Star Watching Dog (2011) - full transcript

A middle-aged divorcee (Toshiyuki Nishida) embarks on a journey across Japan with his dog Happy. Along the way, they have to overcome health issues and financial difficulties. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
In the summer of my 10th year...

just as I'd mastered the 100m freestyle

both my parents abruptly passed away.

It was a car crash.

I was sent up north to my grandparents.

I was happy in that time.

About a year later,

my grandmother fell gravely ill.

I began visiting the library about that time.

To escape reality,

I fled into the world of books.

Grandma,, are you okay?

- Good morning.

What are you doing, Grandpa?

I'm making a veranda here.

But she's ill.

That's okay.

He's doing it for me, darling.

But Grandma...

Here I go...

Wait, wait...

Don't, it's dangerous.

Watch out.

One last view of her beloved sunflowers

and Grandma passed on her way.

Reduce a life into words
and it's just another book on a shelf.

Or so I told myself.

A few days later,
Grandpa brought home a puppy.

Kyosuke, Kuro is now yours.

Take good care of him.


Stop, that tickles.

That's how Kuro and I met.


-lt was years ago, now...
- He is cute! Thank you, Grandpa.

"Star Watching Dog"


Kyosuke Okutsu



If you're here, it must be Wednesday.

Sorry I'm always so early.
-Thank you

At this pace, you'll have read 'em all soon.

Nayoro City Hall

-Your morning tea.
-Thank you.

- Good morning, everybody.
- Good morning.

5 again this week?
You're incredibly consistent.


For once, won't you join our summer outing?

A visit to some limestone caves.
Us and a bunch of co-eds.

I'll take a pass.

There'll be tons of pretty girls.

Books contain plenty of that sort of thing.

There goes a lifelong bachelor.

I find it easier to be on my own.

Life'll be lonely when you're old.

Look how old Yamamoto died alone.

Nobody noticed for an entire week.

Exactly. His relatives didn't care.
Terrible, wasn't it?

Although Okutsu-san would say...

once a life is reduced to a report

it's just another book on a library shelf.

Good grief...

What's wrong, Nakata-san?

In an abandoned car up behind the camp ground

we found a man's skeleton.

A skeleton?

Age estimated between 55 and 60.

He's been dead about 6 months.

Didn't make it through the winter.

A dead homeless guy in a car
isn't that unusual...

but so far off the beaten track...

Right. It's a damn nuisance.

Sure is...

No license or registration.

The car's plates are gone, too.

Even the vehicle i/d's been erased.

Why'd he want to hide his identity so bad?

It was probably a life of no-good.

Which ended here, totally alone.

That's his dog's grave.

We found a white Akita alongside him.

A dog?

It hadn't been dead long.

Shocked by the loss of its master...

it waited 6 months for him to get up.

Dogs will hang on forever.

Poor thing...

being kept by such a loser.

Mauni Hill...

Shop Nagasaki...

Recycle Shop Kappa...

What's that?

A clue, maybe...


Tokyo, Shinjuku Ward, Yoshio Maeda...

.July 20th, last year in lwaki
at Shop Nagasaki...

to the thrift store in Tohno on the 29th...

to the restaurant in lshikari on August 17th.

They spent a month driving north,

him and the dog.

Thanks anyway.

No good.

The thrift store won't give
personal info on the phone.

Shinjuku City Hall records
have no-one by that name.

It'll be a false name anyway.

After all, he erased his van's i/d number.

Suppose he's a crook on the run?

Don't be silly.

Could be, though.

In any case...

we'll arrange for an unmarked grave.



A middle-aged man and his dog hit the road.

He dies, the dog doesn't get it
and remains by his side.

Kuro, run!

Good boy.

6 years have passed

since Kuro died.

To Tokyo to identify that guy?

Suddenly decided this morning.

It won't qualify as a business trip.

He's paying his own way...
in that old wreck, too.

Here's his request for paid leave.

Idol singer audition

I am here!


Hey, where are you going?

I'm moving.

.Just a minute.

Get a move on, for chrissakes!
-I'm sorry.

What the hell are you doing?

Get out of here.
- Sorry about that.

Goddamn jerk!

- You idiot.
-I'm sorry.


- ldiot!
- Sorry.


YM Publishing lnc.

It's hot.

Excuse me...

Yoshio Maeda doesn't live here, right?

