Star Trek: Of Gods and Men (2007) - full transcript

It is the year 2306. Thirteen years have passed since Captain James T. Kirk was swept away by the Nexus, after saving the crew of the Enterprise-B. The remaining crew members of the original USS Enterprise have gone their separate ways. Captain Nyota Uhura and Captain Pavel Chekov, along with Captain John Harriman of the Enterprise-B, come together for a special dedication in honor of Kirk's Enterprise. Their reunion is cut short when they receive a distress call from a mysterious planet, that presses the three friends to embark on a mission that will change their lives forever. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
I've created this subtitles because the only ones available
were weird auto-translated shi* from some other languge.

Hope this will be a base to proper
subtitles for another languages.

Enjoy! Marek W?odarczyk / Tari

It's said if you move but one grain of sand,
you run the risk of altering history.


Yeah, see the galaxy they told me,
Travel to new worlds.

Pshh, Get stuck in butt end of the universe.

What the...?

Hey, how, how did you..?

Where is Kirk? Where can I find him?

I do not understand.
Answer me!

Captain Kirk? From the Enterprise?

He died. Twelve years ago.


He died, saving the Enterprise and hundreds of refugees.

Saving? Show me!

Yeah - It's, if, it, it's not like it's it's classified information
- Working...


He died saving hundreds of people?
Billions, billions of people, entire planets.

I do not think there's been a single person who's had that kind of influence..
But he wouldn't save me.

I didn't wait forty years to be cheated.

Captain's Personal Log: Stardate 6712.4

As head of Starfleet Linguistics
my.. recent assignments have been most rewarding.

So much so, I'm finding it hard to believe it's been forty years since
I was first assigned to the Enterprise under Captain Kirk's command.

I should be elated to attend the ceremonies honoring his accomplishments,
but the memory of his passing twelve years ago is still very painful.

And it doesn't help that my dear friend Scotty is still missing.
Or that Sulu is away in the Gamma Quadrant for the next three years.

Or that McCoy and Spock won't be able to
break away from their negotiations with the Klingons.

All this has made me realize that something is... missing in my life.

Perhaps though, seeing some old friends attending the dedication
of a very special ship is exactly what I need. Something we all need.

Well, as I live and breathe. Nyota!
Captain Uhura. Welcome aboard.

So how do you like our little ship?

Well I must say commander Kirk.
It's beyond... Amazing.

I agree. It's the perfect tribute to all who served aboard her.
Especially Captain Kirk.

Thank you so much. Your presence here today really honor?s us.

This almost makes me feel like a kid again.

It should. The last time you sat in that seat, you were a kid.

Captain Chekov, as our
special guest, if you wouldn't mind?

Go ahead.
You know you wanna.

Captain Uhura.

Oh, thank you no. I've already put in my time.

John! How good to see you again.
Looking beautiful as always?

Oh. Charmer!

Hello Pavel.
Oh, Sorry. I was just remembering.

Hello, Commander. I'm John Harriman.
Please too meet you.

So. What has it been.. six months since I've seen you last.
What can I say? Starfleet security is as full of red tape as any other department.

Tell me about it.
So what's happening with your promotion?

Politics.. as usual. It's been so long. I'm thinking of retiring.

Was I being obvious?
-A little.

I can help it. I mean they are living legends. My uncle told me everything about them.
About your uncle...

Don't worry. He made his own choices.
He lived and died exactly the way he wanted to.

I almost left Starfleet over that incident.

But Chekov was aboard the day your uncle died and he
and Uhura convinced me it wouldn't have mattered
who was sitting in the captain's chair that day.

And since then we've been the best of friends.

Status report.

We've received a code one distress signal from an automated
security beacon that's orbiting a planet with the designation M622.

M622? But that's...

A code one distress call and Starfleet only ship is a museum.

A brave man once told me: The risk comes with commanding a starship.

Helm, lay in a course!

Deja-vu. All over again.

Can't say I've missed this place.

Any life Signs

We do not need them.
Or those.

