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Star in the Dust (1956) - full transcript

The sheriff of Gunlock is planning to hang Sam Hall, who shot three farmers found on cattle land, at sundown. At the casino, betting is 8 to 3 he won't make it. The cattlemen are set to rescue Sam; the farmers hope to lynch him before he can be rescued; and Hall schemes for escape with his girl Nellie. But Sheriff Jorden is most concerned with finding out who hired Hall: a leading suspect is the sheriff's future brother-in-law.

Good a spot as any.

Well now, I don't know. I think
you ought to move it up the street a mile.

No, right here.
And the folks from the casino can watch.

All right, let's get unloaded boys.

Orval, you just need this just
a waste of time and muscle.

In old days we didn't build
no scaffolds for no hanging.

These ain't the old days,
since Bill Jorden is been sheriff...

everything is got to
be done legal in a hanging.

Well, a tree was good enough for my
pappy and I reckon it's good enough for me.

Oh, go on and help unload now.
I'll get this thing started.

- Hello Orval.
- No, I ain't got no drink.

- I wasn't asking.
- No, but you was hoping.

You sure putting out a
lot of sweat for nothing Orval.

- I got a hunch Sam Hall isn't going to hang.
- Sheriff Jorden says he hangs, he hangs.

Maybe yes, maybe no.

- Think I'll sit around a while and sing.
- Hanging ain't till sundown.

Got nothing but time Orval, nothing but time.

♪ Oh, my name
it is Sam Hall, it is Sam Hall ♪

♪ Yes, my name,
it is Sam Hall, it is Sam Hall ♪♪

♪ Yes, my name, it is Sam Hall,
and I hate you, one and all ♪

♪ Yes, I hate you,
one and all, blast your hides ♪

♪ Oh, I killed three
men, they say, so they say ♪

♪ Yes, I killed three
men they say, so they say ♪

♪ I filled them full of lead
and I left them there for dead ♪

♪ Yes, I left them
there for dead, bless their hides ♪

Howdy Bill.

- Morning, Hank, Joe.
- Today is the day, eh?

- No different than any other day.
- Except for Sam Hall.

If ask me Sheriff, it ain't
only Sam Hall who should be hanging.

- I didn't ask you.
- He's right Bill.

If your father was still the sheriff...

we'd be hanging whoever was responsible for
bringing that gun crazy killer to Gunlock.

- Morning Sheriff.
- Morning Tom.

Today is the day, isn't it?

Yeah, today is the day.

I was going over the casino
to lay a bet when they open.

I hear they're giving five
to three Hall don't hang.

Eight to three.

How would you bet if you were a betting man?

Judge Webb wanted
Hall hanged at sundown today.

- That's when he'll hang.
- If you say so Sheriff.

- Up kind of early Bill.
- Yeah.

- Well, today is...
- Don't say it.

- Or I'll heave you out the window.
- Well, it is the day.

Now, we'll be mighty glad when it's over.

- Give you any trouble?
- No.

Just wanted to bet me he'd
be out of here before sundown.

- How much?
- 1,000 dollars.

As if I had it.

Sure be glad when that guy is hanged so as I
can go home and get some sleep in a real bed.

Go get your breakfast.

Bill, what do you figure they'll do?

I wish I knew.

Well, whatever it is, I'm sure you'll
handle it as good as your Pa.

Hall, you sleeping?

- Who can sleep with all that hammering?
- What you want for breakfast?

Ever heard of Del Monico's Sheriff?

No, I can't say that I have.
I'll ask over the restaurant though.

Maybe they know how to cook it.

- Del Monico's is an eating place in Yoko.
- Oh, back East?

Let's say it's in a different world.

A world of crystal
chandeliers, champagne, soft music...

elegant ladies and fine furs.

Silks, beautiful ladies sheriff,

- with soft, round, white arms.
- Who are you? Where you come from?

I'm a bad boy from a good family.

- Your real name is not Sam Hall.
- A rose by any name.

A Shakespeare Sheriff, William
Shakespeare, he was a writer.

Look Hall, you're hanging
today for killing that Smith boy.

Now, I wonder if you clear
up those other two killings.

You're the sheriff, you clear them up.

Somebody sent for
you to come here, who was it?

You two bit
gunslingers don't work for nothing.

Who paid you?

You annoy me Sheriff.

When I leave your hotel, I'm going
to squash you as I squash a bug.

Who paid you for those three killings?

