Spur der Steine (1966) - full transcript

A film about living and working conditions in the GDR of the 60's. Includes a little love story of course.


- Have you been summoned?
- Yes, but I'm not going.

You must.
Nobody can defend Horrath better.

I can't help him now.

I welcome the district comrades

headed by First Secretary Jansen.

- There's a spare chair here.
- Thankyou. Excuse me.

We considered it necessary
to invite non-Party member Hesselbart.

He is the chief building inspector
in our factory.

Today's agenda: Party proceedings
against ex-Party Secretary Horrath.

Comrade Werner Horrath
has been accused of immoraI behavior

as well as
personaI career-mindedness

and politicaI
and ideologicaI failures.

- Good morning, Werner.
- Good morning.

Has the jury been sworn in yet?

No idea.

How is Kati?

- She's not coming.
- It's better that way.

I assume we all agree
Horrath must be expelled.

As the case involves the whole site

the phrasing is of utmost importance.

- Anything to say?
- No.

A triaI with a verdict
before it has even begun.

The matter is clear.
He isn't defending himself.

Does anyone wish to defend him?

- Ziehmer, maybe?
- Yes.

You appointed him.

Because you found no one else?
Or was he the best man for the job?

I misjudged him.

We trusted him.

A mean opportunist. A scoundreI.

But we should expeI ourselves too.

For stupidity.

We cannot just discuss Horrath.

Remember what conditions
prevailed when he came.

- Another freebie?
- You're representing us all.

Eyes right!
The shop babes.

They're crazy.
Too hot for a rally.

We are building
a great new future.

A road which will lead
to bettertimes forus all.

They promise a future.

We'll be dead bythen.
Our grandchildren will benefit.

Ourboot here must die

It is still so young

Perhaps the heel knows why

Ourboot here must die

He's gurgling.

- He's gurgling.
- Shut up, you little toad.

He says I'm gurgling.

- I'll pour it overyour head!
- He's threatening me.

Here's where I like it most.


Never do that again.

A waste of beer.

You're paying for it.

I'm going for a swim.

Going for a swim?

Good idea.
Let's go to the duck pond.

When the little duckies
Start to swim away

It doesn't matter how we drown.

In the village pond or in beer.

Count me out.

- I'm not wearing any underpants.
- Get grannyto knit you some, then.

We won't let you down.
We'll all go skinny dipping.

I'm not doing it.
It would be causing a public nuisance.

We Ballas are always a nuisance.

Being naked won't make a difference.

Right, come on, then.
Boys, drop your pants!

There's the sheriff!

It's none of his business.
He's not from the river police.

No swimming!

- Swimming? We're minding ducks!
- Come out of there at once.

When the little duckies
Start to swim away, away, away

It's best to leave them be

They'll be back again
One day, one day, one day

This is your last warning. Get out!

When the little duckies

Start to swim away, away, away

Oh, it's best to leave them be

Come out at once.

Forthey'll be back again

One day, one day, one day

I'm glad you're here at last.

I need someone with politicaI clarity.

Sometimes I think
it's all getting too much for me.

That will be the new power station.

- They're demolishing everything.
- Unfortunately.

Come here.

- Why are you demolishing them?
- Bad planning.

- Not our fault.
- The planning office made an error.

- Can't you wait for the right plans?
- You must be new to the game.

I'm sorry, miss.
This is as far as the journey goes.


What are you doing?

- Looking for raspberries.
- This is a construction site.


- The building inspector expects me.
- That's me. I'm Trutmann.

- I'm Kathrin Klee, engineer.
- But didn't you get my letter?

Is the job alreadyfilled?

I'm very sorry but I ordered
help for the cooling plant.

The Ballas work there.

- It's impossible foryou.
- Why?

How shall I put this?

Ifyou were at least ugly.

When you climb a ladder the crew
will stop to peer underyour dress.

I wear pants, too.

She means it.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

- Go to the office.
- Thanks.

The best of luck.

Watch out, idiots!

- Where are you headed?
- Power station.

Have a cigarette first.
Then head to the recooling plant.

Get a move on.

- A broad.
- Where are you going?

- Where is the Balla team?
- Anyone know where they are?

No idea.

One moment.
We'll help.

- Out of the way.
- Just one question. Do you smoke?

- Are you crazy? That's bribery.
- So what?

- Get down.
- Not your brand?

Get out.
Come on, get off the truck.

You bastard.

Jump in.

No thankyou.

Are you mad?

Stop that.
Let go of me, you lout.

Stop, will you?
Let me off this thing.

I'm Balla.
What do you want from me?

I'll be working here.
Thanks for the lift.

She can share my bed anytime.

It's the Middle Ages.
Highway robbers.

Learn to turn a blind eye.
It's easyfor me, I'm short-sighted.

You must intervene.

- Really? Want a cigarette?
- Thanks.

What brought you here?

You studied architecture.
Your father's a big wig.

Would you prefer it
if politician's kids

automatically got the soft options?

The idealism of Partyyouth.
You're serious.

You don't care?
Does that help you?

See what I'm doing?

I'm packing.

Job's been cancelled.
There's not enough money.

We get no graveI
so the Ballas steaI it.

Most of the graveI is reserved
for the power station.

It has priority.

They have sufficient funding.
But the construction plans are wrong.

- Nothing you can do?
- Throw in the toweI.

That's hard. I enjoy mywork.
I know how much fun it can be.

We need more planks.

Or we'll dismantle this cabin.

- Charming!
- You'll get used to it.

We need some planks immediately.
Where do we get them, engineer?

It's whyyou studied for fouryears.

"Vandalism. Disturbing the peace.
Resisting the authorities. "

- The facts of the case.
- More than enough.

Their first offense.
Are they socially constructive?

They're union members.
One is in the Party.

- Who?
- Jochmann.

He's not to blame.
Balla is the trouble maker.

- Their work record?
- Excellent.

Is it already in the D.A.'s hands?

The policeman they dunked
reported them.

We must let the Ballas have their say.

What do you suggest?
About time Balla learned his lesson.

- Arrest. TriaI?
- Yes.

Can you delayyour report a bit?

Maybe we can deaI with Balla
without an attorney.

I see things very differently.

May I make a suggestion, Captain?

If we scare the pants off the Ballas,

the comrade theythrew in the water
could change his report.

For example he could write this:
"I slipped and fell in the pond. "

The new guy is an alert watchdog.

Be carefuI.


I looked foryou in the cabin.

But you seem to prefer
the great, wet outdoors.

So I heard.

I'm the new Party Secretary.

And I'm Drippythe Wetback.

You know the safety regulations?
Accidents often happen.

- Hi, I'm Jochmann.
- Comrade Jochmann.

Go and get the metaI workers.

- Get a move on.
- I'm talking to him right now.

Tell him to keep his politics
to himself when I'm around.

Get the wood.

You wouldn't send
a dog out in this weather!

Come on.
We'll count the dead at quitting time.

It's a bit cramped.

There's not much room.

Let's do the carpenter's dance.
That'll warm you up nicely.

And, one...

Hey, blondie.
Come on. Try it out with me.

Just for a bit of fun.
Maybe you'll win.

Come and sit down.
I'll showyou. It's easy.

One, two, three,

four, five, six.

He's got the hang of it.
Must be a college grad.

Wake up, wake up
Young carpenterboy

You've slept the best ofthe day away

Forin the fresh green fields
The birds, they are a-singing

And the coachman, he is a-calling

Forin the fresh green fields
The birds, they are a-singing

Terribly sorry.
That was myfault.

