Star Wars: Revelations (2005) - full transcript

Seers once shaped the path of the Jedi Order. But their visions grew unreliable and the Jedi came to distrust those with the ability. Seers hid their visions or left the Order forever. In the wake of the Temple's destruction a power struggle has emerged between Darth Vader, the Dark Lord of the Sith, and Zhanna, the Emperor's Hand. Each seek to eliminate the last of the Jedi and gain the Emperor's favor. Caught between them is one woman who cannot deny the truth of her visions as all race to possess an ancient Jedi secret. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Taryn, I know you're close to
unlocking the secrets of Quarren III.

That's right, Zhanna.

You taught me well.

There may still be a place
for you in the Empire.

A seer is always...


My visions are my own now.

Are your troops ready?.

Yes, my lady.

The garrison on Corellia
is on standby

and awaits your order.

Very well.

The artifact is the priority.

And Taryn Anwar?.

I leave that to you.

I understand.

The ambition of the Emperor's Hand
clouds her purpose.

She may yet be of some use to me.

My lord?

Alert our contacts near
the Corellian System.

They are to observe only.
No action is to be taken.

Is that clear?.

As you wish, my lord.

Private business.
Open the lift.

Whoa, beautiful!
How 'bout joining us?

Sorry, I'm not very
good company tonight.

Whatever the lady says.

Struck out again, eh, Commander?

Uh, maybe I did
and maybe I didn't.

Get lost.

She said take a hike.

I have what you want.

I believe you're right.

Was that really necessary?.


Here's our girl...
Told you she'd be prompt.

- You picked up a partner?
- You could say that.

Taryn, this is Cade. A friend.

Do you have it?

Yes... and...

Yes, we have it...

...and no. It's not his to give.

It's mine.

You lied to me.

Declan here tells me you're a seer.

I need you to unlock the artifact.

I wouldn't take much stock
in what he says.

And I don't work with others.
Not anymore.


You work with me because it
was your sister's dying wish.

You know, I knew Raux very well.

You're nothing like her.

You know where to find me.

Who is he and how does he know Raux?

You'll have to ask him

and you'll have plenty of time
on the way to Quarran III.

I won't work with him.

I don't trust him.

Right. We'll take it
from here. Let's go.

It's clear the feeling is mutual.

Taryn Anwar.

You are hereby under arrest for
treasonous acts against the Empire.

Now, Sergeant, I'm sure you can
understand why I can't accompany you.

I can shoot you here.

But you won't.

Stand down Commander.
This is Imperial business.

CorSec is still the
reigning authority here.

I have reinforcements on the way.

I say again, Commander: stand down.

Is there a back door to this place?.

Unfortunately... no.



All fighters...
man to deploy.

You could timed that better.
I signaled you a while ago.

Switch over.

She's all yours.

And you're lucky I got here at all.

Your friend here kicked up quite
a bit of Imperial interest.

There's patrols everywhere.

What about my ship?

Consider it impounded.

Two destroyers coming in fast.

I see 'em.

Switching auxiliary power
to forward shields.

We're in tractor range.

Not for long.

Disable ship in sector 73.

Do not destroy.

We have fighters approaching.

Take the aft guns.

All TIES - disable fugitive freighter.

Roger. I have them.

Well, this has gone on long enough.

Let's see how well they fly.

I've already taken the shipyard tour.

That should push the bounty up on me.

And we're clear.

I want some answers. Who are
you and where is that artifact?

You know, I really don't care
what you want.


Have I ever doubted you?. When you came
to me when you found out who Zhanna was?

Did I hesitate, for even a moment?

And you!

How many times have I risked my life -

and my ship - for one of Raux's visions?

Now it's a long two day
trip to Quarran III.

You two are supposed to be Jedi.

Try acting like it.


How'd you meet my sister?

How did you end up working
for the Emperor's Hand?

Zhanna was a Jedi.

How was I supposed to know
she was a traitor to the Order?

You know, I always thought a Seer
would be more... perceptive.

Raux didn't see it. And
Zhanna trained her in secret.

You know what, you're lying.

Raux is a Jedi.

Not in the eyes of the Order.

My sister left the Temple at 13.

The Council felt her visions
made her... unstable...

...unsuitable for further training.

So you took her to Zhanna?

She offered. She was a friend,
I trusted her.


I thought I was helping to
restore the Jedi Order.

But she lied to me.

She used me.

No one hates Zhanna more than I do.

And I don't need a total stranger

passing judgment on me.

I know what I've done.

That seemed to go well.

I thought I told you
to ease up on her.

Yeah, well.


When Raux -

When Raux... died. I've been
trying to understand why.

I mean.. why would she send me to the _one_
woman who was working for the Emperor's Hand?

