Split Image (1982) - full transcript

Young man is sucked into an unnamed religious cult by beautiful girl and gets increasingly under the mind control of the cult leader. After his parents fail in their efforts to talk him out of it, they hire a guy who kidnaps and then de-programs him.

[ man gasping ]

[ sighing ]

[ music playing ]

[ panting ]

[ panting ]

[ exhales ]



[ applause ]

Come on, Danny,
you can do it.

[ cheering ]

[ cheering ]

Good job, Danny!

[ chanting ]
Who owns this town?
Who owns this town?

The people say
we own this town!

We own this town!

'Specially day!

[ shouting ]

[ applause ]

See you later?

Oh, okay.

[ everyone cheering ]

[ dog barking ]

Chad, darling,
this time try to get it

just a little bit closer
to the door.

Just a nice easy,
nice easy toss.

That's much better, dear.

You're doing better
all the time.

[ man speaking on radio ]



See that goddam
newspaper yet?

That kid...
10:00 in the morning.

You know, I'd like to read
the morning newspaper
in the morning.

What are you doing here?
What are you doing in here?

You're not supposed
to be in here.

You know that.
Mom told you that.

Get out of here.
Get out of here!

I had a newspaper route
when I was a kid.

A lotta papers, too.

Nobody got their paper
past 8:00 A.M.

I'll bet you used to walk
20miles to school

in the driven snow, too.

Uh-huh. Fifty.

- The most beautiful
woman in the world.
- Good morning.

Sean, whatever happened
to your paper route?

I farmed it out.

I get 50%
for using my head

while the other guy
uses his feet.

Holy Moly!
Sean, over there,

it's an enormous
candy bar.

- Hey, give me that back.
- There you go.

So how did you two boppers
like that rock and roll
concert last night?

Don't remind me.

It was enough
to have experienced it.

Danny and the Juniors.

[ singing ]
♪ Rock and roll
is here to stay ♪

♪ I dig it to the end

♪ Rock and roll...
Your mother loved it.

Danny, there are
four blue socks
that don't match

and two brown
in your laundry.

I've never seen that woman
before in my life.

It's not my style to play
possessive neurotic mommy

but if you lived at home,
wouldn't happen.

We all know that socks
do not get lost
in this house.

You know,
your Mother's right.

I mean, it's not the money.
It's kind of ridiculous

to have this big house
and that beautiful room...

All right, wait...
wait a minute...
time out, time out.

Who was it that gave me
the big speech

about needing a little space
away from home,

something to grow up in?
You know, independence?

No, that was the speech
that Kevin gave to Mom

when he bought you
the car.

The speech about you
living at college

was when a person
turns 17...

Sean, my cherub,

why don't you stop
trying to be
the family historian?

What about your major?
Any decisions yet?

what about my major?

I don't even know
what I'm having for lunch.

Okay, pal, relax.

No pressure.
Just a question.

Oh, I'm late.

And I have to open
the store.

Danny, would you do me
a favor, please,

would you take Bounder
to dog school for me?

Poor old
high-strung Bounder.

He needs
an imported trainer.

How did dogs know
how to be dogs
before dog school, dad?

I don't see anything wrong
with having an expert
train your dog.

Except we're all going
to have to learn
to speak Japanese.

Listen, Mr. Matsimoto
is a genius

and we are very fortunate

that he let Bounder
into his dog school.

I don't believe you said that.

I don't believe
I said it, either.

No, actually Mom's right.
Mom's right.

Because I was just speaking
to Mr. Matsimoto yesterday

down at Doggie Dojo.

He said to me,

[ Japanese accent ]

"Your dog, Mr. Stetson,
is doing very poorry.

- I get no support from home.
- [ all laughing ]

Rack of disiprine
must be severry punished.

Prease Mr. Rookery
in Doggie's face.

Prease again, prease again.
If no work,

hit the doggie
in the face!

Hit Mommy in the face.

Hit whole entire famiry
in the face.

Only solution to probrem."

[ mother laughing ]

Man: Hey, Danny, you remember
that blonde next door?

Danny: Uh-huh.

- Yeah, the one who was...
- Hey, Danny, what's
going on, man?

Hi, buddy. Ow.

- Can you lend me 20?
- What?

- 20. Can you lend me 20?
- Here, I'll give you a 20.

- You're great.
- There you go.

Thank you.
Get you back next week.

Get a new shirt
or something.

[ indistinct chattering ]



You having a good day?

Who knows?

I know.

You know.

That's fantastic.

Don't you want to know
what kinda day it is?

[ sighs ]

Sure, I'd love it.

It's a great day.

God, you...
you're really beautiful.

I knew I was right
about you.

Right about what?

I don't know.

Have you ever had the feeling
of being connected to someone

in a way that goes
beyond understanding?



My name is Danny.
Danny Stetson.

I think
I'm in love with you.
Are you interested?

[ chuckles ]
All depends on
what you mean by love.

I'm willing to spend
the rest of my life with you.

After we live together
on a two-week trial basis.
Don't say anything.

We'll rent
a small furnished room.
I'll pay for the food.

You supply the quarters
for the Laundromat

and we'll split the grass,
the gas and the light bill.

Sounds romantic.
Do we have a deal?

- No.
- No?

But I'd like you
to get to know me better.

I'm trying.

[ chuckling ]
I know what you're trying.

It's not getting
to know me.

I always thought sex
was a nice way
to begin a relationship.


[ both laughing ]

You go to school here?

No, I work down the block.

I raise funds for
a community service project.

I like that.
What's it called?

Community Rescue.


Anytime you want to,
call me and come by.

[ indistinct chattering ]

My name's Rebecca.

Call me.

[ music playing ]

Can't handle it,
he shouldn't drink.

There's a discussion
after the film.

Man on film:
There he goes.

Man on walkie-talkie:
Can you boys hear me?

Yeah, yeah, we got you.
He's got him a biggie.

Maybe we oughta ask
for a raise.

[ laughing ]
Little levity.

It's no use, Jekyll.

I've done nothing.

I'm Dr. Jekyll.

I'm Dr. Henry Jekyll,
I tell you.

I've done nothing.

[ reciting ]
You're looking
for a man named Hyde.


I am Dr. Jekyll,
Henry Jekyll.

I'm Dr. Jekyll
I tell you!

I tell you,
I'm Dr. Jekyll.

Dr. Henry Jekyll.

[ gunshots ]

Oh, you should hear
my "Gone with the Wind."
[ laughing ]

[ music playing ]

[ applause ]

I think that's such
a fantastic picture.
I always love seeing it.

There's plenty of refreshments
for everyone right this way.

This horseshit goes on
for about ten minutes.

Then a little sugar bombing,
you know, a little brownies,


You know what I think
is really interesting
about the film?

It's the way that it deals
with the duality of human

Hmm, well,
Robert Louis Stevenson's
just always been a little...

I don't know,
little deep for me.

Although I think I understood
"Treasure Island"

when I read that
in the third grade.

[ chuckling ]

See, what I liked
about the movie

is the way that it deals
with the duality
of our nature...

And the tragedy
of giving in to our evil side.

- Exactly!
- What's the big deal?

I mean,
it's just horror flick.

Not just, also.

- I think I agree with...
- Danny? Danny?

