Star Struck (1994) - full transcript

Runner and Robyn were summer camp sweethearts. She became a Hollywood star and Runner stayed at the farm. Finally Runner takes grandma's advice and goes LA to win his lost love back. He gets a job as her gofer but she doesn't recognize him. Everyone thinks his down-to-earth 'nice' is an act, while he keeps hoping Robyn will remember...


I cried all night.

I know.
It was the best summer.

I've never had
a boyfriend before.

I've never had
a girlfriend before.

It was great.

Really great.Really great.


[horn honking]

Come on, you two.

You don't want to be
left behind.

I wish we didn't
have to go.

Me too.

You have my address?

I know it by heart.

Come on, Rose!

I guess this is it.

I guess so.

Whoa! Safe!Whoa! Safe!

I love you.

I love you, too.

Promise you won't forget
about me, Johnny.

I promise, Rose.

[music playing, siren wailing in movie]

You forgot?!

How do you forget you used to work for the CIA?!

My love, what's important now is our future together!

What future?

[movie announcer]
See a passion that will not die,

unless they do. [truck horn honking]



your Lois is waiting.

[movie announcer]
Can love conquer all?

"Dangerous Vows" starring Colton McClane and Robyn Call.

Oh, Robyn.

What did you call me?

Uh, I called you Lois.


You called me Robyn.

Uh, I-I must have
got confused.

You got a problem.

I am a real woman in need
of some real lovin',

and she is just
a fantasy of yours.

There is no way to get
us confused.

That's for sure.

Have you ever seen a more perfect couple?

[rooster crowing,
horse neighing]

Morning, everybody.


Sleep well?Yeah.

Uh, Grams,
you seen the paper?

Booth, where's the paper?

Uh, it's, uh...Uh, Runner.

Booth and I are heading down
to Beachwood Village tonight.

Why don't you come along?

You know, see the sights,
have a few beers.

Meet some people.

There's this new girl
I work with.

You really should meet her.

She's real perky.

26, drives a Japanese car,

and does aerobics
twice a week?

Okay, so you know who she is.

So what's the problem?

Uh, dark roots.

I just can't stand
dark roots.

Now, that's the same thing
you said about Cloris.

No, Cloris had
dark teeth.

I thought that was Laura Sue.Laura Sue had bigteeth.

But you dated her
for three years.

Yeah, and I got the marks
to prove it.

You're just looking
for negatives is
what you're doing.

If you're not careful, you're
not gonna wind up with anybody.

Everybody has got to settle
sometime in their life.

Booth, leave
your brother alone.

He'll make his move
when he's good and ready.

Oh, here it is.

She was keeping
it warm, huh.


Oh, uh...

It's this morning's paper.
We're nearly to afternoon.

It's all old news.

It's not that old.

So you're really going
through with this.

I didn't think you'd
understand, Booth.

Oh, what's to understand?

You're traveling
across the country

to stop a girl
you haven't seen in 12 years

from marrying the guy
every woman dreams of?

Well, the wedding's
in three weeks.

It should be
all the time I need.

So, in the meantime,
who's gonna keep the books?

Look, I know this isn't
the best time, Booth.

No. It's not.

She doesn't remember you.


Will you go check
on your wife?

I think she's messing
with my kitchen again.

Don't let your brother
get you in a funk.

He's only talking like a mule
'cause he loves you.

Grams, you ever get
that feeling

when you leave
someplace in a hurry

that you forgot something?

I mean,
you think real hard

and you can't quite put
your finger on it,

but you know
something is missing.

That's how I've felt ever day
for the last 12 years.

I mean, I know some people
spend their entire lives

searching for
their other half,

but I found mine
when I was 12.

You think I'm crazy?

Who am I to say
anyone's crazy?

I still think I look
good in a bikini.

I mean, Grams,
this is my last chance.

If she gets married,
it's over.

I mean,
I've got to find out

if she's been thinking
the same thing.

And if she hasn't,
then, uh...

I guess I'll be back here
asking Connie

to set me up with one of
her dark-rooted friends.

Harvey Patterson.


It was 101 degrees in the shade
that 4th of July.

I was with my girlfriends
watching the parade

when I was suddenly overcome
by the heat and I passed out.

When I came to,
I was on the ground

with my head in the lap
of a strange gentleman.

I was never so embarrassed
in my life.

Until I looked
in his face

and I saw the eyes of an angel
staring back at me.

He had a voice
as soothing as the ocean

and he smelled of Old Spice.

And it was love at first
glance for both of us.

We spent the whole day

He kissed me once
and I was off to heaven.

When a woman's in love,
her heart soars.

She does all she can just to
keep one foot on the ground.

I've always said
you can spot true love

by looking
at a woman's feet.

Well, anyway, it was
already arranged

that I would marry
your grandfather.

He was from a good family
and he was easy on the eye.

Back then, that was reason
enough to get married.

I grew to love your grandfather
very, very dearly.

But a night never passes

that I don't take
a sniff of Old Spice.

[engine starts]

Good luck!


[coins dropping in phone]

[woman on phone]
Grissom Management.

Hi, I'd like to speak with one
of your clients.

Robyn Call.

I have a special delivery
for her.

One moment, please.

She's filming today.

[distant phone ringing,
[keys clacking on typewriter]

Mr. Grissom?

Good guess.
Give it here.

Oh, um, yes.

Thank you.

[clears throat]

We don't validate.

You're an actress,
aren't you?

A lot of sicko men
in this city, pal.Oh.

Each one's sicker
than the next.

Tell me about it.

I can't stand
the competition.

I don't like jokes.

So... you gonna call me?

I didn't think so.

Oh, uh... no, no, no,
I didn't say that. I...

You're nothing
to crow about either.

Get rid of that fancy haircut

and take away
those nice clothes,

and you're nothing but
another naked bald guy

with a clipboard.

Could you put me in touch
with Robyn Call?

I couldn't put the Pope
in touch with Robyn Call.

She's shooting now.Oh?

Uh, where exactly
is she shooting?

Do you care
for another dessert?


