Spring Breakaway (2019) - full transcript

After a series of mishaps, Rhyme, Autumn, Zoe, and Effie find themselves together in Miami for spring break. New crushes and new friends will make this a trip they'll never forget!

Okay, Kevin with a "K",
enjoy your day.

You've really made mine.




Oh, me?

I'm sorry, I've never been
called ma'am before.

Oh! Lucky you.

Yeah, I guess there's
a first time for everything.

ID and bag.


You got it, ma'am-- sir.

I mean, sir.

You know, I'm actually
going on a ski trip

with a bunch of people
from school.

My boyfriend's coming.
He's great.

But he's not exactly friends
with my friends,

so I was kind of hoping
that this could be their time
to bond, right.

- Please proceed.
- Really?

Mike, I was just worried--

No, ma'am, you can proceed
to the security line.

6-D, as in
"depart my presence."

- Today. Next.
- Okay.

That doesn't sound promising.

Spring break, baby!
Here we come!

Ski trip?
More like ski lit!

- Am I right?
- Doesn't really rhyme,

but I dig the enthusiasm.

Yo! Can you guys
keep it down?

I'm right at the good part
of "Wicked."

She's defying gravity.

I hate spring break.

Attention, flight 2048
to Tugboat Springs.

We clearly have a storm
on our hands, people,

but we're gonna try to
get you out of here on time.

And out of my airport.

Do you think
I should put the photos

of Celeste and my dad
at the back?

They're my best ones,
so I want to end with
a bang, you know?


Are you watching
the A games replays again?

Dude, this is
important to me.

Yeah, I know she's my cousin,

but she's also, like,
a super legit photo journalist

and I want to impress her.

Thanks, babe.
I know that you think
I'm talented.

Yeah, so I'll be
in Austin by tonight,

but I just have
to fly through Miami.

You don't think
I'm a horrible person

for leaving while my dad's
in the hospital, do you?


Okay, call me
when you discover

that I'm more important
than motocross.

We are now boarding
first class passengers

on Flight 2048
with service to Miami.

Well, you've been
the best part of my day.

Don't forget this.
Thank you.

- Next.
- Hi. I'm sorry,

but did you happen to see
a guy walk through here

with fluffy hair, dopey smile,
like yea tall?

Honey, you're going
to have to be a little
more specific, okay?

'Cause all teenage boys
have fluffy hair.

That's a good point.
You see, it's just--

Oh, here we go!

Everybody from school
is going on this ski trip,

even my best friend Brody.

He's basically popular now,
which is super weird.

Anyway, I have to go to Miami
to visit my grandparents,

and we're trying to meet
in the airport
so we can say bye,

'cause it's been
a pretty crazy few weeks.

Do I look like
Dr. Phil to you?

Shiny little bald head,
little moustache,

talks too much
like this on TV?

- Who?
- Were you even born yet?

I don't know how to answer.

I kind of see,
like, he was older maybe?

- Like, I could-- you could--
- It was a rhetorical question.

Thank you for
the "old" comment.

- ID.
- I didn't mean it like that.

Reach for the orange
backpack now.

- I'm so sorry.
- Thank you.

I got-- yeah.

Hi, hi. So sorry.
Security took forever,

and I also had to stand
in line for 20 minutes

for a seven dollar
water bottle.

Airports are insane.

It's fine.
You're here now.

I'm so excited for you
to get to meet everybody.

The girls called the first run,
and then they kind of
want to go snowboarding.

- So I was kind of thinking--
- Do we really
have to go skiing?

I mean, it--
I mean, it is a ski trip.

I was kind of imagining
that skiing would
be involved, yeah.

Don't you just wanna curl up,
you know, the two of us,

you know,
by a cozy fire, hot cocoa?

Yeah, there'll definitely
be time for that.

This whole scene is just--
it's just kind of a lot for me.

Kind of a lot?
Drake, these are my friends.

Yeah, but I'm here
for you, not them.

Come on,
we've talked about this.

You're always busy
with rehearsal,
and it'd be nice

if you could spend
some time with new people,

people that I care about.

Middle, fourth,
pinky bend, snap, and deal.

Middle, fourth, pinky bend,
snap, and deal.


