Sprinter (2018) - full transcript

A boy separated from his mother who has moved to the U.S. for a better life, is set to be Jamaica's next track-and-field sensation.

I'm going to America to help
our family.

Donna, are you sure you want
to do this?

It's just two years, my love.

It will go fast.

And then

we can finish the house.

Things gon' be better, I

I know.

♪ Ooh, yeah ♪

♪ To your dreams yeah ♪

♪ Da da da da da yeah ♪

♪ The road is rough but keep
holding on ♪

♪ Life's a stone that keeps
rolling on, ♪

♪ yeah ♪

♪ The road is rough but keep
holding on ♪

♪ The seasons change
and it won't be long ♪

♪ So hold on like your life
depend on it ♪

♪ And anything you need just
mention it ♪

♪ Word sound and power your
intention is vital ♪

♪ For your survival ♪

♪ Never you doubt
yourself or question it ♪

♪ Cause without confidence
you'll never win ♪

♪ Don't look around 'cause you
got a treasure inside you ♪

♪ Let me remind you ♪

Your mother just
called not too long ago.

She tell you when she coming?

Maybe next year.


Bathe before you call her.

Hey, hey hey.


Wah gwaan, Mira?

♪ Fast lane calling my
name but it's never too ♪

♪ Fast lane calling my name ♪

♪ But me do fi the love ♪

♪ And me no do it fi no fame, yo♪

♪ The fast lane calling my name♪

♪ But it's never too late ♪

♪ For a shower of fame, no ♪

All right

runners, to your marks.



Ease up, ease up.

Ease up.

Back off!



Sharp kick!

Push man, push through, push

Dip, dip, nice, nice!

Akeem, hey boy.

Get up mon, come on stretch out
your foot.

Shut your mouth, get up!

What Garfield feeding you

make you run so fast?


But I never win.

You never win the four,

but if you was running the two,

might be a different story.

400 is my race, coach.

Dad, it's Germaine!



yah go hard brother.

You just go easy, seen?

What's up stranger?

Everything nice mon, you?

Everything is everything.

You turn philosopher now, eh?

Kemar say hi to grandpa.

Hey, what's up man?

It's been so long

you don't even recognize your
grandpa, eh?


I see work is going well.

I bring some rum.

Hold on, what you say, yellow
heart this?

Yes, yes, come, Akeem try it.

This don't taste like you made

How is Nesha?

Nesha good.

- Yeah?
- Yah mon.

So why you never bring her?

You know how the baby mother
thing goes.

No I don't, actually.

Tell me how it go.

Yo Germaine

big man thing,

how much for that car?

How you and mama?

Well, you know how the wife
thing go.


me no know nothing 'bout that.

She still sending you money?


Yo, the pickney foot

practically in the food.

Yo, mind what you do.

- What you say?
- Hey hey.

You know that he made the track

Which event him run?

The 400 meter, just like you.


You know where youth games
gonna be this year, right?

On TV, like every other year.

In LA, Akeem!

I want to see your face in

I think you can make it, you

You're not coming this year

It's not that simple, you know

The process is very expensive.

All the money I make, me send
back to you.

But everything is good with us

It's good because I make sure
it's good.

I leave here now, that's it.

I can't come back.

But at least we would be

You have real talent Akeem.

You deserve to be in them games.


mommy want to talk to you.

All right, tell her I soon

Yo pop,

I want to go down to Jomos, ya

Oh, them have dance
down there tonight, no?

Yeah, you know?

So what am I?

Daddy's day care?



I can come to Jomos with you?

You know your ears big, youth?

Yo do it fast.

Go talk to mommy nuh.

Hey Donna.

Hi Germaine.

You tell Dad yet?

Yes, this morning.


does he know?


I guess it's a big man thing,

It's a thing you should

Me a go on the road.

Walk good son.

I love you,

both of you.

I love you too.


What you ladies drinking?

We'll have



By the way, what's your name?

Yo, let me get four Moscato.

Yo, G.

Creeper wanna reason with you.


Yeah mon, everything
all right, me soon come.

Is everything all right?

Stay here.

How it is I send my
son with you to a party

and you make him come home


Something come up see-

Something more important

than your own flesh and blood?

You know, me never even

wanna carry him there in the
first place.

So hold on.

You happy

to leave your pickney here with

and you couldn't look
after your own brother?

- Dad, you don't understand
- No I do.

- You don't understand.
- I understand-

You don't understand!

I bloodclaat understand!

Go and retrieve your son,

daddy day care is closed.

- Excuse me
- Hey!

Come Kemar, go.


My son don't need be round
the likes of you anyway, excuse me.

And now for the

of the Class One girls' 100
meters dash

here at the St. Lazarus

To your marks,


It's a clean start.

