Spy (2015) - full transcript

Susan Cooper is an unassuming, deskbound CIA analyst, and the unsung hero behind the Agency's most dangerous missions. But when her partner falls off the grid and another top agent is compromised, she volunteers to go deep undercover to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealer, and prevent a global crisis.





Hang up.

Bradley Fine.

l'm honored.

Pleasure's all mine.

Tell me where the bomb is.

1 0 seconds, or you're dead.


You see, when my men and l hid it...

I made sure to erase any witnesses.

And then l erased the erasers.

Which means,
I'm now the onIy one who knows...

just where that dangerously
compact and transportable nuke is.


l'd say l have more than 1 0 seconds.

Well then, in that case,
l'd say you'd better start--

Oh, fuck!

Oh, my God!

Why did you do that?

l didn't do it on purpose.
There's like a ton of pollen in here!

Oh, God! Christmas on a cracker!

Did you take your medicine?

l forgot it on the plane.

I toId you this morning,
I put extra in aII yourjackets!

You did?

Great. Shit! Thanks.

No, you know what?

That's on me,
because l heard you sniffle a while ago...

and l did nothing with that information.

So that's blood on my hands, really--

You know what? You got three coming in.

Get out the back door now.


Anybody in here?

Yeah, we got one
coming around the corner, now.

Your three guests are coming
out that door behind you right now.

Watch your six.



l should've brought more bullets.

l thought they were chocolate sprinkles,
which l would eat, normally, by the fistful...

but this tasted like--

There's no other way to say it, really.

Like a rat's arse.

Guys, can you please keep it down?

Unfortunately, there's vermin in the ceiling again,
and l hate to say it, but...

they've pooped all over your cake.

-l'm going left?

l need you to go right
and head down the tunnel.

You've got one coming around to your right,
and he's got a swarm behind him.

That's my girl.

Oh, l don't know.

Watch your back.

That was a close one, Fine.

-Who's the finest of them all?
-You are.

Oh, Bradley, you're so fine
You're so fine, you bIow my mind

Hey, BradIey!

Oh, God, duck!

Nice moves, Fine.
PiIates has been working out for you.

You noticed?

Yeah, you just seem looser.
Like, in your hips.

l mean athletically... speaking.

l don't know.
l guess you don't seem so awkward.

Shut up!

-Going straight?

Go right up the stairs.

You're gonna find a little friend
on the first landing.

Thanks for your help.

You're cIear to the top.

Get moving.

Oh, my God! The rats can fly!

Come on, you guys!

All right, Fine. Stop at the door.

You got a guard approaching.
I'II teII you when.

Wait for it, Fine. Three...

two, one. Now!

Oh, dear, did l forget to knock?

They're clawing at my hair!

l can't see!

What do you mean, you can't see me?

l'm good. You've got SUVs approaching.

Go to the dock!

Dock. Excellent idea.

Boyanov's boat is at the end.

No keys, Coop.

The panel's on the lower left
under the steering wheel.

You can hotwire it.

l can't get to the wires!

Then stay down and hold your ears!

How will l hear
your beautiful voice?

Stop being adorable and get down!

Lock on coordinates 43.1 6547...


and fire, now.

Close one!

Nice drone work, Coop!

I couId kiss you.

l would accept that with an open mouth.

Soon as l'm back, dinner is on me.

Great work, Coop.

Hey, pick up my dry cleaning for me,
would you?

Also, get my car.

Sure. No problem.

And l have to fire my gardener.

He keeps running over the sprinkler heads
with the mower.

Can you cut him loose for me?

Yeah. Yeah, sure.

You kidding? l'd love it!

You're the best.

Smell you later, pal.

God. Poor Jaime.

The thing is, Jaime, that...

These are your children?

-Your children, here?
-Yeah, l have children.

l just have to cover those eyes.

They're looking right at me.

Please, don't fire me.

No. Jaime, l would never.

This is more of a review.



The lawnmower

Right to that lawnmower.

You're a killer, Susan.

These look delicious.

l don't wanna be critical,
but this is very chewy.


You're eating a hand towel.

Just cleansing my palate.

Jeez. You had to take me to such a dump?

Come on, cheapskate!

Burger King was booked up.

Sorry. l'm having dinner
with Gallagher over here.

Guard your fruit!

You could. You're funny.
Your timing is perfect.

Never as funny as you, Super Cooper.

To another successful mission.

Go team.

Hey, l've been thinking.


l couldn't do what l do without you.

And l've been thinking about doing
something special for you...

Good gravy, Fine.

Oh. That's--

lt's a crazy cupcake!

-You love cakes.

l'm not a big cake.... l make cakes.
Yes. l see the connection.

Now you can wear a cake.

How did you know
l don't care for traditional jewelry?

l can't seem to stop looking at it...

and it can't stop looking at me.

lmagine how awkward it would've been
if it'd been a diamond ring or something.

Not a diamond ring! No!

l would've had to say,
"l don't want to marry you!"

l don't want your muscly arms and hands...

rubbing my back with Nivea
for the rest of my life.

And our three kids run in, you know...

Karen, Tommy and Billy...

and we'd say "Get out of here!"

And they'd just all have that beautiful jaw...

and sky-blue eyes, and a full mouth. l mean...

no, thank you.

l'll just, you know, l'll just--

Can you give me a little jewelry
l can actually wear?

Not gonna wear it?

Yes. l was just saving it.

Put it on!

Look at that. Wow, that's a--

-That is an adjustable toggle.
-Adjustable toggle.

You don't see that with a lot ofjewelry.

-lt's so you.
-ls it?

Wow, perfect.

Somebody's jealous.

Seriously, l couldn't do what l do
without you, in my earpiece.

l could never do what you do.

Can you imagine me as a spy?

Oh, my God.

-Out in the field.

-With a gun!

"Hi, terrorists. Oh, golly!

"Oh, l shot myself!

"l meant to shoot you, not me!"

That's probably what l'd say.

"Hey, terrorists, you better watch out,
or l'll make you a chocolate cake.

"Do you like chocolate?
Well, then l'll make you a vanilla."

They would never let me be a spy.

l can't even dress like a spy.

Look at you and your tailored--

Everything is cut right.

And mine is like a lumpy,
pumpkin sack dress.

Oh, come--

lt doesn't even have a label.
l think my mom made it.

No, stop.

l should get on my hands and knees
and start scooping.

Good God.

-Go easy on yourself.

We're a perfect team. That's why we work.


Come here.

Come here. Close.

l think you're getting pinkeye.

What? No.

-Right there.
-No, that's not--

Did you wipe your eye
after you cleaned out the cat box?

l don't have cats.

Why did l think that?

l don't know.

You should get some.
They're good company.

We've intercepted chatter...

that the weapon is still being offered
to the highest bidder.

Someone other than Boyanov
knows where that nuke is.

lt's probably his daughter, Rayna.
She's really the only person he's trusted.

Jesus, Cooper, do you have pinkeye?

Go home.
You're going to infect everybody.

Told you.

No, it's not pinkeye, ma'am.

lt's just l'm having
a bit of an allergic reaction.

Well, l'm allergic to disgusting childhood illnesses,
so stay away from me.


Anyway, you're right.

After Boyanov's death, Rayna went
to a safety deposit box at a DSK bank in Varna.

The chatter picked up later that night.

What do we know about her?

l can pull up her file.

That's stuck.

lt's just a little warm in here.

Pull up my file.

Jesus! Not my keyboard
with your pinkeye-infected fingers!

Why don't you just cry directly
into my mouth while you're at it?

lt really is just an allergic reaction--

Sit down. l'll do it.

-Okay, l'm gonna go sit down.
-Rayna Boyanov.

Majored in international law at Oxford.
Top of her class.

Been living in London
for the past 1 0 years.

We know she has been communicating
with the heads of several terrorist organizations.

Most ominously...

Solsa Dudaev, the al-Qaeda-funded
leader of the Chechen Martyrs' Brigade.

We have compelling evidence
that he has the machinery in place...

to get that nuke to New York in time
for next week's UN General Assembly.

l'm already packed.

One of our sources was told
she has taken up residence outside of Sofia.

Go get her.

Grab my things, Coop.

Jesus, Cooper,
go put on some sunglasses or something.

l feel like you're a Gypsy,
cursing me with it.

Yep, l'm on it.

-Yeah, that's all good.
-Oh, Fine?

-Hey, Super Cooper.

l just was feeling a little weird about...

-Oh, yeah?
-...some of the stuff, and l think the intel...

on Rayna's location seems a little too easy.

l just.... Something doesn't feel right.

lt'll be right when we get Rayna behind bars
and that nuke back in our hands.

Yeah, sure. l just....

l don't know. All my alarm bells
are going off with this one.

Really? Well, then, it's okay
'cause l have a plan.

You and l gotta stop going
on these awful missions.

Run off together.

Do you mean that?


Do l mean that? You got me. You kidder.

You sucker! No.

You should have seen your face!
You were like....

Fine, l'm sorry if l....

Don't be. God, l admire you.

"I admire you"?

Well, did he at least say it
in a flirty tone that says...

"And because of my admiration,
l shall now take my shirt off...

-"and penetrate ye"?

The only way he'd invite me to his bedroom
is if he wants me to fix his bed.

l'm so stupid.

Can l just have a sip of your wine?

lt's quite buttery.

Wow. Okay, we could order you
your own glass.

That was mine!

My life is a disaster.

No, it's not.

l'm 40, l live by myself...

l haven't been in a real relationship
since Jerry left me three years ago.

Well, Jerry was a jackass.

When l gave up teaching to join the ClA,
l thought everything was gonna be different.

l thought l was gonna be this amazing spy.

l'm just the same boring person
l was before.

Well, for what it's worth,
l think you're brilliant as you are.

You're exciting.
Come on, let's cheer you up.

