Sputnik (2020) - full transcript

The lone survivor of an enigmatic spaceship incident hasn't returned back home alone-hiding inside his body is a dangerous creature.


YEAR 1983

♪ Million, million red rose♪

♪ glass, glass, glass ♪

♪ you see ♪

♪ Million, million red rose♪

♪ glass, glass, glass, you see ♪

♪ Who knows, who... ♪
Are you going to tell me?

Or the commander's psychological
You want me to say he's getting worse?

- So it is.
- All right.

Come on, you're going to have to
Let's sing a song.

Actually, it's about those roses.
I loved the song that was.


But a few months ago.

What's the situation, Dzigit?

We're ready to go. The system is working.

The pressure was 730, 830 before.

Ok. We're moving on schedule.

Then here's the plan:

We're solving the problem and going home.

I'm going to take the elevator to my apartment and undress.

Then right down the hall.
I'm going to your right.

I'm turning on the hot water.

And then the cold water. A little one.

- Yes.
- And I'm going into the tub.

At that moment, one person knocked on my door.
Let him take off, especially let him take a try!

What about you?

I'm going to Rostov.

What are you going to do there?

I'm busy.

Is it a woman thing?
Or is it something else?

You can tell me.

Temperature 23 degrees.
The hooks were ordered to open.

Okay, Dzigit.

The hooks are open.

DK to get away from the station
we're checking it out.

The DPO is moving away.

We've disconnected,
we're monitoring the station.


All right, I'm going to go in the tub and lie down.

Then I'll be set up with a towel.

It's a perfume squeeze, too.

I'm going to hug my wife and.
I'm going to dress like a human being.

And on the 14th.
We're going to the DK concert.

It's going to be great.

- Millions, millions of special satisoons only to me...
- Millions, millions...

... red rose...

What the fuck is that?

I don't know, maybe on deck.
there's a leak.

I don't see anything.

- Look out the window.
- Ok.


Come on, come on, come on.

Come on, let's go!

Okay, we'll stop soon.





Is it going to take too long?

- Hello.
- Hello.

Okay, guys, we can get started.

Okay, it's all very clear. The entry part
Shall we skip and start the questions directly?

Yes, i'll do it.

You don't have any objections, do you?
The sooner we do this...

... It'll be that good for all of us.

I'm not in a hurry.

What does that mean?

Tatyana Yurevna,
You have no enemies here.

Everyone knows your methods.

No one knows you to a healthy patient.
He's not accusing him of harm.

Still, there are certain omissions.

Negligence, your mission with precision
you have not performed.

- I should have everything...
- Almost stifling the patient?

For a short time, the oxygen
By preventing him from going to the lungs.

He was misdiagnosed, standard
the treatment would not give any results.

I'm going to take him for almost a minute.
You left it underwater.

The boy is only 17.

Mother for two weeks Health
He's filing a complaint with the Department.

Then take care of his mother.

Extreme protectionism hysterical epilepsy
it creates a great backdrop for .

I've stopped everything for now, but I've stopped it.
It's going to get worse if you don't.

All right, Tatyana Yurevna. Misunderstanding
Let me summarize the situation so that it doesn't happen.

You only have 2 options right now.

What if you confess and get fired?
and this event is committed to your record.

Or the court to deal with this matter.
we're going to have to move it.

There's no other with you.
they'll talk all the way.

I did everything right.

Tatyana Yurevna!
Can I talk to you?

In front of the commission,
I answered the questions.

I'm not from the Department of Health,
In fact, I'd say I'm the opposite.

My last name is Semiradov.
We need your counseling.

Yours or your whole team?

A patient's.

I want you to come with me.
I have to ask.

Before being suspended...

... Bring it in two weeks, let's talk.

I'd love to, but it's not possible.

Because he can't come to you
I'd like you to come.

Are you here to ask?
Or is that an order?

I don't really believe orders.

Human beings due to its structure
As smart as he is...

... when you're under pressure
The less his brain works.

It's very interesting.
Isn't that an anti-Soviet idea?

Maybe, I'm not a politician.

You and I are practically colleagues.

I have my own institute.

Interested in neuropsychology
You're not the only one.

I think you're going to be very interested in this case.

If you don't mind, I'll bring you back.

And about the commission.
all your problems will be solved.