How'd you like
the movie?

Well, I think obviously
it's about the duality
of our nature.

That's great.
That's as clear
as you're going to get.

I agree.

Now when you see your son
what are you going to do?

Leave it to me.

[ chattering ]

I really want
to see you again.

When can I see you?

Any time you want.

Okay, boys,
they're coming down
the steps.

Hit it.

All you have to do
is be there at 6:00.

And I'll pick you up. We're
going to have
a wonderful time.

You just bring
your sleeping bag,
your toothbrush...

What are you doing?
Get back!

- Brian.
- Asshole.

- Please. Brian!
- Grab him, grab him!

Let me talk to you.

Inside. Come on.

Oh, my God.
They're trying
to kidnap Aaron.

[ tires screeching ]

[ panting ]

Man: Hey, Danny!

[ groaning ]

Son of a bitch
kicked me in the balls.

What the fuck
did I tell you?

Now, the next time
we do it my way,

okay, Senator?

You jackoff.

[ chattering ]

[ cheering ]

Oh, thank you!

- That was great.
- You got it, right?

It's okay, it's okay.

Oh, Danny,
you were great.

- Thanks.
- Good thing
I came over, huh?

[ everyone laughing ]

Hey. Hey, Aaron.

You owe those guys money
or what?

Aaron's father thinks

he should be
a big rich corporation lawyer

and nothing else.

Wait a minute,
wait a minute.

That was his father?

And his hired kidnappers.

I'm over 18.

Nobody can tell me
how to live my life.

Or what to think.

Or who my friends
should be.

It's all right.
You're safe now.

Aaron, why'd your father
call you Brian?

[ groaning ]

- [ blender buzzing ]
- Bananas are ready.

Danny: Yeah.
I asked Sean to tell you.

No, I'm just
not going to come home
for the weekend.

No, Dad,
it wasn't anything
you or Mom said.

I'm positive.

Yeah, it's just...
it's a commune.

No, I don't know if
it's a religious thing or...

can you hold on
for a second, Dad?

Terry, Terry...

I can't hear you.

Well, turn it off!

[ blender stops ]

Hello, Dad.

What did you say
your name...

Well, yes, Dad,
a bit of religion
never did hurt anybody.

You're absolutely right.

Well, look,
I'd love to chat, Dad,

but my hands
are falling apart, okay?

I'm outta here.

I hate that. Hate it.

Jane, when we get
to Homeland

there's something
that'll get you higher

than you've ever
been before.

If you say fresh air,
I'll kill you.


[ everyone laughing ]

Hey, we're almost there,

- Come on in!
- Pull right up!

They're coming
through the gate now.

[ car honking ]

[ singing ]
♪ He's got the whole world
in his hands ♪

♪ He's got the whole world
in his hands ♪

♪ He's got
the whole world in his hands ♪

♪ He's got you
and me in his hands ♪

♪ He's got you and me
in his hands ♪

♪ He's got you
and me in his hands ♪

♪ He's got the whole world
in his hands ♪

♪ He's got the whole planet
in his hands ♪

♪ He's got
the whole planet in his hands ♪

♪ He's got the whole planet
in his hands ♪

♪ He's got the whole world
in his hands ♪

♪ He's got the itty bitty
children in his hands ♪

♪ He's got the itty
biddy children in his hands ♪

♪ He's got the itty bitty
children in his hands ♪

♪ He's got the whole world
in his hands ♪

♪ He's got the whole planet
in his hands ♪

♪ He's got
the whole planet in his hands ♪

♪ He's got the whole planet
in his hands ♪

♪ He's got the whole world
in his hands ♪

♪ He's got the itty bitty
children in his hands ♪

♪ He's got the itty
biddy children in his hands ♪

♪ He's got the itty bitty
children in his hands ♪

♪ He's got the whole world
in his hands ♪

[ chattering ]

No, I'll sit over there.

[ chattering ]

Excuse me.

Do you have any...
this is it, huh?

Do you have any protein
or anything?

You know, steak, fish.

- Maybe some escargot.
- [ both laughing ]

No, you see, I need
my protein for training.
Okay, forget it.

How about we send out
to McDonald's, huh?
My treat.

We don't eat meat
here, Danny.

But this food
is organically grown

right here
on our own earth.

It's totally nourishing.



Could you pass
the acidophilus
culture then?

[ bell ringing ]

- Hi.
- Everyone: Hi.

Ever since we started

I've heard,
"Thank you, Neil,

for giving me
a place to live."

"Thank you, Neil,
for understanding

it's hard to be young
in this country."

And as I was walking
through our fields

on my way over here
to eat our food

I said,
"What is wrong with me?"

It is I who should
give thanks...

to you...

for making this a home.

My home.

Our home.

So from now on,
I thank you.

- Zeke here's
the best potter we got.
- How you doin'?

- Even if he's
a little messy.
- Oh, sorry.

- I always wanted
to learn pottery.
- Yeah?

This is where
we make all the cups
and pots and plates.

May I take
a photo?


You spend all day here
if you want.

This is where the weaving
and the sewing's done.

This is the design center.

They're designing
new housing.

And this is the wood shop.

They're making new benches
for the community hall.

- Hi.
- Hi, how are you?

- Hi.
- Hi.

This is the print shop.


don't look around.

Just act normal.

Keep smiling.

everything's okay.

[ chuckling ]

This is a religious cult,
isn't it?

If you wanna think
I'm sort of crazy

that lives
with a horrible tribe

it's up to you.

Well, you're not
answering my question.

[ sighs ] People love
to put labels on things.

You can call it a cult
so you don't have
to understand

what's going on here.

St. Augustine said,

"I believe in order
that I might understand."

Oh, this is definitely
a religious cult.

Excuse me.

It's a community of people
trying to create
a better world.

You knew from the beginning
I had a special kind of life.


It's a good life.

I just wanted you
to see it.

Anyway, it's only
a three-day weekend.

You're free
to come and go.


Say brownie.


- [ chuckling ]
- You didn't say brownie.

I know.
It's crazy.

[ chattering ]

It is so beautiful here.

You know, I think
I could be happy here

as long as...

as long as I knew
you were around.


Hi, Neil!

Oh, hi.

I'm Neil Kirklander.


I'm Danny.
Danny Stetson.

Oh, yes.

Rebecca's friend
from the other evening,

the one who helped
save Aaron.


From the way
everyone talked about you

I expected to see
someone built like
The Incredible Hulk.

Sorry to disappoint you.

Who are you?

I'm Danny Stetson.

Rebecca's friend.

I know your name.
That's the easy part.

I want you to tell me
the hard part.

Who are you?

I don't know
what you mean.

I don't know, Neil.
Why don't you tell me?

You're in charge here.

Are you aiming
for the Olympics?

See, that's what
we're doing here.

We're becoming
Olympic champions
with our lives

so that every time out,
we're a ten.

Enjoy yourself.

Isn't Neil great?

♪ Rise, shine

♪ Give God
the glory, glory ♪

♪ Rise, shine

♪ Give God
the glory, glory ♪

♪ Rise and shine
and give God the glory, glory...

Come on, Danny,
time to wake up.

Time to wake up.

