Spycies (2019) - full transcript

Vladimir and Hector, two secret agents opposed in every way, are trying to recover a top secret material stolen by unknown intruders.

Well. I was at the meeting point.

All clear?

Good, Harry. I see you.

Have I checked.

Pretty girl like me has not got suami./ Yes.

Is not that a shame? / Yes, ma'am.


What is this? I have to check.

Do not start again, Vladimir.

You do not have to destroy half the city.

This is just a normal intake.

Focus on misi./ Ready, boss.

I hope so. Sake.

Harry, the contact is behind you.

Okay. All lengkap./ Okay. He's already got it.

Mission accomplished.

Very difficult to find the right man.

Where are you going?

What the hell? Harry, we have a problem.

Come on! / What?

Who were you talking to?





God, I'm going to die!


The place is a mess. So sad

What do you want to order? Green tea?

What is your name?


Vladimir Willis.

Gosh. Gosh.

What are you doing in my restaurant?

Harry? I have no idea. I lost him when the chase.

Amateur basis. You know yourself.


That's why I like working alone.

SPYCIES Double Agent Cool Animals

By the way, the task is completed.

It's easy.

I can be the case.

And the villain will go to jail.

Oh yeah.

Nothing is as powerful as Vladimir Willis.

What is that? You wake robot, Oxford?

Not. It eksoekeleton.

Mechanical armor designed to improve your physical abilities.

Sorry. Meaning?

Bazu armor so that you are stronger.

I do not need it. I was stronger than the first.

Willis, one day you will die horribly.

How does it work? / Come on. You know the old code.

Long push 3 times. Pinch briefly 2 times.

What? Oh ...

Like this?

Do not touch it!

Agent Willis. Immediately report to the upper floors.

All right. Bye, Ox.

I will be a medal for this. I know it.

Agent Willis.



Agent Willis. Immediately report to the floor ...

Agent Willis facing, Kapten./ Well, Mr. Mayor.

Of course, Mr. Mayor.

That is very correct.

Will soon be done. Okay.

Okay, sir. Thank you, Mr. Mayor.

I'm sure the mayor is very excited about this mission.

You should have seen when I was on the streets.

Cheetah chase it. I am very confident...

A resto tea! 2 trucks!

3 motorcycles and four cars were destroyed agency!

84 houses damaged.

17 people were injured.

And 15 watermelon crushed.

Do not be there.

But strangely ...

...there is a letter of thanks from a couple of hippos.

But at least there were 100 complaints about serious damage!

And an agent in the hospital.

Do you realize what you have done?

You create this agency as a terrorist organization!

Boss, I catch criminals.

I get the suitcase.

Who cares about a little extra damage.

That's not the way we work, Willis.

The Agency can not get criticism.

Vladimir, you're a great agent.

But you do not control.

I have to draw you from the agency for a while.

You are assigned as a security officer ...

...on the bridge at the Oriental Ocean.

What? I?

Security officer? In Oriental what?

These disciplinary assignment.

But do not underestimate this mission.

There is a sensitive material on the platform.

But I'm your best agent. You can not throw me away.

It's just temporary.

Until the situation eased.

The place is calm and quiet.

Can give you time to think.

And be polite to agents who are serving there.

He's best IT experts in the agency.

You'll know it. He's incredible.

What? Another agent? Wait.

Boss, you know I always work alone.

Simply, Willis. Shut up!

Keep the bridge, or so the doorman.

What is this?

So messed up.

I made one team with a pig?

Vladimir? I Hector.

Vector. So you're the pig who live here.

What? I'm not a pig. I was a rat.

And my name is Hector. Not Vector./ Never mind.

Remove it from your mouth toothbrush.


I Hector.

Nice to meet you.

Are not you supposed to arrive at 7 tonight?

Not. At 7 a.m. Not 7 p.m.

Night. All right.

Forget it.

I'm so glad you're here.

Very boring here.

Oh yes, I've got a bed for you. You see?

I'm so glad no one could talk to.

Um ... okay.

Just use the bed.

All was in order.

Come on, give me a hug.

Can you wear those pants?

Sorry. Forgive me.

I'm very lonely here.

We will see.

We definitely became friends. I am sure of it.

No. I'm here not to make friends.

I'll be out of here tomorrow morning. We will see.


I love your yellow robes with black stripes.

Our love is wider than any prejudice.

Higher than the Eiffel Tower.

Higher than all the objects of any height.

Or Regina Margherita?

4 cheese!