Lewis of St. Jago out early,

lane four it's Kerry Hall of St.

catching up fast, Hall
overtakes Lewis for the lead.

Pulling away from the pack now

just look at her go

extending her lead with every

No one can catch her now!

Slowing down just before the

It's Hall of St. Lazarus.

That's Kerry Hall of St. Lazarus

with an easy win,

clocking 11.75!

We'll definitely be keeping
a close eye on this-

Nice run.


You can learn some
things from her, Akeem.

I could teach her a few things

Like what, how not to win?


Stop chat foolishness and go
warm up.


Yes coach, Me a forward.

Next on
track the Class One boys'

100 meters final.


Off they go.

Great start by Williams

Byron Pratt-Oh no, Pratt goes


Here comes
Williams on the outside,

he's gaining on Sammons
but can he catch him?



Yes coach.

Byron is out, you're running
the two.


But sir I'm warming up for the

You enjoy losing or what?

But I not going to win the

I'm a 400 meter runner.

Your brother was a 400 meter

I am not sure what the
obsession is with the 400,

but you're chasing something
you will never catch.

- But me nah-
- Just run fast.

Don't make me regret it.

Up next track

we've got a marquee matchup
at the boys' 200 meters!

Featuring fresh young talent
like Francis and Sharp,

while seasoned campaigners like

Johnson, and Barnaby
are also in the offing.

They've taken their marks


Sharp is out
of the blocks like a rocket.

Hold it,

hold it.


Sharp is
starting to pull away.

Sharp, it's Akeem Sharp
who's now in front.

O'hara is on the outside,
but it's Akeem Sharp

of St. Lazarus High with the

21.2, the flash time.

A brilliant run by Akeem Sharp,

newcomer to the 200 meters

and another one to watch
from St. Lazarus High.


Yo guess what?

Who this?


Youth, you have to identify yourself
when you call me ya' know!

Me win!

Win what?

The 200 meter,

For real?

Real real!


Want you to take this call dog

It's important, the lady-

So I didn't show you
how to do that already?

What you say?

- Akeem I go call you back-
- Hello Cindy, no, no-

No, hold on-

How much time I'm gonna show
you this?

I'm gonna show you this for the
last time,

last time.

Give me this.

Hello, senior supervisor
Mr. Rogers speaking.

How may I assist?

You guys called
me ten times yesterday.

You told me the last card I sent

would be my final payment.

Now listen Cindy, and listen

I'm looking at your records

and I can see where you
have made all your payments.

But the deadline for the
issuing of your winnings

is the day after tomorrow.

This is your final payment.


I guess I could try, I could.

I don't know but I have to do

I can't miss out on this.

Cindy you have made
an excellent decision.

I will hand you over
to my claims department

for further information.

Hello, Cindy?

Please help me whip
these jokers into shape.


Who you calling joker, coach?

Great work today.

Thanks coach.


Imagine, this young lady

is here without her parents

winning races,

top of the class.

What's your excuse?

Long time I don't see your

What's up?

Nothing to talk about.

What about Donna?

How long she gone now?

Mm, she overstayed her visa.

So them say.

She is an amazing woman, your



it's like me just imagine her.

Like she not even real to me.

Germaine don't tell
you nothing about her?

Me and Germaine no
really talk about nothing.

All I know is

him get a scholarship,

All American Champion,

and then him get injured.


That's what them calling it
these days?

So what else them to call it,


there's no shortcut to this

Not in track and field,

not in life.

Mental blinkers.


Figure out where you wanna go,

you focus on that and nothing

Mental blinkers.



Bless up, coach.


Yo daddy.


Come on, come on.

Let me go!

Let me go.

Come on.

Don't touch me

Good morning St. Lazarus

Good morning sir.

Put your hands together
for the track team!

Lets' welcome them on stage.

Our medalist from St. Lazarus
High School,

Akeem Sharp.

Let's welcome Clifton James.

Kerry Ann Hall.

Tanya Williams.

Without any further ado,

let's sing our national anthem.

♪ Eternal Father, Bless our land♪

♪ Guard us with thy mighty hand♪

♪ Keep us free from evil powers♪

♪ Be our light through countless
hours ♪

♪ To our leaders, great defender♪

♪ Grant true wisdom from above ♪

♪ Justice, true be ours forever♪

♪ Jamaica, land we love ♪

♪ Jamaica, Jamaica ♪

♪ Jamaica, land we love. ♪

See that yet?

First time in the papers?


Don't make it swell your head.

You know, you're rude still?

I'm not rude, I just tell the

It must be nice.


Ignoring the woman who
put you upon the Earth.

You just in my business so!