♪ Rise, shine,
give God the glory, glory ♪

♪ Rise, shine,
give God the glory, glory ♪

♪ Rise and shine
and give God the glory, glory ♪

♪ We're children
of the Lord... ♪

Come on, up we go, Danny.
It's a great day.

♪ Give God
the glory, glory ♪

♪ Rise, shine,
give God the glory, glory ♪

♪ Rise and shine
and give God the glory, glory ♪

♪ We're children
of the Lord ♪

[ chattering ]

Is this it?

I mean, can I get
some coffee, at least?

Oh, you don't want
caffeine, Dan.

It's poison.

Sanka commercials, huh?

Look, I'm just...
just hungry.

Here, Dan,
why don't you have
a brownie?

[ whispering ]

Feed your spirit, Dan,
not your belly.

What can fill you?

Just food?

[ chattering stops ]

[ bell ringing ]

[ groaning ]

[ glass shattering ]

It will happen that fast.

I want each of you
to look at that mess.

It will be like that
for the world

when it goes down,

moaning and shrieking
and tearing out its hair.

And there will an ugly
and eternal silence

that the death and life

will be forced to endure

with nothing to comfort
their tortured souls

but memories.

Of Cuisinarts and Perrier
and their designer jeans.

We must rescue them.

We must rescue them
from death and life.

[ everyone chanting ]
We must rescue them.

We must rescue them
from death and life.

We must rescue them.

We must rescue them
from death and life.

We must rescue them.

We must rescue them
from death and life.

Now we go to group.
I love group.

All right.

It's the best part
of my day.

[ laughing ]
Hey, where you going?

I'm just going to go
to the bathroom.

In group
we talk about the things
that Neil teaches us.


I mean, you get to work
on yourself.

How can I rescue someone
from death and life

if you don't work
on yourself?


Uh, I'm glad
I came in here just to pee.

- Huh?
- Nothing.

Okay, let's forget it.
False alarm.

Let's go.

If I raise my hand
in group...

it's not to make a speech.

I guess I felt maybe
I didn't deserve to be loved.

But then after Neil,
after what the said today,

it proved to me that...
that maybe I wasn't
so terrible.

That my... my father
was the one with the problem

and not me, right?




I feel like...
like I'm really safe here.

I... I don't know.

I feel like
I can't get into trouble.

You know, trouble?

Because I feel
like Neil is... is...

is there to help me and...

I know if I get an urge
to do something wrong...
he won't let me.

And if he's not around you guys
won't let me, will you?

Of course not.

That's right, Jane.

That's great.


[ sighing ]

I think that this
is a very beautiful spot.

And you're all
very nice people.

You know, I agree
with what Neil had to say,

but, frankly,
it was no big revelation.

I mean, I think
you've got to be
awfully dumb

not to realize that

there is not much humanity
or justice out there.

I haven't heard
any answers.

[ scoffs ]

I just thought
we'd be talking more
about social problems.

I like... I like
what Neil had to say

about working harder
on ourselves.

I... I really did.
But I have questions...

Yes! Yes!

Danny has put his finger

on something that's essential
in Neil's thought,

that working on
our inner selves,
our hearts and minds,

is the true beginning
of change, right, Danny?



[ sighs ]

I have a headache.


Don't do that
to yourself, Danny.

You're turning yourself
into a prostitute.

If you love yourself,

you take away
from the real love
you can give others.

For God's sake, Gabriel,
I'm not doing anything.

It's okay. It's okay.

Just go to sleep.

Peaceful dreams.


Hey, where's the chant?

Make it perfect!

[ everyone chanting ]
Make it perfect.

Make it perfect,
make it perfect.

Make it perfect.

Make it perfect,
make it perfect.

Make it perfect.

Make it perfect,
make it perfect.

Make it perfect.

Make it perfect,
make it perfect.

Come on, Danny.

Make it perfect.

Make it perfect,
make it perfect.

[ groaning ]

Oh, Walter,
are you okay?

Leave him alone.

can get up by himself.

Walter can
become stronger.

[ moaning ]

That's it.


God is in Walter's
arms and legs.

God is making him
into a new person.

Make it perfect.

Make it perfect.

[ everyone chanting ]
Make it perfect.

Make it perfect,
make it perfect.

Make it perfect.

Make it perfect,
make it perfect.

[ groaning ]

[ panting ]

Make it perfect,
make it perfect, make it...

[ Walter panting ]

Come on, son,
just relax.

Slow, deep breaths.

Son, deep breaths.

Slow, deep breaths.

You'll be all right
in a few minutes.

Gabriel... sometimes
you know nothing.

Sometimes you can be
so cruel and evil.

This is our home.
This is not some place

where we exploit
the sacred human resource,

not some Godless
communist state,

not some mindless

This is our home.

You're going to be
all right, son.

Just relax.

[ panting ]

Gabriel is perhaps one of the holiest amongst you.

But sometimes even he is caught
in the grip of death and life.

You're scared,
aren't you?

You're scared
of slipping back.

Well, yes, Neil.

Please, save me.

Dear God,
I love this boy.

I would die for him.

I want you to rescue him
from his worldly mind.

Rescue him and sweep him
into your ever-loving arms.

Rescue him. Rescue him.
Rescue him.

[ everyone chanting ]
Rescue him. Rescue him.

Rescue him.

Rescue me. Rescue me.

Rescue him. Rescue him.
Rescue him.

Rescue him.
Rescue him. Rescue him.

Rescue him.
Rescue him.

[ singing ]
♪ Rock-a my soul
in the bosom of Abraham ♪

♪ Rock-a my soul
in the bosom of Abraham ♪

♪ Rock-a my soul in the bosom
of Abraham ♪

♪ Oh, rock-a my soul

♪ Oh, man,
here's the place for me ♪

♪ Oh, man,
he's so helping me ♪

♪ Oh, man,
is where I wanna be ♪

♪ Oh, rock-a my soul

♪ Rock-a my soul
in the bosom of Abraham ♪

♪ Rock-a my soul in the bosom
of Abraham ♪

♪ Rock-a my soul
in the bosom of Abraham ♪

♪ Oh, rock-a my soul

♪ Rock-a my soul
in the bosom of Abraham ♪

♪ Rock-a my soul in the bosom
of Abraham ♪

♪ Rock-a my soul
in the bosom of Abraham ♪

♪ Oh, rock-a my soul

♪ Rock-a my soul
in the bosom of Abraham ♪

♪ Rock-a my soul in the bosom
of Abraham ♪

♪ Rock-a my soul
in the bosom of Abraham ♪

♪ Oh, rock-a my soul

♪ Rock-a my soul
in the bosom of Abraham ♪

♪ Rock-a my soul in the bosom
of Abraham ♪

♪ Rock-a my soul
in the bosom of Abraham ♪

♪ Oh rock-a my soul

♪ Rock-a my soul
in the bosom... ♪

♪ Who runs this town
who runs this town? ♪

Danny, we heard
you're a great gymnast.

We're becoming
Olympic champions.

Welcome home, Danny.

- Man: What, what, what?
- Kevin: What about your major?

Rebecca: It's only
a three-day weekend, Danny.
You're free to come and go.

- Neil: It will
happen that fast.
- Rebecca: I love you, Danny.

Don't do that
to yourself, Danny.

You're turning yourself
into a prostitute.

