Starchaser: The Legend of Orin (1985) - full transcript

Set on the subterranean Mine-World, a band of human worker are treated like slaves under the power of the evil overlord Zygon until one, Orin, unearths the hilt of a mythical sword that only he can master. Escaping the planet, he runs into the rogue smuggler Dagg and a pair of helpful droids and the princess, who all team up to return to the Mine-World with a plan to defeat Zygon and free Orin's enslaved people. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Get up and dig, worm!

You've got to slow down,

You're too old
to keep up this pace.

I've been digging
for 70 years, Elan.

Slowing down will only
prolong my suffering.

Orin, don't.

You won't survive
doing the work of two.

For the prettiest girl in the world,
I'd do the work of ten.

No talking!

The gods forbid it.

Water, water!

Water, water!


Leave him be.
He's no use to anyone now.


Orin! Orin!

Zygon, Zygon!


On your knees!

- Zygon!
- Zygon!

The gods
of the Mineworld are angry.

They have kept you alive
since the beginning of time

and ask very little in return.

The Furnace of Life
cries out in hunger.

You must feed more crystals,

or its life-giving energy
will burn out forever.

So dig harder or die!

Pick up your gifts
and get back to work.

Stop that!

- Watch out!
- Out of my way!

What is it, Orin?

Oh, my God!

What's wrong, Hopps?

I thought it was
only a myth, but-

what the mine masters say.

We're supposed
to give them any-

Not a word!
They must not get this!

But what is it?

Hide it!

Why aren't you working?

No. No, no, no!

My eyes!


The sword, the sword!

Up... up there...


He's gone!

I have no one now!

You have me.

He died for no reason, Orin.

No, Elan.

Hopps sacrificed his life for us.

But why?

I don't know.

But whatever Hopps was trying to tell us
had something to do with this.

It's alive!

Lf, in the distant future,

someone hears these words,

perhaps it is not too late.

These dark corridors
are not your true home.

There is a world above,

a magnificent universe
to which you can return,

if you have the courage.

He who possesses this sword,

possesses the power of truth.

Find the blade,

and you will find your freedom.

He's gone!

- A world above?
- I don't know.


Lies! All lies!

But why would anyone lie
about an upper world, Raymo?

By believing the words
of that demon,

you spit on the most sacred
commandment-"Never dig up."

Up is Hell.

What if the commandments are wrong?
What if there is a world beyond our own?

By not trying to find it,

we could spend the rest of eternity
digging and dying when there...

when there may be
something else.

- What else could there be?
- I don't know.

But on my grandfather's grave
I swear,

if there's a world above...

I will find it.

Who's with me?

No one's going with you.

I'm turning you both
in to the mine masters

for speaking out against the gods.

Now, give me that evil thing!


I'm all right, Kallie.

If Raymo tells the mine masters,
you will be killed, Orin.

In that case, I might as well die
trying to find the upper world.

We'll go together, Elan.

I'll go with you, too.

You'll have to be with us
in spirit, Kallie.

It's too dangerous
for one as young as you.

I'm not too young.

You don't want me
because I can't see.

Don't leave me, Orin.

I'll die without you.

You'll do just fine.

Aunt Bella will look after you.

But what if you-

What if you don't come back?

I'll come back, Kallie.

I promise.

I love you, little digger.

Hey, you there!
Back to work!

Orin? Elan?


It's all right, Kallie.
We're here.

You almost got yourself killed,
you little fool.

- You forgot the food!
- Hey, you worm!

Why aren't you working?

Quick! Get in the ore cart!

After them!

Run, Kallie, run!

Stop, worms, stop!

Jump now!

Quick, under the crystals!

Engine systems crew.

All processing robots
to Unloading Bay Two.

All processing robots
to Unloading...

- Where are we?
- I don't know.

Thirty-three megatons of crystal

to the Darbang system
ready for shipping.

No! No, keep going!

- Zygon!
- My congratulations.

You now know what only one other slave
has known in the last 1,200 years.

And like him,
you will die with the secret.

You might as well know
the rest of the lie.

Behold the great god
of Mineworld!



The sword with no blade!

Where did you get this?

I'm afraid it won't be
of any use to you now.

Watch out for the crystals!

If there is a world above,
I'll find it for you, Elan.

Never mind me.
Kill the boy!