Let's try again.

One, two, three,


Knock him off his chair.

- What's the matter?
- The wood's here.

You're not just a prettyface.

Wood's here.
The score's 1-0, Blondie.

Was that your normaI introduction?

At least I'm not barefoot
with pantyhose in my hand.

You wished me luck.

You know
Trutmann sent me here immediately?

And we're to stop building?

I've seen enough
in two days to last me ayear.

Do me a favor.

Give me the plans
for the cooling plant.

- Why do you need them?
- I want the power station shut down.

I want to go full steam ahead with...

construction here.

Are the rumors true?
You put the power station on ice?

It's true.
More project errors were found.

That's nothing new.

No reason to stop.

- Why not?
- The plan is a sacred cow.

- Remember that.
- Sacred cow? Is that so?


Let them carry on
building from faulty plans.

Know what changing plans
on one's own means?

Send them to the power station.

We're heading for deep water.

It'll end your career.

Then you're lucky
that you were in Berlin.

I'll get the blame.

Listen to an old hand.

What comes to the rescue
when the tide runs high?

We won't revoke your decision.

We'll go to the joint management
and admit we were wrong.

We are at our wits' end
and show remorse untiI someone says,

"No more talk of errors. "

"Think positively".

We'll save our bacon.

An interesting theory.

Write a book on it.

For posterity, that is.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

I don't know why I'm here.

Digging up ancient history.

It's your turn.

Everybody gets the blame sometime.

Trutmann soon saw
the change was a mistake.

Horrath stuck to his guns.

I'd have been sore
if he'd stepped down.

He was right.

- Were you always of that opinion?
- Sure.

- You reprimanded him.
- That's easyto comprehend.

He was punished for his error.

The error was approved.
Because it was no error.

So I covered for the errant comrade.
The slap was for his high-handedness.

They're still on your first reprimand.

Don't take your reprimand to heart.

It can happen to anyone.

GDR anniversary bonus proposals.

- The Ballas are top of the list.
- Their work is top.

Reward graveI thieves?
ProposaI refused.

This year the incentive award goes
to colleague Klaus Bernhard.

This will put hair on your chest.

Here's to our bonus.

Further awards...

Your turn, Hannes.

Brigadier Oswald Ziehmer.

- The shits put you last.
- Yes, a highlight.

- The Balla Brigade.
- What, all of us?

The proposaI
was unfortunately declined.

Due to a lack of discipline
in the brigade.

We hope this will be a lesson to them.

- Now I wish all our colleagues and...
- Ladies' choice!

Have fun celebrating
our Republic's 10th birthday.

- The GDR will recall this at 20.
- It won't reach 20.

You sure?
Can I at least have chance to respond?

byworking harder on-site, Balla.

Well-aimed lightning.

Ifyou start a fight, it's divorce!

You idiot!

Stop, don't get your hands dirty.

Now it's getting lively.

Fight like men
or all your wives are widows!

- I'm to blame foryour bad mood.
- Take a chair leg to him.

- You're making yourself unpopular.
- Onlywith your sort.

That will remain so
as long as you cause trouble.

No discipline,

no rewards.

You're in a great mood
for someone in such a sorry state.

The site isn't a boxing ring.
I'm responsible for politics.

- Can I have this dance?
- We're responsible for the site.

Ifyou don't lie low

there'll be a serious accident.

Trying to make me a wallflower?

Take a seat ifyou can find one.

You dance well.
I'm surprised.

You don't know me.

Sorry, I drank quite a lot.
Let's get some fresh air.

I have to find out
how it really is then.

Don't you have to stay
untiI the party is over?

- They need more girls, not boys.
- I've had enough of it all.

You got what you wanted.

Construction continues.
Balla's eating out ofyour hand.

I think Trutmann's right.
I won't manage.

I have no solutions.

Not for resignation
and not for stubbornness.

We're in the same boat.

Bitter about the reprimand?

It's not that simple.

I treated Balla
like Jansen treated me.

Did he steaI graveI
to sell or to build himself?

Naive justified honesty.

We praise and rebuke
out of necessity.

- Is it inevitable?
- Yes.

- How old are you?
- That's question seven!

Ask question five.
Don't you remember anything?

- What's question five?
- You're really out of practice.

Blue eyes or brown?

They're brown.

- Like to dance?
- No, thanks.

I know question six.

- Want to dance?
- Yes.

- I'll get you a cab to take you home.
- Why?

You're too dangerous.
There are things I'd hate to forget.

- I'll remember them.
- Good.


To be honest
I'm sore about the reprimand.

- Me too.
- It won't happen again.

- What will you do?
- Obey orders.

No tricks.

Toe the line, just like Trutmann.

Why are you laughing?

You're funny.

You're to come to the office.

- What's the matter?
- I don't know. Hurry.

- Sorry about last night.
- Morning.

Little Miss Decoy.
Good morning.

- Know why I'm here?
- I paid for the smashed chairs.

- Not because of chairs.
- I'm out of here.

You'll stay, and in future
you'll come to my office when I call.

You don't order me around, Blondie.
I'm not a Party member.

- I don't care.
- Wait.

What do you want from me?

I want no more anarchy on this site.

I'm talking to you
because you're the ringleader.

Ifyou think the waywe get materiaI
is anarchistic,

then it's up to you to change things,
not us.

We have to accept the fact
that materiaI runs out sometimes.

But ifyou keep exploiting
the situation,

we'll be stealing all day,
we may as well stop building.

I must know
ifyou'll play bythe rules.

I play by my rules.

Ifyou don't like it,
we'll go where they leave us alone.

- What do you mean?
- Where socialism is a bad joke.

- Get rid of the anarchist for good.
- No.

I didn't get you here
to be pushed around by crooks.

I haven't let myself be pushed.

He pushed me on his own.

He's strong as an ox.
He does the most work.

- Bytaking.
- What we can't get.

He's the worst thug in the district.

The fascists made heroes
of the likes of him.

- The fascists have gone.
- I read the news!

You know what I mean.
We're in power.

In power? On the site?

- Over gangsters like Balla?
- Cowards and fools can be controlled.

They soon get the message.

We need men like Balla.
They need convincing.

They must believe.
Be sure of the cause.

We must show them we're honest.

Say exactlywhat we think.

Act accordingly.

Makarenko's dogma.

- Improvement bytrust.
- Exactly.

If I'd been more wary

of his sort when I was your age,
it would have spared me much trouble.

Evening, boss.
Readyfor bed?

That's why I hang up the blanket.

I see.
I wanted to invite you to a movie.

- I'd even go to a DEFA movie with you.
- Sorry, I'm already undressed.

That's a pity.

- I've something to sayto you.
- At the movies?

Show's over.

Have a seat and listen to me
for a minute, please.

- It's cozy here.
- Yes.

- I want to help you.
- Why so polite all of a sudden?

No one's here.
That's why.

No one's ruining my bad reputation.
Not even Horrath.

- What's wrong with him?
- Nothing, if he were a worker.

He's in a bad spot, he's a do-gooder.

He's a watchman.
You're getting like him.

Decide to eat your wedding cake
or keep it.

A little friendly blackmaiI?

Are you threatening me?

- Must I canceI my Party membership?
- You read too manyfairytales.

- Where do you live?
- Where do I live?

- Not in a rat hole like this one.
- I'll get a room.