Do you need a volunteer
or something?


Wow. That was somehow both
terrifying and impressive.

I get that a lot.

I'm Effie.

- Zoe.
- Where you headed, Zoe?

My grandparents'
place in Miami.

My brother
was supposed to go,

but he got the flu,
so I'm on my own.

Well, I'm supposed to go
on Crown Lake's school ski trip,

- but snow is
not really my thing.
- Huh.

I'd much rather
be headed to Miami

and straight into a salsa club

where I'd fall into the arms

of a muscley gentleman
named Armando,

and we'd dance the night away.

You just go to Miami
by yourself?

Uh, yeah.

Now, come on.
Show me that trick
you were doing.

I've got a lot of time
before this flight

and I want to be

- You can do better than that.
- I know.

You've never
even made an effort

to get to know my friends.

I'm not dating your friends.
I'm dating you.

But, Drake,
it's important to me
that you get to know them.

What's so bad
about alone time?

Do you hear how selfish
you're being?

You know what's selfish?
You dragging me on this trip

when you're not even
gonna hang out with me,

- and I don't even like to ski.
- Okay, I'm sorry,

but I've planned
multiple group hang-outs

and you always bail
to do theater stuff.

Sorry that I have a hobby
that I actually stick to.

Are you serious?

Right now? Great.

Everyone, everyone,
please remain calm.

Especially you over there
with the screaming baby.

Now we need
to get you out of here

before the next batch
of bad weather comes in,

so listen very carefully.

Flight 204--

Flight 2084, please begin
boarding out of Gate 48.

And gate--

Flight 2048, you will be
boarding out of Gate 47.

All right? Just give me
your boarding passes
and get on the plane.

I mean, honestly,
just get on a plane
at this point.

I really don't care.

Thank you so much.

Have a lovely trip.

I can't believe
I'm about to do this

before we have to
spend a week together.

- Do what?
- I'm breaking up with you.

You're breaking up with me?

Right at the start
of the trip?

This is ridiculous.
I'm gonna go get a Chai tea

and probably
listen to something calming
like "Phantom."

We'll figure this out
in Tugboat Springs.

See you on the plane.

Wow. A true talent.

Well, I guess
I should go now.

It was nice meeting you.

You, too.


what if I went
to Miami instead?

Uh, how?

Let's go catch our flight.

Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

I really hate spring break.

I don't know, Harmony.

We just-- we broke up.

Now I have to spend a whole
entire week with him.

Ladies and gents, that was
the final boarding call

for flight 2084
to Tugboat Springs.

If you need me,
I'm heading to the bar

to enjoy a nice,
strong margarita.

Okay. Okay, bye. Bye.

♪ I told you months ago
it was over ♪

♪ Broke your heart

♪ I broke your heart
in a million ways ♪

♪ The right one,
but the wrong time ♪

Do you need any help
with that?

I've got it.

That's a pretty big bag
you got there.

I get it, I overpacked.
It's going to be cold
where we're going.

That's a good one.

Thanks, I guess.

Where is Drake?

♪ Why am I still missing you?

♪ I know I shouldn't

Ladies and gentlemen,
this is your captain speaking.

We'll be taxiing for
a few moments before takeoff.

♪ Why am I still missing you?

♪ Why am I still missing you?

♪ Missing you

So, you fly here often?


You miss 100% of the shots
you don't take.

You're crazy.

Do you wanna see
a magic trick?

- Sure.
- Okay, so pick a card,

- but don't show me.
- Okay.

Three of clubs.

Is that a good card? I--

- Okay.
- You said don't show you.

I didn't show you the card.

Just take it, yeah.

Folks, this is
your captain speaking.

Let me be the first
to welcome you

to sunny Miami, Florida.

It is a beautiful 78 degrees

with light winds
from the North.

Apologies for the weather delay leaving Attaway.

If you've missed
your connecting flight...

Great. Missed
my connection to Austin.


I can't wait
to find an Armando.


Are you sure
you can handle this,

just hanging out
in Miami by yourself?

Have a little faith.

Sure you don't
want to come with?

My grandparents
would kill me.

But here's my phone number
in case you need anything.


At least I got
one number today.

Thanks, Grandma.

Okay, I'll see you soon.

