Star Trek: Generations (1994) - full transcript

In the late 23rd century, the gala maiden voyage of the newly-christened Enterprise-B boasts such luminaries as Pavel Chekov, Montgomery Scott and the legendary Captain James T. Kirk as guests. But her maiden voyage turns into a disaster as the unprepared starship is forced to rescue two transport ships from a mysterious energy ribbon. The Enterprise manages to save a handful of the ships' passengers and barely succeeds out intact... but at the cost of Captain Kirk's life. 78 years later, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise-D crew find themselves at odds with renegade scientist Dr. Tolian Soran... who is destroying entire star systems. Only one man can help Picard stop Soran's scheme... and he has been dead for 78 years. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
How does it feel to be back
on the enterprise bridge?

Captain Kirk?

- Can I ask you a few questions?
- Did you participate in the redesign?

We'd like to know how you
feel about being on...

Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.

There Will be plenty of
time for questions later.

I'm captain John harriman, and I'd
like to welcome you all aboard.

- It's our pleasure.
- I just want you to know

how excited we all are

to have a group of living legends
with us on our maiden voyage.

I remember reading about your
missions when I was in grade school.


- Well, may we have a look around?
- Please, please.

Yes, sir, it's very nice
to finally meet you.

- Demora!
- Excuse me. Captain?

This is the first starship
enterprise in 30 years

without James t. Kirk in command.
How do you feel about that, sir?

Just fine. I'm glad to be
here to send her on her way.

And what have you been
doing since you retired?

Keeping busy.

Captain Kirk, just a few
more questions, sir.

Why don't we give the captain a
chance to look around first?

Captain. Excuse me.

I'd like you to meet the helmsman
of the enterprise-b. Demora.

Ensign demora sulu.

It's a pleasure
to meet you, sir.

My father's told me some
interesting stories about you.

- Your father is hikaru sulu?
- Yes, sir.

- You've met her before, but she was...
- It wasn't that long ago.

- It couldn't have been more than...
- Twelve years, sir.

- Twelve years?
- Absolutely.


Congratulations, ensign.

It wouldn't be the enterprise
without a sulu at the helm.

Thank you, sir.

I'm sure hikaru must
be very proud of you.

I hope so.

I was never that young.

No, you were younger.

- Damn fine ship if you ask me.
- Scotty, it absolutely amazes me.

And what would that be, sir?

Sulu, when did he find
time for a family?

Well, like you always say,

if something's important,
you make the time.

So that's why you
seem so restless.

Finding retirement a
little lonely, are we?

You know, I'm glad
you're an engineer.

With tact like that, you'd
make a lousy psychiatrist.

Excuse me, gentlemen, if
you'll take your seats.

Yes, of course.

Prepare to leave spacedock.

Aft thrusters ahead one-quarter, port
and starboard at station keeping.

- Captain Kirk.
- Yes?

I'd be honored if you'd give
the order to get underway.

- Thank you very much, I...
- Please, sir.

- No, no, no, no.
- Please, I insist.

Take us out.

- Very good, sir.
- Brought a tear to me eye.

Be quiet.

Gentlemen, gentlemen.

Now that you've seen
the rest of the ship,

how does it feel to be back?

- Well, we... fine.
- Fine, fine.

- Fine, fine.
- Well, ladies and gentlemen,

we've just cleared
the asteroid belt.

Our course today Will
take us out beyond pluto

and then back to spacedock. Just
a quick run around the block.

Captain, Will there be time to conduct
any tests on the Warp drive system?

We're picking up a
distress call, captain.

On speakers.

This is the transport
ship lakul.

We're caught in some kind
of energy distortion.

Two ships in our convoy... trapped
in a severe gravimetric distortion.

We can't break free. We
need immediate help.

It's tearing us apart.
This is the transport...

The lakul is one of two ships

transporting El-aurian
refugees to earth.

Ensign sulu, can
you locate them?

The ships are bearing
at 3-1-0 Mark 2-1-5.

Distance, three light-years.

Signal the closest starship.

We're in no condition
to mount a rescue.

- We don't even have a full crew aboard.
- We're the only one in range, sir.

Well, then, I guess
it's up to us.

Helm, lay in an intercept course
and engage at maximum Warp.

Aye, sir.

Captain, is there something
wrong with your chair?

We're within visual range of the
energy distortion, captain.

On screen.

What the hell is that?

I've located the
transport ships.

Their hulls are starting to
buckle under the stress.

They won't survive much longer.

We're encountering severe
gravimetric distortions

from the energy ribbon, captain.

We'll have to keep our distance.
We don't wanna get pulled in, too.

- Tractor beam. Tractor beam.
- We don't have a tractor beam.

You left spacedock
without a tractor beam?

It won't be installed
until Tuesday.

Ensign sulu,

try generating a subspace
field around the ships.

That might break them free.

There's too much quantum
interference, captain.

What about... what about venting
plasma from the Warp nacelles?

That might disrupt the
ribbon's hold on the ships.

Aye, sir. Releasing
drive plasma.

It's not having any effect, sir.
I think the ribbon's hold...

Sir, the starboard vessel's
hull is collapsing!

