Spy Smasher Returns (1966) - full transcript

Edited version of the 1942 Republic serial "Spy Smasher," cut down to one hour and sold for TV release in 1966 in a syndication package with other truncated Republic serials.

(suspenseful music)

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

(dramatic music)

(suspenseful music)

(rifle firing)
(dramatic music)

- Spy Smasher.

(tense music)

Take him to the Gestapo dungeon.

(tense music)

(whip cracking)

(dramatic music)

- Release him.
(suspenseful music)

Bring him to the desk.

(dramatic music)

- Now, will you admit
you're a secret agent

for the United States government?

- No.

- Get Captain Durand.

- Yes, sir.
(tense orchestral music)

- Captain Durand, you know this man?

- I have never seen him before.

- We know him as Spy Smasher.

- Spy Smasher?

- As French Provost Marshal,

it is your duty to
execute this man as a spy.

- Well, spy or no spy, I
will not execute any man

without a legal trial.

- All right.
(tense music)

Then I shall execute 20
of the French hostages.

- You see my position.

- You will have your firing
squad ready in an hour.

This is the paper I found on Spy Smasher.

- The Fuhrer's new order to The Mask.

If this fell into the hands
of the American authorities,

our plan to flood the United States

with counterfeit money would be ruined.

Perhaps this Spy Smasher has
already warned the Americans

about The Mask.

- That is possible so
I'm leaving immediately

after the execution to report the danger

to The Mask himself.

(tense drumming music)

- [Pierre] Firing squad, load.

(rifles clicking)


(rifles firing)

(dramatic music)

Ready your fire.

Forward, march.

(somber music)

We must hurry, my friend,
you are in great danger.

- I realize that.

Some of your men shot so close to me

I thought I was hit.

- If I had issued blank ammunition,

Lazar would have noticed

that no bullets hit the wall.

Lazar is smart.

- Did you arrange for
my passage to America?

- Yes. You will be smuggled
into Lisbon and then you can...

(plane engine rumbling)

(train chugging)

(train whistle blaring)

(somber music)

- Porter, what time do we
get the Lakeside Junction?

- Lakeside Junction? 9:47
tomorrow morning, sir.

(suspenseful music)

- I beg your pardon.

Have you got a match?

- Certainly.

- Spy Smasher!

(dramatic music)

(men grunting)

(window shattering)

(train rumbling)

- (sighs) Mighty grateful.

- That's all right, Jack.

- You, you know me?

- I ought to.

I'm your twin brother.

(train whistle tooting)

- Alan.

I thought you were killed
in that plane crash

in France a year ago.

- So did everyone

even the news service I reported for.

That's why I became Spy Smasher

so I could fight the
Nazis on their own ground.

Now it's time was trying
to fight them here

in the United States.

- Well, that man mistook me for you.

Were you trailing him?

- Yeah, he was head of
the Gestapo in Paris.

- Well, what was he doing here?

- I don't know.

Do you know anything about him?

- Oh, I never saw him before he came in

and asked the porter what time we arrive

at Lakeside Junction.

- There's nothing of
any military importance

at Lakeside Junction is there?

- No, only that's where I'm
going to visit my fiance.

- (chuckles) Oh, so you're engaged now.

- Yeah, she's a swell girl, Alan.

She's the daughter of Admiral Corby.

- Who is Admiral Corby?

- Oh, he's a retired naval officer

that was recently appointed

Commissioner of the Naval Intelligence.

- If Lazar were going there,

it could only mean trouble.

We've got to warn Corby
at the next station.

- We can't do that.

He and Eve are driving
down from Washington.

Why, I have no idea where
they'll spend the night.

- Is there an airport at the next stop?

- Yes, yes, there is.

- Well, grab your luggage.

We're gonna charter a plane there

and fly to the Corby estate.

(gentle music)

(engine rumbling)

- Oh, someone just came into the drive.

Were you expecting someone, Dad?

- Why, no, dear.

- Oh, will you see

who it is, David?
(tense music)

- Let me do the talking.

(plane engine rumbling)

- Something's wrong down there.

- Take the stick. I'm gonna bail out.

- I wonder what on earth
can be keeping David.

- I don't know but we'll find out.

(suspenseful music)

- I can tell you what's keeping him.

- What's the meaning of this?

- Just a minute.

Open that safe.

- I'll do nothing of the sort.

- Nice going, Dad.

- Shall I work him over?

(tense music)

- No, not him.

- I'll open it.