Was it the cattlemen? Was it George Ballard?

George Ballard?

Sheriff, what you going
to do if it's George Ballard?

You plan to hang him before
you marry his sister or after?

Hello Ballard.

We got your message
last night Lou, what's so urgent?

- We got to change our plans.
- You mean, we let Hall hang?

No, but we can't until
the last minute to save him.

Well, I thought it was all set, we step
in when he's marching up to the gallows.

The farmers got wind on what we're up
to, they're going to try to beat us to it.

A lynching? They wouldn't have the guts.

That crazy schoolmaster Rigdon has got those
fellas so riled up they'll try anything.

Nothing we can do about
that unless we want open war.

Now wait a minute, we owe it to Hall.

I go along with Hogan boss,
we should save Hall's neck.

Jiggs is right Ballard,
we brought the man out here.

- To scare the farmers, not to kill them.
- What he did, he did for us.

The three fellas he killed
were all north of the creek.

What about Bill Jorden? He's not
going to stand by and let us bust Hall out.

He'll give us trouble.

We'd better get moving boss, it'll take
hours to round up the rest of the cattlemen.

Alright, get as many men as you can
before mid-afternoon, we'll meet here.

Haven't seen one cattleman all morning.

Or one farmer.

Sure is quiet.

More like Sunday.

I remember being in a cyclone once.

Just before she hit there
was feeling of emptiness, like...

the air is been sucked out of space.

Got that same feeling.

Why wait for trouble? Let's hang Hall now.

Until sundown there's
always a chance of reprieve.

A fat chancel - Maybe.

But if we hang him one minute before
it'll be the same as if we lynch him.

Tom Jorden wasn't so finicky
when he was wearing that star.


I'm sick and tired of hearing
what my father would've done.

I'm sheriff now...

and I'll do it my way.

I was only making talk.

Looks like Hall is going to have a visitor.

Well, I'm in no mood for hysterics.

Do what you can for her.

Wait a minute, what if she starts acting up?

A handsome fella like you ought
to know how to handle a lady.

♪ I saw Nellie dressed
in blue, dressed in blue ♪

♪ I saw Nellie in the
street, dressed in blue ♪

♪ In saw Nellie dressed in blue,
she said, Sam, now you'll be true ♪

♪ Cos your trifling days
are through, blast your hide ♪

- Is the sheriff in?
- No, he had to go out.

- I wonder, would it be all right?
- Sure Nellie, stay as long as you like.


Why the solemn face?
Look like you're going to a funeral.

Don't joke about it Sam.

Honey don't worry,
nobody is got a rope my size.

You've been saying that for days.
Now it's only a matter of hours.

- Yeah, I know.
- Sam...

Take these two letters, hide them.

- Then go and see Gunlock's leading citizen.
- George Ballard?

The man who retained me.

You said it was the Cattlemen's Association.

Was at first, the farmers didn't scare out.

An anonymous gentleman
made a private deal with me, here.

'Since your reputation alone
is no enough to frighten off

the farmers, you will be paid
1,000 dollars for the removing of each

farmer that takes up land
north of Coffin creek.

To establish that you've earned
the money, leave the subject

hat over his face and lay a rock on the hat.

There's no signature and it's printed.

How do you know was Ballard?

The ranchers around here would
be lucky if they can sign X for their names.

This is written by an man with an
education, fancy words, neat printing.

Why didn't you do something about it before?

Read this.

Smuggled in after I was arrested.

You'd be convicted but you won't hang
unless you try to implicate somebody else.

Same neat printing, no
signature, money in the envelope.

That be Ballard all right,
figures money buy anything.

He might also figure with me
out of the way, he'll be safe.

You let him know you'll give Jorden these
letters, we'll get some action out of Ballard.

- Fast.
- Oh, if you could get out of here...

we, we, we could go to some
faraway place and start over.

If you don't hurry, I've got
place to go, a real faraway place.

- What do you reckon Hall weighs?
- Oh, I'd say about 200.

Just about right.

- Howdy Dan.
- Bill.

- Any stock-men or was in your place today?
- Not one.

- Any farmers?
- No.

Real quiet, ain't it?

♪ Let them build my
gallows high, build it high ♪

♪ Let them build my
gallows high, build it high ♪

♪ Let them build it to the sky
but it ain't my time to die ♪ ♪

♪ No, it ain't my time
to die, blast their hides. ♪

♪ Oh, the sheriff he came too, he came too ♪

♪ Oh, the sheriff he came too, he came too ♪

♪ Oh, the sheriff he came too... ♪

♪ Just to check the trap for you
when they drop your body through ♪

♪ Poor Sam Hall. ♪
She's all ready, sheriff.

