Star Trek: Beyond (2016) - full transcript

After stopping off at Starbase Yorktown, a remote outpost on the fringes of Federation space, the USS Enterprise, halfway into their five-year mission, is destroyed by an unstoppable wave of unknown aliens. With the crew stranded on an unknown planet and with no apparent means of rescue, they find themselves fighting against a ruthless enemy with a well-earned hatred of the Federation and everything it stands for. Only a rebellious alien warrior can help them reunite and leave the planet to stop this deadly menace from beginning a possible galactic war. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
My name is Captain James Tiberius Kirk,

United Federation of Planets.

I'm appearing before you
as a neutral representative

of the Fobonane Republic.

I bring you a message of goodwill

and present to you,
esteemed members of the Teenaxi Delegation,

a gift from the Fobonane High Council
with the highest regard.

What's wrong with it?

- Excuse me?
- Why don't they want it anymore?

I... Well, this was once
a piece of an ancient weapon.

Now they offer it
as a symbol of... of peace

In the Fobonane culture, to surrender
a weapon is an offer of truce.

How did they come by it?

They told me that they
acquired it a long time ago.

So they stole it then!

No, they...


You don't know the Fobonese
like we do.

Yeah, that's very true.
Your Excellency, this gift...

They are crowds of untrustworthy thieves

who want to see us
murdered in our own beds!

This beloved artifact is
a symbol of trust and peace.

They want to chop us into pieces
and roast us over a fire!

No, they...
I don't think that's true.

And eat us!


Scotty, get me out of here!

- That was quick!
- Scotty!

There's quite a bit of
surface interference, sir.



- I ripped my shirt again.
- Stop!

How did it go?

Captain, did you manage to broke
a treaty with the Teenaxi?

Let's just say it came up short.

Would you lock...
lock that.

Put it in the vaults, Spock.
Thank you.

Jim, you look like crap.

Thank you, Bones.

You have a little vein popping out
of your temple again, you okay?

Never better!
Just another day in the fleet.

Captain's Log, Stardate 2263.2.

Today is our 966th day
in deep space.

A little under 3 years
into our 5 year mission

The more time we spend out here,

the harder it is to tell where
one day ends and next one begins.

It can be a challenge
to feel grounded

when even gravity is artificial.

But, well, we do what we can
to make it feel like home.

The crew is always continues
to act admirably despite

the rigors of our extended stay
here in outer space.

And personal sacrifices they have made.

We continue to search
for new life forms

in order to establish
firm diplomatic ties.

Our extended time in uncharted territories

has stretch the ship's mechanical
capabilities, but fortunately,

our engineering department, led by Mr.Scott,
is more than up to job.

The ship aside,
prolonged cohabitation has...

definitely had affects on
interpersonal dynamics.

Some experiences for better

and... some for the worse.

As for me,
things have started to feel...

a little episodic.

The further we go,
the more I found myself wondering:

"What it is we're trying to accomplish?"

If the universe is truly endless,

are we not striving for something
forever out of reach.

The Enterprise is scheduled for
a reprovisoning stop at Yorktown,

Federation's newest and most advanced starbase.

Perhaps a break from routine
will offer us some respite

from the mysteries and the unknown.

Sorry I'm late.

Keenser's leaking some kind of
highly aseptic green goo

and Scotty's terrified that he's going to
sneeze on the warp core

and kill us all.

What the hell are you drink?

I'm pretty sure it's the rest of that
Saurian brandy we picked up on Thasus.

My God, man!
Are you trying to go blind?

That stuff's illegal.

Besides, I found this in Chekov's locker.

- Wow.
- Right.

I mean, I always assume
he'd be a...

- Vodka guy.
- Vodka guy. Exactly.

I wanted to have something
appropriate for your birthday.

It's in a couple of days.
You know I don't care about that.

I know. I know you don't like
celebrating on the day

Because it's also the day
your pa bit the dust.

I was being sensitive.

Did they teach you about
bedside manner in medical school?

Or it's just your southern charm?

- Oh yeah.
- Oh, it's good.


Are you going to
call your mom?

Yeah, of course,
I'll call her that day.

I'm one year older.

Yeah, that's usually how it works.

A year older than
he ever got to be.

He joins the Starfleet
because he...

he believed in it.

I joined out of dare.

You joined to see if
you can live up to him.

He spent all this time
trying to be George Kirk

And now you're wondering just
what it means to be Jim

while you're out here.

To perfect eyesight
and a full head of hair.

- Kirk Here.
- Captain.

- Approaching Yorktown Base.
- I'm on my way, Mr. Sulu.

Let's keep this birthday thing
under wraps, huh.

You know me, Mr. Sensitive.

That is impressive.

Aye, she's a beauty, isn't she?

What a damn monstrosity.

Couldn't we just rent
some space on a planet?

Showing geographical favoritism
among inductive Federation worlds

could cause diplomatic tension.

Oh, you don't think that looks tense?

Looks like a damn snow globe
in space, just waiting to break.

That's the spirit, Bones.


Do you have a moment?

Of course, Nyota.

You should have this back

After all, it belonged
to your mother.

It is not in the Vulcan custom

to receive again that
which was given as a gift.

USS Stargazer, NCC-2893, is deporting
from ship lane 4 in 15 minutes.

Your guys break up?

What did you do?

A typically reductive inquiry, doctor.

You know Spock, if
an Earth girl says:

"It's me, not you."

It's definitely you.

Excuse me.

Commander Spock, may we
have a moment of your time?

