He's also in shock.

He keeps talking about
monsters, red monsters

He wants us to alert someone urgently.

- Who?

- The Emperor of the first
circle of the universe.

(machine buzzing)

It's the emblem of the chief
officers of the imperial navy.

I'd say red hot potatoes
for small time smugglers

on the run like us.

- We'll, what do we do?

- You go to prison, Stella star.

(ominous orchestral music)

Your leap through
hyperspace didn't fool us.

Your friction trail was easy to follow.


- You are completely
surrounded by fighter ships.

(spaceship rumbling)

- This time you've won.

We surrender.

- There won't be a next time, Stella Star.

- [Akton] Don't worry.

We'll get out of this.

(spaceship rumbling)

(ominous orchestral music)

- [Ellrik] My Lord!

- Yes.

What is it, Ellrik?

- They found one damned survivor.

Right now, the imperial shuttle ship

has taken him to their medical center,

but his brain seems to
be thoroughly damaged.

He will be of no help to
them, to find the ship.

- Mm-hmm.

Come to me, Golems!

(gears whirring)

I have a simple task for you.

You must not fail me.

(gears whirring)

- Therefore, the great machines

of the central operating system

of imperial justice hereby sentence you,

Akton, of ninth Vega,

to 220 years hard labor

in the prison planet of Ze-com the 3rd.

As for you, Stella Star,

having considered all the arguments,

studied all the video tapes,

the accusations, we condemn
you to forced labor for life

in the penal colony of Nocturne the 2nd.

This session is hereby adjourned.

(spaceship rumbling)

- [Man] Throw the radium in the furnace.

Careful now!

(radium crashing)

I said let's go, move!


Move, let's go!

Will you step it up!

Here, you can move faster than that!

(radium crashing)

Careful with that radium.

Will you move?

Move down those stairs!

Throw it the furnace!

(radium crashing)

Do what I tell you!

Where do you think you are?

We haven't got all day!

- [Guard] All right, five minutes of rest.

Move quickly now!

Prisoners, get back to their post!

Let's go!

- [Man] Come on quickly now!

Let's go!

- I've been at this for 12 straight hours.

The radiation will burn my skin off.

Were not slaves.

- You'd better work

if you don't want the taste of the burning

of their energy whips too.


- But there must be a way to escape.

- There will be a way.

You know, blow ups happen.

(ominous orchestral music)

If I could only succeed in
overfeeding the furnace.

- But overfeed it with what?

- Energy!

- Then a gun ray could be enough.

- Planning an escape?

This is what you're gonna get, lady!

(suspenseful orchestral music)


(laser blasting)


(laser blasting)


(laser blasting)


(lasers blasting)



(lasers blasting)


(lasers exploding)

(spaceship warbling)

(door humming)

(dreamy orchestral music)

- [Thor] You can drop the riffle-ray.

Now turn around.

- You!

- I bet you never expected to see me here.

- [Stella] And you too.

- [Elle] Poor, Stella.

Your escape efforts have been wasted.

- Okay.

I've lost again.

- [Elle] We were sent to free you,

your sentence has been canceled.

- Have you both gone mad?

- [Elle] I only have
logic animotion circuits.

No room for craziness.

Well, I've been assigned to a
top secret imperial mission.

We must now leave and set Akton free.

(ominous orchestral music)

- There, he's yours.

My gift to you.

- Would I lie to you?

(spaceship warbling)

(spaceship rumbling)

- [Elle] Look, it is
the imperial flagship.

(grand orchestral music)

Akton, you are gonna
meet some real royalty.

(dramatic orchestral music)

(hologram warbling)

He's here!

There is his holographic image.

- His Highness,

the Emperor of the first
circle of the universe.

- I come to you because my faithful robot,

Elle, has told me that
you are the only one

who could save us.

You know, you must be the best
pilot in the whole galaxy,

and you Akton, the best navigator.

Stella, our galaxy is split

into two waring factions,

our own

and the one ruled by the
evil Count, Zarth Arn,

from the league of the dark worlds.

Recently begun to receive troublesome

reports from our spies among the league.

They have informed us that the
Count has created a weapon,

a new, limitless weapon.

A weapon so vast, so huge

that it would take a whole
planet to conceal it.

That is why we sent the mission ship.

- Did they find the planet?

- The ship came so close, so close

to discovering the Count's secret,

when it was suddenly attacked by a horde

of unknown monsters.

