Staraya, staraya skazka (1968) - full transcript

A young puppeteer tells a story about a soldier who falls in love with a rude princess. Based on fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

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Inspired by the fairy tales of
Hans Christian Andersen

Script Writers

Directed by

Director of Photography

Production Designers

Music by A. PETROV

English Subtitles by


Oleg DAL
as Soldier and Marionettist

as Princess and Innkeeper's Daughter

Vladimir ETUSH
as King and Innkeeper

G. VITSIN as Good Genie
V. TITOVA as Witch

V. PEREVALOV as Prince-Sweep
I. DMITRIEV as Oriental Prince

G. SHTIL as Bodygard

B. LESKIN as Coachman

V. GEORGIU as Fatty
L. LEMKE as Skinny

Those marionettes!
They look almost human.

The best I've ever seen
in the city.


beer for the marionettist!

Daughter! Pour him a beer
and give him all he wants to eat.

Artists should be respected.

Life is hard for them!
They're poorer than beggars.

Later, when they all go to bed.

- You sure want to go with me?
- Yes.

- You won't change your mind?
- Not for a whole kingdom.

But I haven't got a copper
in my pockets.

I don't care.
I love you.

Think it over.

I'll come here tomorrow at dawn.

I will put on father's cape
and my best walking shoes,

and I would go with you
to the end of the earth.

The earth has no end,
it's round.

We'll go to my old folks'.
They can't turn us away.

Now go to bed.

Good night.

I won't be able to sleep.
I'll be waiting for the dawn.

I heard it all.
So you're abandoning us?

Eavesdropping is bad.

With a wife, I can't keep
wandering like a Gypsy.

My show wouldn't earn enough
to feed us both.

But you don't know
any other trade.

I can learn.
I've got a nice handwriting.

I might become a secretary
or a court clerk.

You'll be sorry about that.

Take us with you. Please?

You're my soldier,
so stop arguing.

Can't we say goodbye like friends?

Go and wake the others.
Act out a fairy tale for me.

Which one?

A long one.
I won't be able to sleep tonight.

Along the high road,
Along the high road,

I'm marching, one 'n' two!

Forget about holes
in my boots and coat!

Thank God I remained
in one piece, and not two!

One-two, left!
One-two, right!

On marching I really thrive.

I couldn't care less
that my pockets are empty,

The important thing,
I'm alive!

Over me lie
A bright blue sky,

Ahead is a long long way.

Where I go I don't know,

But the road will end, anyway!

One-two, left!
One-two, right!

Friends, like that I would march
on and on!

I couldn't care less
that my pockets are empty!

Hey, soldier! Where are you going?

I'm following my eyes,
and they're looking straight ahead.

I walk and sing, and that music
is much nicer than the cannonade.

- You've been demobilized?
- That's right!

I've got a job for you.

- And who are you?
- A witch. Something wrong?


Is that your profession,
or you've got bad temper?

Profession. As for my disposition,
it's very nice.

Glad to meet you.

You're a brave soldier!

I'm not bragging,
but I'm a hero in a way.

Just the other day
here's what happened.

I was marching along,
when suddenly I saw a bandit.

I quickly rolled out my cannon,

pointed the barrel straight ahead,
and bang!

I blew him to smithereens.

Have you got any money?

I'm out of small change,
and never had any banknotes.

Then here's what you'll do.

You'll go down into this well.

There you'll find huge stacks
of gold coins.

Dive in, don't be afraid.

If you do exactly as I say,
you'll come up nice and dry.

You'll see there three terrible
dogs guarding the gold.

All you'll have to do is
to say the magic word "Phoo".

But if you make a mistake
and say the magic word "Fa",

they will tear you to pieces.

Grab as much gold as you can,
and we'll divide it between us.

Half for you
and half for me.

Beware of the ferocious dogs!

All ready! Haul me up!

Let's have the gold pulled up
first, then I'll haul you.

Otherwise I'd never manage it
alone, I'm a senior citizen.

Jump, soldier boy, like a flea,
hee hee hee!

