Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) - full transcript

A massive alien spacecraft of enormous power destroys three powerful Klingon cruisers, entering Federation space. Admiral James T. Kirk is ordered to take command of the USS Enterprise for the first time since her historic five-year mission. The Epsilon IX space station alerts the Federation, but they are also destroyed by the alien spacecraft. The only starship in range is the Enterprise--after undergoing a major overhaul at Spacedock on Earth. Kirk rounds up the rest of his crew, and acquires some new members, and sets off to intercept the alien spacecraft. However, it has been there years since Kirk last commanded the Enterprise... is he up to the task of saving Earth? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food


Tactical, stand by on torpedoes.




This is comm station epsilon
lx calling u.S.S. Columbia.

Come in, Columbia.
Respond, please.

This is epsilon ix, Columbia. Am
boosting output. How read you this?

Scout Columbia ncc-621,

to rendezvous with
scout revere ncc-595

on stardate 7411 .4.

Further orders will be
relayed at that time,

signed commodore
probert to starfleet.

End of transmission.

Lntruder unidentified.

Believe luminescent cloud
to be enormous power field

surrounding alien vessel.

Our sensor scans
unable to penetrate.

Imperial klingon cruiser
amar, continuing to attack.

Our sensor drone is
intercepting this on quad I-14.

That's within klingon boundaries.
Who are they fighting?

Unknown, sir.

I have an exterior visual.

We've plotted a course on
that cloud, commander.

It will pass into federation
space fairly close to us.


Sir, it's on a precise
heading for earth.

Our ancestors cast out their animal
passions here on these sands.

Our race was saved by the
attainment of kolinahr.

Kolinahr: Through which all
emotion is finally shed.

You have laboured long, Spock...

Now receive from us this
symbol of total logic.

Your thoughts...
give them to me.

Our minds, Spock...

one and together.

This consciousness calling
to you from space...

It touches your
human blood, Spock.

You have not achieved kolinahr.

His answer lies elsewhere.

He will not achieve
his goal with us.

Live long and prosper, Spock.

Commander sonak,

you received your appointment
as enterprise science officer?

Based, I am told, on your
recommendation, admiral.

- Thank you.
- Then why aren't you aboard?

Captain Decker requested I complete
final science briefing here

- before we leave on our mission.
- Here? At starfleet?

The enterprise is in final
preparation to leave dock.

Which will require 20
more hours at minimum.


I'm on my way to a meeting
with admiral nogura

which will not last more
than three minutes.

Report to me on the
enterprise in one hour.

Report to you, sir?

It is my intention to be on that
ship following that meeting.

Report to me in one hour.

- Admiral!
- Mr Scott.

Those departure orders, 12 hours,
starfleet cannot be serious.

Why aren't the enterprise
transporters operating, mr Scott?

A wee problem, sir.
Just temporary.

Admiral, we have just
finished 18 months

redesigning and refitting
the enterprise.

How in the name of hell do they expect
me to have her ready in 12 hours?

Take me over, please.

She needs more work, sir.
A shakedown.

Mr Scott, an alien object of
unbelievable destructive power

is less than three days
away from this planet.

The only starship in interception
range is the enterprise.

Ready or not, she
launches in 12 hours.

The crew haven't had near
enough transition time

with all the new equipment.

And the engines, they're not
even tested at warp power.

And an untried captain.

Two and a half years as chief
of starfleet operations

may have made me a little stale,

but I wouldn't exactly
consider myself untried.

- They gave her back to me, Scotty.
- "Gave" her back, sir?

Well, I doubt it was
that easy with nogura.

You're right.

Well, any man who could
manage such a feat,

I would not dare to disappoint.

She'll launch on time, sir.
And she'll be ready.

- Pod secured.
- Thank you, mr Scott.

- Aye, sir.
- Pressure equalised.

Attention, launch crew, a travel
pod is now available at cargo six.

- Permission to come aboard, sir.
- Granted, sir.

Welcome aboard, admiral.

Commander Scott, you're needed
in engineering immediately.

Sir, you'll excuse me.

Attention, launch crew.

A travel pod is now
available at cargo six.

Travel pod available. Cargo six.

Sir, if you'll follow
me, I'll show you...

I think I can find
my way, ensign.

Aye, sir.


What's the problem?

I thought you people had that
circuit patched in an hour ago!

We did. We had to disconnect it again
so we could tie in radio messaging.

All right. Take out...

All right, as soon as
somebody can get to it.

- What's the next programme?
- Go ahead.

I'll get somebody down
there as soon as I can.

Cleary, my people are
all tied up now.

Captain, starfleet just signalled
your transfer-of-command order, sir.

- Captain.
- I appreciate the welcome.

I wish the circumstances
were less critical.

Epsilon lx is monitoring the intruder.
Keep a channel open to them.

Aye, sir.

Where's captain Decker?

He's in engineering, sir.


He doesn't know.

- Mr Chekov.
- Aye, sir.

Assemble the crew on the
recreation deck at 0400 hours.