She'll do all right.

I wish this hanging was over with,
I had a kind of funny feeling all morning.

Usually when I build the
gallows, I have a fine audience.

Today there ain't hardly
nobody around, except a few schoolkids.


- What do you kids doing out of school?
- Mr Rigdon told us we could go home.

Honest sheriff, we ain't playing rookie.
If you don't believe us, ask him.

Think maybe I'll do that.

Better go over and join
Mack, tell him to give you a rifle.

- Do I get a deputy's badge?
- Maybe later.

Tell him I'm going over to
have a little talk with Rigdon.

Is like you're teaching
something besides school Mr Rigdon.

Care to take lessons?

I want to know why
you shutdown the school today.

That's no business of the sheriff's.

It's my business when the farmers
are coming into town to cause trouble.

You know where they're meeting and when
they're coming, you better tell me.

- How would I know? I'm not a farmer.
- You're the one who's been steaming them up.

What I've told them is for
their own good, they look up to me.

You figure with my father dead,
the farmers can get control.

- You'll wind up running the whole town.
- It's not a bad idea.

I have the education and the ability.

I wasn't cut out to be an
underpaid schoolteacher all my life.

Everyone can't wind up marrying money.

Why you ain't stop worrying about the
farmers and do something about the cattlemen?

They were the one who
brought Sam Hall out here.

Now I'm going to
tell you like I've told others -

Don't bring me rumors, bring
me evidence and I'll take action.

- Even against George Ballard?
- Why is he any different?

Everyone knows he's paid you off.

- It's a lie.
- Oh, not with money.

With his sister.

Brave man sheriff, with a gun in your belt.

Billy, Mr Rigdon is getting
the heck beat out of him.

- Well, get the sheriff.
- The sheriff is doing it.

Tell me where they are.


Now listen you...

This won't exactly make us any friends.

I'm not trying to make friends,
I'm trying to keep the peace.

You sure doing the hard way.

Five bucks? What it for?

Fining myself for disturbing the peace.

- I'm taking your horse.
- Where you headed?

Got to see Ballard.

I think maybe you kids won't be
having any school tomorrow either.


- What happened?
- I turn the tables back in school.

- Bill, I wish you...
- It's alright darling, it's alright.

- Is your brother around?
- No.

George rode off early this
morning, I haven't seen him since.

Jess Ryman and Jiggs Larribee are with him.


something is going on, something bad.
George won't tell me but I've heard talk.

Now you know better than listen to buzz.

Tell me one thing Bill,
is my brother involved?

I don't know.

But if I find out he is involved, if I've
to arrest him, how would you feel?

I mean about me, about us getting married?

What if I find out George is mixed up in it?

What if I've to help my brother
to take sides against you?

How would you feel?

- I don't know, till it happens.
- Let's hope it never will.

Nevertheless, let's
talk about something else.

I'm leaving for Denver first
the week to get fitted for my trousseau.

- Nellie Mason is mighty handy with a needle.
- I couldn't go to Nellie, not now.

Why not? You used before the trial.

Oh, but it was different then.
Everyone thought she was a nice girl.

Ellen, she's still a nice girl.

If anybody should be
condemned it's, it's her mother.

- Her mother?
- A hard, domineering woman.

She never let Nellie look
at a man, then Sam Hall came to town.

First man who ever gave her a smile.

She'll be more lonely than ever after today.

I'll see her first thing next week.

I'd hate to be alone.

Are you sure Mr Ballard will be in?

He usually is, but then
today is a special day, isn't it?

- I'll see if he's at his home.
- Suit yourself Miss Mason.

Come in.

Nellie, this is a surprise.

Miss Ballard, I've got to
see your brother right away.

He's not home but I'm
glad you dropped by Nellie.

I wanted to talk to you about my trousseau.

- You want me to make it?
- Please sit down Nellie.

What's the matter
Miss Ballard, beginning to feel guilty?

I guess the women
in town have been pretty rude.

- But Nellie, I don't feel that way.
- I'm not talking about the women in town.

I'm talking about your brother.

You and the ranchers' wives.
Your men are just as guilty as Sam Hall.

They're the ones that brought him to Gunlock.

