Spy 77 (1933) - full transcript

Greta Nissen stars as an Italian noblewoman living a dangerous double life as a spy. A remake of the celebrated German thriller Spione am Werk. Co-starring noted German actor Karl Ludwig ...

Von hombergk
with that Italian girl again.

Yes, I'm
always seeing them together.

He's a lucky dog!

Good evening, hombergk.

I say!

He didn't even look up.

Would you look up if you could look down

at a lovely face like that?

All the same, an officer
of the Austrian general staff

with a foreigner when war
might break out at any moment.

I don't quite like the look of it.


Hombergk's as straight as a die.

Maybe, but when a woman's
concerned, you never know.

Can you believe it, my dear?

It's only a week ago.

A week ago tonight.

I feel I've known you all my life.

Excuse me, it sounds so banal.

It doesn't matter.

We know nothing about each other.

That doesn't matter either.

Or does it matter to you?

You know it doesn't.

I've told you, I trust you.

What is it?

Oh, nothing.

If only things could go
on as they are, always.

Dearest, I'm in a silly
nervous mood tonight.

And I haven't thanked you
properly for your lovely roses.

Must you drag me away like this?

The call of duty, my
dear, perhaps you have been

forgetting it lately?

Where are we going?

Back to your flat, every
paper and document must be

destroyed immediately.


What's happened?

Someone's given us away.

What have you been saying
to your friend, hombergk?

He knows nothing about me.

I'm sure he doesn't.

Perhaps, all the same,
your little romance

was becoming too serious.

Was becoming?

You'll have to get across the
frontier into Italy tonight.

Have you seen the marchess galdi?

I'm sorry herr hauptmann,
the marchessa has just left.


I have a message from
an oberst Von waldmiller.

He wishes to see you
at your house at once.

Herr oberst.

Wait outside.

We have come to search your
room, hauptmann Von hombergk.

To search my...

We received a report which...

Which places you under the suspicion

of a very grave offence.

Speaking personally, I must
say, I don't believe there's

an atom of truth in it,
but orders must be obeyed.

I understand.

If you want to find the plans
of the new gun-emplacements,

look in the large atlas.

It's impossible!

So I should have thought,
but the source of information,

and the evidence here, are too much.

Herr hauptmann Von
hombergk, I have to arrest you

for being in unlawful possession of

secret military documents.

But herr oberst, I
know nothing about it.

Herr hauptmann Von hombergk, your sword.

The general staff is very proud

of its fine record, hombergk.

It is for you to see that
it is not tarnished now.

They've found out that
the plans for the new

gun emplacements on the north
west section have been stolen.



Our agent was in danger
of being discovered.

So we had to direct suspicion on to...

On to someone else.


Oh, that needn't concern us any longer.

But who was it?

Your passport's in order.

You should have no
difficulty about getting

across the frontier.

You're hiding something from me.

Who is it?


Not hombergk?

What a remarkable thing
feminine intuition is.

But, you don't understand.

I love him!

That's the very reason I chose him.

Love can't be allowed to
interfere with your duty

to your country.

Wien, 1-7-4-2-2.


Marcella, what is it?

It's no use warning him, it's too late.

This has gone far enough,
pull yourself together.

That's the worst of
employing women agents.

They never can keep their sentiment

out of their work.

But I tell you, you're wrong.

I hope I am.

But I'm afraid you get
to prove it, my dear.



But they'll shoot
him, don't you realise.

Of course, my dear, but war is war.

Hello, yes?

General fleighner's troops failed to stop

the Italian attack.

What, dead?

General fleishner's dead, sir.

Shell got him.

Our attack was timed for 6:20.

At 6:00 the Italians opened their barrage

and attacked before us.

There must be a leakage somewhere.

Get onto the secret service high command

in Vienna.

This is becoming impossible.

We've kept the Italians
completely in the dark

as to our plans until recently, and now

these last few weeks, it's...

It makes one almost
suspect that someone here

is giving away information.


I can't make it out.


Extension 1-3-5.

Find out if c-38 has got
over the frontier yet.

Will you come this way, please.


What do you want?

You'll see in a minute.

He's c-38 all right.

