StarDog and TurboCat (2019) - full transcript

A loyal dog and a vigilante cat embark on a space age voyage to find their way home. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
10 minutes and counting.

Buddy, how'd you like
your new spacesuit!

David, David, David,
look it's got a radio

and it's blue and I love it!

I don't speak dog, but
I think that's a yes!

I packed your lunch specially,

and I got the space
capsule all ready for you!


all personnel.

Standby to evacuate
the launch pad.

Buddy, I know you're scared.

You're thinking how
can a little doggy

ride a great big
rocket like that?

But I know you can do it
Buddy, you're gonna be a hero!

and just as soon as
the capsule lands

I'm gonna to come find it
and give you this back.

I promise.

That's it!

You're gonna be a stardog!

Now come here.

It's a little bumpy!

systems are go.

You're doing fine,
hang in there Buddy.

Whoa, David!

I can see the stars.

I'm in spa...

David, what's happening??


Buddy, come in!

Can you hear me,


David, David!

Ew, ew!


Where am I?

What happened?

Oh look, a human!

They'll help!

Er, excuse me, sir!

Ahh, a dog, help!

Oh my gosh, a dog!

Don't panic!

I'm dialing 911!

Stay away from my baby!

Darned kids!

Oh jeepers!

How did I get here?

Why is everyone so mean?

David, David!

Please come in David!

I don't know what
that is in dog years

but it's a lot!

Oh boy,!

The hatch!

The space capsule's hatch!

It must have broken
off in the re-entry.

I fell out and so where's
the rest of the capsule gone?

Where is David?

And how'd this get here??

Of course!

A friendly neighborhood
police officer will help me!

Oh, but he's gonna get
away unless I chase the car

Chase the car!

Help, help, somebody!

Hey pal, you gotta help me!

Please, I can't breathe in here!

Open it, open it, quick, please!

It doesn't open!

Maybe we could ask the
police officer for help?

Are you nuts?

Here, let me try.

No, no, please, no,
no not in there.

Ow no, no, please
look, look, can we,

I can't do, I choke, I, I
can't breathe, no, it's just

no, no, no, no, no, not there!


Oh jeepers, oh jeepers,

what kind of horrible
place is, hold on.

What the?

Teach you to mess
with my masterpiece.

W- hat did you
just, who are you?

Some call me the
Dark Feline, others,

the Un-Collared crusader!

But all tremble before the
hero Glenfield deserves.


A cat?

I should have known.

Bark, bark blah blah blah.

Ha, it's my nap time.

Turbocat is out of here.


You danged kids!

Too easy!

Activate autopilot.

Update status.

Turbocat sticks it
to the humans again.

Hashtag: Stupid mutts!

Hashtag: Awesome!

Welcome home sir,

and might I say you were
especially heroic tonight.

Shame some dumb mutt
tried to abuse my artwork.

We should celebrate sir,

but I'm terribly sorry,
we're fresh out of milk.

Nah, later, Sinclair.

I'm too worn out being
awesome to drink now anyway.

Ahhhhh, nap time.

Hey, let me out!

Hey, will you can it!

If my nap time gets ruined
by some stupid stray dog!

I'm not a stray!

I was fired into space in 1969!

Yeah, right!

And I walked on the moon
in my pajamas last weekend.

Of course you're a stray.

Connect to the CCTV network.

Isolate the dog's barking
and scan backwards.


You're a dirty old stray.

But since you're
clearly new round here

I'll give you the 101.

You're in Glenfield,
where humans hate animals.

And when Officer Peck finds
a dangerous unhygienic stray

animal he locks
them up in the pound

and they're never seen again.

Close the door on your way out.

Yeah, well, I hope you
get sent to the pound!

I'm not gonna though.

- Know why?
- Uh...

Because I've got one of these.


And that.

This, that, that, this,

two of those

and this.

Triple ply carbon fiber.

Hand stitched.

As worn by Glenfield's uncatchable
and incredibly handsome

super cat, sticking
it to the humans 24/7.

Ah, ah!

Don't touch the cape.

Um, there does appear to be

a little UHT remaining,
Master Felix Sir.

Ugh, how many times
it's a secret identity.

You met Sinclair already.

80's technology
but I fixed him up

to be my loyal companion
and open cans of cat food.

Oh geez, I'm lost 50 years
in the future in a town

where everyone hates animals,
and the only other pet

is some kind of

I hope David comes to
find me real quick!