Okay. My nephew loves this. All right.

Okay. Thanks. lsn't your nephew three?

My God. That's the same face.

-Okay, this will be different.
-Exactly the same face.

This will be different.


That's the exact same thing.

How is that the same thing?
There was a little bit of tongue there.

Please stop. That's not cheering me up.

Do you know what?
l'm glad you said that to Fine.

l am, because you play it too safe.

l still hear my mom's voice...

"Well-behaved women often make history."

Yes, you do know the phrase is...

"Well-behaved women
seldom make history"?

Yeah. That's never how she said it.

What were her others?

"Just blend in. Let somebody else win."

-l got that a lot in high school.

And there was
"Give up on your dream, Susan."

She used to write that in my lunchbox.

l mean, look, okay?

What's really so different between us...

and Karen Walker?

l think literally everything.

No, hang on, no, because you were
just as good as her at the Academy.

She's had more successful missions
than even Fine.

She's the worst.

Look at her.
She thinks she's so perfect, doesn't she?

"Hi, l'm Karen Walker, super spy."

Perfect hair. Perfect face.

She probably cries herself
to sleep every night.

-l don't think she probably does.
-She probably does.

And not, like, sort of cute, little tears.

Like, really sort of silent, kind of big.

l don't think that's what--

Like a sort of upside down kidney bean.

"This is what l look like when l'm asleep."

Shut up, be quiet.

She won't know who we are.
She's so full of herself.

Hi. Hey, Nancy. Hi, Susan.


Look at you two cuties
sitting here being all cute.

Oh, you.

Can l have an Old Fashioned, please?

The service is really slow.

-Super slow.
-Good luck getting that in the next hour.

-Here you go, Miss Walker.
-Thank you.

Alan and l go way back.
l come here all the time.

So do we. Right, Alan?

Hey, Alan. Alan!

Big A, Big A!

Al! We got a whole--

Miss Walker, are these two bothering you?

-No, thank you. They're fine.


He's the sweetest.

-He totally pretends not to know.
-He's funny.


Anyway, l'm taking some time off,
so l'll see you guys when l get back.

Where are you going?



l believe it's "Cahpri."
That's how the locals say it, anyway.

l wish l could just stick around here...

curl up with a good book.

But l have a yacht full of friends
waiting for me.

-Yachts are the worst.

They seem so glamorous, but...

-They're the worst.
-Boo, yachts.

Anyhoo, l'll see you guys when l get back,
all freckled and tan.

We're gonna see you.



Susan is ill.

lt's her stomach.

Oh, my God. Thank you for that.

-Why would you do that?
-l panicked.

What a great moment.

Just look at her.

l know. That dress.

Look at that confidence.

You're not even allowed to smoke in here.

l'm gonna go home.

No, come on.



Feel better.

Thank you. Yeah.

Fine, you good?

Okay, Coop. Just pulling up.

Susan, you're killing it.

Good. lt's the chicory.


Any sign of her in the house?

Heat sensors aren't picking anything up.
There's some kind of interference.

l don't like this, Fine.

l'm up for the challenge.

Let's go in.

Shoot, there's something wrong
with your camera.

Can you switch it out for a new one?

Too late.

No security.

Her father would never have
left himself this exposed.

Pull back, Fine. This is too easy.

l like things that are easy.

Oh, my God, Fine!

l don't know how
you do things like that.


Who's the finest of them all?

l don't know.

l'm guessing you?

Drop your weapon.

Fine, what's happening?

Let me guess. Whoever is in your ear
wants to know what's happening?

He's about to die.

That's what.

An awfully big gun
for such a little girl.

God, don't say stuff like that.

There's a knife rack
directly to your right.

The way she's holding the gun,
she's not experienced.

If you duck and Iunge,
you can get the knife and disarm her.

Did someone just suggest that you
grab one of those knives?

No, no, no!

Damn it!


Can they see me right now?

Let me adjust the angIe a IittIe bit.

Oh, my God, Fine.

His name was BradIey Fine.
He worked for the ClA.

Other top agents include
Matthew Wright, Timothy Cress...

Rick Ford and Karen Walker.

Come on, Fine. Come on.

I know who aII your active agents are.

So, unless you'd like
the body count to grow...

I suggest you stay far away from me.

Now grab some tissues,
because shit's about to get reaI sad.

No, no--

Oh, my God, Fine.

As Deputy Director...

l have never had
a more difficult duty...

than to bid farewell
to colleagues taken from us.

From Dover, to the family services...

to memorials like these...

it's tough to say goodbye.

There's nothing
you could have done, Susan.

Bradley Fine was more
than just a coworker and a friend.

He was part of our family.

And as family, even knowing that the
universe has a plan for each human life...

it's hard to accept the sudden loss of
such a good and decent person.

There's a knife rack
directIy to your right.

Susan, l got your assessment report
on Rayna Boyanov.

l know you're probably feeling
a lot of emotion right now...

but please refrain from using
the term "thundercunt."

Oh, my God.
l didn't realize l wrote that.

l'm sorry.

Nancy, l'm sending you a photo.
lt's in pretty bad shape.

Can you enhance it?


How the fuck did this twat
find out our fucking names?

We don't know.

And dial it way back
with the "T" word, Ford.

-You're not immune from the HR department.
-Grow up.

And "twat" means something
completely different in England.

Here it means a vagina.

Anyway, obviously
we're talking about a mole.

lt could be a mole,
they could have hacked our system.

lt's anyone's guess.

The bottom line is
Rayna Boyanov is about to sell...

a small-scale tactical nuclear weapon
to a terrorist organization...

and we don't know where she
or the bomb is.

Fortunately, our analyst
Susan Cooper found a lead.

Rayna had the number
of Sergio De Luca...

and we've long suspected De Luca
of working as an intermediary with terrorist groups.

Rayna may be using him
to find buyers for the nuke.

The number was to an office
he keeps in Paris.

l told you to send me in there
instead of Fine, and you didn't.

And now Fine is dead.
l'm going the fuck in.

You can't.

We need someone to follow De Luca
without being detected...

and that will hopefully
take us to Rayna...

but it can't be any of you.

Here's what we do...

l go into the Face/Off machine,
get a whole new face.

l turn up, they never know it's me.

Do you have quarters?
Because it costs 50 cents.

What, l gotta pay?

No, because it doesn't exist.

Yes, it does!

l heard Cress and Wright
talking about it in the shitter.

l'm pretty sure
they were pulling your leg.

You pair of fucking vaginas.

Seriously, you've got to cut that out.

Jesus. Look, one of us has to go in.

Doesn't matter if we've been exposed.

We've all gone deep before,
and we've always gotten our guy.

Guys, this is more than just a kill mission.

We can get Rayna, De Luca,
and some top terrorist leadership...

and get the weapon back
if we do this right.

We just need someone who can shadow them
without attracting attention.

We need someone invisible.

l'll do it.

Okay, thanks, lunch lady.

l'm serious.

l have never been out in the field.

Exactly. Stupid fucking idea.

My point is that it's highly doubtful
that l've ever been exposed.

But you worked with Fine.

-They may have a record of you, too.

But the odds of them
knowing my face are very low.

Miss Crocker, l would really like to do this.

For Fine.

What are you gonna do?
Bring one of your cats as a sidekick?

l don't have any cats!

You're not seriously considering this,
are you?

Look here, Betty--

Ford, if you call me Betty Crocker,
l will rip your fucking heart out of your chest.

Not only did l become a citizen
and take a vow to protect this country...

l also took a vow to avenge
my fallen comrades. We all fucking did.

-No, we didn't.
-Not me.

l'm pretty sure we all took a fucking vow.
l remember it.

l remember raising my fucking hand
and saying some shit.

lf you think l'm gonna sit by
and let you send in a fucking secretary...

to do my work...

you might as well accept
my resignation now.

lf l can jump in,
l am technically classified as an agent.


Full agent. So...

agent, agent, agent, l'm an agent.

Are you considering this?

For your safety,
and the safety of those around this table...

l am considering it.

Then consider this, l quit.

And l know there's a fucking
Face/Off machine.

You're just keeping it secret from me.

That hasn't happened before.

lt is quite a lovely office.

What's your deal, Cooper?

What do you mean?

You got a fiery side?

l really did, in that report,
mean to write "cunning."

l've been going over your files.

You were top of your class at the Academy,
in all computer and support skills.

No surprise there.

But you have a certain...

tame demeanor around the office,
that says you've never even held a gun.

So imagine my surprise...

when l saw footage from this drill
back at The Farm.

ls that-- l can't even...

ls that me? l can't really...

Stupid gun!

Somebody definitely sped this up.

Camera angle and stuff make...

Cooper, Cooper, stop!
Jesus Christ, what are you--


Out of context, that's...

l must have watched this 1 5 times now...

because what the fuck?

l almost put it up on YouTube.

l was, to say the least,
uncomfortable with the event.

But l would also like to say,
it was over 1 0 years ago.

The instructor was not harmed.

Fine was your mentor, right?


Why did you not become a field agent?

We're such a great fit
and a great team.

Fine made some great points.

Maybe l match better with,
just staying--

-ln his ear.

Yeah, he sniped you. All the top agents
used to do that before l got here.

l really thought he made some
great points.


Have you had any field training since then?
1 0 years is a long time.

No, ma'am.

Normally, l would send you back to The Farm,
but there's no time...

and l can't take a chance of
anyone leaking your name.

Am l going?

You're going.

Okay. Jeez. Sorry.

But it's a track and report
mission only.

Got it.

We'll be giving you a new identity.
You'll no longer be Susan Cooper.

-l had a few ideas for that.
-Your new name--

l was just spitballing and l thought...

