Spud 2: The Madness Continues (2013) - full transcript

The year is 1991, and Spud Milton's long walk to manhood is still creeping along at an unnervingly slow pace. Approaching the ripe old age of fifteen and still no signs of the much anticipated ball-drop, Spud is coming to terms with the fact that he may well be a freak of nature. With a mother hell-bent on emigrating, a father making a killing out of selling homemade moonshine, and a demented grandmother called Wombat, the new year seems to offer little except extreme embarrassment and more mortifying Milton madness. But Spud is returning to a boarding school where he is no longer the youngest or the smallest. His dormitory mates, known as the Crazy Eight, have an unusual new member and his house has a new clutch of first years (the Normal Seven). If Spud thinks his second year will be a breeze, however, he is seriously mistaken. He is soon beset with women trouble, coerced into misguided late-night adventures, and funds his dreams of a famous career on the stage in tatters after landing the part of the Dove of Peace in a disastrous house play production of Noah's Ark. To top it all off, boarding master Sparerib and his prefects Death breath and Earthworm are concocting an almighty plan to get Spud and the Crazy 8 expelled! Hilarious, bitter-sweet, tragic and real, join Spud as he takes another tentative step forward while all around him the madness continues...

In my dream I Tolak Zed, rescuing "Sirena" the evil prefect.

Help me, Johnny!

Did these men are bothering you?

Lárgate, Spud.

Johnny, you're a real badass.

And she has never wanted sex with Hugh Hefner and ...

... Best of all for her'm not a Spud.

Do you mind if I were one?

Can you? Please.

Not so fast, my friend.

You've been a child really, really bad.


Why always me touch your breasts?

Why do not you kiss me when you had the chance?

Ramero child.

I can not believe it! All holiday ...

... My voice sounded like a constipated donkey.

And now it has finally happened.

I have hair on the balls.

They may only be three, but the revolution has definitely begun.

Goodbye childhood, and welcome the explosive and constant sex with my girlfriend.

Mom is-What time is it?

... It is time ... to leave.

We're going .. just ... yeah.

My parents were driving me crazy.

I mean, I can handle sex, to drink and discuss,

- I heard you say. - I just was-

But now Mom is thinking of emigrating to England after ...

... That the president announced plans for new legislation.

I heard that the neighbors are selling.

- It's very serious. - What?

Going to be Sodom and Gomorrah.

Apparently it's a matter of time before we are all ...

... Violated in our beds by Innocence and friends.

- Hello how are you? - Did you sleep well?

- You want some coffee? - Maybe some biscuits.

Yes. Sugar?

No way I'm going to emigrate.

It took a whole year to grab value to kiss ...

... "Sirena" and now I will not throw that away.

In addition, we are in love.

I never cared that it was awarded a scholarship in ...

... One of the most prestigious schools in the country.

Actually I do not even mind the scholarship.

I mean, of course my parents could not afford to send me here.

But the real reason we need this school,

even though it is governed as a dictatorship with silly ...

... Narcissistic and abusive rules, the real reason is because ...

... It has the most crazy and insane vandals worldwide.

The "Eight Crazy."

And our first work will throw Vern to the source!

Wilson, if you can not control these guys, I'll find someone who can.

Hey, what are you doing? I want everyone in my office to that already!

"Costilla," our sadistic supervising teacher.

After our remarkable resistance to the lashes,

I'm sure that has something up his sleeve unpleasant.

Does anyone?

Significa compórtense
o váyanse a la f...

Do I make myself clear, gentlemen?


Sorry, sir, I'm confused.

What did he mean by that "F"?

I must warn you, boy.

He estado ejercitándome.

Well, enjoy the anticipation, I'll be watching.


If "Costilla" want to drive the crazy, you will have to try harder.

For starters, Rambo said he planned ...

... Teach the wife of "rib" a lot of ...

... New sex positions learned during the holidays.

Oh, you would catch "mad dog" causing terror in the freshmen.

In fact the new guys have so much ...

... Afraid to do whatever he says.

Get down! Lizards!

Well, become the dead.

Or you could catch "brat" with his epic collection of international porn.

Ready, look at this.

Who is that?