Perfect, perfect, perfect.

You're perfect, perfect!

[ music playing ]

[ moaning ]

[ slams ]

Jacob! Aaron!
Get up. Get dressed.

It's Danny!


- Where are you, Danny?
- Ah! [ panting ]

Hurry up, hurry up.
Let's go.


[ panting ]

Come back, Danny!


Where are you, Danny?

Guys, wait a minute.

[ gasping ]

[ screaming ]

Where is he?

- I don't see him!
- There he is.

- Oh, my God.
- Danny!

We've gotta get down there.

We gotta jump!

We can't jump.

Okay, okay,
I'll get some rope.

No there's...
there's no time.

Man: Aaron!

are you all right?


Hang on, Aaron.

We're going for help.

[ panting ]

This is not a prison,

This is
a community of love.

We only want those
who want to be here

and want to be part
of our glorious adventure.


Call your parents
and have them come get you.

It's all right, son.

I hate to see you go back
to death and life, Danny.

I don't want them
to kill you, Danny.

I'd rather
they kill me first.

Do you know what it is
to love someone?

I was a liar before.

I called
my doubts thoughts.

It was really hate.

See, I know something now
I didn't know before.

There was no love.

And I've seen love here.

I've seen love here.

I've seen love in Neil
and I've seen it in all of you.

[ sighs ]

I was dead before I came
to this place.

I was literally dead
before I came here

and I met all of you.

[ applause, cheering ]

Father, release
my smothered spirit.

Father, release
my smothered spirit.

Open my blinded eyes.

Open my blinded eyes.

Let me be a vessel
for your love.

Let me be a vessel
for your love.

Let me be an instrument
for your work.

Let me be
an instrument for your work.

I renounce
my former life.

I renounce
my former life.

Danny is dead.

Danny is dead.

I am Joshua,
a warrior in your cause.

I am Joshua,
a warrior in your cause.

[ applause, cheering ]

[ everyone chanting ]
Joshua's born, Danny is dead.

Joshua's born,
Danny is dead.

Joshua's born,
Danny is dead.

Joshua's born,
Danny is dead.

Joshua's born,
Danny is dead.

Joshua's born,
Danny is dead.

Joshua's born,
Danny is dead.

Joshua's born,
Danny is dead.

Joshua's born,
Danny is dead.

Joshua's born,
Danny is dead.

Joshua's born,
Danny is dead.

Joshua's born,
Danny is dead.

Joshua's born,
Danny is dead.

Joshua's born,
Danny is dead.

Joshua's born,
Danny is dead.

Joshua's born,
Danny is dead.

[ cheering,
ecstatic screaming ]

[ cheering,
ecstatic screaming ]

[ crickets chirping ]

[ phone ringing ]



Well, is this
an obscene call?

- Danny: Mom, it's Danny.
- [ whispering ] Danny,
where are you?

I'm all right.
I'm somewhere where
I'm finally happy.

- I'm at Homeland.
- You're where?

I'm with people
who really love me
and understand me

and I've got a purpose
to my life.

what are you talking about?

I'm not coming home.

- Da...
- [ dial tone ]

- Kevin?
- What?

What if they won't
let us see him?

Have you thought about that?

It's simple.
I'll kill them.

Oh, wonderful.

You know, if you're trying
to get me crazier,

you're succeeding admirably.

Look, you're going
to talk to Danny

and I'm going to write
a check for this yo-yo

for a new heater
for his swimming pool

and that will be that.

Kevin and man on radio:
♪ Yes it's me and I'm in love
again ♪

♪ Had no lovin'
since you know when ♪

♪ You know I love you,
yes, I do ♪

♪ And I'm savin'
all my loving just for you ♪

♪ Need your lovin'
and I need it bad ♪

♪ Just like
a dog when... ♪

I think we're on TV.

May we help you?

Yeah, we're here to see
our son, Danny Stetson.

There's nobody here
by that name.

Can we talk to someone
in charge, please?

One moment, please.

Man: There's some people
here who want to talk
to Danny Stetson.

Man on walkie-talkie :
Send them in, but they'll have
to proceed on foot.


You can go on in,

but I'm afraid
you're gonna have
to go in on foot.

Well, thanks loads, pal,
but we'd rather drive.

Oh, you won't get
that far, sir.

You see, we've had to dig
ditches in the road,

and if you don't know
where they are,

your car'll fall in.

Oh, shit.

Come on, babe.
I'm game if you are, huh?

Sure, sure.

Thanks a lot.

Kevin, please.

Just wait a minute.

Just hang on,
hang on.

Why do you wear
shoes like that?

You can't walk in them,
why do you wear them?

I wasn't planning to go
for a nature hike, okay?

Hey, don't step
on the butt.

Just walk right on by.

Peace, peace.

Come on,
let's get there.

Mr. Stetson.

Hi. I'm Jacob.

And I'm Aaron.

What can we do
for you?

What can you do for us?

We're here
to see our son, Danny.

Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Stetson,
but he's no longer Danny.

He's now Joshua.

Joshua? What is all
this Joshua bullshit?

Look, I'm Danny's father

and I want to talk
to him right now!

Joshua doesn't want
to talk to you.

Who the hell are you?

King fucking Solomon?

I'm Neil Kirklander.

As I said before,

Joshua doesn't want
to talk to you.

Let him tell me,
not you!

Maybe, maybe
we could just see him
for a minute.

Please, please, he...
he might need something.

Mrs. Stetson,
Joshua doesn't need anything

from either of you
ever again.

Now you hear me,
and you hear me good.

I want you to get my son
out of here right now

and I mean this instant,
do you hear me?

He belongs to me!

He's not your property

And I'm going to have
to ask you both to leave

[ police siren wails ]

We're gonna put your ass
behind bars, my friend,

and you can count on that.

You think you own everything,
don't you, Mr. Stetson?

We're just gonna
talk to the cops
about this, pal.

Hey, Officer, look,
they're trying to get...

What seems to be
the problem,
Mr. Kirklander?

Wait a minute.
They've got my son
in here.

He's trapped
in this place.

This man is trespassing,
threatening my life,

and terrorizing my staff.

my name is Kevin Stetson
and I want you to put

that goddamn maniac there
under arrest.

Come on,
let's move it, buddy.

- What are you talk...
hey! Let me be.
- Come on.

God damn it!

Diana: Kevin!


Stop it!

[ whispering ]

I told you.

I told you
to leave me alone.

Neil was right.

You're not interested
in my spiritual welfare.

The both of you are dead.

And you just want me
to die with you.


Danny, honey,
please, just...

come home with us
right now, please.

This is my home.

This is my family.

Go on back
to your death and life.

If you'll step
right over here,
please, sir.

Thank you,
thank you, Officer.

Up against this wall.

Thank you.

There's nothing
we can do.

Your son's an adult,
Mr. Stetson.

Here, there you go.

Hell, he's old enough
to get drafted.

He's got civil rights,
just like you and me.

The FBI couldn't get him
out of there with a crowbar.

They got him trapped
in there, God damn it.

You know that
and maybe I know that.

But that's the law.

We're helpless?

Is that what
you're telling us?

[ camera flash pops ]

[ sobbing ]

[ sighing ]

[ sobbing ]


Did you find Danny?

Yeah... we found him.