Nellie, Nellie please.

Was your brother who
offered to pay him for killing farmers.

I don't believe it.

- Try asking him when he comes in.
- Ask me what Nellie?

Good morning Ellen.

Ask me what?

I have a message for you.

Those letters you sent Sam, if he
hangs, I'll hand them over to the sheriff.

Oh, I'm sorry, now this is silly...

sorry but I haven't the faintest
idea of what you're talking about.

Not the faintest.

About your trousseau,
I can't cry and sew at the same time.

Poor girl.

- Well, once a woman starts slipping...
- What letters was she talking about?

- I don't know, maybe that gunslinger...
- George?

George, don't lie to me.

Ellen, isn't as simple as all that.

That isn't something that you
can't just clear up with a word.

Since Father died it's always been
just you and me. Remember that?

I'm trying George.

Then you remember when Rigdon the schoolmaster
came here with that first colony of farmers.

They settled south of the creek because
the irrigation was good down there.

I know all that,
they weren't bothering anyone.

No, the others came pouring in,
they fenced up all the good range land.

You were away most the time,
you couldn't see what of happening.

We would've leave them alone
if only they'd stayed south of the creek.

When Tom Jorden died...

Rigdon talked them into moving
north, right here, in our own front yard.

And you brought in a killer.

Yeah, to frighten
the farmers not to kill them.

- Nellie Mason was right.
- Now look Ellen...

well, you're as guilty
of murder as Sam Hall is.


We hang rustlers and horse thieves, why
shouldn't we shoot men who steal our grass?

You talking about the Smith boy George.

Ben Smith's son, he's dead.

What you going to do?
Side against your brother?

- Those letters, did you send them?
- No, don't worry about who did.

Because Nellie won't show
those letters to Bill or anyone else.

Why not?

Because by tonight, she and Sam Hall
will be miles out of Gunlock, for ever.

The cattlemen are going to break
Sam Hall out of jail this afternoon.

That will mean shooting.

George, what happens to Bill?

He won't get hurt
if he doesn't try to play sheriff.

Wait a minute.

Suppose I can get Sam Hall out of
jail before the cattlemen move in.

- With how many dead?
- None.

Provided you can get Bill
out of his office for a few minutes.

My brother's best advice...

- cheat them first and marry them afterward.
- You can't marry a dead man.

What time do you want him out?

Not all the way Orv, just loosen it.

That's it.

Now if we get any visitors,
this will sound up an announcement.

Do I get my deputy's badge?

When they start pinning stars on courthouse
janitors, that's when I turn mine in.

Easy Mack.

Keep your eyes open,
I'm going taking a look around.

If I had a deputy's badge, I can
help out better when the shoots starts.

Why Orval, you wouldn't know
which end of this to shoot through.

You better not figure me for supper Nan.


- don't go.
- Ballard and the men are waiting for me.

Honey, this isn't our affair.
Our ranch isn't farm land.

But makes no difference Nan.

Once the farmers settles on this side of the
creek, they'll take over the whole range.

But Sam Hall knew the risk he was taking.

I love you, I love you.

Anything ever happened to you...

I don't know how I
ever got along without you Nan.


there's something
I never told you about Sam Hall.

You remember the first time
you brought Hall up here to the ranch?

Well, the next morning he waited
until you'd gone out on the range.

- Then he came back here alone.
- What happened?


I had your Winchester.

I'm going out to save
his neck, I've given my word.

Bun if he ever shows
his face in Gunlock again...

I'll kill him.

Lew isn't here.

- It's you I want to see Nan.
- Go away George.

Lew is heading for trouble.

You know, the best thing you ever did George
was to tell me that you were tired of me.

I'm happy with Lew.

Lew is a fine man, that's
why I don't see him hanged.

Sam Hall is expecting
to be broken out of jail today.

If he isn't, he'll name the man who paid him.

- All the cattlemen sent for him.
- Lew personally offered him blood money.

I don't believe you.

Unfortunately Nan,
your husband put it in writing.

Hall has the prove.

Lew is scared about those letters.

Now, I have a plan
to get Sam Hall out of Gunlock.

Nobody takes any risks except Sam Hall.

- I'm listening.
- Sam Hall needs gun.

- Are you asking me to get it to him?
- You'll have help.

You want him to shoot his way out,
maybe kill Bill Jorden while his doing it?

What's going to happen is Hall may be
killed, your husband would be in the clear.

