Spyder (2017) - full transcript

An intelligence officer attempts to save the city from a psychotic serial killer who kills people just to hear their loved ones cry.

Dude, there she is.


She looks stunning.

How did you manage to trick her?

You take her first, I'll follow you.

Grandpa went to bed late.

I see. He is my friend, Girish.

We need someone to make the
wedding arrangements

and to sign the documents as witness.

-That is why I brought him along.

You've brought along your jewelry
and cash,

-haven't you?
-Yes, it's in my bag.

-Okay. Shall we move?

-Give him the bag.

Vijaylakshmi, go and get
a bottle of water.

We'll wait for you in the bus.

You can come in and
sit on the ladies seat.

-It is risky if someone spots us here.
-That is true.



Here you are, ma'am.

I hope nobody knows our plan.

-Have some sweets! Ten bucks each.
-Nobody knows.

-Ten bucks for a piece.

-Sir, buy some sweets.
-Buy some flowers.

-We don't want it.
-Buy flowers.

Buy some flowers, sir.

Aren't you getting married tomorrow
in the temple?

Have some.
You'll feel fresh the entire day.

We have two bridegrooms here.

Don't you need flowers for wedding night?

You are going to sign as a witness

and then go into their room
after he's done. Right?

You made her sit in the seat
reserved for ladies, right?

You've made a foolproof plan, sir.

Hey! Get out of here!

Hey! Get lost!

He is secretly planning

To get married along with his friend

He is secretly planning

He is secretly planning

He is secretly planning

Dude, you said no one knew.

Apparently, everyone at the bus stop
got wind of our plans. Darn!

To hell with your plan! I'm leaving.

I'll kill you if you ever make such plans.

-Forgive me, ma'am.
-Hey. Where are you going?

-What was I thinking?
-What do I do now?

I'll get going too.

Here's your bag, ma'am.

That was close.

Their plan was secret.

But everyone got wind of it
because of me.

My name is Shiva. This is my office.

It's a 20-storey-building
and has a staff of 840.

Their rank determines the floor
they work on.

We have three more floors
beneath the ground floor.

A total of 30 work on this floor.

I'm one of them. My work involves...

Your work is all about call tapping.

Are we allowed to tap
citizens' phone calls?

Is it legal?

It is definitely illegal.

Now, you must be wondering
why the government is doing this.

We monitor public activity

for national safety and to maintain peace.

If the senior intelligence team
suspects anyone

your work is limited to recording the
phone calls of that particular person

and forward them to the concerned desk.

But, if done without proper orders

or before the monitor beep alert,
any phone conversation heard

or recorded, will be considered
a severe offence.

That will cost you your job

and you will end up behind bars.

We weren't allowed to listen
to public conversations

or record them.

But I only listen to public calls.

I've even developed
a software for this purpose.

The moment someone
threatens anyone on call,

weeps or asks for help...

this software gets activated,
and my screen starts blinking.

-When are you meeting me?
-Come to the park in the evening.

-Fine, I'll be there.
-Meet me at the park in the evening.

-Is that fine?
-Yes, sounds good.

Why weren't you answering my call?

Yes, always!

Seize the boat!

We've been planning this for a week
without leaving a clue behind.

How could he reach us this far
into the waters?

Who is he?

Boom boom sounds the tremor

He puts an end to the crime
Before it begins

He's the scout that spies even in air

He punishes the one who commits a crime

The SPY is here

Be ready, everyone

Here comes the SPY
To destroy evil

Be ready, everyone

Don't you worry
He's the prince of Latika

Have no fear
For he's here to make you smile

He lets no justice go vile

One who faces him, faces the music

Here comes the SPY
To destroy evil

Be ready, everyone

Here comes the SPY
To destroy evil

Be ready, everyone

He must've inspired the Marvels

He must be the product of Hogwarts

He must've inspired the Marvels

He must be the product of Hogwarts

This brave man
Needs no theme music

He gets the job done
Without any hassle

He plants the bomb of fear

In heart of the fiend

He plays with intellect

He's the alter ego of triumph

He discerns the sound of ants

No germs bestrew without his consent

Boom boom sounds the tremor

He puts an end to the crime
Before it begins

He's the scout that spies even in air

He punishes the one who commits a crime

You won the national shooting competition.

You developed two new software.

Sports activities, IQ, EQ.
You're over qualified in everything.

Then why do you want to do this job?

You only earn 40,000 rupees here.

Besides the qualifications you hold,
I recommend two other certificate courses.

You will be posted on the third floor

and can earn as much as I am earning.

No, sir. I am happy with this salary.

Your entire life will end behind the desk.

That's okay, sir.

I am here just for job satisfaction.

My friend and my father
had the same doubt.

My father was surprised...

that I am working for just 40,000.

He said that listening
to private conversations...

is like peeping into
a toilet when someone's using it.

And that I'd make more as a cop.

A cop finds out the culprit...

after a murder takes place.

He then produces him in the court

where two advocates argue
about his innocence and his guilt.

Then he goes to the jail,
later gets bailed out.

I don't want to be a cop...

who carries out all these formalities
after a person gets killed.

But, this job lets me stop the crime,
even before it's committed.

I don't expect publicity.

I'm neither the Spider-man
not the Superman.

I'm not reforming the society, either.

Had that girl gone to Tirupati...

the other day
those rascals would've ruined her life.

I'm talking about Vijaylakshmi.

I could at least save her.

She thanked me from the bottom
of her heart

and addressed me as Brother.

I'm content with that.

I heard her voice on March 16
for the first time ever.

It's 1:30 a.m.
What help do you need at this hour?

I was preparing notes for
the Human Anatomy seminar tomorrow.

Out of nowhere a video blinked
on my screen

-inviting me to watch it.

I clicked and watched it.

What was it about?

Remember, the chapters we read
the previous year...

about human reproductive...

So what do you want me to do?

Then a few more videos popped up in a row.

Okay. What did you do?

I watched all of them.

-For how long?
-Just four hours.

Have you lost it? Just go to bed now.

I am not sleepy.

Only then I can go to the US
on a scholarship, right?

What has that got to do with this?

I'm unable to concentrate on my books.

Are you out of mind? Have some water
and go to bed.

I tried.

Tried what?

I tried to sleep but I am not sleepy.

I am not interested in love affairs.

I know those things will
disrupt my academics.

I don't need that right now.

So, what do you plan to do?

A complete stranger who doesn't
even know my phone number.

I won't ask him for his details
or phone number, either.

I need to concentrate on my books again.

And you need to help me get this done.

No way. How shameless are you!

Stop acting naive. I know what you did.

Clear your mind of any stupid ideas

and go to bed. Crazy girl.

Don't share what you told me
with anyone else.

You guessed it right.

I went to meet her the very next day.

A beautiful girl

Caught my attention

I get enthralled

When she looks at me

Is she the bubbly girl chirping on phone?

Her looks differ
I wonder if she's the one

Yet, bloody gorgeous

Oh, how curious!

I'm Confucius

Yet, bloody gorgeous

Oh, how curious!

I'm Confucius

Thermometer reads the temperature

Altimeter determines the altitude

Fathometer scales the depths of oceans

There's no meter to read a girls heart


Follow me again and I won't spare you.

Oh, how curious!

I'm Confucius

Darn! I suspected her.

Perhaps someone is misusing her phone.

Oh, how curious!

I'm Confucius

Is she the same girl
Who I dream about?

Is she same girl I am crazy about?