Charlie. Charlie Evans?

The singing lady remembers.

You know this man?

We encountered him as seventeen year old but
even then he had extraordinary mental powers.

This is better than I expected.

Your Captain didn't treat me very well.
I looked up to him, but he turned his back on me.

He let the Thasians keep me prisoner for forty years.

Charlie. You took over the ship.

He should help me.

Captain Kirk's responsibility was to his ship and crew.

Wait! You do not know what that structure can do.

Oh but I do.


What happened?

He has passed into.. What was. All that
you knew has been altered. Has been altered.

The shuttlecraft still refuses to answer our hails Captain.

We have the rebel vessel in our tractor beam.

Allow me the pleasure of destroying it.

Ohh.. typical Klingon. Act first, think later.
What do we gain by destroying it?

They are enemies!
Of the galactic order.

Captain. Intelligence indicates this vessel
might be the one we've been searching for.

This could be very good for you.
Capturing the fox is sure to impress Curate prime.

Man your station, tokhe straav'! [Klingon: "willing slave"]
Leave the battle to the men.

Koval, you need to be more courteous towards Xela.
Why should I? She is a straav'! [Klingon: "slave"]

Yes, but she's my slave.
You need to remember that.

Beam them directly to the bridge!
Is that wise?

Well, if you are afraid..


Beam them over.


I'm so glad you could make it.
So at last, the fox has been outfoxed.

Odd... I always imagined you'd be shorter.

I'm surprised you had the courage to meet me face-to-face.

Oh, if I had my way, you'd be dead already.
Terrorists like you...

Terrorists? We fight for our freedom!

Freedom... what is freedom without security? Nothing.
The Galactic Order provides that security.

Only through fear and violence.
Anyone who trades freedom for security... deserves neither.

Well, I'm not going to have a philosophical debate
with an anarchist. The truth is: You're a traitor.

The Curate Prime demands your head.
I'll be the one who gives it to him.

We'll see.

How fitting that we should capture you today. You will
be a witness to the beginning of the end. For all of you.

Take them to the brig. Give them a full round of questioning.

With pleasure.

Children, you must remember: logic is the only way...

Combining those techniques with Surak's
non-violent confrontation methods.

Madam Uhura. Do you require assistance?
No. But thank you, I am well.

Advisor Stonn. Would it be all right with you if we
change the subject of this discussion? By all means.

Let us examine the old vulcan adage
"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

I propose that that maxim is the most dangerous
and misguided belief that I have ever heard.

Perhaps we should postpone further
discussion until our next session.

Madam Uhura. I acknowledge the fact that you and Spock
led Vulcans efforts to secede from the galactic order.

However to challenge one of our most
time-honored precept is highly illogical.

Who decides? The needs of the many,
are more important than the needs of the few?

And more importantly, who gave them the right
to decide that in the first place?

Are you suggesting, that needs of the one
outweigh the needs of the many?

I'm suggesting that history proves it. It's filled with groups who've decided,
that their needs were more important than others.

The result? Slavery. Genocide. You don't believe me?
Just look at the galactic order.

It was as I feared. The transporter disabled some of the components.

We will have to find another way.
We will my friend. We will

Madam Uhura. Are you feeling well?
Of course.

Well I maybe just having a bad dream.

But I... I keep seeing images, faces, like I.. I almost
know them, but, they're not quite recognizable.

Perhaps it is the stress from the current state of galactic affairs.

You should rest before your meeting with Spock this evening.

Grandma. Oh my darlings. Oh, how good to see you.
What you've been up to?

Oh, husband.

Sevar, my son, how good to see you. Glad you could come.

Your suggestion worked mother. The children have
decided to make a list of possible names for their new Sehlat.

Oh, cooperation between the two of you. Now that?s what I want to hear.

You can be most logical at times.
Of course.

And most illogical at others.
I'll assist the grandchildren.

I'll see you shortly.

You appear preoccupied. No, it's nothing son.
I'm just a little tired. That's all.