Um, excuse me.
Does that sign say Miami?

Yeah. Is there a problem?

Yeah, why aren't we
in Tugboat Springs?

Like, for the ski trip?

My friend Brody
is going on that,

but I have to visit
my grandparents.

Which is where we are.

Here. In Miami.

Were you supposed
to go on--

The ski trip.

Well, that explains
the outfit.

What am I gonna do?
I mean, my family's in L.A.

and all my friends
are in Tugboat.

Why don't you come with me
and stay with my grandparents.

At least until
you figure out what to do.

I'm Zoe Valentine,
by the way.

Oh, I know who you are.
I'm Rhyme.

- I saw you in the musical.
- Sure did, partner.

Are you dating that guy?
He's, like, really cute.

Well... yeah?

Kind of. I don't know.
We just broke up.

Oof. I'm sorry.

Don't worry about it.

Well, my offer still stands

about coming
to my grandparents.

Are you sure about that?
You barely even know me.

You look like a snowman
that likes warm hugs.

I think it's safe to say
you're not an ax murderer.

So, come on.

Yeah, now I'm stuck in Miami

and all of the flights
are canceled.

It's just a disaster.

Yeah, I'll call you
when I'm at the hotel.

Okay, bye.

Excuse me,
but did you say hotel?

Is there an issue with that?


I am loving this energy.

I'm Effie
and I wanna hear your,
like, entire life story.

I'm Autumn.

To be honest,
I don't really know what
my life story is right now.

I'm just gonna take
one of those hotel shuttle
things and work my magic.

Feeling you!

Let's ride.

Thank you guys
so much for rescuing us,
mister and missus...

Oh, please,
you can call us
Dorothy and Don.

Yeah, thanks for lunch,
Grandma and Grandpa.

I hope you guys enjoy
your authentic Cubanos.

They're a Floridian delicacy.

Ham, cheese, more ham.
I'm sold.

Yeah, it looks delicious.

Nowhere near
as delicious as you!

- Come over here.
- Oh, Grandma.


You gals are gonna
love it here.

Yeah, we got bingo,

geriatric water aerobics.
Did I mention bingo?

I don't know how
we're gonna do it
all in one week.

And on Tuesday morning,
there's women's powerwalk.

I am so sorry.

This is probably
not what you had in mind

for your spring break.

Well, what else
am I gonna do?

I don't have any money.

And besides,
geriatric water aerobics

kind of sounds relaxing.

My hip has
been bothering me
since the musical.

Come on, let's eat up!

Thanks, Alberto.
You're a real one.

You're such a woman
of the people. I love it.

Suck it, Crown Lake!

Your girl is living
in the lap of luxury.

But, wait.

Where are we gonna stay?

I honestly hadn't
thought that far ahead.

Let's just explore
our options. This way.

Uh, what are you doing?

Looking the part.

What's the part?

A soon-to-be divorcee
who got half her money

from her rich old husband.

I'm, like, so flattered.

That's how you describe
my sense of style.

Okay, now don't say anything

and follow my lead.

My cousin
pulled this off once.

I think.

Ah, darling!

Welcome to La Mirada
Hotel and Spa.

Hi. We have a reservation
for the king suite

under St. George, Autumn.




Computer says no.

That's impossible!

We made this reservation
months ago!

This is a disaster

of an establishment!

My father,
the prime minister,

will be hearing about this.

And I wouldn't be surprised
if he bought this dump

and fired all of you


Well, you ladies
are more than welcome

to pay upfront
with a credit card.

That will be $345

for a one night stay.

Oh, Autumn, darling,

we're simply staying
at the wrong hotel.

You see, we're staying
at the El Mirado,

not the La Mirada.

Our mistake, Lester darling.


Well, that was a bust.

'Cause someone couldn't
keep her mouth shut.


Did I hear that you guys
need a place to stay?

Who are you and why
are you following us?

I'm Andrew.
I'm a tennis pro here
at the hotel,

and kind of know
the ins and outs of the place.

Are we supposed
to be impressed?

Down, Effie.

I'm Autumn.

And, yeah,
we're technically
stranded here.

So if you did have
somewhere we could crash,

that would be
kind of amazing.