Yoshio Maeda?

This is the address.

Maeda founded this company.

Is he still here?

He died ages ago...30 years or more.

30 years...

It's fishy...crime-related maybe.

I don't think so.

Digging deeper may just bring trouble.

Since I'm already here,
I'll follow his tracks home.

Think of it as a vacation for me.

Say hi to everyone.

A weird guy's chasing me. Let me in.

Quit dithering. Hurry.

It's cramped in here...

Time to get out. The guy must be gone.

I don't think so.

He's so persistent, I can't be sure.

Maybe he's with accomplices.


Don't you ever watch cop shows?

In that case, talk to the police.

That makes sense, I guess.

Oh, the pain...

I've been ill for ages... it's probably serious.

Heck, it hurts...

There's a hospital over there.

General Hospital

See you.

Can I ask you a favor?

Could you give me a lift home?

Where to?


Are you kidding?

I don't mind if you detour.

I skipped home and ran out of cash.

I promise I won't be a nuisance.

Let's put music on. It's a nice drive.

Don't go quiet, let's chat.

Shall I get in front? It's not a taxi.

It's fine like this.



You sit in the back.

It's fine. This is more like a road trip.

The next is the weather forecast for tomorrow.

Good afternoon, I'm Kojima...

I'll have you know,
I'm about to be a huge star.

I was in Tokyo for an audition.

They were totally impressed.

Would you be quiet?

How can you be so rude?

I'm bored.

This is filthy.

Why is it there? It's un-cool.

Is it a gift from an ex-girlfriend?

Don't touch it.


Were you dumped? Can't forget her, huh?

I'm right? I knew it.

What's wrong?

What's this?

Train fare to Asahikawa.

If you're mad, I'll apologize.

I just want to travel alone.

I don't want to be alone.

I need a little more company.

I won't be a nuisance again. Please.

What's going on?

Hey, is something wrong?

Excuse me.


Did a van just pass by?

With a white dog in it?

I wonder...



North Kanto Fishing Competition

This man here?

That's right.

Tour groups stay every year
for the local fishing competition

He turned up on one of those days.

I'm trying to recall the dog's name...

It was...Happy.


I won this in a raffle.

Does it cover two people?

Hotel Gift Certificate

We can stay, really?

It's good news, Happy.

Isn't this great, Happy?

Is that the...

His name's Happy.

Sorry you had to hold it, Happy.

I said dogs weren't allowed

but he begged so I relented.
-No way!

No way! I said no way, did you hear me?

It was mistaken charity for sure.

Such a badly-behaved dog...

Happy, let it go!

Leave the pillow alone.

Here we go...Cheese...
- Hold on...

He ended up completely drunk...

Excuse me, sir.

Oh, heck...

Let us join you, eh?

A nice little memory.

Come on, Happy

Come on, everyone. Look at the camera.

Be happy.
- Cheese.

Everyone, Cheese.

Say Cheese.

Everyone, Cheese.

All smile...


He was a real problem customer.

Let me see...

Of course, he didn't sign the guestbook.
I was rushed off my feet, then.

You're looking for him?

Yeah, sort of...

Ah, you're hungry?

By the way, are you siblings?

Yes, we are.

From where?


Hokkaido, really?

Where will you stay tonight?

She's out cold.

Your sister's cute.


Have a drink.

I'm fine...

It's no fun to drink alone.

I always end up drinking alone.

Things were better when my husband was alive.

When did he pass away?

About 10 years ago.

You're married?

No, I'm single.

I see...

I've been waiting ages...

for a good man to come along.

To take me away someplace else.

To live together and have a happy life.

Excuse me...

Yikes, did I snore?

Don't slouch around here.

Go up to your room.

I guess I should.

Good night.

Good night.

I guess the party's over...

Good night.

Good night.

Dear Ms. Yuki Kawamura...

I regret to say you failed the audition...

Why are you looking for that guy?

Are you a cop, hot on a thug's tail?

Not likely...

Maybe an investigator, following an affair?

Sorry, I'll mind my own business.

I'll zip it.

I'm Kyosuke Okutsu.
I work in local government.

I can't go into details,
but this is for my work.

That's all.

A bureaucrat? Don't look like one.

And you?

Your name?

Yuki Kawamura.

Finally you ask me something.

There's the sea!