- A sex machine. - Are implants?

- No, look at them well. - Look, keep watching.

- Is that Christine? - No, no, you'd be dead.

It is the film "Brat" killed by Christine.

How we're going to believe?

"Greasy" is also seriously violating school rules.

Saving supermarket more than half under the bed.

The he accumulated during the holidays and said that ...

... Only saved when price rise.

Simon is in danger because constantly skip class ...

... To practice their shooting and ligand girls through the defense.

And Vern has become a kleptomaniac as long feed ...

... Her unhealthy addiction to the solution for contact lenses.

Everyone is probably safe as Roger the cat ...

... Was adopted as an honorary member at the eight crazy.

As for me, this year I plan to keep my nose ...

... Clean and avoid disaster, death and shame.

I will work hard and become world famous actor.

And a siren day and I walk through ...

... The red carpet as Richard Gere and Cindy Crawfort.

Come on.

Come on, are not chickens.

Rambo, what are we doing here?

If someone catches us entering the office ...

Director ... we'll be in serious trouble.

The largest and most insane madness of the year had not yet begun.

Come on, everyone.

Everything was Rambo said,

"It's time to stop being children and become legends."

Boys, welcome to the legendary wall of fame.

Whose are these names?

Spud, are all guys who told the Director to the goal.

I bet that "Glock" has not even checked under his old desk.

How did you hear about this?

Haywire Mckenzie who was expelled for eating consideration.

He vomited here.

You see guys, not everyone can make their names under this desk.

- Until then ... - Or I can do it again.

No, can not. Everything we have done are a few nocturnal escapades.

Nor even we deserve to be here.

Let's go.


This is where our quest to become legends begins.

The Nutties Farm Show, the competition eating hot dogs.

The prize is $ 500.

Seboso can do to sleep.

Greasy, you can win this.

- Yes. - You're our man.

What we will do with the money?

Brat, let's put this school head.

Sounds legenda-

But I thought that only the prefects were allowed to go.

Not if Costilla gives us a weekend pass.

Yeah, like that was going to happen.

A heel passes weekend.

I wonder how you get it from your desk.

Well played.

What the hell are you doing here?

La Granja is only for seniors, morons.

Mr. Wilson gave us passes weekend.

Nonsense, show me.

The Head of the House, Greg Anderson and prefect ...

... Guy Hamilton house and "mortal breath."


Undoubtedly the most sadistic kids who have walked by the school.

After Mad Dog, of course.

¿Van a entrar a la
competencia de Hot Dogs?

- I'll make you fall. - But do not get ahead.

Shut your mouth!

How about some idiots like you bring the money to go?

- I do not think so. - The preparation, stinks.

How we have altogether?

- How much will it cost? - Do not mention the posters.

- Nobody told us anything. - Do not mention anything?

- Why did they do? - You have to pay for the Hot Dogs.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to "help the needy," performed ...

... By John Milton. Please donate generously to this worthy cause.

Thank you.

# Bring me my bow of burning gold #

# Bring me my arrows of desire #

# Bring me my spear, oh, Disperse clouds #

# Bring me my chariot of fire #

# I will not cease my mental struggle #

# And the sword sleep in my hand #

# Until we have built Jerusalem #

# In the green and pleasant land of England #

It's for a good cause, ladies and gentlemen.

It's for a good cause.

- Why are we here? - Do not fail again.

After Oliver, all the girls in my school do not stop talking about you.

Have you had time to send a fly that pathetic little girlfriend of yours ...

... To kiss a real woman?

There you are! Listen, I found a-

I have to go.

Spud, I can tell you one thing about Amanda,

And, uh, it's definitely intense.

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen in the hot dog eating competition.

- ¡Mírenlos eat! - ¡Vamos, greasy, come on!

23 hot dogs each, this is amazing, ladies and gentlemen!

Mrs. David and Mr. Kruger can no longer ...

... And it is outside the competence ladies and gentlemen.

Before going to go through your consolation prize, right?

Look at that. This is getting intense.

Look at that, ladies and gentlemen, there was never ...

... Seen it eat two hot dogs at once!

Do not try that at home, ladies and gentlemen! Do not try this at home!