- I think I can help.
- Yes!

Take us to our suite

- Um--
- Effie, you can drop
the accent now.

Do you even know
what posthaste means?

You guys can follow me.
We'll try something.

I'm sure you'll send
somebody for these.

I mean, hey,
it doesn't look like much,

but we can move
some stuff around.

Maybe get a cot
or two in here,

and, yeah.

Yeah, it's, uh, pretty cozy.

Uh, yeah. No.

There's no way
we're staying here.

This is spring break,
not prison.

Andrew, there has
to be a better option.

- Please?
- Okay, let me--

Let me talk to my boss
and I can see what I can do.

I like him.
Eager to please.

Is this what you guys
had in mind?

This is amazing, Andrew.

- Thank you.
- Yeah, of course.

- It'll do.
- Seriously?

Just kidding.
It's perfect.

How did you manage
to pull this off?

two workers quit this week

and we are understaffed
for a wedding,

and I said you guys would work
for free lodging, so...

I'd do just about anything
to stay in this room.

What do we have to do?

You guys will be maids
for the week.

We're in.

- Cool. Awesome.
- Great.

Hey, do you need any help
with that?

Wait, weren't you
on the plane?

Oh, yeah. Hi.

Sorry, I didn't really
get to introduce myself.

You sat down.

I was kind of afraid
you were gonna
bite my head off.

Yeah, I'm sorry about that.

I had just broken up
with my boyfriend

when you saw me, so...

Don't worry about it.

I totally get it.
I'm Ezra.


Are you from Attaway?


But my dad's
getting married here

- on the weekend.
- In Florida?

Yeah, the woman
he's marrying is from here,

and her parents
live in this beautiful
gated community.

What about you?

Well, long story short,

I am staying with
my friend's grandparents,

but there's only
so many games of bingo
a girl can play.

Well, we're all heading
into Miami this afternoon

for the rehearsal dinner.

You're welcome to
come along if you'd like.

Oh, can my friend Zoe
come along, too?


Wow, this place is gorgeous.

Much better than the amenities
at the retirement community,

- I'll say that.
- Okay, come on.

You know
that the water aerobics
are a little fun.

What are you, like, 97?

Need a fresh towel?

- Effie?
- Zoe?

- What are you doing here?
- Autumn?

Rhyme, right?

- From the dance team?
- Actually, I quit.

- Hi, I'm Zoe.
- Hi. Autumn.

- Effie.
- Rhyme.

So, what are you guys
doing here?

Well, I missed
my connection to Austin,

so I took one of those,
like, hotel shuttle thingies.

And this boy
who worked here said

that we could have a room in
exchange for working as maids.

That didn't last long.

Yeah, Effie did more harm
than good cleaning the room,

so they sent us out
to the pool deck.

What are you guys
doing here?

It's actually kind of crazy.

I ran into this guy
from our flight

and he invited us
to a party here.

An eligible bachelor

at a poolside soiree?

Count... me in.

Oh, um, I don't know.
He didn't say
I could bring anyone.

Darling, one should always
travel with an entourage and--

but first I think we all
need a little makeover.

- I like this dress.
- But I like this.

Yeah, no, I hate my outfit.

Come on,
let's go to the suite.

- Suite?
- Oh, yeah.

Oh, our drinks.

- These were so expensive.
- So expensive.


Oh, it's like
laying on a cloud.

Meanwhile, Rhyme and I are
sleeping on a pullout couch

- from 1977.
- It is fun and vintage.

You guys should
just stay with us.

- We'll squeeze.
- I don't know.
The home isn't that bad.

And, besides, I am way up
in Mahjong right now.

I am sorry, Rhyme,
but are you insane?

This is what spring break
is supposed to be,

not puzzles and bingo
with my grandparents.

Besides, you just
went through a breakup.

You deserve a nice trip.

Okay, fine.

But we really do
need to call Dorothy
and Don and tell them

- that we're staying here.
- Okay, of course.

Okay, okay,
enough chitchat.

It's time for
a hot Miami makeover.

♪ Whoa, oh, oh

♪ Whoa, oh, oh

♪ Whoa, oh, oh

♪ You fell
into his life, girl ♪

Rhyme, is that your man?

He's muy caliente.