Or Regina Margherita?

3 cheese then.

You know how many germs were there?


Sun as yellow skin.

And as soon as stripes blackened body.

You're a poet of love.

Your muscles full of tenderness ...

...and cakarmu has the power of goodness.

Boo ...

Cheesy dialogue.

Your eyes have constancy as the bathroom sink.

And feet equally honored by fathers.

Bla bla bla ... / Stop. It stirs my heart.

You ruin everything.

Mia is my idol actress.

But acting bad.

Mia? Very bad?

You do not know what you're talking about.

His talent shone like a shadow of grief.

Hey, do not tease him again!

Or we are not friends anymore.

I'm a fan of the toughest.

Wait. Friend? Friends do?

Look, Mr. Fan weight. Mia will die.

In 3 episodes.

Falling from an elevator in the beehive belonging Ibunya./ What?

How can it be? / The stairs were broken.


You're kidding, right? / No. I read it on the internet.


I can not believe this.

Why are you doing this to me?

You're a bad person, Vladimir.

Leaking favorite event like this.

Especially with my idol actress.

Is it flickering lights have long?

How do I know? Turn on duty.

There was an intruder. Be ready to act.

Quick, quick, quick! / Good, good. I'm looking for my gun.

Wait. You have to wait for me.

Standing behind you. And do not do stupid.

I will try. But you know, fighting is not my specialty.

Yes. I already know that.

Boss, we arrival of the enemy.

Well. See what I can do.

Okay. It's enough.

Wait. What is that?

Drone. Be prepared.

What are you doing with the laser?

Hindering them. I will protect you.

Let's push it again. Again. Again.

I'm pushing it, boss. I thrust.

Hi guys!

Raise your hand.


You should have stayed in front of the
TV watching the queen of bad acting it.

You should not divulge Without itu./ event ...

...I must have caught criminals itu./ not possible.

It's your fault.

You can not work in tim./ You know your problem?

You're useless at work as when you were alive.


Radiuzite stolen while in control of you?

You're supposed to be securing the headquarters and all of its contents.

Radiuzite is a substance which is very rare.

Secret. Very secret.

Far beyond your authority!

Your job is only to prevent the entry of an intruder.

And you failed!

As an amateur!

Boss, I can be a good guide.

The man who robbed the bridge operates
from a hospital in the city center. Look.


Finding the thief make you survive in this mission.

This is your last chance.

You have to get back radiuzite it.

You two to the hospital.

Posing and doing research.

We both? Come on, boss. Not again.

I do not want to work dengannya./ Hey, hey!

I also do not want to work with him.

Do as instructed!

You two disguised as a team.

Now get out. I do not want to see you again.

All right. So here goes.

We are both nurses. We've got a badge.

Come on.

Fun. Exactly. I'm ready.

Let me check if I take anti-bacterial jelly.

But weird. I can not find my toothbrush.

Hector. See No Mia!

Actress your idol.

He was in front of the Hospital.

What? Gosh! Gosh!


Come on!

If this is a joke ...

Sorry. I'm a nurse. You're so patient.


Hello? / Please help me. My wife is in labor!

The birth process is already underway! / Mr. Rabbit.

We start again.

Please wait for us to connect obstetrics.

All was in order. The baby was born.

See you tomorrow, Mr. Kelinci./ Wait. She will give birth again!

What should I do? / Shocking once.

Ah ... All smoothly. Everything is fine.

Sorry, you have to wait.

Wait. There's 1 more. What should I do?

Wait a minute. Wait! / Can you hold the phone.

Hello my dear.

Guess who I had just seen.

A bintang./ Um ... / Not him.

More beautiful than the artist reality show.

Yes, that's the point.

I swear by my fourth. I...

Can I help you? / I'm new nurse.


You're Rex, nurse?

It anjing./ name Rex?

Yes, right. Rex.

We do!

Floor 1. Then straight to the locker room.

There are clues everywhere. Come on, quickly.

That is you.


Not. Not me.

Of course it's you. The cat was.

Of course not.

My name is Rex. I'm a dog.

Woof! / Oh ... I'm sorry.

Who is it? / I do not think he is.

Doctor, can you keep a secret?

It is very important to me.

Our organization is very good at keeping secrets.

Can not anyone know about this.

Especially my mother.

We are maintaining confidentiality.

Very nice.

I would appreciate more spacious rooms.

I will try.

My .. My ...

I love you, too.

Sir, are you okay?

Moist ... Vladimir ...