I want to show them
what we're facing.

Engineering to all decks,

auxiliary power test
in three minutes.

Check cleary on number six.

Engineering to all decks,

auxiliary power test
in three minutes.


Space matrix restoration coils.

Dilithium crystals.

I knew it! The transporter
sensor was not activated.

Faulty modules.

Cleary! Put a new backup
sensor into the unit.

Aye, sir.

- Ready.
- Emergency shut-down trip.

Admiral kirk! Well, we're
getting a top-brass sendoff.

Don't worry. She'll
launch on schedule,

if we have to tow her out
with our bare hands.

- Right, Scotty?
- Aye, that we will, sir.

- Let's talk.
- Sure.

Let me know when
that backup's ready.

Aye, sir.

All due respect, sir, I hope this isn't
some kind of starfleet pep talk.

I'm really too busy.

I'm taking over the
centre seat, will.

You're what?

I'm replacing you as
captain of the enterprise.

You'll stay on as
executive officer,

temporary grade
reduction to commander.

You, personally, are
assuming command?


- May I ask why?
- My experience.

Five years out there dealing
with unknowns like this.

My familiarity with the
enterprise, its crew.

Admiral, this is an almost
totally new enterprise.

You don't know her a
tenth as well as I do!

That's why you're
staying aboard.

I'm sorry, will.

No, admiral. I don't
think you're sorry.

Not one damn bit.

I remember when you recommended
me for this command.

You told me how envious you were

and how much you hoped you'd find a
way to get a starship command again.

Well, sir,

it looks like you found a way.

Report to the bridge,
commander, immediately.

Aye, sir.

Transporter room, come in!

Red line on the
transporter, mr Scott.

Transporter! Do not engage.

- It's too late. They're beaming now.
- Do not...

Do you read me, starfleet? Override it.
Pull them back.

Unable to retrieve their
pattern, enterprise.

Malfunction! Malfunction!

- Malfunction! Malfunction!
- Give it to me!


Starfleet, boost your matter gain.
We need more signal.

- More signal!
- We're losing their pattern.

Oh, no. They're forming.

Oh, my god.

Starfleet, do you have them?

Enterprise, what we got
back didn't live long.


Starfleet, kirk.

Please express my condolences
to their families.

Commander sonak's can be reached
through the vulcan embassy.

There was nothing you
could have done, rand.

It wasn't your fault.

- Yeoman, turboshaft eight?
- Back that way, sir.

We have to replace
commander sonak.

I'd still like a vulcan
there, if possible.

None available, captain.

In fact, there's no one who's
fully rated on this design.

You are, mr Decker.

I'm afraid you're gonna have
to double as science officer.

That's all we know about it.

Except that it is now 53.4
hours away from earth.

Enterprise is the only federation
starship that stands in its way.

We assume that there is a vessel of
some type at the heart of the cloud.

Our orders are to intercept,

investigate and take
whatever action is necessary

and possible.

We can only hope that there is
a life form aboard that vessel

that reasons the way we do.

Bridge to captain. Priority
signal from epsilon lx.

- Put it on viewer.
- On viewer, sir.

Enterprise. The cloud is definitely
a power field of some kind.


My god! Over 82 aus in diameter.

Must be something incredible
inside there generating it.

We're transmitting linguacode
friendship messages on all frequencies.

No response.

I have a null reading at
the centre of the cloud.

Definitely something inside there, but
all scans are being reflected back.

- Some kind of power surge.
- Receiving an odd pattern now!

Enterprise, they could be mistaking
our scans as a hostile act.

They seem to be reacting
to our scans, sir.

Deflectors, emergency full!

- We are under attack!
- External view.

Viewer off.

Viewer off!

Pre-launch countdown will
commence in 40 minutes.

Photon torpedo load status.

Transporter system fully repaired
and functioning normally, sir.

Dock signals clear, captain.

Reply we are holding position
awaiting final crew replacements.

Aye, sir.

Transporter personnel reports
the navigator, lieutenant llia,

she's already aboard and en
route to the bridge, sir.

She's deltan, captain.

- Lieutenant llia reporting for duty, sir.
- Welcome aboard, lieutenant.

- Hello, llia.
- Decker.

I was stationed on the lieutenant's
home planet some years ago.

Commander Decker?

Yes, our exec and
science officer.

Captain kirk has the
utmost confidence in me.

And, in you, too, lieutenant.

My oath of celibacy is
on record, captain.

- May I assume my duties?
- By all means.


Starfleet reports our last six
crew members are ready to beam up,

but one of them is refusing
to step into the transporter.

Oh? I'll see to it
that he beams up.

Transporter room.

Well, for a man who swore he'd
never return to the starfleet...

Just a moment, captain, sir.

I'll explain what happened.

Your revered admiral nogura

invoked a little known, seldom
used reserve activation clause.

In simpler language,
captain, they drafted me.

They didn't.

This was your idea. This
was your idea, wasn't it?

Bones, there's a
thing out there.

