Spy Kids 3: Game Over (2003) - full transcript

Under-age agents Juni and Carmen Cortez set out on their newest most mind-blowing mission yet: journeying inside the virtual reality world of a 3-D video game designed to outsmart them, as the awe-inspiring graphics and creatures of gaming come to real life. Relying on humor, gadgetry, bravery, family bonds and lightning-quick reflexes, the Spy Kids must battle through tougher and tougher levels of the game, facing challenges that include racing against road warriors and surfing on boiling lava, in order to save the world from a power hungry villain.

$ 4.99.

I'm an ex-secret agent.

My name is Juni Cortez.

And I'm a private detective.

A P.I.
A private eye.

A gumshoe.

I know why the water
from your park is missing.

- Pray tell.
- It's winter.

They shut down the park
during the winter.

Who's "they"?

The people who really own this park.

Times are tough.

But a guy's gotta do what he's gotta do.

From saving cats in trees...


...to finding lost toys.

To helping people...
Hold on.


The OSS is looking for me?

Look, I'm no longer an agent.
I can't help you.

Whatever it is, it's your problem.

Leave me alone!

I'd been burned by the agency.
The OSS.

So I left.
No going back.

I handle my own assignments now.

Smaller in scale.

I was saving up for something big.

I was standing in line

to buy my copy of the biggest
virtual-reality game in history.

It goes online at midnight.
Pretty exciting. I suppose.

(man) Game Over.

The biggest video game
to ever be created. Period.

This is a worldwide event.

The game was created by someone
known only as the Toymaker.

Who was once again
unavailable for interviews.

(Juni) But there's gotta be some things
more important than games.

(man) Oh. And did we mention
the surprises the Toymaker has in store

for those of you that complete level five?

Untold riches. Toys. And prizes
beyond your wildest dreams.

Hey, no cutting in line, freak.

I wasn't cutting.
I was standing right here!

End of the line!

Needless to say.

Things have been pretty lame
since I left the OSS.



Things were about to get worse.

(Romero) Dear Juni.

I was doing some work
and thought you might like these.

Miniaturized sharks.

Remember. They're still man-eaters. So
don't be poking your fingers in the bowl.

Take care. If you guys
ever need anything. I'll be there.


Ralph, write a thank-you note
back to Romero.

Behave, you guys.
No fighting.



- Whatcha doin'?
- Hi, Gerti.

I'm just doing nothing... again.

- What's that?
- Mexican chocolate.

- Where's your mom and dad?
- On an assignment.

It was my idea not to be
part of the family business.

They're all on missions.
Your sister, too, huh?

I haven't seen Carmen
since Christmas... last year.

You should join back up.
The OSS could really use you.

- Yeah. Use me.
- Not what I meant.

Don't hold on to the past, Juni.
Look at me.

9 years old and nowhere to go but up.

The only tribe worth belonging to
is the one that you're born into.

Yeah, your family.
It's good to take care of your family.

But remember one thing.

Everyone's your family.

That makes no sense.

Hello, Juni.

Mr. President.

Oh, you can call me Devlin.

Weren't you already running the country
when you were head of the OSS?

I was running the country.

But since the OSS is a secret
organization, no one knew it.

I wanted the world to know
that I was in charge.

So I became president
of the United States.

It all depends upon your preference.

Reality or perception.
Perception works for me.

Well, I'm into reality.

And the reality is, nothing you can say

will make me rejoin the OSS.
That is why you called, isn't it?

The OSS needs you to return.

I'm retired.

Well, who's living in perception now?

The fact is there is no retirement.

Once an agent, always an agent.

It's time for you to be a big boy
and reinstate.

With all due respect, sir, no.

Then hold on to your seat,
because here's the reality:

Your sister's missing.

Taking Agent Cortez
to Games and Theory.

That's ex-Agent Cortez.

(Donnagon) You know,
that one's defective.

Something's wrong with the shape.

See if we can take that one back.

Oh, man.