You'll never get out of there,
heh heh heh!

I've played a dirty trick on you,
hew hew hew!

I cheated the soldier by far,
ha ha ha!

They call me wicked witch,

They call me old hag.

But I'm not old at all,
I've been like that

Even in a diaper rag!

Listen, little soldier,

I'm not going to pull you out!

May the toads eat you there!

- What about our deal?
- I've changed my mind.

I don't want to divvy up the gold.

Help me, the soldier's quick wit.

Hold it!

- You nasty old witch!
- Not old, a senior citizen.

Hand over my money.
Or I'll cut off your head!

No, I won't!

- You won't?
- I won't!


Many thanks.

I'm a good genie.
Tremendously good.

Life is much harder for good
genies than for evil ones.

That nasty witch turned me
into a black cat.

It was awful!
Those years in captivity...

Those fish heads,
the boys throwing rocks at me...

She didn't let me walk on the roofs
even in the springtime!

- Not even in spring?
- Not even in spring!

But you've won over her,
the spell is broken.

What can I do for you?

Old chap...

In that knapsack there's more gold
than there're stars in the sky.

You think that's all
you're ever going to need?

What else could I want,
with all that money?

I can get anything
in the whole wide world!

That's what they all think,
but it's a big mistake.

Hey, old man, what are you doing?

I beg your pardon.
Some habits stick.

The bad ones stick,
good ones don't.

That's true.
We had a soldier...

He would sleep when standing guard
around the clock.

After he'd been discharged, he had
to put a clock under his pillow

to sleep better.

You're making fun of me,
and I'm much older than you are.

you've done a good deed,

so I must reward you.

- Take this flint and steel.
- I've got plenty of matches!

It's a little nothing,
please take it.

A souvenir.

Over me lie
A bright blue sky,

Ahead is a long long way.

Where I go I don't know,

But the road will end, anyway!

One-two, left!

One-two, right!

Friends, like that I would march
on and on!

And the jingle of coins
in my pockets

Make my life even better!

Entrance to the kingdom.
No trespassing!

- What's that noise? A prince?
- No, sir. I'm a soldier.

- A soldier?
- That's right.

And those are all eligible princes.

Even them we let in one at a time.
Our Princess has to get married.

This is of no interest to me.

I was born a bachelor
and I'll die a bachelor.

In that case, get out of here!
We don't need soldiers.

This is a small kingdom,
we have only generals in our army.

I can live on my fortune.

We know
what a soldier's fortune's like.

I'll show you. See that?

- What about that?
- That's a different story.

- Have you got a visa?
- No.

Then everything's in order. Pass.

It's none of your business!

The best inn!

Sorry, Mister Soldier.

Even bayonets can't scare
a soldier, and that was just a pin.

Good work, tailors!

For this, I'm going
to shower you with gold.

Why had we to wait till today
to run into

such a wonderful man
like you?

Soldiers get killed, saving us.
Hurrah for the soldier!

Quiet! Who are you?

We two are your closest friends.

Look, friends,
what a good shot I am!

It's not hard to be killed
for a friend.

It's much harder to find a friend
worth getting killed

Come here, soldier.

Hurray for the soldier!

lnnkeeper! More champagne!

Hold it!

Are you crazy?

I won't let you through
till you drink with us!

A bucket for the horse,
a mug for every passenger!

Well, how do you like that!
Get back! Make way!

Make way?
She must think she's a princess!

Yes, she lS a Princess!
So be quiet, you hear?

Did you ever have
your head cut off?

Why is she hiding?
Is she cross- or one-eyed?

You fool! You idiot! You hooligan!

A suitor to see Your Highness!

Oh, Princess, news of your
loveliness has reached my kingdom.

I know. Go ahead.

Since then I have been unable
to eat...

To drink or sleep!
Yes, I know. Make it short.

My kingdom is very small,
but you can find it on the map.

Here is a map
and a magnifying glass.

And as a gift, I brought you
my most precious possessions.

This rose will never fade.