Don't tell me you're
drooling over a human

Careful, cat.

David loved me so
much he fired me off

in an experimental
space capsule!

Oh, he sounds great.

I mean, maybe if you can find
this so-called space capsule

this so-called animal
lover will come

and find his
so-called moron dog!

That's it!

David said he'd come
and find the capsule.

He can't find me
if I'm not with it!

But how's a little doggie

like me gonna find
a space capsule?

- OK, maybe I wasn't clear
before: you're a butt sniffing,

drool dispensing doofus

and I'm not gonna help you find

a space whatnot
or a nasty human.

OK, you leave me no choice.

What are you doing?

Trying to show
you that I'm nice?

This usually works on humans.

I'm sick of
hearing about humans.


Wait, wait!

Maybe if you had some milk

I'd have listened to you.



Oh boy, I hope spacesuits
aren't dry-clean only.

Ah jeepers, when did humans
get so mean to animals?

David wasn't like that.

He loved animals.

Now all I've got
to remember him by

is this packed lunch he left me.

Yeah, thing is, I
only drink full fat.

Oh gee whiz mister
Felix Turbocat sir,

you got to help me find
the space capsule, please.

I found the hatch
already, this was there.

Sinclair, fetch a camera

so I can film myself
kicking his butt this time.

You're my only hope
to find David, please.

Ugh, you're still chasing
after that dumb human, huh?

David might be a
human but I believe,

deep in my heart,
that humans are good,

and that David's out there

looking for me right now.

Please, will you use
your powers to help me

so I can be reunited
with my owner

as their loyal, loving pet.


Sorry, can you summarize that?

Er, woof?

Awww, the little
doggy hasn't realized.

This David isn't
coming to find you

because humans hate animals.

Oh geez, I'm I'm sorry
I wasted your time.

Sir, the bite marks on this
carrot are highly familiar.

Huh, hit up the CCTV again.

That one, full screen.

Top left.

Zoom in.

Closer, stop!



You're right sir!

Perhaps Ms. Cassidy knows

the whereabouts of this
alleged space capsule?

Rabbit has my space capsule?

I love chasing rabbits!

So do I, so do I.

Yeah, well, er, since I've got
nothing planned I reckon I'll

take a look around,

see if I can work out
where she's hiding.

Sinclair, get the car.

Shall I pack some lettuce
for Ms. Cassidy, sir?

Yeah, let's make
it cozy in there.

Does this mean I
can come with you?

Turbocat works
alone, dog breath!

Confirm stray
animals in the park.

Sinclair, the car?

What do we do now, Felix?



Hey, wait for me!

Hey, don't run
with me you idiot!

Run the other way!

But if I run another way

he won't be able to
chase both of us!

Ugh, stupid dog!

Here, fetch!

You dropped this!

It's really fun to
catch it though.

Do you want to drop it again?


Help me David!

What the?

What did you just?

Do it again!

How are you doing that?

I don't know, I don't know!

Well keep doing it!

Don't stop!

I'm coming David!

I'm coming!

You need to work on stopping.

Sorry Felix, I'm just excited
I'm on the trail of David.

I told you it's
Turbocat, oh, forget it.

Ugh, I can't believe
I'm gonna have

to find Cassidy without my cape.

Look, I don't know how you
did that running thing,

like you've had too much
marrowbone jelly or something

but I guess it could
come in useful.

How do I know I can trust you?

You shot me already!

Plus cats do that
licking thing, yuck.

One word: hy-giene.

My name's Buddy, not Gene!

And I still don't know
if I can trust you!

Who is this Cassidy?

Where are we anyway?

That carrot you found
came from this store,

so it's odds-on this
is she's hiding.

They don't open for an hour,
but we need to be careful.

Come on.

Every time!

Coast is clear, eugh!

I think you got
some drool on me.

Eugh the smell,
it'll never come off.

Jeepers, I've never seen
a store this big before.

Ooh look, a ball!

OK it's a really bouncy ball

but I nearly got it and there
some others too that I saw

but I didn't chase.

- What?
- Nothing.

There is absolutely nothing
idiotic about this behavior.

Oh, okay, good,
because for a, bubbles!

I think I got all of them but

if you see any more
let me know, OK?

It is at the top
of my to do list.

Great, I'll look out for, car!

It's a lot smaller
than I thought!

Tastes funny too.

OK, I can deal
with the drooling

and I'm prepared to look
away if you want to sniff

another dog's butt,
but there are limits!

