Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World (2011) - full transcript

A retired spy is called back into action, and to bond with her new step-children, she invites them along for the adventure to stop the evil Timekeeper from taking over the world.

Agent Cortez? This is Danger D'Amo.

Give me a status update.

Visual ID has been made.

The subject has entered
the location right on time.

be on the alert.

Subject known as Tick Tock has the
stolen OSS mini disc.

Alpha and Bravo teams,
move in to apprehend the target.


He's got time bombs!

Be careful what you wish for!

Tick Tock has the stolen
OSS mini disc and is on the move.

Sorry I can't hang around.

On-site arrival in four minutes.

We don't have four minutes!
I'll get him faster with the zip line.

If I don't catch him now, who knows
how many people he'll freeze?

You're pregnant.

Yeah, well, they say you can exercise
up until the last day of pregnancy,

so, here we go.

- Contraction!

You're about to become a mom.

All the more reason
to get the job done now.

We can't let Tick Took escape again.

- Breathe.

- Try not to hit that bus.

- Mute road noise.

- Call Wilbur.
- Calling husband.

Oh, there she is. How's my girl?

You just leaving work?

Yeah, just tying up a few things.

Nine months pregnant
and still working around the clock.

You've got to be the most dedicated
interior decorator that ever lived.

What can I say? I love my work.

- Ooh!

Here's what I really called about.

Guess who decided
to pay us an early visit?

Is this it?

I'm on my way to the hospital.
Meet me there?

Right. Hospital. Don't panic.
I'm here for you.

- All you have to do...

...is breathe easy and breathe often...

I love you so... much.

Keep breathing.

- You're gonna be just fine.
- Yep. Gotcha. See you there.

Wait for backup!

Contractions are only

OK, Tick Tock. Hand over the mini disc.

- Ah, man.

Don't underestimate her.

- I think my water just broke.

I hope that was my water.

Clean her clock.

Cut me some slack,
I'm having a contraction.

- Congratulations...

I look forward to doing this again.

Swell work, Agent Cortez.

Aces. I knew you had it in you.

If this got into the wrong hands,

our world would've
stopped in its tracks.

Looks like an old OSS file.

the ultimate weapon.

This baby not only takes out
your enemy, it takes out everyone.

No one ever notices time
until it's gone.

This was our agreement.

One last mission and I'm out for good.

You're really gonna take a powder
on us? Leave us high and dry?

No more dangling from zip lines
or high-speed chases.

My family needs me now.

And they can never know I was a spy.

I respect that, agent. But a word
of advice: tell 'em who you are.

Life's too short for secrets.

Push out a good one, a nice little
fire-breather for us, all right?

The future of the OSS depends on it.

Let's not stand around
bumping gums, people.

I wanna figure out what
makes Tick Tock tick.


Hey, kids. I got a new idea
for a reality show.

It's called
Wilbur Wilson: Spy Hunter

where I hunt real spies on TV.

- What do you think?
- Uh, it's pretty out there, Dad.

- Got you.

One point for me. Yeah, I mean,
where are you gonna find a spy?

- Hi! Honey!
- Hey, sweetheart!

Hey, you look great.

You owe me a dollar.

Told you we would get here before her.

I said take it slow, but that was
a night shy of eternity

and a morning past forever.

Stepmother is always
late for everything.

Technically I'm early, 'cause the baby
wasn't even due until tomorrow.

Ease up.

What took so long?

Uh, just must have lost track of time.

- Here we go! Oh!

Jeez! Guys, guys, guys, guys.

From this point on,
everything'll be different.

In a good way, right?

Yeah. And you'll have
a new baby sister

- in five, four, three, two...

I put my life on the line

every time I search for...

...the spies among us.


I'm Wilbur Wilson...

...Spy Hunter.

Mondays after your local news.

Last piece of bacon.

Is the baby throwing food again?

- I would say so.

Can you watch her, please?

I have to go change again.


- Ah! Seriously?

Her gas bombs are gonna
take the paint right off this house.

- You watch her.
- No. You.

- Breath-holding contest?
- You're on.

One point for me.

- Good morning, little Spy Hunters.

Do you have time
to eat breakfast with us?

- I sure do.
- Yes!

No, I don't.

I swear I had an extra five minutes...

...just a few minutes ago.

- Where'd the time go?

You owe me a dollar.

Do you remember our five-year plan?

If my show does well,

then I'll have all
the time in the world

to spend with you and you, OK?

Meanwhile, time is just slipping away.

- Morning, honey.
- Oh, bye, honey.

- I gotta get to work.
- Oh, um, OK.

- Uh, good-bye hug?
- Oh, yeah.


- Bye.
- Bye.

- Rebecca, behave at school. OK?
- I know.

And, Cecil, uh...

...feed the dog.

He doesn't really eat.

He just watches us.

Here, Argonaut.

It's kind of creepy.

Time is speeding up.

You're not cranking my chain, are you?
This is on the up and up?

- Good night?

What are you talking about, doll face?
You just got back from lunch.

- But it's five o'clock, sir.
- Five o'clock?