A fitting grave
for a slave of Trinia.

Never dig up.

Up is Hell.

What have you got to tell me
this time, old man?

Is this your magnificent universe?

It's not a lie!

It's not a lie!

A human.

I want his hair.

Let go!

I get his arm.

Get your claws off him,
you greedy swamp scum.

Maybe the fleshy boy doesn't want
to give up his body parts.

- Do you?
- No.

Well, that's just too bad.

Because we're going
to take them anyway.

I'm sorry I escaped.

I'll go back!

Shut up, human. Your brain
must have worms eating it.

It makes no sense.

Careful, you're bruising his arm.

This is mine!

Mine, mine!

You'll get what I give you.


who wants his teeth?

Gold jewels!

Give me that!

No! I found it!

Let me see.

It's mine! It's mine!

Let me have it,
or I'll cut your hump off!


You! You're doing this!

- This is human magic.
- No! I didn't!

Yes, you're right.

It is human magic.

I can kill you the same
as I killed the other two.


Bring me the magic object.

Have it your way.
How do you want to die?

I bring, I bring!


Now wave it
just beyond my right hand.

He's killed everyone.
He's dangerous.


I'll wear his feet!

You've got exactly ten seconds
to tell me what you're doing in this swamp,

or you'll be swimming
with those two mandroids.

What in the hell are you doing?

Now start talking.

I came... from Mine...

Damn! I knew
you were a smuggler.

Where's your ship?


Don't play dumb with me.

Nobody takes crystals out on foot.


- You know of the Mineworld?
- The what?

The world where I came from,
where we mine the crystals.

Who mines the crystals?

We all do. At least,
I did until I came up here.

Your tongue moves faster
than a water snake's, kid.

Everyone from here
to the Glass Nebula

knows that robots have done
all the mining for the last thousand years.

- What's a robot?
- Cut the crap!

Now I want the truth.
And fast.

- How in the hell did you-
- I'm not sure.

Yeah, well, thanks anyway.

Now beat it, kid.
I've got work to do.

Please! I need your help!

I promised Kallie
I'd come back for him.

Listen, Water Snake, I saved you,
you saved me. We're even.

Now beat it!

I beg your pardon?

I wasn't talking to you, Arthur.

They pumped up security.
Any sign of that patrol ship yet?


Are you talking to me?

Well, who the hell
do you think I'm talking to?

Well, why don't you
make up your mind?

Don't worry about the patrol.
I'll let you know as soon as I spot it.

Get away from me!
Damn starfly!

Hey, get out of here!

What are they?

They're pests, like you.


What is it?

The pyramid patrol ship
will be at your present location

in about 32.9 seconds.

Thirty seconds? Why the hell
didn't you warn me sooner?

I tried! But something
was fouling my signal.

Come on, there's a patrol coming!

- What's a patrol?
- Damn!

Well, don't just sit there, Arthur!

Blast those bastards!

"Keep the shields down," he says.
"There won't be any shooting."

Where is he?

He's not anywhere,
he's the ship's computer.

I wish you'd stop calling me a computer,
Dagg. It's so impersonal!

After all, your body's just a machine
made of flesh and blood.

How would you like it if I went around
calling you meat brain?

Strap yourself in.

Suit yourself.

Take us out of here, Arthur.

You could say "please," you know.

What is that?

That, my little Water Snake,
is where I'm about to do my business.

The largest rubidimite shipping complex
on planet Trinia.

What the hell did we hit?

Just the base security shield.

Damn! I never fly low enough.

...riding in eastern base.

Level 9,
prepare for tractor B boarding.


We've got a low altitude unscheduled
entry coming in from the swamp.

Sounds like mandroids.
They're probably running out of body parts.

The gunners will enjoy
the target practice.

General alert.

All stations prepare
for minimal low level attack.

Sighting frequencies
are locking on to us, Dagg.

I hope you've got
a good plan this time.

Give 'em a light show, Arthur.

Not that again!

The last time we tried decoy laser fire,
I got my aft panels vaporized!


Heads up, kid.

- I told you it wouldn't work.
- What's happening?

Just a little welcoming fire.
Hang on.

Oh, great!

They've got an atomic watchdog
sitting right on the doorstep.

We need more muscle!

I've got to find a way
to knock it out.

And there it is.


Stow it, Arthur.
We're not home free yet.

