Star Odyssey (1979) - full transcript

Earth is attacked by an intergalactic villain and his army of robotic androids.

[dramatic music]

[electronic beeping]

- Commander, can you come here?

There's something
happening on our perimeter.

An unidentified spaceship
has penetrated our defenses.

- Flanagan, Maya.

What's going on?

- This is unit P
of reconnaissance

reporting the sighting
of an alien vessel.

A flying saucer.

They're maintaining
full radio silence,

they don't reply to
any of our signals.

The velocity of their ship
is much superior to my craft.

I'm sending Johnson out
after, then a new hunter.

That's the best we can do, sir.

Let's just hope he
manages to catch them...

- He can try to force it
to land but if they won't,

he should return to
his launching module.

It's possible their
intentions are hostile.

[whooshing and beeping]



- Lord Kes,

an indigenous space
vehicle of a primitive

chemically propelled design
is attempting to force us

to reduce velocity.

- Destroy it.

Insert central computer link
into defense system circuits.


Linking circuit.

- A central A 74 beta
stock and disintegrated

by a destructive ray
impossible to identify.

Alien vessel has passed out
of belt perimeter defenses

and is now rapidly approaching
automatic inner defense

ring of earth.

Propellant energy source
not yet identified,

automatic system on emergency
in tracking and aiding phase.

Alien vessel now
entering K sector five,

in 10 seconds, it will be
in range of atomic cannon.

- Man meets an
alien race at last.

And greets them by
disintegrating their vessel.

- Atomic cannon,
crossfire now under way.

The object has been struck.

- Commander Barr,

- Quiet Hollywood.

You are witnessing
mankind's first contact

with an alien race.

- Yes, and I'm ready
to shake their hand.

- Alien vessel undamaged.

- What?

- And proceeding
rapidly direction earth.

Atomic cannon's ineffectual.

- Impossible.

- This is red
emergency all sectors

status three ready to open up.

- At that velocity, they're
already beyond sections 83.

- And they'll be drawing
within range of our hyper radar

any minute now and the
earth based artillery.


- Approaching Soul Three

atmosphere rich in oxygen,

three is up, all with
little discomfort.

Wide spread traces of pollution,

due to chemical combustion
and nuclear wastes.

Analysis of magnetic
and heat radiation,

reveals technological level
approximately equivalent

to the Axis Culture
18 centuries ago.

Bionic radiation analysis
reveals planet population

to be approximately
10 billion units.

Infra-red scanners show
that almost all industrial

and residential structures
are below ground

or on the sea bed.

This appears to be
due to the necessity

of freeing the surface
for agricultural use.

There are in addition vast
areas of both land and sea

dedicated to
breeding and raising

lower forms of life
to serve as nutrients

for the higher forms.

- Soul Three is even better
than I thought it was

when I bought it?

[tense music]

[spacecraft roaring]

[gun firing]


- It seems they want
to show a force,

it will be extremely impolite
of me to disappoint them.


- Numbers of survivors, zero.

The [mumbles]

totally destroyed.

- They're continuing to
destroy all our military bases.

After they knocked out
London, they started on Accra.

- There are no
survivors Adelaide

and Tokyo sub says the Okinawa
base is just a junkyard.

- The laboratories have
nearly finished examining

all the available data.

But the news has leaked out.

I can't hold off the
report as much longer

in spite of the lack of
official information,

the papers are already
talking about an invasion.

It'll take a miracle
to save us now.

- If anyone can work miracles,
Professor Murray can.

- Professor Murray, who's he?

- Murray is a truly
exceptional scientist.

He has a degree of intelligence
that puts him about two

centuries ahead
of everyone else.

- Why isn't he working with us?

- Because he's too independent,
stubborn, and undisciplined.

He won't accept any
kind of authority,

but in a situation like this,

he's the only person
who can do anything.

- Why not get in touch with him?

- The problem is that my
relationship with the professor

could not be described as ideal.

The last time I
asked for his help,

he was so difficult to get
along with, I had to arrest him.

- He can't have liked that.

- Quite.

At the moment the only
person that he might

listen to is a young
Lieutenant, Oliver Carrera.

- Aaaaah!

Hollywood, that fellow who
acts as if he were a superstar

in a TV series called
"Fighting Hero of the Galaxy"?

- Him, the only one who
could possibly help.

Holly spends most of his
spare time at the professor's.

Has a young niece,
he's playing up to.

Professor Murray lives
at the ecology laboratory

on the serial ratings
and passes the time,

turning out inventions
that are incredible.

- Flanagan, I can't hold
these reporters back anymore.

- Don't worry, I'll take
care about a howling mob.

You have to go on a
very important mission.

[tense music]

- Enthirium,

the alien craft
is protected with

an armor of pure enthirium.

- That's impossible.

- What makes it impossible dear?

Just because we on earth only
have a kilo of enthirium,

but we know nothing
about conditions

prevailing on the aliens galaxy.

Earth has a lot of iron

and their planet might
be made of enthirium.

- But uncle, enthirium is
practically indestructible.

- And this spaceship is proof.

Our nuclear artillery didn't
even scratch the surface.

Evidently the enemy
craft has traveled

from a far corner of the
universe over a vast distance

in order to arrive here.

It's not surprising they managed

to swat down that
ridiculous insect of a space

on that command post
sent to greet them.

- Oh uncle, you really
shouldn't laugh like that.

Our planet may be in
very serious danger.

- Oh I'm not laughing
about it at all Irene.

My dear, these aliens have

several centuries
advantage over us.

They travel out of space
through the galaxies

while we are unable
to get any farther

than the planets of our own sun.

They possess an untold
quantity of enthirium.

And in all probability
consider us savages,

hardly worth bothering about.

- Technologically they
may be ahead of us,

but I think that...

- Just a minute.
- I'm sorry.

[high-pitch resonating music]

- They're barbarian.

They don't place any sort
of value on human life.

- But you're forgetting
how the white man behave

towards the negro and
the American Indian.

It is the most powerful race,

which makes the decision
as to who's civilized

and who's not.

And I'm afraid we will have
to accept our inferiority

and submit to the inevitable.

[upbeat music]


I never would have
imagined that I'd have

to go back to my
research on enthirium.

[spacecraft engine resonating]

[spacecraft roaring]

[lightning roaring]

- Good evening.

- Oh Holly, at last.

- My name is Oliver
in case you forgot.

- No darling, please, excuse me.

I mustn't be informal.

This visit is official.

- Since the visiting
hero so anxious

to maintain his command,

I suppose there's no use
offering him a drink.

- Good lord!
What's that?

- It's an old house robot
that uncle built ages ago.

It had a short circuit
in it's electronic brain

and acts a little peculiar.

Why don't you fix it uncle?

- I could never find the time.