Is he all right?

He's fine, he's fine.

We'll talk about it
in the morning.

But he's okay.

He's okay.

Go back to bed.

Go back to bed.
It's okay.

[ buzzing ]

[ birds chirping ]

[ brakes squealing ]

Mrs. Stetson?

[ engine revving ]

I'll get right
to the point, folks.

I know how to get Danny
away from Homeland

and back here with you,
where he belongs.

How do you know
where our son is?

Well, do you think
I just stumbled into
your house by mistake?

You take a...
pretty mean picture there,
Mr. Stetson.

Mrs. Stetson,
how long has it been
since you've seen your son?


Because one of my operatives
took this picture
three days ago.

That's Bradelbourough
in the background

where he's soliciting
funds for them.

Oh, Christ.

I am beat to shit.

I haven't slept
in about 48 hours.

Got any coffee
or a little bourbon?

Uh, sure...
surely we do.

I'll get it.

Cream and two sugars.
Or neat, whichever.

This is some digs
you've got here.

We like it.

Yeah, I live in a pisshole.

You guys could really
make a difference.

I want you to have
a pamphlet.

Take care of yourselves.

Have a good day.

Hello, how you doing

Listen, I want
to give you a flower.

I work for the Community
Rescue Project,

would you like to make
a contribution?

I want you to make
a small donation.

That's sizeable enough.

And I want to thank you,
have a great day.

Hi, could I interrupt
your day for just a minute?

You have a lovely face
and I bet you have
a lovely spirit.

- [ chuckling ]
- What's your name?

- Eileen.
- Eileen, my name is Joshua.

I want to tell you
something, Eileen,

you can make a difference
in the world today.

Take this rose
and you make a difference.

Thank you very much.
Here, let me give you
one of these.

Have a great day.

Danny: Sir,
can I interrupt you
for a moment?

I know you're leading
a busy life

but I want to ask you
a question.

Are you interested
in the future?

Because I can tell you are.
You don't even have to
answer that question.

[ clanging ]

It's hollow.

[ chuckling ]

You know, it's great
the way that people
trust you.

I guess that's because
you're so quick to trust.

Like with Neil and me.

I could feel your strength
and Neil's and...

I just let myself go.

Like when we first met...

you made believe
you were attracted to me.

You made me want
to follow you.

I was being loving
towards you.

I know that.

I do.
I know that now.

It's like a...
you were trying
to save me.

Just trying to save me
from... death and life

without my even
knowing it, really.

I don't have anything
but good feelings for you.

Yeah, I know.

You can see
what's good in people.

You saw
what was good in me.

You know,
the other side of me...

the other side of me
was really disappointed
at first.

I used to wait for you
to come for me at night
and... [ sighs ]

You know, eventually
I just let go of all that.

Then everything changed.

Not just my feelings
have changed.

My body has changed.

I don't even shave now.

It's like that.

I hardly ever
have my period anymore.

None of the girls do.

Why don't we see
if we can get a seat
over there?

That's Barry Mills.
What a great kid.

Mr. Straight-As,
college student,
like yours.

It's always
the bright ones,
isn't it?

When his parents
tried to get him
out of Homeland,

he tried to kill 'em.

Came at his own father
with an ax.

Here's a picture of him
right before I got him out.

Here's Barry Mills
six weeks later,

after I cleaned out his mind
and hung it up to dry.

Estes Park, Colorado.

The nightmare was over.

The family
was on vacation.

[ crockery clinking ]

Now, here's Debbie Cooper.

My little chubbette.

She fixed herself
a home-cooked abortion

and ended up with Kirklander
in his little Shangri-La
in the woods.

Took me one hour
to clean that mind out.

- ...and the deprogramming...
- What a sweetheart.

...less painful
than the experiences
in Homeland, was it not?

Right, yeah.

Uh, Mr. Pratt,
I just wanted
to thank you

for saving me
from the hell
of cult life.

Thank you, Debbie,
for your courage.

Boy is she ever
doing great now.

She's got a job,
and she's home.

And this, of course,
is father Neil Kirklander.

I am the worst enemy
that this man has.

He once told me
he would like to take
a chainsaw to me.

Some man of God.

I have seen Homelanders
eat dog shit at his command.

See, he only likes
to break down good kids
from troubled homes

and make them his.

Mr. Pratt, Danny is not
from a troubled home.

We love him very much
and, furthermore,

I am not one bit crazy
about the sound

of your hanging out
that boy's mind
out to dry.

Well, just what are you
crazy about, Mrs. Stetson,

the sound of your son
snacking on dog's shit?

Oh, please.

I know.

I bet when you went
to Homeland,

you tried to persuade Danny
to come home.

- Of course.
- Am I right?

When you're sick,
do you heal yourself?

No, you call a physician.

Now these things
are best left
to professions.

Your son is probably
1,000 miles away
from here by now.

Just one thing.
Not a word about this
to anybody.

What are you
talking about?

Kidnapping, Mr. Stetson.

Kidnapping carries
15 to life.

Get an earful, kid?

Hey, about my costs,
I just take expenses
and a small fee.

Yeah, I figured.

And that's cash.

[ chuckling ]

It's hard to believe
to look at them
that they're damned.

Well, on the surface
they all look happy.

You and I can imagine
the lies they're concealing.

That's what the world's like,
full of greed and corruption;

only concerned
with sex and money.

I used to lie all the time.

It's hard for me
to even imagine

you being part
of death and life.

Oh, she was worse
than any of these people.


I did terrible things.

I used to look for somebody
who'd... really see me.

Somebody who'd look at me
and... make me feel alive.

There were guys.

At first it seemed
all right.

But, of course,
it was terrible.

I was torn apart, really.

They call it making love.

But that's a lie.

Making love with somebody.

You're alone really.


Why can't somebody
touch you?

And it just...
it just works.

Look, I think
you're remembering this
with your old mind.


That wasn't really you
doing all those things.

The real part of you
just wanted to be loved.

Neil understood that.

What was inside of me
was so bad.


No, what...

what's inside
a person like you

could never be bad,

Do you really
believe that?

I know it.

And I've known it
since the first time
I met you.

That's why I love you.

I love you, Joshua.

Sometimes I think...

more than I should.

I know that too.

[ crickets chirping ]

[ frogs croaking ]

[ panting ]

[ moaning ]

[ groan ]

[ panting ]


I used to dream like that,
Joshua, out there.

[ whispering ]
Rebecca... Rebecca,


Wake up.


Come with me, Rebecca.

Please, hurry.

I told you, Joshua,
Neil will understand.

Tell me.

Oh, Neil,
I've had these dreams;
very sick dreams.

About Rebecca?


The two of you
are close to perfection.

So evil rises up
to attack you.

You're afraid your lust
will destroy Rebecca's soul,

aren't you Joshua?


And you want it.

A part of you
wants to become a whore
in his hands,

am I right?

In order to hate me

and get a hold on him,
am I right?

Am I right?

[ sobbing ]


[ sobbing ]

You can save her
from all of this...

if you will pray
as I tell you.

Speak in tongues,
I command you.

Speak in the language
of angels.

[ speaking in tongues ]

[ sighing ]


Thinking about
sense objects

will attach you
to sense objects.

Grow attached
and you become addicted.