We're running out of time.

and jelly sandwich in your face

and then he stole your homework?

Technically, it was his homework.
I was just doing it for him.

And what about you, Miss Rebecca?
How was your day?

Same old, same old.

- So I heard.

The principal called me
about your pranks.

- Hey, kids!
- Dad! Come, sit by me!

Sorry, kids, but I have to go write up
this report before I can do anything.

Save me some leftovers.

Hey, Dad? Can you teach me
how to be a Spy Hunter?

Well, there's always time for that.

OK. Repeat after me:

"I'm Cecil Wilson, Spy Hunter,

and I'll catch you... later."

I'm Cecil Wilson, Spy Hunter,

and I'll catch you... later!

Here's the important part.

Lift the eyebrow.

Respect the golden arch.

That's my secret.

How many spies have you caught?

Um... Well, none.

Um... But that's not really
what the show's about.

So you're not
a spy-catching superhero?


How's my girl?

She made two poopies today.

Two poopies?
She's six away from the house record.

- Oh!

I lost my appetite.

I'll go talk to her.

What am I doing wrong?

I've tried so hard
to connect with her

- but she just hates me.
- No, she doesn't hate you.

- She totally hates me.
- No, she doesn't. Maybe a little.

- I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

I think she's just trying
to adjust to a new situation.

We've been married for two years.


ever since Stepmother
entered the picture.

And she's keeping something from us.

I can feel it.
She's not who she says she is!

You don't think she's
really an interior decorator?

Well, look at this place!
She's obviously evil.

Well, I think she's nice.

There is something
she's hiding from us.

Doesn't mean she deserves
your blue cheese dressing bomb.

My best prank yet.

Not hearing very well
increased my other senses.

Don't worry, she never
comes into my room anyway.

Do you have a sec?


I was going through the basement

and I found somethings
that I thought you might wanna have.


I know you miss your mom
and I could never replace her.

I just would really like it
if maybe we could be friends?

Mom always said
she loved my practical jokes.

I love your practical jokes.
I think you're hilarious.

You think I'm funny?

The one you did last month
to your father

when you filled his toothpaste
with blueberry filling?

And his teeth were blue
for like four days.

That was epic.

I hooked up his nose hair clipper

- to a power saw?

Some of my best work.

Or the baby powder
in the hair dryer trick?

I had meant that prank for you.

I know.

I'm sorry.

It's OK. It was just a joke.

There's something, um...

...I would like you to have.

This is something my parents gave me
when I was around your age.

And my mother said
it would always protect me,

even in my darkest hour.

What I think she meant by that was,

I would always have
her love and support.

You're really giving this to me?

It's something that's
very special to me and my family

and I want you to have it...

...because you're so very special.

Rebecca. _ _

...I'm really looking forward
to us being friends.

MS, too.

Good night.

Marissa, wait!

I'm so...


Good going.

I tried to warn her!

You got to make it up to her.

Why do I have to be the one
to always apologize?

Like what about that time that you
just kept on talking and I was...

I turned off my hearing aids.

OK! I'll make it up to her!

He's right, you know.

I mean, the show is called Spy Hunter.

At some point,
I should actually catch a spy.

He thinks I'm a complete loser.

That's not what he meant.

They just wanna spend
more time with you.

What is that smell?

Oh, did the baby spit up on you again?

- Something like that.

...Our worst fears have been confirmed.

According to scientists, there are now,
literally, less hours in the day.

Studies show that time is running out.

Time is speeding up.

At first, we were losing nanoseconds,
but now we're losing hours.

By tomorrow, we'll have lost days.
By the day after that, a year.

At this rate, we will be
completely out of time... in no time.

Experts are divided
on what's causing this phenomenon,

although one man has claimed credit.
We received this video moments ago.

Citizens of the world,

I find you all guilty of wasting time.

You fill your days
with meaningless pursuits

instead of treasuring moments
with those you love.

You will no longer
take time for granted,

for I am taking all
of the time in the world from you.

Project Armageddon
has been activated

and I will continue to speed up time
until time runs out,

and the world will end.

I am the Time Keeper

and I want more time!

Only minutes ago, OSS Director
Danger D'Amo addressed the threat.

The OSS will find this Time Keeper,
and when we do,

we will punch his clock.

There 's a decrease of one minute
per hour as now...

Oh, this is not good.

Actually, this is awesome.

Could you imagine
the promotion I would get

if I landed an interview with this guy,
the Time Holder?

- Time Keeper.
- Not to mention the hero factor

for tracking down an international
supervillain. Not too shabby.

Honey, I think being a hero isn't really
what the kids need from you right now.

It's just what they need now.

It's what the world needs.

Where is the Chronos Sapphire
you promised me?

Time waits for no man, no man but me.

That one little rock
is the only element

that can stop the Armageddon device.

Trust me, it will be ours.

Time and my temper are short.

You waste my time...

...and I'll waste you.

We will find the Chronos Sapphire...

...and when we do...

...no one will be able to stop us.

NO One.

OK, princess.
You're a little sleepy head, huh?

Oh, no.

OSS directive. For your eyes only.

Time Keeper threat confirmed.