Seraphina, Maddox, Gisele--

Carol Jenkins.

lf l may, ma'am, there was a
1 3-year-old girl named Carol...

that used to kind of
take me around the neighborhood...

and use my braid as a dog leash...

and make me beg for biscuits--

Carol Jenkins.

Yes. Carol Jenkins, huh?

Carol Jenkins is
a single mother of four...

temporarily relocated from Delaware
to increase sales for a software company.

Okay, that is...

a different occup--

-ls there a problem?

l was just wondering if this was my family,
or if l had taken hostages.

l'm just not sure...

how De Luca is gonna take me
seriously if l look like this.

De Luca is not going to
take you anything.

ln case you did not hear me...

you are not to make direct contact
with any of the targets.

Track and report.

We're setting you up in a surveillance office
across the street from De Luca's.

You'll be tapped into
the same telecom trunk...

and have access to voice and data
coming into his office...

and that is as sexy as it gets.

One mistake, and we've got
a nuclear bomb in the hands of terrorists.

Do you understand?


Go see Patrick.
He's got special equipment for you.

Oh, my God.

What are you doing?

Did you come up with your spy name yet?

Mine would be "Amber Valentine."

That sounds like
you're an adult film star.

No, l did the spy name formula.

"Amber" was the name of my first pet,
and l grew up on Valentine Street.

That's how you come up with
your porn name.

-l thought it was your spy name!

What would yours be?

"Meatball Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard."


Oh, my God.

This is so exciting!

You're a spy!

l know! l know!

Oh, my God!

You're gonna get one of those!

No, l'm not!

Look at that!

That looks high-tech.

lt's like the future.


Hey, Patrick.


l was given specific instructions by Elaine
to tailor these gadgets to you.

-Wow, look at that watch.

These are not yours.

ls that a rape whistle?

Elaine wanted you to only be
carrying items...

a single woman travelling
through Europe would have.

But she could get that at any pharmacy.

Not this whistle.

When you blow through this whistle,
a small, poisonous dart flies out...

neutralizing your target.

Also, it needs your fingerprints on it
to work.

-That is really neat!
-Stop it, that's amazing.

-That is really super cool!
-l love that!

This anti-fungal spray
can freeze and disable...

any security system.


That is quite an image
to be carrying all over Europe.

lt's also a pepper spray.

Why not just make it look like
pepper spray?

That's a pretty good idea.

Well, next time.

l can wait,
if you want to print up a new label.

No, l'd have
to turn the printer on again.

l don't really want to.

Each of these
are filled with chloroform.

Wow, that is an unsettling amount
of hemorrhoid wipes.

Makes me kind of wonder...

what, exactly, is going on back there.

l wouldn't know.
l don't have that problem.

l don't have that problem.

lf you ever feel like
you have been poisoned...

chew one of these.

Have l done something to you
to upset you?

Because this is a peculiar theme.

Finally, every agent gets
a night vision scope...

hidden in their watch.

l have heard about this.
l've been looking--

Who's that?

That is Bette Midler
and Barbara Hershey.

From Beaches.

How much am l
supposed to like Beaches?

l would imagine a lot,
if you have the watch.

-Pat, l'm flying!

Don't wear out the battery on that.

Am l getting that?

No, you're not gonna get that.

l've already packed your bags.
Hurry up and get dressed.

Carol Jenkins has to
get to the airport immediately.

And may l say...

l think it's very brave of you
to sacrifice your life for your country.

l'm not sacrifi--
l'm coming back.

Let's see.

Hey, Pat! l'm gonna totally
crop dust these guys.

Way to go, Anthony.

Just pardon me.

Oh, God. l think l shit my pants.

You look amazing, Susan.

l look like someone's homophobic aunt.


Hôtel Modière, please.

This is so exciting.

The Louvre.


That's a beautiful hotel.

Not that one?

l hope it's that. ls it that one?

Nope. Maybe next time.

l think we're getting into
a little dicier of an area.

That's a little unsavory.

l think we can probably
go back towards...

my hotel.

No, no, no.

No, this...

l don't believe this could be
the Hôtel Modière.

This is. Yes, it is.

Oh, man.

Keep it together, Susan, okay?


Please tell me you can hear me.

l'm here. l've got you.


You'll be pleased to hear
the bats have officially gone.

We are now vermin free.

Did you get your gun, Carol?

Yes, and don't call me that.

Oh, my God. Cripes.
l think l'm having a heart attack.

I can't do this, Nancy.
Fine was the reaI spy, not me!

Don't worry.

l'm here for you, okay?
Everything is gonna be fine.

l'm gonna talk you through this,
all right?

Put your camera in.
I want to see your room.

No, you don't. lt's that bad.

Martha Stewart had a breakdown,
kind of feel.


Looks like they put you up in
The Shitz-Carlton.

Try and get some sleep...

and we'll get started
first thing in the morning.

l don't know what l'm gonna do
when l see that Rayna woman.

l want her dead for what she did to Fine.

Okay. Deep breaths.

Listen to me. You're not gonna get
anywhere near her...

so there's nothing to worry about.

Oh, God. Really?


there's a mouse on my tits.

l think you're safer there.

-All right. Good night.

You got this, Susan. Okay.

You're a warrior.

You're a weapon. Okay?

-This is no sweat.
-Looks like you're sweating to me.


What are you doing in my room?

What, how did l get into this
shit-box hotel room?

Because l'm a real spy.

l thought you quit.

We have to stop the sale
of a nuclear bomb...

and they send in someone who looks like
Santa Claus' fucking wife.

Did you forget? l am undercover,
because you're not supposed to be here.

l make a habit of doing things
that people say l can't do.

Walk through fire...

water-ski blindfolded...

take up piano at a late age...

and l'm gonna take down De Luca
and Rayna and Dudaev...

and l'm gonna get that bomb back.

Why do you even care what l do?

You really think you're ready for the field?

l once used defibrillators on myself.

l've pulled shards of glass
out of my fucking eye.

l've jumped from a high-rise building...

using only a raincoat as a parachute...

and broke both legs upon landing.

And l still had to pretend
l was in a fucking Cirque du Soleil show!

l've swallowed enough microchips
and shit them back out again...

to make a computer.

This arm has been ripped off completely...

and reattached with this fucking arm.

l don't know that that's possible.

l mean, medically.

During the threat
of an assassination attempt...

l appeared, convincingly,
in front of Congress...

as Barack Obama.

ln blackface?

That's not appropriate.

l watched the couple that raised me
explode in a van.

l watched the woman l love
get tossed from a plane...

and hit by another plane, midair.

l drove a car off a freeway...

on top of a train...

while l was on fire.

Not the car.

l was on fire.

Jesus, you're intense.

l took this from your minibar.

Well, that's not right.

You're gonna ruin this mission.

No, you're gonna ruin this mission!


You are.

No, you're going to!

You, times infinity.

Could this hotel be more murder-y?

Okay, so my office is in here...

which means that De Luca is
right across the street at 39--

Oh, God. Tell me
that's not De Luca's building?

De Luca must have known we were coming.

What am l supposed to do now?

Okay, don't panic.

Lemonade out of lemons.
Stay focused. We can do this.

Excuse me, please.

When was that fire?

Last night. Quite a blaze.


May l?

Go ahead, go ahead.

Does that man live on this street?

No, l do not know him.

Okay, l've got it.

l'll run it through the system.
lt will take a few minutes.

Nothing's coming up.

Might just be a looky-loo.

Keep Iooking.

l've got a feeling about this guy.

l've got a feeling
you're about to fuck things up.

Bugger me with a fish pole. lt's Ford.

Sharon, Ford's in the field.
Did you know this?

Until he checks in,
there's nothing l can do.

You go make some friends,
and stop stalking me!

Was it your mission to tip off the target
so he burns everything in advance?

lf so, well done. Phenomenal job.

l'm sure they got suspicious because
they've been seeing you all over the place!

You're gonna get yourself killed.

Nothing kills me.

l'm immune to 1 79
different types of poison.

l know, because l ingested them
all at once...

when l was deep undercover...

in an underground,
poison-ingesting crime ring.

-lt was like dog fighting.

But instead of dogs fighting,
it was humans ingesting poison...

and rich people would bet...

whether we would live or die.

Yeah, l'm having a hard time
with this one.

l died for five minutes,
and then l came back to life.

What's he wear--? He looks like
he's in the cast of Newsies.

Does Crocker even know you're here?

l don't need anyone's permission
to save the country...

and avenge my dear friend
Bradley Fine's death.

You didn't even like him.
You used to call him "Beverly Whine"!

You had him as Secret Santa
and you gave him tampons!

lt's called the rivalry of men.
You wouldn't understand.

Unless you've got a dong up,
underneath that skirt.

That is super rude,
and don't say "dong"...

and don't do that!

Nobody sees me
when l don't want them to.

l move like a fucking shadow.

He's gone all sorts of rogue.

Sharon says he really did quit.
Elaine couldn't stop him.

He's out for blood.

Yeah, real tough guy in his
Louis Vuitton backpack.

Nancy, do you see that?

lt's the man from the fire.

l'm following him.


And l'm following you, following him,
so l'm having quite a day, here.

Do you think Ford's Ieading him
into a trap?

ldiot doesn't even know
he's being followed.

He's meeting with some woman.

l don't recognize her.
You have any idea who she is?

No, it's hard to make out.

Can you get any closer?

Nancy, our guy just switched out
Ford's backpack. lt's a setup.

l gotta go warn him!

Ford! Ford!

Look out! l gotta get through!

l left my baby in the shop!

Get out of the way!
Let me through, l'm sick!

Susan, tell them you've shat your pants.

That would get me out of your way,
for sure.

l've shat my pants!

Excuse me. Ford!

He's got a friend.

Hello, everybody!


l need the mic!

No! l need--


No, no, no!

Susan, you're meant to be blending in.

What are you doing?

God! Move!