If I find you, we have a little chat.

Vladimir, where are you?

Tell me what you see.

A cocoon.

Well. Very nice.

If this?

A kepik./ Good. Very nice.

If this?

A butterfly!

Very good.

You see Silverback cat?

No, ma'am.

The Hak/.

What is your need here? / What is your need here?

Excuse me? / I'm sorry? / Stop it! / Stop it!

It was not lucu./ That's not funny.

I'm stupid parrot.

Oh ... You?

Masuk./ Sign.

Where is the changing room?

Next door.


Hi, man. I never see you.

You're new here? / Yes. Just started today.

Rex./ That dog's name.


Nice to meet you, Rex. I stamp and this is Jim.

Our maintenance staff.

Nice to meet you. I have to go. There is to be treated.

Until found.

You see a cat? / No.

Just look dog ugly.

Cities we experienced an unexpected attack from terrorists.

Eddy Clark reported live from the scene.

This morning, a white rhino unidentified individuals attacked.

These poor animals ice frozen by a laser beam.

This time, he was rushed to the Central Hospital in critical condition.

Need I remind you, the white rhino is an endangered species.

Just left 5 white rhinos on the planet.

Let us refer to the explanation of the leadership of the agency,
Captain Kotor.

These horrific attacks clearly eyeing the target.

The reason is obvious.

Total extermination of species that are already endangered.

We will not remain silent.

Currently we are hunting down the
suspect and would not stop until he's tried.

The attack on one of us, is an attack on us all.

Eddy, you live event.

20 years ago, Mammoth also extinct on the earth ...

...after freezing to death.

Are the two phenomena related?

We are investigating the matter.

We will bend over backwards.

Faster. Faster.

There berhenti./ heart would be faster.

This guy is heavy.

Please, save my father.

Prepare ward 63 for me. Immediately!

You do not dwell alone. Help me.

Patients are male white rhino.

She suffered acute hypothermia and frostbite all over his body.

If not taken to the operating room immediately.

He may die.

Hey friends, it was incredible!

What are you doing?

You are crazy!

Dont worry. I can handle it.

Well. Where is the patient?

He's here, Doc.

Of course. Why am I confused?

Well. All ready in position.


Kung? Fu? Is that you?

Has it been changed today?

Go. Find another place to sleep.

Come on, Fu. Let us go.


Okay. These cases of acute hypothermia.

Patients usually are in the hot temperatures.

Suddenly exposed to extremely cold temperatures.

We have to warm it up.

If the cold blood flow to the heart,

his body will be blackened.

Devil Ice.

His eyes merah./ sir!

Sir, did you see his face?

From his hands ...

...off the ice beam.

What characteristics?

Can you tell me? / Do not disturb him.

We had to quickly warm it up.

Her skin was icy.

Beres. Should be functional.

Buy tomato juice.

After all who drank tomato juice?

We lost her. Give 1000cc adrenaline.


Her skin was too thick.

Fetch defibrillator. Now!

You. Fast pass me.

Defibrillator. Now!

Well. Be prepared. Let's begin.

Three, two, one.


Three, two, one.


I told you, the blue into the blue.

Not. Blue go into the red.

You see? Did not happen. Now green to blue.

Not suitable.

Come on!


We lost dirinya./ Quiet. Quiet.

Move aside.

Come to Daddy, little fish.

Three, two, one.


And the last.


We are the best.


Quiet. Stay focus.

Conditions limbs? Body temperature?

73 °. One moment! Not. 75 °.

Wait. 77 °.

Body temperature meningkat./ He came.

Devil Ice.

Everything is fine, sir.

You survived.

My daughter.

Where's my daughter?

He was disana./ Dad!


You saved my father.

You're my hero.

That's right, son. That's my job.

Oh no. Do not coffee!

Oh no. Not again!

You are doing incredible in there earlier.

I just do not want to disappoint the little girl. He's a good kid.

Is this the first day? I never see you.

Yes. Just started.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Chloe.

Nice to meet you, Chloe.

Can I show you ...


The Rex.

No. Jim drank more coffee.

Hide! / Run!



I'll find something to stop that monster.



This is it, buddy.

So, who is now the real hero?

You menyelamatkanku./ And you save the rhino.

So I guess we're even.

I found it in one of the corridors.

Oh, yes?

What should I do to him?

Sir? You do not have anything?

Wake up, sir!

Come on, wake up! / Alas!


Mom, what are you doing in my room?

Sir, you're in the hospital.

Oh ya, ya, ya.