This is wonderful!

- You know, I've never been here.
- Oh no.

What I hear is that
the buns here are excellent.


- Daddy.
- Hey.


- Hey.
- So glad you insisted to come.

Thank you for bring this to my attention.

Live long and prosper.

Live long and prosper.

2230.06 - 2263.02

I have red alert
on incoming vessel.

Unidentified, non-federation.

Attention, unidentified vessel,
you are not authorized to approach.

Power down and await instruction.

Unidentified vessel, please comply.

Speak normally.

Language analysis complete.

Is this working?

We were on a science mission
inside the nebula.

Our ship, suffered a critical malfunction.

I took an escape pod,

before the ship crash landed
on a nearby planet.

We need a ship,
capable of navigating the nebula.

You must have someone
who can help us.

We tracked her stranded ship
to a sector of uncharted nebula.

Here, 210 marked 14.

Long range scan?

No data.

The Nebula is too dense.
It's uncharted space.

Well, the Enterprise does have the best
navigation system in the fleet.

She could handle it.

The only ship here with
more advanced technology

is still under construction.

But it's not just the ship
that I'm sending.

I'll gather the crew.


Starfleet Command sent me
your application for the Vice Admiral position,

here at this installation.

Yes, ma'am.

If I may, I would...
recommend Commander Spock

replace me as
captain of the Enterprise.

He is an exemplary Starfleet officer.
He'll make a great captain.

It isn't uncommon, you know,

even for a captain,
to want to leave.

There is no relative direction
in the vastness of space.

There's only yourself,

your ship,
your crew.

- It's easier than you think to get lost.
- It's not about...

I'll bring it up
with the General Council.

We'll discuss it
when you return.


- Mr. Spock.
- Captain.

- I was...
- Perhaps there...

- No, please.
- Captain, after you.

I insist.

After this mission,
we should-we should sit down.

I have something
I need to talk to you about.

I as well have something to share.

We make a good team, right?

I believe we do.

I insist.

Lieutenant Uhura, open the shipwide channel.

Yes, Captain.

Attention, crew of the Enterprise.

Our mission is straightforward.

Rescue a crew stranded on a planet
in uncharted space.

Our trajectory will take us
through a unstable nebula,

a one which will disable all
communications with Starfleet.

We're going to be
on our own.

The Enterprise has something
no other ship in the fleet has.


As we've come to understand
there is no such thing as the unknown.

Only the temporarily hidden.

Kirk out.

Readings indicate cloud density
diminishing, sir.

This is Altamid.
My ship is stranded here.

Approaching Altamid.

Class M Planet .

Massive subterranean development,
but limited to no life forms on the surface.

Proximity alert, sir.

We have an unknown ship
heading right towards us.

- Lieutenant Uhura, hail them.
- Yes, Captain.

No response.

I am picking up
some kind of signal.

They're jamming us.

Magnify, Mr. Sulu.

What is this?

Shields Up, red alert!

Fire at will!

Sir, our phasers are
having minimal effects

And our torpedoes
can't track their movements.

Fire everything we've got.

Captain, we are not equipped
for this matter of engagement.

Shield frequencies have no effect, sir!

They took out the disc.

Shields are inoperable.

- Warp us out of here, Mr. Sulu.
- Yes, sir.

- Why the hell aren't we moving?
- I can't engage the warp drive, sir.

Scotty, I need warp now!

I can't, sir.
The nacelles, they...

They're gone!

Security, engage all
emergency procedures.

Alpha Protocol 28,
Code 1-Alpha-Zero.

All personnel's to alert stations.

It's in sector 12!

Sir, I have hull breaches
in levels 12 to 15.

6, 9, 31 and 21, sir.

Captain, there is a chance
I can reroute the energy reserves

from the warp core
to the impulse engines!

We can get back into the nebula,
maybe we can lose them.

Do whatever you have to do, Scotty.


Let's go.

All clear, Krall.

Connect the plasma conduits
and standby to relay on my mark!

I have the Abronath.
Secure the ship.

- Captain.
- Go, Spock.

I have identified the individual who
appears to be leading the attack party.

He infiltrated the archive vault and removed
the artifact from our mission on Teenax.

Hold your distance until we...


You two with me.
Sulu, you have the Conn.

Yes, sir.

My god!


The hell!


Doctor, we must evacuate now!


We have 100% impulse.

Great work, Mr. Scott.
Maximum impulse towards the nebula.


Krall, the ship is turning back!

Cut it's throat.

Kirk to bridge.

We are losing the inertial dampers.

Systems are failing shipwide, Captain.

Emergency bulkheads are
sealing but structural integrity

is at 18% and falling, sir.

Abandon ship, Mr. Sulu.

Sound the alarm.

Abandon ship.
All personnel evacuate immediately.

We need to give those pods
a chance to escape.

Can you lead those ships away?

Impulse engines are still trying to
draw power from the warp reserve.

We cannot move until
the saucer is separated.

I'll handle it.

Aye-aye, sir.

Abandon ship.
All personnel evacuate immediately.

Are you hurt?

We're good.
Get him up. Get him up.

I got you.

We got to get you guys
to an escape pod.


Ensign Syl.

I need your help.

Yes, sir.

My god!

Spock, they're taking the crew!

Abandon ship.
All personnel evacuate immediately.

Are you okay?

The saucer should be
free by now!

I know, Mr. Sulu!
The captain should be there!

All personnel evacuate immediately.



Impulse engines drawing power
from auxiliary generators.