Want to wait untiI you're a granny?
I'll see to it.

You'll meet
the nicest landlady in town.

I'd rather not.


Second door on the right.

Turn on the light!

Your fianc?!
How nice.

I'm Mrs. Schicketanz.
I didn't hearyour name.

This is Mr. Kr?ger.

- Are you a locaI?
- No, Mr. Kr?ger is from Leipzig.

From Leipzig?
How nice.

You're a good liar.

I'm good at anything I want.

This is one of the ugliest rooms
I ever saw.

I like it.
Myfirst apartment.

Leave the paintings.
It causes trouble.

It's all mine now
and my landlady is a reaI gem.

Yes, that's true.

Wait and see
what happens now.

- Am I intruding?
- Not at all.

My paintings...

- Don't you like them?
- Yes, it's just that...

Youngsters have different tastes.
I'll remove them.

I want you to feeI at home.

Mr. Balla brought these.
A welcome present.

- Here is a set of keys for Mr. Kr?ger.
- Thankyou.

- Balla's reaI estate service.
- Yes.

I have friends. I never thought
I'd have a fianc? called Kr?ger.


- I've got two new teeth.
- Let me see.

You're a reaI beauty.
I could gobble you up.

She's asleep.
I'll take her into the lounge.

That's my pen.
Naughty girI.

- I thought I'd lost it.
- She's taken over the whole room.

When do you leave?


The day after?

I leave Monday morning.

Come to Schkona.

- Do we get an apartment?
- Move in with me.

The three of us in one room?

- The furniture?
- We'll store it.

What about my examinations?

We've alreadywaited so long.
A few months more won't hurt.

Mr. Kr?ger.

Come on in.

Have a seat.

- Mr. Balla's with your fianc?e.
- I'll come back later, then.

Wait a moment.
The builders tease her at work.

Balla has grown fond of her.

Maybe he doesn't know she's engaged.
I'll see to it.

The water's hot foryour bath.

- See you tomorrow, little boss.
- Good night.

I'm sorry.
I'm fed up with this hiding game.


Did you speak to your wife?

- We must split up.
- Who do you mean?

You and I.

- Good morning.
- Morning, Kati.

You should have stayed away.

- Glad you're here.
- Have a seat.

I've taken enough bashings.
I can't handle Horrath's errors too.

They're trying to judge his behavior.
You must be mentioned to do that.

You were always against me.

Don't get me wrong.
There's too much at stake for Horrath.

Did we show routine resignation?
Were you uninvolved?

Did Horrath change things?
Improve morale? Even mine?

- When did you give me the work?
- In January.

Factorywork at night is okay.
But a building site...

- We can use lamps.
- Really?

Have you stopped to think
of the dangers involved?

Horrath put a stop to bureaucracy.
Now we need faster building methods.

So that's it.

Let me give you some advice.

Young idealists come and go.

I hope
Horrath will stay and cooI down.

He's already
run into trouble more than once.

Please reconsider my project.

It's common practice
at technicaI college.

In theory. But not on building sites.
And do you know whythat is?

- The work teams are against it.
- Then we must win them over.

You want to convince Balla?

Cheers, Kati.
To our glorious three-shift system.

- Did you speak to Balla?
- Yes.

What did he say?

He gave me this.

He agrees?

He said I was crazy.

Then he left sober.
And I'm getting drunk here alone.

A birthday party?

Whose birthday is it?

- A funeraI.
- What?

Bringing back my plans?
Great. I'll burn them.

No, we need them.
Three shifts, starting in January.

I don't understand.
Did you speak to the organizers?

Not necessary.
We got the okayfrom the top.

You were against it.
Nowyou've changed your mind?

Have theyforced you?

A new situation.

Constructive talks.

The ministry is in favor of it.

It's no longer one man's pipe dream.

We'll be a great research team.

Your plans will be invaluable to us.

Of course.
Collective wisdom.

How could I forget that?

I'm afraid
we are straying from the subject.

We know Trutmann has weaknesses
and Horrath did his duty.

We're investigating Horrath's errors.

We shall now discuss
Horrath's expulsion from the Party.

One moment.

I'd like to hear Balla first.
It's time well spent.

One moment, Kati.
Please enter, Balla.

Trutmann said no for convenience sake.

- What about you, Balla?
- I wanted three shifts.

Did I hear right?

- You were in favor?
- Yes, of course I was.

- What's all the writing?
- The minutes.


Then I must weigh mywords carefully.

describe your relationship to Horrath.

My relationship to Horrath

and his to me

didn't exist.

We never discussed matters.
He always sent Kati.

All we talked about were the shifts
and the work on the site.

She asked me
and I agreed to the three shifts.

- When was that?
- Let me think.

I don't have a memory like a notebook.

I can't remember.
I know it was in the trailer.

Three shifts?

Without me.

- You'll reconsider.
- No way.


What about tonight?

- The movies?
- No. I'm sorry.

Another refusaI?

Some other time.
I promise.

- Wednesday?
- Can't sayyet.

Your boyfriend
takes up all your free time.

- My boyfriend?
- You do have one.

I thought so.

- I was afraid...
- What?

- You always thought of work.
- Do I look like the type?

How far away does he live?
Thirty miles?

- Farther.
- Sixty?

- Even farther.
- That's far enough.

Be prepared for a long siege.

I'm growing a bit fond ofyou.

Use your brains.
Sure she's trying to win me over.

She won't give up.

She's baiting her own trap.

- No three shifts, then?
- No three shifts. Let's take a leak.

He's not the first guy I met
who got hooked on a girI.

Know who's sitting out there?
Your dainty boss.

Not alone.

Let's get out of here.

- This place stinks.
- Why?

There's a good fight at Hittig's.
I promise.

You keep your mouth shut.

Three shifts are feasible.

Practice makes perfect.
It's up to you.

- It is so.
- Smooth talking three-shift apostle.

He preaches socialism
and agitates the girls.

We'll start at one facility.

The waterworks.

Who is speaking first?

Nobodywants to break the ice?

Don't let us down.

If I speak I'll tear him to shreds.
Is that what you want?

Comrade Ziehmer,
you were for it in Party meetings.

I am in favor of it.

- We're not.
- But we talked the whole thing over.

You talked to us
but you didn't ask us.

If he didn't ask...

- I'm going.
- Blondie's out in the cold.

- His own people turn on him.
- Let's go.

Time's wasting.
Work's waiting.

We'll show him
that we have influence, not him.

- If we want to...
- Forget it.

Can I say something?

We've had other nuts to crack.

We'll start in January.
Three shifts round the clock.

Why did you
keep me in suspense?

You can show us
your diary entry on Balla later.

So we can laugh it up.

- You can't do that.
- Leave ifyou like.

You've given him your finger.
He'll take the whole hand.

Thanks. You saved my skin.

Listen, Blondie.

I can do your sort of night work
as well as you any day.

Merry Christmas, stags.
Don't get drunk.

- Don't knockyour wife up.
- A small token.


- A small present foryou.
- Thankyou very much.

- Goodbye, Hannes.
- You're leaving as well?

- Not staying?
- You don't always ask us.

- True.
- My sister invited me over.

- Foryou.
- Thanks very much.

- This is foryour sister.
- Too kind ofyou.

- Just the three of us, then.
- Hurry, Nick. I'm waiting.

- You're off, too?
- Franz invited me.

- To his place?
- Yes, to his house.