Hospital. Radiuzite.

That attack. Vladimir riding a dragon.

Agensi./ What? Agency?

I spy. My name is James Pond 007.

I'm undercover.

You're a spy, huh? / Oh yes!

It was incredible!

I also certainly spies.

I spy.

So you three spies.

Okay. Of course.

It was the last time, the mother hen.

If you try to run away again,

I'm going to lock you up in the toilet and locked the door.

That also goes for your friends.

Have you ever seen a cat named Rex ...


Yes. He's here.

He's like a goat for me.

Okay. I should go from here.

I should go from here.

Locked. Okay.

How can you run away overnight?

I use my gun. You want?

It's my secret weapon.

Want to try?

Oh, yes. I never heard it.

The latest prototypes of the agency.

Hair dryer rocket launcher.


You retreat.

The explosion could destroy you.

I should go from here.

I should go from here.

You want to go?

Do you want to go? / Yes!

Give the password.

Password? My what?

Password from the agency.

There is no password!

Yes. There is. There is.

Give the password.

Sandi./ Oh congratulations!

There she is.

The password is PASSWORD.

Are you really insane?

How do I get out of here?

Okay. Help me lift this goat.

Thank you friends. I'll get back to you!

Thank you for taking me around the Hospital.

With pleasure. I like to spend time with you.

Look at that.

My hours completed and I have no plans tonight.


...if anyone took me to dinner,

I will not refuse.

Vladimir! Vladimir!

All right then. We wish a pleasant night, sir.



Good night, too.

What are you doing here? / I?

All of this is your fault!

You made me pass out and started mass without me.

You should have stayed on the bridge. You do not fit in with this work.

What? But we're partners.

So we have to ... / Partners?

I'm not a partner of employment.

Never and will not be a partner of employment.

When are you going to understand? You're not an agent.

You just beban./ What? Load?

Is it true? Okay. I go.

I'll be fine on the bridge ...

...while eating pizza while watching TV Mia.

Perfect. Please. Just do it.


This room of the rhino? / Oh yes?

And where the rhino? Disappear?

Still cold and damp so he was here.

But he can not walk alone.

There must have kidnapped her.

Some came. Quick Hide!

This is it.

This is our largest room.

Is this room can be received by the Queen of Peace the Great?


I like it very much.

Beautiful sekali./ was Mia. It's really him!

Did you take some time to think about this operation?

Reduction of the antenna will result in a loss ...

...the ability to communicate with sister lebahmu.

I've already decided.

I do not care antenaku.

I want to be sempurna./ Okay.

Operation is scheduled for tomorrow at 9 a.m.


Okay. See you tomorrow, the Great Peace.

I'm happy if you called the Great Peace.

I know.

Come on! Come on! Move aside. Move aside.

I want to take fotonya./ It was shocking.

I never thought you would be my contact.

Life is full of surprises.

You know that his mission is to steal a nuclear warhead.

This is not a trivial chatter at dinner with a friend.

I know exactly what to do.

Very nice. Then the mission starts now.

Prepare yourself and meet me at the banquet 10 minutes.

Be accepted.

We synchronize our watches.

How many people work with you?

What do you know about radiuzite? What are you planning?

Radiu what? I do not know!

Who are you?

I'm a fan terberatmu.

It's a joke, right?

Are My mom sent you? / Mother?

The Queen Bee? Was he involved?

Involved? What are you talking about?

What a surprise.

I never thought you would be my contact. / What?

What is it? / You know that his mission is to steal a nuclear warhead.

This is not a trivial chatter ... / It's my role later.

I'm berlatih./ next Your role is a spy?

Yes. I'm practicing his current role.

The director really adore.

But he considers antenaku too long.

If you cut me, he would give me that role.

Okay. Very good.

It seems that we made a mistake.

We leave this room.

Go ahead and think of never seeing us. Understand?

Hector, ayo!

This is the happiest day ...

...in my life.

Are you two secret agents?

Real secret agent?

Maybe you could help me with my role.

Yes. Yes. Well. Well.

Tips spy first.

A spy can not claim to be a spy.

Really? It was fantastic.

I want to know semuanya./ Enough already.

I do not have time to ini./ Stop!

We work together as a team in this mission ...

...or I'll tell everyone that you are a secret agent.

I know a lot of reporters.

You really had no choice.

You would not berani./ Really?

I was Princess Bee the Great.

I can do as I please.

And you, my sweet child.

Will you help me, right?

Yes, Yes, Yes. Of course.