Chronos Sapphire
needed to stop Armageddon.

Deliver Chronos to OSS immediately.

Oh, Rebecca.

I hope you're working on that apology.

Make sure you write
"P.S., Cecil is innocent."

A handmade coupon,

good for one free month
of all household chores.

And no pranks for a whole month.

"And no pranks for a week."

Hey, Rebecca?

Do you have that necklace
from last night?

Yeah. Why?

I was just wondering
if maybe I could, um...

...maybe I can have it back?

You want the necklace back?

I realized it needs to be cleaned,
and, uh... you know, it's old.

Oh, I get it.
You can't trust me with it.

What happened to "This necklace
is so special, and so are you"?

Am I supposed to pretend
that you really meant that?

I just need the necklace back.
I can't really explain it right now.

You can have it!

I never wanted your
stupid necklace anyway.

You only care about yourself!
You don't care about us at all!

I have to go on an important mission,
I mean, errand.

There are snacks in the fridge.

I'll be back in ten minutes.

Do you guys need anything?

My mom.

We'll be fine.



Watch the kids.

House is now armed.

Buckle up, baby.

- All right.

Let's go for a ride.

Hey! I thought you
gave that back to Marissa.

Wait till she looks in the box.

Welcome back, agent.

Is that the Chronos Sapphire?
Without that, our goose is cooked.

Give it to Mommy. Thank you, pumpkin.

Here, give it to me.

Another prank.

- Baby food.
- I'm sorry.

My stepdaughter is a little... upset.

She has the necklace.

- I can get it back.
- Chronos Sapphire can wait.

Your old pallie Tick Tock
has just been made

and you're the only one
that can scoop him up.

Pop the clutch.
You're back on the clock.

What about the Chronos?

You nab Tick Tock,
he'll lead us to the Time Keeper.

We don't need the Chronos.

So Rebecca can keep the necklace.

It would mean a lot if she could.

OK. I'll do it.
I just have to go get my kids first.

Those ankle biters'll be fine!

This is Seeker 17. We have a lock
on the Chronos Sapphire.

Repeat, we have found
the Chronos Sapphire.

Prepare to breach the entrance.

You really shouldn't do that.

But if you're going to,
give her vampire teeth.

subject to immediate attack.

Please take shelter
in the panic room now.

You're really stepping up your game
with these pranks.

That's not my prank.

subject to immediate attack.

Take shelter in the panic room now.

- Where's the panic room?
- Don't fall for it.

This is obviously Marissa's
attempt to get me back.

Take shelter in the panic room now.

Oh, and if we don't, I suppose
something really terrible

will happen to us.


Identity match.
Please enter the panic room now.

- Enter the panic room now.
- Let's go, Rebecca.

Enter the panic room now.

Well, this is obviously the panic room.

- Why?
- 'Cause it's a room, and I'm panicking.

Hello, children.

I had this panic room installed
when I married your father

in the event that my work
ever put the family in danger.

Her work?

There 's something
I never told you about myself

because it was a matter
of national security.

I am a spy.

Our stepmother's a spy?


She's not cool enough.

Argonaut is an Advanced Robotic
Guardian Operative

designed to protect you.

I still think this is a prank.

The dog is talking.

Well, it's not the sort of thing
you'd miss, is it, really?

A small, handsome dog talking with
an English accent, like James Bond.

Anyway, I've been assigned
to protect you, so give me five.

That's what cool people say, isn't it?
Anyway, let's shake hands.

Hello. How do you do?

Ah! Oh, no! I hate when that happens!
I am gonna need that back.

I think you better keep it
in sentry mode.

any time you're ready.

- Good thinking.

Can I have it back now?
'Cause I am gonna fall over.

The panic room is being attacked.

You must leave now.

The jet luges will take you
to OSS headquarters.

And sit. Do you get it?

It's what humans usually say to dogs.

I reversed it, I flipped it.

Oh, this is gonna be great.

- I tell you, we're gonna have a...

I usually have to eat grass
or a slipper to feel this sick. Oh.

I wasn't ready, that's all.
I'm fine, I'm fine.

Do not let the
Chronos Sapphire get away!

A mini camera is not
that impressive any more.

People have them in their phones.

Well, how small is it?

- That's impossible.

Sorry. What?

Sorry, there was an air show
behind me.

There's no such thing
as invisibility powder.

All right, Argonaut. Start talking.

Who were those guys with the
giant goggles? What do they want?

How long has Marissa been a spy?

OK. Your stepmom will answer
all of your questions post-mission.

I have a question.
Who's flying this thing?

I thought you were.

Oh, no.
They do not look like pet lovers.

Hello, children. if you're watching
this, your escape jets are under attack.

We are going to have to initiate
evasive maneuvers

to get you to OSS even faster.

- Brace yourselves.
- Oh, great.

It's like a big video game.

Grab your controller and steer slowly!

- Whoa!
- I'm gonna crash!

I'm gonna hurl.

Puke goes in the bag, not on my fur.

They're gaining!


Do something!

He is doing something. He's puking.

We might need a bigger bag.

In fact, we might
need a bigger spaceship.