Would it have anything to do with the ruling council stand of the Galactic Order?
No. It's...

What you may think me illogical but I still believe seceding from the Order
is not gonna get us anywhere. And it's not gonna end here.

They pose little threat. Their technology is considerably outdated
and they rely mainly on fear, to which we are not susceptible.

They may still be using ships that are over forty years old
but they weaponry is state of the art.

And I just heard that they've just created a new weapon... Mother! That is capable...
We do not interfere with Curate Prime, so they should not interfere with us.

You don't know that.
I'm sure the council knows what it's doing.

The children are waiting. I'll join you shortly.

Captain, the omega device is activated and ready.

Approaching the planet.

On screen.

Captain, our assault forces have
completely obliterated their defense fleet.

All that remains... is the final blow.

Not just yet.
Hold position in two million kilometers.

Two Million kilometers. Aye, sir.


Yes. A defiant planet about to serve as an example.
I thought you might be interested in its fate.

Why should I concern myself with Vulcan?
They refuse to take a stand. They deserve their fate.

What is our then? Ally or the enemy?
Then they refuse to be our ally. Captain. Why do you not fire?

Remember Curate Prime's orders. You can't afford to incur his wrath.

I live to serve.


Ahaha, glorious. You see what their neutrality and peaceful ideals got them.

None of you feeble little p'tak [Klingon insult] will ever learn.
You must dominate! Or be dominated.

Captain, a number of vessels were able to escape.

Hunt them down?

No, let them go.
They shall bear witness to what happened here today.

Cunning. Soon you'll be feared even more.

Now detecting one shuttlecraft among the debris field.
One Vulcan, one Terran on board.

Vulcans and humans together? Ha. Bring it on board.
Aye, sir.

Don't get to comfortable, Vulcan. As soon as the captain comes to a senses you
my friend will be executed. Along with these other traitors.

Tuvok. Stonn and the children. Do you think they made it?
Do you believe that Stonn was able to get a ship?

Madam Uhura. There were hundreds of shuttles leaving the planet's surface.
Knowing Stonn, there is a high probability that he and your family were on one of them.

You see... This kind of unprovoked genocide
is precisely what we're fighting against.

We know who you are. You kill to achieve your own goals.
Just like those butchers of their so called Galactic Order. You're no better sir.

We are nothing like the Order.
If we kill, it is to win our freedom.

This is empty rhetoric. Killing is killing. And you are p... You...
You are pathetic. I won't be any party to it.

It is always the same.
We fight for them yet they condemn us.

If you understand what we do..

This is not like the Vulcan.
Her emotional state could present a problem.

I won't let them interfere.
Not with this mission.

Eat my words Vulcan. We are breaking out of here.
Keep her calm, or I will kill you myself.

Perhaps there is a way in which I can assist her.

I don't care what you do. Just do it quickly.

You have been my colleague and my friend.
Will you allow me to help you?

I grant you access, old friend.

My mind, to your mind,
my thoughts, to your thoughts.

Time. Changing. Yes. Friends. Guardian. Ahh! Yes!

What did you see?
Tell me. Tuvok what did you see?

A ship. Other crewmates.

You supposed to be helping her.
Not confusing her with musty old Vulcan rituals.

Curious. Locked inside your mind are other memories. Yes.
As though you've lived two distinct lifetimes. Yes! That's it!

Back on Vulcan I wasn't sure what it was. But I knew that whatever was happening to me
It was real. Tuvok, it was real!

I believe this memories are important. Yes. But I do not know how or why.
I know...

Pavel. That is your name isn't it?

How do you know that name?
I have images of you. And that name is always associated with them.

I haven't heard that name in over twenty years.

Pavel hear me. There's something... out of sync here.
You and I. We have a history together.

Listen carefully! I am Kittrick. I am a freedom fighter.
I've no idea what you talking about. Leave me alone.

You waste too much time on her.
Just concentrate on the problem.

Force field frequency... a twenty seven teracycles.
Can you disrupt it? Not alone.

