Star Pilot (1966) - full transcript

Aliens from the constellation Hydra crash-land on the island of Sardinia. A prominent scientist, his daughter, several young technicians, and a pair of Oriental spies are taken hostage by the beings so they can use them to repair their spaceship's broken engine. With that done, they take off towards their home planet, taking the earthlings with them. However, the humans attempt to mutiny against their captors, inadvertently sending their tiny spaceship hurtling into the infinite beyond...

"A peasant claims to have seen a spacecraft
landing in the region of Molino."

Turn slowly. Signorina Solmi. Move in sync with

Don't worry, Doctor, I'm Venus on television. Is my experience not enough?

A simple precaution.

Is this Carozello’s advertisement?

For the goddess, for the elegant lady, for
the woman of the space age - bath salts.

Stop. Thank you, Signorina Louise.
Goodbye everyone.


I have to say, I've seen all your films.

I believe you are too young.

You are a real talent-scout, as the saying goes... discoverer of

Let's just say, I've met a suitable candidate at the right

I am an Aries, if you need to know.

Can you imagine, Paolo, tomorrow it will
be released. And he'll see Carozello.

- And? - What does "And" mean?

- Please look straight ahead.
- You think I don't understand.

You don't understand. And Here,

Bridget in person. In her debut.

Do you recognise them? He discovered them. He has a trained

And since he wanted to listen to me ...

Well, fine. Suppose even that Francis will be satisfied.

And how will the great scientist react to this?

Father puts up with Carozello, He's not impressed
with cinema. Imagine, he wanted to know...


And you?

She said that there's a boyfriend. And "I
hope that the relationship will be serious."

Marriage is always the best solution."

Pedestrians must cross the pedestrian

- What the hell are you doing?
- Why are you asking me?

So we have one more thing concerning the solution of a scientific problem.

For our society, this is a crucial issue.

Something that happens very often in our area.

Einstein's theory proved the relativity of time and

And the ratio of the energy absorption coefficient to

as indicated in the 7th chapter of your

In addition, when the Americans dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima -

... this served as evidence that a large amount of

could produce a chain reaction and destroy an entire

Where are we going, Father?

To the Institute of Geological Research.
Did they what they needed?

No, professor, they were very restrained.

- I would even say rather mysterious.
- How exciting.

Watch the road, Louise.

What a odd car. Isn't that an old

- How wide is it?
- About 14 meters, from yesterday, at least.

I have to give yesterday's numbers, because
today we have not had time to measure it yet.

However, without a doubt, it is growing every day.

- Where, at Morino?
- About 13km from the village.

How long have your people been there?

Three months. We built a hut, equipped a

Samples of soil and dry plants were taken, but so far the results have not yielded anything concrete.

- May I take a look at it?
- Naturally, professor.

These tests may surprise you. The soil
is characterised by the absence of humus.

There are no organic decaying elements.

It looks like the soil in which tobacco or coffee grows.

-This type is common in America.
- And Africa, of course.

Samples in the Belgian Congo have similar characteristics; uranium is also present in the composition.

- You can say what you like.
- I said what I said.

And nothing more.

If analyses show the presence of uranium in Africa - fine,
but here.

Uranium here - that would be wonderful.

- And the samples, you have them.
- Here you are.

I'll be right back.

- What?
- That car, look.

- And what is the matter with it?
- Look at it.

- It's following us.
- This is ridiculous, why would anyone follow us?

Can you give one reason?

They might be secret agents, let's go.

Will someone please explain...

- Who was it, 007?
-Don't joke.

Paolo, this is a sports car.

Why rush, Louise? We are not in a hurry. Moreover, we'll arrive too

Paolo, taxi. Come on, teach them a lesson.

- Calm down, Louise.
- It's her craving for pleasure, professor.

Put your foot down. You'll let this old bucket overtake

I suppose this is an example of relativity.

Relativity is the reason that when I drive

it's like racing in Indianapolis.

And when he is driving, it's just torture.

You stupid driver, Why did you cut me?

- Are you blind?
- The road is wide, enough space for both of us.

Yes, but you took it all. Who drives like

He doesn't seem to be breathing.

- Is he dead?
- No, but it looks like it.

How can I take him to the hospital, the car is

- Need help?
- Very kind.

Are you going to the airport?

Well, there's a hospital nearby.

Come on, help me.

- You and your friend saw everything?
- Yes of course.

- I'm not surprised at this.
-They did it on purpose.

But why?