How many of the crew
are still onboard the saucer?


But if I'm reading this correctly,

the intruders are taking them.

Captain, we are caught
in the planet's gravity.

We cannot pull away.

Get your Kelvin pods.

- Yes, sir.
- Aye, Captain.

Come on, let's go!

You knew.

You knew we would be attacked.

- You don't understand.
- Captain!

Captain Kirk!

Yes, I lied.

Our ship was attacked.

Chekov, check the comms for survivors.

Aye, Captain.

Who is he?

His name is Krall.

He took my crew,

like he took yours

How did he know so much
about the Enterprise?

All I know is that
if I did this...

He would set them free.

Chekov, are you picking anything up
on those scanners?

Nothing, sir.

- What if they...
- No. No.

He was taking them.

We have to find that saucer.

minimum scanning systems would have
more range than a tricorders.

Aye, Captain.
It's possible.

Captain, I was protecting my crew.

We're searching
for the captain.

What is your name?

How do you know our language?

I know your... kind.

I am Lieutenant Nyota Uhura
of the USS Enterprise.

And you have committed an act of war
against the Federation.


Federation is an act of war.

You attacked us.

Your captain...

Why did you sacrifice
yourself for him?

He would have done the same.

And If he made off that ship,
he will come for us.

I am counting on it, Lieutenant Uhura.

I can't believe it.

My god, Spock!

Sit down over here.

Okay. Okay.
Easy, easy

I'll just uh...

Try to relax.
You're going to be okay.

The forced optimism in your voice
suggest that you are trying to

- enlist a sense of calm in order to...
- Okay, cut the horseshit.

Doctor, I fail to see
excrement of any kind

bears relevance on our
current situation.

- Whoa. What the hell are you doing?
- We must keep moving, Doctor.

Spock, this thing's punctured
your iliac region.

- Which time is a critical factor.
- That's exactly what I'm trying to tell you.

Look, if I can't take this out,
you're going to die.

Okay, If I take it out and
can't stop the bleeding,

you're going to die.

I can see no appeal
in either option.

Yeah, believe it or not,
neither can I.

So, if I remember correctly,

The... Vulcans have their hearts
where humans have their livers.

That is correct, Doctor.

That explains a thing or two!

You know you're lucky!
An inch to the left ..

and you'll be dead already.

I just don't get it, Spock.

I mean, what?

What did they attack us for?
I mean...

They do all this for some... doodad
that the tiny critters didn't want?

It is unwise to trivialize that which one
simply does not understand, Doctor.

We can safely assume that it is
more important than a doodad.

I think you just managed
to insult me twice, Spock.


Alright, Spock.

I just got one question.

- What's your favorite color?
- I fail to see the relevance...



Yeah. They say it hurts
less if it's a surprise

I may adopt a parlance
which you are familiar.

I can confirm your theory
to be horseshit.

We got to
get out of here.

You're kidding me, aren't you?

Hello there.

My name is Montgomery Scott.

Who might you be?

Watch it, sonny.

I'm pretty handy
when I want to be, aye.

Don't come back.

Well, we certainly showed them,
uh lassie?

Hey, that's Starfleet property, okay.
You cannot just take it.

Uh. But I'm feeling generous today
so how about it.

Where you get that?

- Is that English?
- I learn it from my house.

Where you get that?

- This is my Starfleet insignia.
- What does it mean ?

It means that I'm an officer of Starfleet.
Engineering division.


Aye, that's right,
I fix things.

I know what is engineering.

You know where those bastards
that killed my ship, are you?

I will take that as a no.

He is Krall.
He and his...


They search the stars for a...
death machine

They are the reason why you're here,
why we are all here.

Even those 3 scummers?

They are falling from the sky,
like me and you.

Come with me.

Now hang on a minute, lassie.

I'm having a difficult day here.

I got to find my crewmates.

I will help you find your mates,

and then you will help me.

With what?

You want me to fix something?

You help me, and I help you.

Alright. Well, things being as they are,
I doubt I'll get a better offer today.

So lead the way.


I am Jayla.

- And you're Montgomery Scott.
- Aye, Scotty.

Come now, Montgomery Scotty.

Hold on.

The Enterprise...

may not even have power
to the bridge, Captain.

She still have a few tricks
up her sleeve.

I bet on it.

McCoy to Enterprise, come in.

McCoy to Enterprise.

Hey, take it easy there, Spock.
That was just a temporary fix back there.

I understand, Doctor.


Ominous, dark, dangerous.

We go in.


These symbols, are the same as those
depicted on the artifact taken in the attack.

You think it came from here?

It would seem so.

Damn it, Spock.



Aren't we there yet?

Stop asking that.

- Sorry.
- This is the way, come.

And watch your steps,
we do not want you set off my traps.

That's clever.

What is this place?

This is my house.

Your house?

Hold on a minute.
Is this a ship?

I hope you find your friends
and you help me fix it.

So I can leave this planet forever.

Wait a minute.

Is this your ship?

No, Montgomery Scotty.

It's yours.

Oh my good lord.


Captain, it looks like
there is power.

Alright, let's get to the bridge
and I'll find the crew.

The console is intact, Captain.
I will...

try to reroute power to it.

Well, work fast.

Once we get this place lite up,
we're going to draw a lot of attention.

What do you think?
Can you find them?

Aye, Captain.

I'm reconfiguring scanners
to modulate for the crew signals.

You're with me.
I left something behind.

That is one heck of a cold.

Nice job, Keenser.

