Spring Night, Summer Night (1967) - full transcript

Jessica, the eldest daughter of a coal miner-turned-farmer, has a fling with her half-brother Carl, which complicates things more when she becomes pregnant.



What the hell you doing?

You'll pay for that.

Go back to work.

Ben, Shut up.

Lord, for all we about to save we thank you

Bless us, everyone

Give us that we justly deserve

- Amen.
- Amen.

Dad, where's the salt?

On the stove, I reckon.

Well, if it's not too much trouble.

Not enough salt on this.

Don't tell me.

If I give a damn, salt.

Watch your language.

What you think's going on there?

You've been getting too smart lately boy.

You listen to what your daddy's saying.

Better start treatin' your mother better, hear?

Dad, he'd have me out behind the woodshed if I'd done what you'd done.

You ain't too big that I can't do it to you.

That goes for you too sister.

Need more respect around here.

You see how your daughter treats me?

When you gonna teach her more respect?

You don't learn that from me.

What do you expect? That boy of yours shootin' off his mouth all the time.

Never show you nor me respect.

Besides, he ain't my kid at all.


If you're finished, go on and grab ma.

Go on, get him out of here.

Come on Kate, let's go watch TV.

Mad boy?


Chris, you clear off the table.

I'm going to Straightsville.

Ain't you taking me dancing?

- It's Saturday night.
- Ah, I'm going to Straightsville.

Then I'll get Carl to take me.

Jessie's taking a bath.

She's my daughter, ain't she?

If you're going with me, you'd better get ready.

Don't tell me you got date for once.

You gonna monopolize that tub all night?

You ain't got time for that.

I'm gonna win me some money tonight.

With that dirty, little thing?

What do you mean, he's a fighter.

Get off there!

Get outta here!


Make him stop it! No!

Stop it!

Who's a gonna take me to my meeting?

Hallelujah, praise the Lord.

Let's make the heavens rain down and sing praises to almighty God

with hymn number 319, Are You Washed in the Blood.

You gonna stay here all night?

Get off the street lady!

Wanna go for a ride?

Still thinking about leaving?

Yup. I'm gonna do it.

You oughta come with me.

I couldn't do that.

Why not?

Jess, you gonna take care of the whole damn family all your life?

Doing all May's chores now.

Don't you expect nothing better?

Ain't nothing around here for you and me.

Well, what am I supposed to do?

Marry some bum like Erna Campbell or Sue Jane did?

Let's get a beer.

I don't wanna go in yet.
Let's get a beer.

I don't wanna go in yet.

I just stood up Harold Watt.

What'll he think if I come in with you now?

You know you don't give a damn what those hillbilly's think.

Hi Dolly. Tom.

Anybody sitting here?

C'mon. You gonna dance with me?

It's Carl.

See you made it.

Get my beer here.

See, so now he used to be so stuck up on Jessie.

They're talking about you.

I told him to, but I could guess he ain't so stupid.

And I can personally vouch that May Roy ain't stuck up at all.

Jim's with the cock fight back.

Boy you just sit there and come the other side.

We know about you two, you're pretty serious.

Then you broke up like that.

Whatever happened to him? Don't you got a picture of him in your wallet?

That graduation picture he gave you.

He's too far out.


You need a little exercise. You been putting on a bit.

How about that big share you say so tough?

Hey. You drinking alone tonight?

Pardon me.

What've you been doing?

Another beer over here.

Getting drunk.



What do you mean, throwing yourself at those guys that way?

I wasn't doing no such thing.

Don't you lie to me. I've seen you out there.

Yeah? Well I've got a right to enjoy myself once in a while.

You just take it easy here.

You drunk kinda really tonight, aren't you Carl?




Hey Carl!


Hey Carl, where were you?

You see that?

Hey, where you been buddy?


Where? I can't hear you.

Well, why don't you shut her off?

Hey, won't start again if I do.

I just had her over to Caden.

I made him scores of money too.

Where you say you been?

I said I was in Columbus.

Ah, Columbus ain't that far.

You been gone a long time for that, ain't you?

Yeah, I been gone long enough.

Hey, I heard you joined the army or something, that right?

You staying now, or you going back?

I can't say yet.

We was all hoping you'd get back in time to third base again.

- Well, I'm kinda out of shape.
- We ain't had a third baseman all summer.

I don't know.

Hey, well listen.

Practice is Monday if you change your mind.

Take care, yeah.


Jessie, you see your ma there?

Not since it came out.


You in there?

Where'd she go?

Well, I suppose she walked to town.

I'm going too.

It's about time you give me some help.

Help you with what?

Help you run around the country yelling at people?

You know what I mean. You can tell me.

It ain't none of your business.

It is too my business.

