StarGirl (2017) - full transcript

Stan is an aging sheep farmer who's at odds with life and out of hope. During a meteor storm a mysterious creature arrives on the farm, a female alien who appears to be lost. As they attempt to understand each other a bond is formed and StarGirl begins to learn about what it is to be human. When Stan's health deteriorates StarGirl reveals her real reason for visiting Earth. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Get out of it.


What the fuck?

Get out of it.

What the fuck?

This can not be happening.

Your goanna catch your death.

Jesus girl are you ok?


Lets get you in the warmth.

Are you coming or what?

I might just change my mind if you don't hurry up.

See you wont like it here with the sheep all night like.

Come on.

That's it.

I wont bite.

And you better not either.

What is it? Did you see the sky Stanley?

What of it? Well the colour of it.

Well if that wasn't a sign.

Then I don't know what is. Just a few shooting stars that's all it was.

I see them clearly late at night. You want to lay of the Sherry girl.

Oh stop your nonsense that was biblical.

The cold I'm going to catch Mrs Branson now that's going to be biblical.

If I don't get out of these shit covered cloths.

You truly are lost Stanley.

Not to see the significance of an event like this.

If beggars belief it truly does.

Come on.

Lets get you inside girl.


Get this down your neck.

Like this look.

Jesus Christ girl

your supposed to swallow it.

Ok ok you don't like it.

My tea's not good enough for you.

Oh but shampoo that's fine.


Use this to dry your self.

What do you think your doing girl? What do you think your doing girl.

What did you just say. What did you just say.

Is this some kind of piss take. Is this

some kind of piss take.

This is just to strange.

This is just to strange.

I Stan.


I Voyager

Oh very fucking funny who put you up to this.

Those bastards down the pub is it?

Well you can wash that stuff off and be on your way.

There's a phone in the hall you can use.

That's if you want to get stuff done telepathically.

I got to hand it to you.

That light show was quite something.

Who ever sorted that out really had me fooled.

Oh come on let it go will you. Your

not going to keep pretending are you that...

Your not joking are you.

You really are...




Good morning. That's all we need. Look Stan

about last night. Oh who are you?

She's my cousin. I'm Liz.

I'm Voyager. Voyager

I see that's a pretty name.

She sounds very much like you Stanley. You should have heard her last night.

Pardon. Ehh nothing.

I didn't think you had any family left.

Where are you from Voyager? [Unpronounceable speech]

North Wales.

They don't speak much

English up there. So her mother asked me to take her in. And get her talking proper like.

She thinks she will have a better chance in life if she can talk the Queens.

Like me.

Your really very tall.

Its on account of the air you see.

They grow taller because

there's less are pressure than down here in the low lands.

Every body knows that Misses Brice.

Hello mate.

Lovely day. What do you want?

That meteor shower a few days ago. What of it?

Any land near here? Look your in the wrong place.

You need the next valley over.

What over the hill. Follow the late and lenton earl.

Thank you. Have you got a postcode for that.

Just follow the lane. Appreciate it.

He wasn't very friendly was he?

No not at all.

What do you recon?








What's it for?



Is it a violent plat where you come from?


[unpronounceable] I don't follow.

We come to earth to kill.

You mean like to hunt?

No for fun.

Our world is very orderly.

Every being is respected.

That is simply enlightenment.

Here were free to feed any urges.

Humans have not yet reached enlightenment.

Some have begun down that path I see.

Many other have not.

We should not have interacted. Why have we then?

I find you...

But you come here to hunt.

I mean kill humans. Yes.

You should have been first.

You cough a great deal.

Even more when I'm stressed. Why do you cough?

Farmers lung.

Hurts like hell.


I don't suppose they have booze were you come from?

I thought so.

Mother used to say whisky was an old mans drink.

There are people her who will fix you?

They say they cant.

I'm all buggered up girl.

Thank you Stan.

What for.

Learning me.

There he is. He looks pleased to see you.

Hello mate.


What do you want?

Sam hello.


At least he's not carrying that gun. He could still be packing though.

Ankle holster. Cattle prod.

Hello mate. Remember us? What do you want?

That meteor shower. What about it?

We heard it went down in that field over there.

Not in the next valley. Is that so.

Do you know whose land it is? We would like to check it out.


Are you ok?



Oh my god.

Oh my god.