I give you my word.

Here you go.

There's no good restaurant down there,
I can't even get it.

If you have it,
I'd like to read your report.

Unfortunately, I didn't make the file.

Can I tell you verbally?

I recently went to Earth.
You've heard of orbit-4 descending.


His situation is a little different to the press.
we had to transfer it in the way.

The day before landing, the crew and I were going to have to

There's probably been an accident.

Our patient, Commander Veshnyakov Konstantin.

He's got amnesia.

Is the privacy documentation here
I'll sign it, or will I sign it when I get there?


Let's say that the cosmonaut's amnesia
besides, he has another condition.

Like he's crazy.

Soviet citizens,
national heroes...

... They shouldn't know you're crazy.

Where should I sign?



You have access to 90% of the facility.
You can walk freely.

Special permission for restricted territory
after you have received it.

With each number...

... with every stroke of metronome...

... You'll feel a nice jerk.


A nice heat will spread to your body.

Do they not see us?


Do you want tea or coffee?
My team's been here all day.


- I'll have tea, thank you.
- Five.

Your head's turning light.

You're on board now.

I'm on the ship now.

What do you see?


It's a big deal.

Dark navy blue.


No. No, again.

Tell me your name and rank.

Robert Duvall.

Field Marshal Robert D. Duvall.

Are you kidding me?

Doctor, did I sleep?

Konstantin Sergeevich.

If you don't help me
We can't make any progress.

Yan Leonidovich for space missions
They choose people with good psychology.

Unfortunately, I'm not hypnosis.

That's insulting to me.

I'll take this, too.

Yan Leonidovich Rigel,
Head of science at our small institute.

Well, i'm glad.

It wasn't me!


Comrade Colonel!

How's Averchenko alive?

If I'm guilty, judge me.
But if I'm not, let him go.

Are you listening? Hunger strike
I'm going to do it, you understand?

What do you want from me?

So first of all...

... status
I want to know your opinion.

My god.

We have a new member, Semiradov.
Has there been any changes to your team?

I'm Tatyana Yurevna, hi.

Yes, hello to you, too.

Comrade Colonel!

At last!

Because of your Rigel.
I wanted to climb the wall.

Would you like some tea?

You brought me tea.

I've never seen you before.

I just got here. You can't
they invited me to evaluate it.


yes, it's me, I'm playing once in a while.

Even though this place is like a prison,
They follow the tradition of space.

Always with you
you can get your stuff.

Can you tell me what's going on?

Once again.

First I'm ready for the flight,then
I flew and made the plan come true.

And then I started landing.

I don't remember anything after that.
I was here when I woke up.

The details are in my statements and on the record.
Did you get a chance to take a look?

I haven't looked yet, but I'll definitely look.

Tatyana Yurevna.
I'm sorry if I'm wrong.

But from the people who decided here
You're not someone, is that true?


And you can't get me out of here.

I can't, but I can help you.

That's right.

I even know how to do it.

When you go back to Moscow
Phone my mother. 360-73-44.

Her name is Lidiya Sergeevna.

I want you to call her
And tell her Im okay.

She must have wondered about me.

I understand.

Then go home.

I feel good.

I'm as healthy as cosmonauts.

You don't have to worry about Outer space
I got out of there, and I'll get out of here.

Excuse me.

Nice to meet you.

Are you going to test him,
Or won't you?


He's got a depressive anxiety disorder.

The sensitivity of his fingers is minimal.
His receptors are dead.

Peripheral nerves
could have been damaged.

But i'm going to keep him here like a prisoner.
considering that you are holding...

... In that case, everything is normal.

If everything was normal,
We'd let him go.

Everyone has as much fun as they can.
That's it? I can go...

... You said so. Just the
Cosmonauts need help.

Of course.
The chopper will arrive tomorrow morning.

Tatyana Yurevna
put him all the way to his room.

One day in the institute building
Three meals.

Thank you, but i'm just
I'm going to stay here one night.

You can go with Semiradov's permission
And you don't have permission to leave for now.

But it's going to happen tomorrow.

Keep it straight.

Who are these?

Special unit, prisoners.

They're doing the facility' job.

Room 108 is down the hall.

Could it be close to the stairs?
I'll get up early.

There's no one here but you.