Rick Ford!

Give me the mic!

How are you doing this in heels?

Oh, God.

Rick Ford!

They switched the bag!

Oh, fuck.

Get out of the fucking way!


Get out of his way!


Oh, no.

Nancy, l'm in pursuit of
one of the terrorists!

He took my picture!
He's gonna blow my cover!

You're in pursuit?

What in God's name are you gonna do
if you catch him?

Knock him out with a hemorrhoid wipe.
l don't know!

I'm just gonna track him
and report his Iocation.

This all seems very Rick Ford-y to me.

I do not condone these sexy
but reckless actions of yours, Susan!

Oh, God. He went into a building.


Well done. That's it.
Time to call it a day.

Location is officiaIIy noted.

l'm following him in.


l'm doing this for Fine.

He's at the top of the stairs.

Oh, gosh, please be careful.

You are incredibly out of your league.

This is just like when
l watched myself in a sex tape.

There was just a lot of floundering
and laughable moments.

Nancy, l need you to not talk
until l ask you to.

l'm sorry, it's just that
l'm really nervous.

Be careful, Susan.


Oh, hey.

lmagine running into you up here.

l was just looking for my bird.
Just looking--

Hey, Mr. Beanbag!

You like birds?

All right. All right.

l'm gonna give you a warning.

l don't wanna see any more of that
funny bomb stuff, you know?

All right. That's enough.

Drop the knife, or l'll shoot.

l don't think you will.

You see, it works better when you have
the bullets inside the gun.


l guess that ClA training
isn't what it used to be.

l guess you're right, asshole.

No, no, no!

Oh, God!

Susan, what did you do?

Oh, God, not on him.

Not on him!

Oh, God, why did l have that stew?

Rayna's peopIe obviousIy knew
Ford was in Paris.

And getting footage...

of a ClA operative setting off
a bomb in public...

would be a PR coup for any terrorist group.

Do we have anything on
that woman he met?

Facial recognition isn't showing anything.

They were all over Ford.
Are you able to track him?

Goddamn Ford is still off the grid in Paris.

l know because he keeps trying
to hack into our system for intel.

He's like a dog
that gets loose from his yard...

and keeps humping and shitting
his way through the neighborhood.

Would be a lot easier if--

Oh, my God!


Ford's is bigger.

This is uncomfortable.

Why do they always point at it?
We can see it.

He's dead though, isn't he? That's a waste.

Oh, God. A video.

l can only imagine what this is.

You get everything on camera.

Base out of the hotel,
and go back there after the attack.

l'll take Renaldo to Rome.


Do we have a record of anyone
with that name?

-Not that l'm aware of.

Are you Iistening to me?

I was just testing the camera.

Stop it! Find Ford!


Come on, what is wrong with this person?

Damn it.

Well, now the screen's frozen. Hang on.

-Come on, not the hourglass.
-Cooper, put down the goddamn camera.

Nancy, can you pull up Fine's POV cam
from Boyanov's office?

Look on the desk.
There's some photos there.

See if you find one of him
standing next to a car.

Renaldo is a Rolls-Royce.

Hack into the Rolls' tracking system.

That car is a Wraith, so it has a
satellite-aided transmission.

Then tap into Boyanov's feed.

His GPS should tell you
exactly where De Luca is in Rome, right now.

l'm gonna head to the airport.

Forget it, Cooper.
You're coming back immediately.

Ma'am, l really think l can do this.

And l'm not one to toot my own horn,
but you know what? l'm gonna toot...

and say that I just saved
a Iot of peopIe.

We are so close to getting Rayna
and that bomb.

Pull back the rug in the corner.

You'll be given a new identity.

Oh, thank God.


Your name is Penny Morgan.

You're a divorced housewife from lowa.

You've soId more Mary Kay products...

than anyone eIse in your state...

and you've traded in
the free car you've won...

to fund a trip through Europe.

My hobbies
are découpage and needlepoint.

l collect porcelain dolls...

and l'm the vice president
of the Ames Garden Club.

I couIdn't even be president?

Maybe l should just be married
to one of the dolls...

just to make it extra sad.

Ten cats. Why do l have ten cats?

ls that even legal?

Fine always got to be a businessman.

One time he was a race car driver.

Well, there's the ten cats.

Just missing a shirt that says
l've never felt the touch of a man.

Cooper, you're right.

You did good work back there.

That would have been a real mess.

Thank you, ma'am.

You still went with the cat lady.

lt was already in the floor.

Great, that's a real confidence builder.

Did you find De Luca?

He's been at the Majestic Hotel,
but he's just left, heading...

south, okay?

l'll guide you to him.
l've sent an ally to drive you.

Elaine said nothing fancy,
so l've gone with earthy.

You wanna stop the car?



Welcome to Roma!

Thank you.

l'm Aldo.

Like the shoe store
found in American malls.

l'm Penny, like the penny.

Like a penny!

-Or like penne aIIa vodka!

Did you just grab my butt?


Come. We need to get you to De Luca.

Jiminy Christmas!

Oh, my God!

Don't worry, l have you!

Aldo, slow down!

Nancy, are you sure this guy
is even an agent?

Absolutely. He's the best!

There have been some complaints
filed against him.

Watch the road, watch the road!

Watch the road! Oh, my God!

Watch the road!

Wow, Aldo is making great time.

A dead end!

This can't be right!

Oh, my God!


lntriguing lady, we are here.

Now, you must go...

because l fear if l stare into your
beautiful green eyes a moment longer...

l will fall in love.

Oh! Too late.

My God, does that ever work?

l will take that as...

That's a "no."

-A "no."
-Take that as a "no."

You were just hitting on me.

-l like to play the odds.
-Yeah. Well, good luck.

Here is my phone number.

Memorize it, then burn it.

These people we are dealing with,
they like to....

How you say? Murder entire families.

Do you have something for me?

Do l have something for you?

Would you like something from me?

Not that.

What do you want from me?

You're supposed to have an envelope
with my gun in it.

l don't have a gun.

l am just aroused from looking at you.

lt was joke.

There is no gun.

They said you would no longer
be needing one.

Good luck!

Good gravy.
Was Pepé Le Pew not available?

Stop complaining, Suzie.

You're getting more action
than l have had in days.


Years. Three years and 40 days.

Do we have an update on De Luca?

Yes, he should be pulling up...

right about now.

Oh, wow. He is hot.

l'm not gonna lie to you.
l don't think l can be objective anymore.

l'm rooting for that guy.
l want him to win.

l'm joking, Susan. Don't report me.

He's handsy.

Let's set up camp in the pastry shop
behind you.

According to AIdo,
De Luca spends aII night in the casino.

l'm going in, Nancy.

Susan, you heard Elaine.

Track and report. No contact!

l'll track De Luca inside,
then l'll report.

And if he initiates contact with me...

-l'll just go with it.

Your "cat lady" look
is not gonna fit in in there.

That's why Penny Morgan
is gonna burn her cat T-shirt...

and spend some of that Mary Kay money.

This is full-blown rogue!

You guys are terrible!

l really hope De Luca is still in there,
for your sake.

And they're not gonna
reimburse you for all that.

You shouId have gone
to cheaper stores, Susan.

Okay, l'm going offline, Nancy.

No, wait!


Well, buongiorno, boys!

lf l'm not out in 1 0 minutes,
it's because l won the place.

Let me just rub that for luck.

That's an oily scalp.

l'm sorry, but l have to check you in.

-Your name, please?
-Penny Morgan.

l don't see you on the list.
l'm so sorry.

She's with me.


You're late. The way you look...

l'd say it was more than worth the wait.

Let's get a drink.

Such a gentleman.

You look absolutely stunning tonight
here, darling.

What the fuck are you doing
in here, arsehole?

That's quite a tone change, isn't it?

What are you doing in here?
You are completely compromising me right now.

l'm compromising you? Fucking hilarious.

You were about to cause a scene
trying to get into this fucking place.

Give me a little credit.
What do you think l'm gonna do?

Run over there and be like,
"Hey, l'm a crazy lady!

"Where's the buffet? l'm from the Midwest.
Where's Blue Man Group?"

l am not an idiot, Ford.
You are an idiot.

You should not be in this casino...

because De Luca is here
and l need to get close to him.

How you gonna do that?
How you gonna do that, Cooper?

What, are you gonna seduce him?
That your big fucking plan?

Yeah, what if it is?
Why is that so hard to believe?

Because you look like a flute player
in a wedding band.

That's fucking why!

l'm here to take De Luca out.

lt sounds romantic.
l hope you get lucky!

God damn it,
if l was trying to sound romantic...

you'd be lying on the floor,
soaking wet and breathless...

wondering what came over you.

But l'm not,
so get the fuck out of my way!

l need you to rein it in, buddy, okay?

lf you take out De Luca,
we don't have a shot at getting Rayna.

So take it down, like,
5,000 notches!

Take it down? That's how you get
polonium-21 0 slipped into your drink...

and go 1 8 months in intensive care
for radiation poisoning...

and go six months without eyesight...

while everybody you've ever loved
is gunned down!

Really? Everybody that you love
has been gunned down, and just you survive?

Did you ever think that maybe everybody
you love is not being killed...

but they're killing themselves
because they can't stand to be around you?

This shit's the real deal,
life and death.

This, the field...

is a hell of a lot different
than sitting behind your fucking monitor...

googling shit.

Stay away from me, Ford.
And do not let De Luca see you.

And by the way, l can see your gun
sticking out of your back pocket.

Unless you're so extreme
that you've got a second dick...

coming out of your hip!

Ma'am, these seats are reserved.

Of course they are.

l'm gonna have to ask you
to wait outside.

Yes, absolutely.

Nope, not a door?

l knew that. Of course it's not a door.

lt probably happens all the time.

-lt's never happened before.