I'll be back tomorrow.
A little something foryou.


- Thankyou very much.
- Hurry up.

- Merry Christmas.
- Same to you with brass knobs.

Things are getting dicey.

- Almost a company mutiny.
- I don't think so.

I almost forgot...

- A small present from me.
- Too kind ofyou.

A small gift.
From me to you.

- You shouldn't have.
- My pleasure.

Like it?

- Hope it fits.
- I'll try it on. Enough time?


It must fit perfectly.
The shopgirI tried it on.

- Did she have myfigure?
- Certainly.

She was a fewyears older.

A bit taller.
Much fatter than you...

I have a good imagination.

Hang on.

Are you feeling sick again?
I'm getting worried about you.

- Fits perfectly.
- What's wrong?

I needed a safety pin.

I'm sorry, Kati.
I must leave now.

- I'll talk to mywife.
- No presents in advance.

Go quickly and hurry back.

- She's asleep.
- Leave them bythe bed.

I'm not asleep yet.

- My skates?
- Yes, now go to sleep.

- Why invite people?
- They helped me when I was alone.

We need to talk.

I need to talk to you.

What's keeping you both?
We want to see the presents.

What's wrong?
Problems in Schkona?

I'll tell you later.

Christmas is no fun without kids.
No kids, no Christmas.

If I had children
I'd be faithfuI to a girI.


Well, probably.

I thinkyou are on the way
to becoming one of them.

Who impresses you more?
Horrath or the princess?

Look at this on the television.

SentimentaI crap.

Same program
on East and West TV.

Just shows
Germany can't be divided.

Sometimes I'm sorryfor him.

He works hard
for his beloved Party.

What for?

For nothing.
They all trample on him.

They're all against him.
But he gets his way.

Know why?

He has an ideaI.

I know all about that.

I once had an ideaI.

Every bullet I spent was for Germany.

Then Germanywas sold out.

I often wonder
when I slave away all day.

What's the point?

Just for the dough?
That can't be the reason.

That's not enough.

Why don't you go West?

You were a captain.
You got decorated with all they had.

- They'll receive you with open arms.
- Maybe that's why I stay here.

Here I'm almost a war criminaI.

Germany sold out?

You cut it up into two.

One large part, one small.

The difference?

Crap over there...

And here?

Plentyto drink at any rate.

Everyone gave me vodka.

- It's way below freezing.
- We must hurryto save the cement.

The Corinthians were told by PauI,

"Winter building
should wait for fall. "

The Ephesians too were told by PauI,
"Schnapps can't wait in glasses tall. "

Good to see you back.
We're not Eskimos.

- Carry on.
- Close the door. It's cold.

Get your boots on, hurry.

Two work the mixer.
The others follow me.

We need quilted pants like airmen.

- Okay, okay.
- Stay here, captain.

- Shall I call Horrath over?
- No.

What's this?
A strike?

The thermometer's on strike.

- We must keep on shoveling.
- Really?

We'll get frostbitten asses.

I once knew a guy...

Shut your mouth.
Put a sock in it.

Slave driver.

Tell us the truth.

What Party bonus
is Horrath paying you?

He does it for a bat of her eyelid.
Or did she warm you up?

I give you all
one minute to consider.

Anyone who takes longer
is out of myteam.

We were pals.

A long time ago.
Before you licked Horrath's boots.

Why are you grinning, Blondie?

- I just wanted to save the cement.
- Why do you call me Blondie?

AII Party secretaries
are blond in my eyes.

Nowyou keep
your solemn vow to me, little boss.

I'll meet you at five.
Wearyour Sunday best.

- You look so different.
- I got dressed up.

It's not that.

The earring's gone.

I need my bad reputation.

- I didn't knowyou danced well.
- No?

- We never danced before.
- Sure.

We just met.

Slow down, Hannes.

- Slow down.
- Tired already?

- Let me down. I can walk alone.
- Not right now.

- Serious?
- What did you do?

We danced.

Faster and faster!

Shame on you.
Three months pregnant!

Or don't you want the baby?

Nothing out of the ordinary.

He gave me some drops
and told me to rest.

I'm not listening.

Come on.

Do exactlywhat the doctor said.

Time to go home,
you drunkard.

I'll get you pregnant!

- I'll screw that guy.
- Time to go home now.

Come on, paI.
Get up.

We're going to trip up.
I told you so.

It's been three days now.

- Balla?
- Yes?

- I'm talking to you.
- Sorry.

First you work like mad
as ifyou had invented three shifts.

Then you disappear
and drink for three days.


I hadn't planned three days.

First it was just one day.
The second dayfollowed the first.

Then I got weaker.
A case of ale, a bottle of schnapps.

- I was still drunk on the third day.
- I understand.

Tell me what made you do it.

- Get drunk like that?
- I started off... with just one drink.

A schnapps.

And then a second one.
And a beer to wet your drywhistle.

Then a few rounds.

A tablefuI of schnapps
waiting to be downed.

Before you know it,
you're to the gills.

I'll give you one thing.
You always give a correct answer.

Don't be mad at me, Blondie.

- Were you sick?
- Do I look ill?

- Whythen?
- Private business.

- Where were you?
- Piss off.

Tell me why. Please.
One reason.

Better not to know everything.

If I said I'd been
to visit your wife in Rostock?

What then?

What's wrong?
Three days lousywork.

I'm tired
of being nursemaid to you.

Saving your skin.

- Be glad I'm back.
- You're crazy.

What's your game?
You build things and tear them down.

Then tell me
what's wrong with you, Horrath.

What sort are you?
A guywho stands up for his actions?

Or the other sort?

- Enjoying it?
- Yes.

I am ashamed.

Upstairs I'm their hero.

What's bad about that?

- Three shifts are a strain.
- I know.

I often got mad at you.
Because I didn't understand you.

Forget it.

We need each other.

Time to go.

Thankyou, Werner.
You can count on my support.

I promised you
something at Christmas.

Myfeelings foryou are the same.

I had a fight
with Trutmann today.

- Why?
- I can't stand him being so victorious.

- As if he invented shift work.
- It was inevitable.

- Many Hesselbarts worked on it.
- Not Trutmann.

We're proving it works.
Trutmann is supporting us.

Werner, listen.
I'm pregnant.

I had to report it to the clinic.

AII I could conceaI
was the father's identity.

Put yourselves in my situation.

The clinic criticized me for working
a pregnant woman at night.

I was amazed.

Kati refused to discuss it with me.

She accused me
of stealing Hesselbart's plans.

You're saying
she criticized you about Hesselbart.

You had a guilty conscience.

- You were glad to know her secret.
- No, I was just angry.

She talked of morals and I got mad.

You threatened to tell the Party
about her pregnancy.

That's blackmaiI.

It might appear so now
but things were tough then.

I'd just started
as Horrath's deputy.

Imagine what things were like.
We had to implement socialist morals.

A Party leader gets pregnant.
No one knew bywhom.

Rumors say it was Balla's child.

- Trutmann said so.
- I confided in Bleibtreu.

I'm surprised he squealed.

Didn't you hear anything?

- With all the gossip.
- No.

I'll go to see mywife.

I'll tell her the truth.

Do you still want me then?

Of course.

Let's go away somewhere
for a few days.

Where nobody knows us.

That's out of the question.

- I must speak to mywife first.
- Please, Werner.

You had time to decide.
This weekend is for us.

- Are you asleep?
- No.