- How many people were on that ship?
- Two hundred and sixty-five.

Sir, the lakul's hull
integrity is down to 12%.

Captain Kirk, I would appreciate
any suggestions you might have.

First, move us within
transporter range.

Beam those people
aboard the enterprise.

What about the gravimetric distortions?
They'll tear us apart.

Risk is part of the game if
you wanna sit in that chair.

Helm, close to within
transporter range.

Second, turn that
damn thing off!

- We're within range, sir.
- Beam them directly to sickbay.

- Aye, sir.
- How big is your medical staff?

The medical staff? It doesn't
arrive till Tuesday.

You and you, you've just become nurses.
Let's go.

Main engineering reports fluctuations
in the Warp plasma relays.

Sir, I'm having trouble
locking on to them.

They appear to be in some
sort of temporal flux.


What the hell?

Their life signs are phasing in and
out of our space-time continuum.

Phasing? To where?

- Sir, their hull's collapsing!
- Beam them out of there, Scotty!

Transport complete.

I got 47

out of 150.

- Report!
- We're caught in a gravimetric field

emanating from the trailing
edge of the ribbon.

All engines, full reverse!

It's going to be all right.
We're going to help you.

We are going to help you.

- It's okay. Everything is fine.
- My wife...

Why? Why?

It's all right. You're safe.
You're on the enterprise.

- No, no, I have to go. I have to go back.
- You need to stay right here.

- No. You don't understand.
- It's okay.

Let me go back. Let me go back!

Let me go back. Let me go back.

- What was he talking about?
- I have no idea.

Excuse me.

Can I help you?

It's going to be okay. You'll be all right.
You just need to rest. Come over here.

There's just no way to disrupt a
gravimetric field of this magnitude.

- Hull integrity at 82%.
- But I do have a theory.

I thought you might.

An antimatter discharge
directly ahead

might disrupt the field long
enough for us to break away.

- Photon torpedoes.
- Aye.

We're losing main power.

Load torpedo bays. Prepare
to fire at my command.

- Captain, we don't have any torpedoes.
- Don't tell me, Tuesday.

- Hull integrity at 40%.
- Captain, it may be possible

to simulate a torpedo blast

using a resonance burst from
the main deflector dish.

- Where are the deflector relays?
- Deck 15, section 21-Alpha.

I'll go. You have the bridge.


Your place is on the
bridge of your ship.

I'll take care of it.

Scotty, keep things
together until I get back.

I always do.

Forty-five seconds to
structural collapse.

Bridge to captain Kirk.

Kirk here.

I don't know how much longer
I can hold her together.

That's it. Let's go!

Activate main deflector.

We're breaking free.

It's all right. I'm increasing
power to compensate.

- We're clear.
- You did it, Kirk!

Damage report, ensign.

There's some buckling on
the starboard nacelle.

We've also got a hull breach
in engineering section.

Emergency force fields
in place and holding.


Sections 20 through
28 on decks 13, 14

and 15.

Bridge to captain Kirk.
Captain Kirk, please respond.

Have Chekov meet me on deck 15.

My god! Was anyone in here?


Bring out the prisoner.

Mr. worf, I always knew
this day would come.

- Are you prepared to face the charges?
- Answer him.

I am prepared.

"We, the officers and crew of the u.S.S.

"being of sound
mind and judgment,"

"hereby make the following charges
against lieutenant worf."

"One, that he did
knowingly and willfully"

"perform above and beyond the call
of duty on countless occasions."

"Two, most seriously,"

"that he has earned the admiration
and respect of the entire crew."

Mr. worf, I hereby promote you to
the rank of lieutenant commander,

with all the rights and
privileges thereto.

And may god have
mercy on your soul.

- Hip, hip...
- Hooray!

- Hip, hip...
- Hooray!

- Hip, hip...
- Hooray!

- Congratulations, Mr. worf.
- Thank you, sir.

Extend the plank.

Lower the badge of office.

- Be careful.
- You go get that hat.

He'll never make it.
No one ever has.


Yes! Yes, worf!

If there's one thing I've
learned over the years,

it's never to
underestimate a klingon.

Computer, remove the plank.

Oh, no!

Number one, that's "retract"
plank, not "remove" plank.

Of course, sir.


Doctor, I must confess, I
am uncertain as to why

someone falling into
freezing water is amusing.

It's all in good fun, data.

- Fun?
- Fun.

I do not understand.

You've got to get into
the spirit of things.

Learn to be spontaneous,
live in the moment.

- Do something unexpected. Get it?
- Got it.

- Data.
- That was...

Not funny.

All hands, make sail.
T'gansuls and courses.

- Stand by the braces.
- Will.

Just imagine what it was like.
No engines, no computers,

just the wind and the sea
and the stars to guide you.

Bad food, brutal discipline.

No women.

- Bridge to captain picard.
- Picard here.

There's a personal message
for you from earth.

Put it through down here.

The best thing about life at sea, Will,
was that no one could reach you.

This was freedom, Will.

Computer, arch.

Look alive there.

Here, take the wheel.

Captain, are you all right?

Yes, I'm fine. Excuse me.

Computer, exit.

- Mr. la forge, set royals and studsail.
- What's a studsail, sir?