Now it remains to see who continues to the end and who resigned.

See if your opponent holds more and is ready for the challenge.

- Vamos, vamos.
- Come, come.

If you are doing it, yes! This is incredible!

What a great fight of these young people!

What a great test of endurance! Your parents must be so proud!

Look at that! That is an incredible maneuver the competitor!

But it is looking a little ... a little sick.

Do not worry son, you'll be fine.

Do not worry ladies and gentlemen, I have seen this before.

No, no! And if vomiting, ladies and gentlemen!

That automatically removed from the competition,

and it means that the contest winner is ...!

The big winner is the "greasy" Sidney Smitherson-Scott!

It is incredible! Greasy, greasy, how do you feel ?!

- It felt like a tasty snack. - Yes!

Brome, jokes, if it ate a lot!

Cherry, put that damn incompetent Wilson to phone

We go to the festival of Midland guys.

When we win that we will be legends.

I want to see you all in my office to already.

Last year their clandestine activities were leaked ...

- ... The lake to swim in which two boys almost drowning.

Putting me and this school in a very serious position.

Now the meeting falsifying weekend passes.

- Lord, Mr. Wilson did not give it. - Given a mierd-!

Take care of that language, Mr. Wilson!

Thank you.

Boys have to look after the reputation of the school ...

... And if you do not, I swear I will.

Therefore, this is my last warning to all of you.

A transgression of this nature more and result in expulsion.

All are confined indoors until further notice ...

... And they are forbidden to go to the festival of Midland.

Have a nice day.

So far my punishment have been merciful,

I'll make them wish never born.



So it's what they call me?

I understand that yours is Spud, because you ...

Listen, Milton, you have to wake up.

School, this is your chance.

If you mess this, you can end up like your father.

Now, the way I see it, Milton is that time is running out you ...

... Before your friend Black, do you do something incredibly stupid.

But if you and I work together, perhaps your future is safe.

Well. Could you think about that Milton?

Yes sir.


I do not know what you're thinking, but it is very obvious what's happening.

Costilla will stop at nothing to make us expel all.

- You are absolutely right. - We must stay together.

Which only leaves us with one option.

Costilla catch before he caught us.

- Yes. - Yes.

What do you mean?

I want to give everything to get fired.


He dresses as was watching the Glock.

Right? All we have to do is prove that ...

... Costilla can not control our house and sent a farmer.

If, farmer.

I do not see how we can do that without expel us.

Do not worry about it, Spud.

First we pass unnoticed.

And after the holidays attack.

And our game begins.

So it was decided to declare ...

... Our war on our supervising teacher.

And as always Spud Milton was trapped in the middle.

Easter holidays.

If expelled me, here it is where come.

A Dad's old school.

They not even give theater classes.

In January, I learned from a newspaper that won Miss Teen Sirena Durban.

- When I called to congratulate her ... - Sorry, Johnny.

- There's another man. - She Finished with me.

Hey, you're done with this?


- I was looking for and was not. - I left it in the car.

What to emigrate turned serious after being stolen car.

Shit! They stole the car!

I've had enough of this damn country!

Innocence actually borrowed it.


For mom was pretty much the same thing.

- Say something. - You say something.

- You say something! - What do you want me to say?

To compensate for past injustices began to share ...

... More with Dad what he earned with his illegal liquor business.

Dad began selling life insurance.

Even if you die, I will give.

So far it has sold only three.

Uno a "Wombat. "

Listen. Do not do that.

After reading the first status report ...

... Costilla, mother railed furiously against me.

Just what you throw away! All elections you did!

I have not told you to go!

Maybe he's right.

If I am expelled from school, I will never return me a famous actor.

Ni recuperaré a Sirena.

Are you all right, son?

You know, the Rugby is a dangerous game.

I think the basic life insurance covers.

Dad, I don't-

Is that a maybe?

It is a maybe.


Every night at 8, Costilla was leaving his house to go for cigarettes.

It was also the time when Eve liked to bathe.

How to fit this into our master plan, he was not sure.

But you could not say no to Rambo who had us ...

... I convinced that even had sex with Eve when he felt like it.

Spud, Rain Man, go to watch if he returns.