(suspenseful music)

(dramatic music)

(gun firing)

- Something's wrong out
there. See what it is.

- Spy Smasher!

- Oh!

(guns firing)

- Come on!

- Oh, Jack, Jack. Am I glad to see you.

Dad's been hurt.

- Are you all right, Admiral Corby?

- Ah, Jack. We didn't
expect you back for hours.

- Oh, well, I came down by plane

and took a taxi from the airport.

Just as I was arriving, I saw
what appeared to be a holdup.

One of the men dropped this.

- My papers.

- Something they stole from you, Admiral?

- Yes, the new mine chart of Shark Bay.

For your own protection and Eve's,

I think I'd better swear
you in as an operative

in my department.

- Now, if could you
loan me one of you cars,

I'd like to go to my apartment and dress.

- Why, certainly.

- Alan!

What was it all about?

- Just a little visit
from The Mask's agents.

He almost succeeded in getting
the mine charts of Shark Bay.

- Shark Bay isn't particularly important.

What would he want with that mine chart?

- The Mask is trying to
flood the United States

with counterfeit money

and Shark Bay is an ideal
spot to smuggle it ashore.

- Do you think he'll attempt it again?

- I don't know.

It's unlikely.

Unless the upset at Corby's came too late

for him to change his plans.

We can't take any chances.

We've got to be in Shark Bay tonight.

Come on.

(suspenseful music)

- Fire the buoys.

- Forward torpedo room, report!

- Forward torpedo room,
all tubes ready, sir.

- Number one tube ready.


Number two tube ready.

(dramatic music)


- There they are now.

(boat sputtering)

(tense music)

- I've got this one.

There's another one behind us.

(suspenseful music)

- Here. That's the third
buoy they've picked up.

- It's high time we got better acquainted.

(boat engine rumbling)
(dramatic music)

- Hey, Lawlor, that
boat's heading this way.

- We can't get caught out
here with this stuff onboard.

Sink that other buoy.

(gun firing)

(boat rumbling)

- We can cut 'em off.

- I want that buoy they missed.

- I've got it.

- Good.

- Stop them.

(gun firing)

(guns firing)

(dramatic music)

(gun firing)

Get in the back.

(guns firing)

(dramatic music continues)

Use that net.

(guns firing)

(boat engines rumbling)

(tense music)

(guns firing)

(engine rumbling)

- That stopped 'em.

(somber music)

- They're turning into
the old cannery wharf.

(light suspenseful music)

- What happened?

- It's an old rum runner's trick.

This fishnet's fouled our propeller.

It's a wonder it didn't
take the bottom out.

- I'll cut it loose.

(suspenseful music)

- Got it all right?

- Yeah, we got it all right.

Got shot up too.

We lost Walker.

- Oh, that's too bad.

They didn't follow you, did they?

- No.

No, we lost 'em.

(tense music)

- [Drake] Come on, let's get
these buoys in the truck.

(suspenseful music)

- Okay, we're in.

- All right, boys, open her up.

(tense music)

- Go ahead, you two.
I'll hand down the boys.

(metal clanging)

(suspenseful music)

(buoy clattering)

Now, this is the way The Mask
wants the money split up.

You handle it.

I'll talk to him from the truck

and see if he has any further orders.

- Right.

(light suspenseful music)

- The same man who smuggled that buoy,

buys his cigars at the Acme Cafe.

- Say, that is a clue.

- Now we've got two clues,

this and that buoy.

- Let's open it up.

- Wait a minute, Jack.

I think I'd rather have
Admiral Corby do that.

You better take it to him.

Then get some dry clothes on

and meet me at the Acme Cafe.

(people chattering)

(suspenseful music)

- Yes, sir?
- I'll have

a roast beef sandwich and
a cup of coffee please.

- Yes, sir.

(somber music)

(people chattering)

- Let me have some of those Perfectos.

(tense music)

- How's everything downstairs?

- Couldn't be better.

We brought enough of that stuff in

to buy all the tea in China.

I better get going.

(cash register clanging)

(suspenseful music)

(light knocking)

- While I wrap these bundles,

put a case of those
grenades in the hand car.

Drake wants 'em delivered
to the warehouse.

- Right.

(coin clinking)

(phone ringing)

- Admiral Corby speaking.

Spy Smasher.

424 West Street.

I'll bring a raiding squad immediately.

(tense music)

(suspenseful music)

(somber music)

- Got change for a five?

(suspenseful music)

- Spy Smasher.

- That's right.

Now, get over there.
(tense music)

(gun firing)
(dramatic music)

- You're all under arrest.