I never asked you to sit here!

You know what, me a move.

Me a move too.

You too follow fashion.

I don't follow trend, I set

Akeem it's me.

I got your message.

I'm sorry I missed your call
last night.

Congratulations my baby.

I am so proud of my little

I know, I know, I know.

You're a big man now
running big man time but

you will always be my little

My little baby.

I just wish I could have been

I sent some money so.

Go and get it and give
it to your father and

I love you Akeem.

Yes, big runner.

Hey, A star this, you know?

Want you look out for him for

Make sure him no get in no

I will.

Oh really?

You can't get in no trouble

How you know that?

You soft.

I can tell.


Do you want a ride?

No I'm good.

Talk to you later?

All right, bye Akeem.

Bye bye.

Hey youth,

don't say your brother

never helped you in life, all

Yo bro,

last night dad dropped
down drunk, stink of liquor.

For real?


Can you talk to him for me?

Him no want hear from me.

Why not?

What is the problem
between the two of you?

Ever since me come back from
America the man just change.

Pops cut off him locks
to fit in the shit-stem.

Can you believe that?

Not even that can save him.


You really judge the man for

Dad judged me way
before me ever judge him.

Mom, dad.

None of them are a saint.

Hello, good
afternoon, how may I assist you?

- Hi.
- Hi.

What's your name?

Jody Ann.

- Hi Jody Ann.
- Hi.

I like your braids.

I like your smile even more.

Oh thank you.

Have a nice day.

So, what
time you finish work?

I am not telling

You made this choice, so you-

I am done
doing your dirty work.

Tell me what dad?

How you reach home so late?

Germaine drop me.

Since when Germaine start
carrying you home from school?

So my brother can't
carry me home from school?

Don't forget who
you're talking to Akeem!

Or I might have to remind you.

Where the money?

You can't say good job son?

But you have problem the one

Germaine carry me home from

Is who the raasclaat you
think you're talking to boy?

The same drunkard me see a lay down
in him own nastiness last night

Wha' the bloodclaa-

come here, hey!

Ready on you mark,


Yes, yes,

He's so sexy, yo.

Sexy boy!

Oh my God!


What you say?

It wasn't me.

Oh, so it's not you?

But you was thinking it.


Free to think what I want,

Me not stop you.

What you doing here?

Your brother say I
must look out for you so,

I'm just looking out.

Just looking?

No touching,

just looking.

All right.


Get over here!

You get me in trouble already.

You better run before him beat

Akeem, here now!

Bring 'em back, bring 'em

Boy you need more arms.

Remember with arms, push
off the block and get out.

I need more arms man,
you're not working the arms.

So you when you leaving the

Excuse me,

Don't lean your head,
relax your shoulders.

Sharp, show me your form.

Stop right there, arms up.

Don't look at me, don't look at

Arch your back.

Go, go, go, go.

Up, up, up, lift up.

Push up, push.

Down down up, suicides, let's

Switch, switch.


Akeem Sharp in
lane four closing the gap.

on top of the turn is Akeem

as he whips into the

No one can catch him!

It's Akeem Sharp of St. Lazarus

with a time of 20.413 seconds.

They call this young
man the "Rasta Rocket"

ladies and gentleman,
and now we can see why.

Akeem Sharp, a superstar
athlete in the making.

Mental blinkers, yes!

Yo, Akeem!

You do it youth, you did it!

Proud of you, proud of you!

Welcome back, this past

he ran the fastest 200 in the

this year for a boy under 20.

What's next for the
young sprinting phenom?

Let's find out right now,
right here on our stage

as we welcome Akeem
Sharp, the Rasta Rocket.

Rocket sir, greetings and
it's good to have you.

Congrats on all your great

You seem to have come out of

Last year this time

you weren't even on the
track and field radar.

And now you're being hailed as

Jamaica's next big

sprinting sensation.

Isn't that a lot of pressure
for a youngster like you?

Track and field in Jamaica
is very competitive so,

it's just what you do with the

my coach said to me,

"You have to turn
pressure into propulsion."

Like rocket propulsion?

Rocket propulsion, I like

And what fuels the Rasta

My mother and my brother.

- Your brother?
- Yeah.

The legendary Germaine Sharp,

who sat in that very chair 10
years ago?



Well, let's just hope
the Rasta Rocket stays

in orbit for a little longer.

A family legacy to restart
and for his mother's love.

Quite a race for the Rasta

Catch him next at Champs,

the annual boys and girls

where Jamaica's high school
track and field powerhouses

face off at the National

Big up Lazarus.


My office.

I'll call you later,

Who's that for, coach?




They offering you a full
athletic scholarship.


As in free?

All right, relax yourself now.