Happiness won't just stroll up to you

You need to stride towards it

1 step each day, 3 steps in 3 days.

3 steps forward, 2 steps back.

Life has its ups and downs.

Walk on through sweat and tears.

In the shadow of your footsteps.

Pretty flowers shall bloom.

Hold your head high, lift your feet.

Don't stop for rest, press on.

Slow down and be careful.

Shop Nagasaki

Are you the owner?

Sorry to bother you, this receipt...

How the hell would I know?

On.July 20th, last year,

a middle-aged man with a white dog, was here.

That's 2,000 yen.

Perfect, I've got exactly that.

Best not to get involved, sir.

Sure. Thanks.

-Thank you very much.
-Thank you.

Despite what you're thinking

this old guy is super-wealthy.

Acting the good Samaritan in this day and age...

Come on, eat it!

Nowadays, this kind of man is...

either an idiot or a smart-ass.

He and the dog ended up...


Hey, mister...

I'm too busy to care about others.

Can we start?

Stop annoying! I am coming right now.

Get out of my way!

I'm closing out today.

-It's coming down.
- Go ahead!

Slow down. Come closer.

More closer to my side.

Okay, now put it down.

Keep slowly.

Keep going...

The inn-keeper only said
bad things about the old guy.

But it seems he was kind.


-Time to get going.
- Okay.

Sorry for my behavior.

Not at all. It was a bad time.

It's pathetic to be so angry all the time.

Thinking of that old man really gets to me.

So, kiddo...

Why were you so hungry?

You live close by?

To me, it seems something's up.

If you tell me, I can help you.

My grandpa...

...he's in Kyushu.


That's it.

That's it?

Well...that's the story behind.

If you don't want to talk, I won't force you.

Happy, where are you going?

Happy Happy

That just leads out to sea.


I see. You wanted to swim.

Okay, let's swim, shall we?

-You don't mind joining us, do you?
- Yes.

Let's swim way over there.

Want to play catch, too?

- Excuse me, sir!
- Yes.

May we borrow the glove and ball?



It's nice to play catch.

I don't have a son, but it would've been fun.

The stars are so beautiful.

I'll take you home tomorrow.

If you have your reasons,

you can always talk to the cops
or social services.

They can help, so think it over.

Good night.

So he thought it over.

And cleaned out my wallet.

If he'd wanted it so bad,

I'd have bought a ticket
to go see his Grandpa.

I told you not to get involved.

Yes, but what gets me down

isn't the fact of losing money at all,

but that the kid couldn't open himself up.

It's just so sad that the links
between people are weakening.

I wish our government would do something...

I'm fine. Don't worry.
As long as I take my medicine.

If I take this pill...

Will you be all right?

Did you get a name or address?

I wonder what happened to him?

It's a tough time for honest people.

In my case...

I lent some cash to help someone

and lost my shop in return.

Everything down the drain.

Wish I could just hit the road like him.

But it's not that simple...

Wish my dad was like that old guy.

I feel close to that runaway boy.

It'll take a while to get to Tohno.

Tohno Station

Recycle Shop Kappa

What is this?

It's weird.

Wow, look at this.

Excuse us.


- Hello.
- Welcome.

May I have a chat?

Perfect timing.
Here's a real treasure, just arrived.

A genuine samurai helmet, only 50,000 yen.

I'm not after that...
You are welcome.

You don't think it's authentic?

You amateurs depress me.

I'd like to know about this man.

You from that City Hall in Hokkaido?

Is Maeda-san okay?

I'm tracing his whereabouts.

Coming all this way...

Public employees have time to waste.

She scares me...

She was the one you spoke to.

Sorry but she hates civil servants.

So, what about Maeda-san?

Can I get 100,000 yen for all this?

Come off it. That'd bankrupt us.

I see. May I use your phone?

I guess so.

Thank you.

Best Wishes for the New Year

He's calling Tokyo!

Hello, Kimura? It's me, how are you?

The thing is...

He explained to all his friends that
he'd been robbed,

begged for money or work,

but it seemed to do no good.

He'd given up and was about to leave,
when his dog...

What about Happy?

What happened?

Oh well. It's all people
can do to keep themselves afloat.

It was nice chatting at least.

Lucky we have so many friends, eh?

Happy, are you okay?

Let me feel your nose.

Heck, it's dry.

Is there a vet nearby?