(tray clattering)

- It's a raid.

- What are you after?

- One of these hand grenades.

- Forget it.

We'll close the steel
door and turn on the oil

at the other end.

Come on.

(dramatic music continues)

Wait a minute.

That'll stop him.

And this'll blow the tank and
fill the tunnel with flame.

(electricity popping)

(explosion booming)

(explosion booming)

(fire crackling)
(tense music)

(suspenseful music)

(tense music)

- They've escaped through the conduit

and blow it up after them.

(suspenseful music)

(somber music)

- Looks like you have everything
under control, Admiral.

- Just about.

- Say, they left a lot of this
stuff behind, didn't they?

- I think we've made quite a haul, Jack.

(somber music)

- If they had succeeded

in flooding the country
with this, they'd have-

(door clattering)

- Hello, Admiral? Hi, Jack.

- Johnny on the spot as usual, eh, Drake?

- Set right up here, Steve.

Yes, Trans-Ocean Television never sleeps.

What's all this?

- We're not quite ready
for you yet, Drake.

- Oh.

- Oh, don't worry now.
You'll get your story.

- All right. I understand.

We'll wait outside.

Steve, help me move this out of the way.

- [Steve] Okay.

- Will it be all right to
leave the camera here, Admiral?

- [Admiral Corby] Oh, of course.

(tense music)

- Come on, Steve.

- Anything wrong?

- They chased us out until
the investigation's over.

But I fooled 'em.

Might as well let The Mask get

his information firsthand.
(machine whirring)

Drake calling M1.

Drake calling M1.

I've made contact with Corby

so that you can see for
yourself what they discover.

- I'll tune him in immediately.

You stand by.

- You know, now we've got to find out

where this money is being made

if we can ever stop it
coming into this country.

- There's something on these papers.




- Martinidad.

Why, that's an island
just off our coast here.

- That's a French procession,
under German domination.

Our agents can't operate
in foreign countries.

All we can do is to register a complaint

with the Vichy government

and hope they'll do something about it.

Gather up this evidence and take it

to my office.
(buzzer buzzing)

We better not give this information-

- The Mask is signaling us.

We're tuned in, go ahead.

- We will have to suspend
operations in Martinidad

and remove our equipment to America.

- Shall I handle it from this end?

- No, my agents in
Martinidad will do that.

- Yes, sir.

(tense music)

- I was beginning getting
to worry about you, Alan.

- I've been busy.

After hearing Admiral Corby admit

that he couldn't send
any agents to Martinidad,

I made some arrangements by cable.

- You have connections down there?

- Pierre Durand who
saved me from the Gestapo

is working there with the Free French.

I'm gonna meet him there tomorrow.

- But you can't.

- Oh yes I can.

Remember that I am not an
official agent of our government.

The Admiral is.

There's nothing to keep me from going.

- [Jack] I guess you're right.

When are you leaving?

- Immediately.

I wanna land there as soon
after daylight as possible.

(dramatic music)

Governor LeConte, what we
have to say is private.

- Wait on guard in the hall.

- My name is Pierre Durand.

I am a French patriot.

- And you?

- My friend prefers to be
known only as Spy Smasher.

- Spy Smasher?

What brought you here?

- I've traced the source of
counterfeit American money

to this island.

- Yes, Governor, counterfeit
money manufactured

under the direction of the notorious Mask.

- Gentlemen, this is incredible.

Do you realize how serious your charge is?

- We are even prepared to prove

that some of your troops
under Colonel LaBalle

are working with The Mask.

- LaBalle?

(dramatic music)
(floor clattering)

(tense music)

(buzzer buzzing)

Excellency, I have to report
a most fortunate occurrence.

- Let's check these walls to see

if there's any chance of getting out.

- Yes.

- All the engraving
machinery and other evidence

will be removed from
the island to clear you

in case of any investigation.

You may attend to the
disposal of Spy Smasher.

- Yes, Your Excellency.

I shall act immediately.

(tense music)

(door clacking)

Sorry to have kept you waiting, gentlemen.

I've delayed the privilege of removing

the greatest enemy of
our cause, Spy Smasher.

Here there is no escape.

(dramatic music)
(guns firing)

(Governor grunting)


- Now maybe you'll talk
(tense music)

or we'll remove an enemy to our cause.

Where does The Mask make the counterfeit?

(Governor grunts)

- Remember your own words.

From here there is no escape.

- They're using an old warehouse

near the Napoleon Bridge.