Blasted Security Section!

Why don't they ever tell anybody
about their damn drills!

Keep an eye on the kid, Arthur.
Don't let him out of your sight.

I'm not a babysitter, you know.

Okay, guys.
Just the way we practiced it.

Number One, you lead.

Excuse me, sir,
I'm Number Three. He's One.

Never mind!
Let's move it!

Hit the deck!

Damn! They've strengthened
the access doors.

You got any bright ideas
how we can get through that door?

Sorry, sir. I'm programmed
for tactical, not engineering.

Bargain robots! Damn!


Get off your butt and fly underneath
that Marcabian transport ship.

And no back talk!

That's good. Now open
the upper cargo doors.

This better work.

Move, and you're dead.


- Arthur.
- Yes?

Take us down.

I'm afraid that won't be possible.

You see, I'm programmed
to respond only to-

I said take us down!

Consider it done.

The penalty for
rubidimite smuggling is death.


Kid, no!

We've got to get back
to the ship if we can!

No! I'll kill him first!

Get down, kid!

Who the hell ordered this drill?

Come on, kid!
This is our ticket out of here.

Let me go!
Let me go!

Take your human hands off me!

Get us out of here,
Arthur, fast!

It is him.

The Kha-Khan has returned.

You'll never get away with this.

Crystal smuggling
is an interplanetary offense.

And so is kidnapping.

Stop that! You have no right
to go probing around inside me.

You don't want me
because I can't see.

Don't leave me, Orin.
I'll die without you.

If there's a world above,
I'll find it for you, Elan.

Arthur, where the hell
are the personality circuits

on these G-2 fembots?

According to the "Internal
Schematics Manual"

of the G-2 class
government service fembot,

all personal characteristic circuits
are located in her-


You're definitely looking
in the wrong place.

Well, where are they?

They're in her... posterior.

You wouldn't dare.

Help, help!

Why do you risk your life
stealing crystals?

Because, my little Water Snake,
the tax collectors of this galaxy

turn an honest worker into a slave.

Rubidimite crystals are the main source
of fuel for the Bordogon fleet.

That should do it.


That's more like it.

Has anyone ever told you
that you're awfully cute for a meat body?

Security ran a crosscheck
on the make of that space cruiser

along with the description of the pilot.

- His name is Dagg Dibrimi.
- Good.

I'll take it from here.

All units, security code red.


Target is young, male,

human, carrying a golden hilt,

in civilian service class ship, type H,

registered to Dagg Dibrimi.

Use any means to locate.
Once you have the hilt,

the boy is to be vaporized.

Kid, this is Toga-Togo,

the thickest den of thieves
this side of Bordogon.

When are we going to Trinia?
I've got to find the blade.

Fat chance, Water Snake.

I've got my own business
to take care of.

Then let me out.
I'll find my own way back.

You'll walk, huh?

Fifty million miles
through a vacuum?

Stick around, Water Snake.
That blade of yours may be right here.

Let's have
those landing lights, Arthur.

Keep an eye
on the Starchaser, Arthur.

And if anyone
goes near the cargo hold,

you have my permission
to blow them into stardust.

Where are we going, Dagg?

I'd rather not tell you.
It's a surprise.

Well, this is where we part.

I hope you find your talking blade.

But what do I do?

Where do I go?

Figuring that out, my little Water Snake,
is what life is all about.

225 once, 225.
Who'll give me 250?

250. Do I hear 250?
I don't have 250.

You, how about getting those heads
together and giving me 250?

No 250? All right,
225 once, 225 twice, sold!

Z'Gork! I'd like you
to meet a friend of mine.

G-2? Where'd you get
a government fembot?

Never mind that.
How much for her?


On consignment?

Don't touch me.

Fifteen percent
of whatever she brings.

I'll be back in an hour.

Don't waste your tears
on me, honey. You'll rust.

Here. Look.

Dagg, my friend!
It has been ages!

Not long enough, Magreb.

Some men are honest,
some men are thieves.

Only Dagg Dibrimi is both.

What brings you
to the slums of Toga-Togo?

- Money.
- What else?

I've got a load of crystal
hot off the pyramid.

- How much?
- Twenty tons.

Half a million, and it's yours.

For you, I pay special price.

Two hundred thousand.
Take it or leave it.

Looks like I'm not the only thief
in Toga-Togo.