First of all, because the truck began to move more

Although it had not even completely overtaken
the taxi.

Besides, those two behaved strangely.
The truck driver said almost nothing.

And the taxi driver would want to tear this man to

Do not be discouraged, professor. You have to understand that
she has a passionate nature.

Hurry, Paolo.

We need to get to Marino, while it's still light,
if we want to consider things rationally.

How much medicine should he administer, doctor?

Two cubic centimetres, I think, will be enough.

This isn't necessary.

- What are you doing?
- There was no accident. I'm sorry to trouble you.

But you still have to pay.

Do you see them?

Not yet. It's time to try again.

It's better to use a phone, the boss can get in

An accident has occurred.

-Do we know about this?
- I have no idea.

So the chap they bumped into said,
"Can't you signal?"

And the other replies: "Yes, of course, but I didn't get the
right of way."

Well, it looks like we still remember Morse code.

I almost forgot ... When will we have a

I have to go, they just flew in.

-My I?
- No thanks.

I never give it to anyone.

I hope Father finishes his work quickly.

I don't want to stay here for the night,
not the most pleasurable activity.

Are you really making a film?

What a pleasant surprise.

Where did you hear this?

We get news too.

It seems to be spreading at the speed of

That's enough.

Connect the probe to the amplifier.

Now we know that a large hollow space has formed in this area.

Under the marked area.

Perhaps there was an underground river that has long

So this phenomenon could have arisen due to constant erosion.

There is another option, also, of course, hypothetical.

The release of volcanic magma.

In other words, this void could arise naturally.

Only here a large number of radioactive organisms ...

... forced me to consider a darker version.

- What is it?
- That's the problem. What?

Curious sounds?

As if someone was suffocating.

- Would you like coffee?
- Yes, dear, thank you.

But it's a little late, isn't it?

Perhaps. Forget it.

What? What happened to you?

Nothing. We were just waiting for coffee.

What do we do now, professor?

It would not hurt to sleep.

We will need to ask for an excavator to begin excavation.

But... tomorrow we should return to the

No, you have to stay for a few days.
Something wrong? Another engagement?

No. I have nothing to do.

As far as I understand, you did not tell
him that you are trying to be an actress.

You are a bore. Go to bed.

The earthquake.

I can't go out like this.

It looks like it's over.

- Professor, what's wrong?
- I don't know yet.

Professor, a collapse has occurred.


Where we drove wedges, the earth collapsed.

Take a Geiger counter and everything you might need.

- Father, what's going on?
- You better wait here.

I won't miss this for the world.

You use a Geiger-counter as if it were a

Where will it lead?

- Ahead, if you'll go further.
-Of course I'll go.


- What happened?
- See this?

- What?
- Traces of water.


Professor, look.

How do you explain these fluctuations?

I have not understood this before, how can I explain it

Look at these vaults.

Just like in the films.

Check that side, there are no passages.

Then this is the exit from the tunnel.

There. Point the torches there. Start

Stop now. We're only wasting

We'll have to return with the equipment, that's all.

People from the geological institute should listen to me.

Maybe you should have said, "Open Sesame".

Let's go to the hut. You may not believe me,
but I can make excellent coffee.

Then you can all get enough sleep.

It's already a day.

It seems that I was wrong regarding our efforts.

Don't move anyone.

I've no idea what that is.

Molybdenum, titanium. Maybe some kind of mixture.

- You mean rafting? - Probably yes.

Perfect shape. And artificial origin.

- What is it? Some kind of bunker? “No, not a bunker at all.”

Radiation shelter? Let's take a look.

- Let's try to open it.
- No. Not yet.

Have you ever seen images of aliens found on the walls of that cave?

And the spacecraft that they think was used for interstellar flights.

There was a long investigation. I read an article.

- In some women's magazine?
- Or in a comic.

We are on a spaceship, don't you see?

I don't think there's anything to laugh

At this stage, I think you will all agree ...

... any hypothesis, however implausible, deserves analysis.

We transmitted the structure of the earthly language directly to your psycho-receptors.

Please use it when you reply.

They have not yet left the suspended animation chambers. But they will soon become fully effective.

It will be necessary to programme them for
knowledge of the earthly language, be careful.

Use our language when talking about things that earthlings should not know.

I Understand. I have a bad news. Robots will not

I think we did everything we could. Back to the station?

Yes. Let's get back to the hut.

We need to notify the authorities and decide what to do next.

What's happened to this

- Good luck, professor.
- I definitely need it.

Institute leaders will think that I'm out of my
mind. Perhaps I am.