Anyway, I've forgotten
how it works [laughing].

He may not speak
very distinctly,

but he's a superb bartender.

- Professor Murray,

we're faced with disaster.

Three of our bases
are already in ruins

and we were completely helpless.

No doubt you've heard
the latest news bulletin.

- According to
the official news,

the situation is under control.

What do you want with me?

- Commander Barr has
entrusted me with the most...

- No, I know, I know that.

You already said your
visit was official.

So I can easily imagine
what kind of heroic mission

Commander Barr has
entrusted you with.

To persuade that
old fool, Murray.

- To help him out.

- I must say your
Commander Barr,

certainly has the nerve.

After putting my
uncle in prison,

he still thinks he's
entitled to ask his help.

- Yes.

- But the whole
point of the matter

is that there's no way
I can avoid giving you

the assistance you need,

since I have to live
on this earth myself,

as does my charming niece.

I'll do what I can.

But on my conditions only.

- No conditions Murray.

I'm not authorized to agree
to conditions of any type.

You can do whatever you want,

but don't expect any
support officially.

If anyone gets burned,

I'd rather the anyone
was you naturally.

I don't hesitate to admit

preferring your
discomfort to my own.

- You've had a taste
of it already Barr.

- It was an
unavoidable necessity.

And you know it.

Now, all you have
to do is to tell me

if you're going to help us or
if we'll have to surrender.

That means he'll help us.

Holly's done a good job.

I don't know how he
manages, but he does.

I burn my fingers and
he warms his hands.

- I don't understand.

Was there some kind of trouble

between you and the commander?

- Oh, it's a long story.

I'll tell you one of these days.

It also concerns a couple
of friends of mine.

Sean and Bridget, among the
greatest chemists living.

- Why haven't you ever mentioned

there being friends of yours?

- I believe they're
in a penitentiary,
at the moment base.


Now somebody will
have to get them

out of the penitentiary.

And I know just the
person to do it.

- Don't look at me, sir.

I'd have to get
an authorization.

And I don't think
Commander Barr...

- It must happen!

At base GA they've
managed to discover

that the alien vessel is
made entirely of enthirium.

- That's supposed
to be a secret.

- Are you surprised that I know?

Frankly, I'm astonished
that the base managed

to discover it too.

And only Sean and
Bridget could possibly

succeed in inventing an
entirely new substance

that could perforate enthirium,

but the two of them are
in the penitentiary.

- Apparently it's
a vicious circle.

It's impossible
to get out of it.

- Not necessarily.

Say a certain lieutenant,

were to join forces
with a person I know

who's very clever
with locked doors.

The two of you could
free them easily,

- But an act such as that
is strictly against the law.

Assisting criminals to get out?

No, never.

That would mean betraying
my duty as a soldier.

And that you can't
expect of an honest man.

- No, no.

And I can't force you.

What I expect is that you
would volunteer to handle it.

- But that's ridiculous,
you must be joking.

I couldn't possibly

[upbeat music]


You're right.

Of course I'll do it.

Professor I volunteer
to handle it.

- You've done it again.

It's very unfair of you.

- I must have Sean
and Bridgette,

and Dirk and Norman

And as for them, you'll have
to track them down for me.

Wouldn't you?

[electronics beeping]

- Six!

I've won!

[laughing] I've won!

I've defeated you
in the sixth game

and you my love would have
to change sooner or later.

Pay up, come on.

I'm afraid you really
were very unlucky.

The law of probability was
certainly on your side [scoffs].

Oh, Dirk.

[calming piano music]

- I just don't understand it.

I had all the winning
numbers, but she won.

- Huh, very lucky girl.

- You know I never thought
I was going to win Laramie.

Dirk Laramie you
brought me luck.

- Hey, listen you.

- Can't you see I'm busy?

- You are Dirk
Laramie, aren't you?

The gambler who
hypnotizes opponents.

- Look, I'm busy.

Let's talk about it later.

- Hey boys, this
is Dirk Laramie,

the guy who can
see through cards.

I think he oughtta give back
the money he won off of.

That's him.

Hey, there.

- Just a moment, darling.

- You're gonna hand
over that cash to us?

- Here!
- Oh!

[punches and kicks thudding]

[upbeat music]


- So you were here too, huh?

I'll bet you were hitting
me harder than the others.

- [laughing] No I'm afraid
I didn't have that pleasure,

but I did enjoy the performance.


Tonight at the usual place.

[laughing gently]

She won't keep the appointment.

A couple of guardians
caught her just as she was

trying to slip quietly
away unfortunately.

- What are you doing here?

- I certainly didn't
drop in to say hello.

It was my uncle who
asked me to look for you.

And I'm afraid there was
no way I could refuse.

He wants to have a talk
with you immediately.

It's urgent.

- Oh, he does, he
wants to see me?


- He said for you
to come right over

to his place without
wasting a moment.

- Huh!

Does he think I'm
going to come running

every time he snaps his fingers?

Like that little toy
soldier of yours?

- Don't be like that.

This thing is very important.

- Oh, I'm sure it's
extremely important.

[soothing piano music]

What a shame you've
gotten worse, Irene.

You used to kiss a lot better.

It's the fault of
that soldier, Holly.

- Dirk, how many days
have you been in here?

- Well, two, three,
I don't know.

- Then you know nothing about
what's happening in the world.

- Why, what's happening?

[laughing gently]

They assassinated the president?

- Why not come and see?

- Mmh, I guess I should.

I'm ready.

- Good morning professor.

- Huh, good morning, Dirk.

Won't you sit down.


[robot squeaking]

- He's asking you if you like
ice and soda in your whiskey?

- No, thank you.

I prefer it neat.

- I take it Irene has
already told you everything.

- Not exactly.

Again, explaining
one or two things.

Apparently, it
was more important

to find some guy called, Norman.

- If you want me to go to the
penitentiary at moon space,

I must have a spacecraft.

- Yes, fortunately it
happens that there is

a junior officer
here on the station

who's an old friend of
ours, Oliver Carrera.

Known as Hollywood.

- Aaah!

- And they willing to help out?

- I've already awakened his
interest in the operation.

- All you have to do is prevent
him from changing his mind.

With your unusual talent,
I'm sure you will have

no difficulty gaining
his cooperation

in borrowing one of the
Navy's vessels for our use.

Do you follow me?

- I sure do.

It's just like old times.

And when your
mission is finished

and you've returned the
spacecraft to the base,

Oliver won't remember anything.

- Always assuming
that we managed

to get away with
Sean and Bridgette.

- Oh you'll make it, all right.

I have every confidence,
I know you Dirk.

[robot beeping and squeaking]

- You know professor,
I missed you.

[robot squeaking]

[spacecraft engine resonating]

[device beeping]

- Turn monitor one on the
slave pickup operation

in the subtropical continent.

