Star Wars Galaxy's Edge: Adventure Awaits (2019) - full transcript

A look at the Disney attraction based on the Star Wars franchise. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Tonight, in a galaxy far, far away...

on the planet Batuu...

Let's see some identification.

This is Billy Dee Williams.

Join host Neil Patrick Harris

Galaxy's Edge

at Disneyland Resort in California

and Walt Disney World Resort
in Florida...

Let's go!

- with guest stars Miles Brown...
- Here I come.

- Kaley Cuoco...
- I have a bad feeling about this.

Sarah Hyland...

It's a little R2-D2!

Keegan-Michael Key...

You forgot your Fuzzy Tauntaun.

...and Jay Leno.

I'm now inside
the Millennium Falcon.

With special appearances
by Star Wars stars

John Boyega and Oscar Isaac,

and legendary composer,
John Williams.

I am thrilled to be a part of this.

It felt like just
an extension of the film.

I hope it makes you feel exactly
how the characters feel in the movie.

Get to your escape pods now!

Hi. Welcome to Batuu,

the most exciting and exotic
remote outpost in the galaxy.

I'm Neil Patrick Harris,
and I am lucky enough

to be here at
Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

I cannot wait to tour this new world
and see all that it has to offer,

and we're gonna be joined
by some other Star Wars fans

who are just as excited
and thrilled as I am.

As a matter of fact,
right over there is Sarah Hyland!

Over the next two hours,
we'll be showing you

where you can design
your own lightsaber, build a droid,

we'll check out
some great shops,

learn about the history of Batuu, and...

Oh, my gosh.

- It's the Millennium Falcon.
- Tonight,

we'll be giving you an exclusive
behind-the-scenes look

at all Batuu has to offer,

take you back to the beginning
of how Disney and Imagineers

turned their vision
into this incredible place,

and share some secrets
of this remote outpost,

as we explore
Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

Adventure awaits.

Okay, just about everybody
has been looking forward

to the opening
of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge,

and now it is here.

I can't even begin to give
an adequate description

of the attractions, the shops,

the stories, the details
that went into every aspect

of having this world come to life.

But with me is someone who can,

the Creative Executive
for Walt Disney Imagineering,

- Scott Trowbridge.
- Hi, Neil.

- Scott, how are you, sir?
- I'm good, man. How are you?

Welcome to a galaxy
far, far away.

Thank you. I am so in it!

It's like an immersive
experience all over the place.

Well, that's the idea.
We want to give you

an opportunity
to live your Star Wars story,

so this is the perfect place
to do that.

I want to hear every detail,
I want to hear every story,

how it came to be,
what all the excitement is.

- Tell me everything.
- Okay, I could tell you about it,

or I could show you.

- Want to see it? Want to take a walk?
- Better. Better. Show me.

- Welcome to Black Spire Outpost.
- Whoa.

A remote trading port
on the edge of the galaxy.


It's like a giant movie set.

I mean, we never had
anything this big.

This is huge.

And it just goes on and on.
It's great.

I really couldn't believe the scale...
The scale of it.

We wanted this to be
as big and as bold

as anything we've ever done.

This is where your Star Wars story
can take off.

- What?
- Much like this First Order TIE Echelon

that looks like it just arrived
on the planet.

- That's trouble.
- That looks like trouble.

But don't worry.
I hear the Resistance is nearby.

The rivalry between

the First Order and the Resistance goes,
you know, way back.

Essentially, the First Order's doing
what the Empire wanted,

which is complete control
over the galaxy,

whereas the Resistance believes
in a free galaxy, a free people.

I think one of the reasons
why Star Wars is so lasting

and makes such an impact

is because it's talking
about something

that's happening
within all of us...

That battle between the dark
and the light.

Will you join the Dark Side?

As a guest,
you can find yourselves

in the middle of the tension
between these two sides,

between this conflict.

It's a continuous fight
between good and evil.

This is a place where everyone
has the power to make choices.

- Hm.
- But those choices have consequences.


The First Order
may require your service.

Here at Galaxy's Edge, one of the things
that we're really trying to do

is make the entire day
a story-driven experience,

where you can participate
in the Star Wars story

as much as you want.

It is something that I've been
most impressed by

in the recent years of the additions
that you guys make,

is that you're paying attention

not just to
the individual attractions,

but to the entire experience.

When guests come
to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge,

I really hope that they're not
having to use their imagination

to feel like they're in
the Star Wars story,

that they truly believe it
just by their surroundings.

They really will be here at Batuu.

People come here

to experience something

unlike any other place in the world.

There is so much to take in.

A lot of stories
have happened here.

Tell me a little bit
about the blue milk.

Blue milk is just
the milk of a bantha.

To perfect that, to bring it to life
here at Black Spire Outpost,

we did take some time
to get it just right.

And here
in this part of the town,

this is kind of like, I would say,
the other side of the tracks, right?

This is the more industrial side.

We've got a droid wash stand,
where you can bring your droid

and get it looking spick-and-span.

- What is... There's droids.
- So, this is actually Mubo's Droid Depot.

This is the best place in town
to buy a new droid.

You can step inside here
and build one for yourself.

Look, sir. Droid.

These aren't the droids
you're looking for.

Are you talking about me?

This is Mubo's Droid Depot.

Mubo is fascinating
and a little bit kooky...

A techie here here
in the Black Spire Outpost.

He's a sixth-generation droid builder,
and personally, I always love

to see someone
go into the family business.

Mubo spends so much time
tinkering with droids,

well... because of
a failed relationship.

He kept trying to romance Bina
over at the creature stall,

but it didn't work out.

So Mubo spends his time
running this shop

where people like me do something that
they've always dreamed of...

Building their very own droid.

We're in the Droid Depot.

The idea was always that parts and pieces
would be all around you.

You know, a moving conveyer belt,
the activation stations,

just all of it together,

it is a really living, breathing workshop.

- Hello!
- Hi! How are ya?

- Good. Thank you.
- Oh, great choices. Perfect.

- Thanks.
- All right, so now

let's take them all
out of the basket.

- All right, so I put on a leg?
- Perfect.

- Oh, that's so easy.
- Now attach the dome.

Here you go, R2.

Look, it's a little R2-D2!

now let's bring him to life.

- Oh, okay.
- We're gonna place him

in the activation station here.

Okay, now bring him to life

by pushing that red button
when it lights up.


Look, it's moving.

- Ohhh!
- All right, so now let's test him.


Take the remote here.

Press that button right there
for sound,

and the other one's to activate.

Oh! Hello, to you, too.

Oh, this is so cute.

Oh, my. Come here!

Just look at me.

Ah! That's so amazing!

You're so sweet.

Now here comes the hard part...

Picking out a name
for my new droid.

I was thinking of going
something like NPH1,

but I bet Neil would want that.


Huh. Interesting.

Look, there's R2-D2's tracks.

Yeah, and actually,
to get those tracks

of that astromech...
That R2 unit...

We actually went to the original

Kenny Baker R2 unit

from the original film, A New Hope,
and actually

took imprints from those treads

and used 'em to make these tracks.

They are exactly that R2-D2.

This is unbelievable.
There's a full-size X-Wing.

- A full-size X-Wing there.
- This is crazy.

This is other-level.

The attention to detail
is amazing.

I should probably
point this out.

- Yes, what is this?
- This is a very special spire.

- Oh-ho.
- This is the Black Spire.

This is the oldest
geological formation

that this entire town
grew up around.

This is the heart
of Black Spire Outpost.

So, I saw this has
a giant ship on top.

- What is that?
- Yeah, that's Cookie's ship.

This is Docking Bay 7,
Food and Cargo.

It's basically the space equivalent
of a food truck.

So, Cookie kind of lowers
those pods in here,

and inside, you can get delicacies
and treats from across the galaxy.

I see on the side of the containers,

there's a 77, 80, and 83.

So I assume that's a tribute

to when the original
three films were released?

You assume correctly, my friend.

As a space port, ships are
coming and going all the time.

Here's one right here.

It might look like a hunk of junk,
but the Wookiee tells me

it's the fastest ship
in the galaxy.

It makes your knees quiver.

Being able to bring
the Falcon into the real world

was something
that I think we just had to do.