We're on.

We're on!

Hello, Juni.

Donnagon. Been a good boy lately?


Very, very good.

Mrs. Giggles must have
straightened you out.

- I certainly did.
- Hello, Francesca.

Yeah, she worked me over
pretty good, actually.

- Aah.
- Darling, behave.

What do you know about
a video game called Game Over?

I know that just about every kid
in the world is gonna sign on and play it.

Not if we can help it.
The game is a trap.

Once plugged into the game,

parents won't even be able to
get their children's attention.

What else is new?

This is different.

Once you get through the game,
your mind belongs to the Toymaker.

The inventor of the game.

He wants to enslave
the world's youth with mind control.

You control the youth,
you control the future of the world.

She's an ingenious hacker, your sister.

We sent her inside to shut down the game.

But... she disappeared.

How can she disappear inside a game?

She didn't physically.

Actually, she's right here in the building.

Carmen! Carmen!

She can't hear you.
Her mind's still in the game.

She got as far as level four, then nothing.

Why would she even go in there
without any backup?

Because her first and only choice
wouldn't answer our calls.

So she decided to go alone.

Now, you go in.
Find your sister.

Help her shut down the game in 12 hours,

or it's game over for everyone.

Are you with us?


Then let's go.

So I have to shut down the game
but not release the Toymaker?

Exactly. It would be catastrophic
if he escaped.

The Toymaker hates us for imprisoning
him in cyberspace all these years.

- What made you do that?
- Who knows? It was years ago.

Now, you'll have to start
on level one like everyone else.

Find your sister on level four.
Then proceed to level five.

- Which is unwinnable.
- Level five is unwinnable?

Level five is where
you shut down the game.

If the game is not shut down,

you'll stay trapped with everyone else
when the Toymaker takes over the world.

Put on these glasses,

and you'll enter the world of the game.

You're being sent into a zero-gravity
chamber alongside Carmen.

That should give you a competitive edge.

When you're in the game,
things will feel real.

Are they real?

Good luck, Juni.

(Donnagon) Find Carmen.
Shut down the game.

And whatever you do,
don't let the Toymaker out.





(thinking) Carmen.
Carmen. Can you hear me?

It's Juni. Your brother.



Pogo Toads!

Ugh! Ugh!






Hey! Get your own ride, creepo!

I thought you were a toad.

New player, huh?

Yeah. (grunts)
New player.

Well, here's a lesson you won't soon forget.



How is he?

His brain waves are normal.

But how is he?

Oh. He fell.


Stand up.

You fell three stories.

Aah. I survived?

Not exactly.
That is your life count.

After taking heavy damage. You lose a life.

What happens when I hit zero?

Game over.

When you run out of life. You lose.
No replays. No restarts.


What happened to my 12 hours?
I only have four now.

Time flies when you're playing games.

This is crazy.

Better hurry.



(breathing heavily)

So who are you?

I'm Juni Cortez,
ex-secret agent of the OSS.

I need to get to level five.

But I only have a few hours before
the Toymaker takes over the world.

- Level five?
- Level five is unwinnable.

I understand that.
But I have to save the world.

Rez, this person thinks
he's level-five material.

So I hear.

You guys must be beta testers.

One of the first allowed to roam free
these coveted digital hills, my friend.

How can I offer service?

I'm Rez.

Hi, Rez.
Now, about saving the world.

If anyone's gonna get
to the great prize at level five,

it's gonna be one of us.

I want cheat codes.

Back-door entrances.
Shortcuts. Anything.

I can pay you with bonus packs.

Implementation of any form
of hack code or cheat boost

will trigger an immediate game over

and permanent evac from the game.

It's in your tech manual.

You have to play the game by the rules

or not at all.

All right.

How do I get to level two
as quickly as possible?

Lives are at stake. Please.

See that target? Hit it.

You'll bounce straight to the moon.

Yeah. I'd suggest a running start.

Level two is on the dark side
of the moon.