She's over
at United American Pictures.

So you're a messenger, huh?

Not terribly impressive.

All right, folks, let's move
along very quickly, please.

We've got a lot of work
to accomplish today.

All right, right in
through here.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.
All right.

[door slams]

For all you newcomers,

while some
may regard extras

as simply
props with appetites,

we here at "Hee-Haw:
The Motion Picture"

consider your work

But there are a few rules.

Rule number one--

Don't eat the corn.

[scattered laughter]

Rule number two--

Follow me.

You are the most aggravating
person I have ever

had the misfortune
to work against.

You can't talk to me like that.
You're my assistant.

You just fired me.



Honey, don't you think you were
a little rough on her?

That one has been
grating on my nerves

from the moment
she took the job.

Which was yesterday.

You think maybe
it's the engagement

that's grating
on your nerves?

Well, it hasn't been easy.I know.

It's a big step.

But it's right
for both of us.

It's not like it's a whole
lifetime or anything.

Unless we--Robyn.

I think what we have
right now is perfect.

For me. For you.

For us.

At least we'll never grow
tired of each other.

That's the spirit.

Now, you know, I always thought
that if I ever got married,

I'd have, like, 12 kids.

That way
after a few years,

I could let go
of some of my staff.

Think that would be
an unreasonable burden
on my bride?

Not this one.

Excuse me, excuse me.

Can you point me in
the direction of Robyn Call?

Robyn Call. Ha!

You know,
I'm glad she fired me.

Being her assistant was the
worst experience of my life.

Just look over there
in the trailer.

The big ego.

You can't miss her.


[knocking on door]She's not here!

[door opens, man sighs]

I called the agency.

They're sending
another assistant.

I thought you got along
with this one, hon.

I tried, Greer.

I did.

But she said I was demanding.


[clears throat]

What could possibly be wrong
with Robyn Call today?

I just want "Dangerous Vows"
to open already.

I'm sick of the photos,
the interviews, the posturing.

I just want to get on
with my life.

Yeah, perhaps
you're right.

Perhaps I shouldn't have
gone out on a limb

to put you in this part, hmm?

You know that's not
what I meant.

No, no, no, no.

Maybe you don't want
to triple your salary.

Maybe you don't want to get
every part you go up for, huh?

And I'm really sorry
that you haven't enjoyed

being part of the biggest movie
the world has ever known,

being the center of attention
of the entire human race.

I obviously have not
been doing my job.

Greer, you're doing fine.

You've got nothing
to worry about, Robyn.

You've got every single thing
you could possibly need.

I'll get you some lunch.

Hey, you.


Short of massaging my feet,
I don't see

how you're gonna
remain on this set.

[nervous chuckle]

No, I'm just here
to see Robyn Call.

Oh. You don't say.

I'm her new assistant.


They must have
you guys lined up.

Come on, I'll show you
around first, huh?


She's still gonna be
on the warpath

from this morning.Oh.

Yeah. I was her assistant
last week.


If she fires you,
we can start a club.

But you're still here.

Well, they made me
top errand boy

after I threatened her with
a sexual harassment suit.

Oh.Hey, don't look
so surprised, huh?

I can look real handsome
in the right light.

By the way, name's Bronson,
Mickey Bronson.

No relation to Charles.

Runner Campbell.All right, Runner.

Good to meet you, man.

Cue the cop.

[tires screeching]

Cue K.D.

Hit the deck![gunfire, screaming]

Your husband?

My boyfriend.

I think Miss Ward will
take your case.

And cut!

All right, let's reset.That's lunch!

So what's this movie about?

Robyn plays a detective
who solves the mystery

with the aid
of her dead mother's ghost.


Uh, so will Robyn
be joining us?

What, did you just
get off the bus?

The actors never hobnob
with the crew.

there are exceptions.

Katie.Hiya, Mickey.

You were great
in that last scene.

Sit down.

Who's your handsome friend?


Wow. Great tan.

What's your secret?


I guess I spend
a lot of time outdoors.

I think it's sexy
when a man goes outside.


I don't mean,
you know, outside.

Can I get you something
to drink?

Yeah, coffee.
Black, no sugar.

Thank you.


That's her manager.

Come on,
I'll introduce you.

Mr. Grissom!
Mr. Grissom!

This is Robyn's
newassistant, all right.

Runner Campbell.Oh, hey, carry this.

Break a leg, huh?

Why are you dressed
like that?

Um, I'm from a farm.


You ever had any experience
doing this kind of work?

Oh, sure, sure.
Farmer just part-time.

Yeah, sure, okay.
Doesn't matter.

A moron could do
your job.

You know about
Robyn's latest movie?


Sure, of course you have.
Everybody has, huh?

Robyn Call,
Colton McClane.


America can
thank me later.

You know about
their engagement?

Yeah, I think I've heard
something about that.

'Course you have,
everybody has.

Anyway, all the commotion's
got her edgy.

It's your job
to make her feel happy.

That's what I'm here for.Right.

Robyn Call is
my main concern in life.

Mine, too.Yeah.

Well, good.

Then we'll get along
just fine.


you really off a farm?


You got ducks?Yeah.

Those little furry birds,
I love 'em.

Meet your new assistant
Runner Campbell.

It's me.

Why is he dressed
like that?

He's from a farm.

What, did you pull him
off a tractor?

You want me to find
somebody else?

No, we'll see
how long he lasts.

Good luck to both of you.


Am I disturbing you?

Yes. Very much.

You don't remember,
do you?


I've met you before,
haven't I?


And I promised you
and autographed picture.

Sign 'em yourself.

It's part of
my assistant's job.


Look, I don't expect this
to last long, so...

You're smoking?
Robyn, you don't smoke.

Sorry to disappoint you.
I've tried everything.

Dream analysis,
acupuncture, patches.

Nothing works.

Oh, Blackfoot does.

I'm not into those
New Age doctors.

Oh, no, no, no, no,
Blackfoot root, it's a root.

Oh, my Grams uses it to cure
just about everything,

from ringworm to hiccups.

It also makes a nice garnish
on a Salisbury steak.