She's also the naive one offering prayers

Yet the smart brains at academics

She is beautiful and she is carefree

Seeing her weirdness I've turned into her

She is Miss Mysterious

Yet, bloody gorgeous

Oh, how curious!
I'm Confucius

Why are you stalking me?


I've been watching you for 28 days.

First day, you were standing
over there wearing a Raymond's shirt.

Next day you were wearing Mont Blanc
belt and brown shoes

standing right here.
I didn't see you on Friday.

But, the very next day
you came to Inox theatre.

I was sitting just rows before you.

You looked at me eight times in two hours.

You follow me everywhere

on your red Enfield
with registration, 9005.

You better put an end to all this.
That's all!

Congratulations! She fell for you.

What do you mean?

From day one, she's been noticing you
and your clothes.

She even counted the number of days.

She was sitting two rows ahead of you
in the Inox theatre

looking at you instead of watching
the movie

although you were sitting behind her.


This is your chance. Go and confess
your feelings.

But, I don't love her.

Don't you? Then what is this about?

We'll go shopping after classes.

-Yeah, and what about lunch?
-We'll have lunch outside.

Look! I am not interested in love affairs.

I know.
I am not interested in love, either.


That's better.

By the way,

how do you know that I'm
uninterested in love affairs?

You'll go to the US on scholarship

only if your score shoots up
from 96% to 98%.

Hey! How do you know this?

Actually, I dreamt about you last night
and you were in a problem.

So I thought of meeting you
and solving the problem.

-No, there's nothing like that.
-So should I forget everything?

No. I mean, I need to alight
from the train.

I go to central library at five
in the evening.

You can meet there
if you want to talk to me.


But, how do we talk in the library?

We can whisper.

All right, we can surely whisper.

-Introduce him to me.

Life was moving on smooth
without any problems.

But a phone call I received on
April 30 changed my life.

Why did you call me so late?

Shweta, my family has gone to Vijaynagar.

I am all alone at home.

I feel there's a ghost in my house.

I am so scared. I can even hear sounds
from the roof.

This is because of all the comic books
and horror movies.

You are hallucinating.

No. Every house has got power supply
except for ours.

I am sure there is a ghost here.

Please. Can you please, come over?

My parents won't send me.

Here's what you need to do.
Lock all your doors.

Pray to God and go to bed.

There are no ghosts.

Hi, Shiva!

All of us met the other day
and only you were missing.

You seem very busy these days.

You didn't even throw a party
after getting the job.

Renu, I need a favor.

I guessed as much.

You call only when in need of help. Go on.

-Where are you now?
-On my way home.

There is a bungalow in the next lane
which is 19th Avenue.

House number 32.

A girl is alone at home, all scared.

I think she needs some support.

Fine. I'll go there.

By the way, do you know
what Padmini did that day?

We'll discuss that later.
Please go and check on her first.

Call me in case of emergency.
Okay? Bye.

Shiva, listen...

That's it! Keep the phone aside
and have your breakfast.

Did you iron my clothes?

I can't handle all the work alone.

Why don't you iron your clothes instead
of reading newspaper?

Here's your lunch box.

You always bring back the food back.

An unfortunate incident took
place last night in Ameerpet.

A college student Hema...

and a lady constable,
Renu from the same locality

were found murdered in the same house.

Their bodies were completely disfigured

and were brutally cut into pieces.

This incident has struck fear
in the hearts of residents.

Bereaved families cried
their hearts out...

Police believe that lady constable Renu,

who lives in the same locality,
might have gone to check on Hema

when she heard her screaming for help.


Make way.

Sir, I know her. Sir...


Madam, could you please come here?

I don't know how to break this to you.

We found their naked
bodies backside of the house.

They've been dismembered
and piled into a heap.

We are confused how to
put the bodies back together.

The officer said it would help us
to assemble the bodies

if women from their families
can come and help us

to identify their body parts.

Can you please request them to help us?

Their bodies have been cut into pieces.

They asked you to identify the body

-and assemble the body parts.
-Oh, my God!

My poor child! Why did this happen?

Why did this happen?

Why didn't anyone stop this?

Oh, my God!

Is sir there?

Come, son.

Uncle, do you know Shiva resigned?

He resigned?



What happened, son?

Why did you resign?

I am no longer qualified
to handle this job.

I got into this job only to stop crime
before it takes place.

Two lives were lost
because of my carelessness.

I can no longer do that job.

A murderer was lurking in her house.

She got scared thinking of him as a ghost.

Had she given proper information
this wouldn't have happened.

She was just a young girl.

She couldn't describe it,
but I should've understood.

I should've gone there myself.

You've saved many lives before.

This is the first time we missed it.

There is nothing you could do.
Come on, let's go to office.


We find immense joy
in helping strangers...

and watching their smiling faces.

My work gave me that joy
every moment, every day.

Quitting this job is the only way
I can punish myself...

for not helping those women.

You've taken up this job to avert crime
well in advance. Right?

Let me ask you something.

Do you think the murderer

has never killed anyone before?

Or do you presume he won't kill anyone
after this?

This is not the end.

This could be the beginning
of a deadly crime.

Go, get on with your work.

Get back to work with the attitude
that you can stop crime.

Go, son.

Hey, scan this.

Vinay, I sent her number to your system.

Check her WhatsApp messages.

You check all the text messages.

Check for any suspicious chat messages,

new friends, love, or any other threats.

Hello. Hi.

-I am so sleepy.
-We are meeting, right?

But I'm yet to finish
the physics assignment.

A new movie has released.
We need to watch it.

Confirm it. We will go shopping
at Plaza.

-Please come soon.
-Study for some time.

-I am waiting for you.
-Let's go.

-Please come soon. Okay, bye.
-Yes, let's go.

I had asked her to wait
but I couldn't reach there on time.

-Where were you?

Come on, now. Let's go.

-It's a good movie.
-We should watch it.

Come outside when I call you.
We will go together.

-Yes, I am ready.
-I'll wait for you to outside.

Your brother won't create
any problem, will he?

Please. Could you come over?

My parents won't let me.

Here's what you need to do.
Lock all the doors properly.

Pray to God and sleep.

There are no ghosts.


I was monitoring the
Commissioner of Police's calls.

One call seemed strange.

You might find it useful.

-Sir, I am ACP Sharma.
-Yes, Mr. Sharma.

Sir, I need to speak to you
in person. It's urgent.

It's okay. Tell me over the phone.

It's very important.

Over the phone...

Don't worry, Sharma. Just tell me.

Sir, we found a piece of cloth
at the crime location.

We sent to the forensic lab to find out

if the murderer used it
to clean the weapon.

I just received the lab reports.

As per the reports,
the cloth carried

eight more human blood samples
apart from the two ladies' blood.

Three of them are male blood samples.

All crimes were committed
in the same month with that weapon.

I think this is an onset
of a bigger problem.

-Mr. Sharma!

-Do as I say.
-Sure, sir.

Come here with the records

of all the missing cases
in the city.

Okay, sir. See you.

-Another point, Sharma.
-Yes, sir.

Keep it confidential.

Okay, sir.

Strange! This explains that the murderer
has killed even men.

He has killed eight people!

They found ten blood samples
on that cloth.

He might have killed many some more.

If we find evidence in this case,

we will be able to track down the criminal

and find the number of murders
he has committed.

We are back to square one.

The lady's whereabouts prior to the murder

can be extracted from voice calls
and messages in her phone.

If we check the CCTV footage that matches
the location and time,

-we might find a clue.

The guy in the surveillance team
on the third floor...

Kaushik? Will he help us?

We can give it a try.

What is this? Such a long list?