The gall stone required an urgent operation.

It all turned out okay.

Any later and it'd be serious.

Thank you so much, Doctor.

What a relief.

Thanks to you, too.

And this is the bill.

This is the total, eh?
Yes, this is.

This much?

Without insurance...

Doc, I don't have much cash on me...

so I'll just nip to the bank.

Would you wait a while, please?
It's late already.

Let's go to the bank, shall we?

Come on. Come with me.

I'm the bank, huh?

Give me whatever you like for it.
You know I'm in a bind.

I want to get money.
Keep it to yourself!

Heck. If my wife finds out...

It's no time to be afraid of your wife.

Okay...put your name and address here.

Thank you.


Out of pity, I bought his stuff
for 100,000 yen.

This one's a National Treasure.

All those damn encylopedias were his.

That clock, too.

A year's passed and nothing's sold.

YM Publishing lnc. Yoshio Maeda

Happy, you're wearing this

to stop you licking your wound.

It's just for a while.

It looks fashionable.

I'm glad you're better.

-Thank you for everything.
- Don't mention it.

Where are you off to now?

To Hirosaki, maybe...

The Nebuta Festival, that's nice.


I'm coming.


The festival's on right now.

Stop chatting already.

We're not supported by taxes like him.

I heard you.

She scares me...

- Sorry for the fuss.
-That's okay.

Shall we go see them or not?

What do you think, Happy?

Yes, we should.

Will you be late tonight?

I have band practice.

Drive safe, be careful.

I'll be fine. See you.

-I got to go.
-Have a nice day.

- Drive safe...
- Okay.

Don't bark now, you crazy dog.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Try to keep your appetite in the heat.

Look at those beautiful flowers.

The breeze feels nice, doesn't it?

See you in a minute.

Futaba Nursing Home

I should keep out of it.

Right, Happy?

You're all that I need.

Don't's embarrassing.



I wonder if he saw this with Happy?

No chance of finding a clue in this crowd.

Excuse me.


Excuse me... sorry...



Excuse me...

Excuse me...


Are you okay?

I thought you'd left me.

Shall we go?

Excuse me.

- It's beatiful!
- Excuse me.

- Excuse me.
-I am sorry.

- Excuse me.
- Watch where you're going.

-Are you okay?
- Seems he didn't see me.

-Hey look!
- Go that way!

Are you okay? Let's go.


Actually, I failed the audition.

Everyone else was amazing
and I wasn't even close.

The judges laughed at my dancing.

That was a shock.

Then I met some clumsy guy who dented his car.

It even had an Asahikawa license plate.

If I'd made it, I wanted to live in Tokyo.

Anything wrong at home?

The usual story...

Last year my mother remarried a jerk.

When he's drunk, he lays into me pretty hard.

She's so in love, she doesn't care.

There's no place for me.

Are you close to your family?

My parents died in a car accident
when I was 9.

The next year I lost my grandmother.

My Grandpa was the one who raised me.

I see.

After my Grandma died,
in order to make me happy...

Grandpa brought home a puppy.

Kuro was his name.

Kuro, here we go!

Go get it, Kuro.

Run, boy.

Kuro filled the void in our home

that Grandma left when she died.

He loved to play ball.

He'd pester me to keep playing.


I only treasured him at the start

since I thought he was cute.

See you later.

I've got school. I've no time to play.

Shut up, I'll be late.

He stared at me, without fear...

As if to say,

I don't understand this new game.

Forgive me.

Why did you do that?

I don't know...

I was a terrible master, unlike that old guy.

Maybe that's the reason...

that I want to trace their path so badly.

There's just that restaurant left.

It'll be good if we find him, huh?

I'm sure we will.

So we reached the end of the mainland.

What do we do now, Happy?

You want to get on that boat to Hokkaido?

Why not? Let's go to Hokkaido.

A fresh start in new pastures.
We'll make it work.

Hokkaido, here we come!

Look, Mt. Hakodate.

Smile everyone, say cheese!

-Hey look at this!
- Let me see.

-Let me see the picture.
-I have a good skill in photograph.

-Are you serious? The picture is not that good.

Happy, that's the city of Hakodate.

A new frontier awaits.

Thrilling, huh?

Excuse me. Dogs aren't allowed onboard.

But he's my guide dog.

Guide dog?

My eyes are...y'know.