- Know where that is?

- Yes, we can reach it in 10 minutes.

- Good. Keep him covered.

(tense music)

(whip cracking)

(tense music)

That truck.

There must be someone in there.

- I think so.

- [Alan] Come on.

(tense music)

(buzzer buzzing)

- Somebody's broken the contact.

It's Spy Smasher.

(dramatic music)

(guns firing)

- They can hold us off all day.

- Take this, Pierre, and keep
their attention diverted.

I've got a plan that might
get them out of there.

- [Pierre] All right.

(guns firing)

All right, let's go.

(guns firing)

(explosion booming)

- We can't hold out any longer.

The fire reaches that powder
we'll be blown to pieces.

We can't let them get all
this stuff for evidence.

- Hold 'em off for me.

- Right!

(guns firing)

- All right.

- Throw your guns out.

Come out with your hands high.

Right there.

Take 'em back to the truck.

I wanna see if I can save some evidence.

- Come on.

(dramatic music continues)

(explosion booming)

Oh no you don't.

- Destroying those presses
(tense music)

saved me a job.

But you seem to have been in a hurry.

Where were we gonna taking that stuff?

Talk and talk fast.

All right, Pierre,

let 'em have it.

- No, no, wait.

We were taking 'em to a
submarine at Royal Cove.

- That's all I wanted to know.

(somber music)

(buzzer buzzing)
(somber music)

- Your Excellency, something
terrible has happened.

(tense music)

- Put 'em up!

We're taking this over.

You men are taking instructions from me.

Is that clear?

- Yes, sir.

- Where's The Mask?

- [The Mask] You will inform me later.

- Yes, Your Excellency.
(machine whirring)

- [The Mask] All right,
Captain, we have to-

- Right where I want you.

Don't move.

I'm interested in what's behind that mask.

Take it off, Durand.

(gun firing)
(dramatic music)

Never mind, Durand.
(suspenseful music)

He'll keep in there.

Prepare to submerge.

We're heading for the United States.

- Back to your stations.

Ready to submerge.

(engine humming)

(gun firing)
(dramatic music)

- Stand back.
(tense music)

- Be careful.

Back to your stations.

They're now in this, Excellency.

They're trapped in the
forward torpedo room.

- They won't escape this time.

(tense music)

Open the sea valves and
flood the torpedo room.

- Yes, Excellency.

Open the sea valves.

(dramatic music)

(dramatic music continues)

(dramatic music)

- If we only knew where that plane was.

- Maybe it crashed.

- If it did, we'll pick up
the news on the short wave.

- Any word from Jack yet.

- Not yet.
(tense music)

I wonder if anything could
have really gone wrong.

- [Jack] Operative 19
calling Admiral Corby.

Operative 19.

- All right, Jack, come
in. What's happened?

- [Jack] We were forced
down on Lookout Mountain

in a canyon near the peak.

The Collins bombsight is undamaged

and I'm all right.

- Good. I'll send a plane out for you.

- [Jack] No plane could
possibly land here.

You'll have to pack in
by trail from Greenville.

It'll take two or three days.

- Come on. We can be there in
three hours in the bat plane.

- [Admiral Corby] I'll
start a searching party

for you immediately.

(gentle music)

- I sure hope this works.

(plane rustling)

(tense music)

It worked.

They're coming to get the bombsight.

- [Lawlor] Drop those guns.

- [Jack] How did you get here?

- Parachute.

We got a smart boss.

He thought it might be a trap

so we bailed out her on the
shoulder of the mountain.

We'll signal how's it's
okay to set her down.

Get moving.

- All right, set the gyro
stabilizer on descent.

(plane whirring)

(somber music)

(lighthearted music)

- This is better than I expected.

We get the bombsight and Spy Smasher too.

- [Drake] Fritz will
be over the bombsight.

Check and make sure it's in that box

and take it to our plane.

(explosion booming)

(gun firing)

(dramatic music)

(man screaming)

- Start it, Fritz.

(dramatic music continues)

(explosion booming)

(tense music)

- Nice going, Alan.

That accounts for the whole
gang and that bat plane.

(explosion booming)

- Never use that one again.

- We better get back to our plane

and radio the news to Admiral Corby.

(tense music)

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- Hello, Alan? This is Jack.

Another flight of bombers cracked up

in the White Mountains today.

No, no, not one clue.

Every plane was completely demolished.

The mystery has Admiral Corby frantic.

(tense music)

It's become so serious, he's determined

to cancel the flight scheduled
for 10 in the morning.

