Star Time (1992) - full transcript

A delusional misfit becomes suicidal when his favorite TV show is cancelled. An agent promises to make him a TV star if he kills certain people, so he becomes "The Baby Mask Killer."

(downbeat music)

Be a winner.

Are you listening to me?

Are you listening with all
your heart and soul?

With all your dreams, your hopes,
and ambitions be,

be a winner.

Be a winner, play the lottery.

(distorted music)

(man screaming)

It's all a huge lottery, you know.

Before you're even born,
you get a ticket.

Some get lucky and their ticket says

you're gonna be born rich, and
have great parents,

or be really nice to look at.

Some others get tickets that say,

you're gonna have drunk parents,
and junkies for kids,

get cancer, or bust your face up
in a car accident.

Anything and everything
that happens in life

happens in this cosmic lottery.

There's no good or bad, really.

It's just the lottery.

Your number comes up, and
whether your ass falls off

or turns to gold, you got to play.

There's no turning back.

(soft, pensive music)

(soft tapping)

(playful music)

(TV show theme song)


(suspenseful music)

Love ya.

No, I really love you.

I wanna be involved (mumbles).


Do it.


(upbeat music on the radio)

(suspenseful music)

(bell tolls)

I don't blame you.

Hurts when you're robbed.

When they take away what's yours.

(heavy breathing)

Are you?

I thought about putting an end
to it once too, pal.

And you know what saved me?


Yeah, you.

And every single human being
who carries the cross

of awareness in this world.

I don't wanna make you
feel guilty pal,

but what about them?

If you and I cut the cord,
what happens to them?


Each of those

tender, sensitive souls out there,

who week in and week out
experience with you and me

the magic of our favorite TV show,

The Robertson Family.

Tonight, that very special TV show,

has been taken off the air, forever.

You and I are not the only ones
crushed by the loss.

But I will say this.

Not everyone has the courage to go
for the total blackout

like you and me.

Wanna jump with me?

Yeah, okay.

(chuckles) Okay, kid.

I have to clear my conscience first,

that alright with you?

(dramatic music)

(bell tolls)

(bell tolls)

(bell tolls)

Can't do it.

How can I let the pain of my
measly little existence

frighten me?

Hell, as long as people dream,
I'll exist.

They need me.

You know why, Henry?

Because I'm in show business.

And they need you too, Henry.

The world would be a poorer
place without you.

Take my word for it.

My name is Bones.

Sam Bones.

I know we can make a difference
to those millions,

with our guidance.

After all, you're in
show business too,

aren't you Henry?

Always wanted to be on TV.


What more can I say?

You're a man of vision.

A man of commitment.

You make a decision and you
go all the way,

I like that.

I respect it.

Would have been a terrible waste.


If you were dead, we wouldn't be
having this conversation.

It'd be no story from this point on,

think about it.

Ah, maybe this is just some
fantasy of mine.

I've been wrong before.

Maybe your instincts are right,

After all, what do I know?

It's really up to you.

The power is in your hands.

(footsteps echo)

The power is in your hands.

(hard breathing)

(Latin music)

(interference sounds)

(footsteps echo)

(soft, gloomy music)

Do you have anybody that
you can talk to

when you don't sleep?

A friend, or anybody special.

I like the Robertsons.



One time she put on

her mom's high heel
shoes and stockings

and a dress, and lipstick.

And she's only nine.

I watch her.

[Wendy] Where?

At the Robertson's house.

Do you go to their house a lot?

Yeah, Wednesday nights
at eight o'clock.

That's when they're on.

They're on?



They're really funny.

And they're really nice.

(garbled voices)


You're gonna come live
with me now, Henry.

I looked for you everywhere.

Thought I'd never see you again.

You're gonna to muster up a lot
of courage, you know,

to do what we have to do.

I'm not sure I want
to go with you.

Here, dry your ears.

If water gets in them, you could
catch an infection.

There are hard times ahead of us,

We're gonna face them together.

We're gonna become the best team,
best friends.


(frog croaks)

You'll never even have to
be alone again.