C-38 has been caught.

That makes the 4th.

You know, I'm absolutely
convinced that this

is the work of number 77.

All right, I'll see him.

Ja, herr oberst.

And don't let him leave the building

without my permission.

Ja, herr oberst.

What do you make of that?

Fancy daring
to show his face in here.

You must admit he's got courage.

You'd better go into the listening room

and take down the interview in shorthand.

May I see you alone, herr oberst?

Very well.

You may go, feldwebel.

How is it that you are in uniform?

I joined up under an
assumed name and I have been

on the Russian front for
the last year and a half.

I've been hit twice, and was
recently promoted sergeant.

I was discharged from hospital yesterday.

My papers.

Well, and what do you want?

My army traditions, I
ought to have blown out

my brains I suppose.

One word from you and I may be arrested

and shot, however, I have come here.


Herr oberst, I knew
nothing about the plans.

It must have been a plot.

Give me a chance to clear my name.

Give me the most dangerous job you know.

Present arms, ready, fire!

Now, there must be an
Italian spy here in Vienna.

But we only know his code number, 77.

Now this man gets
information through to Italy,

which he could only have got from someone

on the general staff.

All our investigations
here have been fruitless.

Four of our agents received
their instructions here

in this room, to get into
Italy and try to discover

the identity of this number 77.

All four have been caught.

Very well, we must try once more.

Now, this is the job
I want you to take on.


You realise the dangers?

I do.

Very well.

I'll give you the address
of an intelligence man

in Rome, whom only I know.

Thank you.

And how will you get there?

I'll get there.

Quick, it's an Austrian plane.

3rd battery, Austrian
plane, fokker 2-seater

at 4,000 feet.


Stop a minute.

There's a man lying in
those bushes up there.

Sergeant rossi.

Your loving nephew, enrico.

That's all.

Dear uncle davila.

Here I am in hospital with a slight wound.

Only annoyed that it
delays my visit to you.

Meanwhile, I will try get leave when

as I am convalescent.

But it will be a few days yet.

Everyone is very kind to us, and we

receive many presents.

Remember me to guisleppe and Katrina

your loving nephew, enrico.

And the address?

Signor ermete davila.

Via vaneto 27, Rome.

The post, signor.

Oh, thank you, biotti.

Thank you.

So he got through, one out of five.

The man who got through in that plane

was slightly wounded.

He will probably be in one of the military

hospitals near beluna.

He'll be wearing an
Italian uniform, of course.

But we must find him.

Now I want you to make
a tour of the hospitals

and see if you can locate him.

Of course, signor romanelli.

I, don't think I've
seen you here before.


Were you seriously wounded?

Just a flesh wound in the arm.

And how are you getting on?

I'm doing fine, thank you, sorella.

Which would you like, cigarettes

or something to eat?

Well, I wouldn't say
no to a plate of tripe

and spaghetti.

I'm afraid I haven't
any tripe and spaghetti.

I shouldn't be allowed
if you had, sorella.

I'm still on a light diet.

Nevermind, here are some cigarettes.

Thank you, sorella,
thank you very much indeed.

Did you ever see such eyes?

Yeah, she reminds me once
of a girl I knew in...

Oh well, let's see what you've got.

Oh, you can have it.

Really, rossi, I'm surprised at you.

Whatever possessed you to be so rude

to the visiting sorella?

She was being so kind.

Sorry, superiora, you're quite right.

I'll go and apologise.

That's better.

By the way dottore,
is there any objection

to my seeing all the letters before they

are distributed?

None at all.

Our instructions are to carry out

your orders implicitly.

Sergente, see that all
the letters are taken

to sorella marcella's
room before distribution.

Yes, sir.

What are you doing here?

I see.

If you wish to have
me arrested, go ahead.

You must get away from here, and go back

to Austria, at once.

We know all about you.

You're in great danger.


The Italian secret service.

And you're a member of it.

I see.

You were concerned in
my disgrace in Vienna

two years ago.

You don't believe that, Michael.

I did my best to prevent it.

I tried to warn you,
but don't you see that...

Yes, sorella marcella speaking.

No, colonello, no, nothing to report...

As yet.