I was just kidding
about the steak.

So what brings you to L.A.,
Runner Campbell?

Well, actually--

What did you bring me?

It's lunch.

This is not lunch.
This is a loaded gun.

For your information,
I do not eat red meat

or anything that's
not organically grown.

Oh, except for these.

Comforting addiction
I picked up somewhere.

Maybe summer camp.

Who knows?
I went to so many camps.

I don't like to dwell
on the past.

[knocking on door]

Colton, hi.
I thought you'd left.

[door closes]Oh, no.

Schedule change.

You know, we're
night-shooting all week,

so I won't be accessible,

I thought you might
like to know.

So, um, is everything
okay here?

Oh, Colton,
this is a new assistant.


Colton McClane.


Uh, take good care of her.

As if she were my own.

Hey, come here, you.

Mmm. Mmm...

Mmm, mmm...



Uh, call Greer
if you need me.


So, what was
your name again?

Uh, it's Johnny.

Runner's just a nickname

that I picked up
when I was a kid.

I never really liked it then,
but it kinda grew on me.

And how does someone get
a nickname like "Runner"?

Well, uh,
it was actually...

My prenatal days were a bit
restless, I guess.

I was always moving
around so much,

my mom always said
I was running laps.

Tough little fetus,
weren't you?

Oh, yeah.

I cut my own
umbilical cord.

That's a charming
story, Runner.

Bet it wins you
lots of trophies.

But I'm not that easy.

And I'm no movie star.

[knocking on door]Yes?

We'll be ready for you
in 30 minutes, Miss Call.

Good. I'll be ready
in an hour.


You like doing this,
don't you?

Doing what?

Keeping everyone waiting.

Let me tell you

If I were to show up on time
like some over-eager actor,

they'd lose respect
for me.

And who wants to work with
someone you don't respect.

Whoa! Hey.
Be careful.


You're welcome.

Pleases and thank-yous
slow me down, Runner.

You know what happens when
you slow down around here?

You go to the end
of the line.

Now, if that's what
you need to do your job,

I suggest
you excuse yourself,

because I don't have
time for it.

You know, in the time
it took you to say all that,

you could have said thank you
to everyone here.

We need to get
something straight.

You are my assistant.

Your job is
to take my calls,

handle my schedule,
and keep me smiling.

That's it.

We have two more weeks
of shooting,

and then we can shake hands
and say good-bye forever.

Who knows? You might even
grow to like me.


But I liked my last
assistant, too.

[crew chattering]

Crew, lock it down!

So nice of you
to join us today.


She's just trying
to make me jealous.

[clicks tongue]

This is picture up![man] Roll sound!

Okay, let's give it a go.

Roll camera!

And... action!

[piano music playing,
crowd chatter]

[laughter and chatter continue]

Oh, oh!Oh, sorry! Oh!

I think I'm gonna
get sick.

[wind whistling]

If I were a ledger,
where would I be?

What the--

[woman's voice]
Don't say it. Who said that?

Who said that? It's your mother.

How a daughter can forget her own mother's voice

is beyond me.

You can't be my mother.

My mother's dead.

You always were such a downer.

Look, pumpkin, I didn't come back from the dead to argue.

I had some unfinished business

and you looked like you could use some help, so here I am.

Boy, are we gonna have fun.

By the way, that dress makes you look fat.

And your makeup.

Oh, my gosh,
it is my mother.

[deep sigh]


[crew reacts]

Great job.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

Hi, I'm Robyn Call's
new assistant.


No, no, no.
No, that was great.

Okay. How can I help you?


Is this where you live?

Now, why should you be
staying at a hotel,

paying them
a ridiculous amount of money

when you could be paying me?

All right.

Let's drop the innocent
farm boy routine.

It's gettin' old.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

I know you're not here
to be Robyn's assistant.

Does she know?

I doubt it.

Most people aren't
as clever as me.

So, fess up.

Who do you work for?

"Hard Copy"?
"The Enquirer"?

Whatever it is,
I want a piece of it.

Come here.

Childhood sweethearts?

So why didn't you just
tell her who you were

when you first saw her?

Well, I didn't really count
on her not remembering.

Hm, maybe you should've
reminded her.


I wanted her to remember
on her own, and she will.

We just need to spend
a little more time
together, that's all.

So you figure she'll
fall in love with you

all over again, huh?

Well, she did once.

[imitates motor whirring]

I used to work
for Eastern Airlines.

Yeah.Anyway, look.

Your secret's safe with me.

And who knows?
You might stand a real chance.

You really think so?

Not in a million years.



Dinner's ready.
Chicken or fish?

Looks good, huh?

Here we are.

Hey, Robyn, I saw your
interview on TV last night.


Yeah, you said you felt
there was only one person

in the whole
world for you.


Well, did you really
mean that?

Runner, I don't mean
to be rude,

but these breaks provide me

with some of the only time
I have to myself all day.

Oh, look.

If our relationship is
expected to stay fresh,

we have got to start exchanging
tidbits of each other's lives.

Like for instance,

and I'm not proud
to admit this,

but I once memorized
all the lyrics

to The Village People's
"Macho Man."

You shouldn't believe
everything you see
on TV, Runner.

People like hearing
that kind of junk.

What junk?

Sentimental junk,
you know, fate, destiny.

I don't believe
in fairy tales.

Why not?

Things like that don't happen
to people like me.

My work.
That's what's important.

And honestly, how could
anybody really believe

there's only one person
out there just for them?

Well, then why settle
for Colton?

Marrying Colton McClane isn't
exactly settling, Runner.

Well, then tell me,
what is it about Colton?

You know, I don't like
the direction

this conversations going in.

I saw the preview
for "Dangerous Vows."

Looks good, doesn't it?

Hmm, oh, I'm sorry, Robyn,
but these breaks provide me

with some of the only time
I have to myself all day.

Well, your review of my movie
doesn't really matter.

I'm sure you tend more
towards "The Muppet Caper."

"A Smurf Christmas."

"City Lights."

"The Gold Rush."