They want you to visit the

get a feel for the
place before you decide.

No mon, me already decide.

Do you have a visa?

Oh, no.

Shut up and listen then.

There are two applications;

one for the school, one
for the student visa.

Send them off soon as you can.

Get your parents to help
you if you need them.

It's all right coach, I'll get
it done.

I'm proud of you son.

Eh, eh, eh, and don't
bother with the boasting now.

Why would I do that coach?


Mental blinkers coach,

mental blinkers.

Yo, me bust now!

Gone a foreign now! Iron bird.

Wah gwaan Rasta Rocket?

Check it.

A what this?

Full L-C-A scholarship.

All right.

Come make we go celebrate nuh.

Where are we going?

No worry yourself, me have it

What the fuck sweet you, youth?

What you a do?

Beg you a 50, nuh?


Move, mon!

Bumboclaat, you can't
drive in Jamaica in peace!

Just make yourself at home
and welcome to my place!

Yo me general!

What yah deal with?

What yah a deal with?

Everything good.

Everything is everything.

Meet the superstar, see?

Respect, mon.

Who dat, the Rocket?

Wah gwaan papa?
- Hey baby.

What you bring for me?


So hold on there, you don't
want nothing to drink?

A glass of water.


A virgin.

Where Germaine?

Yeah him upstairs mon.

Him tell me you to come check

Go on mon.



Akeem please, I need to talk to

Who she?

This is Sister Pam.

Sister Pam has been helping me

Oh, so she why mommy no come

No Akeem, Sister Pam is a

Everybody have new friend now!


What happened to my family?

Where is it?

You know he's a rum head?

Have some respect for your

- Fuck off!
- Akeem!

You is an embarrassment to me,

to my brother, and to my mother!

No Garfield!

Akeem, everybody just relax.

There's no need for this right

Garfield, Akeem!

Stop it!

Garfield mind you
hurt the boy-Garfield!

Akeem stop it, I say!

Babe, pass me phone for me.


What happened to you?


For what?

What happened?

Watch the bloodclaat road!

Do you like it?


shower's in there and clothes in

If you're moving with me do it
fast, seen?

I never know you still play

There's a lot you don't know
about me now, young scout.

But me will school you.

♪ Big money poppin' anywhere me
go, ♪

♪ Big money poppin' anywhere me
go, ♪

♪ Big money poppin' anywhere me
go, ♪

♪ Big money poppin', hah! ♪

Congratulations ma'am!

You are the winner of 3.5-

I'm just goin to tell you
how to collect it though.

Write down these numbers.

Gonna go to that money

I'm gonna give you the
name along with the number.

Wire transfer
money to Stacy Ann Brown.

And please to include the M-C-10

Is this our big winner?


You got something,
now show me something.

All right coach.


give me a minute.

Talk to me.

It's just a misunderstanding,

Between you and who?

This how your father handle
a misunderstanding, eh?

By hitting you?

I need you to focus.

Now I can arrange for you to

with one of the assistant
coaches if you need to.

Don't worry about it coach.

Don't tell me what to worry

You have promise,

but you need stability.

I prefer to be with my family,

With Germaine?

That gives me zero comfort.

Don't miss any more training,

or school.

Yes coach.

What big old shine head coach

Him still think small time?

Me know him a try keep
you grounded, you know?

But that is impossible for a

If you ask me,

you no need to run for no

You need to go pro.

Start get some endorsement,

start make some money.

What about school?

When you're hot you know,

you're hot.

And when you're not,

you get fucked.

So take advantage.

Bro, take my advice.

Me speak from experience.

You feel so?

School no go nowhere.

Go back when you're done.


Just trust me.

You see dad's new girl?

What you mean?



everybody tell me what me should
I do,

but them no know what
them doing themselves.

Mom and Dad are getting a

Since when?

About three months now.

It wasn't my place to tell you

You cool?

Yo Mira,

we going your way, you want a

All right.

Hey watch it, hey watch the

On my seat.

Watch the road.


What happened to your face?

Can I come in?

- No.
- What mommy and daddy inside?

Mommy and daddy soon reach

I can be quick.

We'll work it out soon.

I'll call you.

Make sure.

These transactions come in
this morning.

I want you carry your cousin
Sherine go deal with them.

And don't carry her at the same

Can't get some food?

Yeah mon, what you want to

We can get something pon the



Not the boy Creeper van that?

Damn thief.

Watch me and them pussy there!

Hold it, hold it, hold it, put
it down.


I haven't seen you in a long

What's happening?

You should be used
to not seeing me, mama.


Germaine tell me, mama.

I didn't want to distract you.

I knew you had to run.

Your hardest to reach here.

What difference it make how
fast I run?