Certainly, colonello, if you think it will

be of any use.

The evening round will be at six o'clock.

Thank you.

You can't stay here.

Romanelli, the head of the secret service

is coming to search.

You must get away.

I'm sorry, I can't.

Very well, if you won't take the chance

I'm offering you, I shall
have to give you up.

You must do as you like.

Michael, don't make
me do a thing like that.

Surely, you must believe me.

I'm even betraying my
country to let you go.

Don't force me to give you up, please.


Sergente rossi, can I have a pass

to go into town?

Just one minute.

Yes, yes, certainly.

Let him go.

Thank you, signor capitano.

I hope you'll find the
watch keeps good time now.

Good morning. - Good morning.

Good morning, signor.

Good morning, may I
speak to signor ricci?

You may, sir.

In fact, you are speaking to him now.

And what can I do for you?

My uncle davila asked me to call on you.

Ah, yes!

I've been expecting you.

I've got everything ready for you.

There you are.

You'll find something to fit you in there.

I must congratulate you...


All the other four failed.

Well, now you will go
to Rome as a commercial

traveller and take this little musical box

with you, and give it to davila.

Pretty, eh?

It can tell you a lot if you understand

its language.

I tell you, the editor
of that paper is crazy.

Now this is what I wrote.

"As the red glow of the setting sun

gilds the peaks of the dolomites

in all your splendour,
our brave troops attack

the enemy position."

Now what does the man do?

Cuts out my sunset!

The man's a...

No flair.

No talent.

Now what do you say, hmm?

Oh, may I introduce myself, bluentzle,

the corriere Stella di roma.

Now where would the
war be without

us correspondents, eh?


All passports, please.

They never stop asking for passports

on this line.

What have you got there?

Open it, please.

I'm travelling with Swiss alarm clocks.

Where are you going?

To Rome.

Well, I must say, you've fitted

out your nephew excellently, uncle.

Perfect, they might
have been made for you.

Yes, I don't look like
a desperate criminal.

Perhaps it's just as well.

Read that.

5,000 lira reward.

It is now almost certain
that the

5,000 lira.

Dear dear.

So you see, they are going to do

their utmost to get you.

Fortunately the description of you

isn't very accurate.

Well, and how about the plan of action?

Oh, that's all fixed.

You're now Mr. Van marken, a friend

and fellow art dealer of mine.

One of my clients, conte
valenti, is very anxious

to meet someone who
will buy his collection

of old masters.

And how can conte valenti help us?

Well, conte valenti,
you see, is an intimate

friend of colonello romanelli, the chief

of military news department.


In fact, he is waiting in the foyer

downstairs to meet you
at this very moment.

Shall we go down?


Ah, my dear, conte.

I hope I haven't kept you waiting.

Not at all.

This is my friend, Mr. Van marken.

How do you do?

How do you do?

Davila has told me all about you.

I hope it was a good report.

Oh, most.

He tells me you're an even greater expert

than he is.

Perhaps you'd be so
kind as to dine with me,

and then later we might discuss business.

I'd be delighted.

You'll join us, davila?

I'm sorry, but I'm
afraid I've got another

engagement in a few minutes time.

Oh, that's too bad.

Perhaps some other time.




Good evening, signor cotoni.

I beg your pardon.

Well, well, the palace
grill room is a strange

place to sell alarm clocks in.

I'm afraid I haven't the...

Oh, we travelled in
the same train together.

I'm sorry, you are mistaken.


Yes, sir?

I'm giving a reception tomorrow evening.

I'd be so pleased if you'd come.

That same time, you
could see my collection.

Colonello romanelli?


You are wanted on the telephone.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

Good evening, valenti.


That's colonello romanelli.

I'll get him over here later.

You'll meet him.

Most interesting chap.


One of my oldest friends.

On leave, I suppose.


No, he's stationed here.

He's head of the information department.

Information department?


Secret service, you know.

Signor colonello, forgive me,

but you're not wanted on the telephone.

Oh, I see.

Well, what do you want?

I think I have some very interesting

information for you.


If I remember rightly, there is a price

of some 5,000 lira on the head

of that Austrian spy.


That man is here.


In the grill room.