Alright, we got about 15 minutes
until the next guard rotation.

Come on.

Let's go. Come on.

This is a Magellan probe.

Federation was using this
to find a way through the nebula.

What's he using it for?

What do you see?

He's been piggybacking the
subspace links between the probes.

Can we use it to send a...
distress signal.

I can try.

It's sent.

He's accessed the Yorktown database.


He's got Starfleet data files, ship logs,
including the Enterprise.

He's been watching us
this whole time.

Captain, the artifact was
on the ship the whole time?

I couldn't afford
to get caught with it.

So I hid it in here.

Tell Krall.

I have the Abronath.

Do you believe
every sad story you hear?

Not every.

Put the phaser down, please.

Did you get it, Chekov?

Aye, Captain.
I've traced the location of her call.

What does Krall want with this thing?

To save you...
from yourselves.


- You all right?
- Aye, Captain, but we are trapped.

Can you get this thing started?

Are you intermitting the intuition...
engage the thrusters?

I'm open to other suggestions.


- There's a problem, sir.
- What?

Fuel is primed.
I cannot get it to combust!

Captain, we are basically
standing on a very large bomb!

- If you miss the combustion compressor...
- I'm not going to miss, come on.

Sir, do you know what the
combustion compressor looks like?

A square, right?

No, it's round.

That's what I said.



- Go!
- Okay. Okay.


Chekov, move!

Do you think you know
what sacrifice really means?

Federation has taught you
that conflict should not exist!


But without struggle,

you would never know
who you truly are.

You have no idea
who we are.

But you'll soon find out.

You mean the distress signal
you thought you sent?

The coordinates were altered.

Your rescue ships will be
stranded in the nebula

and your base left... full open.

You're going to attack Yorktown.

Millions of souls from every
Federation world holding hands.

It's a perfect target.

You're wrong.

There is strength in unity.

The strength of others, Lieutenant,

is what kept me alive.

- No!
- Don't!


Spock, wake up, damn it!

I am entirely conscious, Doctor.

I'm simply contemplating
the nature of mortality.

Feeling philosophical, huh?

Massive blood loss
will do that to you.

You asked me why Lieutenant Uhura
and I parted ways.

I became concerned...

in the light of Vulcans demise

that I owe a debt of duty
to my species.

You thought you should be off
making little Vulcans, huh?

Yeah, I can see
how that'd upset her.

I intended to discuss it with her further

but I received some news which
affected me unexpectedly.

What news?

Ambassador Spock has died.


Spock, I'm so sorry.

I can't imagine
what that must feel like.

When you lived
as many lives as he...

Fear of death is illogical.

Fear of death...

is what keeps us alive.

I want to live as he did.

That is why I decided...

to redirect my efforts
and continue his work...

on New Vulcan.

You're leaving Starfleet?

What did Jim have
to say about that?

I could not find the time
to tell him.

Oh, I can tell you,
he's not going to like that.

Hell, I don't know what
he'd do without you.

I mean, you know, me on the other hand.
I'd-I'd throw a party but...

My god, you get delirious.

How far are we from
the coordinates of that call?

Still a way, sir.

- Captain?
- Yeah?

When did you begin
to suspect her?

Not soon enough.

How did you know?


I guess you can say
I got a...

good nose for danger.


Is that music?

Where the hell
is that coming from?


I plugged the little box in the power cell
and the little mouth make it sing.

That's very clever.

Music is a bit old fashion
for my taste

...not to mention very loud and distracting...

but hey, well played.

I like the beats and shouting.

Well, you do?

- Switch it off.
- Oh, I'm okay.

Switch it off!

Someone set off
one of my traps.



- You know these men?
- Aye, lassie.

- That wee man there is Pavel Chekov.
- Hello.

And that handsome bastard is James T. Kirk.

They are my mates.

It's good to see you sir.

-What is she doing? Scotty.

don't hurt them because...

Take... You take that thing and

- You're free, James T.
- There we go.

Mr. Scott.

Who's your new friend here?

- She sure knows how to
throw out a welcome mat.
- This is Jaylah.

I do not know
what is a welcome mat.

- You find anybody else?
- No, sir.

I'm sorry.
You are the only ones.

What the hell happened up there, Jim?
Why were we attacked?

They were after the artifact
we brought back from Teenax.

- Did they get it?
- No.

- Have you got it?
- No. I...

have to get it off the Enterprise.
I put it on a shuttle.

- You hid it in a shuttle.
- Yes.

- And...
- No.

This is the USS Franklin, sir.
Can you believe it?

The first Earth ship capable of warp 4.

It went missing in the Gagarin radiation belt
in the early 2160s.

I remember that from the Academy.
Captain Balthazar Edison,
- Aye.

one of the first heroes of Starfleet.
How the hell did this ship end up here?

There's a lot of theories, sir.

Surrendered to the Romulans,

Captured by a giant green space hand.

This far out, it's got to be
a wormhole displacement.

Can she fly?

She's missing a few driver coils
and the EPS conduits are fried

but Jaylah has done a marvelous job
of getting the ship's system back online.

- Thank you, Montgomery Scotty.
- Pardon me.

Mr. Chekov, can you
plug in the coordinates.

See if you can track the crews location
from the ship's sensors?

Aye, Captain.

He likes that seat.

Mr. Scott, tour.

Yes, the mess hall.
Jaylah, if you will.


No clue what happened
to the crew, huh?

No, sir.
They'd be dead 100 years by now.

Is that a...?

That's a PX-70.