We had assumed it was destroyed.

We'd lost all hope

until you found the launch from that ship.

And now, with the utmost secrecy,

you must sail to the haunted stars.

You must find that ship.

Find the Count's secret
planet and destroy it.

There's something else.

When you complete the mission,

search for the commander

of that missing ship.

He was my only son.

(grand orchestral music)

(spaceship rumbling)

(electricity zapping)

- The first possibility
is the Origa system,

also know as the worlds asleep.

But this system is still within our galaxy

and we should've found it by now.

The same also applies to
the white sun of Ohzon.

So only the third possibility remains,

the heart of the haunted stars.

An unknown planet named Euraphas!

(electricity warbling)

- [Elle] Well, shall we begin our search?

- [Thor] Lets go!

- The distance we must travel is enormous.

By using hyperspace,

what would normally take
two months to reach,

we should do in two hours.

Everything ready?

- Ready!

- Right!

(wind whooshing)

- [Elle] Every time I go into
hyperspace, I get nervous.

- Prepare for re-entry to normal space.

We've arrived!

(suspenseful orchestral music)

(spaceship rumbling)

(spaceship rumbling)

- Its not very far from here.

You can reach by using the space shuttle.

Thor and I will wait for you there,

hidden in that canyon,

so that were ready in case
of another surprise attack

of the Count.

- [Elle] That sounds fine with me.

- Is there air out there?

- Yeah, yeah, you can breathe.

- All right, lets go!

- [Elle] Follow me.

I'm sure you can operate the shuttle ship.

The controls are easy.

Now watch your step right here.

- Take care.

(shuttle whooshing)

- You all right?

- [Stella] You bet.

Let's go.

- [Elle] Don't you
think were a little low?

I haven't been programmed
to walk on water.

Oh me, water makes me so nervous.

- Everything makes you nervous.


It's the launch.

Let's land.

- [Elle] Okay.

Take it in easy.

Shuttle to starship,

we are landing now.

(ship beeping)

- [Akton] Roger, out.

(door humming)

- [Elle] My seatbelt's stuck.

- [Stella] Oh Elle, come on!

- [Elle] Take it easy, I'm coming.

Look at that!

- [Stella] Amazing!

It's almost buried.

- [Elle] The impact was tremendous.

I doubt if anyone could have survived.

The nuclear exhaust ports
have been gutted by fire.

- [Stella] We'd better look around.

What's that?

- [Elle] I don't know.

- Seems to be a planetary artifact.

- [Elle] Well, it certainly is an antique.

- Looks like some sort of laser spear.

- [Elle] This planet is inhabited.

We must be very careful.

We are in the evil Count's domain.

- Ha, these stars are
extremely far and remote,

even for him.

Probably they've set
up a fully independent

kind of civilization.

- [Elle] We're wasting time.

We'd better start looking
for the missing crew.

(ominous orchestral music)

- [Stella] Come on, lets go this way.

- [Elle] Look!

Amazons on horseback.

I hope they're friendly.

- [Stella] We'll soon find out.

- Take my revenge.

Kill 'em.

(door humming)

(grand orchestral music)

- Die, robot.


- [Woman] Quick, grab the girl.

The queen wants her alive.

You'll pay for this, all of you!

Don't make us kill you.


- [Stella] Come on!


- Stop!

There is no escape.

- Take your hands off of me.

Let me go.

(dramatic orchestral music)

Get your hands off of me.

Let me go.

- Queen Querrelia, this
is the spy we captured.

She came through the forbidden sea.

- You're a spy.

As the men from the launch were too.

But nothing is going to
stop the Count anymore.

Even if you had passed by this world,

you'd never be able to
discover the Count's planet.

(spaceship warbling)

Two packs of murdering guardians are there

to watch and protect it from intruders.

And now, put her into the mind probe.

- No, no!

(suspenseful orchestral music)

- [Elle] Hold it right there!

- Elle!

- [Elle] Release her or
I'll blast your queen.

I mean it.

Come on now.

Don't you people move or you are dead.

Give me the trouble and I'm
gonna clean out your sinuses

real good lady.

Now you stand there.

Okay, Close the door.

Don't you follow us now.
(door humming)

- Stop them, stop them!

(laser blasting)

- Behind you!

(lasers blasting)

- [Elle] Come on, lets go!

- [Stella] Elle you're terrific.

I didn't know you had it in you.