- Yes, sir.

- 1,600 dark skin units
of various age groups

have been collected.

All damaged or physically
unsuitable elements

have been destroyed,
leaving a sample group

of 1000 strong
healthy individuals. ♪~

This group has had two
hours in data chamber

to destroy all
pathogenic bacteria.

They are now undergoing
suspended animation processing

prior to stowage in hole
six, container four.

[upbeat music]

- Hey, Holly!


[upbeat music]

Hey, Holly.

- I am Lieutenant
Oliver J. Carrera.

You see this star?

It's a medal, for
galactic bravery.

- Oh, I trust the Lieutenant
will accept my apologies.

My name is Dirk
Gordon Laramie III

Dirk Laramie?

I think we've already met.

- [laughing] You have
a very good memory.

Listen, Holly, I'm sorry.

I have something
important to tell you.

It's from the professor.

- But how did you
manage to get in?

Civilians aren't
allowed on the base.

You better get out.

- No, wait, just a
minute, Lieutenant

till you've heard my message.

It's from the old man, get it?

He sent me.

- What old man?

- Huh, you don't remember?

Professor Murray.

- Murray?

What does he want from me?

- Well he said for
you to help me.

So they lend us something.

- Lend?

Lend what?

- A spaceship.

I just need it for a day or two

and when they finish using
it, you can give it back.


You're the only person
that can help us.

And Professor Murray said he
was certain you could do it.

- You're out of your minds.

Both of you.

I'm handing you
over to the guard.

- No, wait a minute Lieutenant.

Don't do anything you
might live to regret.

Think of Irene.

- Irene?

- Yes, Irene

- I have to think of my duty.

Duty comes before anything else.

- That's right, duty first.

- And stealing is
against my principles

as a soldier.

No one can force me to...

[Oliver breathing heavily]

- No one wants to force you.

I'm waiting for
you to volunteer.

- Of course, of course.

If it's what the
professor wants,

I'll gladly volunteer.

- Come on.

- Follow me.

[calm flute music]

Urgent mission, I
must lift off at once

- Present your permit.

And has the civilian
with you got a base-pass?

- Of course he has.

Show him your pass.

- All right.
[punch thudding]

Let's go.

Galactic hero.

- Who's that idiot blasting
off without flight clearance?

- I don't know.

There aren't any
scheduled flights today.

- Where to?

- Moon Space, the
Alcatraz of the heavens.

There are two birds
in that gilded cage

that we have to set free.

[upbeat music]

[spacecraft roaring]

[feet stumping floor]

- Not bad looking that
bridge of London, eh?

I'll take over.

- Hercules leaves Norman
dazed but standing.

Oh, I spoke too soon.

No, he's back on his feet.

This is an exceptional match.

- Sure I'll bet you.

- You don't know what
you're talking about.

Don't do this to yourself...
- But, let me finish.

- Hercules, Thor
and Bill Norman,

are struggling for
the title in the

Android versus Human
World Championship.

Hercules Thor has killed
over a thousand opponents,

and given a new meaning
to the word, "Box".

That's what the other
guys can call him.

Norman is putting
up a fire defense

but it's not easy
for him to make

[crowd cheering
drowns out speaker]

[punch thudding]

[helmet beeping] He did it.

One, two, three, four.


we're still on the seventh round
of this spectacular battle.

[crowd cheering]

[crowd cheering
drowns out speaker]

- Kill him!

[crowd cheering
drowns out speaker]

- Hercules is on the attack.

Now he got a rope.

That could get a
little confusing here.

Norman may have

[crowd cheering
drowns out speaker]

The referee is
beginning to weaken,

[crowd cheering
drowns out speaker]

[punches and kicks thudding]

[crowd cheering
drowns out speaker]

[helmet beeping]

- One, two, three.

- Hercules is on his
feet but swinging wildly.

[soft jazz music]

- 3000.

- I'll stay.

- Well, you're playing or not?

- Jeff, hey Jeff.

Don't forget you're in a game.

- Jeff wake up, it's
your play we're waiting.

- Oh, sorry, where are we?

- 3,000

- And I am staying in.

- 5,000

- No

- 20

- Too much for me, well.

- You like to play
for high stakes?

- I'm sorry I do too high.

- I'll see ya,

two aces.

- It's all yours.

Lucky bastard.

- Have you had enough?

- I've had enough.

- That was at the
breaks, just luck.

- Too much for me.

- Just two aces?

- But how could you know
that I was bluffing?

[loud laughter]

- Damian

- I have all the winning
numbers now except one.

Why go on, what's the point?

You might as well give in
graciously and come to bed.

- Not yet, you
still haven't won.

Everything depends
on final game.

- If I lose you
get all the money

and the pleasure
of a night with me.

But if I win, you
lose everything.

The money and my body.

- Quite right.

Let's play another one.

[electronics beeping]

- It happened.

- That's a matter of purely
academic interest to us now.

What counts is that
It really did happen.

And now we have to do something.

Flanagan, contact all up
division satellites and bases

and have them transmit any
pictures they've managed

to get of this ufo, immediately.

- Yes, sir.

- Holly.

- Yes, sir.

- I want you to get me
a spectrograph analysis

from the chief of
the observatory.

- Yes, sir.

- I need to know the substance
the spacecraft is composed of

and why it was resistant to
our nuclear Canon attack.

- Yes sir

- We are in serious trouble.

Perhaps the computer
could make an analysis

from the existing data.

That's just a faint hope it can,

at least in terms
of probable choices,

because it's absolutely
vital to know immediately

the defense systems
used on the ufo.

- I'll find out commander.

- Ladies and gentlemen,
the auction is now open.

[background chattering]

- And to begin the sale, Troll
a seventh category planet

with an unbreathable atmosphere,

surrounded by asteroids
bearing rich deposits

of valuable minerals.

Sun, class G.

- I bid one million credit.

- A million credits.

Lord Sin of Sastria,

bids one million credits
for this valuable property,

with its immense
natural resources.

Do I hear a better offer?

Gone to Sin of Sastria
for one million credits.

The next item on
offer is Horva Four

A third category a planet.

Abounding in surface lichens

and other forms of plant
life on the sea bed.

- Two million credits.

- Three million.
- Five million.

- Lord Gad of Tokol, bids
five million credits.

Do I hear a higher bid?

Going, going, gone
to Gad of Tokol

for five million credits.

Congratulations Lord Gad,
you've got a bargain there.

- Life is more spread
in the universe.

But I've been reliably
informed that today

they are auctioning
a small planet

on the edge of the galaxy.

With humans on it

- Farcus 15,

rich in talium,

- Homo sapiens?

- Slaves, millions of slaves,

just waiting to have
their thoughts erased.

Clearly by some person with
sufficient ships to transport.