You see that last yardarm?
Just above that...

- Bridge to holodeck 3.
- Riker here.

We're picking up a distress call
from the amargosa observatory, sir.

They say they're under attack.

Red alert! All hands to battle stations.
Captain picard to the bridge.

- It looks like we're too late.
- There are no other ships in the system.

Captain, we're
approaching amargosa.

Looks like the observatory
took quite a beating.


Sensors show five life signs
aboard the station, captain.

The station's complement was 19.

Stand down from red alert.

Number one,

Will you begin an investigation?
I'll be in my ready room.

- Sir? I thought you wanted...
- Make it so. Just do it!

- Mr. worf.
- Aye, sir.

Mr. worf, you're with me.

These blast patterns are consistent
with a type-3 disruptor.

Great. That narrows it down to
romulan, breen and klingon.

Over here!

It's all right. Do not struggle.

It's okay. We're right here.
Got you.

I'm commander William riker
from the starship enterprise.

Soran. Dr. tolian soran.

- Who attacked you, doctor?
- I don't know. It all happened so fast.

Commander, you better
take a look at this.


Data, whatever possessed you to push
her in the water in the first place?

I was attempting to get
into the spirit of things.

I thought it would be amusing.

Is she still angry?

I'd stay out of sickbay for a
couple of days if I were you.

Data, you're not actually thinking
about using that thing, are you?

I have considered
it for many months.

And in light of my recent
episode with Dr. crusher,

now may be the appropriate time.

I thought you were worried about
it overloading your neural net.

That is true.

However, I believe my growth
as an artificial life-form

has reached an impasse.

For 34 years, I have endeavored
to become more human,

to grow beyond my
original programming.

Still, I am unable to grasp
such a basic concept as humor.

This emotion chip may
be the only answer.


All right.

Listen, at the first sign of trouble,
I'm gonna deactivate it. Agreed?


We found two dead
romulans on the station.

We're analyzing their equipment
to see if we can determine

what ship they came from.

And there's still no indication
of why they attacked the station?

They practically tore the place apart.
Accessed the central computer,

turned the cargo BAY inside out.

Obviously, they were
looking for something.

This could signify a new
romulan threat in this sector.

- Inform starfleet command.
- You want me to contact starfleet?

- Is there a problem?
- No, sir.

There was something
else, captain.

One of the scientists, a Dr. soran,
insisted on speaking with you.

I told him you were very busy.

He said it was absolutely imperative
that he speak with you right away.

Understood. That Will be all.

- Sir, is there anything more...
- No, thank you.

Gentlemen, something
new from forcas III?


I believe this beverage has
produced an emotional response.

Really? What are you feeling?

I am uncertain.

Because I have had little
experience with emotion,

I am unable to articulate
the sensation.

- Emotion?
- I'll explain later.

- Well, it looks like he hates it.
- Yes, that is it.

- I hate this.
- Data, I think the chip is working.

Yes, I hate this.
It is revolting.

- More?
- Please.

I'm looking for a Dr. soran
from the observatory.

- Dr. soran?
- Yes.

Yes, captain, thank you for coming.
Thank you.

I understand there's something
urgent you wish to discuss with me.

Yes. I must return to the
observatory immediately.

I must continue a critical experiment
I've been running on the amargosa star.

We're still conducting our
investigation into the attack.

- Yes, I...
- As soon as that is complete,

then I Will allow you and
your colleagues to return.

But until then, there's
nothing I can do.

Timing is very important
in my experiments.

If it's not completed in the next 12
hours, years of research Will be lost.

We're doing the best we can.
If you'll excuse me.

They say time is the
fire in which we burn.

Right now, captain, my
time is running out.

We leave so many things
unfinished in our lives.

I know you understand.

I'll see what I can do.

We have analyzed the
romulans' tricorder.

They were scanning for
signature particles

- of a compound called trilithium.
- Trilithium?

Yes, an experimental compound the
romulans have been working on.

Trilithium is a
nuclear inhibitor.

In theory, it could stop
all fusion within a star.

However, the romulans never
found a way to stabilize it.

Why would they look for it
on a federation observatory?

That doesn't make any sense.

I do not know.

Have geordi and data go over
with the next away team.

Tell them to scan the
observatory for trilithium.

Aye, sir.

Well, there's no sign of
any trilithium over here.

- I get it! I get it!
- You get what?

When you said to commander
riker, "the clown can stay,"

"but the ferengi in the
gorilla suit has to go."

What are you talking about?

During the farpoint mission.

We were on the bridge. You told a joke.
That was the punch line.

Farpoint... Data, that
was seven years ago.

I know. I just got it!

Very funny.

Wait a minute. There's a door
hidden right behind you.

I can see the separation
with my visor.

There appears to be a
dampening field in operation.

I cannot scan beyond
the bulkhead.

There doesn't seem to be a
control panel or an access port.

It appears to be
magnetically sealed.

I believe I can reverse the polarity
by attenuating my axial servo.

Open sesame.

You could say I have a
magnetic personality.

Humor, I love it!

Data, come take a look
at this, Will you?

Have you ever seen a solar probe
with this kind of configuration?

No, geordi, I have not.
Have you?