To actually be able
to get to fly the Millennium Falcon

is something that,
as a fan, you dream about.

But really being here and stepping
through the chess room

and into the cockpit
of the Millennium Falcon,

there's nothing like it.

Everything, detail to detail,
is just what you expect.

It was so exciting to see
all of that come to life.

I want to fly it.

I can make that happen, sir.

This is the home of Ohnaka
Transport Solutions,

run by a Weequay
named Hondo Ohnaka,

and he's made a deal
with Chewbacca

for the use of this ship, the Falcon.

What Hondo needs
are flight crews.

Turns out they have a habit
of not coming back.

- Hmm.
- That's where we come in.

And if we have what it takes
to join Hondo's crew,

we may just get a chance
to fly that ship.

- Sign me up.
- Let's go.

One of the things I love
about this whole experience

is using the datapad
in the Play Disney Park app.

You just download the app
to your phone,

and it gives you all kinds
of secrets about this land.

Plus, you can translate Aurebesh.

You can scan objects
all around the space port

to discover precious cargo,

and listen in on all transmissions
of the Resistance and the First Order

as you navigate your journey on Batuu.

You there!

What are you doing
on that datapad?

Um, I'm... I'm just using it
to learn a little Aurebesh.

I only ask because your device

is scanning a suspicious amount
of frequencies...

which is suspicious.

Dial it back, civilian.

Thank you for understanding.

Uh-oh. I have a bad feeling
about this.


I've been expecting you.

That was awesome!

And look. I took this
when he walked by.

Should've gotten a selfie.

That Kylo Ren and his stormtroopers
make me nervous.

I think it's time I pledge
allegiance to the Resistance

on my datapad and see
if Rey could use some help.

I wonder where I could find her.

We've got eyes on you.

Ready position.

And then... come fast.

Get down low.

Now, you all are members
of the Resistance now, okay?

So I'm gonna teach you
a way to make sure

you know that someone
is part of the Resistance.

So I'm gonna say,
"Ignite the spark,"

and you'll all follow me
and say, "Light the fire."

Are you ready?
So, ignite the spark.

Light the fire.

- Ignite the spark.
- Light the fire.

- Ignite the spark!
- Light the fire!

Hey, there!

Before you
head out on your mission,

do you have room for one more?

I mean, I met some stormtroopers,
and y-you know, it's getting personal.

Of course. Please join us.

I knew I was meant for this.

This journey through
the Black Spire Outpost

has only just begun.

Next, Jay Leno takes us on a tour
of a legendary ship

that just landed on Batuu.

Everybody in the galaxy
wants to pilot this ship.

And from what I hear,
it's the fastest in the galaxy.

This is why we never want to fly together
after we've had an argument.

- I know.
- And later, Kaley Cuoco

will take us onboard
a Star Destroyer...

I've never seen anything like it. part of an exclusive sneak peek
of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

Just mind-blowing,
what they were planning to do.

I know there's a lot of blaster action
from me while you guys get away.

When we return to...

You know, that ship
saved my life quite a few times.

She's the fastest hunk of junk
in the galaxy.

"Fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy."

That is the perfect description
of the Millennium Falcon.

It wasn't always that way.

Chewbacca put a lot of work
into this thing...

Rebuilding and modifying
the engine of the YT-1300

to maximize
the speed and agility.

And it's legendary for the time
it made the Kessel Run

in less than 12 parsecs.

Everybody in the galaxy
wants to pilot this ship,

and you are about to see why.

The Falcon is an original
Corellian freighter

that belonged to Han Solo
and Lando Calrissian before him

and has found itself
many times in service

to both the Rebels
and the Resistance,

so it has a storied history

within the galactic conflict.

And I think it has become home

to some of our most beloved
and iconic characters.

And what's so great is that when
you get to go visit Black Spire,

that you, too, get to be part
of the Falcon's history.

The Millennium Falcon obviously
is so iconic

for the constant protection
of some of our favorite heroes.

The Falcon is fast,

but it is a clunky old piece
of machinery,

so sometimes, you do need to,
you know, whip it for it to go.

And it breaks down a lot,
but that's part of driving a classic.

The Millennium Falcon
was the ship

that was never expected
to survive anything,

and just did, became, like, you know,

the fastest, most iconic ship
in the whole entire universe

and something that
the Resistance always needs.

And she really is a character.

So much so, in fact, that when we started
work on Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge,

we knew if there was one thing
that we were gonna do,

it was to create an experience
where guests have the opportunity

to experience
the Millennium Falcon.

Are we really doing this?

To be able to fly
the Millennium Falcon?

That's what you want to do.
That's what you want to do.

That's the first ship
I'm gonna try out.

The Falcon had to be
the centerpiece of the land,

'cause the Millennium Falcon
is a character,

it's... its own personality, right?

We didn't know what you were
gonna do on the Falcon yet,

we didn't know
how you would experience it,

but we knew
it had to have a home here.

Seeing the Falcon for
the first time in Galaxy's Edge

is just incredible.

It's such a mind-blowing experience
to take something

that lives in all of our imaginations
and all of our minds

and bring it to life
in a very real way

where you can touch it and feel it
and hear it

and experience it
with all five senses.

When you walk into Galaxy's Edge

and you look at
the Millennium Falcon...

jaws drop, because no one's
ever seen anything like that.

I'm now inside
the Millennium Falcon.

From what I've learned,
Chewbacca brought the Falcon here

for some supplies and repairs.

In order to get them, he made
a deal with Hondo Ohnaka.

Chewie gets his supplies,

Hondo gets the Falcon on loan
for a smuggling run.

We see this kind of deal
all the time in L.A.

Let's find out what
this mission's all about.

The Millennium Falcon's
Smugglers Run,

you walk into this starport
where you start to understand

that it's actually a smuggler's den,

and you get to meet Hondo.

Hello, hello, my friends.

I am Hondo Ohnaka,

and this is Ohnaka
Transport Solutions.

Hondo Ohnaka

is a roguish space pirate,
a Weequay,

that some of our guests might know

from the Clone Wars
and Rebels animated TV series.

He is the owner and proprietor
of Ohnaka Transport Solutions,

which is the major
shipping operation

here on Black Spire Outpost.

If you want to get anything
onto or off planet,

he's the guy
that you gotta go see.

Today, I am offering
the opportunity of a lifetime.

He's there recruiting pilots
and engineers and gunners

to help him move merchandise,
and he's looking for partners.

I need flight crews to transport

this valuable merchandise
across the galaxy!

Chewie has stopped off
at Batuu with the Falcon

for a few repairs
and to pick up supplies.

He's made a deal with Hondo
so that Hondo can help him

get some coaxium for the Resistance.

So it's up to our flight crews
to work together

to intercept that train,

harpoon that precious cargo,

and return it safely to Batuu.

And you get to be part of that story

and actually get to fly the Falcon...

and try and earn some credits
for Hondo and yourself.

Guests will have the opportunity

to play one of three roles.

You're gonna have two pilots,

one controlling up and down
and one left and right,

so you're really gonna
have to work together

to make sure you go
where you want to go.

You have two gunners
defending the ship,

shooting at anything
that shoots at you.

Then you have two
flight engineers in the back,

making sure you stay in the sky

and are able to actually pull
the coaxium for credit rewards.

The more you ride it,
the better it gets,

because you become better
and better at it,

almost like a video game.

So it's always new and fresh,

no matter how many times you get
to re-experience that adventure.

That's just interactive,
and it's immersive. I love that.

One of the cool things is,

at the end of the experience,

guests are paid galactic credits

for their participation
in the smuggling run,

but it's totally dependent
on how well you do.

So if you have a really clean run
and you do really well,

you earn a ton
of galactic credits.

And for those guests playing
the Play Disney Parks experience,

those galactic credits
either get added to their account,

or subtracted

if you cause enough damage
to the ship.

It's the underdog effect
of the Millennium Falcon

that people just love...
It's a rusty, old piece of metal,

but... it does good.

Developing Smugglers Run,

we had many mock-ups
and many setups to get the cockpit

and flying the Millennium Falcon
just right.

But really being here
and stepping through the chess room

and into the cockpit
of the Millennium Falcon,

there's nothing like it.

What really makes it different

is how immersed you are
in that experience,

how much field of view
you'll have into the screen.