So you want one too, Felix?



I'm napping.

But we're in a hurry.




Hey, wake up.

I need you to help me
find my capsule and David.


And I'm napping,

and don't give two hoots about
your dumb human, remember?

Er, I had actually
forgotten that, but geez,

I heard cats were
lazy, I didn't realize

they were this selfish too.

OK, that's it.

I'm out of here.

I can find Cassidy myself
without this hassle

and without getting
dog hair on everything.


No, come back!

Oh, you criminal genius.

It's locked.

We'll have to go outside

and come all the
way back in again.

Like I don't have
better things to...

Dang it, a human!

And we're trapped in here.


Her bike's jamming the door!

She just needs to get
on it and ride off

for crying out loud.

Hey, kid!

Go home, scram!

Yeah, I'm way
bigger than I look!

My hissing signals
immanent violence!

Dang it, this normally works!

Ah Felix, I think
she's afraid of us.

We've got to show
her she we're good.

Like this!

Haven't you learned,
that doesn't work!

Well it's the only
thing we've got!

Give it a chance, please Felix!

Come on, come on!

Glenfield police,
officer Peck speaking.



I just realized I
haven't eaten for 50 years!

Now I understand why
dogs get tied up outside.

You could be more discerning.

What is that incredible smell?

Agh, don't get DROOL on it!


Purple packaging.

Anything in purple
is high class.


It never seems to matter
what flavor the can says,

pet food always tastes the same.

Ha ha, ain't that the truth.

So, that was a neat trick
you pulled on the human.

Oh it wasn't a trick.

I knew humans still
loved animals!

Yeah, my experience of humans

is clearly radically
different from yours.

When Peck came to town he
told all the other humans

that animals were
mean and dangerous

and then locked
up all the strays.

And is that when you started
dressing up as TurboCat?

Hey, hey, it's
not dressing up!

And what's with that get-up?

You don't actually

expect me to believe
you went into space?

Sure I did!

They trained a whole
load of animals,

rabbits, dogs, mice, even a cat.

But David picked me.

He said his own pet was the
one he trusted most of all.

What, and you
just believed him?

Of course!

I told you, I believe
deep down humans are good.


You want to test
that hypothesis?

Uh, maybe later!

We have you surrounded!

Don't try to run!



Lower your paws and step
away from the glass!

Hey, what do you?


The so-called Turbocat!

What is your mission?

Are you searching for
supplies of catnip again?


Cease and desist!

How did you locate the secret
headquarters of G.U.A.R.D.?

Er, say what now?


Glenfield Underground
Animal Rights Division.

I'm head of Tactical Operations,

and this is our public
relations specialist: Tinker.

Er, Bullion, if these
neutrino readings are accura...

Not now, Tinker!

Hey, now I've just about had...


Remain in your present positions
or you will be neutralized.

At ease Bullion!

I'll tell you if I need
anyone neutralizing.

Ma'am yes ma'am.

Commencing perimeter patrol!


F-fancy running into you!

Confirm stray animals
located at Mega Store.

- Proceeding to investigate.
- 10-4.

Congratulations Felix,

you've led Peck RIGHT
to our secret hideout.

Now we need a new place to hide.

I thought you'd never ask.

It's lovely to see
you again Ms. Cassidy.

Can I offer you
some spring water?

You always did
serve the best, Sinc'.

Yeah, I upgraded
him since last time.

Two terabytes storage and
he does sparkling and still.

Ms. Cassidy,

Felix told me that you could
help me find my space capsule.

Actually, we hoped you
could help us find it.

Sinclair, if you would.

8K high definition video
streaming in realtime.

Pretty awesome, huh?

Thank you Felix.

As you know Buddy, in 1969
you were selected from a group

of highly trained animals to
fly in an experimental rocket.


But what you don't know
is that the space capsule

was secretly powered

by a crystalline substance
called hyperlithium.

There was a crystal
in the space capsule?

But I just thought
it was a rocket!

Double rocket powered,
and with titanium chassis,

ejection seats and
check this out.

Quiet please Felix.

Buddy, G.U.A.R.D.'s mission
is to find the space capsule

and use the
Hyperlithium to protect

the animals of Glenfield.

But how can a crystal help?

Erm, the Hyperlithium
emits energy waves that can...

a good question!

Buddy, our chief
scientist, Todd.

It's an honor!