I'm almost certain.


On the dais.

Second table to the left.

You mean that man sitting
there with conte valenti.


I met him on the train.

Commercial traveller in a small way.

Look at him lording it
in the palace grill.

And you're sure it's the same man?

Oh yes.

There's something the
matter with his right arm,

I noticed it in the
train and again just now.

The way he holds it.

Well, if you're right,
I can easily confirm it.


Oh, good evening colonello.

Yes, this is marchesa speaking.

Yes, I left Milan at once
when I got your message.


Here in Rome?

But how?

Now, listen, marchesa.

If it really is the man, order champagne.

If it's not, order wine.

Do you understand?

Champagne, yes, wine, no.

Very well, colonello.

I'll come.

Good evening, valenti.

Good evening. - How are you?

May I introduce Mr. Van marken.

How do you do?

How do you do?

Won't you join us?

Thanks very much, but
I'm expecting a lady.

All the better.

Thank you.

Is this your first visit to Rome?

- Yes.
- I see.

Well, I do hope you enjoy it.

You may be right, my dear, valenti,

but I'm sure you will agree

that every artist has a certain period

when his art is at its best.

Do forgive us for
talking shop, romanelli.

But you know how it is when
a couple of enthusiasts

get together.

- Of course.
- Well.

Here's to Italian art.

And to the Italian victory.


Good evening, marchesa.

Good evening.

Marchesa, may I present, Mr. Van marken.

Mr. Van marken.

Sit down, please.

What will you drink, marchesa?


No, not champagne.

Just some wine, please.

You are quite sure?

Quite sure.

Thank you.


Will you excuse me a moment?

Of course.

Well, signor colonello?

Make more sure of your facts

before you waste my time again.

Michael, I must see you alone.

Michael, I begged you to leave Italy

when you were at the hospital.

Why didn't you go?

How could 1?

I hadn't finished my job.

Don't you see, it's
useless to go on trying?

Give it up and go back, please.

You're asking an impossibility.

Michael, you can't hope
to succeed, you know it.

The odds are too heavy against you.

You don't suppose for one moment

I came to the hotel
tonight by chance, do you?

You mean...

I was sent for by romanelli.


I came to confirm whether or not

Mr. Van marken was the Austrian spy.

Your passport, please, sir.

Thank you.

Thank you, sir.

I went to that hotel
tonight with the intention

of having you arrested.

And why didn't you?

Why didn't you?



Good morning, signor colonello.

Good morning, Marie.

Good morning, marchesa.

Excuse me for disturbing you so early,

but the matter was extremely urgent.



Number 77 arrives in Rome tonight.

Do you know why 77 is coming?


It's in connection with the
impending Austrian attack.

Where are they going to meet, here?

I think not.

I know.

Ask him to come to valenti's tonight.

To the reception?

Why not?

He wouldn't be noticed
in that crowd of people.

In the meantime, marchesa,
would you go ahead

and make arrangements so that we can

talk somewhere undisturbed?

I'll see that you're
informed the moment I arrive.

I shall be there by, let me see.

I'll be there at 11.

Very well, colonello.

I'll be there for the ballet at 10:30.

I shall be watching it from
the corner of the ball room.


Thank you, marchesa.

Allow me.

Goodbye, marchesa.


Someone is coming to Rome tonight,

someone who knows you.

Yes, I know.

Number 77.

Suppose you were to meet.

Well, I'm been fairly lucky up to now.

Someday your luck may change.

And then...

And then?

Don't let us think about it.

One, three, five.

One, three, five.

Allow me.

What are you doing here?

Let me help you.

What's your game?

You've kept me waiting a dickens

of a long time, however, it was only

to be expected, I suppose.

Service for ladies first, and then...

Secret service, eh?

Oh no, put that revolver away.

Those things make such a noise.

We shall have all the
hotel out here presently.


What do you want?


Well, let's get to business.

There is a price of
5,000 lira on your head.

How much is it worth if
I let you keep your head?

5,000 lira.


I should have thought it
would have been worth more.

Herr hauptmann Von hombergk.

I see.

You've come to bargain
with me for my life.

Oh, there need be no
question of bargaining.