Where's the release mechanism?

- [Elle] It's jammed!

Take cover!

Here goes the last shot.

Full power!

(lasers blasting)

That did it.

Come on, lets go!

Hurry, hurry!

- Guardian, take my revenge.

(lasers blasting)

Kill them.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

(footsteps thudding)

- Look!

- [Elle] Whoa!

Run for your life!

There, that narrow passage in the rocks.

Come on, Stella, run!

(footsteps thudding)

- Hurry!

(sword thudding)



Oh, Elle!

Oh, Elle.

(spaceship warbling)

(lasers blasting)

- [Elle] We better move!

The amazon air-fighters will be here soon.

Quick, to the ship!

(robot thudding)

(suspenseful orchestral music)


- They're attacking.

- [Elle] I'll man the laser-canon.

- Specter seven, fire!


- Okay, get ready.

Here they come.

(lasers blasting)

- Power is up to full battle speed.

- Hard lateral right.

(lasers blasting)


Why don't you come back now?

(lasers blasting)

- Here they come, specter 3.

(lasers blasting)

(ship exploding)

(lasers blasting)

(ship exploding)

- All right.

We've got them!

- Fire, fire!

(ship exploding)


- One more.

There's one more!


- We've got 'em.

Watch out on the right.

- We're down from six to five.

Get ready.

(lasers blasting)

(ship exploding)

(ship warbling)

More to the left.

(lasers blasting)

- Steady.

Then fire five.

Then six.

- Fire the laser-canon, robot.


(lasers blasting)



- We got it!

(lasers blasting)

- We're holding.

(lasers blasting)


- Now!

- Three ships approaching from the right.


(lasers blasting)

(ship exploding)

- All right, we've won.

We did it.

(ship warbling)

- I found the positions
to both the 3rd launch

and the mothership.

The mothership is closest,
so we'll check it out first.

(screen beeping)

It's here,

on the 3rd planet of
the next solar system.

- [Stella] I've never been there.

What's it like?

- Red fogs, high winds, low gravity.

The air is breathable

and the atmospheric conditions are stable.

However, the entire planet

is covered with ice and snow.

And you must be extremely
careful when the sun sets.

The temperature drops
thousands of degrees.

And in an instant,
everything freezes over.

(dreamy orchestral music)

- [Elle] What a terrible crash.

No one could have survived.

- Do you see any signs
of the Emperor's son?

- [Elle] If he's in
the middle of all this,

I don't even know if his own
mother would recognize him.

- Then it's all over.

There's no hope of ever finding
the Count's secret fortress.

- [Elle] There's still the third launch.

- It's probably lost out
in the stars, who knows?

Anyway, it's useless to raise false hopes.

It's been too long

and this galaxy is wild and hostile.

Come on Elle, lets go back to the ship.

- [Elle] We'd better hurry.

We've run out of time and
our power pack reserves

are nearly finished.

- Let's get rid of them.

It's gonna be a long walk back.

My feet are already cold.

- [Elle] It's times like these
that I'm glad to be a robot.

(laser warbling)

- [Computer] What's the
matter with you, Akton?

- Well, I'm just refining my powers.

And what's your problem,
ship's computer, huh?

- [Computer] Is everything all
right with Stella and Elle?


- I'm not worried about them.

I'm just waiting.

(pipe thudding)

- Your waiting's over.

(computer beeping)

- [Zarth] Mmm, at last Thor.

You have some good news for me?

- Yes, excellency.

I've killed the alien pathfinder
and taken over this ship.

- What of Stella Star

and that tin policeman?

- This planet will take
care of them, excellency.

- Good!

And I await your immediate arrival.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

- [Stella] Elle, how much further?

- [Elle] We should be close.

Just a few more radiants.

- Ship's computer,

why aren't the main engines firing?

- [Computer] There is a malfunction.

- A malfunction?


- [Computer] I am not
programmed for this malfunction.

(machine beeping)

- [Stella] Akton!

We're here!

(computer beeping)

(computer beeping)

- [Elle] Akton, Thor, let us in.

The sun is setting.

- That's exactly why
I'm not letting you in.

Soon you'll be dead and I'll
be gone from this planet.

- Have you gone crazy?

Open this hatch!

- [Thor] No!

- Where's Akton?

- Akton is dead

and I'm leaving to join Count Zarth-Arn,

as the prince of the League of Darkness.

- [Elle] Thor, a traitor?