- Will no one offer
2 million credits?

Very well the planet is
withdrawn from the sale.

- You can sell some to me, I'll
pay a thousand credits each.

- It's a deal, provided
Golden Taco doesn't succeed

in outbidding us with
the aid of the Octoneous.

- And now Lords of the galaxy,

the main item of today's
sale, Soul Three.

It has rarely been my privilege

to put such a remarkable
world on the block.

It is a third category planet

belonging to a class B sun.

It's known as, Earth.

- Six million.

- 12 million credits

- Soul Three is immensely rich

in every type of life,
animal, bacteria and plants.

All in various
stages of evolution.

The gravity factor is 1.3.

The atmosphere breathable.

But in addition to all this,

it is teaming with the rarest
of all life forms, humans.

- 20 million credits.

- I bid 30 million.

- 32 million.
- 50 million.

50 million credits
for Soul Three.

Will anyone go higher?

- 60 million

- You again?

- Do I hear a higher bid?

- 70 million.

- 70 million for Soul Three.

- Why don't you
go to 100 million?

I can get it.

- 100 million.

Kess of Koba has bid
100 million credits.

- Do I hear a higher offer?

Going for 100 million credits,

to Kess of Koba for
100 million credits.

[tense music]

[crowd murmuring]

- Let him live, Kess of Koba

or you will violate
the high law.

- If anyone wants slaves,
you can place an order

at my house during
the next router.

But do not delay.

I shall depart for Soul
Three on the 1st, August


[spacecraft engine resonating]

[woman groaning]

- Thanks for reanimating me.

- If you wanna thank me,
there's an easy way to do it.

- I think I know what it is.

Too terrible evolving
under the freeze ring

for a lone hearted girl.

I know how to be
nice to a man I like.

I can make the right person feel

all kinds of
pleasure and thrills.

And you are the kind
of person I go for.

I'm tired of waiting.

I need [mumbles]

I'm dying for a man.

[both moaning]

[spacecraft engine resonating]

[punches and kicks thudding]

[man yelling]

- Emergency squad to sector 4,

attempted breakout.

Emergency squad to sector 4.

Attempted breakout.

All available wards
will report to sector 4

and restore order.

[men groaning and growling]

- It's a good thing you're
not from the department.

I've just had to clear
a full-scale emergency

to stop a breakout.

Naturally it's always
the same two detainees

who ruin things.

That damn Bridget and Sean.


Right, come on.

I ruined the day I let
them into my penitentiary.

They've tried to
escape four times.

They cause nothing but trouble.

But I can tell you they're
going to be very sorry,

because I shall
transfer the two of them

to a prison asteroid.

And they can rot in
solitary confinement.

[cries in pain]

But of course this is
of no interest to you.

It's just my problem.

And I feel I've
neglected to ask you,

how can I be of assistance?

And that is to say, what is
the reason for your visit?

- I'll come right to the point.

[tense music]

[man growling painfully]

[crowd cheering drowns speaker]

- Someone's up.

Someone's down.

One, two, wait till he gets up.

- Norman's back but
Hercules answers backwards

with deadly accuracy.

[crowd cheering drowns speaker]

Now Norman is launching
one of his spectacle

[crowd cheering
drowns the speaker]

Hercules, how long
can he stand it?

[crowd cheering
drowns the speaker]

And another.

Hercules Thor is down.

[crowd cheering
drowns the speaker]

- One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven, eight,

nine, ten.

He's out!

The winner!

The winner!

[crowd cheering]

- I've won.

I found the winner.
- Where's the money?

Let's go, 40 dollars


- Here they are.

Our two model prisoners.

Bridget Landon and Sean James.

Well, my dears and
these two gentlemen

have come all the way
here just for you.

I'd like to introduce you.

- I think we're gonna
skip the introduction.

- Naturally,
naturally to continue,

I propose that we reward the
good conduct and excellent

behavior that has
made your a mentor

to all the prisoners
on moon space.

And so I intend to,

I intend to,

I intend to

to shorten your sentences

by the remaining 78
years and release you

in the custody of
these two gentlemen,

who will escort
you back to earth.

- It's crazy of you Irene
to bet all that money on me,

but I sure am glad
to see you again.

It must be years since
the last time we met.

- I knew you'd win the fight.

My uncle says nobody
can fight like you can.

Whenever anybody
talks about fighting

he always mentions you.

- He needs your help, Norman.

- And where I'm afraid
that we're all going

to be needing a lot of help
because of that flying saucer.

- But I heard the
news report about it.

They said the situation was
completely under control by now.

- It's not true.

That's why uncle is
reforming the old team.

And of course that includes you.

- If the professor
needs me, that's okay,

but I want to bring along
a couple of friends.

They could be very useful.

[machine roaring]

- I don't understand.

There isn't a living
soul around here.

- But I never mentioned
living souls, Irene.

Hey, look in that pile of
junk that's one of them.

Come on.

[scrap clanging]

- You've made me wait
nearly five hours over this.

Uncle will be furious.

- Take it easy Irene.

You'll soon see that your five
hours haven't been wasted.

Okay, now replace
the power unit.

You take micro batteries,
two, down here.

There, perfect.

Say something, Tilt.

- Damn you, Norman!

You interfering,
warm blooded animal.

Who authorized you
to reactivate me?

Why can't two poor robots
commit suicide in peace,

without some meddling human
recharging their circuits?

- Tilly and I wanted
to put an end to it all

because, now let me see,

why was it exactly?

Anyway, you should
have kept out of it.

- What's that noise?

Oh, wait, it's her
starting the journey

to the eternal nothings.

Hurry, there's not
a minute to lose.

If you don't want me
to go to pieces again,

you must save her.

Quick, before her tender
10 limbs are crushed

like kitchen foil
in a cruel machine.

Oh Tilly, my precious Tilly.

[upbeat music]

He won't make it in time.


Tilly my darling, light
of my transistors.

Tilly, sweet little Tilly.

Thank heaven, he
made it in time.

She's beautiful, isn't she?

- Oh yes, she's
really beautiful.

- We're engaged you know.

We love each other deeply.

- Quick Norman, get
the trash off her.

[scrap clanking]

It's such an indignity
for her, mixing with junk

from such low class machines.



No doubt you came provided with

fresh micro batteries
for her too.

- Ahuh.

- Tilly, my treasure.

Are you all right?

- Tilt my dear, is that you?

Are we in robot heaven?

I expected something different.

- No Tilly, we're not dead.

We've been reactivated.

- Oh darling, I wondered
if I'd ever see you again.

- I'm sorry our suicide
pact was a failure.

It was such a romantic idea.

And I know how hard you
tried to make it work.

- I don't mind Tilt, one
can't have everything in life.

- By the way Tilly, I must
have a splinted crystal

in my memory bank.