Didn't you just point out Hakodate?

That was in my mind's eye.

All right. Enough nonsense
from a man your age.

You filthy mutt...

Don't hit him.

Let him go!

- Don't hit him.
- He hurts me...

Happy, leave him.

Glad we came, Happy?

Hokkaido is so vast.

That's a cute dog.

Thanks. His name's Happy.

Have a Happy trip, then.


Happy, everyone's welcoming us.

Unemployment Office

The same wherever we go.

Fuel's gone up again.

Here at last...

I'm exhausted...




Could this be...?


I'm surprised you noticed that.


Here you are.

Thank you.

Last year, August 17th,

was a middle-aged man here,
with a white Akita?

Yes, he was.

It was him who put that name on the kennel.

Don't worry, it'll soon pass.

Pills are a placebo anyhow...

I'm fine now.

Mauni Hill

This is for you.

Thank you so much.

He's a smart dog.

Hear that, did you?

He's praising you.

His name is Happy.

That's a good name.


I noticed a kennel out front.

Yes, I used to have a dog.

He died 5 years ago.

I want to get another but...

I never seem to get around to it.

Enjoy your day.

Thank you.

Here, Happy.

Chew it well.

Enjoy it while you can.

I can't buy any more.

It's your last treat.

Do you understand?

They sat there until dusk,

watching the sun go down.

He figured it was their last.

Their last?

I've just got enough.

Perfect. Thank you.

You mentioned wanting a dog.


Are you sure about this?

He'll only suffer if he stays with me.

Please look after him.

I understand.

I'll take really good care of him.

Thank you.

How lucky you met someone nice.

Take care, Happy.

Here's his lead.

Happy, goodbye.

It's goodbye.

You're going to live here.

It's no use being with me.

You fool...

You damn fool...

It's no use being with me.

No good can come of it, okay?

I can't take care of you anymore.

You damn fool...

You said you're from City Hall?


That means, he passed away?


Happy, too?

Is that right...

I had that feeling the moment you walked in.

Looking back,

I regret not stopping him.

How come?


His van was found in the forest, last week.

He'd been dead over 6 months.

Happy had only just died.

Right up until his death,

Happy stayed by his master's side.


Happy was waiting for his smiling face
to sit up at any time.

Heard the expression, A star-watching dog?

Kuro was always looking up at the night sky.

He's a star-watching dog.

He'll never reach the stars

but he keeps gazing up at them.

It's a metaphor for aiming high.

It's pointless striving
for what you can't achieve.


Listen...Iife itself,

is full of pointlessness.

Don't hide inside your shell like that.

Setting your sights high is best.

If you ask me.

Those were his last words to me.


Take me to their resting place.

Dogs stink.

Have you ever had a dog?


If you don't wash them they really smell.

It's not just about them being cute.

Like humans, they live and die.

That obvious fact dawned on me one day.

I think I'd always been afraid of losing him.

My loved ones had kept dying.

I guess I was scared.

As soon as he'd seen me
start work at City Hall,

Kuro began to weaken, as if his duty was done.

Dinner time, Kuro.

He even lost the strength to eat.

What's up, Kuro?

You want to play?

He no longer had the strength
to pick up the ball.



You're so light, my friend.

I wish I'd played with him more.

Let him have his fill of sniffing the curb,

exploring smells everywhere...

I wish I'd had the courage to love...

I wish I'd had a chance to do...

Iike that guy did.


I guess this is the end of the line.

Last stop, folks.

Take the ball. It's right there!

Come...throw it to him.
Throw the ball to that way.

Go get back the ball.

They aren't even opened.

Luck is finally on our side...

We've got water...

People leave tons of food behind...

That hits the spot.

When was our last hot meal?

Happy, this could work out well.

Happy, sorry to wake you.

I'm home...


What can this be?

What is it?

What is it?

Isn't he cute?

Yeah, but...

Miku wanted to surprise you.

- You did...
- You think so?

His name is Happy.

Happy, I see...

She found him.

Found him?

Please Daddy, can we keep him?

No way.

Please, I really want him.

You know I don't like dogs.

Look, Mom even made a Happy Doll.

To hang in your car.

Please, for her sake.

Here you go...


Isn't he like a cuddly toy?


It smells good.

Yes, really.

Honey, the meat's done.

Great, let's eat.

Happy, mind yourself...