The view is a little different from
here, isn't it Henry?

What do you think of my house,

[Henry] It's very big.


[Sam] It is indeed.

[Henry] It's very nice of you to
bring me here, sir.

Very nice to have you, Henry.

From now on, my house is your home.

You want anything, anything at all,

all you've got to do is want it.

All I need from you, Henry
is just one thing.

That shouldn't be too difficult,

because it's something
you have already.

You know what that is, Henry?

Can you hear me, Henry?


[Sam] Well then, what is it?

I don't know.

It's the solution to the
riddle of life.

It's what separates you from the
rest of the world.

But I don't wanna be different.

It gives it a competitive edge.

The manna from heaven.

It's what I saw in you
earlier tonight, Henry.

That special quality that
you and I both have.

What is it?

Come on, what is it?

What, what, what is the
treasured gift?

I don't know.

It's commitment.

Are you angry with me?

No, I'm not angry with you at all,

In fact, we're bonding already.

Don't let anyone lie to you.

There's nothing pretty about death,

about getting sick,
about getting old

or hurting a lot.

The saddest thing of all,

you can't do anything
about those things.

Life, on the other hand,

is an altogether
different sensation.

If you can whistle the
right symphony.

I don't know how to whistle.

There's nothing to it.

(whistles La Marselleise)

[Henry On TV] Is it on?

Is it on?

[Man] Yeah, yeah, it's on.

[Henry] That's private.

They're for who?


Who's Wendy?

My friend from Social Services.

Social worker, uh?

No, she's a good friend.

(loud claps)


Excuse me, can you go outside.

I need to be alone for this one.

[Cameraman] I gotta operate the...

No this is really
important though,

I gotta do this, cause I...

It's really important, okay?

[Cameraman] Okay, okay.

Just don't touch the equipment.

Okay, okay.

Of course not.

[Cameraman] It's very...

I head you already.

Hi Wendy.

It's me, Henry.

They canceled the Robertson Family,

so I'm dead now.

But you can see me any
time you want.

On your TV.

There's a camera here looking at me.


I wish I could see you in person,
but you're going away.

Sir, I'm finished.

That's very, very honest.

Henry, and very sad.


Yeah, really


Everyone has their role to play,

Some play out theirs in darkness,

others stand proud.

Proud in the floodlights of life.

Julie, it's me (crying).

Henry just sent me a tape,

he says he killed himself.

I fucked up.

I really fucked up.


Enough crawling around in
the dirt Henry?

You're not a worm.

You're a man.

A beautiful man.

To be a man you have needs and
desires, and ambitions.

Right, Henry?

80, Henry.

Be one of your heroes.

Be a media entity.

Together we can make it.

Are you with me, Henry?

I don't know.

[Sam] What are you
gonna tell your mom?

I'm not gonna tell her anything,
she's dead.

I mean when you were
planning to meet her.

Didn't you think about what
you were gonna say?


When she sees all the
other dead people,

and says to them

"This is my son Henry."

"He never amounted to anything."


I want her to be proud of me.

We can take the power of it
into our own hands.

And even if you do decide

to turn your brains into
dogmeat on the pavement,

and be reunited with your mom,

she can then say "This
is my son Henry."

"He was a player, he counted."

Yes, yes.

I want that.

Oh, great, Henry, great.

Have a jelly bean.

I tell you, Henry, you
wanna succeed,

or really make it in this business,

you gotta...

You gotta become like steel.

While keeping your heart soft.

Che Guevara said that.

Was he in show business?

Was he in show business?

What, are you kidding?

Come on, let's go.

Where're we going now?

I'm gonna take you

right into the belly of the beast,

The cathedral, the nucleus,

the source of the altars, Henry.

There's a role waiting
for you Henry.

A role that only you can play.

(hysterical laughter)

Come on, Henry.

Do you like Julie?

No, I'll wait for you.

[Wendy] But I'll be gone a month.


Because he lives somewhere else.

And you want to be with him?

He loves me.

It's okay to cry, Henry.