Why is any object we don't
understand always called a "thing"?

Headed this way.

I need you.

Damn it, bones. I need you.


- Permission to come aboard?
- Permission granted, sir.

Well, Jim.

I hear chapel's an md now.

Well, I'm going to
need a top nurse.

Not a doctor who'll argue every
little diagnosis with me.

And they probably redesigned
the whole sickbay, too.

I know engineers. They
love to change things.

Dock control reports ready, sir.

- Helm ready, sir.
- Orbital departure on plot, sir.

Yard command
signalling clear, sir.

Manoeuvring thrusters, mr sulu.

- Manoeuvring thrusters, sir.
- Hold station.

Thrusters at
station-keeping, sir.

Thrusters ahead, mr sulu.

Take us out.

Intermix set, bridge. Impulse
power at your discretion.

Impulse power, mr sulu.

Ahead warp 0.5.

- Departure angle on viewer.
- Departure angle.

- Viewer ahead.
- Viewer ahead.

Captain's log, stardate 7412.6,

1 .8 hours from launch.

In order to intercept the intruder
at the earliest possible time,

we must now risk engaging warp drive
while still within the solar system.

Captain, assuming we have
full warp capability,

accelerating to warp 7 on
leaving the solar system

will bring us to lp with the
intruder in 20.1 hours.

Science officer's
computation confirmed, sir.

Well, bones, do the new medical
facilities meet with your approval?

They do not. It's like working
in a damned computer centre.

Programming ready?

Programme set for standard
warp entry, captain,

but I still recommend
further simulation study.

Mr Decker, every minute brings
that object closer to earth.

Engineering, stand
by for warp drive.

Captain, we need further warp
simulation on the flow sensors.

Engineer, we need
warp speed now.


You're pushing.

Your people know theirjobs.

That's it, sir. I
can't do any better.

Aye, lad.

It's borderline on the
simulator, captain.

I cannot guarantee
that she'll hold up.

Warp drive, mr Scott.

- Ahead, warp 1, mr sulu.
- Accelerating to warp 1, sir.

Warp 0.7.


Warp 1, sir.

- Mr Decker...
- Emergency alert! Emergency alert!

Emergency alert!

Wormhole! Get us back on impulse power!
Full reverse.

Emergency alert!
Emergency alert!

Negative helm control, captain.
Going reverse on impulse power!

Subspace frequencies jammed, sir!
Wormhole effect!

Negative control from inertial
lag will continue 22.5 seconds

before forward velocity
slows to sub-light speed!

Unidentified small object

has been pulled into the wormhole
with us, captain, directly ahead!

Force fields up full.
Put object on viewer.

- Go manual override on helm!
- No manual response, sir.

Navigational deflectors
coming up, sir.

Wormhole distortion has overloaded
the main power systems.

Navigational deflectors
inoperative, captain.

Directional control
also inoperative.

Time to impact?

Twenty seconds.

Mr Chekov, stand by on phasers.


Belay that phaser order!

Arm photon torpedoes!

Photon torpedoes


Object is an asteroid,
reading mass 0.7.

Targeting asteroid!

Impact in ten seconds.

- Impact in eight seconds.
- Fire torpedoes!


- Torpedoes away!
- Seconds.


We're out of it!

Helm control restored, sir.

- Position report, navigator.
- Computing new intersection course.

Communications are normal, sir.

Negative damage reported, captain.
No casualties reported, doctor.

Wrong, mr Chekov,
there are casualties.

My wits!

As in "frightened out
of," captain, sir.

We're at warp 0.8.

Engineer, report
your status there.

In just a second, exec. We're
picking up the pieces down here!

Mr Scott, we need warp
drive as soon as possible.

Captain, it was the
engine imbalance

that created the wormhole
in the first place.

It will happen again if
we don't correct it.

That object is less than
two days away from earth.

We need to intercept while
it still is out there.

Navigator, lay in a new heading

to conform with our initial
lp with the intruder.

Mr sulu, you have the conn.

Mr Decker, I'd like to
see you in my quarters.

Mind if I tag along, captain?

Level five.

All right, explanation. Why was
my phaser order countermanded?

Sir, the enterprise redesign
increases phaser power

by channelling it through
the main engines.

When they went into
anti-matter imbalance,

the phasers were
automatically cut off.

Then you acted
properly, of course.

Thank you, sir.

I'm sorry if I embarrassed you.

- You saved the ship.
- I'm aware of that, sir.

Stop competing with me, Decker!

- Permission to speak freely, sir?
- Granted!

Sir, you haven't logged a single
star hour in two and a half years.

That, plus your unfamiliarity with the
ship's redesign, in my opinion, sir,

seriously jeopardises
this mission.

I trust you will

nursemaid me through these
difficulties, mister?

Yes, sir, I'll do that.

Then I won't keep you from your
duties any longer, commander.

- Yes, doctor?
- Aye, sir.

He may be right, Jim.

Was it difficult?

No more than I expected.

About as difficult
as seeing you again.