And kind of bringing
that technology to life

with the game engine
and all of the real-time technology

has been a huge undertaking

and a huge collaboration
between us, Unreal, and ILM...

Bringing all of that to life
for our guests.

One of my favorite

kind of details that they did was,
there are porg nests

hidden around the Smugglers Run queue

and in the Falcon itself.

After Last Jedi,
when Chewie arrived on Batuu...

...the Falcon was covered in porgs.

And so they've kind of made
their way through the outpost,

and we can see
the remains of them.

And as a huge fan of porgs,

I love that.

And there's actually
even one point

in the Smugglers Run queue...

There's a kind of a shadow effect

where occasionally, you will see
a porg walk up to a wire

and start chewing on it,
and he gets shocked,

and you kind of hear this, like...

And I think that's one
of my favorite little details,

and it's really cool.

The Smugglers Run's

unbelievable project,

to actually be able to get
to fly the Millennium Falcon

is something that,
as a fan, you dream about.

You actually get to do that
with this ride.

It's like a Star Tours,
only on steroids, and it's just...

You know, it's a very
interactive experience.

I'm here with a copilot,
two gunners, two engineers.

We're about to head out
on our mission.

Normally, I work alone.

- All right, wish us good luck.
- In my experience,

there's no such thing as luck.

Aah! Aah!

- Go that way!
- I know.

This is why we never want to fly together
after we've had an argument.

It's getting too hot!

We've got to get out of here!

There we are, there we are,
there we are.

One of my favorite things to do
when I was hosting The Tonight Show

was send my Scottish mother out
to the movies to review films,

and then I'd read her reviews
on the air.

Now, the first movie I sent
my mother to was Star Wars.

This is my mother's
actual review of Star Wars,

I am not changing a word.

"Lights are flashing here,

lights are flashing there,

and things are goin' ta-zing
by your face.

Who would watch this?"

Coming up,

legendary composer John Williams,

who has been part of Star Wars
from the very beginning,

shares his original score
for Galaxy's Edge.

The music
for Galaxy's Edge, its mission is to try

to excite the imagination
and the anticipation.

And Keegan let's Neil in on

a little rumor going around
the Black Spire Outpost.

The story is that you
crashed and burned.

Um, I flew great.

Galaxy's Edge, Adventure Awaits returns.

This is other-level.
The attention to detail is amazing.

I think that's what
our fans want from us,

is that we're sweating
those details.

It's all that stuff that I feel like
brings a level of authenticity, right?

- Yeah.
- Everything you hear,

the voices, even the music,

because it wouldn't be Star Wars

without that iconic sound
of John Williams.

- Ohh.
- So we went to John, and we said,

"Will you record new music for us?

Will you compose new themes,
new anthems,

Galaxy's Edge
and for Black Spire Outpost

and for the characters
who live here?"

And he said yes.

Going to Abbey Road Studios

- in the U.K...
- Wow.

...listening to
the London Symphony Orchestra

play this new
John Williams composition

just for this park...
It was an emotional moment.

I love it!

Okay, can I say something
that I've always wanted to say?

Ladies and gentlemen,
John Williams.

The music for Galaxy's Edge,
its mission is to try

to excite the imagination

and the anticipation

of something
that you're going to experience

that you hadn't
experienced before.

It all started for me with
my meeting with George Lucas.

And I was introduced,
like the rest of us,

to this incredible world
of imagination of George,

of the creatures he created.

I have to say, I looked at the film,
and I thought it was very exciting,

and we scored it in London,
and I thought,

"Well, this will be probably
a huge success.

It will run for maybe a month."

And here we are,
talking 40 years later.

That was just an example of how it seemed
like a finite thing in 1977,

but, in fact, it was not.

And exciting for all of us
that it's still so strong

in people's minds
and imaginations.

I have had decades of fun
with all of this,

so it's just exciting
that it's still with us

in all the manifestations
that it's taken.

And generations
are finding it interesting and intriguing

just the same way
that we did back then.

This was a huge honor for us.

There's no one like him...

One of the greatest composers
of all time.

Writing for films

can be very restricting.

You've got a minute and 30 seconds
to do five things.

Writing a piece like this,

there's certainly
a wonderful sense of freedom,

to try to express what
this thing is really all about.

Like an overture
would do in the theaters,

you come in and you hear the overture,
you have a sense of excitement.

You're gonna hear something
and see something wonderful

that pulls you into it

and gets you out
of the parking lot,

into a mind-set of seeing
and imagining something.

I am thrilled to be a part of this.

I hope they have as much fun
with all of this

Star Wars experience
as I have had over all these years,

and I hope that they will have,
whatever their ages,

will have decades of fun...

and hopefully inspiration

from their experience
with all of this.

This is Oga's Cantina.

It serves pilots,
bounty hunters,

and stars of TV and movies.

And it attracts some of the most
disreputable characters

in the galaxy...

You know, pilots,
bounty hunters,

and stars of TV and movies.

Like all great bars, it has
amazing drinks and a deejay.

The deejay here is RX-24,
also known as Rex.

Who you may recognize
from Star Tours,

crash-landed on Batuu
and was reprogrammed

into a deejay by Mubo
at the Droid Depot.

Mubo gave Rex to Oga
to pay off a debt,

and Rex now provides
the musical entertainment

here inside Oga's Cantina.

On the scary side,
Oga is like a real G, okay, man?

She's kind of like
this outpost's crime boss

with a way worse temper.

But despite that,
this is the perfect place

to come, rest your feet,
and get a drink.

Barkeep, Fuzzy Tauntaun.

- You got it.
- Thanks.

Hey! Uh, Neil!
Whatcha been up to?

Oh, whew!
I just piloted the Falcon.

- Oh!
- And let me tell ya, it went great.

Oh, uh, that's, uh, actually
not the story around the cantina.

The story is that
you crashed and burned.

Crashed a...

Um, I flew great.

- Really?
- Yeah.


I got a bad feeling about this!


Aah! That's on me.

Whoa! Sorry.

- It's no big deal.
- Oh, no, no, it's, you know...

But the story is that Hondo
has put a bounty out on you.

That's a big deal. Whoa!

Oh, you forgot your, uh,
Fuzzy Tauntaun.

Hey, uh, you know what?
Um... I'll drink it.

Just, uh...
Just put it on my tab.

My name is Neil Patrick Harris.

Yeah, thanks.

This is just one
of the great places

to grab a beverage or a snack
here on Batuu.

Concoctions here are for all ages,

and include drinks like
the Fuzzy Tauntaun, Bespin Fizz,

Jabba Juice,
Hyperdrive Punch-It,

Carbon Freeze,

Black Spire Brew,
and many others.

Yes, yes, but now you must eat.

We all know that food and beverage

plays an incredible part
of any story that we tell.

And Galaxy's Edge is no different.

It's so immersive,

it's so detail-oriented,

that you really walk in

and you step
into another planet.

So we want to continue
to tell that story

with food, with beverage.

The creative process has been
ongoing for several years.

The real challenge was,

how can we tell
the story of Tatooine?

How do we tell the story
of a garden planet?

How do we bring a desert to life
on a plate?

So, once you start to put
all those pieces together

and flavor combinations

and ingredients, you come up
with something pretty fantastic.

Over at Docking Bay 7...
Food and Cargo...

Chef Cookie Tuggs brings in
giant cargo ships

filled with ingredients he has
gathered from across the galaxy.

And as you wander
through the marketplace,

you can follow the scent of meat
over to Ronto Roasters,

a favorite stop for crews
preparing for their next mission.

When you walk into this land

and you come around into the souk

and you see that podracer engine

that really acts
as the fire element...

when you smell that grilled meat,

it's completely immersive,

and it just...
It really completes the experience.

Chef Cookie Tuggs' specialties include

fried Endorian Tip Yip

and some Smoked Kaadu Ribs...

food that you can't try anywhere else.

Blue milk, of course...

very iconic.

When a lot of people
saw that scene in the movie,

they were like, "What is that?"

So now the chance to bring it
to life is pretty incredible.

Just in case you didn't know,

Star Wars fans had written a story
that blue milk came from a bantha,

which is a large, furry mammal

that travels in herds on Tatooine.

So, blue milk

has flavors of dragon fruit, pineapple,
lime, with a hint of watermelon.