- You've got to persuade
him not to cancel it.

Something is happening to
those planes in the air

and it's up to us to find out what it is.

Ask him to instruct the
flight command to trail us.

We'll start ahead in your plane

and if anything happen...

(plane rumbling)
(tense music)

Those are the mountains just ahead.

Check out the bombers.

- They're still quite a ways behind us.

(tense music)

(machine whirring)

- What is it, Excellency?

- Spy Smasher took off
shortly before 10:00.

I am certain he intends
to scout the mountains

ahead of the marked bombers.

Order your men to be on the
lookout for a patent plane.

- At once, Excellency.

(machine whirring)

(tense music)

(phone ringing)

- Oh yes, Lawlor.

I've got it.

Sure right away.

Get that power turned on.

There's that cabin job. Get ready.

(plane rumbling)

(machine whirring)
(dramatic music)

- Our motor's been hit!

(plane sputtering)

Warn the bombers to turn back hurry.

- Calling bomber flight
three, bomber flight three.

(planes rumbling)

- Squadron leader flight three.

Come in please.

- You're running into
trouble over White Mountains.

Turn back.
- Thanks.

Flight three, flight three.

All ships return to airport at once.

(dramatic music)

- That plane must've warned the bombers.

They turned back.

We've gotta start moving
this equipment out of here.

I'll contact The Mask
for further instructions.

(dramatic music continues)

- It's the distributor.

- That wasn't a bullet.

It's melted as though
by an electric torch.

(tense music)

- Electric ray would be a better guess.

I've heard rumors about a new ray gun,

powerful enough to knock out
plane motors at short ranges.

Such a machine would have to use a source

of strong electric power.

- There's a new power
station in Bentonville.

Perhaps we can check there
for new installations.

- I'll take care of that.

You get to Corby, advise him

to send all future fights
over a different route.

- All right.

- [Lawlor] L2 calling J5, come in J5.

L2 calling J5. L2 calling J5.

Come in J5.

- This is J5, come in, L2, this is J5.

- Spy Smasher is heading for the tower.

He may get there before the
bomber flight goes through.

Take care of them.

Those planes must be destroyed.

- Don't worry, Lawlor, we'll be ready.

Take that rifle and keep your eyes open.

I'll put the ray gun together.

(tense music)

(planes rumbling)

- Flight four, flight four.

Entering upper pass. Close formation.

(tense music)

(rifle firing)

(dramatic music)

(guns firing)

(tense music)

(guns firing)

(ray gun whirring)

(planes rumbling)

(planes rumbling)

(dramatic music)

(planes rumbling)

(dramatic music continues)

(planes rumbling)

Flight four, flight four, mountains ahead.

Close in.

(dramatic music continues)

(explosion booming)

(somber music)

- Corby's office thinks this
gold shipment is a secret.

But Berlin has known about it

ever since it left Moscow.

Our job is to get it

and see that it is used for
the good of the fatherland.

You understand the plan I have outlined?

- Yes, sir.

There won't be any slip up.

- Good. Start at once.
(tense music)

- All right, you boys
bail out at the underpass.

I'll meet you at Big Rock Canyon later.

- All right.

(tires screeching)

(suspenseful music)

(canister hissing)

(men coughing)

- Something's wrong.

Better pull over to the curb.

(dramatic music)

(gun firing)

(gun firing)

(gun firing)

(gun firing)

- He ran into the tunnel.

- We'll have to stop him
before he gets to a telephone.

Come on.

(dramatic music continues)

(guns firing)

(gun firing)

(gun firing)

(gun firing)

(gun firing)

(gun clicking)

(dynamic chase music)
(gun firing)

(guns firing)

- Now we got him where we want him.

Go around to the other side.

(dramatic music)

(gun firing)

(gun firing)

(gun firing)

(gun firing)

(guns firing)

That'll hold him for awhile.

Come on, let's get that
gold off of the road.

(dramatic music continues)

(gun firing)

There it is just ahead.

(tires screeching)

(somber music)

(motorcycle rumbling)

(tires screeching)

- Jack, what happened?

- They hijacked our
truck. Didn't you see it?

- Why, no. Where'd they go?

- The same way you came
just a few minutes ago.

They probably turned off somewhere.

- I don't see how they could.

There's no crossroad for 10 miles back.

- They must've found one somewhere.

I punctured the gas tank.

Maybe we can trail it by that.

- Right?

- Get to a telephone.

(tense music)

(tires screeching)

(tires screeching)

Looks like they turned off

and went straight through that billboard.