Let's say 15,000 lira.

All right.

You shall have the money
when I've completed my job

and got out of the country.

Very well.

And where's your guarantee?

My word of honour as a gentleman.

All right.

And where's yours?

My word of honour as a journalist.

No other guarantee?

The difference between five and 15,000.

All right.

And now, please, get out.

A pity though.

I feel we might be of further
service to each other.

We journalists have so many
sources of information.

Oh, should you want me urgently,

and who knows, you can find me almost

any evening in Giovanni's
cafe in the via Apia.

I had great difficulty
in getting here at all.

You see, number 77 couldn't come.

The Austrians have gotten suspicious.

In fact, so much so,
they keep countermining

their orders to try and
throw us off the scent.

Now, we can only get the times and dates

of their attacks an hour
before they're due to begin.

I see.

I myself daren't go back to Austria.

If I did, we might endanger
the whole organisation.

So I settled everything with our men

in Vienna before I left.

Tomorrow night, we send over a pilot

who will meet number
77, and get through him

personally, the exact details
of the new Austrian offensive.

Go first thing to the air force

headquarters at udine.

Where you will send me
your most reliable pilot.

You will receive detailed
instructions from me.

I understand.

Anything else?


Now comes the question of the plane.

It should of course, if possible,

have Austrian markings.

- Oh, count valenti.
- Yes?

Have you seen Mr. Van marken?

I expect you'll find him
in the picture gallery.

He's looking at my paintings.

Thank you.

Giovannis cafe via Apia.

You want to make money?

Of course, I told you.

I want a lot of information.

I want a lot of money.

Now listen.

Tomorrow colonello romanelli is sending

a pilot to udine.

I've got to know who that man is.

I, uh...

Could I get a light, too?

I think I can manage that.

How much will you pay me?

Wait, there's more yet.


I must have that pilot's papers.

That will be difficult.

Not even for 20,0007?

20,000 lira?


Not quite so difficult.

Do you know where this pilot's from?

Captaino, I'm sending
you because I know that

whatever happens, you won't let me down.

Thank you, signor maggiore.

You will leave for udine at 12.

When you arrive, open this letter.

In it you will find further instructions.

May I speak to signor
capitano valdo, please?

Certainly, sir.

Ah, signor capitano valdo?


Can I speak to you alone for a moment?

Oh, very well, in here.

Secret service, I
have orders to take you

to udine at once.

But it is only 10:00.

I'm very sorry, signor valdo,

but my orders are to take you at once.

I have a car waiting.

Very well.

I'm sorry, marchesa, but Mr. Van marken

hasn't been back to the
hotel since yesterday.

Yesterday, are you sure?


His key is still there.

And there's no message?

No marchesa.

Conte valenti is also waiting for him.

Conte valenti.

Good afternoon, marchesa.

Are you expecting Mr. Van marken?

Yes, I had an appointment
for 3:00, and it's

now half-past.

I can't understand it.

Tell me, where did
you meet Mr. Van marken?

At davila's place.

Davila, who is he?

You know davila, the art dealer.

Signor davila?

Yes, what can I do for you?

I am inspector traponi of
the secret service police.

I have a warrant to search your house.



Biotti, just show these
gentleman the house, will you?


The inspector and his men
are probably here by now.

I gave orders to have this place searched

the moment I got your message.

Well, inspector, anything to report?

No, colonello, nothing yet.

Well, what's the matter?

Magneto, I believe.

Sorry, captain valdo, but I'm afraid

it's mag trouble.

How long will it take to get it ready?

Oh, about half an hour.

Well, there's an inn there.

Good, might as well go wait inside

until it's ready, huh?

All right.

Come and report when you're ready.

Good evening, gentleman.

Good evening.

Well, what's yours, capitano?

Well uh...

Ah, I have a wonderful orvieto, sir.

Oh yes, I know about it.

It's a wonderful wine, sir.

You won't get a wine like this again

in a hurry.

It sounds pretty good to me.

What do you say?
Yes, we'll have some.

Yes, sir, thank you very much, sir.

What's this for?

Oh, that's the key to one
of the musical boxes I sell.

Got one here?