And to answer your question

this little invention of mine

is powered by only
a tiny crystal.

Once we've found
the space capsule,

we'll harness the Hyperlithium

to power a much larger
machine, GUARDIAN!

Oh golly!

With GUARDIAN, the
animals of Glenfield

will finally be able
to stand up to Peck.

We have to find
the space capsule!

It's our only hope.

As you can see we're having
some teething troubles.

Buddy, will you join
G.U.A.R.D. and help us?

He's gonna fit right in
with the rest of those losers!

Felix, remind me
how TurboCat pays

for all the gadgets
and capes and so on?

160 million views.

The advertising
royalties must be super.

Hey, that one's not funny!

No one can resist the
spot of light, OK?

Buddy, Felix wants me to
come live in his secret base

and play with all
his super-gadgets

but I believe we can
free Glenfield's animals

from Peck's tyranny if
we all work together.

Er, I'm just a dog.

You're an animal hero, Buddy.

And we need heroes.

It worked!

I've got a vector
on the Hyperlithium!

Er, connecting to
the CCTV network now!

We're too late.

Peck has found the capsule and
taken it back to the pound!

No pet has ever gone
in and come out again!


This sounds like a
job for Turbocat!

Hey Cassidy, mission,

phase one completed!

Felix you idiot!

You're gonna get us all caught!

Get back here this minute...

Yeah, I thought so too.

Proceeding to phase two, huh?

It's almost too easy.

The space capsule is
right behind this door.

You're not a space capsule!

Hey, hey, are you
here to get me out!

Please, help, come on!

I must have
taken a wrong turn.

Hey, get me outta here!

I can't breathe in
this place, please!

Hey be quie, Peck
is right down the...


What the?

Get it off, get it off!

- Sorry!
- Dang it!

Shut up!

Will you cut it out with that?

Danged thing won't...

Because I can hear it
barking right down the hall,

that's why, it's dangerous!

And disgusting.

Hold on, I've got another call.



James, it's your father here.

Ah, Dad, I'm at work.

I can't
find my danged radio.

Well where did
you have it last?

Well I
was in the bathroom

and I thought I put it there.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
okay, I get the picture.

I tell you that darn thing
is like 50 years old.

We can let this guy
out later, come on!

Hold on, this thing's
still on the blink.

How'd that happen?

Follow me!

Wait up!

So, er, did Cassidy send you?

She said something
about a massive jerk

who deserves to have his
hind kicked for eternity,

and there were some other words
too but I didn't understand.


But we've got to get the
capsule, now more than ever!

This way!

There it is!

Hold up!

Slow down!


What the what?

Do you have any idea what
they're gonna do to us?

Take us somewhere nice

where there's plenty
of food and sunbeams?

No, someplace where I won't
be able to breathe at all!

Geez Felix.

How was I to know your high-tech
multi-function cat blaster

was so sensitive?

I'm sorry.

Ah, it's not your fault.

It's the sort of mistake
anyone could make.

I just really needed
to see David again.

He's always been there for
me, ever since I was a puppy.

Well, ever since I was a
kitten I've been a stray,

out on the street, alone.

I never had anyone who
looked out for me like that.

Thanks for trying to rescue me.

It was pretty heroic.

So is this a
normal day at work, Dad?

No, I only go to
headquarters once a month.

And on a normal day childcare

doesn't cancel at
the last minute.

What is that thing, Dad?

you leave that to me.

And are the animals
really dangerous too, Dad?

The strays?

They're filthy, they
could have diseases,

and Alex, you know you
can't ever trust an animal.

Yeah, but...

But nothing, Alex!

I just think they're
no good for our town.



Whoa, rescue mission!?

Just like old times, eh Felix?

You go storming
in all by yourself

and leave me to
clean up after you.

Wow, pretty amazing.

I knew you had some secret moves

with that thing, abracadabra

Don't say that again.

If Todd's aligned the
explosives correctly

we should be out of here
in three, two, one...

The kid!

She must still be inside!

Buddy, Buddy come back!

Whoa Buddy, we have
to get out of here.

But the kid's still in there.

Okay, okay, you're heaviest.

Hey, I hadn't
eaten for 50 years!

So stay here
while I go up front.

It's moving

Just a few seconds more!

It's too heavy!

Come on Buddy!

You've been into space
for crying out loud!

You can do this!





Incredible footage
coming from highway 17 outside

Glenfield with what
appears to be a dog

holding a pick-up
truck in the air.