And the green milk
comes from a thala-siren.

are docile marine mammals

that like to sun themselves
on the planet Ahch-To.

Green milk is flavors
of mandarin orange, grapefruit,

passion fruit,
little touch of orange blossom.

It took months to finalize the flavors
of the blue and green milks.

My Star Wars memory
is from the very first film,

A New Hope, it's...

When I was a kid,
I was about 7 or 8 years old,

and my father would take
me and my brother

to see Star Wars
whenever we did something good.

Like, if we had done
all of our chores

or we went to a meeting with him
or something and we were quiet,

he would take us
to see Star Wars,

because it was that time
in our history

when you could watch a movie

in the theater over
and over and over again,

and I remember having never seen
anything like it in my life.

And part of it
that was really exciting for me

was to watch my father
exhibit as much wonder

as me and my brother did

at this world that George Lucas
had created.

It's just something that's
very near and dear to my heart.

And that's my Star Wars story.

When we return, the First Order

is patrolling
the Black Spire Outpost,

and Sarah Hyland is caught
right in the middle of it all.

I'm really nervous I'm gonna
get caught in a huge battle.

You know, those stormtroopers
have been trouble

for as long as I can remember.

Have you seen a Wookiee?

We also share exclusive
details about the upcoming

Galactic Starcruiser experience,

Galaxy's Edge,
Adventure Awaits continues.

I want to learn
the ways of the Force

and become a Jedi
like my father.

I first got to see A New Hope"

and I was introduced into
the Star Wars world back in Spain.

A couple of years after that,

we immigrated here
to the United States,

and I remember seeing
The Empire Strikes Back

in a drive-through in New Jersey.

I knew from right there
that it totally had me hooked.

Fast-forward a couple of years,

and I'm working here
at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

And of all things,
my very first job

was actually working
at Star Tours.

So you can imagine
how happy I was about that.

What's been really,
really special about that...

It's almost to the day,
30 years later...

Being able to be a part of the
Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge team

has been very, very rewarding.

My first experience
with Star Wars

was actually at the toy store.

And they had a looping
8-millimeter film

showing Han and Luke

firing the guns
in the Millennium Falcon,

fighting off TIE Fighters.

And I remember as a child,
I would just spend hours

just staring at that footage
playing again and again,

and I think that was my first
introduction to Star Wars.

Ha ha!

I'm going, "Wow.
This is the most amazing thing."

No matter who you are,
there was always a character

that you really
gravitated towards,

and for me, that was Yoda.

You know,

I've been little all my life.

Judge me by my size, do you?

What really resonated with me
about his character is that,

you know, good things
come in small packages.

I think it's really
the characters of Star Wars

that really bring it to life
and make it so memorable.

I think we've all been
Luke Skywalker

at one point in our lives,
to want to go do something else,

to think that we're destined
for something greater

than others may think,

the need for that sense
of adventure

and that testing our mettle
against evil

and seeing
if we had what it takes.

You know, we've always wanted
to be a scoundrel like Han Solo.

The same with Finn
and Poe and Rey...

They all embody, you know,
core archetypes

that we can all relate to.

It's interesting
coming full circle

from being that 12-year-old boy
getting to

run out in the backyard on
Christmas morning

and play in the snow
and build my own Hoth play set

and have my AT-AT walker
and my AT-ST walker

go through the snow and to build
this incredible battle scene,

to now actually get to build
this incredible place.

To have been part
of that generation

that got to experience
the original movies

when we were very young,

and now to be a part of this
whole new era of Star Wars

and have more Star Wars
now than ever before,

it's pretty exciting.

It is a childhood dream come true.

Present your identity card
for verification.

Hold on one second. It's, um...

Wait, ho... hold up. Um...

Your allegiance should be
with the First Order.

- No, no.
- Be careful, citizen.

Please show your identification!

Here. Here, here.

James, come on.

Thanks a lot.

And what are you doing on Batuu?

I'm here on a vacation.

Can't get much further away
than this rock.

I know. I know.

The Resistance has decided
to set up a base

hidden away in these ruins
left by an ancient civilization.

But I am a little nervous that
the First Order might be on its way,

and I'm really nervous I'm gonna
get caught in a huge battle.

Stop right there!

Careful. Someone might question
your loyalty.

When we set foot on Batuu,

it's kind of right
in the middle of the big war

between the First Order
and the Resistance.

Right now,
the First Order is winning.

They have, you know, started
really taking over the galaxy,

and the Resistance
is just a very small force

and really the only group
that can stand up to them.

Perhaps the First Order
is your destiny.

If not, no matter...

It is your future.

One of the things I love

so much is how exciting it is
for people to participate

and to actually become
part of the narrative,

become part of the story.

You all are members
of the Resistance now, okay?

When find the Resistance,
we find them rebuilding

and re-fortifying their forces,
looking for recruits across the galaxy.

People from all over the galaxy

can travel to Batuu
and join the Resistance.

Are you supporters
of the Resistance?

- Of course.
- Hi. My name is Vi, Vi Moradi.

When you meet Vi Moradi
in Black Spire Outpost,

she's there as a Resistance spy.

So she's trying to find
all kinds of information

about the First Order...

Why they've arrived,
what they're doing there.

As a guest
and as part of the story,

you can interact with Vi
and become part of that journey

that she has
throughout the day...

Eyes and ears peeled everywhere.

...uncovering and discovering things

about the First Order that
she can report back to the Resistance.

I want all you searching this outpost.

If they are here,
they will not escape.

- Yes, sir!
- For the First Order,

they are trying to hunt down
the Resistance.

There is a Resistance spy

in this outpost.

Will you find out what you can?

- Why?
- Sure.

Have you seen a Wookiee?

The Wookiee who flies
the Millennium Falcon, is he here?

Uh, I think he's that way.

So now we have
this small galactic trading port

that has become a hotbed

for the war between the Resistance,

who are in hiding and recruiting,

and the First Order,
who are trying to seek them out.

- Is this your lightsaber?
- Yeah.

Tell me, are you training
to use it?

Uh, yeah.

Have you pledged your support
to the First Order?

- Yes.
- That's good.

See that it stays that way.

If you do come in contact
with Kylo or the stormtroopers,

try to avoid, you know?
Move fast.

You can give him
a little bit of attitude.

Sometimes it helps.
You know, stand up to him.

We've got eyes on you.

One of the things
that's really exciting

about finding
the characters there

is that you're actually
interacting with Chewbacca

as he's there
on behalf of the Resistance,

or you're intersecting
Kylo Ren as he's sweeping,

looking for Resistance spies,

and you can come across Rey,
who's out there recruiting

and hoping that
you'll join the cause.

And so, I think one of
the things that's so wonderful

is that you become
part of their stories

just as much as
they become part of yours.

Just a moment, young traveler.

Have you come to Batuu
looking for adventure?

Or looking for trouble?

Come here.

Don't move.

On your way, then.



When we return, Sarah Hyland
and my favorite Wookiee

take a stroll
through the marketplace...

It's a Loth-cat.
Shh, it's sleeping.

...and we'll also hear
how the Imagineers and Lucasfilm

brought Batuu to life.

We're not just building
one of these.

We're building two.

I really couldn't believe
the scale of it.

Plus, we'll have a special tour

of the epic attraction

Rise of the Resistance.

It's all coming your way on...

We started with the kind of big,

"What is Batuu?"

And then once we had that,
we started delving into

the individual stories
of just certain parts of Batuu,

and then getting smaller,

into the individual stories
of the characters of Batuu.

We wanted to build
this really authentic sense

that there's these local Batuuans

who have a family,
who have a history,

and it's really,
really exciting and inspiring

to see our local Batuuans come to life.

Every cast member at a Disney park
is unique and special.

Galaxy's Edge,

they're actually residents of Batuu.

I work here at
Ohnaka Transport Solutions.

I'm one of
the flight crew members.

I am a merchant here at Black Spire.
I am a villager.

Over at Resistance Supply,
I bring in the wares.

We all work hand-in-hand
with one another.

Hondo pays Dok, Dok pays Oga.

Oga has pretty much
hired me to bartend.

The bad thing is, is that
I owe a debt to her, so...

Working for Hondo
is an experience every day.