My dad used to have one
when he was a kid.

My mom said he'd...

put her at the back
and then drive her nuts.


So, you tell me this thing's
been here this whole time and ...

no one's ever noticed it?

She has rigged up
image reflectors.


Some sort of holographic camouflage.

Aye, sir.


I intercepted a weak communication
transmission, sir,

It's a Starfleet frequency.


Can you lock onto the signal?

Yes, but how do we get to them?

I have an idea, sir,
but I'm going to need your permission.

Why would you need my permission?

Because if I mess up,
I don't want it to be just my fault.

McCoy and Spock to Enterprise crew.
Come in, Enterprise crew.


Come on, Spock.

Come on, you can make it!

Leaving me behind will significantly
increase your chances of survival, Doctor.

Well, that's damn chivalrous of you
but completely out of the question.

It is imperative that you
locate any surviving crew.

There I was thinking you care.

Of course I care about you.

I always assumed
my respect for you is clear.

The dialogue we have had
across the years has always...

It's okay, Spock.

You don't have to say it.

Well, at least I won't die alone.

Well, that's just typical.



Good to see you
in one piece, Doctor.

Oh, am I?

I felt like my entrails
been to a barn dance.

I believe these old transporters
were only ever used for cargo

but a few modifications
seemed to do the trick.

I thought it was best to
beam you one at a time though.

- You know, in case you got... spliced.
- Oh.

I couldn't imagine a worse scenario.

Good to have you back.
You alright?

Yeah, I'm fine.
He's hurt.

I am functioning adequately, Captain.

In a pigs eye, you are.

Captain, we discovered that the stolen
artifact appears to have come from this planet.

Damn it, Spock!

- Are there any medical supplies in this thing?
- This way.


Lie down, come on.

There you go.

How are we going to
get out of this one, Spock?

We got...

no ship, no crew.
Not at this odds.

We will do what
we have always done, Jim.

We will find hope in the impossible.

- Let's get you patched up first, okay?
- Captain.

You must focus your efforts
at helping the crew.

Well, that's why
I need you around, Spock.

This thing are from
the dark ages.


I am pretty sure
this is a protoplaser.

It should stop the internal haemorrhaging.
At least that's my hope.

The miserable have no other medicine
but only hope.

Death's door and he is quoting Shakespeare.

Captain's Log, Stardate 2263.2

We have searched the wreckage.

He must have hidden it elsewhere.

The further we go,
the more I found myself wondering:

All we have is his crew, Krall.

Tell me where it is.





Let him go and I will
give you what you want.

Syl, don't!


Unity is not your strength.

It is your weakness.

We should wait until
we are absolutely sure.

No, we have to get
the crew back, now.

Chekov has the coordinates that
can lead us to Krall's base, so we go.

With respect, sir,
how do we know that

Krall was at the base
when she called him.

And even if he was, we don't know
if the crew was with him.

Or if he's still alive.

Mr. Chekov, can you reconfigure
the search parameters

in order to compensate
for this formula?

Aye, Commander.
But what is this formula?

It is Vokaya, Mr. Chekov.

A mineral unique to Vulcan
which emits low level radiation.

I'll have to filter out
all other energy emissions.

Spock, what the hell would a Vulcan
mineral be doing way out here?

Where are you going with this?

Lieutenant Uhura wears a Vokaya amulet
which I presented to her

as a token of my
affection and respect.

You gave your girlfriend
a radioactive jewelery?

The emissions is harmless, Doctor.

But it's unique signature
makes it very easy to identify.

You gave your girlfriend
a tracking device?

That was not my intention.

I'm glad he doesn't respect me.

I am detecting a weary
trace amount of Vokaya.

Does the location match the coordinates
you acquired from Kalara, Mr. Chekov?

It is a match, sir.

It's presence suggest that Lieutenant Uhura
and thereby the rest of the crew

are being held at
Krall's base of operation.

Can you beam them out?

No, sir.
There is some geological interference

that is blocking
the transporter signal.

Well, I guess we are going to have to go
and break them out the old fashion way.

You cannot go to this place.

Everyone who goes there, he kills.

You've been there?
You've seen it?

Well, why didn't you say something, lassie?

Because I knew you will ask me
to take you there.

If your friends are there
then they will die,

just like my family.

And I will not go back
to that death place.

Aye. But, if you escaped then you can
show us the way in and the way out.


This is not the deal we made,
Montgomery Scotty.

If you choose to do this,
you are on your own.

Wait, wait.

Let her go.

She's lost people too, Captain.

Wait, that's our friends out there, lassie,
and I can't just leave them behind.

Now, we could really use your help.

We just need you to be brave, that's all.

When we were in that place...

Krall would come in take someone.

There were screams,
I can still hear them.

And we would not
see that person again.

We did not know
who would be next.

My father planned an escape.

But we were seen by...
by the one they call Manas.

My father fought him
so I could get out.

He was brave...

and Manas killed him.

What you want is impossible.

Bat, maybe it's not.

Now, me granny used to say:
"You cannot break a stick in a bundle."

You're a part of something bigger now, lassie.

Don't you give up on that.

Because we're sure as hell
never give up on you.

That is what being part
of a crew is all about.

Is that what you believe in, James T?

All I know is, we stand
a better chance with you.

The digging machines uncover the tunnel
that goes into the crater.

That's how I got out.

Oh, so that'll be our way in.

The away team will be on the
other side of the tunnel,

fall into Krall's base, get inside
the building and break out the crew.