You ain't gonna become no welfare mother.


I got a reputation, and I ain't gonna have people laughing.

Well, nobody's laughing at you, at least not on account of me.

Damn it, Jessie!

If you ever slam that door in my face again.

Well, quit following me around.

Stay out of my room.

I can go anywhere I want. This is my house.

The sooner you get married, the better.

I suppose you have somebody all picked out.

Well, maybe I do.

Well, let me know who it is, huh?

You're gonna tell me. I ain't waiting no longer.

Well, don't hold your breath.

Now where you going?

I'm going into town.

That's your excuse for taking another day off?

Well, go to town. Take a week off, see if I care.

Come on! Get out here.

Where we going?

Let's go.

Get up here, come on!

Could've guessed I'd find you here.

Starting off kinda early, ain't you?

George is my husband, Virgil.


You come with me.

What for?

You know what for.

You tell me.

I ain't gonna stand here and tell my wife what she's supposed to do.

Your place is at home.

My place is where I want it to be.

One hell of a mother you are.

The way you treat them kids, it's no wonder Carl run off.

Carl never acted like my kid.

Besides, I'm sick and tired of how wonderful his real mother would've been.

What about our own kids?

Hell, it's no wonder you got our daughter pregnant.

Don't look at me. I didn't get her pregnant.

You didn't stop it either.

You joining us Virgil?

You come with me.

Virgil's still looking for Jessie's man.

Well, what do you want me to do?

You were in town all the time. Who's she running around with?

I don't see her around.

Besides, that's her business.

I don't think there's much you and me can do about it.

She woman enough to take care of herself.

If she ain't careful she's gonna turn out just like you.

Is that bad?

If I'm so bad, what makes you think Jessie's your daughter?

I hear you can't cut it Virgil.

Not like Carl can.

You foul mouthed tramp.

Stay out of it.

Gimme a double.

I'm sorry.

I was just joking.

Gimme a light?


Wanna know who really done it?

Buy me a drink and I'll tell you.


Tom Morgan's the one.


Over at Lou's.


You alright?

Yeah, I'm getting by. Same as always.

Where you been?


Eat yet?

No. We haven't stopped.

Who's we?

Salesman I got a ride with.

You didn't wreck your Ford, did you?

No, I sold it.

Couldn't get much worth.

Are you... are you staying?


I brought you something.

Come on in, I'll get you something to eat.

Are we gonna eat now?



Still looking?

Tom Morgan around?

He's gone for parts.

When he come back?

When he gets here.

You got business with him?

Sort of.

You ever see Tom and my daughter Jessie together?


- Oh, I seen them dancing together at the Sunset and other places...
- I mean alone, no one around.

Jessie hadn't told you yet, huh?

She ain't too clear.

C'mon, don't tell me she's got you fooled.

Jessie don't know?

I always thought she was a good girl.

Jessie is a good girl.

Virgil, I know Tom Morgan.

He's danced with Jessie. A few times maybe.

Said she ain't been around town that much.

Can't be anything between us. He'd tell me.

I'd know.

You'd better tell me all you know.

Now, take it easy.

Just what do you mean by that?

You see that?


They must be at it again.

You want one?

You sure you don't want two?

It's for me.
You sure you don't want two?

It's for me.

Are you gonna come out with us?

I want it this time.

Come on.


How about standing right there?

Hold her tighter George.

Hold it.


Look like you're gonna take a bite.

How do you make thing stand thing work?

You try it. I'm hungry.

George, you look like Tim Holt in this one.

He was a movie star, wasn't he?

I seen him in California once.

Why'd you ever come back here?

I wish I knew.

I had a lot of fun out in L.A. during the war.

There were a lot of cute uniforms.

Not doing every night.

Sometimes I couldn't get up to go to work in the morning.

You ever been out there hillbilly?

During the war... right after the war.

And the mines were working.

Men really knew how to spend money.

There was stuff going on here, even during the week.

We could have a time.

Any time of day, any day.

You don't remember how it was during the war when the mines were working.

There were twenty-three bars on that street alone.

It wasn't rich, but it was fun. You know what I mean?

I met some real nice guys.

We'd start drinking here Friday afternoon.

And wake up in Columbus or Cinci Monday.

People come here from all around.
And wake up in Columbus or Cinci Monday.

People come here from all around.

Come right here to Canaan, for a good time.

Jess. Where you going?

Back home.

What'd you do, call the authorities?


Come on in. I'll give you something to wear.

How's this?

How do I wear your good dress?

It's not good. Go on.

You want shoes?

Uh, no. I'll be alright.

Here, better change into these too.

Oh, I don't need those.

Don't you like them?

Yeah, they're pretty, but I don't need them.

Go on. Just don't lose them.