Why did you come to me?

Because I know I can trust you Nan.
I discovered that a long time ago.

When we were much closer.

Get this to Hall.

I can't visit him, they'd want to know why.

But Nellie Mason can,
she'll be there before 3:30.

Now, you just do as I say., you get
that gun to Hall without any trouble.

What will it be Sheriff, a beer or a bet?

- How the odds now?
- Eight to three, Hall doesn't hang.

I'll take three dollars worth.

- Leo, you're friendly with the ranchers.
- I'm friendly with everybody.

Include me?

Don't know a thing Sheriff, not a thing.

Oh, Bill?

Hello Pastor, Doc.

McNamara is old us we might find you here.

So what can I do for you?

Bill, you realise the ranchers
are going to try to break Hall out?

I'm betting against him.

The farmers don't share you
confidence, they aim to string him up.

Hall has become a symbol in this fight.

The farmers feel if Hall escapes the ranchers
will end up run them out of the country.

Well, make your point.

We want you to contact the governor...

ask him to send a company of
National Guard that can be here in 3 hours.

Look, if you didn't think I could handle this
job you never should've elected me sheriff.

What do you trying to prove, Bill?

And how much bloodshed
will it take to prove it?

- Think it over.
- Don't think too long Bill.

It's almost two o'clock.

- Get this off right away.
- Yes, sure sheriff, sure.

Gilbert Wilkes, State Capital.

National guard?
Expecting real trouble, eh Sheriff?

- I heard a rumor...
- I want you to send a message not give me one.

Something is wrong.

The line is been cut.

We can't wait any longer for Ballard.

Now, Jess Ryman and me will pay
a friendly call on Bill Jorden.

While we're upstairs...

Relax men, I've
arranged for Sam Hall's escape.

- I don't believe you Ballard.
- Are you calling me a liar?

Easy now, you
were always against helping Hall.

I'm still head
of the Cattlemen's Association.

All right, I'm listening.

I tell you that Hall will be
on his way out of town in an hour.

Now, if you don't mind
I'll go back to being a banker.

What do you think Lew?

Well, if he's on the level it'd be
the best way out for all of us.

I'll ride into town and find out.

- I promised Sam I'd bring him some food.
- I told her was all right.

All right Nellie.

Just a minute.

It's beef stew and pie.

You won't find a gun
if that's what you're looking for.

Just making sure it's tender.

He'll, he'll have to manage with the spoon.

Oh, there's one more thing Nellie. I'll have
to round up a woman someplace to search you.

You won't find a woman
in town who'd care to touch me.

Go ahead Sheriff.

All right.

- From this side of the bars.
- I was hoping we could be alone.

- Get to see Ballard?
- Everything is all arranged.

At exactly three o'clock, Nan Hogan
will be below that window with a gun.

So Ballard jumped?

At 3:30 George will be out of his office.

There'll be a horse
in the shed across the alley.

Head for Santa Fe.

- I'll join you there.
- Got enough money?

Don't worry, before I leave this town
I'll have enough money for both of us.

Nellie, I haven't always been good to you.

But I'll make it up to you, I'll take you
places back East you never even dreamed of.

Ah, the prisoner's last meal.

There's cattlemen in town today.

Think I'll look around see if
he brought company with him.

Then maybe I'll walk
over and welcome Mr Ryman.

You got to leave here
now Bill, it might be a trick?

I'll be within gunshot.

Get out of the way janitor,
You might get yourself hurt.

I know he's still in jail.

Why, if he'd escaped,
there be plenty of hollering and I...

Want have a little talk with you Jess.

I just rode into town
for a drink, no crime in that.


But I want to know
when the rest of the ranchers are...

coming into the town for a drink.

I can't account for their drinking habits.

- What time you expecting them?
- I'm expecting nobody.

- And that includes you.
- Go ahead, reach for it Ryman.

Only take it out
gently and put it on the bar.

Do like I say.

You're getting too big
for your breeches sonny.

- Now start walking, toward the jail.
- What for?

So I'll have one less hot head
to handle when the shooting starts.

You got nothing against him.

He pulled a gun on the law.
That'll do over until sundown.

Start moving Jess.

Tell the boys what happened Leo.
They'll tear that courthouse apart.

You'll find out you're not as
big as your old man was sheriff.


Got another guest Mack, where's Orval?

I chased downstairs,
all he want to do is talk.