You're a Chaplin fan?


Why Chaplin?

'Cause he never depended
on guns or four-letter words.

Or any words.

Listen, I was invited
to Greer's country club

for a fund-raiser.

You wanna be my escort?

Well, I was supposed
to dust the plants,

but, uh, I think
I can get out of it.

[camera shutters clicking,
photographers shouting]

Good to see you.Hey, Robyn.

Give me a nice big smile.
Smile, dear.

This way, please.

Thank you.Hi.

Who's your young man, Robyn?

Got a name?[camera shutters clicking]

Thank you very much.

[overlapping chatter]

Thank you.

Be a dear and find us
some champagne.



Robyn Call.

I am here
with Robyn Call.

I-I came
with Robyn Call.

Two, please.

For me
and Robyn Call.

Anyway, this guy on the plane
was such a bore.

He just couldn't stop
talking about himself.

Excuse me.

Robyn, I am really glad
that we're here.

I mean, this is exactly
what I always imagined
Hollywood would be like.

That's nice, Runner.

Look, when you're done
with your drink,

I have some phone calls
I'd like you to make.

Why don't we meet
back here in an hour?

That should give us
both enough time.

Oh, I think there's a phone
in the locker room.

Now, where was I?

Oh, yeah.

So finally, I had
to say to him...

"Excuse me, sir.
Do you mind..."

Excuse me?

Uh, you're not really
serious, are you?

What do you mean?

I mean, you brought me here
to make phone calls?

You don't expect me
to make them, do you?

You know, maybe it was
the California sunshine
in my eyes.

Or probably the fact
that I was just star struck,

but you know what?

I just realized something.
You are a real prima donna.

How dare you talk to me
like that?

Do you know
how humiliating that was?

I have an idea.

You know, I would have
expected this behavior

from one of
my old assistants,

but I really thought
you were different.

Well, I guess
we were both wrong
about each other, Robyn.

And who are you to expect
anything from me?

I used to be a fan.

Your biggest.

Good luck with
Colton, Robyn.



Now, just play it
strong and confident.

Bring him to heel.

And the point
in all this again?

This is the point.

People love
a good scandal.

A few more stories like this

and the opening of your next
film will be huge, boom.

It's just gonna make
your job a lot easier.

I thought
that was your job.

Get 'em back, babe.

Why don't you stick around
for a while?

There's got to be
another girl in this town

you know from camp.

[knocking on door]

Gotta move on.


Hey, I'm late.

Yeah, "Love Connection"'s
auditioning today.

They don't care how
many times you try out.

[clicks tongue]

I-- I'd rather you didn't.

Look, Runner,
I guess we both got

a little overheated
last night.

Why don't you just
come back to work
and we'll forget about it?

It's too late, Robyn.


You want an apology.

I'm sorry.
Now, come on--

Hasn't anyone ever
said no to you?

Well, allow me
to be the first.

If you're looking for
a full-blown sobbing apology

like you see in my movies,
you can forget about it.

You know, and by the way,
I've had to put up

with a lot
of your crud, too.

Like what?


For one,
you're always so happy.

I think it just always
seems that way

because you're
always so unhappy.

As a matter of fact,
I think you're probably

the most unhappy person
I've ever met.

I'm happy.

I haven't seen it.

Well, maybe
you just have more

to be happy about
than I do, okay?

Runner, look, I just
thought you understood

that last night was
a business thing.

Robyn, you don't get it,
do you?

This is not about me.

This is about how
you treat everyone.

You really think I'm that big
of an ogre, don't you?

You know, the first time
I told my mother

that I wanted to be
an actress,

she said it was demeaning,
and I was just a little girl.

From then on, we fought
about it all the time.

I moved out when I was 18

and I never spoke
to her again.

Being on my own meant
I had to get tough, Runner.

You can't trust
anybody out here.

You know, maybe I do
push too hard.

But all I have ever had
is my career.

Some people see
more than a movie star
when they look at you.


They see an ogre.

You know, I probably wouldn't
want to work for me either.

I'd like for you
to reconsider.

Because I stood up to you?


Because you cared enough to.

I'm flattered, Rose,
but I just can't.

What did you call me?

How did you know
that was my real name?

I must've read it

You know, you probably
won't even believe this.

But I used to be
a nice person.

I could believe it.

I hope I see you

[door opens]

You were crying.

Was I?


It's a nice touch.

[keys jingle]

[engine starts]

[crowd chattering]



Taking care of my buddy?

We take care
of each other.

Oh, Runner,
this is Nicki and Lars.

They're working on my next
movie with us.


Lars and I have come up
with a couple of ways

to base your character's
magical powers more
in reality.


We make you a writer of
superhero comic books.

You're on your way home
one night and you get mugged

and dunked in a vat
of nuclear waste,

and as you climb out,
you discover

that all of the pages
of the comic book

that you're carrying
are blank.

Lo and behold, you gain
all your superheroes' powers.

What the heck is that thing
in your mouth?

Oh, this?
It's Blackfoot root.

Do you have
any other ideas?


Uh, well, we open with
you taking a trip to Egypt

and accidentally stumbling
upon the hidden city

of Aich.Aich.

Aich before beauty.Aich before beauty.


Continue, please.

[Nicki clears throat]

Well, your uncanny resemblance
to the Aich goddess of love

prompts the high priests
to anoint you.


What do you think, Greer?

I think it's great,
it's in vogue.

Oh, the costumes
would be scandalous.


Runner what?

I'm interested
in Runner's opinion.

I think you've done it before.

When has she ever...

No, no, not just this,
I mean, the whole thing.

Robyn, you're always doing
movies where you're this woman

who gets in over her head
and then at the very end,

some guy comes in
and saves you.

Robyn's movies make
a lot of money, John-boy.

No, no, no.

Robyn's fans like these movies.

They're used to her
in these roles.

Well, maybe that's
the problem.

Robyn, I saw your last film.
You looked bored.

I was bored.

Well, then do something
about it.


Robyn Call does
what I tell her to do.

Greer, whatever happened
to that story

I brought you a while back?