And this nightingale has
the sweetest voice in the world.

Come on, little one, sing.

- What are they made of?
- They are real!

Some presents!
And you call yourself a suitor!

-You probably never went to school.
- I finished it with all "A"s.

I'm not going to marry you!
Is that clear? Go!

- You need a good spanking!
- I'd like to see you try!

We've fallen so low!
I have to be my own lackey.

Everything's been mortgaged,
the Crown is penniless.

The King has to open his own door.
What must the neighbors think.

- Why do you open it?
- To let in a rich suitor!

It's your idea, Papa!
I don't want to get married.

An egoist!

lnstead of thinking of my best
interests, you think about yours.

What do you have against
that nice prince?

I don't like him.
Can you understand?

I don't like him either.

But his kingdom isn't that small
seen through the magnifying glass.

It would have tided us over
till next pay day.

All right, come on. Go on.

A suitor to see Your Highness!

There. They don't take back
the empties.

What shall we do now?

That's your worry. I'm not going
to work without pay.

Are you abandoning your King?

History will remember you
as a traitor.

The doorman has quitted, too.

The whip!

Leave the whip.

Now I'll have to drive the carriage
and repair the doors...

A suitor to see Your Highness!

No more suitors.
Enough, I won't work overtime.

You're the brightest star
to behold.

Your sons,
my gratitude.

- What are you doing, lackey?
- I'm your Papa!

He doesn't understand.

Show the prince to the door.

You're a fool! You're mad!

What a great suitor!
A handsome, rich foreigner!

You're ready to marry me to
a cannibal, as long as he's rich.

Oh, Papa, aren't you ashamed?

I'm ashamed to be a poor king.

If I had money,
I'd be rich and noble.

Sorry, I can't afford to be noble.
It's hateful to be poor.

Want a biscuit?

- Poppy seed biscuit?
- Yes, poppy seed.

Zero, plus zero,
plus another zero,

multiplied by zero,
still equals zero.


- Have you gone crazy?
- It's today's fashion.

You've ruined your last skirt.

On the contrary, now I'll have
two skirts instead of one.

Next season that will be the rage.

- A suitor?
- That's right, Your Majesty!

A little gift for the bride.

- Gold?
- What d'you think?

You're indeed a suitor!

Chop his head off, Papa.
He's the type who argues.

I have no use
for his silly present.

Silence! You'll marry him,
and no later than today!

Stay there and bill and coo.
I'll be right back.

Beat it from here.

You're a spoiled brat.
But I love you anyway.

And I don't love you!
Get out!

Very well.
I was just going anyway.

But remember one thing:
when I fall in love, it's for life.

So you have no other choice
but to fall in love with me.

- No way!
- See you soon!

Where's the suitor?
I heated some water for tea.

I turned your suitor out.

Go get him and apologize.
Tell him you're sorry.

I am not!

Then I'll never speak to you again!
I'll never speak to anyone!

Until you're married,
I'll be as mute as a fish!

Let everything be a mess
and our realm go down the drain...

You won't be able
to hold your tongue!

- Just wait...
- You see?

It's the best inn.

Mister Soldier, you owe us
six ducats for the music.

You'll get all the gold you want,

enough to fill up your drums!

Hurray for the soldier!

This is funny...
I guess I spent it all.

I'll borrow some from my friends.
Hey, friends!..

Take them, they're solid gold.

Thank you.

Who's going to pay
for the clothes we made?

- There he is! Swindler!
- No good rogue!

Papa, what's that smell?

It smells like smoke.

You threw your cigar
in the waste basket again.

There's no one to nag me,
to scold me.

It's so boring!

You might at least say a word!

Listen, we haven't paid
the light bill in three months.

They say that
if we don't pay it tomorrow

they won't give us any more candles
and will take our chandeliers.

Papa, what are we living on,

The worst inn!

- Good evening!
- Hello!

- Sorry, I should have knocked.
- You made enough noise.

Shall we get acquainted?
I'm a soldier.

Who are you?

I'm a prince, but have a temporary
job as a chimney sweep.