I'm sorry.

That you left delta lv? Or that
you didn't even say goodbye?

If I had seen you again,

would you have been
able to say it?


Make your point, doctor.

The point, captain, is that
it's you who's competing.

You rammed getting this command
down starfleet's throat.

You've used this emergency
to get the enterprise back.

And I intend to keep her,
is that what you're saying?

Yes. It's an obsession.

An obsession that can blind you

to far more immediate and
critical responsibilities.

Your reaction to Decker
is an example, Jim.

- Bridge to captain.
- Viewer on.

Signal from a federation-registered
long-range shuttle, sir.

She wishes to come
alongside and lock on.

For what purpose?

My security scan shows it has
a grade 1 priority, captain.

Non-belligerency confirmed.

I suspect it is a
courier of some kind.

Very well, mr Chekov. See to it.

Viewer off. Your opinion
has been noted.

Anything further?

That depends on you.

Security scan. One boarder.
Identity, starfleet. Inactive.

Permission to come aboard, sir.

Granted, sir! Granted.

- Why, why, it's Mr...
- Spock!


Commander, if I may?

I've been monitoring
your communications

with starfleet command, captain.

I'm aware of your engine
design difficulties.

I offer my services
as science officer.

With all due respect, commander.

If our exec has no objections?

Of course not. I'm well aware
of mr Spock's qualifications.

Mr Chekov, log mr Spock's
starfleet commission reactivated,

list him as science officer,

both effective immediately.

Mr Spock!

Well, so help me, I'm
actually pleased to see you!

It's how we all feel, mr Spock.

Captain, with your permission,

I will now discuss these fuel
equations with the engineer.

Mr Spock? Welcome aboard.

Captain's log, stardate 7413.4.

Thanks to mr Spock's timely
arrival, and assistance,

we have the engines rebalanced
into full warp capacity.

Repair time, less
than three hours.

Which means, we will now be
able to intercept intruder

while still more than
a day from earth.

Warp 0.8.


Warp 2, sir.

Warp 3.

Warp 4.

Warp 5.

Warp 6.

Science officer Spock,
reporting as ordered, captain.

Please, sit down.

Spock, you haven't
changed a bit.

You're just as warm
and sociable as ever.

Nor have you, doctor,

as your continued predilection
for irrelevancy demonstrates.


At last report, you were on
vulcan, apparently to stay.

Yes, you were undergoing
the kolinahr discipline.

Sit down.

If you are referring to the
kolinahr, doctor, you are correct.

Well, however it's
pronounced, mr Spock,

it's the vulcan ritual that's supposed
to purge all remaining emotions.

The kolinahr is also a
discipline you broke

to join us.

Will you please sit down?

On vulcan I began
sensing a consciousness

from a source more powerful
than I have ever encountered.

Thought patterns of
exactingly, perfect order.

I believe they emanate
from the intruder.

I believe it may
hold my answers.

Well, isn't it lucky for you that we
just happened to be heading your way?


We need him.

I need him.

Then my presence is to
our mutual advantage?

Any thought patterns
you might sense,

whether they appear to affect
you personally or not,

I expect immediately reported.

Of course, captain.

Is there anything else?



If this super-intelligence is as
important to him as he says it is,

how do we know...

That he wouldn't put his own
interests ahead of the ship's?

I could never believe that.

Bridge to officer's lounge.

Captain kirk, revised estimate on
cloud visual contact, 3.7 minutes.

Red alert! Red alert!

Standard light, engineer.

- Full mag on viewer!
- Full mag, sir.


Continuing friendship messages
on all frequencies, sir.

All decks and divisions confirmed.
Status red.

- Captain, we are being scanned.
- Do no return scan, mr Spock.

It could be misinterpreted
as hostility.

Intruder scans emanating from
the exact centre of the cloud.

Energy of a type never
before encountered.

There's no response to
friendship messages, sir.

Shall I go to battle
stations, sir?

Negative. We'll take
no provocative action.

Recommend defensive posture, captain.
Screens and shields.

No, mr Decker. That could also
be misinterpreted as hostile.

Cloud composition, mr Spock?

- Twelfth power energy field.
- Twelfth power?

Captain, we've seen what
their weapons can do.

Shouldn't we take every
possible precaution?

- Mr Decker...
- Captain.

I suspect there's an object
at the heart of that cloud.

Mr Decker, I will not
provoke an attack.

If that order isn't
clear enough for you...

Captain, as your exec, it's my
duty to point out alternatives.

Yes, it is.

I stand corrected.

Five minutes to cloud boundary.

Navigator, lay in a conic section
flight path to the cloud centre.

Bring us parallel to
whatever we find in there.

- Mr sulu, tactical plot on viewer.
- Tactical on viewer, sir.

That measures twelfth
power energy?

Thousands of starships
couldn't generate that much...

Mr Spock?

Spock, tell me.

I sense puzzlement.

We have been contacted.

Why have we not replied?



Standard on viewer.