Uh, Captain, we cannot locked on

to anyone inside the crater
in order to beam them out.

Oh, I could rigged up pulse beacons
as pattern enhancers.

- That will get the signal over the crater.
- Alright.

How many people can Franklin
transport at the time?

With a wee modifications,
20 max.

But I'm not sure
how long it will hold out.

Bones, Mr. Chekov, Jaylah,
you will be in the away team.

Mr Scott, modify that transporter

then do everything you can
to get this ship operational.

Captain, Mr. Chekov's technical acumen
makes him more valuable

onboard the Franklin than Mr. Scott.

It's thereby logical that
I would replace him.

Why is that logical, Spock?
You just got back on your feet.

Lieutenant Uhura is in that facility, Jim.

I'll keep an eye on him.


His soldiers are everywhere.
We won't pass unseen.

What we require is a diversion.

I think I have an idea.

This is Abronath.

It was used by the ancient ones
as a weapon.

But when they could not
control it's deadly power

they... split it into two
and ejected the halves into space.

Hoping it will be lost forever.

But I am grateful.

I have spent lifetimes searching for

and only to have
you find it for me.

The poetry of fate.

The world that I was born into...

is very different from yours, Lieutenant.

We knew pain, we knew terror.

Struggle, made us strong.
Not peace, not unity.

These are myths the Federation
would have you believe.

Those are strong words.

You might even believe them.

But there's something else
going on with you.

Something underneath.



What are you doing with her?

You already got what you want
and let her go!


Manas, it's time.

The Federation has pushed the
frontier for centuries but no longer.

This is where it begins, Lieutenant.

This is where the frontier
pushes back.

This way.

Where is she?

I got to admit, that's a hell of a distraction.

Your friends are over there.

Come on.

Let me deal with them.

You've brought us this far.

Finish the mission, Krall.


Uhura, he took her.

Get the remainder
of the crew to safety.

Come on.
Let's go, move.

Get up there.

- I've got them, Mr Scott.
- Okay, Mr. Chekov, increase the signal.

- We are going to grab them 20 at a time.
- Aye.

Let's hope this doesn't get messy.


What are you doing here?

I am here to rescue you.

Let's go.

Good to see you, wee-man.

You will die here...
just like your father.

10 seconds until transporters recharged, Doctor.

- Wait for my signal.
- Doctor!

Damn it, man,
we're not leaving without them!

Come on, let's go!
Let's move! Let's move!

Let's go!
Come on!

We are ready for you next, Captain,
just turn on your beacon.

- Scotty, do you have everybody?
- Aye, sir.

Everyone except you and Jaylah.

Hit the beacon
and we'll grab ya.

Now they will leave you... here.

Captain, your beacon!

- There it is!
- Energize!

Jaylah, now!


Let's never do that again.

I agree, James T.

You, alright?

Captain this thing he has...

He's going to destroy Yorktown.

You take my house...

and you make it fly.

Scotty, can you get this thing started?

Well start it, yes.
Flying, sir.

That's a different thing.

These old vessels,
they were built in space.

They were never supposed
to take off from atmosphere.

Make it happen.

They are called Starships
for a reason, Captain.

You tell me this now?

Because I didn't want to disappoint you.
You know, in case you didn't make it back.

- How thoughtful, Mr. Scott.
- Captain.

He's launching.

The attack on Yorktown may be
just the beginning.

Armed with this bioweapon,
he could rid of all life

and use the base's advanced
technology to attack

an untold number of Federation planets.

We'll just going to have to
get this thing flying.

We can't just jump start it, sir.

Okay, all systems online.

Dilithium chambers
at 70% and climbing.

Primary subwarp engines standing by.

Mr. Sulu.

You can...
You know... fly this thing, right?

You kidding me, sir?


Scotty, how are we looking?

Ready as she'll ever be, sir.

That's what I like to hear, alright.

Bones, where are we with the crew?

I could use a functioning med bay,
but otherwise we are secured down here.

Mr. Sulu.

We have to achieve terminal velocity

in order for the stabilizers
to provide lift.

Are you sure this drop
is high enough to do that?

We'll find out.

Call it, Mr. Sulu.

Aye aye, Captain.

Mr. Chekov, be ready to hit
the forward stabilizers full

on my mark.
One quarter impulse.


One half impulse, Mr. Chekov.


We should belt up, go on.
Go, go, go. Go.

Easy, Mr. Sulu.
Let's not break her in half.

Anytime, Mr. Sulu!


I have red alert
on incoming vessel.

No reply at all frequency
ID request.


Red alert!
Red alert!

Look how far they've come.

Please proceed to designated
safety zones immediately.

Please proceed to designated
safety zones immediately.

Mayday. Mayday.
Commencing emergency...

I'm picking up distress signals from
every frequency coming from Yorktown.

Krall's already starting his attack.

Mr. Scott, what kind of weapons
do we have?

We have pulse phase cannons
and spatial torpedoes.

Lock and load.

That does not matter.
You cannot defeat the bees.

maybe we lure them away.

How do we get Yorktown time
to get people to safety?

We are on horse and buggy
compared to these things.

We're barely holding together
as it is, Captain.


The flight patterns of bees are
determined by individual decisions.

Krall's swarm formations are
too complex not to rely on

some form of unified
cyberpathic coordination.

- I surmise that if we could...
- Spock, skip to the end.

What he's saying is that if we disorient
the swarm, we can kick it's ass.


Scotty, can you beam me onto
one of those swarm ships?

Have you gone completely mad?