The way to get there is by hitting
that target and bouncing to it.

Not a lot of realism
in these games, is there?

Won't be seeing him anymore.
Let's go.

Less competition, the better.


Aah! Ugh!




Oh, great.

A message from the OSS.
Do you accept?


OK, Juni, we can no longer be
of assistance.

What assistance?

You do get one additional lifeline,

which you can choose to use now
or later.

Give it to me now.

You get to bring in
any one person from the outside

to help you on your journey.

Call up the family files.

(man) Assertive. Athletic.
Knows karate.



Knows karate.

Wait a minute.
Go back to Grandpa.

(man) Pros. Superior intellect.

(man) Cons. Physically disabled.

He's been paralyzed
from the waist down for 30 years.

His energy force would have
doubled back again,

making his arms, his heart, his brain
twice as strong as a normal person.

- What are you thinking. Sir?
- I choose Grandpa.

Selected. One moment.

That was fast. Sort of.



Where am I?

In a video game run by a madman
called the Toymaker.

The Toymaker is here?

You know him?

I've been hunting him down
for 30 years, Juni.

- You shouldn't have brought me here.
- I needed your help.

We have to find Carmen
and shut down the game.

What is that?

It's a power-up of some kind.

Mega Legs.

Give it to me.


You can walk.

No, Juni.

Oh, I can do more than that.





Where are you going?

Don't wait for me, Juni.
I'll catch up with you.

But we have to find...


Valentin, my old friend.

You think you'll catch me
this time, don't you?


you will.

Oh, you will.

Everything falls into place.

Everything falls.

(crowd cheering)

(electricity crackling)

(cheering continues)


A courageous new contestant.
Welcome to the Robocon.

I need to get to level two.

Well, you came to the wrong place.

This is the Arena of Misfortune.

To get to level two, you're gonna
have to battle a Mech.

How do I do that?

I'll explain it to you
when you get up there.

Hey, there.

Just go out there
in your Battle Mech and fight.

Wait a minute.
Who am I fighting?


Don't get too trashed
and I win bonus points.


(crowd cheering)

Right foot, left foot.

Right foot. Oh!

Oh! How do you work this thing?


- Ooh.
- (bell dings)

OK. I want a good. Clean robo fight.

There will be no kidney punches.
No rabbit punches.

No eye gouging or ear biting.

Unless. Of course. You can't help yourself.


I'm Juni.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. He didn't mean it.

Really, really.

No. No, no, no!

Please, no!



(knuckles cracking)


Hi. I'm Demetra.

(crowd cheering)



(crowd groans)


(crowd boos)

Oh! That's gotta hurt.

(crowd cheers)

I'm the winner!


Whoo! Yes!

Well, well, well.

For a kid that doesn't know how to fight,

you sure know how to fight.

And keep the suit.

Hey! Hey!


(crowd cheering)

So, let's go over this again, shall we?

So there's no mistake.
So there's no gross error.

So there's no lack
of communication amongst us.

What I want, what we want...

What do we want?

Our time on this planet is over.
It belongs now to our youth.

Not if we control their minds!

We could start the world over again
and cure it of its diseases.

We could begin anew.

Forget what we could do!
It's what we should do!

Am I doing the right thing?

It's not about the right thing.
It's about the smart thing.


We won't escape this place otherwise.

I speak for all of us
when I say, "We want out!"


The end justifies the means.

You have the children's attention.

The question is,
what are you teaching them?

Who are you people?

We are you.

Forgive me. Forgive me.

I forget the extent of my
programming powers from time to time.

For a moment, I actually
believed that you existed.



Out, out, out.

Out, out.

This childish game will soon be over.

And then the real game will begin.

(inhales deeply)


Will you look at this?

Hold on to your joysticks, boys.
I think we got him.

You're the Guy.

I'm the who?

The Guy.
The guy from the poster.

That guy.

No. Wait a minute.

I'm only looking for my sister.
She's somewhere on level four.

Then I'm heading out through level five.