No, I have not. It
is most unusual.

Mr. tricorder.

Just see if you can help me get
these panels open, Will you?

Make it so.

My visor's picking up
something in the theta band.

It could be a
trilithium signature.

- Data, we don't have time for this.
- I cannot help myself.

I think something is wrong.


Data. Data, are you all right?

I believe the emotion chip has
overloaded my positronic relay.

We'd better get you back to the ship.
La forge to enterprise.

- La forge to enterprise.
- Gentlemen, is there a problem?

Dr. soran.

Yeah. There seems to be some
sort of dampening field in here.

It's blocking our comm signal.
Can you shut it off for us?

Of course, I'd be
only too happy to.

Please. Please. No.

Do not... do not hurt me.
Please, please.

Yes, come.

Yes, counselor? Is there
something I can do for you?

Actually I'm here to see if there's
anything I can do for you.

It's just family matters.

You never met my brother
and his wife, did you?

- No.
- Robert.

So opinionated. So
pompous and arrogant.

He always had to
have the last word.

But he mellowed a little
bit in the last few years.

I was going to get together with
them all next month on earth.

I thought we'd go
to San Francisco.

René's always wanted to
see starfleet academy.

René? Your nephew.

Yes. He's so unlike his father.

He's a dreamer, imaginative.

He's so very gentle.

What's happened?

Robert and rené, they're...

Burned to death in a fire.

- I'm sorry.
- It's all right. It's all right.

These things happen.

Captain, it's not all right.

I can't help thinking about

all the experiences that
rené's not gonna have,

about going to the academy, reading
books and listening to music

and falling in love,

building a life.

Well, that's not
going to happen now.

I didn't realize he
meant so much to you.

I'd come to feel that rené
was as close as I would get

to having a child of my own.

Your family history is very
important to you, isn't it?


From being a small child,

I can remember being told
about the family line.

The picard who
fought at trafalgar.

The picard who won the
nobel prize for chemistry.

The picards who settled the
first martian colonies.

And when Robert married
and he had a son, I...

You felt it was no longer
your responsibility

to carry on the family line.

Right. Yes. That's it exactly.

You know, counselor, recently
I've become very much aware

that there were fewer days
ahead than there are behind,

but I took some comfort from the
fact that the family would go on.

But now there'll be
no more picards.


A quantum implosion has occurred
within the amargosa star.

- All nuclear fusion is breaking down.
- How is that possible?

Sensor records show the
observatory launched

a solar probe into the
sun a few moments ago.

The star is going to collapse
in a matter of minutes.

Sir, the implosion has produced
a level-12 shock wave.

That'll destroy everything
in this system.

Transporter room to bridge.

I can't locate commander la forge or Mr.
data, sir.

- Have they come back to the ship?
- No, sir. They are not on board.

How long before the shock
wave hits the observatory?

Four minutes, 40 seconds.

Number one.

- Mr. worf!
- Aye, sir.

Soran, transmit
your coordinates.

What the hell's he doing?

Enterprise to commander riker.
You have two minutes left.

You hear that, soran?

We've got a level-12 shock wave coming in.
We gotta get out of here!

Sir, a klingon bird-of-prey is
decloaking off the port bow.


- Data, see if you can get to geordi.
- I cannot, sir.

Prepare for transport.

- Commander riker's team is aboard, sir.
- Helm, Warp 1, engage!

You've done it, soran.


I hope for your sake you were
initiating a mating ritual.

You got careless.

The romulans came looking for
their missing trilithium.

Impossible. We left no
survivors on their outpost.

They knew it was on the observatory.
If the enterprise hadn't intervened,

they would have found it.

They didn't find it! And now we
have a weapon of unlimited power.

No, lursa, I have the weapon, and if
you ever want me to give it to you,

I would advise you to be a little
more careful in the future.

Perhaps we are tired of waiting.

Without my research, the
trilithium is worthless,

as are your plans to
re-conquer the klingon empire.

Set course for the Veridian system.
Maximum Warp.

He's an El-aurian,
over 300 years old.

He lost his entire family when
the borg destroyed his planet.

Soran escaped with a
handful of other refugees

aboard a ship called the lakul.

That ship was later destroyed
by some kind of energy ribbon.

But soran and 46 others were
rescued by the enterprise-b.

That was the mission where
James Kirk was killed.

I checked the passenger
manifest of the lakul.

Guess who else was on board.

Soran is a name I haven't
heard for a long time.

- You remember him?
- Yes.

Guinan, it is very important that you
tell me everything that you know.

We think that soran has developed
a weapon, a terrible weapon,

one that might even give him enough
power to destroy an entire...

Soran doesn't care about
weapons or power.

He just cares about getting
back to the nexus.

What is the nexus?

The energy ribbon that
destroyed that ship

was not just some random phenomena
traveling through the universe.

It's a doorway to another
place that we call the nexus,

and it's a place I've tried
very, very hard to forget.

What happened to you?

It was like being inside joy.

As if joy was something tangible

and you could wrap yourself
up in it like a blanket,

and never in my entire life
have I ever been as content.

And then you were
beamed away from there.

Pulled. Ripped away.