It smells like fish socks in here.
Can we at least open a window?

Ugh. it's not much fun in here.

Hey! You opened up mine!

Fresh air. That helps.

I love this. I love sticking my head
out the window. it's my favorite thing.


How may puke bags do you have left?

Good job, Cecil!

Never underestimate the power of puke.

Agent Argonaut reporting.

Listen, the kids are fine.

I can't say the same about the house.

Why? What did they do?

They didn't do anything. They didn't
destroy the house. Tick Tock's men did.

What?! Argonaut,
I told you to watch them!

I am watching them.
I'm watching them puke and scream.

- We've gotta discuss hazard pay.
- Just get them to the OSS.

I want a raise!

There's only one person
I want waiting there to greet them.

OSS Headquarters.
How can I direct your call?

I saved your life. One point for me.

Whatever. The puke bags were my idea.

everything? You're brother and sister.

You're fighting like cats and dogs,

which I could understand
why cats and dogs fight.

Cats are awful. Just chillax.

Part "chill," part "relax."
I fused 'em to make a trendy word.

Who are you?

Carmen Cortez,
secret agent of the OSS.

Your stepmom is my aunt.

So, a word of caution to you
would-be supervillains out there...

Your best defense may be...
a jelly donut.

What am I saying?
What are they gonna do with that?

What, are they gonna
throw them at 'em?

Just say it. I'm too attractive.

Let's face it.

I've never caught a spy,
and I probably never will.

I say we go after the Time Keeper.

Oh, that's realistic.

Where are you at with
that piece for Spy Week?

It's not due till Friday.

It is Friday.

Time's speeding up, Wilson.
Don't you keep up with the news?

Get me something on someone, anyone!

And get it to me yesterday

or there won't be a tomorrow
for you at the station. Got it?

It's time to get serious.

Marissa's not picking up.
Maybe she's under radio silence.

She's got a lot
of explaining to do, man.

She never told you she was a spy, huh?

Well, in her defense, she was retired.

- Well, hello.

You're a big girl now.
Is that titanium alloy?

- Treat?
- Yes, please.


Wanna see how I got started as a spy?

This is the old Spy Kids division.

ago due to budget cuts.

Really sad. It was ahead of its time.

Spy Kids were an elite
juvenile division of the OSS.

I'm going to explode you.

Established to go where
adult spies couldn't go

and do what ordinary spies
couldn't do.

Ralphie, it's me!
We went to the academy together.

How you do...

Oh. Now I see what, they've turned
him off. Just as well. He's annoying.

I'd like to bring back
the Spy Kids division one day.

We call those Stompers
and Hammer Hands.

They use electron fields
to create superhuman impact force.

These SFS 3WeSOI'T1?.

You can crush things.

on-the-spot booby traps

ambushes, mass confusion,
and pranks.

- Pranks?
- I'll tell you what.

I'll let you guys pick out
one gadget each as a souvenir.

- Mine.
- Mine.

Don't get too excited. I said that
I'd let you guys pick out e gadget,

but I didn't say I'd activate it.

Back in the day,
the kids who made the best spies

were the ones who didn't wait around
for the perfect gadgets.

They made stuff happen
with what they had on hand.

Who's that?

Me and my brother, Juni.

We were the first and last
of the Spy Kids program.

We shall not speak of him. Let's go.

And this is where our grand tour ends.

Wait here. Marissa will
pick you guys up in a minute.

Can we be candidates
for the new Spy Kids program?

Time will tell. Sorry, guys, gotta go.

OSS has us working around the clock.

We have to stop the Time Keeper
before the Time Keeper stops time.

much of a villain's name, is it?

Oh, the Time Keeper.
Has he got a watch, has he?

It's not a scary name at all.


your destination for this mission.

Good luck, agent.

So Tick Tock attacked our house

and chased after your
brother and sister.

What do you think we should do?


Good thinking.

to the big-time, agent. Suit up.

Intel places Tick Tock at this location.

Spot him and let him lead us to
the Time Keeper's Armageddon device.

Then call in and wait for backup.

I need you at six o'clock, right here.

Come on! Bring it in.

The Armageddon device
will be here any minute

and we must be ready for its arrival!

Uh, cover the exit.

There you go. Good work.

Focus up, focus. Focus!

What are you doing?
We're moments away.

My plan is almost complete.

I just need to get the Chronos
back from those meddlesome kids.


Oh! Are you kidding me? Is that you?

Did you drop your transmission?

Oh, my God. Gentlemen, please.

That smells like lentils
and desperation.

My God, that's mental.
It's following you.

Get back on your marks. Focus.

I'm blinded. OW!

It's here, it's here. it's finally here.

Places, everyone. This is the moment
we've all been waiting for.

Right on time.

Hickory-dickory dock.

The spy ran up the clock.

The clock struck one,
and the spy was done.

Game, set, and match, Tick Tock.

Wait a minute. Hold on.

This is your sidekick?
A nose-picking baby?

Gentlemen, get in here.

Baby, looks like we've been set up.

Finish her. Boom.


Better luck next time!

The bigger the crime,
the better the time!