There'll be a ship
waiting to pick it up

in the Vagee Desert
at noon tomorrow.

One of my nosey men

thought they saw you
with a young boy this evening.

My girls do not excite you anymore?

You know what to do.

Futures revealed?

Five starbacks.

You are lost, yes?

And are searching
for something of great meaning.

Yes! How did you know?

How does the flower
know to bloom?

How do the stars know to shine?

Can you tell me
where I'll find the blade?

Such is not an easy task.

But I believe I can help you.

The path to your goal

is paved with danger.

It is uncertain
whether you have the strength

to survive such a journey.

Tell me, please!

You will find
what you are looking for

in the darkest regions
of the Novaluna rain forest.

Thank you.

No! Let me go!


- Please!
- Come on, honey, this won't hurt a bit.

That's five starbacks!

Please, I need your help.

That'll be five starbacks.
In advance.

Ladies and germs, next up for the bidding
is this young 200-year-old fembot,

the perfect work slave
for the most discerning of masters.

Who'll start the bidding at 500 starbacks?
500, do I hear 500?


She's worth more than that junked.
Who'll go 400?

I've got to have her, Mizzo.

She looks like she'd make
a wonderful housemaid.

Your father told me
never to bring you here, miss.

This isn't the best part of town,
you know?

How will I explain to him
if you take home another robot?


- 400!
- Wait!

It's a mistake!
She isn't a slave!

Orin, help me!

If you want her, young man,
you'll have to bid for her,

or else I'll have you
thrown out of here.

400, we got 400.

You with the 14 noses,
you'd think with such a bargain,

you'd be able to sniff it out.

Who'll give me 450? 450, 450.

- 450.
- 500.

We got a 500. Come on,
all you people out there.

500 for this wonderful sample
of a fembot?

- 550.
- 550. We got a 550.

- Who'll make it 6?
- 600!

600, we got 600. Who'll go 650?
650, do I hear 650?



We got a 700, 700, who-


- 800.
- 800-

- 850!
- 850, 850-



- You're crazy!
- I can't believe it, 2,000!

It's unbelievable, I'm getting 2,000.
Going once, going twice, sold!

Well, how much did we get?

A mere 2,000 starbacks.

2,000! Who the hell bought her,
the governor?

No. This fine young gentleman.

Water Snake!

They tried to take Silica!
I got her back for you.

How would you like
to pay for that?

Starbacks or gold?

What's a starback?

If you can't pay, then I own you.

It's the law.

Sorry, kid. It's the law.

Hold it, Z'Gork!

You're some practical joker, Dagg.

For a while there
you almost had me fooled.


You two, follow them!

Can you run as quickly
as you screw things up, Water Snake?


Arthur, open her up!

Market Transport 33517
arriving at eastern base.

Level 9, prepare
for tractor B boarding.

The Phi Antara system
will be secured within two weeks.

As soon as our forces return
from Raya and Horbinot,

we'll be ready for the final action.

Major Tagani,

what's the status
of Dibrimi and the boy?

They've escaped our men
in Toga-Togo,

but the secret police
have a lead on them.

Do I have to program
every robot myself?

Send out a sub-frequency order
to all mechanicals in this sector.

I want that boy found
and destroyed at all costs.

If I may, sir,
why all the fuss over one boy?

Twelve hundred years ago,
there was just one.

This time,
there will be no mistakes.

I will not fail.

Novaluna rain forest?
Forget it, kid.

I haven't got enough time
to make it to the Vagee Desert,

let alone go on some
wild-goose chase to Novaluna.

- But l-
- Gotta find the blade, I know.

Don't you ever think
of anything else?

Like warp racing or girls?

I think of my brother.

And Elan.

Elan? Oh, your girlfriend, huh?

Why don't I take you to her
after I'm done in the desert?


She's dead.

Sorry, Water Snake.

Zygon killed her.

Oh, now don't start that again.

You're late!

Well, the Vagee's not exactly
a sandbox.

You have the crystals?

You have the money?

Okay, Arthur, blow the ballast.

Sorry to dump and run.

Just a moment.

You are the one called Orin?

He's worth a million starbacks.

- Dead or alive.
- Way overpriced.

We could cut you in for a third.

Nobody's life could be worth
more than that.

Not even yours?