- Yes or no?
- No.


Captain, my familiarity of
the interior of those ships,

however brief, makes me
more qualified for this away mission.

Spock, you're still hurt.

She's right, Spock.

I acknowledge and respect your concerns.

Perhaps you will feel more confident
if I were accompanied by someone

with familiarity of both the ship
and my injury.

He's going to love this.

You want me to do what?

- Come along, Doctor.
- Whoa, wait a minute.

Why you green-blooded ingrate.
This was your idea.

It's a good idea, Bones.

You know, next time
you have a piece of pipe

stuck in your trousers,
call a plumber.

Just make sure you find a way
to break those things.

If it gets heady,
I'll beam you straight back.


You're going to be great!

Damn it, Jim.
I'm a Doctor, not a ...

You do realize the last time I flew
one of these things, we crashed.

So don't blame me if I...


... hit something.

Spock to Franklin.

Spock, we read you.

Captain, from what I can ascertain,
the ships do indeed

shared a cyberpathic link
which coordinates their actions.

Patching it through now.

That's why they're signalize.

They weren't jamming us,
they were talking to each other.

How do we get them
to stop talking?

What about...
electromagnetic focusing?

We can use the transporters
to disturb their network.

The focus might be too specific.

If we can plant some sort of disruptive
communication signal inside the swarm

it might inversely effect
their capacity to coordinate.

It will have to be the frequency
they will not anticipate.

It will cause a chain reaction that
will wipe out the whole swarm.

Sir, a closed network like that might
be susceptible to very high frequency.


We can-We can broadcast
something from the ship

to drown out their links.
Something loud and distracting.

Loud and distracting?

I've got just the thing.

Do not break my music.

Break it?
You're getting an upgrade.

The swarm ships are 60 seconds
from breaking through.

I just got to reconfigure the VHF
output into a multiphasic sweep.

- Let me do it.
- Nah, lassie.

Let he do it.

Ah, you do it.

There, see?

- Simple.
- Alright.

Captain, we're ready to broadcast.

The signal won't travel far,
we have to get closer.

How close?

- Very.
- Intercept course, Mr. Sulu.

- Put us right in the middle of that thing.
- Yes, sir.

My old friend.

The swarm ships are doubling back,
they are forming an attack wave, sir.

Alright, we got their attention.

Hold steady, Mr. Sulu.
Brace yourselves, everybody.

Spock, standby to
drop out of formation.

- Scotty, all queued up back there?
- Aye, sir.

Ready to broadcast at 57.7 MHz.

- Made your choice, lassie?
- I'll have the beat and shouting.

Let's make some noise.


That's a good choice.





Faster, Doctor. We risk being
consumed by their trajectorial decay.

Damn backseat driver.

- Get ready, Doctor!
- God damn, I see it!





Is that classical music?

Yes, Doctor.
It would seem to be.

Lieutenant Uhura, make sure Yorktown
has the frequency to broadcast.

Sir, we now have
the distraction frequency.


♪ Listen all of y'all
it's a sabotage ♪

♪ Listen all of y'all
it's a sabotage ♪

You alright, Spock?

We are fine, Captain.

But there are still three ships
heading into Yorktown.

That's got to be Krall.
Keep on him, Spock.

Do whatever it takes to stop him
from using that weapon.

My house is breaking!

There is mass depolarization
of the hull plating.

I can reroute the power from
the dilithium chamber, I need help.

I will need you, Jaylah.
Let's go!

Do not lose them, Doctor.

You are more than welcome
to switch places with me, Spock.

Captain, intercepting all three ships
is an impossibility.

Give me schematic of Yorktown!

There, Yorktown headquarters.

Mr. Chekov, can you do
a bioscan on central plaza?


They are clearing civilians.

Bones, there's a city plaza coming up.

You got to make sure
Krall heads for it.

- Why?
- Just do it!

Sulu, get us up there!

Hold on to something!

Great work, Bones.

Thanks, Jim.

Now I just got to
figure out how to land.

Captain, I have 3 hull breaches
from the impact.

Deck 3, the cargo bay
and the engine room.

Alright, Sulu, Chekov,
check the cargo bay and deck 3.

We need confirmation that the weapon
has been neutralized and Krall is dead.


It's Krall.
We've seen him do this.

It's some kind of energy transfer,
and it physically changes him.

He must still be on board.

No one's seen him leave.

Sulu, contact Yorktown security.

And lockdown the ship.
Let's go.

Its about damn time


- It's about damn time.
- ... the frontier.

- Its about damn time
- Watch the frontier.

- It's about damn time
- Watch the frontier.

- It's about damn time
- Watch the frontier.



It's him.

Scotty, I need you to
link into Franklin database.

Find out what you can
about Balthazar Edison.

- What? The Captain of the Franklin?
- Yeah.

- Sir, he'd be long dead.
- No, he's not!

I don't know how,
but Edison is Krall!

What did you find?

Well, his records goes back way before
the Federation even exist .

He was a major in the United Earth
Military Assault Command Operation. (MACO)

- A lot of off-world combat.
- He was a soldier.

Aye, sir.
And a pretty good one.

His military service came to an end
when MACO was disbanded.

- Why? What happened ?
- The Federation, sir, Starfleet.

We're not a military agency.

They made him a captain
and gave him the Franklin.

- Scotty, bring up his logs.
- Aye, sir.

Captain's Log...

Last entry.

Captain's Log....

I don't remember the Stardate.

All distress calls unanswered.

Of the crew...

only 3 remain.