Come on, Louise, hurry up.

- What's the matter?
- It won't start.

- What?
- See for yourself.

- Last night everything worked perfectly.
- There's something wrong with the engine, but I'll go and call.

Out of petrol, right?

Off the road. I'll show you how it's done.

Doesn't work either.

- Any success?
- The motor seems to be in order.

- Something of a riddle.
- I agree, the phone is also defective.

I'll take a look.

Earthlings who discovered our ship will need to help us repair it.

They have enough skills for this.

But then they will fly with us to the constellation Hydra.

They will serve us there, and we will explore them.

This is the only robot that has survived suspended animation.

This lower race has very low physical resilience.

Take these two upstairs. Artie and Belsi must destroy them.

Of course, he does not understand.

I just got an idea.

What a mess.

I think I understand what the problem is.

It will be possible to explain all this.

Including those strange sounds that we heard. Come on.

- Father, this is ...
- Hands up. All of you.

Who are you and what do you want?

Make no mistake, we are Asians, not Chinese.
We do not represent the People's Republic.

This country has agreed to cooperate with America.

Our people are not so gullible.

We despise the tainted methods of the West.

We have information that you have invented the
perfect weapon to invade and enslave us.

Fortunately, you will not be able to use

Neither on us, nor on other oppressed

When we first heard about ...

... this project of yours, it was hard to

But we have observed, and now you will show us your

There is no invention, nothing to show.

So the stone that you buried there is a figment of my

No, you won't fool us. We know that your project is a secret weapon.

My task is to find out how it works. And now you will show it to

Or you will regret it very much, because I will kill



Get up, everyone. You will come with us.

You are our captives.

You two.

Still not responding, sir.

Without a doubt, these two Romeos are talking all
day to their girls.

But the line is not busy, there is simply
no sound.

Probably just a short circuit.

Try a little later.

The goal of our mission is to determine
whether it is dangerous for our galaxy

from an ever-growing number of nuclear

But our equipment failed and we were forced to make an emergency landing at Morino.

Soon after, the ship was destroyed by an earthquake.

We fell into the crevice and were forced into suspended

According to your methods of measuring time, we spent here two years.

And now, finally, it is time to return to our

We have two days left at best, and you, Professor Solmi, will help us.

This is ridiculous. How can I?

First, I want to introduce you to Artie and Belsi, my officers.

My name is Kaina, and as for the rest of
the team, you saw what happened.

Sorry, but it seems to me that you expect too much from us.

First of all, I need to find out the principles by

Here is one of the components of the drive device of our

Take it. You and your assistant...

can repair it in a fusion lab.

Transfer information to my galactic control centre.

These formulas describe the molecular configurations of a metal called aileron.

I doubt that you know it.

I give you my word. As soon as the ship leaves
your planet, you will be released.

- Your word?
- These are television transmitters.

They keep us up to date with everything you say and do

... by sending images to our monitors.

So we become slaves?
- Call it what you will.

Your earthly languages ​​are rich enough.

And if I refuse to help you?

Given the fact that your daughter will remain a captive with us until you return.

Also, have you ever seen what 10,000
electrical volts can do with the human body?

You are in our power, remember this.
Do you see the button over there?

I can shock any of you who try to inform outsiders of our presence

or break the transmitter. And I have to warn you, you can only hear

... while I can watch everything that you do. So be careful.

And now you, Cheng.
You and your colleague will stay here

and perform tasks designed for robots.

This somehow compensates for the fact that you shot one of them.

- Do you think it works again?
- Well, the Jeep has started.

Why don't you give it a try?

It's about time you called.

But you could call from the village. Did the Jeep break?

Well, what happened to you last night?

- This is the station.
- And what news?

Professor Solmi and Dr. Bardi are coming here.

I believe they will ask us to provide them with additional resources.

And the ministry has already refused to allocate funds.

And they still say that scientists live in their own world.

That was the case until this night.

We seemed to be in another time dimension.

This measurement can easily become dangerous.

This whole story is ridiculous, utter nonsense.

I can't believe that we will be able to fix this thing.

Do not worry, professor.

18 meters 3 meters in 24 hours.

Undoubtedly, the situation is alarming.
But before asking the ministry for more resources

I should visit Morino.

This is not necessary, you have photos.

But excavators, earthmoving machines.

To begin with, I would like to re-examine the

- Good. I will go with you.
- No, sir.

I mean, I can provide the professor with all the necessary help.

- There is no need to bother you.
- I don't mind.