This is crazy.

- Is it over there? - Do not move so much!

- Already he entered? - Tell us when it does.

Already you are recording?

- What does? - Brat, will not tell us.

is not that.

Oh, this is fantastic!

I've never seen such naked.

- Here comes Rambo. - You're already naked?

- What's going on? - Tell us what happened.

- What? - Come on, tell us what happens.

It Costilla! Let's go!

Guys, it Costilla, and returned.

Frayed, faster, lower it, hide it.

- Get up, get up, come on! - Come on, come on, run!

Get out! I told you it was over!

- What? - Someone was watching me.

- It's lovely. - That, that is.

What a disappointment!

Boys even got to the best part.

- You're a dog. - Yes, I miserable.

What will you do with the tape? If Costilla sees, we expel them all.

¿Expel? We do not want to expel us.

Do not start queer, you will not see the tape.

- And what's your problem Spud? - I have none.

I just thought we'd do things for them to run to Costilla.

Not all of us.

Do you have any bright ideas, genius?

I thought so.

Play it again.

I go to bed.

Milton My wife tells me that someone in the house was ...

... Spying outside my house last night, you know something?

- No sir. - I saw, sir.

Want to notify the School Board Scholarship?

- I Do not want any trouble, sir. - Good.

Then tell me what happened.

He was late for class, sir.

Just read the document. It's a very generous offer!

I do not behold! Out, out!

¡Maldito Spud!

Read your own mediocrity!

He is okay?

He offered me a retreat.

- What are you going to do? - Fight!

I fight him to the end.

Now that my wife was I fight for this school or never forgive myself.

- He went? - Have not you heard?

You mean you're dead woman?

No, she is not dead! She left me for the guild.

I think he's in Yurick.

Well, enough of that.

Now tell me about your book, tell me about 1942.

- I'm done, sir. - Do you know who is personally signed?

¿Por George Orwell?

Not for the woman who stole my virginity.

His name was Yen?

Well you have to start somewhere. Well,

What do you think? Any advantage in this fascist utopia?

It reminded me a lot to this place, sir.

Yes, sir, what are we going to do about it?

There seems to Mandela style, is it?

- What should we do? - Challenge her!

Challenge her to make it better!

But, sir ...


Costilla want to betray my friends.

Threatens to take away my scholarship.

So it is being an informer or be shattered, right?

Do you still want to be a Milton actor?

- More than anything in the world, sir. - Well!

Well, think of all the great actors.

They have always given the middle finger to authority.

Richard Burton, James Dean, Brando Malon, are not a bunch of cowards, do you?

And think of the biggest rebel of all, the founder of our philosophy.

Socrates, you next reading.

A simple citizen opposed to the powerful city-state of Athens.

What happened to all of them, sir?

Oh, well, accidents, poisonings, murders.

They worked well the middle finger then.

More than anything else.

Guys, I think I have a plan to catch Costilla.

Well, guys, this is what we need to do.

The plan was simple, first we had to motivate the "seven normal."

That was the name we had for the new.

Who were in serious danger of becoming the boys ...

... They are receiving more abuse in school history.

The call, "Skinny," "Fencing," "Dwarf"

"Darryl," "Donald, y
"Darryl negro. " o "Nerryl"

Guys, this is how they want the rest of the year?

Or do they want to be known as bold and hard?

All you had to do was convince ...

... Seven to go swimming at night.

Since we did something famous and almost two idiots ...

... Drown, night swimming was prohibited.

In accordance with brat is a combination of sleep, smoking and sex.

We plan to notify the Glock and caught the normal seven.

What would be bright for his reputation.

But best of all would look like ...

... That Costilla can not watch the new.


And most great ...

- It's a tradition. - We'd be invisible.

- It's cold. - You can leave the chapel.

- What chapel window? - We will show.

Hello, champions, how are you doing?

How you doing son? Oh, what a pity you're such a wimp.

- How did you know? - The prefects should be spying.

We can not against rib and prefects.

If we can, we just have to be more careful.

Crazy Dog.

- Are you ready? - Yes, ready to use.

- What is ready? - What are you talking about?

This will bring us into the deepest shit that we've been.