- Yeah, maybe you're right.

Let's take a look.

- This is it all right.

A common flies road.

(tense music)

- That's all of 'em.

- Good. We'll go on ahead

and you can...
(motorcycle rumbling)

What's that?

- Sounds like a motorcycle coming.

- Hold 'em off while
we get this truck away.

(tense music)

(brakes screeching)

(gun firing)

(dramatic music)

(guns firing)

- Truck's got a good start by now.

- We'll take the Old Valley Road

and decoy them away.

(dramatic music)

(gun firing)

- They must've transferred
the gold to that car.

- See which way they go.

(tires screeching)

(dramatic music continues)

(tires screeching)

(tires screeching)

- Guess we lost 'em.

(tires screeching)

- I'm all right. After them.

(dramatic music continues)

(gun firing)

(explosions booming)

- Where did you come from?

- I had to walk over from the highway.

We had trouble with the gold stick up.

- What happened?

- Spy Smasher got on our trail

and I had to keep him away from the truck.

Now I gotta check up with Lawlor.

Can you take me to the plant?

- Sure, hop in.

(tense music)

(motorcycle rumbling)

(tires screeching)

- Did they get away?

- One of them did.

He got into a truck on that low road.

Let me drive.

(tense music)

(tense music)

(motorcycle rumbling)

(somber music)

- Some plant.

Do you suppose the man
you're after works here?

- He might. He seemed to
know that truck driver.

At least we better look the place over.

(suspenseful music)

There's the gold.

They're cutting it up.

- How's it working?

- Swell.


There's the gold in the last place

anybody would ever look for it.

- That's a swell system.

When do we ship?

- Soon as we get finished
pressing these bricks.

The ship will clear the
minute we get this on board.

- They're making gold brick.

- Well, that doesn't make sense.

- Maybe it does.

The Mask can't use that gold in America

but if he cuts it up

and sends it to foreign countries,

he could buy munitions.

- That must be the idea.

There are too many men in
there for us to handle.

We better got help from Admiral Corby.

- I'll ride over to Spring
Valley and phone him.

In the meantime, you keep an eye on 'em

and don't let 'em move that gold.

- Right.

(tense music)

(dramatic music)

(tires screeching)

- I'm afraid that wasn't
much of a broadcast, Drake,

but it's all the news
I can make public now.

- Well, that's okay, Admiral Corby.

(phone ringing)

- Pardon me.

- Of course.

- Yes, what is it?

Just a moment, please.

I'll have to ask you to step
outside, Drake, for a moment.

This is a confidential message.

- Certainly. Come on, Steve.

- All right, Spy Smasher, go ahead.

(tense music)

- Switch on the power.

- Okay.

(machine whirring)

- Calling M1. Drake calling M1.

- [The Mask] Come in, Drake.

- Admiral Corby is getting
an important message

and I left the television
camera turned on him.

If you tune in your special wave,

you can pick up what he says.

- [The Mask] Good, I'll get him.

- [Admiral Corby] All right,
I'll be there immediately.

- Was that Spy Smasher? Where is he?

- He's phoning from a
Spring Valley station.

He's found the stolen gold

hidden in the Everdur pottery plant.

I'm going to raid that place immediately.

Jack's going to hold them
there until I arrive.

(machine whirring)

(phone ringing)

- Hello? Yes?

- Spy Smasher knows you
have the gold out there.

- What?
(tense music)

Well, where is he now?

- He just phoned Corby from Spring Valley

and one of Corby's men
is hiding at the plant.

- Don't worry. We'll get both of them

and we'll get that gold brick out of here

before Corby arrives.


- What's wrong?

- Head for Spring Valley.

You'll meet Spy Smasher along the road.

Get him any way you can.

- Right.

- You two find Corby's man.

Back the truck up to the main entrance.

We've gotta get that gold out of here

as quick as possible.

(suspenseful music)

(tires screeching)

(dramatic music)

(gun firing)

(guns firing)

(tires screeching)

(suspenseful music)

(bricks clattering)

(guns firing)
(dramatic music)

- Keep loading that
gold. You come with me.

(guns firing)

(dramatic music continues)

(guns firing)

(motorcycle rumbling)

(guns firing)

(tires screeching)

(guns firing)

- Make it all right?

- Yes, gimme some shells.

If we can just hold them
off a few minutes more,

Admiral Corby will be here with help.

- Hope he's not too late.

They're loading that gold on the truck

and almost ready to take off.

