Springtime in a Small Town (2002) - full transcript

Liyan and Yuwen live in post-war torpor, childless but with Liyan's school-aged sister. He coughs, imagining he has TB; Yuwan embroiders; they sleep in separate rooms. A surprise visit from Liyan's boyhood friend Zhang, a big city physician, wakes up the household. To Zhang's amazement, he discovers his friend's wife is his own youthful sweetheart. Possibilities abound: an affair, an arranged marriage of Zhang and Little Sister, now 16, or simply ending ennui and embracing vitality. Can a stifling atmosphere of Chinese Chekhov give way to spring? Alcohol at a birthday party speeds resolution.

Young Master? Young Master?

He does need looking after.

Forgets his scarf
when he goes out.

He'll catch a chill.

Young Master,
you'll catch a cold.

Put on your scarf.

It's spring!

Spring is as changeable as
a child's mood.

Your mother would still
have the winter clothes out.

And your father would
travel with a trunk.

Old Man Heaven can't make up
his mind.

It's cold one minute
and hot the next.

I heard the train whistle.
Is my wife back?

She's still at the market.

Take the scarf. It's too hot.

It really is spring.

Warm weather is good
for your health.

I fear my health,
like this home, is beyond repair

Young Master,
it's peacetime again.

We'll slowly fix this place up
You should relax.

You look better
these last few days.

I feel a bit more energetic.

Did you order
a new prescription?

No, I'll keep taking the old
one for now.


You're back.

did you want something?

Uh, no.

Did you sleep well last night?

Not too badly.

It's good if you can sleep.

It's thanks to the pills.

Why not let Huang
do the shopping?

I can do it.

Did you get all
the medicinal herbs?

Last time they forgot
the conioselinum root.

Not that it matters.
I don't want to keep taking it

It's all there.

It must be okay if you haven't
changed the prescription.

Little sister is coming home
for lunch today.

Must you? Such a temper.

Even I don't know
how this happened to me.

Yuwen. We need to talk.

You're ill.

Give me my medicine.

Huang! Huang!

I think someone's knocking.

I'll check.

Huang! Huang!

Dai Liyan!

It's me! Liyan, it's me!

Zhang Zhichen!

Is that really you? Zhichen?

Yes, Liyan.

It is you.

You look like you've
seen a monster!

No, it's just that
I never dreamed it'd be you.

This is great.
I never thought you'd visit!

It's been how long,
ten years?


Where have you been all this time?

Hankou, Chongqing, Changsha...

Hengyang, Guilin,
Kunming, Guiyang.

Same path as
the War of Resistance?

That's right.

Young Mistress?

I thought I'd find you
in Little Sister's room.

I had a look. No one's there.

If no one's there,
no one's there.

It's probably children playing
a prank.

School will be out and
Little Sister will be home soon.

Yes, she'll be here any minute
The rice is ready.

Once she's here I'll cook.
It'll be ready in no time.

Last I saw you,
you were off to study medicine

I'm a doctor now.

A medicine man!

And you?

I was a refugee,
I went to Chongqing.

As the eldest son,
this place is my responsibility

You can see the state it's in.


I could smell a medicinal
fragrance from the doorway.

My health's a mess.

Oh... and I'm married!

It's me who should
congratulate you then!

Young Master,
we have a guest?

Is that Old Huang?


Old Huang!

It's the Zhang lad

Young Master Zhang!

Yes. You look in fine health.

Old Huang, you've known us
since we were kids.

You're very kind.

Where have you come from?


Ah, that's a big place!

I went there once with
the Young Master's father.

Did you knock
at the front door just then?

Yes. No one answered
so I went round the back.

You know this place well.

Where are your bags?

Oh, will you look at me?

Master Zhang, I'll do it.

No, don't worry.
I've always carried my own bags

Huang, tidy up the study
for Master Zhang to stay in.

Tell my wife we have company.

Oh, and kill a chicken
for lunch.


no need to kill a chicken.

You deserve a proper welcome.

Do stay. Our young master
really has missed you.

Alright, I will.

I've come
specially to see him.

The young mistress
is embroidering.

I'll ask her to come greet
our guest.

Where's your little sister?

At school.
She'll be home soon.

She must be
a young lady by now.

It's true. You probably
won't recognise her.

Young Mistress.

Is Sister back?

No, but your husband
has a guest.

He's staying for a few days.
We'll have chicken.


He'll be staying in the study.
I'll tidy it up.

Has he much luggage?

No. And we've enough bedding.