The one about
Freud's mistress?

A snoozer.

Oh, I liked that one.Me too.

What was that called?Uh, "Crazy for You."

That's exactly what
I should be doing.


It's regressive hypnosis,
psychotherapy, Freud...

Cigar, yes.Cigar.

That's good.

Wait till you see
the latest.

I got three tabloids
and two magazines

just dying for these.


Send my condolences.

There are other ways
to get publicity.

What is going on
with you?

Daniel Boone over there has
got you chewing on sticks,

now you're buying
into his act.

What act?

He's the only one who's
making any sense lately.

Oh, no, he's got an angle.
Everybody's got an angle.

Excuse me, Miss Call.

We'll be ready for you
in 30 minutes.

I'll be there.

You will?

Whoa, we'd better hurry.

Oh, wow. Nice house.

Do you have time to come in?


Oh, wow!

Yeah, a friend of mine
installed it

when I moved in.

I was referring
to the ocean.


Oh, it must be great

to just wake up in the morning
and jump right in.

I wouldn't know.
I don't go down there.

You're kidding.

You live on the beach
and you don't go
in the water?


You should just hang a big
picture, it'd be cheaper.

All the stars
have beach houses.

Greer thought it would
give my career topspin.

Well, Greer's quite
a philosopher, isn't he?

I mean, not quite up there
with Plato, but...

Hey, I wouldn't be
where I am without Greer.

And where is that,

Did you ever have a dream?

Was there ever something
that you really needed
more than anything

and you were right
on the verge of getting it

but not quite there?

For me, it was acting.

Greer took me
out of bit parts.

He made me a star.

No, he didn't.

He didn't make people laugh
in "The Runaway."

He didn't move people
to tears in "Round Again"

or scare people to death
in "Jambalaya."

You did.


You really are a fan,
aren't you?

I didn't think anybody knew
about that one.

[mimics announcer voice]
She's a washed-out waitress.

He's a killer Cajun
on the run.

A simmering combination."

[laughs]Ugh, so awful!


Do you want to have dinner?


Uh, I just have
to get cleaned up.


Make yourself at home.






Great, great, Runner.

[doorbell chimes]


We weren't expecting company.

What is going
on here, huh?

I gotta give her something.
Let me in, let me in.

Oh, oh, no, no, no.
I can't.

See, she's undressing.

But I'll make sure
she gets it.



Runner, we better hurry
if we want to get a good table.

[bell tolling]

He cooked dinner.

These are all I could find.

There you go.

What a wonderful meal.

I bet your cooking's
won you lots of trophies.

But you're not that easy.

Are you trying to seduce me,
Runner Campbell?

Hey, I'm just
a small-town hick.

I bet you've never been
involved with one of those.

I've never really been involved
with anyone till Colton.

You know, being a celebrity,

you always have to keep
your guard up,

start wondering
what his angle is.

Does he work
for a magazine?

What does he want from me?

All this stuff
before you can even start

thinking about having fun.Yeah.

But then along came
Colton McClane,

the luckiest man
in the world.


No, it's true.

Runner, have you
ever made a decision

that might be hard for
other people to understand?

You know,
what's important to you

might not always be
what's important to them.

Can I trust you?


I'm not marrying Colton.

You're calling it off?

It was never on.

My engagement to Colton
is a publicity stunt.

You know, with so much
riding on "Dangerous Vows,"

Greer thought--

Well, we thought
it was a good idea.

You know, see the love story
that made them fall in love.

We're planning a big blowup
right after the opening

and that's the end of it.

So you and Colton don't mean
anything to each other?

Let's just say that
I don't mean anything to him.

I have had a crush
on Colton McClane

since I was a teenager.

Well, that--

That must be very painful
for you,

I mean, having to be
around him all the time.

He's not around
all that much.

I just think if we could
spend some time together,

you never know what
could happen between us.

Robyn, I wouldn't
count on it.

I don't count
on anything, Runner.

This business teaches
you that.

You just learn to ignore
a lot of your feelings.

Well, then how do you ever
find out who you really are?

What does it matter
who I really am?


Yeah, Grams, like I told you,
I'm her assistant.

Runner, you haven't told her yet, have you?

Now, how do you know
I haven't told her?

'Cause if you had, you'd either
be out picking out a ring

or you'd be back here
licking your wounds.

Early day.
Robyn's done.

Oh, um, Grams, sorry,
but I gotta go.

Runner, you tell her.

Don't you wait till it's too late.

I will, I will,
I promise.

Okay, bye.

You ready to go home?

Don't you want to go home?

Hey, who said
we have to go home?

No, no, no, you can't go
in there yet.

She's changing.


[low voice]
It's okay.

She's my fiancée.

[low voice]
No, she's not.

[normal voice]
She told me.


[low voice]
Who else knows?

No one.

Why did she tell you?

'Cause I'm cute.

Oh, hi, Colton.Hi.

You ready?Yeah.





Here we go!



Whoo, whoo!

[both screaming]

[siren wailing]


[music plays over chatter]



[both chuckling]




You really made this day
fun for me.

Hey, that's what birthdays
are supposed to be, right?


How did you know?

I must've read it someplace.

I don't know what to say.

That was fine.

Hey, you forgot your bag.

I'll go get it.

"Robyn, the beauty
of these blooms dull

in comparison to
the radiance..."

"The utter radiance that
shines within your eyes."

My only wish is that I might
bring to you a little magic

on this, your very,
very special day.

A birthday toast.

[knocking on door]

Excuse me.

Oh, Runner, come on.

We were just about
to have a toast.

Yes, it wouldn't be the same
without you.


No. No, I--
I should get going.

I've got a long drive home.

Ah, yes, you do.

Good night.


[door closes]

Well. Cheers.

Your muscles are so tense.

I can barely get my fingers
through them.

I'd love to walk
all over you.

I don't mean
walk all over you.

Would you like to go out
on a date?


I think wardrobe found
that padded bra

you were looking for.

Thank you, Robyn.

She might need help.


So how'd--
How'd your evening end up?

Ugh, don't ask.