Yes, there are quite
a number on the table.

May I look?

By all means.

Very interesting.

Take down the message and see

if you can make anything of it.

Very good, sir.

In the meantime signor davila,

I'm afraid I must place you under arrest.

Confound this breakdown.

It's going to make us late.

Yes, it's a damned nuisance.

These things always happen
at the wrong moment.

However, there's nothing
to worry about though,

we're in no real hurry.


Tell me, signor...


What extraordinary names you do have

in the secret service.

What a ghastly row.

Well, I think that's better.

Well, I think we're going
to give the Austrians

a surprise this time.

The Austrians.

Oh, yes, yes, yes.

No mistake about that.

Let's drink to it, shall we?


This is the best I can make of it

in the time, sir.

Thank you.

There's a
good deal missing, sir,

but will definitely be filled in later.

Yes, that's all right.

This makes it pretty clear
that davila is our man.

Thank you.

Congratulations, marchesa.

A most brilliant piece of work.

We know, the Austrians have been doing

their damnedest to catch number 77.

But we stopped their little
game and re-established

communications with him.

So the next Italian
offensive will be a triumph.

I see.

That means that if number 77 were exposed,

we fail and thousands of our soldiers

would be killed.

But, of course.

Number 77 holds their lives in his hands.

However, there's no chance of that now.

Within the next hour our pilot sets out

from udine.

- Udine?
- Yes.

Oh, yes, yes, of course.

And I have every hope that his mission

will be successful.

Vickel, all right. Uh huh?

Do you mind if I go now?

Of course not, marchesa.

Thank you, colonello.

To udine as fast as you can.

All right?


He'll be another four hours.

Here, take these.

I'll drive.

It's as secret as possible.

He will not report to headquarters,

but will come straight to you.

It's waiting.

We've got an Austrian plane that made

a forced landing behind our lines,

which makes it easier.

Well, thank you.

Capitano valdo, I'm expected.

Yes, signor capitano.

One moment, please.

Signor capitano valdo is here.

Yes, thank you.

Signor, room 22.

Capitano valdo.

Capitano valdo, you've
flown across the country

behind the Austrian line several times.

Are you acquainted with
the section between

laybeck and krainberg?



Now, three kilometres west of zieland,

you will find a railway line.

You will land here at dawn.

There will be someone waiting for you.

Number 77 will be half a mile up the road.

The password is roma 7-7.

He will give you a sealed envelope

that you must bring back
to udine at all costs.

Remember, capitano, that on you depends

the whole success of
the next day's attack.

Your plane is all ready,
and you'll have to hurry.

Here is your Austrian uniform.

How much further to udine?

About 40 kilometres.

Haven't I seen you before?

Now, where have I seen you?

Yes, we've met before.

Two years ago.

Hauptmann Von hombergk.

Do you remember now?

To the aerodome, humber seven squadron.

The way to the aerodome?

Straight on.

Well, so long and good luck.

That's all right.

Well, you might say thank you.

Even if it did cost you 35,000 lira.

That's quite enough.

We'll skip the thanks.

Has the pilot of number
seven squadron left yet?

No, that's his plane over there.

The plane's all ready, sir.

Right, get my gloves in the car.

Yes, sir.


Michael, you've got to stop.


Michael, you must stop.

Out of my way, nothing can stop me now.

I'll find a way, I'll stop you.

You're too late.

No I'm not.

I'll raise the alarm in a second.

But I won't if you'll promise
not to use that information.

You must be mad to ask it.

But don't you understand,
all those soldiers lives.

I can't betray them,
they're my countrymen.

Don't you understand?

No, you've got to stop.

Don't, I tell you, stay.

I won't let you go.

Please stay.


You'll kill yourself, let go.

I don't care.

Marcella, for pity's sake, let go.


I'll tell you all.

Don't go!


Roma 7-7.

Roma 7-7.


This is indeed a triumph
for you, hombergk.

A very bitter one, larco, I assure you.

Oh, surely not.

It has cost too much.


It hardly seems possible.

Herr hauptmann Von hombergk,
we owe you an apology.

If there's anything I can do.

Herr oberst, I'd like
to go back to the front

as soon as possible.