Good. What's his name?

Master Zhang. They were
schoolmates. He's a doctor.

The young master
wants to introduce you.

I'll be right there.

This is my wife, Yuwen.

This is Mr Zhang
Zhang Zhichen, an old friend.

What are you doing here?

I'm Liyan's wife.

You know each other?

We grew up together.

That's great.
Let's all go inside and chat.

This must be
Mister Zhang's bag.

Let me. Yuwen, I'll take it.

Let me. I'm your friend's wife,
your hostess.

No, no, please let me.

Let Zhichen take it.
No need to stand on courtesy.

Huang cleaned up the room
for you.


this courtyard survived the war

No one has lived here since
my parents passed away.

Luckily, after the Japanese
bombing, it rained...

or the compound
would've burnt down and...

I don't know how
you'd have found me.

You still have these!

You were first in the class
to master the parallel rings.

Things are different now.

I can't look at these things,
it depresses me.

You always spent
the holidays with us.

My parents loved you.

Mother asked about you
before she passed away.

How long have
you been married?

Eight years?

Yes, eight.

You're the eldest son.
Why no children?

I know. I'm 30.
But look at my health.

Besides, we've had
separate rooms for years now.

did you know her before?

Know who?

Yuwen - did you know
her before your marriage?

No, of course not.

It was arranged.

Is there something
inappropriate in her past?

No, I didn't mean that at all.
She's lovely, great.

You'd know.
You were neighbours.

Brother! Sister-in-law!

Young Miss!

Where are they, Old Huang?

The study in the west courtyard


You're back.

What are you doing here?

We have a...

Brother! No school today
or tomorrow! I'm free!

How many times have
I told you...

to act like a lady?
You crazy girl.

I know.

Brother, do we have a guest?


Who is it?


You're an energetic
little thing!

Don't you remember me?

Want to eat sesame crisps?
I'll steal some from gran!

Brother Zhang!
Did you miss me?

Calm down.
There's dust everywhere

Sister, that's not a proper
way to greet our guest.

What should I do?
Shake hands? Alright, shake.

Yes, let's shake.

We're all grown up now.

Master Zhang.

Old Huang.

Master Zhang!

Coming! Come in.

My mistress asked me
to bring this to you.

She's worried about
the study's musty smell.

Put it down over there.

She's very thoughtful.

I aired the room out,
but it still smells mouldy.

She says, replace one
smell with another...

and told me to take
the orchid from her room.

She's been looking
after it for years.

I'll bring you some hot water
for tea.

No thank you.
Tea keeps me up.

I don't need to wash my face.

You don't need to wash?

In a moment.

I'll take my leave then.

I do my rounds now. Once
I see all's well, I can relax.

Thank you, Old Huang.

Get some rest.
Call me if you need anything.

Alright. See you tomorrow.

Yuwen? Come in.

You shouldn't be doing
this yourself.

Did Huang forget
your hot water?

No, I told him
I didn't need any tea.

Yes, he said you're
afraid you wouldn't sleep.

I never drink tea at night.

Sorry to put you up
in such a shabby room.

It's fine!

There's not much here for you.

It's been ten years
since we last saw each other.

There's candles.
The power goes off at midnight

I don't need them.
I... I?m going to bed.

I had no idea
you were our visitor.


This bed is missing something.

No, it's fine.

Another blanket -
I'll get one.

Don't worry!


It gets cold late at night.

I don't mind.

I'll be right back.


I'll be right back.

What's the real story
with his health?

He... is he asleep?

He's not in danger, is he?


Will he be alright?

Of course.

Tell me the truth.

His chest sounds fine.
It's definitely not TB.


He just gets weaker,
and his temper worse.

He didn't used to
be like this.

I think his being
ill has made him moody.

Is that why you sleep
in separate rooms?

It was my decision.
See you tomorrow.



He should get more sun.

The weather was good today.

Yes, very sunny.

It should be
nice tomorrow too.

Should be.

See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

Sounds like a siren!

They're about to
cut the power.

Why are you turning
on the light?

It?ll go off soon anyway.

Then... stay a while.

The orchid ha
a lovely fragrance.

See you tomorrow.

Brother Zhang!

Good morning. C'mon in.

Why aren't you at school?

It's holidays.


Why the dark circles
under your eyes?

Oh, probably because
I was reading until late.

What kind of book keeps
you up like that?

You wouldn't understand it.

Wouldn't I? So
it's a book of medicine.

Yes, that's right.

Brother Zhang, I...

Not feeling well?
Let me have a look.