I think we kinda overdid it
on the champagne.

Well, Colton certainly comes
well armed, doesn't he?

Are you sure he knows
it's only pretend?

Well, maybe he just
forgot last night.

Ready for the first scene.That's me.

Quiet on set!

And... action!


Cut! Cut!

Who said that?

Runner, what are you doing?

It says in the script
that you're gonna be...


I'm the only one
who gets to yell "cut"!

So you don't want
to see me naked?

This has nothing to do
with what I want.

Well, then what are we
having this ridiculous
conversation for?

Runner, it's the only way
the scene will work.

It distracts the driver.

Yeah, so Opie, why don't you
just go sit down, okay?

'Cause we're running
a little behind here.

You know, Ellis, you run this
set like a playground,

for crying out loud.
Let's go, come on, huh?

Thanks anyway.

I just think there's
other ways to do it.

Take two, everybody.

Quiet on the set!

And... action!

[motor whirring]

Cut![tires screeching]

What ways?

Come on, Mom!

Where are you when I need you?

[fabric tearing]

[man screaming]

That's great.Yeah!

[excited chatter]

Catch you tomorrow
on the playground, Greer.

[applause continues]

All this and he can drive
a plow, too.


So it looks like
you saved me.

That's what I'm here for.

Thought that might be
the reason.

It's just so frustrating.
Why doesn't he like me?

Maybe I can be
of some help.


You're related
to Charles Bronson,
aren't you?


Yeah, I am.

I can see that.

Mm, come on!

Hey, you hungry?

Oh, Colton wants
to catch a bite.


I'll see you later.


You're not sulking,
are you, Greer?


Scene turned out fine.

I'm happy.

Of course,
Ellis is a different story.

He loved the scene.

Yeah, that's what
he wants you to think.

But inside,
he doesn't like it

when you let Runner
undermine his authority.

Now, I think for the sake
of the picture,

we ought to let Runner go.


I think he has a point.

I'm not getting rid of him.

Good night, Greer.

[crickets chirping]

Robyn, hey, hey, hey.

Hey, listen,
forget about Greer.

I just wanted to tell you,
I thought you really
nailed that scene.

I was real proud of you.

Thanks, Colton,
that means a lot.

Yeah, yeah.

I must say, I was hoping

to see a little bit
more of you, but...

You know, I was wondering.

Could I get your opinion
on something here?

It's an engagement ring.

Yeah, I know what it is,

but why are you
showing it to me?

You're my fiancée.

You know, I thought
for appearances' sake,

you should probably
have one.

And maybe should think about
spending more time together.

I mean, after all,
we are engaged.

No, Colton, we're not.

Well, it's not
an unreasonable thought,

is it?

What are you saying?

I don't know.

Nothing, nothing.


Nothing. Uh...

You know what,
I just remembered,

someone's got something
for me to--

for me to do somewhere, so
I'll-- I'll catch you later.

And the scene was fantastic,
all right?

Uh, bye-bye.

What are you still
doing here?

Just looking for some stars.

Oh, gosh, I'm sure
everybody's gone home by now.


Oh, that's so sad.[chuckles]

Don't tell anybody, please.[laughs]

I don't see any.

It's the city lights.
They're too bright.

Sometimes they keep you
from seeing

what's right in front of you.

Hey, you're the one
who asked.

You're okay, Runner Campbell.

I'd like to show you

We're here.


It's wonderful,
isn't it?

It's incredible.

You're the first person
I ever brought with me.

My first film
was shot here.

In between scenes,
I would get amazingly bored

and go exploring.

If I just needed
to be alone

or forget about problems
with my mother,

I would come here and just
pretend I was somebody else.

Like a princess
or a queen?


Just a normal girl.

Hey, you know, sometimes,
it can really take forever

waiting for that other person
to take the first step.

So why don't you give
your mom a call?

Just kinda tell her
how things are going.

It's not important.

Maybe there's some things
that she'd like to say to you.

I mean, we all change.

Sometimes for the better.

Things to you are
always so simple.

You know, she called me
a couple years ago.

She said she wanted
her daughter back.

I mean,
what did she think?

That she was just gonna come
walking back into my life

like nothing ever happened?

Yeah, right.
I'm not that easy.

People change.

And maybe she did.

But I'll never know.

She died a month ago.

Hey, I--It's okay.

I'm over it.

I found this on one
of my early expeditions.


Was this really his?


The spitting image.

[both laughing]

Wait, wait, wait.
You need accompaniment.

[music plays on record]

No, come on!

Show me some more,
it was great!

No, really.
That's all I know.

[music continues]

How did you learn
to dance like this?

My grandma taught me.

Said it would win me
some nice trophies.

What else did she teach you?

Yeah. No, no.

Hey, listen.
Hang up, will ya?
I gotta go.

Here you go.Nice to see you,
Mr. Grissom.

Good luck with
your game today.

Oh, I'm not here
to play games, Chad.

Come on.

You know, Greer,
I'm really delighted
you brought me here.

We should go out
more often.

You know, maybe take
a class together.

You haven't been out
here long, have you?

It's interesting, though.

You've managed to influence
Robyn's decisions

in such a short
period of time.

Well, I am her assistant.


Let's put our cards
on the table.

You know our little secret,
but I don't know yours.

I do think, though,
that you have something
more ambitious in mind

than just ruining
our little wedding plans.

You pay money to come here
and sweat?

It's 93 degrees today.

Why don't you just go outside
and lift a box or something?

I like it here, Runny.

I like my Mercedes,
I like my $100 ties,

I like my weekly
sessions with Audrey.

I'm a guy who has
a lot of things,

and right now, you're
messing with the one thing
that I like the most.

Robyn Call is not
your "thing."

You're only sweating
because you know

she's starting
to realize that.

You know, you're not
as dumb a hayseed

as I once thought you were,

but then I always do give people
the benefit of the doubt.

Listen, we can make this easy
or we can make it hard.

I can do it either way.

I've spent the last five years
building Robyn Call into a star

and you're not about
to ruin it for me.

It's out of my hands.