And he always asks us
to send people down.

He even has something
on the board over here

saying he needs recruits.

He does run a very
"legitimate" business,

But there's a few carts around here
that I choose not to open.

But he's a good boss...
When he pays.

We wanted to build a culture.

We wanted to build traditions...
The way that they talk.

When you travel to France,

for example,
you know, as you're traveling,

you pick up some
of the certain lingo.

You say bonjour and merci,
you know?

But in Black Spire Outpost,

the way that they greet guests

is something that we felt
very passionately about.

"Bright suns" is our usual welcoming,
like a "good morning."

Or "rising moons,"
depending on the time of day.

"Good run" when you've done
something well

or you did a great job
out there flying.

And then "Till the spire" is usually
"Till we see each other again,"

something like that.

So we really, truly wanted
to build a believable community

that was unique and interesting.

I have a feeling that our guests
are going to develop

very strong personal relationships
with our local Batuuans.

Resistance supporters

will not escape this outpost.

It doesn't matter
why they came to Batuu...

They're not going to leave.

Copy. Understood.

If they know something you don't,
make them tell you.

We will find out
what they know, sir!

Extract the transmission logs
from that datapad

- and wipe the memory.
- Affirmative.

Like many destinations
across the galaxy,

Batuu has an exotic marketplace.

And, of course,
being a visitor here,

my plan is to check out
everything there is to see.

And to help me out
is a new friend of mine,

and the first Wookiee
I ever met in person, Chewbacca!

So, where should we go first?

Oh, great idea.
The Creature Stall.

So, Bina runs the Creature Stall,

and it has so many exotic things
to see and to buy.

It's a Loth-cat!
Shh, it's sleeping.

What I love about this shop
is how guests like me

are encouraged
to look into the cages,

even poke around a bit,
before deciding what to take home.

Oh, and by the way,
if you're wondering

how I can understand
the Wookiee language,

let's just say monkey-lizard here
is an excellent tutor.

Well, I thought I was a much
better student than that, but okay.

This is Toydarian Toymakers stall,

which means that that must be
Zabaka working in the window.

I mean, look at this place...

Hand-made toys,
interactive games like Sabacc,

toy speeders, and... Oh.

Chewie's favorite toy.

I'd buy one right now,

but the real thing
is much more handsome.

The marketplace
is one of my favorite stops

throughout Black Spire Outpost.

It has a "artisan" feel.

It has a local touch to it.

The stories here gave us
the opportunity to think about,

"What would the world's wackiest,
craziest pet shop look like?"

And that came to be
Bina's Creature Stall.

"What would a toy maker make
for the kids of this outpost?"

That became our artisan toyshop.

"Where do the locals
get everything they wear?"

And that become
Black Spire Outfitters.

The idea is that...

anything that you buy
within Galaxy's Edge

is something that you could find
in the Star Wars galaxy.

For all the guests,
no matter how they came into...

the Star Wars stories,

that there is something that said,
"I can't believe they have that.

I can't believe that's here."

The merchandise experience

and the food experience,
they're experiences.

It's not a merchandise shop,
it's a merchandise experience.

That is what makes
this place unique.

That's what makes coming
to Galaxy's Edge

something unique and different.

I really think
that there's so much discovery,

if you take the time to really
look in all of the stores

and the stalls
and have the experiences,

no matter where
you came into Star Wars,

you'll find something that is
pretty awesome to discover.

What a great marketplace.

Everything you see here,
and all throughout Batuu,

took years for the Imagineers
and cast members to bring to life.

Let's see how it all began.

I am C-3PO.

Welcome aboard
the StarSpeeder 3,000.

Imagineers always had a great
relationship with Lucasfilm,

all the way back
to the days of Star Tours...

Red 24, I'm going in.

...letting guests
come into this amazing world

and be a part of these
incredible stories and adventures.

And then about six years ago,

leadership brought
a few of us into a room,

a few of us lead designers, and said,

"If Lucasfilm
was part of the family,

and you would have
the opportunity to build a land

just dedicated solely to Star Wars,

what would you dream up?"

And we knew that we had
this opportunity,

and we wanted to make sure
that we were gonna do it

in a way that totally exceeded
our guests' wildest expectations.

It's exciting, but it was also
very daunting at the same time,

because you're like, "Wow,
where do we take our guests?

Where do we want them to go
and explore?

What would the attractions be like?"

We quickly found out that
it's not gonna be as easy as we thought.

For a long time,
we looked at Tatooine,

and we looked at Coruscant
and different places,

and we kept coming back to,

that was really retelling
someone else's story.

Do we want to build a museum

where we can visit
all those places again?

Or do we want to build a place

that we can enter
for the first time?

We settled on this idea
of a brand-new planet,

because we loved this idea
of creating a place

that would serve as the scaffold
for guests to come

and bring
and tell their own stories.

It was a place where you
could be that rogue adventurer.

You could be that hero
on the edge of the galaxy

or that smuggler or that scoundrel.

And when we hit upon that,

we knew that we were onto something
unique and different

and something
that was gonna be just special.

There were really two parts

to the research
that we did on the project,

and the first was going back
to the source.

We worked with
Lucasfilm Story Group

and the design team
from the very beginning.

They brought in
not only the knowledge,

but the passion to this project,

and that's exactly
what we needed.

I would minimize that,
because it starts to get...

It reads too strongly of that.

And one of the keys
of designing Star Wars environments

is that there's always sort of
a very unique identifying feature.

For instance, like,
Endor had the giant trees,

Hoth had the snow planet,
and Tatooine obviously is a desert.

So we wanted find out, "Okay, what is it
that's gonna make Batuu very unique?"

When you look at
the buildings and the forms

that were created
by Ralph McQuarrie,

who was the original production
designer on the first film,

he gave Star Wars its look...

These domed, big,
heavy, monolithic shapes.

It's a very gritty kind of texture.

It's worn. It's aged. It's used.

Then we went up to the archives,

and we just dug through
every piece of artwork

that was generated over the last
40 years, that we started to say,

"Wow, we love that design element.
We love this look and that look."

And we found this wonderful reference
in part of our research...

This petrified forest in Arizona,
with these giant spires.

And we thought, "Okay, well,
how about if we took that idea

and just magnify it by a thousand?"

These tall spires created
a lot of mystery.

They're very dramatic,
and by increasing the scales,

it created even more drama.

And we started to stitch
these together,

and through that process,

we created our own look
and our own form.

But at the same time,
when you look at it you go,

"Wow, that's Star Wars .'"
The DNA is there.

- I love this! And this...
- Yeah, I agree.

I want to ride
the Millennium Falcon.

I want it!

Today, I'm thrilled to announce

the next chapter

in the long and exciting history

between Disney Parks
and Star Wars.

When I first heard about
Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge,

we were actually
shooting on set.

I believe it was when we were
doing Last Jedi, actually.

It just looked so incredible...

Just mind-blowing,
what they were planning to do.

...that a place in which, you know,

everything would be
Star Wars -themed.

You'd have access to characters,

several different activities, rides...
Very exciting stuff.

The idea that we could go
and actually visit a place

that was really in Star Wars
was incredible.

A land that celebrates Star Wars

and brings all these incredible
adventures together.

A planet and a place

that people have never
stepped into before.

This place, Batuu,

was integrated
into the canon of Star Wars...

A place for guests to come

and to live their very own
Star Wars adventures.

And under the creative leadership
of a great team of Imagineers,

combined with the amazing
storytellers at Lucasfilm,

the technological genius of ILM,

we're creating
a jaw-dropping new world...

Our largest single-theme
land expansion ever.

I really couldn't believe the scale...
The scale of it.

We had wind in our sails,
because we knew

that the Disney fans
and Star Wars fans

instantly fell in love with it,
and we're like,

"Okay, great. We're ready.
We're ready to go and deliver something

that no one's ever seen before."

And one more thing.
We're not just building one of these...

...we're building two.

It was incredibly exciting to build it

both here in California,
and in Florida as well.

It's a dream come true.
Every day, you come to work

and work with incredible storytellers

and artisans and engineers
and visionaries.

You get to see the props
going in place.

You get to see the rockwork
taking form, and it's incredible,

'cause you're seeing it
transform in front of your eyes.