- I want to call Moscow.
- There are only local lines here.

Long distance phone
Comrade Semidarov.

I get it, thank you.

Oh, thank you.

Please go ahead.

You haven't slept yet. Great.

When did you eat?

I'm not hungry.

When was the last time you had dinner?

I don't remember, about four hours ago.

Don't you want to meet closely?

What the fuck is that?

I don't know, but he's definitely not from earth.

What's wrong with Veshnyakov?

He's all right.
Even better than before.

This creature is damaged by its carrier; he can come out and get back in.

- O...
- He doesn't know anything about it.


As you can see, in space.
We don't know what's going on.

We sent two people
But three people have returned to earth.

Where's the second cosmonaut?




I told you you'd be interested.

What's going on in space
It's my job to understand.

Your task is to
to find a way to separate each other.

Or the confidentiality agreement.
you can sign it and go home.

Have you specifically chosen me?

I'm not one of you. No secret
I didn't work on projects. Why me?

Almost smothering...

... I chose you because of the boy.

Who likes to take risks
Were you looking for someone?

Listen, your methods
It's none of my business.

Tatyana Yurevna,
I need results.

I've learned everything.
Actually, you saved him.

I'm going to put yourself out there and
You saved him.

Please, do it again.

He's going to save a hero.
I need someone who knows what you're doing.

All the images and the landing of Veshnyakov
I want your testimony after the moment.

All research results and
I want two sessions one hour.

Veshnyakov after landing
They sent him to rehab.

The first night, that thing came out and said,
The nurse attacked the caregiver.

For security purposes, i'm going to
we had to bring it in.

It's safe to separate them
We haven't found a way.

With the parasite, Veshnyakov's
He's got an incredible connection.

When we tried to separate it, Veshnyakov's
life signs suddenly fall.

Alien world for the creature
Space suit acts as a mission.

At the same time, the creature's regeneration
he's got such an extraordinary talent.

Traumatised during landing
Veshnyakov recovered in two days.

30 centimeters when the parasite is inside
and it's in the stomach.

The diameter of the stomach cavity
it increases by about 30%.

And on the way out.
It releases something like a toxin.

Veshnyakov's muscles
it loosens up and knocks it out.

When you get the necessary amount of oxygen, the oval
extends up to half a meter.

And then the same shape.
he turns around and goes back.

The width of the head and
the diameter is constantly changing.

For hours, Veshnyakov's
he can stay in it.

The clock is always constant,
2:40 a.m. to 3:10 a.m.


That's enough.
Konstantin Sergeevich.

I can go on.

After the trauma,
you'd better not be too it.

Although your recovery rate
You can't ignore it.

In general, you can
How do you feel?

Normal. I'm just a little bit of a throat.
irritated. I must have a cold.

If you're uncomfortable,
Tell Rigel.

Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.

Tired, guys? Let's go home.

Veshnyakov's son is now
Can I find out where he is?

As far as I know, her mother.
They lived in Rostov when he died.

Is that all you're interested in right now?

What we're dealing with here yesterday
Didn't you see it?

What does that thing feed on?

With what Veshnyakov feeds on.

Yan Leonidovich clarifies a topic
I'll get it. I won't sit at the bottom of your knee.

I don't aspire to your Nobel prize.

Patient, tests and video
you have access to the images.

If you need something in addition
You can tell Comrade Semiradov.


A child-rearing home?
Veshnyakov last name...

... Ages 7-8
I'm looking for a boy.

His last name might be different.

Where are you going?

Hey, kid!

I drove away for a minute.
What are you up to now?

Margariya Mikhailovna to you
You know what he's going to do?

Why are you shuting up?
I'm talking to you!

Come on, your room!

Don't you like me singing?

Excuse me, I'm telling you for them.

You know though...

... songs in space on Earth
I like it more than the staff.

- Different things happen in space.
- Like what?

It's nothing.

The important thing is that you have music.

♪ Million, million red rose♪

What interests you
There's something, isn't there?

You wanted to come here yourself,
Right? Did I guess it was true?

The ones who brought me here
He thinks you're crazy.

What do you mean?

Second cosmonaut
They think you killed him.

What's he doing?

During the landing in space, Averchenko's
Something happened that caused him to die.

Maybe you killed him.

Comrade Semiradov
As you can see...