Force fields up full!
Deflectors, now!

Mark, zero. Incoming fire ahead.

Force fields and deflectors
up full, captain!

Analysis, mr Spock.

Alien weapon is a form of
plasma energy, captain.

Exact composition, unknown.
Guidance system, unknown.

All decks brace for impact.

Registering power
loss on force fields!

Engineering, what's happening
to our force fields?

Systems overloading, captain!

- Medic.
- Medics are coming.

The new screens held.

Engineering to bridge. Cannot
hold full power on force fields!

Deflector power is down 70%!

Divert auxiliary
power to deflectors.


The intruder has been
attempting to communicate.

Our previous transmission mode was
too primitive to be received.

I am now programming our
computer to transmit linguacode

at their frequency
and rate of speed.



Here it comes!

Engineering! Status report!

Our shields cannot
handle another attack.

Mr Spock!

Impact in 20 seconds.


15 seconds!

Spock! Transmit now!

10 seconds.


It would seem our
friendship messages

have been received and
understood, mr Spock.

I would say that was a
logical assumption, captain.

- Mr sulu, hold present position.
- Holding present position, sir.

Tactical plot on viewer.

Course projection
on tactical, sir.

- Opinion, mr Spock.
- Recommend we proceed, captain.

- Mr Decker?
- I advise caution, captain.

We can't withstand
another attack.

That thing is 20 hours
away from earth.

- We know nothing about it as yet.
- Precisely the point, captain.

We don't know what it'll do. Moving
into that cloud at this time

is an unwarranted gamble.

How do you define "unwarranted"?

You asked my opinion, sir.

Viewer, standard ahead.

Navigator, maintain course.
Helmsman, steady as she goes.

No vessel could generate a
power field of this magnitude.


fluctuating, captain.

Patterns unrecognisable.

Transmit image of
alien to starfleet.

Advise we are attempting
further communication.

Unable to make contact
with starfleet, captain.

Any attempt to transmit out of the
cloud is being reflected back!

We are closing on it
rapidly, captain.

Reduce magnification,
factor four, mr sulu.

We're already two
settings below that, sir.

Mr sulu,

bring us into a parallel course
over the alien at 500 metres.

500 metres?

Then take us out to 100 kilometres
distance, adjusting parallel course.

Aye, sir.

- Viewer astern.
- Reverse angle on the viewer, captain.

Five hundred metres.
Viewer ahead, sir.

Hold relative position here.

Intruder alert! Intruder alert!

Mr Spock, can that be
one of their crew?

A probe from their vessel, captain.
Plasma, energy combination.

Don't interfere with it!

Absolutely, I will
not interfere.

No one interfere!

It doesn't seem
interested in us!

Only the ship.

Computer off!

It's taken control
of the computer.

It's running our records! Earth defences!
Starfleet strength!


This is how I
define unwarranted.

Activate auxiliary computer
circuits through manual shutoff.

Emergency alert! Negative
control at helm!

Force fields! Full remaining strength!
Total reserve!

This ship is under attack.
Man all defensive stations.

Captain, we've been
seized by a tractor beam.

Get someone up here to take
the navigator's station.

- Engineering!
- Chief difalco, to the bridge!

Emergency power!

Going to full emergency!

But, captain, if we don't break
free in 15 seconds, she'll burn up!

We cannot break free, captain.

We have only a fraction
of the power necessary.

Engineering, belay that order.
Disengage all main drive systems.

Chief difalco, take over
lieutenant llia's station.

Difalco, disengage engine
navigation relays now!

Aye, sir.

Force field circuits e 10 through
14 show ready for reactivation.

Confirm, please.

Scotty, drive systems
should be free now.


Ready to launch remote
communications drone

with complete ships records, including
our present situation, sir.

Delay launching as
long as possible.

Our drone can't escape as long
as we're held in that tractor.


Captain, a maximum phaser
strike directly at the beam

might weaken it just enough
for us to break free.

Break free to where, commander?

Any show of resistance
would be futile, captain.

We don't know that, mr Spock.

Why are you opposed to trying?

Why bring us inside? Not to destroy us.
They could have done that outside.

They still can.

Curiosity, mr Decker.

Insatiable curiosity.

Captain, photic sonar readings
indicate the aperture is closing.

We're trapped, sir.

Reverse angle on the
viewer, captain.

Tractor beam has
released us, captain.

Confirmed. Vessel is floating free.
No forward momentum.

- Viewer ahead.
- Viewer ahead, sir.

Manoeuvring thrusters, mr sulu.
Ahead one third.

Thrusters ahead, one third.

Let's take a look. Full
sensor scan, mr Spock.

They can't expect us not
to look them over now.

Now that we're looking
down their throat.

Right. Now that we've got
them just where they want us.

It's closing up.

Hold position.

Thrusters at
station-keeping, sir.


All our scans are being reflected back.
Sensors are useless.


What do you make of all this?

I believe the closed orifice
leads to another chamber.

Undoubtedly, part of the
vessel's inner mechanism.