In fact, I even agree. I will join you the day after

And now we will issue you permission to use the laboratory.

Get ready


Is it true that you are lying in these things, like a bear sleeping in a cave?

- Anabiosis.
- Isn't that the same thing?

This is your room.

I will have my own corner. Just wonderful.

But I really don't need all this.

I intend to stay here, at most, until

By the way, where exactly is the bed?

Sleep on this?

But what about the mirror?

Wait, Mr. Balsy.

Have you a film?

The Hydra Museum has a projector and several films.

What life is up there? Is your love the same in the museum?

A team of geneticists selects suitable ones for procreation. And mates them.

Just like Hitler.

- Unsuitables are subject to disintegration.
- About the same as the Spartans.

Designed for low-skilled work are produced in test tubes.

- What about you?
- In what sense?

I hope my father hurries.

You have a molecular structure.

- This is part of my work.
- You put me in an awkward position.

Could you please explain yourself?

- You talked about simple repairs.
- That's what I do.

But you must understand that I must report all unusual cases,

like the one that I just observed in my
own laboratory.

I am the director of this institution, I have certain responsibilities.

Listen, Professor Terenzi, when exactly will you submit your report?

Tomorrow at the latest.

In that case, you have nothing to worry
about. I'll call you tomorrow before midnight.

You might think I'm amusing myself, but your report will serve its

It's you, Belsi.

This is for you.

Tablets? But I feel well.

This is your meal for seven days.

Listen, from time to time I go on a diet, but not on just pills.

Also, who knows where you stored them. And what is their effect.

One of you must bring earthly food to the professor's daughter.

- Full lunch, immediately.
- Yes sir, ma'am.

We have canned food, at least it's better than pills.

No, she needs something easy.

Where did you put the paste?

Battery performance?

Magnesium 5 percent.

The Hydra Central Office is calling the Aldebaran spacecraft.

This is the Aldebaran spacecraft, hear you.

Sir Murdu said that earthlings should be

delivered to the Hydra section in the best possible


Did I say it wrong in their language?

Yes, and what if they overheard us?

There is nobody here besides us. So how could

Unless you left the transmitter on.

I have a huge appetite, it smells


No news.

But since these fellows are not fussing,
everything is in order.

Here, quickly. Go.

Here we are.

This is the experimental station, we want to talk to

"They do not want to let us go - they want to take us with them - Need

- Who wrote this?
- Never mind. It's time to inform the institute.

Bruno thinks it's a joke.
He will never believe us.

Terrifying alien creatures hold you

And a woman commands them, yes? And where is this

I swear, Bruno. I'm not joking about this.

You must send the police.

Pull the other one. Orson Welles has already
done this.

Monsters invading our world from another planet.

- I don't bite.
- What's happening?

Listen, sir, and judge for yourself. Tell them to stop.

In every joke you need to know when to

Professor Solmi had to remain silent. He can't say

They hold his daughter hostage. And they threaten to kill us all.

If you need evidence, just look at the
molecular structure

of the metal that the professor worked on this

Why did the screen turn off? What is going on there?

We were both busy and did not notice how the transmitter fell to the floor, under the table.

It seems that this caused interference, this is an accident.

If it happens again, no apology will help.

This will not happen again.

Both of you. Get on board immediately.

You heard? Do you believe us now? Do something

It was not necessary to kill him.

This means that our team is less by one.

You are warned. Either obey us or suffer like your comrade.

Come in, Mr. Morelli.

We lost one crew member, we need to replace him.

The work that they did for the professor ...

... will be elementary for a person with an intelligence like yours.

The group will consist of two of your Chinese friends, Professor Solmi and you.

Go to your workplace.

Search the entire area.

Do not raise your heads.

- Are we in orbit?
- No, in outer space.

What is it? Help. Let me down.

You forgot to give the girl a weight simulator, as Pelsey did with the rest.

I feel dizzy. How much longer do I have to hang

This is your second mistake.

Give her my uniform.

This is the control centre.

Professor Solmi and Mr. Morelli can leave their

Pelsey, this will be done by Artie.

Thank you professor. We appreciate your help during the launch.

Now we can repair the video.

Would you mind explaining to us what all this

Of course not. This was a warlord from the
Hydra section.

He congratulated us on the completion of the repair work.

And he said that we would definitely be remembered when the
Council on genetics

arranged the next discussion of
breeding to select worthy subjects for mating.

Undoubtedly, you fully understand that if I disclosed my intentions

to replace the last remaining robots only with the surrogates we

... indispensable for launching, you would refuse.