Can you shift? Only for a short time. I'll overpower them.
No! That would arouse suspicion.

We'll make our way to the bridge and...
No! Engineering.

Engineering is too big. To many entrances to cover.
Auxiliary control would be better. You can access all the ships systems there.

How do you know that?
I just know.

Let?s get moving.

What is the meaning of these!? Allowing yourself to be caught off guard?
Your weapons. Confine yourself to quarters and report to disciplinary action at 17:00. Now!

I don't know how long I'll be able to hold this form.

You pacifists should stay behind. It's going to get ugly.
Not nearly as ugly as an execution. Suit yourselves.

Commander Garan. Where are you taking these prisoners?
They are to be executed immediately.

Yes but we have orders from the captain to question the Human and the Vulcan.
I just received counter-orders from him.

Are you questioning me? No sir, but..
The captain does not like to be kept waiting. Yes sir.

Commander Garan. Where is the
fourth prisoner? The fourth prisoner?

He... Enough of this!

Let's go.

Where to now?
Eight decks down.

I thought Vulcans didn't believe in violence.
We do not. However if we are attacked we will defend ourselves.

Maybe there is hope for you after all.

There is going to be welcoming committee for us
on the other side of those doors you know. You can count on it.

Can't be that easy.


Seal the door!

Oh God! He needs help!
-I am a freedom fighter, not a doctor.

You're also a human being damn it.
Locking down this controls is important.

Oh, Tuvok.

The prisoners have taken over auxiliary engineering control.
One is believed dead.

What you standing there for?
Get in there and regain control of my ship!

It won't be that easy. They've erected a force field around
the control room. And isolated several key systems. Get them out!

I don't care if you have to blast through the bulkheads.
Am I clear?!

Are you finished?

Auto destruct sequence initiated.

What are you doing? What
has to be done. What about the mission?!

I'm changing the mission.

You knew this was a one way trip. Auto destruct was the last resort.
We control the ship. There is still time!

Auto destruct in forty five seconds.

Stand down!

Override has been disabled. How did he do this? I don't know.

Auto destruct in thirty seconds.

Kittrick! What do you want? I want nothing.
You wouldn't be threatening to blow up my ship if you didn't want something.

Auto destruct in fifteen seconds.

What do you want? I want you to die.

Auto destruct in Ten









Do you realize what you've done?
Yes. Giving us a chance to gain freedom for everyone.

This was the only way!
How does killing all of us relate to freedom?

These people must be stopped! They're
murderers and butchers. They deserve to die!

Tuvok and I are not murderers.
We've done nothing to deserve death.

And what have you done to deserve life? You hide behind your righteous pacifism.
Where other's die fighting for their freedom!

Not everyone fights by killing and blowing up starships.
I kill when it is necessary.

What about peace and non-interference. Are they not necessary?

I thought so once.
Not anymore.

Why did it stop? I don't know. I didn't do anything.
What is he up to?

See what you've done.
This was our only chance to get rid of... them.

Kittrick. I've followed you all these years because you fought
for what was right. If I'm to die. I'll die fighting for that.

Tuvok. Tuvok. Hold on old friend. Please.

If you were human. It's too close to his heart.
There's nothing I can do.


What are you doing?
It's all right.

Keep your mind to yourself Vulcan.

You remember me.

Tuvok. What you did.? The needs of the many or the needs of the one...

My life, my choice.

May you live long and pro...

Oh, Tuvok. May peace be unto to you old friend.

Captain. It's no use. Staying here doing what we are doing.

Well then use phasers. I don't care. Get my ship back!

Aye, sir.

We've taken helm, navigation and engine control.
Set course for Narcos.

Pavel. I know we need to leave but not for Narcos.
You can't be serious.

I know it may not make sense to you but we need
to set course to planet designated M622.

I don't have time for these foolishness.

Pavel, please. On that planet there is a structure.
It's somehow... It affects time and space.

Now I know you're crazy. Pavel. Please.
All right. I scan for temporal anomalies. But there won't be any.