What excuse will I give them
to collect the footage...

It's very important, buddy.
Please, help us out.

We'll land in trouble
if we get caught.

Just help us out here.
Make some excuse.

Lie to them.

Cheat them if you have to.
Do whatever you can.

An 18-year-old who didn't
even get to experience life...

And a newly employed constable
with hopes to take care of her family...

Someone murdered those two...

stripped them off
and dismembered their bodies.

He kept their body parts together
after hewing them.

And such a man... is roaming out free.

I want him!

At any cost.

And for that I need the CCTV footage.

We work on level -3.

I'll be waiting for you.

That's the complete footage.

We got footage from the mall,
theatre, temple, ATM,

outside the college premises,
Lokhandwala circle, jewelry shop

and the traffic signals.

This CCTV footage is from filling station.

Bye, Shiva. See you tomorrow.

Look at him!
I think he was here all night.

Of course! He's playing chess.

Dude, found who it is?

Notice him.

He is standing at
the counter to take something.

He's looking at the entrance
as if he's waiting for someone...

and that's when the girl enters
and gets seated.

He noticed the girl.

He walked across all the empty tables

and sat right opposite to her.

She walked out with her friends.

He ate nothing and walked out of there.

He returned from the same door
and followed her through the exit.

His face isn't clearly visible.

Now, check this parking lot footage.
He's seen here, too.

His vehicle registration number

belongs to a truck.

Got him! Should we inform the police?

Police arrested two men last night...

to keep public from panicking.

They are old criminals.

These details will only irritate them.

And that will defeat our purpose.

I will catch this guy myself.

My name is Gauri.

My brother is upset
because I love a guy.

He left home along with my college

Brother, I will obey you.

I'll marry the man of your choice.

Situation back home has worsened.

Mother's health is deteriorating.

Please, Brother.

Please return my certificates to me.

Or else mother and I have to beg
for a living.

This is my brother's picture.
His name is Krishnamohan.

If anyone finds him

kindly call on 9573040742
to inform us.

I can find a job and take care of
mother if I get my certificates back.

Please forward this message
to everyone.

-Yes, Shiva.

The video looks professionally shot.

It'll look realistic if you
could shake the camera a bit.

I will redo and send it again.
Let me know if you find it good.

Don't disturb the setting.
We need another take.

-Do you remember the dialogue? Camera.

Brilliant idea!

I can find a job and take care of mother.
Please forward this video.

I'll send it to you.

Forward it to everyone in group chats.

Spread the word. Use our servers.

There is a chance
that anyone who knows him...

or who saw him might call us.

It'll take a day, at least,
for it to go viral.

You need to go home immediately.
You mom has been calling repeatedly.

Stop yelling. That won't do you any good.

If I sold it once, then it means
it's gone forever. You can't return it.

Just because it's online sale,
doesn't mean you can sell a damaged iPad

and cheat me.

-Cheating? What are you talking about?
-Of course, it is.

I don't want this damaged piece.

You need to take it back.

Mom, I told you to donate it because
the battery wasn't getting charged

and you sold it online?


Is she your mother?

Shiva, do you know her?

Please leave. Please go.

Let's go.

-It's their personal matter.
-Go back to work.

Let's talk inside.
Give me the iPad.

Be seated. I'll get coffee for you.

Do you know Shiva?

Yes. He followed me for 28 days.

Do you love him?

No. We are not in love.

I see. You must be a friend then.

Actually, not even a friend.

You're neither his love nor friend.

Then how do you know him?

Actually, I...

Actually, my score is 96%.

I need 98%.

He is helping...

I like him. Yes. Let's see.

Fall in love as soon
as possible if you like him.

I can't find the right match for him.

He is extremely shy, just like his father.

He was conceived four years
after we got married.

The rest is up to you to understand.

My parents have been married for 20 years.

-But, I am 21.

The rest is up to you to understand.
I'm taken after my mom.

You are too fast.

He must be getting coffee.

-There you go.
-It's working fine now.

Have it.

Shiva, she says you're neither friends
nor in love.

She is right.

Then who is she?

How do I explain this to you?

It's called friends with benefits.

Friends with benefits?

-Yes, Mom.

What can you gain or lose in friendship?
I don't get it.

Okay, then. I should get going.

Okay, dear.

Shiva, go and drop her.


That's one benefit, right?


That is so wrong.

You go, dear.
He keeps blabbering.

Ciciliya, Ciciliya

Let's kindle fire to the breeze

Ciciliya, Ciciliya

Let's begin pecking like woodpeckers

-Ciciliya, Ciciliya
-Oh, Yama

Let's kindle fire to the breeze

Ciciliya, Ciciliya

Let's begin pecking like woodpeckers

The strong beautiful girl

The indescribable girl
She's one of a kind

The strong beautiful girl

The indescribable girl
She's one of a kind

The strong beautiful girl

The indescribable girl
She's one of a kind

The strong beautiful girl

The indescribable girl
She's one of a kind

Hey, girl, I let you come close

I forgot about the world for you

My heart now beats for you

I've gone crazy after I saw you

I am crazy about you

You made me fall in love

I have only one desire

To never break this promise

Ciciliya, Ciciliya

Let's kindle fire to the breeze

Ciciliya, Ciciliya

Let's begin pecking like woodpeckers

Ciciliya, Ciciliya

Let's kindle fire to the breeze

Ciciliya, Ciciliya

Let's begin pecking like woodpeckers

Let there be no stopping

I wanna fly away with you

Your beauty serves me breakfast and lunch

Floating in your deep blue eyes is dinner

I am anticipating your touch

I am crazy about you

Ciciliya, Ciciliya

Let's kindle fire to the breeze

Ciciliya, Ciciliya

Let's begin pecking like woodpeckers



Open the doors of your heart
Let me in

I shall be enthralled with your proposal

When you hum those love tunes for me

I get floored

I am crazy about you

Our love is eternal

Ciciliya, Ciciliya

Let's kindle fire to the breeze

Ciciliya, Ciciliya

Hey, girl, I let you come close

I forgot about the world for you

You are my darling

I can lay my life for you

My heart now beats for you

I've gone crazy after I saw you

I have only one desire

To never break this promise

Ciciliya, Ciciliya

Let's kindle fire to the breeze

Ciciliya, Ciciliya

Let's begin pecking like woodpeckers

My name is Gauri.

My brother is upset
because I love a guy.

He left home along with
my college certificates.

Hello, sir. I am calling from Kanpur.

I just watched the video on WhatsApp.

Can we provide monetary help to that girl?

No, sir. We are looking for her brother.

We'll give her work even if she
doesn't have college certificates.

Thanks, sir. But we are looking for that
man in the photograph.

-Hello, is that girl around?
-Which girl?

The one who lied about her missing brother
on WhatsApp video.

She lied?

How do you know that's a lie?

Don't bluff. I know the man in the picture
is not Krishnamohan.

He's my friend, Bhairav

and he doesn't have a sister.

Both of us are childhood friends.

It's become a fashion to post
fake videos on WhatsApp.

Don't you have anything better to do?

May I know who you are?

I'm the would-be husband
of the girl in the video.

Just hang up.

Where are you going?

I'm going to Badlapur.

That guy owns a medical store there.

Hail Lord Krishna!

Hail Lord Rama!

I didn't know you're a cop.

I thought it's one of those fake videos...

How do you know that's a fake video?

We studied in the same school
till eight grade.

His name is Bhairav.

His father worked at the graveyard
in the village of Mareda.

In 1996, villagers came to know
that his father murdered four people.

A lot of events followed.