(crowd chatters)

Hey, I see her on TV.

Yeah, lots.

O my goodness, him too.

What's the whole big deal?

No, no, they're big, really.

Nothing compared to what
you're gonna be.

Come on.

This is the entrance.

A special entrance into a new world.

Very special entertainment.

(childish toy music)

(door slams)

(engine running)

(music slows to a stop)

(slow breathing)

Beautiful, aren't I?

What is it you see in me?

My looks, my dreams,

or do you just like to peek?

Yeah, you know.

Peek at my long legs,

all no one can see a desire,

or are my breasts what
you like to watch,

while you hide in the shadows?

It's safe to want me, Henry.

I don't have any diseases.

And I won't break your
heart ever again.

I promise.

You know, I can see into your heart,

And I see that you need so much.

So much.

You need what only I can give you.

I want you inside me, Henry.

I want to feel you as part of me.

I'm so hungry for what you can give.

(slow deep breaths)

Don't you dare touch me like that.

Do you think I'm just some whore?

That anybody can fondle me?

I am the evidence of god.

Aren't I, Henry?

Aren't I?

I am body immortality.

You have to earn the right to
come into my bed.

You have to earn my love.

I want to.

How can I?

There is a hole waiting for you.

A role that only you can play.

Everyone has a different path to
enter into my womb,

these children of mine
are you ancestors.

(shot fired)

They will show you the way.

(fast throbbing heartbeat)

(bell tolling)

(shots fired)

(Bells tolling)

I don't understand.

Do you love me?

More than anything else
in the world?

I need to be the only one for you.

I need to be the only one
that you look at.

That you desire.

If not, I will disappear from
your life forever.


Yes, what?

Yes, you are the only one.

I'm so happy for us.

I'm so happy for us.

I'm so happy for us.

I'm so happy for us.

I'm so happy for us.

I'm so happy for us.

I'm so happy for us.

I'm so happy for us.

(engine revving)

(bluesy music)

Something's missing, Henry.


(engine growls)

You need a...

You need a persona, an identity.

Something that'll give
you a little edge

over the competition.


Game shows and stuff.

They cut right into your air time

if you're not on the ball, Henry.


try this.

Try it.

Put it on.

(man's voice humming)

Try it on.

That's it, that's the key.



That's it.

So talk to me Henry.

What do you think?

Weird things happen

whenever history is about
to be made, uh?

Different smell in the air,

the wind blows funny.

The moon takes on a different shade,

even your blood runs at a
different rhythm.

Well, this is it, my friend.

My artist.

Your opening night.

(door slams)

Henry, Henry.

Did you change your mind?

Not quite, Rembrandt.

You forgot your paintbrush.

Break a leg.

[TV Announcer] These three
families will be

competing to win mom and dad a
romantic second honeymoon.

And now, here's the host of
second honeymoon.

Wayne Fox.

Why thank you.

Welcome to Second Honeymoon,

the show that takes a look
at three families

just like your own to find out
how much or how little

the kids really know
about mom and dad.

I know one thing for sure,

our families are ready to play,
aren't ya?


Good luck to everybody.

Here's the way we play the game.

We're gonna ask the children
questions about mom and dad,

then we're gonna ask mom and dad
the same questions.

If their answers agree,
they'll earn points.

Now, at the end of the show the
family with the most points

will send mom and dad on a
romantic second honeymoon.

So let's start with the
Christofaro Family.

140 points.


[Henry] Hi Wayne, you know that?

The price of cars these days it
has to be the car payment.

[TV Host] Your car.

Linda can you match that
for 100 points?

[Linda] Car payment.

[Host] Car payment, 220 points,
for the Christofaros.


[Alani] Car.

[Host] It would be the car,

Look at the clean sweep it now.


[Boy] The car.

[Host] It's the car.

Our answers are locked in, we have
one side of this story

when second honeymoon continues
after this short break.

(loud music)

♪ Donuts

♪ Ah, donuts

♪ They're doughy

♪ They're nutty

♪ They're doughnuts

♪ Mmm, donuts.