If we both don't walk out of here
in the next few seconds,

my ship is programmed
to blow the crap out of this tent.

Just a thought.

Sand in the wind.

Step lively, kid. I don't trust those guys
as far as I can blast them.

Why didn't you sell me, Dagg?

You could have got back
the money I owe you.

Those cutthroats
would have peeled you like a grape.

Looks like you're my
good luck charm, Water Snake.

I didn't think we were going
to get out of there alive.

Now where the hell
did he come from?

Will somebody get rid
of that energized pest?

He's fouling my instruments!

What? What are you doing?


I think it's trying
to tell us something.

Dagg, I think those desert men
gave us more than gold.

- Damn!
- It's a time bomb!

Don't just stand there,
get rid of it!


Any second now.

I'd pay half my share to see the look
on the big one's face

when he's blown
into cosmic dust.

They were here
less than an hour ago.

It won't be long now.

All right, all right,
I'll take you to Novaluna.

Can the blind be made to see
in your world?

And it's not my world.

I hope some day
my little brother can see your world.

I'm going back for him.
As soon as I find the blade.


What the hell?!

I thought I told you
to stay clear of the treetops, Arthur.

We're nowhere near the treetops!

That was just a warning shot.

Reduce speed
and prepare for boarding.

Don't bother with the shields.

That 'bot's about to get
a laser enema.

Dusted the little bugger!

Nice going, Dagg.

You just fell
for the oldest trick in the book.

If you're so smart,
why didn't you warn me?

Mounted one and two, move in.

They've got
the whole damn force after us.

There's only one thing we can do.

Good idea.
I'll transmit our surrender.

Nobody's surrendering!

We're gonna play a little game
of chicken with them.

You're joking!

Five behind us, Dagg!

- Give me full retros, Arthur.
- I'll do no such thing.

Give it everything
you've got, Arthur.

We've got to make it
over those mountains.

Dagg! I'm hurt!

Try to keep
your systems functioning, Arthur.

Just give me time to land this thing.

Come on, Arthur,
just a few more seconds.

I think I'm dying, Dagg.

If there's a Heaven
for computers, l-

I'll be thinking of you.

Zygon will want this one
for questioning.

Whoa, you organic beast!

Really, Miss, next time I hope
you let me take a gravity cycle.

The boy from the auction!

Bordogon security
has an all-points on him.

I'll radio them at once.

You do, and you'll be a sanitation robot
for the next 500 years.

We'll take him back to the palace.

- But Miss!
- Now!

Are you all right?


My name is Aviana.
Who are you?

I'm Orin.
Where am I?

You're in the most heavily guarded
bedroom in this star system,

so don't get any ideas.


About what?

Judging by the ridiculous sums
you spend on surplus fembots,

I guess the police have good reason
to be tracking you.



You better take it easy.

Who was Elan?

A friend.

- From the mines.
- The crystal mines?

So you're a crystal runner!

Had a friend on the inside, huh?


But Dagg said everyone knows
there are no humans in the mines.

How is it that you know
about my people?

Your people?
What are you talking about?

I dug my way up
from the Mineworld.

The hilt said that-

- Is this what you're looking for?
- Careful!

I think the crash
scrambled your brains!

Humans in the mines!
My father would never allow it!

- Who is your father?
- Why, Morbro, of course.


Supreme Governor
of the Bordogon system.

Don't tell me you've never
heard of him!

I'm getting sick and tired
of never understanding.

Where is the truth you promised?

Shall I take him
to the police now, Miss?


My planetary history lessons!

- What?
- Come on!

Try to imagine a needle
the thickness of a human hair

slowly thrust between your eyes
and penetrating your skull.

I'd rather not,
if it's all the same to you.

- Ready, sir.
- Last chance, Mr. Dibrimi.

Where is the boy?

I told you, we all crashed together.
That was the last I saw of him.

Where is the boy?

I don't know.

I swear I don't know.

Religious myth.
Entry number 111.3.

"The Book of Kha-Khan."

I knew it was in here!
Tell us about this.

According to "The Book of Kha-Khan,"

1,200 years ago,
a human possessing a golden hilt

was reported to have crushed
a planetary dictatorship

which spanned 52 solar systems.

It's him!
The face on the blade!

Six hundred years later,
another possessed of a bladeless sword

freed Galaxy 13 from a tyrant
by the name of Nexus,

who attempted to enslave
the entire population

with electronic mind control.