Thwart your addiction
and you become angry.

Become angry,
and you become confused.

Become confused
and you forget the lesson
of experience.

Forget the lesson of experience
and you lose discrimination.

Lose discrimination
and you miss life's
only purpose.

[ gasping ]

[ soft laugh ]

Neil, I was so lost
a few minutes ago.

Now that we're here
I feel...

I shall never lose you two.

I thought
you were incredibly bold

when you prayed
this morning, Joshua.

You grow in spiritual leaps
and bounds every day.

Oh, Neil,
I could never work
hard enough

to repay all the love
you've shown me.

I chose the right
name for you, Joshua.

For Joshua led his people

into the promised land.

Of all God's creatures,

I find birds
most miraculous.

I want you
to go to Denver, Joshua,

and become the head elder

of our Homeland
community there.

Why are you
choosing me, Neil?

There are many others here
better equipped than I
to lead.

Gabriel's been here
for four years.

Oh, Gabriel's a fine person.

But he doesn't have
your advanced spirituality.

I know it's wrong
to have favorites.

But I love you more
than any of the rest.

Trust me.

[ sniffling ]

[ indistinct chattering ]

[ hissing ]

[ laughing ]

You know
what I see college as?

One big fuck farm.

I mean, isn't today's crop
the worst yet?

Look at this
gaggle of faggots.

I mean, they're
not beatniks.

They're not
even hippies.

This generation
doesn't even know
what to call itself.

Oh, here we go.

You see the truck?

Okay, there's the boy.

He's the one going off
with the flowers right now.


Uh, just stick with him.

Don't do anything yet.
We're going to sit tight.

Pratt on walkie-talkie:
Okay, they're headed
into the quadrangle.

See if you two muscles
can blend in, all right?

You could've had him.

We'll have him again.

He was standing right there.

He'll be there again.

You had a chance
and you screwed it up.

[ walkie-talkie chatter ]

- Out.
- What?

You went to college.
You understand English.

- I said get the fuck out.
- What are you talking about?

Look, I'm doing you a favor
and I'm tired of your bullshit.

What do you mean
you're doing me a favor?

I'm paying
for your Goddamn favors!

I gave you
the Goddamn money.

Abel to Baker.
Blow it off.

We're going home.

I'm tired of these
fucking assholes.

All right, wait a minute.

I'm sorry.

Excuse me?
Couldn't hear you.

A lot of static
coming through.

I said I'm sorry.

We're on again.

I always wanted to ask you
what your real name was.

- My old name?
- Yeah.


it's a pretty name.

[ chattering ]

I know I shouldn't be
having these thoughts,

but I don't want
to be separated
from you, Joshua.

God help me,
but I feel Neil's wrong.

Stop me if...
if I'm making you hate me
by what I'm thinking.

I feel the same way.


Say it,
say it, Amy.

Just say it,
whatever it is.

Let's go, beau.

- Help me.
- Come on. Playtime's over.

Someone's trying
to kidnap me.

[ tires screeching ]

- Go, go!
- Danny: Help!

Danny, it's me, Danny.

Rebecca! Rebecca!


Wipe that bitch out,

[ groaning ]

Get off.

- Get off of me, you bitch.
- Oh!

- Collins: Oh, my God!
- Come on!

Get back, pal, okay.
Don't get involved.

[ shouting ]

Help me, please!

They're kidnapping him!

[ shouting ]

Come on!

Fine, go.

[ tires screeching ]

[ crying ]


Oh, God.

[ struggling ]

Get your goddamn hands
off me.

- I'll take care...
- Shut up!

- [ Danny crying ]
- Danny, Danny, listen.

Danny, we're going
to take you home.

We're going to make it
all better.

- Danny, I promise.
- [ Danny spits ]

[ Danny crying ]


Danny: No!

No! No!
[ beating ]

Shut him up!

Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ!

Goddamn you!

[ birds chirping ]

Get him inside.
We're onto the enemy.

Look, those cult bastards
can show up any time.

Move this car as soon
as we get upstairs.
All right, come on.

Watch his head,
watch his head.

All right, all right.

Pediatrics ward here.

- Okay, everything ready?
- Yeah.

The doors and windows
shut and nailed?

You got the orange juice,
the sleeping bags?

Are the phones
disconnected upstairs?

You said you weren't
going to hurt him.

He's not hurt.
He's just resting
from his long journey.

Kid's a lard ass.

Next one's on me.

Oh, Jesus.

Look at this kid's eyes.
He's flipping out.

Goofy as a pee
tortured boar.

Think we have
to take his cuffs off?

Oh, shit, no.

If Pratt wants them off
let him take them off.

I'll get his legs.
You get his mouth.

- Stay on your toes.
- Yeah.

When he gets loose
he's going to ricochet

around here like
a tennis ball.

- Okay, ready?
- Yep.

Welcome home, peckerwood.

Here's Danny.
Chute number one.

[ lock clicks ]

Let me outta here!

Let me outta here!

Let me outta here,
you cowards!

You cowards!

Let me outta here!

Let me out!

Let me out!
Let me out!

Let me out! Let me out!
Let me out! Let me out!

Please! Neil!

I know it sounds bad
in there.

It's going to get
a whole lot worse too.

Neil, please save me!


Oh, my God.

How could you do this
to me?

Danny... honey.

Your father and I
are only doing this
because we love you.

Love me?

You don't even know
what love is!

[ sobbing ]

Most of the world
is suffering

and you, you spend
all your time

kissing the asses
of rich clients.

[ yelling ]
Love me?

You, you live for greed,
both of you.

Both of you are dead.

And I hate you!

I hate you!

Danny, you don't know
what you're saying.

They've taken your mind.

you've been brainwashed.

Look at you.

You're pathetic.

You're weak.

You don't have
the strength of God in you!

You believe in nothing.

And you're trying
to take away my faith.

God will see you dead.

Okay, kid,
you said your piece.

Can you leave us
alone now, please?

Would you please?

[ door creaking ]

No, don't...

don't leave me alone
with this man.

He's going to torture me.

He's going to put
chicken bones down my throat!

Danny, please,
it's going to okay.

Mrs. Stetson,
would you please.


Danny, please.


[ crying ]
No, no.

[ door slam ]

- Pratt: Lock it.
- [ lock clicks ]

If I have to stay
in this room...

six years...

I'm not leaving.

Joshua is dead
on the floor

and Danny is reborn.


Not till Joshua is dead

and Danny
is totally reborn,

you understand?

Not till Joshua is dead
on the floor

and Danny is totally reborn.

- Do you understand?
- [ speaking in tongues ]

Not till Joshua is dead
and Danny is reborn.

Do you understand?

[ speaking in tongues ]

Lose discrimination

and you miss life's
only purpose.


I love you, Joshua.

I love you, Joshua.

Do you understand?

[ echoes ]
I love you, Joshua.

I love you, Joshua.

I love you,

Do you understand?

- Joshua is dead on the floor...
- I love you, Joshua.

Do you understand?

Do you understand?

[ speaking in tongues ]

Joshua is dead
and Danny is totally reborn!

[ sobbing ]

[ screaming ]

Not till Joshua is dead

and Danny is totally reborn,

do you understand?

...is out there.

and would love
to destroy us,

but they can't
because we know the secret.