- It looks delicious.
- Take it.

- You take it.
-lt looks really delicious.

-This's for you.

Might be a little rare.

That's okay.

It's so good.

Happy, dinner time.

Happy, want some meat?

Happy come!

Have some meat.

- Come here...
- Come.

Come here...this is delicious.

Happy...come here.

Come. Happy come.

What are you doing there?

-He doesn't listen to you.
- How come?

Koizumi Wins Landslide

I'm off now.

You should walk Happy, sometimes.

But I'm off with friends.

Listen to your father, dear.


now he's big, he's not cute at all.

He's your dog anyway.


I have no way to her.

Happy, you're mine, apparently.

Shall we go for a walk?

A family trip?

She's a teenager now.

Soon she won't want to travel with us.

I'm not sure
I'll get a bonus this year, though.

Actually, an old school friend

started a recruiting company

and asked for my help.

What do you think?

Do as you like, I guess.

Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy

It's so hard since Dad fell ill.

Mother's in no shape to care for him.

Are you listening? This is serious.

Do as you like, I guess.


I get it.

I'll do exactly that.

I work late tonight. You get dinner.

Happy New Year. Let's turn over a new leaf.

Wait right there!

Miku, wait!

-Let me go!
- Stay there!

Where are you going at this hour?

Shut up.

Dear, come here!

I won't let it happen again.

Let me go.

For chrissakes! Will you talk to her?

I leave it up to you.

Taking care of my parents,
my job and the housework...

I'm exhausted by it all!

You're at home all day.
At least deal with her.

You girls sort it out yourselves.

It's no use talking to you
about anything, huh?

What's wrong?


Your dad...

his eyes are really going.

Happy, wait here and be good.

Unemployment Office

Komatsu lnfirmary

Sorry for the wait. I got my medicine.

Doctor gave me medicine.

Yep, that's all it is...

Dad, quick.


Mom, what's for dinner tonight?

I want to get potatoes.

Happy, what have you got there?

What is it?

A raffle ticket.

It's gold.

Congratulations! First prize!

A family trip to a hot spring!

A hot spring?

Thank you so much.

Application for Divorce

My father just passed away.

I'm moving back home with Miku.

I'm going into nursing back there.

It's not that I hate you
and don't want you with us.

It's just...

I don't have the strength left... support you, too.

It's so sudden.


.Just tell me to do as I like, like always.

It's not the time for discussion.

Don't bother getting food anymore.

I'm scared, Happy.

I don't want to die...

Happiness doesn't just stroll up to you.

You need to stride towards it

1 step each day, 3 steps in 3 days.

3 steps forward, 2 steps back.

Life has its ups and downs.

Walk on through sweat and tears.

In the shadow of your footsteps.

Pretty flowers shall bloom.

Hold your head high, lift your feet.

Don't stop for rest, press on.

Go on, 1, 2, 1, 2...

Let's go.

I told you not to bother.

Glad you made it in time.

Seems like this is goodbye.

Thank you...

for all you've done.

Lots of stars out tonight, eh?

I can hear the noise they're all making.

This is his and Happy's final resting place.

This is Happy's grave.

For 6 months after his death,

Happy lived on here alone, right?

He could have gone anywhere.

In town he'd have found food.

Could've been anywhere
but he always returned here.

It's hot!

Happy, come get some meat.

It's a wild dog!

Come down.


Happy, come here...

That's it, boy.

Come, Happy. One...Two...




There we are.

You did well, boy.

Have a good rest.

What'll happen to the man's ashes?

An unmarked grave.

That's sad, isn't it...

He and Happy shared a wonderful time together.

Both of them

had someone to love.

I'm kind of envious.

I'm going back home.

I don't want to, but I will.

I'll give it another try.

Shall we go then.


Thank you so much.

No-one's thanked me like that before.

I guess the report will just state,

a middle-aged man died a solitary death.

A person's life can't be summed up
in a report.

What are you doing?

Keeping the leftover bones.

What's got into you, Okutsu-san?



What's going on?

It's a puppy.

Poor thing's been abandoned.

What do we do with it?

- The wine is here.
- Give mine.

Here you are.

Where are you from, sir?

Come here. slow.

It's heavy, be careful.

All our unfilled dreams

just give rise to more hope.

That's all there is.

But that's fine.

All of us live our lives

like a dog watching the stars.