That the dog
hasn't been identified yet.

Lifting the vehicle...

an incredible dog.

Over now Sandra in downtown...

Now the whole world has
seen the capsule on TV,

David will come find
me any time now!

Shows a
cat, pulling a child

out of the truck
completely unharmed.

Congratulations sir,
there's one human child

who might not follow
her father's profession.

Shall we celebrate with
single cream or double?

That's much better.

Always happy to help
a fellow animal, Victor.

Welcome to G.U.A.R.D.

Uh, everyone?

No, no, no, not this way!

Why didn't you leave
them on the road?

Ma'am, if the humans
enter the perimeter

I request permission to use
lasers set to disintegrate!

Er, hey there.

Hey, cut it out
with the wagging!

I'm sorry but I can't help it!

It just has a mind of its own!

Well watch what you're doing,
it nearly had my eye out!

I could have been...

Hey there you two.

What is happening?

Oh, I've heard of this!

Cats do it before they
cough up a hairball.

That's coughing, you idiot.

Nice kitty.



Oh my gosh, are you OK?

I'm fine, Dad.

And so are the animals.


Did they get loose?

Did they hurt you?

Where are they?


They escaped.

Must have run off.

I'm fine though, they
didn't hurt me or anything.

Oh, oh thank heavens.

Sorry Alex, after
what happened to you

when you were little
I'm just so...

Maybe I should go get
checked out in the hospital.

I can't nap
watching you do that.

Oh, sorry Felix,
I'm waiting for David.

Well, you're freaking me out.

Are you sure he's coming?

He fired you into space
for crying out loud.

What do you mean?

Silence on deck!

We are working with
hazardous materials here!

The Hyperlithium!

The effect it's had on
Buddy is incredible.

phase-aligned neutrinos

interacting with his DNA...

What's wrong, Todd?


The Hyperlithium is emitting
a strange kind of radiation.

It has the power to
interact with animal DNA,

destabilizing it, changing it.

We must be careful.

Peck knew it was dangerous.

What was he planning
to do with it?

You don't think the humans

plan to use the
Hyperlithium against us?

Heaven knows what
humans would do

if they had this kind of power.

How long before
Guardian is ready?

Well I still need to
connect the rocket boosters

and get the guidance online.

I'm going as fast as I can.

But maybe Peck's just
worried about his family.

He doesn't really mean to...

I had an owner
once too, Buddy.

I thought he cared
for me, loved me even.

But he rejected
me, cast me aside,

forced me to become a stray,

living on the street,
hiding in the garbage.

He's right, Peck
locked me in the pound!

I couldn't move, I
couldn't breathe.

I ain't never going back.

The humans could do anything
to us, like David did to you.

Hey, David is my friend!

He's good!

OK OK, now calm down everyone.

Ma'am, permission
to use nuclear force?

Can you please all be quiet?!

I am trying to nap.

Master Buddy sir, perhaps you
need to take a short stroll?

Mr. David might already
be in the neighborhood.

Of course!

David might be out
there looking for me!

Master Felix, perhaps some
warm milk might help you nap.

Why are you always running
around after that jerk, Sinc'?

Apologies Ms. Cassidy,
my 1980's programming

is somewhat obsolete.

In fact, I believe that was
why I was discarded and thrown

onto the garbage heap.

Until Master Felix rescued
and repaired me, of course.

It really was rather
super, Ms. Cassidy.

We have to learn more
about the Hyperlithium.


Peck's still in the hospital.

I'll go and get the
rest of the equipment.

I'll be back before dark.

Er, excuse me?

I'm sorry, I thought
Sinclair told you.

To study the
Hyperlithium we thought

it was best if I slept over.


That's OK isn't it?

Er yeah, it's er,
yes, that's fine.

I mean yeah, totally,

Yes, that's, that's fine.

OK, good.

I'm sorry, about earlier.

In the truck I mean.

It's just, I spent
years in the magic show,

hiding inside a hat
before I escaped.

I learned the hard way there's
no such thing as magic.

Your whole superhero thing,

it's like you thought
wearing a cape

would magically
solve everything.

I'm sorry, I guess
I was trying to...

Impress me?

I just thought if I had
all the gadgets and the mask

then everyone would
think I was cool

and no one would realize
how much the whole humans

thing got to me.

But now, what
you did, and Buddy,

maybe Peck won't
catch us after all.

Maybe we're actually
going to win.