So far I'm not doing very well.

Is that so?

Could you let me have a few crumbs
for my nightingale?

- For whom?
- My nightingale.

- Have you had dinner yourself?
- Yes, but it was yesterday.

All right, come here.

That's for you.

As for your nightingale,
let her sing for her dinner.

Thank you very much.

Prince, huh?

How could you, a prince,
end up sweeping chimneys?

I want to stay in this kingdom

But I have no money.

A girl I'm in love with
lives here.

She's the most beautiful girl
in the whole world.

You'll have to admit that,
or I'll challenge you to a duel.

I'd do anything for you,
but this is another matter.

Because the loveliest girl
in the whole wide world

is the one I'm in love with.

Then it's a duel!
But who are you in love with?

I'm just wondering.

With the Princess.

What? Fantastic!
She's the one I love too!

But she has rejected my love.

Mine too.

That's all right. We might as well
be sad together.

It's more fun that way.

When a king has no money,
He is lousy as a king.

Why serve him if he's such?

- Clean everything, you dummy!
- I'll do it in a swing.

I love His Majesty so much!

Long live the King!
Long live the King!

Long live the King!

The king is mum at day,
The King is mum at night.

You'd better not him touch.

- Where did you put the tray?
- It's here, let's not fight.

I love His Majesty so much!

Long live the King!
Long live the King!

Long live the King!

My friends, let's try impress him
and set a feast galore!

We could even go Dutch.

- Whoever took my besom?
- Don't be such an old bore!

I love His Majesty so much!

Long live the King!
Long live the King!

Long live the King!

Long live the King!

Shall I harness the horses?

Do you want me to set the table?

You idiot!

A revolt? A plot? A treason?

What's happened, Your Majesty?

There are flames and smoke
in the king's room!

Papa, did you throw your cigar
in the waste basket again?

Do something!
We'll all be burned alive!

Fire! The palace is burning!

Oh damn...

I haven't got a light.

Oh! Why didn't I think of
the tinder box!

Have you achieved happiness
with all your gold?

And I had warned you.

But the young people of today
don't listen to their elders.

So you came to ball me out,
good and proper?

Yes, as a matter of fact.

Though I believe I had
something else to tell you.

Ah yes, I'm supposed
to grant any wish you may have.


Because the tinder box I gave you
isn't like any other. It's magic.


As soon as you strike
with your steel upon your flint

I have to appear
and execute your every wish.

Look, old friend,
it's too dark in here.

Could you light this candle?

Oh, that's easy.

Why should I perform a miracle
when I've got matches?

We should save our miracles.

Could you work a real
big miracle?

I can do anything.

Then could you make
a certain person

appear here this instant?

The Princess, no less.

Why don't you forget
all that foolishness?

You'd better learn some trade
and be a useful member of society.

As for the miracle,
I'll do one to please you.

I'll arrange for you
to be admitted to university.

With no exams.

I don't want to.

Study arithmetic,
astrology, astrophysics...

I don't want to!

I'm in love with the Princess.
I simply can't live without her.

Your Princess is a spoiled brat,
a hellcat.

I don't care. I'm crazy about her.

I warn you, you'll be sorry.
She's a real headache.

I love her and I want to see her.

As you wish.

You helped me out, and I wanted
to do something good for you,

but I see it's hopeless.

So be it then.

Halt! Or I'll shoot!

Come back here, I said!

Special delivery.

I'm going to bed.

- Who are you?
- A soldier.

I'm sure I've never seen you,
yet I have a feeling we've met.

I guess I dreamed of you
in some dream or other.

- Say something.
- Do you mind if I smoke?

Go ahead. And let me have a puff,
while Papa's not around.

Girls shouldn't smoke.
Especially a pipe.

Why not? Just one puff...

What time is it? Time to get up?

Aha, I see...
What can I do for you?

Nothing at all.
False alarm.

I wanted to light up, you see?

That's not what that flint
and steel are for.

- Here, you may have them.
- Thank you.