But, I don't remember well.

Who can give me the details?

There's an oldie, Premnath
who works at the same graveyard in Mareda.

He knows everything.

They lived in a hut there.

Burying corpses wasn't
their traditional business.

He couldn't find work.
Hence, came here.

Bhairav was born right here
in this graveyard.

He left us!

Who is his eldest son?
Please, come forward.

-Wait here. Hand him few coins, please.
-What would we do now?

Who will look after us now?

Come on, hurry up.

Who will look after us now?

Put it in the pot.

-Hey, listen. Wait.
-He grew up in the graveyard.

-His mother gave birth to another child.
-Where are you going?

What are you doing, son?

Come on. Come here.

Come with me. Leave that pot.

So you want to break the pot?

-You got scared, didn't you
-Catch me if you can.

Hey. Drink this.

Son! What are you doing there?

-What's it?

They are crying.
They're coming here all in tears.

-That's so sad.
-His hearing ability is sharp.

He can hear cries before any of us can.

Bhairav, won't you go to school?

Wake up, Bhairav.

Oh, mother!


Get that pitcher here.

Have your dinner!
Stop being stubborn.

-Have your food!
-Hey! Stop it!

Why are you thrashing the child?

It's been a week since he ate anything.

-Ask him to eat it!
-Shut up!

Son, shall we go out and eat?

There you are. Let me take you, too.

-Shall I get something for you?
-No, thanks.

Let's go, son.
Why hit the little ones...

I've been noticing you for some days, son.

Why aren't you eating?

I don't like eating plain rice.

I don't have a job right now, son.

I will get some meat
once I get work. Okay?

I don't want meat.

It's been a week since
I saw people crying.

No one in our village died
for a month after that.

Father had no work
and Son had no appetite.

That is when he committed
his first murder.

Here you are.

Eat this after we get
home and try to sleep.

Okay. Dad, look there.

Oh, no! Who is that?

He is Mr. Rathod. Mr. Rathod.

Somebody, help!
Mr. Rathod is in epileptic attack.

Help! Is anybody here?

Please come forward for help!
Mr. Rathod has got an epileptic attack.

Please hurry up! Come on!

Is anybody there?

Hurry up!

Walk faster.

Look at what happened to Mr. Rathod.

-Come on, guys. Walk faster.
-What happened to Mr. Rathod?

-Mr. Rathod...
-What happened?

-Please get up.
-What happened to Mr. Rathod?

-Please get up.
-What happened?

What happened to him?

What happened? He is bleeding.

Everything is finished!

Oh, my God!

What did You do?

-He is no more!
-Oh, my God!

How did it happen?

After that, he killed four people
in different ways.

Get lost.

What did You do?

Look what happened!

A boy saw what Bhairav did.

Young men of the village discussed
the issue and came to a decision.

Yet the deaths continued.

Villagers were confused
as to what was going on.

Cringing with fear
they consulted a priest.

He said that the village was cursed

because they killed Bhairav's family.

Everyone left the village
and settled at a distant place

three kilometers away from here.

They thought that was the only option.

The village was in ruins.

A few years back,

a man from our village claimed
to have seen Bhairav in Mumbai.

Only then we got to know
that he is still alive.

Why didn't you inform the police?

Because his family was set ablaze
and the matter went to the court,

that's why nobody wanted to risk it.

Shiva, found anything?

-What is it?


I will send you a number.
Let me know the location.

Okay. Let me get that for you.
Give me a minute.


Sorry, sir. My phone got switched off.

You said you saw Bhairav
when he was a kid.

But, what you saw on WhatsApp
was his recent photograph.

How did you know... it was him?

Last year I took my family to Hyderabad.

While we were at Wonderla park, a security
personnel came and spoke to us

because he recognized my father.

Everyone in the village thought
Bhairav was dead.

But that security personnel
asked us to inform everyone

that Bhairav is still alive.

That is why I recognized him
when I saw that photo, sir.

How many times do I have to call you?

I've been after you from ten days.

No one is here yet.
When will they turn up?

My manager is super upset.

I need to see him.

Go straight and take right.

Okay, just give me the date.

Answer my question first.

Where is the guy who just came in?

You asked him to go inside.
So he did.

Buddy, someone's here to see you.

He showed me your photo in his cell phone.

I sent him inside.

How many people have you killed so far?

We know all about you.

Answer us! Who all did you kill?

Why are you guys questioning me?

He found all the details about me,
didn't he?

Why is he standing still?

Why doesn't he kill me?

Shiva! What are you waiting for?

Need not take him to police.

He doesn't deserve a life.

Kill him right here, right now!

Kill him, Shiva!

What's wrong?

He is not Bhairav.

He is his younger brother.

Imagine how cruel his brother would be.

Ever since the WhatsApp video went viral

my brother and I have been waiting
for you.

Bhairav visits me every day at 9 p.m.

He must've come here today too

and looked for me.

He might have learned by now

that you went around with my photo
looking for me.

He will definitely come here.

You think he didn't commit any crime
after he left at the age of 13?

He never sat quietly
ever since he returned.

2012 in Nagpur,

a coach caught fire in Tamil Nadu Express
burning 48 passengers to ashes.

Do you remember?

That was not an accident,

but my brother's conspiracy.

The following year, a bus caught fire
in Hyderabad

due to fuel tank explosion
killing 37 passengers.

Two years ago, there was gas pipe leakage
in Chittoor

burning down people.

My brother was behind all these accidents.

It gives us immense pleasure

seeing people wail.

That's not the end.

My brother has plotted
for the next ten years.

Vinay, get me Shiva on the line.

Shiva, it's Madhu.

Shiva, hope you didn't harm that guy.

We didn't. He is safe.

Good. Get to the junction of Tank road.

-Watch the news on television.

There is no television here.
What happened?

You caught a guy, right?

Our news channel received a shocking video
this evening from an unidentified person.

Let's take a look at it.

I don't know where to start.

Which murder do I mention first?

I might have seen many of you before.

If your friend or family member
in this city

was murdered under
suspicious circumstances

and if you cried your heart out...

then I've seen you for sure.

Because, I must have murdered
them myself.

I am just a medium to
control the population

just like the government,
earthquakes or tsunamis.

Nobody could trace me out until yesterday.

But, today, one man...

traced out my name, my village

and the first man I killed
when I was 12 and the recent one.

He dug deep into the details.

Now, he kidnapped my brother.

I want him to let my brother go.

before I speak of consequences...

watch this video about a bridge.

I joined the work when the metro train
project took off.

For every pillar that was built

I killed one person
and buried them inside.

23 dead bodies under 23 pillars.

If someone is missing from your house...

perhaps they are under
one of those pillars.

I will reveal names and details later.

I wanted to reveal this information

on the day of metro rail inauguration.

When the entire city would be celebrating,

we planned to watch and enjoy

as the families in crowds wail
for their lost ones.

O God! My mom! My sister!
My brother! My baby!

But that man disrupted our plan.

I want him to let go of my brother,
right now.

Or else, I will turn this city
into a graveyard!

A graveyard!

Here are the details of victims.

Pillar no. 17, Hanuman Rawat.

85, Srinivasa Rao.

130, Sudhakar. 149, Lalitha.

160, Mohammed Sayyed.

Everything is over!

Oh, my God!

Do not cry!

No one should howl!

The one behind your tears
is present there right amidst you.

He is deriving pleasure out of your grief.

He announced on television a while ago

that I should let his brother go.

This is his brother!

I am the one who caught him!

Both of them will go on a killing spree
if I let him go.