You're so sweet.

Not like the big cat cruel.

Come on, give me a smile.

So where do we start?

What is its mission? / Yes, yes, yes.

Back to the mission.

Rhinos had disappeared.

We have to find it. He is our best guide.

If Doc gave me this room,

he certainly knows where the rhino. Right?

Doc? Wait.

So you're really going to do the subtraction operation of the antenna?

Too bad.

Incidentally I liked antenamu.

Love it.

You're so sweet.

Never mind.

Shh ...! Some came. Fast!

The boss is already waiting for us.

I am very worried.

It will attract curiosity tahu./ Do not worry.

We work quietly.

People that look very suspicious.

We have to go after them.

Hey, you take an entry permit to enter rubanah 2.5?

I forgot to bring punyaku./ Yes, of course.

They go down to the 3rd floor.

Hector, and preceded by their neighbor.

We watch from here.

They back up.

Hector? / There's no one there.

They evaporated? / Where are they?

The secret path, perhaps?

This is my favorite episode.

Hector./ kissing scene and on the couch.

Hector, go! / Huh? Oh, yes. Sorry.

Have I checked.

All right. I would dikes history of the system.

We'll know where they went.

You know you're doing?

Very smart.

There is a secret between rubanah floor level 2 and 3.

I was there between.

What will we find? Is it dangerous?

I need a weapon. What do you think? / Shh ...

Do not be noisy.


I'd heard there was a door terbuka./ Yes.

Me too.

Teman-teman./ Shh..!

This is serious, my friends.

The door is next sini./ Oh ...

Of course.

Okay. Stay behind me.

I will protect you with tubuhku./ I'm taller than you.

Hey, wait! Wait!

Mammoth Island?

What is this?

Many photographs Doc here.

He devil ice.


Experiment X-1. Day-1.

Hey, look at this.

There beam X-1 here.

"Mastering Climate Change"? / I can not ...

I can not open this box.

What box? That's not the case.

It was a VHS cassette.

Sorry, could you repeat that? / That videotape.

I do not see the movie.

Not like the way it works.

You need to read a tape cassette player.

Oh, yes?

Do you have a cassette player?

No. It antiques.

Maybe can you find in museum./ Shh ...!



Spy equipment hi-tech.

See! See! There radiuzite!

We find radiuzite. They're all here.


I like the color!

Seragam./ uniforms.

That uniform!

Si badak.

Come on, come on! We have to save him.

Okay. On the count of three.

One two Three.

Stop! Do not move.

You arrested.

Devil Ice. He attacked the rhino again.

Come on, Big Board. Resist the match.

Hey, look at this beauty.

Bonnie T-140 with a sidecar.

Do you think it's time to discuss the motor?

Wow, cool. But...

...why the agency logo printed in the sidecar?

So, what is the function of this sidecar?

Depending on the model. There is definitely a surprise.


How to turn on this thing?

Oh ... the old code.

Long push 3 times. Pinch briefly 2 times.


Wow ... Look at that!

Come on, Vladimir! You can beat him!

Yes! I love my job.

Take it!

Hey, come back here! Affairs we are not finished!

My sister would not believe me!

Stay here. Safer.

Where are you?

Hey, Tn. Tin cans!

Do not you dare usik my friend!

We lost him.

You do not have anything?

Vladimir, we must take care of your wounds.

In this case, now we know the reason Doc steal radiuzite.

He needs a great source of energy and a stable ...

...to operate the high-tech ice armor.

And radiuzite is the ideal thing.

So it means the Devil Doc Ice? / Yes.

And now we have the proof.

See. I managed to whip out his hair during the battle.

Very nice. I needed a suitcase to perform DNA analysis.

We almost solve this puzzle. Masterful!


Let's see what we got.

Unknown species Extend the database?

Vladimir, look at this.

Unknown species. Expand the database?

Are you kidding? What is this ridiculous machine?

Your computer would not even recognize a bear.

Hey, the bear has several subspecies.

Maybe Doc is a very rare species of bears.

Forget it. You never can rely on the machine.

We must find a way to watch this tape. Ouch!

Stop moving! Shut up.

Do not continue operating it.

I think antenamu beautiful.

I told you.

I can not be a role that so long as there is an antenna.

Supposed to look for roles that fit your talent.

Is not that so? / Yes.

But he did not have it.


I forgot my surgery.


It is time for the operation.


What are you doing here?

Rex?/ Oh...

If you are near?


Actually it's not my problem.