I can't catch you.

The whole time you had me here

feeling like you couldn't
wait to come back,

And you did lie to me.

- Akeem.
- Stop lying to me.


we're getting a divorce.

After 10 years, we're not
husband and wife no more Akeem.

But I have a life here now-

It's you why dad's a drunk!

Oh God, that's not fair Akeem,

and don't talk to me like that.

Me never plan any of this!

All I ever do was try to do
what was best for my family!

You did what was the best for

I needed my mother.

Akeem please calm down,
we can talk about this.

When I get to L-A,

me don't even want to see you.

Akeem, you no mean that!

Akeem, no.

Wait, wait, no, no, no,

Akeem, Akeem come back!

States immigration officials

are reportedly stepping-up

to round up people who are
in the country illegally.


Me come for now.

My parents are here.

Just meet me around the

I can't.

This place is like a prison
right now.


- Yes mommy?
- Who is that on the phone?

It was Stacy.

What's happening?


I'm going to my bed, I'm

So early?

Yeah, long day.

Good night.

All right.

I don't have the key.

I was wrong

You are trouble.




Wake up.

Somebody trying to pop off the


Drive, drive, drive!

Mira, what happened?

You alright? You don't hear the

them try tear off the grill
'round back?


Well, I tell you something,

if I catch one of them boys

I'll shoot them dead, dead,

Through the grill?

Through the grill!

So me call her on her phone,

I say, "I'm coming over"

and she say, "No, no,
no my parents are home."

So then I say, "All right then

just meet me around the back."

She just walk, come out in her

and she just looked on me with
an eye

and she just goes,

and just turn around and bend

Guess what part she give me.
- Where?

Through the grill.

Through the grill!

You're a liar.

Yo, what's the joke?

Just ask the grill master.

What that mean?

Soon come talk to you.

Go through, grill master.

You can help me fill out some

What kind of forms?

One for visa, one for school.

Which school?


L-C-A, Akeem!

What you expect?


Anyways, you come help me?

So what happened to your

What about them?

Hello Tom, my name is Shai

and I'm calling you from the

Global Sweepstakes and Lotteries

Yes, I'm calling to inform you

that you are the 6.5 million-


Two cards and a certified

The reason why you, Tom,
are one of our lucky winners

of this check is because
you've been paying

all your taxes and
necessary bills efficiently.

Yes, yes.

And you live in 135 Garden
Terrace, San Antonio?

Okay, you've been living
there for 15 years now?

Yeah, that's great all right.

Yo, who that?

It's me.


You have a condom?


Oh what, you have a gal over

Bumboclaat youth!

You bruk out.

Look in the bedside table.

Ah, respect.

Yo, lock the door!

Almost done.

Just a couple things I left out

that you have to fill in.


What you think you're doing?


You've gone mad?

- So me a think we could
- What, you asked me for help!

- Kerry I'm sorry.
- Get away from me!


I'm sorry!

♪ Come on, ♪

♪ True lion heart, yes ♪

♪ True lion heart, yes ♪

♪ Jah Jah real, ♪

♪ Oh yeah, Jah Jah real ♪

♪ Jah Jah real ♪

♪ And come on ♪

♪ True lion heart, yes. ♪


Yo, whoa.

Hold on, a done, you done?

So quick?

Not worried about she ya mon.


Wah gwaan?

You can mail this for me?

What's that?

L-C-A application.

Yeah mon, how you mean!

Put it upon the bed.


Come give me a talk when
you're done.

Serious talk now.

You understand that this

Rasta Rocket

is a brand,


We need to capitalize, 'pos it.


- What do you mean?

First we trademark it,

make some shirt, make some

some shoes.

Youth you have the talent,

and me have some cash to invest.

You just focus upon the running.

I will focus on the business.

Like a manager.

Like a business manager.

Look Akeem,

you can run 'til you're weak,
you know?

But if you don't learn
to build a strong brand,

and sell a product,

then when running done

everything done.

And we both know, sprinting
don't last forever.


I can't carry them jokers
here for much longer.

Makes sense.

One, two, three, me youth.


Little things

for little thinkers.

Big things

for big thinkers.

Who this?

Rasta Rocket.

Big up Rasta Rocket in the


Big Boss!

Ah, young stars.

- You know me little brother?
- Yes.

Yo, a long time me follow
your career.

You're doing good, keep up the
good work.

The man, a real man
of the streets, seen?

Any boy try and test you,
you just link me, seen?

Yeah mon.


Yeah mon, go on do your thing.

One family.

Big up yourself.


forward, mon.

Wah gwaan?

Everything good.

Proud of you-
- Just cool mon.

Yeah I'm proud of you.