I don't know which is worse? Listening
to a man talk with the mouth full of teeth...

flopping around or commence tell a window
without his teeth, whistling like a tornado.

Brought you some company Sam.

Your visitor didn't stay long.

I sent her home sheriff,
she was interfering with my praying.

Fine deputy you are,
half the town could've walked in.

- What you want Tom?
- I got a letter for you.

- Miss Ballard gave it to me.
- Thanks.

Ellen is over at the hotel,
wants to see me. Said it's urgent.

- Why ain't she come herself?
- Good question Mack, I'll ask her.

Take it easy Sam, as soon as Leo tell the boys
what happened, they'll be heading this way.

What time is it?


Getting worried about the farmers?

- I'm not worried about anything now.
- Where you get the gun?

I fished out of thin air with a spoon.

Jorden, McNamara, come in here quick.

Jorden, McNamara.

- What's the matter with him?
- Don't ask me, suddenly keeled over.

McNamara, put the gun down.

Come on, open her up.

If I don't? The keys are still on this side.

I can only hang once.

Come on, inside.

Up, up.

Face the bars.

- You've had to do that Hall.
- Stay out of this.

- You're not going anywhere.
- What you mean?

I came into alone, I'll go the same way.
How much money have you got on you?

You can't do this Hall, not after
what we were able to do for you.

Money Ryman, the money.

The only thing the ranchers ever did for me
was to keep me in chips, come on, come on.

Now turn around.

I tell them none of those farmers were north
of the creek, not until I carried them there.

- Why did you kill them?
- 1,000 dollars a head, on delivery.

Why, you dirty, rotten...

What do you doing in town?

George told me the
rumors about the ranchers are true.

- I had to warn you.
- He tell you how many there were?

- He didn't say.
- Or when they're coming in?

He didn't tell me anything
except he walked out on them.

- Maybe be coming into town right now.
- Oh, don't go Bill, please.

Don't worry, I'll be all right.

Perhaps you had to make
a choice sooner than we expected.

I'm glad we're not on opposite sides.

I'm never so glad
to see anyone in my whole life.

I was afraid you haven't hear
my gunshot, you can sure have him.

I thought that fool janitor
was going to blow my head off.

- Take my hands down?
- What happened to McNamara?

He's just keeping a round with my company.

How you get him Orval?

Well, I was pretty sore, McNamara
kicking me out of the office like a gun.

I begged I kept watch downstairs, maybe
show that smart deputy he wasn't so smart.

Good thing you did.

Well, I heard that loose step squeaking.

Like somebody was easing down the stairs,
sneaky like, I figured it might be trouble.

It was Hall, he never knowed a
thing till my rifle jammed him in the back.

- You did a fine job deputy.
- Well yeah I, Deputy?

I want to see Mack's
face, I just want to see his face.

Open the door.

Put him back in his cell Deputy.

Come on Hall.

Alright Hall, come on.

Face the wall.

- Mack, you all right?
- Yeah, I'm all right.

What happened to Ryman?

Just Hall's way of saying thanks to a friend.

Put him in his cell
Orv, I'll look after Ryman.

Get in Hall.

Back so soon?

Deputy, that's a bad bump
you've got on your head there.

- Bill Jorden locked up Jess Ryman.
- Let's go.

Are you sure Sam got the gun?

Stop worrying Nellie, Sam is
probably miles out of town by now.

I hope so.

Your train isn't due in for a while yet.

Got a stop to make first,

Sam and I will be needing
money, George Ballard will provide it.

I wouldn't count on him.

I've never known him to part
with a dollar without a very good reason.

I've got two good reasons right here.

Two letters George Ballard wrote
Sam offering him money to kill farmers.

Ballard? He told me my husband sent them.

- Sounds just like him.
- Nellie, give me those letters.

I will not.

- I want those letters.
- Oh no, you don't.

No, I can't fight any more.

Please, don't do it.

Sam gave me the
only happiness I've ever known.

Don't do it to me.

Lew and I see
that you get to Santa Fe somehow.

But these letters are going to Bill Jorden.

No signature, how do
I know Ballard wrote these?

One man's printing looks like other's.

I'd know them anywhere.

This is, little hard to say Bill.

I guess you know that at one time I,
I expected to marry George Ballard.

Used to send me
notes, they were always printed.

That printing was exactly like
those letters he sent to Sam Hall.

I'm afraid it won't stand up in court.


if it wasn't George Ballard...

why would his sister get herself involved?