You know, it's funny,
you remind me a lot of me.

That's not funny.

Yeah, I came from a small town,
too, full of gumption.

Came out here to Hollywood
to be an actor,

but they told me my features
were a little too genteel.

I, too, wanted
to bag me an actress,

but then I'm not as lucky
as you are.

Look, Campbell,
I want you out of here.

I want you out of the state

and I want you never to talk
to Robyn Call again.

[clears throat, sighs]

I got a little check here
for $50,000 for your trouble.

Less, of course,
my commission.

Greer, it's not luck.

You're just a jerk.



Well, you got a hundred
guys out there

dying to see you in this.

What about you?

Well, okay, 101.

I'll just wait outside?

No, stay, please.
I can change back here.

Oh. Okay.

What are you working on?

Oh, I just thought I'd maybe
write a letter to my grandma.

From what you've told me,
she sounds real special.

Oh, that she is.

She taught me
how to shoot free throws

and appreciate a poem.

Also, sweet talk my way
out of a traffic ticket.

Seems to have gotten you
this far.

Well, that's 'cause
she always taught me

to go after what I want.

I hope so.

Lace me up,
will you, please?

You can just tie it
in a bow.


You know, your Grams and I
see things the same way.

Is that, uh,
is that tight enough?


I think more people
should just take a gamble

and go for it.

Go for it?

Yeah, you know, just throw
caution to the wind.

Forget the risks.

Just go for it.

You, out!


I said get out of here!


you'd better go.

Are you crazy?
Are you nuts?

That was completely
uncalled for.

Well, I didn't like
what I was seeing.

Well, there's
nothing to see.

But if there was, it was
my business, not yours.

We're not engaged, Colton.

Things change.

Colton, what has been
going on with you lately?

I don't know, I mean...

You know,
a lot of things.


Things we do.

Things we don't expect
because of-- of what we do.

What are you talking about?

I need to get some water.


Look, Robyn...

My work has been my life.


I never expected there to be
anything else, you know?

Until recently.





Marry me.

Not just
for appearances' sake.

Marry me.

Robyn, I'd really like
to talk about--

Runner, please, not now.
I'm working on my lines.

Hey, hey, listen, listen.
I know women, all right?

You gotta be
more insensitive.

When's the last time
you ever got anywhere

with a woman
you were nice to.

Call her Melissa
by accident.

They hate that.


Robyn, why don't we talk
about what's going on here?

Runner, this is
a ladies' room.

Robyn, you've been
avoiding me all day.

Let me out.Robyn.

Runner, I can't be
spending time with you now.



Because you confuse me.


Colton asked me to marry him.

Well, what did you say?

I told him I didn't know.

You're considering it?

Of course.

It's a dream come true.

Robyn, you cannot
marry Colton.

You don't love him.

You love the idea of
Colton McClane loving you.

Runner, I will decide
for myself who I love.

Thank you very much.

[door opens]

Hey. Look.

Got you a little
parting gift.

You can watch the wedding
right on there, huh?

Just hang it on the back
of the tractor.

There's a call
for you, Runner.

Quiet on the set, please!


Ready camera.

Okay, Frank and Jimmy,
let's turn over.

Yeah, how did it happen?

Okay, okay.

Okay, I'll be there
as soon as I can.

Roll camera.All right, bye.

Just give me
a second, Alice.

Okay, I'm ready.

This is the last scene.
Make me look clever.

Mark it.

And action.

I'm no critic,
but personally,

I liked
that painting better

when it was
covering your chest.

Hi, Mom.

Remember when you'd bring me
here when I was a little girl?

Every Saturday
until you were 12.

I miss those times, Mom.

I miss you.

So do I, dear.

You know, you and I
are very lucky.

We have been given
an opportunity

most people don't get.

I just wish it didn't
come so late.

You painted roses
in my bedroom.

On the ceiling,
the walls, the door.

She's off the script.

That's okay,
this is great!

I've often wondered
where I'd be

if we hadn't turned
each other away.

I'll see a woman my age
walking down the street
with her mom

and I think, why couldn't
that have been us?

I hated you for it.

Then I hated myself.

So many missed moments.

All those memories we could
have shared together.

My life would have been
so different if you were around.

It would have been better.

I have put so much energy

behind all
the wrong priorities.

I think it's time I stop.

Thanks, Mom.

I know now
that you didn't come back

to put your mind at ease.

You came back for me,

so that I could.

And cut!

[birds chirping]

[nurse speaking over P.A.]

Hey, Grams.

How's your leg
feeling today?

That was some fall
you took.

The cinch was loose
on my saddle.

Anyhow, doc said he'd
let me go home today.


You ready?Yeah.

Booth and I brought you
a little going home present.

[inhales deeply]

Old Spice.

Hello, Cora.

Why is it I always feel like
fainting when you're around?

Because you know
I'll always be there
to catch you.

Oh, you look so good.

Harvey, what are you
doing here?

Your grandson looked me up.
Said you took a spill.

Thought you might
like to see me.

I told him, not as much
as I wanted to see you.

[tapping on door frame]Am I interrupting?

[insects chirping]

[bird hooting]

You got a real nice
family, Runner.

You know, Grams
is exactly like
I imagined her.

[both chuckle]

I doubt this place could
be any more charming.

You're not gonna go on
about the weather, are you?

[horse neighs]

I'm sorry about the way
I left things.

Mickey told me
why you dashed off,

and I just thought
maybe you could
use some company.

You're a welcome sight.

Wow, you weren't kidding
about the stars.


Someone could get
real used to this.

I think I could sleep
on this swing all night.


My dad and I
built this swing.


That barn, too.

Come on.

I was only old enough
to hold the nails

when we built this.

What a summer.

Me and Booth,
Dad and Grandpa.

14 days straight.

We worked
sun up to sundown
on this barn.

My dad cut
every board here.

Wow.Every single one.

[nickering]Whoa, I didn't
see you hiding there.

[chuckles]What's his name?

Her name is Rose.


That's a fitting name
for a horse.


I bet you miss
your friend Runner.