Maybe magic is real after all.

I'll get the gear.

You guard the capsule, okay?

Guard the capsule.

Guard the capsule...

Aw jeepers, I thought
David would be here by now.

He said he'd come
and find the...

Space capsule.

Space capsule!

The capsule, the truck!

It's getting away!


But the capsule's right...

It must be Peck!

He's got out the
hospital, he's found

where the space
capsule is somehow.

But how?


He must have caught her

and she's led him back!

Which way did he take her?

This way!

Get in!

Hey, no drooling!

I just had this cleaned.

Where did the truck go?

Can I open a window?

Uh, useless.

Autopilot: locate the truck.

Ah, what's that flashing?

Activating smoke screen.

You idiot!

Engage autopilot!

It's headed for the interstate.

Autopilot: turn
onto route seven.

Searching for a restaurant

with that name locally...


No, route seven!

Searching for a carwash

with that name locally.

Let me do it!

Stop doing that!

Put it back!

The other one!

The other other one!

- The truck!
- My capsule!


Okay, we can stop
them with this.

Aim for the fender.

Not the capsule, get the truck!

Here, let me do that.


We have to get the capsule!


No way, we're closing in.

Hey, get off, you moron.

Without the capsule I'll
never see David again!

Cassidy's heading to
the pound unless I...

Do you have any idea how
expensive spare parts

are for one of these?

There, look!


But I don't understand.

It was a decoy!

Peck just wanted us to chase it!

But why?

To get us away from...

What were you two doing?


I thought Peck had caught you.


I can look after myself, Felix.

Where's Todd?

He didn't get out in time.

Victor too.

Why the heck weren't you...

Was there a sunbeam, Felix?

You were napping?

You kept me awake
with all that guarding.

Next thing I know you're
chasing the stupid capsule and...

And you two fell
right into Peck's trap.

While you're off playing
at superheroes, he's won.

He's got Victor, and Todd
and the Hyperlithium.

It's over.

Negative ma'am,

we move in a pincer formation,
surround the building

and neutralize the humans

with minimal collateral
damage to G.U.A.R.D.

Bullion, G.U.A.R.D. is a joke!

You're about as much use in
tactical operations as a fish!

Our PR mouse never
says anything.


And our scientist

is headed to the pound
because none of you clowns

can actually work together!

Peck's gonna catch us,

and we can't just wave a
magic wand to stop him.

We've got to get
that capsule back!

Keep quiet.

And try not to chase anything.

Oh I won't.

Can you try not to nap?

Oh, so it's my fault!

None of this would have happened

if you hadn't gone chasing
after the first thing you see!

Jumping jeepers,
you were napping

when you should have been
guarding the capsule!

There was a sunbeam!


He better not be
playing with my stuff.

You're still worried
about all your gadgets?

I'm never gonna find
David without the capsule.

You're so selfish.

Well at least I'm
not still running

around after a human who
blasted me out of his

life 50 years ago!

David didn't blast
me, he said he'd...


A dog and a cat
fighting each other.

We threw the rest
of your toys out

but I like this one.

Almost as handy as this.

Hey, leave that
alone, it's mine!

No, it's mine.


So where's Peck?

What are you doing here?

What am I doing?

What were you
doing back in 1969,

pushing aside the world's
greatest feline scientist

so you could blast off
into space in my place?

After I escaped, I swiftly
learned Hyperlithium

has different effects
on different animals.

The effects on dogs
we've already seen

but on cats the effect was
merely to prolong my life

while I waited,

waited 50 years for the rest
of it to fall back to earth.

I could barely wait
any longer to get rid

of you two jokers so I could
complete my plan in privacy.

So wait that was Victor
driving Peck's truck?

You two set us up!

Then where the heck is Peck?

By the look of things
he's out of hospital

and going to check
out what's happening

at the old museum
right about now.

Hey, what's going on in here?

What the, animals?

But you said Peck was
gonna use the Hyperlithium

to do bad stuff to us!

Oh I'm sure he would
if I don't stop him.

Humans, pah!

They just want to lock us up!

Well, now we're
in charge, Peck!

Heel boy, heel before Todd!

It seems I was right about
Hyperlithium's effects on humans.

Now, once this Hyperlithium
bomb is fully charged

it'll detonate and then
all the humans in town

will become servants to
their rightful masters.

Todd, you won't
get away with this.

Oh, do I have to
spell out the irony?

You've been beaten
by a dog and a cat

who can actually work together.