Love how you handle the


The place need more people like

Respect you know

I want you to train some
of my young scout, them.

What you mean train them?

Imagine this,

instead of have one house full
of talent,

have 20 and 40

full of bare talent.

Money that you know.

Bossy I don't really feel like
I want

continue that thing ya' know.

Which thing?

Scamming thing.

Joke ting!

Yo, look upon the
view, look upon the view.

Look upon the party.

Where you want live, down
there so or up here?

Bossy not saying
I wouldn't do it, it's just.

I have some other opportunities-

Stop with foolish g!

What you a deal with, eh? You
turn comedian.

Drink some liquor now, drink up,
drink up.

Police, police, police!

Hands up!

Outta the way!

Don't move.

Keep your hands up!

Get up now mon!

I know who you are.

I've seen you in the papers.

I'm a Lazarus old boy myself.


what do you think your school
would say

if they knew where you were
right now?

- But I nev-
- Or,

that you were at a house

that is rented by a gang
of known lottery scammers?

Or that your brother

is an associate

of said gang?

So am I supposed to know
that white woman here?

This here white woman
named Cindy Sullivan.

She's an American

or rather was.

You see, someone from
Jamaica convinced her

that she had won the lottery.

And in order to receive her

she have to pay fee

after fee


Suppose this was your mother.

Suppose someone tried to scam
your mother.


were you


at that house?

My brother just took me.

You're on a dangerous path

whether you realize it or not.

No man

can outrun the choices he makes.


Who here?



Look here.

You better keep my fucking name

outta your mouth.
- What me do?

That's why I don't mess with
you little high school boy.

Love run off your mouth and tell
lie pon pussy!

What you feel like?

Can I talk to you?



I make a big mistake.

I'm sorry.

Sorry say you couldn't
tell the whole school

say you screw me?

Or maybe you already did.

- Kerry.
- Leave me alone!

I'm sorry,

you have insufficient funds
to complete this call.

Find the money.

Yo, yo, yo, yo.

- Oh sh-

Up there!

Don't let him get away!

Go, run out back!

Yo, youth!

Bless up, brother.

Yo, come in!

It's bright and

over at the National Stadium.

Day one of action at the boys
and girls

track and field championship.

It's now down to the girls'
Class Two 100 meters.

This is Heat Two.

And now a
message from the most honorable

Prime Minister of Jamaica.

Ladies and gentlemen,


Welcome to the boys and
girls championships.

No pass, no ID, no entry.

Rasta Rocket, wha' gwaan?

You all right?

All right, Class One boys,

four-by-one relay team.

Hendricks, Williams.
- Sharp.

Why the hell you dressed like

- Long story, coach.
- Where's your track suit?

If you're not dressed and
ready to race in 15 minutes,

go home.

Let's turn our

to the boys' 200 meter,
Heat Three on the cards.

Which will showcase the favorite
Akeem Sharp

of St. Lazarus High

coming into the event
with the fastest time.

He goes into his marks
as the rest of the field

we have to look our for J-C's

and K-C's Robert.

Athletes on their marks.

In the set position,

and the gun sets them off.

The start of the boys' Class
One 200 meter Heat Three.

Parker coming around the bend
from Jamaica College on two.

He's on the outside-



When did this happen?


And don't tell me it's today.

Last night.

Damn waste.



All right, I'm here son, I'm

I'm always here.

I'm always here.

It's all right, it's all right.

You awake?

Your mother just called again.

I don't know what to say to

All right.




Me sorry too.

About everything.

- What about Germaine?
- What about him?

We can't just make him stay in

Akeem, I'm not sure what else
I can do.

- Bail him.
- With what?

Me have money.

In there so.

Where you get this money from,

It no matter,

just get him out-
- It does matter!

It's Germaine money.

Germaine is my son, and I
love him as much as you do.

But I don't know where
this money come from

and I don't want no part of it.

Coach say anything about me?


nothing nice though.

You forgive me?

Not really.

So why you come here?

You don't have no friend.

Me look like me need a friend?


What you need?

I made the Youth Games team,

and we gonna need the
best team we can get.

I don't have no reason
to go to L-A no more.

So you did just run for your

What happened to yourself?

Look at my foot.

What me can do with that?

You're not the first
athlete to get injured, Akeem.

You might, however, be the first

to break a high school
record and then just give up.

Why you pressure me?

Track's hard, you know?

I did have my reasons to do it,

and I don't have them no more.

I miss my parents too,

but I'm not running for them.

I'm running for myself,

to realize my own potential.

That's the best me can
do for them anyways.

You have a mother,

a father,

and guess what?

The two of them just want you
to be happy, that's it.

So figure out what that is and
do it well.

It just better be running!