... a crazy hero like you
can't let it into society.

Great, i mean...

... I'm crazy and I'm a murderer.

I mean,
All lunatics don't look crazy.


Doctor, you're normal people, aren't you?

I've been prepared for this flight for a couple of years.
yes, something didn't work out.

And I don't remember what happened.

But they are...

... They put bulletproof glass in here.

Why they kept me here?
can you explain?

Can someone explain?

- I'm not a spy or a savage.
- Who are you?

What do you mean?

You, Konstantin Sergeevich Veshnyakov.

- Who are you?
- Read the survey.

I'm the hero of the Soviet Union.

I don't really understand, but with a grenade.
Jumping under the tank is heroic.

You're in a perfectly safe cabin.
You just sat down for a couple of weeks.

What's the heroism of that?

- What do you say?
- By the way, speaking of surveys.

Why didn't you take your son?

Come on, let's talk.

You weren't married to your child's mother.

After his death, the son
The acquisition has arisen.

But at that point, your new space
You had a chance to join your team.

Your non-marital born son is on your CV
it would have made a bad impression.

That's why the boy is currently in Rostov.
In the foster home. Am I saying it's true?

I grew up without a father, so what?
Does that stop me from being a hero?

Heroes don't leave their children.

I'll tell you what, Tatyana Yurevna.

It's a beautiful face, of course it's very nice.

But right now, i'm going to have to say that stupid Rigel.
I'd rather he was here.

Thank you, the interview is over.

Are you crazy? I'm going to.
Who gave him the right to be ridiculous?

Hormonal level
check immediately.


Yesterday's reaction seemed strange to me.

Maybe it's all about hormones.
in their elevations. I just want to do this...

... emotionally
If we're too loaded, we'll understand.

Everything in your body
When it's covered in blood.

According to today's test results
Inside the body of this creature...

... what you're feeding.We'll know exactly.

Even if it feeds on photosynthesis,
It has nothing to do with our mission!

We're here to separate the parasite.

Comrade Semiradov,
Comrade Veshnyakov's...

... hospital during daylight hours
to send.

And communication with civilian personnel
let him set it up.

A clinic close to the truth
to obtain a table...

... at least a normal
We have to imitate life.


What's this?
For me to behave?

The Cuban side is also the CPSU Central Committee
They agree with the secretary general.

Yuri Vladimirovich to Andropov and
Thanking all the Soviet people...

... they have confirmed the current situation.

The rotation of our cosmonauts in space
We were looking forward to the same.

Finally Kirill Averchenko and Constantine
Veshnyakov landed in the motherland.

2 of our heroes ungravity for a long time
they are currently in the environment...

... rehabilitation center
they're being treated.

After 3 weeks, all the people
he's going to salute our heroes.

Now we're going to go to sports news.

You're going to iron my head here, too?

I need to apologize to you.

Measure your hormone level under stress
I made you nervous on purpose.

Okay, I'll see you at the session tomorrow.

See you.

I didn't know about the kid.
He didn't tell me.

A week before the flight
I got a call.

They called from Rostov, he was dead.
The boy had no other relatives.

In short, i'm going to go to the foster home.
they didn't tell me.

When I came back from space, I'd like to
I thought I'd take it.


I don't know, i don't think
Not much.

What would you do if you were me?

I do not know. I don't have kids.

Tanya, tell me, why are you here?

My amnesia
you're not treating me!

What do you all want from me?

You don't want to talk.
Or don't you know?

I can't talk.
42700:45:38,190 --> 00:45:40,269
But to help you
I'll do my best.

That I need help?
you think?

Try to get close.

When I was working, I'd never
Try not to say anything.

Don't worry about it. We checked.
They don't have sensory receptors.

But I do.

What are you doing?

Tatyana Yurevna, what are you doing?

Does this thing work?

- Tatyana Yurevna, what are you doing?
- Shut up!

- Ok, all of this...
- Remove the glass.



Are you sure?

- I'm sure.
- No, it's just...

Then get dressed.

Get him out!

We don't have many flowers here.

I've collected everything that's happened.

- How do you feel?
- I'm fine, thank you.

You're very brave.

At least what we don't do now.
we know it is necessary.

He's not covering Up Veshnyakov's consciousness.


Tell me more.