So you can win the game?

I guess that's one way of putting it.

You see, according to the tech manual,

if we find the Guy...

the Guy...

he'll lead us through the unwinnable level.

Just 'cause he made it
out of Robocon in one piece

doesn't mean he's the Guy.

He's the first I've seen
to make it out with the power suit.

Man, give me a break.
This wimp's a phony.

There's only one way to find out.

Mega Race.

The fastest, most dangerous race
in the game world.

- Come on.
- No. Wait.

I already told you I'm not the Guy.

- Go.
- OK.

(Toymaker) The race will begin shortly.

Claim your vehicle.

(engines buzzing)

You got to be kidding.

This race will tell us if you're the Guy.

If you are, you can hang with us.

But if you're a phony, Arnold will crush you.


I'm not the Guy.

How many times do I have to say it?

(Toymaker) There are
no rules in this race.

Except win at any cost.

(engines revving)

All right!

(engine revs)

We'll try to help you out...
as much as we can.

(Toymaker) The race will begin... now.

One. Two. Three. Go!



- Easy as pie.
- Juni, push the red button.

The one that says "Do not push"?

Yeah. Push it.
It's a turbo boost.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.




Hey, Rez, give me a hand!

Hey, how about a foot?

Aah! Aah!




My turn, sucker. (chuckles)


You're supposed to be
winning the race, Juni.



What is this?






The glove!

Grab the glove.

The glove!






(tire screeching)




Grab another bike, Juni!

(Toymaker) Final stretch!


(Toymaker) Five... four...

three... two... one.

Winner by a hubcap. Juni Cortez!

(crowd cheers)

- I thought you were him.
- I knew it.

I guess you are.

So, I hear you're the Guy.

I am definitely the Guy.





- So now what, Guy?
- I have to go talk to my grandfather.

To who?

I mean I must confer

with the Wizard of Atari-Sega-Nendo.

Yeah. OK, cool.

Congratulations. You won the race.

But now they think I'm some important guy
who's going to win for them.

For our purposes, that's very good.

They can lead us to level four
more quickly,

so you can find your sister,

so we can shut down the game
and make things right.

And so that I can find...

the Toymaker.

We're not supposed to
get near the Toymaker.

So say the rules of the OSS,

which I'm not following.

He might escape.
We can't risk that.

Oh, no, Juni.

I don't plan on letting him go anywhere.


We'll talk about this later.

OK. Here it is.

I'm not supposed to lead you to level five.

You're supposed to lead me there.

So you mean we work together?

The wizard said if we all work together,
we all win.

With my strength.

My brains.

My cool.

My intuition.

OK. So you're the Guy.
We're all counting on you.

But if you fail us or if you're
not who you say you are,

this life counter will hit zero
faster than you can say "oops."


First I got to find my sister.

So level four, people.


Come on, Grandpa.

He's doing good, huh?

Yeah, he's doing great,
and that's the problem.


(sighs) They've awoken the Programmerz.


- Pull him out of there now.
- Too late.

(Juni) All right. This is cool.

We'll get there in no time.

(Francis) What is this?

Wait a minute.

The Programmerz.

Who are these Programmerz?

The brainiacs who wrote
the book for the game.

So, they work for the Toymaker, huh?

Programmerz are the reason
you found us on level one.

They caught Francis cheating
during the Mega Race.

They'll bounce us back
to level one again if they catch us.

Level one? I don't have time for that.


Spread out.

Don't split up! It never works!

If we just stick together...

All right, Grandpa.
I guess it's just you and me.



- Psst!
- Aah!

Can you at least try and act
like you're the Guy?

You know my secret?

I've seen the real Guy, and you're not him.

Why are Programmerz chasing us?

Someone's got a game cheat.

What's this?

A map to the game.

This is illegal.

You want to find your sister or not?

Give me the map.

- OK.
- Wow.

We're in Machine City.

If we cut across here,
we'll be able to reach level four.

Where Carmen is.