We will turn this place into our realm.

Meet me after the chapel after sports.

And look natural.

Come on guys, walking.

Where is Mad Dog?

Como taste trépense, or climb to the rubbed váyanse.

Rise, rise.

It can not be!

Welcome to the house of madness, guys.

- Yes! - Where did you get all this?

We use our own money and stole the rest of the warehouse maintenance.

This truck is Costilla.

What classic!

And the lamp too.

- First. - Oh, yes!

A drink as vow of silence.

I think we never saw so excited.

While we were still in school grounds, it felt like on another planet.

Miles away from ordinary mortals.

Guys, if we're going to rib and prefects,

It has to be to the end.

So from now on is a fight to the death.

Come on, júntenlas.

On three!

If you did not know better I would say that smell like ass rat.

Well, I think this is the right time for some poetry.

No, I do not speak of the poetry of drunken souls, I mean the EEC

Does the European Economic Community?

No, no, poetry openly, with contempt the name EE ...

... Capitalism and deliberately used incorrect punctuation.

Lord, what kind of poetry that has no sex included?

Indeed, it is, and most importantly, I had sex because of it.

So followers of dosing read something ...

Poetry in the least acceptable place on earth ...

Bring a book.

Try to page 63, my country is right here.


At Greenstein, you will be playing the role of ...

... So flirtatious nymph will read every line.

Milton, you will do the role of Hersey Dusa.

So you will read an equal number of lines. Start.

Can I feel it?

I understand this if to hug me, right?

- Just once? - What fun?

It's comfortable here.

Do not put both hands.

- What is not so? - Where are you.

- Thanks. - This is an outrage!

Rugby This field is off limits to all ...

... Those who are not members and only they, out, out!



I do not know what your game Edly, but I assure you ...

... You will not make a mockery of our sacred traditions.

They were good just standing on the lawn, director, not burning the flag.

Exactly the source of arson.

Is this about your early retirement?

The only one in danger of an early withdrawal is this school.

Do not push Edly, I have the board in my pocket on this.

It is the cambo Ruby, not the field of poetry.

- Good. - Understood.

Your kind of Shakespeare are the first to step on without authorization.

Well that I do not know.

The rebellion was everywhere.

With the Madhouse as our headquarters, we started ...

... Our war plan rib and prefects.

Also, "The Boss" deserted the order marking all ...

... Boring doors teachers with red x.

Marking what he called "the lazy current place of teaching."

Do not look at me! Why if something smells bad they look at me?

Parking Problems, Mr. Wilson?

Only one niggle, director.

Get it out now!

It did not take long for the prefects to take revenge.

- On your knees anymore. - Good Guy.

Are you ready? Everybody ready? Alright guys.


And Costilla forced everyone to add to ...

... The work of the house known as "the ark."

Directed by "mortal Breath" and Hamilton.

- More action. - Yes, yes, more passion.

What a clown!

That's it!

But it did not look good for my acting career.

Flapping arms.

But while we had our asylum, nothing could be depressed.

Also devised a murderer Rambo plan to win this war.

Guys, we're ready to finish this.

As the party approached the house and Costilla was in charge.

We were going to sure it was a complete disaster.

Milton, turn off the lights.

Yes sir.

I do not know if you have plans, but do you want to come to the party of the House in the afternoon?

- It's okay. - Seriously.

It's time, a night of conquests.

Costilla and recover end up with my girlfriend.

Idiots, ready for a challenge?

That never.

If we take the girl to one of your guys you give us $ 100.

But if we do the same with one of your own, you will do the same.

As if that were to happen.


¿Sirena va a venir?

Just drop your pants and demand oral sex.

That's what I do.


Mr. Wilson, what in God's name is going on?

Nothing unusual, Mr. Director.

I hope so, I hope so.

Ladies please enjoy the meeting.

The howls went better than expected.

The next phase involved the seven normal and girls.

We are in trouble. "Mortal Breath" is the DJ ...

... And everyone knows that the DJ always check twice.

Have you seen his girlfriend?

Now all I had to do was follow the advice of Brat with Sirena.

Johnny're my best friend.

I have a boyfriend now.

Why are you holding my hand?


And you the ...