I cannot believe it.

I cannot trust my own
logic circuits anymore.

- [Stella] He fooled me too.

It's no use.

We're gonna freeze.

- [Elle] Maybe not.

Maybe I can save you.

Let's stop here.

Now you lie down in the snow, face up.

- [Stella] Okay.

- [Elle] Now give me your hand

so I can monitor your temperature.

I can use my energy to
keep your heart working.

You'll be in a state
of suspended animation.

- Elle,

as an opponent, I always
knew you were programmed

to never give up,

which was infuriating.

But now that quality must be best.

You're the most faithful
companion a woman ever had.

- [Elle] And I too, respect you, Stella.

You are the nicest human being I've known.

Now, maybe, is a good time

to use your ancient system of prayer

and hope it works for robots, as well.

- Goodbye my friend.

- [Elle] Goodbye for now, Stella.

(dreamy orchestral music)

- You were expected here hours ago!

- I've been delayed by a malfunction.

- I don't tolerate malfunctions

or inefficiency in my realm.

(ominous orchestral music)

How long will the delay be?

(computer beeping)

- I think a very long time.

You shouldn't try taking
off without asking me first.

- This time I'll make sure you are dead.

(heavy punching)


(eyes zapping)


(heavy punching)

I'll fix you.

All right, Akton.

This is it.

Say goodbye.

(laser blasting)


(laser blasting)


- Put down the gun.

- Stop!

No-one can survive these deadly rays.

(laser blasting)

- Those deadly rays will be your death.

(electricity zapping)

(computer beeping)


Elle, do you read me?

This is Akton.

I've taken over the ship.

Do you read me?

(snow crunching)

- [Elle] Ah.

(spaceship beeping)

Her pulse rate is 16.

She may survive if you can use your powers

and bring her back slowly.

Careful now.

- Close the hatch.

(dreamy orchestral music)

(lasers warbling)

(lasers warbling)

- [Elle] Look, it's working!

She's going to make it.

(light orchestral music)

Come on, Stella!

(heart beating)

What's wrong?

The main engines will not fire.

Thor must have tried everything.

What are we gonna do now?

- So, we get out of one mess

just to find ourselves in another.

- Not necessarily.

- [Elle] What do you mean?

We are stuck!

Even the transmitter is out of order.

- We can take off immediately.

- [Elle] Take off?


- The ship is not operating

simply because I borrowed this reactor.

- Then you knew about Thor.

- Yes, I did.

- So you see into the future.

All these years you never told me.

Think of all the trouble
I might have avoided.

- You have tried to change the future,

which is against the law.

So therefore, I can tell you nothing.

Let's find the 3rd launch.

- [Elle] Akton, you are something else!

- Yes.

Time is running out.

- [Elle] Lets go!

(computer warbling)

(grand orchestral music)

(spaceship rumbling)

(spaceship rumbling)

- We're arriving.

That's the planet Demundia.

There in barren land and wast emptiness,

we'll find the 3rd launch.

(spaceship warbling)

- [Elle] Something's wrong.

Everything has stopped.

- What's happening?

- Power failure!

(radiation zapping)

- [Elle] My circuits!

My circuits are failing.

- We've been hit by an energy beam.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

- [Elle] I am out of
control, I am out of control.

- Look!

What is it?

- [Elle] It must be the Count's weapon!

- Oh my head, oh!

- Fire.


Fire, you stupid robot!



- I can't see anything.

(radiation zapping)

What's happening?


(spaceship warbling)


- Here, let me help you.

The attack's over.

You'll be all right.

- I thought I was gonna go insane.

- We've just survived an attack

of the most powerful weapon
in the entire galaxy.

(grand orchestral music)

(spaceship rumbling)

(suspenseful orchestral music)

- [Elle] If Akton's
calculations are correct,

we should find the launch this way,

in a crater just over there.

Oh, me.

- [Stella] Don't say it.

Don't say, I know.

Steam makes you nervous.

- [Elle] No, no!

Not really.

Heh heh, why should I be nervous?

There is nothing to be
afraid of 'round here.

- Looks totally wrecked,

but it's definitely the third launch.

I'd better go down.

- [Elle] No, I insist.

Time for a little robot-chauvinism.

You stay here.

- [Stella] Be careful, Elle.

- [Elle] You do not
have to worry about me!


(suspenseful orchestral music)

Release her!

- [Stella] Elle!