There are all kinds
of wonderful layers

to everything that you see
within the park itself.

We ultimately produced

over 120 animatronics.

It's gonna be really fun,
everything for droids

to your favorite heroes
and villains,

and then even
some new characters

that you haven't even met yet.

We're making spaceships.

It legitimately does not get
any cooler than that.

We're so excited to share
this place with the world.

We've been working
on Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

for more than five years.

And as great as it seemed
in concept,

as great as it seemed
in all the art,

in all the imagination,

the models
that our Imagineers created...

Nothing can hold a candle

to what this has actually
turned out to be.

Oh, we're doing it.
We're going in!

- My heart's pounding.
- Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.

I'm not okay right now.

This is it!

Five, four, three, two, one!

Ladies and gentlemen,

Galaxy's Edge is now open.

We made it!

This is a dream come true for me,

to be in here on opening day.

I can't believe
what I'm seeing right now.


- Wow.
- Dude.

I can't take it in.
I can't do it. This is crazy!

It's Chewbacca!

I hope you're staying
out of trouble.


Your loyalty would seem
to be in question.

- Move aside, travelers.
- I would agree. I would agree.

He's so scary.

I know. He's very intimidating.

Track that datapad.


Handle it, trooper.

Apologies, sir.

Not helpful.

When we return,

Keegan and Neil
drop some Star Wars knowledge

in Dok-Ondar's
Den of Antiquities.

Wow, I'm very impressed.
How'd you learn all that?

- I majored in Star Wars in college.
- Nice.

- Whoa.
- And Miles Brown goes on a quest

to find Savi's Workshop...

I think I finally found it.

...where he can build
his very own lightsaber.

- You want to build a lightsaber?
- Only all my life.

Galaxy's Edge,
Adventure Awaits returns.

Disneyland is your land.

Here, age relives fond memories
of the past,

and here, youth may savor the challenge
and promise of the future.

Working on Galaxy's Edge
feels like

kind of a continuation
of Walt's legacy,

and the immersive nature of it
feels kind of like the next step

for what had been originally envisioned
for Disneyland.

Where, Disneyland,
you get to step back into time

or you get to step into the future

or you get to go on an adventure.

And here, we're really taking you
to another planet.

My first experience
going to the parks

was actually, you know,
after Star Wars.

It was the first time I'd ever been.
I was really impressed.

I'm a major fan
of the Indiana Jones ride,

and at the end, you know,
you see Harrison Ford

giving you a "Good. Well done."

I've always loved that feeling
when any of the characters

from the universe of that ride

kind of, like, reaches out,
and it's more interactive,

and you can see them
right there.

And to know that obviously
that was gonna happen to me,

specifically through Finn,

I thought it was just incredible.

I remember going there
and seeing the characters,

and it just was a real wonderful
thing for our family

to connect over
and to have fun together with.

One of my first trips to Disney World...
I actually grew up in Florida...

My dad, kicking and screaming,
made me go on Space Mountain.

But it changed my life.

It was truly one of the best
experiences I've ever had

and one that stuck with me,

to just always know
that you should always try.

And I've loved roller coasters,
and I've loved the parks ever since.

Growing up,
my first Disney experience

was when I was 7 years old,

and I went to Tokyo Disneyland.

And seeing things come to life...

like hippos,
but they were real to me as a child,

and I think that that sense
of discovery and adventure

that we give to our guests

in all of our lands
and experiences,

I think that's what gets people
coming back over and over again.

I've been going to Disneyland Park
as long as I can remember.

It's actually the place
where I've had

the majority of my family trips
and vacations throughout my life.

And it's been such
an important part

not just of my childhood

and my family memories

and the experience
that I have of growing up,

but also, as someone
who works in story,

it's totally shaped the way
I've thought about storytelling.

Walt said very famously
something like,

"As long as there's imagination
in the world,

Disneyland will never
be complete."

And I think that really goes

with what we're doing now.

It feels like
this was an extension

that was always meant to be.

- I'll take a blue and a green milk.
- All right.

And one of those.

So, you want a lightsaber?

Look for Savi's Workshop
over by Black Spire Station.

- Where's that?
- Stay alert.

They could be anywhere.

I gotta go now. Good luck.

Resistance activity
has been reported.

All travelers are subject
to interrogation.

We're looking for
a highly skilled Resistance spy.

Anyone here fit
that description?

- Maybe...
- Fine. Move along.

We have eyes on you.

Someone might question
your loyalty.

Resistance activity
will not escape notice.


I don't want a pet
that can chew through my armor.

That's affirmative.

I find your response suspicious.

I don't know what's so special
about that Falcon ship.

Doubt it can even take off.

Where is Savi's?


You were seen with known
Resistance supporters.

We'll need to see
your identification.

Uh, I'm just visiting.

Lucky for you, we're busy.

Stay out of trouble.

Look at all this.

This is Dok-Ondar's
Den of Antiquities.

Dok's story is that as he
traveled throughout the galaxy,

he picked up the different
artifacts you see.

He brought them here to Batuu
and opened up this shop.

Now, most of them are for sale,

but a few are classic
Star Wars relics

that Dok will never part with,

which explains why
they are bolted to the wall.

- Like that.
- Oh, yeah, that's...

I think that's
a Himalayan mountain goat.

Actually, that is a kod'yok.
It's a shaggy, horned quadruped.

And right next to it's a tauntaun.

Down on the lower left is a nexu,

and then in the center
is a Corellian hound.

Wow, I'm very impressed.
How'd you learn all that?

- I majored in Star Wars in college.
- Nice.

Oh! I know what that is.
That's a wampa.

Oh, wow.
I wonder if that's the one

that actually attached Luke
to the top of the ice cave?

- Yeah.
- I'll ask him,

but I don't think
he's in a position to answer.

Am I right?

Oh, check out that juvenile dianoga
in the tank there.

Dok's got everything here.

He's got jewelry, ancient tools,
rare kyber crystals.

He's got blasters,
all kinds of helmets.

Hey, you know what I find
is a really cool thing to do?

- Hm?
- Whenever I'm visiting a place,

I like to get some small gift
for my kids to take home.

That's very smart. I do the same thing,
get a little something for my wife.

- Yeah, we can do that here.
- Yeah, absolutely.

Let's make a deal, though.
Let's agree nothing extravagant.

- Mm-hm. Deal.
- One gift each.

- Something small.
- Something small.

- No matter what, something small.
- On it.

Think we're gonna need
the Millennium Falcon

- to get all this stuff home.
- Yeah.

Growing up, when I was a kid,

I do remember going to see
the first movie when it came out

with my older brother
and my father.

And it was just a really
great bonding moment

from father to son.

And it is now an amazing memory
for me as a father

to have taken my son and daughter

to see the new movies
as they've come out.

So it's gone
full circle for me... a really kind of
amazingly emotional way.

Next up,
John Boyega and Oscar Isaac

share behind-the-scene stories

Rise of the Resistance

at the famous Pinewood Studios.

To have Poe Dameron fly

with all these new recruits,
that feels pretty great.

- Whoo-hoo!
- And then it ends with,

hopefully, a great victory
for the Resistance.

And Kaley Cuoco
takes us on a special tour

inside the jaw-dropping
new attraction.

Let's go!

And we'll share
all the latest details

about a brand-new,
two-night immersive adventure...

Galactic Starcruiser.

Galaxy's Edge,
Adventure Awaits continues.

We will destroy the Resistance.

I'm here, just outside

what is possibly the biggest,
most complex attraction

that Disney, or anyone else,
has every built:

Rise of the Resistance.

And because I'm such a huge fan,
they let me take you

on this one-of-a-kind look
at this immersive experience.

Okay, it was after
me begging and pleading

that they let me take you
on this incredible tour.

Now let's see how the stars
of Star Wars

and the Imagineers
made it all possible.

When we started out,

we quickly knew we wanted
to do an attraction

that put you
in the middle of that conflict

between the First Order
and the Resistance.

Like, day one, we said, "Okay, great,
that's Rise of the Resistance.

That's what that attraction
has to be."

The audience are taken
into a world full of action

when they are captured
by a Star Destroyer,

and they're left in there to
fend for themselves for a bit.

This is gonna be
an immersive experience

like you've never been on before,

with fully-realized laser blasts
in mid-air, holograms,

full-size AT-ATs, you name it.