I can't remember why
we made a suicide pact.

- You can't remember?

Oh Tilt how can you
beat the one feeling?

It was because, let me see.

It was because we
decided to end it all.

- Yes, but why?

- Why?

Oh dear, I can't
remember either.

- And you really think that
these two funny little robots

can actually be
of some use to us?

- Don't judge them
by appearances.

They're full of surprises.

Tilt once got man out of
a very tricky situation.

He's able to project
an energy field

around his plating so
that moving objects

pass through without touching.

These two units were
designed as one of a series

of far out experiments to see
if they could create robots

with human emotions.

They were only
partially successful.

However, there are
several areas where

they produce quite
unexpected results.

Now I'll demonstrate
to you how Tilt

can cope with any adversary.

It's extraordinary.

I'll try to hit
him with this pole.

Just watch.

- Hey, Tilt!

- What is it?
Can't you see I'm busy?

- On guard!

- Are you crazy?

- No, it's all right.

Just kidding.

- Kidding, he calls it.

- Tilly, where are you going?


- The acceleration is so
rapid it appears to vanish

and they can evidently reach
a velocity of several parsecs.

All these clips
we've been looking at

were collected by our
space observatories

and just before earth ball,

the saucer disappeared
from our radar.

So they must be
using a scrambler.

- Commander, the alien vessel
has landed near Hiroshima

and captured over 800 people.

- This is the 24th raid
they've carried out.

Starting with those
farmers in United Africa.

Then the Arabs, the Russians,
and now the Japanese.

If word of this gets
out we'll have panic

over the entire planet.

Lloyd get working
on the computer

and start to prepare
an accurate map

of all the places that
alien vessel has landed.

Then see if you can
determine any logic

on the basis of which the
aliens chose those places.

And discover their next
probable objective.

- I'll try it.

- If we succeed, I
have decided to prepare

an atomic ambush for the aliens.

- Maybe we wanted to die

because we felt old
and out of date.

- Oh no!

130 isn't old for a robot.

And we're still very
bright and shiny.

I think it was because I
wanted to have children.

- Great integrated circuits.

What's that thing?

Look Tilly, a
prehistoric cave robot.

- I've never seen
anything so ugly!

- I say creatures like
this shouldn't be allowed

to run around loose.

They ought to be kept in zoos.

- Now Tilt, that's
just prejudice.

He has as much right
to activate as we have.

Even if his tin is
a different color.

- The situation is desperate.

The government consists of men

who are completely

So if we want the
world to survive,

we have to do the job ourselves.

Our chief hope lies
in Sean and Bridgette.

They've been studying the
structure of Enthirium

for many years, but their
reasons for doing so

are highly personal
and couldn't properly

be defined as scientific.

[men laughing]

- As far as that
goes, we had some help

from a boxer by
the name of Norman.

And a gambler
called Dirk Laramie.

Both of whom are now
playing innocent.

- My illusion was to
the case of the 128 tons

of synthetic gold.

The quantity which could
easily have destroyed

the economic equilibrium
of the entire world.

Had it ever reached
the open market.

- 128 tons of synthetic gold?

- 128 tons, that's right.

The scandal didn't
die down for years,

but unfortunately
I had no choice,

but to withdraw from politics.

- Now just a minute professor,

we weren't only thinking
of ourselves, you know.

- We planned things so that
our friends would also...

- Get in trouble with you?

That's all water
under the bridge.

What counts is
that our whole team

has been reformed once more.

And now let's get
back to the enthirium.

How far did you get
with your research?

- We completed the analysis
of its molecular structure.

- If we'd add a few more months,

we would have been
able to synthesize it

under laboratory conditions.

- That's excellent.

Now you have to continue.

You must find a weak point
in the molecular structure

of enthirium, that
would lead to its

disintegration and destruction.

Do you think you can do it?

- Well, we can always try.

- Just tell me what
equipment you need

and you can start
work right away.

- Well, we can use
your old laboratory,

but there's one essential
item that you haven't got.

- A few grams of enthirium.

- If that's all you
need, there's no problem.

- This container
holds pure enthirium.

You can imagine how
difficult it was to come by.

- Then we're all set.

- Professor, what are the
rest of us supposed to do?

- For the moment,
your duty is to ensure

the safety of Sean
and Bridgette.

- You didn't need space
pilot like us to do that?

- Of course not, but you
can't really go into action

until we have a suitable weapon.

Our space feed has already
tried using conventional weapons

against these aliens, atomic
canons, lasers, and so on,

but they've been quite useless.

At the moment, we are
in the same condition

as the ignorant Savage
who tries to attack

a nuclear tank with
a bow and arrow.

[spacecraft engine resonating]

[electronic beeping]
- Send a message to Koble,

to accelerate the
preparation of cargo vessels.

At the rate we're going

we'll soon have goods
to fill at least 10.

- Yes sir.

- Check the surrounding
area on the monitor

to see if there's any
activity on the part

of the indigenous troops.

- Instructions followed.

- What's that?

I just felt the contact
with an alien brain.

A very powerful one.

Strange, it's the first time
this happened on this planet.


[tense music]

- Perhaps I wanted to die

because you were
getting too friendly

with that "Speak
your weight" machine.

- Isn't that just like a woman?

- Now don't pull
macho stuff with me.

You male chauvinist robot.

- I didn't mean it like that.

It's just that if you
get jealous every time

I wink at a cute calculator...

- Who said anything
about jealousy?

It's a question of
robots' dignity.

- Have it your way but
let's not argue about it.

- I'm not arguing, you
are the one who's arguing.

- Careful, you don't make
those holes too deep.

Otherwise the
electromagnetic discharge

won't be violent enough.

[upbeat music]

- Listen Tilly, I've
written a poem for you.

Wanna hear it?

It's called "passion
in a printed circuit".

[upbeat music]

- Damn it [mumbles]

It has no effect,
another failure.

[tense music]

- There's been a reduction
in the aliens' activities.

They stopped taking
prisoners after Japan.

It could mean they
run out of space.

- And they've decided to
return to their own planets.

- Unfortunately, it's a
most probable hypothesis

because in all likelihood they
will return in greater force.

And we are still defenseless.

There's absolutely nothing
we can do to stop them.

- Sean and Bridgette
are continuing with
their experiments,

but they haven't had
any positive results.

Well, I'm gonna take some
food to the boys outside.

They must be starving.

- Be sure to give
them an equal ration.

- I know, you know, Holly,
he'd never dreamed of accepting

preferential treatment
over the other.

- I was really
thinking more of Dirk.

Would he accept it?

- Get it through
your head uncle,

between Dirk and
me, it's all over.

Here, come and give me a hand.

[tense music]

[woman screaming]

- I think I heard a scream.

- I didn't.