(lasers blasting)

- [Elle] Take that.


(lasers blasting)



Take that.

(metal thudding)

(electricity zapping)

- No.

(metal thudding)

(all grunting)


Let me down!






(all grunting)

Help, help, help!


Let me down, help!

Let me down, help!


(suspenseful orchestral music)


Don't, don't.

Oh, no.

(lasers blasting)


(lasers blasting)

(all yelling)

- [Simon] Relax.

Take it easy.

I'll cut you down.


You're free.

That was a little too close for comfort.

Come on.

Come on!

We'll rest here.

This is safe.

- Who are you?

- This is an energy-shield mask

and the amount of energy is limited.

My name is Simon.

I'm the only survivor from the
wreck of an imperial mission.

- Are you really?

We've been searching for you

all through these damned haunted stars.

- Why?

The Emperor's orders were to
find the Count's phantom planet

and to destroy it.

- So, you know about the monsters?

- Yes, I do.

- But it's useless.

We did not succeed in
finding the planet either.

And now there's no time left.

The cavemen will be waiting for us.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

All right, stay very close and very quiet.

- [Stella] Oh, this way looks safe.

(ominous orchestral music)

- [Simong] This way, this way.

(yelling and grunting)

(heavy punching)

- Simon!

Ah, no, no!

(light saber zapping)




(electricity zapping)


(light saber zapping)

- You all right?

- Akton, thank God you got here in time.

You must've known all along.

By the way, this is Simon,

the only survivor from
the imperial mission.

- We owe you our lives.

Now maybe with your
help, we can still find

the Count's phantom planet.

Lets go aboard your ship
and continue on at once.

- There's no need to continue.

- Have you gone crazy?

That's our primary mission,

to find the planet and destroy it.

- I know, but we've already found it.

Think about it.

Then you'll understand that
this is the Count's planet.

Remember what the Amazon queen said,

"A planet occupied by two
packs of evil defenders."

Well, the first we met while in space.

The red monsters.

And the second, right
here, the Troglodytes.

And there's no question about it.

This is the planet.

- This?

That's incredible.

I was here and I didn't even realize it.

- There's no way you could have.

Anyway, we proceed at once

and destroy all that machinery.


- Right.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

- There is the door that'll
take us to the machinery.

This is the Count's secret domain.

The very heart of the phantom planet.

From here he planned to
control the entire universe.

- [Stella] This is incredible.

Where is everybody?

- [Akton] Everything
is set in our destiny.

Soon you'll know all the answers.

(machinery buzzing)

This will take us to
operation headquarters.

(elevator humming)

After you, my dear.

(machinery warbling)

Here's the nerve center
of the entire operation.

- [Stella] This is unbelievable.


Pre-programmed computers.

They could run forever.

- [Simon] All these power
modules, what are they for?

- [Akton] This is the force

that projected the red
monsters into space.

- [Stella] Then this is the way
they produced real monsters?

- [Akton] No, not real.

The monsters never existed.

These machines discharged mental

projections of monsters in our brains

There's the control-panel.

Now destiny must take it's course.

- [Stella] No, we can't
allow this to happen.

- [Simon] We must destroy it, at once.

(gears whirring)
(ominous orchestral music)

- You've been very lucky

and clever.

You've survived every trap
that I'd laid for you.

Then I realized that your success

would become my triumph.

How much time is left, Captain?

- Half a quadrant to go, my lord.


- You hear?

In less than an hour's time,

all that'll be left of this planet

Will be ashes and cosmic dust,


Then you will be among the dead.

- The Emperor will make you pay for this.


- The Emperor?

I forgot to inform you

that the Emperor will be blown to pieces

along with the rest of you.


I told the Emperor

that we had found you on this planet.

He's on his way here now at top speed.

He'll get here just in time

to join the fireworks.

I'm sorry, your highness.

You've lost.

- Highness?

- Forgive me, Stella,

but in the beginning I didn't
know whose side you were on.

And afterwards,

I didn't know how to tell you.

- Yes, he is Simon, son of the Emperor

and heir to the throne.


- You two are to prevent
them from leaving this room

at all cost.

You will stay with them until the end.

Kill them if you have to.


Now it will be just a matter of waiting.

An hour goes by quickly.

(doors humming)

(spaceship rumbling)

(machinery warbling)

(gears whirring)

- We've got to get past those golems.

- Yes, but how?

- Have faith and never give up hope.