Then, if we cut through Lava Mountain,

we'll be right at the door
of the unwinnable level.

Shortcuts. This is good.
This is very good.

Game cheats.

That's against the rules.

We're gonna have to bounce you
back to level one.

- Aah!
- You can't scare us. He's the Guy.


Listen to that, Edog.
The Guy is calling his grandpa.

I'm so scared.
Come and get me, Gramps.

What's he gonna do, drool on us?

Why are you picking on my grandson?


They got Logos and Edog, the leaders.

You are Programmerz?

Let's see what you really look like, huh?

Very unimpressive.

Computer nerds.

Now tell me, where is the Toymaker?

Grandpa... uh, Wizard, put them down!

He's good.

The boy warrior is very, very good.

But he's got to keep going.

We run the risk of discouraging him

if the next levels are too challenging.

But only by seeking challenges

can we hope to find the best in ourselves.

Can we help him?

No! It's against the rules of the game!

This isn't a game.

It's life!

I don't mind talking to myself.

But when you guys start to
cut me out of the conversation,

that's when it gets a little strange.

That's it.
More life is what we need.

We'll grant the boy a gift.
The gift of life.

Don't worry, Guy.

From here on out, I'll protect you.


Are you all right, Guy?

Hey. He found a life pack.

A what?

That's rare.

I've never seen one up close before.

What do I do?

Crush it in your hands.
You'll gain life.

How much?

All depends.

I got extra life, Demetra.

You'll need it the most.

I want you to take it.

Juni, I can't.

Does he know what that's worth?

Of course he does.

I owed you from the Robot Arena.

Also, I don't want anything
to happen to you.

Thank you.

You have now entered level three.

I wish my family
could see this amazing place.

What are you doing in the game, Arnold?

Well, actually, I got in
on a beta tester's visa.

I'm here for the great prize
behind level five.

It'll save my family from poverty.

But what waits for us in level five?

I mean, is it all true?
Untold riches?

Arnold, you should know

that when we reach the end of the game--

No. Don't tell me.

I want it to be a surprise.

- I'm sure it will be.
- (bell chimes)

(Toymaker) Attention. Gamers!

Stand on the red line.

Choose your best player.

The Guy.
The Guy's the best.

(Toymaker) Choose your strongest player.

That'd be Arnold.

(Toymaker) Survival of the fittest.

Face your opponent.

Wait a minute.
I'm not fighting Arnold.

I don't want to crush Juni.

(Toymaker) The winner shall proceed
with the others to level four.

The loser shall be given
an immediate game over

and will be evacuated
permanently from the game.

Arnold, I have to save my sister.

I'm sorry, Juni.

But I have my own family to think about.

I can't beat you, Arnold.

I know.

(Toymaker) Fight!




Not that I'm rooting for anyone in particular,

but that was a really cool move.


Nice knowing you, Juni.

Arnold, please!

- Unh!
- (whirring)

(whirring slows. Stops)

What's going on?

(Toymaker) You've been tagged.

What do you mean, I've been tagged?

Someone has switched places with you.

Not me, Guy.


Demetra, what are you doing?

You have to find your sister, Juni.

Don't! Don't do it!

Demetra, no!

(Toymaker) Fight!

- No!
- Aah!

(Toymaker) Demetra. Game over!

I never even got her e-mail address.

Don't fall in love with a game, Juni.

Let's get out of here.

Sorry, Juni.

My family.

You are causing so much pain.

And only I can stop you.

For I know why you do these things...


Bring it on.

Find me, and the world
will truly pay the price.

Here in my cyberprison
I was forced to create.

Now I will destroy.

Release the girl.
Put her back in the game.

But, sir--

Oh, you have a better solution, don't you?

Of course you do. You all do.

So tell me.
What is the real answer?

- I'm so curious.
- Revenge.

- Healing.
- Destruction!

- Love.
- Hate.


Well, once again, you're all correct.

And once again, you're all incorrect.

On with the game.