I must find the blade!
Tell me where it is. Please!

There is no record
of the blade's continued existence

since the defeat of Nexus.

It was presumed lost
after the final battle on Trinia.

Trinia? But where on Trinia?

There is no record of the blade's
continued existence since the defeat...

I've got to get back to Trinia.

A hilt.
And humans in the mine.

My father can help you!

Begging your pardon, Miss,
but he is a wanted man.

Your father would likely have him
arrested and ask questions later.

If my father can't help us,
we'll just have to help ourselves.

Mizzo, fuel up the ship.

We're going to Trinia.

Sir, an unscheduled craft just came out
of sub-space on arrival coordinates.

Identity scan indicates it's
a personal transport belonging to...

Supreme Governor Morbro!

Route it through.
I'll alert Zygon.

Are you sure this will work?

Trust me.

This is a restricted area.
No one may enter

without prior permission
from the Commissioner of Mining.

I think we better leave, Miss.

Show him the search warrant.

I'm sorry,
this is a restricted area.

No one may enter
without prior permission-

Mizzo, shoot him!

- But Miss!
- I said shoot him!

- I hope you know what you're doing.
- So do I.

Let me try.

There must be an elevator to the mine
around here somewhere.

Oh, Commissioner,
I'm glad you're here.

Orin, tell Commissioner Zygon
what you told me.

I don't have to tell him. He knows
all about the humans in the mines.

Put down the hilt, boy.
The game is over.

His story of the mine
is just a clever diversion.

We've already caught his partner.
Dibrimi, isn't it?

He confessed everything
about the crystal raid

and your little escapade
in the Vagee Desert.

Orin, is it true?



- You? A robot?
- No.

Not just a robot.

I am the robot.


The young Kha-Khan
is perceptive for a human.

I have been putting the pieces
back together

for over a thousand years.

Mizzo, blast him!

You'll never succeed, Zygon.

It would take millions of robots

hundreds of years
to take over the system.

You are as blind
as you are mortal, my dear.

I not only have millions of robots,

they have been slowly taking over
for the last 12 centuries.

Trinia, like dozens
of other planets,

was conquered by my forces,

its human population
driven underground to mine the crystals,

allowing me to reprogram thousands
of your mining robots into soldiers.

I swear I'll stop you.
And if not me, then another.

There is no stopping evolution.

From the primordial ooze to man.

From man to robot.

The dinosaur went extinct,
and so shall you.

The Kha-Khan
stopped me last time.

This time, you have only served
to hasten the inevitable.

Without this,
you are but a weak piece of flesh.

Tell me, Kha-Khan,
what is the secret of its power?

L- I don't know.

You know.

And you will talk.

Where am I?

Oh, dear!

What have you done to me?

I'm naked! Put my ship back on,
you perverted fembot!

I was only trying to help.

Ungrateful son of a bit!

My head's making enough racket
without your help.

Dagg! I thought you were dead!

You thought right, Water Snake.

Battalion Commander Argo
to flight deck 9.

There simply aren't
enough robot troops in this sector

to successfully take over
the Bordogon system.

To attack now
would be futile, sir.

We must strike now.

It won't be long before Morbro
realizes his daughter is missing

and tracks her here.

If he discovers what we're doing,
he could mount a counteroffensive.

I'm one solar system away

from complete subjugation
of intelligent organic life.

I will not fail this time.
What is our present status?

All ships are being armed
with xenon warheads.

Fifteen attack battalions
of 1,000 troops each are standing ready.

The last five battle cruisers
are still under construction.

We'll have
to make do without them.

We have two things
in our favor-surprise

and something very dear
to the Supreme Governor.

He'll think twice before he destroys
a warship with his daughter aboard.

It must have been horrible
slaving in the mine your entire life.

It was horrible.

But not as horrible

as the thought of my people
suffering at this very moment,

their entire world one big lie.

I failed them.

I found a new world,
but they'll never know it exists.

All I had to do
was find a stupid blade.

And I failed.

I'm sorry.

If I hadn't been so impulsive,
you might've succeeded.


- No, it wasn't your fault.
- You don't understand, Orin.

I didn't take you back here
because I wanted to help you...

free your people.

L- I did it for me.

Because I wanted to be with you.

Because... I...