I suspect it may be necessary...

- Intruder alert! Intruder alert!
- Deck five, captain. Officer's quarters.

Have security meet me at deck five!
Main elevator!

Spock! Mr Decker,
you have the conn.

- Hold position.
- Intruder location, a Sonic shower.

Temperature at intruder location,
temperature drop rapid now.

60 degrees.

50 degrees. Temperature
curve flattening.

45 degrees. 40 degrees.

Temperature levelling,
39 degrees.

You are the kirk-unit.
You will assist me.

Holding at 37.65 degrees.

I've been programmed by
v'ger to observe and record

normal functions of the carbon-based
units infesting u.S.S. Enterprise.

Holding at 37.65 degrees.

- Jim, what's going on?
- Tricorder.

Who is v'ger?

V'ger is that which
programmed me.

Is v'ger the name of the
captain of the alien vessel?

- Jim, this is a mechanism.
- A probe, captain.

No doubt a sensor-transceiver

recording everything
we say and do.

- Where is lieutenant llia?
- That unit no longer functions.

I've been given its form to
more readily communicate

with the carbon-based units
infesting enterprise.

- Carbon-based units?
- Humans, ensign Perez. Us.

Why does v'ger travel
to the third planet

of the solar system
directly ahead?

To find the creator.

Find the creator? Whose...

What does v'ger want
with the creator?

To join with him.

To join with the creator? How?

V'ger and the creator
will become one.

And who is the creator?

The creator is that
which created v'ger.

- Who is v'ger?
- V'ger is that which seeks the creator.

I'm ready to commence
my observations.

Doctor, a thorough examination of
this probe might provide some insight

into those who manufactured
it and how to deal with them.

Fine. Let's get her to sickbay.

I am programmed to
observe and record

only the normal functioning
of the carbon-based units.

The examination is
a normal function.

You may proceed.

Micro-miniature hydraulics,


and molecule-sized
multi-processor chips.

And take a look at this.

An osmotic micro-pump
right here.

And even the smallest body
functions are exactly duplicated.

Every exocrine system
is the same, too.

Even eye moisture.


Fascinating. Not "Decker-unit"?



What happened to her?

Captain, this probe may
be our key to the aliens.

Probe? "Ilia"?

Exactly. It is a programmed
mechanism, commander.

Its body duplicates our
navigator in precise detail.

Suppose that beneath
its programming,

the real llia's memory patterns are
duplicated with equal precision.

- They had a pattern to follow.
- Indeed.

They may have followed
it too precisely.

Llia's memory, her
feelings of loyalty,

obedience, friendship
might all be there!

You did have a relationship with
lieutenant llia, commander.

That probe, in another
form, is what killed llia!



we're locked in an alien vessel,
six hours from earth orbit.

Our only contact with our
captor is that probe.

If we could control it,
persuade it, use it...

I have recorded enough here. You
will now assist me further.

The Decker-unit can assist you
with much greater efficiency.

Carry on with your
assignment, mr Decker.

Aye, sir.

I am concerned with that being our
only source of information, captain.

Captain's log, stardate 7414.1 .

Our best estimates place us
some four hours from earth.

No significant
progress thus far,

reviving llia memory patterns
within the alien probe.

This remains our only means
of contact with our captor.

All those vessels were
called enterprise.

The carbon units use this
area for recreation.

This is one of the games.

What types of recreation does the
crew aboard your vessel enjoy?

The words "recreation"
and "enjoy"

have no meaning to
my programming.

Ilia enjoyed this game.

She nearly always won.

Good. He's using
audio-visual association.

This device serves no purpose.

Why does enterprise require
the presence of carbon units?

Enterprise would be unable to
function without carbon units.

More data concerning this
functioning is necessary,

before carbon units can be
patterned for data storage.

What does that mean?

When my examination is
complete all carbon units

will be reduced
to data patterns.

Within you are the memory patterns
of a certain carbon unit.

If I can help you to
revive those patterns,

you could understand
our functions better.

That is logical.
You may proceed.

I remember lieutenant llia
once mentioning she wore that.

On delta. Remember?


Doctor chapel.

- Will?
- Ilia.

Commander. Commander.

This is a mechanism.


help us make direct
contact with v'ger.

- I cannot.
- This creator v'ger is looking for,

- what is it?
- V'ger does not know.

Computer, commence recording.

Captain kirk, these messages will detail
my attempt to contact the aliens.

Warning! Your emergency evacuation
thruster pack has been armed.

Once ignited, the burn duration is
10 seconds and may not be aborted.

Push the igniter-enable release
to begin a 10-second countdown

to thruster ignition.

To abort countdown, flip
the control arm up.

I intend to calculate thruster
ignition and acceleration rate

to coincide with the opening
of the v'ger orifice.

This should facilitate a better view of
the interior of the alien spacecraft.

Captain? Starfleet signals are
growing in strength, sir.

They still have the intruder on
their monitors. It's decelerating.