You probably got an overloaded
imagination circuit.

- Hey Bob, hurry.

- I got you, sir.

- Not to me you fool, to him.

- Oh yes, him.

[foreign language]

- Have you guys gone crazy?

If we had the time, I'd call
you before a court martial.


- Be quiet.

Can you hear that noise,

that sounded like a scream?

- Perhaps it was her brain
I felt that contact with,

but there is no way to tell
until she regains consciousness.

- Go and capture the others.

- A stroll in the
woods is very romantic,

but I wish you'd
stroll a little faster.

- Come on.

- Why don't we curve
our names on a tree?

You know, hearts.

- No, we can't do that because
a tree is a living thing,

and the law of robotics
won't let robots

damage living things.

- We can only damage each other

like the way you
hurt me by flirting

with that automatic
shoe polisher.

- Me?
With the short machine?

- Shhh!

What's that?

Someone's coming.

- Tilt, I'm frightened.

They must be the aliens.

- Cut out your anxiety
circuits and keep calm.

I'll protect you.

- Oh, Tilt.

[upbeat music]

How rude!

They didn't even look at us.

- There must be some reason.

I'll process the data on
my probability computer.

We better warn the others.

Come on.

- Yes, you're right.

Let's go.

- They're here, they're here!

- Who's here?

Who do you mean, Tilly?

- The extraterrestrial.

- You don't mean the aliens?

- Yes, we just saw them in
the woods coming this way.

- Quick Tilt, you better
go and warn the others.

Tell them Tilly you and
I are waiting back here.

- I'm on my way.

- Open fire when I
give you the order!

- The hero was taking
command of the operation.

All right men, fire!

[laser-gun resonating]


[swords clanking]

- Advance to the rear.

Strategic withdrawal.

Let's get out of here.

- We're in real trouble, Holly.

We can't hold them up very long.

- Listen you two, go
and warn the professor.

- Okay, come on Tilly.

- Fall back quick.

To the house!

- Professor, the alien
invaders are overwhelming

our defending forces.

- I'm aware of it.

- Holly wants to know
what they should do?

- I think you'd better
warn Sean and Bridgette.

[upbeat music]

[woman screaming in background]

[female laughing in background]


- I can feel that
person searching again

and it's not the girl.

It's a brain of
great intelligence.

- [mumbles]

[explosives exploding]

- Well, the bombs hardly
even slow them down.

[swords clanking]

- Aha!

- Hey you guys, I just found
out that they're Androids

and Androids are
nearly invulnerable.

Yeah, But with this sword I
was able to knock out eight.

That means we finally got a
weapon we can fight them with.

- Everyone take these pills.

- It's an interesting
device, this sword.

I wonder what the principle...

[body thudding floor]

- Tilt, I'm frightened.

- Don't worry, darling.

They're Androids,
didn't you hear?

They're only programmed
to capture humans?

You see, they're not
even aware of us.

We're perfectly safe.

- There's no trace of
life in these bodies.

They've auto-destructed.

Give the information
to Lord Kes.

- Auto destructed, yet I
still sense the presence

of that other brain.

Put the brain lock on
her and set her free.

She will be our weapon.

Return aboard.

[robot squeaking]

- We got away with
it Professor Murray.

Thanks to Sean and Bridgette
with those pills of theirs,

that made everybody look dead.

We fooled them.

- They went away because
they thought we were dead,

but those creatures
aren't human.

They're Androids.

- I saw the evidence
with my own eyes.

One of them broke in two
and he was all filled with

gears and wires and
electronic stuff.

- So they're Androids!

That means be life is
relatively rare on their world.

- Norman has succeeded
in getting hold

of one of their weapons.

I feel sure that
if I analyze it,

I could make copies of it.

And even find a
lead to the secret

of anti-enthirium.

- Back to the lab then
and get on with it.

- Right.

- Come on Bridgette.

- I too have a little
surprise for the invaders.

If it works, it may be the
answer to our problems.

Now I have to concentrate.

[tense music]

- Section one?

- All clear sir.

- Section two?

- All clear sir

- Someone is preventing our
lift off with a telepathic net.

It's quite incredible

to find such a brain on a planet
at this stage of evolution.

I can't believe it.

- I feel brain-active.

His normal capacity is much
superior to what mine is.

What I don't understand is,
he's capable of destroying me,

but he's probing
very profoundly.

With every possible precaution.

His mental pause are
most frightening.

I'm trying to hold on.




I did it,

he's withdrawn.

- Yes?

- Boss, listen
carefully partner,

I have discovered an
incredible thing here.

One of these earth people has

a mental force similar to ours.

After making our
collection of samples,

I prepared for departure,

but a telepathic net is keeping
me blocked on the ground.

- Erase his mind and return.

- Pity!

What an opportunity to
dominate the galaxy.

If we sold slaves like this,

we could destroy our
competition and control

the entire market.

- With one, how?

- Analyzing his mental powers.

I could construct
a brain Pattern

and imprint it on
similar brains.

As soon as the ships arrive,
I'll send you some samples.

- All right, go ahead.

- Thank you boss.

- Set for generating units, sir.

- What are our losses?

- 18 seriously damaged.

Considering large number
of slaves connected.

Minimum required
reduplicative 50.

- Oh, look Sean.

Look at this.

There's a new reaction.

- Yes.
- Come and see

- Hold on a second.

- Listen, it's important.

Look at this,

a positive reaction, see.

It works at last.

- Yes.

It's turning into
a massive molecule.

It's anti-enthirium.

- You're right,
It's anti-enthirium.

[both cheering]

We got it at last!

- That moon reminds me of
the time when you and I

used to cool like doves,
the way Tilt and Tilly

are doing right now.

- Okay, okay, forget it.

- Who gave you that?

Your toy soldier?

- It's none of your business.

[explosives exploding]

- Ah! The anti-enthirium!

- It's unstable.

- Another failure.

- We don't have a hope.

- You don't give the impression

that you're really very
worried about all this.


You know something,

I've never stopped
thinking about you

in all these years, Irene.

- Let's have a look
at the laboratory.

- All right, whatever you say.

- Yes, but this down there
it makes me feel a bit rusty.

- That's all in your mind.

- You found the
correct path at least.

- Sure, the only trouble is

if we can't make the
anti-enthirium stable,
it will kill us.

- Keep your chin up, Bridgette

I was so happy.

I thought we'd done it at last.

- What was all that noise?

How's a guy supposed
to sleep in this joint?

- I see you've been playing
with fireworks again.

- Without a barrier...

- These flesh and
blood creatures

certainly go at
things the hard way.

- You're right.

They managed to
discover anti-enthirium

then start shorting
their circuits

because they can't make
the compound stable.

- But any compound
can be made stable.

Even a pocket
calculator knows that.