And we would, without a doubt, remain on the surface of your planet.

But I assure you. We will return you home as soon as possible.

And I'm sure you will enjoy your trip.

Yes. It is a pity that Julio will not be able to have fun with us.

We warned you all.

You can consider your colleague's death essentially suicide.

In your opinion, everything is very simple, but you will never

convince me that my death will be suicide.

Her words contain not even a grain of truth.
This is a one way trip.

She made us go with her for one reason - she was so ordered.

Guinea pigs, that's who we are for them.

- Can you prove it, Cheng?
- I heard them say it.

It's true. I heard that they made a very simple

And their equipment can very easily fail, as well as our electrical appliances.

When one of their switches does not work, the microphone

cannot be deactivated in the control

And you, always in control, such a morally stable

... descended from heaven, flew from the
constellation Hydra, tell us everything.

You betrayed yourself by repeating the order of the

It's not true.

Are you going to kill us? We're now useless to

You think I am a criminal?

That is not the point; we want to clarify everything.

You see, we have to come to Hydra alive. Health must be perfect.

- Be silent.
- Why should he be silent?

You don't understand how much my father and others, let's say, earthlings,

including me, know about managing your ship.
We will deal with it ourselves.

I don't know what she said.

As far as I know, we have only one way out.

- He is alive.
- This one too.

But it is imperative that we remove the

Otherwise, they will lose too much blood.

Over there, behind you. Click the third button on the left.

You will find everything you need for surgery and blood transfusion.

I need to go to the control centre.

Our rotor blades went astray.

We will go off course. Although judging
by your behaviour it is clear to me

that you do not mind becoming lost
in infinity.

Louise, go with her.

We will not be able to contact the Hydra Central Office.

The space tele-screen is destroyed, and only Belsi
can repair it.

The radar seems to be operational. But we can communicate with
the engine room only through the audio system.

You gave so much blood, I don't understand why
you do not feel tired?

Transfusion is good for me. I have new cells, energy.

Do you know that we fell into a photonic storm and cannot get out?

Where is she taking us?

We are approaching the orbit of a planet that is not on our star

A collision awaits us, we can do nothing.
There is only one way out.

What is that?

We can be saved by shutting off the fuel supply
to the engine and rotor.

But since Artie and Belsi are unable to act, everyone, including

you, will have to follow my orders exactly.

This is our only opportunity.

Louise, come with me.

You heard her.

- Don't try to throw anything away, or I...
- He still has enough blood left.

The only way to compensate for the lack
of video is through direct eye-contact.

- I can't move it
- Press the button, then turn left.

-Do you see it?
- Yes, to our left.


Minus 30 to section 6.

Minus 1.

Minus 2. Minus 4.

In sections 7 and 3, reduce to 30 percent.

Reduce to 30 percent, sections 7 and 3.

Minus 3.

We are almost there, this manoeuvre is
more dangerous than an ordinary landing.

Minus 19.

And again minus 3, 1, 2. I repeat, minus 3, 1, 2.

Go and fasten your seat belts. I need to wear a spacesuit.

Aren't you curious to know what
this place is?

Of course.

Dr. Bardi. It is likely that there is already an atmosphere on this planet.

If not, create it yourself.

But my duty as captain is to conduct a preliminary reconnaissance.

Before I return, do not open the door to the
decompression chamber, is that understood?

And at that moment I go on stage surrounded by an ensemble of

36 dancers for the grand finale.
And just drowning in applause.

You seem to be saying that these were filming

Well, of course. The applause is recorded.
It's needed for warming up.

You first invent, and then perform.

Well, yes, Belsi, but for an earthly woman it's important that you pretend to believe her.

You said that earthlings have 'thick skin'.

When I said that, I thought about your speedy
recovery. But you also have a thick skin.

With your help.

Yes, we are so created. And then, Paolo is very generous.

And I would say very brave.

Tell me, is he the man with whom
you will copulate?

Sorry, but on Earth, some things we do not say

And then - no, I don't think ... In any case, we must

want it ourselves, they don't select us.

This music is best suited to say that you have beautiful eyes.

You think so?

I began to notice a lot of things since the flowing
in my veins of other blood.

And this is the first time I am interested
in the future.

"...for a woman of the space age -
bath salts."

Are the space radar and television screens fixed?

- Yes, but so far no answer.
- So Hydra can't hear us?

It seems like that. Or they do not answer.
There must be some explanation.