He is really starting to tick me off.

J" Ten green bottles hanging on a wall

J" Ten green bottles hanging on a wall

J* And if one green bottle
should accidentally fall J'

I'm still mad at Stepmother...


...For not telling us she was a spy.

For not telling Dad.

Maybe she quit
to make more time for us.

Yeah, right.

Well, wouldn't you wanna be a spy?

I will be.

Even better spy than Marissa.

What are you up to?

Carmen said that the best Spy Kids
were the ones who didn't wait around.

They went out and made stuff happen.

It would have to be
something really amazing.

- Like catching the Time Keeper?
- Bad idea.

First person to get the bad guy wins.

No. Not another competi...

What part of "chillax"
don't you understand?

Game on.

Aw, man!

This Electric Shock Gumball
doesn't work, either.

While you're chewing gum over there,
I'm hacking into my Hammer Hands.

- I think I got it!

- OW!


I just don't understand.

It says batteries are included.

Read the fine print.

"On and off button...

...not included."

Let's get out of here.

Good idea.

- Hey!
- Hey!

What are you kids doing? You don't
have security clearance to be out here.

Um... We lost our dog.

Yeah, but we just found him. See?

Hello. I mean, bark.
I mean, woof, woof.

- Definitely, I meant...

Yeah, they're not falling for it.
Looks we're all in this together now.


- Hey!
- Hey! Stop right there!

Coming through. Nice shoes.

- Oh!
- Sorry, sorry.

Stop those kids!

- We'll never outrun them!

Yes, we will! Pull my collar!

- Oil slick.


- They're still after us!
- Pull my tail.

Butt bombs.

This is the coolest dog ever!

That's an award and I accept it.

Wait, wait, one more. One more.

Pull my finger.

Do it.

- Wait for it.

What was that supposed to do?

It just makes me laugh.

Silent but lethal.

How are we gonna
find the Time Keeper?

I don't know, if it was that hard
just getting out of the lounge.

Organism Oscillation Transporter...

...otherwise known as TOOT.

Carmen said not to rely on our gadgets,
but to use our heads.

Argonaut, what do you know
about the Time Keeper?

First, type in my passcode.


They've intercepted
several coded messages

as to the Time Keeper's location.

But no one's been able
to crack the code.

It's not a code. it's an anagram.

Drop all the numbers,

switch all the letters around,
and it spells something else.

"Big Time Watch Repair Shop"?

The bad guy is holding the
world hostage from a watch shop?

Well, he is called the Time Keeper.

Villains do love their
secret hideouts to have a theme.

to the Time Keeper's shop

without having to leave the building.

You better not disintegrate us.

- I think that's sort of the point.
- What?

They took the Chronos Sapphire.
Don't let them get away!

You vaporized us!

I've lost face.

Something stinks around here.

I always knew you were a butthead.

I'd give you a knuckle sandwich
if I knew where my knuckles were!

Oh, I think my stomach is inside out.

I think I'm missing a kidney.

I'm just pulling your leg.

- Brilliant.
- A comedian.

- Marissa's on the line.
- Marissa?

- Hello?
- Give Mommy the comlink.

There we go. Thank you.

Sorry, technical difficulties, Carmen.
How are the kids?

They're, uh...


OK. Where are they really?

I'm really sorry. They TOOTED
themselves out of the OSS.

Send me their coordinates.
I'll meet you there.

You know, she's a lot like you, Carmen.

That's what I'm afraid of.

Are you sure this is the place?

He's called the Time Keeper.

This is a room full of clocks.

Nah, let's go, let's check out
that cheese shop across the road.

It's another anagram.

Switch all those letters around
and what do they spell?

- Elevator.

This must be the access panel.

- Oops.

- You could help, genius.
- And risk losing?

before we call you the winner.

You should have a competition to see
which one of you is the most annoying.

All my own stunts, all my own stunts.

And it's... a giant clock.

So, what's...


the cut-you-in-half hand.

- Well, I'm going home.
- There's a door over there!


First person to get across
without getting smushed...


Now, listen, just because
one person jumps off a cliff,

it doesn't mean you have
to follow them. Does it?

Oh, it does, apparently.

Brilliant. Here we go again.

Here comes the cut-you-in-half hand!

- Jump!
- I'll duck, thank you very much.


There's gotta be
a better way to pass the time.

It's moving faster!

That's because time is speeding up!

Listen, I was told to watch you kids,
but not watch you die!

Cecil! Hang on!

Now this is fun to watch.

- You OK?
- Yeah.

I win.
One point for me.

- OW.
- Come on. This way.

- Hey... Hey, it's working!


I Spy 8 SPY-

Go get the camera.

It's show time.

My five-year plan is coming together.

This is my big break.

Now we just build on this success
and maybe someday hit primetime.

Primetime means free time...
to spend with my kids.

Great plan. Only in five years,
they won't be kids any more.

What are you saying?

Spend the time now.

'Cause the one thing
you'll always find time for later...

...is regret.


cut in half for a computer?

- There's a lot here about...

"The Boy Trapped In Time."