The end of duality.

The penetration
of the infinite.

Danny, are you listening?


What is God
but an end to duality?

Why do you think
the world fears us?

Neil and Pratt: Because
they know how strong we are.

Be strong.

Feed yourself.


Don't falter.

Don't waver for me.

For me, don't fail.

And please don't die.

[ Rebecca whispering ]
Thinking about
sense objects...

He's in deep.

He's in very deep.

I don't even think
he can hear me.

[ snapping his fingers ]

Forget the lesson
of experience

and you lose

Lose discrimination

and you miss life's
only purpose.

[ wind blowing ]

[ waves crashing ]

[ seagulls squawking ]

[ sniffling ]

You are pissing me off!


[ hocking ]

[ spits ]

[ paper rustling ]

This kid is really
pissing me off.

Watch this.

How do you like this,
you little fruit?

You like it, boy?

You like it?

[ screaming ]

Grab him.

Get his arm.

[ Danny screaming ]


I got your Neil.

- Stay down.
- [ groaning ]

Do I detect a glimpse
of response?

Danny, Danny.

Hey, you can't go in there.

- [ Danny screaming ]
- Get out of my way!


Talk to me!

Have a dialogue
with me, Danny.

Get out of here.
Leave this to me.

Get him out of this room.
Get him out!

- Daddy, they're hurting me.
- Danny, talk to me.

- Daddy, they're hurting me.
- Let him go.

Get out
of this fucking room!

I said let him go!

[ overlapping shouting ]

Let me out!
Let me out!

- Come on.
- Danny!

- Come on.
- Oh, my God.

[ crying ]

What did I tell you?

He was screaming.
I thought he was hurt.

What, you're afraid
it's getting a little rough
in there?

That's because
if I want to reach this kid,

first I have got to break him.

Listen, I would like
nothing better

than to be able
to sit down with him

and have a nice
little cup of tea
and a chat.

I would like to be able
to point out to him

in a nice and civilized way

that he can have
a better life with you

than with that
asswipe Kirklander.

But he wouldn't believe me.

Even if he wasn't
too spaced out to hear me,

he wouldn't believe me.

And if you want to know
the fucking truth,

I wouldn't believe me

Now, nail
those fucking windows shut.

I know you're in there,

[ gravelly voice ]
Now come out.

God watches us.

He is with us.

Listen to me, Danny,
I know you're there.

Listen to me, listen to me.

I know you're there.

...picture of Neil Kirklander.

- You hear me?
- Listen to me.

God watches.

He is with us.

I know you're there, Joshua.

Listen to me.

[ thunder rumbling ]

You know what this is,
don't you?

The Bible,
God's rules and regulations.

Now even your precious Neil
admits to that, doesn't he?

Hey, wake up.

Now would you please tell me

where it says in this book
it says that lying is good?

And yet every time you collect
for charities that don't exist,

you are lying
for Neil Kirklander.


And Kirklander
told you to hate,

to hate your parents,
to hate your brother.

Hate your enemies,
hate everything.

But love saved you.

Could you please tell me

where in this book
it tells you to hate?

It seems to me

that God commands us
to love our enemies

and to honor our father
and our mother.

So, if Neil is right,
then God is wrong.

Do you hear me, Danny?

You are Joshua, a warrior.

- Danny?
- Neil: Danny's dead.

Do you hear me, Danny?

Do you hear me?

[ angrily ]
I don't want to!

[ thunder rumbling ]

[ knocking ]

[ rain pattering ]

What's the problem?

Can Joshua come out
and play?

[ thunder rumbling ]

Get off my property,
you goddamn creeps.

Get the hell outta here!

Where's Joshua?

We want him.

I'll give you Joshua,
you sons of bitches.

Sons of bitches!

[ thunder rumbling ]

[ shouting ]

Get out of here,
you sons of bitches!

- [ screaming ]
- No, no, you don't.

[ struggling ]

[ thunder rumbling ]

Come on, Collins.

[ everyone shouting ]

Man: Get him.

What do you want here?

Please, just...
just leave.

[ yelling ]

No, God damn it, no!

- Tell me where he is!
- Get out of my house!

- No.
- Get out.

This Community
Rescue Project,

they're ever,
ever benefitting...

[ shouting ]

- Collins?
- Rebecca: Joshua!

What the hell
is going on down there?

where are you?

Get out of here.
Get outta here now!



- Rebecca!
- Joshua!

Rebecca, Rebecca!

Kevin! Pratt!
Somebody please!

[ everyone shouting ]

Get off me.



Rebecca, Rebecca!

[ groaning ]

[ thunder rumbling ]

Do you know
what it feels like

to be hit very hard
in the solar plexus?

It doesn't feel like this.

And it doesn't feel
like this.

It feels like this.

Now as for you two
scabby little harlots...

Avon calling.

[ both screaming ]

[ banging ]


[ banging ]

You think
you can keep me here?

You are as stupid
as you are evil.

Neil sent my brothers
and sisters here

to bring you
to your knees.

These... these torture
tactics of yours

cannot match
the power of his love.

You've started talking
pretty good, haven't you?

Pratt: Is that one
of your sisters, huh?

What was her name?


Did you get
to hug her like that
back at the farm?

Shut up.

Did Neil let you express
yourself physically

back at the farm?

You are a pervert.

You live for greed.
You live for sexual pleasure.

I live in a trailer park
and I haven't been laid
in a month.

At Homeland
we've grown beyond

all that personal


You got shut down.
You're a normal kid.

You're a little bit
of a stiff,

but you wanted her.

And just maybe
she wanted you too.

But Neil
wouldn't allow that.

Neil has to have
total control.

He calls it spiritual love
but what it boils down to

is you have to love Neil
and hate everybody else.

- I'm not listening to this.
- Well, that's good,
because I don't feel

like talking to you
tonight anyway.

My head,
my head, my head.

What, it hurts?

Yeah, it hurts.


[ door closing ]

Hey, hey, what is this,
a country club?

Go on up there.
I need a break.

I've been talking nonstop
all night, come on.

Come on,
get off your asses.

Come on.

How's it going?

I'm chipping away.

I think
he's going to crack soon.

Better crack soon

before those loonies
from last night

have the cops here
for breakfast.

Listen, if I ever do
break this kid,

don't let him out
of your sight.

doesn't like to lose.

They want him back
real bad.

And if they ever get him
again I promise you

that's the last you're
ever going to see him.

Nobody gets out twice.

Well, what do you suggest
that we do, then?

Hire armed guards
to live with us

for the rest of our lives?

What I suggest you do

is to give him
something to live for,

something to believe in.

[ sighs ]

You... younger brother,

do you believe
in something?


I want to have
a lot of money.

I want to learn
how to hunt and fish

so that if food runs out,

I'll know how to get mine.

[ scoffs ]
That's it?

You don't believe
that America is your home

and that God loves you
and your parents too?

I want to have a big apartment
on top of a big building

so I won't have to breathe
air pollution.

I want to have a place
where I can go

so nobody else can find me.

So nobody could ask me stuff
or take stuff away.

I want to survive

and everybody
better let me alone.

[ scoffs ]

I don't understand.

What do you want me to do?

Whatever happens
you just play along

and trust me.