- Let's keep 'em busy there a minute.

(guns firing)
(dramatic music)

- Don't let 'em get to the truck.

(guns firing)

(guns firing)

(guns firing)

(guns firing)

(dramatic music continues)

(guns firing)

(somber music)

- Nice work, Jack.

- Thanks, Admiral.

There's your gold.

- Guard this. Let's search the plant.

- [Jack] All right.

(tense music)

- While we have succeeded in capturing

a number of the foreign agents

and prevented the stolen gold

from being smuggled out of that country,

the ringleader still remains at large.

Therefore I ask all
citizens to be on the alert

for indications of the
subversive activities

I have described.

Thank you.

- You can relax now,
Admiral, we're off the air.

Very nice broadcast.

- Smoke, Drake?

- Don't mind if I do.

- Sorry to have kept you waiting, Conan.

- That's perfectly all right.

- Have any luck breaking
down the code book?

- No, this is one of the
tightest foreign codes

I've ever run up against.

Where did you get it?

- [Admiral Corby] We found
it on one of The Mask's men

when we raided the pottery plant.

- Frank Berry in Washington
is the only man I know

who can break it down.

- [Admiral Corby] Well, I'll get it to him

on the next plane.

- [Drake] Good evening, Miss Corby.

- Good evening.

- Get Jack on the phone will you, Eve?

- Guess I'll be running along, Admiral.

- If you'll wait a minute,
I'll go down with you.

- Fine.

- Oh, the line's busy, Dad.

- Write a memorandum to Berry

and tell him how important it
is that we get prompt action

on the code.

- What do you want me to tell Jack?

- Tell him it'll be necessary

for him to take the 9:45
plane for Washington.

- 9:45 plane for Washington?

I'll make it.

I'll pick up the code book
on the way to the airport.

- Oh then we'll have
time for a bite to eat

before you take off.

All right, I'll wait here for you.

- Fine, Eve. Goodbye.

(typewriter clacking)

(suspenseful music)

- [Drake] Don't move

and keep your hands away
from that telephone.

I'll take that code book, Miss Corby.

- You won't get away with this, Mr. Drake.

You see, I recognize your voice.

- That's unfortunate for you.

It means you'll have to come with me.

(notebook clattering)
Get back.

Come on.

I warn you not to make the
slightest sound as we leave.

We're taking her along. Let's get rolling.

Come on.

(tense music)

(car rumbling)

(tense music)

- Eve.

Hello, Eve.


(tense music)





(tense music)

(somber music)

- [Eve] How much longer do
you expect to keep me here?

(tense music)

- That's hard to say.

Come in here. I wanna talk to you.

- Hey, you forgetting
about that phone in there?

- No, I haven't forgotten about it.

(suspenseful music)

- Hello?


It's Eve. Pick up the extension.

Where are you?

- I don't know, they blindfolded me

when they brought me here.



- I'll do the rest of the talking.

Get back in that other room and watch her.


You heard the girl's
voice, you know she's here.

- Why, why, yes.

A trade?
(tense music)

What kind of a trade?

- Spy Smasher for Eve Corby.

- I don't understand.

- We want Spy Smasher, you want Eve Corby.

If Spy Smasher is here by midnight,

we release the girl.

- How do I know you'll keep your word?

- You'll have to take my word for that.

And remember, if you try to
notify the police or set a trap,

it'll be too bad for Eve
Corby, you understand?

- Perfectly.

He'll come alone.

What's the address?

721 South Street at midnight?

(phone clicking)

- Alan, I'm going there.

- This is my job.

They want Spy Smasher.

They'll get him,

but not in the way they expect.

Don't worry, Jack.

(suspenseful music)

(tense music)

Admiral Corby?

This is Spy Smasher.

Eve is at 721 South Street.

She's being held by Drake.

- Drake.

- He's an agent of The Mask.

I tried to surrender
myself for her release

but Jack knocked me out

and left to keep my midnight appointment.

- I'll raid the place immediately.

(tense music)

(suspenseful music)

- Where do you think you're...

(dramatic music)

- Quick, out the fire escape.

- No!

- Stand back.

(gun firing)

(guns firing)

(gun firing)

(gun firing)

(guns firing)

(gun firing)

(guns firing)

(guns firing)

(Eve screams)

(dramatic music continues)

- That finishes Spy Smasher

but we've gotta stop that girl.

- Hold it!

Drop that gun.

Now get going.

(guns firing)

(somber music)

- Oh, Jack, Jack.

Jack, you did this for me.