How about going to town tonight?

I wasn't thinking of going.

C'mon Jess. I'll get somebody to go with you.

Are you kidding? Me looking like this.

Just come along then.

I got work to do.

Mom's left the house again.

Besides, Carl's back.

Where's he been?

Hey, maybe he'll come with you.

I don't wanna go dancing or anything.

Whoa, you sure are getting worse.

What do you do on Saturdays anymore?

Same as always.

You know I never did run around that much.

No, it ain't that.

You got a chip on your shoulder or something.

If you'd done like I said, you wouldn't be in this fix.

I don't wanna talk about it.


You said Carl's back?

He got back this morning.

Come on Jessie, he would take you.

I don't wanna go any place with my brother.

Have some candy.


What's it feel like?

You know what we are now.

It's alright.

I mean, you don't feel kinda funny?

A little sick in the morning sometimes.

Old man's still looking for a husband?

I guess so.

You ain't told him yet?

I ain't gonna tell him.

Who was he?

Wasn't a married man, was he?

No. Who he was is my secret, you hear?

Well, you oughta come forward. You know that.

Well, just maybe he don't know.


But you don't got nobody else to talk to about it.

And I don't want to talk about it.

Gee, is it hot up here.

I suppose you're going to town tonight?


Who you going with?

Tom Morgan.

- You still going with him?
- Mhm.


You gonna stick around here and have it?

He thinks you're the guy that got Jessie in trouble. I thought he was crazy, but he...

Here he comes now.

Buy you a pop?

You know my daughter Jessie?

Hell yes, Mr. Roy.

Went to school together.

It's been a couple of years ago.

How about since then?


But not recently.

Seen her around with anyone special?

Nobody special.

I hear you're the one.

How's that?

I said it's you and Jessie.

No sir.

The last time I was even close to Jessie Carl took out after me.

He's been gone over five months.

I ain't seen Jessie in that long neither.

Are you sure?

Look, Mr. Roy. You got the wrong boy.

You know, you're not doing Jessie any good.

Running around like you are.

- I ain't through yet.
- Yes you are.

You done it, and I know you did.

- Now Jessie never told you that.
- That don't mean no one else didn't.

Well, if you wanna think that... sue me.

I ain't gonna sue you.

- Forget it Mr. Roy. Go on home.
- You're coming with me.

Alright Virgil.

Bought it with my army money.


Damn! Come on!

Easy for you taking off like this.

Sorry I left like I did.

Why didn't you write?

Let us know where you were.

I was gonna write once I got a steady job.

That's no reason.

You could've come back sooner.

Go on.

You still could've written.


You left me here alone.

It's done. It wasn't all your fault.

It was.

You were drunk.

I wasn't that drunk.

I knew what I was doing.

I could've stopped you.


Sure, I'm pretty.

I got nothing better to do, just sit around the house all day, prettying myself.

Come on, Jess.

What's the matter?

Didn't you know?

I can have my pick.

I can go into town now and get any man.

My figure.

Ain't it nice?

Why didn't you stick around, enjoy it some more?

I told you why I left.

I came back, didn't I?

Why didn't you stay away?

I couldn't.

Why did you leave then?

I don't know. I had to get away.

I was afraid.

Jess, we could always talk before.

What's to say now?

Me, I'm just tired of always being around when you need someone.

I came back because I wanted to see you.

Because I love you.

I love you, understand?

I came back for you.

Carl, I'm your sister.

That don't matter.


And just what have you done to deserve what you're calling love?

Not mine, but anybody's love!

Am I the best you could do?

You're my brother. You can't love me.

It ain't right.

It's not a question of right.

You sound like you're trying to talk yourself into something.

I mean it.

Well, I cant... feel that way.

What about the baby?

I'll take care of my baby.

We'll get outta here.

Oh, stop dreaming.

That's what you always say.

Where would we go, just where?

I'm not leaving anywhere.

I'm sorry Jess.

Stop. That's all you ever say.

Better believe it was different when the mines was working.

Made some good money in the pits.

If I had some money I'd open me a dog hole.

Truck coal to a power station.

Whenever you try to live your life but...

...just don't work out.

I mean, may try to raise your kids right but...

...Carl run away and Jessie's pregnant already.

She's gotta have a husband.

Can't have a kid like this. Just ain't right.

I've had two wives.

Gave them both a good life once.

You take Sarah, Carl's mother...

She wanted her baby so much.

Well, she got him but... never seen him.

She was fun.

Funny too, you know what I mean?

Raised on a farm and scared of chickens.

Remember her?

All not to be... been a good wife.

She's a fine woman.

Six kids.

Been a good wife.

Better than me.

Plays piano, gone to California.

This is why I could never get her to settle down.