No record to the planet called M622.

Wait. Ripples of time displacement...
In an uncharted system.

That's it. Pavel that's it. Proves nothing.

Our very lives depend on it.

All right. We go. Just... Leave me alone.

Kittrick. If there's something out there that can control time.
It would be more powerful that an omega device.

Sir. They've taken us to warp six.

Captain. Engineering is unable to override their lockouts.
And Commander Garan reports no progress from auxiliary control.

Move your hands. Get me control of my ship. Do it.

Send a coded message to our forces
to rendezvous with us at M622.

Pavel, there is something else. Somehow Harriman is connected to all of this.
I've heard enough.

No. We're going to need him in order
to figure out how all of this happened.

No! I've been hunting that butcher for twenty years. Why? Because
his part of the Galactic Order? Well that's not good enough!

Because he slaughtered my family!

Irina and I. We found our paradise. We found our New Eden.
We had a son. Piotr. We were happy. And then...

Harriman came... and I lost everything. My wife. My son.
And no Vulcan mind trick is going to erase what he did.

And you think it's easier for me? The same thing happened
on Vulcan to my family. My entire family. Yet I know we need him.

We need Harriman. I know it and you know it.

Captain. I've just received word Curate Prime's fleet
has been tracking us and it's on an intercept course.

I don't have to tell any of you what will happen
if he arrives and finds we've lost control of our ship.

Get everyone down there.
Do whatever it takes.

Remember. A live fox is better than dead one.

So... He's coming to intercept us. Curate Prime and Harriman
in the same place. This is better than I ever thought.

But we can't forget how powerful he is.

We could get them together. But we've never seen him.

What?! You've never seen Curate Prime? You don't know who he is?

Wait a minute. On the surface where the structure is. There was a man like that.

He could control you with his mind.
I wonder if he had anything to do what had happened to us.

Kittrick. Hasn't this gone on long enough.
It's only matter of time.

Let's end this now and save everyone lot of trouble and...
I promise you won't suffer.

Remember, we need him.

So... Captain Harriman. You really think that
I'll just walk out of here and let your man execute me?

No, no. Of course I don't but you can make it easier on the others.
They are all dead.

I have a better idea.
Why don't you come down here and kill me yourself?

Lower the force field. I'll be there in five minutes.
I've waited long enough. Make it four.

It's probably a trap.
No... really?

Wait at the junction and as soon as the doors open.
We will not fail you. But don't kill him.

Offering him as a gift to the Curate Prime
is our only way out of this mess.


Stand ready. If we're successful...
Koval will be taking orders from me.

I assume you're monitoring the corridor?
As you can see I'm alone and unarmed.

Very well.
Lowering the force field.

Impressive. Where'd you learn that?
You think you're the only one who had friends on Vulcan?

Sorry. Something just hit us. I know. It was Ragnar.
And thanks to your incompetence I was force to vaporize him myself.

Still no control. What do you think? Now get back to the
bridge and keep working on those overrides. Aye, sir.

Wake up! Wake up!

Do you know what you did? Do you know what you cost me?
Pavel, enough!

Very well. What do we do now?

Sir, the ship has entered standard orbit. Helm.
Still no control from here.

We're making progress but it'll still be a few minutes.

Do you really think you're going to get away with this?

Any minute now my crew will be looking for me.
A minute may be all I need.

Commander. Three people have just beamed to the surface.
The prisoners? Someone had to help them.

Harriman? Computer! Locate Captain Harriman.
Captain Harriman is not aboard the ship.

Transporter room!
Report! Transporter room!

I thought you said this device had immense powers.
It does.

I don't know why it's not working now.
It only answers to me.

Please. You don't need that.

I didn't expect to see you three again. Oh you wouldn't remember.
I can erase your current memories but...

Uhura. Chekov.
John. How did you know?

I just knew. Without knowing.

This is very strange. I remember you as a friend but you still feel like an enemy.

We all must put those negative feelings behind us.
It won't be that easy. We have to.