Brother Zhang,
I've a gift for you.

It's exquisite.
And there's a tree, too.

It's a China fir.

The grass is so fine.
You've the hands of a surgeon.

I don't want to be a doctor.

What do you want to be then?

Dunno. So long as I don't
end up like Sister-in-law.

What do you mean?

Just buying food, embroidering
that kind of thing.

And raising flowers.
She sent over this orchid.

I saw it as soon as I came in.
It's not good.

Why not?

It's too fragrant.

Flowers ought to be fragrant.

She buries her nail clippings
in the dirt. That's yukky.

Is she bad to you?

No, she's great. She's
the nicest person in the world

I just feel sorry for her.

Is your brother awake?

He's sunning himself.

I better go check on him.

There's nothing seriously
wrong, is there?

How can I put it?

I think it's all in his head.
He's so moody.

Oh, sorry...
You're a young lady now.

Let's go.

Cough again.

Good. Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Good. You can get dressed.

Well? Any difference
from yesterday?

You're fine.
Get some more sun.

Today, Yuwen suggested
I get some sun.

Was that your idea? Yes.

I've had this cough
for so long.

I'm sure something's wrong
with my lungs.

Many things can cause a cough.

An emotional state,
for instance, or an allergy.

You need to undergo tests
to be sure.

In any case, you should
get out and exercise more.

What about medicine?

It's a first step.

If you get more sun,
your mood will lift as well.

That's good advice.
Brother's temper is terrible.

Children shouldn't interrupt.

See? He's always scolding me.

Are you finished with him?

Yes, that's all for today.

Let's go out
and have some fun.

Is your homework finished?

I want Brother Zhang
to go for a walk with me.

You should have a look around.
It's been ten years.

Alright, let's go then.

Great! Can Sister-in-Law
come with us too?


Sister-in-law, come with us!
Brother said you could.

Would you like to
come along too?

Me? Would my health permit?

Of course.

Good, Yuwen, we're all going!

I need to change.

It'll be good to get out!

Let's go. Careful, Zhichen.

You too.

I'm fine!

Come on, Little Sis.


Brother, look!
There's a hanky over there.

It's snagged on the branch.

Must have been the wind.

Let's go.

Hurry, Sister-in-Law.

Spring has come...

and the earth is pleased.

The bees are buzzing...

and the wind's in the trees.

Ah, spring has come...

and the earth is pleased.

The bees are buzzing...

and the wind's in the trees.
It's a beautiful sight.

The flowers are in bloom...

spring has come,
spring has come!

The violets are
fragrant and bright...

spring has come and
it's a beautiful sight.

Spring has come...

and the earth is pleased.

The bees are buzzing...

and the wind's in the trees.

Ah, spring has come...

and the earth is pleased.

The bees are buzzing...

and the wind's in the trees.

I worked up a sweat today.

I'm so happy,
I even had a good appetite.

I never thought the
cedrela would bloom so early

Yuwen, you must be tired.

I'm alright.

We haven't been this happy
for a long time.

It's been ages since our
last outing. It was great fun.

Zhichen should've come
to visit a long time ago.

Take your medicine while
it's still warm.

I should try
a new prescription.


Come in.

Sister-in-law, can
I use your mirror?

When will I have
a big mirror like yours?

I hardly remember
Zhang Zhichen. I was so little.

But he's everything
he ought to be. So handsome.

And he's so... oh, help me,
what's the word...

What are you trying to say?

I mean he's got such
an air of... know what I mean?

He lives in the big city.
He's seen the world.

I'm not sure how to express
it myself.

If my classmates knew,
they'd die of envy.

None of our teacher
even compares with him.

They're all infatuated
with that oafish Mr Liu.

You told me
just the other day...

how fabulous he was.

That was before
Brother Zhang came along.



Going shopping?

What would you like for lunch?

Whatever you all like is fine.

After breakfast,
make some excuse...

so we can go somewhere...
to talk.


How 'bout the old wall
where we went yesterday?

Did you hurt yourself?

I'm fine.

Where shall we go?

Up to you.

Why don't you ever
have an opinion?

You asked me out.

I'll go where you want me to.

Once, before the war,
I asked if you'd follow me...

and you said it was up to me.

If I didn't want you to come,
that was fine too.

What if I asked you
to come with me now?

Are you serious?

I didn't wait for you.
I didn't leave it up to you.

That's my hanky.

Is it?

The day you came,
the wind blew it up there.

It happened when I fell asleep.

Silly isn't it?