Not just the 23 people buried
under the pillars that they killed.

They've been on killing spree
since their childhood.

Now you decide what to do with him.

Don't let him go!
Don't leave him! Don't leave him!

-Kill him.
-Don't spare him!


You are such a monster to enjoy
other's grief.

Now laugh out loud.

Your younger brother is crying!
Why don't you laugh?

Brother! Don't spare him!


Dare to kill me if you can.

If any harm comes to me.

my brother will turn this city
into graveyard.

Now that my brother's crying

he will make you repent for killing me

and you will cry a hundred times.

We shall see.

This is truly a crucial moment for us.

All missing cases in the city
are turning into a big threat.

We got a clear view
of what might have happened

last night.

In fact, we suspect more victims

besides the ones buried in the pillars.

If only we get our hands
on him as soon as possible

that we can stop the public
from panicking.

A common man divulged grave issue
even before we did.

He stood in the dark
making sure no one saw his face.

We need to find out his identity.

Or else, the public will lose
faith in police department.

So, initiate an emergency task force.

We need to find both, the murderer
and the one who traced his identity.

Truth always triumphs

One thing is clear from
the details you provided.

They love to see others cry.

They will do anything to get them cry.

As per mental illness research...

all human beings have this tendency
to an extent.

For example, we're traveling in bus

we look out when an accident takes place.

We get disappointed if no one gets hurt.

But, if someone loses
their life in the accident

we feel sorry for them.

That is what our minds hanker after.

Normal people like us
have 4% of this disorder.

As per the research conducted
in California, last year

an increase from four to six percent
was found.

I guess such individuals arise
when humanity grows cold.

-Yes, tell me.
-I am inspector Gokul.

I need to meet you urgently.

I want to talk about Bhairav.

You saved my son from a kidnapper
last month on the 16th

from a kidnapper.

Of course, sir.

I guessed you must be dealing
Bhairav's case unofficially.

After confirming that through my sources

I decided to meet you immediately.

My higher officials received
some information about Bhairav.

I brought it here because I thought
it might be of some help.

You must be knowing
about Bhairav's childhood.

It is shocking to know the plans

these siblings have come up with.

He's targeted one of the hospitals
in this city.

He is planning to harm patients
in that hospital.

But what he is up to remains unclear.

Now he's focused his rage on you.

Of course, that is good in a way.

Perhaps that's why he put the hospital
plot on hold.

The police department
is trying their best.

If you get hold of him, make sure
you catch him alive.

Because only he knows
which hospital he's targeted.

You killed his brother
at the right moment.

You managed to shift his focus.

We don't know if
he'd still execute his plans...

or come looking for you.

He will not rest until his plan
is executed.

We have to get him before that.

My friend's not home. I took the keys.

There is a swimming pool, too.

Do you have any ideas?

About what?

-Get me list of workers who died.

I need a complete list.
Get me all the details.

You were saying something.

Me, my friend's flat keys, swimming pool.

This should stay between us.

Sure, no one will know.

Make four copies and
let no one know about it.

Text me the remaining details.

-You were saying something.
-I said nothing and you heard nothing.

I don't need your help. Hang up!

People enjoy on Facebook and WhatsApp

but this man seems least bothered.

His mom was absolutely right.

He is not the right guy for that.
Not at all.


Yes, Mom.

Shiva, aren't you coming home?

You've started staying in the office.

I have a lot of work, Mom.

I will come home once that's done

-Don't wait.
-Okay. Come soon.

Every house has got power supply
except for ours.

I am scared to be alone. Come soon.

Okay, Mom.

Every house has got power supply
except for ours.

-What happened?

What did you just say?

Every house has electricity
only we have a power cut.

I'm a little scared,
so asked you to come soon.

-Why did you say that?
-I don't know.

I feel someone's presence in the house.

I can hear strange sounds.

Okay, Mom. I'm coming right away.


Hello, Keshav. Keshav!

Today's headlines as follows.

Driver Keshav has been stabbed to death.

Hello. Who is this?

Where is Keshav?

Shiva, what's wrong?

Hello, Mom! Mom!

Your mom is still alive.

She is waiting.

Hey! If any harm comes to my mom...

You can't stop me.

Why would you buy a house
in an isolated place like this?

No one will be able to hear her shrieks.

She'll scream and fight
at the first stroke and then,

only the sound of dagger
cutting deep inside will be heard.

I will stab her in the stomach
she carried you in.

You want to hear that sound?

Hey! Don't do any such thing.

Hey! Hold on!
Looks like someone is here.

-Mom! Where are you?
-I am here.

I told you several times
not to leave your bag

-in the living room
-I'll keep it inside, Mom.

Do you have a brother too?

Looks like he just came back
after a game session.

It'll be great to kill him now.

Hot blood will flow out of his body.

I will kill your mother and your brother

and pile up their body parts
by the time you arrive.

Don't touch them!
If any harm comes to them...

What? Why are you stopping me?

Do you think I'll stop if you ask me to?

Okay, here's what you can do.
Beg for their lives.

Beg me and I will let them go.

You killed my brother in front of
two thousand people

and now you plead in secret.

You will find all your neighbors
in your house

when you get here.

I will stand among them
to watch you cry.

"Mom! Brother!"


Link road.

Hey, look at what happened.

Someone, help him.

Hey, look at what happened.

Call an ambulance.

Help him, someone.

God knows what happened.

Call an ambulance.

Do something.

Hurry up.

The ambulance is here.

Move back. Get aside.



Sir! Please don't get up.
Do you want anything?

-Where's my mom?
-Please, calm down. I'll call the doctor.

What happened to my mom?

Only your friends are here.

-I need to see her.
-Sir, please. You need to relax.

I will inform the doctor.

Shiva, how are you?

Where is Mom?

Okay. Shiva, take care!

Mom, the main switch was off.

-Is it? I thought it's a power cut.

Ma'am! I brought water for you.

We already have enough cans.

Someone called us to deliver here.

But, I did not call anyone.

Someone said that it was urgent.
That is why brought it.

Ma'am, the cab is here.

I didn't book a cab.

-Your pizza is here.

-Ma'am, your medicines.
-Ma'am, I brought biryani.

Ma'am, I brought vegetables.

Ma'am, the ambulance is here.

-Ma'am, your medicines.

Take the biryani.

Ma'am, cab.

Take him inside the ambulance.

We could save them due the instructions
you gave in the tensed up moment.

Son, I've told you several times

not to get involved in unnecessary issues.

Now you landed in trouble.

You had to suffer injuries.

He has just regained consciousness.

Please keep this for later?

Vinay! What happened to him?

Mom, can you wait outside for a while?

I need to discuss something with them.

Now that he knows we're safe
he's asking us to leave.

It's for official purpose, Mom.
I need to talk to them.

He will get more stressed
if you keep talking.

Let's go out.
Please, finish your discussions

and come out quickly.

Come on. Let's go.

Any clues about him?

Did the police arrest him?

We don't have any information
as of now, Shiva.

I'm sure that he is dead.

No, he isn't.

The shots I fired weren't fatal
because I wanted him alive.

I need to get him alive.

Did the police enquire about me?

They are ready to interrogate you
the moment you regain consciousness.

Both CBI and the police
are upset with you.

IB chief, Mathews called me
three hundred times already.

You'll have it once discharged.


-Will you do me a favor?

He fell off the bridge when I shot him.

I need a detailed map of that river
and areas it flows to.

I need a laptop
with high speed internet connection.

You've regained consciousness
after four days.

Even if he is alive,

I am sure he suffered
more injuries than you.