- Where are you taking me?
- Let go of her!

You're lucky, Water Snake.
He hit you with the soft end.

The attack force
is ready, Zygon.

Bordogon's planetary radar sources
are being jammed.

Battalion commanders
are awaiting your orders.

Thousands of years ago,
on some obscure planet,

a primitive chess computer was
the first inorganic mind to beat man.

In a few hours,
I will be calling checkmate

in the last such game the humans
and their kind will ever play.

Save your knuckles, Water Snake.
There's no way out.

I need your help!

Get me the hilt.

Please, I know you can do it!

I must have the hilt!

Who the hell are you talking to?

Don't need hilt.

Yes, yes, I need it.
Get me the hilt!

Attack Squadron Three,
clear for ion-burn.

Squadron Leader Three,
all ships away.

What's wrong with the screens?

I'm not sure.

That did it!

Thank you!

You say something?

Guard, I have something for you!

What's going on, Water Snake?

Come on!

How the hell do you do that?

- We've got to get to Aviana.
- Hold it!

You don't even know
where she is.

If you want to get out of here
alive, follow me.



Those aren't crystal freighters.
They're warships.

There she is!

That's great,

only how we gonna get to her
without getting our heads shot off?

We'll just have to do our best.

Gee, why didn't I think of that?

This is Admiral Casey
aboard the flagship, sir.

All ships have cleared
the atmosphere.

Awaiting your permission
to join the fleet.

Flagship Squadron,
proceed with ion-burn.

Damn! She's taking off!

All ships in position, Admiral.

Squadron One,
cleared for light speed.

When your fleet is spotted,
you'll all be blown out of the stars.

By the time the Bordogon
Defense Command discovers us,

they'll be smoldering flesh.

Secure for acceleration
to hyper-light.

Great, we just went into light speed.


What in the world
is taking you so long?

We've got to find Dagg!

Next thing you know,
you'll be putting up curtains.

Hit me, will you!

I'll show you.

All ships reducing to sub-light.

ETA to Bordogon, one minute.

All but 12 squadrons
have left hyperspace, sir.

Good. Put all squadrons on standby
for warhead activation.

Captain, scanners are picking up
debris from the flagship.

All squadrons reduced to sub-light.

Ready to deploy.

Arm all warheads.

Hey, knock it off!

This is Squadron Leader Seven.
Urgent. Request direct link to Zygon.

This is Zygon.

Sir, we have a problem.

The flagship appears to have
jettisoned its ground forces.

- Request instructions.
- Have you contacted them?

We have tried, sir.
There is no reply.

All communications with the flagship
appear to have been severed.

Request further-

The hilt!


It can't be!

Attack Squadrons Two and Three,

destroy the flagship!

All other squadrons
proceed to target area

and launch missiles manually.

Dagg, do something!
We've got to save Bordogon!

Good idea.

And while I'm doing that,
you get on those gun controls.

We'll never find anything
to help Dagg

if you keep playing
hide-and-seek down here.

We won't make Toga-Togo at all
if we're spotted, you twit.

- We're spotted.
- What?!

Oh, no!

Arthur, heads up!

- It's Dagg!
- Pull up, pull up!

In case you've forgotten,
someone's world is about to blow.


No operating manual.

All squadrons now in position
over target zones.

Deploy the missiles.

I must get through
to the main targeting computer.

Somehow, I've got to detonate
those missiles before they're launched.

Squadron Sixteen reporting.
All Missiles ready.

Arm warheads.

Warheads armed and ready.

- They're launching!
- Damn!


Dagg, it's trying to help us again!

The fleet!

It's gone!

Call in our forces from the Raya
and Horbinot systems.

They'll never reach us in time.
We've got to evacuate.


He'll be coming for me next.

But I'll be ready for him.

Plot a course for Novaluna.

We're going back to Trinia.

We just destroyed an entire fleet,
but I'm not pressing my luck, kid.

Wait, Dagg.

If it wasn't for Orin,
we probably would be dead by now.

We can't abandon him
when he needs our help.


See? I told you.

Nobody's home.
We may as well go back.

- You promised!
- Keep your shirt on, kid.

They're home, all right.

All the doors
on this side are closed!

They got a back door
to this joint?

I think-

there's an air vent
in the processing area.

- Which one is the vent?
- Let's hope it's the open one.