[ door closes ]

Joshua, you want to end
this horse shit right now?

You just give me
three minutes

and you listen to me.

I mean really listen.

And you can walk out
of that room either way.

You have my word.

And I have never welched
on a deal in my life.

- [ groaning ]
- You're right.

He spends his life
kissing the asses
of rich clients,

you're right.

He lives for greed.

He is death in life

[ groaning ]

So, fuck him.

- Fuck your father.
- [ Kevin crying ]

He's dirt... dirt.

He's a crumpled
piece of human shit
for you to step on.

Come on,
I am saving you

from the man who paid
to have you tortured,

now you step on him.

Step on him.

Come on.
He's shit.

Kill him.
[ spitting ]

Kill your father.

I spit on the cocksucker.

Kill him.
[ spitting ]

Kill your father.

- Kill him!
- Stop it!

Stop it!

Stop it!

[ bangs ]
Stop it, stop it,
stop it, stop it!

[ Danny panting ]


Who are you
telling to stop?

[ panting ]

Neil Kirklander.

That's who you're
telling to stop.

Neil, who taught you
that hate was love.

It was Neil
hating your father
and hurting him

and forcing you, Danny,
to do the same thing.


Your father who...

gave you everything

he could, yes?



You love him?


you love him, yes?


There's somebody here
to see you.

[ sobbing ]
Hi, Mom.

[ whispering ]

[ sobbing ]

I'm really sorry...

I'm really sorry.

[ crying ]

[ crying ]

Dad, I love you.
I'm so sorry.

[ crying ]

All right.
It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.

[ birds chirping ]

[ waves crashing ]

[ crackling ]

Diana: Dan,
you all right?


Yeah, I'm fine.

I agree, except
that it's awfully raw...

- [ Danny screams ]
- [ gasps ]

It's got to be,
it's got to be the truth.

Not this... not this...
not the hype.

Pratt: Okay, listen
to me, admittedly it is
difficult stuff to watch.

But he's a great kid
and it's a great to see him
in this condition.

But I assure you
the last thing I want to be

is some media
talk show star.

But Griffin tells me
they want to do a show

with me
and with some of the families

behind the stories
like yourselves,

against the cults.


There would be
some money of course

but more importantly

they feel it would help
other families less lucky

than you were.

And it might, it might.

Listen, Kevin,
it really might...

So, let's put me
on television.

Let's have me tell America

that all the feelings
that got me into Homeland

are sick and perverted
and wrong.

Hi, Danny.

Just say
that they lied to you,
that's all.

I didn't go up there

because I believed them
in the first place.

I went up there
because I wanted...

I just wanted to believe.

Honey, you don't deny
you were wrong, do you?

Come on, Danny.

I got captured up there

because I...
I cared about someone.

Because there
was a moment up there

when I just...
I just cared about everyone.

I wanted to love people.
I wanted to love people.

Yeah, that's stupid.
That... that's stupid.
That's crazy, huh?

Yeah, yeah, well,
I can't say those feelings
are wrong.

I can't, and I won't.

There are 100 reasons
why I got caught up there.

What, I'm crazy,
they're bad, huh?

It's not that simple.

It was really stupid

exposing him
to this discussion.

I thought
he was further along.
Usually at this stage...

Are you saying
that he'll go back?

You heard him defending
his love for Kirklander,
didn't you?

It sounds like
they're still in him.

I think it's a family
matter now, Mr. Pratt.

You weren't
too successful before.

that that was before.

This is now.

We're very grateful,
Mr. Pratt, but I...

I think
it's time you left.

[ panting ]

we have to talk.

[ panting ]


Sure, Mom.

what's bothering me...

look, I need to understand
what you meant when you said

that you didn't regret
having certain feelings

that got you into Homeland.

Just like I said, Mom,

there's somebody
I cared about there.



Oh, oh, dear.
Oh, dear. Oh, dear.

Are we...

are we talking about
your little friend...

about the girl?

Shut up, Mother.

Now, you just wait a minute.
Wait just one minute.

See I've...
I sacrificed most of my life
on that holy alter

that they call
motherhood, right?

Always putting you first,
your needs, your life,

and I thought now
that you were grown

maybe we could get on
with our own lives.

But did you ever think
about that?

No, you threw that away,
just scuttled that.

Well, tell me something,
what about me?

- What about me?
- Diana.

No, no, no, no listen.
Don't you see what's hanging
him up and us up

and turning
all of our lives
into some holy hell

is the young man's
abdominal twitch

over some small-change
syphilitic hippy trash.

Don't you dare!

Don't you dare!
Don't you dare!

Goddamn you!

- Don't you dare!
- Don't ever touch her again.

Don't ever
touch her again!

Don't ever touch her again.

Don't ever
touch her again.

[ crying ]

[ panting ]

Kevin, we've become
part of something

we don't even understand.

We're going to get
it back... Danny.

I'm going to make
a breakthrough with Sean.

I promise.

I don't know...

I don't know.

I just feel stripped.

I feel like
I've been slowly raped.

Everything's gone,
all our plans.

What are you
talking about?

I don't know.

To be happy.

[ taps ]

[ dog barking ]


It's me, Joshua.


My name is Danny.
Go away.

[ whispering ]
Rebecca wants to see you.

[ dog barking ]

I hoped you'd come.

You knew I'd come, Amy.

[ car honking ]

Danny, I love you.

Nothing makes sense

It's awful without you.

Well, say something.

Say that you don't feel
the same way about me.

Say that... that...
that you want me to go away

and leave you alone.

Oh, God.

Go away
and leave you alone?

I love you, Amy.

I want to spend
the rest of my life
with you.

I love you...

I love you!

I love you so much
it hurts all over.

Oh, Danny, I love you.

[ sighing ]

[ car engine starts ]

[ music playing ]

Danny, Danny, leave.


Danny, it's Neil.

I'm not going to lie
for him anymore.

Get out of here.
You don't know
how angry he is.

No, I'm not going
anywhere without you.

- Please, Danny, go.
- No!

I'm not going anywhere
without you.

I've missed you,

Come home.

No, Neil.


I want to talk
to Joshua alone.

Amy... stay with me.

Joshua, I love you.

Get away from me, Neil.

We don't need you

Goodbye, Neil.

[ both laughing ]

♪ I hope
we never lose it ♪

♪ Now that we've come so far

♪ Time is there
if we choose it ♪

♪ For everything we are

♪ We're so good together
I will hold to you forever ♪

♪ You're the light in the dark
along the way ♪

♪ So please be
where I can find you ♪

♪ In the dark along the way

♪ We will carry
through together ♪

♪ Till we see
the break of day ♪

♪ If there's life
beyond these shadows ♪

♪ It's in every word you say

♪ And I need you in the dark
along the way ♪

♪ Look at the road behind us

♪ Trouble we had to see

♪ Plenty of dark to blind us
to what the world could be ♪

♪ If there's
a silver lining ♪

♪ It's where our souls
are shining ♪

♪ They will light through
the dark along the way ♪

♪ So please be
where I can find you ♪

♪ In the dark along the way

♪ We will carry
through together ♪

♪ Till we see
the break of day ♪

♪ If there's life
beyond these shadows ♪

♪ It's in every word you say

♪ So please be there
in the dark along the way ♪

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