I spend whole days up here
like that.

I'm feeling a little dizzy.
Maybe I got too much sun.

Do Western-trained doctors
take the pulse too?

I'm checking your heart-rate.

You're not used to the sun.
That's why you're dizzy.

You'll be fine.

Will I get over my illness?

Of course.
You just need rest.

What medicines should
I be taking?

Just look after yourself.

Try not to get angry
or lose your temper.

You mean - at her?

I was speaking in general.

I don't know
how my temper got so bad.

It seems alright to me.

There's no finer person than
my wife, but...

my health means
our relationship isn't normal.

Surely it's fine.

You have no idea.

She does everything
she ought to. You can see that

I'm so grateful
and so full of regret.

I can't cry, but nor
can I manage a smile.

She weeps alone in her room...

and never laughs.
She fulfils her duty to me...

but she's cold.

The more she does,
the colder she gets.

Do you know what I'm saying?

She... wasn't always like this?

Zhichen, we've been friends
a long time.

Please, have a word to her.

I had no idea
you knew each other.

Lf... she'd married you,
she'd be better off.


I'll speak to her.
I'll do my best.

It's not just because
you're here.

Liyan is good to me,
I know that.

When we were married...

I forced myself to love him.

Then he got ill,
and grew strange.

At the time
I was so distressed...

and empty inside.

I didn't know what to do.

One day, you appeared
in my dreams.

These last few years,
Liyan has become a duty.

He's my husband.
I have to look after him.

But you're the one in my heart.

It makes me feel guilty.

What can I do?

There was a time you weren't
so good to me either.

Later, good or not,
I felt it as good.

I couldn't tell
the difference.

Now you're here and I think...

so this is the man
who so confused me.


If I can't talk to you about
this... who can I talk to?

What can we do?

Unless -

We leave?

Unless I leave.

Or... he dies.

Brother Zhang!

Brother Zhang!

Brother Zhang!


Zhichen, my sister
was just yelling for you.

Was she?

I think the whole town
could hear.

Remember the time
when we were messing around...

and Father made me stand over
there as punishment?

Just there.

You got a boat and shouted
from the canal:

'The Dai boy has to stand
till his legs go bowed! '

You kept yelling till
my father relented.

I'm re-reading Amongst Blossom
- first time in years.

It's wonderful.



I have to leave.

Leave? Why? You just got here.
Please stay.

I wanted to discuss something
with you.

You know, we have so many
empty rooms here.

We could fix some up for
a surgery. It'd be great.

True. I work in someone
else's clinic in Shanghai.

You see?
You could open your own.

Yuwen could help out.
She wouldn't be so bored.

Think it over - no rush.
It just occurred to me.

But whatever you do,
please don't rush off.

Do you remember
giving me this book?

I thought you gave it to me?

Is that right?

One two three, two two three!

Good. You're dancing
quite well. Just relax.

The more you talk,
the less relaxed I get.

Alright, take a break.

Who else wants to try?
How 'bout you?

No, not me!

Which of you boys
would like to try?


Mr Zhang.

I'd like to learn.

Good. Ready, begin.
One two three, two two three...

You're a natural. Alright.

Very good. Now ask one of
the girls to dance.

Who else wants to have a go?

I'd like to!

Brother Zhang,
I want another go.

Alright. Let's put on
the music, it'll be easier.

C'mon, everyone,
give it a try!

Promise me...

you won't go behind Liyan's
back to see me.

Are you listening?

I have... something
I want to ask you.

How did Little Sister work up
such a sweat today?

I went to her school
with her.

Did you have fun?

It was alright.

It seems... you two have
become quite close.

I watched her grow up.

You haven't seen her
for ten years.

She's just a kid.

And you're happy gallivanting
around with a kid?

You're lying to me.

What are you saying?
...I don't understand.

She's Liyan's sister.
I'm her sister-in-law.

I'm responsible for her.

I'll be more careful
in the future.

Alright. I'll tell Liyan that
I've been here.

I won't lie to him.

See you tomorrow.

Don't be angry.
I'm just kidding around.

I asked Huang to
make you some noodles.

I'm not hungry.

I slept so well. Zhichen's
right about sunning myself.

Is that so?


I thought you'd be
so excited he was here...

you wouldn't be able to sleep.

How do you feel about Zhichen?

What do you mean?

What do you think of him?

He's your friend,
of course he's nice.

You know, Little Sister
is sixteen this year.

You see, I'd like her to
wait two years for him.

You mean you want him to
wait two years for her?