What do you mean we're close?

What exactly do you mean?

Oh no. No.

Are you kidding?

I have no relationship with this person.


But Rex, what are you doing here?

Actually he is ...

He's my cousin!

There she is. He is my cousin.

Your cousin is a cat.

In the name of the dog?


Mia, this time operation.

Yes. Of course.

Do you want to reconsider?

You can still cancel it.

Consider again?

Um ...

No need. I will do it.

It is a dream role.

Corresponds to a reduction of the antenna, right?

I would mengikutimu./ Okay.

Rex, you are also allowed to participate. To support your cousin.

Okay. I am coming along.


Are you hurt your hand?

This? This is not how.

I try to pick up a pencil.

And ... oops ... It's just a silly scrapes.

Okay. Of course.

What actually will you do to me?

You want us to stop? / No need.

I am very confident.

Sorry I want to rest.

I mean going to the toilet.

Okay. Problem fur. How the results of the analysis?

Because Doc wear a bandage on his hand,

whether we can be certain that he is the mastermind behind all of this?

Recently completed 85 %.

The process is slow. Somehow.

How Mia? / There's good news for you.

The surgery may dibatalkan./ Really?

How do you know?

Come on. We have no time to wait for the results.

We have to find a VCR to play these tapes.

I have an idea.

Sorry, Doc.

I think it took a little longer.

Your Honor, I'm sorry.

I think we have to reschedule your operation on another day.

You can go back to your room to rest.


What are you looking for, Valued Clients With Money Gentlemen?

We are looking for a VHS cassette player.

Do you want teapot Qing dynasty?

Or maybe the Ming dynasty vase?

Yuan dynasty nail cutters?

Customers Honored with a Lot of Money.

Hold on. Maybe vase only.

No, thank you. Just a VHS cassette player.

But sepetinya you do not have. We went saja./ Wait!

Valued Clients That Do Not Patience As Truck Driver In Red Light.

We certainly got that you are looking for.

Well ... VHS cassette player with multiple players and HICAM.


But we will try it out by watching this VHS tapes.

Of course, the buyer is king in Our Store.

But we will raise the price of 500 yuan for electricity usage.


But it will not let you go without a Tamagotchi honored ...

...which is very popular in 1998.

Really? Where? Where? I want to see.

I'm interested in Tamagotchi.

Is it on? Can I start?

Yes. Already recorded.

Hey, look at the date.

It was 20 years lalu./ Shh ...

Hello all. My name is Balthazar Poliakov.

And this is a video diary.

I was on the island of Mammoth.

The large island at the Oriental Ocean coast.

Last specimens of mammoths found here.

But as you know ...

...global warming is causing the earth's
temperature rose by 1 degree per year ...

...with dramatic consequences.

The first, the mist that regulate the climate became rare.

And mammoth extinct gradually.

I'm here to save them. Thanks to the Experiment X-1.

This is indeed an ambitious project that
could change the world as we know it.

With the help of my friend, Malik,

we managed to create an amazing machine ...

...conducted by radiuzite.



Almost complete.

Come on, Hector. Lift.

Pick up the phone.

Now I want to show results ...

Sorry, sorry! / You're serious?

You're like a kid.

Unknown Number?

Hector? / Last Mia.

My! My!

This is Mia!

The girl who is very famous call me by Number Unknown?

Hector. The analysis process on your computer is almost complete.

What? What was the outcome? / Wait. Still analyzing.

The result ...

Seriously! Battery runs out.

You've got chargers for smart phones type 12?

Unfortunately no one, Client Hello.

The equipment was too new.

But we had an adapter that can be used to play pong.

Do not be noisy!

Come see the end of the video.

Okay. My friend Malik prepares to begin the process.

Our goal is to create a microclimate on the island ...

...to cool the atmosphere.

I really hope it works in order to save the mammoths.

For the moment this engine produces only cold air.

Radiuzite is a very unstable element.

But in a few years, we can completely control the climate.

We might even be able to stop the melting of glaciers.

Stop a tornado.

And protecting our planet from atmospheric pollution.

Well, Malik. We're ready.

Successfully. Amazing!

What is this? What happened?

Climatosphere. Already too saturated.

No! Turn off the system!

Way here! Want to hit us!

Mammuthus. Mammuthus?



But Doc is a bear.

This is ridiculous.

Mammoths are extinct.

Hi, you contact Hector.

If I did not answer,

probably because you calling me when I was watching the episode ...

..."Honey & Honeymoon".