- I'll just wait here.
- Get your butt in here!

I know I'm going to regret this.

What's that noise?

- We're not in the air vent.
- What?!

- We're in a crystal waste tube.
- Oh, terrific!

It's gaining!

That looks
like the end of the tunnel.


Kha-Khan, you are mine.

A tractor beam's locked on to us.

Arthur, you got any ideas?

Dagg's in trouble!

Can't break free!

We're almost out!

We gotta save him!


Now you've done it!
We'll be scrap iron for sure!

We made it!

What happened to Arthur?

Don't worry about that now,
Water Snake.

Worry about our host.

We're not out of this yet.

See if you can spot
a way down to the mines.

Damn! Look
at all the crystals down there!

This little adventure might turn out
to be very profitable.

There's the mine elevator.

Sorry, kid, you'll have to take
a rain check on the mines.

Going up!

Sound full alert.

All units attack!

All robots to your command posts.
This is not a drill.

All robots to your command posts.

Squadrons to your battle stations.
This is not a drill.

Hang on!
We've got company.

- Now what?
- You don't wanna know.

Just like old times,
eh, Water Snake?

That cannon's giving me a headache.

Let's take it out.

Zygon, we don't have enough
firepower. We must evacuate.

Get back to your post!

Good Heavens!

- We've been freed!
- Hurry, Arthur!

Oh, no! They're shooting at Dagg!

Watch your back!

Silica! Arthur!
What kept you?

You okay?

But we're not.

Keep up your force shield.

Ouch! Good suggestion.

All fighters, break off laser attack.

Set ion engines for maximum overload

and ram the flagship!

They've stopped firing!

Dagg's going down!

- Are you all right?
- I think so.

I can't get up.

Your leg must be broken.

Oh, no! Dagg!

- Hurry, Arthur!
- We're being shot at.

Oh, Dagg, you're hurt!

Leg's broken. But I'll live.

I must go now to free my people.

- I'm going with you.
- No. It's too dangerous.

- But-
- No.

You must stay with Dagg.

Be careful, Orin!

I don't want to lose you.

I'll be back.

Hurry up!
We're sitting ducks out here!

- Take care of her, Dagg.
- Sure, kid.

I knew it!

He's okay. Let's hurry!

It can't be!

Hurry up!

Aviana, come back!

I knew he'd come back!

Ever since I can remember,
there have been rumors-

rumors that there was
another world,

That long ago, there was more
than just Mineworld.

Some said it was a heaven,
a paradise beyond imagination.

Others said it was a hell,

far worse
than the world we know now.

But an old man
saw the truth beyond the sword

and gave his life so that I might
reach out beyond these caverns,

reach out
to the greater world above.

Well, I have reached,

and I have touched the stars.

Don't listen to him. Zygon
has warned of such false saviors.

He's right!

Believing this fool
will only bring disaster!

Zygon is your enslaver.

He says
what he wants you to believe.

The boy is right.

I say what I want you to believe,

because I want you
to believe the truth.


Give me the hilt, Kha-Khan,
or she will die like the other.


Get me... get me the hilt!

You do not need the hilt, Orin.

There never was a blade.

This time you've lost for good,

Let go!




You were right, Zygon.

I did know the secret
of the blade all along,

only it was so simple,
I couldn't even see it.


Stay back!

Get the guards!
Come on!

Come on!

The mine masters are there!

Spread the word
throughout Mineworld.

We are free!

Don't worry, Dagg.
I'll fix it for you.

If you don't kill him first.

Dagg, do you want me
to take over for you?

Just relax, Arthur.
I'll get Dagg out of this.

It's okay, Silica.
I can take it from here.

Just take it easy.

I've got that creep now!

Silica, no, not in the crystals!


What have I done?

Mineworld is collapsing!

Save us, Orin!

Please, please, Orin!

- Save us!
- Use your magic, Orin!

Stand back!

Follow me!

He did it!

The Water Snake got 'em out!

Hooray, hooray, hooray!

Oh, Dagg, I'm sorry.

What does it look like, Orin?

Tell me!

I can see again!

I can see!

I can see!

You have done admirably,
young Orin.

We welcome you

as an honored member
of the Kha-Khan.

You are free
to leave your human form

and come with us.

Not yet.

I'd like to stretch my legs
for a few decades.

The choice is yours.