None of us wanted to go,

and I would have done anything,
anything to get back there.

And once I realized
that wasn't possible,

I learned to live with that.

What about soran?

If he's still obsessed, he could
be a very, very dangerous man.

Why would he destroy a star?

Thank you, guinan.

If you go,

you're not gonna
care about anything.

Not this ship, not soran, not me.

All you'll want is to
stay in the nexus,

and you're not gonna
want to come back.

Marvelous technology.

This is a remarkable
piece of equipment.

- Glad you approve.
- It's not very stylish, though, is it?

Have you ever considered a prosthesis
that would make you look a little more...

How can I say? More normal?

- What's normal?
- What's normal?

Well, that's a good question.

Normal is what everyone
else is and you are not.

Can we just get down to it, please?
What do you want?

As you may or may not be
aware, I am an El-aurian.

Some people call us a race of listeners.
We listen.

Right now, Mr. la forge, you
have my complete attention.

I want to listen to everything
you know about trilithium.

Captain's log, stardate 48632.4.
Dr. crusher has informed me

that data's emotion chip has
been fused into his neural net

and cannot be removed.

However, she believes
he is fit for duty,

so I've asked him to join
me in stellar cartography.

According to our information, the
ribbon is a conflux of temporal energy

which travels through this
galaxy every 39.1 years.

It Will pass through this sector
in approximately 42 hours.

Yes. Guinan was right.

She said that soran was trying
to get back to the ribbon.

Now, if that's true,

there has to be some connection
with the amargosa star.

Data, give me a list of anything that
was affected by the star's destruction,

no matter how insignificant.

- Data?
- Sorry, sir.

It Will take the computer a few
moments to compile the information.

Data, are you all right?

No, sir. I am finding it
difficult to concentrate.

I believe I am overwhelmed
with feelings of remorse

and regret concerning my
actions on the observatory.

What do you mean?

I wanted to save geordi,

but I experienced something
I did not expect.


I was afraid.

According to our current information,
the destruction of the amargosa star

has had the following
effects in this sector.

Gamma emissions have
increased by.05%.

The starship Bozeman was forced
to make a course correction.

Ambient magnetic fields...

Wait. The Bozeman, why would
it make a course correction?

The destruction of
the amargosa star

has altered the gravitational
forces throughout this sector.

As a result, any ship
passing through this region

would have to make a
minor course correction.

A minor course correction.
Where's the ribbon now?

- This is its current position.
- Can you project its course?


I cannot continue with this investigation.
I wish to be deactivated

until Dr. crusher can
remove the emotion chip.

Are you having some
kind of malfunction?

No, sir. I simply do not have the
ability to control these emotions.

Data, I have nothing but sympathy
for what you are feeling,

but right now, I need you to...

Sir, I no longer
want these emotions!

Deactivating me is the
only viable solution.

Part of having feelings is learning to
integrate them into your life, data,

learning to live with them

- no matter what the circumstances.
- Sir, I cannot!

You Will not be deactivated.

You're an officer
on board this ship,

and I require you to perform your duty.
That is an order, commander.

Yes, sir.

I Will try, sir.

Sometimes it takes
courage to try, data,

and courage can be
an emotion, too.

Now, can you project the
course of the ribbon?

I believe so.

Enhance grid 9-a.

Where was the amargosa star?

Now, you said that when the
amargosa star was destroyed,

it affected the gravitational
forces in this sector.

Now, did the computer
take that into account

when it projected the
course of the ribbon?

No, sir. I Will make the
appropriate adjustments.

That's what soran's doing. He's
changing the course of the ribbon.

But why? Why would he
try to change its path?

Why doesn't he just fly
into it with a ship?

Our records show that every ship
which has approached the ribbon

has either been destroyed
or severely damaged.

He can't get to the ribbon, so he's
trying to make the ribbon come to him.

Data, does it pass near
to any m-class planets?

Yes, sir. There are two
in the Veridian system.

Well, it gets close to Veridian
III, but not close enough.

Data, what would happen
to the ribbon's course

if soran destroyed the
Veridian star itself?

That's where he's going.

It should be noted, sir,

that the collapse of the Veridian
star would produce a shock wave

similar to the one we
observed at amargosa.

Destroying all the
planets in this system.

Veridian III is uninhabited.

However, Veridian iv supports a
pre-industrial humanoid society.


Two hundred thirty million, sir.

- Picard to bridge.
- Worf here, sir.

Set a course for the Veridian
system, maximum Warp.

Did you get anything
from the human?

No. His heart just wasn't in it.

We have entered orbit
of Veridian III.

- Prepare to transport me to the surface.
- Wait. When do we get our payment?

This contains all the information you'll
need to make a trilithium weapon.

It's been coded.

Once I'm safely to the surface,

I'll transmit the
decryption sequence to you.

- Not before.
- Mistress!

A federation starship
is entering the system.

What? On viewer.

They're hailing us.

We're still cloaked.
They can't see us.

Klingon vessel, we know
what you are doing,

and we Will destroy any probe
launched toward the Veridian star.

We demand that you return
our chief engineer

and leave this
system immediately.

There's no time for this.
Eliminate them.

That is a galaxy-class starship.
We're no match for them.