- Thanks, Werner.
- What for?

For the past three days.

We needed a nice time.
The future will be ugly.


After the divorce we'll marry
before the baby is born.

What if she refuses?

She won't refuse.

She'll give in.

Where do I take the right
to think of my happiness?

I went to see her often enough.
I could have told her.

She still looks at me
like in old times.

It was heaven to me ten years ago.

Now it just annoys me.

- How do I explain it if I don't know?
- You'll never leave her.

I have to prepare her.

Undo the ties gradually.

What if theyfind out
before you're divorced?

They'll start an investigation.

I'll be dismissed
as an immoraI element.

It's no crime
to change one's feelings.

How do you investigate feelings?
I'm a Party secretary.

I'm responsible
for morals on the site.

The men
must respect their families.

- Theywon't believe in me.
- See Jansen. He'll understand.

Of course he'll understand me.

He'll express concern
and then replace me.

I'd do the same in his position.
Exactly the same.

We're nearly there.

I don't want you to leave Schkona
just because of me.

I'll keep quiet
as long as need be.



The train arriving on track one
is the Berlin Express from Erfurt.

Mind the doors, please.

- What are you doing here?
- We've come to stay here for good.

Lost for words?
There's a better surprise to come.

Surprise number two.

Ready in two weeks.
All fixed.

I alreadyfound ajob, too.

Sometimes we can even work
reaI miracles in the site office.

Are you alone, Kati?

The Partywill summon you
to a hearing tomorrow.

Why didn't you say
he threatened you?

I didn't know he was serious.

- Could you have changed anything?
- I tried.

Theytook me by surprise.

There's only one thing we can do.
Tell them the whole truth.

No. I refuse to be exposed.

Now to the second item.

A discussion with Kathrin Klee.

Comrade Bleibtreu takes the chair.
He made the motion in my absence.

This is not a criminaI investigation.

This is a discussion with a comrade
with an excellent work record.

She is
in a difficult personaI situation.

Werner talks as if he were the father.

Must we worry about pregnancies?

It's about morals on the site.

Werner's been at loggerheads
with the Ballas for months. Now this.

Are we to abort the baby?

She's covering for someone.
Maybe he's married.

It normally has ideologicaI reasons.

Loose morals, loose principles.
An old rule.

Comrade Klee.

We hope you understand

you can't fooI us senior comrades.

We aren't clinic nurses.

We want you
to explain your behavior truthfully.

Can't you see
you're harming the Party?

What will people say?

Comrades preach morals they ignore?

- What do you want?
- Ifyou realize you harmed the Party?

- May I say something, Comrades?
- Please do.

What will things come to
if people sleep around?

I loved him.
I still do love him.

- That's all.
- Nonsense.

Think of the baby.

Ifyou clam up
the father won't pay.

I know him.

Dear Comrade Klee.
We want your best.

I'm afraid we face the situation
I warned you of when you came.

Be sensible and confide in us.

We aren't snoopers but we must know
whyyou're covering the father.

That's enough!
You're treating her like dirt.

Put yourselves in her position.

But you men can't do that.

Leave the girI alone.
She didn't harm the Party.

Speak up, Werner.
It's a matter of principle.

Werner, say something!


It's your affair...

Tell the truth.

Who is the father?

Leave me alone.
Just leave me alone.

- Is he in the Party?
- No.

- Does he work on the site?
- No.

The rest is your affair.

Come on, Kati.

You can be proud of this, Horrath.
You too, Bleibtreu.

Ask her in.

She's gone.

We'll wait for her.


I want to make a personaI statement.

Mytask as Horrath's deputy
was to support him.

To help him avoid making errors.

I let him dazzle me.

I saw nothing of his double existence.

The evidence was there.

I enjoyyour self-criticism.

I'd listen all day.

Why knock Horrath?

Just sayyou didn't understand.
"I still don't, since I'm an asshole. "

I protest.

Insults won't be of any help.

Werner, I find it hard
but I'd like to understand you.

You failed totallythat day.

What about later?

The girI got worse.
You should have clarified things.

Ifyou didn't trust us
why didn't you go and see Jansen?

He did.

Please replace me in Schkona.


Please replace me.


Next month?

- I never asked personaI favors.
- Then don't start now.

- Who will replace you? Bleibtreu?
- No.


Any suggestions?

LeveI with me.

I can't stay in Schkona any longer.
I have personaI reasons.

No suggestions.

What have you achieved?
A prelude.

The hard part's still to come.
Who'll fully implement three shifts?

- A new man?
- I'm not irreplaceable.

You're hard to replace.

What's wrong?
Had an affair?

Want me to talk to your wife?

It's worse.
You can only help ifyou let me go.

You young guys.

Always readywith slogans.
But when things get tough...

It is an impertinence

to put personaI problems
before higher priorities.

I'm sorry.

Saywhyyou need to leave Schkona
and I'II let you go.

Forget myvisit.

Did you want to hear the truth?

You mean it didn't suit me?

Ifyou had insisted a bit longer,

he'd have spilled the beans.


I should have smelled a rat
when Horrath acted like that.

Why didn't I notice?

I really don't know.

Time for lunch.
Get the girI here this afternoon.

When did you find out
about Kati and me?

Let's assume you came in here
with whatever-his-name

and were seen.

That's impossible.
I only came in once, with Horrath.

I don't understand you.

Theytreat you like dirt.

I have to look on.

Are you spying on me, too?

No. I want to know
what guywould act like this.

But, Balla, what makes you think
I'd fall for a rogue anyway?

With a bum.

Who gets me pregnant and dumps me.
Who you need to educate.

- Mr. Balla!
- Good afternoon.

- Miss Klee is not in.
- Never mind.

I can visit you, can't I?
This is foryou.

How kind ofyou. Mother's ruin.
I can't possibly accept.

Sure you can.

It's from the heart.

- You know how to treat a lady.
- Don't make me blush now.

- Care for a glass?
- That's not my brand of poison.

Does he visit often?

Put them up neatly.
People can be so fussy.

You prefer schnapps?

- Does he often write?
- She's having his baby.

To Miss Klee's blessed event.

To Miss Klee's unborn baby.

I wanted to askyou...

- What's the guy's name?
- Mr. Balla!

- Why do you want to know?
- No speciaI reason.

Are you jealous?
If I may ask.

Not at all.
Miss Klee is a nice girI.

I thought
he's probably a nice enough guy.

It's not easyfor him.

He's married.
Any rate I assume he is.

- Really?
- A very nice man.

But very shy.

- Shy?
- Yes, he's very unassuming.

Maybe too reticent.

- Mrs. Schicketanz?
- What?

What's his name?

But don't tell a living souI.

His name's Kr?ger.
He comes over from Leipzig.

- Kr?ger?
- Yes.

From Leipzig.

Kr?ger from Leipzig.

That's him.

That's just...

Kr?ger from Leipzig.

That's wonderfuI.
I love your curtains, wonderfuI...


Evening, Blondie...
What about the building conference?

You didn't want to come.

Do you need me or not?

Why did you change your mind?

You convinced me.

- What do you think of her?
- Who?

- You know who I mean.
- A lot.

You Party members
have a moraI policy.

Like the Salvation Army.

Help everyone.

Why do you let them bug her?
Why don't you find the guy?

She refuses.

I thought you were a swindler.

- Why?
- I thought you got her pregnant.


Ladies and gentlemen!
Honored guests!


Honored minister.