- What the?
- Get this off of me!


This way Master
Felix, Master Buddy.

We don't have much time.

Get them, get them!



I'm terribly sorry sir,

it seems I won't be
able to serve any



It's been a privilege
being your c-c-companion.

No 80's throwback robot is
going to stand in our way.

David will stop you!

Oh really?


Well let me tell you, David
invented the Hyperlithium!

He was a scientist!

He knew it was dangerous,
that's why he sent

a dumb animal to fly
it instead of a human.


You think you were
being some sort of hero?

David used you, Buddy!

He didn't love you and
he's never coming back!

No, no, no, no, no, no!

David was my friend!

Okay, when I get there
I'm going to call you and...


Gather 'round,
people, gather round.

Okay, so we
attack with lasers.

And fire piranhas
into their eyeballs.

Codename: operation
Hopeless Cause.


Daddy, what have the
animals done to you?

Oh Daddy, you were right.

I already have a sticker.

Heh, yeah, I got
you pretty good.

I need your help, Buddy.

There's a kid out
there who thinks

animals are mean and nasty.

I need to show her we
can be more than that.

are the mean ones.

That's what you said.


You used to believe
people were good.

And I believe in you.

I'm just a dog.

And I'm just a cat
with a silly mask

who wanted everyone
to think he was cool.

You're the real hero, Buddy!

You've been into space.

You can run faster
than, well, you know.

And you're strong.

You're the strongest
person I know.

And that's why I got you this.

Triple ply carbon fiber.

You're not just a dog, Buddy.

You are Stardog!

- What the?
- What?

How's that happened?

Hey, what's that sound?

What the what?


Thank you, thank you.

Stand back, Superpets
coming though.

Give it up Todd.

Leave the humans alone.

Yeah, let's show them
how great pets can be,

how they can trust us
and we can show them

how to be better people.

That was long-winded,
Buddy can you summarize?


Couldn't have said
it better myself.

Now let me just
get one thing clear.

Did you two really think
that I would work on this

for 50 years and not
have some backup plan

in case a couple of Superpets

turned up to rain on my parade?

It does sound
kind of sensible.

You stole my thunder
once before Buddy,

you won't stop me this time.

And you, Felix, everyone
thinks you're a bit of jerk!

Did you know about this?

My control of
Hyperlithium's power

is far greater than yours.

As you shall now observe.


Darn kid!

OK Super-Victor's
a problem, sure,

but even if we beat
him the real problem

is Todd and the
Hyperlithium Bomb.

We need a way to neutralize him.

Affirmative, he's a cat!

What's his weakness?


Of course!

We can get some
in the Mega Store.

Come on Felix.


Er, I think it might
be best if I go alone.

I'll be back soon as I can.

OK, now all we need to do
is get the dog under control.

But how.

Ah, well we've got all these...

There must be a way to
get him rounded up, think!

Suggest we use
maximum prejudice.

I said, we've got all the...

Quiet, I'm trying to think!


Will you all just shut
up and listen to me!

I said we've still got
all the broken gadgets

and robot parts they
threw out of the museum.

Plus, we've got access to a
tactical operations goldfish.

Oh yeah!

The park is closed.

I'm sorry, were
you talking to me?

Or, or to him?

Commence operation Fish Tank!

Fish tank?

Is that a joke?


I'm a tactical
operations goldfish!

I am not going
back inside there.

It's time for humans
to get locked up.

They might be human, but I
believe deep in my heart that

humans are good and
we should be looking

out for them right now!

Please, will you use
your powers to help me

so I can be united with an owner
as their loyal, loving pet.

That is the lamest
thing I have ever heard.


How about if I do this?

Cut that out.

Let's play catch!

Now what was that
about playing catch?

Oh, someone wants
to play catch?

Not again!

I can't breathe in here!

I can't
believe that worked!

It only works on some
stupid dog, is what it does!

Yeah, well that's what happens
when animals work together!

Well, I won't make
the same mistake twice.

Hey, I thought Guardian was
supposed to protect animals?


It's been hard being
a stray for 50 years.

Now, with this Hyperlithium
Powered machine

I'll finally be able to treat
humans like they treated me!

Er, what do we do now Felix?


Now would be a good time
to show Todd your shopping.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down.

When you get that out

I can't be held
accountable for my actions.

What are you two
doing down there?

OK, ready?

Cat nip!

Er, come and get it.

Give it to me!