I should go.

Do it.

Guys, there are two very good girls showering naked in bathrooms.

Come on guys, let's see.

And Spud ...

Where's your girl?

I had to leave.

Shall We Dance?

Where did they go?

They said they were in the shower, disappeared? Where did they go?

Take off all your clothes! Ya!

Thanks guys, that is worth $ 200.

What is missing?

Hello. Thanks for coming. The meeting is officially completed.

Tell Mad Dog to prepare.

Mad dog, come on. What do you do, we said nothing to paint?

Now they are.

Now now.



Crazy Dog.

Time to show what they are made, guys. Now!

This school is a disgrace!


Sign up now. Move!

So I finish the craziest party in school history.

Standard Seven were only six.

But they won much credit.

Mad Dog was delighted with the outcome of their work.

And of course Costilla blamed us all.

But we told him we had to try it.

And our supervising teacher suspended.

Eight crazy were not the only ones enjoying their revolution.


Innocence had taken control.

Her business is thriving and now have a better car than ours.

They thought I had stolen his car.

With the New South Africa literally on the doorstep ...

... Of our house, my mother reached its limit.

It's over, I'll put the house on sale! We moved to England!

I will commit suicide if I have to eat their food and drink your drink!

The truth is that despite everything, Dad is more patriotic than anyone I know.



Of course, I did not want to leave.

So Dad and I spent the rest of the ...

... Festivities scaring potential buyers.

How's it going?

Sorry, we were going to swim but the pool is infested.

Mosquitoes murderers, but pass.

This house used to be a transvestite brothel.

What are you doing ?!

Listen, we are living with the enemy at home.

Mom just want to stay here and keep going to school myself.

Then you will only see us once a year.

- More time without you sounds better. - John Milton!

That child, I tell you.

It will not eat with the maid, do you?

Johnny, what are you doing?

I love you so much.

Who is this little idiot?

AMANDA LIST talking points:



3. How's school? - Hello?

4. WHEN we meet again? - Hi, I'm John.

Do not ever call this number again.

Note for yourself.

To avoid madness, rejection and despair ...

.evita girls and never, ever drink again.

THIRD QUARTER. - Season nonsense.

Bottoms up, bottoms up!

And to drown my sorrows eight crazy ...

... They had to be insanely bright.

Vern scored a sword and psycho score for the unbeaten East.

The only problem is that sometimes forgets Bonding with balo the goal.

In the holidays, Mad Dog killed a deer with his hunting knife.

He points out the differences.

"Greasy" swear that suddenly became the ...

...agua normal en soda
usando solo gas natural.

But no one was brave enough to take a sip.

Brat got a book in the library that ...

... I had a list of 10 sensitive points of women.

But someone had already stolen the page.

Chief organized a revolt against the remodeling of the chapel.

Who said he was willing and inconsiderate.

Simon left the Rugby for tennis.

And it's the starting lineup.

Now all they called Gabriel Salvatinni.

As my hair on the balls are already midnight.

But I worry that having breast cancer.

Rambo challenge to the prefects to struggle with the rope.

What are you doing?

Avoid pulling and just wait for the prefects to tire themselves.

You do not have breast cancer, is well placed to become aroused.

Uhhh, her nipples get hard because success.

Why did you think you had breast cancer?

I had never set hard.

- ¡Drones! - Cállense, esperen.

- Did you hear something? - We know you're up there.

Come on, pieces of shit down!

Nobody move, okay?

There is no way to rise.

Or down or I'll call the police!

I am very curious to know what's up there.

Costilla made us wait all day.

As expected, discussions about who betrayed us is formed,

I wanted to die when I found my diary.

- Where did you get this? - The car of my father.

- And the rest? - We picked up trash.

We find when we went to the farm and we wanted to keep it there.


Well, let's see ...

Let Spud has to say about it.

- Lord, everything in that journal are lies. - Is that Milton?


- Yes sir. - Well then.

Out. Get out!

Milton, tú te quedas.

You and your crew will be expelled from school if you do not confess all to the principal.

Now all you have to do is admit that what you wrote here ...

... And maybe it's true, you can save your miserable little future.

This is private property, sir.