Leave a message ... / Hector./ ... and I call you back in 25 minutes.

Okay. Listen.

This time it was very clear.

Doc destroy the mammoth 20 years ago ...

Now he uses radiuzite to destroy the rhino.

You understand? This guy is insane.

We must stop it.

Yes. He and all his henchmen.

Right. We must immediately contact the Captain.


Talk about the elephant in the room.

Very good.

I know him.

Everyone thought he was dead.

After destroy the last mammoths.

She set the horrible slaughter plan is to rhinoceros.

He must be stopped.

Vladimir and Hector. Good job.

I gave you a promotion.

Okay. This is very serious.

We have to prepare the attack to the
hospital to apprehend the devil Es ...

...and all his cronies in jail.

Of course. But we have to identify the third person to attack the bridge.

We do not yet have instructions.

Do not half-half, Wllis. Catch all of them!

Clear up about it later.

Set for today's attack.

We're going to assault with all existing agan.

Not there!

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Why would I be so stupid?

Excuse me?

Did I hear you correctly?

We're going to do now?

You're asking me?

Wah, wah, wah. Banyal things have changed.

Yeah, right.

There are things I do not understand.

Why Kung Fu move it to rubanah rhino?

You think they know if Satan Es would kill him?

Why steal radiuzite tim'nya Doc?

We know Cap on the bridge together with Doc when theft.

But who the other person?

You can ask it after we get away from here.

Bad game once. Level is very easy.

Forget the game temporarily.

Focus on a plan to escape.

Wah ... wah ... wah ...

Vladimir Willis.

What a surprise.

You guys know each other?

I'm committing him here.

It was wretched.

Willis, kitten.

I'll make you a dog food.

Wait! Wait! Wait!

What do you want?

Game you that.

You want to finish it? I can help you.

Very nice. Very nice.

Very nice.

Yes! Yes! No! No! No!

Hajar dia! ःAjr!


Bravo, Rex. That's impressive.

You really master the game of it.

Well. It's time to go.

Go? How to?

I do not want pegi before finishing a game of it.

I have a plan of the prison tattooed on my back.

See. We'll get out of here for less than 2 seconds pas.

It turned out that the cheetah was not so nasty, huh?

He was excellent at helping us run away with him.

He's also good because it does not beat you.

Never mind.

Come to the secret floor. Doc might be there.

Okay. Just be honest.

Without a doubt,

This is the best drama series of all time.


Chloe! It's you.

You're the third member in the group Doc./ Yes!

Also a former member of the agency. Expert in martial arts.

You want to catch me? How arrogant of you.

You think I do not know who you were?


Very funny.

You know I'm a member agency of the beginning?


But I do not think you're stupid enough to think we villain.

But why do you want radiuzite?

Wait. Do you work with The Devil Ice?

If you want to answer your question,

follow me.


You see? We're not criminals.

Did not mean to attack you for stealing radiuzite.

But we need a very powerful source of energy ...

...to continue our research.

We had no choice.

The future of our planet is in danger.

Heroes! / Hey.

Hi, sweet! / Come on, ladies.

Do not be scared.


Our big dream is to end global warming.

So that all beings can survive.

Here we can control the world's climate at will.

Are you doing this for 20 years?


Since the accident on the island of Mammoth.

There was never a single day I do not hate myself for my mistake.

Because many people lost their lives,

and destroyed the entire species.

I hated myself here ...

...and hide my identity ...

...to spend the next 20 years and learn to master radiuzite.

To control the Earth's climate.

But mammoths have not been destroyed.

Captain Kotor is mammoth.

He attacked Rhino and put the blame on you.

He mammoth?

He attacked the rhino for revenge?

That heinous act.

We need to leave here now.

All members of the agency to come here to arrest you.

I do not care about my fate.

But I want you all promised to protect all patients.

I promise.

You ready, friends?

All forward. Come on, come on, quick!


Agency made a huge mistake.

Wah wah wah ...

Hey, not those who kill the rhinos that.

But Captain Kotor.

He is the mastermind behind all of this. He is the devil Ice.

Captain Dirty?

And I have to believe what you say about this?

Janan do stupid, Vladimir.

Back to the line and do your duty.

We're here to catch the bear.

I chose to hang out with my friends.

Okay. You leave me no choice.

Get them!

Passable, Vladimir. Passable.

But not quite good for me.

You've been watching too many movies, Mike.

Let me take you back to reality.

Where did you learn to fight like that?

I grew up in the Shaolin temple.