Get some rest.

By the way, you have a visitor.

We should go. Come on, guys.

-She's waiting.

-Bye, dude.

I am on a hospital bed
with severe injuries.

You're happy and congratulating me?

I am happy that you
regained consciousness.

No organs were damaged despite
the metal rod piercing through your body.

Congrats for that.

Did you check the reports?

I don't need to see the reports.

I looked at everything
while you were unconscious.

-You looked at everything?
-Don't go overboard.

Will you do me a favor?

Sure. I'm waiting for you to ask.

I need a laptop with
high speed internet access.

You've got a rod pierced through
yet you want to work?

-What are you doing?
-Move! Move aside!

My family is okay
with our love affair.


Actually, I had no intention of...

Anyway, what did your mother say?

What else?
She did not take me seriously.

She said the guy isn't earning well

and he won't keep you happy.

Are you serious?

I was just kidding. Get some rest.

Kiss me and let me
experience the sweetness

Give me your heart, that's all I want

You are my love, my life

My heart beats for you

I don't know when and how
I fell in love with you

A beautiful girl took my heart away

A beautiful girl took my heart away

-What's this?
-My lunch. I am dieting.

-Do you eat this every day?

Now I know why you're so energetic.

A beautiful girl took my heart away

I will let you kiss me

I'll enter your heart
With my stunning beauty

You are my love, my life

My heart beats for you

I don't know when and how
I fell in love with you

I am yours and you are mine
My life now belongs to you

I only think about you now

I am your darling

My youth is for you

Add some spice to my life

You are the sky to my land

I am destined to spend my life with you

We will never separate

I will let you kiss me

I'll enter your heart
With my stunning beauty

Please, do

You are my love, my life

My heart beats for you

I don't know when and how
I fell in love with you

My walk is enticing

You will be enthralled by me

My eyes will spell a cast on you

Listen, beautiful

I love you the most

You have spelled a cast on me

Let me tell you my wishes

And my desires

We will never separate

Kiss me and let me
experience the sweetness

Give me your heart, that's all I want

You are my love, my life

My heart beats for you

I don't know when and how
I fell in love with you

Sir, I am sure by now you know
why I am doing all this.

You can punish me...

if you want to.

-For what?
-I need to catch Bhairav.

Intelligence Bureau will
take you in for inquiry

the moment you are discharged.

I will find him in two days.

You can take any action
against me after that.

He is still alive.

I will have to catch him before recovers.

He has many more plans, sir.

We will take care of that
and we also have the police's help.

We'll check with your doctor.

Sir, you know that I have
no selfish motive for doing this.

Our lives will be in danger
till he gets caught.

I have time till I get discharged
from the hospital.

Allow me just two hours...

instead of two days. It is 8 p.m. now.
I will catch him by 10 p.m.

So he says he will catch him in two hours.

He must have some tricks
up his sleeve, sir.

Let's give him time.


-Pack everything that's in the cupboard.

Construction is taking place

on the 11th floor of this hospital.
We need to go there, sir.

11th floor, right? We'll be right there.

He fell off the Chandanpur bridge.

He wouldn't have made it too far.

Dhobi Gali, Shankar Nagar colony...

Diamond garden, Mehta nagar.

He must've gone either
to one of the houses

or one of the hospitals in these areas.

He must've threatened them
and is perhaps getting himself treated.

Staying in hospital
is not that safe for him.

So, he is definitely taking
refuge in one of the houses.

He might have fled from there
in a vehicle.

You're right. He would do that
if he wasn't shot.

But, swimming with bullet wounds
must have drained a lot of his energy.

and he must have lost blood too.

He must've remained hidden at some place
to get treated.

And I am sure about it.

We need your support

because we have to find him
without informing the police.

We can get him right there...

if the people living in the same vicinity
help us grab him.

What are you doing?

This is a special meter.

This will help us to find
out which television program

is being mostly viewed
in these localities.

Detective Didi is being aired right now.

Almost 1.8 million people are
watching it in this city.

I don't think he would
watch a television soap

no matter which house he is in.

Someone in his neighborhood
or in the next house

must be watching this series.

We will request help from
the ladies watching this series...

to help us locate him.


Go and stand before that screen.

Don't you have any shame?

My daughter is getting married
and you're creating a scene here!

I want you to get lost right away!

-Go away from here, otherwise...

You will have to bear the consequences.

Give me your shirt.

Yes. Here it is.

What are you guys looking at?
Get back to work.

You are currently watching
Detective Didi.

We are going to ask you a few questions
about this daily soap.

Forty women who give correct answers

will get a beautiful silk sari
worth 25000 rupees.

Another 20 women will
get a 19-inch flat TV.

The first prize will be a car.

Interested viewers can contact us
on the phone number given below.

Please be ready.
This contest is for women only.

So, ladies.
Let us meet after a short break.


We cannot risk channels
cutting out this portion

and confusing women saying
there is no such contest being held.

Go directly to the channel office
and explain the situation.

Shiva, this is unbelievable!

We have at least 5-6 callers
from every street.

-Zee TV?

-Zee TV?
-Zee TV?

Please keep silence for a minute.

Sir, you cut short the duration
of two minutes

just to announce about the contest.

Samir fought with Yamini and left.

I wonder where he went.

You are right.
That is contest all about.

Samir might be in your area right now

or maybe somewhere
in your street itself.

This contest is about finding him.

We thought this was
about answering questions.

Now you are saying that it is a contest.

Do we answer questions
or take part in contest?

Give us clear information.


She is too aggressive. Disconnect her.

Everyone! Please pay attention.

If your call gets disconnected...

please understand
that we have cut the call.

We will call you back. Be ready.

We are about to begin our contest.

The contest will end in 20 minutes.

What you need to do is very simple.

-Are you paying attention?

-Yes, I am listening.
-Yes, I am.


You need to go to every house
in your street...

and ask them two questions.

First question.

"Samir got upset and left home.
Did he come here?"

Second question.

Ask them quietly,
only that person can hear it.

"Did they remove the two bullets?
Is he out of danger?"

That's it! First question.

Samir got upset and left home.
Did he come here?

Second question. Speak softly.

Did they remove the two bullets?
Is he out of danger?

Return home with their reply,
do not speak a word.

This is first round and a very simple one.

Every participant of this round
will get an authentic silk sari.

Redial this number once you're
done asking everyone in your street.

We are disconnecting the calls now.

What are you doing, Shiva?

Our participants are only women.

Who uses them to spy around?

Sir! You don't know about women.

You become a spy after getting trained.

But they are born spies.

They may be talking to someone
in one direction

but can make out
even without turning back...

if someone is ogling
them from behind them.

If a husband is chatting
with someone on WhatsApp

they can just look at his face

and tell if that's
official or unofficial conversation.

They have antenna,
radar and censor in their eyes.

They won't face any
danger on their ground.

Don't worry about them.

Is Samir here?

Did they remove the two bullets?

-Who is Samir?
-There is nobody here with that name.

I don't understand
what you are talking about.

-I don't know.
-What's this nuisance?

-There's nobody here with that name.
-Who, Samir?

-There is no Samir here.
-What are bullets?

-I don't understand.
-Are you out of mind?

Shiva! Almost everyone has called back.

-Yes, ma'am.
-We asked, sir.

-What was the reply?
-They were asking if I was crazy, sir.

-When will you send the sari?
-They almost tried to hit me.

Samir is nowhere around.

In all the houses you inquired

you must have got replies like
"There is no one called Samir here.

We don't know what
you are talking about."