Ellen? Where did she fit in?

Think it over.

Why were you out
of your office at exactly 3:30?

McNamara. Mack.

You'll find Ellen Ballard
over the hotel, bring her here.

Even if you have to put her under arrest.

Well, what you waiting for? I.

So we wound up on opposite sides after all.

No, Bill it's...

You know, I was convinced you decided
to go along with me instead of your brother.

That was my decision Bill.

I only got you out of here because
I was afraid you'd might be hurt.

- Killed.
- Killed?

You arranged to get a gun into
the hand of murderer like Sam Hall?


George never told me about a gun.

What you think he was going to
break out here with? A sling shot?

He told me that
if I got you out of here all...

they take is handle
McNamara without any shooting.

- And you believed it?
- I was worried Bill.

I was thinking except about you.

About me or your brother?

They're coming into
town sheriff, a slew of them.

- Where are they?
- Couple of miles out, on the south road.

The south road? The cattlemen would be
moving in from north of the creek.

It ain't the cattlemen,
it's Rigdon and his gang.

- Thanks for letting me know Marc.
- Any time sheriff.

I don't hold with lynchings.

Say, you don't hold with jailbreaks
could do me another favor.

- What's that?
- Watch the north road for the cattlemen.


Mack, Orval.

Rigdon and his bunch are making their
move, I'm riding out to meet them.

They won't be in any mood for talking.

Once they get into town and take positions...

we'll never get them
out, folks will get hurt.

Don't go Bill, you be killed.

What we do with her? Lock her up?

You can let her go, I'm through with her.

Don't try to stop us
Jorden, we're going after Hall..

Let me remind you Ben,
the rest of you farmers,

The courthouse stairs are narrow.

Two men standing
at the top could kill a lot of you.

I got two men there right now.

Only two?

Nobody takes Hall away from the law without
killing me and then killing my two deputies.

He's trying to keep us here while
Ballard and the ranchers get Hall out.

Hold it.

We're not criminals sheriff,
all we're looking for is justice.

I know how you feel Ben.

I know how I'd feel if
it was my boy who'd been murdered.

Hall was sentenced to hang
at sundown today, let the law do it.

Don't turn yourselves
into murderers, bad as he is.

All right Sheriff, I'll go along with you.

Are you forgetting your
son was murdered in cold blood?

I ain't forgetting nothing.

Well, as long as Ben Smith goes along...

that's good enough for me.

You nigh be needing some help
sheriff, if the ranchers try to get Hall out.

- How about deputizing us?
- I can't Ben.

For years, my father walked a mighty
narrow road between you and the cattlemen.

He managed to head off open
warfare because he never took sides.

I won't either.

One itchy trigger finger
could destroy everything.

That's why I'm asking you men to stay
out of Gunlock until after the hanging.

All right Bill.

I wouldn't be in such a hurry to break up.

I'm riding into Gunlock to
see Sam Hall at the end of a rope.

I suggest you men wait
at the stockyard just in case.

We'll wait at the stockyard sheriff.


What about the farmers?

We only got the cattlemen to worry about.

Only the cattlemen?

How's Ryman?

Doc Quinn bet he's upset,
he'll be alright, he's still out cold.

- Where is Ellen Ballard?
- I don't know, back the hotel I guess.

And don't do any
daydreaming, I'll be right back.

- Where you be?
- Across the street.

A little unfinished business with the bank.

If you're listening
for shooting George, don't.

Hall didn't make it.

Didn't make what? What you talking about?

The gun you gave Nan Hogan.

You're not making sense
Bill, you come barging in my...

She showed me the letters you sent to Hall.


Your personal invitation
to Hall to commit murder.

Oh, you're talking Bill but can you prove it?

I used to hear folks say that Ballard
blood had run thin by the third generation.

I didn't believe it, until today.

Go ahead George, reach for it.

No, that's not your way, is it?

You hire others to do your dirty work.

Go on George, reach.

You've been wanting
get me kill, now is your chance.

Well, what kind of talk is that Bill?

I'll admit I wasn't to
keen on you marrying Ellen...

You know even after Hall hangs, I never left
until I get the man who send in those letters.

Then get him. You can't prove I sent them.

I know, that's why I want your confession.

Now, in writing.

I see if you can find some paper
down there George, let's get on with it.


Lew Hogan is coming in with the ranchers.

They're just outside town on the north road.