And that's gonna happen to us
if we don't stop the Time Keeper.

According to this, he was part
of a time travel experiment.

People sure did talk funny back then.

Test Footage, 1936.

Chronos Sapphire, discovered
to be the only known element

able to stop the Armageddon device."

- We have to get out of here!
- What's wrong?

They're after the necklace!

That'll stop your clock.

Watch your head!

Oops! Sorry about that.

Well, the good news is, you're tall
enough to go on all the rides.

You children think you have
all the time in the world,

but soon I will.

Hand over the necklace.

found a more secret lair.

- What?

Leave my kids alone.


Shh! She's here to save us.

How dare you waste time
bickering about that?

If you have no interest
in being a family,

then you don't deserve
any time together.

Well, he's right about one thing.

If we're gonna get outta here,
we need to work as a family.

Fire up your gadgets.

They're not activated.

- They're just souvenirs.
- Not any more.

Hammer time.


A watch shop?

Slight left and proceed around building.

Turn right now.

Spy detected.

- It's a dumpster.

Walk forward now. Turn left now.

Left foot, right foot,
left foot, big right foot.

Center and stop.

Proceed below.

The annoying voice is saying
there's a spy right here. Look.

- Proceed below now.

This is more than a dumpster!

- Sorry!
- It's OK! Do it again!

Oh, shiitake mushrooms.

Come here. Come here, come here.

OK, ready?

Wilbur Wilson, Spy Hunter here.

As you can see, I'm in some
sort of underground secret lair

where the battle
for freedom and justice

is being fought
by our country's top spies.

I really can't see much from up here

but we can zoom in with our
Spy Hunt Cam and get a closer look.

Oh, the kids are gonna flip
when they see this.

Did you get that?
You got it? Go, go, go.

Argonaut, do something!

What do you want me to do?
I'm a lover, not a fighter.

- Attack mode activated.

It's show time!

Oh, someone put that on YouTube!

- Time flies when you're having fun.

My necklace!

Let's get the kids out of here!



Oh, come on!
I was gonna bury him in the backyard!

Let them go. It's all part of the plan.

We have the Chronos Sapphire.

Nothing can stop us now.

Sorry about the necklace, Marissa.

"Sorry about the necklace, Marissa."

I should've given it
back to you when you asked.

Yes, you should've.

We had no idea
the Time Keeper wanted it.

"We're just dumb kids."

You couldn't have known.
It was classified.

The whole world's in big trouble.

Don't look at me.

It's all our fault.

And I'm sorry I didn't share
with you that I was a spy.

But it was important to me
that you were both protected and safe.

What's important is
stopping the Time Keeper.

Give us another chance.

You two have been so very brave
and I'm so proud of you.

That sounds like something
my mom would say.

- They want us back for a debrief.
- Take the kids back to OSS.

- I'll meet you there.
- Got it.

Thanks for rescuing us.

Any time.

I used to get in trouble
like this all the time.

Hi, sweetheart. Sorry I missed you.
Great news!

I got the most amazing footage of
a real spy battle at the watch shop!

I'm gonna put it
on the air tonight, primetime!

- The kids are gonna be so proud.
- Oh, no.

Love you, miss you, need you. Bye!
Call me back!

That's great!

We're gonna win an Emmy for this.
A Pulitzer.

Whoa, go back, go back.
Does she have a baby with her?

Oh, she does! Oh, that's priceless!

OK, we're gonna need a graphic
that reads "Spies Are Unfit Moms."

And, Wilbur, see if you can get a quote
from Child Protective Services.

If we're lucky, they'll take the
kids away, put 'em in foster care! Yeah!

- Whoo-hoo!

- Wilbur!
- Sorry. I'm a Klutz.

It's all right. I've got the original
tape right here.


Tastes like chicken! Want some?


Oh, really? Great.

Hi, honey.

Don't "honey" me.
There's no "honey"ing any more.

- You're a spy!

- You found out.
- Well, I'm a Spy Hunter.

And apparently I'm not a very good one,
since I've been living with one.

I retired the day we had the baby...

...because our family is the most
important thing in the world to me.


...I'm so sorry.

Wow. I feel like such a fool.

Why did you marry me?

- You must've lost a bet, right?
- You're the man I love.

Well, uh, now I'm the man without a job

and maybe without a family.

Where are the kids?

They're under protective
surveillance at the OSS.

They're probably safer there anyway.

I mean, their own dad
can't protect them.

Just tell them I love them.

What about us?

I just...

...need time.

We 're all running out of time.

Some predicted it would
come in a blaze of fire,

a giant flood, but it was the
ancient Mayans who got it right

when they predicted en end
to the human calender,

the end of time itself

Can anyone save us from this
impending apocalypse,

this final doomsday, this...


Also known as the Wells Experiment.

Back in the day, this contraption

almost caused the end
of the world as we know it.

That's why the OSS
shut the experiment down

and placed the device in Level 13
lockdown, where it remains today.

The fate of the world
is on the line here.

That's why I'm calling upon one of our
most valued and skilled operatives,

Agent Cortez.

He has even come out
of retirement to help us.