I think it's time we gave Mr.
la forge his sight back.

Maybe they're not out there.

They're just trying to decide if a
20-year-old klingon bird-of-prey

can be a match for the
federation flagship.

- Perhaps they're on the surface.
- Sir, according to my calculations,

a solar probe launched from either the
klingon ship or the planet surface.

Will take 11 seconds
to reach the sun.

However, since we do not have
an exact point of origin,

it Will take us between 8 and 15
seconds to lock our weapons onto it.

- That's a pretty big margin of error.
- Much too big.

Mr. data, how long before
the ribbon arrives?

Approximately 47 minutes, sir.

We have got to find some
way to get to soran.

Klingon vessel decloaking
directly ahead, sir.

- They are hailing.
- On screen.

Captain. What an
unexpected pleasure.

Lursa, it is very important
that I speak with soran.

I'm afraid the doctor is
no longer aboard our ship.

- Then I Will beam to his location.
- The doctor values his privacy.

He would be quite upset if an
armed away team interrupted him.

Then I Will beam to your ship and
you can transport me to soran.

We can't trust them. For all
we know, they killed geordi.

They might kill you, too.

We did not harm your engineer.
He's been our guest.

Then return him!

- In exchange for what?
- Me, sir.

Me. I Will be your prisoner.

But first, you must
beam me to the surface

so that I can speak with soran.

The captain would make a
much more valuable hostage.

- We'll consider it a prisoner exchange.
- Agreed.

Have Dr. crusher meet me
in transporter room 3.

You have the bridge, number one.

- Receiving the coordinates, captain.
- Energize.

Welcome, captain.

- You must think I'm quite the madman.
- The thought had crossed my mind.

I know why you're here.

You're not entirely confident
you can shoot down my probe,

so you've come to dissuade me
from my horrific plan. Good luck.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
captain, I'm rather busy.


Do be careful, captain. That's
a 50-gigawatt force field.

I wouldn't want to
see you get hurt.

I have established the link.

Put it on viewer.

It's working. The
visor's transmitting.

Where is he?

Human females are so repulsive.

And some myocardial

I've removed the nanoprobe, and I
think you're going to be fine.

I'll need to run some more tests.
I'll let you know.

Thanks, doc.

- Geordi...
- Data, it's okay.

I am sorry I let you down.

I have not been behaving
like myself lately.

No, data, you haven't. You've
been behaving like a human.

You don't have to
do this, soran.

I'm sure we can find another way
of getting you into this nexus.

I've spent 80 years
looking for another way.

Believe me, this
is the only one.

What you're about to do,
soran, is no different

from when the borg
destroyed your world.

They killed millions, too,

including your wife, children.

Nice try.

You know, there was a time
when I wouldn't hurt a fly.

Then the borg came,

and they showed me that if there is
one constant in this whole universe,

it's death.

Afterwards, I began to realize
it didn't really matter.

We're all gonna die sometime. It's
just a question of how and when.

You Will, too, captain.

Aren't you beginning to
feel time gaining on you?

It's like a predator.
It's stalking you.

You can try and outrun it with
doctors, medicines, new technologies,

but in the end, time is going to
hunt you down and make the kill.

It's our mortality that defines us, soran.
It's part of the truth of our existence.

- What if I told you I found a new truth?
- The nexus?

Time has no meaning there.
The predator has no teeth.

- Where is he now?
- I don't know.

He bathed. Now he's
roaming the ship.

He must be the only
engineer in starfleet

who doesn't go to engineering.

Any luck, Mr. worf?

No, sir. I still cannot
locate the captain.

Data, the sensors can't penetrate
the planet's ionosphere.

There's too much interference.

Can you find a way to
scan for life-forms?

I would be happy to, sir.

I just love scanning
for life-forms.


You tiny little life-forms.

You precious little life-forms.

Where are you?


Commander, I'd like to run a level 3
diagnostic on the port plasma relays.

I think one of the
generators is fluctuating.

Fine. Let's do that.

That's it! Replay
from time index 924.

Magnify this section
and enhance.

Their shields are operating
on a modulation of 257.4.

Adjust our torpedo
frequency to match. 257.4.

They have found a way to
penetrate our shields.

Lock phasers and return fire!

Deanna, take the helm.
Get us out of orbit!

Hull breach on decks
31 through 35.

Mr. worf, what do we know
about that old klingon ship?

- Any weaknesses?
- It's a class-d12 bird-of-prey.

They were retired from service
because of defective plasma coils.

Plasma coils? Is there any way we
can use that to our advantage?

I do not see how. The plasma coil
is part of their cloaking device.

Let's get a stabilizer
on that conduit.

Reinforce that
starboard interlock.

We need to re-route main power
through the secondary coupling.

Data, would a defective plasma coil be
susceptible to some sort of ionic pulse?

Perhaps. Yes, yes. If we sent
a low-level ionic pulse,

it might reset the coil and
trigger their cloaking device.

Excellent idea, sir!

As their cloak begins to engage,
their shields Will drop.

They'll have two seconds of
vulnerability. Mr. data,

- lock on to plasma coil.
- No problem.

- Our shields are holding.
- Fire at Will.