Confirmed, sir. Lunar beacons indicate
intruder on a course into earth orbit.

Sir, airlock four has been opened. A
thruster suit is reported missing.

A thruster suit?

That's Spock. Damn him.

Bring him back here. No, wait!

- Get a fix on his position.
- Aye, sir!

I have successfully penetrated the
next chamber of the alien's interior,

and I'm witnessing some
sort of dimensional image,

which I believe to be a representation
of v'ger's home planet.

I'm passing through a
connecting tunnel.

Apparently, a kind of
plasma energy conduit,

possibly a field coil for a
gigantic imaging system.

Curious. I'm seeing images
of planets, moons, stars,

whole galaxies, all
stored here, recorded.

It could be a representation
of v'ger's entire journey.

But who or what are
we dealing with?

The epsilon lx station, stored
here with every detail.

Captain, I am now quite convinced
that all of this is v'ger.

That we are inside
a living machine.


The sensor must contain
some special meaning.

I must try to mind-meld with it.

Spock! Spock! Spock!

Now scanning pons area at
spinal nerve fibre connection.

Indications of some
neurological trauma.

The power pouring through that
mind-meld must have been staggering.

- Spock.
- Jim,

I should have known.

Were you right? About v'ger?

A life form of its own.

- A conscious, living entity.
- A living machine?

It considers the enterprise
a living machine.

That's why the probe refers
to our ship as an entity.

I saw v'ger's planet,

a planet populated
by living machines.

Unbelievable technology.

V'ger has knowledge that
spans this universe.

And yet, with all
its pure logic,

v'ger is barren, cold.

No mystery. No beauty.

I should've known.

Known? Known what? Spock.

- Captain.
- Bones!

Spock! What should you have known?
What should you have known?


this simple feeling

is beyond v'ger's comprehension.

No meaning. No hope.

And Jim, no answers.

- It's asking questions.
- What questions?

"Is this all that I am?"

"Is there nothing more?"

Bridge to captain.

Kirk here.

A faint signal from
starfleet, sir.

Intruder cloud has been located
on their outer monitors

for the past 27 minutes.

Cloud dissipating rapidly
as it approaches.

Starfleet reports forward velocity
has slowed to sub-warp speed.

- We are three minutes from earth orbit.
- I'll be right there.

I need Spock on the bridge.

Dalaphaline, five cc's.

A machine planet sending
a machine to earth,

looking for its creator.

It's absolutely incredible.

Mr Chekov, commander
Decker's present location?

He... they are in
engineering, sir.

Captain, starfleet is sending this
tactical on v'ger's position.

V'ger is transmitting a signal.

- Jim.
- From v'ger.

V'ger signals the creator.


A simple binary code transmitted
by carrier wave signal.



Jim, v'ger expects an answer.

An answer? I don't
know the question.

The creator has not responded.

All planetary defence systems
have just gone inoperative!

Sir, starfleet computes the
devices are proceeding

toward equidistant positions,
orbiting the planet.

They're the same
things that hit us.

They are hundreds of times
more powerful, captain.

From those positions,

they could devastate the
entire surface of the planet.

- Why?
- The creator has not answered.

The carbon-unit infestation is to be
removed from the creator's planet.

- Why?
- You infest enterprise.

You interfere with the
creator in the same manner.


V'ger. V'ger!


V'ger is a child.

I suggest you treat her as such.

- A child?
- Yes, captain. A child.

Evolving, learning, searching,

instinctively needing.

Needing what?

Spock, this child is about to wipe
out every living thing on earth.

Now what do you suggest we do?
Spank it?

It knows only that
it needs, commander,

but like so many of us,
it does not know what.

The carbon units know why the
creator has not responded.

Disclose the information.

Not until v'ger withdraws the
devices orbiting the third planet!


I'm losing starfleet!
Interference from v'ger!

Kirk-unit, disclose
the information.

Why has the creator
not responded?


Secure all stations.
Clear the bridge.

Clear the bridge, captain?

That was the order, mr sulu.
Clear the bridge!

Aye, sir.

Your child is having
a tantrum, mr Spock.

V'ger requires the information.

Bridge! Secure all stations!
Move out!

Jim, what the hell kind
of strategy is this?

All ship's functions going
to automatic, captain.

If v'ger destroys
the enterprise,

the information that v'ger
requires will also be destroyed!

It is illogical to withhold
required information.

Kirk-unit! Kirk-unit.

Why do you not
disclose information?

Because v'ger's going to destroy all
the carbon units on the third planet.

- They have repressed the creator.
- The information will not be disclosed!

V'ger needs the information.

Then v'ger must withdraw
all the orbiting devices.

V'ger will comply, if the carbon
units will disclose the information.

It learns fast, doesn't it?

Captain, the vessel, v'ger,

obviously operates from a
central brain complex.

The orbiting devices would be
controlled from that point then?


The carbon unit's information cannot
be disclosed to v'ger's probe,

but only to v'ger directly.

- Forward motion, captain.
- Tractor beam.