He's somehow connected to the toy.

... leaving your son behind
it reminds him of his guilt.

Just for Veshnyakov
that's valuable...

... That you're reacting to the toy
Trying to say?

He and Veshnyakov are all
I'm trying to say it's.

Their consciousness is common.

To his memories, his social habits.
he can reach it, but not exactly.

Every night, veshnyakov's body
stays 1-2 minutes longer than the outside.

One day, from the butterfly's cocoon
He's going to get rid of him the way he got rid of him.

We have to do something, another
We need resources.

- We must take him to Moscow.
- To Moscow?

Why do you think he's still in Moscow?
We're not, Tatyana Yurevna?

About this creature.
We don't know anything.

Whether it's an adult living creature or
next to it when it develops completely...

... we'll stay tiny
Is there a larva?

If it gets out of our control
I have to destroy it.

A man's life
we're risking it.

The Soviet Union
your hero, your cosmonaut.

If he's a hero...

... He's ready for it.

He's ready to sacrifice himself.

To Moscow about our achievements
I send detailed reports every day.

What he feeds, how much his heart is.
He's throwing fast, like, how he's enjoying himself.

In short, everything.

Just so there's no order to destroy him.

They haven't been happy with me in a long time.

You're ready for anything.
I hope you are.

Would you excuse me?

- Yan Leonidevich.
- What happened?

Doesn't that bother you?

It could be a technical problem.

Veshnyakov's evening and morning
hormonal measurements are very different.

It's like the night suddenly gets worse.

When this dose
I think you bought it.

I'm not an endechronologist,
Tatyana Yurevna.

- Work and solve it yourself.
- You have cut some of the record.

And to me, that creature was veshnyakov's.
Don't say he's feeding on what he eats.

What are you feeding him, a pig?

Besides, I'm being asked to do research,
Why is he hiding from me?

Is that enough for you?

Would you like some advice?
49300:55:54,990 --> 00:55:57,469
Go back to Moscow while you still can go.

And forget what you see here.

When they come to the audit
We're all going to be done.

When they came to the audit, I told him.
You're going to torture him with hypnosis?

I know what's keeping you here.
You want the Nobel prize.

But you can't make progress without me.

So you can make progress
I should have access to all the information.

Also Comrade Sermiradov
He doesn't have to know that.

Are you serious?


Use carefully.
The battery is only 10 minutes.


I'm forgiven

No. No.


Turn off the lights!

Let's stop the camera!

Before I brought him here.
The patient attacked the caregiver.

Yes, you saw the documents.

But I told you that Veshnyakov
were not given the indicators.

He recovered immediately after the murder.

We tried to feed him a lot of things.
From lab rats to pigs.

Then Semiradov
He offered to send one prisoner.

Then everything got normal.

About this hormone.
You came up with an idea.

How you behave in a cell
Did you see it?

What's important to him is
Killing isn't the only thing.

Your victim saw him and
he wants him to be scared.

When the human brain is afraid
produces too much cortisol.

About fear on this planet
We people are champion by far.

I think this creature
he feeds on cortisol.

We're on the verge of a big breakthrough.

- If we combine our powers...
- Rigel, you kill people.

I'm not killing.
Semiradov arranges everything.

Do you think I'm a monster?

You're not a monster, you're a coward.

High level of compliance
you're a species that provides.

Good morning.

Good morning.

In fact, war movies
I like it better.

This movie is about intelligence.
What about you?

Regaining your form after the trauma
Shouldn't you? Don't you want to run?

Like he's in gym class.
Are we going to run around?

You want to put the TV in the corner?

I'm going to run.

Sports wear suits you.

Have you ever thought about being an athlete?


When we get out of here
We should try this with you.

We can't do it professionally.

But we can do it as an amateur.

Listen to me carefully.

You brought a parasite from space.
And he lives in you.

They feed him to live people.

We can separate you from him, but i'm going to take you to the tops.
We need to find someone to tell me.

Do you hear me?

- Are they watching you?
- I don't know.

Are you watching at night,
Is anyone standing at your door?

I do not know.

Check or at night
Meet me on my block.

Okay, doctor, you've exhausted me.

1:05:27,070 --v 1:05:28,149
I'm going to go to sleep.

You can't sleep either?

You can't go down the hall!