Mr. worf, prepare a spread
of photon torpedoes.

We have to hit them the
instant they begin to cloak.

- Aye, sir.
- We get one shot at this.

Target their primary reactor.

I have accessed their core frequency.
Initiating ionic pulse.

Make it quick!

- Target their bridge.
- Full disruptors.

- We are cloaking.
- What?

Our shields are down!



Haven't you got
anything better to do?

Must have been that last torpedo.
La forge to bridge.

I've got a problem down here.

The magnetic interlocks
have been ruptured. I...

Coolant leak! We have a
coolant leak, everybody.

Let's go. Let's get out of here.

Everybody out. Let's move! Let's move!
We've gotta go!

- Quick!
- Evacuate! Evacuate!

Bridge, we have a new problem.

We're five minutes from
a Warp core breach.

There's nothing I can do.

Deanna, evacuate everyone
to the saucer section.

Mr. data, prepare to
separate the ship.

Starship separation
in five minutes.

- We're going straight down.
- Everyone move. Take corridor a.

Starship separation in
four minutes, 45 seconds.

All right, let's move him out. Let's go.
Take him out, quick.

Starship separation in
four minutes, 30 seconds.

- Keep moving, everyone. Keep going.
- Here we go, Rose, this way.

Starship separation in
four minutes, 15 seconds.

- Hurry!
- Keep moving.

- Farrell!
- Yes?

There's no one here with these kids.
Let's get them to the jefferies tube.

- Come on, sweetie.
- We'll find their parents later.

Starship separation
in four minutes.

Now you'll have to
excuse me, captain.

I have an appointment with eternity,
and I don't want to be late.

The core breach is accelerating, geordi.
We've gotta get out of here.

- That's it, bridge. We're all out.
- One minute to Warp core breach.

Begin separation sequence. Full
impulse power once we're clear.

Warp core is going critical.

- Separation complete.
- Engaging impulse engines.

Core breach in progress.

Primary stabilizers off-line.
Engaging secondary systems.

- Report!
- Helm controls are off-line!

Oh, shit!

Here we go. Right
around this corner!

Come and help me. Help me.

Just keep moving.

- On the ground.
- Everybody on the bed!

I have re-routed auxiliary power
to the lateral thrusters.

Attempting to level our descent.

All hands, brace for impact!

- Hold on, everybody. Hold on tight.
- Hold their heads.

I'm okay.

What... what is this?
Where am I?

- Surprise!
- We love you, father.

- Were you scared?
- Look at the tree.

- I helped decorate it.
- It took all day.

- Say, "merry Christmas," papa.
- See the presents?

- I love you, father.
- I love you, too.

Come on, children. Let's move back
and give your father some room.

- Cup of Earl grey?
- That would be perfect.

- This one's for you.
- Thank you very much, rené.

- Merry Christmas, uncle.
- And merry Christmas to you, too.

René, can you help
me with the table?


Come here.

Go help your aunt.

Did you get anything else?

This isn't right.

- This can't be real.
- It's as real as you want it to be.

Guinan, what's going on?

- Why am I here?
- You're in the nexus.

- This is the nexus?
- For you. This is what you wanted.

But I never had a
home like this.

Nor a wife and children,
but these are all mine.

Guinan, what are you doing here?

I thought you were on
board the enterprise.

I am. I'm also here.

Think of me as an echo
of the person you know,

a part of herself
she left behind.

When the enterprise-b beamed
you up from the lakul.

- Papa, help me build my castle.
- Yes, I Will in a few minutes.

Papa, thank you for the Dolly.
She's very beautiful.

These are my children.
These are my children.

Of course. Time has
no meaning here,

so you can go back
and see them born

or go forward and see
your grandchildren.

Dinner's ready, everyone.

- Yay!
- Yay!

Mama, can I...

- Dinner's ready, papa.
- Yes, of course. Come on, Thomas.

It's your favorite.

Go on. Go on without me.

Guinan, can I leave the nexus?

- Where would you go?
- I don't understand.

Well, as I said, time
has no meaning here.

So, if you leave, you can
go anywhere, any time.

All right, I know exactly
where I want to go.

To the mountaintop on Veridian III
just before soran destroyed the star.

I have to stop him,
but I need help.

Now, if you were to come
back with me, together...

I can't leave. I'm there
already, remember?

But I bet I know
someone who can.

And from his point of view,
he just got here, too.


James t. Kirk.

Beautiful day.

Yes, it certainly is.

Would you mind?

Captain, I'm wondering,
do you realize...

Hold on a minute. Do you
smell something burning?

Looks like somebody was trying
to cook some eggs. Come on in.

It's all right. It's my house.

At least it used to be.

I sold it years ago.

I'm captain Jean-Luc picard
of the starship enterprise.

The clock.

I gave this clock to bones.

I'm from what you would consider
the future, the 24th century.



How can you be here?

He's been dead seven years.

Come on, Jim. I'm starving.

How long are you gonna be
rattling around in that kitchen?


What are you talking about?
The future?

This is the past.

This is nine years ago.

The day I told her I was
going back to starfleet.

And these are ktarian
eggs, her favorite.

I was preparing them
to soften the blow.