We're not done, Vladimir.

You think we'd let you go?

Because already beat me? Get them!

Sorry, Doc. We've tried everything we can.

I know. Thanks.

We will fight until the end.

Life spy!

Life spy!


Thank kasih./ I feel happy.

Stamp! I coming!



Capture, Cap!


Thank you!

Oh no! Not again!

They are all innocent.

I'm the one you want.

Take me.

The entire family was also innocent, Doc.

The elders was naive.

They think you can save us.

They were blinded and convinced by
your sweet words about the technology.

But my father vigilant.

It seems all too good to be true.

I wish my father was wrong.


You know how it feels ...

...see the whole nation destroyed in an instant?

The pain is incredible.

Excruciating pain ...

...and unbearable.

It was an accident.

I hated myself for all these years.

Every night after night, I haunted by nightmares.

I'm very, very sorry.

I do not care how sorry you are.

I want you to feel the same pain with me.

Hey, do not move! Raise your hand!

No one can explain what's going on here?

Captain ... Captain?

You're the Devil Ice? / You do a lot of talking.

It's time to end it now.

You'll see all your friends disappear within 2 seconds.

We will not let you get away for all this.

Can not wait to see it.

The only way to defeat it is menetralisis radiuzite on his back.

Serang together!

No. Chloe!


No. Hector.

My best friend!

What it's just the two of you abilities?

Very disappointing.


Ice Devil, attack those commensurate with you.


Do not interfere, princess.

I'm here for my friends.

I command you to give up as soon as possible!

You're ordering me? Or yourself?

Sisters will membereskanmu.

You're not a good actress, princess.

Agencies have been scrambling all transmissions in this area.

There's no way you can communicate with your flock.

Randomize please.

I have a pair of antennas.



I see all your sister has arrived.

What do they do? / Waiting for others.

How many sisters do you have?


We are thousands of times more powerful.

Ladies, give way!

Sister, give way!

Nobody move!

Or I'll shoot.

Wait, Captain.

Before you caused irreparable damage,

I want you to meet Melissa.

How did you survive?


Because Doc.

He saved my life.

He's a good man.

Doc, are you sure this works?

We had no choice.

You did it, Doc.

You're insane.

How does it feel? / I'm fine.

I am fine.

How are the others? / Do not worry.

They are all here and safe.

Shh berantakan./ your hair ...

Take a break.




You saved us.

You a debt of gratitude to you, Mike.

For all the problems that kutimbulkan. Cheetah chasing it.

I guess we're even.

Oh no.

He was injured very badly.

I do not know if he could be conscious.

He's not breathing.

No. No.

No. Hector!


You can not go anywhere else, my friend.

After all we've been through together.

Come on.

Calm down, Vladimir.

I've tried it.

Get a grip, Hector.

I want to be serious with you.

I will play the game with you.

We will eat pizza together even with the 4 cheese.

I promise not to mock deringmu tone again.

Get a grip, man.

I need you.

You said what was it?

I'm less clear hear.


You survived! / Oh ...

Cute little mice.

Did I miss something? / No. This is just the start.

Mia is already a big star. Yes, right?

Yes. But that view is Hector?

He will miss the show perdana./ I do not see it.

I do not see it.

That's weird.

Good night, Mia. You are the revelation of this film.

Everyone agreed that the appearance of being a spy really realistic.

Do you have a special talent?

Actually, I'm working with a real super agent.

Real secret agent?

What does it mean? / Okay. I call Hector.

I can not believe he missed Mia on TV.


I hear the ringing tone that was ridiculous but I did not see it.

Vladimir./ What? / Ringing it.

Derived from the TV.

I guess someone forgot to turn off his phone.

Halo? Vladimir?/ Hector?

Where are you?

Mia had dimulai./ press conference Vladimir!

You do not see me? Hello, Vladimir!

Mia asked me to be his bodyguard for tonight.

Sorry. There's a call from my friend.

He was watching this kenferensi.

Looks like a love story to begin.

Just a love story?

There seems to be two to me.


{\ an5} - do not move first - - there's still the next scene -

Indeed. Can not be changed.

Yes, can not be changed.

I understand it was a bit merepotkan./ Indeed.

Especially at night.

You do not mind to try it again?

Please. Continue.

Indeed. Can not be changed.

Can not be changed.

Please come in.

Hello, Doctor.

Can I help you?

I was a little problem with "size".

Okay. Let's see.

You know I can not get a girlfriend because the horn is too small.