What a nice old geezer.
Who is he?

An acquaintance.

- He's a magician, really.
- That's what I thought.

Do you know
you're being spied on?


- He's my bodyguard.
- He'll report to the king.

Then you should send him
straight to the devil.

As you wish,
but it's not the best way out.

- Send him to the devil?
- Yes.

So be it.

On your marks.
Get set... and go!

Every night he's on guard
outside my bedroom,

and he snores like a trooper.

I'm not interested.
See you later.

- How did you get here?
- I don't remember anything.

Except that I was sent
to the devil.

I'm his mother.

And who are you?

Who am l?

Oh, I'm the Princess's bodyguard!

I've got to go back

I have to report to the King
of high treason.

Even worse
than high treason.

Grandma, I need your assistance.

- What assistance?
- You fly on a broom...

Grandma! Let me use it!
I swear, I'll return it!

The broom's been in the attic
for sixty years.

Then what do you use to fly?

I've got something magic for you.

Devil's speed!

- Want to go for a walk?
- Yes, I'd love to.

- Ever taken a walk over the roofs?
- Never.

My gown!

Come over here.

Don't be afraid.

Who is that?

- Where?
- Over there.

He's a friend of mine.
He's in love with you too.

What a delicious dream...

Is everybody having
marvelous dreams tonight?

I thought you were a hellcat.
Actually you're very sweet.

I'm nice when I'm asleep.

That's what Papa always says.

Generally, I'm really horrible.

I love you anyway.

I would do for you...

What would you like right now?


I'd like it to be winter.

I always want winter in the summer
and summer in the winter.

We'll arrange it right away.

- May I kiss you?
- Of course, you may.

It's no dream, it's real.
Let me go, you hear?

Shame on you!

I'm going to tell Papa!
He'll cut off your head!

You're still going to be my wife!


There you go!


It's not a fire, dunderheads!
The Princess has disappeared.

The King's speaking!

Where were you,
young lady?

Papa, you're talking again?

His own daughter doesn't sleep in,
and Papa keeps silent?

Even a stone would talk!

Where have you been?

I was sleeping.

I dreamed I was sliding
down the roof.

And someone else was there.
A soldier.

A man?

Of course, he was a man.
It was only a dream.

Yes... I understand.

What I don't understand is
where were you all night.

Now you'll have to get married,
and posthaste!

Come hell or high water,
I won't get married!

Oh yes, you will!
To the first who comes along!

Servants! Bring in here
the first man you see!

And if he's cross-eyed, or his
nose runs, so much the better!

Why? I haven't done
anything wrong.

Up till now I've been mute.
Now I'm going to be deaf!

All right, I'll get married,
but only on one condition.

On what condition?

I'll do as any other
self-respecting princess does.

Our noble King
proposes to all men

to try, so to say,
their luck

and come tomorrow,
when the clock strikes ten,

to solve a riddle hard to crack.

Whoever solves it
and be the first in the end,

receives from, so to say, the king

the beautiful Princess's hand!

Our noble king
doesn't stop here and adds

to the guesser of a riddle
so moot,

twelve pillows,
twelve quilted bedspreads

and half his kingdom to boot!

- Are you going to compete?
- Naturally.

- And I'm afraid to.
- Why?

Suppose I can guess the riddle
and the Princess will marry me?

That'll be your lucky day!

What's so lucky about that?
One should marry for love.

You do love her, don't you?

What I want is for her to love me.

You want too much!

Without windows, without doors,
pairs of eyes look out by scores!

Papa, get out the stopwatch!

Without windows, without doors,
pairs of eyes look out by scores...

Without windows, without doors,
pairs of eyes look out by scores!

An inn!


I should have guessed it.

No, that's wrong!


Cucullate! Cumulate!

Cucumber, holy mackerel!

C'mon, explain it to him!

Out you go!

Old as the sky,
yet each day I die.

Listen, you!
That must be the palace!

- What do you wish this time?
- Sorry for disturbing you...

That's all right, it's my job.

The Princess...