You are now entering level four.

Level four? Wait a minute.

Carmen's on this level.

I'll use telepathy.

We might be close enough that it'll work.

(thinking) Carmen. Can you hear me?

(Carmen) What?

(Juni) This game plays tricks.

Tell me something
only Carmen would say.

(Carmen) My feet stink.

You sound close.

I am.

I see you brought Grandpa into the game.

I thought it was a good idea at the time.


The Toymaker's the guy
who put Grandpa in the wheelchair

30 years ago.


If Grandpa tries to take revenge,
the Toymaker will break free.

He's that powerful.

Then we have to convince Grandpa
that revenge is not the way to solve it.

OK, Guy. We found your pal.

Now, where are we going, exactly?
Where's level five?

First of all, you don't
ask the questions around here.

I do. Second of all--

- We're going to Lava Mountain.
- We are?

Beyond that is the passage to level five.

I don't think so.

Oh, so suddenly you're the game expert.

We're following the Guy.

You know, Juni, we don't need
these guys following us.

Not where we're going.

I promised them they could tag along.

Look, this is how I know where to go.
Trust me.

Lava Mountain.

Why is it that every video game
has lava in it?

(Francis) Technically, that's not true.

There's no lava in Halo.

And in Metroid, it's molten magma.

Can't touch the lava, or it's game over.

But I have six lives left.

Doesn't matter.
You fall in, you lose.

The game's getting tougher, guys.

This is impossible.

What do you think, Grandpa?


Let's go another way.
Follow me, boys.

This doesn't make any sense.

I give them a map.

I give them the girl.

What more do they want?

Can't I just lead them to the door?

Lmpossible, sir.
The way the game's A.I. Works is--

I know. I know.

Can I just talk to myself at least?

You are talking to yourself.
I am you.

Well, then, you, me, shut up.

So be it.

Am I insane?


They're going the wrong way.

I have to drive them to level five.

Send in the Tinker Toys.

Finding another path.
Now, this is good thinking.

She's good.
We should listen to her more often.

- Stay off my side.
- OK.

(machinery rattling)

What is this?


Tinker Toys!

Wait! What's worse, lava or Tinker Toys?

Definitely Tinker Toys.

Carmen, what do we do?

(lava splashes)

(up-tempo music plays)





Rip that wave, Juni.

What are they doing?

They're straying from the path.

The Toymaker must be
pushing them towards his lair.

But why?
What could he gain from...

Check if there's a connection between
the grandfather and the Toymaker.

Hurry, people!

It's coming on-screen.

Comrades turned enemies.

Grandpa's gonna break the Toymaker
out of the game.

Stop them.

Stir the lava. Bigger waves.

Lava monsters. Anything.

We have to create obstacles for them.

Come on!

We have to drown them.

They'll get a game over
and be evacuated from the game.

We can't risk letting the Toymaker out.

Do it.

This is new.










Where are they?

They fell in.

I know, but they should have
gotten a game over.

They should be back here, actually.


(thinking) Huh?

The lava. It's cold.

(thinking) This way. Juni. This way.
We found a door to the next level.

Come on.

I thought I was a goner.

I saw all my points
flashing away before my eyes.

All I could hear was
my father saying, "You blew it, Arnold."

"No untold riches for you."


Where's Grandpa?

I don't know. But he was here.

Isn't this a piece of his armor?

Carmen, it's a passage.
Help me open it.

Red flag, Rez.

We have to talk about the Guy.
Highly sensitive.

What about him?

I've been rereading my tech manual.

It speaks of a deceiver within the game,

who will mislead you down a path
where no one will survive.

I think Juni's the deceiver.

What do you suggest?

We'll have to get rid of him
or risk losing the game.

What about his sister?

Her too.

- How much time do we have left?
- Five minutes.

What happens in five minutes?

This place gets flooded
with players from around the world.

Oh, great. Competition.

The Toymaker will take over their minds.

That's why we have to
shut down the game.