Now, right here is okay.
No more exploring, please.

Okay. Lovely.

From Mr. De Luca.


Susan. Oh, my God! Hi!

l found her.

l found Rayna. She's with De Luca.

You did it!

Excellent tracking and reporting, madam.

Oh, my God.
Somebody just put something in her drink.

What is it? Is it poison?

l don't think it's a fiber supplement.

She killed Fine, Nance.

l could really enjoy
just watching her die right now.

She's the only one who knows
where the bomb is...

so Dudaev
would never get his hands on it.

Oh, God, Susan.

What are you gonna do?

Excuse me, ma'am.

Hi, do you speak English?

Because l think somebody
just put a roofie in your cocktail.

Are you sure it wasn't you?

What? No! God, l would never!

Could you point the man out?

He just kind of zipped out that door.

He's wearing a purple bowtie.

Thank you, Miss...

Penny. Morgan.

But it's no trouble, really.

l think us ladies
have to watch out for each other.

This kind of thing happens all the time.

People often try to roofie you?

Once, l asked someone for a Tylenol,
and they gave me a Tylenol PM.

l'm not sure
what their intentions were, but...

lt seems they may have found him.
Would you come with me to identify him?

Yes. Of course.

l'm happy to help.

Holy shit.

My friend here said she saw you
put something in my drink.

l don't know any of you people.

l'm just in Rome on business.

l was about to head back to my hotel
and go to sleep.

Perfect. Just in time for a nightcap.

Apparently, there's nothing wrong
with it.

l don't want your drink.

Fuck you, Rayna.


So, joke's on you.

Fuck you!

How long was l out?

You fainted just long enough
for us to laugh at you.

What happened?

lt was all a dream.

l'm just kidding.
A man's throat dissolved.

Sorry, l'm not usually, you know...

Oh, thank you. That's...

surprisingly polite.

Sorry about that.

l've seen a lot of things in my day.
l just haven't--

l have never seen that, exactly.

Penny, do you feel the need to tell anybody
about what you just saw?

l'm not gonna tell anybody.

That asshole got what he deserved.

l knew from the second l saw him,
l thought...

"That guy doesn't deserve a throat."

So, good on you.

l would like to take you to dinner
to say thank you.

And we must discuss this hideous dress.
lt's just hysterical.

Good, that's what l was hoping for.

And by the way...

Hristo was supposed to be
looking after me at the bar...

and making sure
nobody put anything in my drinks.

They'll give him a talking-to.

Seems fair. Maybe dock him a day's wage.

Or shoot him in the head.
That always works.

Rome is quite amaz--

-Rome is the worst.

So boring and tacky.

l'm so glad one of us finally said it.

You have lipstick on your teeth.


Looks like you ate a box of crayons.

Damn it.

Here we are.

These should have been brought out
when we first sat down.

That's exactly what l was thinking.

So far, l'm riddled with disappointment
at the service.

So sorry. Signora, l apologize.

l once saw someone eat...

one of these before.

This is...strange.

Do you always tear your food up
into little pieces?

You look like a squirrel.

l was just checking for the consistency.

You eat like a baby.

Thank you.

So, do you like to have a look
at the wine list?

Yes. Penny, you can order.


Has some heft.


l'm feeling a red.

Kind of a red. l like a lot of noise.

l like a little bit of...

kind of a barky finish.

l tend to like a white...

with the grit of a hummus...

that's, of course, been thinned out.

Just kind ofjump up
in the front of your palate...

and then rip back and sizzle.

Almost a mineral kind of dirt finish...

if we're having meat.
Okay, here, this is looking...

promising. Something with....
This one has nice hints of toast...

and dogwood, l assume?

l will have the Sapori e Delizie.


That is the name of this restaurant.

Yes, l'm aware of that.

So, why don't you surprise us...

with something that we don't know?

Like a delicious bottle of wine.

Right. Sorry, l will be back
in five minutes, okay?

So hard to get good help these days.

Don't you find that? l find that.

I know who aII your active agents are.

Okay, l'm sensing....

Can l do a little do over?

l really don't know how to order wine.
l'm from a small town in lowa.

l saved up my money
to come on this Rome trip.

l had a little jar on my desk at work...

and everybody said,
"You're never gonna make enough money."

But l did, and l'm here.

And then l meet you, and l can't afford...

to eat at a place like this,
and l'm just trying to impress you...

and doing a really poorjob of it.

l thought as much.

Your cheap prom dress
doesn't exactly scream sophistication.

Well, l didn't go to prom, so maybe it is--

When l was a little girl
growing up in Bulgaria...

which is the worst, by the way.

Poor people everywhere
and cabbages constantly cooking.

There was this woman
who was kicked out of her house...

and she lost all her money.

She couldn't even sell her body.

So she became a clown on the streets.

She would perform all her tricks
standing in mud, and just cry and cry.

You remind me of this woman.

Thank you.

l don't know what it is,
but there's something about you.

The fainting, the way you talk...

your terrible sense of style.

l did get this at quite a lovely--

lt makes me sad to think of you here
spending all your savings on Rome.

Come on. We're going to Budapest.


l have some business to finish there...

and you can take my private jet
when we're done...

anywhere you want to get home.

My way of repaying you for saving my life.


ls there a problem?

No. Not at all. Let's go.

Hey! Wait, what?

l'm just talking to the girl!

Okay, okay. Let's not make a scene.

Let me just get my room key out...

and l'll grab a bag and pack my things.

lt's Susan. She's sending a code.

No, they can fly you back later.


And if the rest of your clothes
look like that dress...


...l can send someone
to burn them for you.

"...the power."

Quite a zinger!

Shut down the power
to the Casino Di Rome.


Shut the entire bloody grid down, then!

That would be great.

Everybody, please remain calm
and stay where you are.

Oh, no, what's happening?

l've got this.

What the fuck just happened?

God damn it.

Oh, my God! Rayna.

Thank God your hair broke your fall.
l don't know what happened.

The lights were going out,
and l don't know if it's a robbery.

Two of your guys slammed into me
and took you down.

l think one of them touched my bottom.

l don't know which one,
but l definitely felt a hand.

Are they gonna be okay?

l wouldn't worry about them.
Their fate has just been sealed.

Sorry. l'll let you go.

Shame on you!


This is a really jazzy plane.

ls this yours?

lt was my father's.

You've never been
on a private jet before?


l did get upgraded to premium economy

which was pretty plush.

Premium economy.

Sounds like a pen for dirty animals.

Yeah, probably.

But it was not quite like this.

Thank you.

Why are you being so nice to me?

Can't just be because l remind you
of some sad Bulgarian clown.

You remind me of my mother.


You know that you and l
are pretty close in age.

You're funny.
lt's the Bulgarian clown in you.

-She was marvelous.

But she was different.

Eccentric, like you are.

The moment l saw you standing there
in that abortion of a dress...

Come on.

...it was as if to say...

"This is what l've got, world.
lt's hideous, but it's mine."

This was her.

Oh, wow.

Hey, how'd you get that picture of me?

l look amazing.

Hello, doppelgänger.

She was the only person
l could ever trust.

Well, here's to your mom.

To my mother. And to you.

And here's to you.

You may never be as wise as an owl...

but you'll always be a hoot to me.

What a stupid fucking retarded toast.

You're delightful.

As are you.

Now, where did you say we were headed?


Did you say where?

Oh, God.

If you ever feeI Iike
you have been poisoned...

chew one of these.

Chew one of these.

What happened?

l've never seen somebody
dive for stool softener before.

That's one thing that happened.

What did you do?

Did you drug me?

Of course l did.

l told you, l can't trust anybody.
l had to look through your things.

Anyway, tell me...

are your hemorrhoids
particularly large, orjust tenacious?

Stop texting!

l'm not texting, if you must know.

l'm playing Candy Crush
and l just made level 95.

God, that is so rude!

Jesus, Colin,
what the fuck are you doing?

l'm sorry, Rayna,
but there's been a change of plans.

Who paid you off, Colin?

Colin hasn't worked here for,
like, eight months.

l'm Fredrick.

ls that why you're doing this?
Because l don't remember your fucking name?

Let's just say there's some people
who really want what you're selling.

You don't have to do this.

l can give you
a very comfortable life, Col--

You forgot my name again, didn't you?

-No, l didn't.


Don't say fucking Colin.

Fuck! l don't give a shit
what your name is.

You're the fucking help!

Nice try, Colin...

but Stan and l already sold it to--

lt's Fredrick!


Sorry, lady,
but they only paid me for one--

Come on!

Rayna! Go to the cockpit
and level us out!

Like l know how
to fly a fucking airplane!

That was weird.

Blow that thing all you want, lady.

Yeah? Why don't you blow me, Colin.

lt's Fredrick.

For fuck's sake!

l got it.

l know what to do.

-Are you okay?

l've got a dead man's head up my ass.

This one's for Fine.


Not again!

Do you have any idea
what you're fucking doing?

The controls are so sensitive.


One of these dead fuckers
just shit his pants.

Okay, wait a minute.

l got it.

l think l got-- Okay.


Good thing l learned to use
that flight simulator app, huh?

Congratulations, Penny Morgan.

You just blew your cover.

Now put the plane on autopilot
and get up.

Any bullshit, and l'll blow
your ClA brains all over that control panel.

l know what you're thinking.

And you're wrong.

My real name is--

-Did you come up with your spy name yet?

Mine would be--

Amber Valentine.

What are you, a porn star?

You're fucking hilarious, huh?

l'm a private bodyguard,
and your father hired me to protect you.

Bodyguard? You? Please.

That's funny, because the way l see it,
without me...

you would currently be crashed
in the Alps right now.

Or you'd be laying in a morgue
with a hole burned in your throat.

You little spoiled piece of shit.

Why would my father hire
somebody like you?

Because he trusted me.