- Why don't we try to do it?

- You go ahead.

I was never very well
programmed in chemistry.

- All right, we'll do a
quick spectrographic analysis

and then we just have to
raise the critical temperature

by adding a little
pinch of this.

- Are you sure it will work?

- If not, we'll all go together.

- Hey, those two robots,

look what they're doing.

- Oh my God!

They're gonna kill us all!

- Hit the gym!
- Undercover!

- Keep your head down, man.

- You see less than 1%
antimony and the compound

has become stable.

- Oh Tilt, you're so clever.

I would have tried to do it
but the inverse infinity ratio.

- Standard with antimony!

- He's found the the answer.

It doesn't explode.

- Tilt is an experienced...

- The anti-enthirium is stable?

Splendid work.

Now there's a chance for us.

- My compliments.

- Hey, keep your
hands to yourself.

That was great work kids.

I'm really proud of you.


- I can understand
your enthusiasm.

It's more than justified.

And my compliments to our
robot researchers too.

But now we must start
to prepare a plan

for the destruction
of the alien enemy.

Before we can accomplish this,

we must possess a large
quantity of anti-enthirium,

which Sean and Bridgette
can synthesize tonight,

all ready for Holly to
bring out to the base.

- But they'll arrest me.

- They'll give you
a medal, I'll bet.

[upbeat music]

- We can't manage to fit out
more than five space fighters.

That's the most our technicians
will have time to prepare.

- That'll be enough
provided we're able

to utilize the surprise factor.

- Right now, you'd
better get some rest.

You will have to be
in top form tomorrow.

We'll attack as soon as
the ship is fitted out.

[laser-gun resonating]

- Good one, we can
capture him at last.

[upbeat music]

- What's happening?
- We've got to

sound the alarm

wake everybody up.

Wait a minute, that reminds me.

Now I remember why we
wanted to commit suicide.

- All right, let's hear it.

Not that I have much faith
in your memory anymore.

- Anyway, we wanted
to commit suicide

because we could
never go to sleep.

- I knew it.

What a silly idea.

I've never felt the slightest
desire to go to sleep.

It's just a waste of time.

- No, it isn't.

I remember that
you wanted to sleep

so you could dream about me

and you persuaded me that
we should commit suicide

because if you
couldn't dream about me

your whole life had no meaning

and I wanted to dream
about you that's why...

- I'm going back to the base.

- The attack is set
for tomorrow morning

with only five ships
it's a hopeless mission.

- Lieutenant Carerra,
the aliens have captured

Professor Murray.

- What?

- I got sidetracked and
forgot to sound the alarm,

- Sound the alarm, why?

What's wrong?

- Tilt just said that the aliens

have captured Professor Murray.

- And Irene too,

she was acting real funny
like she was hypnotized

and just trailing after them.

- They'll be in that ship.

Come on, let's go.

- One moment everyone.

What are you gonna
fight them with?

Your fists and your feet.

Come to the laboratory
and get your weapons.

I've fitted your
old space suits with

a flexible alloy
made of enthirium.

- I've also made a
number of swords,

some of the ones the
aliens use, but better.

- Look at that chest.

- With these, all you have
to do is touch the Androids

and they'll be
irreparably damaged.

- You've done a great job Sean.

[upbeat music]

Just like child athletes,

when it was just
a frail weakling.

- What's that?

- The hero's death.

- I oughta challenge
you to a deal for that.

- Come on, make it snappy.

We have to hurry.

[upbeat music]

- Why did you want
to start out alone?

We should have waited
for the others.

[upbeat music]

- The aliens are
taking the professor

aboard their spaceship.

We have to do something.

- Yeah we do, like run away.

Tilt, let's get out of here.

I'm frightened.

- There's nothing
to be afraid of,

they're not programmed
to recognize us.

They can't even see us.

- Well, this one must
have the wrong program.

- So long.
- No, hold on Tilly.

Where are you going?


These robot women.

[upbeat music]

[laser-gun resonating]

- Tilt, Tilt, they got me!

I think I'm dying.




- Tilt, I'll go and
look for my uncle.

You lead the entrance.

Here take this.

- All right, but...


- What's happening?

Are you all right?

Something's happened to Tilly.

I've lost
psycho-contact with her

whenever this occurs,
all my programs zero out

and I can't move anymore.

- Wait, here.

- I have no choice.

- Uncle.

- What are you waiting here for?

Why don't we attack?

- Calm down, we
got here too late.

There's no way for us to
get inside the ship now,

unless of course someone
inside opens the hatch.

- But Irene's in there.

She might be in danger.

- Tilly is our only hope.

If we manage to reactivate her,

she can put us in
contact with Tilt.

- Norman, you are the only one
who knows how robots operate.

- There's nothing
to worry about.

I'll put her right in a flash.

- But why don't we
attack right away?

- Don't you understand?

We have to wait.

Didn't you hear?

- Of course, loud and clear.

- Uncle,


Wake up, uncle.

- Where are we?

- The aliens kidnapped you

and brought you to
their spaceship.

We have to get out of here.

Come on.

- I don't know if I can make
it, how did it ever happen?

- I'll explain later.

Come on.

- You are connected to Android

Captain of cargo fleet
in arrival Lord Kes.

- Prepare storage space.

You'll probably
need accommodation

for over one million slaves.

Let me know when
you're ready to load.

- We will follow your orders.

- Tilt!
- There, that's it.

- Tilt, where are you?

- Where are you, Tilt?
- Let's get her back.

There you go.

- Good girl.
- Come on everybody, quick.

Irene and the
professor are in here.

- Here we are Tilt,

we're coming.

- Sir the instruments
show native activity

outside the vessel.

- Follow order 24B.

Destroy natives.

Use nuclear on the [mumbles]

- Wait outside Tilly.

- Hurry everyone.

Inside, quick!

Come on, hurry!

- Something's strange here sir,

the natives seem
to have gone now.

- Hurry, uncle.

You must try hard.

We have to get to the exit.
Come on.

- You go ahead Irene,
I can't go any further.


- Uncle!

[upbeat music]

[female screaming in background]

[female laughing in background]

- I can't go on.

- Uncle!

- Leave me alone Irene, go on.

- He's found me again.

The power of his
mind is awesome.

[groaning with pain]

- Lord Kes, several
humans have succeeded

in entering our vessel
armed with enthirium swords.

We need reinforcements.

- I'll deal with it at once.

- Look out, uncle.

[swords clanking]

[door rattling]

[resonating music]

- Professor, Professor Murray.

Professor Murray.


[resonating music]

[men shouting]

[swords clanking]

- Morning, I've sealed off
the slave compartments, sir.

- Blast it.

- Are you all right, professor?

We must get out of here.

We're in danger.

They can't hold out much longer.