How are you?
You all right?

I just want shake off this

Akeem, careful with the foot.


Akeem, Akeem, careful with the

- Blessings, blessings.
- Greetings King.

Blessings, blessings, welcome.

Sorry about last time.

We live and we learn.


And thanks for dad.

No need for that.

Blessings princess.

I can give you something for

He that dwelleth in the secret

of The Most High,

shall abide under the
shadow of the Almighty.

I will say of my Lord, he's my

And my fortress,

My God, in Him will I trust.

Surely He shall deliver thee

From the snare of the fowler,

And from the noisome pestilence.

He shall cover thee with His

And under His wings, will we

His truth shall be thy shield
and buckler.

Thou shall not be afraid
for the terror by night,

Nor for the arrow that flieth by

Nor for the pestilence
that walketh in darkness,

Nor for the destruction
that wasteth at noonday.

You all right, man?

Let's go home.

Did the police pressure you?

Of course them pressure me

but I never tell them nothing.

I know you didn't.

How you know?

Them wouldn't give me bail if
you did.

So you a go back to the same
fuckery now.

Don't get it twisted,

I'm never going back there.

I don't want you feel
like when I told you that

You could be the best,
I was lying, you know?

I see it.

I know it.

You know I had it for a time,

Now is your time.

I believe in you,

and me just want help you.

Oh, so is how you help people?

In the garbage I find
my L-C-A application.

All right.

All right bro, tell me

Say you go to an American

then what?

Then what?

I've been there before, bro.

Them people they don't care
about you.

You're just another little black

for them to run into the ground.

- That's what them did to you?
- Yeah,

The man them run me 'til
me knees them give out

and no matter how much physio,

no matter how much training,

could get me back upon top of me

Then here come this little
foreign coach

come tell me about how,

"Take this, Germaine.

You'll be faster than ever,

they'll never be able to catch


Fuckers them catch me, yes.

Me no want that for you, Rasta.

Well let me tell you this,

whether I want go school or I
want go pro,

that is my choice.

You and everybody else in this

need to stop telling me what me

can or cannot handle,
me tired of it, mon!

We just trying to protect
you Akeem, that's all.

That is all.

But you have a point.

We all have our own races to

But I gonna run mine
faster than yours though.

In your dreams, you, watch


So now you wanna race me, when
me wounded?

He needs to prove that he is

physically and mentally
fit enough to compete

in three weeks.

And I suggest he prepare for his

I won't let you down, coach.

Your brother told me that

Why you different?

Pick up your foot them,
pick up your foot them.

♪ So don't let them get you
down, yeah ♪

♪ I said we tough like iron,
yeah ♪

♪ Said don't let them get you
down, yeah ♪

♪ I said we, get on the
track, stay on the track ♪

♪ Tough like a lion, we never
look back ♪

♪ Bygones be bygones,
whole life is behind, ♪

♪ Bygones be bygones, whole
heavens behind, ♪

♪ Jah is the shield no
sword can penetrate ♪

♪ My sword on me liars,
backbiters and snakes, ♪

♪ Rough is the road if
you choose now to trod, ♪

♪ Weak are the ones who give up,♪

♪ We tough like iron, yeah ♪

♪ Said don't let them get you
down, yeah ♪

♪ I said we tough like iron, ♪

♪ Said don't let them get you
down, yeah ♪

♪ In this arm of Gideon, ♪

♪ You haffi fit, you haffi
strong, ♪

♪ Haile Selassie be my healer, ♪

♪ Him are the conquering lion ♪

♪ On that day of denouement ♪

♪ Inna back to Mt. Zion ♪

And here comes
Marcus Brick with an easy win.

He has an unorthodox running

but he more than makes up
for it with personality.

Baby I feel good, man I feel

I'm about to hit the club after

Where we at?

Ain't nobody can beat me, I'm
the king.

I'm the biggest in the league,

U-S-A, all day man, U-S-A!

I'm unbeatable.

♪ Don't let them get you down,
yeah ♪

♪ Said we tough like iron, oh ♪

♪ Don't let them get you down,
yeah ♪

♪ We tough like iron, ♪

♪ Say, I said we tough like iron♪

♪ Say we tough like iron ♪

♪ Tough like iron ♪

Hey big man, you training

I need a favor.


Yo, forward.

You name Rocket?

- Yeah.
- Know say me hear about you.

For real?

How everything?

Just recovering from an

Jah know,

You see life,

you have to make it flow.

If you don't make it flow
you'll just crash and burn,

you understand?

All right, take the 200 for

it's a tactical race

break it down section by

So the first part of the race,

like first 40, first 50,

you have to be explosive.

Drive from the blocks, push out,

and use all the power you have.