He is not my man.

But maybe a good rebound.

Hey, you guys made it.

Uh, yeah, I brought
a few extra friends,
if that's okay.

Of course,
the more the merrier.

This is Autumn, Zoe,
and Effie.

Nice to meet you guys.

Thanks so much
for having us.

So, is there
a buffet situation
on the premises or...

Yeah, right over there.

- Yeah.
- I'm gonna go check on her.

Actually, I'm gonna
go say hi to someone, too.

Hey, come down here
and I'll get you a drink.

Yeah, okay, sure.

It's official.
I'm proposing to this buffet.

It all looks so good.

Zoe, your plate is so sparse.

And what is that? A salad?

Um, okay.

Well, I thought it might
be nice to have a vegetable.

I will never understand you.

Karen, please stay!

Elena, I know
you're the bride,

but you have made planning
this wedding impossible.

- You want elegant yet casual.
- Yes.

- You want jewel tones
and pastels.
- Claro.

You can't make up
your mind about anything,
and it's exhausting me!

- Karen, if it's money--
- It's not.

The sound of your shrill voice
will haunt me to the grave.

I quit!
Best of luck to you.

So sorry to interrupt,

but my family owns
an event planning business

and we deal with drama
like this all the time.

I'm kind of the queen
of problem solving.

Who are you?

Just the best
wedding planners in Miami.

- We're friends of Ezra's.
- It sounds like you need help,

and I help my mom
with events every weekend.

So, we can get this wedding
whipped into shape in no time.

- We can?
- We can.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Great. You guys take over.

- Wait, what?
- Really?

I'd like a detailed proposal
from you as soon as possible.

All the supplies
we've already purchased
are in the suite.

The concierge will show you.

Good luck!

Okay, wait!

Okay. Don't freak out.

I have this all under control.

How are we supposed
to just plan a wedding?

Zoe, this is literally
my family's business.

- I'm an expert.
- Okay, great,

but I don't know
anything about weddings,

so what am I
supposed to do?

I can't do this alone.

Yay. Fine.

Really? Great!

I've always wanted
an assistant. Let's go.

- Hey.
- Oh, Autumn, hey.

Still on the clock?

Yeah, just finished up.


Oh, hey, you hungry?

- Always.
- Sure, let's go.


This is...

Beautiful, right?

Oh, um, do you want-- sit?

Do you want to sit?
Sit? Yeah.

- Sure.
- Okay, okay.

No! Stop!

No, it's cute.
It's fine. You're good.

- No, let me see it.
- It's post-worthy.

No-- oh, you're
actually really talented.


Yeah, so, um,
what exactly brings you here?

Well, I was supposed to go
to Austin to see my cousin.

She's this big photojournalist,

and I was gonna learn
the ropes from her,

but I missed my connection.

I mean, it's fine,
because Miami's kind of
growing on me.

I'm sorry you don't get
to see your cousin, though.

It's all right.

I mean, things have been
pretty crazy at home
for the last few months,

so it's--
it's nice to get away.

- I mean,
I love my family, but--
- Yeah.

No need to explain.

My parents think
I'm working here
to save money for college.

But, truth is, it's just nice

to take a step away
from life for a minute.

You know, just relax
and not have to
answer to anyone.

It's really sweet
what you did for us.

Yeah, you know,
I like to help when I can.

Why, is that a bad thing?

No, no. It's--

It's just
I'm not used to people

wanting to help me out.

Well, you deserve it, so...

So then he says,
"Apples and pears,
up the stairs.

It's cockney rhyming!
It's slang!"

That's my dad.

- Keith.
- He seems fun.

That's the woman
he's marrying. Elena.

Do you like her?

Yeah. She's nice.

At least, sometimes.

Sometimes it feels like

we couldn't be
any more different,

aside from
the fact she's Cuban

and my dad and I
are super British.

Planning the wedding
has been rocky, too.

Our families
don't exactly get along.

It's all just a lot.

I haven't had
the easiest time with it.

I think my dad
might want to kill me.

I guess I just
never really expected
my dad to remarry,

that it would
just be the two of us.

I don't know
what it's gonna be like
when I have a new mum.

Sorry to unload
all this on you.