And then I find that
Zhanna trained Raux.

But what does it mean?

Now with her gone...

...what am I supposed to believe in now?

Tell me this.

Do you still believe in Raux's visions?

Without fail.

Well then, maybe...

...she saw a bigger picture.

What is thy bidding, my master?

I sense much anger in you, Lord Vader.

Directed at the Emperor's Hand.

She has an agenda, my master.

I am unclear if it is
in your best interest.

That is why I have you.

Yes, my master.

Lord Vader.

Too many Jedi have been
eluding you lately.

Make sure that your efforts in the
Outer Rim are more... productive.

As you wish.

I come with a message from the Emperor.


Honored delegates.

You have the distinct honor of assisting me in
bringing peace and order to our troubled galaxy.

I have given system and
sector control to the Moms.

- All commerce and travel
will now be regulated

by the Empire for the safety
and benefits of its loyal citizens.

In your eagerness to comply

I have complete faith that order
will reign in your home worlds.


This is preposterous!

By what right -

By the right ofthe Emperor's wishes.

The Emperor thanks you for your
continued loyalty to the Empire.

Escort our guests to their home worlds and see
to it that the transfer of power is complete.

Yes, what is it?

My lady.

Taryn Anwar has escaped.

We discovered her contact,
a smuggler named Declan.

She's on board his ship and we believe -

Does she have the artifact?

We believe so.

However, our troops have encountered some
unexpected resistance from the local militia.

But we'd been able to determine that the
ship set course for the Quarran system.

Ready my ship.

Alert my crew.

My lady?

I will retrieve this piece in person.

And I will have the pleasure of
dealing with Taryn Anwar


Yes, my lady.

I think you should see this.

I'm sorry we left without you

but Declan, it's here. l can feel it.

It's not clear yet
but it will be once I'm on Keishing.

No matter what

you and Cade need to get
the holocron to Taryn.

She's the next step.

You and Cade won't like it

but I'm willing to do whatever it
takes to ensure the Jedi survive.

Taryn will -

She'll understand.

This is my choice.

This is the only option.

The pickup coordinates are
in the nav computer.

Cade will need a lift.

And Declan...

..don't be late.

Raux, what have you done?

Obviously what she felt was right.

How long have you been standing there?

But you know that's typical of Raux.

Always giving orders.
No explanations.

Like working for Zhanna.

I really don't see how
you can compare the two.

Zhanna would say,

"Investigate all reports in the system.

Bring who and what you can".

What, you never figured it out?

I'm going to say this again.

I trusted Zhanna.

She was the only one that believed in
my visions of the Temple's destruction.

Not the Council.

Not anyone else.

So when the Temple was destroyed

Zhanna seemed like the only hope.

She had a plan.

And when the Emperor declared
all Jedi traitors to the Empire,

As we were being hunted down one-by-one

she asked me

to help her rebuild the
Jedi Order in secret.

I wanted to find Jedi for her.

I wanted the Order back.

You never suspected that
she was using you?

I started to piece it together,

but it wasn't until she revealed
herself as the Emperor's Hand...

She wanted me to be part ofthat.

And that's when I got out.

You know she killed every
Jedi you ever found.

I know.

Welcome to the prison outpost of
Keishing, my lady.

- You didn't need to come all this way.
- Commander.

I don't mind getting dirty.


Well, since you asked so nicely.

And I would have thought six months
would have softened you a bit.

Well, behold a softened woman.

Put her on board my ship.

Try not to bruise her
any more than necessary.

And get her cleaned up.

Yes, my lady.

Let's see this holocron.

I've tried to access it but -

Well, it's locked.



Over 200 years ago the
Council began efforts

to infiltrate and destroy Sukaal's group.

Where so many have failed,
I've succeeded.

Now I have escaped Quarran III
with the holocron.

Without it the Seers are crippled.

Duty compels me to return to the Temple

and complete my mission and yet -

Maybe Sukaal was right and his
methods are the only way to save us all.

Guess he didn't opt for the Temple.

Wait... that's it?.

I mean, that's it?. Where's all the power?

On Quarran III.

Just like the myth says.

So much devastation.

What could have caused so much damage?

Welcome to the Empire's testing ground.

So this is Quarran III.

It's all up to you now.

Lead the way.

We made need these.


There's so much energy here.

But it's...




I don't feel a thing.

No. It's here.

But it's like the holocron. It... needs a Seer to unlock it.

This place looks like
it's been here a while.

- Do you think Sukaal built it?
- No. It was here long before the Seers came.

Looks like our path is down into these caves.

Let's get going.

You have always been ruled by your emotions.

That's what makes you so reliable.

Give me the artifact.


Give me the artifact...