Ladies and gentlemen.
All present...

Most honorable Minister...

Your honorable Minister...


Comrade Minister.

Time to go.

What do I say?
Ladies and gentlemen?

To hell with formalities.
Get ready.

What's that?
You promised me.

I can't talk with a drywhistle.

I only had time for four.
You came before the fifth.

Could you remove the earring?

It's a transmitter, Comrade.

The most important thing:

No talk of past errors.
Always look forward.

- He means we address the audience?
- I guess so.



Dear guests.

I was delegated here

to talk about how we come to terms

with three shifts in Schkona.

I should...
I must explain that further.

In a time of co-existence

peacefuI co-existence

we must build faster and cheaper.

Lenin said...

Lenin said a long time ago...
before a large audience...

What's funny?

Lenin was a wise guy.

He criticized all those pen-pushers

who are afraid to take decisions.
Accept responsibility.

In other words...
We in Schkona built faster

and cheaper
with the aid of modern technology.

What's new?

The new thing for us was

although we built faster and cheaper

we earned less.


Because labor productivity...

The labor productivity on the site

is not calculated
according to the product.

It is based
on whether the allocated sum

is spent to the last penny.

No-one understands why.

That's my question
to you all here today.

Theyjust read their notes.
Only I spoke freely.

I really spoke my mind
to the ministers.

When I took the stage...

Fancy hat, my pearI earring,
theywere all ears.


By the time I'd finished
it was more like Waterloo.

The ministers were sore.
I never knew we had so many.

- Enter!
- Good evening.

- I'm glad foryou.
- Right. The Berliners want to help us.

- Like my photo?
- We already saw it.

They pinned this to the door.


Some swine did it.

- A swine can be right.
- Only amongst swine.


A chaste woman can speak her mind.
But an easy lay like you!

Watch your mouth.

Open the door.

Get up.
I told you to get up!

- You'll regret that.
- Like hell.

We used to fight other people.
Nowyou're starting on us.

- Balla is a bad team leader.
- He can't be allowed

to drive away people
as he thinks fit.

Why so picky?

You looked on
when he terrorized the site drivers.

Now he kicks
a troublemaker up the ass

and you want him punished.

That's good policy.

He hits Bolbig and supports you.

When he sees no advantage
he'll turn on us.

- He deserves isolation, not Berlin.
- That's too easy.

The easyway out
is your only policy.

- What's your policy?
- My policy? I don't have one.

I just hate set phrases.

That's the trend, is it?

You make yourself popular
and lose controI.

I'd lose controI
if I listened to your advice.

We must encourage people like Balla

by getting them out of isolation.

We must win them over.

Not grasping that
gets you kicked upstairs.

Who says so?

Ifyou can't understand
you'd better look for a newjob.

I'm trying to avoid that.

We don't let off steam
as often as we should.

Bleibtreu is right.

The opposition from Balla
and Klee is our fault.

- Leave Klee out of it.
- I'm trying to smooth things over.

She'll soon leave
to have her baby.

She won't return to Balla.

You needn't hang around.

Let us spoiI you.
We'll go soon.

- Expecting someone?
- Who?

When the baby's born
the father won't need my good advice.

- Get some rest in Dresden.
- My mother's already had her say.

The train is ready to depart.

- Drop us a line.
- Sure.

Don't listen to rumors.
You'll soon be back in our team.

Did you see him?

A certain Mr. Kr?ger.
The bastard.

I can't find Miss Klee.

I'II look for her.

Hesselbart, tell her it won't be
a repeat cross-examination.

We want to askyou something.

You had no relationship to Horrath.

At the conference in Berlin
you were the best of friends.

Did he convince you
as you put it?


He was good at convincing me.
We saw eye to eye on that.

Why did you turn on him
three months later?

I don't remember.
It's too long ago.

Chaos broke out on the site again.

Whywas that?

Your mind wandered.

It was on your personaI problems.

I had my mind on mywork.

I neglected my personaI affairs.

I guess I used mywork
as a means of escape.

I wanted to keep my mind off things.
That was my mistake.

Miss Klee.
You have some visitors.

There you are.

Just a few minutes, gentlemen.


- A boy or a girI?
- A boy.

A boy.
Put the flowers down over there.

Look what a bouncing baby he is.

Just like his father.

- You're not happy.
- Yes, I am.

I thought it might be a girI.

Come here.

Making babies is easier
than having them. You look well.

- Have you work for me to do?
- More than enough.

- I'm back with the Ballas.
- Cheers.

Our little princess
is back with the seven devils.

I don't understand.

I can't stay here.

I have to return
to the cooling plant.

Who says so?

I say so.
Ifyou have no objection.

I do object to the idea.

I organize who works where.

Organize more materiaI.
And stop bullying Kati.

That is an outrageous remark.

You said she stays with us.
Isn't that so?

Without consulting me?

- Good morning.
- Morning.

- Everything go well?
- Yes.

She's needed at the plant.
She'll be back.

Know what you've become, Blondie?
A tightrope walker.

- Did you miss me?
- Why do you ask?

- So you didn't.
- Yes, I did.

Make up your mind!


- Mrs. Schicketanz planned everything.
- Too risky.

A few people
are just waiting for me to trip up.

- That means you need more time?
- Yes.

A few months more.

UntiI things are settled here.
Then I can go.

I mean maybe.

I think Balla feels
you have let him down.

If we're not carefuI
he'll do something.

I can depend on Balla fully.

Many ask
if they can depend on you.

That is nonsense.

There's one topic
we didn't mention.

He's blond and looks like you.

- We must commence assembly earlier.
- Yes.

When are we going to Berlin?

I'm not going with you.
I resigned.

Because of Trutmann?

Because ofyou.

Ifyou capitulate,
it's a sure sign all is lost.

- What's wrong?
- You used to put things right.

Nowyou accept planners
who organize totaI chaos.

Three shifts.
Assembly. That's fine.

You put emphasis on change.
Old priorities get forgotten.

They get left to Trutmann.

Why do I get worked up?

You don't think
Trutmann will change?


When I was patient with Balla
it was right.

- Sure.
- But not with Trutmann?

- Because he's 20 years older?
- No.

Balla's good at his job.
Responsibility suits him.

Trutmann can't cope.
The extra burden makes him insecure.

That costs us millions
and initiative goes west.

We've put too much into this
to give up now.

Postpone your decision.
I need you.

We got three shifts
on seven projects.

There's not enough materiaI.
No cash for wages.

You say get it elsewhere.
The accountants are hounding me.

Why did it work at the waterworks?
You did Trutmann's work.

So do it again.

Trutmann's worn down
five Party Secretaries.

You want to be number six?
Leave it to him.

Let him get it this time.

Tryto cheer her up a bit.

- She wrote all day.
- To whom?

To a newspaper.
About conditions at the site.

- I guess that's it.
- You guess.

- Guess what this is.
- I guess it's for me.

Hi, Blondie.

Say something.
Wake your mom.

Now, now, little one.
That's all right.

Why didn't you wake me?

Because this is interesting.

When Horrath sees this in print
he'II look stupid.

So will a certain Mr. Kr?ger.

Didn't we agree
Horrath's not part of my private life?

Of course he isn't.
I keep the two guys separate.

They both certainlyfooled us.
Especially Mr. Kr?ger.

The article won't be published.

So everything remains unchanged?

Foryou, too?



- Why don't we work nights?
- Because we have the Ballas around.