I've known you for what,
five hours?

No, no, don't be sorry.
I get it.

Things never
turn out the way that
you expect them to.

I mean, I'm not even
supposed to be in Miami,
but here I am.

And even though things
didn't go according to plan,

maybe that's not a bad thing.

'Cause I mean, look,

it brought me
to this amazing place,

and new friends, and...

Hey, I'm glad you're here.

Yeah, me, too.

Hey, guys, this is Andrew.

He plays tennis here
and hooked us up

with that suite room,
so be nice.

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you guys.

Ezra! Ezra! Ezra!
Oh, did you hear?

The wedding planner,
she quit and she took
the photographer!

- Dad, I'm so sorry.
- This is a disaster.

It's gonna be okay.
We'll figure it out.

Wait, wait, wait.
You're a photographer, right?

Hardly. I just like
to take pictures.

Okay, you literally
just described being
a photographer.

Autumn, you should
shoot the wedding.

No way. I'm an amateur.

Yes way.
You can do this.

Okay, we could take
a few photos tonight

and we'll show them
what you can do.

They won't be able
to take no for an answer.

Okay, let's go.

♪ Come to life

♪ Come to life

♪ Come to life

♪ I see you've got the fire
inside you ♪

♪ Hold it up
and let it guide you ♪

♪ It burns so bright
that life will find you ♪

♪ You got the power
in your heart ♪

♪ Come to life

♪ Come to life

♪ Come to life

Sorry for all that
back at the party.

No, you were really,
really sweet with your dad.


With all this going on,
my dad would kill me

if he knew I hadn't
written the speech yet.


I'm supposed to
give one at the reception,

but I don't even know
where to start.

I don't know much about
writing wedding speeches,

but I do know where you
can get some inspiration.

Really? Tell me.
I'll do anything.

- Movies.
- Movies?

Duh. Movies have some
of the most epic wedding
speeches of all time.

We can watch the best ones
and get you ready.

Here's what I'm thinking--

lush, dramatic florals,

I want greenery,

bamboo chairs,
and a huge buffet.

Small buffet.

A conservatively
sized buffet.

I'll call you back.

Um, we're almost over budget.

Zoe, budget it no object

when we're talking about
a once in a lifetime event.

Are you gonna
explain that to Elena?

On second thought,

limitations force us
to be creative.


So how much do we have?

That's gonna require
a whole lot of creativity.



Thanks for helping me
print these.

They're so good, Autumn.
You're really talented.

- Thanks.
- Now you have a portfolio

to show the family
and get the job.

I know you could do it.


Why are you so nice?

I'm not this nice to everyone,

just talented photographers.

- So, um, yeah.
- Yeah.

- They look better than
I expected, honestly.
- Yeah.

That was, uh, pretty good.

Are you crying?

No. Just misting up.

So, are you feeling
more inspired?


Though, watching movies
all day with a cute girl

doesn't exactly
feel like homework.

You're gonna love
this next one.

- Hey, are you okay?
- What do you mean?

Well, with your breakup
and everything.

That sounds really rough.

Oh, yeah.
I'm good, really.

Remember, if things
had gone as planned,

then I wouldn't be here.

♪ If I reached
for your heart ♪

♪ Would you say yes?

♪ And if I aimed
for your lips ♪

♪ Would you say yes?

♪ Say yes

♪ Just say yes

♪ Ooh

Keith, Elena, I'm Autumn.

I'm a friend of Ezra's.

I heard you guys needed
a wedding photographer.

You can take a look
at my work if you want.

I love photography.

I take a bunch
of classes at school.

I've never really done
a big project like this,

but if you guys wanted me to,

I would totally be
down for that.

And, um--

I'm sorry I'm rambling a lot.

And that's my vision
for your beautiful
union with Keith.

Hmm. Thank you.
That was great.

I'll let you know
my decision soon, hmm?

Well, what are
we supposed to do now?

There's only
one thing to do.

Hit the beach.

Where do you want me to...