I know I would.

She likes it
when you do this.


I called it off
with Colton.

I really think
we might have been happy.

But not like this.

Nothing could be
like this.

[rooster crowing]


Morning you two.

Morning, Grams.

Did you sleep well, dear?

Like a horse.

[Runner chuckling]

[Grams taps spoon
on glass]

I hope no one has any plans
for the rest of the week,

and if you do, cancel 'em.

You're getting married.

Very good, Runner.

Now, it's not gonna be
anything fancy.

Just the families.

Runner's right?

This time on Friday,

Harvey and I will be
sucking down mint juleps

the "Sunset Sea Witch."

[all chuckling]

Oh, Connie, dear,
if you don't mind,

I would like to borrow
that trashy nightie

I caught you wearing
the other night.

Uh, Grams, don't you think
you and Harvey

might be moving
a tad fast?

At our age, you got to.

You only get to feel
this way about one person,

and I do not intend
to waste it.

I can't imagine
anything nicer

than holding that man's hand
for the rest of my life.

I'm sorry you can't stay
for Gram's wedding.

I gotta get back and put
my house on the market.

Buy some cowboy boots.[chuckles]

Tell Greer to put my career
on hold for a while.

[trunk door closes]

Promise you won't
forget about me.

I promise.

Oh, Connie!

I just wanted
to say goodbye.

Tell her.
Shh! I will!

Tell that girl who you are.

Grams, Grams, I'm afraid to
tell her right now, okay?

Everything's perfect
just the way it is.

Tell her.

Grams, I'll tell her
later, okay?

It can't
do any harm to wait

until she gets to know
the new me better.

Yes, I am suspicious.


[messages rewinding,
machine beeping]

[woman's voice]
Hey, Mick!

I just saw your dad in "Death Wish 5."

There's a strong family resemblance.

I thought we'd have some dinner.

Call me.

[answering machine beeps]

[Runner's voice]
Mickey, it's Runner.

Listen, my plan is working.

Robyn doesn't have a clue as to who I am.

All systems go.

Now, don't say anything, okay?

She still doesn't know why I came after her

and I don't want her hearing it from you.

[machine beeps]

He was conning you,

I found that...

along with about
50 other clippings.

He was researching you.

Finding out what you like,
what you didn't like.

How to push your buttons,
how to charm you.

That's how
he knew about Rose.

He used me.

For what?

For money,
for a tell-all book.

What does it matter?

I guess it doesn't matter.


So, the wedding's back on?


Hey, Robyn?

Yeah, hey.

Just a second,
will you.

Just put it in my car
over there, see it.

Greer, look, I gotta
speak with Robyn.

Yeah, ooh.
Too late, buddy.

Show's over.
She's long gone.

Mickey told me
what you told her.

All I did was
tell her the truth.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I got a wedding to attend to.

Greer, come on.
Just give me five minutes.

Hey... It's too late,
all right?

You should have taken
the money, farm boy.

Okay, Harold.
You stay right here.

Make sure nobody
gets in, okay?

And, Bill, I want you
to scoot around the corner,

make sure nobody jumps
that fence, nobody.

Okay, thanks, guys.

All right!

Robyn, I have been trying
to get a hold of you.

So now you've added
breaking and entering

to your list of crimes.

You cannot marry Colton.


At least he's honest.

I thought you quit.

Okay, I lied.

And I would have
cheated and stole

and done anything
to get close to you.

So it's true.

You planned everything.

Try not to trip
on my dignity
on the way out.

Robyn... listen!

There was a time
when your words would
have romanced me, Runner.

And there was a time
when you weren't so cynical.

You don't know me that well.

I used to.

No one's known me
for a long time now.

[door opens]Look, Robyn.

Robyn!Get him out of here.

Hey, come on,
buddy, let's go.


Runner, stop it!

Rose, it's me!Get him out of here!

Your shell!

[Greer moaning]

Ow! Oh, man, he's gonna
do hard time, I swear.

For what?

He hit me in the eye,
for crying out loud.

[door closes]

[Greer sighs]

Who is Rose, anyway?

No one you know.

It's not hip to be late
to your own wedding.

Give me a hand
with this stuff.

God, at the rate you move,
all your single guests

will be engaged
by the time I get there.

Oh, man...

Look, Nicki, Nicki,
just get her--

I'll get it-- Just get her out
of here, will you?

Ahh, yes.

[church organ playing]

Oh, honey, hey!
Oh, here.

Oh, Greer!

Lovely to see you.

That's the first time I had
to bail out somebody else.

So when are you gonna
pay me back?

[engine starts]

Hey, come back here!

Now, did you memorize
your lines?

"I do."

Put a little something
in your stomach

so you'll feel better.



[children laughing]


[Greer, knocking]

Robyn, are you all right?


[tires squealing]

Robyn, listen.

I just want you
to be happy now.

Look at you, come here.

["Bridal Chorus" playing]That's it.

You look beautiful.

Give me your arm.

Promise you won't forget about me, Johnny.

I promise.

I love you.

I love you, too.


Colton... I'm happy.

I'm happy, too.

For the first time

since I was 12...

I'm really happy.

Me-- And that's why
we're here.

So, um, maybe
we should get on with it.

I'm sorry.
I can't.


Well, he's
a very lucky guy.

And you're a saint.

[guests murmuring]

What are you doing, Robyn?Let me go, Greer.

What, are you crazy?
You're gonna ruin my career.

Without me,
you don't have a career.

[guests gasp]

Robyn! Wait!

Robyn. Hi.

Why didn't you tell me?

I wanted to tell you,
but you had forgotten.

No, I didn't forget.
I just didn't remember.

That girl's gone, Runner.

She's been gone
a long time.

She's not gone.

She just forgot
for a while.


Yes! Look at that
perfect couple!

Come on!

Get some shots, that's
front-page stuff!

Hey, ask him
about ducks!

Those little furry
birds, he loves 'em!

Runner, Runner, Runner.Yeah.

I gave this to you
a long time ago

and I asked you
to never forget about me.

I didn't.You didn't.