- Why are you still here?
- To see you work without anywood.

- Elbers!
- Yes?

Write them a note.

"Wake us when the wood's arrived. "

- That'll give them food for thought.
- They'll deduct a day's pay.

- Franz?
- Yes?

- What did you do in the old days?
- If we ran out of materiaI?

- Never happened.
- What did happen?

A shortage of work.
Money problems.

- What did you do then?
- We moved on to another mine.

- What else?
- We went on strike.


We go on strike.
UntiI things improve around here.

Look how fast they react.

Hitches occur everywhere.
We'll payfull wages.

- The wood is on its way.
- Nice ofyou to drop in.

Haven't seen you in ages.

You don't know how serious it is.
Stop playing foolish pranks.

Things need settling first.

We already have an agenda.
Resume work at once.

- Then we can discuss matters.
- What are you scribbling?

A blacklist?
This is not a capitalist country.

Read this. Balla's on strike.
Here's the strike program.

In our newspaper.
Guess who wrote it.

Listen to what the paper says.

"Bad organization methods in Schkona. "

By Kathrin Klee.

"Chaotic deliveries.

New accounting system delayed.

Workers angry
at haphazard planning office. "

It's wood.

Don't stand there like dummies.

You'll all be in the paper this time.

Here's to solidarity, Balla.

Take up the bottle, working man.

Well done. I didn't thinkyou'd do it.
Have a drink.

- No.
- A wildcat strike is useless.

Hannes, wood has arrived.

So what?
What about tomorrow? Next week?

Back to work.


How long were we together?

We don't want to let you down
but a strike's not correct nowadays.

Come on, Hannes.
There's absolutely no point.

You bunch of scabs!

- Let's do the bastards over.
- Stop it. Now! I said stop!

Why did you do that, Balla?

Have I ever let you down
on important matters?

Let's go, boy.

- What is intellectuaI authorship?
- Construe what you like.

I have to see Balla.

- Not yet.
- You deny Balla saw the article?

Last night was your fault.

You wrote half truths.
Libeled the Party.

You also used the article
to get back at me, didn't you?

Good morning.

Inform Jansen.

Call the Party leaders.

Send home the site security people.
You can go now, Kati.

- I'm sorry.
- That's not enough.

You stabbed me in the back.

- I hope you feeI better for it.
- Know why I wrote the article?

I'm a lousy tactician
who needs a push into action.

Your truth for the readers.

A round of drinks for the mourners.

What's wrong?

Afraid foryour boss?

They are working
on him longer than us.

Forget the miseries. Theywent
on strike and harmed our team.

Know what Balla will do?

- You're annoying us.
- He'll apologize. Eat crow.

One more word and you're outside.

Did you all testifyfor him?

Say he's capable of improvement?

Tell them he sleeps
with the Manifesto under his pillow?

He'll soon be singing it out loud.

I knew a guywho stirred things
when he was shit scared.

What has become ofyou all?
Let's drink to old times.

So that's the way
the cookie crumbles.

You won't drink with me.

Come on, Elbers.
Drink up.

You never were
much of a guy, Bolbig.

Nowyou're just
a pathetic troublemaker.

So that's it.

Another Balla.

A Knight's Cross holder
turns ass kisser.

- Drink to that.
- Cut it out.

I'm telling you.

You make us puke.

Get out of here.

Drink. Oryou'll be sorry.

Don't move him.

Get a doctor.


Know what'll happen now?

Forget the hammer.
You'll never guess.

Nick, go and get the police.

Have you heard
howyour friend Elbers is doing?

He's not too good.
No one's allowed to see him.

The hospitaI just called.
His condition is no longer criticaI.

Bolbig can thank the doctors
or luck that he isn't a murderer.

Someone could have got killed
the other night?

- Yes.
- It's chance I'm not in custody?

That's right.

We weighed
what speaks for and against you.

What was it like
cooperating with people like Bolbig?

One dayyou'll reach the point

where no one judges your intentions
but the consequences.

Not what you intended to achieve.

But what you achieved.

Mark mywords.

Investigations, analysis, on we go.
Everything hunky dorey again.

- Satisfied?
- I don't feeI like I won a battle.

You got off lighter
than you deserved?

- I guess so.
- Then you learned your lesson.

Balla is a good guy.
I'm glad you kept him on.

You wanted to hang out
the white flag once.

- It's about time I knew why.
- That's over and done with.

The most important question is open.

Why didn't Balla and Klee
come to you at that time?

Oh, it's you, Mr. Kr?ger.

Long time no see.

- Good evening.
- Miss Klee is out.

Her light is on.

Kati, are you asleep?

Come on, Kati.
It's me. Open the door.

Please, Kati.

Can I take a message perhaps?

I'm sorry, Mrs. Schicketanz.

Do you reallythink someone
who was in your condition

as you described it
can just carry on?

I see that I made mistakes.

I love myjob, I've been on sites
since I quit schooI.

I know I'll make it.
Ifyou're prepared to help me.

You grasp the details
but not the essence.

You're not up to it.

Before you came to work for us

I asked the combine to fire me.

I realized this site
was too big for me to handle.

Go on.

They said to abandon Schkona
is to throw in the toweI.

- What about you?
- I didn't want to do that.

So to keep your position
you simulated and cheated.

- That's libeI by Miss Klee.
- You stole Hesselbart's plans?

- I didn't touch the plans.
- You thought a white lie won't harm.

- Is that so?
- Yes.

But you caused harm.

Hesselbart thought
we were all cheats, not just you.

You harmed yourself.

You destroyed your self-respect.

Ifyou playwith marked cards,
you're a cheat.

Trutmann committed
a basic breach of duty.

He failed to be honest with us.

He did not prevent the truth
being falsified or withheld.

That is why
we must ask him to go.

Would anyone like to second
or oppose the motion?

Yes, I...

I oppose.

Comrade Trutmann did hide the truth.

What sounded like truth today
was often mere excuses.

How is a person to know the truth
if he has lived for manyyears

with petty lies and excuses?

Today he wanted to be honest.

Honesty deserves a second chance.

Colleague Hesselbart.

You are now
in charge of the site.

- Yes.
- You are his assistant.

Good evening.

Evening. Mommy rang.
She'll be home around nine.

- Why aren't you in bed?
- We have a visitor, Daddy.

She entertained me.


- Time for bed.
- Let me stay.

Come on, go to bed.
Hang on. Another one?

Let me keep it.

She takes my pens.

She's a nice kid.

Resembles your son.

Nowyou've found
the scoundreI you were looking for.

I know more than you think.

I know you love the girl.

I know you got rid of Trutmann.
Nobody else was capable.

But I don't know
how you can live like this.

Between two worlds
in passing, so to speak.

How can you love like that?

How did you find the courage
to get rid of Trutmann?

In your hopeless situation.

I became
a member of the Party in 1950.

I had very little experience of life.

The youngeryou are
the more you thinkyou know.

What's good, what's bad.

How a communist ought to be.

Clean and virtuous at all times.
In his private life, too.

- In controI of his emotions.
- That's okay.

- That's how things should be.
- Yes.

We saw things very simply.
Too simply.

If something needed fixing,
we fixed it by resolution.

If a married man fell in love again

or cheated on his wife,

both were immoraI lifestyles.

If a comrade did such things,
his attitude was also questionable.

So when did you get clever?

Since I became a victim.

Now I know it's up to me alone.

Resolutions can't help me at all.