And for whatever fucking reason,
he loved you.

Didn't even want you to know
l was watching you.

So he was the one that made me come up
with this whole loser Penny Morgan bullshit.

Yeah, "You look just like my dead mama."

And fuck you for saying
l look anything like that fucking beast.

No wonder your father
never had the son he wanted.

You fuck that monster once...

and you just drop the fucking mic
and walk out.

Fuck you.
Everything you've said is a lie.

What happened?
Did I hit a IittIe sore spot?

Yeah, he always wanted a son,
and you knew it.

Look, he wanted you
to take over the business.

He was just afraid
you were gonna get yourself killed.

So if you wanna live,
and you wanna unload that bomb...

you stick with me.

And if you got a problem with that...

you know what you can do, Rayna?

You and your bullshit accent
can land this fucking plane by yourselves.

Okay, bodyguard.

But if l find out you're lying to me
about any of this...

l'll show you ways to die
you never even dreamed of.

Now, let's go to Budapest.
l need a fucking drink.

Yeah, l bet you fucking do.

My God.

Welcome back to the Four Seasons Budapest,
Miss Boyanov.

Don't talk to me. You're not my friend.
Get away from me.

Move. Move! l got it.

So, what's the plan?
Who are we meeting?

You're my bodyguard,
not my business partner...

so just focus on guarding my body.

So not knowing who we're meeting tonight
is gonna make me extra effective.

That's okay. l get it.

l got shit to do.
You'll probably be fine.

Why don't l go get you
a nice dress to be buried in?


l'm meeting a potential bidder,
if you must know.

lf they don't top the current offer,
the sale will happen tomorrow.

-l don't know yet.


Anton is part of
my security team, psycho!

Yeah, well, guess what?
l don't like his face.

l don't like the looks of your face!

And who the fuck are you?

l'm the person that's gonna cut your
dick off and glue it to your forehead...

so you look like a limp-dick unicorn.

That's who the fuck l am.

Your name should be
"Mr. Bag o' Dicks"...

not "Anton."

Okay. Jesus.
Let's just calm down, okay?

-Does he not look like a bag o' dicks?

l can see why my father liked you now.

Amber is my hired bodyguard.

Be more like her.

And your head better not have
broken my fucking phone.

We've got a big night ahead of us.

Don't be afraid
to clean yourself up, Amber.

Take a shower is what l'm saying.

Don't be afraid to hit water yourself.

You smell like a dead hooker
that washed up on the beach...

then roasted in the sun for a week
before anybody found her body.

You need to take it way down.

l'm sorry, that's too much.
Okay, that was too much.

-Too much.


What are you staring at?

l will destroy you.

And then after l'm done destroying you,
l'll take a picture of what's left...

of your body,
and l'm gonna text it to your mother.

With a little note that says
his last words were...

"My mother was terrible.
You did this to me."

-That's so fucking mean.
-Yeah, l'm so fucking mean.

You're just figuring that out?

Now, give me your coat.

This is a man's coat.

Yeah, but l don't see a man, do l?

l see a reject from The Sound of Music.

lt was my mother's coat,
but she's very masculine.

You look like ABBA took a shit
and put a trench coat on it.

Well, l won't give it to you.

l've been in this dress for 1 2 fucking hours.
Give me your coat.


-No, l won't give.... This is my coat.

l'm gonna reach through
your fucking body...

and rip out your back
like a fucking werewolf.

Without tearing the jacket.

Just so l can wear yourjacket,
and give you a final "Fuck you."

Oh, no, you won't.

l'm gonna take that fucking coat.

l warned you,
you Swedish gummy fish motherfucker!

Oh, my God.

-Oh, my God, Susan!

Hello. Hello?

Just say something to me, pIease.
Susan? Anything.

I cannot handIe this, Susan!

There is nothing in reaI Iife
that someone couId do to a spy...

that is fiIthier or more upsetting
than what my brain wiII cook up right now.

So save me from myself, Susan!

Because you know what's going to happen.
I'm gonna get chattier, aren't I?

Did you know that you can't ever change
having big pores?

Oh, my God, Nancy,
you are driving me nuts!

l couldn't talk because l was
in an elevator filled with people.

You're all right. Oh, thank God.

You disappeared for 12 hours.
We didn't know what happened!

l had to take out my earpiece
and my camera.

Rayna's on to our agents and she was gonna
spot my equipment from a mile away.

You're with Rayna?

You're not supposed to be
within a miIe away of her.

Nancy, l know, but l'm in deep
and l'm getting such good intel.

Please, l just need to remain on
radio silence just a little bit longer.

WeII, don't worry, because I'II be
abIe to keep a better eye on you now.

What are you talking about? How?

What are you doing here?

Elaine wanted to know
exactly what you were up to...

so l tracked your earpiece.
They sent me here to find you.

They sent you?

l'm as unknown as you are,
so they thought my cover was safe.

Did they give you an identity?

lt's so cool.

-l said l wanted to be Amber Valentine...

...and they let me use it.

l don't know why you got to pick your identity.
l had to go as a freaking cat lady.


Who is this?

l'm sorry.
l didn't know the police were here.

This is my colleague, detective.
The one l fucking told you about.

No, you didn't.

Yes, l did, Helen Keller!

You're both named Amber?

What did l tell you about talking to me?

You just said nothing about talking.

You want me to have
Cagney and fucking Lacey explain it to you?

Cagney's coming down
your fucking throat.

Lacey, she's gonna come up your ass.

l'm gonna meet them
in the fucking middle...

and play your heart
like a fucking accordion.

l'm gonna pump that shit until it pops.

You Swedish bitch.

You wouldn't dare.

You gonna cry,
you little Swiss fucking pussy?

-l'm not gonna cry.
-You're crying now!

l'm not!

lt's so fucking hot!

You know, just,
let's leave Anton alone for now.


What's your name?

-Susan Cooper.

-Sorry, it came out.
-What did l--

She's not supposed
to fucking say her real name.

She's one of my best.
She's highly fucking skilled.

Very skilled.

At what? Getting things
out of a high cupboard?

Don't do that.

That's very good! Because l'm tall.

Weirdly, l'm not very good
at reaching high things.

A doctor once said to me
l have the muscle capacity of an infant.

My arms are like two noodles.

Susan, get Rayna to safety, now!

l've got her.


Get away!

Oh, my God!

Who puts a roof on a scooter?
What are you, the Pope?

Get out of the way!

Oh, my God!

This guy is driving crazy!
l can't keep up with him!

Wait a minute.

l got it.

All right, little detour.

Oh, God.

Let's do this!

l am so badass!

l got it.

l know what you're saying.

You're no prize yourself!

Get back to work!

Where are we going?

Smells like cheese under here!

Apologies. l may be sweating...

cheese because l had
quite a hearty lasagna.

Fucking ridiculous clown show!

This fuckery stops now.

Excuse me, do you know if there's a
Popeyes Chicken around here?


l saw a KFC down the way,
but l'm more of a Popeyes guy.

The food is really weird--

Oh, my God, l'll ask someone else!

Okay, enough!

Drop your weapon!

Oh, my God. Karen.

Why aren't you in Capri?

l'm so sorry l shot you.

You must not have known it was me, either.
l changed my hair.

Oh, yeah.

Looks really good. Are those extensions?

No, it's just my hair.

You know, a few clips. Colored.

Okay, if you say so.

l'm sorry.
And l'm sorry about this, too.

Oh, my God.

No, no, no!

Susan! My thighs are on fire!

l don't care! Where is Rayna?

l don't know.
She slipped off me. l was very sweaty.

l thought l asked you to watch her.

l don't know how she ran so fast,
particularly with that hair.

lt must weigh 20 pounds at least.

Maybe she's a witch.
Do you think she put a spell on me?

Karen Walker is dead.

-She's a double agent!

Somebody shot her right in front of me.
l don't know who did it.

l don't know how deep
this whole thing goes.

Oh, my God.

Get your motherfucking asses up here!


But what if she heard?

She didn't hear.

But what if she did hear?

We weren't even talking that loud.

A woman like that has super ears.

Okay, she does not have super ears...

and l'm only bringing this up
because you asked me to...

but you are putting a very negative spin
on this situation.

Wow. We're going with that now,
are we, Amber Valentine?

Susan Cooper, really? Susan Cooper?

Okay. Here we go.

Okay. We got this.

My legs won't seem to move.

Okay, Nancy, l realize that you are scared,
but you are in this now...

and l really, really need you
to hold it together.

Holding it together. l shall now be the most
held-together person you have ever met.

Okay. Let's go.

Oh, dear.

Be prepared for anything. She's erratic.

lt's impossible to tell what she's thinking.

Probably because
she's thinking in Bulgarian.

-What are you doing?
-l'm just tying up my shoelaces.

You're wearing a loafer. Get over here.

Get in!

Shit! People are trying to kill me...

and all that's left of my fucking security team
is you two defending me...

and you look like somebody's
demented aunts on vacation!

Do you have anyone on your team...

other than this asthmatic Big Bird?

Yeah, we usually just use her
for non-physical security resources.

l'm very non-physically resourceful.

l do a lot of reading.
l read palms and maps...

and l've read all of The Hunger Games--

How is that helpful?

l don't know. l'm panicking!

And you!

You have to stop with these stupid
Penny Morgan outfits!

You have to dress like an actual human!

Get me more security when l come
back out here or you're both dead!

Suck on this, Rayna.

This mission's gonna cost you money,
you know.

The clothing allowance cut off
halfway through the last--

My God, can you just please concentrate
on getting the new bodyguard?

-God damn it! Please!
-All right, all right.


l've already contacted the agency.

Come on!

You, in this outfit...


Do we have anything yet?

No one so far, Susan.

Slightly intimidating crowd, however.

Hello, you look nice.