- It's good to be back.
- Then you never should have left.

Where have you been
the last seven years?

If I told you, then it wouldn't
be called a secret mission.

It's not like I missed you or anything.
I needed a break from your face.

Oh, what an incredible coincidence.

- I needed a break from yours.
- Oh, whatever.

What's going on over there?

Family reunion.

- This isn't about us.
- Gosh.

Carmen, this is about saving the world.

- You don't deserve to wear this badge.
- Uh...

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

All right, agents.
Let's make sure there is a tomorrow.

- Let's go save the world!

What do we get to do?
What's our assignment?

Man! Why are we in time-out?

We found the Time Keeper.
So, why are we grounded?

And why do we have to watch the baby?

Technically, I'm watching her.

Sometimes you're the dog, sometimes
you're the baby entertainment center.

Danger D'Amo, director of the OSS.

I wanted to commend you
on your brave service.

You bobbleheads really
take after your mom.


Let me give you some advice, kiddo.

Don't get balled up
over that kind of baloney.

She takes the time to love you...
you love her back.

- Nice watch.
- Thanks.

It was a gift from my pops.

- You sure talk funny.

- Danger D'Amo.
- Yeah.

Did you know your name
is an anagram?

Switch the letters of your name around,
and it spells...


As in the Armageddon device.

Either that's a coincidence...

...or that's just an
incredible coincidence.

- You're ticking.

It's an old watch.

- But you're wearing three more.

You're the Time Keeper.

Yeah. I'd love to stick around
and chat but time is running out.

The head of the good guys is
actually the head of the bad guys?

I did not see that coming.

Look around for a comlink or a phone!

We have to warn Marissa!

Agent Wilson.

- Turn around!
- It's a trap!

- That's his secret identity!

Look, I don't have time
for your pranks right now. OK?

Watch Argonaut watch the baby.
Thank you.

- The Armageddon device.

It's tiny.

If time's the test, family is best.

It's a trap.

Hello, agents. You're right on time.

The kids were right.

...who you thought I was.

So where's the
real Armageddon device?

Back at the OSS,
where it's always been.

And now...

...I must get back to it.

- What's that?

A really nice watch.

It's also a freeze transmitter

for all agents at the OSS.

It's time to take out the competition.

Danger, don't.

Now... to stop the world.

Why didn't I freeze?

I'm... trapped in here.

I need reinforcements.

But there are no reinforcements.
They're all frozen.


Time has run out for most of the planet.

Eighteen time zones have been frozen

by the Time Keeper's
Armageddon device.

One thing's for certain...
it's heading our way.

But we must not lose hope.

Who are we kidding? It's over!
We 're toast!

Attention, Spy Kids.
You have been activated.

I repeat, you have been activated.

Is he talking to us?

At this very moment, the Time Keeper
is taking over OSS Headquarters.

Your time has come to save the world.

Every OSS agent has been frozen.

It's up to you to shut down
the Armageddon device.

Get the necklace back.
It's the only thing that can stop him.

And how are we supposed to do that?

Spy Kids have always been able
to beat the bad guys

because adults over-think things.

But to a kid, everything is possible.

Trust me, I know.

Just use your imagination
and work with each other,

not against each other.

So no more competing
against each other?


- Argonaut!
- Attack mode, por favor:

- Attack the door.
- Argo smash!

What about the baby?

Spy Kids.

Spy Dog.

Spy Baby.

activated as Spy Kids,

you are part of an elite team,

and we need to work together,
like Juni said.

No more competitions.

We've got to break into the OSS vault,

get to the Time Keeper,

find the Chronos Sapphire,

then use it to stop
the Armageddon device,

and, of course, save the world.

Cecil, you take the vault.
Rebecca, you're on pranks.

And I, of course, will take
the toughest assignment of all...

I'll watch the baby.

So I realized the only way
he could freeze agents

was through their OSS badges.

There you go.

Thanks for trashing mine, Carmen.

Thanks, Juni. Unfreeze your sister.

OK, but first...

...this is how I remember you.

And there we go.

- Juni!
- Hm?

Unfreeze her.

But it's so peaceful and quiet.


This never would've happened
if I was mission leader.

- I activated Rebecca and Cecil.
- What?

They're more ready than you think.

If anything happens to those kids,
you're toast.

This way.

- Real smooth, diaper lady.

I was just following my instincts.

Well, your in-stinks!

You two were the best spy team ever.

What happened?

Where have you been all these years?

I tried to strike out on my own,
and I struck out. OK?

OK, but Mom and Dad left
the family business to the both of us.

Yeah. Well...

I guess I thought it wasn't cool
to keep working with my sister.

It's what would've made you cool.

Where's Marissa?

- It's quicksand!

Don't make me punch your lights out.

Now you've seen my dark side.

- Low battery?

"Don't rely on your gadgets."



Is anyone in here?

You get the door open yet?

- I think we need another way in.

OK. I'll be there in a minute.

You caught a kid.

Enjoy the ride!

Now what?

- We give up.

it's the only way
we'll get the necklace back.

Just follow my lead.

Hand over your weapons.

All of your weapons.

