Sprout (2012) - full transcript

Could it be that I...

Could it be that I...

Towards Miku...

Then I'm going to go.

Okay, bye bye.

What's wrong with me...

I have Miyuki.

Welcome home.

I'm back.

Miku has Hayato.

And yet I...

Towards Miku...

We should arrive by noon.

Should we have sushi for lunch?

That sounds nice!

-Sushi? That's not fair!

Are you going on a trip somewhere?

That's right!

It's for dad's retirement commemoration.

We'll be going to Atami for a bit.

It's not fair right?

I wanted to go to an onsen too.

Once in a while, I want it be just the two of us, right?

You're really close.

Souhei-kun, sorry but we'll be staying over for one night, so please watch the house.


Huh, Takki-san, are you going somewhere in that outfit?

Well then, Takigawa Naoharu will off to the play offs right now!

Have a nice trip...

Well then, we'll be off as well.

Kiyoka-san, the rest is up to you.

Leave it to me!

Then off I go!

Wait, wait, Kiyoka-san!

You were told to look after the house just now!

I forgot that I had promised my boyfriend that we would go to a villa.


It's not "te-heh"!

-It's okay, people don't get mugged that often!

That's not the problem.

Then what's the problem?

He's here.

Then the two of you, get along! I'm leaving!



She left...

Then should we call them over?

This garden here is really nice and big.

Should I board here too?

They said there's still rooms.

For real?

That means I can be under the same roof as Kiyoka-san...

Arata really can't get over her, huh?


Even though she said she's on a trip with her boyfriend.

I don't care about the past.

Arata-san, so cool!

Say that again!

You're in high spirits, high spirits!

Yeah, I invited Ami and Fumiko, but they said they can't today.

I see.

Can you come, Hayato?

I'll go.



I'll come over after my part-time is done.

Then I'll be waiting.

Do your best at work.


See you.

It's hot~

Hey, Hayato's coming too.


Oh really?


Though I thought Souhei would call him.


Why didn't I call Hayato?

I thought he would be busy with work.

He said it's okay.

I'm glad.

But I guess that makes me the only girl.

Hey, what about Miyuki-chan?

I brought ice cream as a gift.

Let's all eat it together.

-Ice cream?

Thank you!!

I bought a lot.

Hey, Miyuki-chan, want to go move your stuff to my room first?

Okay, thanks.

I'll eat it later, so save it for me.


"She sure is cute...I hate you Souhei~" by the voice in Takeru's voice Part 2!

-Shut up!

Sorry, sorry!

Souhei, you too!

That was dangerous!

Sorry, it was sudden, so I didn't clean up at all.

It's okay, don't worry about it.

Can you see anything?

The same scenery that Sou-chan sees everyday.

It's not really that nice of a scenery though.

It's because you're always seeing the same scenery as him.

It's nothing.

Ozawa should be in Souhei's room, and then Katagiri in Ikenouchi's.

No, that's kind of...

-No way, no way, you shouldn't do that.

Are you for real?

Well today, it's like a summer break with everyone.

-Yeah, that, that!

No, but a lot of things can happen in the summer!

What are you guys talking about?

Um...taxes...We're talking about taxes.

Tax increases, we're talking about tax increases.

-We're going to buy stuff now, so Takeru and Arata, come with me.

Hurry up, let's go.

I can't do this anymore...

You're too weak, look at this.

What are you doing?

This is the meat place.

The minced cutlet is really good!

-Minced cutlet, nice!


And then, for some reason, I always see Kou-kun here.

Kou-kun, you mean Katagiri's younger brother?




I did it! I did it!

Dang it!

You sempais aren't much.

One more time!


What are you doing?

Nii-chan, welcome.

There's barley tea in the fridge.

It's not your house.

Kou-kun's made himself at home.




For today's dinner, we're going to have a takoyaki party with everyone.



What's wrong?

I thought I would be in the same room as you today.

Um...but...well, everyone's here today.

I was kidding.

Gosh...it's hot today...

Then in celebration of the Ikenouchi house sleepover, cheers!


This is really sour.

That's probably our special umeboshi.

It's so sour.

Hayato, what was yours?

It's spicy.

What is this?

That one's probably chili pepper.


It's good when you eat it with everyone, isn't it?

-Yeah, it's delicious.

Kou-kun, what's wrong?

Do you get BS broadcasted here?

It doesn't show here.

-Are you kidding me? Isn't this Japan?

Japan, Japan!

-For real? It's almost time, so I have to go soon.

Today is Europe's opening game.

Man, and I thought we could all watch it on a big screen together.

Then want to come to my house?

Can I?

I'm going to Arata's house too!

What's with you guys?

Nii-chan, it's okay right?

You can't.

-No, it's okay, it's okay.

Arata's house is celeb.


Alright, it's decided! Let's go!

-Let's go!

Arata's place is this big!

I have home 3D!

Look after Kou for me.

He's interesting.

Is he?

Hey, Katagiri.

You're dating Ikenouchi seriously right?


Then you won't go doing something like that again, right?

We saw you at the bus stop.

You and Ozawa.

You won't hurt anyone right?


Hurry up!

-Takeru thanks for waiting!

Are you guys really leaving?

Souhei should just come over too!

It's okay, it's okay, just go, just go.

-It's the team that'll stop Messi!

Be careful!

See ya!

It became just the four of us.

Well it's nice that it's quiet.

Well then, after we clean up, should we take our baths?

What should we do about the order?

It should be Miyuki-chan, me, and then you guys right?

Why should it be like that?

Because there's no way Miyuki-chan can go after the guys.

I see. You're right.

Miku-chan, are you okay with it?

I'm totally fine with it!

At first, I didn't like it at all, but we only have one bath and toilet.

I see, of course.

That's what it means to live together, isn't it?

You get used to it.

Why are you acting so proud?

She was really scary when I first came here.

-What are you talking about!?

No, she was really scary!

-I'm not scary at all!

Miku-chan, are you awake?


Can I go over there?


Hayato-kun's the first boyfriend for Miku-chan, right?


That's why I might be a bit too carried away sometimes.

It's the first time you're dating, so of course it happens.

For Miyuki-chan, what number is Souhei?

My third one I think.

You sure are popular.

That's not true.

But Sou-chan is the first one that love this much.

Are you asleep?


Today was pretty fun.


I became a bit scared.

Of what?

I've never done a group hangout before.

To have someone that I like and have her become my girlfriend...

How should I say...

It's not scary.

It's fine like that.

You think so?


You know, I hated myself.

But ever since I met Sou-chan

I was able to think that I was amazing for Sou-chan to like me.

I became able to like myself.

After liking Sou-chan, I changed.

I feel like I know what you mean.



I'm not popular at all, and I'm not treated like a girl by others around me.

And I thought, how am I as a girl?

But when I'm with Hayato, I'm able to think "I'm a girl too" and "It's nice being a girl."

I know what you mean.



I won't betray Miyuki.

I won't betray Hayato.

I have Miyuki.

Good morning.

You're up early.


I wonder what it'll grow into.


Don't do things like that again.



Something was wrong with me that time.

Doing something like that to Hayato-kun.

What are you talking about?

Is that true?



I'm sorry.


I liked Hayato-kun.

I have Miyuki.

Are you faking it right now?

I'm not faking it.

I'll be together with Miyuki.

I've decided on that.

I like the Sou-chan that loves only me!

Sou-chan, it's not fair!