Imagine being chased
for 15 minutes

by Kylo Ren and the First Order.

Stormtroopers everywhere,

lightsabers coming at you.

It's going to be fantastic.

The overall story
of Rise of the Resistance is,

you're a recruit being
recruited by the Resistance.

You come onboard here
at the planet Batuu.

They load you into a transport.

Well, Rey is actually
a key component of our ride.

She's actually the first Resistance member
that you're gonna meet.

Recruits, thank you
for joining the cause.

And she's gonna give us
a very special mission

to meet up with the rest
of the Resistance.

We have transports
waiting to take you

to General Organa's
secret base on Bakura.

Poe Dameron is gonna be our
wingman on a secret mission.

To have Poe Dameron
fly side-by-side

with all these new recruits
to start this wild adventure,

that feels pretty great.


On your way to meet them
at a secret location,

you get intercepted
by the First Order,

who's in orbit
above the planet Batuu.

When it's our darkest moment
and we don't know

how we're gonna get out
of the situation that we're in,

Finn shows up and gives us
special instructions

on how to get down to the bottom
of the Star Destroyer

and get off before
the whole place goes sky-high.

I know there's a lot
of blaster action from me

while you guys get away.

I hold off the enemy,
and then it ends

with, hopefully, a great victory
for the Resistance.

I am here with
Executive Creative Director

of Walt Disney Imagineering,
John Larena.

- Good to meet you.
- Where are we?

This is amazing.
Tell us what we are doing.

So, we're here
at a temporary base

that the Resistance has set up,

and they're looking to recruit
new members to the cause.

Wow. And what is Poe's fighter
doing here?

So, he's part of this team
that's doing recon,

and he's actually gonna fly
as a wingman on our mission.

This is incredible.
Now, how long have you

and your Imagineering team
been working on this?

Well, we've been working
on this for over four years

with Lucasfilm
to get everything perfect

and really deliver
an immersive experience

- for all of our guests.
- Wow.

Well, let's find out
a little bit more

about how Disney Imagineering

worked with Lucasfilm
and Industrial Light and Magic

to bring this groundbreaking
attraction to life.

The process of bringing
something like this to life

takes a long time.

As we started to design
Rise of the Resistance,

we start with 2-D concepts.

And 2-D inspirational concepts

are an idea to kind of get the feel
for what it is.

Part of our five-year
design process

is really designing things,
going back to story,

coming back to another layer
of design revisions

to make sure that the designs
and the changes

to fit the requirement

actually still fit
within the Star Wars universe.

You can get a sense of muscle
striations going down it.

And part of our goal
was to take all of those designs

and build it real.

The technology that's been
developed for this project,

we're pushing it
to the next level.

I want to go over there.

And it helps it all feel very real.

Oh, I see it. You're right.

So, would you like to take a look
around behind the scenes?

- Let's go!
- All right, well, let's put on

some protective gear,
and we're on our way.

- Wait, John, which one's yours?
- Well, I like that one,

but it's got your name
on it, so...

- Okay, that's pretty cute.
I'll take it.

- Okay.
- Thanks for picking my favorite color.


So this is a Star Wars story,

and not everything
goes according to plan.

We end up stuck
on this Star Destroyer,

and we gotta figure out
a way off of it.

This is truly unbelievable.
I mean, it's so huge!

I've never seen anything
like it.

We are really
on a Star Destroyer!

I feel like I'm looking out
into space.

Those stormtroopers
are so intimidating.

You're gonna really feel like
you're onboard a Star Destroyer.

And on top of that,
you're gonna have to watch out

for Kylo Ren,
'cause he's coming to get you.

For this attraction,
we're adding in

a lot of stormtroopers
that interact with the guests.

So today, we're here on
the mo-cap stage

in order to shoot actors
in these suits

so we can capture their motion,
and then their motions

are transferred
into digital information...

The vectors of where a shoulder is,
where an elbow is,

where a wrist is,
and those vectors

are then attached
to our digital characters.

So it's really
a beautiful method,

because you get the control
of a digital character,

but you get the natural motion
of a real human being.

- Yeah, yeah.
- That was straight on.

- All right.
- Ohh!

We were figuring out what
the actual ride elements would be,

and then how we would marry
some of those ride elements

to the story
that we wanted to tell.

We started with pre-viz,

some original concepts
of what the rides could be,

and then we virtually rode
through the ride for almost a year.

So we're actually getting
to ride our ride

before we even build
a single wall

to really deliver
the most impactful

Star Wars experience
we could possibly give you.

Two alpha, take five. "A" -mark.

It's fantastic to be here
at Pinewood

and be surrounded
by all the history

of all the movies
that have come here before us,

and then with all the sets
that are here now for Star Wars,

- it's incredible.
- Ready!

A covert Resistance team
led by my friend Finn

has infiltrated
a First Order Star Destroyer

that is now headed
to this system.

Poe's coming back
with an attack force.

Get to your escape pods now!

For Rise of the Resistance,
we worked with a lot of the cast.

We worked with Daisy Ridley,
John Boyega,

Oscar Isaac, also Adam Driver.

We reached out to them
through Lucasfilm

while they were doing the productions
of Episode VIII and IX.

I first heard about
Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

through conversation that Daisy
was having about the park,

'cause we were about to film
for the ride,

so was giving us a little
debrief on the timeline,

because we were actually
filming the shots for the ride

while we were filming
Rise of Skywalker,

so we done it kind of
at the same time.

The team came over,

and they showed me design ideas

of what the world
was gonna look like,

and it just looked so incredible
and so astounding.

And then they started showing me
the specific ride,

which was just mind-blowing,
what they were planning to do.

For me, it's obviously
the longest ride

I've ever heard about,
just, like, over ten minutes.

What we gonna be doing?

And it was just several different layers
of activities and adventure,

and, hopefully,
then we get to ride it.

And we were actually able
to work in a satellite crew

to capture those moments
with the cast.

I had to go back
in a stormtrooper suit,

and I was just like...

"Couldn't he be,
you know, undercover

in a nice,
comfortable pair of pajamas?"

The droids are programmed
to return you to Batuu.

Don't get caught. And hurry.

What a treat to be
with the actors,

the characters
that you know and love,

and actually see them
in the flesh is amazing.

And having them as part of our ride

really brings everything to life.

- Awesome.
- Cutting that.

I really couldn't believe the scale...
The scale of it.

And action.

We got company!

First Order TIE fighters!
Reroute! Reroute!

It was an incredibly
technically difficult shoot.

We've got not only a motion rig
that's moving our X-Wing around

but a whole entire
light stage around us

that creates
the effect of laser blasts

and explosions happening
all around our actors.

What was amazing about shooting
the Rise of the Resistance attraction,

which is it felt like just
an extension of the film

and an extension of the story.

Because we were on set,
and I was in the X-Wing already,

and we were shooting scenes,

it just felt like
a continuation of the saga.

It's a building step
towards this final shot

that our guests are gonna see...
It's gonna blow them away.

It'll feel for people
like they are right next to Poe

in an X-Wing...
fighting the First Order.

And, you know,
people are gonna really be in it.

I think it's gonna be
incredible for our guests

to truly, physically experience
a big battle with the First Order,

with truly massive, physical sets

and state-of-the-art special effects
and animatronics.

It's just gonna be
an incredible event.

- Yeah!
- Yes!

Did you see that?
Did you see that?

I saw it.

To be a part of the ride,

to physically be there,

and to, through technology
and animatronics,

to be able to be, like, physically present
with those who are gonna ride it

every single day they come in,
it's pretty special.

That's nuts.

You are not gonna believe
how it's gonna feel

to be in the middle
of an epic battle

between the Resistance
and the First Order.

Oh, it's gonna be amazing.

And, Kaley, I can't wait
to share it with you.

Guys, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

is an incredible attraction,
you do not want to miss it.

So about, like, six years ago,
when my hair was pretty short,

I was involved in
an equestrian charity event.

And me and my friends
had to put on a big team...

Kind of a team event, a team...
A team production.

So we went as Star Wars,

and I was actually
Luke Skywalker,

and my hair was short enough
that I kind of pulled it off.

I had the full outfit,
I had to ride my horse like that.