The pain reliever of the future,
Naprin, (mumbles)

swallow away, recommended
by physicians.

[Host] Alright, Jake,
you've got 40 points

on the board, you're gonna
need a perfect match

from this family, which way
do you reach, Jake?

[Jake] Left.

[Host] To the left.

What do you say Mary?

[Mary] Left.

[Host] To the left (bell),


[Woman] Honey I took (mumbles)

[Host] To the left.

200 points.

Alright, Audrey, if you match
your dad's answer,

then they're off on a
second honeymoon.

What do you say?

[TV] To the left.


(dramatic drumming music)

(heavy breathing)

You like it?

You can keep it.

It's yours.

(frog croaks)

(door slams)


Hey, you know, it's alright,
it's alright.

Let it all out.

We're your buddies here.

Its nature's way.

A few must suffer for the
salvation of many.

[Henry] I couldn't.

I didn't.


[Henry] I didn't do it.

I got so scared.


I just felt so sad for them.

For you.

You felt sad for you.

It had nothing to do with anything.

I'm so sorry Mr. Bones.

[Sam] You gotta stop this Henry.

You get sad for them, sorry for me.

No, I mean, I'm sorry I
couldn't do it.

Look Henry, if I had the charisma
I would do it myself

but I don't...

I don't have what it takes,
that's all.

We tried, right.

I mean, we did our best, didn't we?

Didn't we?

I guess so.

Sweet bitterness of defeat.

Alright, come on, let's go.

Where are we going?

Take you back to the roof
of the building

where I found you.

What for?

For a fucking aerobics class,
what do you think?

I don't want to go there.

I don't wanna die now.

Mr. Bones, please.


Henry, call me Sam for
Christ's sakes.


It was opening night, right?

Maybe I just got a little nervous.



if I do this thing?


Thing, this is art, Henry.

Art, emotion.

Will I be more...

Will it make me...

This heroic deed has the
texture of sainthood.

There are no words to describe what
you will mean to people,

dead or alive.

Could I try again?

I would.

From each according to his ability.

To each according to his need.


It's for the people.

By the people.

For the people?

That's it.

It's star time, Henry.


Go, baby.


(door slams)


[Tv] Get me back.

Get me back, I don't care
what they do to me.

Get me back to my wife and kids.

Help me Clarence, please.


I wanna live again.

I wanna live again.

I wanna live again.

Please god, let me live again.

(suspenseful music)

Hey George.

(frog croaks)



Yes, Henry Pinkle, from Los
Angeles, California.

All of this can be your
dream come true.

Bicycles, blenders, cars, computers,
dishes, dolls

games, microwaves, stereos,

toaster ovens, telephones, VCRs,

all of these prizes you get to
take home with you.

(jazzy music)

(audience cheering)

Yes, it's a dream come true.

Here on my show, if you
have a dream,

any dream at all, I can
make it come true.



[TV] A white tshirt...

Police say the murder occurred
less than three hours ago.

(garbled speech)

(sirens blare)

(voices over the radio)

[Woman] Terror reigns in the
city as the death toll

of the baby mask
murderer rises to 10.

Again, the baby mask
killer has committed...

[Woman] Viciously, with
what is probably

a hatchet or an ax.

And he allegedly wears a
baby jaw type mask.

A little bit about it
in the paper.

I know they don't have that much...

The mask resembling a baby's
face was spotted...

[Woman] Last night another grisly
scene was discovered

by police.

More victims hacked to
death were found

sitting in front of the
television set,

with plates of toast in their laps.

The authorities believe that
they were murdered

and then staged in this way by
the baby mask killer.

I keep a rifle under my bed,

I don't wanna have to use it.

[Woman] Afamiliar scene, the body
count is now up to 13.

It's been almost a month since his
first bizarre killing,

it's been almost a month since his
first bizarre killing,

it's been almost a month since his
first bizarre killing,

it's been almost a month since his
first bizarre killing...

So you won't talk.

Well, we'll squeeze it out of ya.

Turn on the juice, boys.

That's it, boys.


Put on the (laughs).