See the next 50,

you have to work hard enough

but you have to make it

So you can't swing off the
corner, into the straight.

Third 50 now, it's all about
getting your posture right,

and being upright.

Swing the arms and just make it

Coming to the last 50
now is most important

because most people feel like

they want to go faster but you

It's all about maintaining.

Lift your legs.

Akeem move, move, move.

That's how the race is won.

I'm go do some exercise right
now so,

we'll talk, all right?


big up, out.

♪ We live the life like it's
supposed to be lived, ♪

♪ Thankful to Jah and the
many blessings he gives, ♪

♪ So we do a lot, yeah we overdo
it ♪

♪ Because it ain't right, ♪

♪ Ain't right if we
don't go big, hey, hey ♪

♪ We don't move slow, 'cause
we got somewhere to go ♪



What's up coach?

Your mother's here in
the lobby.

- My mother?
- Yes, you deaf?

Hurry up.

Go see her.

Don't be nervous.

You want me to come with you?

No mon, me good.

Which way he coming-

Well the elevators right

You know what, I can give him a

Where is Akeem?

Well I don't see him.

- Him soon come-
- Yes, yes, yes.

I'm sure.


Coach just left this
for you, what happened?

I just couldn't.


After coming all this way?

You wouldn't understand, ya'

so stop try.

I'm going to get some rest.

Ladies and

welcome to World Youth Games
in Los Angeles, California.

Over 30 nations represented.

The greatest junior athletes in
the world

here to compete for the same

and the chance to be called a

And now for the boys'


Only the top two

automatically qualify for the
finals tomorrow afternoon.

Runners, to your

Hey Marley,


Oh my God.


What you doing?

It's the reigning

Marcus Brick with the win!

What happened?


Yeah boy.

Great Britain, what the
hell is Great Britain?


U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A,

Let's go baby.

You lost, you lost, you lost!

Let's go, what's up fam?

Somebody give us some bread for
that hammy!

Whoo, pretty boy!

Hey, hey, hey.

Why you can't focus?

Get off the track.

Akeem Sharp
will have to wait and see

if his time qualifies for
tomorrow's championship race.

What the hell were you

Fucking Brick boy a blow kiss
after man.

So what?

You barely qualified for the

Everybody knows lane eight is
the worst!

And then me mother too.

So what about your mother?

What about the Brick boy?

Me been chasing her me whole

She never come all this
way to see me lose.

What if I lose?


I came to tell you that

I got offered some scholarships

including L-C-A.

I was thinking of taking that

And I was hoping you would come

but you're talking about losing,

so I guess not.

Kerry wait!

Wait for what?

It's just two years,
my love.

It will go fast

and then

we can finish the house.

Things gon' be better, I





Let's go.

Let's go.

I waited so long to touch this

Why didn't you come back?

Why did you leave me?

I did what I had to do

so that you can be here today.


I was gone, but me never left

I love you mama.

Oh God.

You tell me that at the finish

Ladies and

the moment we've all been
waiting for,

The World Youth Games 200 meter

Runners to the line.

In lane three, Juan Perera from

In lane four, Ray Pinnock from

In lane five, the reigning

and favorite to win this race-

Yo, Jamaica, you still here?

You gonna make me some
jerk chicken tonight?

Extra sauce.


In lane eight,
Akeem Sharp from Jamaica.

Race a go start, watch the


Coming in
on the final 50 meters

Marcus Brick and Akeem
Sharp are neck-and-neck!

On a world record pace,

and it's a photo finish!

Oh my God!

I love you mama!

I love you.

The Rasta
Rocket Akeem Sharp,

he barely made it into the

and he may have just upset the

This place looks a lot
bigger on the computer.

I hope you're hungry.

I only know you in this room.

Well, let's change that.

♪ Dread! ♪

♪ Iya grow my dread, yeah, ♪

♪ Iya grow my dread, ♪

♪ It's my choice and I've chose
wisely, ♪

♪ So Iya grow my dread, yeah, ♪

♪ Iya grow my dread, ♪

♪ Low me let me grow my dread, ♪

♪ It's my path, so let me walk
it, ♪

♪ Me, a grow my dread, yeah, ♪

♪ I choose to live this way, ♪

♪ The Rastafari way, yeah, ♪

♪ My father always say, ♪

♪ He won't force me to choose, ♪

♪ And I should do what I wanna
do so, ♪

♪ Iya grow my dread, yeah ♪

♪ Iya grow my dread ♪

♪ It's my choice and I've chose
wisely, ♪

♪ So Iya grow my dread, yeah ♪

♪ Iya grow my dread ♪

♪ Low me let me grow my dread ♪

♪ It's my path, so low me let me
walk it ♪