I'm not dating.

I'm going to live like this, huh?

I can go into space.
But I can't get in the hallway.

Konstantin Sergeevich.

Do you think anyone's up there?

- Where is it?
- In space.

Do you believe in God?

I believe what I see.

I didn't see God in space.

I'll tell you what.

I'm announcing a work break.

Come on, let's watch a movie.
They put a video player in my room.

- I'm bored alone.
- I'm not allowed to do this.

Let's go.

Konstantin Sergeevich,
We're not allowed to do this.

I don't understand.

It's weird, isn't it?

1:10:30,910 --> 1:10 a.m.: 34,749
All my life, i've been in the museum.
I imagined they were going to put it on display.

Do you feel this creature?

I'm the creature.
Only the moral principles...

... And they don't have responsibilities.

I feel everything and I understand.

To the smallest details.

I remember what he sees.

If you knew why.
You didn't tell me in the first place?


If Semiradov finds out...

... He'll never leave me.

Comrade Averchenko.

Help me, Tanya.

We just have to last two weeks.

Just keep what you're doing.

Semirov will have no choice.

Here's a commission from Moscow.
He'll come and get out of here.

But for that, i'm going to
he can't know I'm aware of it.

I don't want to be like him.

He's going to kill people alive for two weeks.

You must feel it.

What would you do if you were me?
You'd hit your head on the walls?


Feeding him to people
I didn't take your decision.

What Semirodov did
I can't take responsibility.

Here's all this at this stage.
I didn't do it so I could die.

My mother's on her own.

I want to go home.
I want to live.

I have to get my son!

Not the creature's Avarchenko.
That's why he chose you.

So I'm a creature too?

Are you a princess?

While you're sitting in your hot office
I was getting ready for this flight.

I've made a lot of sacrifices.

I'm not going to die for me now.
You're saying you should?

We have to go to dinner.

Where! You naughty! Are you hurt?

Give it to me!

Did you see it?
They took a monster in the dorm.

I don't understand, what group is that from?

From the group of patients,
Look at his feet.

I think he's got a little sick.

It's so naughty.

Comrade Colonel.

You can go.

Tatyana Yurevna with you
We got off to the wrong start.

From the beginning to you
I should have told you everything.

What exactly?

This creature is with live people.
that you fed it?

During the adaptation process, this creature
We don't know how far he's going to go.

The person who checked him out.
the winner will be on the side.

- We need to learn to control it.
- Is that all you're worried about?

A gun?


What weapons do
Do you know what?

Weapons are guarantors of peace.

Equally powerful dogs
They'll tear your throat apart.

1:15:22,110 --> 1:15:25,029To live in peace
They need a leader.

You feed him to people.


Sergey Gennadevich
He was born in 1952.

Articles 103, 117 and 77 of the law
He was convicted of the first paragraph.

Rape of 12-year-old neighbor
and killed him. It can't be human!

People killed in Angola, Afghanistan.

This guy's only going to eat!

If your superiors find out,
They'll sue you in the military.

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

We don't like new initiatives.

But doctors and soldiers are sometimes easy
they also have to make decisions that are not.

And at the end of this,
the winner is not criticized.

I'm ready to take responsibility.

- So are you, Tatyana.
- You don't know me.

You don't know yourself.

Come on, it's best to feed.
I'll show you closely.

Not everyone watches with binoculars in the trunk.

Comrade Semiradov on it
he did more than he did.

But it was for all of us.

Yan Leonidich, your conscience at night
Does it bother you?

Why is that?

You showed him the moment of feeding.

You're against the order.



Please, don't.

I'll find another way.

I don't think you'll find it soon.

Open the door!

I'm not scared.



♪ Million red rose♪

♪ glass, glass, you see, you ♪

♪ who loves, who loves ♪

♪ Million red rose♪

- ♪ glass, glass, you see ♪
- Adapts.

He hears it now!

Can Veshnyakov control him?


He can't do it yet.

I need results, Tatyana Yurevna.

You have to learn to control him.

It's hard without you.

Let's do this, from now on.
Let's forget the resentments and work without lies.

It's all my responsibility.

You can say I pushed you.

If we succeed,
You're going to have a source like that.

Are you going to help me?

Tatyana Yurevna.