I'm hard boiled.

You can't do this to me.


(elevator stops)

We'll make sure...

(jingling keys)

(pushing buttons)

(voices in the distance)

Julie, hi.

I'm back.

Listen, call me.

I really wanna talk to you, okay?



(crunching paper)

Would you like some help?



is there somebody we can contact

in case of emergency?

A relative or a friend?

A neighbor?

It's okay, we can leave
this blank for now.

(bell rings)

(children playing)



Wendy baby, what's shaking, uh?

I was just passing by and I

and I thought to myself,

I wonder how the hell old Wendy is.

You bastard.

Uh, What?

You have no right.

No right?

You had to kill yourself.

But I didn't do it.

Then you shoulda come and told me.

Told me?

That you're alive.

You weren't home.

But it's okay, cause...

Cause I got a manager now,

and he's building a whole
new career for me.

We're doing it for the people
and by the people.


I wanna hear everything about it.


Not here.

Over coffee.

(chair squeaks)

we're gonna go out, okay?

I'm buying.

Is it a deal?

I got a deal with Sam.

Who's Sam?

No additional information is
available at this time.

On the suspect the news
media are now calling

the Baby Mask Killer.

I'm at the site of yet
another brutal murder.

Shit, I don't like the way
this guy's reporting,

I mean, who is this turkey?

[Man On Intercom] He's new.

Somebody's nephew, I think.

He's rushing, screwing
up the rhythm.

This is the 14th murder.




Can you believe that, Henry?


Where are you going, star?


Out with who?


Losers go places alone.

You go places with me.

Hey, Chip.

Here we can start talking
about the home,

you know, homes in general,
create a little panic.

[Man] Not too much, though.

Just enough so they tune in again.

[Sam] Look at that.

You see the blood on the door?

[Man] Yeah, he should talk about
the killer right there,

it's psychology.

Where is he going to strike next?

Everybody is a
potential new victim.

What do you think?

[Man] Repulsive.

We got a winner.

Okay, let's see about
tomorrow's possibilities.

Could I have a newjello, please?

Have you been working
with anybody else?

Just Sam.

With another social worker.


I don't need that now.

I'm a hero.

Well, heroes tell their friends
when they're unhappy.

I couldn't go on without
The Robertson Family

and the only person who
understands that is Sam.

You know why?


Cause he's a show business man,
that's why.

Just like me.


Where is this place?

351 Sycamore.

Beautiful house.

I coulda helped you, Henry.

Gotta make appointments with you.

Not now you don't.

There's no appointments with Sam.

All times are show times.

Well, I'm back now.

It wasn't fun?


It was...

I mean, he didn't even...

Well, he didn't really need me.

I need Sam.

I'd like to meet Sam.

We have to make an appointment.



(suspenseful music)

(speaks foreign language)

Do you understand?

It's French, do you speak French,

It means, within the family.

Isn't that beautiful?

Wendy is an outsider.

She's not in the business, Henry.

She'll never understand.

Learn a little French, Henry.

(door slams)

(footsteps echo)

She's 30...

So tall.

See what happens when you
go places alone?

All these weeks together, all this
work, shot to hell.

We might as well never have met.


Cause, Henry, Wendy will
never understand

how difficult, lonely and
misunderstood our mission is.

She'll never grasp the grandeur.

(childish tune)

You're in a position of
responsibility now.

The health of our economy
depends on you.

Without you, Henry, without
your inspiration,

to the networks, the magazines,
the media,

they will have nothing
worthwhile to put on the air.

And with nothing
worthwhile on the air,

no one would watch.

And if no one watches, there'll
be no advertising.

And if there's no advertising,
things won't get sold.

It's the end of society
as we know it.

(speaks foreign language)

That's it, within the family.

Will you please take care of
business, Henry?

(loud bang)

The eyes of the world are upon you.

(dramatic music)

(wings flapping)




This is not your property.

Sorry, I just got sidetracked.

There was all these rooms and...

Well, I have a meeting here.

With who?

His name's Sam, Sam Bones.