...or your sister dies.

You're alive.

Raux. I -

- I saw you die.

She's got this whole place wired to blow.

Let her go.

If you let her go...

...I'll activate it for you.

It takes a Seer of great ability
to activate this chamber.

And that's not you,

is it, Taryn?

I took you in when
the Jedi threw you out.

Now it's time to repay your debt.

Download initiated.

From where?

This console?


From off-planet.

Systems. Networks. Ship logs.

So much data. Scattered.

These are identity tags.
Some sort of tracking system.

Some of it's old.

That's it?.

No weapons?

No power?

The message on the artifact.

Raux, search on Sukaal.

Got it.

Master Sukaal.

My mission was successful.

I have eliminated the targets
enroute to the Yavin system

before they could join the
mercenary fleet assembling there.

I look forward to my next assignment.

My master is dead.

I'm continuing his important work
without the Council's knowledge.

I, too, have seen this vision.

this future of horrible
death and destruction.

The program still runs, buried deep
within the Temple's com systems.

It will run as long as the Temple stands.

It is up to us few that
remain true to the goal

to use this program's information.

The darkness that threatens the
galaxy must be destroyed.

A secret order in the Jedi.

This recording's old enough
to be from the Sith Wars.

They must have been hunting Sith.

I've found Sukaal's recording.

Play it.

The Council believes they have
halted my tagging program.

Let them think they've stopped me.

They cannot see the truth of my visions.

They will not see the truth of my visions.

So many candidates fail
to become apprentices.

So many padawans fail their trials.

We reject these unpredictable,
untrained children

and loose them upon the galaxy.

And still we are shocked

when they betray Jedi ideals.

My visions grow clearer.

One will turn to the Dark side

and destroy us all.

I will defy the Council to save the galaxy.

I will continue to tag all
who seek to become Jedi.

I will track those who fail

and destroy those who turn
from the Light.

Not Sith. Jedi.

They were hunting Jedi.

You didn't hunt Jedi.

You were trying to help.

Raux, pull up Quarran III.

I seem to be the odd man out.

It's still running.

Download all active tags to this console.

- Thank you Taryn. You've ensured
my place at the Emperor's side.

Rather than bringing your
comrades to me one by one

you've delivered the rest
of the order to me.

Download complete.

Deactivating system.

Kill them.

You talk of paying debts.

You owe me your life yet all
you've done is use me.

Your visions of the Jedi Temple's
destruction were worthless to me.

I'm alive because I laid
the charges myself.

I would leave...

- What the-
- Don't question it.

We've got to get out of here.

Cade will get her.
We have to get to the ship.

You better be right.

You won't win.

I already have.

Look how far you've strayed
from the Jedi path.

I strayed when I followed you.

I didn't make you hide your visions.

I didn't abandon your sister.

Fear and guilt put you on that path.


- We've got to go.
- She's got the disk.

There's no time.

I'll make time.


Move, Cade.

I have to do this.

- I've got to make things right.
- You can't follow her forever.

You have to make a choice.

Taryn, let it go.

You haven't failed.

There's still hope.

Don't you ever do that
to me again, you understand?

Never again.

It was worth it.

We have a chance now.

Declan uploaded the last 1OO years
of information from the console.

We now have the location of all the Jedi
that Zhanna has.

But Zhanna still has the disk -

It was never about stopping Zhanna.

I knew from my visions we
could never save all the Jedi.

It was about saving those we could.

But the Empire now has
Sukaal's tracking information.

They can hnish us om.

Do you realize how many
Jedi are going to die?

Raux, surely in one of your other visions...

There were no Jedi in any
future I saw but this one.

There's no stopping the Empire
from getting the tagging information.

There's still hope, right?

We can save some.


We will save some.

Because of you now I have
the power to destroy the Jedi.

They will meet their destiny.

You have indeed been useful.

Your service to the Empire is complete.

You have served me well.

Your loyalty will be rewarded.

My lord.

The fleet is awaiting your orders.

Set your course for Coruscant.

I will inform my master there is
no longer any concern

about the Emperor's Hand.

As you wish, my lord.

How did your meeting with the senator go?

Surprisingly well, actually.

Senator Mothma's established
quite a network.

Things are starting to happen.

So, where will you go first?


It seems that Senator Organa
is sympathetic to our cause.

We'll need his contacts.
And his funding.

I'll start rounding up the Jedi.

Getting them on the move.

The Empire can't kill what they can't find.

It'll be like old times, eh?


Then I'll head to the Outer Rim
and look up my old friend.

I'm sure he can devise a way
to remove these tags.

May the force be with you.

May the force be with you.

I'll meet you on Nar Shadaa.

It may be a while.

I'll wait.