Yes, that's right.

Is she willing?

That's why I'd like you
to speak with her.

I'm her brother,
she'd be embarrassed to talk to me.

So you want me
to play matchmaker.

Just have a word with her.

And Master Zhang?

Should I speak to him too?

No, I'll do that, of course.

He might not be willing.

But he's got no one else
and they get along so well.

It'd be a great match.

You think so?


I don't want to do it.

She's young,
and still at school.

We shouldn't plant such
ideas in her head.

Why not?

Let's take it
a step at a time.

I suppose.

So you're not taking any
sleeping pills at all?



are you leaving? Don't go.

See you tomorrow.

So, you're getting married.

Nonsense. Stop scaring me.

You're thirty. It'd be a joke
if you stayed single.

Liyan asked me to be
your matchmaker.


You really
are talking nonsense.

Who with?

If it's nonsense,
why ask with whom?

You know, anyway.


Aren't you getting on well
with Little Sister?

Don't be silly.

What's this all about?

It's true.
Liyan wants me to set you up.

This is absurd!

I've done as he asked.

Up to you now. Let me know.

You're playing games.

I'm playing it straight.

This is a joke!

Doesn't he know
how young she is?

Today is her
sixteenth birthday.

When I left, you were sixteen.

But we had no matchmaker.

So you mean...

it's okay to ask for
the hand of a 16-year-old?

Is that a yes?

No. I tell you
I'm not willing. Satisfied?

Stop torturing me.
I've suffered enough.

Why didn't I find a matchmaker
for us back then?

Why not?
Maybe you weren't willing to.

I was certainly willing.

Then why didn't you?

Wasn't your mother opposed?

My mother's dead now.


now you've got a husband.

So, isn't it good idea
to marry Liyan's sister?

I don't want you to leave,
and yet...

I can't go with you.


Little Sister, it's your
sixteenth birthday. Have a drink

You have to toast me.

Alright, a toast to you!

I can't drink.

Try. Liyan, what's a
birthday without a drink?

The electricity's been off
all day. Why isn't it on yet?

It's nice like this.
Plenty of atmosphere.

Where's Yuwen?

You look so pretty!

Yuwen, I want to offer
a toast to you.

Brother Zhang, it's
my birthday! Toast me!

I did but you wouldn't drink.
Alright, I toast you.


You drink, I'll eat.

Sister-in-law prepared
so much food for me.

Alright, I'll drink.

Sister, remember
the game I taught you?

'Luck and long life,
success in court, man and wife!

You know that game?
Alright, let's play.

Brother just taught me.
I'm not too good at it.

Just try.

Alright, let's do it.

Luck and long life!

Three, three,
five top scholars!

One, one, eight, eight!

Is that right - eight?


Let's do it again!


Luck and long life!

Three stars above!

One, one! That doesn't count.
Start again!

If you lose, you drink.
C'mon, drink up.


I wasn't a good enough teacher
I'll drink!

No, Liyan, you shouldn't.

I'll drink for Liyan
and Little Sister.

Thank you, Sister-in-law!

Brother Zhang,
let's do' Scissors-paper-rock'


Scissors! Paper! Rock!

You lose!



Scissors! Paper Rock!

You lose again!

You're quite the opponent!

Drink up, Brother Zhang!

Take it easy!

Again! Brother Zhang, again!

No, no, I give up!

Brother Zhang lost again!

He's not going anywhere.
Let him have a bite or two.

Liyan - let's play that
Sichuanese game.

The one called
'One Crab Eight Legs'?

That's it!

I'll give it a try!

One crab, eight legs,
two eyes and a big shell...

head in head out who can tell!

Five(Seven)crabs-who drinks?
Four crabs-who drinks? Two(Three)

It's been years!

Liyan, let me.

I'll do it.

Old Huang!


Drink for me!

Yes, Old Huang can drink.

Old Huang will drink for you

My master can't drink.
But my mistress puts it away!

Are you really alright
with it?

I never could out-drink her
in the past.

C'mon Old Huang,
play a drinking game.

I couldn't possibly.

C'mon, Old Huang, play!

Alright, but no getting
out of it-the loser drinks up!

Old Huang, let's do it!

Luck and long life!
Five golden heads!

Old Huang won!
Sister-in-law, he won!

I'm terribly sorry,
Master Zhang.

Thanks, Sister-in-Law!

We'll pour.

Your face is so flushed!

Today's your birthday.
I should toast you.

I want to have some now.

It's awful!

Give me some.
I should have a glass.