I know how real this must
seem to you, but it's not.

This isn't really your house.

We are both of us caught up in
some kind of temporal nexus.

- Dill.
- I beg your pardon?

Dill weed. In the cabinet,
second shelf to the left.

Behind the oregano.

- How long have you been here?
- I don't know.

I was aboard the enterprise-b in
the deflector control room and...

Stir these, Will you?

The bulkhead in front
of me disappeared,

and then I found myself out
there, just now, chopping wood

right before you walked up.


Look, history records

that you died saving the enterprise-b
from an energy ribbon 80 years ago.

You say this is
the 24th century?

- And I'm dead?
- Not exactly. As I said,

- this is some kind of temporal nexus.
- Temporal nexus, yes, I heard you.

- I...
- Something is missing.

Captain, look, I need your help. I
want you to leave the nexus with me.

We have to go back to a
planet, Veridian III.

We have to stop a man called
soran from destroying a star.

Millions of lives are at stake.

You say history considers me dead.
Who am I to argue with history?

You're a starfleet officer!
You have a duty.

I don't need to be
lectured by you.

I was out saving the galaxy when
your grandfather was in diapers.

Besides which, I think
the galaxy owes me one.

Oh, yeah.

I was like you once,

so worried about duty and obligation
I couldn't see past my own uniform.

And what did it get me?
An empty house.

Not this time.

This time I'm gonna walk up these
stairs, march into that bedroom

and tell antonia I
want to marry her.

This time it's gonna
be different.

- This is not your bedroom.
- No, it's not. It's better.

- Better?
- This is my uncle's barn in Idaho.

I took this horse out for a ride
11 years ago on a spring day.

Like this one. If I'm right,
this is the day I met antonia.

This nexus of
yours, very clever.

I can start all over again and
do things right from day one.

I must have jumped that 50 times.
Scared the hell out of me each time.

Except this time.

Because it isn't real.


She isn't real either, is she?

Nothing here is.
Nothing here matters.

You know, maybe this isn't
about an empty house.

Maybe it's about that empty chair
on the bridge of the enterprise.

Ever since I left starfleet,
I haven't made a difference.

- Captain of the enterprise?
- That's right.

Close to retirement?

- I'm not planning on it.
- Let me tell you something. Don't.

Don't let them promote you.
Don't let them transfer you.

Don't let them do anything that takes
you off the bridge of that ship,

because while you're there
you can make a difference.

Come back with me.
Help me stop soran.

Make a difference again.

Who am I to argue with the
captain of the enterprise?

What's the name of that planet?

- Veridian III?
- Yes.

I take it the odds are against
us and the situation is grim.

You could say that.

You know, if Spock were here,

he'd say that I was an irrational,
illogical human being

for taking on a
mission like that.

Sounds like fun.

I have re-routed auxiliary power
to the lateral thrusters.

Attempting to level our descent.

All hands, brace for impact!

- Just who the hell are you?
- He's James t. Kirk.

Don't you read history?

I've gotta get to the launcher.

- The ribbon Will be here in a minute.
- I'll take care of soran.

Actually, I am familiar
with history, captain,

and if I'm not too much
mistaken, you're dead.

I thought you were heading
for the launcher.

I changed my mind.
Captain's prerogative.

We need that control pad.

Captain, look.

Where's soran?

We're running out of time.

Look, the control pad, it's
still on the other side.

I'll get it. You go
for the launcher.

No, you'll never make that by yourself.
We have to work together.

We are working together.
Trust me. Go.

- Good luck, captain.
- Call me Jim.


Get away from that launcher.


Did we do it? Did we
make a difference?

Yes. We made a difference.
Thank you.

The least I could do for the
captain of the enterprise.

It was fun.

Oh, my.

Captain's log, stardate 48650.1.

Three starfleet vessels
have arrived in orbit

and have begun to beam up
the enterprise survivors.

Our casualties were light,

but unfortunately, the enterprise
herself cannot be salvaged.

It has been extremely
difficult, counselor.

Well, then, why did you decide
not to remove the emotion chip?

At first, I was unprepared for the
unpredictable nature of emotions.

However, having experienced 261
distinct emotional states,

I believe I have learned
to control my feelings.

They Will no longer control me.

Well, I hope you're
successful, data.

Data, over here. I
found something.

One life sign, very faint.


I'm very happy to see you, spot.

Another family reunited.

Data, are you all right?

I am uncertain, counselor.

I am happy to see spot,
yet I am crying.

Perhaps the chip
is malfunctioning.

I think it's working perfectly.

Hello, spot.

Is this it?

Yes. Yes, that's it, number one.
Thank you.

I'm gonna miss this ship.
She went before her time.

Someone once told me that time was a
predator that stalked us all our lives,

but I rather believe
that time is a companion

who goes with us on the journey,

reminds us to Cherish every moment
because they'll never come again.

What we leave behind is not as
important as how we've lived.

After all, number one,
we're only mortal.

Speak for yourself, sir.
I plan to live forever.

I always thought I'd get a
shot at this chair one day.

Perhaps you still Will.

Somehow, I doubt that this
Will be the last ship

to carry the name enterprise.

Picard to farragut.
Two to beam up.