You see my client Henry Pink...

[Security] Your client?

I'm his social worker.

[Security] So who's Sam Bones?

Well, I don't know.

[Security] You don't know?

He's helping Henry.

Doesn't look like anybody's
gonna meet you here.

I guess he must have given me
a mistaken address.

O yeah, sure, that's it.

A mistaken address.

Everybody makes mistakes.

You make mistakes.

I make mistakes.

The whole world is a mistake.

I don't do this all the time.

Actually, I'm an actor.

I specialize in small parts,
character parts.

Lots of character.

I used to watch "I Dream of Genie"
all the time.

You know, she had magic powers
and lived in a bottle,

and could make everybody's
wishes come true.

I always wanted to be the genie.

Yeah, live in a bottle, all alone.

No room for anybody else, right?


(slow soft music)

(phone rings)


Hey, Julie.

Oh, God, no.

He turned out to be such a creep.

No, that's good.

8:30's fine.

Do you still have my extra key?

Just let yourself in.


I can't wait to see you too.

Love you.

Okay, bye-bye.

(water splashing)

(suspenseful music)

This is terrible, Henry.

I don't know what to say.

She won't bother us, Sam.

I promise.

You promise she won't bother us?

You promised to resolve
this problem.

I will take care of this myself.



No, Henry.

You take things so personally.

Afraid you'll do something silly.

Hurt yourself or something.

Don't hurt her, Sam.

Hurt her?

Hurt her?

She didn't think twice about
hurting us, did she?

She's my friend.

When you had nothing,

when you'd lost all
respect for your life,

I, Sam Bones, came on the scene.


Where was Miss Bleeding Hearts

when you were hanging off the roof
by your fingernails?

She wanted to help me.

We all have our weaknesses, Henry.

I'll protect you from yours.

(TV channels changing rapidly)

(button pushing)



Don't go in there, come on,
we gotta go.

Wait a minute.

Go where?

Sam is coming.

I just came back from the
address you gave me.

I wanted to meet Sam.

There's no 351 Sycamore, Henry.

We've got to go hide.

From Sam?

Yes, from Sam.

When I was a little girl, I had
an imaginary friend.

I used to go everywhere with her.

And I never felt lonely, cause she
was always with me.

Just like you and Sam.


Imaginary friends are great.

For kids.

Sam is real.

Sam is coming to hurt you, Wendy.

Everything is different now.

I know it was hard for you
when I left, Henry.

But you need real
people in your life.

Sam was right, Sam was right.

What did Sam say?

He said only he can give
me what I need.

(keys jingling)

(TV channels changing)


(fast paced music)

(heavy breathing)


Give her to me.

(frustrated scream)

He must have thought she was you.

Who is this monster?

What have you done?

I didn't mean to.

Why is he doing this?


Why is he doing this?

Cause I wouldn't do
what he wanted.


What didn't you do?

He wanted me to end you.

To kill me?


Why, Henry?

Cause he said I...

You'd take me away from him.

God, you...

Hey, it's not your fault.

Sorry, I didn't know.

Well, how could you?

I just didn't know.

I'll go find him and get
him away from you.


Henry, he'll destroy you.

0 no, he needs me.



For TV.

Forget that, Henry.

It's real.

It's over.

Your 15 minutes of fame is
gonna be as a corpse.

We gotta get help.

We gotta get...

What are you doing?

I just wanna make sure
you stay here.

No, you're not gonna lock me in.

Just for a couple minutes, so
I know you're safe.

Don't, Henry.

I can talk to him.

He'll hurt you.

No, I'm okay.

Listen to me.

I'll save you, I promise.

[Wendy] Open this door right now.

This is all my fault.

(locks turn)

No, Henry, don't.

I'm scared.

Henry, please.

Come back.

(running away)

Sammy, baby, talk to me.

(heavy breathing)


(TV channels changing)


(heavy crashing)



(heavy breathing)




She's better looking
than I thought.

I don't want you to hurt her, Sam.

I mean she's not the only one

whose feelings are hurt, Henry.