They're pretty delicate
these Androids, huh?

Let's go before
some more arrive.

- Professor Murray,

you're safe, thank goodness!

But where's Irene?

- They've locked her
in that room there.

See if you can get her out.

I just can't manage it.

- Poor deluded fools.

I'll teach you to rebel
against a new master,

you will all die
in atrocious agony.

- I can feel that mind again.

Do what you can.

I have to get away.

- Get him out of here, quickly!

- The temperature
is rising rapidly.

- Quick, quick!

Head for the door everyone.

Or we'll all be burned alive.

- Thank goodness we're
together again, Tilt!

- Irene, Irene.

[upbeat music]


can you hear me?

- Irene do you feel my mind?

Yes, I can sense that you do.

Now relax.

Drive all thought
from your mind.



Because if we unite
our mental energy,

we may be able to open the door.

The controls here operate
on telepathic command.

Think strongly along with me.

- Open.

- Open, open.

- Open, open, open.

- Open

- Quick, we're getting
ready to lift off.

They've started the reactors.

- Irene and I, will go
back to the laboratory.

Perhaps we can be
of some use there.

Come along, Tilt and
Tilly, come with us.

- Let's go.

- Where's Norman?
- Hey, get away from the ship.

- I just made it, Hunter.

- You sure did!

[spacecraft roaring]

- Look at her go.

She's huge, gigantic.

Quick, we gotta go after
her in the fighters.

To the base.

- Commander, commander.

Our hyper radar is
signaling the approach

of a fleet of alien vessels.

The computer has
analyzed their course

and they are heading for a
rendezvous with a flying saucer.

- Did you hear that Flanagan?

There are more aliens.

Let's get the first bunch now

we'll get rid of them before
their friends come and help.

- Halt!

- I'm Lieutenant Carrera.

I order you to let us pass.

My men and I have to launch
a fighter attack at once

on the alien vessel.

- And I order you to follow me.

You're under arrest.

- Arrest?

Not before I speak
with commander Barr.

- Impossible.

At the moment, Commander
Barr is on a mission.

[punches thudding]

- Quick, we haven't
got a second to lose.

[spacecrafts roaring]

- I have 16 cargo
vessels with me.

There are native
fighters on our screen,

so I'm awaiting
your instructions.

- Get ready to attack,

there are just two, and
they can't be dangerous.

The planet isn't able to,
they are only barbarians.

They have no weapons
against enthirium.

Destroy them.
[rocket engine roaring]

- Flanagan, the anti-enthirium
doesn't help us at all.

They're traveling at
such a high velocity

that our shots don't
even reach them.

- What do you think we
should do now, commander?

I suggest we return
to the station.

- I'll try one more attack.

If it fails, we'll
go back to base.

Matrix for attack outline,
1820, attack potential, two.

Very good sir.

- Follow it.

- Look out Commander,
you've got one on your tail.

- Destroy it!
- Yes sir.

[aircrafts exploding loudly]

- I've been hit!

[upbeat music]

- Flanagan and
Barr have been hit.

Now it's up to us
and it'll be tough.

- Let me go ahead, Dirk, I
want to avenge my commander.

- I really wouldn't.

Okay, go ahead.

- It's suicide Dirk.

We'll never manage to do it.

Their velocity is
superior to ours.

- They're going into battle.

- We must do
something to help them

or they don't have a chance.

- Of course there's one
way I might help out.

All of the aliens are
concentrated in sector M.

If I could get my
concentration back again,

I think I could
manage to interfere

with their power drives,

and slow down their
propulsor engines.

Putting our fleet on an
equal footing with the aliens

but only for a minute.

[tense music]

- There they are,
straight ahead.

- Attention please,
this is base calling.

You can get it the enemy now.

Professor Murray is slowing down

their drive system
with telepathy.

[aircrafts exploding loudly]

- Sean, Bridgette
there's another formation

of aliens on your tail.

- Holly, there are
two more beside you.

- I got their range.

I'm right on top of them.

They're all mine.

- Look out, you're
going too far.

- You missed him!
Look out, he's gonna get you.

[groaning in pain]

- There's another
closing in on you, Sean.

- Where is he?

I can't look at him, Bridgette

- Don't you worry,
I'll take care of it.

I got him Sean, you see that?

Buckle on everyone,
there are more coming.

- Watch out, you don't eat
the crap with the prisoners.

We'll have to try
to force it to land.

Holly, be careful.

There's one after you.

- I'll force you to
land you bastards.


- We must retreat sir,

we only have two craft left.

- Sacrifice them.

Crash dive into those
native fighters.

Yes, Lord Kes.

- Look out Holly,

there are two of them
homing in on you.

- I've been hit.

This is Holly.
Holly here.

I've been hit.

They're following me.

- Hold tight Holly.

I'm on my way.

- Even in the great
days of Hollywood,

no movies star ever died,

so heroically.

[aircraft exploding loudly]

- Sean, Bridget
they are all yours.

- Okay Dirk, we'll follow them.

- Sean, they are
outdistancing us.

We have to increase velocity.

- Sean, Bridget, I've eliminated
the remaining saucers here,

but I don't see
you on the radar.

Where are you?
- We're right

on his tail Dirk.

We won't give up as he goes
to the end of the universe.

[large explosion]

[soothing piano music]

- You survived.

- Yeah.

- You're alive.
- Yeah.

- Listen, I...

- Uh-ah!

Don't try it.

- What?
- Your eyes.

I learned everything
about that from my uncle.

- Oh Irene, I couldn't
hypnotize you.


- You already have.

[soothing piano music]


- Tilly, I finally remembered

why we wanted to commit suicide.

- Really Tilt?

- Yes, because you could
never prove your love

by going all the way with me.

- That's right,
now I remember too.

But what do we do now?

Commit suicide again?

- But there's no need.

I can make some
little design changes,

adjust a few details,

and you can prove your
love like any other people.


- Lord Kess of Koba is offering

Soul Three today.

I hardly need say, that this
is a remarkable opportunity.

A planet teaming with
every sort of life,

animal life, plant
life, and human life.

Slaves of every color,
10 billion slaves,

all strong and healthy like
these two samples Kess of Koba

has brought us along with him.

- 100 million credits.

- 200 million.

- My Lords, this
planet is unique.


the starting price is
300 million credits.

It's worth more than that.

Over 10 billion human
slaves just waiting

until they're captured.

- 600 million credits.

- 600 million credits.

Lord Gad of Tokol has
made a generous offer.

- Very generous offer.

I concede ownership
of Soul Three.

I hope you enjoy it.

You get 50%


But what can you do
with all that money?

- The agreement was 50%
, plus the prisoners.

As for all that money.

- I think I'd like to get a
nice little planet of our own.

- Ladies and gentlemen the...

[smooth flute music]