Why not Averchenko,
Look, you chose Veshnyakov.

He had cancer in the early stages.

Triggering Addison's disease
a kidney tumor.

It is possible to diagnose until it starts
but the creature must have felt it.

High levels of cortisone in the body
it's preventing it from secretion.

That's why the creature is a common life.
he must not have been able to link it.


Metirapone and trilostan, 4 bottles.

And it's made of caste.
a powerful sedative.

2:00. In the hospital building.


We'll run with you today.

I can't run.

You have to act like a man now.

You're scientists,
You're not a doctor.

Look here.

How your language is
Do you see that?

Don't be afraid, Comrade Rigel.


If you take it off, i'll be able to
you say you're pushing.

If you can't get out, i'm going to have
I don't know anything.

Thank you,
You've been very helpful.

Are you allergic to buspirona?

Mine? I think.


What are you doing?

Decide, Comrade Rigel.
Not knowing or being forced?

Keep an eye on the door.

We don't have time.
So listen carefully.

There's no commission here.

Semiradov, the creature stays here.
he'll do his best.

- I know a way to separate you.
- Why did you go into my cell?

I could have killed you.

But you didn't.
You like me, too.

It's a hormonal drug. Just like Addison
It's tearing down the body like it's sick.

Like Averchenko.

Injection creature
He's going to force her out.

He can't live for more than an hour without you.

But to get to the ICU
It's more than the time we need.

What if you're wrong?

What if he fits in?

We're going to let him go?

From a non-hazardous distance
We'll give him the shot.

There are no people there, they weaken in the light.



We just need to get to the hospital.

I'll think of something there.

I'll find a way.


Tanya, you still don't understand.

I'm going to take me somewhere else.
You don't have to take it away.

This creature never prevents me.

He saved my life.

That's what it sounds like to you!

All right, go on!

I'm not afraid of them!

You're afraid of me.
He took refuge in me.

That's not you.


That's my punishment.

I left my son.

I chose space instead.

I deserve it.

That's enough, go on.



Her name is Lesha.

Aleksey Konctantinovich Romanov.

He'll be 7 in a week.

The car's outside.

They won't leave you alive,
You have to come with us.

Don't worry, I'm going to
I can adapt.

I'm a survivor.


I'm Dr. Rigel,
This is alpha-4 headquarters.

Please get me on duty.
I'm going to give you some very important information.

- What?
- They are by the walls.

Vehsnyakov and Dr. Klimova.

Let the team go there. Veshnyakov
and ineffective.


Veshnyakov, 2 steps
Go to the right and get down on the floor.

Drop your weapons,
No one's going to get hurt.

- Don't shoot.
- Fire!

Those who died in the firehe told me to add it to the list.

But they killed these people.
And they were all on the special list.

Did you catch up?

Did you catch up with the call?

You're not a hero, Yan.
I know heroes right away.

But you don't look like them.
I respect your efforts...

... I'm going to kill you properly.

Team 108, take your seats.


- Watch out for the place.
- No, it's early.


Come on.

Hurry up!


Detection of fugitives
be sure to let you know.

- Stop!
- Move!



Hang on.

What are you doing?

Your situation has deteriorated.

You won't survive without him!

We can still go out. We can get out.

Let's go.

Have you changed your mind,
Tatyana Yurevna?


We can't separate them anymore.

He's a real now
common life form.

If they move away from each other, they die.

No problem.

Everybody's wrong.

We're not going to let them die, are we?

You know what your real problem is?

You're trying to save everyone.

But that's not how it works.

We always have to pick someone.

He's gone.

We can separate you.

We'll try it in Moscow.

- Everything will be fine.
- I know.

We'll think of something.

I've already thought of everything.


What's that on your face, honey?

Why don't you lie quietly,
What are you getting up for?

What are you going to do with them?

Where are you going with those legs?

Any of your parents are alive?

Here, just here, around the building.
All right, i'm going to go Or they won't give me my bonus.

- Hello.
- Hello. I'm Tatyana Klimova.

Lesha Romanov's adopted
I'm here about the acquisition.

It's okay.
God likes them like that.

Look at me.
I've been in the same job for 20 years.

But I'm happy with myself.

Don't get lost, kid.

I won't get lost. Tanya's here now.

You're Lesha.

My name is Tanya.