Captain, what's the next move?

The question is, mr Decker,
is there a next move?

Resume duty stations.

All personnel, resume stations!

Well, mr Decker, it seems
my bluff has been called.

I'm afraid our hand is
pretty weak, captain.

Mr Chekov, when do those
devices reach final position?

Twenty-seven minutes. Mark!

Captain, I believe that
is our destination.

Forward motion,
slowing, captain.

I read an oxygen-gravity envelope
forming outside the enterprise.

Forward motion,
stopped, captain.


Sir, I've located the source
of v'ger's radio signal.

It's directly ahead.

That transmitter is a vital link
between v'ger and its creator.

The carbon units will now provide
v'ger with the required information.

Mr Spock? Bones?

Mr Decker, I will contact
you every five minutes.

Captain, I'd like to go along.

Mr sulu, you have the conn.






Voyager vl!


National aeronautics and
space administration.

Jim, this was launched
more than 300 years ago.

Voyager series,

designed to collect data

and transmit it back to earth.

Captain, voyager vl disappeared into
what they used to call a black hole.

It must have emerged on the
far side of the galaxy

and fell into the machine
planet's gravitational field.

The machine inhabitants found
it to be one of their own kind.

Primitive, yet kindred.

They discovered its simple
20th-century programming.

"Collect all data possible."

"Learn all that is learnable."

- Return that information to its creator.
- Precisely, mr Decker.

The machines interpreted it literally.
They built this entire vessel

so that voyagercould actually
fulfil its programming.

And on its journey back,

it amassed so much knowledge,

it achieved
consciousness itself.

It became a living thing.

Kirk-unit. V'ger awaits
the information.

Enterprise, order up the ship's
computer library of records

on the late 20th century
NASA probe, voyager vl.

Specifically, we want the
old NASA code signal

that instructs the probe
to transmit its data.

- And fast, uhura, fast!
- Aye, sir.

That's what it's been signalling! Its
readiness to transmit its information!

And there's no one on earth

who could recognise the old
signal and send a response.

"The creator does not answer."



We are the creator.

That is not logical. Carbon
units are not true life forms.

We will prove it. We
will make it possible

for you to complete
your programming.

Only the creator could
accomplish that.


We have just received the
response code, captain.

Set the enterprise transmitter
on appropriate frequency

and transmit the code now!


5-0-4, 3-2-9,

3-1 -7, 5-1 -0,

and the final sequence...

That should trigger
voyager's transmitter.

Voyager is not transmitting
its data, captain.

The creator must
join with v'ger.

Uhura! Repeat the
final sequence.

The creator must
join with v'ger.

Voyager is not
transmitting, captain,

because it did not receive
the final sequence.

Jim! We're down to 10 minutes.

Enterprise, stand by.

- The antenna leads are melted away.
- Yes, captain, just now.

- By v'ger itself.
- Why?

To prevent reception.

Of course, to bring the creator here to
finish transmitting the code in person.

To touch the creator.

Capture god?

V'ger's liable to be in for
one hell of a disappointment.

Perhaps not, doctor.


V'ger must evolve.

Its knowledge has reached
the limits of this universe

and it must evolve.

What it requires of its god, doctor,
is the answer to its question,

"ls there nothing more?"

What more is there than
the universe, Spock?

Other dimensions,
higher levels of being.

The existence of which
cannot be proven logically.

Therefore, v'ger is incapable
of believing in them.

What v'ger needs in order to
evolve is a human quality,

our capacity to
leap beyond logic.

And joining with its creator
might accomplish that.

You mean, this machine wants to
physically join with a human?

Is that possible?

Let's find out.

- Decker!
- I'm going to key the final sequence

through the ground
test computer.

Decker, you don't know
what that'll do to you!

Yes, I do, doctor!

Decker, don't!

Jim, I want this.

As much as you wanted the
enterprise, I want this.


Spock, did we just see the
beginning of a new life form?

Yes, captain. We
witnessed a birth.

- Possibly, a next step in our evolution.
- I wonder.

Well, it's been a long time
since I delivered a baby,

and I hope we got this
one off to a good start.

I hope so, too.

I think we gave it the ability to
create its own sense of purpose

out of our own human weaknesses

and the drive that
compels us to overcome.

And a lot of foolish human
emotions, right, mr Spock?

Quite true, doctor.

Unfortunately, it will have
to deal with them as well.

Interrogative from starfleet.

They're requesting damage
and injury reports

and complete vessel status.

Report two casualties.

Lieutenant llia. Captain Decker.

- Aye, sir.
- Correction. They're not casualties.

They are...

List them as missing.

- Vessel status, fully operational.
- Aye, sir.

Mr Scott!

Shall we give the enterprise
a proper shakedown?

I would say it's time
for that, sir. Aye.

We can have you back on vulcan
in four days, mr Spock.

Unnecessary, mr Scott. My
task on vulcan is completed.

- Mr sulu, ahead warp 1.
- Warp 1, sir.

Heading, sir?

Out there.


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