The indigenous race abandoned
this planet long ago.

They left behind sophisticated mining
equipment and a drone workforce.

They have some sort of...
technology that prolongs...


I will do whatever it takes
for me and my crew.

The Federation do not
care about us.

You probably will
never see me again.

But if you do...

Be ready.

Why has he not
used his weapon yet?

Because he wants to find somewhere
to inflict maximum damage.

He needs a distribution system.

You have to circulate air here, right?

Aye, sir. There's a atmospheric regulator
near the core.

Lieutenant, contact Yorktown.

- Make sure they shut it
down until we find Krall.
- Yes.

How will he access the core?

Well, there is a maintenance tower
at the station's gravitational nexus.

That's the only way.

Scotty, you get over there and
make sure it gets shutdown.

Lassie, you're with me.

Look, this thing is impossible
to shut down.

Alright, well.

We'll see about that.

Mr. Scott,
why is that thing still on?

We're working on that, sir,
but as you can imagine

there's a lot of safety protocols
surrounding the thing that,

you know, keeps everybody alive.

Figure something out!

Be careful, Captain.

Gravity is going to get a bit screwy
the closer you get to the center.

Maybe we should scan
the operations schematics.

- See if there is a backdoor.
- Right.

Lassie, I'm going to need your eyes.


What happened to you out there...


I have to say, Kirk.

I missed being me.

We lost ourselves,
but gained a purpose.

It means to bring the galaxy

back to the struggle that
made humanity strong.

I think you underestimate humanity.

I fought for humanity!

We lost millions to the Xindi
and Romulan wars.

And for what?

For the Federation to sit me
in the captain's chair.

and break bread
with the enemy!

We change.
We have to.

Or we'll spend the rest of our lives
fighting the same battles.

You lost!

No way you can
make it back there.

Give up!

Like you did?

I read your ship's log.

Captain James T. Kirk.

At least I know
what I am!

I'm a soldier.

You won the war, Edison.

You gave us peace!


is not what
I was born into.

- Scotty.
- Captain.

He's using the gravitational slipstream
to carry him back to the center.


- What's that?
- The weapon's in the chamber.

Captain we have to stop
the processor now

or everything breathing
in Yorktown is dead.

You can't stop it.

You will die.

Better to die saving lives...

than to live with taking them.

That's what I was born into.

- Scotty.
- Captain, I think we can redirect it.

There's a seal construction hatch that
will let you vent the weapon into space.

Now we can override the
locks from up here,

but you'll have to
activate the hatch.

- I just have to hit a button.
- It's not a button, sir.

It's a simple lever
under a white panel.

- Got it.
- And there's 4 of them.

Once you open the hatch,
you've to exit the chamber immediately.

If the hatch is open when the
processor recycles and you are in it

you are going to get
sucked into space.

What happens when
the hatch isn't opened?

You are going to get
sucked into big fan,

with the weapon
and we all die.

Damn it, Jim,
you won't make it out on time!

The vent.

Get out of there, James T!

Scotty, the last hatch won't open!


Work fast, Captain.
Time is running out.

He's not going to make it.

Oh, oh.

Manual override engage.

What would I do without you, Spock?

For decades, the Federation
thought that he was a hero.

I guess time
would judge us all.

He just got lost.

You saved this entire base, Kirk.

Millions of souls.
Thank you.

It wasn't just me.

Never is.

Needless to say, the position
of Vice Admiral is yours.

No one deserves it more.

Vice Admirals don't fly, do they?

No, they don't.

No offense, ma'am,

where's the fun in that?


You didn't even try to get
our time out here reduced?

Why would I get it reduced?

Bones, we know our way
through the nebula now.

Can you imagine
what we'll find?

Alien despots,
hell bent on killing us.

Deadly space spawn viruses and bacteria.

Incomprehensible cosmic anomalies
that could wipe us out in an instant.

It's going to be
so much fun.

By the way, where're we going?
I thought we were going to get a drink.

I know you told me
to keep it under wraps, but...

- Happy birthday!
- Happy birthday!

Mr. Sensitive?

- There you go.
- Thanks, Scotty.

Everybody, raise your glass
to Captain James T. Kirk.

- Captain Kirk.
- Captain Kirk!

Thanks, everybody.

- To the Enterprise.
- To the Enterprise.

And... to absent friends.

- Cheers.
- Here-here.

Alright, let's get this party started.
Who's round is it?

Can I get 3 Romulan ales, for me.

I thought you have to
finish your mission report.

I do.

But I thought it would be more pleasing
to engage with you socially.

You old romantic.

Do you know that scotch was actually
invented by a little lady in Russia?

- Oh. Excuse me.
- Not many people knows.

Uh. Did you drink all those yourself?
I'm impressed.

Someone said it will
take my edge off.

My edge is still not off.

Well, maybe this will help.

The captain, pulled a few strings.

That is acceptance into Starfleet Academy,
if you want it.

We have a lot rules.
No less, no more.

Will I have to wear that uniform?

I'm afraid so.

Hey, Keenser.

Still not wearing pants, I see.

I heard about Ambassador Spock.

Is that what you want to mention
in that... time in the turbolift?

More or less.

I trust your meeting with
Commodore Paris went well.

More or less.

You really want to head back
out there, huh?

Space: the final frontier.

These are the voyages
of the starship Enterprise.

It's continuing mission:
to explore strange new worlds.

to seek out new life
and new civilizations,

to boldly go
where no one has gone before.

Subtitle edited by - Aorion -