They must've asked you what
were you talking about.

Did anyone give a different reply?

Yes, ma'am.

-My name is Manjula.
-Yes. Please, go ahead.

I went to a house at the end of the street

and asked them the same questions.

In fact, I know them very well.

The moment I asked her that question

she looked startled,
asked me how I came to know

and told me to leave immediately.

Vinay! Mute the other calls.

I don't want any of them to hear this.

Can you please give us the house number?

-You mean, our house number?
-No, their house number.

It is 28.

The house belongs to a ward boy, Suresh.

Sir, will I get a sari or a TV?

-TV, ma'am.
-We'll get back for the next round.

Okay, sir.

Listen! Take all these devices
and set them in the ambulance.

We need to get moving.

There are ten members in that family.

Everybody's cell phones are switched off
from the past four days.

No one has logged into Facebook,

WhatsApp or Twitter in the last four days.

No one has gone to work.

Suresh, the head of the family,
is 46 years old

and works as a ward boy
in a private hospital.

Let's take a look at the house
using satellite thermograph.

Five are upstairs
and five, downstairs.

He's locked them up separately.

We found our rat hole, sir.


How many people called from that street?

Luckily there were seven callers.

That's great! Call only them.

-Please give us your names.
-Sumathi Mohan.

-My name is Manjula.
-I am Akhila Motwani.

-Sandhya Krishnamohan.

-Komal, sir.

Shiva! Komal is in the very next house.

Now everyone will be
given separate instructions.

-Yes, sir.

Please come out of your house

walk to the fourth house to your right

-and stand under the tree next to it.
-Yes, sir.

Sir, inform the local police stations
and ask them to keep two teams on standby.

We will need their help.
Let's go to that area.

-Hello. Is this Sandhya?
-Yes. Tell me, sir.

-Come out of our house.

You will find a mobile laundry wagon

-at the fifth house to your left.

-Please stand there.
-I am going, sir.

-Mom, shall I come with you?
-You stay home.

Make sure no one knows
where you are going.

Till now I've been talking
to each one individually.

I am going to merge all our calls now.

Can everyone hear me?

-I can hear you, sir.
-I can hear, sir.

I am listening, sir.

I am going to tell you all a truth.

All of you are standing
around the same house

in different locations.

This is not a TV program.

This is a police operation.

Police operation?

A dangerous murderer
is hiding in that house...

right in your street.

Everyone in that house is in danger.

Police can save them.

But, he will kill
everyone in this house...

at the slightest of doubts.

You can save them
if you do exactly as we say.

-What do you say?
-What is it, sir?

You told us this is a contest
and asking us to deal a murderer?

Sir, I need to pee.

So, will we not get any sari,
TV or car?

You will make the headlines
on every TV channel

newspaper and news channel.

I am scared, sir.

How can you hesitate to
save a family in your street?

-Mrs. Sandhya Mohan.
-Yes, sir?

You were a scout leader
back in your school days.

How do you know that?

I saw a post on your Facebook page.

Are you really scared?

Do you think you're weak
just because you're a woman?

No, sir. I am ready.

I am not just a scout leader,

but the daughter of this country.

Sir, even I am ready.

People from Haryana don't back off.
Tell me what I need to do.

I am Punjabi, sir. I am ready too.

I am from Hyderabad. I am ready too.

Me, too, sir.

You are their immediate neighbor, right?

-Yes, sir.
-Please, do as I say.

Do you have portable speakers at home?

Yes, sir.

The one who was there will be here, too

The one who's here can go anywhere

The one who was there will be here, too

The one who's here can go anywhere

He's the first and foremost

He'll be the last and final one

Playing with the toys of human

The ruler who is the only one

The one who was there will be here, too

The one who's here can go anywhere

The one who was there will be here, too

The one who's here can go anywhere

He puts all his efforts siphons bravery

He makes us strong

He puts all his efforts siphons bravery

He makes us strong

Go to that house and ring the bell.

He reminds us of the courage
Buried deep within

He'll make us cross even the river of fire

He reminds us of the courage
Buried deep within

He'll make us cross even the river of fire

You just have to jump.

The one who was there will be here, too

The one who's here can go anywhere

The one who was there will be here, too

The one who's here can go anywhere

He's the first and foremost

Do you remember borrowing

sugar from me last week?
I need it now. Please return it.

When did I borrow from you?

The ruler who is the only one

Try and look inside the house.

He balances bad with good

He controls the vile

He balances the bad with the good

He controls the vile

Quick! Quick!
He is coming in. Make it fast!

He draws sword as sharp as his eyes

He'd even pull out the fangs of evil

He draws sword as sharp as his eyes

He'd even pull out the fangs of evil

He is coming downstairs.

The one who was there will be here, too

The one who's here can go anywhere

The one who was there will be here, too

The one who's here can go anywhere

The one who's ahead...

Fast! Fast! He is coming! Fast!

Playing with the toys of human

The ruler who is the only one

Don't be scared. He is coming upstairs.

Quick! Move it! Fast!

-Everything's fine, right? We caught him.
-What is fine?

You asked for two hours.
It is two hours forty minutes now.

Sir, we were not launching a rocket

to count every second.

This was the best I could do.

We will start an inquiry tomorrow.

You seem more inclined towards
taking action against me.

But, there is a twist here.

Move closer, I'll tell you.

If you take action against
me for disobeying orders

in the Intelligence Bureau
for the past six months...

they will enquire you of your actions
for these six months

while I was going about my business.

Sir, this is a time
you can get a promotion.

You know there is another
guy in your office.

He is equally qualified for promotion.

He will land a promotion
if they start an inquiry upon you.

If you retire from job
without getting promoted

you will be paid low pension.

A total of 14 million...

You will lose out a total
of 14 million and 36000

if you take action against me now.

What he is saying is correct.


Sir, needs time to think.
Lock the door.

I will suggest a way out of this.

Tell them this was your operation,
your plan.

Crime rate has decreased
in the past six months.

Making that WhatsApp video,
visiting that village,

killing his brother
and finally arresting him.

All this was part of your secret mission.

I just followed your orders.

Everyone will praise you.

All magazines will publish
articles about you.

You will appear on the TV
and get a medal on Independence day.

Say that this was all
part of a secret mission.

Just say that you are
always ready to serve public.

Don't say anything else.
Do you understand?

Do you expect him to salute you now?

Hey! Don't be rude to him.


He is not an ordinary guy.

Where were you all these days?

Hey! My new car is amazing, right?

Shall I guess what you are thinking?

New car, new clothes and
a girl who is sitting beside you.

You are wondering what to do next.
Am I right?


You know my name for sure.

But you have no idea
what I do for a living.

You don't know how I found you
and why was I following you, do you?

-No idea.
-Okay. I am going out right now.

Stay with me.

You will get answers
to all your questions.

-Who is she?
-She is on my team.

He is Shiva, the one
I was telling you about.

Yes, I've heard of him.

I came to know that you
were secretly listening

to private conversations
from the past six months.

Isn't it wrong to hear
the private conversations?

I was getting bored in the office.

I had free time. So...

What?! So he heard everything
that I told my friend on phone?

Fine. He asked you
to be here by 1 p.m.

It's 1:20 p.m., sir.

Why didn't you tell me?

As if he has a watch to check.

Just say that it is 1 p.m.

How's your mom and Brother?

Ask them to unlock off the handcuffs.

I need to speak freely with you.

Tell me.
Which hospital are you targeting?

What is your plan?

You shot me at the right
spots to keep me alive

even when were about to die.