- Sh, Carmen!
- What is she talking about?

You didn't tell them yet, did you?

I was getting around to it.


What about the other side of level five?

There is no other side.
You'll be imprisoned in the game.

Game over.

We're not letting you shut down this game.

You're gonna see how fast
that counter can count backwards.

You have to go through me first, game boy.

Now, listen to me.
I'm the Guy.

Stop saying you're the Guy.

We all know that you're not the Guy.

(man #2) He's not the Guy.


I am.

And you are?

I'm the Guy.

The real Guy.

And I say we go in,

beat this unwinnable level,
and get to the other side,

where untold riches
and a bounty fit for 10 kings awaits us.

I knew it.

Now, he's definitely the Guy.

But it's unwinnable.

Nothing is unwinnable

if we join together and battle as one.

We play on each other's strengths

and help cover each other's weaknesses.

We can accomplish anything.

And we will accomplish everything.

But first let's go whip this unwinnable level

and show it who's boss.

Are you with me?


Stand aside.


Aah! Aah!

(electricity crackling)



Oh, my.



OK. You're the Guy again.

Get us through this, Juni.

But I...


Juni, quickly!

I found the switch to shut down the game.

I also found the exit portal.

We can all get out of here right now.

How did you survive?

There was a glitch in the game.
I don't know.

Juni, who is this?

This is Demetra, my girlf...

My friend.
No, she's my--

I'm his girlfriend.
Who are you?

I'm his sister.

She gave me the map.
The map that got us here.

Juni, she's not real.

What are you talking about?

I've been helping Juni win the game.

What have you been doing?

Playing prisoner. That's what.

She set you up, Juni.
She set us all up.

I... Juni, she's lying.

She's been the Toymaker's prisoner.

She could be brainwashed, for all we know.

Do you want to win this game or not?

She's the reason this level's unwinnable.

She's the deceiver.


I'm sorry, Juni.

But it's in my programming.

(Toymaker) Congratulations!

You've made it to the end
of the game! You won!

Untold riches for all of you!

And your prize
is you get to stay... here.

Welcome to the game.

(Grandpa) Juni, this way.

This is the way out.

All of you, quickly!

We have to shut down the game.

I already did.
The switch is right there.

- Are you sure?
- Yes, yes.

Go. Quickly, quickly.

Run, Grandpa!

Go. I'll hold it open.

Go now!


I can't hold it open forever, Juni.

We made it.

Here's our e-mail addresses.
Just in case.


You're awesome, Grandpa.

The way you took on those Tinker Toys.

You're the coolest.

Thanks for everything, Guy.

It was real. Sort of.

- Thanks a lot, Guy.
- (knuckles cracking)

What's wrong?

You don't want to leave, do you?

How can I go back, Juni?

In here, I can walk.
I can run.

And you look at me
like I'm some kind of superhero.

You are.

Out there in the real world, to me.

You are.

All right, Juni.

I shall go back if...

if you promise me that even
though I'll be in a wheelchair,

that you will look at me
no differently than you are now.

Because on the inside, Juni,
on the inside, I feel like this.

I promise, Grandpa.

Time to go.


Coming through.
Coming through, please.

Those video games
are killers on the eyes, huh, kid?

Agent Cortez, we'll take it from here.

My grandson will handle this.

Don't touch.
This is Corinthian leather.



So tell me again
how you shut off the game.

I don't know if we shut it down, exactly.

We hit a switch, and it seemed to work.

Oh, it worked.
The game's down.

We just need to make sure
we did this correctly.

Actually, Grandpa hit the switch.

Cortez, are these the boys
that were in the game with you?

We tracked them
through their e-mail addresses.

Yeah, that's them.
They wouldn't know anything about...

Hey, wait a second.

What happened to Francis the Brain,

Arnold the Strong, and Mr. Cool?

Well, in the real world, I'm not that smart.

I'm not strong.

I'm not cool.

Reality check.

So who are you out here in the real world?

Special Agent Cortez, we need you.