Don't ever do that again
boss, busting in on us like that.

Orv, when the trouble starts, you and I
cover the windows, Mack, watch the stairs.

Lew, don't do it please, listen to me.

You back in off the street
Mrs Hogan, you'll be safer in the hotel.

Jorden, we don't want any trouble.
We're here to get Sam Hall.

You got five minutes to take it over sheriff.

If Hall don't come out, we're coming in.

You men better find yourselves some cover.

♪ Sam Hall, Sam Hall.
That's the name they will recall ♪

♪ Sam Hall ♪

♪ Oh, my name
it is Sam Hall, it is Sam Hall ♪

♪ My name, it is Sam Hall, it is Sam Hall ♪ ♪

- ♪ Yes, my name, it is Sam Hall... ♪
- Better stay by the stairs and I...

♪ Yes, I hate you, one
and all, blast your hides ♪

♪ Oh, I killed three men, they say ♪

♪ So they say ♪

♪ Yes, I killed three men, they say ♪

♪ So they say ♪

♪ I filled them full of lead ♪

♪ And I left them there for dead ♪

♪ Yes, I left them there for dead ♪

♪ Blast their hides ♪

Don't worry Miss Ballard,
your, your brother won't get hurt.

Whatever happens, George won't get hurt.

I'm sorry, guess we all do what we have to.

Anyway, when you...

when you chose your brother's
side over Bill Jorden's you...

you sure saved yourself a lot of heartache.

Why you say that?

Bill Jorden is a dead man Miss Ballard.

Whoever wins, he's as good as dead.
He knows your brother sent those letters.

My brother?

You don't know George very well, do you?

Bill Jorden won't never live
long enough to bring him to trial.

What's the matter George?
No more killers to hire?

- Go home Ellen.
- Give me that gun.

Jorden, your time is up.

I, I never shot a man before.


- Orv?
- I'd guess I didn't move fast enough.

Don't go doing anything foolish Orv.

Wouldn't know what to do without you around.

Who I talk to?

Always knowed you were soft inside.

Sorry Orv, I never
should've let you in on this.

Don't worry, I'll be all right.

- He's passed out.
- Mack, get Hall out here, quick.

This man was sentenced to hang at sundown.

I aim to carry out that sentence.

Then, if you cattlemen think
you can save him, you're wrong.

If I stop a bullet, he stops one.

Keep me covered.

♪ Oh, the parson,
he was there, he was there ♪

♪ Yes, the parson
he was there, he was there ♪

♪ Oh, the parson, he was there
with the bible and a prayer ♪

♪ But he knew I didn't dare blast his hide ♪

♪ Oh, the sheriff, he came too, he came too ♪

♪ Yes, the sheriff, he came... ♪

Oh sheriff, we're both sticklers for the law.


So the law says
a prisoner's hands must be tied.

I'll do it sheriff.

Tell him what you told me.

We don't owe Hall a thing, none of those
three men he killed were north of the creek.

No Hogan, he's lying.

He made a deal with the sheriff.

Does that nut on my head look like I'm lying?

Hall did it, right after he told me he
killed those men south of the creek.


I guess there's
a lot of squaring to do sheriff.

On both sides.

That'll be up to the governor.

♪ Now it's up the rope I go, up I go ♪

♪ Yes, it's up the rope I go, up ♪

- ♪ Oh, it's up the rope I go... ♪
- Anything you care to say Hall?

Looks like they're
going to make it Sheriff, sundown.

Sam, Sam.

You might tell the
holier-than-thous in this town...

not to blame on Nellie Mason for what I did.

Save it.

I thought you were
such a stickler for the law.

Oh, I am.

But the sun is setting for me.

It'd be a shame to miss a minute of it.

He's dead Sheriff.

Look after Hall Mack.

There's nothing you can do for him.

♪ Oh, my name
it is Sam Hall, it is Sam Hall ♪

♪ Yes, my name it is
Sam Hall, it is Sam Hall ♪♪

♪ Yes, my name, it is Sam Hall
and I hate you, one and all ♪

♪ Yes, I hate you one
and all, blast your hides... ♪

♪ To heaven, I won't go, I won't go ♪

♪ To heaven, I won't go, I won't go ♪

♪ To heaven, I won't go
but there's one thing that I know ♪

♪ I will meet you
all below, blast your hides ♪

♪ Sam Hall, Sam Hall,
that's the name they will recall ♪

♪ Sam Hall ♪