Yes, she's propounding riddles,
and people are all baffled.

The riddles are not easy to guess.
They are all in a book she has.

- Do you have that book?
- I do.

Your riddle is going to be
number 347.

Book of Riddles
Questions and Answers

That face is so familiar.

That's the rich young man
who brought us the gold tree.

A very nice young man.

I've seen him
in that shabby uniform.

I'll pick the hardest riddle
for him.

Destined to live in a cage,
though I'm a bird

I cannot roost, nor peck,
nor fly, nor nest.

Papa, set the stopwatch!

Think, my son.

I wish I could help you,
if only I remembered it.

I knew the answer when I was
a child. Now I've forgotten it.

I won't bother you anymore.




The wedding is today! Hurray!

No hurray!

I'll marry any other man you want,
but not him!

- But why?
- I don't know why!

- You starting again?
- Yes.

You're going to be sorry!
We'll have the wedding without you.

My dear son-in-law,
don't pay any attention to her.

Your Majesty!

Your Majesty,
don't get excited.

Your Majesty,
don't kiss him!

Allow me to report to you first.

We've found out where
the Princess was the other night.

The criminal's found!

Where's the scoundrel?
Throw him into the dungeon!

He's the one!

I remember now!

It was no dream,
it was real.

He held me in his arms.
Chop off his head.

How could you do that,
young man?

Well, all right, I forgive you.

The rich people are eccentric.

What do you mean, Papa?
Have you gone crazy?

He's not rich. He lives in an attic
and eats nothing but bread.

- Is that true?
- Yes.

I used to have money galore.
I have nothing now.

I'm taking it all back.
I can't forgive you.

Servants! Throw him into jail!

I'll walk by myself!

- Well, am I going to be your wife?
- Sure you will.

We're just postponing the wedding.

Doesn't that hurt?

That'll get it out of your ribs.

There you are.
Jail isn't so bad, soldier.

You'll get your dinner
in half an hour.

I won't be here
in half an hour.

Some kidder.

- Want me to give you a light?
- I've got my tinder box.

Take care!

Where the devil did I put it?

This time I'm done for!

That's the latest style.

I'll show up at the execution
dressed up to kill.

He'll lose his head completely.

He'll lose his head
because it will be chopped off.

It's his own fault.
He shouldn't have kissed me.

Be honest. You liked it.

So what?

Why did he have the nerve
to say I'd marry him?

You've been dying to have him
marry you, admit it.

No, I don't wanna! I'll have
no part or parcel of it!

Why are you arguing with me?
We're the same person.

Not exactly.

I'm your better half.
So far.

If you go on being so nasty,

I'll start shrinking.

I'll shrink down to one fourth,
then to one eighth...

I'm a better arithmetic expert
than you are.

But there's one thing
you don't know.

One day you'll walk up to
the mirror and see nothing.

Nothing at all.
And that day you will die,

because those who haven't
an ounce of kindness

don't deserve to live.

Anyhow, I'll have it my way!

You see how little kindness
is left in you...

Hey, soldier!

Bring here my tinder box, quick!

- What good'll that do you?
- Rush and get it!

Do you know the reason why
you've been brought here?

Yes, I do. Why do you ask?
Don't you know?

We are about to judge you.

I'm the Chief Justice of
the kingdom.

I demand to be tried by...
the prosecutor.

I'm the prosecutor too.

Some system...
I want at least a lawyer.

This will slay you. Your lawyer's
none other than your's truly.

Ours is a small kingdom,
there're not many smart people.

So the whole burden is upon me.

Do you also cut off the heads?

No, we have a real headsman.

He's very good.
You'll be introduced to him soon.

Shall we proceed...

As prosecutor
I ask for the death penalty.

As counsel for the defense, I can
find no extenuating circumstances.

As judge I hereby sentence you
to be cut...

How should I put it better?

Whichever way you put it,
it's a cutting statement.

You do understand, don't you?
You've been sentenced.

Oh yes, the law allows you
a last word.

But you can skip that.
We don't want any delays.