(light saber zapping)

(swords buzzing)

(gears whirring)

(light saber whooshing)

(light saber whooshing)

(gears whirring)

(electricity zapping)

(grand orchestral music)

(electricity zapping)

(light saber whooshing)

- Look out!



(electricity zapping)


(machinery warbling)

- [Woman] We are now approaching Demundia.

All crewmen to landing stations,

all crewmen to landing stations.

- Don't worry, don't worry.

You and the prince will live.

- Akton, you've got to get up.

We must get away from here.

- I shall remain here.

- Please get up, please.

- I'm no longer useful at this time.

- [Stella] You're talking nonsense.

You can heal yourself in no time at all.

- No.

I must obey destiny.

- Akton!

We'll carry you.

- Go.

It's your duty.

You must live.

(grand orchestral music)

- I can't.

I can't leave you.

You're the only human-like
friend I've ever had.

I don't understand.

You never die.

- Stella, Stella.

I've accomplished the mission.

- Yes, but I--

- Others are coming.

Even as I speak, they'll rescue you.

Don't worry.

I'll live forever.

Now go.


(electricity zapping)

(doors humming)

- Father!

We must leave at once.

- 48 seconds left to till the explosion.

We've got to get out of here.

- It's true, father.

The Count has mined the
planet with nuclear charges.

We're all about to die.

- You know something, my boy?

I wouldn't be Emperor if
I didn't have some powers

at my command.

Imperial battleship,

halt the flow of time.

(ray warbling)

In the space of three minutes,

every molecule on this
planet will be immobilized.

But after the third minute,

the green ray loses it's power.

Time will flow once again

and everything will explode.

- Three minutes are enough, father.

(doors humming)

(ray warbling)

(spaceship rumbling)

(spaceship rumbling)

(planet exploding)

(spaceship warbling)

- Now, the Count believes
that we are dead,

that our armies have dispersed

and that we have no leader.

He is supremely confident

that he can overcome us
with the greatest of ease.

Well then,

now is the time to surprise him.

We will attack his headquarters

before his fleets can join him.

If we succeed in this,

we could save billions of lives.

Gather together all our legions.

- Sir!

- And order the attack.

(grand orchestral music)

(spaceship blasting)

(spaceship blasting)

(spaceship blasting)

(spaceship blasting)

(spaceships rumbling)

(spaceship blasting)

(spaceship blasting)

(spaceships rumbling)

(spaceship blasting)

(spaceships rumbling)

- By sunset, I'll be the new emperor

and I will be the master
of the whole universe.

(spaceships rumbling)

(lasers blasting)

(ship exploding)

(lasers blasting)

(spaceship rumbling)

(lasers blasting)


- [Guard] Over there, over there.

(lasers blasting)

(ship exploding)

(lasers blasting)

(spaceship rumbling)

(lasers blasting)

Kill them!

- [Man] Over there, quickly.

(lasers blasting)

(blast exploding)

(lasers blasting)

(spaceship rumbling)

(ship exploding)


(ship exploding)

(spaceship rumbling)

(lasers blasting)

(spaceship rumbling)

(suspenseful orchestral music)

(spaceship blasting)

- Enemy arriving with torpedoes.

Prepare for attack.


- Here they come now.

- Careful.

(spaceship rumbling)


- [Guard] Where, sir, where?

- Over there, sir.

Watch out.

(spaceship blasting)

(glass smashing)


(lasers blasting)


(glass smashing)


(metal thudding)

(lasers blasting)



- Over there, over there.

- Kill, kill!

Over there.

- [Guard] Over there.

- [Simon] We've got them, father.

It's working.

(spaceships rumbling)

(grand orchestral music)

(lasers blasting)

- There.

Kill, kill!

(lasers blasting)

Faster, now.

(ships exploding)

(spaceships rumbling)

(ship exploding)

(spaceships rumbling)

(ship exploding)

(ship exploding)

(ship exploding)

- [Guard] Take your men, follow me.

(ominous orchestral music)

Kill them, here they come again.


(torpedo exploding)


(ship exploding)

(lasers blasting)




- Kill them!

(ship exploding)

(ship exploding)

(spaceship rumbling)

(metal thudding)

(spaceships rumbling)

(lasers blasting)


- Death squad, come on.

(lasers blasting)


Over there, quickly.

Now, careful.


(lasers blasting)


(spaceship warbling)

(laser blasting)


- Now let's give the
Emperor a great reception.