Come, we will try to contact them again.

It makes no sense to stay here.

It was alright while you and Belsi needed to

But now it's time to move on.

But why should we risk the unknown
in the Hydra?

Especially when we cannot contact them.

Do not waste time arguing about this.
There are six of us, and there are three of them.

We will return to Earth.

To make such a decision, a majority
is required.

We all have to agree.Undoubtedly.

But we're six against three. Artie is with us.
Isn't that right, Artie?

With you? I don't know.

Come on, I think you have already
made a decision now.

But the remaining two.

Louise will probably confirm that
Belsi will also return to Earth with us.

As for Kaina ... whether returns with us is up to

- I think I look very stupid.
- Are these Louise's things?

Yes. She wore them on the set of that film.

At least it cheered you up.

And when a girl like you laughs...

It's funny, Kaina. You don't understand
how it matters.

Others immediately begin to
perceive one differently.

We do not believe in emotions such as laughter.

- Perhaps we are missing your...
- Feelings?

Correct. And what you earthlings call love.

- But what's the use of living like that?
- It is impossible to answer this question

When you do not know the answer.

It seems to be abandoned.
I don't understand.

And in the Hydra section there is no one either.
They don't even answer.

Is it really that important?

Something is wrong.

An unidentified ship is approaching us. What does this mean?

Probably one of our ships.

We will not change the flight path,
but increase speed

so we can overtake them before they...

What language do they speak? I've never heard that before.

- Maybe Russian, but I'm not sure.
- Or Bulgarian. A similarly Slavic language.

We are not sure which one.

Our radio is tuned to their wavelength. Answer them, professor.

Please, Louise, you try.

This is spaceship Aldebaran.

He seems to be repeating the same thing.
Any suggestions?

This is the spacecraft 1A 40,
our mission...

And he repeats everything again. Nothing else.
Like a cracked record.

You need to know just one word. Most likely an adjective.

"Done" or "finished." I wonder if this
is true.

I think you're right. Artie and Belsi, to the control

- Is the ship from Earth?
- We'll find out soon.

Do you think this is important?

- Why is their message cutting off?
- This is what bothers me.

It looks like you have to board them.

Belsi, keep an eye on it's movement.

I will go with you. After all, it is an earth ship.

It concerns us more than you.

Apparently, they have a faulty engine.
They move due to magnetic attraction.

Minus 10 on all rotors.

Their navigation system also failed.

Now you can remove the
cosmic-breathing mask.

There is enough air and the cabin is airtight.

Where are they?

On this ship, they will fly to the end of the universe.

What do you think went wrong? Here, everything looks intact.

Not a single device is broken.

I am sure there is some explanation for this.

What's wrong?

I want to rewrite the inscriptions on these tablets.

The professor will be able to explain what
these two fellows did on their assignment.

Useless. I can not translate this.

- Maybe it's Russian.
- Or Bulgarian.

I already said that.

As far as we know, for us at this speed
several days have passed.

But on Earth, everything is different.

Weeks, months, years could pass. Quite possibly

And all of our languages ​​could change.

Professor, we are generally familiar with the principles of Einstein's theory.

But when you heard this message, I think you understood.

Perhaps. But do not insist, Kaina.

I repeat once again, I do not know the meaning
of these words.

Professor Solmy, what about returning to Earth now?

What do you mean by asking such a question?

Of the three of us, only I want to return to my world

into the constellation Hydra.
You do understand me.

And I think you know that something happened to your Earth.

Tell us what you found. Tell us.

I'll tell you. The films found on this ship
explain everything.


Ruins, only the Colosseum remained.

The first and last nuclear war, and no one will know anything.

No one but us.

How do you think it started?

Who knows, and what's the difference?

It is impossible to stay here, the Earth is infected.

Radiation sickness will kill us.

The only chance is to fly on a ship.

But where do we go?

We will discuss when we get away from here.

What is this place?

This is the centre of the Hydra system.

In the 3rd rotation of the 8th phase of the 1002nd cycle ...

... the Hydra Central Office recorded a fast ...

... pervasive nuclear pollution.

Were these the consequences of nuclear explosions?

We, not wanting to deal with mutations that will be inevitable,

will take advantage of our star fleet,
and fly away to a distant planet...

where we can build a new,
ideal civilisation.

Those rejected by the centre, born not of selective copulation,

cannot follow us to a planet where we will recreate an ideal

Look, Kaina.

He says - "Welcome." He says that survivors from two

can begin a new life for the glory
of natural love.