No, no, if it's my legal right,
then listen to my last word.

The king is a dirty, scheming
old man, a robber and a liar.

I'm very wise and fair.

If that's all you've got to say,
then bon voyage!

Grant me one last wish.

Let me have one more smoke
before I die.

- Smoking makes your life shorter.
- Sometimes it makes it longer.

- Go ahead.
- I have no tobacco.

- Hurry up! The people are waiting.
- I've got no matches either.

lmagine that I wanted
to give him my daughter!

- Somebody give him a light!
- Yes, Your Majesty!

Catch, soldier!

Thanks, friend!

Young man, you don't have to
beat a tatoo with that flint.

I've been here for quite a while.
Only I'm invisible.

I'll take care of it.

Hey, guards!

Arrest both of them!
Arrest them all...

Where are you going?

Stop this row, Your Majesty.
Or I'll give your nose a new shape.

What's so funny, you idiots?

Now let's talk business.

Will you give me the Princess
for a bride, Your Majesty?

Well, since he wants it
that badly...

Say yes, quickly,

or your nose will grow
as big as a cucumber.

I say yes! I'll do it.

We say yes.

Hello there, my friend.

- Goodbye, soldier. I have to go.
- Where?

To find another princess
that I can fall in love with.

I'll see to it
that next time you get married.

Can we work a miracle
for our friend?

There cannot by any change
of beneficiary of wishes.

However, in this case...

Thank you, but this miracle I've
got to work out for myself.

And you...

Well, it's your choice.

That's about it.
Time for us to separate.

You've now got everything
that your heart desired.

You no longer need my services.

Yes... I guess I've got everything
I wanted.

And now I have to ask you
for the tinder box.


Thanks for everything.

You don't have to thank me.

You would have been better off
if you'd listened.

Goodbye, or rather farewell.

I'll scratch his eyes out!

I'll make his life miserable!

I'll pour salt in his coffee

and sugar in his soup!

You're right, do that.

My dear son-in-law, why have
you put those rags on again?

Didn't I make you a General?

I have my reasons for that.

We have 10 minutes before
the wedding, let's talk business.

For the dowry...

I promised you... half my kingdom.

I'm not going back on it.


I don't want any part of it.

I'm not going to live here.

Then you can have another state
when we conquer it.

I can get by without it.

What's the matter with you?

- Your Majesty...
- You can call me Papa.

Papa, will you pop out for a sec?
I need to talk with the Princess.

- All right, as you wish.
- That's a good boy, Papa.

What are you doing here?
You could wait till we're married.

There won't be any marriage.

I came to say goodbye.

I had heaps of money
and the magic tinder box...

And yet I wasn't and won't be
happy, because you don't love me.

And without love
no marriage can work.

Though I'm not very smart,
I understand that much.

Well, what are you going to do?

There're lots of roads in the world
and I like them all.

That's fine.
That's great.

Perfect. Don't think I'm going
to cry. Get out of here.

Get out, I said!
Get out of my sight!

I'm going to kiss you goodbye.

Don't you dare...

Along the high road,
Along the high road

I'm marching again, one-two!

And again I have holes
in my boots and coat.

And my pockets are empty, too.

One-two, left!
One-two, right...

Wait, soldier! Come back!
You forgot something...

You forgot your pipe.

Is that why you chased me?

No. There's something important
I've got to tell you.

When I was a baby
an evil witch cast a spell on me.

That's why I've been so wicked.

But you've broken the spell,
and I want to stay with you.

Please, give me one more kiss

so that the spell never return.

Where's your cape?

And where are your walking shoes?
It's dawn already.

Forgive me.
I can't go away with you.

I couldn't sleep all night,
thinking how can I leave my father.

He'll be all alone.

And how can I leave the house
where I was born?

You're angry, aren't you?


You're right.

It wasn't meant to be.

You know, last night
I made up a new fairy tale.

With a happy end
like in the old, old tales..

Old tales are one thing,
but life is different.

Am I right?

It's very sad, but you're right.

The end