I'm just Juni Cortez.

Let's have it, Grandpa.
What switch did you hit exactly?

There were two switches side by side.

One switch shuts down the game.

But the other releases the Toymaker.

Who was the idiot who designed that?

(sighs/clears throat)

Did you free the Toymaker by accident?

Oh, I freed the Toymaker.
But it was no accident.

Do you want to stop the game?

Then you must defeat the Toymaker.
It's the only way.

You crazy old man!

Do you know what you've done?

Grandpa, revenge doesn't solve anything.

Will you trust me?
You of all people?

A message from the president.

Oh, what does he want?

I'm coming back to settle the score.

(distorted) For imprisoning me.

For using me.

Devlin set us up?

It's not Devlin.

All I wanted to do was right the wrongs.

Start over a new world.

A new chance.

Where everyone would get
a second chance!

But no.

So now I'm taking this
to the next level!


Seismic activity off the map!

- Aah!
- Aah!




Carmen, let's go!

Everybody, relax!

(both panting)

(heavy footsteps)


Quick! Put your glasses on.

It's the only way you can see
what's really happening.

The game has entered the real world.


There's only one thing to do
in a situation like this.


Call in the family.
Calling all Cortezes.

This is it. This is it.

This is it.

The moment we've been waiting for.


Nobody move. Nobody move!

Nobody touch the brain.
The fifth brain.

(electricity crackles)

This is a historic moment.

Probably the...

Probably the most important...


This is the most important
moment of my life.

No one can disturb me now.

I must activate the brain.


- Mr. Cortez?
- Eh?

Your children called.
Some sort of emergency.

Well, I'm their uncle.

Dad, you need these to see.

Glasses, quick!


This won't be easy.


Let's kick some metal.


What about all the other ones?

We need more help.
Our family isn't big enough.

Remember one thing.
Everyone's your family.

Calling... everyone.

We're here to save the day.

Floop and Minion!

Robot children!

Take 'em down!

Dinky Winks!

Somebody ring the Dinkster?


You're gonna make a nice addition
to my theme park.

Game over for you, pal.
Game over!

Somebody call in a loon?

Sorry, Romero,
this is the only pair we had left.

They're a little broken.

They're perfect.

Charge, Sporky!

Brand him, Daddy.

Thanks, Little Dink.


- Unh!
- Unh!

Gary Giggles?

- Yeah?
- Carmen Cortez.

I need your help right away.

I'm there.

I'm here.

Give me a hand.


- Unh!
- Thanks.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Thank you, Gerti.

There's still one more.

That's impossible.

Someone has to go up there.

And shut it down manually.

It's the only way.

But who?

I'm ready.

It must be done.

Grandpa, no!

Let him go.
Your grandfather has to do this.

Thank you for freeing me,
Valentin, but it's too late.

Nothing can stop me. Not even you.

That's true. Only you can do that.

You double-crossed us.

The agency, your fellow agents, and me.

Your mistake cost me my legs.

Well, a mistake like that

could only push someone
further into the dark.

And it has.

Look at you now.

I gave you back your legs in the game.

I did that for you.

Let me tell you all the things
I've missed in my life

because of the accident you caused.

I can't walk on the beach with my wife.

I missed my daughter's birth.

And wedding.

Shall I continue?



Now let me tell you
all the good things that came of it.




You've been living in fear of me
all these years.

But I've only been searching for you

so I could tell you that I forgive you.

I've only dreamed I would hear
you say something like that.

Now the question is,
can you forgive yourself?

It's never too late, Sebastian.

Take your time.
Take your time to decide.

We have about 10 seconds.




Juni, get out of there!


So, wait a minute.

Who won?

It's not whether you win or lose.

It's how you play the game.

To family.

To family.

- To family.
- To family.

- To family.
- To family.

- To family.
- To family.

To family.

To family.

- To family.
- To family.

To family.

- Family.
- Familia.

- To family.
- To family.

To family.

And break!