♪ He's looking at you, no, he's looking at you, girl ♪

♪ Whatcha gonna do?
Make a break, make a move ♪

♪ You look so grand,
I'll be your wingman ♪

♪ Get the boy while you can,
flick your hair and dance ♪

♪ Help me up, help me out

♪ Get me home,
the sun is out ♪

♪ We are BFFs forever

♪ BFFs forever

♪ Best friends,
best friends for life ♪

♪ Best friends,
best friends for life ♪

♪ Yeah, that's right

♪ Best friends,
best friends for life ♪

Guys, what a week.

I needed
that beach massage.

My shoulders were a wreck.

I just can't believe
the wedding's tomorrow.

Did Ezra finish his speech?

Yeah. I haven't heard
the finished product yet.

I think it's gonna be good.

You're, like, glowing.
You so love him.

I do not so love him.

Besides I just got out
of a relationship.

Autumn, what's going on
with you and Andrew?

I mean, you two
have been spending
a lot of time together.

No, no, nothing.

I have a boyfriend back home.

- Wait, really?
- Yeah.

Yeah, Luke.
He's really... great.

He's really great.


I want to find love
in this hopeless place, too.

- The jig is up.
- Oh, God.

You girls have not only
started a small fire
in the laundry room,

you haven't even washed
a single tablecloth.

And there's
a wedding here tomorrow

- and that requires
- I'm sorry.

- I'm so sorry.
- Oh, and I see you've
acquired two stowaways.

Pack your things
and get out of here.

- Immediately.
- Okay, okay.

Chop, chop!

- Autumn.
- Rhyme.

- Where are you going?
- We got kicked out
of our room.

I guess it's back
to my grandparents.

It was really nice
meeting you.

Good luck on your speech.

- You'll do great.
- Autumn, please don't leave.

Your photos are beautiful.

We would like to hire you
for our special day.


- Yes.
- Effie and Zoe,

I'm not an easy
woman to please.

Could've fooled me.

But the one thing
I do like is your proposal.

Wait, really?

Not only did you present
a fabulous vision,

but you are almost
$5,000 under budget.

So we could've afforded
an ice sculpture with flames

- this entire time.
- I'm sorry.

You're both hired,
and can stay in Karen

the wedding planner's suite
since she jumped ship.

Oh, your friends could have
the photographer's room.


- We did it!
- I knew it.

I didn't, but yay!

This is really working out.

Come in.


You look really pretty.


Do you need help
with that?

Uh, yeah.

So, are you nervous?

On a scale
of about one to ten,

we're on 25
in the nerves department.


This looks
straight-up terrible.

I actually have no idea
how to tie a bowtie.

But I was pretty
convincing, right?

- Very convincing.
- Do you wanna practice
your speech for me?


Turn around.
You're making me too nervous.

Friends and family
from far and wide,

thank you so much
for joining us here today

for the union
of Keith and Elena.

For so long,
it's just been the two of us.

He was a single parent,
but he never failed

to be the best dad
in the universe,

and spread love and positivity
everywhere he went.

Elena, I'm so happy that
you make my dad so happy.

He deserves it
more than anyone.

And we're happy
that you're now a part

of our not so little family.

Life doesn't always go
as planned,

but that doesn't mean
there isn't a happy ending.

Cheers to the happy couple.

Do you think
that was all right?

Uh, yeah.

Um, I think--
I think that's great.

Are you crying?


It's time to go.

You ready?

Ready. Are you ready?

Kind of.

- The caterer's prepping--
- The passed appetizers.

- And the florist?
- Is finishing up
the centerpieces.

You know, my family could use
the extra help for events.

Thanks, but I think
this was a one time thing.

A kind of crazy
one time thing.

I'm gonna miss having you
as my assistant.

Come on, bring it in. Yeah.

The lighting out here
is perfect today.

Thank you
for helping me out.

Of course.
I'd never pass up a chance
to hang out with you.

- What?
- Nothing.

You're just cute
when you're really focused.

- Stop.
- No, seriously.



I'm so sorry.

I have a boyfriend
back home

that I'm gonna try
and make it work with.

It's fine. I knew it
was too good to be true.

- It is what it is.
- No, no.

Andrew, you are
honestly the nicest guy
that I've ever met,

and whoever ends up
with you is really lucky.

You deserve the best.

I hope whoever
you're with knows that.

Oh, I'll make sure
that he knows.

- Friends?
- Friends.