I have a copy boy.


- What did you say to him? - Nothing.

And fuck!

I promise, I asked him to return me my diary.

You think you're better than us, do not you, Spud?

Write to the smallest detail in the newspaper.

That sucks!

And we played it!

So thanks for making us expelled.

What's going on?

Have not you heard? I have been asked to resign.

So that's what I'll do.

But, sir, do not say we fight?

I've spent half of my life struggling with this house ...

... Crazy and do not know why I bother, the whole place is a mess.

Lord, please, just stay until the end of the year.

I'm not sure you're here for the end of the year.

- He knows? - Do You Know?

Fools like you have been doing the same ever since.

Bicks and Frank Samuel were living anywhere.

I do not know what to do.

If I do not accept that everything I wrote in my journal it is true,

We are going to drive, sir.

Look, fool ...

Do not listen to this old fool, right?

Just do what they ask.

You will have the opportunity to have a life.

If you do not seize this opportunity, you always regret.

Alright, I'll stay until the end of ...

... Year but you'd better help me unpack.

One thing was certain.

Eight Crazy would not be the same again.

Good morning, idiots.

The Glock wants to see you in his office.


Here come the eight crazy.

Knights, for their reckless behavior and ...

... The complete indifference to the rules of ...

... This institute have come to decide his punishment.

Robert Black y Charlie Hooper.

I regret to inform you that students are no longer ...

... In this institute, they have been expelled.

His parents have been notified and will be out of ...

... The school grounds for the sunset.

And the rest of you ...

The suspend for three weeks and are absolutely ...

... Under last warning. My patience is hanging by a thread!


At least we fell fighting and not crying.

Remember to call.

Do not worry, I will.

What do you have to say?

What do you have to say ?! I told you ...!

I've never seen my parents so angry ...

... As the day when they learned of my suspension.

Dad was not really so angry.

I was just pretending, because obviously wanted ...

You know ... Yes.



This is all we can afford.

Emigration was in the process, only the only ...

... We could afford was a room like Innocence.

Well, I'll bid. It's over.

I am punished, except for cycling.

Every day passing through the house Sirena.

And every night my parents get drunk and have horrible fights.

- That guy will lose his scholarship! - He is coming back from vacation.

And I'll go with it!

Give me that!

It is no wonder that take and acted like a jerk.

And I have little voice and that I have weird dreams.

Try to be a teenager once.


And if we go to England I want a divorce.

Let me help you with that.

Dame, okay, I took it.

Johnny just want to say that ...

We decided to stay here.

Yeah. Yeah, baby!

- Go to school. - Come on.

He is possessed!

This damn car is driving me crazy!


No Mad Dog our whole world is falling apart.

Vern stopped talking completely.

And he's acting more and more like Roger the cat.

Greasy comiendo is compulsively.

Even the paint that gave brat.

Simon entered the cricket team owner.

Simon, congratulations for entering the team.

And now I ignore me completely.

That's better Bewolf.

Prefects treat us like slaves.

It even makes us sit in the toilet before them.

The work of the house, shattered terribly ...

... My ambitions in acting.

Your lines!

Dawn ...

By the dawn of peace.

And then the worst thing of all happened.

We started to be abused Seven normal.

Something had to be done.

FINAL COMPETITION hot dog eating.

When we win we will be legends.

They are confined indoors until further notice ...

... And they are forbidden to go to the festival Midland.

Suddenly, all hit me at once.

He will not see the tape.

I have a copy boy.

The craziest and bad for revenge and avoid Costilla and prefects plan.

First copies of the tape needed Rambo and Eve.

Please sign in.


Now all he needed was the brilliance of the head.

What is that?

Are you ready to take down the Big Brother?

- Boys. - And Crazy Eight.

- What are you doing? - Greasy, you're going to win this.

At that Moron, What part of banned and confined not understand?

Chief take us on a tour.

Boys, Breath deadly wrath competition ...

... Also and prefects will be there too.

Follow my guide and I promise you that we will win them ...

... Costilla and prefects at once.

Cowards die many times before their deaths my boys!

But the valiant only taste death once!

Hey, they are not prohibited from coming here?

If you are the Five face ass.