Just keep laughing. Looks fade.

Keep your eyes open.

God damn it, l told you to dress up.

And take off those gloves.

You look like Darth-fucking-Vader.

Yeah? Well, you look like an Ewok
died on your head.

l don't even know what that means.

You're gonna know what it means
when l split you open like a Tauntaun.


Keep an eye out for this woman.
She's the one coming to make the bid.

He's got a friend.

Very pretty.

l'm glad you know what pretty is.

You should remember it
next time you're in a clothing store.

l need you to keep your eyes open.
l may need your help out there.

To close my eyes in the presence
of this beautiful body...

would be a crime.

Oh, God.

Nancy, you know the woman
l spotted in Paris, the bomber?

She's coming tonight to make a bid.

She already works for De Luca
so we know something is up.

l need you to keep an--

Son of a bee sting.

Excuse me, he's mine.


l didn't mean to hit her that hard.
You're like a balloon animal.

Here, take those.

Hi. What are you doing, Ford?

l'm here to help you, Cooper.

You may have found Rayna,
but you cannot lose her.

-This isn't fucking playtime anymore!

lt's playtime on your face,
with your stupid mustache!

Where'd you get that from,
Mr. Potato Head?

You are gonna blow my fucking cover.

Yeah? Sunglasses are not a cover,
they're an accessory.

Get out of here! You're gonna fuck this up
without me around to save your girly ass.

God, l hate you so much!

You can't let your desire for me
put you in danger, Cooper.

God, you wish, Magnum.

You dance like a horny eighth grader.

Are you erect? Get off me!

Blend in, or get the fuck out!

You get out of here!

Yeah, who's dominating now?


Don't, you son of a bitch.

You've gotta be kidding! Get off of me!

-You get off of me!
-Get your silky shirt off of me!

Blend in, or get the fuck out.

Thank you for the beautifuI Iadies.

You guys okay?

Let's welcome Mr. 50 Cent!

What's up, Budapest?

I just had some gouIash.
The shit was on point!

Oh, shit. She's here.

We can't let Rayna see her...

so you need to take out her bodyguards
and l'll deal with her.

Ain't nobody orders me around!

God, do you have a better idea?

Yeah, we release a gas in the club...

causing everybody to get
temporary amnesia.

Get 1 00 sticks of dynamite--

Oh, God! Just go! Just go!

Nancy, l need you to get in here now.

l'm coming, Susan. l'm here!

Pardon. Excuse me.

Okay. l'm here. l'm here.

Wow! 50 Cent Piece!

Thanks for letting me know.

Do not let Rayna see that woman.

Create a diversion, now.

-What kind of diversion?
-A big one!

50, l love you!

Kiss me!

-Get her!
-Take me now!

Turn around.

-Get off!
-l'm coming in!

Nancy, l got her. Meet me outside.

Okay. Right.

l'm fine now.
Thank you so much.


l got my wish. That was it.

l've now got to jump Michael Bublé in Croatia.
He wants me.

All right, Cooper.
l've got this under control.

You're coming with me.

Oh, my God, Susan!

Okay, bigger diversion.

Huge diversion.


l gotta know who she's working for.

Get Rayna out of here!

That's not fair!

God damn it!

Nancy, where are you?

Bit indisposed.

lt turns out 50 Cent doesn't have
a great sense of humor or irony.

l need backup!
l lost my gun in the club!

We're probably more alike than you think!

Okay. Okay.

Oh, shit.

Why'd l get rid of my gloves?

Ow! Motherbutler!

You got a lot of rage in that jumpsuit.

You dead serious?


Wait! Wait a minute!

This isn't what you want, or what l want.

This is like what the Man wants.

Us, you know?
Two smart, pretty brunettes...

kind of breaking each other down.

l mean, you look similar
to a gal l was in college with.

Things happened.

l think we all dabble. lt's mostly
just kind of stuff with hands and--

God, l can't wait to kill you.

That's clean through.

Thanks for your weapon.

lt's been inside you,
so l don't think it should go inside me--

Get up. Get up!

You are under arrest by Susan Cooper...

and the government of the United States.

Rayna, how did you do that?

l didn't.

He did.

Hello, Coop.




Wake up!

Did you have a nice nap?

You were snoring very loudly.

That's just really not the most
upsetting news right now.

My father used to bring people here.

Did he also make you dress
like a slutty dolphin trainer?

He'd starve them...

torture them.

You name it.

But he especially didn't like it
when people lied to him.

Not that l bought it.

-You knew?
-Of course l knew.

l told you, you were better off
in the basement, Coop.

You could have avoided all of this.

And what, Fine?
Now you're a nuclear black marketer?

A terrorist?


he's just fucking me.

You're a loud kisser.

-Excuse me?
-You're a loud kisser.

And it's gross and unappealing.

You look like some old, toothless woman
sucking the jelly out of a donut.

Hey, what's it like sleeping with the man
that killed your father?

Nice try, Coop.

She already knows it was Cress.


You've probably always
been in love with him, haven't you?

Talking in his ear...

hoping eventually one day
he'll fall in love with you.

Poor little, pathetic Susan Coleman.

That's not my last name,
so it's really not much of a burn, is it?




Are you thinking "Groupon"?

No, my name's not "Groupon."

-Keep going.

-That's getting further from it!

Well, whatever the fuck it is,
let's just call you dead.

Hey, baby? l thought we were gonna
hang on to her till tonight.

l changed my mind.


Like l'd waste a bullet on you.

Put her in the room.

Hey, Aldo.

Hello, captured lady.

l failed.

l failed the mission.

Fine is alive...

and he's a traitor.

Don't be downhearted.

My mama said to me...

"Aldo, life is full of sorrow...

"and surprises.

"But, a magnificent pair of bosoms...


Good story.


-Get away from me.
-No, listen.

l haven't got much time.

Why'd you do it, Fine?

This was my only way in.

l had to fake my death to gain Rayna's trust.

I jammed the signaI, popped out my Iens.

It was easy.

l hated to do it to you, Coop,
but l had to. l had to.

Rayna knew aII about our agents...

because Karen Walker sold her the names.

l just couldn't trust anyone at the agency
not to give me away, not even you.

How do l even know
you're telling me the truth?

Did Karen Walker try to kill you?

You shot her?

l'm deep undercover.

But not so deep
that l can't still protect you.

All right, look me in the eye.


Really look me in the eye.

One of your eyes is bigger
than the other.



You're perfect, God damn it.



That hurt.

Good, it was supposed to.


ls he dangerous?

Only if you have boobs.

So did Rayna really know l was a spy?

No. Not until you blew your cover
back at that kitchen.

l really thought she was more
experienced than that.

Thank God she's not, huh?

Because if she was,
you'd be dead now.

-l think they're pretty good covers--
-l gotta go.

We're heading to De Luca's villa
to meet with Dudaev.

Then we're taking him
to wherever the bomb is.

This thing is almost over.

Hang tight.

Hello, bound lady.

Not now, Aldo.

l think Mr. Fine has underestimated you.

You found your targets, you tracked
them down, you fought very hard.


you are a good agent.

You'll get them next time, huh?

Unless we die here.

Then you will not.

You know what,
l'm not going down like this.

l need you to untie me.

Bosom. What?

Stop! God damn it!

Just untie me.

No, you heard Mr. Fine.
He's working a plan.

We have to stay put.

Untie me. Now.

That's my ass.

lt is very difficult to see
or gauge my position.

You're just simply grabbing my ass.

Oh. l am, sorry.

Let's roll to our side.


Oh! Hey!

The knot is very tight,
but l am making progress.

Your hand is way up in there.

My right hand is restrained
from the weight of my body.

-Okay. Let's try this.
-Oh, God.

Okay. l will inchworm my way....

You're being very loud.

Wait. l have idea.

God. Another one?

-Oh, Jesus.
-Don't move.

-Wait, wait, wait!
-Stay still.

No, no, no!

Yes, yes, yes.

-Oh, God!

Can't be happening.

Damn it, l was having such an
empowering moment before this started.

My penis may be gently kissing
the back of your head.

Just untie me before l crush your nuts.

Oh, please.

lf only we had time for such pleasures.


Your face and the knot
are about to enter my colon.

Stop licking it!

lt is done.

Thank you, Aldo.

l don't wanna know why my neck is wet...

but you did excellent work.

Turn around, let me untie you,
and let's get the fuck out of here.

l need you to alert ClA and lnterpol.

l'm gonna go to De Luca's
and back up Fine.

You know where the villa is?

l know everything.

One day, lady super spy...

Susan Cooper...

l will fuck you.

l love this new car smell.

Really nice.

Welcome to Lake Balaton.

l found this staircase and made them
build a house around it.

Our dear Mr. Dudaev will be arriving shortly.

You are about to become
a very rich woman, Rayna.

Which means you'll have to be
a little more careful...

about the company you keep.

So many people have such
terrible agendas...

like perhaps your friend here.

l can see his obvious outer appeal.

You have terrific eyes.


But he also works for the ClA, doesn't he?

An odd choice of companion
for someone in your work, Rayna.

Doesn't exactly inspire confidence
in those around you.

Fuck you, Sergio. You would never
talk to my father like that.

l never had to.

Mr. De Luca, it's true.

l worked for the ClA,
but they think l'm dead.

l'm with Rayna now,
and l'm here to help you both.

You and Karen Walker
are both double agents.

What's going on at the ClA?

Drones taking all the cool assignments?

lf we don't get rid of him right now,
l'm calling off the deal.

Don't you fucking dare.

Yeah, why don't you listen to that asshole.

Don't you fucking dare.

You're a bit outnumbered here, Miss...

l'm sorry, what the fuck is your name?

Susan Cooper. l'm with the ClA.

Jesus. Rayna, did you invite
the entire agency here...

or are they just having a company retreat
at the villa next door?