Put in use the mightiest weapon,

the doom machine.

Send it off to towards the
Emperor's capital world

and destroy the Emperor's imperial planet!


(all cheering)

- It's over.

We're finished.

We've lost.

(spaceship warbling)

- No.

No, there's still a way.

There's one solution left.

I'm afraid we're forced to use it.

- What?

- Starcrash!

- Fourth-dimensional attack.

- Yes!

If we can re-enter space
at the precise moment

the impact of surprise upon the Count

will be so overwhelming
that he cannot halt us.

- But father, there is not
a weapon powerful enough.

- Oh yes, there is.

The floating city.

- The floating city.

- Yes, yes I know.

Although we destroy it's hope,

it's future, I'm afraid
we must sacrifice it

by setting it towards
the Count's fortress.

It's our only way.

Now you must help me.

Both of you.

Go and direct its course.

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Zoltan!

- [Zoltan] Yes, my lord.

- Now set the doom machine

against the imperial space station itself.

How long will it take?

- [Zoltan] 15 minutes.

- Then set it in motion.

I want to wipe out the Emperor

from the whole of the universe.

- [Zoltan] Yes, my lord.

(spaceship warbling)

- [Stella] When do we
reach the floating city?

- Less than two minutes.

- Right, I'll check the docking facility.

- Right.

(spaceship warbling)

- [Stella] Everything checks out okay.

- [Simon] Look, the floating city,

already evacuated.

The technicians have
already set the charges

and freed the atomic engines.

- If everything goes smoothly,
I'll try to eject myself

as soon as I re-enter space.

- But surely I'll come with you.

- No, no, no!

It's more important that you stay here

to rescue me once this is all over.

- All right, I'll stay,

but I cannot let you go alone.

In fact our best scientists
have spent the last

few hours reconstructing
an old friend of yours.

- Elle!

- [Elle] You can't keep a good robot down.

- This is incredible.

They rebuilt you.

But how?

You look marvelous.

- [Elle] Very carefully.

And they used the latest components.

I feel like a new machine.

- Go now, quickly!

The survival of our
galaxy is in your hands.

(grand orchestral music)

- [Elle] This will take us
directly to the control room.

We have a lot to do in a very short time.

- Get ready to ease out of orbit.

(computer beeping)

This doesn't make you nervous, does it?

- [Elle] I've never flown a city before.

- Well, leave it to me.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

(city rumbling)

Build up maximum energy.

We must leap through the
very heart of the stars.

Prepare to transit, eight degrees.

- [Elle] Okay, I'm ready.

(city rumbling)

- My lord!

- Yes, Ellrik?

- A floating ship is
about to crash into us.

- What?


- [Zoltan] Yes, my lord.

- Destroy the floating
ship approaching us.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

- It can't be done.

It's too close.

- [Elle] There it is, dead ahead.

- [Stella] All right!

- [Elle] The Count's fighters.

- We've got to evade them.

(lasers blasting)

All systems, prepare for full power.

(lasers blasting)


(lasers blasting)

(lasers blasting)

(ship exploding)

(lasers blasting)

(ship exploding)


Let's lock in these controls
and move it out, quick.

- [Elle] Right!

- Let's go!

(lasers blasting)

(ship exploding)

- [Zarth] Come back,
you fools, you cowards.

Come back and fight.

- My lord?

- Yes, Ellrik!

- Come, or you'll be destroyed.

- Stay with the others.

- Let go!

- [Elle] Let's get out of here

or there won't be enough left
of me to put back together.

- You can bet on that!

- [Elle] Circuits, don't fail me now.


(computer beeping)

(ship exploding)

- Zarth-Arn, Zarth-Arn, Zarth-Arn!

(ship exploding)

(dreamy orchestral music)

(spaceship warbling)

- It's Simon.

Simon, we're over here.

- Stella, Stella!

And welcome home.


- [Elle] Hmm?

- Simon.

- [Elle] Hmm?

- Ah, Stella.

- [Elle] Hmmm?

- Simon.

- [Elle] Mmm?

Is that so?

(grand orchestral music)

- Well, it's done.

It's happened.

The stars are clear.

The planets shine.

We've won.

Oh, some dark force, no doubt,

will show it's face once more.

The wheel will always turn.

But for now, it's calm.

And for a little time,

at least,

we can rest.

(grand orchestral music)