- As you said? - The Five Face ass.

Good! What did you think you? Keep studying ...

... Because maybe you manage to be a jerk.

See you guys later.

Anderson, great wig.

Make way, guys. Sorry guys.

You guys go on ahead, I see then.

- Hi. - So is it true?

They had a tree house where smoked and drank.

Why did not you invite me here then?

You could get lucky.

Look what the cat brought.

Can I talk to you?

I see you later.

I guess it's your new girlfriend, huh?


It is great.

And what about you? Did you come up with your boyfriend?

He's not my boyfriend.


Johnny, I came here to tell you that I still love.

Come with me.

Ladies and gentlemen this is the Competition ...

...Regional Natal de
Inglaterra de comer Hot Dogs

Thank you.

Not so animated, huh?

This contestant and can not any more, it's out of the game!

And that leaves us with only two contestants!

Come if you can eat a hot dog more or many more!

It is time, boys and girls, are side by side, two hot Hot Dog!

One of them earned them another last time.

But look at his eyes that rage says this time the result is to be seen.

Only takes a bite.

Yes, start over with another Hot Dog!

That's it!

It seems to have had enough.

But you have to try ladies and gentlemen,

The contest is in its final stretch and no turning back.

¡Greasy, greasy!

And it goes the other way. No, you are leaving!

I think we have a winner, ladies and gentlemen!


"And finally," Mortal Breath "is the ...

... Winner of this contest Eating Hot Dogs.

Yes, tráguense that!

- Easy, easy. - Wait, hold your breath.

I think we have a problem here.

And it has done, ladies and gentlemen! Which means the winner ...

...es Sidney "Seboso" Smitherson-Scott
de este concurso de comer Hot Dogs!

Piece determined!

It has been amazing, amazing.

Well done greasy.

Hey, Anderson!

Food fight!

They have brought shame and dishonor to this sanctuary-¡Cállese!

From this moment, you, you and you'm not prefects!

They are in absolute final warning.

And they are stripped of all their privileges.


As for you ...

Their blind and reckless scam has tarnished ...

... The distinguished name of this institution.

- And I have no doubt determined - Lord, I can talk? By fa-

- Silence, dammit! - That's all I ask.


It's all my fault.

I started a food fight and I go.

Francamente, Milton,
no me importa.

You guys just create problems. Insurgents

But nonconformists.

Excuse me?

Dear Editor, if you think the best way to care for the reputation of this ...

... School is expelling these guys must ask you to think better.

Are you done?

The question to ask is, why?

Why, why? Why these guys defy the rules?

Why they are given breaks and create food fights?

I'll tell because the director.

Because instead of mold, rather than allowing ...

... A creative fun, Big Brother here the threat,

the hits and the worst of it robs a man daily.

It has been carrying out a personal vendetta ...

... I have proof against these guys and me.

- Is yours ...? - I think so.

So Amour because one guy and his wife has made ...

... His personal mission to trap and expel the boy and all his friends.

Shut up!

I mean, if we both have copies, director, who else has?

I mean ...

If the press ...

It is the future of this school in his hands, director. I trusted these guys.

I must say that make you feel proud.

What ...?

No more talk about what they have done if I ...

... They swear they will not say a word about this.

Tú no, Wilson.

And director, let me think about early retirement.

Well done, guys. Well done. Very well done.

The Glock Costilla shouted at like 20 minutes ...

... Before I dismiss as Master supervisor.

Felt not be in place for a change.

Rambo is back.

Sued the school and thanks to video evidence,

He ended up getting the same treatment as us.

Mad Dog said he was having so much fun killing animals ...

... Wild on the farm of his father to return to school.


The sky is unusually blue and clear today and there is a ...

... Strange feeling of calm in every room he entered.

In the final assembly, there was celebration instead of mourning.

The Glock took a record number of ties, badges and awards.

In fact who did not receive something felt like a complete loser.

John Milton, English and prize good job overall.

Only I was not there.

Eight Crazy had a final act of defiance to commit.

Rain Man, deletreaste
tu nombre mal.

You may not have a place of honor in the box ...

... Great Hall, but proudly mark our names ...

In the crazy history of our school.