God, you're funny, huh?

lt's just me.

lt's gonna be in your best interest
to keep Fine and me alive.

l'm trying, but l'm not quite
following your logic.

You want me to slow it down for you?

You're about to meet with Solsa Dudaev...

a man l've been collecting
intelligence on for years.

And l'm guessing that your boys here
are too busy manscaping...

to have told you how he does business.

Because about half the people
he deals with end up dead.

l can tell you what Dudaev's gonna do
five minutes before he even thinks about it.

And l sure as shit know enough
to cover up a Russian flag tattoo...

since Dudaev's brother was
killed by the Russian military. Jesus!

You own a computer?
You heard of fucking Google?

l'll tell you another thing.

You know your little girlfriend...

the one from the Paris bombing?

She's just using you to get to Rayna.

lf it hadn't been for me last night...

she would've kidnapped her at the club...

and then you'd be standing here
with your dick in your hand...

because you'd never find that bomb.

So you need me, De Luca.

And l'm not gonna help you
unless you keep Fine alive.

Now, let me get this straight.

You work for the ClA...

yet you're willing to help me sell
a nuclear bomb...

in order to save this man's life?

Why would l believe that?

Because she's in love with him.

Yeah, so what?

This idiot doesn't even know it.

Too dumb to know
l'd do anything for him.

And fuck the ClA, right?
What have they ever done for me?

Took 1 0 years of my life,
gave me shitty pay...

put me in a basement
with a ceiling full of bats...

that pretty sure gave me pinkeye
or at least an allergy--

Something got fucked up in my eye.

l would've been out a long time ago
if it hadn't been for Fine.

So, yeah, l'll do anything it takes
to keep him alive.

That's pretty pathetic, right?

Extremely pathetic.

God, you're an asshole.

When this is over,
l'm gonna shave that fucking head.

All right, Miss Havisham.

l'll take you up on your offer.

But if you try anything,
l mean anything...

l'll make your dream come true and send
you and your boyfriend to heaven.

Let's go.

Mr. Dudaev.

Welcome to Hungary.

Like Chechnya, only easier to pronounce.

Enough with the bullshit.

Where is the package?

Once my client sees the payment...

she'll take us all
to its very secure hiding spot.

Wherever that may be.

l got it, handsome.

1 00,000,000 Euros
doesn't buy what it used to, does it?

Nice ice, Solsa.


He's all yours.

Gentlemen, if you would follow me.

Here it is.

What is this bullshit?


Solsa, l'll have you know--

lt's the nuke.

Clever girl.

A lead-lined compartment.


The lead lining is thick
as to mask any radiation detection.

My father was extremely good at his job.

You could have warned me, Rayna.

l've been throwing my gym clothes
on top of that thing for a week.

lt is beautiful.

Yes, it is.

What the fuck are you doing?

Conducting business.

Put it in the helicopter.

And don't forget my diamonds.

What the fuck is going on?

De Luca played you, Rayna.

And you led him right to it.

You didn't expect me
to let him have it, did you?

l mean, it's like giving
a Stradivarius to a hillbilly.

l have a buyer who's willing to pay me
500,000,000 Euros for it.

And Dudaev would've never been able
to get that bomb onto American soil.

My buyer will have it
in the middle of New York City...

and use it next week.

So, you know,
if you haven't seen Phantom yet...

So, what?

Does this mean you're gonna
kill me too, Sergio?

l'm afraid so.

Sorry, Rayna. lt's just cleaner that way.
You understand.

Explain it to me, De Luca!

God. He means well.

This day just keeps getting
better and better.

Thanks for the performance, folks.

But sorry, Rayna, show's over.

Go! Go!

Holy shit.

-Where's De Luca?

Get down!


l should have killed you
when l had the chance.


Under the car!

Push it over!


God, use those fucking bird arms
and push it!

What happened?

Did l get him?

De Luca's got the bomb on the helicopter.
Get up!

Oh, fuck me!

l got this.


Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!

Hurry up!

Come on!

Kill her!

l've got this. l've done this before!

Cooper, you're gonna fuck this up!

Shut up and help!

Are you kidding me?

Ford, what the hell are you doing?

l'm gonna crawl up you...

and take out De Luca.

Get your hands off my boobs!

l'm saving you!

Oh, my God. Those do not belong on those!

l can't get a good grip.

Your pants are too slippery!

You should have worn coarser pants.

Well, l'm tired of wearing
my fucking sandpaper pants.

Clench your ass! Clench your fucking ass!

Get out of there!

Help me out!

You motherfucker!

l'm gonna report you to HR.

Hang on tight!

l'm gonna swing like l'm on a trapeze,
and leap my way up to the cockpit--

l told you you was gonna
fuck this up, Cooper!

Holy smokes!

That's high!

God damn it!

Fucking new suit.

This shit ends now!


Oh, my God! l am not in the
fucking mood for your bullshit!

Yeah? Then you'll love this!

l am not in the mood for your bullshit!

Back up!

Sorry, spy.

Playtime's over.

Yeah, it is.

-Say goodbye to your toys!
-What are you doing?

Don't you dare! Oh, my God!



Oh, my God!


l just shot a man!

ls it wrong it felt so right?

lt's so me!

Hey! Heroic lady!

ln my country, there is a saying
about women like you...

"Hot as fuck!"

Oh, God. Not now, Aldo.

Go, Susan!

That was not part of my plan.

Just like a woman
to wearjewelry into battle.

Although, this is the ugliest
fucking necklace l've ever seen!

Yes, it is.

And it's all yours...

with an adjustable toggle!

Here we go. No problem.

Come on!


All right, l got it.

l got it.

Nice copter! Where'd you get it?

lt's 50 Cent's!

l had to deputize him to let us use it!

He is so afraid of me!

l'm a motherfucking spy!

Let's go shoot somebody else!

Simmer down, 50 Cent,
or l'll mount you again.

This day is just getting
better and better!

He wants me!

l think we should land.

l dropped a nuke in the water.

Good job, guys. Sorry about the lake.

All right, motherfucker, don't push.
You're gonna get your pictures.

There's enough 50 to go around.

You know l just helped
kill a terrorist, right?

You ever see Kanye
do some shit like that?

He never, never!

lsn't this wonderful?

l was hoping to spend
the rest of my life in jail.

Give me some quality time
to deal with the fact...

that l was sleeping with the man
who killed my father.

Anyway. Call my lawyer.

Get the Goyard tote from the hotel.
l need everything on time--

Do you think l still work for you?

Whatever. Fuck you.

l knew you really liked me.


Fuck you too.

Don't touch my fucking hair!

What are you looking at?

Oh, God, Aldo, don't--

l am too tired to fend off your groping.


l understand completely.

Look, my real name is Albert...


Look, l'm sorry if my disguise
was a bit much.

l just like to really get into character.

Although l fear l may have become
overexcited at certain points.

Little bit.

By way of apology...

should your work ever
bring you to London...

l would love to take you for dinner.

Okay. Yeah, l think that would be nice.



How you like my English accent, huh?

l learn it from the Downton Abbey.

No, l'm only joking.

Or am l?

Oh, my God.


Great work.

What a job.

Super Cooper. Really amazing.

-Yes, it was.

You really came through.

Thank you, ma'am.

l'd like to keep you
out in the field for now.


We need you to fly to Prague tomorrow...

to infiltrate an international
drug-smuggling ring.

Here's your new identity.

You in, Cooper?

Agent Susan Cooper
reporting for duty, ma'am.

Nobody says or does that,
but great.

l won't do that.


Thank you.

Francis Mays is an unemployed telemarketer
living off her disability checks.

Oh, sweet Jesus!

And who wears reading glasses
in their passport photo?

She's only kidding. She got ya!

Oh, my God!
That was a good one!

Yeah, actually, l'm not.
l don't have a sense of humor.

No, you don't.

We'll talk soon.

Glad the pinkeye is under control.

That was actually an allergy--

Okay. Got it.

So, you're a spy now, Coop.




l don't think l'll ever find anyone
as good as you in the basement.

l think you will.

There's a lot of good people down there.

So, hey...

l know a great little restaurant
right near here.

Maybe you and l could go for
a nice, long dinner?

You know what, l'm just
kind of feeling like a girls' night.

You understand, right?

Yeah, sure.

l'll catch you later.
You go have a great time.

Thank you.

You're a lot furrier than l thought you'd be.


Smell you later, pal.

Hey, Coop.

All those things you said
about me to De Luca....

Did you mean that?

God, l admire you.

Glad you're still alive, Beverly,
you silly fucking girly wanker!


Nice work, Cooper.

Wow. ls that a compliment?

That's not easy for you to do.

Fuck it. Look, you did a good job.

Probably just beginner's luck, though.

There we go.
Where did you get a suit?

l fucking made it, didn't l?

lt's nice.

You still out of the ClA?

Probably not. They need me.

l think l need to spend some time
on my own first, though.

Clear my head.

l'm gonna take this down the coast.

Maybe spend some time in ltaly.
Drive it to Greece.

Sometimes a man needs to go to sea.

Sounds good, Ford.

Good for you.

Take care.


Do you think he knows that's a lake?

No, l don't.

-Let's go.

You can't let anybody see
how sore l am.

-l got you.

Come here.

My glutes are really seizing up.

lf you're sore, l'll tell you what.

Take a hot bath
and then we're gonna celebrate.

l hope you like champagne
and beefjerky.

Well-- That's a--

You have to!
Because l stole a case of it...

l don't know if l like them together.

...out of 50 Cent's helicopter!

Slower, slower.

Cooper, is this a fucking lake?

How the fuck do I get to ItaIy?


Stop screaming. You loved it.




Round two?

All right.

Don't do that thing with your thumb again.

l can't believe l said it!
l hate myself for saying it!

She said it!