OSS agents have been frozen in time.

Is there someone, anyone,
out there that can save the day?

Hello, Wilbur

Yes, this is your dog, and I'm talking,
but never mind about that now.

Rebecca and Cecil are in danger.

They've been captured by the
Time Keeper and they need your help.

I know it's hard to believe, sin
but you're their last hope.

I 'd hurry if I were you.

What's with the jazz hands?
Huh, kiddies?

My brother's hearing impaired.
And your goon took his hearing aids.

Give him his hearing aids back.
We're not monsters here.

No. You're only trying to end the world.

Why are you doing this?

The Armageddon device was not
meant to end the world or stop time.

It was meant to travel back in time.

To get me back to that.

- My father.
- Son, come here! Take a look at this.

was an early attempt to time travel.

That's me before the accident.

My father was working
on the original prototype.

They were just about to test
the machine when it went haywire.

He told me not to play near the lab.

But I never listened.

It trapped me in time for
so many years I almost lost count.

You were the Boy Frozen In Time.

My father spent his entire life...

...trying to set me free.

...and, eventually...


The OSS shut down the experiment

with a solution
that literally fell from the sky...

...the Chronos Sapphire.

When the effects wore off
I was a grown man in a boy's body.

All my friends were gone.

My father...


Everything and everyone
I cared about was no more.

And all of this is
so you can see your father again?

I want more time!

With him.

He gave me everything.

And I couldn't even
give him the time of day,

because I didn't know...

...that our time
would be so short together.

But now when I go back,
things are gonna be different.

- No, they won't.
- Excuse me?

travel through time.

Time stays the same.

You're just creating
multiple versions of yourself

that appear at
different points in time.

He's wrong. Our plan will work.

You've tried this before and failed.

And my guess is that you've...

...already gone back in time a lot.

This isn't the first time
you've traveled back.

And every time you return,
you come back worse.

Each time, your plan fails.

You try it again with another you.

But when are you going to learn...

...you can't change the past?

You will only cause Armageddon.

Don't listen to him.
This time, it will work!

You will go back and you will
have all the time in the world

to spend with your father.

Danger, when my mom died,

it was the worst thing
that could ever happen to me.

I wished I had more time with her.

There is no going back.

Honor the years you had with him.

Those brief..

...Special moments...

...are the ones we'll remember.

It's not about how much time you have.

- It's what you choose to do with it.

T minus 20 minutes until Armageddon.

The Time Vortex is opening!

How'd you get outta my sand trap?

With my bare hands.

Actually, it was my Atomic Lipstick.

Keep away from my stepkids.

Make that your kids.

All right.

Make that your Spy Kids.

Stay away from my Spy Kids.

Too late!

It worked! It worked!

Everyone in the world
is frozen except us.

The Chronos!

of the watch or you'll freeze!

We have to use the necklace

to stop the Armageddon device
once and for all!

Get into the Vortex.

Wait, you don't
have your Hammer Hands.

I don't need Hammer Hands.

- Yeah!
- Cecil!

Hey, Marissa gave that to me!

- Don't do it, Danger!
- You can't bring back the past!

Time is the enemy of youth.

I'm getting mine back.

You won't change anything!

I thought you said
nothing would change.

Wait for it.

Who's that?

That's Danger.

You were right.

You can't go back.

I tried.

My father still died...

...no matter what
I tried to do to save him.

He did tell me one thing

that was very important.

You have to live life

moving forwards, not back.

This time...

...I'm gonna listen to him.



I was so worried about you guys.
Are you OK?

- Yeah.
- I'm so sorry I brought you into this.

Worst stepmom ever.


But best spy mom ever!
I like when you're being yourself.

- Come here.

- You think you've stopped me?

You've stopped nothing.

We're just gonna keep doing this
over and over and over again

until I get what I want!

Because this time, time is on my side!

Yeah. Hard time.

- Clocked ya.

Lucky punch!

How'd you find us?

I'm Wilbur Wilson, your father.

You're the coolest dad ever.

I'm not gonna wait until I have enough
time for us to spend together.

From now on...

...we're gonna make time.

Now that's heroic.



You're a spy?

Yeah. I'm a spy.


...I'm a Spy Hunter.

Got you.

And I'm never letting go.

Now this is family time.

Juni and I have decided
to become co-leaders

of the new Spy Kids program.

We're gonna need some new recruits

with ingenuity, creativity,
and heads-up thinking.

Rebecca, Cecil?

And of course...

...Spy Baby.

Yeah. Baby's got a surprise for you.

Don't get... This is it, group,
that's it. Just...

Baby's first steps!

You're more impressed by a kid
standing up than a dog that can talk?

Hold on a second, I...


Oh! Baby's first bad guy!

- Wow!
- I taught her that.


...you can never start 'em too young.

Mommy's so proud of you!

We are back on the clock,
back to taking our own sweet time

to laugh, to cry,
to embrace our loved ones.

We have all the time in the world.

Or do we?

Operation Spy Kid Recruitment.

Setting filters to max.

You have been activated.

And you have been activated.

I now declare you all Spy Kids.

That's one point for me.