- So, anyway.
- So the-- yeah, yeah.

By the power vested in me

by the state of Florida,

I now pronounce you
husband and wife.

You may now kiss the bride.

- Thank you.
- I promised myself
I wouldn't cry.

Friends and family
from far and wide,

thank you so much
for joining us here today

for the union
of Keith and Elena.

For so long,
it's just been the two of us.

He was a single parent,
but he never failed

to be the best dad
in the universe,

and to spread love
everywhere he went.

Elena, I am so happy
that you make my dad so happy.

He deserves it
more than anyone,

and we're excited
that you guys are now part
of our not so little family.

Life doesn't always go
as planned,

but that doesn't mean
there isn't a happy ending.

Cheers to the happy couple.


- Salut!
- Good job, son.

There are actually
a few more people
I'd like to thank.

Without them, this night
wouldn't have been possible.

Effie and Zoe, you're 15

and you coordinated
a better wedding

than Miami's
premiere event planner

with 48 hours notice.

Autumn, you immortalized some
of my happiest moments

of my new family's lives
with your photography.

And, Rhyme, I would've never
had the confidence

to get up here
and say all this without you.

You showed me that life
is full of surprises

in the best way.

Thank you, guys.

Go, Ezra!

Yeah, Ezra!


Do you just want to
repurpose this wedding

and get married to Ezra
while we're all here?

- Stop!
- Rh-ezra!

♪ Put your hands up,
if you feel it taking over ♪

♪ Put your hands up

♪ If you're losing
your composure ♪

♪ If you love it,
love it, love it ♪

♪ Like I love it,
love it, love it ♪

♪ Put your hands up,
put your hands up ♪

♪ Put your hands up,
hands up ♪

♪ Just let it rain

♪ Like the tears that I cry

♪ Words don't mean much

Can I have this dance?

♪ You said it was love


♪ And I believed every word

I so ship them.

- Same.
- Same.

My kids.

My dad said they might be
looking at houses in Attaway.

Wait, would that mean that
you'd be switching schools?

I hear there's some
pretty cute girls in Attaway.

Shut up.

I mean,
at least one of them.

I think she's around here

Wow, you really know exactly
what a girl likes to hear.

That's so romantic.

I don't want you
or your sarcasm to leave.

Yeah, me neither.

This is all just so perfect.

I kind of feel like
I'm in a dream.

Yeah, well, you don't
have to wake up now.

♪ I cry, oh, darling

♪ Oh, I...

Thank you
so much for the shirt.
I missed you guys.

Do you think
that we have time

for one more game of bridge
before we leave for the airport?

Oh, I think that can be
arranged, sweetie.

So glad you like it.

Thank you for everything.

Yeah, and good luck to you,

and I can't wait to see
all that you're gonna do.

There you go.

All right, well, you know,
gotta get back to work.

- Duty calls.
- Teach the kids.

- Yeah!
- Do that tennis.

Yeah, the tennis.

Hey, can I talk to you
for a second?


I really don't
want to say good-bye.

Yeah, me neither.

But maybe this isn't good-bye.

What do you mean?

Well, a wise woman
once told me

you never know
where life will take you.

That's what makes it
so exciting.


This woman seems
pretty cool.

But just to be sure,
can I get your number?

♪ Four weeks in the summer

- ♪ I should know better
- See you later, Rhyme.

♪ Than to let things grow
bigger than a kiss ♪

- That was so cute!
- It was so cute!

- Oh, my gosh!
- Okay, Zoe.

As soon as I get back home,
I'm designing the posters

for your student
council campaign. Ready?

"Zoe is a treasure.
Vote her for treasurer."

Uh, okay, that might need
a little bit of work.

- Just a bit.
- Regardless,

Autumn will shoot
all your headshots

and Rhyme will be
our on-call life coach
and speech writer.

I don't want
this week to be over.

- I know.
I don't want to go back.
- Back to reality.

But, hey, you guys,
I've got an idea.

What if, you know,
no matter what,

boyfriends or school trips,

we go on spring break
vacay together?

- Uh, sign me up.
- Yeah, okay.

But this time, can we
at least attempt to get
on the right flight?

- Maybe.
- Yeah, yeah.

- I love you guys.
- I love you.