I'll drink with you!


C'mon! Zhichen! Sister!

I'll play with you!

Alright, c'mon!

No, not 'luck and long life'.
I mean this, this...

Oh, I know that one.

We played it all the time.
But you didn't often win!

Sister-in-law won!
Brother Zhang, drink up!


Hold on.
Let's use the big cups.

Why not!

Old Huang.


Bring us the big cups.

C'mon Old Huang,
we want the big cups!

Here we go, I'll pour.

Let's do the drinking game.

You've never won that one.

Two out of three.
The loser drinks three big cups

It's a deal.

Luck and long life!

Eight horses,
husband and wife!

Seven plum blossoms,
success in court!

Luck and long life!

Seven plum blossoms, husband
and wife! Three stars above!

Eight horses, husband and wife!
Success in court!

Luck and long life!

All together now!

Six six wins!

Sister-in-law won!
Three cups for Brother Zhang!

I'll drink one with you!


Another round!

Sure! You on?


Brother Zhang, you're drunk!


Little Sister, remember...

you're only sixteen once!

You're drunk. I'm taking
Sister-in-law to her room.

Brother Zhang!

You're going out?

Go away!

I want to come in.

Go away!

I want to come in!

Go away, Yuwen!

Who's there?

Me, Zhichen.

Come in. It's not locked.

What's up?

I need a pill.
I've got a headache from drinking.

They're in the drawer
on your left.

Got it.

I should have another one too.

It's not good to
take too many.

Mind turning off the light?

The cord's on your right,
by the door.

Is that Zhichen?

It's me.

Oh, what's up?

I want one of your pills.

You too?


No one can get to
sleep tonight.

Sleep well.

Yuwen, you shouldn't
drink so much. It's bad for you.

Stay a while.

Since Zhichen's been here...

it's been so lively.
I've been in such a good mood.

You're wearing
your wedding dress.

I almost forgot
what it looked like.

Maybe I've forgotten
our marriage as well.

You drank so much.
I've rarely seen you that happy

Today I finally realised
how good that is.

You're still in your prime,
and beautiful.

I was thinking...

I really ought to
get better...

so we can live with hope
in our hearts again.

I thought about it a lot.
Sometimes I think...

I shouldn't be your husband.

Tell me,
are you in love with Zhichen?

Tell me the truth.

What's with your hand?

I hurt it.

How'd that happen?

Have you applied a dressing?

I've got some
salve from Yunnan.

Is it deep?
Be careful of infection.

Why are you going on
at me like this?

It's getting warmer
all the time.

How's your head?
You really can drink!

Liyan, I have to go
back to Shanghai.

Sit down.

I thought of
leaving you a note...

but couldn't go without
saying anything.

You mustn't go.
We need you here.

Your illness
isn't that serious.

If you come see me,
I'll give you a proper checkup

My staying here isn't
serving any purpose.

Your presence makes
Yuwen very happy.

I almost did a bad thing.
Please trust her. It was my fault

Stay another day at least.

Seeing her so happy...

makes me happy too.

Young Master...
would you like a snack?

Young mistress just bought
them. They're very tasty!

Young Master? Young Master?
Young Master?

Young Mistress!

Young Mistress!
Young Mistress!


The young master,
he... this is terrible! Hurry!


Give him air!

Quick, call Master Zhang...

and call Little Sister
back from school!


Tell Master Zhang
to bring his medical kit.

I will!

Can he be saved?

Let's try!


Give me the glove
from the kit.

You can't let him die.

No, not him, of all people!


What's wrong?

what's wrong with him?

He was fine,
how did this happen?

You're together every day,
you should know.

Little Sister!

My brother won't die,
will he?

No, he'll be alright.


Young Mistress? Young Miss?

Young Master Zhang?



Liyan, we're all here.

What happened?

Why... why did you do that?

I... I just thought...

Brother Zhang is leaving soon.

Liyan asked him to find you
a university in Shanghai.

I don't want to go.

Wait till
the summer holidays and see.


Are you... having an affair
with Brother Zhang?

No need to see me off
beyond the wall.

You should go back.

No. Brother said I had
to see you to the station.

It's not necessary.
Do as I say.

I'll follow
my brother's orders

Make sure you don't upset him

It's not me who upsets him.

Brother Zhang,
will he get better?

Yes, of course he will.


How come you didn't
see off Zhichen?

What a mess.

Whatever happened,
you should've seen him off.

Because he said not to
doesn't mean you shouldn't.

Don't wear yourself out.