Only to find out which hospital it is
and what I am going to do there.

It is not wrong for a living being
to kill another one.

That is natural.

That is why God created
others creatures

to serve as food for some.


If it was so wrong to kill,
then why did God give

horns to a bull,
venom to snakes and scorpions?

God never gave horns
or venom to humans.

He gave us brains!

Humans have brains.

Human beings can find true strength
if they use their brain correctly.

The judicial system was
created by the weaker ones

only to protect themselves.

It is a crime to kill a deer
but it's not okay to kill a goat.

Why? Is it because deer
are less in numbers than the goats?

Is it the goat's mistake
that they are more in number?

Humans are more in number
on this planet than goats.

What is wrong in killing them?

Millions of years ago,
someone killed a man

and took away his wife.

So, the others went
and hid in the caves.

When they went inside the cave,
doors appeared.

When they broke the doors open,
locks appeared.

When the locks were destroyed

people took turns to
stay awake and guard others.

One started to rise as their leader.

How did the civilization
develop in the first place?


Who created fear?


But, we have no fear.

Don't you?

Your brother screamed when I shot him.

That was fear.

You were hiding in the crowd
while watching him get killed.

That is fear!

Even we know how to create fear.

Don't think I will let you get away.

Let's keep that hospital
matter for another day.

Right now,
there is another impending trouble.

Today, in another few minutes...

Lanco hills...

A boulder weighing a 1000 ton...

Another small stone is
supporting it to remain there.

I appointed a chemistry professor

and a physics professor.

They are not worried about
the thousands of people

that are going to die.

They just don't want their
children to die, that's all.

They will mix hydrochloric acid and water

and pour this into a
hole made in the small stone.

That chemical mixture
will cause a reaction...

and turn the small stone into dust.

Then what will happen to
the boulder that has no support?

Roll! Roll! Roll!

That 30 feet stone will crush humans

irrespective of them being Hindus,
Muslims, Christians,

kids, the elderly or people of any race.

It will crush them and roll over them!

Go! Go and save them.

Saving the hospital is the final round.

Go and stop this if you can.

You need to be there at 1:45 p.m.

You just have 40 minutes.

Wow! You didn't get here at 1 p.m.?

Come on! Let's move!

You have just 25 minutes left!

Wear the seat belt!


-Get down from the car.

My car!

As per the latest news

serial killer Bhairav
who was recently arrested

has managed to escape
from the police custody.

He killed six policemen
who tried to stop him.

According to our sources,

Bhairav's next target is going to be...

a big hospital in this city.

The patients, doctors and nurses
in that hospital might be in grave danger.

High security measures
are already in place

in all the big hospitals in this city.

Central government has appointed

Deputy Commissioner of Police,

who is a special squad officer,
to control the situation.

We are standing in front of the hospital.

I am at the KEM hospital.

Everyone here is scared.

I am outside the Continental hospital.

The public is in a state of panic.

-Everyone is very scared.
-You can see how scared everyone is.

We can find Bhairav
only with all your support.

Till now,
one policeman was assigned per block.

From now on,
every floor will have one policeman.

Who is the CCTV camera
surveillance in-charge?

-Me, sir.
-Don't leave your desk.

-Watch it carefully as it gets recorded.

-Okay, sir.
-Immediately inform police on your floor

if you find anything suspicious.

The situation near KEM hospital
is chaotic, Rajini.

Number of outpatients
has been reduced.

They are taking in
only emergency cases.

People are trembling with fear

from the moment they came to know

that something is going
to happen in the hospital.

People are requesting
the police to arrest the criminal

before anything untoward happens.

City commission Kumar
Ganpati has informed

the city residents through media...

that enough security
measures have been arranged

almost at all the city hospitals.

Hospital surroundings
are guarded by the police.

Are you nuts?

You are an educated woman.

Don't you have any common sense?

What is it?
You have key to your friend's flat?

Is that all?
Can't you think of anything else?

I didn't call you for that.

I went to a hospital today
as a house surgeon.

There I saw a compounder crying
and pleading with someone.

I got suspicious and followed him.

He looked exactly like Bhairav.

I thought I should inform you.

Which hospital...

The number you are calling
is currently switched off.

Vinay! Where are you?

-Don't talk to me!

You hurt me.

Which hospital did you go to
as a house surgeon? What is the name?

Life Care hospital.

General ward compounder, Ramachandran.

Shiva, what's the update?

I know which hospital it is.

Bhairav is there right now.

I will get him in another hour.

-Which hospital is it?
-Sir, please, give me some time.

This news might go viral
and people will start panicking

creating havoc as he planned.

Please let me handle this.

Yes, sir.

I know where your son is.

My son is at home.

Okay then. You can leave.

Sir, are you a policeman?
Where is my son, sir?

Tell me, sir. Please.

I take responsibility
to save your son.

First, I need you to answer my questions.

How many is he going to kill and how?

Where is Bhairav?

-Tell me! How many are targeted?

-All of them, sir.

Can you show me where it is?

-Yes, sir.
-Come on.

What happened?

What is going on?

-Run! Run!
-Run, everyone!

-The building is about to fall.

We don't know what is happening.

How will I run?

Run from here!

-Run, everyone.

-Run! Run!
-Run, everyone!

Move! Get out of this building!

Everyone! Move out!

Sir! Please get out of the building!

Run! Make it quick!

Faster! Faster!

Move fast! Keep moving! Go!


Don't use elevators!
Take care of your children!

Keep moving! Go downstairs!

Move faster!

Quickly! Get out of here!

Move out!

Climb up! Quickly!

Faster! Faster!

Hold it.

Don't be afraid!


Give me your hand.

There is no way out of here.
How will we get out?

Careful. Get up.

Faster! Move faster!

Move faster.

Oh, my God!

Come! Come! Come on!


He will die!

Shiva! Are you okay?

Sir, would you cite Bhairav as an example
to say humanity has ceased to exist?

People are still humane.

Just a while ago,
some people helped me save many others...

in this very hospital.

But we start showing humanity

only when a big disaster
like earthquake or flood occurs.

We are living in a fast-paced world...

leaving us no time to
even look at our neighbor.

We're busy glued to cell phone screens,
computer screens,

and television screens.

We act humane only when a flood strikes.

We spend the rest of our time
liking and sharing posts.

Like the person next to you,
share your love.

We have a little sadism like Bhairav.

He had 15 percent of it
and we have only four percent.

A husband vents it out
on his wife and children.

An employer vents it on his employees.

Officials vent it on common people.

Bhairav's death is just an end
to one lunatic.

The illness is still ruling.

We are suffering it, too.

Let's stop it before it takes over us.

Helping a stranger without benefit...

is what I call being human.

Boom boom sounds the tremor

He puts an end to the crime
Before it begins

He's the scout that spies even in air

He punishes the one who commits a crime

The SPY is here

Be ready, everyone

Don't you worry
He's the prince of Latika

Have no fear
For he's here to make you smile

He lets no justice go vile

One who faces him, faces the music

Here comes the SPY
To destroy evil

He must've inspired the Marvels

He must be the product of Hogwarts

He must've inspired the Marvels

He must be the product of Hogwarts

This brave man
Needs no theme music

He grabs ovation sans exaggeration

He plants the bomb of fear

In the heart of the field

He plays with the mind

He's the alter ego of triumph

He discerns the sound of ants

No germs bestrew without his consent

Boom boom sounds the tremor

He puts an end to the crime
Before it begins

He is a secret agent
Who keeps a watch on everyone

He punishes the one who commits a crime

Translated by:
Salonee kadam