It was great.

Next up, Miles Brown's quest
to find Savi's continues.

- You wanna build a lightsaber?
- Only all my life.

Galaxy's Edge,
Adventure Awaits returns.

One thing that's very exciting,

maybe almost as exciting
as Galaxy's Edge itself,

Galactic Starcruiser.

It is like nothing
that you've ever seen before...

Probably nothing that anybody's
ever really done before.

It's almost impossible
to describe

what the Starcruiser's
going to be like,

because it's not a land,

it's not an attraction,

certainly not a hotel,

but it's a multi-day experience

where you also can land
in the port of Batuu.

You get to have an immersive,
two-night, three-day trip

inside of the Star Wars galaxy.

You're actually living in it,
sleeping in it, eating in it,

and breathing in it
for those three days.

In there, you'll get to interact
with all kinds of different characters,

learning parts
of a smaller story,

learning parts of a larger story,

and really being a part of it

and having your own personal
Star Wars adventure.

What's so exciting about that

is to think about all the ways

that you get to bring yourself
into something

that really feels
like you are on a cruise,

except instead of going
to maybe the Bahamas

or to Hawaii or to Alaska,

you're actually going
to a galaxy far, far away.


Ahh, Savi's.

Ah. Wow, is...

Is this the place?

We've heard you talking.

So do you want
to build a lightsaber?

Only all my life.

So first,
you actually get to pick

what saber you're gonna build
from these four kits.

So you have Peace and Justice,
Elemental Nature,

Power and Control,
and Protection and Defense.

Which one would you
like to choose?

Um, Peace and Justice.

Excellent choice.

Here you go, take that,
and then follow me in.


So, these are some
of the amazing items

that Savi has collected
across the galaxy.

But the real reason you're here
is through this door.

Oh, wow!

This is amazing!


To build a lightsaber is an art.

We begin with perhaps
the most important element

of the lightsaber...

The kyber crystal.

Some call the kyber crystal
the heart of the lightsaber.

Well, I think it's really cool

that people get
to build their own lightsabers.

For me, that brings the boy
out of me, because, you know,

a lightsaber's
such an iconic object

in the Star Wars universe
that everybody recognizes.

Inside these boxes
are the saber components

you have previously chosen.

Let's build.

If you're like a true fan,
you're gonna feel like

you're a Padawan
that's about to be a Jedi.

The bond
between saber and builder

is about to be forged.


That's a Jedi's weapon...

Meant to bring the peace and balance,

by the way,

but it's also great
at cutting things clean-cut.

Oh... yes!


First Order, watch out.

Here I come.

I came to Disneyland
a long time ago

when I was like,
you know, younger,

when I was like seven
or something,

and I got to see Chewbacca.

I don't know how,

but I understood everything

that he was trying to tell me,
and it was super fun,

we had such a good
chemistry together.

And it was really awesome,
and now every single time...

Every single time
I come to Disneyland

or come to Disney World,

I always have to see my boy Chewie.

He's really awesome to see,

and I feel like he remembers me
every single time I see him.

That's the funny part.

For me, a Star Wars fan,

a girl who has dressed up
as Luke Skywalker,

this has been an experience
of a lifetime.

And don't tell anybody,
but I snuck on the Millennium Falcon.


Have you been on this yet?
Buckle up!

Aah! Ha ha!

I had a blast.
Me and my friends got to go on,

and I got to drive it at one point.

Oh! Aah!

Lightspeed ahead! Ahh-ha!

It was so realistic
and so crazy,

I actually felt like
I was leading this thing.

I mean, they made it so realistic
to where you feel

completely in control
of what you're doing.

Go! Go!

Shoot! Shoot, shoot!

Oh! Geez! Hold on, guys.

- Fire the missiles at the train!
- Fire the phasers!


It was beautiful.
We had the time of our lives.

Oh! Go on!


That. Was. Amazing!


And seeing all these
social media posts,

people have been posting saying
how much they love it.

You are not gonna
want to miss this.

Opening day. I can't believe it.

Here we go. I can feel it. Uh!

Hello, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge!

I feel like I'm walking into Star Wars.


David, you ready to see
a grown man cry?

- I'm emotional right now.
- You are, too?

- Yeah, it gets right in the...
- It gets you in the feels.

- This is just unreal.
- Yeah.

Oh, my God!

It's the Millennium Falcon.

This is crazy!

Oh, my gosh, it's the Falcon.

No. No!

Ho, ho, ho, ho.

- Here it comes.
- Oh, my God! No, I'm not ready.

I only saw part of it!

I just need a second
to catch my breath here.

- This is, um...
- Right?

- Dude, I'm with you.
- This is... This is...

I-I-I'm crying a little bit.
I'm crying a little bit.

You get to walk around and see
the Millennium Falcon,

and literally grew up wishing

and hoping for one day
to be able to do that,

and now I actually did,
so it was a lot of fun.

Wow, was that the most
incredible day of my life.

It was literally
the most magical experience.

I felt like a kid again.

I cried, like, five times.

It was really immersive

and exactly
what I hoped it would be.

What an amazing place.

Absolutely incredible.

Disney, gotta tell you
right now, A-plus.

It's off the charts.

For everybody
that worked on this land

and made this possible for us,
like, thank you.

One of the really fun things
about working on this project

for five, almost six years,

is just the experiencing
with the guests.

And to me, that's the reward,

is to see the smiles
on everybody else's faces

and the kids
and how excited they are.

It just kinda warms your heart,
because it's like all that hard work,

all that homework,
is being appreciated.

At Disney, you get to work on

so many unique projects.

This one, to spend
so many years with it

and actually get to see it
come to life

and really get to see it come
to life in all of its glory,

and that's just amazing.

Being there on opening day

and seeing the reaction
of the guests when they come through

that entry the first time

and see what we've done...

It's like, God, I...

They told me not to get emotional.

My brother's been
a huge influence on my life

both from a professional

and a personal standpoint.

He actually kind of helped me
realize in high school

that my love
for math and physics,

but also my love
for the creative side of things,

would be a perfect fit
for Imagineering.

And then, personally,
for this project as well,

he's the one who really
got me into Star Wars

when I was a little kid.

So I'm really excited
to share this land

and especially
Rise of the Resistance with him,

because it's really those two
major elements of my life

that he's been so influential on
coming together.

I just can't wait to show him.

You know, to take my family

and to bring my young son
for the first time to Disney World,

you know,
that's gonna be pretty strange.

I'm sure it'll be
very strange for him

sitting next to me on a ride,
and then seeing me on the thing.

That'll be a really fun moment.

I hope you get that feeling

of nostalgia that you want,

you know, going into a world
which you've loved

and obviously has impacted
their lives

in such a very special way.

As a kid, I was always

immediately drawn
to numbers and science.

Reading books, imagination...
It wasn't always my strong point.

My mom really just pushed me
to be anything I wanted to be,

and so I immediately
wanted to be an engineer,

there was never a question
in my mind.

But now instead of building bridges,
I'm building spaceships.

It really couldn't be better.

When you're young
and you have dreams

of being a part of something
so much bigger than yourself,

you don't know how you're
going to get there,

and you don't know
if you're ever gonna make it.

And being able to work
on a project like this

with so many people
that are so talented

and to know how personal both
Disneyland and the Disney Parks

and Star Wars is to me, and to be...

Find yourself at this intersection
of these two incredible stories

and to be a part
of bringing that magic

into other people's lives
for them to experience

with their family,
there's nothing quite like it.

When Star Wars fans come here,
they're gonna be blown away,

'cause it's just like

being in a Star Wars set

with all the Star Wars characters,

and it's a very
interactive experience.

Our amazing journey together

to the edge of wild space
is coming to an end.

Hello, citizens.

During the past two hours,

we've gotten just
a small glimpse

of the wonders of life
on the planet Batuu,

a world filled with scoundrels,
smugglers, and pilots...




...for the legends
of the Black Spire Outpost

are being written every day.

First Order, watch out.

The battle between
the First Order

and the Resistance rages on.

And both sides are looking
for new recruits like you,

which means now you have
the opportunity

to create your own
amazing adventure,

to make your dreams come true

by living
your own Star Wars story.

This is Neil Patrick Harris,
thanks for watching.