She's seen too much.

Farm up that hill, it ain't... it ain't really no place for her.

She's got her own friends now.

The only time I ever had enough money was when I was in the army.

Used to come in here on a furlough and set up the whole damn place on a Saturday night.

Meaning was all me.

You ever been overseas?

Man, when I was in the army... I had a great time.

When I was over there, us tomcats...

We could get any woman for a couple packs of cigarettes.

High-class ones too.

Did it all the time.

Could've stayed in the army.

Could've retired by now.

Made sergeant easy.

I should've never come back here.

Whose place is this?

You wanna go in?

- You think we should?
- Sure.

You been here before?

Yeah, was my grandpa's.

I always wondered where that was.

It's been empty since he died.

I learned to shoot with this.

Grandpa showed me.

Jess, let's talk some more.

This must be your grandpa.

Which one's your mother?

That's her.

She looks like you.

- Jess, if we weren't brother and sister.
- But we are.

We're only half. Maybe not even that.

Just what are you getting at?

You know. Whole damn county knows you were born just after daddy married May.

Lots of people get married late.

You know what I mean. People say it wasn't my old man.

Is that what you had in the back of your mind all the time?

You listen around here long enough, you'll hear none of his kids were his.

Even you.

You know how I feel.

I think you love me.

I don't.

I remember when you sure acted like it.

- You know how people are around here.
- Same as any place else.

No, I don't care what people think.

I'm having my baby right here.

I'll raise it with Ma's kids, nobody's gonna know it's yours.

You gonna stick around and do May's chores all your life?

I had enough of that. You have too, and you know it.

Let's live for once, Jess.

I'm living now.

Let's go. We'll get out of here. We'll get married.

There's a big difference in having a baby, and us getting married.

I don't see why.

- Because we're still brother and sister, now that's a fact!
- Why are you so sure of that?

You must've heard what they say around town.

I've been hearing it all my life.

You know, and may I believe it too.

What do you mean?

We're probably not even blood kin at all.

Leave my mother alone. You don't have any reason to be mean.

I'm not trying to be mean. I don't care what May does!

You gotta know for sure, don't you?

Please Jess.


Where you been so long?

There's something I wanna ask you.

Well, you dragged me here. Ask.

I'll ask it straight out.

Is Jessie my daddy's daughter?

Whatever gave you the idea she wasn't?

You oughta know. I've been hearing it all around town ever since I was a kid.

People say lot of things.

I ain't news to what people say, just what you say.

You tell us right now.

Why's it so important?

- That's why you ran away.
- Tell us May!

You so smart Carl, you tell me.

I sure as hell don't know.

What do you mean you don't know? What the hell do you know?

I just don't know dammit, I... I can't be sure.

Could've been.

You know who it was May.

Carl I don't know.

You gotta understand, it could've been Virgil.

I just... ain't certain.

You could've said you knew. You could've said you knew for Jessie's sake.

Look what you did.

You got her into it. Carl, get her out.

She may be your sister.

Real bitch May!

I don't have a word for you Carl.

I did hear in that store before.

Ain't your fault.

She would've told me sometime, I would've found out.

Don't change nothing. Not if you love me.

We never will know, will we Carl?

Know for sure.

It don't matter.

I just don't know what to do.

Let's go.

We could hitch a ride now.

Be in Columbus in no time.

I ain't running.

I'll take what's coming right here.

I could join the army.

Get some money together, you could come.

I heard you got back this morning.

I could've used you this summer.

I had to get away.

You had to get away. Why?

I don't know. I just decided last night to come back.

Where's your car?

I sold it in Columbus.

What was you doing in Columbus? I need you here.

Well, I can't do all the work myself.

- Who'd you expect to do the work? Your pregnant sister?
- I ain't staying.

You could've sent some money.

I wasn't working that much.

Why'd you come back then?

I'm not trying to boss you boy.

But you coulda told us you was gone.

You coulda let us know where you was at.

Yeah, I coulda.

Tomorrow you and me are gonna find out who got Jessie in trouble.

I'm the one!

What the hell you talking about?

- I'm the one!
- Is that true?

Yeah it's true.

You're kin.

You're mine.

That may not be so.

We just talked to May.

You gonna believe all May tells you?

You think everything you hear around here is true?

You think I don't know my own children?

Well you're mine!

- And that's no way to talk about your own ma.
- Get your hands off her!

What kind of a girl are you anyway?

You sleep with your brother then you say he ain't!

Does that make it right?

Where'd you learn that?!

Come on Carl, let's go home.

Come back here! I ain't through yet!

Stop it Carl, he's your father!

Drunken bastard woulda shot us.

No I wouldn't.

C'mon Jess.

Where do you think you're going?

Help me up, will ya?