Why didn't you tell me
you were Spy Smasher?

- I, I'm not Spy Smasher, Eve.

My brother Alan is.

- [Admiral Corby] You know,
Alan, the perfect resemblance

between you and Jack amazes me.

- Then you know we were identical twins?

- If I hadn't figured that out,

I'd be mighty poor intelligence chief.

- Well, no one can say
that about you, sir.

- I'm not so sure.

The Mask received a great deal

of my confidential information

because Drake took
advantage of free access

to my office.

- Well, that very fact
will lead us to The Mask.

- I'm afraid I don't understand.

- I have a plan that will
force Drake to show his hand.

(gentle orchestral music)

- What can I do for you, sir?

- I'm Gerald Douglas, attorney.

I've been retained as Mr. Drake's counsel.

May I see him?

- Guard.

- Yes, sir.

- This is Drake's mouthpiece. Take him in.

- Well, there he is.

I hope you can get him to talk.

I know we can't.

In fact, I never saw a prisoner-

- That's all, guard.

(tense music)

The Mask wants you to
report to him immediately.

Stay here until the cell
block door is unlocked.

If you let out a peep I'll blast you.

Go on.

(tense music)

Stay where you are.

All right, Drake.

Out that door, there's a
car in the alley. Hurry.

(dramatic music)

(gun firing)

- What an actor you'd make, Joe.

- Well, I did my best.

The rest of it's up to Spy Smasher.

(tense music)

- No word from Drake?
(light tense music)

- No, sir.

- If he doesn't report within an hour,

I will assume his previous
information was correct

and attack the munitions terminal.

- Yes, Excellency.

We shall destroy the entire terminal.

- If possible.

But our particular target

is a million gallons of fuel oil

for Britain and and a line of tank boats

tied at the pier.

- It will be a colossal
victory for the fatherland.

We shall destroy the English oil

and terrorize the Americans.

- Exactly.

I shall wait another 45 minutes

and then we proceed without a report.

(light suspenseful music)

(suspenseful music)

(machine whirring)

- Drake calling M1.

This is urgent. Come in, M1.

But, Excellency, I saw
this man Douglas shot.

- [The Mask] That must
have been part of the plan.

I tell you, I didn't even
know you had been arrested.

I came back for you now, Drake.

We are proceeding at once
to destroy the oil stored

at the munitions terminal.

Wait where you are.

When we have completed the destruction

of the munitions terminal,

then we will pick you up and...

Drake, behind you!

(gun firing)
(dramatic music)

- Spy Smasher caught Drake
talking over our (indistinct).

If he triangulates that beam,
he can locate our position.

We must strike our objective at once!

- Code five!

(whistle screeching)

Rush dive!

(dramatic music)

- We should be inside the minefield now.

- We are, Your Excellency.

I can fire at the munitions terminal here.

(dramatic music)

- Everything depends upon
you now Herr Captain.

I'll stand by on the radio.

(dramatic music)

(dramatic music continues)

- Forward torpedo room, report.

- All tubes ready, sir.

- Rig the automatic firing device.

- Set all tubes on
automatic firing device.

(tense music)

- Number one tube, ready.


(air hissing)

(explosions booming)
(dramatic music)

Number two tube, ready.


(air hissing)

(explosions booming)

(dramatic music)

- Your Excellency, look.

(tense music)

- Splendid!

Reverse your engines.
Come in for another pass.

- Reverse engines.

(dramatic music)

Stop engines!

Don't imagine, give out.

(dramatic music)

I can't see through it.
We have been rammed.

- We can't steer this minefield blind.

- Blow your ballast tanks.

- [Crew] Full ballast, full ballast.

(dramatic music)

- We are on the surface.

Open the conning tower.

It's not better on the
surface to been for hours.

The heat will explode our torpedoes.

- Submerge immediately.

- But those mines, those mines.

We can't see blind.

- We have no other choice. Submerge!

- Crash dive.

(dramatic music)
(fire roaring)

(explosion booming)

(tense music)

- By a special act of
Congress of the United States,

I have the honor

to confer upon you
(gentle orchestral music)

your country's highest award for valor.

Because of your
achievements as Spy Smasher,

the United States defense
effort will no longer suffer

on the activities of The
Mask and his saboteur.

- Thank you, Admiral Corby.

I only wish that Jack were
here to know we did succeed.

- He must know it, Alan. I'm sure of that.

- I'm glad you feel that way, Eve.

We both loved Jack.

(dramatic music)

(dynamic orchestral music)

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