Charlie. You went through the guardian. You...
My hatred of Kirk consume me. Why couldn't he help one lonely seventeen year old.

And then he died before I could confront him.
Charlie, what did you do?

I used the guardian to kill Kirk's mother before he was born.
Who the hell do you think you are playing God?

I was wrong. I know that know.
But I've changed. I've evolved.

Doesn't help those hundreds of billions who
were left to suffer under the Order.

Could one man's absence cause all of this change?

It's possible. One pivotal change, seventy years ago.

Charlie. We have to set things right.

That's impossible. Any attempt to alter the timeline would only...

Traitorous p'tak. Koval you bastard. Silence!
This time there will be no cell. Execute them. Immediately

I'm going to enjoy this.

Commander Garan. Delay the execution.
Urgent message incoming. Put it on.

Curate Prime. We live to serve.
It's Garry Mitchell.

Ah. There you are Kittrick.
The ever-present thorn in my side.

Before you die I wanted to personally inform you
that your home base of a Narcos has been destroyed.

Garan, shouldn't you be on the bridge?

Kill them slowly... and get to your stations.

Good to see you are still with us.

You probably forgotten an insignificant little planet called
New Eden. I haven't. My family was there.

I thought I was doing my duty. Firing torpedoes
from the bridge is so easy. You never see their faces.

Was I wrong? Was I to busy playing the rebel?
I should have been there with them.

Pavel Chekov died that day.

Incoming message.
On screen.

I am Captain Galt of the freedom ship Liberty. We know you
have our comrade Kittrick. Return him or we will destroy your ship.

Surrender to me or I will execute him.

Then he will die a hero.
Oh, he will die, but not a hero. Battle stations!

Incompetent fools!
Miss again and I tear your throats off.

Come above! To five two three mark nine zero!
Five two three mark nine zero aye.

Attack pattern: Koloth!

Qapla'! [Klingon: success]
Now, destroy the rest of them.

Koval. Curate Prime's fleet has arrived.
Good. Shall he will see the traitors taste defeat.

Why don't you two try to get back to the transporter room.
Maybe the arrival of Curate's forces makeup Charlie to listen to reason.

But what about you? This is my ship. I know it better than
anyone. I'll do what I can to even the odds.

I won't be much help on the surface. I'll stay here.
He's gonna need all the help he can get.

Good luck.

Alter course to five zero nine mark nine four. Arm aft photons. Stand ready!
Koval. Incoming message.

Curate Prime. I live to serve.

Koval. My angry young warrior.

You have the terrorist Kittrick? Yes. He has been executed.
Really? Then why do I still sense his presence on your ship?

I'll see to it personally.

Finish this battle.

Garry Mitchell is Curate Prime. Wasn't he Kirk's friend?
Yes, his encounter with the great barrier gave him god-like powers.

But in this timeline Kirk wasn't there to stop him.
And he was able to crush the federation and forges the Galactic Order.

Which he sadistically ruled over. For forty years.

Hurry Pavel. We're out of time.

Nyota. I'm honored to know you. In both lifetimes.

Pavel, I feel the same way. But now is not the time. Come on!

Oh no, you don't....

What planet is that below?
An insignificant uncharted world, my lord.

Curate Prime. Someone has beamed to the surface from the Conqueror.


Where is Kittrick?
Kittrick? I don't know him.

You're a fool to protect him.
Tell me where he is.

Give me one reason I shouldn't kill you where you stand.
I can't... but there must be one, or you would have done it by now.

When Curate Prime learns I've killed this traitor, then,
I'll become the new captain of this vessel. You be my slave.

What is this?

Captain? It's me. But...
That was Kittrick's friend.

He died fighting for something I've been to blind to see.

What now?
Come on!

Tell me where he is!

Leave her alone! She's going to tell me where Kittrick is.

What moral right? Morals are for men not for gods.

And you are neither.

If you were a God, you would've already destroy me.