Give it to me now!

Sorry, what was that?

I can't hear you
over the faint hum

of my micro filtered
air conditioning.

What happened?

Did we win already?

Is it nap time?

Uh, something about
air conditioning?

Oh, right.

Where was I?

Oh yes, how hard it is
being a stray for 50 years.

Well how about I show you
what that was like, huh?

How do you like that
Hyperlithium power, huh?

You disgusting creatures!

O, where are they?

I sure hope I don't step
on them by accident!

Come back!

I'm not finished with you yet!

Ugh, they're horrible
stinky strays!

Clean them up!

Let's put these dirty strays
out with the rest of the trash!

Hey, Todd


No, sunbeam!

So sleepy.

Way to go Cassidy!

Felix, she made a...

He always was a
sucker for that.

So sleepy.

I was headed out of
town when I saw you on TV.

All the theatrics with
the crowd and the capes,

it was almost...


No, it was the stupidest
thing I've ever seen in my life.

But you're working
together, it's impressive.

Oh, will you shut up?

Tinted glass, pretty neat, huh?

Oh, right.


You know I'm actually
glad you're here

so I can tell you how pointless
and nauseating G.U.A.R.D.

was and how much
fun I had hiding

how your Guardian was secretly
being fully weaponized.

Todd, you don't
have to do this.

Yes I do, I want you dead.

Now, how do I aim this thing?

There we go!

Now I just line up the
target with the little

dot of light...

It's alright, it's gone now.

I'm gonna get that
spot of light one day.

Hey, is that?

Grandpa, Grandpa!

Where are you?

I'm coming!

I thought Victor scared
all the humans away!

And my Hyperlithium Bomb

is still ticking
down to detonation.

When it goes off her
and her stupid grandpa

will become my slaves.

Felix, we've got
to do something...


Sorry kids.

It's the only way to stop
the bomb enslaving Alex.

But when the bomb goes off
it'll destroy the robot and...

Yeah, looks like it's my turn

to take a one way trip
to space now, huh?

But it's the only
way I can prove

to Alex that pets are good.

Felix, you don't have to
do this to impress me, ugh!

Um, Felix?

Hey Buddy.

We made a pretty good team, huh?

Shame I never got to meet David.

Ah, Felix...

No, listen Buddy,
I've been thinking.

David sent you into space
because he knew the Hyperlithium

was dangerous and he trusted you

more than anyone
else to protect it.

David trusted me?

David knew you
were a hero, Buddy,

and you've GOT to believe
he's still out there

looking for you.

Do you hear me Buddy?

You've got to believe,
David loves you.

Yes, he's a good
person and he loves me!

Er, Buddy?

Oh wow, I can fly.

Oh wow, I can fly!

StarDog, fetch!

Don't suppose you've got
any more of that catnip?

Don't you ever do that again.

What's happening??

- Daddy!
- Alex!

Daddy, did you see that?

The cat blasted into the sky
in a rocket and then the dog

here flew up and he saved him!

It was amazing!

You're right, oh
my gosh you're right!

They're not mean, or
nasty or dangerous,

they saved all of us!

These animals are heroes!

Daddy, can we keep them?

You bet honey,
Grandpa will love it.

Where is Grandpa?


You darned kids!

Never listened to a word I said!

I told you I was waiting,
waiting for the day I hear a dog

can fly and I know that
my Buddy has come back.


Buddy, is that you?

Yeah, told you he
had to believe, didn't I?

Another awesome prediction
from er, anyway.

A month later and things
have settled down a bit.

After he found Todd and Victor
suitable new homes, Peck quit

the force to spend more time
with Alex and they decided

to re-open the old museum,
with a new star exhibit.

Alex helps her Dad out in
the cafe, with a little help.

Coming right up.

Yeah, Tinker fixed Sinclair

and programmed him
to make lattes.

Buddy works here too as guard
dog, when he's not taking

David for a walk.

And me, well I do
spend a considerable

amount of time napping but
when I'm not doing that

I'm watching the screens.

No, not that!


Cassidy magically
reformed G.U.A.R.D.

with Tinker as Chief
Scientist and Bullion

as tactical operations goldfish.

Anyone who's mean to animals,
or picks on someone smaller

than them, or has crazy
plans to make a robot hamster

into president and
take over the w...

Sorry, this is
really long-winded,

Buddy can you summarize?


Translation: bad
people better watch out

for StarDog and TurboCat!