But bythen it was too late.

I got frightened.
Frightened of losing myjob.

But then
Trutmann would still be here.

The power plant wouldn't get built.

The cooling plant wouldn't be ready.

And so on.

Can you understand me?

And what will you do about Kati?

She dropped me.

Oh, we have a visitor.
Why didn't you make coffee?

Oh, no.
I'm just leaving.

I asked your husband
if I should join the Party.

He advised against it.

Is he serious?

Are you hungry?
I'll fix us something.


When I came to Rostock at Christmas
I had something to tell you.

Read this. It's for Jansen.
I want to see him.

- Your wife is divorcing you?
- Read on.

So it was you and Klee!

- Did you type this yourself?
- Yes.


- Then we'll deaI with this ourselves.
- No.

Is Kati Klee blackmailing you?

So you promoted her
to shut her up.

- You're looking for dirt.
- You're capable of anything.


Go off sick
or take a vacation.

- Then we'll replace you.
- I have to be in court tomorrow.

Your filthy games
will be the talk of Schkona.

You don't kick
a man when he's down.

It's not about you.
It's about the Party's reputation.

You know what that means?

You must change jobs.

No more of
your pussy-footing around here.

The unreliable Hesselbart
running the place.

And your bedwarmer
at his side.

Once a thing has been proved effective
it is hard to revoke it.

Be it large or small.

And even ifyou take that seat.

May I interrupt for a moment?

I looked for Kati all over.

I found this on my desk.

Are you surprised?
After all she's been through.

She got so involved in her work
I thought she was okay.

We'll keep the lid on this.
I'll deaI with it.

We all realize by now
this no longer concerns just Horrath.

The girI must get her life
back together again.


You went to Berlin with her.

Hesselbart sent us to the institute.
To look over some plant.

That's irrelevant.

You spent three weeks with her.
What was going on inside her?

No comment.

- Damnation.
- If only I had a hammer.

The first dance
and my heeI comes off.

This is a posh joint.
We'll retreat gracefully.

You carried me off
a dance floor once before.

- Do you remember, Hannes?
- You've had one too many.

You called me Hannes.
First names from now on?

To Hannes and Kati.

First names from now on.

- I'll tryto remember.
- The same again.

Don't drink so much.

- We're not suited to another.
- Why not?

When I'm happy, you're sad.

I'm just a bit pensive.

May I have this dance?

She's not dancing.
She came in stockings.

I want to dance
with you in my stockings.

- Bend down a bit.
- You're a witch.

Aren't witches human beings?

- Do witches have husbands also?
- Sure. They have at least two.

I'm afraid
you can't dance in stockings.


- You can't dance in stockings.
- Visit a doctor. You repeat yourself.

- Is walking allowed?
- Not in stockings, Sir.

Stand aside.
Mind your backs, folks.

- Can I have your earring?
- If I can find it.

- We've arrived.
- Yes.

Good night.

- Good night.
- Don't look. I'm ugly and tired.

Good night.

Come in.

The door wasn't locked.

- Did you forget to lock it?
- No.


You look pretty
at this early hour.

I'm glad you came.

I was waiting.

You've been waiting for me?
How long have you been waiting?

I've been waiting
for a very long half an hour.

That's a long time.

Ifyou're looking forward
to something.

Ifyou are afraid also.


That's true.

- What do we do now?
- No idea.

I waited so long for this moment.

Now it has come
and has already passed by.

I looked foryou all over, Blondie.

- Good evening.
- Why don't you sleep at home?

- Why do you think I'm here?
- So that's how things are.

- How was your trip to Berlin?
- So so.

How is Kati making out?

She's no better off than you are.

Given up shaving?

Did you harm her
or did she harm you?

Don't blame either of us.

- Who is to blame then?
- God Almighty.

Your sentimentaI talk makes me sick.
Packyour things.

Bleibtreu's losing his marbles.

He put all the engineers
on excavation.

- Why?
- To fulfill the plan.

He wants praise from the top.

- Why put up with it?
- He won't listen to us.

- Can you talk sense into him?
- I'm no longer Party Secretary.

- Are you managing okay?
- Things could be worse, Kati.

- How about you?
- I've been digging trenches.

- Sport.
- Can you afford the time?

It's holding things up
in the planning office.

You can't put your foot in it
for everytriviality.

I sent the engineers
back to their desks.

I know.

You're arrogant and stubborn.

- More dangerous than I thought.
- Keep calm.

- You lack experience.
- You're banned from the site.

- Who says I'm banned?
- Get me two security men at once.

Call two more guards for me
and have all of us taken away.

Then it will be
just you and security left here.

Balla in Party Headquarters?
I'm delighted.

You might not be for long.

You've come
to smooth things over?

The incident with Bleibtreu?
Not at all.

I thought you'd seen the light.

- What would you have done?
- I wouldn't have attacked him.

- Have a seat.
- I'm very sorry about it.

Whenever I set eyes on Bleibtreu
I could just...


- I don't use such words.
- Don't think we're fools.

Bleibtreu's onlytemporary.

- What about Horrath?
- We had to replace him.

He was Secretary.
He behaved immorally.

- Is love immoraI?
- I'm not referring to his love affair.

I mean his unreliability
and the lies he told.

- He told the truth.
- When?

- When he had to.
- It was superfluous.

Kati had left him.
His wife hadn't found out.

I was the one who made him talk.

If he'd kept quiet,
he'd still be here.

And his lies to the Party?

Why do you think he lied to them?

- Why?
- To prevent what has happened now.

He didn't want to leave
Bleibtreu in charge of the site.

He didn't want to leave
Bleibtreu in charge of the site.

So he was punished for his honesty?
Not for the errors he made?

Yes, he's been removed from office
and that's our loss as well.

Can I help you in anyway?

- Thank you.
- Have you accommodation?

Friends help out.
I sleep here and there.

Mrs. Schicketanz has room.
Shall I ask her?

I'd prefer the couch in your room.

- You didn't want pity. Neither do I.
- You're right.

We needn't hide any more.

We needn't hide any more.

We could sit here like everyone else.
But it's too late now.


Jansen has told me to report to him.

Me, too.

- How's the baby?
- Come and see him.

You meet a guy.
He looks like a fairy-tale prince.

Nowyou can't forgive him
for being human.

Forget the fairytale and take him.

He's the best.

But I feeI nothing.

But I feeI nothing.

- Are you summoned?
- Yes.

- I'm not going.
- But you must go, Kati.

Nobody can defend him
better than you.

I can't help him any more.

Colleagues from the site
have been looking foryou.

I'm not available.

Our only point on the agenda:
Proceedings against Comrade Horrath.

ImmoraI behavior

politicaI and ideologicaI failure.

These words don't suffice
to describe his failings.

A clever and responsible person

has shown that he is immature
in certain aspects.

He paid his price.

That could be the end of it.

If it weren't for Kati Klee
and what he did to her.

Goodbye, Werner.

See you soon.
On a better occasion.

Why not here?
I found it interesting.

Good night.

Good evening.

I'd like to see Miss Klee.

My name is Jansen.

- Are you from the site?
- Sort of.

She left quite suddenly.

Do you know why?

I think so.

I hate to leave Schkona.

I made friends here.
I was happy.

But I must free myselffrom memories
ofthings I couldn't cope with.

If l stay I shall always hope
Horrath and I have a future together.

I am sick ofself. pity.

I want to make a newstart.