Didn't thought I'd be glad to see you. I thought I have a phaser and not vaporize you with it.
Now we're fighting side by side with the enemy? Yes. I'll explain later.

I thought I have a phaser and not vaporize you with it.

What's wrong with you? Destroy them!
Evasive maneuvers.

We do not run! We fight! Fire, fire, fire!

Turbolift doors are sealed. How long?
Ten minutes. Give or take a few.

Let our forces know we control the bridge.

Kittrick is still with us.
Regroup. Attack pattern Gamma.

Target the romulan ship. A two seven mark six zero. Got it.

Nice shooting.
Nice flying.



Oh, Charlie.

Shields failing. One more hit. Maybe two.
Than we better end this now.

Blue squadron. Keep those ships of the Conqueror's tail!

Kittrick is either on that planet or on that ship.
Destroy them both!

Shields and warp drive are down.
Maneuvering thrusters are damaged but we can move a little.

Something is powering up on the destroyer.

An omega device.

He's going to destroy the guardian.

Torpedo tubes empty. Phasers damaged beyond control.
And what do we do?

There is only one thing left.

Six two one mark five eight. I've got him on the quarter impulse.
Will we be in time? Barely.

Charlie, Charlie. Oh Charlie.
Guardian! You must hear me!

Omega will launch in one minute thirty seconds.
I don't think we're going to make it.

Helm control is gone. The attitude along the Y axis is drifting.
We're going to miss.

Damn it! Where's Scotty when you need him...

That'll never work.
Freedom favors the bold.

You're crazy you know? Took you this long to figure that out.
Omega will launch in sixty seconds.

Charlie. We're almost out of time. You know what you must do.
I can't. I I I can't do it. It's too risky.

Yes you can Charlie. Yes you can. You altered billions of lives.
Only you can change it. You can do it.

Remember. Remember Charlie when we first met? Charlie is my darling. My
darling. My darling. Charlie is my darling. Oh, Charlie. You can do it. You must.

You're right. Every being should be free to pursue
their own destiny without interference. Yes, Charlie. Yes.

Destroy them!
Weapons are down.

Move us away!
Navigation not responding.

Omega will launch in thirty seconds.
Vector looks correct.

Say goodbye Mr. Mitchell.

Ten second to launch.


Tell Janice I'm sorry.
She knows Charlie. She knows.

Godspeed, Charlie.

Where is Kirk? Where can I find him?

What happened? Charlie was successful.
Let's get the hell out of here.

Enterprise! Ready to beam up.

Personal log, Stardate 7615.1. It doesn't seem like
a year's past since we restored our normal timeline.

As I conclude my last entry as captain. My thoughts are not
on that single grain of sand we might disturb accidentally,

but on the fact that we are endowed with free will and can choose ideas
that can either lead to deadly consequences or to joyous rewards.

So truly: Our destiny lies not in the stars, but within ourselves.

By the laws and customs have the Vulcan and Terran people.
I know pronounce the husband and wife. Now thou mayest join minds.

Most, illogical.
Get used to it baby. Oh Stonn...

My wife.
Thank you husband.

Well, first an appointment as federation ambassador to Vulcan and now this.
I am impressed.

I'm impressed to. Pretty fancy and nobody deserves it more than you.

It's going to take some getting used to it.
I've never outranked everyone in the room before.

So... Stonn?
It's seemed like the logical thing to do...

I'm very happy for you.
We both are.

Thank you very much. And speaking of impressed, this is a new look for you.

I'm taking a leave of absence to run for federation council.

Somebody has to keep an eye on those politicians.

Hi. Janice. Hi. You know a Vulcan wedding doesn't require gift?

Actually this is for Pavel. For making admiral.

Oh... a Tribble aaah...

Oh. Do not worry. This one is neutered.

Here is to forty years of high adventure.
Here's, to the next forty.

Well, as Spock is so fond of saying:
There is always possibility.

Space. The final frontier.

These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.

It's continuing
mission to explore strange new worlds.

To seek out new life and new civilizations.

To boldly go where no one has gone before.