How do you think I feel?

You think I like doing this,

you think it makes me feel good?

This disagreement between us, Henry,
is breaking my heart.

So why don't you just
leave us alone?

I wish everything was
like it was before,

before Wendy came back, this bitch.

She hates change.

No, she was happy for me.

She was scared.

She wanted to see you stay weak so
she can control you,

keep you in misery.

Let her go, Henry.

Give her to me.

Just go away, Sam.


You lost her forever, don't
you understand?

And you know why?

Because you became immortal,

you became a household word.

Give her to me.



You're hurting me.

You're hurting yourself.


(heavy breathing)




(door squeaks)

(loud knock)


(banging on door)

(door breaks open)


Where's Sam?

I don't know.

I'm not gonna let him get you.

(fast paced music)

(bell tolls)

Run and hide.




What are you doing?

No, don't.


Don't hurt her.

(dramatic music)

There's no Sam.

Yes there is.

No, you have been
responsible for all of this.


it was Sam.

He saved my life.

All those poor souls.


I'm a show business man.

You're a killer.


Help me Wendy.

I don't want him to hurt you.

Wendy would be wonderful on TV.

She'll ride the airways with your
mom and all her friends.

And you can be on TV too.

O, you're very...

You're very, very sick, Henry.

I feel fine.

You're only doing what's
expected of you,

what's demanded.

I'm only doing what's
expected of me,

what's demanded.

What Sam wanted you to do.

No, it's notjust Sam,
it's everybody.

They wouldn't talk about
it all the time

if they didn't want me to do this.

You're on a mission, Henry.

A mission of very high order.

I'm on a mission, Henry.

A mission of very high order.


I will miss you, Wendy.

I will miss you, Wendy.

Don't do this, Henry.

It's my duty.

She'll be a million points of
light, living forever.


Traveling the airways.

To rest in little boxes, in cozy
living rooms everywhere.

(heavy breathing)

If I hadn't met you,
Wendy'd still be safe.

And you'd be all alone.

And where would you be?


For what?

For someone just like you.

(door slams)

I'll be a thousand
points of light,

traveling through the airways,

to rest in little boxes in
cozy rooms everywhere.

All the dead people will
be proud of me.

I wanna be proud of you too,

(loud thump)

(interference noise)

Wooo (laugh) wooo



(emergency radio in the background)

(voices on TV)

The terror is over.

The man responsible for
holding our city

in the grip of fear
these past 29 days,

lies mortally wounded, here on
this downtown street.

Henry Pinkle.

Henry Pinkle.

I'm on TV.

I'm on TV.



I'm on TV,

Wendy, I'm really on TV.

Thank you for joining us for
this special report.

Good bye now, and have a
safe tomorrow.

(sad, bluesy music)

(childish music)

[Sam] Be a winner.

Are you listening to me?

Are you listening with all
your heart and soul?

With all your dreams, your hopes
and your ambitions?

Be a winner, be a winner,
play the lottery.

It's your chance.

It's your birthright.

Do it for love,

are you listening, do it for love,

do it for the kids,

do it for the family,

do it for the country,

do it for the world.

If you win, the world wins.

If you lose, the world loses.

If you heal yourself, you
heal the world.

Be a winner.

Play the lottery.

Win, please.

I beg you.


Be a winner.

That's it.

I feel it coming.

O, I love you.

I love you, and you love me.

And I'm a winner.

And you're a winner too.

(dramatic booming music)

♪ Baby it's star time

♪ We've always been together
when it's star time

♪ We'll walk the night forever

♪ And ever

♪ Whatever

♪ Because it's

♪ Star time

♪ I'll take you in my arms

♪ And give you star time,

♪ You'll never come to harm

♪ Because it's our time

♪ Prime time

♪ Quality time

♪ There's no down time


(jazzy music)

Baby it's star time

♪ We'll always be together
when it's star time.

♪ We'll walk the line forever

♪ And ever

♪ Whatever

♪ The weather

♪ We'll be together

♪ When it's star

♪ Time

(loud bang)

(upbeat music)